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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY! Surprises Listener Going Through A Rough Time + Bobby And Caitlin Review Movies + Eddie Feeds His Baby Hot Cheetos

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY! Surprises Listener Going Through A Rough Time + Bobby And Caitlin Review Movies + Eddie Feeds His Baby Hot Cheetos

"Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus. So if you have a fever dry cough and shortness of breath call your healthcare provider before going in more info at Corona Virus Dot Gov. Let's all do our part because we're all Hashtag alone together. Brought to you by the Ad Council one night in one thousand nine hundred sixty one on the side of a dark highway betty and Barney Hill cod lights in the sky. Two years later they underwent hypnosis to try and recall what happened some took it as fact others thought it was a fantasy but what really happened. That September night in rural New Hampshire. Join me toby ball for the inaugural season of stranger rivals. A CO production of iheartradio Crimin- mild from Aaron. Mckie listen to strange arrivals on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. The bobby bones post show pre show until like you're getting drawn to twitter more or less with corona happening amy. Ls really twitter's my favorite of all the social media. And I just I'm on all the time. That's where the news breaks. The real news trust not facebook. People yelling stuff. I'm not on facebook at all but I spend most of my time on instagram. Not For news more so for I mean for what you gotta funny memes funny memes. This is always part of the day where the interest cut out so amy's cutting out. That's what's up. Having a pet health people pass the time and ease the pain. Researchers looked people that were going through difficult times. They found that having a cat or a dog at home was linked to significant easing of loneliness and depression. And the person reported quicker bounce back from the setback. The pet was shown to help the person report feeling back to normal weeks sooner than if they were going at it alone the days were easy to deal with and didn't drag on when the pet was in the equation. You drink so loud amy. It's amazing I leaned away from the mind Lozano's about seemingly no way I was about to go into a little thing about my dog right and how having a pet for me is great. It has been great and I hear this. Is Amy swallowing a basket and nails it? Sound or Water Eddie. Did you hear that I heard it and I saw it? Yeah Okay and I leaned back. How do you see it out of your cameras? Not Working Anymore not on you but I still see amy. Amy Lowered as about to hit you with some real poignant animal stuff that's probably. GonNa Sarah mclachlan. Song to sometimes. I'll just be talking a- We Remember Union. Is that the one no danger. That's IT I was about to go on to that and you ruined it by drinking so loud. I'm sorry do your thing. It's my birthday and the one request for my birthday was loud drinking on the on the show today. Do the voice over only fifty cents a day. You too can save a pet with one eye. That's right we're going to show you the pets. We have the most broken down to really make sure you give all your money and after that when you donate you'll get here amy doing this all commercial law. Please donate today. What wasn't even that bad. You'll need to do for you for real. I didn't want to the house I feel like it might be something's wrong with me. Nobody know Chris. Okay logie stop it and I still heard okay. I know that it's bad. I mean it's trust me about these charities by the way like that. I'd like Saint Jude like any of them. They've got to be hurting too because people aren't donating when something happens and it's in the consciousness of the public ACA disaster disaster people would send all their funds to that for a while right and charities. We'll have a downtick but this is such a long one. And everybody's focused on beating it that all these other places that need money to go are struggling to point. I don't know that's the point. I didn't think about that talk sort of doing the ceremony is I was thinking about. Something made me think about churches. I don't know if I was looking up something about my church and just started wondering they're not gathering for a while. I think it was about Easter plan for that and I thought how people tie every Sunday when they go to church. And what's happening right now. We're not gathering so maybe just a reminder to people if you WANNA tied still maybe. Your Church has online giving. I don't know one other dog story. Sunny the golden retriever lives with his owner. They've been neighbors with this. Other woman named Rene for over a decade and when she self quarantined for own health they train. This golden retriever. To help go to groceries. He's making trips back and forth from his house to the neighbors taking groceries. That's so on that's awesome. I'm going to do name that Bobby. This is a game. Id made up because today is my birthday. We'll talk about that in the show in a little bit. But I'll give you a description of a famous bobby named Bobby okay. The singer who got to start in the RBM pop group new addition. Here's a clip. Amy Bobby Brown. Correct you know. I was watching duties masterclasses. There's another Bobby Brown that does make up. There's another Millie Bobby Brown. Who's on stranger things? When are we going to cap out on? Bobby Brown's famous. It's not like John Smith whether or not there. There's so many Bobby Brown's amy. This person plays eleven on stranger things. Crap Millie Bobby Brown correct celebrity chef restaurant tour and host of several food network. Tv shows Bobby. Flay Nice Nice. I watch a little food network now. You know I don't even care anymore but jinx. I told you guys yesterday. I was GONNA ABC Right and they got cancelled and people are going through our stuff. And I was like. Oh that's neat I had a big role on the NFL draft. I'm Ford to guy and they were going to. I was going to do a deal with them now. You got cancelled because they've they're really cutting drive down. But I got a call yesterday that a show that I created is getting along. Look it doesn't it doesn't mean a lot but it's the first show that I created because I have another show too. It's after corona. I'm in I'm done. I'm out like I'm coming out. You're coming after Krona King Dangling or I'm just like you know what I'm just Gonna. I'm done all this. Okay what are you today? Obamacare's nothing okay. We're getting pretty good at quarantining court every day. Never GonNA come out so you're not GonNa do something doing it and I'm going to be anything was done forty. Now you're thinking about Caitlin and find that to be hot forgot about that. She is on me like we were talking last night she was. When do you think you'll run for office? That's I WANNA say it's a concern but it factors into her thinking about the future not an if she wants to be with me or not but it's something to think about so I think it'd be two years five years if I shows don't get picked up and maybe in a year and a half about that moved to Arkansas. Run for office. What would you advise me to do? Amy Go to Arkansas. Run for Senate or for Governor Governor sign or mayor of Mountain Pine Governor Okay. There's one of the three glad you answered that one. Why would you think? Would you want to be a senator? Well they're just they're just different jobs right one is I know living in. Dc represent one of the two people represent your state different federal government state government right. I'm asking which would which would you want right now. Like I haven't even heard you mentioned senator until today. So that's why I guess I'm leaning Governor but the more I think about am I Maybe wouldn't be bad. I mean Obama was senator came president. Yeah young you're young. I'm forty now so How `bout singer up? Don't worry be happy. Here's a hook. Happy all the where they had been. Is that bobby mixed fe? Bobby mcferrin okay this one if you missed this one no more drinks for you during the show ever again. All right singer of the first million selling single. That was called. Splash splash from nine hundred. Fifty eight was taken them. All about Saturday thank you go ahead amy on the talent around. Bobby splash bear. Bobby Bobby Bobby Williams Eddie. Do you know I'm GonNa Guess. Bobby Darin Answers Bobby Darin. Wow serious okay without a good time here. Want you to hear today. Show remember keep ahead on US wibble. That means look around. See people you can help and help them. That's what keeping your head on. Swivel is turned inside. Decide look around you see you see who need your help. But who can help and help them? That's all we're going to say today. Enjoy Thursdays bobby bones? Show here you go guys. 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That's Harrys Dot com code. Four four four four enjoy site and Grass Bobby Bones your ACM ACM. Bobby bonds repeats of the year baby. Translate I'm in what's happening. Everybody Good Morning. Thanks for being a part of the show this morning. Let's say this more studio morning thank you. It is my birthday today so as Yeah why don't we play a few voicemails? We'll start off here These are all birthday. Voicemails they all were left yesterday. So here's voicemail number one heywood that morning studio. I WANNA say that. We'll have your early birthday to bobby. Bones your birthday's on the second. My boyfriend thirtieth birthday is on the third and then my birthday. I'm turning twenty eight on the floor. So have you birthday to us? Although we can't celebrate it with French also WANNA say loyal forever to amy and Hook them more and also and say you. Tsa what's up Lunch box and already by everyone personal shot. Emmy. What's lawyers are ever mean. Oh Austin high maroons. That was our whole school slogan. I guess it does those. I thought it was something in your podcast that you guys like said to greet each other from high school. Amy started doing a peace sign like she was throwing a sign in the middle of that. Like Austin high represented Go maroons loyal forever. God okay here's another one from Clovis California winning Aaron and calling from Clovis California. I've been listening since I think about two thousand thirteen and I love you guys I'm calling because my daughter shares bodies birthday and obviously this sears. Kind of a Downer With quarantine happenings and so I was wondering if she could get a shout out on her birthday from the Bobby Brown