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"boggy depot" Discussed on The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus

"So go ahead. God all right the next on my list. Derek saint homes. American music musician best known as vocalist and rhythm guitar player for ted nugent. Early solo career after splitting with nugent He worked with various artists. Most notably whitford saint homes. Who i have seen which is very exciting for me With brad whitford. From aerosmith. Which i got to see out of a crowd of twenty five at the hard rock cafe in pittsburgh those very exciting for me because i got to meet both of them. I know it's so great. Well nobody came out. It was pouring rainy night and it was that those shows that like you kinda kick yourself. How do really good show. Brad whitford like i got so excited. Yeah i mean. They're giving me bunny ears in the photo. And every derek sang in the paul reed smith band co writing songs including one in same and ice cold kisses. Saint homes was a special guest at the. Get the lead out concert at rams head in baltimore. He played guitar for rock and roll then sang stranglehold. He's actually the voice heard in the track recording he's also performed a stranglehold with get the led out at the nokia center in new york city. while i mentioning derek saint homes. I'm just gonna go ahead and say brad whitford things too because he was singing at show as well. So he's going to be my little honorable mention for the night. Nice so Both fantastic singers. Just nobody really knows or things about it. I think for those two so this guy is known as certain circles as riff lord. Oh that is what that is. How respected and revered. This guy is guitar player. His tone is still his. He was candidate prominence in the ninety s today. His tone is still being analyzed and trying to get his tone because this is what an amazing the influential guitar player. This guy is a lot of people. Do not realize that. Jerry cantrell also has a great voice. He is doing those things out to change. The was like unlike any other band was. They had these insane harmonies. They really go back. I mean they're not normal like pop kind of harmonies. They do these very odd ball things. And it is part of the allison chains sound. This is one of those bands that if you're going to cover it's like you know they say if you're going to cover. Acdc you really should have rhythm guitar player guitar players. I think you're gonna cover a lot of the allison chains material. You you you really need to know the vocalist who can cop those harmonies because when once once you hear that without the you realize something's missing you gotta have that and can't trails dynamite at that as well as he did sing some alison chains songs as well. Kind of like the way. Pete townsend saying right in this. I i kind of bring these two together He had a s- put out a solo album in one thousand nine hundred which i bought called boggy depot a dig degradation trips volumes one and two in two thousand and two also collaborated and performed with heart. Ozzy osbourne metallica. Pantera circus of power metal church government mule damage plan pearl jam. The cults. don't tip pilots danza. Glenn hughes duff mckeag and the deaf towns and many others The name reflected came from a rock metal magazine metal hammer in two thousand and six guitar world. Ranked cantrell is the thirty eighth out of one hundred greatest heavy metal guitars of all time thirty seventh greatest guitar player of all time in two thousand twelve guitar world also rent control solo for man in the box number seventy on its list of one hundred greatest guitar. Solos also contribute to the soundtrack of cable guy. John with chapter two dark nights has made cameos in films such as jerry. Maguire rockslide and deadwood. The movie cantrall also acted in the house and change monkey memories. The nona tapes and i see twenty-three jerry cantrell there it is there. It is boom dynamite. A lot of people don't realize that That he is Just just a great great singer whose next we go although me why do wanna say hi to Rescue jack who's watching from the band. Four thirty four out of school dan virginia. I said it right. He likes red stag. And he's bringing me moonshine. Next time it comes into town anyway scope poultry. That's not his name. John sykes is on my english musician. Songwriter and producer. Best known as member of whitesnake thin lizzy tigers of pan. Tang he was fired of what pantano. Y'all no he was fired. From whitesnake by david coverdale then fronted the hard rock group blue murder and released several solo albums after two albums and a live record he embarked on a solo career for the remainder of the ninety s and early two. Thousands psych split his time between his solo career and reform thin lizzy which he fronted until two thousand and nine. He is the main vocalist on his solo albums and blue murder. Everything he has done in blue murder reflects from the previous bans. He was in. He described their sound in nineteen eighty nine with raw magazine as having elements of both whitesnake and thin lizzy as well as the blues. Which i totally hear that in a lot of the time. Love the song jelly roll. That is really killer. And then they have a song called blue murder screen. I think they're touring then all that wouldn't be very nifty. That'd be like he refers to the band's music as heavy funk. okay. I get it feel that. She feels that she is going to go on a bag please. She feels it in certain places. That only things. I'm going to drink over drink. I'll write. I heard the song problem child. You heard it. I've heard it too. Great lou and so. I feel like the problem child tonight. Well there you go. i feel like the you'll have. That's red headed step child of podcasting their yard. That's my logo. I mean that's my like they kept my walker. Monica red headed stepchild ghazni. Somebody's a write that down. We're gonna make..

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