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Taylor McFerrin

"Bullseye with Jesse Thorn is a production of maximum fun dot org and is distributed by NPR nope. I'm Jesse Thorn Bullseye. mcferrin just recently started singing. He did it on his new album love's last chance before that he was a composer user keyboard player a deejay producer and before that a world class beat boxer like of very fairy good at the boxing. I think as an instrumentalist Mick Farren is brilliant. He creates lush swirling songs. He Blends Jazz Jazz latronic music and hip hop in the same way that say Flying Lotus might in fact his first album early riser was put out on Flying Lotus's label brain feeder in early riser came out in two thousand fourteen a fascinating record made even more interesting because of the other musicians who contributed Robert Glass Bor thunder cat emily king and Bobby mcferrin Taylor mcferrin Dad and yes that bobby mcferrin surprising pricing here's Bobby mcferrin one of the most talented vocalists ever and his son Taylor a gifted musician who waited fifteen in twenty years into his career to start singing but guess what Taylor is also great at singing Taylor into a track off of loves last chance the song is called all I see is you see us Taylor mcferrin welcome to Bullseye. It's so nice having on the show yeah man. This is awesome so I'm GonNa get this out of the way before we went on the air you mentioned you grew up in San Francisco. I also grew up in San Francisco and I think we went to preschool together really yeah. I've been saving it for the air. It's hard yes. I've been saving for the year you go to preschool and Glen Park at kids. Play Dude Yeah when I was like four years old old there you go so so did I well. We got we went to preschool together. Folks best like real preschool. I thought you were going to say the San Francisco School which was like ten first grade in a for real for real preschool in a garage in Glen Park. Yes in a nice woman's house and my friend Evans. MOM built a place structure in the backyard. I have a picture of me on my best friend's Jona copy from the era. I went to high school with John or copy. See All right. This is a whole different vibe the conversation okay yeah. I remember that time. That's like one of my earliest memories nap time Eh Preschool so you grew up in San Francisco and I was thinking about like I think as a kid. I had a vague idea that your dad was a musician but you know. I don't think that was like so unusual. Among people I knew and then your dad went from a successful working working mizzou musician to let an international celebrity a few years later and I wonder what was that like for you as as a kid when your dad who you're bobby mcferrin who had been you know had several records and had been a pretty successful working working musician accidentally had or maybe intentionally had an international mega hit. It's funny because I've learned so much more about that era of his life. I'm from my family's life. As I got older and how different it was for me. It was awesome. I mean I know for him. He hated that song and I think the story with that. That song was really great song well. I heard it the other day and I thought I also heard the song Bob by Hanson and the reaction I had to both of them was like you know that was a huge hit song here. It's great yeah well. You know there's nothing wrong with with just a carefree song. That's not meant to be like super. Deep One thing about my dad is he made his own lane as like a straight up so actor he'd go on stage just him in a Mike and had this incredible ability to kind of like do the baseline supporting parts and lead in like chain you know switch between them so quick that it really felt like a full song but but as a solo artists he had to be really diverse in how he entertained people for ninety minutes so he would do these super heavy jazz songs he would. We do like Improv opera. You know where he'd like saying the man if he do crowd interaction stuff and a lot of this stuff was really lighthearted and the don't worry happy song. I guess it was just kind of one of the funny moments of his show because other things he also hated that people thought he was Jamaican for years because there's like singing in a Jamaican accent and we're really in his show he like he does like the whole entire wizard of Oz is like condense twenty minute version like his his performance missile is really meant to be diverse meant to be disliked kind of joyful and I think the way that song happened was that record was already cut but they had like ten more minutes a studio time and he was like you know whatever let me just do that. One thing I've been doing for fun and then you know that's how it goes. That's like the ultimate. Ultimate lesson in the industry is the thing you take. The least seriously is probably going to be like your most successful thing but he really I know he really battled with the success of that song because he didn't never toured that album he like was getting this success and he realized he was going to go crazy and turned into like a horrible human being if he like toured it in like maybe even took on the persona of like the voice he did the song like there's so many ways he coulda gone so he decided not even tour that record. When he went back he just went back to his regular shoved on whatever he wanted and I never saw him perform after it came out until like a few years ago he didn't even performance performance so it's it's a trip for him. This is like super heavy but for me as a kid was awesome because that's my dad on the radio. Nothing seems strange changed a kid. Everything is just happening. This is supposed to this is my life is but the stuff that I did notice was like all of a sudden we got like a real TV. You know got like a car. You know all this stuff. That has a kid. We'll get you super hype and you know we started being able to go on vacations and I was just old enough where stuff like that was amazing and also just crazy stuff like he started working with Pixar. When they first started off. We got to go see like the first Pixar short films uh-huh and like he was working with really cool people I it was. It was like the perfect thing to happen as a kid. Did you have of music education as a kid did you. Were you playing instruments at home. Was Your was your dad. what's a movie where J. K. Simmons is being mean to trevor so not like that I had no. I took piano lessons in grade school but I don't. I wasn't really into to Music I. I didn't think I was going to be a musician until high school or I didn't fall. I fell in love with music in eighth grade specifically. I had an hour long bus ride into school which was crazy. School started at seven fifteen and I lived in Minnesota at the time I was the first kid on the the first get picked up on my bus route. So I was earliest earliest the morning thinking like these Minnesota winters where I was like walking through two feet of snow to my bus stop that was like ten blocks away and then I ran an hour long bus ride ride to school but it introduced me to albums because it was like the perfect link to listen to a CD. That's one like my mind got blown like I got into Stevie if you wonder at that time and I was like listen to albums and be like Whoa it like really moved me in a in a special way but then I you know I grew up on radio stuff then I I was like I wanted to get into hip. Hop like making beats. I was like the beat boxer kid in the cipher with my friends and I realize it's always the beat boxer in the the Group of friends that turns into the producer so I in like junior year in high school. I started getting little samplers beat machines or whatever and start making tracks but yeah I had no formal training and I still kinda socket theory and playing but I figure out how to make it work somehow when you were beat boxing primarily and I mean I remember in my young twenty's hearing hearing about your reputation as a as a beat eight boxer were you. Were you self conscious or self aware about the idea that you were carrying on a family legacy your father's. There's a gift as a whatever the vocal equivalent of multi instrumentalist it's funny. I totally didn't I really he didn't and now and I think back. I'm like that's that's Kinda why I've always been thought of myself as a producer always made beats. I I boy like spent the most time doing. I don't think I ever practiced beat. Boxing kind. Kinda was known that I could boxing high school but it wasn't like I didn't think it was make a career out of of it or anything but I once I started doing live shows my first band I was in. I realized beat boxing was the only thing I could like hang with real musicians doing so it turned into kind of like my ability to get on stage and then I there was a period in New York in the early two thousands when I did. I think pretty good in terms of the ratio beat boxes in the world. I felt like I had my little style like these big box competitions and like Ibn some shows and stuff and that was a lot a fun. I guess I took it a little bit serious that point but I I was only ever really good doing it in a completely free style format with like a singer and a keyboard player Kinda like just being a support when it got to like the the real when b boxing really blew up and it turned into competitions and how many songs can you do and all these sounds and all the stuff. I never practice any of that type of stuff so I never I never really thought of myself as a beat boxer all right also something that I did but then it's been in my bio in. It's been like such four part of how I've been presented over the years. I guess if I really think about. I don't like that that much but it also kind of doesn't bother me. It's interesting that you said that beat. Boxing was the first thing that you could do on stage and hang with quote unquote real musicians yep because that feels like a tension through you your whole career that you're very gifted musician. I'm going to stipulate that but if you're buddy the other guy in your band when when he's not touring with U. is touring with chick corea like the level of there's there's not a lot of room for punk rock is crazy. I think about that all the time. I'm always telling Marcus Gilmore who you're referencing Jake. I'm like how'd how do you come off toward chicken play but it's it's I've. I'm much more at peace with it than like at this point in my life. I'm like I'm around so many crazy talented musicians that don't necessarily like their productions when they play me like their beats you know or everyone has kind of their special skills and being a producer. I is kind of finding this weird middle ground whereas like what I'm good at is the finished products not like the individual elements that go into. I don't play keys at a super high level. I don't play drums at a super high level. My gift is like putting things together and just like working with Sonics in general so it's like doc. I have to keep reminding myself. That's what I'm good at. Sometimes when I'm around people that are just can immediately do something that's super impressive that you can tell is like one of the best in the world and it's a strange thing because like some part of your ego wants to be like. I WANNA be one of the best in the world but it's like show me and it's hard like show someone sometimes when when you are a producer but then at the same time if you have a track that you put on in a club or that just a song you make that travels around the world and it's moving people apple. It's Kinda like they're having that experience. I had on the bus as a kid where like just everything's hitting. You is giving you some motions. You can like zone out and have all these thoughts so it's a strange. It's a strange thing to be the focus of win. You also want to perform a little bit but I don't know it is what it this is also one of the central tensions between hip hop and jazz and is that you know in jazz chops are a big deal. They're not the only deal but there are really big deal hip. Hop Aesthetics are much more or about. I mean broadly pops that it's like. How much emotion does it give you in the here and now does it make you dance but also the refinement of sound? I remember trying to explain to my dad or something like that. As a as a twenty year old why if quest love could play the drums for hip hop song why all hip hop acts don't just have drummers and it's like well quest love is this is the only drummer who is both great at drumming and so completely obsessive about placing microphones in exactly exactly the sound that he generates that he can generate a perfect snare drum every time like a hip hop producer finds that one on some you know lovie right song and pulls it out and uses it over and over yeah. It's crazy. It's I totally. I definitely felt that tension. Growing up like my dad was not in the hip hop anything that's like a loop. He's definitely bored by the second loop was he. On against it like doc was he was he like why are they wearing. Yes remember when like the dog pound you know snoop and Dre came out on the West. Coast is like the biggest thing ever caused a big stir in the political community. I went to a really hippie small school where there were like had parents meetings about like like we shouldn't let our kids listening to this type of stuff and then my dad grew up fairly like Christian values and like the first time we found like my stash of you've you know hardcore hip. Hop Stuffy literally threw it away so he was not into it at all. I remember sitting my dad down when I was sixteen or whatever and play him back to front of me and Jesus pimp by the coup he was not skeptical necessarily necessarily of hip hop but I just wanted to convey him what it meant to me and I wonder if there was anything that you ever tried to sit your dad down like in a chair and be like you're GonNa Listen this whole Song Dad and you're GonNa give it a fair shot. I don't know if I did that with the whole record. The the problem is the swearing. He's so with him. There's so many things that like even the music he would like. It will be over as soon as the language is vulgar for more than like a few minutes. I'm more probably played individual tracks that I thought he would like sonically but I honestly honestly. I don't think I ever played them of hip. Hop Song where he was like. Actually this is a pretty great. Although you know what's good one even though there's some swearing in it is the that arrested development everyday people my mom left that one that one comes on during like Thanksgiving and stuff because that's just kind of like an undeniable niable restaurant at the park minded my exactly up the treble tones. That's a great one. Sorry sorry I think I just embarrassed myself permanently forever by demonstrating that I know the lyrics to the verses of everyday people development they also owned the second arrested development album. Kevin put that on NPR Madani owned it owned it. Listen to it. I want to play a song that your dad that you got guest vocals credit on when you were his nineteen eighty two so you definitely couldn't talk mm-hmm. Marlon you it will be. You'll be through the new yes I. I guess that is is my mom and my dad's manager are doing seeing the the laws in the background in there. One of them is holding me so I'm in the room. I was actually doing the laws though it's the sweetest thing and also what I like about it no swearing yeah definitely elsewhere that's good we'll finish up with Taylor mcferrin after a quick break stick around. It's Bullseye for maximum Exim Fund Dot Org and NPR support for this podcast and the following message come from Sierra Nevada brewing company in one thousand nine hundred with a few thousand dollars and used Daria Ken Grossman founded Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Cans Award winning. 