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Rosie O'Donnell Baits Donald Trump With Broadway Tunes Protest Outside White House

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11:20 min | 3 years ago

Rosie O'Donnell Baits Donald Trump With Broadway Tunes Protest Outside White House

"Only trump Could get the far left to sing patriotic songs And embrace patriotic songs the next thing you're going to see Is, the last standing for the national, anthem no, don't get. Crazy but here they are singing America the beautiful beautiful flag-waving and so we are going to call out. Rosie o'donald and all of these protesters Out there in front of the White House She. Let a, Broadway performers in the. Musical protest you said let the president no-one, no-one certain terms that we are alive awake and we are woke She said, to the crowd part. Of an ongoing anti Trump protest now on, its twenty-second consecutive night Some of those. That are protesting. As part of the Kremlin annex protest were in their third week of the event. Protesters gathered Monday this is from the hill protestors gathered Monday with an. Array of anti Trump signs many focused on alleged conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the. Russians government two of the most popular chance of the night were. Lock him up and Putin's puppet Therefore we have this challenge to those. On the left and Democrats out there that you have completely one hundred percent failed you are complete and total hypocrites. On the Russian. Allegations and you know why because you are not behind us in the yet be. I and the department of Justice releasing all the information that they have. On Trump's collusion with the Russians the Republicans are all Bort devenue Nunes is for it The Republicans the house freedom caucus therefore they've been screaming for the FBI. And the department of Justice to release all the information That, they have on Trump colluding with, the Russians it's only the Republicans that are screaming for it if. You say lock him up if you're calling him Putin's puppet why aren't, you behind us seeking the, all the, information is. Released if you are not behind us and that you are nothing but hypocrites you are liars You are hypocrites that information would prove. Once and for all to the American people you say the Trump conspired, with the Russians Wow excuse me colluded now in the last, week conspired it went from collusion to conspiracy But colluded conspired with the, Russians can change outcome of the. Election let's find out the evidence? At, the FBI. Has. So you can prove your point, why aren't you behind the release So you know and you, have the evidence that Trump colluded slash conspired, with the Russians to hack or change outcome of the election why are you not screaming for that because, that? Information surely will prove it which means in the court of public, opinion that leads to the political. Will for what impeachment and then you can move on? With the legal process right if you find that if you get your all your information here then you can go for impeachment why are you not behind us any, democrat out there why aren't, you behind the FBI and? The department of Justice releasing the information that they have on Donald. Trump and the investigation into collusion or conspiracy with, the Russians call it whatever you. Want why aren't you behind us Why are, you stating we need to get. To the truth we believed that he committed treason by? The way that sign was you can see the sign their treason if you believe that the president committed treason against the United States why aren't you behind us to, release all the information on. The investigation of Donald Trump Because, you're a bunch of hypocrites that can be the only reason you're a bunch of hypocrites If you believe it happened How are? You going to prove that, or you your your hypocrites and you know you're lying about it Because otherwise you would be behind. Us wanting the FBI because that's the only evidence that you would have is the the department, of Justice they were, the? Ones that started the counterintelligence investigation on, Trump if you believe he is guilty you want the. Evidence right and if. You don't want the evidence. It shows that you're just a bunch? Of political hacks you had, no purity you have no liberal purity All your patriotic singing everything is just a smokescreen of propaganda and lies tell us where we're wrong and anybody tell us go ahead Adam Schiff over the. Weekend while it's it's obvious it's right there. In plain sight, no, it's not you're. You're the top democrat on the. House Intel committee show the American people go with Devon Nunez go to the FBI. The Justice department and get that information unredacted in show the American people that will lead to the political that will prove that had happened and lead to the. Political will for impeachment every certainly it will every one of you on the White House lawn, are hypocrites liars and, political? Hacks you actually don't want the truth, you actually don't care about whether anybody tried to change. The outcome of the. Election you're actually you're lying Your hypocrites and, you're, using the propaganda. Of patriotic songs because you don't. Have the evidence behind you that's how far you had to go you had to. Do something as distasteful To your liberal DNA And sing patriotic songs because that shows you how much of the la- lack of evidence that you have and you. Don't want the truth why is Rosie O'Donnell a nationalist Yes she's. A nationalist America the beautiful nationalist Are we exceptional. I? Mean. You're seeing that song for reasons? Right, exactly why are you. Singing the song It's about. American exceptionalism I mean it points it out American American patriotism yes we're patriots we wanna know the truth we believe the Trump colluded with the Russians. To have the? Election will, the only way you're going to. Find? Out. Whether that's really true or not Either. You have the evidence and. Are refusing to present it because nobody's presented that evidence do those Rosie and everybody that's protesting the White House lawn for the last twenty two days Either you have the, evidence which is why you're protesting? Or you're searching for the evidence well then you should be screaming for the release of, it and if you have the evidence because you're so certain why aren't you releasing the evidence why are you calling, on, Adam Schiff to. Do what's within his power to join Devon Nunez to go to the Justice. Department to make sure that information gets out for the American. People because you're hypocrites liars, and political hacks you care more about the imagery of you doing something than the actual substance you doing something you actually. Don't care about the United States you actually don't have patriotism you're using it as propaganda at this particular moment because you don't have the substance behind you tell us where we're wrong I dare anyone to tell us where we're wrong in our analysis here you can't because either they know the evidence because they claim he committed Reason where's the evidence If you haven't because you're so certain presented to us and if, you don't have it but you, think he did it then you should be demanding that the FBI in the department of Justice and Adam Schiff get to the bottom of it and get the actual documents of the FBI and the department of Justice to show you that Donald Trump colluded or conspired with the Russians, to change the election then you. Can impeach him If you expose this to the American people the impeachment process wouldn't be far behind right the political will would be there because certainly it, would prove it let's go Man up a wait. A minute That's gender specific person up yeah I person has. Sun depth up now. Step up thank you very much 'cause person has son in it. And their son is gender. Specific People up Why aren't they? Doing that why aren't they in front? Of Adam Schiff screaming Why is that shift one at at, one, moment saying, I have proof there's proof? And then this past weekend saying well? It's obvious No no. No no no you don't Mr. Schiff if you're, a prosecutor you don't, walk up in court and say well he, murdered, the guy Chums at your evidence Everybody knows every now and then Yeah that's well that's. What he did over the weekend when I looked, at, that one interview and said well he said it's obvious. And you said it's there yet he. Never stated what it was right So. It's time we get down. To, the truth, here is it always is in our. Show and I know a lot of other people, want, the truth we want the truth those protesting on the. White House they don't care about truth All the carriers do? We, have a do, we have, an effective propaganda machine let's. Go 'cause care about the truth you care about the actual documents and the actual investigation of the FBI into Donald Trump and you're asking why is Adam. Schiff protecting Donald Trump, otherwise you're a hypocrite your hypocrites. Liars and you're using patriotism For the worst, reason which is, to promote untruthful propaganda If you'd,.

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