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"born gabrielle sarmiento wilson" Discussed on Asian American History 101

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"born gabrielle sarmiento wilson" Discussed on Asian American History 101

"Basically it's an award the recording industry association for America gives to artists based on the number of albums or singles sold. And 5 of Bruno Mars singles have sold 10 million or more units. Wow. Wow. That's a lot. This is crazy. And now on to the more recent Asian artists that made history in the American music industry, Joji. George kusunoki Miller was born in Osaka Japan and is of Japanese Australian descent. He may not be technically Asian American, but he moved to the U.S. at 18 and markets his music in America. He started off as a comedy YouTuber and created content under the name filthy Frank. And he also released comedy music under the name pink guy. He eventually stopped posting under both personas in 2017 to focus on more serious music. Under the name, Joji. His first album in tongues did well, but it was his second album ballads one released in 2018 that reached number one on billboard's R&B's, hip hop albums chart. He's the first Asian born artist to ever reach the number one spot on the billboard R&B hip hop albums chart. Wow. That's great. Yeah. I want to know why he called himself filthy Frank. Is it because he didn't bathe? Oh my God. Family friendly podcast. Yep. So let's talk about her. We've mentioned her a few times in past episodes, especially with all of her recent accomplishments and Grammy wins. But we haven't gone into a ton of detail. Born Gabrielle sarmiento Wilson, her stands for having everything revealed. She was born in Vallejo, California to a filipina mother and an African American father. She was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and started performing as Gabby Wilson at ten years old. She was on The Today Show and she performed at the Apollo theater on September 23rd, 2007, covering Aretha Franklin's freeway of love. She also performed on moray in 2007, Good Morning America and the view in 2008, the 2010 BET awards attribute to Alicia Keys at the ASC AP awards and competed on radio Disney's the next big thing at the age of.

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