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"bogle bubis" Discussed on Lights Camera Barstool

"Gay lost weight. He lost his way. You can make jokes now lost weight. He had a moment loss. Of which way did he not a bill. Parcells never really a fat guy. He was a pretty fat guy. No no we want. He was no bigger than john. Madden is he not a known managed he ever is not like the funny the mean picture of him with the big bogle bubis. Yeah i mean he has pictures where he has he is but he's an old guy. I never associated dope ourselves of being like a hefty dude. I mean yeah. He's got a football guy body. Have you ever heard the joe montana. Sports talk football commentary. No beautiful aaron bidding. What is it work. yeah it was like a game in nineteen ninety-three and it was a saga game and it was a pretty good football game. It's big selling point. Was that had like live commentary. Which is a pretty big deal for a cartridge game except the robot boy All the the worst game of all the worst fourteen of all time. is high. He baseball i baseball. I wanna say sh two thousand three If you watched If you want there's there was a show on jeff fourteenth called judgment day reviews on the run in canada. highly baseball. two thousand three. I think he got like a zero point. Five and the commentary like they didn't finish the game like a fucked up game is like somebody dropped like scratched desk it was. It's the worst the worst sports. Everybody baseball two thousand three more of these pictures of ourselves and looking at it. I don't think he's the same fact coach. I'm remembering no. He's not he's not skinny. Let me be clear. Like he's got like a fifty year old six year old guy body like just happens you get older and you just don't get in shape anymore titties old giants coach. I remember having particularly robust frame and bad bandies. But i guess i don't know i'm not sure who was probably twelve ninety five pounds and anything over ninety five pounds coach. The coast that johnson. You worry a young lad was was jim fossil and he very much not he was. He had a title. Chiseled face. You just died recently. Jim fossil did. He's yeah i think probably july no jim fossil with mary like you in shape guy. I didn't know that i yeah. Jim fi died the summer asked. Why am i'm going to find out who this thinking about is back to the movie. Actually the giants have had not had had a long line of very thin coaches police..

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