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"bobby bobby boom" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"I got a new phone nice. That's what's the half's is that phone. Insurance is money. That's what my h- apps lunchbox you're up. Oh man august twenty eighth can't get here fast enough guys wore the world's season two premiers on m._t._v. That's the challenge. If you don't know what i'm talking about we didn't all the trailer is i thought it was the world all the world's. It was like an old band the most controversial radio show of all time because people thought it was real. It was real aliens. Were coming down. It was on the road eighty four book yeah antennae four no s._i._m. That's him go ahead. Finish your deal so i mean i can't yeah wait set your d._v._r. Get your popcorn ready. It's going to be amazing full of drama backstabs slow. I mean it's gonna be awesome more the world august twenty eighth. I'm so confused what you guys are talking about tom. Cruise is also an award. That's tom cruise worlds. Oh that was later win the remake yet not the old one good god make sure here. What's that georgia okay for. Not orson welles georgiana four yeah same close <hes> yeah or started questioning myself because i knew it wasn't what i was like. Maybe i'm wrong. Uh george orwell or joel orson or well. I mean you can see how that's easily mixed up definitely can <hes> what's the half's amy. Let's go wow l. Whoa i knew bit annual amy. What's the ads okay so. Maybe maybe you've seen that facebook launched their whole clear history feature and that's all because what's in that movie we watched the documentary no so what went person. Also i had to go new. Oh whatever you want. That's always what's happening in your life talked about his life long as over testing new bit here hey so in a couple of weeks. We are going to go to kansas the raising of the it's. We're playing affair wait. He's going personal not even just amy this again amy by the way we can modify amy yeah i know but bobby busted out of the personal stories over here like oh god. I go find a new st- okay. We'll come back to you for your personal. The law can't play so i started looking at foods at the at the county fair or the state fair and i found some really good food that i'm looking forward to. They have a moon burger that they have. It's like meat and cheese but instead of buns. It's like a moon pie. Wow that sounds amazing though i'm like looking forward to that and then now and when we when we tour like my kids are always like what are you bringing back so obviously gonna bring that back food and by the way we go do the safer and hutchinson then we go on on a bus overnight to saint louis foods. Gotta stay good for days frigerator in the bus and we don't be mad. We're figuring this out. I'm going to add i just had a good personal one our no. It's not even good. I just was ready. I don't like not being prepared. Go ahead. I was told it was something you're looking forward your world whether it's a new story ambient in your world it. It's well my the only one that got the memo that said hey we're try- nikkei but even then we've already decided we're moving from those so i know but i remind was lying story it. It was released by m._t._v. store as life was a combo mic. Simon is yeah fair. Whatever's happening in your world world okay. That's the only rule now we've modified it so don't have to stress about news. Whatever's happening in your world. Hey and that's how we go to the next one. Hey uh well. I got busted cheating to stevenson and it's really putting a damper on my nights because i read to him every night and i normally skip sentences or paragraphs because i can't because he couldn't really read that well and then we help us get through chapters in the book a lot faster and be like okay okay buddy type of go to bed and now that he knows words he can tell them skipping things and he's like mom. You miss that god skipped out you have have to go back and i'm like with other parents do this right another only one attempt feeling this segment and then we had a little issue here where it's going. It's still something you're kind of looking forward to. You got a new phone. It's in the world where you're looking forward to. I'm not perhaps what's happening like in the sixties and certainties wants to happen right. I'm not looking for reading and you're like yeah. That's all right. Hold on war. What's number two. What's the haves. I finished binge-watching mindhunter season two and i'm really sad because there's not a season three confirmed. Now i have to wait potentially like two years but all of the cast did sign on for three more seasons so there's more she more yes. Is it really good. I'm three episodes in yeah and it ends up something. We beat spoiler. It just ends us something with b._t. Cave that leaves you totally hanging. I love that song bump bump bump bump. Remember song dumping up bump bump bump bump bump know what you're talking about. Bump bump bump bump. He's still got. What's the house going making away. He'll pick your nose or raising cameras. Going elbow. Divas knows okay so what's the hatch we transitioned. It was a ray hits the clip and then something in your world also in this segment. Can you help me with something for what's the hap is making the big league league. Which is the show okay. I do like it. We go fast and something and you're willing to be a new store like lunchboxes was m._t._v.'s story is what he likes audio from that all you have to what's up. We can't say what yeah but i'm having to fill out this question thing. So what's the house for me is. I'm not very good at answering when my hobbies these are go ahead. What are my hobbies your hobbies are. I love to go hiking. What do you ask a whole list then. Put it hik- hiking being in yoga but that's it. I need more hobbies. I used to pay any time with my kids. That's a hobby yeah volunteering. There's life so you can still enjoy doing it. Volunteering at my kids orphanage you enjoy that health health and fitness hanging out with my friend bobby hobby because he's so cute rollerblade on hanging out i will. I'll let you actually do with my single friend. Bobby bobby boom single mingle instagram links below with all of you girls reading this now we talking. What's that for him. She can't say yet she was gonna. I'm gonna say this what she was going to do and he was going to talk about this thing. She's getting an award okay. I don't know what it is being being celebrated. You've gotten this award before yes. She's being celebrated and she wanted to talk about like hold on they may day. You make kick you out. I didn't know it wasn't like announced. The thing is like the people's influential people now. I didn't know it was a thing hit two boys and girls this. Oh yeah bombed bomb killers the beaches o- aw sea. I held this job for so long. It's not doesn't my hobbies. I guess i wondered if in the docu series day he ever got the writing and recording the song but it must be after like season three or four. What amy is that enough hobbies yeah no. I wish i was someone that was like gardening garden once once like six years ago for the garden once i really miss asia gardened i like i also i like to my one. One of my hobbies is starting hobbies. That's true too and quitting them. <hes> doctors find a twin growing inside a seventeen year old girl her twin. The twin twin is growing inside of the girl yep. <hes> they've found a girl she had severe stomach pain. She was also growing a lump in her stomach. Doctors realize was her malformed twin y seventeen that loan she she's not alive twin no. She's not a lot s. seventeen year old living inside that seven year old that's that's that's sad yeah crazy first time a girl that had been found with her twin how a a company has created the ultimate bet. It's a netflix and chill with a seventy inch built in screen. Oh my god screen comes up on the back of the bed. I was watching the news. I think you're gonna here in town on the national local news news and she was like hey he gets his. I guess she didn't realize what netflix and chill means really would you mean come over and hook up but she was like and you can adopted dog and he's great for like netflix and chill. Oh that's illegal read it on the national threatened. Do that and let's see.

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