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We got this with mark and we know what's best. It's Bullseye. I'm Jesse Thorn. My guest is Taylor mcferrin. He is a singer songwriter in DJ. He's also the son of the singer Bobby mcferrin. His new album is called loves last chance when you were a teenager and young adult. Were you making beats on hardware machine. Where did you have like a NBC sampler or something like that or were you doing in software had a really weird experience because I never see if I could go back in time although I mean I guess it's offered the best but I totally got. I would always just believe magazines of what new stuff was coming out. That actually is what it was saying the same when i Qatar Senate and totally like sell me like this is the one when really like I always. I should have got an MP see because the the first real beat machine got was a or like what what I thought was the SPA. Actually it's not so I gotTA SP two which it went on to like become the four four which like mad lib made all of The mad villain album on like actually great machine but the SBA was really meant to be like performance sampler where it had a lot of sample time but only had four tracks that you could loop and the sequencer was trash like if you tried to actually run for samples altogether with anything more than like a bar loop was meant to be like kick snares it would like freeze and stuttering all that stuff where the MTC he was like the ultimate sequencer all the earlier drum machines are a little bit before my time but I never really learned how to make beats like quote unquote the right way so so I ended up getting these keyboard workstations. My Dad got a new keyboard at some point in the game your role in xp eighty which was like actually really amazing raising keyboard for the time but and then eventually in high school. I had a Korg Triton but they all had trash sequencers. It was like not and they didn't to try and has had to say what is the sequencer for folks. Don't know it's where you know. You have a bank of sounds debussy. He's famous because you can take a record play stuff in it. You sample off the record in like you. You can add it you can find a little drum bloop but but then like chop the cake and have that be on one track have the high happy another and then you've probably seen you know people listening like they have little pads and you play with your fingers but you can record it in a way where whatever you play it records plays it back but a sequencer you can. you know set the time lube you can quantify sounds as means. It's going to be fit perfectly on grade in a mathematical sequence or have a human feel but the reason the legendary ahead like a rock solid sequencer like it would never hit it could have had a really good feel for the quantification and everything and also there's a sound quality element that goes into all these samplers as well like the embassy was a sixteen bit sampler which still had a little bit grit a little bit of Lo fi to whatever whenever you put in it wasn't going to be as pristine as what you put into it in like the Sp One hundred before I think was a twelve bit sampler so when you hear beats from the era they sound even more lo fi that was like the Pete Rock era. He was famous for that yes. There's there's so many things that go like the PC is like has the aesthetic static that was like the perfect balance like it's still all those records made on that still sound super modern but they had like hit. you in the chest is sounds great so so the stuff. I was using my debt Maginnis keyboard. I couldn't sample on it. Had All these drugs like preloaded drum sounds in which he couldn't make sound hardcore or like have a real vibe to it's all my like beats and high school science super. Everything you make sounds like David sanborn album right. What's wrong here? The only thing I got out of it it was that I got really good at playing drums on keyboards and to this day trash trying to play drums on pads but I've like adjusted a show with Robert Glass. Burn Derrick Hodge were literally just was the drummer on key drums and like we listen back at is like sounds legit in a way it helped helped me that I didn't have an MP see because I probably would have got so into sampling and instead because I was working off key stations keyboard workstations I started enjoying knowing actually writing songs and like learning how to play cards and scales and all the stuff which ended up being more valuable and espionage even those horrible as a sequencer was amazing as a live performance tool this one weekend I was able to go studio and that all these vintage since I just like played I sampled myself playing all these sent sounds and I used those sounds live in all these bands for years whereas like I have this crazy weird. Rpg Oh that fits over this one song I had like eight ZIP disks for fullest random samples that served my live music career for probably ten years so it all worked out but I always feel like no. No one ever explained to me that I should have got. MTC from day one and maybe producing for like atmosphere in Minnesota when I lived there you know I'm Jesse Thorn. It's Bullseye. My guest is musician Taylor mcferrin. When you became an adult you played with bands for a long time during that time. Were you thinking about who you would be if you were performing as yourself and not not performing with a band. No everything in my career is happened really kind of naturally as the progression. I really needed to be in every band. I was in to like I definitely gained some sort of perspective or production technique or just knowledge of music by from my bandmates that would play this new stuff like I needed every single experience variance to be able to get to a point where I could do anything solo. I there was an era in New York where I was in a bunch of bands at once and they all kind of dissolves solved really naturally in like six month period so then that was just like the sees me like finally just do my own thing but I had all the tools I needed because there's normally in those bands I was also the one recording the band in like mixing all our stuff so I also knew how to like do the finished product all of my own those. It was Kinda like right when the bedroom producer era was really picking up steam so it just. I didn't really have to think about it too. Much kind of all my other projects success fell apart and I was like well here we go. Did you have goals for your music. When you became an adult I mean like I imagine after you know you hit your mid twenties. You're like well. I guess my music career isn't going to lead to me being famous Ms Popstar so did you have ideas of what you wanted to be. I always thought what I was doing was kind of cool. You know the the Barometer Ramadan for me was more there was always like the generation ahead that I really respected and the biggest thing for me was to start to be a part of that club of people that I was at their shows and then they start knowing my stuff and then we start collaborating then you just feel like you're part of the musical moment of that time and when you live in New York. That's like a really powerful thing you know because it's like this you play the smallest crappiest clubs all of a sudden. You play a slightly bigger club that you saw this. RTC Love a year early like like. I can't believe we're playing here and then five years later you look back and be like I can't believe I was even excited to play that club but just that progression is really fun and now how I think most of the artists that I've loved over the years they just made exactly what they wanted to hear and that music usually really stands at tested time better anyways so I in a way I feel lucky that I never got sucked into a project. That seemed like it was. GonNa make me a lot of money or make super famous that was totally trash you know because since I stuck with it and I've always done what I enjoyed. I found I got to a point where it can sustain my lifestyle doing what I like to do. You always want to be more and more you know it's not like I don't want to be more and more successful and make more money to suck and like travelling travel to vacation and stuff but you can you can get sucked into some weird roads and I've seen a lot of my friends that like they get a record deal in a recognize doesn't even come out or they moved away because these producers convinced them. They're going to like blow them up and then just like they don't actually have any sort of vibe in in the studio and the music just not good so even in some older producer. That probably had some hit in the late eighties early nineties so they have some clout. There's all these people to believe all the time that can lead to a stray so I don't know I I remember when I wasn't famous. By the time I was twenty. I was like I'm never going to be famous. I cared more about it at that time but that was when I first moved to New York and and that was despite by the example of having a dad who the thing getting famous was like his least favorite part of his whole career it it was a he I think he finally as it got older learned like appreciate all the amazing stuff at brought to his family and his life you know it was more that he was such a C- he took his craft so seriously any no he was got to that point where he was on stage and cutting any records Herbie Hancock and like all the top dudes in the world and there's a feeling of just having that respect and just being one of the guys that I I think having a pop hit that was not his intention. Kinda robbed him of just that feeling of like I'm cool aren't have about being cool and half about dislike. You know it takes a lot of effort to get to the point when you're like really great on a level where you get to play with cats like that and they think think you're great as well so I totally get why it bugged him out. Did you ever feel self conscious playing with GUYS S. who had like you went to the new school right? You went to the new school as a Liberal Arts Student Dr. These dudes who went and women who went to the new schools jazz program which is very famous yeah who have extraordinary ability extraordinary virtuosity on the instrument yeah and you know are have been groomed to become whatever the vanguard of the next generation of jazz or whatever yeah and I wonder if you ever felt self conscious non virtuosic performer stepping into especially specifically typically jazz contexts because like you go play a show with Robert Glassberg something that dude's one of the big names as in jazz capital J. Jazz yeah and he's super good at it and you're like well. I know some really cool synthesizer their packaging I don't think about it well. Yes I mean the the question is retrospective like did you meal. I still do at sometimes but it's like I feel like I'm I'm most of the cats especially newer generation. They're playing jazz. They all grew up listening to these same records as we did just like they are all listening to snoop and N. tribe and J. diller and also area and stuff so my feel like my role in those type of groups is to bring being an element of like that album experience to a live show because a lot of times. It's these like inbetween sounds and atmospheric atmospheric things that are happening on a record that make it have like a slightly more depth to the sonic experience so I enjoy knowing knowing that I'm adding that to like when I play the glass for like that's basically my role in the band is like I know into sit out. I know in there like going off on some epic a big journey that I can't like I can't I can't even keep up with all the changes and like what's happening like I understand it as a listener. I'm like I know what they're doing but I'll have the chops to be like that. Instant instant like Oh here we go. They're they're now doing my solo but I also know that in a in a studio setting I can do lots of crazy chords. It's Kinda like I understand a lot about theory and feel enough to sit down and and make crazy stuff in the studio but I've put in my hours hours to get be comfortable in that setting so I'm not going to beat myself up for not being able to match someone that put their time into like being crazy crazy solo in here exactly what's happening a real time and adjusting. It's like I'm working on that. Maybe in like twenty years I'll be like epic piano player and just do straight solo piano shows you know if I tried it if I just put aside production and just focus on that I feel like I could be a really good piano uh-huh player but I always have the deepest experience with music listening to albums and I really care about textures and sounds on quality quality so if that's what I'm GonNa Bring to a jazz gig. Even officials like some weird altro when we settle into like a groove I'm. I'm totally cool with that. You spent nearly twenty years as a maybe a little more than twenty years as a as a beat maker and producer and keyboard good player and beat boxer before you made this record and on this record. You are all of those things but you're also the primary singer. Were you scared to start singing as a singer. When you had fifteen or twenty years of skill at all the other things that you did dude? It's like it helped me back really I gave up on trying to do it about three years ago. Like the initial plan was to sing on this record when I started making it and then like a few two years and I was like it gets really frustrating because I'm around someone amazing musicians and singers where it's hard not to compare yourself and it's like it took me so long to get to the point. I'm like I'm down to play my beats to anybody. So why am I put on top of those beads like something that I have you know I've tried to sing at different times but I just never felt like I found my voice or like my approach or any of that stuff and really all the vocals on this record. Were done probably eight months before I was finished if if felt like I just barely found this way that it sounded like me on it not super developed or anything but it sounded at least honest and I just made a decision that was like if I'm GonNa make kind of the album mind visions I'm like I don't. I think I can make it on this record but I'm never gonNA make it. If I don't put myself out there and I just tried to look at it as in when I first started making beats the first few years never wanted to play anything for people and then at a certain point you start like being like Yo check this out you know to your close friends and then you find China's Weird Comfort Zone when you finally wanting wanting to play stuff and I've I realized that I just I was just at that stage with singing where it's like like that. I all the songs are like my I like. I guess I don't hate this. I guess I'm down to play this phase in the main thing I gained from producing thing for so long as like I still remember what that feels like to be super insecure and shy but also enjoy something in a way where like but I can see where I'm going to go with this so this record is really strange for me because it's like early riser felt like a lifetime lifetime of development and presenting something that felt like kind of not a finished product like a mature presentation of where I was at and this this records like the totally opposite energy of an experience for me where I'm like. I like all these tunes but it's not like a toured these songs for like a year ear to figure it out how I really even wanted to sing them. This album is like all right. I think this album is me in the studio literally recording the first times where I felt like I liked it but I still didn't even have the years or experienced to like have perspective on it to be like this is me on a good day. This is like me using this technique. This is like I can hear the difference with this Mike. There's like so many elements that are really earlier in in the development of me as has a singer so and even now like I've probably done like twelve to thirteen shows this material and in my brain like I could perform. The songs all probably a lot better now. Now I even but moving forward. I realize what I did with this record that I probably change on the new one is that I basically basically like produce this album around my singing in terms of like chose tracks that I thought my voice was on the best over and then I think the difference from this album in early riser was I had a total freedom of like any style because I wasn't thinking I'd sing over it in so I think the next album I'm going to like be as wild as I wanna be production while wise enforce myself to Groezinger to like match the production a little bit more and be more experimental with like effects and like weird weird stuff. It's probably the most important thing I've done for myself but it's been an interesting experience sharing with people because it's almost like I don't even uh I don't know what this music even sounds like is how it feels to me so it's been interesting experience but it's it's like really important for me. Well Taylor mcferrin apparently so grateful to you for taking time to be on Bullseye was really nice to get to talk to you into. I guess see you after thirty four years man uh that's a you blew my mind with that to start this off. Change the whole I was saving it up saving it up. Taylor mcferrin loves last has chance is his new album. It's great his twenty fourteen record. Early Riser is beautiful. Go give both a lesson. That's the end of another episode. Soda Bullseye Bullseye produced at maximum dot. 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Disneyland (and Death)

