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"bonzo canyon" Discussed on WJNT 1180 AM

"News the search for threeyearold mariah woods reported missing from her home in jacksonville north carolina on monday is over is a very sad day for the people of bonzo canyon certainly for the victim's family proxy five thirty p m today mariah woods was recovered by the federal police rescued a dog team north carolina district prosecutor ernie leave the girl's mother reported that she simply vanished from their home sometime between sunday night and monday morning police have arrested the mothers livein boyfriend and charged earl kim with concealing a death and with obstruction of justice the prosecutor says there may be more charges coming president trump says he has no concerns about the cooperation deal struck between the special counsel investigating russian election meddling and his former national security advisor sir michael flynn behind the scenes though there is a lot of concern because as donald rumsfeld said you don't know what you don't know in michael flynn was involved heavily involved in the campaign the transition in that first month of the administration so there are all sorts of things he can talk about in the special council has very broad powers to investigate anything that comes up in the course of his work so it opens a lot of possible doors that they could be looking at is gear attending the special counsel's office mel confirms bet fbi investigator peter strasbourg was removed from the investigation for what the new york times reports were anti trump text messages shared between strasbourg and his mistress president trump tweeting on saturday evening route to'regularly asking why michael flynn was charged with lying to the fbi and hillary clinton has had been president saturday attending fundraising events in new york city and talking axes you know when we first went into this the ally said it's tax reform because for years not since ronald reagan has anything even come close to having passed the tax reform bill moves next to the conference committee to work out differences between the house and senate versions fox news fair and balanced jackson's new dog leader is news talk 1150 am and ninety six point nine have been talk to larry at eight.

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