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"bor filbert" Discussed on The Polygon Show

"And she gives me cotton was very low and cotton all the time. And so she gives me a little cut. So I gave her like the Donut was like perfect. And she's like, oh my God. Actually, like, this is like absolutely my favorite like thank you so much like, you're my best friend, and then like she was standing right behind my former best fr-, well because I always say I love cube cube is like my favorite. And after that whole thing what I was done cube was sitting on the couch and had a a little mug of coffee in its hand. And like it's kinda like dangling its little legs. And I just and it was kind of like gently swing and I really looked at cube. And I felt like he was just thought I was your best for national helping to that. Where's my snack? Where's my doughnut? I give you all this cotton. I gave you a bundle twenty four con-. You're not even going to get that. And I'm stuck with these people. And I have to sit on this hospital gurney because you couldn't afford to put a real bed in here. Ashleigh do even doing here Ashleigh, why is everything under construction Ashley? And then I don't know. I just feel like there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes like when I'm closing the game. And that you know, that they talk about like in Toy Story when I'm not around there's a lot of stuff going on. But I really don't think that Isabel wants to build an in- glue. I think there's something wrong because I noticed this. I'm like devoted because I was like I have to collect all these snow gyrates. I need to crack these items they told me these are my goals, I have to do them. And then just now like last week goes like, wait, what am I doing this? My God, there's so much fun pack your this reminds me in animal crossing new leaf there were what all always be these like neighborhood requests, like your neighbors would be like I really want a like traffic cone, and you'd be like a why? To find space and raise money, which usually no one wants to pitch into you would have to basically bankroll yourself. Like, why do you want a second traffic now, and why is to be near the other traffic code and now I'm feeling suspicious to that? This was all in like a prelude to the nuclear operations that she's continuing to. Yeah. They're they're like they're putting it out like sparsely. So that no one will notice you have people will notice. So, you know, once like, for example, I I was asked to make a lunar Rover for somebody and this came suspiciously a week after another animal Bor Filbert asked for space shuttle bake rocket, and I just like what? And then someone ask for an asteroid. And I was like, okay. What's going on here? What's going on the recreating, the moon landing Armageddon? But it's really suspicious, and especially like, I don't get to interact with Isabelle. I don't know. Maybe in the main crossing games you do. But here like she just kind of like she barely appeared. She'll just give an announcement show like go back. So she only talks to you about like important things with Felix. She's very high ranking member of an organization that only does the interfacing to check shoot. My handler..

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