Stories I Tell on Dates

27:12 min | 2 years ago

Disneyland (and Death)

"And now, we're at the end, and that might be a little sad except that even just listen to this all again at any time. But for now this ending happens in Yosemite national park with true love and Bobby mcferrin. I'm Paul, Shirley. And these are the stories I tell on dates. Yosemite national park a Thursday afternoon. This one is in today unless you can call it a date when you go on a camping trip with your girlfriend. We've spent the past two nights in a tent with a broken poll, we've stood over the campfire so long. We both smell like survivors of a house fire. We've showered sort of in a glorified between near the campsites entrance. We've done less grimy things to we took pictures of ourselves in front of half dome. We played with the chipmunks we took a hike and left the trail and the entire time. I marveled at the way she moves the way she laughs the way her eyes get big when she surprised. Now, we're in the same Volkswagen. We were in on our first date driving down from the edge of the Kenyan that overlooks the Yosemite valley floor. We're taking turns picking out songs to play on the ipod. That's connected to the Volkswagen's radio, by way of one of those FM adapters. She picks out the best song stereo phonics ever recorded Dakota from language sex violence other. Thinking about and thinking of you summertime thinking it was June. Yeah. Figured it was June laying back head on the grass chewing gum having some laughs. You made me feel like the one you made me feel like the one when the song is over. We're halfway into the valley. I tell her to find Bobby mcferrin on the ipod. She looks at me. I can't see it because of her sunglasses. But I'm sure one of the eyebrows, I like has dipped in incredulity. Trust me. I see I drive. We listen. I park. We walked to the main lodge in the valley. Get a beer with me. I asked her she says, of course, she will. We get in line behind the blonde family of four outfitted in north face gear that probably cost as much in aggregate as a used Corolla when it is our turn at the counter we order beers. We take the beers. We sit down I look around. And then I start crying. Which is a weird thing to do inside. You'll similarly national park across from your kind and beautiful girlfriend and in front of a tall frosty beer. So naturally, she asks me what's wrong. Okay. Let's take a quick break from the story for another story or the continuation of a story about stitch fixing me last time, we talked I was keeping to items from my fix and sending the rest back, and let's be honest. This is the part that matters because you don't want to get stuck with an extra job. Just because you want some clothes. As promised a folded the shirts and put them in the bag. Remember, I'm from Kansas. I'm nice, you do not need to be as nice as me. You can stop them in there, like the laundry, you're taking home to mom first week of college or university, depending on where you're hearing this. I dropped the prepaid postal bag at one of those handy dandy shipping stores that are now everywhere because no one shops and actual stores. Then I went online rated the clothes. I got scheduled a new fix it'll be here in two weeks. And I'll tell you all about it stitched fixed. Sounds like something you'd like to try go to stitch fix dot com slash dates and you'll get an extra twenty five percent off if you keep your whole box, that's stitch fix dot com slash dates. Maybe it's for you. Maybe for your next date. Maybe it's for the person you're going on the date with whatever the case it's easy to sign up. And there's no real risk because you only spend money if you love what you get. And as I mentioned, it's easy. Send stuff back. Okay. Let's get back to the story. Fourteen Disneyland and death. To an eleven year old boy who's only been on automobile vacations to the Ozarks and the Rockies a plane ride is a wondrous event one late September day. I was sitting next to dean Scotland in fifth grade band listening to him tell stories about the bazooka he claimed his father owned the next I was disembarking from my first ever airplane trip in Los Angeles. We went to California in part to visit family uncle, Tom in Los Angeles. My father's sisters in Los Gatos, Manhattan beach in riverside. But we also went to California for reasons I thought more pertinent to my eleven year old existence. That is to say fun reasons. Universal Studios the LA brea tar pits and Disneyland I hadn't grown up under the spell of Disney. But that didn't mean wasn't willing to get excited about Disney land, I loved Kansas City's resident amusement park worlds of fun home to rides with names that were destined to run a foul. A political correctness the zoo, the Orient Express, and the NBC Zinger the last of which didn't have seat belts. But instead relied only on the weight of its occupants to hold those occupants inside. I assume that if I loved worlds of fun, which was near the boring place where I live and there was another amusement park. But this amusement park was located in far off California, which I knew had to be better than Kansas than this far off amusement park was about to knock my socks off as my grandmother might have said. Come the day appointed for our trip to Disneyland. I woke feeling like someone had slipped in elixir containing the adrenaline associated the past five Christmases in the two previous last days at school. I bolted for the kitchen at my aunt's Manhattan beach apartment we were cousin Eddy in this portrait ready to start. What I soon was going to be the best day of my life. I was in for a surprise. My father and my brothers had been vomiting since four AM. Disneyland was postponed. Once my mother had gotten everyone ammonium, and or my landed and the gastro intestinal coast was reasonably clear, we took our rental Chevrolet Lumina east to the home of one of my dad's other sisters in one of those inland empire cities that looks like it came from the future a future where everyone has lost the will to live and all the water is gone. We took an afternoon tour of the small horse farm with his previously unknown aunt of mine lived, the eucalyptus trees made it feel like another planet, and my brother Dan fell in the pool with his clothes on. After dinner some suburban restaurant called claim snorter bootleggers or Jack strap junction we tucked in for the night along day survived. My dad and my brothers had gotten progressively better throughout the day. And we were set for Disneyland in the morning. So it's weird that this was the night. I realized my parents were going to die. Before our trip to California, I've been dealing with my first ever existed crisis. It had begun the previous winter when thanks to a man character named trap jaw. I'd found out the truth about Santa Claus. I was almost eleven years old and doubts about the Santa Claus thing. We're creeping into my head the logistics of the chimneys interior diameter were difficult to reconcile. And I was beginning to understand just how many people lived in the United States at school. None of my classmates spoke to the Santa Claus conundrum with any real thority undoubtedly some of them. Specifically, the ones who live near Nancy Smolinski down by the grain elevator in Meriden must have been told by their parents that Santa was about as real as their stepfather's loved. It. Didn't let on though, maybe they'd been sworn to secrecy told not to intervene when the rest of us fought over whether the benefit of an extra hour by going east to west because see then it's only ten here was enough to make up for the fact that landing on all two hundred and fifty houses in Meriden would alone take up most of that our. Would I knew for sure was that in spite of the tendrils of doubt that were climbing. My brain's outer walls, I still believed. And just like anyone who knows anything. I share and believes I wanted to make sure everyone around me. Agreed. So one winter day in the lunch line with my classmates awaiting their spoon, burgers and with me. Getting my milk ticket ready. I stole a trick from the playbook employed by climate change deniers in creationist, and I made something up. At a pause and one of the Santa debates that had become a fixture in our lives this December. I cocked an eyebrow into the assembled said you guys know what the US flag is. The US flag was the kingpin the holy grail the MAC daddy of all GI, Joe toys, an action figure ready aircraft carrier that measured in at a cool seven feet six inches and was listed at an exorbitant one hundred twenty dollars in the JC Penney catalog that was the mainstay of the Shirley families Christmas wish making. Yeah. They all said, of course, we do. Well, my parents would never give me the US flag. But Santa Claus did last year. My fellow lunch liners considered my argument and then like fence sitting voters at a rally for teddy Roosevelt. They looked at one another shrug and nodded. And no doubt why my logic was airtight, Kenan. Jane, Shirley, would never by such a monstrosity for the Shirley boys' Santa Claus might give it to them. There was one weakness in my argument, a weakness that would have been easy enough to exploit if any of the assembled had been to my house, but none of the assembled had been to my house. So they didn't know the truth which was that. I had not been given the USS flag the previous year largely because my parents are not insane persons willing to surrender an entire room of their house to a toy ship, but this minor detail seemed unimportant what mattered was that the levees it held in the anti-santa tide was still at sea. At home. I went about further bolstering my defenses dutifully writing out my Christmas list while Matt and Dan argued over whether they should use pen or pencil. I was very specific. I told Santa I wanted the figuring for trap jaw the Hinch men of human sworn enemy the routinely inap- skeletal mailed. My letter the action itself leaving me even more confident than ever. I mean, it wasn't like you could just send letters to nowhere. And so it was without a care in the world that I went with my family the following weekend to the north to peak at KMart to finish our Christmas shopping. We split up each of us tasked with his or her own private gift-giving objectives. I wandered off toward the board games considering whether it was a good year for stratego from my brother, Dan, or maybe that would be a better combination gift for Dan. And Matt then rounding a corner I saw. My father pulling that trap jaw action figure. I so desired off the display rack of he man toys. Now, my dad could easily have been looking at trap job because he was wondering why trap jaw had a detachable risks that could be replaced with a gun a hook or a pincer or because he was thinking of getting it for one of my brothers or because he in Santa Claus. Didn't have a direct fucking line of communication, and it was conceivable that the two of them could give me the same thing. But I knew the jig was up. My eyes got wide. And I ran to the front of the K mart where the coin-operated horse at next to the poor people classified ads a core that had pinned to it advertisements for long repair and babysitting. My mother must have heard me wail because she came flying up the house after finding me in full paroxysm at the front of the store. When she got me calmed down and figured out. What was wrong? She said. Didn't even think you still believed your brothers made me. But I guess we thought you found out a long time ago. I turned off the salt faucet for long enough to turn and give her a withering stare. I guess you thought wrong I said, and then I went back to crying. It doesn't take a psychology degree to figure out what I was really crying about. Santa Claus was a link to a friendly childhood that I sensed was coming to an end, my friends were already becoming less interested in arguing Santa Claus and more interested in chasing girls around the playground with intentions other than that. They might be able to drill them with yellow inflatable. Jim voice. I wasn't at all interested in that ladder pastime. But knew that pretty soon, I would be theoretically, at least we'd already had the puberty presentation the girls had been shuttled into MS van he's room while we had been sequestered with MRs wells. Fortunately, fourth grade didn't rate a visit from the county nurse. Noticing changes the voice narrating the video intone perfectly. They didn't look