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Danica Patrick on Creating Goals That Last

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Danica Patrick on Creating Goals That Last

"Patrick is one of the most recognizable professional female athletes in the world. She succeeded in the male dominated. Industry of professional motor. Sports broke the record for the most top ten finishes of any female in the NASCAR. Actually she almost has too many first female to titles to count. She's been named Time's one hundred. Most influential people list appeared in fourteen Super Bowl ads and grace the cover of sports illustrated. She may have retired from racing. But it's far from slowing down. Danika is also a winemaker clothing designer author and most recently a podcast host. We are so excited to have you Danika. Welcome to the couch. Thanks I'm on a chair. Technically you're we are on the couch. You're on the chair to the chair. Dang it okay edit it is take that as a lawyer would say so they ride it for us to talk to you one of the most celebrated drivers of all time because you were talking to people that are the worst drivers of all time so it just feels like this is a big moment for us. Yeah do you guys have cars. No I had to get better at driving licences which is scary that we were given honestly. I remember when I got my license. I got my license. The day I turned sixteen. You can take classes in school drivers identifiable or or drive right as I believe it was called when I was growing up which is out of school so that you can time it right to get it on your birthday as opposed to waiting till the end of the semester stor anyway so I get my license and I think that I scared my driving instructor because I usually didn't slow down until the car in front mm-hmm backed up as in like I saw tail lights but until they are actually closing the distance between my front bumper and his rear bumper. I didn't break and I freaked him out. Okay I want to get into your background. Just Skim your resume for us. I grew up in Northern Illinois. I was actually born in Wisconsin. Born in beloit late Wisconsin grew up in south boy and I started racing. Go karts when I was ten. My Mom and dad met on a blind date at a race. Some like my mom has been going to the racetrack and my dad has been racing racing since he was a kid. I came along not far after My parents Probably I think they got married in nineteen eighty. There were twenty one. I came along about twenty two years old old and then I started racing at ten and at sixteen I moved to England lived there for three years racing. I left highschool my junior year and got my ged. My good enough diploma And at that point in time thought man I better make this racing thing work and came back to the states. Didn't have a job for a couple of years. But then got taken in by Bobby Ray Hall Hall. Who is a guy who used to race indy cars and had an Indycar team and he started a lower level team for me and that went well and then two years of that and I was racing? Indy cars ours and then I did any cars for seven years and then I RACE NASCAR. For about seven years. There was a little overlap in them but I did each of them for about that long and retired tired in two thousand eighteen super easy. So that's great. I WanNa talk about all this. I have so many questions for you before we kind of dive into how a passion and a hobby became not only your career but really a historic moment for female athletes. What is not on in your wicked pedia or website that we should know about you? I don't know what's on my wikipedia at one point in time on my wikipedia. I went to college. So that's sure as Hell L. Notch as I only have. Ged Did you ever think about going to college. Now Well when I was a kid when I was ten when I started racing I thought I would go to college for engineering so I could learn how to work on my car Because I want to be a race car driver but that was ten and then probably by eleven. I stopped thinking about that. You you had other things now. What do you consider your driving force Pun intended my dreams? I'm just kind of a dreamer so I like to do things. At their furthest extent goals that go beyond something. I think it's important to have goals that. Go beyond the obvious What's the pride of the simplest example is my winery so I make a wine? The name of the wine is SOM- NEOM which mainstream in Latin and if my goal Oh was to make money which I haven't done yet and it's been ten years I would have sold it a long time ago right because that's dumb business but my the goal is not to make money. I believe it will when I- -CCOMPLISH my other goal which is to help people come together from wine To to share and put their phones away and connect like we just don't do so well anymore To go to the valley and Experience Napa Valley and experience since how wonderful it is to just be nature and understand the farming and understand the details of everything the romance of popping the Cork like just the whole thing so so I want to share. That experience helped people. Just feel that. And that's what made me fall in love with it and why I wanted to winery. So that's really my ultimate goal. If it my goal was to make money I would have sold it right so you know. Just have a goal that goes beyond. Let's say another example be fitness if my goal was to lose weight well. What do you do once you've done that? My goal is is to challenge my mind so it keeps me going back into the gym to make up new workout. See what else I can do. See how far or I can push myself Create new challenges new goals like I love the mental challenge of it but if my goal was to be fit well I'm fit now what you're done done. It's like weight. Loss with eating. My goal is to feel good so if my goal is just to lose weight through eating and I do that. Then what you'll never not wanna feel-good I'd eat to feel good. That never ends so. It's about creating a goal that goes beyond something either obvious or more

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