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"boom murray" Discussed on The BOB & TOM Show Free Podcast

"Bomber job show. Fried egg. Let's make a big deal out of the fried. Sorry. Tom today has the Brenda vikar voice. Sexy sexy wars, and he's working on it. Some sort of something to throw Todd throw his coat with Josh, you have any ideas about something we could throw or coat. Tom's throat with. We have throat coat in the other room. Listen to that. Oh yeah. Are you okay? You can't even go out in the door if we sound. Yeah, exactly. That's what all the wall sexy man. Do you think is that how you get the ladies? Lay outside, covered in like vinegar and you catch a cold eventually and then oh, hey, baby. How are you? Good to see him happy Friday. So all you have is a cold. Yes. Do you go to the doctor? What's the other day? Still contagious. No, he does. He doesn't care. You're okay, I got rid of all of my fluids by looking all the doorknobs in light switches. Oh. Well, that sounds nice and sound. Great. There's Christie Lee at the navy federal credit union news desk. Hi. Hi. There's pat Godwin at the Oxford gold group performance room. Hi. There's Josh Arnold at the I hate Steven singer sidekick. Josh has been Josh is in a mood. Only because you're sick and here. I know. This is classic classic griswold. He causes everything. I am not sick. There's a minor minor. If there's a bad mood in the building, he's like, what's going on? I don't understand what happened. Every single time. And this is a classic case. There's an ace Cosby. I did like all the rooms this morning. Thank you. That's great work. Thank you. I'm at the door dash sports desk and we have zero sports. Let's take the morning off. There's Willie. Zero sports took hold for the best team in the NFL and I'm never gonna die. I've never gonna die. Oh my goodness. I have a request for all of the network shows that cover the NFL. Okay. They always do the thing before the game where they take all the pundits. And they do their prediction. Sure. I like them to replay those after the game. Great idea. Every now and last night, everybody picks the jets. Oh, they're going to win outright. Play those after the game's over, and you've got it wrong. Well, especially with social media every now and then you'll see those pop up after a game like that. Yeah, everybody picked the fill in the blank and the other team won. But I would just like to have them reroll the video. I would rather them run like old Dick Van Dyke episode. Hey, here's the kick-off in the game, and then right back to the Van Dyck or Lou grant or something. I don't know, but instead of, well, we're going to talk about what turf there is in the night and field and you won't believe it. Boom, Murray and won't believe it. Well, which boomer is that? Well, we have many, many people. Do you like so many boomers here to ESPN? Do you like that? Of course you can forget the famous jets cult Super Bowl John Elway Joe Montana. They did that for the Broncos Washington game. Do you like that? I love that stuff. Well, it's nice for me to, you know, go back. What was it? 40 years ago and Washington should be in black and white with the old timey music and speed them up just a little bit. Do you realize this is? No matter if it's available in color. Yes. Black and white. How far back do we go where that's the law? I would say 20 more than 25 years old. 25 years, so 1996? Before that's black and white and did a little bit of white with old time music, singing the halftime show, Britney Spears. I can't believe I'm saying this. I'm on board. Yeah, I like it. What is old timey to you, chick? What year? Old timey to me would be gosh. Yeah, I would think 40s, 50s, 60s. Willie? 1983. I would say, and no one gets this now, but it was a big deal when you were a kid. You'd go to school. We got a color TV. Yeah. And people would lose their mind. When did was that late 60s when they really hit her? My parents were still married. So yeah, it was late 60s. And wasn't there a big thing? I just prior to the moonshot or something. I'm not sure what you're trying to get to. Oh yeah, a lot of people bought TVs to watch the moon landing. Maybe so, maybe so. It turned out that was in black and white. I suppose. You know, suppose. I had these. Of course. I had the shared chick McGee experience. We got our first color TV, and it was on one of those rolling TV carts. And I turned it real fast and it fell over and broke anything nice. I heard it was a thing. That was the beginning of the end of your mom. This is the normal child this being right. You tip the TV over. Check as a child, took a magnet from his father's factory. You remember this? It was about as big as a dinner plate? Yeah, but it was thick. It was like a cake. A magnet cake, and it would Staples in the boxes and they would detect the metal in the Staples and they direct the boxes down this conveyor belt away. A very powerful man. Superpowers. Stupid for a 7 year old half. Wouldn't that even ruin one of today's televisions? Yes. I would think so. I would think. So I put it up against the screen of the TV and it bent the image. Sure. Wow, that's cool. And sure enough after about, I don't know, 1522 or three hours. I took the magnet down and it had discolored the pixels at that time. You could still do that and it had made everything. You could see this. There's Y a tittle. Who's why I did it. The quarterback for the Giants. It's NFL picture. New York dryer. He's back there. He's got a face mask on. Pads are for the big buses. Go out there and hit hard. Don't throw the ball running up the middle every time. Jim Taylor, the Green Bay Packers, this is some boring football. Did you get in trouble chicken? Oh, the beatings. It's so just. Sports then to get right to the NFL. Yeah, we had a Thursday night game. I was looking up why it's little bleeding head photo. Hang on. Yeah, the Indianapolis Colts and Carson Wentz went and won a game last night, Willie. How about that? Great game. He threw three touchdown passes. Jonathan Taylor, we need a nickname for him. JT? JT, handyman. Take a look. Oh, I like TaylorMade's good. Taylor may have tailor made. I like that. He went to college in Wisconsin, could be incorporate cream or beer into it in any way. Cheesy tea. You guys I feel no support. Cheesy pee would be. Thing. JT's kind of overused, I would think. How about Jonathan Taylor soldier spy? That's great. That's number one right there. It's a little bit too early. Anyway, he rose for a 172 yards of two scores, or a sports broadcaster say that's a Taylor, a buck 72, two titties. Colts.

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