natural not in that high school kid who watched his little brother play in our peewee baseball games, the one who wear the tank tops, and then lean up against the fence with his arm over his head as if anyone wanted to see the microphone cover that was drawing armpits. And it didn't seem like it was going to feel natural. You mean to tell me I remember thinking at a high school basketball game while my heroes stood on the lane for free throw that those guys have hair around their testicles. How are they not thinking about that all the time? No, I didn't want any part of this growing up thing. This not believing in Santa thing. This adulthood thing as far as I could tell none of the older people. I knew were any happier than I was. I put this question to my mother clearing, my eyes and asking her what there was to look forward to. She thought for a moment. She said you'll see you'll really like driving. Cocktail eyebrow driving didn't seem like it was going to be much of a reward for growing up. Not least because driving wouldn't be happening for another three or four years. I spent the evenings of the spring summer and early fall moping around the house acutely aware that things were about to change for little ole prepubescent meeting. I had hoped though, I thought our vacation would improve my mood and for a while it did I didn't have any time to think I don't call Tom's house and the journal my fifth grade teacher was making me keep in lieu of homework was occupying my brain during free moments. But then in all the excitement for Disney disaster struck as I lay there at my aunt's house in the inland empire. Trying to force the adrenaline out of my brain. So I could sleep. I started thinking about my aunt's husband who had this weird disorder that caused him to fall asleep without warning. He obviously wasn't doing. Well, this mine I was only eleven and not a doctor, but his malady didn't seem like the sort of thing that just got better. And he was of the same generation as my parents. Mullen, data to die, aren't they? This revelation that my parents weren't immortal rocked my world, if they were gone, but would I do what would become of me of whom would I ask things like, but why can't I hang prepositions? There didn't seem to be answers to these questions. But that didn't stop me from trying to find them. I worried about my parents impending deaths, and then I worried about the fact that I was worrying because if I kept worrying I wasn't going to be able to sleep if I couldn't sleep. I was going to be tired for Disneyland. And if I was tired for Disneyland I wouldn't feel better about anything. All of which hoped exactly zero. Of course. Then finally the portion of my brain devoted to self maintenance, piped up with a tiny piece of advice. Focus on something small. Before bed at notice that my aunt had frosted mini wheats in her kitchen and cupboard, thanks to the Shirley households ban on sugar sweetened cereals, I'd never had frosted mini wheats. And I had big plans to start out my Disney day with my I bowl. So with visions not of Disney, but of cereal in my head. I went to sleep. I awoke to a terrifying sensation something was happening in my stomach and that something wasn't going to be conducive to riding roller coasters or to eating frosted mini wheats for that matter. I got up and report the kitchen for breakfast, hoping I was just hungry. I hugged my parents who against all odds had survived for the night. Then I poured myself a bowl of frosted mini wheats. Something of a brazen. Move considering the unrest within my intestines halfway through. I could tell that. I'd made a mistake. I spend to the bathroom where I deposited. The few mini wheats. I'd eaten directly into the toilet the bad news for my dreams of Disney was that I was the only one who was sick, and we were already a day behind. So we went to the park, and I spent most of the day in bathrooms and on benches while my brothers screamed their way through funder mountain. The good news for me was that our vacation wasn't over. There was still time for me to shake free from the doldrums. We'd gotten out of the way our respective bows with whatever stomach ailment had attempted to derail the trip, and we still had a few days left, including the trips capstone Yosemite national park from semi Los Angeles. We drove up the coast to San Francisco to see more relatives and then onto Yosemite where we unpacked our bags and tent cabins that sat under the shadow of half dome. The park was beautiful picturesque like nothing I'd ever seen in our timing. Couldn't have been better you'll semi's alpine air was still warm enough that the place was habitable. But the park wasn't overrun with tourists are parents had pulled us out of school for two weeks for the California trip. It was perfect. Yet waiting for me like the ninja in the Pink Panther movies. My parents had rented win win. I got in a VCR that same dreadful inescapable sense. Then my life had already seen its best days. It's stocked me wherever we went the sequoias, twelve knee meadows, the base of the sheer rock wall. That is El capitain. On our last night in the park after my father relented and allowed us to get pizza in the main camp building I found myself walking through a pretty Yosemite glade trying to splinter off from my family. So I could fight back the tears that. We're about to spill onto the pine needles below vacation like my childhood was ending more quickly than I wanted it to and I couldn't seem to slow down. Either one worst of all was the sense that no matter what I did. I couldn't stop thinking about the inexorable March of time away from childhood into adulthood toward my parents deaths. And then over some speakers artfully placed in the woods, I heard whistles of bebop. And here's a little song. I wrote you might want to sing it note for note, Bobby mcferrin, don't worry be happy had long since done. It's two weeks at number one on the billboard hot one hundred. But I was hearing it for the first time and for reasons that I could neither exp. Plane nor understand the tension dropped out on my shoulders, my brain zeroed in on the natural beauty around me. And thanks to something in mcferrin voice. I did exactly what he ordered. I didn't worry. I did be happy. After yosemite. We went back to Kansas, and I rejoined my fifth grade class. I got busy with cub scout meetings and four H events and a YMCA basketball team. And then my time at Jefferson west elementary was over and I went off to middle school in those long bus rides where we traded baseball cards and those middle school dances. Where I stayed scared of Lisa's there. I didn't forget about the despair felt about times brutality. But I learned how to manage it. Reading helped music helped whether it was Bobby mcferrin or stereo phonics or nine inch nails basketball really helped anytime. I felt like I had under those trees in Yosemite. I could go outside to the concrete slab the ball the ground the net. These were things I could count on these things helped me quit. Worrying helped me be well, maybe not happy. But at least not said, then I began to grow. Both and up freshman year, a mess of hormones and confusion sophomore year possibly worse. Junior year got a little better. I was starting on the basketball team, and I was kissing a girl senior year brought more anxiety with his anxiety was manageable. Because this things Addy had a direct cause. Where was I going to go to college? And how could I survive once I got there? I decided on a school, and I packed all my things in the light blue Chevrolet Corsica. My parents had helped me by and I drove north to Iowa where thanks to basketball in an engineering degree. I was as busy as a one armed paperhanger as my mother would say, then college was over, and I left for Los Angeles and then Greece and then and then the next nine years well, but didn't exactly race by because there was a lot that happened in those nine years. I was busy busy enough that without even noticing. I wasn't worrying about time, and my parents deaths anymore pretty soon. I had other things. Worry about a burgeoning writing career and efforts to reinsert myself into social circles, I neglected while. I was traipsing across the globe. I moved from Kansas City back to Los Angeles. Where I got an apartment with my brother, Matt who'd grown up and gone to Colgate where he played basketball himself. I started a second book through that second book in the trash I met a kind girl and then twenty four years after that boyhood trip to the assembly valley with the only career I'd ever really known already in life's rear view. I went back with that girl. And we went on a hike at the rim of Yosemite vast canyon, and we laughed at the tourists. We thought we weren't. And we took pictures in front of half dome. Then we got into the Volkswagen and we drove into the valley, and we got that beer. And now, I am explaining why I'm crying in this magnificent place. I tell my girlfriend that I'm crying because I wish I could go back and explain things to the little boy I'd once been that little boy who found the bright red balloon in the fence surrounding the property owned by his not yet dead. Parents growing up. I would say is just about as bad as you're thinking, it might be it's chaotic and mystifying and downright exhausting. A lot of the time, especially if your spleen has just been destroyed or you're alone and living in a foreign country. And you're right. Little Paul to be worried because things are about to get a lot more complicated. Many of those complications will mean that life will be no fun at all because they will require choices that will likely hurt. Someone's feelings often those feelings will be your own. But in spite of this terrifying picture, I am painting for you little Paul. He should not abandon all hope because there will be moments moments when you'll take stock and a little grin will slide onto your face. Maybe you'll be in your overheated dorm room at your over frigid college sitting at a desk, that's too small under a light that's too dim. And you will have just cracked calculus problem that you thought was going to keep you stumped for days weeks, possibly months, and you will drop your pencil and say out loud. I figured that out. Or maybe you'll be in a locker room in Spain. And your team full of multinational misfits will have just won game in a city you'd never heard of before traveling there and you'll look around in. Spite of the snap ankle that's going to keep you in ice buckets in physical therapy for the next six months, you'll think. I hope to do this. Or maybe you'll be in a German SUV inside a national park where you once thought you'd never again be happy and you'll look across the front seat at the girl sitting there a girl you drove. Yes. Drove here after months of dating subsequent to meeting her at a websites launch party where you locked up to her and told her you'd like to make friends and you'll think, wow, I found her on their own these moments will not serve to make up entirely for the tragedies that will befall. You your parents are still going to die. Your brothers are still going to die that girl in the UV is still going to die. You are still going to die. What will help though with these frequent reminders of life's crushing relentlessness what will serve to tether, you to sanity just as you will one day be tethered to a waterpipe by garden hose at a plant nursery is your capacity to share them. So please little Paul pick up that balloon and write a note, and then pick up a great, many other balloons and write a great many other notes because someday someone is going to find one of those notes, and when that happens this someone will carry your balloon into her house, and she will set it down on her desk or her couch or her kitchen table, and she will open your note, and she will read it, and she will close it with a tiny gas book delight as she puts her hand to her mouth. She will reach across the table and take your hand and tell you that she loves you. And you will understand that you will be okay. Thanks for staying all the way to the end on a serious note. I appreciate that. You took the time to listen to my voice, and I hope you'll subscribe and share with your friends a big thank you to lunch break entertainment for their help in bringing this oral adventure to life because everyone should go on an adventure once in a while. Oh, by the way, that's oral with an AU Google it. If you have to.

