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"bosio bienvenue" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"bosio bienvenue" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"Thanks for coming out. How's everyone doing. Tonight's good evening. Everyone or as the french say. Good evening bosio bienvenue. Yes yes i'm learning. I'm trying to practise my french. Another line montreal probably has the sexiest border. I've ever come through in my life. I didn't feel like i was being interrogated. I felt like i was being flirted with because early sexy and say what are you planning to do. Montour planning to stay well. That's what i'm doing the french french. The most romantic language in the world nor the accent is romantic as well but it is. It's funny how every accent has its own connotation to speak with. A frenchaccent are sexy. Our you lead the then. The some accidents have no six appeal to them at all like the russian accent. Nothing sexy about everything. The russians say sounds dangerous and menacing. Doesn't matter what because they got their thing year similar to kill you this toyota firm even if russian say nice things. It's still sounds dangerous. This little years fluffy weird thing like the russian accent is so you don't like the crazy thing about the rushes. Everyone in the world is afraid that everyone go in the world. You know the russians are frightening. Because they're the only country that makes america think before doing something else in the world. America acts when something happens when russia. Something we we think about it. You saw the whole thing that happened with. That's playing. There was shut down the malaysian flight. Ukrainian rebels shot the plane. The plane came down. You know. America came barack obama. He was like we're going to. We got to find out. Who did this. come down on them. Like a frisk going to let them know what. Thomas i'm paraphrasing and then and then everyone found out it was the russians that supplied the ukrainian rebels with the missile. That shot down the plane. Then all of a sudden obama was like butto. Let's not rush to conclusions. We'll take our time and not point fingers especially now that the russians. I'm going home now. Thank you very much. Russian buddha fashions. You know what's weird is a. I find the russian accent frightening but not the russian language was the strangest thing. Have the certain languages i find. Frightening accents throw me off. You know for instance. I find arabic frightening as a language. No just has that thing in it. Hello call the lowell law but that could be saying anything. We talk about candy crush because we watched all those movies. Tv shows every time you see arabic. Some bad shit goes down the cronulla. Never something cool or sexy. You know clearly. Lower papa law. The language is frightening but russian for some reason. I don't find frightening at all. Yeah i don't. I realize just walking through the streets of new york. There's a russian guy. He was walking next to me. You happen to be on the phone right and sounded like you was setting up a drug deal so this guy's walking next to me and he's talking and he's from russian english english russian accent into russian and it went from fear to was the strangest thing ever he was on the phone and it was like more blood. Boom with the guzzled will be the three o'clock you meet them. You tell me that you will. The we call bob mobile blood melissa blah blood blood device gizmodo dot html advocate gets. Not the dinar ditch. Which did it the relationship with the and it was the craziest thing ever. He went from like international criminal. Immigrants was the weirdest thing. Like i had no fear at all afraid of the russian language. Just the accent. In fact me the russian language just sounds like someone's playing a vinyl backwards. That's all i hear. It sounds like someone took a dj of english and they were just like just like yes. Yes we go to find online of lead the desert to be the three o'clock okay. Bring the package. Don't worry about that after that you you give me the call okay blood yet with much. Get foot in the hit. Do you get get pick it up with russian new russian people. Tonight's i'm joking these i don't want to have issues off to the show walking out of the theater fumbling come. Dj here wiki wiki. Thanks for coming out tonight. We're going to have an amazing amazing.

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