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"bogota high school" Discussed on Kottke Ride Home

"Renting arrangement seems like it supplements and takes the pressure off public pools many of which were closed for part or all of twenty twenty due to the risk of kovic spreading thirty dollars. An or more is definitely a middle-class pleasure but it's not a per se luxury. I mean you see what movie tickets cost these days when we go back to movie theaters it's comparable in terms of entertainment value in cost and it seems to help homeowners to from the oklahoma quote when they bought their home in two thousand nineteen. It was condemned said chris. Clark technician with the oklahoma city streetcar the was shot. He said it cost twenty thousand dollars to repair it alone. The imagined another expensive repair job in fifteen or twenty years quote. We enjoy it but we were thinking about how to pay for. He said while allowing others to enjoy it too not just him and his wife their daughter nine year old lyric and son an ice eight tiny son aidan just thirty two days old will be a swimmer someday and quote. They've made one thousand dollars before expenses so far this summer. One of the sticking points with the rental may bathroom access. Not all hosts have the luxury of a pool house particularly one with a bathroom or a bathroom in their house. They want to provide access to you can filter when you're searching for rentals for those that have facilities and most pool rentals do seem to offer them in the areas. I checked remember kids the pool. Water changes color. If you pee in the pool or does it from thought brain quote though there is no such thing as a urine detecting die. You can purchase signs that prey upon the misconception that a urine indicator exists the signs which warned the pool is being monitored with a chemical. We alert are believed to be an effective deterrent against nation and a pool. Particularly with adult swimmers and quote enjoy for adult swim off. dip in a stranger's pool doesn't appeal. How an echo tour of the colombian jungle led by members of the former marxist rebel group. I says armadas revolucionario de colombia or farc from npr quote felix inaba a former farc guerrilla. Who heads the agency says. The rebel saw the region's ravines and river valleys hiding places and perilous obstacles had to be crossed while carrying rifles and backpacks filled with seventy pounds of ammunition gear quote. The truth is. I never imagined that this would become a tourist attraction. He says smiling and quote probably because quote then too. There was fox fearsome reputation the guerrillas funded their war by trafficking cocaine extorting businesses and kidnapping civilians abductees were sometimes chained up the jungle for years until their families forked. Over large ransom payments end quote the transportation and accommodations our spartan but people are eager for these tours partly seems to talk to the former guerrillas and understand them better. The npr reporter was on the tour not reporting remotely and noted this amazing exchange quote at night. We sit around campfire as marco obvious. A former commander fields are questions about the war. Bogota high school student. Manuela humaneness us. Why did the farc kidnapped so many people rather than explaining alvie. Suddenly tears up and apologize. It's an asset forgiveness for the abuses. The rebels committed during the war under the peace process. Former rebels have been carrying out. Similar acts of atonement with war victims throughout colombia and quote. The student leader told the reporter quote. I don't think they can make up exactly. But i think if they continue this tourism that it's really nice. They want to share paradise that have never been seen because of war and quote as the daily beast wrote in two thousand eighteen when these were still starting up quote. for those. who've been to belfast. It is more like the peace tours that former combatants from both sides of the political divide give around there divided city. It's like going to a museum that is still in the making learning about group whose troubled past is so fresh in the memory. The history is still being written and quote an unexpected outcome from a long running conflict. Flowers bloom where battles once raged. That's it for today. This show was produced by ride home media and coffee dot org. I'm glenn fleishman. I will be in your ears again tomorrow.

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