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"bomar shea" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"You must follow the money for revolution for rebellion for war. Follow the money. So we go immediately to Larry's chapter on the merchants because, as the war begins, and the so called founding fathers, the people running up the declaration of Independence Air of peeling to France, they're appealing to Spain. Larry has he's beautiful quotes in here. Heck! Common sense. Tom Paine appealed to them. They knew that they didn't have the makings why they didn't have the money. They didn't have the arms and they didn't have the powder, so they needed to smuggle it. This is a tale of smugglers of intrigue of spies of backstabbers of war crimes, all of it in this book. Larry, we go to one of my favorite merchants, because I never met him before. His name is Joseph Gardocki. Who is he? What did he do for the nascent revolution? He was part of a A long line of merchants and north of Spain would already been trading with the colonies, cod and other products for many years. Now that the trade as you mentioned was heavily restricted by the British, which was one of the things that got the colonist riled up was it was interfering with their Prosperity. So they developed some very, uh novels, smuggling practices and smuggling routes. Now, this was just tailor made. For smuggling and arms and munitions when that was needed, starting in 17 75. So even before The first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord. You had merchants in New England, writing to Gardocki, asking him to send muskets and gun power because the Americans had no capability of fighting the British on their own. They had no manufacturing capability they could barely Um, uh, fabricate a few muskets. Um, uh, want 11 gunsmith could maybe make one musket? Every month. Meanwhile, Britain was turning out hundreds of thousands. Muskets every year. So Gardocki used this smuggling apparatus normally used for fisheries and and other goods to bring muskets gunpowder. Um other supplies medicine to the shores. Now, he later became a much more influential figure. When The Spanish government and this takes place some years after, uh, decided to make him the primary conduit for much of the trade that would happen. Direct arm shipments from the Spanish government. That wouldn't happen. It's all about 17 79. So for many years, he was on his own Andrea Lee at his own risk. Smuggling all of these weapons to the Americans who accepted them, of course, gratefully on in payment for Whatever they could find, And that was usually fish and tobacco. Yes, we need it. We need a miniseries on Gardocki and another man who has already had his miniseries. This is the author of The Barber of Seville. I'm not kidding. Opera man himself. Is the Frenchman ball. Marcia, you've heard of him before. The intrigue here is fabulous, including people with invasion plans who dress like women and hide out in London and shakedowns and And blackmail. But Bomar Shea brings in the guns and much the guns and powder is called stands of arms. You've got a rifle. Made in leash or in the on the continent and gunpowder from C. Landers. And I'm very good gunpowder. You bring it in. Ah, smuggle it in. But Bomar Shay works with the American Congress with silence a silence Dean Bowman. She was always in debt. He was always borrowing money. Who was giving it to him, Larry? He got the first startup funds from, uh, the minister that I mentioned earlier. The comfortable Russian who was the foreign minister during the war and really the most important Character in this whole story. It was Virgin who made all the decisions about when the war began. Who was going to get aid? How the aid was going to get there when the soldiers were going to arrive where the natives were going to fight? Subversion and his Um, Spanish counterpart, both put money into a secret. Front company. It was called Roderick for delays and that front company which was supposed to fool the British, but never did. They knew what was going on. Point arms. What ship ships or rather chartered ships and together brought the whole host of weaponry and people because many volunteers We're going along with these arms to, uh, to get to the Americans on as it would happen just in time for them to Win provide important that allowed him to win the battle of right You have the facts here. Larry March 17 17 77 A ship named me a cure brings in 12,000 stands of arms loaded to the top with gunpowder Portsmouth. And April 20th AMFA treat 6600 stands of arms loaded the gun powder and deport Smith those of the weapons that fall into the hands of the Americans. To defeat Burgoyne at Saratoga. It looks like a direct correlation without those weapons. There is no Saratoga. That's correct, and they knew it At the time. The Americans knew that there was arms. We're going to be the things that that save them and one of the one of the participants. Caleb start. Said Justus much it palace phasing if it were not for those born Marcia arms were going would have made a very easy march all the way, as would turn out to New York City, but he was stopped. A detail here. Gardocki and Bomar Shea there carryings on. They were trading. They were smuggling. They were running guns and gunpowder. They were avoiding the English fleet. Hollis, the third in Madrid and Louis, the 16th and Versailles. They knew completely. What was going on. Is that accurate, Larry? Yes, they did. So they were. They were operating through warmed by their administers, Um, even though the ministers were making the Decisions. They never did so without the approval of their kings. These were Absolute marquees in in every sense of the word. We need to go to the ministers now because we followed the money. You've got to have the weapons. You gotta have the money to bake the weapons, but the ministers themselves in verse. I For the French and in Madrid for the Spanish are the masters of using the American farmers to turn them into a way to weaken the British. Why? Because they want revenge. I'm John Bachelor, Larry for hours, the.

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