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"boma renaudin" Discussed on Radio Cherry Bombe

"And jones. Welcome back to radio Terry bomb. Thank you. I'm so happy to be here. Well you're one of our favorites. And I love the British bomb squad so much. It really makes me sad. I don't get a lot of foam, but I definitely get from when I see everybody's pictures and see you all hanging out together without me. Well, you know, you're welcome anytime. You know with with we're always the owing right away. Yeah. Is a plane ride away. I know I've been teasing this for years, but we are definitely doing an event in London. At some point, I swear to God before the next president is elected. You have to you have to because the also many people he just love you guys and would love to support you and I'll say seventy people who would just love a little lo pace of cherry, Boma Renaudin, both so many of you, we love from afar. Yeah. But today we get to love you from a near. Not a word you are here to talk about another gorgeous cookbook that you've done called the modern cooks year. And I just I was saying this off Mike earlier. But I don't know how you do these. They are gorgeous. They are beautifully designed and photographed. And then there are these just incredible recipes and you literally want everything in these books. Thank he added Jones. How do you do? Well, sometimes I'm actually quite sure myself this the first couple of books, I right before I had my little boy, but this one, I right when the my little boy was quite young, so actually was a bit of a blah. I don't quite remember how I came together, but also save for some reason in this book, I decided to write like a double book. Let the cherry bomb cookbook, and this is like twice. It's like I think it's over, like two hundred sixty recipes which is kind of wild and I just couldn't create doll, couldn't start writing, which I think the beginning of writing book is such a process, isn't it in the beginning? I always have that writes explore can I count quite, you know? Place the book and you have to sort of let a book have its own knife. So as you start writing it kind of bills momentum. And this one just wouldn't stop it. Just like I just kept going and kept going going, and also because the book is written around a year in my kitchen, it felt like you know, it didn't want to write just like ten recipes full spring. It just didn't feel generous enough, and you know, to get all the whole all of the, the whole kind of like change in mood and ingredients and just couldn't. How do you even approach a book like this? Did you like how much time did you have to work on? So I probably I think I wrote this book over year, essentially. I mean you've been writing at your whole life. Yeah. Yeah. I think so. I think season -ality in seasonal kicking assay central to what I do. I'm tightly vegetarian. So a new the recipes in the book of vegetarian on all of them vegan cooking seasonally is super important to me, and because vegetables are at the center of. Well, I d so them being in season. Them tasting amazing is just so central to see how I cook in how I've kind of always cooked as a chef. Did you grow up eating seasonally you? I'm not sure that it was. I didn't. Yeah, that it was majorly a thing. I do. Definitely remember moments in the we wouldn't have like stowaways or cherries, or those things, will you around there would definitely be moments of the year. Well, you know, special ingredients came along asparagus, those kind of things, but it wasn't something that was explicit. I don't think you know, my mom wasn't someone who loved being in the kitchen..

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