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"boche achara" Discussed on WJR 760

"Back here in the second quarter of the rich Paul show with Steve and a rich Paul certified financial planners at R. W Fallin Associates, too, for a 305 99 11 year number to call. That complimentary review of your retirement situation that complete planning review. Get yourself on the calendar. Stop in and see him or have a phone call or do a virtual chat. Whatever makes you comfortable either way, they're here to help 248305 99. 11. Don't forget. You can also check him out online at big three retiree dot com. If you're an auto worker, great site for you to go check out and look at the book for pension versus Lump sum on so there's a good website to get some more information. Big three retiree dot com. Right guys that we were talking about the economy and the wild week in the weekend, and we're a couple days away here from the election and so on and so forth. What else have we got? On the economic front? We talked a little bit about the election. We talked about Cove in 2020 asshole. It's a lot of negativity, So let's just let's talk about something. Positive. Some good news. Go for. Let's talk about the GDP numbers that came out on Thursday. Okay? Yeah. Yeah, that's ah, that that number's huge. I think the record GDP increase off to go back and research. This was seven or 8%. I mean, that's the all time record for GDP increase in a quarter increase your order in you and by this time because we're not a new show, So So you went up to the minute news you just going to Internet but 33. 0.1% holy moment of GDP. Is that nuts or, you know, I think that's gonna, you know, get the market really going on because durable goods orders were up this last Tuesday, and I think that was the precursor Teo on up substantially that to the 33% number. Coming into play because at one point they thought it could be as high as 37%. That's amazing, So so that really puts that's a telltale sign. I believe of what's to come. As we go into this next year, you you just cannot hold this economy down. And that's why you know, you know, he's a doctor, I think is it's Boche Achara hits the Stanford and get the big words today. I mean, I think this thing's like 14 18 metres long this the Stanford ensued. He's a senior fellow, he says. Look, lockdowns, you know. No lock down in history when it comes to the virus has ever worked. And so to think that we can lock down the nation and have people going to go about thes medical tests that we talked about cancer screenings and all that, then you end up with a bigger problem than he had in the first place. And I mean, look at Europe. They're a mess, and so let's get the economy back on track. Let's get things going. Let's get thes Ah therapeutics out to the folks. And and let's get this thing behind us. I think that's the one of the reasons a lot of people are nervous is is you hear about what Australia did? I mean, you're talking. It was a 111 day locked down the total lock. You couldn't even leave your house for more than an hour couldn't go more in that I was in Australia or New Zealand, Australia. Okay, Australia. New Zealand is pretty heavy stuff, too. Way can't do that. You just well, you cannot shut down this account me. You cant do that. That's why that's why this doctor here, Stanford Institute. Guy says Hey, look, lockdowns haven't worked. You can't lock down a virus. It's like trying to hold a baseball underwater. Okay. How long can you do that? Exactly A couple clients bring up to me yesterday. I'm very concerned about this because if Biden does get in, he said, I'm gonna listen to the scientists. What is Val Q saying right now about the Australian situation. Yeah. I think everyone would like way find certain will listen to the scientist. And so so, I mean, I wouldn't doubt that he would move right into a locked down and maybe on a selective basis, But he seems to be kind of more pro lock down and think found dead earlier this week. He was not in favor of mass mandate or least didn't see one coming anyway. Maybe I maybe I got that wrong. Yeah, well, the latest and greatest from from Fauci is that that he He's leaning back in that direction. And so I mean, it is a means it is, you know, you might see some random shutdowns. I mean, a lot of these happened to be tied to Who's your mayor? Who's your governor? That type of thing and Was he here? Here's the thing. When do these tests you know, in the APC over 40% are asymptomatic, You know, just like you know, the Kelly McEnaney. The press secretaries like I got it. I can't tell though its system and the other 40% of today are better in one or two days. It's like Trump, he added. 34 days later. It's like, okay, let's go Campaign. Can I get out of this hospital? And and so, so we're moving. We're moving in a direction I think is very positive here, You know. Are we gonna cure this thing over now? It's not gonna happen, but but I think we're getting there. And I think everybody should be just a little bit patient here. And well, well, there's somewhere we need to be. There is such a broad range of how people react to it. And sometimes we do put a little bit too much. Think stock and you know, vaccines and things. I mean, we have vaccines for things like malaria, but still half a million, you know, plus people die every year of it. So you have to take it with, you know, grain of salt and say it's not the be all end all and that's why we have to have regular life going and things of that nature because there's just too many. There's too many people and you can't keep something like that under complete lock down in control. There's no way to do it. You're trying to control something that's uncontrollable, uncontrollable. No question. Absolutely. Well, Ari. So folks stick around. We're going to talk about More financial stuff. We've covered quite a bit here, obviously, always day on the kind of current state of things If you will, and his rich pointed out, we're not a news show. So you know if you want to stay right up to the minute you can check in some of those other resources for that, But we're going to talk about some financial income gaps on the other side of the break. So if you're getting close to retirement or as you're thinking about it, you may encounter some of these income gap so Stick around for that. We're gonna have a conversation on some of those. There's probably more than you actually think so. Stick around. This is the rich Paul show 248305 99.

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