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The Breakdown:  Kentucky AG Challenges Beshears Unconstitutional Orders

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The Breakdown: Kentucky AG Challenges Beshears Unconstitutional Orders

"But in this, so I'm reading all of this information reading all of these papers about this, and we're trying to keep in mind the amount of Info that we don't know like we're watching. The scientific method happened before us right now. We see papers that are popping up at. People will go out online and then all of a sudden. Removed and there's a conspiracy theory. That paper was the truth, and that's why it was taken down. Won't maybe perhaps it wasn't peer reviewed? Maybe perhaps there were changes that were incorrect, because more evidence is produced itself. We can't latch onto something. We read back in January or February and think that's the answer to this. Because the reason, it's called a novel Corona viruses because we have encountered it before. We've encountered others like, but we haven't encountered this before. That's why the cytokine storm that that that emerged the the over the the over activity of your immune system, and the inflammation of your body, and the in front of the the increase of mucus in your lungs was causing such a big problem because the body was like Oh. Wait a second. The didn't know how to respond to this at first. So. There's all kinds of information that we're learning. So I'm trying to read information, develop information, and I've said from the beginning. If this is a hoax or not, if this is manufactured in a lab or not. I don't want it. Just like I don't want the flu or the common cold. If you've got the flu or the cold stay home. Right. If. You're sick or think you've been exposed. Call into work. Goon lose Mooney look. Think about that stuff later. We're in the middle of a covid nineteen crisis, I'm sure your bosses are going to be happy and appreciative. So I'm reading information as we all are. And we all have confirmation biases. We all have info and all we already have already embedded. World views in our minds. Mine Leans towards government. Intervention is wrong. It leans toward The fact that government is trying to strip us of our rights so I have that but I'd be careful of that. Now as far as master concerned, there's evidence that they help and there's evidence that they don't help. So where do we fall? In this instance I'm going to err on the side of caution. I'm not a government slave. Again nine years of broadcast history. Request to show I'll send it from my very first show I've got virtually every single show. I've ever recorded. I've got facebook videos. I've got youtube videos I've got the shows. I've done the crusade Chen when I filled in before I had a show on here and after I show on here. I've got broadcast history and I've got facebook posts. I've got articles that I, wrote on my old website. I've got personal friends. That will account to to my testimony. Folks if I am anything. I am not a government sheep. So wearing a mask when I go out in public that has nothing to do with me boot-licking the government. Or bowing down to status control or giving into tyranny. It has nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with the fact that my family right now, just found out, we may have been potentially exposed to someone and a close personal relationship shaking hands. And involved with my family that has somebody that that that may have corona virus. So what that means means I'm going to take precautions. I'm GonNa make sure that I don't do something that could call somebody else to be sick. Because? There is a way that you could be symptomatic and not know it. Anywhere from two to fourteen to twenty five days that this could show up later, and you could be sick, but in that time frame if we don't watch ourselves if we're not careful. That, we could get somebody else sick. So when I go out in public, I'll wear a mask. Now, here's the issue. And here's here's the problem. That I've seen so many people focusing on, and this is one of the things I think is being fixed right now in Kentucky. Yesterday Andy Bashir. came out and gave his his update. Just because whatever if you watch anything? Of course, we're watching all these fad governors right now. These trendy governors that around the nation right now that are using this as a ploy to get themselves in the public is much as they possibly can whatever dewine does in Ohio soon to follow Andy Bashir will do. Now any claims to be Christian so I'm GONNA give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he is I'm GonNa hope I'm also not going to go so far as to say that he's in some secret meeting with accounts of three hundred, trying to figure out ways to control us. I think he's following the rest of the country, which is the biggest problem when we become followers, instead of leaders I don't think that he is a leader. In this regard, I think that he is a follower of other people, but. All of that aside. Does, he think what he's doing is helpful to us. As the as the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Yeah I do believe. He thinks he's doing. What's right I? Do believe he thinks he's doing. What's best for his citizens. yesterday and this is evidenced also by the way that he gave his his speech and it's up there yesterday. So Kentucky seven-day rolling average of covid nineteen cases topped four hundred. For the first time and governor, Andy Bashir and Attorney General Danny. Kaye Daniel Cameron continued their legal battles in northern Kentucky on Thursday. Four, hundred, thirteen, newly confirmed corona virus cases were announced by Bashir during his daily update bringing the state's total to twenty, one, thousand, eighty three, since the pandemic began. That's that's pennies. Compared to other states, the Courier Courier Journal reported the Courier Journal reporter. tweeted at the seven day, rolling average is four hundred and five point. Four percent I'm sorry. Four hundred five point four daily cases the first time the number has been that high. and. Here's what Bashir had to say about this. What we're seeing across the country is alarming. We are seeing state after state, not just facing escalating cases, but facing devastation. As of today, Florida's hospitals have now run out of ICU beds. This is when people die. Because the system is overwhelmed, people are going to die. Who would not otherwise have died in Arizona? In Texas they are bringing in refrigerated trucks because people are dying so fast. There is no room for them in the morgues. We heard about this New York. Just a few we just a few months ago the same line. They that ulta convince everybody of the seriousness of the situation we face in that critical moment What a critical moment right now is! Here's what I noticed about this article as I. Read through this. He didn't talk about overwhelmed hospitals in the Commonwealth of Kentucky Refrigerated trucks and Lexington or Louisville or bowling green were Ashland or Covington or newport. He didn't talk about many of the refrigerator drugs there. He didn't talk about Crestview hills and the House Elizabeth is overwhelmed with patients in. They're running out of ICU. He didn't mention any of that. He mentioned the rest of the country. Now. Could he be trying to prevent us from becoming those other places? That's very possible. Very possible that he's doing that right now. But. We're not trending. Those other states are in those directions. But my point is that he's not using data from Kentucky. To implement these changes. He's using data from around the country. To implement these changes. Now. In the meantime. The Attorney General Daniel. Cameron went to Boone County Circuit Court yesterday, and here's what he had to say. Today. We are in we in court to protect the rights of Kentuckians and ensure that the process used by the governor to issue executive order complies with the law. This is not about the governor's policy about Ma- making sure he follows the law. Cameron tweeted judges at every level of found constitutional problems with his orders and instead of collaborating with our office. And the General Assembly to fix these issues, he's pointing fingers. The constitution is not political. It is and must be followed even in a pandemic across the country, governors are collaborating with elected leaders from both parties to make sure that covid nineteen restrictions balanced public health with the law. The governor should do the same. That has been the canard especially here that has been the battlecry especially here on the crusade channel for the past several weeks months even. You have to do things properly. You have to do things right. You can't simply willy. Nilly go out in governing calls, restrictive force restrictions or create regulations against your entire state without doing anything in the proper channels of following the law, so therein lies my problem. If I want to wear a mask because my own personal research has shown that I should wear a mask. That I should be allowed to do that and not thought that I'm a government. Save for doing it. If a business wants you to wear a mask. Just like that businesses, every right to say you have to wear shoes shirt. Using those scientists gas stations no shirt, no shoes, no service. Why don't they ever mentioned pants? Like I'm waiting for somebody to go in there with a shirt. And shoes. And no pants. I'm sure it's happened, but why don't they put pants on there? What kind of well I mean? Are they expecting Winnie? The Pooh to come walking in. Make sure you have on Pants Winnie the Pooh. Or daffy duck or his daffy, yeah, Daffy Duck, little Tuxedo, jacket and no pants. But every time they got out of the shower. He covered his bottoms with a towel. What's up, man? Anyway. Why don't they ever ask you to wear pants situations? That's a really good question. That's a question for the ages.

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