show crew. She would love it. I love it also a teacher and so if by chance you choose to play this message I would love to say hello to all my third graders from red ink elementary school. Mrs Well Back rubs you all right. Thanks guys Even if you don't play this people listening all right. Nice here daughter's name. Hey everybody if you leave a message and you want to give a shadow to someone we have. We don't know who to shout out to with this happened yesterday too. But how have earth pretty cool? Mrs warbucks daughter. Let's do one more. Here's the Spokane Washington. I WanNa let you know. You guys helped me on so much more than I. I got laid off from my wells and job because the Karuna locked down up here in Washington but I started door dashing and I start off early in the morning to get people that are copying their stuff and listening you guys make you laugh smile. And I'm sitting here stuck in my car and I just wanted to say thank you so much for making me share. Happy all drama. Hey thanks Jacob. Hey do we have a way to know their phone numbers when they call us like. Is that in it Mike. We do okay. Let's do this. It's my birthday. I don't need anything. Jacob said. He lost his job. Let's give me Jacobs Info. All Cinema. Hundred Bucks lost his job. He's going through something. I'll give away stuff. I gave away my birthday. House that I love it. Well how are you finding is? You'RE GONNA get as wonder if he has been male. I don't listen. I'll leave that up to Scuba Stephen Jacob. I'm going to send you a hundred bucks dude. You don't WanNa Prize. I appreciate you calling and being loyal and that sucks that you lost your job so and we do have this voice line. You can leave a message or you have to call the show number. When we're out of the studio eight seven. Seven seventy seven. Bobby all right all right all right. Let's get going. Why yes and no. I have seen of being loyal and loyal forever. And being that. It's your birthday and that's what you WanNa do them for your birthday all match and donate to him do wow. Wow Jacob just bought have you go by the Jet Ski All right Jacob? One hundred dollars coming to you know that's nice so anything I do all day. You'll match it. Sure down all right we go big. Go Big One. Well let's see well we'll come back. I mean within reason all right. Let's do what's hey what's the hash. I'll go last Amy Europe. I okay so is it totally wrong. If we set the clocks up an hour in the kids think it's later and we put them to bed early and then we set them back and they still have to wake up as early but we get to put him down sooner because they think it's time to go to bed. Is that totally wrong day? That is some maniacal type parenting right there. Wow I did hear name in from Eddie. And it's just that there's just so much of it all the time that I feel as though if they saw on the clock. Oh it's bedtime. Didn't they would just go and it'd be like magic. Well let me ask you this when you come to this morning show. Is it an escape for you? More than anything Sure Yup right now normally in life. No but when you're in lockdown and you're the teacher yeah yeah well I think you're the parent you decide if you want to lie to your kids. You know. That's I know I don't want this. That's why I'm bringing it to you. Just feel as though it's fun trick. I think it's fun. Okay I'll give you. Sometimes when my dog was sick I will give him a sedative. Was like if he's hurt is say so what happened is I would break off like an eighth of it. And if he's jaw was hurting I would give it to him and I'll be like oh I'm going to give it to him pass this week but it's still hard. I'm GONNA give him sedative anyway due at once like every week or so. I felt like that was okay. If you do it sparingly and if they need it as break it off just for fun every now and then give them a playstation game. They'll only be alone. Yeah that's true. I might I guess. And can they can link up with you. Play playing with him. I don't need to play along. Okay all right thank you A. Works with private games amy. That I play might have more adult. I Know Yeah. I play mortgage. It's a game where you just build mortgage interest rates apply interest rate mortgages. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah I do that in a by refrigerators and CAR TIRES. So it's called adult adulting Over the lunchbox up oh yesterday I came on here and told you about the challenge of starting last night I was like side and so I about it and my boy Johnny Bananas Quote retweeted. It said don't worry lunchbox help is on the way. What Johnny Panetta's Re tweeted me? We're back in France. Let's go aren't excited about John. Elway to say I mean. How awesome is that excited? I'm excited yeah I was. I was like boy. I didn't know really how to follow. I don't get hey cool cool. Yeah but I didn't want it to. I don't want it to feel like I was looking down on. It's always gonNA wait for somebody else to jump in. I mean it's like when a celebrity reach your comments on your post. You get excited. That's exactly what happened. Like one of my idols read quote re tweeted me and said common for your lunch box. What up Nice all right there. You Go Eddie over to you guys. I'm tired of the self quarantining stuff. I went on a date last night. A double date last night with another couple. Relax RELAX ON FACETIME. I got you guys. I'm just tired of like my wife and I were talking. We miss our friends like we miss certain people that we would normally go on Wednesday night and go have dinner whatever and and I was talking to my friend of mine. Our friend of mine and I was like. Why don't you and your fiance get on? Facetime me and my wife will meet up at eight thirty and we'll just have dinner and we'll talk. Well that's pretty cool. We did we did for like two hours. Oh so like did. Y'All have a meal and they had a meal or just talk. We just talked. It was like It we started at eight thirty but then we didn't really log on till nine because the kids were up Eddie but you know it was good. We just caught up. It was like we went to a restaurant and sat there and just caught up. It was wonderful and tonight. My wife has a happy hour with her friends. Well night shout out to the B. Team. Does a bi team coffee break every day to on twitter the do they put their one of their drinking. And what they're doing and they do. Hashtag be team coffee break and they all chat amongst each other so all right there you go a today is my birthday. Thankfully it's here. It's been waiting to get for a few weeks at this point. I'm forty as my President Jacob. I like to talk to you later on the show and get him on. He's awake and also Eddie and I put out our comedy record on my birthday today as the president to everybody to so our live in little rock record is out. We didn't pre promote it. The records called live in Little Rock. Huge the bobby bones show. Podcast highlight segment of the day. What's my birthday so proud of a special dinner tonight? I assume CAITLYN's out she was on the show earlier talking about trying to find a chicken fried steak. She can't find that kind of steak she'd been to like four stores that she's nervous going to stores anyway. I'm telling you you'll have to but emmy gave her the pivot chicken fried chicken which I thought would be great too. She spent all night making a cheesecake around pan. What's the perfect cheesecake? I was like Walnut Square as a little too. Deep on that as but but but it's true it's true. She asked me so. I told her that around cheesecake insane slices and with the red sauce on it. That's the perfect cheesecake to me. But she's making it from scratch. Probably GONNA play video games ever being questioned at all and you know the listeners. Hit me up going. Hey talk about video games all the time. I didn't know you were a Gamer. I'm not but it doesn't mean we can't do a segment. We've been calling the video game minute. Here we go. I got a new trivia game my download. Ps Four it's called that Trivia game and it's like a game show. It's okay on that we're playing and she's actually pretty good at it. I think of the last twenty questions or so. I got nine nine hundred ninety two and so I did pretty good. I one. But I'm not cocky on this game. We play the soccer ball game with the cars. Were really even and so we talk a lot of garbage. But it's called that Trivia game and hear the two questions I missed and when I miss a question I studied after the game is over. Of course you do this question. I didn't know amy. What country did the French Horn? Come from France no German the well. They should call it the German horn. That's why I was confused and send the the other one is. What's the name of the vice president's official Song I don't know and it's the song when he walks into the room? Because you know how the president has held achieve. Yeah I was about to say something like all hail to the second chief. It's Hail Columbia in. Here's a clip about right here. But almost conversely but yeah so those are the questions. I Miss Waspa- today researching that stuff. I think about that. I love my birthday today. I can do whatever I want to thank you. Very much learns thing. We always get those list of celebrity birthdays. And you told me I made it. Yes so we have different preps like prep services that give us show prep which a lot of times include the celebrity birthdays of the year. Every day of the year and I was going through the list. I got an email failed at the prep and I opened it up and I see April second celebrity birthdays and it starts naming celebrity. Boom right I do. Let's do April celebrity birthdays for April. Second Amy who's birthdays today? Quavo the rapper. Twenty nine from migos. Yeah what else you. Guy Jesse Plemmons. He's an actor. He's thirty two probably washed up on Friday night lights. Yeah I have no idea just being funny okay. What Else Billy Dean? He's a country singer. Nobody cares what else billy the kid dude I know. I know that people are let me do my bid. Okay Sang Emmylou Harris country singer. Seventy-three nobody cares. She's like one of the grades. Michael Fast Bender. He's an actor. He's forty three dead. I mean either. And then the bobby bones radio slash. Tv host forty years old for sure washed up and nobody cares. But I made it. That's cool well. Should we sing no but I wonder if like hillary bright cookies by and drop them off? She made cookies Chaminda for a lot of people and she's real happy birthday on my bag because I saw other friends with bags of cookies too so it wasn't like a special birthday cookie appreciative of the