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"booth costlo" Discussed on Questlove Supreme

"I don't think it's even trump specific. But i feel is the domino effect of like we definitely would not have me too if it weren't for the trump administration that i feel. I don't feel a lot of things with you. i don't think so. I mean because it happened right when the obama because remember what happened inauguration day. A women's march against everything that he stood for whatever he stands for. Then it's like we're going to sort of it out and everyone else other than him and make them pay for what he represents can't get him out to pink. Yeah so even if you don't have to talk about him specifically i mean we're going to talk about immigration which is a result of whom you're going to talk about me to even the the banks and getting access to our facebook. That's his fault. i'm blaming him. You're going to have bird jokes and the way the way. Update update is delegated. It's you know it's about four minutes and then at three minute feature and then you know what i mean three minutes and then maybe of three minute feature and you what. I'm so. it's like the real estate that we have to be able to talk about it and it's between two people so you cut that i like it's almost like like income. So there's you get two minutes. I pretty much. I pretty much get four minutes talking about everything. Talk about in the week and some are has to be trump. So it's like how do you not like it. Didn't motherfucker is tweeden saturday. Morning was saturday afternoon. Which have. I could almost set my clock to this motherfucker. He tweets saturday at like eight the morning between anywhere between seven eleven in the morning. I gotta look at it. We gotta look at all the jokes that we have bigger out all right. We'll what develops is this more important and this. What do we have to so like. We have all jokes on the table. We'd be we gotta lift shit. All right this is this is not even important anymore. Feels weird to say this. By the time you know midnight combs. This is gonna be old news so it's just exhausting but not even so much update specific. I just mean show wise. I think that people have seen the impression people who've seen us go through. We cover not so. I feel like this is gonna be a year where we may be taken to the next level of just creatively of different things. That's possible with our cast and not let this mode for dominate. Take the lead in the news. we'll follow. that's what i mean. You know it's not just me. It's not up to me. It's also let me as a show like 'cause the news doing the same thing that you're staying away from my msnbc cnn. It's all the same all the time his name. So yeah and he knows he's he's playing an instrument exactly when to say some crazy shit about lebron. You know yeah. He knows when he knows when the dominate motherfucker knows how to control the the the news. And everybody's guilty because we all think it's interesting we all want the clout you know. We all want to have the the witty perfect thing to say about what he's saying. And it's just like dude. You don't realize you're playing along you know you really just you. Don't get it to hollywood star fame. People they already took the lead said. Just take it away so it won't be known debate. No argument has gone. Good we so speaking of distraction in wrapping up his episode This was fun as hell butler. Thanks for letting me come up here. Well i i have to say. Do you have to make more willie. No i eileen look. I have three youtube mixes or my private youtube page ones. All michael ones also train. The other is willing to release. It was really really. Is this this. i'm. I'm probably know it's funny. It's it's a character that michael's re written for kenan thompson. All would occur how optimistic he's my The most optimistic. I know he's my neighbor. He always sees the bright side of everything but he just has the worst life. It's really sad he's been involved with like you know here's the wars luck on has the worst luck on. He's always trying to cheer me up and he just keeps us an example willie's based on a real person. No oh sh- well. He's not based on a real person. I del mar. Who was sort of like this. Isn't snl sketch you okay this weekend. Update he's a. He's update character. The punchline is always like he'll always say hey it's like they always say he'll come up with an idiom that he has realized he doesn't realize that you know it's like they always say hey we're not tell you about the The weekend they were the want the own. It was only one i got cut. That was like way too rough. A willy willy where he goes got so martin luther king. You can smoke outside like kid do that line. Where is the line i mean. Why is that a man for well. I don't know willie we. We had him say some wild shit. Were they afraid of like kickback. From blackout keenan was like i don't wanna do that. But the balcony mountain. That's that was like the craziest one where we was like. I don't know we had them graduation. One where he was like. My class told me when i left the school. You locked us in with the shooter willie up. This is like is keen do anymore. What would that is that. That is Jason davis he's not there and and fred's not there so it's hard to do and bill bill hader. Who does they're all gone. So i think the last one that was. That's tucker man what you he's black black black. That's just getting started. You're right you're right. that's right. We suppose it blind dates. You know all that stuff out late okay. Well we'll see how it works in five months time for valentine's how's your little show booth costlo. Still my yeah. I'm still buddha. We'll tell you i love. You could talk dateline. Yeah of course. Lie is very shocked that i'm dating a black woman. I've been dating pat. Her heads like one of them wants power. He gabriel yes. We're going away okay. Word of shall we say yes. I will tell you sit. Oh shit hawaii away you got to go. I've never been on vacation. I'm sorry introduce you to set gordon. Who's the you know. The vacation whispered. Okay yeah oh yeah i would. I would love that you got on an accident. You never been on vacation. I'm never been on a plane that wasn't like a show since i started doing this. I don't find what ford when i meet gordon. Four or five years ago. I think my i will try late. Twenty four teams. When i'm on tap right new york. My idea for a big though is like to not beat. Have to do anything. Like i don't have to pack a bag or i don't have to be anywhere you can vacation at my house because lee.

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