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"boris boris atom" Discussed on Today in Focus

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11:43 min | 7 months ago

"boris boris atom" Discussed on Today in Focus

"Does usually two of them one. As the broadcasters one has the print journalists on it and then prime minister travel separately in a privately chauffered car but we have been following him around. We went to very safe Tory seat. Actually in Seoul's Bray he was allowed out by his mind is to do a walk amongst the general public. I think they wanted somewhere where the public would probably be more supportive of empathy within a marginal seat. He wounded around the Christmas market and his the middle of the day since quitnow older people who seem fairly excited about adding selfish with him a it was a mixed reception where few people shouting Stop Brexit or shame Komo knew. How does he react to that? He just ignores it. He just moves on and look for the next fatal changes one of the key. Parts of Labour's campaign seems to be these policy launches at which Corbin might speak and take questions. Were they like labor is good at running these events right so they're fairly slate is a theme to them. There's often a sort of handout document. This usually the local candidate and perhaps perhaps one of a small group of prominent front benches. So that's kind of narrow group of people who have been rolled out in this campaign over and over and over again again. They are back along Baylee they are and Raina. They are Richard Bergen. All of these are northern voices. Is there not super remaining voices so people like kiss dominant Emmy thumper for example. Here we heard from a lot during the travails in parliament. Though we've heard a lot less for them Jessica the bus. I have had one brief moment on the bus. They don't make a habit of taking journalists on the bus in a way. It's a kind of private space for Jeremy Corbyn to be able to relax and for them to be able to talk about strategy and deal with issues not the no into Ski Journal. No absolutely not said there was one occasion. I'm where I was offered a quick interview with Angela. Rainier it was when Labor launched national education service in this chance to go back into education later on in life. And you're gonNA give speech and they said well yes you can interview her but only if you jump on the bus which took us from Blackpool football club the town center I think looked tape afterwards and it was SORTA twelve minutes of conversation with aren somewhere a little bit further down the bus. Was Jeremy Corbyn talking to his aid. Soften very early starts. Then you're sort of shipped out somewhere. You're not quite sure where you're going. Because the advisers are very keep it very close but usually these kind of events held workplaces like factory of Brexit supporting businessmen and so the workforce there even though they're giving a question and answer session then not really incentivized to ask anything particularly testing tough. The exception to that actually was a Kentucky side. He was Depot and some of the questions. That were really tough. One of them off to all you can cut tax everybody talks. Do you mean low tax for people like you you tax for people like us question coincide with God that he accidentally let slip one of his major manifesto policies. which was he was planning to raise the national insurance? I showed are. We're going to be cutting a national insurance Up to twelve thousand everything points to it being a mistake. They've always was thrown into the disarray and pulling Brokaw's interviews go up to speed and what the policy actually was. It must be interesting to watch how Jeremy Binns advisors behavior around him. It was one of an IRA dot and I'm sort of wondering aim with my laptop and bits of paraphernalia getting ready. And and an eight comes out. And sort of shuffles me out of the way because Jerry's about to arrive with with a lot of hand gestures beckoning books Jeremy's about to arrive. And they want a nice clear klay short of him coming into the building. Because that's part of the footage they want. They have police protection for the campaign. And I think he's I think he's quite enjoy that they say bounce. Get there on time you these police outriders you make sure that you get up and down the aim one in double quick time or whatever and obviously I was joking about getting up close impersonal too. And but you have been able to watch Boris Johnson at fairly close quarters join this election campaign and historically. He's always kind of used his charisma. Let's get out of difficult awkward situations you know when he was abroad during the London. Riots he came back brandishing a broom and suggesting he was helping the cleanup. He got stuck on a zip wire and just sort of manage to laugh it off but do you think since he's been prime minister. All of that doesn't really work for him. He hasn't played the clown quite so much but off camera still sort of joshing around and very different from previous Prime Minister Mister. He would waste maintain. Some degree of distance on the campaign trail of the reaction of the public is to sort of see him in some sort of long. Lost friend. shouting Boris Boris Atom. And trying to get cell field trying to give him a hug and then on the other hand you get a very visceral angry angry reaction from people shouting shame and liar and protesting outside all of his events. Does that bother him talking to people close to him. Yeah I think. His image of himself is very different from other people's image of him. He is used to when he was mayor of London. Failing like he was as a populist list politician but people have such strong feelings about the referendum and his behavior in it. I think it came as a shock to him. After that point he wasn't as as popular as he remembered during