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"boom julie" Discussed on Every Little Thing

"Nobody term. We've found that. The puts will use the posters milk. Animal Milk so fantastic because you know you would assume The little baby vessels Were going to be used to give baby's milk so this was the last Straw. Julia was convinced these baby bottles. So what did this mention mean for people? Julia said they're not just adorable artifacts they were an innovation and they had a huge impact. Essentially these biking goals a why. We live likely due today. Julia says when these kind of vessels I show up around seven thousand years ago. There's a population boom in Europe. A boom driven by the newest Fad Locally Sourced Produce Aka agriculture. Okay so Julie's theory. And not every baby bottle. Allergist degrees is that these little vessels might have played a role in that population. Boom Julie says and I'm just slightly paraphrasing here that these bottles gave women a lactation vacation abreast. Rest meaning weaning happened earlier. And because of this nursing interspersing women got Prague's on the rigs that men at end to the birth dearth and donning the spawning less latching lead to more hatun makes perfect sons. Yeah yeah as a nursing mom if you're able to take a break if you're able to train your baby to get off of you. Then the world opens up a little bit and I bet women were getting other stuff done and get other stuff done to write and then more babies. I don't WANNA put words in Julie's mouth but basically her argument is that these baby bottles are directly responsible for all those baby and me. Oh classes I love it. That's crunchy community though. Don't bring a bottles there. So what do you think kate? Does this satisfy your thirst for baby bottle facts? Any other questions How long were these around? These were around for thousands of years. An interestingly they do really carry on throughout the history so we know there's lots of them in ancient Greece. We know the moments used very similar. Vessels I've chemical some in Africa in Sudan Somebody sent me some from plains Indian communities say the shape is I suppose it's like an optimal.

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