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"bono usher" Discussed on Cyber Security Headlines

"Covert nineteen campaign and has also hit the taiwanese manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware cold gigabyte and claims to have stolen one hundred twelve gigabytes of data. Their amazon kindle bug was aimed at hijacking e book readers. Amazon has revealed that in april of this year and addressed a critical vulnerability in its kindle e book reader platform that could have been exploited to take full control over user's device resulting in the theft of sensitive information including amazon account credentials and billing information just by deploying a malicious e-book the fix was distributed as part of its five point one three point five version of kindle firmware in april twenty. Twenty one paul allen's boat now available for rent octopus the vast explorer class super yacht built for microsoft co founder. Paul allen has been sold for almost two hundred million pounds and is now available to rent for one million pounds a week on the market. Since allen's death in two thousand eighteen it was purchased by scandinavian buyer. The eight deck octopus has thirteen guests suites including a private owners deck. There is also a cinema a gym a spa a basketball court. A pool that converts into a dancefloor and a pizza oven it features not one but two helicopters two submarines and space for seven tenders and a large suv. The yacht has quarters for up to sixty three crew members director. James cameron used it as a base when he dove to the bottom of mariana. Trench the deepest point. In the world and mick jagger bono usher and joss stone have recorded in its world class studio but hey a pizza oven. We're back this friday with another great cease. Oh series video chat. We host these every week at ten. Am pacific one pm eastern providing a fantastic conversation with a cybersecurity expert followed by quick security speed dating session where you can get to chat with the speakers and other viewers this week. Our chat will delve into hacking cloud infrastructure looking at how cloud infrastructure changes how we think about security practices.

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