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"bobby maim" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

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"bobby maim" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

"I was I was a teenager. We were teenagers. Right. You know? And that's why didn't get married told him. I said I'm too young Bobby to get married. I don't even know how to cook yet. But he was dead serious or he was he was like leads do it. He was serious. I wanna marry to get angry with me because I wouldn't. No matter how many times over and over he several three time. How many times man how many proposals must man walked must've, man? Pretty good for you. Call them your husband. Music. What would you sing together and his and your green room? I mean there we why little moments actually at at Newport. We would after the show we would all go to windows big houses on the floor with their Kucic Tara's. And we would think whatever we think this land is your land, and whatever, you know, Buffy Sainte, Marie Joan Baez all of us. We'd be in in the and some of them were staying at the house, but we didn't stay to be stayed at the motel, and and Bobby would come over even let him in and say, maybe bobby's I. I. So I'd have to sit and talk to him. And and. Smooths? Do you? Remember your first mooch? Oh, yeah. What tell me what hap- wait. Where are you? You know, we don't have the story. I'm never doing anybody. That one was he a good kisser. You'll do. That you bring up out of me. I'm never doing. About as over there listening. I like where you were was important to me was there. Candle loop. What was out favorite favorite place, and and we will on the floor. In my room, my mind, and my sister, my sister, and I had room together. What was safe for me? Right. He wouldn't in the room by myself and sounds like cop. Yeah. Right there and and policies crazy about Bobby. I mean, he wasn't huge yet. He would he was writing some good song. Right. That's what that's what what did it brewing in the win. He pastas when he was singing brewing puzzle. Wait a minute y'all been what that kid is saying, right? We can sing that song. Right. Sam cook. At the same thing where he was like, why is his white guy? Right. Eating some of us to it. These issues are being addressed it inspired Sam Cooke, covered it you guys covered it, right? And it was interesting that parallel that you both have that sort of it emboldened. A lot of people to be like what are we waiting for? Cindy. In fact, we recorded at least a six or seven Bob's tune. That's masters of war hard. Rain's gonna fall. I told him I asked him. Did he write lady lay value wasn't AM big brass band? If you see your say Hello is about me. I don't know if you know that. That was not about you know, knowing. No, we will in Japan want him at the same time and Bobby was calling. He was leaving another name though. I didn't know what was but name that he'd leave when he chicken hotel, and it was some lady's name. I'm sorry. I don't plan the blue note, and they kept in the village in the village known this Japan. I'm sorry in Tokyo. Okay. Yeah. You said that so. I told them they would come the people at the club mistake is called. It's called for your. I don't know this person. Well, when I get back to the hotel. There's this message and I got the number. It was Bobby maim is come on over here. He's run across the street from you come over. I want to he wanted me to hear his new album or is that how he put it. I said Bobby is like to clock in more than I can't come out and streets Japan by myself you come over here. I haven't against the fast train in the morning as well. We both got some excuses. Why we can't come out? So you didn't know no way. I was going to go out there. Because we were doing a club, and we had to do to shows, and it was like pretty close to clock in the morning, and you were responsible..

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