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320: What Shift Did You Make To Get Out Of Victim Mentality?

Earn Your Happy

36:44 min | 2 years ago

320: What Shift Did You Make To Get Out Of Victim Mentality?

"Actually, it was very powerful for me to be like, oh, man. I've been in victim mode, most of my life. So it was powerful for me to be able to start to look at. I'm going to help all the people who are stuck in victim mode as I overcome this. Welcome to earn your happy podcast. I'm Laurie harder. Founder of the blest project. Three fitness world champion, fitness expert and cover model turned self love junkie lifestyle entrepreneur and author each week. I'll bring you a guest or a thought that will help you bust through your fears. Connect your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life business and relationships we don't wait until we're ready for someone to tell us. We're good enough. We take what we want and we annoyance ourselves. Get ready to earn own and on apologetically rock your happiness every single day. Are you with me? Here we go. Welcome back to another episode of questionably awesome. Where we decide that. It's awesome. And you don't get to question. It. No questions are welcome except for the ones that they actually offer. And we'll be answering all of those yet. No questions about how awesome this is. Or not no questions about that. Yeah. Unless it's super awesome. Then you can ask that question. Yes. Yeah. Did you follow? So everyone is. Okay heavens. Hey, Laurie have we shared, and I think that we have that we have a morning song for you. Oh, wait. You know, it, you know, our morning saw that you and Chris Sadia. They think heavens is wait. I added to it though member. Oh, yeah. Thank he of ins. It's evans. She knew whose what she she does in walked to work. She rats by every morning, you thought it was going to be better than that. Here's what I tell you right now if you wanna happy life lower your expectations. And sing and sing is gonna be way better. That's all. That's the. And thank you for tuning in leave a comment a nice one only five stars. And only a nice one. All right. So how's your weekend? My weekend was really great. You had a big celebrations weekend. Guess it was my friend's baby shower, and it was so beautiful since you have something else. Oh, my friend's birthday. Like, no, there's nothing else. Finally been big been significant happen. Just the man I love celebrating Daya birth. Okay. I give me one cool thing about the birthday celebration. And then I remember you told me something cool about what they did at the baby shower. Oh, yeah. The best thing about the birthday celebration was the cheeseburger that I had was out of control. So tell me about it. Please perfect cheese to meat ratio. I apologize to vegetarians who are not enjoying this. But I imagine OB on a vegetarian Patty as well. Yes. The cheese was probably amazing as well. He was mazing bun all around great situation. Good pickles fries. Nailed. It sounds amazing very healthy, yum. Okay. And that was at the what was it Palley house, those hotel, and we went to this place called golden bull four little hamburger steak dinner fun. So funny like as you get older your birthdays or just kind of like, actually, I just want to be with my loved ones and have a meal. Yeah. Just wanna burger? Yeah. Like don't get me wrong. Sounds more like your birthday. Yeah. Of take control of that. Or what he he? He he had he did that. What did he want is that what he wanted? Or? Did you surprise him? He wanted a steak dinner. You know? It's funny. I feel like a Chris's always like, I don't know as long as you're happy. I'm happy. What do you want? I'm like, hey, good, man. We're going to go eat some kale again. All right. He's like oh God. No, not again. Like, well, you let me decide so. Okay. The baby shower too. She do some really cool stuff. Yes. Show me a picture. It was to die for. Oh my gosh. So this amazing girl who Dade portrait's when you got there. She colors portrait's of you. And they're the cutest thing ever. And I think she's in LA. So maybe I should she what her name is. Yeah. You should find her handle because that was so adorable. I know what her handle is chasing Lennon takes chasing Lennon. Yeah. At chasing. Linen. Okay. Because I loved them. I thought that that was the coolest party favor. Like just a little it was so cute. You'll have to look her up. Yeah. She also has a podcast called the modern creative podcast. I have my God eat I wonder what we can learn to do from the pot pie. Now. I don't know what. Tune in. Maybe it's like listening to Bob Ross. Yeah. Happy little tree. Which by the way. I was just watching stories in. It was this is so random, but it was Rachel platin- watching. Bob Ross and she was saying how she's like oh my God. He was like personal development ahead of his time. And like quoting all these things that really was he was like motivational speaker while painting trees because he was like, I know here's we're gonna take a risk. But only the good things come when you take a risk. And he like, you know, because your pictures already painted, and if you're going to add something to an painted picture like maybe the final tree like you can really f it up like that is risky, so risky. But Bob new Bob knew that you can have an already good painted picture. But if you want greatness, you're going to have to risk it all to add the final pine. You just that's it. This podcast is over mind blown final pine. Are you gonna be bold enough to add that final pine or not do it to the Farnell plan on a line? You weren't put on this earth to just put a little too fine to have a little twig. Yeah. Even though those are important, those are those are supportive. Yeah. You do need Twix. Never underestimate the power of good twigs. Twigs? Good thousands on my mom's dogs name twin? Really, that's recipes recipes twig, he might be running around actually helping us. Laminant? He's arrive here, actually. And I'm grabbing my final pine. All right. So put a quote time you go first. Okay. All right. So these quotes are about kind of like where we're at or how we're feeling and mine is about while. I'll read it to I. Okay, it's random, but great. It's by Jacqet maroon. Ooh. Yeah. Or Jackie Barzan. Yeah. So in producers loafing is productive. And no creator of whatever magnitude has ever been able to skip that stage any more than a mother can skip just station. So loafing is not something you do in the morning. Nope. Or something a Baker does low. What technically we kind of all day loafing is like loafing is productive procrastination. I like that. Yeah. Now to all of you, natural procrastinators. This quote, isn't for you. Because you've got to take some action and get off your Kista. But this is for people who don't loaf enough like you. Yeah. Like I need to buy loafers to remind myself to be like loaf. Can't skip it. Yeah. Just loaf around for this. Loyd has Shay just loaf. How should I just love because I okay. So what's happening to me right now is like ooh new year. Tons of ideas. I have no lack of ideas that I know will be super profitable and amazing yet. I will enjoy them accept what happens is, there's many ideas. And it's not that I need the idea, but I've never given myself actual space for more than like a week or two weeks. Right. It'd be like what's actually coming through for me. But I'm feeling this bizarre like period, where I'm supposed to just like, look and observe at all of these ideas. Yes. And the Justice period like don't skip over this like every 'cause the ideas keep evolving. So clearly, I'm like, okay. Stop and you have a mazing things right now focus on that. And see what happens. So you can't skip over it. You can't just like Caterpillar has again that cocoon for a little bit. Uh-huh. And if you pull it out early. It's going to be like a cat. Yep. And a pillar and you're going to like what does those? Let's not a butterfly butterfly. Not ready. Yeah. And you can't you can't even build a house with one pillar in. Nobody wants a single cat. No. You've got to have one for sure kind of a bunch. Yeah. So thank you Laurie. Let's just get a bunch of cats loaf around. It's fine. Get a pillar put a plant on it. Hey, do you. Remember this trend real quick before? I get your quote. Yes. Bride random. Do you remember homegoods? Oh, yeah. It's still exists. Okay. Awesome. Yeah. And I bet we can still get pillars there Virginia. Remember pillars were like, a staple in the nineties and two thousands. Yes. With a plant on it or she. Yes. Like pillars were like, here's my home. I have many small baby pillars and have large pillars in the corner with plants on them. And if you're lucky you might even have pillars holding up your living room. That's true. If you had pillars that were separating your den from your kitchen high class the heavy hitter. I wanna be at your dinner out exactly me too. And you know, why why pillars on their table to oh handle pillars? It's. You guys when I first met, Chris, he probably had no less than twenty five pillars around US House. I'm not shitting you. He's a big pillar guy is I was like, wow. Are you from because? Have a lot of history in here. I mean, how old are these pillars? I can't tell us. These her a thousand years old. Or these are five minutes old that just says a lot about Chris. I if you didn't know, but I thought he had his own mold in the back like just popping out pillars. Just love fillers. That big flower is to he must have gone to Michael's. I think you'd just stuck to home. Go just stayed there. Yeah. I don't think he'd probably ventured out to Michael's think. That's a lot overwhelming. Yeah. But I think that homegoods. Probably brought in those flowers. Yeah. Nice. You probably just bought the display, and I was like, I could see totally. I just want this whole thing. How much do I have to pay for it? Does exactly how he was. And like he wanted his house decorated. So I think he was probably just like pillars and flowers. Yeah. And do you know why it was honestly like back in the day? I was like, wow. This guy like decorates? And like, yeah. Goes very impressed with this place. But then I'm really sorry. Cons pillars. And I was a little alarmed too many pillars. It's like really confused anyway moving on. Tell me your quote, oh, it's by J K Rowling. And she says we do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. While not good. I like it. So we all have an inner wand, we do can I just tell you something about that woman. You what I went to Harry Potter world, and they are making so much money off of ones have you nine holes. Did I almost bought into one world, it's ridiculous. But let me tell you. I why because the ones activate things around the park. So these kids are standing I'm like, what are these kids standing in a line for because there was this big random line in the middle of nowhere, and I look up and they're they're all like they're like one two three in the point their wand and the one Blake unlocks this clock. That's like. And then it unlocks the door. And so then the kid is done and the next kid is pointing their wand, I'm like don't think get that. Nobody's actually like they're so working. But no. But the ones do have an activator in them probably like a battery or some sort of sonar. I think I think sharks used sonar. I think that's what the wand uses. But but I like it. I will say it was very cool because I almost got a one because it like you'd walk in in the windows like you could activate like cooking Turkey, you're something and like baking bread or like opening something or turning on a light. Like, it would tell you like wave your ones at the windows, or whatever. So that's really cool. Yeah. Like in. Yeah. I was j Robert waving your wand and being careful about it. But just waving around just keep that keep that one safe though. Norm, saying, yeah, make sure it's a real wand. All right. So just just to make sure show the these ones are in this. Here's the thing about the ones what this might not seem important right now. But it is has a lesson in here. I got. Yeah. Thinking on my tell us. So there's ones everywhere and I picked them up. I'm like these are actually beautiful they look like they're whittled, but they're also just stamped out. Do you know what I'm saying? Like, they look. In. There's thirty different flavors of one's whatever you want. Yes. And I pick them up, and I'm like does this seventy dollars. Like. Thirty five dollars. Does this like they're all different prices. And I was like. Here's what I want to talk about never underestimate the power of a silly little idea that you think is silly and little and it's not or that someone calls. Silly little and it's not at all. Because you never know when you are the next one maker. Yes, you know, what I'm saying J K Rowling right in those books on cocktail napkins. And that is not even an I'm only saying this because the wand is only an extension of what her little idea has started. Right. It's out of control like there's so many things that can come if you're thinking big. And if you just don't care. Yeah. You just follow your heart, by the way that rollercoaster have been on it. No, it's only fifteen seconds long. That's a little disappointing. But you guys don't let that mess with you like go anyway, just don't wait in line for more than get the fast pass. But don't I in line more than five minutes for this? Or you will be like, I couldn't believe it. My mommy's on the bad. All right. But here we go. Here we go. The are we getting on q? Yes. Do you want your view of the week Jau? Oh my gosh. Is this horse sign? This is from Victoria Plummer. She said, I absolutely love all the wisdom and laughs at Lori and parts to our listeners at lewd, really brightens. My day listening to her questionably awesome days with her assistant Evans, high laugh the entire time. I stopped my workout and wrote this review because I couldn't stop laughing at her and her husband's podcast together. Besides being really funny. The show has so much value for growing entrepreneurs like myself, Victoria, Victoria, bloomer. Thank you. And I want to know what your wand moment is what's your magic one? Oh, girl real tower, y'all. Victoria, your your name is glory glory. Okay. So Victoria's getting a mugger t shirt. Yes. She is. And she's gonna be getting that by mail. She's going to get it by snail mail, and she's gonna love it. And you know, what I hope you like your mailman because technically we just activated using your mailman. Oh, yes. We did. Yeah. Activation wand. Welcome full poop. Okay. Thank you for that beautiful review that makes me so happy because there's another listener that's where up to four now. Yes. Grateful for to grateful. Hashtag blessed. All right. So question. This is a really great question. And it's from Nicole Wilson who love her love her. She said, I mean, I don't know if I know her but lover, whoever came she said, what helped you slash what shift? Did you have to make to tell your story? Feel your story from less of a victim mentality to more of a journey lesson mentality. All right. Putting on my thinking cap here, which ING modes so for me in order to do that. I do think for me there were times when it was too soon to tell my story number one. I I did not have a hadn't processed it yet. So I needed to save space to process my story. First of all. So if you're feeling like a victim in your story. A lot of times we can start by shifting on our own you don't necessarily need people at all to do that. It's just like a huge support to be able to process with people. Yeah. For me. I had to start looking at understanding that my story was actually what I was going to teach. And actually, it was very powerful for me to be like, oh, man, I've been in victim mode, most of my life. So it was powerful for me to be able to start to look at. I'm going to help all the people who are stuck in victim mode as I overcome this. Yes. So I also looked at all the reasons why I I'm going to be able to help so many more people through that story. So I think healing it processing it in knowing that you went through the story to help people who are currently in that story that is such a powerful place like without it. This is so crazy because so many people come to me, and they say, I don't feel like I have a story. So and that's a whole other conversation not for this one. But I want to say a lot of times their stories is where our strengths in. Our our power comes from is over. Becoming it in knowing that that's going to be the people that we can talk to. And that's also where our strengths came from is overcoming that? And turning