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"boca mall" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

"Remembers about two times N. as well okay do I know what this next week with a salary I used to R. and I could get a mortgage and buy this apartment now I couldn't even afford that door handle because I cannot make ends meet with my current salary by Sonia shows me a fridge it's almost empty just a few accidents on the Venezuelan lockdown Sonya can no longer travel to the chip markets she must buy food locally but it's more expensive medical is that the closes okay excuse me for my tears back when they take away a teacher's salary they are not taking away has salary they are taking food away from the teacher's son gets a look that is what the state does not understand Sony announced at the pandemic is essentially just a new front in a bottle Venezuelan side use D. two one for survival that's a baby sis Kim alme reporting gumball has the highest rate of infections and deaths recorded nineteen in Italy and is one of the worst affected regions in the walls not in a new report published by the lancet Italian doctors from that have been describing the tens all of the cases young children of young children with symptoms similar to the red inflammatory disease called Kawasaki list all speak to doctor Lorenzo good to go who is a senior author of the report from the Papa Giovanni hospital in bill come a good to have you on Newsday Laura is just possible to get us started what exactly is because sake welcome second seasons of Oscar license meaning and information out there middle size arteries some eatables burial from the hearts of the coronary arteries but H. presents acting weird symptoms that that are well this is all feeder and rosh unless some inflammation of the Mughals us right and in this particular case is now being reported near according to a report that it's presenting a lot in children a lot of children attending up with these symptoms yes usually we diagnosed between two and three that basically because I can see is that per year but now we have seen it between March and April actually we at this scene ten in fifteen days and does our does depend we described it in the paper about it getting twenty and ten king sold together was twenty in two months that that T. is said this same number we usually see in five years how does it affect the children well Hey you know corona virus is is quite a quite a tough virus but he does not acted directly what what current introduced new can or not I just said to us is that triggering an inflammatory response in the Holocaust and it is the mute mute that system multi Hollister actually causing the injury the patients this is probably why he these presentations are delayed compared we did we did a couple of respiratory symptoms self covered ninety so I still don't understand what the link is on between because sake and covered nineteen what exactly where do you draw that line it was clear it was clear in association a temporal association BC because so when we saw the first to treat patients we were quite surprised but then when we sold ten in a row in fifteen days it just a month after the start of the damage that was quite surprising and convincing that there was a link but the strongest link is that we tested these children for antibodies against these novel coronavirus and they're almost old boss Steve to to to to decide to issue these antibodies whereas in a normal children had two children all the five ten percent are positive what the children treated have they recovered from the disease from Kawasaki actually we have we have a few required intensive care and and we're quite secret as it has been described in other places and and London in New York but other children after he did very well these children should be treated promptly with immunoglobulins and also would steroids and aspirant and actually even if the presentation is very severe damage but very well end date they also recall that and these first ten already and it's obviously a very difficult time for many parents and they're protecting their children to protecting themselves very briefly what is the one thing they should look out for them to make sure that they got able to identify because such a disease if you indeed worried that is something that people should be considering I think it is very important not to scare people with this disease because this was a rare disease remains a red seats we calculated that two of the incidents broly is set of one child deaths out of one thousand children who got infected so I think that people should not be afraid to watch about usually if there is fever not responding to undeveloped or drugs said a compliment if electric drugs are not responding to antibiotics I think they should come to the attention of the doctors really good to talk to you thank you very much for speaking to us this morning Dr Lorenzo than to go from the public Giovanni hospital in Boca mall now Democrats are you a well known singer at Ethiopia's national theater of Addis abba during the nineteen forties passed away recently but the extended family were robbed of a traditional Ethiopian funeral because of the travel restrictions imposed to combat the spread off code nineteen demi catches children went on to become pilots and musicians and I spoke to one of her twelve siblings falls bone Abby McKeown in a semi retired pilot who now lives over in Dallas Texas I began by asking him how he first heard the news of his mother's passing and the difficulties concerning barring her from a file I didn't hear of her passing you know there was a couple of days when she was admitted to the hospital and she was in the ICU and my mom is a very good escapist so she's escaped a couple of times but this time she for some reason they set you know it we got a message that means we have a family platform where twelve in the family one deceased so the rest of us you know we get together on this platform on what stops somebody put up there saying that mom was in the hospital everybody heads up the previous night I saw my mother