cookies. And the justify Caitlin and bobby and I wasn't even I how do you feel about that? I think it's fine. Whatever you Kaitlyn made cupcakes for my birthday and then you took them to the next day. Whoa is that true. Yes she told me out here. No I'm just giving you the same though. Kaelin make cupcakes for your birthday extras and so we gave Eddie the extra cupcakes. These were extras but they were giving me for my birthday cakes. Made for your birthday and Eddie did get at Tressler cheesecake for his birthday. I'm gonNA after the show. I'm going to drop off your gift bones at your front step. I'm not going to see you because of social distancing but it's it's a shared birthday gift is for both of you guys for. Who Owe you and Caitlyn? I linzer birthday. She's there so they might as well use it together. Ooh Bobby bringing. Yeah Hey so I was gonna say one of those Sexy swings off. Maybe Eddie plays basketball today and playstation perfect the time. And we'll do it. Yes I love my birthday okay. Well what do we need to coordinate? Not going there the same time so it's not too many people probably so all right. I'll I gotta take the afternoon anyway because of the kids the my supposed to am. I hanging out with you or no. I don't think so just dropping off right. No no no. We're dropping off. We'll probably sing from the driveway or something and then he's out for. Thank you all for the Nice messages. And I'm getting a lot of them. I appreciate that I do. Since it's my birthday. My President everybody else was that we put the new live in Little Rock record today. Bobby Raging Idiots live in little rock. It's our live show with the awesome crowd and literati text us to receive up to five Marketing Tech. Sent via automated technology to your number consent not required to purchase message and data rates may apply membership automatically renews. Cancel anytime hi you ever heard of beach body on demand. Hold on a second. Here is your free membership. I'm Carl the CEO of Beach Body. And I just sent a free membership to another customer and I'm giving away ten thousand free memberships a week to anyone who texts me right now to try our new beach body on demand fitness and nutrition APP. Just text. The word run to thirty thirty thirty to get instant access to all eight thousand dollars of our best. Selling fitness programs like twenty one day fix insanity P. Ninety X t twenty five and Pyo. These programs really work and this is your one chance to try them for free. Just text the word run to thirty thirty thirty. That's our UN to thirty thirty thirty right now. And I'll send you your own. Free MEMBERSHIP. Bobby bones show Lori. Let's go over to our producer. Raymond AIN'T KRONA virus. News Michigan has now emerged as the third deadliest hotspot behind New York City and New Jersey in more news. California Governor News. He warned hospitals are going to run out of bed by next month and he says remain closed for the rest of the year and finally rapper. Takashi could be released from prison early over the crow virus fears because of his asthma looking to the story from Kentucky and I think these people set up a fake drive in corona virus. Checking place because whenever the news went to go. Hey let me see your ticket. They had misspelled hippo. And do they packed up their crap left quick. Did you see that story? Well that's no but that's crazy and the governor of Kentucky said. Hey don't be fooled by SCAM. Drive-thru Testing Sites Louisville and hazard habit scam artists trying to collect people's DNA saying it's corona virus testing. The first official state drive-thru tests may come this weekend so they weren't real and they go up to these guys and it's guys like hey man we've been doing interviews legit but they misspelled. Hicfa on their certificate rule number one of scamming is spell things right right. Yeah even like on a fake. Id Spell things right but that's dirty. Aw I bet you. It's not even about collecting the earth the DNA for some diabolical plan to get forty bucks from each person or something because I'm sure they were charging for it That can talk. You go governor those doing a great job with corona virus. There is some of these guys that are really just rocking shutting things down. Hey this is going to be bad. Let's Go New York Cuomo's Moroccan it. Kentucky's been rocking it. The Florida governor's been terrible. Shot at Florida though preach against here. We go governor Andy Brashear. He got a tweet saying. Please warn people. Today of these scammers charging two hundred bucks for fake cove in Nineteen Tests in Louisville. And they are. They're unlike fake. Has Matt suits to knock off has met those. It looks like they just got sheets when we were kids. We couldn't afford it goes costumes. We poked is in in the sheet. That's what they like. Are these people anybody. We'll find any sort of crisis in a way to capitalize off of it. Don't forget we have senators that got the Intel before and sold all their stock. So they didn't have to lose money during the crisis. They did that. People we elected to represent US are screwing us the American people over so everybody finds a situation. How can they capitalize of it? Or how can they save their bite and they do it but on a lighter note? There's no there's no lighter note. I won't talk to Edie about this. There are court closures. That are preventing. Child adoptions and foster families with seeing the foster kids seeing their real parents because of corona virus and Eddie as our video producer but he's also fostering to kids along with his two kids right now. Eddie has the foster system reach out to you about her. Own Bias We've yeah we had a meeting with him a couple days ago just kind of an update on what they're doing Nothing really is changing for us Unfortunately in our situation their biological parents have stopped visiting for a month. So wow yeah I mean are the kids that we have. They haven't seen their parents in. I don't know four or five months. And it's not because of Corona. So that stinks. But now that that's not affecting us. But and I do get emails everyday from the Agency of people needing placements kids needing placements out there. And I just got one yesterday. So that's that part of the system is still going so that's good so if a kid needs a home they're still looking for placements and putting them in homes for now. Your foster kids have seen their parents in four or five months no man their parents have been mia. And I just don't know like we don't know what's going to happen with that and They've been there's been court orders and stuff to find the parents and trying to get them to sign papers but they just haven't been able to track them down. Could those parents show up though right now be like all right? We're back let's let's advocates No the the I think the judge and this is why I'm not giving too many details out but the judge awhile back already decided that that that's just not gonNA happen so even if they did change their mind now bones. I've had these kids for. I mean over a year. Now it's been what Fourteen fifteen months now. Wow Yeah the baby that Eddie foster just graduated high school. It's crazy I mean you're you're joking but walking now the dude. He's eating flaming hot cheetos. Now we'll talk about later because I got this on my list to talk about. Eddie's baby flaming hot cheetos so he's an adult now. We'll get to that well. I didn't know that it had been before. I knew it had been a bit but I don't know four or five months. So what do you guys is? They're taught now of adoption. Not yet not yet. I mean like I said the parents still need to sign their rights away and that I think that too because he didn't he didn't mention this to the courts are shutting down. They're not handling cases so I don't know what's going on the court side of things if they're still trying to pursue that signature but for now that's Kinda halted for us. Are The kids happy? Yeah man you know what we played. We played a game today at the dinner table. And it was and we just do like your favorite fruit your favorite food or whatever and you had to guess what. Everyone's favorite food is and our Our foster son he goes. I WANNA play one. Which one of my favorite houses? That's a weird game. Wow here's my answer this one. Oh Wow we are. That's you know that's a good answer. We love that because he can remember his parents right. Yes Yeah Yeah. The older the older boy. He can remember his family. His life really did before us. The baby doesn't know a difference. Baby was born and then brought to our house immediately so well yeah it's crazy man that's a stinker that they don't see their parents but maybe it's a good thing in the end. Yup I agree. I think that's that's kind of the mentality that we're taking. Is You know that. Hopefully whatever happens is the right decision and we're gonNA roll with it. Well you guys are doing as they say. God's Work Right Amy Thanks Man. Yes for sure cow where we're going to have to have adopted kids on the shot gotta get in this. Give me some adopted kids help. Offset these placements. Holy crap coming from the bass pro shops and CABELA's studio on music row the body. Don't show our April fools. Joke was warmly received. Amy Oh good. I didn't know how people are going to take that because like you said we were getting. Dm's on the daily like tons of people so frustrated so for about two weeks or so. We kept playing this Morgan Freeman club acting like nobody could get the secret celebrity when we were just telling listeners. Hey be on the joke. And then yesterday performed there really was no game. We never mentioned a prize. So but yeah. It was Morgan Freeman in case you didn't know cash. You didn't know his Morgan Freeman as that. Also like bread. Let me shout out to all our listeners. Who didn't go on Instagram? And ruin it either because we have like fourteen listeners. In on the joke and nobody wouldn't told anybody who went and told somebody you know. Yeah pretty good there. I didn't feel like I was going to fall for anything. There weren't a lot of jokes anyway because we're all kind of locked in our houses and it's weird but I did get hit. I was like Oh my goodness this is great. Because you know the peacock is coming back right or it's the it's the NBC Network. That's going to be streaming well. This'll be cool. And they put up the article that there was Michael Scott a movie coming out on the streaming service and so Michael Scott from the office and they were like it's not a reboot of a TV show but he's going to do a one peacock movie and I thought