it into the Y. You must overcome it and get through it. Yes. I love that. So what what's something Evans that you feel like has helped shape you that was challenging. Ooh. My parents got a divorce. Yeah. And those challenging for me because it brings up new family, dynamics and new people in your life. But it challenges you to keep your relationship with your parents strong. I love that. Because I've actually heard from people like, oh, well, your parents weren't divorced when you were growing up. So you wouldn't understand or I had it really hard because my parents weren't together. Like still using that as a crutch, which I completely I get it. But this that would be where it's so easy to go into victim mode instead of wow, this could be something. That's really helped me understand a lot more people or get closer as individuals swipe. Right. You get a lot more alone time with your parents. Okay. And this is exactly what I'm talking about. You've now created a story as to why that was actually of benefit for you. Right. Yeah. Instead of focusing into why it wasn't right. So that's how you overcome it. Yes. Create a story as to why the thing could be of benefit to you. And how it has strengthened you and your character. Whether it strengthened you to be able to forgive faster to be able to let go faster to be able to move through something faster to not take things personal. There's a million different things. So anything you can learn from everything I love that made you good. All right. You don't didn't turn you into a bitter, Betty, I don't think so. Oh, I mean, I. In like, I'm pretty sure I know unless you're hiding her. I dunno you the second you leave your like. Betty, if your name is Betty, we can beautiful Betty, beautiful, Betty, either one day, Shas, Betty, boo. Dacia s-, Betty, she's listening. Hey that used to be a word, it's probably not an acceptable word anymore. But they used to call you a Betty like it was like it was a surfer term. I didn't know that. Yeah. Cute. But it's like a Betty, I don't know. I don't know. What's good anymore? Not even know the term anymore. Somebody lemme know let us know the term sitting don't let's go. Oh, Nicole son had another part of that question. Go, nicole. And it's a little different. She said what advice do you have for someone who is putting themselves out there to the public more? What should we expect while she avoid avoid if you see people holding tomatoes like avoid it out of the house get out of town because they have something for you. Yup. For person who's putting themselves out more don't take anything personal. That's my best advice. Honestly, I just go to town on this one because you're going to get people's opinions when you're putting yourself out there more, and it's amazing. You're also going to get people telling you how awesome you are. So and you get to help people, obviously as number one so focused on the fact that in order for your audience to hear you and find you you have to speak loudly, and you have to be clear, and you have to be consistent. And when they find you they're gonna love you. They're going to think they're lucky stars for you. You're going to impact them and you're going to change their life. So please focus on the fact that you are literally by you showing up you are fulfilling your purpose and you're changing lives, and we need you desperately. Do you have to focus on that? Yes. Because what's going to happen is one person is going to say something you're going to be like. Feeling is going to hurt, and it sucks, and that's okay. So I I guess the main thing that I want to say here is like feel it delete it please a dependent on how you want to respond to it. I highly recommend. I think no response is a very powerful response dependent upon how much you want to engage in that particular negative comment. If it's something I definitely have friends who are like, hey, if it's something that I know I could I could say, hey, just want to inform you this is how I actually feel. Thank you so much for your feedback. If it's something where it is a logical person saying some feedback that could actually be useful. Right. Definitely respond if you want to. But if it's something where it's just argumentative, please don't engage like do not get. That's that is energy that could be used for good and shifted, and you're wasting it. You're literally chucking in out the window into the garbage dumpster. And you could be using that energy to paint your pine tree. Oh, you're. Painting your final pine who painting. Your Pinal pine right now, you don't have time to worry about that other stuff. No. You literally just took a break from your painting. Right. And you went and you'd like drink poison. That's not good. That sounds awful. It's awful. But that's what it's compared to. Hey, guess what? There's another question. I can't wait. It's from at Taylor. Chew Wilmot Q Aumont if you could be doing anything else in life. What would it be in? Why? Oh, TQ and those last questions were great, by the way, I agree. So okay. Let's see if I could be doing anything else. What would I be doing? Like is this anything anything? Oh, I'd be a performer hind down. You're gonna say that. I'd be a singer or a I would be a singer dancer comedian. Ooh, you can still do that. Yeah. I'm kinda working on it. Yeah. You're variety show. Yeah. I kind of like have that little secret opening thing that's might be happening somewhere. You heard it here. First you might wanna come to the blissed project. Oh, are you gonna cut someone in half? Like a magician? That we're still testing that out. That was still in we're test bode. No one's going to get cut know everyone's going to be amazing in whole there. You're going to come out. Maybe you'll feel like you're in half. When you get there. Your whole. I'm you leave you're going to be a whole person. Oh like for learning. Yeah. For preserve song. Wholehearted? There is isn't their wholehearted. That's it. Yeah. You're going to be a whole person in. What was the question? The question was if you could be doing. Oh, yeah. Life would be in. Why that oh, you know? All right. You know, the wisdom I want to impart on this, please. I do want to say I am not those things right now. But I know that I have those things in me. So I'm bringing them forward. I'm not good at these things. Like when people are like. Oh, yeah. But you can do that. 'cause you're you or you do this or that. I'm like, a no, that's even worse. When people know who you are. And you're like I want to sing and then you're bad. So he. Like, I truly remember when people were like, oh, you went from bikini figure competitions to fitness. They're like oh. Well, that's easy for you. Because people like know who you are in the fitness world knows like no Honda. It's not easy because I don't dance and people have an expectation. So and I'm not saying, whatever. Pour me I am saying there's two different things going on there. Because people can now start to have an expectation like, oh, yes, you should be good at this. 'cause you're out in public and you're used to being in public, and I'm like, but I've never never done for him to song or written poetry in my life. But I'm putting it out there. So it's very, yeah. So do it like added to what you're doing? Like, if you I am not kidding you. If you work here's what I love about. What what flight crew was that south west south west like, honestly, I love companies and businesses and anywhere. Anyone can give themselves permission right now to be like, you know, I'm a performer. Or or I love I'm a performer at heart. I'm a singer even though I'm not like you can start incorporating those things into your job. And that's why it's like some of the happiest people in the world is because they can just create what you wish existed be themselves. Yeah. There's so many people that okay? So I was just on an interview with a girl, and she had created a she was interviewing me about my book with like thirty employees on the call in. She had basically created a position where she's like, you know, what this company needs a place where the women can kinda come together and support each other because it was really male dominated industry. And she wanted the women to have a spy it was so cool space to like process and connect because the women weren't very connected, and she went to like her higher ups and pitch this idea. Like, hey, can I get these women on a call in Crete this little community and now she's like leading this community? And she created it so create what you want. And if you're like, oh, my company doesn't do that. You haven't pitched ten times. So you don't know if your company does that or not sometimes all you do is ask ask multiple times? I I don't know of anything that's worked out with me asking like, you know, that call I have tomorrow. That's like a really nice big call, and I'm very excited about a guy. Do what was it five Email asks? Yeah. And we even knew her. Yeah. Nice ask. Yeah. Very nice. She didn't a nice ask, ma'am. I hate to a hate to see you go. But I love to watch you leave because you've got an ice. Ask you ask all day long Q Q Q Q Q Q. What's next? What's next is from at underscore? Carolina underscore feigned. Sorry, Mr. announce that I wonder what her parents were thinking when they named or underscoring or score. That's a cool middle name is very like they came from very clerical family. They were accountants and Carolina's. I why I love. Caroline. Thank you for letting us joke about name like clerical. No, it's not your real name. She's wondering what do you do when you are faced with unkindness and fear? Ooh, I typically cry. So. But for real unkindness and fear. Yeah. I acknowledge it I'm faced with it every day. Right. I think it'd be lying. If I said like there's not some form of like unkindness or fear every single day. And not in a horrible way. But in like, a there's some days that are worse than others. And there's some days where there's none at all. Like, there's very little first of all for fear in certain areas. Fear is going to get less than less. If you face it and acknowledge it and talk about it like, I think it's so powerful that you're even asking about it because the more that I share my fears with other people to smaller they get because I find that. I'm not alone in my fear, the more that I is late myself and don't tell people how I'm feeling or I don't talk about maybe the unkindness that I'm afraid of. Yeah. It can get worse. So for unkindness. I don't give unkindness like anytime. I just don't it's like when people are rude to me if I allow that to get into my realm, or if I take if I take it personal. It's that's on me. So true, the unkindness thing I'm like, I've got two choices here if it's really bad, and it someone who's constantly being unkind. I can stop. And I've said this. What I can stop stepping in front of the bus like if you know, the bus is going to run you over and it doesn't have breaks get out of its way. And it's your fault. If you keep stepping in front of it. And you know, it's not gonna stop. Yeah. So avoid it. Stop talking to that person. Get it out of your life as much as you possibly can. Yes. Even if it's family stand up for yourself and say, I love you. But I'm not going to continue to participate participate in this. And then the other one is just if it's something that you know, is just randomness forgiven. I let it go. I'm like. Ooh there in a rough spot. I'm like you never lot of love. And I, you know, if it's a comment or whatever blocked delete by that's my life and then for fear. I mean, it just depends. What do you do for fear? Face your fear. Naught will disappear. Yeah. Let's look. Good one. Yeah. It's not always that easy. But that's usually what happens. Oh, man. You must so your fear. I because you have a lot of phone calls to make on the daily. Yes. But I'm not really scared of the phone. No, no. Like, even when it's asks in like where you have to ask for things that don't feel great. I don't tell thing. I don't love that. But you just gotta do it. Yeah. You're really good about that. You guys listen to this one? So we're going to take some advice from from Ekran today. Oh, my oh. Here's the thing. No. It's so great like, well, we'll say something like trying to solve something maybe with like a hotel contract because we have a lot of events that are coming up or we always have a lot of events. Yes. And she's got to do a lot of negotiating and figuring out in like talking about hard stuff in like asking for challenging things in. She will like we'll be like. Okay. Well, what should we do? And she's like, you know, what I'm just going to get on the phone right now. Yeah. You just gotta get on that phone band-aid. It you just hear that to hear that puppy right off. It's just eat that frog. I. Yeah. Like UP? Good wack, sir. You know that? You wax, your own browser or anything? Oh, I don't. I really should. But also great. No, you shouldn't. I just didn't know if you did them or someone else did them. Nobody does them at the moment. I have a terrible waxing story telling I can't really tell it. Oh, I mean, I kinda can the next. It got real intense. I went through a phase where I was like I'm going to do everything myself to save money. So I was good like I worked at a salon. So I know how to browse. And my mustache my chin and my chest. I'm just kidding. Yes. Hey, you never know. Hey, there's no judgment for anyone. Chest you want to do? I might have you don't know. I don't know you're going to keep guessing. Anyway. So I I decided to wax some lady parts, you don't know if it's my chest org about. And it just went awry, and it got real bad and Chris came home. And I was crying and breathing heavy, and it was real bad. But you got it fixed hours later. Oh, no. Oh, yeah. Sweat almost passing out. Don't wax yourself in load on your face. Yup. That sounds real painful. It was real bad. I'm sorry. That happened to you. It's okay. It's it is something that I'm trying to heal. So I feel like when I bring it to light. Yes. Yeah. Now, I can go in isolation. I was feeling ashamed. But you have nothing to be ashamed. And I feel like it's a PSA to be like, no, you know, what thirty bucks guys. Yup. Just say a little bit pay it pay lemonade stand, and you can be happy earn. It earn. It earn that wack earn. It. Don't burn it. All right. Another question. You know, there's not it. Awesome. We'll this was a great one. I feel like we really left off on a good foot there. Why seeing in painting on wax off? What was that from again? Oh crikey. Oh, yeah. That'd you did. You do the stance? Let's dance. Karate kid stance. All when you were young the kick the crane. Oh, the crane that thing. Yes. If you didn't see it. She just popped her hands up. But she did it like a dinosaur with chicken hands like with. All right. So you know, if you haven't done the crane yet today, do it. It's good for balance. Do the kick up Yemen, hashtag crane intake me. Don't do that you're gonna pull something don't do that. I know what if you do it just warm up warm up some warm wax, warm up some lax and call today. So you have three seconds to impart a sentence of wisdom. You should see your face right now. Oh, no, three seconds impart a sentence of wisdom that you feel you've been tapping into lately. Don't worry be happy. No, there's always something. Okay. I love that. Don't worry be happy. And no one said a better than Bobby mcferrin. Yup. From just get out there and do your best and let your light shine and dance the night away and sleep until you have your rest and take your vitamins and don't be mean. That's the best advice literally in the most simplistic form. So you heard it here. And if you need more wisdom tune in next week to questionably awesome, where you'll be questioning if this is awesome. But you won't be able to answer three people next week. Yes. All right, everybody. Thank you so much for being here so much gratitude to you and make sure you share this with another friend that maybe you don't like. To get them back. Of the best day. Thank you so much for spending this time with me on the earn your happy podcast. I am. So glad that you stopped by if you could take one second to share this episode with someone you think would love it. That would be absolutely amazing. And we would be forever grateful. Also, please leave us a review if you feel so moved by going to I tunes and leaving us an honest thought and honest comment tell us what you think tell us what you want to hear more. It would really help us out on our journey to helping thousands and thousands of people until then don't forget to earn your happy thanksgiving guys. Bye. Bye.

