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"boston planning development agency" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"30. Well, this year's holiday commuted certainly far busier than it was this time last year because of covert 19 and highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver says, You really have to pack your patient's name of the game. This time that this year is there's going to be more people out there than you've been used to. Over the last 18 months. Be prepared one to congestion really be mindful of the fact that you're not sure speak using your cell phone we put we have a hands free model in the place a couple of years ago. Be mindful of that drive. Drive carefully. Keep focused on the road. Keep your phone down. She distracted. Also tonight. Good news. If you want to get back to the library in Boston today, the city announcing the branching Copley Square is reopening in person. June 1st. It's only for certain services, though, like browsing certain books and using the public computers on the 14th. The other branches will reopen. I'm Nicole Davis. Nightside with Dan Ray until you BZ Boston's news radio. My guest tonight on Nightside Michelle will my Boston City councilor she's now Injured. I'm thinking, Michelle. It's really you fifth term. If I'm doing my math right here. I help me out on that. 13 15 17 19. Thistles. Your and we didn't hit 21 yet so far. OK, OK 13 15 17 19 Good enough. Okay, Fair enough. Just one of the question from May, um on The city on dawn on living in the city. The murder of Galois Brown this summer, the grandmother, the 72 year old grandmother, who was sitting on our porch on a Saturday. Afternoon Saturday evening in early April that first Nice weekend in early April, and she was shot by gunfire and died on her home and on Lee Street. That Was one of those murders that have remained in my mind you what? What can be done to safeguard you know 70 to your grandmother's Have to have the right to sit on their porch with the grandchildren around them and not be fearful of being shot. What what can can can be done by the city in your opinion? Yeah, I am right there with you and remembering how beautiful that they wa so it was warm. There were outdoor activities. It felt like it was one of the first day that Boston's coming back alive, people coming out again and as we were kind of transition out of the pandemic, and then Yeah. You hear that? That how that beautiful day ended, and that's how That life ended for so many family members of someone who was very beloved across the community, you know? When you go into our schools And you ask our young people who has been impacted by an incident of trauma and violence in the community who knows someone who life was lost. Due to gun violence. It is unconscionable. How many hands go up Nearly nearly everyone then in In certain neighborhoods in Boston, especially and when we are Talking about the city that we're building the recovery that we are creating. This is really about centering the fact that Boston's growth and prosperity and opportunity True, we have to get to every single part of our city were incredibly segregated of a city life expectancy drops by 30 years over the span of a little over miles between neighborhoods. The outcomes from Cove it in terms of Mortality rates and exposure. What? By Zip code almost exactly the same as the burdens of Queen air and access to reliable transportation. Access to quality schools are split way before this virus, and so this is about ensuring that our streets are safe. Every single day, every part of our city and that Involved not just making sure we're getting guns off the streets and continuing to, um Enforced. The laws that are there and have accountability for horrific, senseless acts like this. Also to create opportunities for everyone in our city to make sure that our young people have jobs and activities and places to go and things to do. We've seen our summer jobs program shrinks. Year after year. First it was open, too. 13 year old 19 year old then it was 15 to 18 and our young people need to have that income to support their families. So we need to make sure that we're doing our part, especially Planning out what our city will look like coming out of this pandemic. To really provide that foundation of stability from schools, two jobs to child care, transportation housing for every single family. All right, let's go to phone calls. I'm going to start off with Sandra in Boston. Sandra, You called in first You're Europe. You're next on your first tonight or nightside. Welcome. Sandra. How are you tonight? I'm well, how about you dance? I'm doing just great. Say hi to Michelle Woo. And you can ask a question. Make a comment. Whatever you like. Okay, um, counselor who I have to quit questions on 11 14 Boylston Street. There's a plan for a 60,000 square foot cannabis shop. On the backside of the this address, which was the old little Stevie's pizza If you know that place, um is edgily Street playground on the front part You ST Clement's church. And it's really a walkway on the way to send way Park so that, um, parents with Children would be walking along that street. And I wonder. I believe it's gotten some initial approval in terms of zoning, and I wonder what you're feeling is on that. Yes, And I would I don't know if there's a way then we can coordinate Tonto. Follow up in an exchange contact information, But I love to make sure that my office is looking into this and then getting back to you. I don't I actually don't know that. Exact situation of where they are in the process. What I have been saying about our rollout throughout. This is that it really has been reinforcing problems with Boston's development system to begin with. It's arbitrary. There are no clear rules that apply. Even when there are bulls. They can get waived by the zoning Board of Appeals. And so what we should have done is to create some predictability across the board, too. Outline what parts of the city where different commercial uses made sense and then, too Have that apply across the board rather than asking anyone who wanted to open up a business under this new kind of industry toe. Try their luck, right, pick a location, start paying rents and go through the process where neighbors didn't want it, and it didn't make sense. And then just back to the drawing board, everybody losing on all sides. And so this is one more way in which We need to be allowing for people to have a say in planning our city. We have one of the most complex political, um v B, a zoning Board of Appeals and Bpd, a Boston planning development agency processes anywhere in the country, and we've seen that. It's led to a city that has increasingly unaffordable for our residents where transportation is hard to come by on. We need to make sure that we're putting all these decisions from Canada, where schools are to where the grocery stores off that has all sit together and worked for residents in our neighborhood. In answer to your question, Michelle Sandra, if you would like to leave a daytime phone number with Rob our producer, when the hour is over, Rob could give your phone number two. Michelle Woo, and I'm sure someone from her office will be in contact with you to get more information. If you'd like to do that, Yeah, I could do that. And I have a quick second follows. Question if that's okay. Yeah, um In January, 2020. We were getting news that things were going in Orion Wuhan and that the bodies were stacking up. And I know that you have a level for bio lab in your district. And I wonder did Did anybody in the city Council you or anyone take any special, um, actions in January of 2020? When news started to come in? This might be ah, very deadly virus, and particularly in light of the fact that there was going to be an international marathon in April, and you know that we have international students coming in. Was there any discussion at all in January of 2020 of the City Council level? So, in fact, I I, um And one of the I'm proud that one of the very first In a public information sessions that we had live streamed with an export of the preeminent experts on.

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