well that'd be fine because that's not a lot of time we'll get up but it's not. It was all April fools. Joke so you got. I think my emotion got me more than anything they found myself spied and then I went for it. They say the office revival is officially coming. Nbc's New Streaming Service Peacock in the form of a movie focused on former Mifflin manager. Michael Scott except it was all fake. Judy proposal. Your House yesterday. Anything NOPE NOPE. I guess your kids. Hey who's now they don't know and then now I could have. I should have introduced it to them and maybe had a little bit of fun but maybe want a next week latest Nashville in Hollywood number two thirty seconds. Skinny Carrie Underwood's says she's lucky to have some land around her while her and her family ourselves corn. Tnd I am dealing with the social distancing Much like everybody else. We are just at home and We're trying to get out and explore when the weather's nice enough to do so. We are so lucky that we have some land around us that we get to get to get outside and get get some of our energy out especially for the five year. Old To kneel towns got together with fellow artists Kaley Hammock Cathy Ashton Abby Anderson Adam Hamburg Alex Hall and Keelan Donovan to do a virtual cover of the song. Lean on me This Sunday during the ACM presents our country. Special Bobby Bones will introduce the ACM lifting lives cove in Nineteen Response Fund to help alleviate some of the burden for the music community during this time the show airs on CBS at eight seven central. A Morgan number two. That's your skinny. It's time for the good news box. Only a shoutout to Lowe's home improvement store. They're donating ten million dollars worth of supplies to fight corona virus. We're talking respirators to hospital mask all the equipment they needed hospitals ten million bucks from. Lowe's saying thank you. You're doing a wonderful job. Love everybody. Who's given if it's a dollar or ten million light lows if anything? This shown us that we do work together if anything and so shadows to. Lowes for that right there. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. This story comes from Lakewood. Washington police gotten a high speed chase with a man. They're following this Buick. Pullover pullover speeds reaching a hundred miles an hour while they look in the window and the dog is driving. The car guy was teaching his bulldog to drive. That was his excuse. Anyway right was he really know the bulldog yes the. The dog was sitting in the driver's seat and he was in the passenger seat. He was using the gas pedal and had the dog's paws up on the steering wheel Was alcohol involved. Oh yeah he got charged with a Dui hit and run felony alluding. The dog was not charged because if that dog learned drive maybe I go out. I got a lot of time in the hands. I got a doll. Yeah why not? Why not all right there you much? Thank you so much for your boneheads story today on the phone right now. Is Morgan number two? She is quarantined at her house. She is how do you Morgan? I'm twenty six twenty six years old and also in the studio microphone is video producer. Eddie Eddie you are forty years old. Forty one forty one years old just forgot. That's all right. I'm forty today so it's new dunes crazy. You're not even that club with you now. Okay so we're going to play our game elder versus millennial were Eddie. We'll try to answer questions at the younger generation. Then Morgan the older and it is it. Feel like your mortgage or you know fifteen years apart. Yes Oh it does when I when I first met her. It was like I feel like we're close in age but the more we get to hang out Mike. Now we're we're not we're very different. My mom got pregnant with me when she was fifteen right. So you would be my mom's age. Morgan would be me a crazy. She could be your kid if it was the same scenario as my life Nutty let's do it but it to Eddie Your I. I'm GonNa give these younger questions. Okay come on. This is the word millennials used and use when they are confused or an utter disbelief for example. Omg Did you see Madison snapchat. I'm blank this word. Millennials use when they are confused or an utter disbelief. Omg Did you see. So and so's snapchat I am boomed boomed not really a term. I've heard before it's not boomed. Morgan can you steal it yet shook? It shook yes. I'm close Eddie. Ready ready bone come on in the Harry Potter movies and books what name is given to non magicians. Wow okay. So there's the wizards magicians gizzards. The gizzards that's I'll tell you my grandma used e gizzards. Like crazy and as I think back I'm not sure I knew it gizzard was. Can you look what a gizzards chicken Gizzard is? We'd fish to weed Fisher chicken gizzards too. And but she would also eat them but what does it chicken gizzard part of the stomach. Okay Oh so. It's not the Geezer Morgan. Name the name given to non magicians and Harry Potter would be muddled. Muggles is correct. Nice okay have never gotten that. No Crap said GIZZARDS. Eddie what do beyond say's fans call themselves? Okay okay now. You're speaking my language. She's the Queen. Right like Queen Bee Green Cream beyond say the at first I was thinking. Quit the Queen Bees but I want to go on a ledge here and say the Beehive. Now another stem hold on. Hold on wait wait for first of all is out on the limb right. It's not alleged. Well give you whatever you wanted to be. I WANNA go. The Queen. Bees the queen bees beyond as fans do not call themselves the Queen Bees. That's incorrect Morgan. Beyond as fans call themselves. I'm pretty sure it's the correct behalf. Yeah that's it. I was closer with behind. I would've given that to you too. Yeah thing okay all right. Morgan stole all three Eddie. Still Bag for Morgan Morgan. Ready Ready. She's twenty six. Let's see if she gets some of these questions that older folks know. What was the name of the fictional prehistoric city? The flintstones lived in the flintstones lived in the city. What was the name of that city? I have no idea a bedrock. The answer is bedrock so wow I have no idea that was deep in my brain. Wow you've already won but let's throw us out here in the eighties movie. Beetlejuice what did you have to do three times to either game to come to you or make them go away. I don't think I ever seen beetlejuice another guy in the white and black striped too. Yeah I know it's not this but click your heels no that'd be Oz wizard of Oz Eddie. Do you know that one. I do have to say his name. Three Times beetlejuice go and then finally wet late eighties. Pop sensation had their grammy taken away because they were lip synching rocks. That what you said what eighties pop sensation had their grammy's revoked for not singing. The vocals on their album for lip. Synching I have. I don't even know eighty Yes as incorrect. Eddie Morgan number. Two they were so good but it was all fake. It's million Manila Maleeva. Nilly that's right. I don't even know who that is. So good but Morgan is the winner and now she's up nine two seven one way for the championship here. Morgan which is your victory. Would you like the questions that you should know are the ones that you shouldn't? I always funnier when the ones that I don't know what early nineties artist is known for his flashy dance. Move Pants and too legit to quit. Mc Hammer Nice. Yippee Kaiei mother blinker is a quote from what action movie The UK? No no no. No that would be diehard. Who's the bad guy in the Friday? The thirteenth movies with that so many Freddie to their hands canoe I think I just combined two Freddie Scissorhands. That's funny Freddy Scissorhands. And not a person. There's Edward scissorhands and there's Freddie who has razor blades and neither one of them with the right answer. It's Jason there. You Go Morgan number. Two you are the winner. Congratulations there. She has thought we'd review some movies. Here and I brought Kayla for one segment. I went downstairs and she was with the dog but she was also learning. Tick Tock dances. And she doesn't even down to put on talk no of course now. She has no interest in the video maker. Do One of my accounts. You just learned the dances. And it's like well got that one done to stores are all poetry recess and then are you so bored. Yeah you stay board. Yeah doesn't everyone though. Yeah I think that's the thing. I'm always like a uber she goes. Yeah but I think everyone's Amy's now board though because she's home school your kids and it's driving crazy. Oh my gosh I I would love to help you. I mean I can't because social distancing but if that wasn't a thing it'd be over there yeah no that's sweet. I mean I think you would probably come for a day or two and you'd be like all right next week. Well I saw a few movies here and I'll go first because Caitlyn I watched Ford versus Ferrari which we watched it in two different nights. We watch it. We started really both nights The second half we watched subtitles because Stanley was snoring the whole time. Oh yeah that's true. Wow Yeah Kaelin said. It was like watching parasite actually here that know what the words on the screen. But she was just reading them because the dog was. Yeah so we watch Ford versus. I'll let you go first. What'd you think about it? It was good as having on the Ford. Yes she was disappointed. There wasn't more Ferrari in it. I don't know that I was disappointed. But the titles. A little bit misleading. So the story is about Ford and the Auto Company back in. Would you say the sixty s the fifties sixties right guys? Who Seen it? And so it's how they were going bankrupt and they wanted to build a car that could be Ferrari and racing because it would help with their overall brand image and Matt Damon's in it and then Batman in it. Yeah Yeah I just can't wait. What's what's he gonNa be Batman and the guy from Sweet Home Alabama. That's who that guy was. The guy just figured that out today. Oh Yeah he's the bad guy. Okay so what would you rate versus Ferrari four model ts four? Yeah I I give it three and three quarters okay emblems barely but I thought I liked it more than you did. Oh Okay 'cause. She was complaining about the acting a little bit early on in the show. Like I'm an expert. But she was like if I can tell they're acting. I don't think it's a good man so I guess I liked it a little less. Are You surprised Mike Review a little bit more based on a true story? I think that kept me in it. Okay Yeah so yeah I thought it was good. I would recommend it to someone absolutely. Maybe we watch it at a late time though on the subtitles. Titles yeah that kind of messed