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"bonnie mcknight" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Time now to talk christmas tree decorations earlier this month i spoke with bonnie mcknight who wrote a memoir told through christmas hornets and we just you to tulsa stories behind your favorite hornets joan bowl in wichita kansas toda su bad in on amended reminds are a pro younger brother gm who die twenty six years ago he made it when he was a kid it is one of the ugliest warren among some option on ball he took the kind of clay that you using elementary school and funded into a blah be pancake painted it completely black and then stuckey goes either of kindergartner first grade school picture on the oren amount and the picture is the only part of that worn amount that is not able and every year he was so proud of this morning that he would hang it and the front of our family christmas tree and so began an annual battle between joan bone and her brother she would come home cb on him and on the front of the tree move it to the back then jim would walk in then move it back to the front don't bowens says they were always teasing each other and he could annoying like no other it was a great kid after tim died joan got to keep that on amount my mom gave it to me and told me that i could have it on the condition that it would be hung every year in the front of my tree and every year john bowman has kept that promise sara black of hurricane utah got hurt favorite on him and threw elicit means she told us about it over skype i totally stole a little christmas argument from my older shift there so it a little baby do this you to be seen offense joy didn't world across the top sir tell the she snagged it right off the christmas tree one year and now it's on her christmas tree in she feels a little guilty about it my head then make finding me have he fed that it's really wrong to have a stolen baby christmas straight but i think it's really que and.

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