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"bologna tornado" Discussed on Natural Disasters

"Now. Back to the story the first tornadoes of the two thousand eleven super outbreak were cited in western Arkansas. On Monday April twenty fifth they were short lived and not very powerful measuring as e zero and e f ones on the Fujita. The scale every state in the south was on alert and most were under Tornado. Watches David and Catherine tally of greenbrier. Arkansas were. We're visiting family in the town of Bologna. That week. They were staying in a mobile home. That was part of a subdivision called black oak ranch. Lisa Watson was is also a resident at Black Oak when the first local tornado warning came in. She hurried her three children into the car and headed out of town as she sped. Bet Away from the subdivision. She saw tornado off to her left. Another Bologna resident Richard Bass was at home with his kids. When the tornado appeared a friend of mine warned me that the tornado was on top of US and before I could shoot a text back saying no it's not Felt the barometric pressure drops I felt the rumbling and grabbed my three kids and my three dogs to the closet. Right back there. David and Catherine Tally Allie saw the twister. To David made a call to his mother as they fled from their mobile home to a heavy steel shipping container. They used as storage. They felt it would be safer than the lightly constructed mobile home the tornado barrel down on Bologna. It tore the roof off the grocery store. It tossed several cars across the main road. It reduced mobile homes to nothing but heaps of wood and installation with residents possession scattered everywhere Tarini Atkins and her family huddled in their laundry room. They suddenly heard a loud sucking noise and realize realize the water was being pulled out of the pipes and sink drains. We could feel our ears popping. She said another Bologna resident. Sally Lanham felt the same thing they went right through our front yard. He can see the rotation McLeod and we could see debris fine But IT MR missed the house. It took the pool. Shed knockdown huge trees loud wind our ears popped and then just in seconds it was over Rick Sadder white hidden a storm cellar with his wife and inlaws and felt the suction inside into the Delaware. And Yeah we get we could tell You know that it was It was pretty bad outside. 'cause he was second album storm cellar. I had twenty twenty carport. A car for Just to wipe them the house and it was slow. It was floated away. But it's out in the field to the east of the House as David David. Catherine tally took cover the shipping container. David quickly finished his conversation with his mother. He told her that he loved her. Before he hung no nope the valona Tornado was categorized as a strong e F two and it left a slice through the town that was three miles ells wide. Ten people were dead including David. And Catherine tally the twister. Had picked up the container and hurled it a hundred hundred and fifty feet into a nearby pond. The two thousand eleven super outbreak had claimed its first victims. The forecast predicted it at least another forty eight hours of dangerous weather. People turn to television and radio news for hourly updates. The storm warning stacked up quickly. Roy As night fell over the devastation in Bologna another e F. Two Tornado hit the Air Force Base in little rock wrecking several. We'll see one thirty aircraft and damaging over one hundred barracks more tornadoes. Were seen in Arkansas. Texas and Louisiana emergency emergency services begin digging through rubble and pulling people out of the remains of their homes damaged reports and further storm sightings poured in from law enforcement demint and emergency personnel. There were not enough fire trucks or ambulances for every town that had suffered damage in some counties. The fire stations stations themselves had been wrecked but that storm cell had passed giving a brief respite to those who had been through the worst. There was time to count the the dead and assess the damage before the next round of storms arrived during the early morning hours. Everything combat a quite a bit and The system that system has moved out of the state and of course it it left my Lots of lots of destruction the patterns not changing and and it looks like we're going to see another round of severe thunderstorms With very heavy rainfall from eastern port northeastern portions of Texas up to Arkansas consigned to up the Lower Ohio Valley. We'll see another round of severe storms with again potential for isolated tornadoes across much of central southern in Arkansas. A little bit lower threat across the north factors are coming together where we will have the potential for some strong tornadoes and maybe even even want her one long lived very dangerous tornado saying es three or above the next morning the storm prediction center was on high. I alert it was April twenty-sixth and the previous day's Tornados. Were just the beginning of the nightmare. They monitored the hungry storm front as it plowed on towards Alabama and the jurisdiction of NWS Birmingham. Jim Stefka Vich was the head of the National Weather Service Station in Birmingham Birmingham Alabama his tenure at NWS Birmingham had begun in the hurricane season of two thousand five the year. Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans Steph. Kovic was no stranger to bad weather. He had been with the weather service for thirty years and even held a position Russian at the Maryland headquarters before he graduated from college since then he'd been stationed all over the country. He was watching the oncoming super cells with an impending sense of dread his team at NWS Birmingham would need all hands on deck for the next several days as the storm cell all exploded in size even though many of their own homes and families were right. In the storm's predicted path. Kevin laws was is one of the lead meteorologists on Steph. Rich's team he knew they may be looking at a worst case. Scenario where a storm is so strong so destructive that no amount of effort can save you. He was also concerned about people ignoring the warnings the NWS was putting putting out during the summer months Tornado warnings were common and they were often inaccurate. The previous year the warnings were wrong about about eighty percent of the time in fact during the Bologna Tornado. One resident named Pat Fulmer nearly came out from safety because she thought the warnings were false alarms. There had been two previous warnings. That didn't result in Tornado touchdowns. She was feeling almost safe in. The assurance is that the warning sirens were overly sensitive. This revealed fundamental issue with Tornado predictions. They are never guarantees. Tornado warnings. Come out often for midwestern and southern states and they are a part of daily life for the residents of Tornado Alley. People said they weren't paying great attention last night. Clear thinking would go to more but we weren't worried at that point even with the assistance of the SPCA in Oklahoma Bahama. All that Kevin laws in Jim steph cabbage could do was watch the data every minute create their reports and issue warnings they. I couldn't force people to heed them. Complacency could be as dangerous as the storms. The Birmingham office had been very cognizant of their false warning earning rate and always attempted to avoid the accusation of crying wolf. But if the weather service didn't issue a warning even a weak tornado could could still strike. The decision weighed heavy on Stefka Vich laws and their team should they trigger the number of warnings that their data said were necessary and and risk the tornado sirens becoming background noise or hold off and leave people completely vulnerable. If a tornado did land laws wrote about the dilemma. Afterwards addressing the concerns he'd heard about the warning systems prior to the storm in shorts. They were Being urged to improve the accuracy of their detections two of the television partners most concerned about accurate warnings for the approaching storm were or lead meteorologist James Span and Weatherman Jason Simpson of ABC thirty three forty the affiliate that covered Birmingham. I'm an Tuscaloosa. Jason had worked for James Span for seven years having. I met him after a presentation. During Jason's senior year of high high school. Jason had always loved meteorology even as a teenager. He is passionate had impressed ban and he had offered Jason an internship on the spot got six years later. He hired Jayson to be part of his weather team. James Span was a legendary weatherman known across Alabama for whereas soothing baritone and genuine personality span had reached a status of celebrity usually reserved for movie stars. He had reached the friend friend limit on facebook had a massive twitter following and ran a hugely successful weekly online talk show. He even had his own bobblehead doll. So so if James.

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