us up amy. Did you start watching that movie on Netflix? The movie people in jail. No I can't watch that now my thing did you watch or something. Yeah I watch that and I was like Oh this is just not for me no and maybe I just if it was a different time in my life I think I need something light and now a while I get. I'm watching Ozark and that is not light at all. They're still moments in there that I laugh like there's this character and Ozark she's hilarious. I die laughing. I don't know if I watch that prison show if I'd ever laugh. The prison show is in the future. It's called the platform and how because there are so many people in prison? They have to stack the prisons tall. Is that what it is? I don't know I I don't know I mean my husband and I just flip through and we watched a little bit of it and I was like okay. I can't watch this like it's too too dark. I need more lightness right. Now because the world right now is just so heavy. Eddie you watch nine hundred seventeen that movie I did I did. It was just one. I don't know I every time I see a movie that's nominated for Academy Award. I feel like I have to watch it at some point and it was on the menu so I watched it and surprisingly really good surprisingly though I mean it was didn't win like the best picture. Now Manila Win The white before that though like one of those Golden Globe. Yeah Golden Globe. Best Picture Yeah. Yeah so wait. What's what's it about so just quickly before. I don't WanNA get too into. But it's there's a corporal a guy who gets caught up by the General to complete a mission twenty four hours to complete this mission and he doesn't complete it which is considered him going like really three miles to another company. He doesn't get there in twenty four hours. They will all die including his brother. Who's in that same company? Oh which is probably why they sent them then right. Daddy's accurately describe it might. Yeah Okay what. Caitlyn like it or no. Yeah I think so I mean. Did you guys like Saving Private Ryan? I I would say this is the British version of Saving Private Ryan. Well when I went to watch saving Private Ryan the movie theater. Show me the end of the movie I accidentally and then they walked out and they were like guzzle. Really sorry we just showed you the end I I know. What are you talking about you? Show me the end. You could end so they started over at the beginning after already knew the ending of it and so. I don't have a real answer on saving private Ryan but okay. That's terrible that they did that to you. What do you rate thousand nine hundred eighty? I would say four bayonets out of five. Okay four one. That's what they use bayonets weird way of fighting. But that's what they used can what he wanted to watch next in the musical home. I mean like a real one Oklahoma musical aiming to have this picture in my we have a guest room. I had the video game system and Caitlyn our playing video games yesterday and I have the state of Arkansas. That's made out of wood. And what she does she gets up beside it and shows me where she lives on the wall and Oklahoma and so she liked points the parts of the wall that would be the place she knows. Gone and get creative. So I'm getting home schooled to geography class. Yes I mean before she goes. Yeah I mean I guess. I'm just curious the updates for the the the plan today for Bobby's birthday I mean obviously you're not gonNA watchmaking watch Oklahoma for his birthday. She would know couldn't so once once he gets done working and the show's over. I guess I don't know your full schedule for the day bobby but maybe Caitlyn no some of it. Yeah I got a few tricks up nicely. I Yeah I do. I mean we'll have dinner and have a cheesecake ready for him. She's having trouble with the chicken fried steak right. I have called been too so yesterday. Was My store day. I get to go to the store. Once every three days issue was my store day I went to three different stores. They don't have the steak that you need. I I called to. They don't have it so starting to panic but our backup plan is Cracker barrel doing to go orders. So I might just be a miserable girlfriend on this birthday but I think Kroger's great and I told her it didn't matter how it tastes. It was just the effort the fact that she cared enough to make it question. I know you love chicken fried steak but could you do chicken fried chicken instead. Who Interesting. Yeah good why don't WanNa give up on this? Take right now because we got a few hours course. Yeah run around the city okay. I mean but she got to marinate the chicken in buttermilk or something I would do. Chicken Fried Chicken okay. Can you do that you think? Yeah I mean she is the best chef and I tell her. You should put some of these up on instagram. But she doesn't want to be an instagram influence or in any way right. Who Does but I said but you could put this stuff on people really like it. If you didn't have to be an influence or you can just be somebody who does something you enjoy. But don't you agree? Yeah I totally agree and I saw that you post something or somebody posted. That caitlyn should have her own cooking. Show and you're like yeah and then Caitlyn reposted and she was like no. I don't want people to find out. I'm a poser Okay so four berths ferraris pretty good. Amy Didn't watch the movie on Netflix. Eddie Watch nineteen seventeen and said that. It was four bayonets. Okay okay at that after Oklahoma. I don't WanNa Watch now. That's not you'RE GONNA pay. I say you get a pass. I don't I don't want you to have to watch Oklahoma. I feel free on that. It's now surrounded by everything Arkansas. He Watch one Oklahoma movie. Amy We never mind. She calls my Dog Stanley Switzer. Extra Switzer Arstan Stanley stoops. It was it was I who Stanley stoops. But then Barry Switzer at Lisa's from Arkansas and played on the Arkansas National Championship team. Oh I should tell you about the job. Ramey coach Oklahoma the National Championship football okay. That's what she calls me. I figured it was. Some sort of your sins are there. How Long Is Oklahoma? The musical two and a half hours. I thought it was going to be like Hey Why why are you looking at me like that online? Okay Kaelin. Thank you That's way to her birthday. Yeah you should. Bobby gets a pass. Because he's forty today. We don't get to see Bobby in person on his fortieth birthday. Will you give them a hug for us? I will and if Arkansas was sophisticated enough to have a musical I would watch it. We have a musical really solid layers. The joke what is our turning I can see. It doesn't matter what is it. Nothing gets the whole life of Johnny Cash. You can see it all over all right. Well then ours is the whole life of Garth Brooks once you got next. Great is but I say Johnny cash and his above Garth Brooks. We're aiming words. Well why am I getting out? I love Garth Brooks okay. That's the their caitlyn. Thank you very much. Amy's pile of stories. Kfc wants to spread some joy during the ongoing corona virus pandemic with Fried Chicken. They're going to be providing one million extra pieces of chicken to franchisees across the country for them to distribute to their communities as they see fit and then also during this time they are suspending. Its slogan Finger Lickin good. I saw that a couple of weeks ago where there was a story going. Kfc Dropping Finger Lickin it. Listen we're looking our fingers because a commercial so that anyway like we're not going well let's look our fingers and see how good that meal was. That was just a fun slogan I get why they're doing it but I don't think anyone's actually licking their hands to you now but you know it is at least takes it out of people's minds my kids are licking their fingers and then stuff sheera. Sometimes my daughter. She'll suck her thumb and I thought we had broken that habit. But I don't know if it's just this change of life or if it's her way of dealing with any anxiety she's having. She started sucking her thumb again. I'm like this is the first time ever to start doing that again. That's true I'm trying to remember not to bite my fingernails. Yeah 'cause I'm a big fingernail biter but there are things can do. You can PA- BANDAIDS on them. I'm not putting the nail Polish on them. I'm but but yeah you should the hands in the mouth or no but yes I should. They have suspended their slogan. Though in your opinion come on. Listen what it does do. Is We talk about how they're suspending their slogan which is advertising what else you got. Shirk. While you're a big fan of game of thrones. I don't watch it. But the mother of dragons policy. Yeah so Emilia Clark. That's the girl she's doing. A virtual dinner for cove nineteen donations so twelve fans are going to get to have a virtual dinner with her and it'll go to a covert. Nineteen Relief Fund. Are You Keened how this works me l like I WOULD. Do you know how the virtual dinner works. I don't what is she doing? Does it get on their phone and get on facetime. Is it a zoom or? Do you just eat. I don't know exactly how they're doing but they're creating a way all have dinner together. And if I had a bunch of money for this and I'm with eleven other Joes who WanNa yell the whole time and trying to get my thunder because you're doing this to get to hang out with a million Clark right. Well her goal is three hundred thousand dollars so divide that by twelve. And that's how much if everyone pays the same amount that's what it would be. Wow maybe it's the drawing though. Oh yeah true. I guess it could be that three hundred thousand twelve is twenty five thousand each to have you. Don't even get to serum person or eat the food and you don't get alone time to actually ask her. That's what I'm saying like. How does this even work? Maybe everybody puts on like twenty bucks and then she picks people and then she talks to all of them true. Ooh That's the way you like to approach raffles like you did that. With your photograph for Saint Jude that Ronnie Dunn took and I thought that that was genius because it allows people that can't afford twenty five thousand dollars still be a part of it too much credit for genius but all I didn't I just didn't want anything that we do auctions and stuff to always be one but people with the most money right like I want people to have a shot at it so it was like a ticket for five bucks and we'll draw and there you go but good for her. Listen whatever people's doing to help is great. I just didn't know how that would work. I'll do virtual dinner but in mine. What can we do in Mine in Mine? We will all be nude that allowed. What