passing in my dream and I woke up in the morning and I called my sister right away and I said believe it or not my soul mom passing and she says no no don't don't don't play those kind of games with your head it's your head telling you relax using the I. C. U. where you at right now and I said I'm heading to work and she said relax just just just go to work keep your mind off you know her she's an escapist you'll come back out and I was at work it was about three thirty in the afternoon my what's up goes let you know that I have a message and my brother by mistake my older brother and we've already get forgiven him posts and says mom just passed away five minutes ago it was a our lights out she was told from an address that she passed away and he put it on what's up we don't do that back will not be if you're going to tell someone somebody has passed it is a traditional way of saying that and I'm not on that is tough and that is just the toughest thing to hear because you know anywhere in any of the family and it it it was an emotional reaction from your older brother but then to be you know act that distance not to be close not to be able to be comforted or to comfort what's that feeling like X. you become so helpless here's a mother that had all these children any she's going to be buried with only two of them that's out there and you have the ability to go you have the money to go that means it's not like you're you know you can't you're not able to to to travel you know it that you can not make Ethiopian burial ceremonies it takes a long time it's a three day affair in short but it can take up to weeks there's a mourning period and not to be a part of that you know it must be gut wrenching not to be that not to be surrounded by loved ones you know you're correct in Ethiopia you really have a closure when I mean you have a closure you have a closure and you will see the casket going down on me here in America forty years I've been to funerals of American friends of mine they leak the casket or was there and they go and and the and the polar bears and all the other people just bury the person any joke that we don't do that we see the casket going down in it's a very emotional emotional ordeal I mean my brother with sending video clips people that he is a sign they were sending pictures and what we did was we we set a good friend of mine came up with the idea let's say you said why don't we hold a vigil you know by as soon and we held that closed about four hundred people you know locked in and we had a good prayer session that kindly eased everything for us because we sold everybody everybody that new list that know her they were on that soon and at the end that closure was good and church members came out and in front of the house with the loons you know this six speed distance and date paid respect all that gave it a closure but still still well none of us have that closure like it is when you're back home and you're really crying it out with the you know with with the whole family and everything I've been a cone in the son of demi catch any you well known singer at Ethiopia's national theater off Addis Ababa who passed away recently Newsday continues on the BBC world service to update content twelve minutes of the news to with us for that in that news blog health organization is warning that it may not be able or may not be possible to develop a vaccine according to Agence covered nineteen and people may have to learn to live with it also the United Nations as AJ countries to take to make mental health support a key part of the response to the Bundaberg which it says is causing widespread psychological distress and businesses have reopened in New Zealand with some customers queuing through the night to get hair cuts I tell you Martin stuff of these have got so let's get the latest posts news a month you can you can always tell yourself I man Alan and the drive a merry go round spot by news that Sebastian Vettel mostly Ferrari is spending it looks as though color science will be the man to move into his vacated Formula One C. twelve Steiner Ocado is set to shift from renter to replace science at McLaren more news to follow all the details on the BBC sport website elsewhere when the PGA golf tour gets going again in the United States next month they hope overseas players will have to have completed fourteen days quarantine in the United States before taking part we are told players will all be tested throughout the events on that'll travel on special charter flights and stay in specific hotels as well all part of their plans to get back going again others are deciding enough is enough DR Congo is the latest country to declare the completion of their football league because of the pandemic with looking back she giants TP Mazembe champions yet to gain that is the eighteenth time they have taken the title and they would of course go through to the next African champions league assuming it happens as well PWD Bamenda from Cameroon who claimed today for domestic crown for the very first time off the foot to foot Cameron's football federation called time on their league earlier on this week it's a great moment for them but of course well my concept right publicly really because of the restrictions in place due to the cover nineteen pandemic and they are seriously hoping that the continental club competition one full file of continuing lockdown posco a birthday is P. W. B. bam da met by Mendez president it's the first time that we are going to be taking part in the survey please teach us our competition the soft token which got locked out is is as quickly as possible we are so costly kitchen okay sex who to start a new experience for the new era good luck so we are expecting that either we have a very shows under our belt it's just as soon as possible and what's it like for a club of fuel comparatively small size to be a part of something like the champions league gross income lifetime experience with promising about such an experience before we close it's everything it's a dream const your local.

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