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We Made It Weird #3

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

1:44:49 hr | 3 months ago

We Made It Weird #3

"You. Walk. With homes just. Does. Chuck. Fresh Air I liked. It's happening where it is what is Happening Act One? One what's happening? Where does? A small, but independent podcast for years. We just record our episode. I'm too tired to Riff, but I'm not too tired terrific in this episode you're about to hear that's right that he's too tired in the intro because he really gave it his all I left it all on the cord. Yeah thank you for those of you knew the show valid I record these every Thursday, which is when our babysitters. Here we go on a date. But before we do, we pull over the car and we record a little bonus episode for Friday's called, we made it weird So this is the third one. We're currently in the car, but the is not running in the recording here about to hear the. AC is running we apologize for that but we're in California. It's very hot and we literally have nowhere else to go. So this is that we get away from our beloved baby So we can have this little talk and it's really fun to share these chats with you guys. I'm really glad you're enjoying them those of you that are. Yeah. Support the show me Andy's dot com slash weird catava com slash weird cw hemp, dot com slash Weird Promo Code. Keep it crispy nineteen trying to Oh, living libations dot com slash weird. These are all things to get me and these. These are all things that you can just buy I know it sounds like schlocky and maybe a little silly but. It's like this is our livelihood right now. So if you want if you like the show you want to support and you need underwear a protein, drink skin care or maybe some CBD please check out one of those because that directly supports this show and it would mean a lot and who doesn't who doesn't need underwear CBD that's for skin care in protein. Come on. Your basic. These are your base. It's like Maslow's Pyramid of forever brain on dot com slash. Weird. Yeah. There you go. All right covered. I'm sorry. Were you about to promote something beautiful and like heartfelt and? Okay good. I just meant that I didn't interrupt you. Okay. Guys enjoy. We made it weird number three. I didn't do. Boy. I like. Oh Baby. ooh. That's over the What if we did like a hip hop song in? Where it's like? Cheese. Whole Dickie Cheese. Is Dick, Cheddar. Matured cheese. which is more propert. We're in the CAR HE WAS A. White man feel like it was like two thousand. Five I'M GONNA. Put My leg up like my dad driving the Winnebago in the nineties. So uncomfortable always uncomfortable. Big What is you were in my body and I was in your body. I know exactly what you mean only God I would go right to a mall in the eighties to that like tasteful. nudes. Well what's it called? Glamour shots. But I'd slip them fifty and be like what if the nips? That was so detailed. I was just thinking you would just be like standing in a room squeezing. Long Long. Comedy comedy comedy it up. I'M GONNA have to comedy dear this vehicle and then I get in the car and I just fill it with clown. Listen, maybe you've never listened to a we made a weird word yeah. With the third one you weird. It's the best maybe it's the best one. We don't know it hasn't. It hasn't. Gone. Jack. happened. listen hey, I was in A. I had this like urge to be like. This is something I used to do, and I was a kid and I wonder if you did it. Where you would like to spend the night at your friend's house I'm talking like. Eight seven eight or nine ish spend the night at your friend's house. and He'd be like. When I spend the night, let's have so much fun. I know exactly what you mean. In fact. I've held onto that into my income. because. Sorry I. Best to Kidney Stone. That is creative. I like passing a kidney stone that I didn't have you created a kidney stone. OMG. Cheese congratulations. Thank you. Can I say by the way Okay. I this point one. My friends used to come on would make videos on my vhs. Camcorder. And I. My vhs Sylvania. And I would always say, let's make a really great movie dsm. Other, the more relatable version would be let so much fun. And my whole life and I know you can relate to this is trying to sync up that feeling the feeling of infinite possibilities that you have at lunch. You just had your first Sipa Coca Cola. Eating. An Ham, and cheese on white. And you just go. To the Moon Kademi at nine thirty PM. Johnny Chatter. Now dicky. Cheddar Cheddar. But I I forgot what the Oh the other thing I was going to say is unrelated. I just like even when you just said that. I. You know what I think. It was though as I would be so determined and this is transferred into my adult life. This happens sometimes where I I won't be so determined to have the best time of my life that I will at least make my body and brain believe that I am having the best time of my life low interest like I won't accept anything else. I was able to achieve that alone and still can. But, I can't do that with groups Ya but this is our differences are difference I welcome to our new podcast. This is our difference, but it is different. I. I have a way harder time doing it alone with other people because I feed off the energy of others like a vampire right and I. I heard my energy for fear. Like, like a dragon. Orbiting my golden coins these are Mike going. Chester cheater doing here is a What kind of car is I can't see summer cities say Mercedes. A mercies mercies. There's a whole parking lot parking I feel like he's working goofy because we're parking goofy. But we've are goofy because we wanted to be in the shade bees and other boring things. That have nothing to do with US Anyway Hey, while we're doing this podcast have so much fun. You know that's what I've carried over though. AND NOT TO BE TRUE and. Feel, you shouldn't be allowed to. I would like to Tony Robbins drowning. I love Tony, I know he's gotten into Mickey. Mickey's. Yeah, he's he's always putting his giant button is even giant or He's already gets into trouble. I know. But he changed my life for no doubt no doubt. No doubt listening to the tapes tapes that I. GOT HIS MP threes. So step that he said in like the eighties. It was all just like those little affirmations do every and every way I'm getting better and better. You can say funnier and funnier whatever you want whatever. I love my life. This is actually ties into what we're saying I love my life. Why would that make you love your life more but it does saying your friends let's have a really fun sleepover and when I set out to write a script and I know you must get this way when you write a song or a poem. You have that feeling. You know the click like two buttons snaps. You're just like I. Want that Haiku Japanese I. Mean this is a compliment that origami precision of something being perfect and I've said this a million on the podcast. I'm surprised. You haven't heard me say I R, l.. Paul Thomas Anderson. One of my heroes said when he sat down to write Magnolia. But he was like, I want to write a great movie. Just a movie like I'm going to, and you can tell that movies a big in swing. This is an uncensored podcast that was a real time sensor. From back from my crush says. Chrish. quarrier. Chrish he what's your ish with being crash? What would you do? Would you swear? Well I didn't for a while like I would say through at least my. Freshman Year of high school. And then it was like my brother and I would do it when we were just like alone secrets wears yeah and then, but we would make we would it really kind of was made it better because it would be. A little bit of a big swing and it was kind of risky. We would make each other laugh so hard it's. Just like. F word. But I think before that I was saying fricken. Franken. I used to have such a Canadian say have such a hard on. I. Guess So. I don't know that seems like one of the things that's probably on the way out. To Harlem. Just means as. excited. As long as the person. Yeah you're right. Right I hear you. I used to get very worked up. Let's say to keep this time capsule applicable to twenty thirty three in the. Future. In the future where there's no swearing nothing weird and we're all I'll be happy I like being Vegan. Bobby mcferrin. We. Do. You don't know who volume of fairness I don't know what the pops are he did stuff like that he was one of those. You know us as Sung. Back and he was in the back going. which was my brother and my whole life new everything and I, knew nothing. He was always like he's two years older than me too key difference who's always smarter than me and kind of stuff that I didn't know. I, remember asking him what to blow job, for example. And So he just new staff and I one time got him because he thought Bobby mcferrin don't worry be happy. We knew he did all the sounds but my brother thought he did them all simultaneously. And it was such a great moment I was a child and I was like he doesn't. He doesn't water time and I. I was right and I still remember the look on my brother's face. I think the first time I had like bested him. Wow. I went through a huge swearing phase in fourth grade. Oh Yeah I went through early one to go through the early it's so Weit Christian Girl I. Well. I'm not taking back. My friends older sister was starting to listen rap music. And For, like I used to reference this for two weeks I listened to rap music and I, and I tried out what I referred to then is cussing Oh my goodness I also remember very vividly my brother. I went to the Green Bay concert. But it was. The first time ever heard them play that the hatch shell in Boston there was a little there was a mini riot they only got through three songs. That's how popular they were. Then the next day my brother took me into his room. GimMe headphones. And I had so loud music was playing and I was like what's up blow? Can't. I knew. Specific Weird I had to bring it back. I just didn't know it'd be so soon. Job It's so funny because it was the reason it was