do you mean? I don't know if you went. What platform you're GONNA use zoom allow. Nudity I don't know surely right. Surely because people were jumping in those zoom meetings. We talk about this on the show or off the air on the show. Okay where people will find jump into other people's zoom meetings in late show the winner and stuff. Oh No it must've been off air because we were talking about how some people would be zoom meeting and they decide to go in their bedroom and change clothes in the middle of the meeting and they would think that the camera was off or they decide to use the bathroom thinking they turn the camera off and it wasn't off talking about doing funnier. People would go and find zoom meetings and jump into them and all of a sudden boom their pictures in there. It's kind of like that. That site where you chat roulette randomly get up with someone and then all of a sudden it was just ruined because there were so many people just showing their weenies and butts in it. And you're like every time I've somebody Ding Dong on another note aimee okay. And then lastly in Non Corona Virus News federal agents have uncovered a large drug smuggling tunnel in San Diego. It runs under the US. Mexico border and it extends to a warehouse in a commercial complex near the border. And I mean. This thing is equipped with like a rail system lights. It's very sophisticated just like you would see. If you're watching. Narcos on net flicks. El Chapo is the one that came up with the tunnels and nearly thirty million dollars worth of drugs were seized including cocaine meth heroin. Marijuana and fennel well you can tell. Amy Picks her own stories for the pill because she is super ended. Any sort of drug transport. They that's hard it looks like if you're in Carlsbad caverns on a ride during a little trained farms. Wow all right. I'm amy was amy's pile of stores. It's time for the good news so when New Jersey restaurants were ordered to close their dining rooms. The owner of Fred Rico's pizza and restaurant. He went straight to the bank and took out a fifty thousand dollar loan to make sure he could pay all of his employees for the two months that they were going to be off. He said his father told him a long time ago. You gotTa Take Care of your employees first because without those employees you don't have a business at all. And he said he owes them whatever he can even if it means that he might go into debt. Wow HOLY COW. I mean yeah. There's a lot to tell me something good but that right there is what this is all about. That was telling me something good. I remember events hosted behind the bastards and it could happen here. I spent a lot of my career in my time. Writing about fascism and surging authoritarianism in the world and I am generally pretty bummed out as a result so in July of two thousand nineteen. I traveled the world looking for hope and I found it in what you might consider to be an unlikely place northeastern Syria. A place called Rosia when you heard this place referred to in its people referred to in the news generally called. Just the Kurtz what I found in Rhodesia in the summer of two thousand nineteen with so much stranger and so much more revolutionary than the story of a group of people valiantly battling against Isis. Instead I found the story of the war in Syria that you haven't seen on the news. It's the story of an idealistic dream. That had the unlikely chance to flower in the dry flame racked plains of northeast Syria. I'm Robert and this. Is the women's war. Listen to the women's war on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or you get your podcasts. It was requested yesterday so we are bringing back. The investigative Corny were aiming reads the morning corny. Me Eddie and lunchbox have to figure it out. Now my these timekeeper. How long we have ninety seconds. Ninety seconds amy. Are you ready ready all right here we go. Let's go investigate a Corny work morning glory. What do you call a fast fungus? Fast Bangash running mushroom bash room. That's Mush Mush. Mush Mush dog speech room a speedy speedy Mush Mush fungus. What it is yep quick. It's GonNa be something like a quick liquor fast rush room Russia. Russia Room Brush Room. What do you call a fast quick? What's other work for a mushroom Mush Mush Mush Brew? What's up for room in the back? Mush a mush mushroom much. Modern room room bone a much. Much Room Bramham mushroom. That thirty seconds left okay mushroom or mushroom Mushroom Mush. Accu my quick. What's the job again? What do you call a fast fast? Fungus Athlete's foot is it would hold on Avalon. No ten seconds Mush Bruin Bruin Mushroom Room. How do you feel? That's the best thing we have okay. We're GONNA go with a Mush vroom. Vroom okay here. We go morning corny. What do you call fast fungus? What do you call a fast fungus? Please be mushroom. A Mush Broom. That's amazing we're never gonNA yell at the same time. So why don't you do in the studio? He's Naylor Okay. We got we got it all right. You ready ready you got to start. A clear is who are I. Thought Mush Brougham was really dumb. When I said it to be honest with you so much so eddie was stupid. What else but I did but Alex was funny too. Yeah congratulations team amy. Thank you Joe. And thanks to our listener. Who ASKED THAT? We bring that back. Bobby bones show if you're going to go shop and they said don't wear gloves on your hands. It could actually be worse than if you were just using your hands. Because the corona or anything else doesn't enter through your hands so you don't need a barrier there if you touch something with gloves and then you touch your face your as or more likely to spread it as if it were just your hands. That makes sense. Yeah is a little counterintuitive. Because you'd think gloves good to keep you but again it's not entering through your hands. So they say more than likely the adhesive properties of viruses differ. It's possible that the corona could hop on the latex and spread even more than what on your own skin. Oh my gosh. So they're sagging don't wear gloves. Just wash your hands because it's not going to go through your hands as long as you're headed such a facial good but you know now. They're probably soon enough going to say when we go out. We should wear a mask and the the reasoning is they think a quarter of people that have corona are completely asymptomatic. And they don't know they have it they feel nothing about it. They have no reason to even think they have grown virus and they're out just like pop up every day is good. La La La la live in their life and not knowing that they're spreading it not being reckless but not knowing they're spreading it so that's going to be a thing real soon too and by the way I saw the NFL. Football football is going to be normal this year. They may have football in some sort. But there's no way they pack in September. There's no way they seventy people in this instance. They have it in some form or fashion but there is no chance. Did they pack all those people in those stands? I think they have it in some way. They should do. Seven seven days smaller teams someone on seven no pads no hitting just like. I'M GOING TO SAY ABOUT CORONA. I just think the mask thing to it even though like it just keeps you from touching your face like if you're out and Abou- and you do touch something and you're at the grocery store not wearing gloves. If you have a mask on you're not GONNA be tempted to put your hands near your face so that way you're protected there so I would say grocery shop with a mask over. Gloves is a grocery shop wrapped in Saran. Wrap this head to toe have that. We have all voicemail line. You call leave a message to and earlier. We played this message from Jacob in Spokane Washington. I want to let you know you guys got me on so much more than I got laid off from my job. Because of the corona lockdown up here in Washington but I started door dashing and I started off early in the morning to get people that are copying their stuff and listening. You guys made me laugh and smile when I'm sitting here stuck in my car and say thank you so much for making sure they're all of this so with that I said. Is there a way we can get in touch with Jacob this hours ago? Is Jacob on the phone right now. How you doing Bud Humana? Hey Man is Bobby Valentine good today. Yeah I'm still door dashing Do Pretty much about fourteen hours a day just to just survive. Is that right? So how does that work? Does your phone get an alert or somebody call you know it. My phone gets an alert. I get A pain on location where I'm nearby or something like that and I had to go to the restaurant now. Washington's lifted a lot of things so now even delivering liquor so and farm and pharmacy products and everything. So we're doing a lot more stuff now but We figure out from wherever it's located that and we take it directly to the customer and hand it to them or with a new scare and everything. We've kind of dropped off the front door and take a picture of it. So they know what's really there and and they go under Mary Way. Well I got your message and first of all. I just appreciated you listening. I appreciate your saying such nice things and then what I said I said. Hey because it's my birthday and I was like hey for my birthday. I'm just GonNa give give away stuff so I said I'm GonNa Send Jake so I'm GonNa do is almost said you one hundred bucks cash for no reason except I appreciate your listening. I know you're going through some hard stuff right now. So I'm GonNa send you one hundred dollars and then amy goes well since said since your birthday. She's going to match one hundred bucks. Said you two hundred bucks. Oh my Gosh Oh man that we helped me a lot. That's a couple of against right there to get. What kind of truck driving Jacob Holy? Well we've had some snow here lately so it's kind of been a little nervous a couple of days but man frigging Yeah that's that's what help out a lot. At least get one of my bills taking care of one hundred one hundred two it go. It ain't no. I told you I would match whatever you did. So I'm up on our four hundred. Okay Jacob we're now sending you four hundred dollars. Don't don't push me aiming show. I'll I'll jump again. You know what I'm GonNa do. Another fifty amy. Okay just matched it. So they are five hundred Jacob. We got five hundred bucks for. This definitely wasn't contest. Hopefully it can help you out. I know you're struggling a little bit. Everybody struggling struggling together. But since we're together you're part of the team with us and we definitely want