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"bonnie jill polly mack" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"He this year's Murfin Mexico Alaska's there should go a little kooky guy you go a little time six cooler content coming away we got to start to come up on the other side and over here we announce tomorrow's list Bonnie Jill Polly Mack top three we all need inspiration right now I like it top three inspirations it could be anything now people speeches movies songs game worms question does cuisine fall into this conversation whatever you want but it's little fighting inspires you will be like inspire poly though I was gonna say like don't you so if I decided to put the half sausage half point five from Frank Pepe Hey on my most inspirational sources list I wouldn't have any backlash what's the sound we need sound all come up with something I'm I'm I'll just a lease they keep the Toro or radio right now there you go yeah I know good detail after good pizza alright guys here we go to the cooler of content and it starts with well obviously the on going protests and civil unrest in comments on black lives matter and this starts with okay Stephen Jackson and I told you guys earlier in the show about this he you know he knew George Floyd so here he is with his daughter G. ana it's a short little bite but John is on his shoulders and it's kinda well she basically says you know Daddy changed the world take a listen why is it not that simple when somebody's in video games I didn't murder was not that simple what you have to see her name why do we have to see a doctor can raise about a father but you know what that's a lot of that he said that he will miss I'm gonna be there for I'm going walking down now I will be there for a movie you know what you see I will be there for you is easy what might not be here but I'm here for I'm here I'm here to get justice and we go visit from my brother we not leave in we don't keep fighting we don't we don't put my brother we don't send them home and in a beautiful ways this week but I'm telling you we are not leaving we demanded justice and I'm tired of seeing that I'm I'm I'm not going to see her every day like this we need justice we demand it as some kind of we got them we don't get it thank you all for coming but this has to stop me it has to stop there you go there you go at the end that's Tiana on his shoulders he racked up again there because spider the Stephen Jackson with George with John on his shoulders that one here.

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