his campaigns and perhaps most prominently in recent times very serious questions about his relationship with Jennifer Gray who appears that he had an affair with over for years and yet she was winning contracts that were linked to the mayor of London. While he's been shrugging off these accusations by his personal life in front of the cameras is is something that Labour candidates have been exploiting a lot on the doorstep and several of them have told me that he doesn't go down well with women voters in particular Sheila. I'm at every opportunity. The bringing up his personal relationships including his inability to answer the question of how many children he's got and they claim that This is something that really is quite putting two women. Voters have the review ever seen Labor candidates mentioned Boris Johnson's personal life on the doorstep. I have seen it and I haven't seen Jeremy Corbyn do it and that's something that's really important to remember. Is that while. I'm trading Jeremy Corbyn around looking at the sort of overarching strategy and they're rushing message. Each individual candidates are very much honing their own messages on the doorstep and and using whichever aspect of Boris Johnson's disadvantages. They can. How does Jeremy Corbyn get treated by the public when you've seen him walking around sir? It's very divided. I've been on events with him where he gets an incredibly warm reception a bit like we saw in two thousand seventeen and then other occasions so the day when I interviewed Angie Raynor and then we sorta stop the Labor Boston. Blackpool town centre. I sort of stood around for well. He gave a speech and I mean there was a car that slowdown roll down. The window beeped. Its whole hole and a number of Gestures laid out the passenger window. There was another woman who came out and berated. WanNa Jeremy Corbyn advisors about you know how could he lay a wreath at the remembrance. Sunday service when he doesn't support our troops. It was a very short stop. It was only five or ten minutes but there was a lot of hostility. There you know. He acknowledges they asked him about this list. Bates from Channel Four asked him. I've been talking to work until voters up and down the country and a lot of them. Say I don't not Jeremy Corbyn with which is something candidates you here on the doorstep and he said some people like Marmite and some people don't like it but I think it's good for you one of the few tongue-in-cheek moments of the press conference but it was a sort of a riot knowledge moment that he is quite a divisive figure and he knows he doesn't go down well in every household in the country. Rowena Kuban is admitting he's divisive on the doorstep and it's it's pretty clear from what you've said to us that the same is true for Boris. Johnson People WanNA get selfie with him more berate him as an offensive liar as we reach the end of this campaign. It seems that the Tories are pretty confident. Yesterday Johnson was a fish market in grimsby which hasn't had a tory. M P since nineteen forty five live but as you say it's not been a perfect campaign has it. In terms of the polling. Since the beginning of the campaign conservatives have dropped slightly and and Labour had gone out so the gap in the polls has narrowed but not as much as it did in the two thousand seventeen campaign and with a few days to go the gap. It's still possibly enough for burst Johnson to win a majority. Have a where calling you late on Monday. Because I know you've made it onto the Labour bus again. You've been out with Jeremy. Corbyn interviewing him for the Guardian. And it's interesting because we've just been hearing about how Labor remains stubbornly behind in the polls. What's the mood Jimmy? Kobe by Relax Knox today. I'll have to say I was speaking to him off the big rally. He did in Bristol which is really a sort of geeing up the activist type event. You know there were like a couple thousand people though bt gave a speech not cheering you know normally sunny day home crown fields to it and he was quite relaxed on the bus chassis. You know one point. We're going to this country site on the outskirts of Stroud. Any kind of breaks into what sounds like the country China coach tour and on your white ladies and dental and you know if they were very relaxed because this is coming to an end. But don't know so. I often of course what what you do on Friday morning. If you don't win you know there's been speculation that you might Step aside what interests that question will fighting is to win it We also talks talks about. What are the big stories in the news today? which is this poor little for your old life? He was pictured on the front of the daddy there this morning. Nine in a corridor at a hospital in AIDS with chips and things coming out of him because there wasn't any beds and it was a very audience. Isn't this morning where the prime minister will show a picture of that foyer by journalists and refuse to look at it only owned and to reporters away from him and puts it in his pocket which was just they felt like a symbolic moments or else Jimmy Kuban about that who you know. He wouldn't behave like that and he thought it was a very old but interestingly didn't do titians would have Dunham really go for Jones note and you know I said to him Shoot you if attacked I. Don't this is something you hear from Labor inside. It's quite. I think we really not going for Johnson wanting to talk him and I said Jeremy Copen Hall to land blows endorsed jumping and he really sort of made a bit of a face look impressed. That's the tool and said I'm not a boxer. You know some people would like me to be more more attacking up but it's not my style and it's quite interesting because it seems to me to encapsulate you like quite a bit about the way Labor folks campaign.

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