to look out for you. Bud Hey bones yeah. Let's be real. It march madness was going on probably would have one hundred dollars in a bracket. Yeah now I'm in for a hundred six. Oh Wow who Jacob Jacob man I t's almost wow it takes finishes I thank you think you guys so mad men. That's right now everything going on. It's like I'm just over analyzing freight of everything and and paranoid because finally had a job I love and and everything you know and and This stress and stuff of of scare and everything is causing so much fear in my heart but like I said listen you guys stuff in the morning really helps me out a lot man i. I've even started listening to your podcast and stuff and and Couple of other ones. That are kind of funny now. I never listen to podcasts. Before this but you know fourteen hour day of driving you know you only the only hear some of the songs two times over and over again so amen to that brother. We're in this room here and I'm all the time. Yeah yeah well listen. I'll give you the money I don't know if you're on. Pay Pal or Vin Mo Mo. Know any of that stuff interesting. Well I'm sorry but no kidding I'm just kidding I'm just kidding okay. First of all can we also recognize the joy that we hear his even in the voice mail and I can tell losing your job. I assume that's the one you're referring to that you finally got a job that you really loved and then you got laid off because of yeah so and to know that you're going through all that and then juggling a lot and having the fear and anxiety but I literally can still hear the joy in your voice and it takes a special type of person to still be joyful during all of this so it to me it warms my heart to be able to send you this and what I would say is go ahead and sign up for VIM. Oh I bet. We can Linda really get a t and fifteen minutes if you just. I'll tell you what let's put you on. Hold TALK TO SCUBA Steve. Somehow in the next few days we'll get you six hundred dollars and I hope that wait. I just got a text from my count and my accountant said I could afford one hundred dollars off one hundred bucks. My counselor count said Yeah. You know you're you're good. You have an extra hundred so go ahead and put it in Guys Jacob. Much thank you now. He's our biggest fan. He was like I did love Karl Anthony. But I'm GonNa tell you guys now. No Okay we're GONNA send you seven. She's actually not here on the on the line at all or she would give you yeah. She's actually she's a home warranty see. He's a fan. Okay Jacob. We're GONNA put you on hold. We'll get all your vote and we'll we'll hook all right there is there's Jacob in spokane Washington away hold on just texted. Hagenbeck on mortgage. She's listening and she did say something but Let Me Know Jake on Jacob back. Yeah Morgan Number to text in listening at Home Mike. Say I'll throw in one hundred dollars. Mortgage Co Oh God you guys all right. What's up much? Wow selected with my accountant and also through one hundred dollars. No no no. He's GonNa Explode. This is not. We would never do this. Okay where nine Hundred Dollars Jacob? We're going to send you nine hundred dollars. I don't know how we're GONNA get it all together all of us but we will get it all together. I feel like Jacobs. GonNa this is GonNa Happen. We'll hang up. He'll figure out how to set up then Mel then he'll give us the handle and we can all just boom get it to him. Healthily Jacob. You'RE GONNA have nine hundred dollars next couple of days from us all right buddy. Yeah take your pants. You guys are making Jacob. Nine hundred dollars coming out. We'll put them back on. Hold Okay Okay okay. That's fun have birthday to me. Thanks for matching lunchbox. Eddie Mighty Morgan Opportunity. That's a great president. It's time for the good news. Fifteen-year-old Cocoa Johnson finished. Her Final Chemo treatment but with corona virus. Going around. She really couldn't have a celebration at the hospital because they were only limited to one visitor at a time but when she got home. The whole neighborhood organized a welcome home parades so she stood in her front yard and watch all our friends and neighbors walk by inflating their cars and they had signs of the loons and everything that said. Welcome home cocoa. Wow that's awesome and there's there's no way there's more there is more. The MOM tweeted out and they got a reply from John Krasinski. Who Your boy. Jim from the office and he responded and said well. This is one of the greatest things I've seen. Welcome Home Coco can from Germany office. I'd get a girl cocoa alright. That's what it's all about. Tell me something. Good well for me. It was another day of work and being around the house. Video Games work now but I think about Jamie whenever I start to get bored go. Oh Amy's homeschool in both of our kids right now. She's opposite aboard. I mean basically I feel like Oh you know. Is it. Great to be quarantined with your family and have all this in this stage of my life or would have been awesome to be quarantined when I was twenty four not a care in the world. They brought struggles. How did it go home schooling? Yesterday it was it was pretty good. We're finding a group so I need to just you throw that out there because I feel like I've been negative Nancy about it lately but had to work on a assignment with Stevenson. That brought up. I think some thoughts feelings for him and he started asking about his mom and then he was asking if we have biological mom. I think that's that's so they needed to say there because people will be like what do you mean? Aren't you mom? Yes so we adopted Stevenson and stuff sheera from Haiti and they both have different moms. They don't even have the same biological mom so he was starting to ask about his mom in Haiti and if we had her phone number and if we could call her and my heart just started a break because we've had them for over two years now and I always the plan after adopting them was to always take them back to Hades so that they could see their moms but we wanted to wait until the two year mark and here we are past the two year mark and now I just don't see any sort of travel insight and I don't know what year we'll be back there but I started to wonder I mean. Should we try to arrange a? What's up video call with them or I don't even know if they have. I'm sure they have phones and they can get the what's APP APP. And maybe we could video with their MOMS. I always pictured them having a relationship and that's super important to me but Haiti's been a hot mess for a while and then now with corona virus is just hard to get there. Well my questions come. How does it make you feel when he says Eh fine? I'm not like do I do. I feel not what's the word not protective but like oh no. I'm your mom. Don't worry about her kind of feelings. I don't have any of that. No no no because she says I mom I'm his second mom and I want him to know as much about her as he can. That's healthy and in the right time. So sure if he wants to know more about her. I want to figure out how he can have that. That's important to me. My second question. Would you know how to get a hold of her? I think I could. Yeah I know the people I'd have to talk to people that will talk to some people that will get her. Yes would be interested in seeing Stevenson that I have no idea not a clue which so I guess. I shouldn't make any promises to him that I can't keep and I didn't even bring up the whole. Maybe we could get her on the phone. I said No. I don't have a way. We can't talk to her right now buddy but I feel like it's just going to be something that continues to come up. And what is your daughter and things trigger it about her mom she. She remembers life with her mom because she lived with her mom until she was five and a half years old so she has memories at home with her mom and then she has memories of the orphanage from five to ten so she still talks about her mom and I think she would also enjoy some sort of communication. I think that would be good for her to and again same thing with her mom. I know that I could talk to someone who knows someone that could get her. But I gotTA figure out the right way to do it. That was my plan if we flew to Haiti to meet them. I would arrange a meeting because I want to meet them too and I want to give them a hug and let them know. Hey your kids are loved. Thank you so much for allowing us to be their parents and I want you to be a part of their life somehow or the dads out of the picture completely. We have no idea who the DADS are they. I mean part of me would like to talk to the MOMS about the DAD's not with the kids but just so that I can no more but I know nothing because they're not really. Gosh I need to even look and see if the dads are listed on the birth certificate. I don't think they are while there with your son. It will be interesting to know genetically. How big his dad is to know if he's going to grow really because he wants to grow so bad guide us and I've seen a picture of his mom and she's pretty petite. Yeah so you know. I don't know good question. That's thinking about you. Well thank you. It's challenges the any adopted parents faces so if anybody out there has advice for me hit me up anytime you ask for advice period openly like that. You won't get some advice no matter what it's about mortgage buying a house your favorite bird to follow with your speaking of. I put up that I was doing track practice to share the other day and I put up a video of her on the curb drinking water and this woman left a comment she goes maybe she would be more interested. If you put the phone away to burn. No you're asking for a snap okay. I filmed about twenty seconds of an hour that we were outside. So calm down some messages here about something Eddie said earlier. He's letting his baby his foster baby. Who's now how old's the baby Eddie can use one one and a couple of months somewhere around there it but you let the baby eat hot cheetos. Well I mean I'm not letting him really but I really like I can't eat anything without him wanting and he's at that age where he stands up at your knee while you're eating something and he's like just stares at you like give me give me and and I so I gave him a flaming hot cheetos and the dude loved it. I mean those things will burn my mouth and he loved it. He wanted more so than I just poured a little bit in a bowl. So you give 'em flaming hot cheetos now. I'm asking you you guys. Do you think it's all right to give a baby? Flaming hot cheetos amy. I mean if he likes them then. I guess it's okay. You're just starting that the habit what