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"bobby song" Discussed on Discover Music Channel (Discover Music Channel)

"Be ready to deal with the first thirty minutes. that's it. Yeah the first thirty minute. Let me get a show in Meditate whatever i have. I do check the check the web. Tv a little bit real quick thirty minutes. Thirty don't like I respect your preference or my choices. We can't wait nothing to ignore me versus though super independence super devastated kobe. Check of breathing. I yeah i have to like it. So i honestly i don. I don't necessarily want clingy. But you know what i you know what i genuinely enjoy. It was I love when we sweat each other. Yeah i sweat though casting for i like was that line because all right when i say what i mean like your desire to like to for that person to know how you feel about Actually always does your desire to know how to person feels about. Yeah so like Never happened to question like that person baio. Y'all ain't nothing illegal for no nobody say Like that fucking like you doing. Whatever you're doing not bothering you. You work into them but a little text like coming some some shit like that since y- like that type of energy that type of like yo you so you know. I'm fucking with you that that feeling like shit and especially when his mutual who still going back and forth on his mutual the mutual sweaters. The shoe sweats as mutual sweat. You are welcome america. Let me let me count this by saying that saying to me. That's not you sweating or sweating each other when you call it consideration. That's basically considers normal stuff to me. Put tolsey downs consideration as well as what it comes in different forms. You know what i mean. So i don't consider them you checking on death checking on them. That's actually you actually like the person you know what i'm saying so royal you saying that like it's some normalcy but i'm gonna let you know he's not doing that. I got this page called cajun legacy right. You can't talk to the people to to different levels of it. So i i don't consider that okay so we got one. We got wondering. Why don't we got to. We got balanced and we got loyalty loyalty. What you got micon contribution will always be suffering. I have one child. I am not trying to raise another whole. I'm telling my phone them on these around the come on come on. I need you to know who you are. Not what you will come on man. That's what matters to me. That's number one for me. Now at forty three and a half and half years old. You know what i mean. What a quarter one hundred forty five thousand forty ask you stupid. He's new but no that that is my number one at this point. Intelligence is great Love yourself it's great but that's self awareness and knowing who you are because when you when somebody knows who they are they know any improve they know when they need to hold themselves accountable so many more things that come from under that umbrella so so this catering legacy things tell newly mentally married. Let me get one enemy. Get one joe. Yeah for me is easy. Show got all these. There's only one real to me. Only one real thing that we're simplicity make you simple. You're not making it simple by saints. Implicit is let's not make complicated. We get what you want breakfast make you regular. So how is that not consideration. I'm gonna cut you off. But i mean if i get up. And say hey. I'm reading to breakfast. Always some new light gonna make is in my head like wherever i go where she likes what i like. Just go ahead and do what you already know. Just ask her make you simple. Astor she going to say. I don't know instead of going instead of going back and forth. You don't know maybe she go make what you make and when you come into the room half replaced because why when you play with your office all delay simplicity. Just make back good point folks. I hate that these kids jay fresh. You got to change that stupid. Indeed that is. I don't like that you answer. Do appreciate dot com contributions That will probably be the clip for the week balance simplicity. What was that what you said god. No loyalty is bullshit. I can the fed has. Let's say you're loyal demand. I don't know if he could demand any of this shit. yeah off. freedom likely crisis situations are trying to lifestyles. What happened some well. Let me fly some got out Check the back of their microphone. No up on esa melissa. Sometimes if you can show them more things than young to work nope every let me say that again. Sometimes experiences with you can show them more things than they need to work on personally. But i think she's saying more than you're willing to work on human with that that's fine. You know like forty three and a half his income. I got you. Let's let's talk from said it will what does he. We haven't forgot about the love nuts we did. We have not we all sweat we. We're talking about someone was talking about. Body keeps tonight so we got the back happening tonight tonight. Tonight in about thirty minutes is seven. Say right all of that bobby. Brown is being bracelet kiesler. Wow i've been wrong yet. Yeah you have but put some scores behind and put some numbers to put some numbers on board. Shut up to fifty five. Finish this respectfully. This may be a first base. Respectfully that is a beatdown disrespectfully beating court. I'm not even from that era and go down. I said give me through market research what it is going to be. I'm bobby brown. Solo records are retarded. Oh play news asian records. I'm sorry keith sweat a record that you have that can really fucking allergy. That's not disrespect. Dopp do this. Let's i'm just i'm continue. Gi like so when you do it each somebody's hair. You're coming off. And i love his mutant say right. You'll i forgot respectfully respectfully fifty pounds. I wanna key sweat okay. Is that beating bobby songs. Gay can okay. Tom account that is one. May last forever to okay. How do you love.

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