are you gonNa have your baby To eat a milk and then he has little vigil can play with hot cheetos great. He likes green beans. You likes that good and then Fruit cut up like that stuff like that. He eats all day and then Geeta giving him a bottle of mountain dew. Does he did have an ice cream cone the other day. Though I mean I guess like with anything else. Anything in super moderation right. Yeah Yeah I think it's healthy not to the heart doesn't bother me if he can tolerate me too. Yeah Yeah I know. I've just changed so much in my perspective like I never thought I would feed my kids certain things and of course I do and then I also want them to have a healthy perspective with food like I don't tell them you can't have that because then that turns it into a food that now. They may really crave because I always said no or they may try to hoard or eat too much of because they don't know when they're ever going to get it again because I don't allow it. I'm trying to chill out with all that. That's what I do whenever caitlyn brings chips on. Horde them 'cause I'm like oh no she can bring it back in house. Go to town by the way to people are asking one. They wanted to know that story that he mentioned earlier in two. They wanted to know if we're going to Eddie Spanish word of the day. Edi One of course bones unprepared Eddie as his kids Spanish teacher in home schooling so we started to bring a lesson in here with us. Here we go ladies and gentlemen. Today's word of the day is a mario bones. Do you know what do you mean? Do Yellow Oh nice amy. Did you know that too? I did perfect. Let me use that in a sentence. I might yo by morning from San Antonio my favorite warning this town of Amarillo. Lloyd Eddie Funny. You said that amy absolutely. That's exactly what it means. Texas is a yellow city. A yellow town okay. Well then Amarillo by morning. Wow I learned Spanish and geography thinking to bone with this segment. I believe that people now when they go and interview for jobs they can't say they speak two different languages now. No they tiling auto they can't. Oh Okay No. They can't do. They get like sense certificate from you know they could just say. I do know Spanish. You know from this Dude Eddie on the radio all right there you go. That is Eddie's Spanish word of the day off duty police officer was self quarantining after testing positive for corona virus and there was a burglar trying to break into his house trying to break into his car and so he can't really go out imagined that he goes and gives the the robber corona. He tackles him and Lixin. Dash started firing shots from his home. The officer confronted the man who appeared to have a weapon. Probably pull aside from a fire. The man was not hit and ran away. The officer had been confined to his home after he tested positive for corona virus. So and then nutty like you're in your house summation rob your car. What what do you do? That's what happened there. You know who died though is the guy from fountains of Wayne. No the song here. Stacy's mom the ghost of Corona. He passed away. Or Oh my gosh. Who started felons of Wayne Adam? Schlesinger all IPO posting about him. Because he had been in a lot of projects but Adam Schlesinger the CO founder of fountains of Wayne won an Emmy a grammy. He died at fifty two years old from Corona virus. He also did that thing. You do from one of my favorite movies that thing. You do crazy Terribly sad I was talking to John. Party about JOE DIFFIC-. Jody died a couple of days ago. We were talking about that. Joe Is just so beloved and again I guess that's the most personal story I have yet of someone dying because I knew Joe last couple years a little bit but just everybody if you can be inside. Be inside if you can't. That's a different story you know. That's we probably need to know exactly why you can't well if you can't if you're just doing everything you can to be as safe as possible if you're an essential worker then you can't or if you're delivering food to people or whatever just take take take everything super seriously. Yeah and you can order food talk a little common sense for a second you can order food and they can bring you food and you're not gonna get it from the food tested many times. There's crony bars is not in food. So don't now if you want talk packaging dump your food on a plate. Tasha packing than wash your hands. I would suggest that but I wouldn't let it scare you from having food delivered to your picking it up. Because you're you're you're helping the economy your local neighborhood the places that needs your help. And you'RE NOT GONNA get from food today anyway now. You're just not going to but this is changing quickly on the show. Thank you for all the nice birthday messages and remember the Raging Idiots. Put out their new library. Today it's called Bobby Bones and the raging idiots live in little rock. Go CHECK IT OUT. You have to buy stream it so if you're going to have a streaming service check it added it'd be up there today. Morgan number two is on to kind of recap what happened on. Today's show. Morgan number. Two people go back and they. WanNa listen to the PODCAST. What are they gonNA find? That excites them today. While today's obviously your birthday and we did something fun for a listener in on her birthday and it just kind of happened. Oddly organically and awesomely all three of those things all right what else. The investigative morning Corny came back today. People were thrilled. I could hear the people reading feedback. They love it being back. What else we've got an update from Eddie on his foster situation and a couple of things. I was shocked about talking about foster kids. You got two of his own kids a to foster kids and at one point. That's on the best foster kids and I was like. Wow I didn't know that what else and you and Caitlyn reviewed movie fact that I get to work from home as I walked over to the stairs and go. Hey come up here came up and she hopped on the air for a segment. We talked about a movie. We watched over the last two nights. So you can hear all that on the podcast just over and search bobby bones show on demand and that'd be awesome. We appreciate that and Morgan. How're you today in your house? You could I think? She said she's doing a new puzzle. What you said. Yeah the new puzzle of what Bates has to astronauts on it. So I'm excited about it and it's hot all right. Thank you bye-bye Morgan by right. And what's going on today while some school that. I'll do after this and then we're taking a field trip today we're GonNa go swing by your house to drop off birthday stuff. Nice so get the kids out. I don't think they have gotten in a car in days. Well since they got it from Texas so they're probably excited to maybe go somewhere. How was the drive for them? Twelve hours they love it. Ben Thought it was GonNa be you know. He loves to fly because he's a pilot and sometimes when they they've flown places they will complain about something and he's like y'all don't even know how good you'll have it being able to fly when I was a kid. We did road trips. And so he bef- when they set off on their journey the trucks go to Texas. He was calling it operation aviation appreciation and he thought that they were going to be so just not love the drive so much that next time they fly they'll be so thankful and grateful they get to fly but it didn't work because they love driving love it they love it. Yeah so now. He's like wait. This is the opposite of my plan but Yes oh yeah that we're gonNA come see you 'cause birthday day but I will say I have some yeah. I have some gifts that I got before Kobe. Set in. But part of your big present to you is your party and then that I'm awesome instead. I have the gifts that was including with you with Artie and I still plan on doing the party. Your gifts are special. Don't get me wrong but I just don't I just want you to know that. I don't think we're going to have the part of your gift. Well eventually I don't think I am going to have a birthday party. Okay fine for when you turn forty one all right whenever Wall Street ideas all wasted. Tv cable them. What can we throw a party for? Because it's there's there's two kinds of people in the world. I just realized there's corona people and covert people in Amy's now at Cova person interesting. I'm I'm happy or no you kind of flex that Cova nineteen sometimes on us for sure I do but I also go straight corona virus all the time so rooch go. Listen to the PODCAST. You'll hear me say I try to relate. I want to relate to all the people do the same thing I just only. If I'm reading a story and it says it will I read it? I'm corona I know where I came from. Sorry I live with a man. That's like cove in nineteen and all the serious terms all the time. Well I'll hopefully. I'll play video games today. I know you're not GonNa ask what I'm doing my birthday but I will tell you we're going to play video games. I'm going to have For Lunch Bowl. See Chicken Fried steak for dinner hopefully chicken. I think he's GonNa hop aunt play some basketball. Yes everything is going to come by for a little bit today and waving to the window. We can do like jailtime kisses where he put her face against the window and like I'm cool with that. Yeah I mean it's your birthday. I have a great day. Everybody will see tomorrow to go by site bobby bones. Acm Breath Bobby. Off Repeats of the Year Baby Win love. You like it. If you're like most people who wear glasses or contacts you're probably not jumping for joy about not being able to see running out of contact lenses the worst time or constantly paying for context just so they can irritate your eyes. That's why it just makes sense to look at the eye center. Lazic makes sense for your lifestyle for your convenience and sometimes even for your health but it also makes good financial sense especially when you register for twenty percent savings on i. Lease at the eye center head to the eye center dot com now to secure your savings and us when you're ready by. I'm Oscar Ramirez and a host the daily Corona virus. Update a daily. Podcast bringing you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic we're facing. There's a lot of information going around. About how the virus is spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and Best Practices to keep you and your family healthy. It's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed. Decisions listened to the daily Corona virus. Update on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast.

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