too soon. It was it was good too soon. I he played for me Longview, which is the song that has a lot of queries and it has mastered the word masturbation and and I. I mean some people probably have that experience watching like the faces of death video. I don't know if there were those vhs. Videos of people actually dying. It's like horrible staff. No I now I think you made me laugh at the thing that I didn't. Yeah. But faces of death sounds like a Swedish. Death Metal Band. Face, as let's face is home to three face. I remember that was Doraville. I saw some of those terrible but hearing long view on added for the first time he because he says Fox clearly, he knew there was a Mike in the room. What is he doing? This is documented. You can't take it back, but we loved swearing me and my fourth grade friends who didn't stay friends. It was like third fourth grade thing and we all just used to hang out being Karen klutz Thornton or cut cleats Klutz or we she was my weird not weird. But it was weird that I had a girlfriend you know what I mean like so. I say she was my girlfriend. She was not weird. It was weird that we were dating at this age. And we didn't do anything. We didn't even kiss, but it was just like. Understood and we would hang out in this little area. I'm pretty sure were in the last advanced class, I'm, not saying that. Aren't I interesting I think they split the class into like standard and remedial and this happened. Over and over. Throughout my career, it happened in high school, and then it happened again in college and I went to like a dumb dumb college. And I took this test and they still put me in a writing class. What I thought it was good at now every time. I get hired to write a script I think of Nancy and it was what was it called? The top the class she was very nice to me actually she was like. She essentially said I remember very vividly. She was like you shouldn't be in this class and then I was like, well, thank you very much. Don't get carried away. You're not like great and it was like come on Nancy. Come on. You shouldn't be discussed. Thank you very much. You should be in a much lower. Anyway I'm sorry I feel like I went onto log then eventually I stopped swearing again ice quote but then I came back. That's what happened to me. And I fucking love it. Now I, love it two. More. Words I love words I want access to more words I vividly remember my teenage brother having A. Like argument with my mom Christian sweet mom about you gotTa CSM. Yeah. Where where he was like winning, it was an argument about cussing and he was like it doesn't mentioned these words in the Bible there's no like where did this come home I got we were obsessed with finding verses that said do not curse but will always be like blasts and do not curse. It was always used in the opposites was like don't curse bless. So it meant like. House Howard. People used to do that. You're. Growing as. Dust Fall Brian. I en- didn't isn't it? Like I don't remember the origin of it, but it is like a class thing it's wearing the ads like that's what whatever these words were the. Are Chosen. Isn't it? So funny that there's like a set of words and we all know. Like those words, the bad ones. Even if you have. Used those words, your whole life and your parents dead and you never had the Christian upbringing weeded. You still know what the words are out. Well, they're. Tony going to Tony? Robbins And back on the girls own. Again I'm drowning in margarine. Again love ut RABS cities listening is huge. Huge headphones. Look like a pizza boxes. Sorry. I'm dying listen every morning dairy or Cova that's what I play. Is it dairy breath or covert that you're coughing because I eat so little dairy if you and I splurge needle de. We hit a DA. Do you re AH. If. We eat a little Dick Cheese own my God look I'm mostly but every once in well, ben you devil is a friend Jerry get in here. Don't wouldn't see. Floppy fish at Vermont and they give me their sweet candiates cream. Cheese or ice cream I'm having such a huge following I'm sorry I'm I'm so excited on these little car dates and I. Remember to slow down. Ben and Jerry's been. Fathi for money. And Yet. But I'll eat that and then in the morning I'm like is this covid or dairy regret yes. There used to be. Cove. Dairy. These. Ritchie. Didn't. See it coming I didn't you didn't have the frequency of a person who is going to attempt to rhyme. Because you know someone's like I'm going it. Have you seen my cat and you're like, okay, he's going cat swearing. It's going to be like fad. Speaking of beefy. This is what I was. GonNa say to you is I didn't think I was gaining weight during the quarantine until I watch any video, I shoot of you or Leila. Behind it you can just hear. College. I? Think that's ready for the stage I. I I haven't been writing stand up and I thought that I was like man, what's what's been embarrassing me lately and I haven't shown you videos that I shot of Leila because if you turn up this the variety. Good. Magic memory. I'm just holding a camera. That's what wins me. Me Oh my God. Funny, it's a playground, but we've talked about this that is a premise. It's a setup that everyone understands and then you can just do the breath as long as you want and you know I've kind of been vocal about how I haven't exactly been missing stand up you know the travel and all that. That made me go like man yeah. Those days when I could just shoot over the store and and do that bit and see some friends I know that's how I like seeing brandon in a in a in an environment where you're talking. But like everyone of you leaves every once in a while does set comes back and they're like elated when they leave very structured. Enjoy that kind of friend as well. Just like of pumped on adrenaline and that's right. It's sort of like getting together and doing drugs together. It's it's very similar to the again I always point out that I've never done. Cocaine makes me think hearts explode and let's be honest. Who wants to see that you on cocaine? That's what I'm say- Yeah. I don't know of anybody who would care to see that no one I. Don't think I would want it people you've. You know if we could just turn it up a little. Crank this up to nine You to have that bit I go children shush me in restaurants and that's trip. I was at lunch with Jesse Klein in a child was now that's when a chef. A. Chef in New York came out of the kitchen. And told me to be quite. He was in the back. My God was sizzling hands. Microwaves the din of. Rotating microwave. The loudest place. I saw slow down those chickens. Value, this is a free pod. This is just fun. It's just way to check. So let's start properly. How are you my love? That's how we start. How are you really God I feel like this is Thursdays are like our favorite days because that's why it's hard to slow. New Babysitter comes all row sees. And and so we have this incredible feeling where three thirty because she puts the baby down, which is a whole ordeal. Usually it's like it's an hour. Of Battle of just the lights out and everybody is we kind of talked about this? I get so frustrated because everybody's like. Have you tried a gentle massage or essential oils or holding her head or holding her feet, which is just very helpful and except I'm like. No she wont. Let us touch her she won't us. So she knows what you're doing. Give her a love. You give her a little blanket. Yes. She throws it on the floor because she doesn't want to fall asleep and she knows what sued Sir and again sorry to frame everything. What am I spin doctor these to prance hair dunk. Okay. Iraq. FM. Radio. But I do it all myself. I do like there would be a guy on the ones and twos. Like Valley. And I do the same time I was right when sue Through from Tony, Tony? did He tell you what job? Yeah and I was so young in the bathtub. I like that's the memory and the reason why that's meaning I was so young, it wasn't weird that he came in and I was in the bathtub. Couch. I know. Families are so weird. I think that's what makes them so close. Because there's all this I know. That's weird. But it wasn't I was very young. And he came in but we don't talk about it, and then I said what's blow job and I was the reason why it's important is I was in the bathtub is that I was so embarrassed by the question. that. I dunked my head underwater after I asked but in a funny way and like a comedy. And then he went I, do a great impression. Excellent. Dude, it's when someone put subpoenas and their mouths. And I the story was there was a it was always one slightly older more. More puberty. Kid that was always sort of I can't say this is always the case but in my class that was the case in like sixth grade maybe just a fifth grade I dunno younger. They he was a little bit more advanced and those kids were always trying to demonstrate that they were more advanced. So this is really forced. It was a picture of like Michael Jordan dunking on somebody and somebody was in the foreground and his head was sort of lining up with shorts. Barely I remember the photo and and this kid matt goes looks like he's giving him a blowjob and we all did the thing that you do. You. Just, go and faces. And Ben and Jerry's I do. It's why we work. I'm not a jerk fail with the frequency of our. RHYMER. Coming. I. Honk the horn, there's too many cars in the parking lot today on. This is a real serendipity via because Oh. My God let's move to serendipity Delfi A-. WAS JUST GONNA. Say. If Adelphia is a great movie title from movie no one we'll see but us. Joke I wish I could take back. Are you kidding I? Love it. It's like North Dakota death death. Yeah. was. Ridiculous Please continue. Because the same I was thinking as you were telling that story I wasn't listening I was thinking about the first time when I it's called podcasting beer. I learned what job was, and it was the same older sister of my best friend who got me into rap music got me into cussing and one of those. Words was there wasn't blow job. It was BJ. BJ and it was like, what's a Bj and I think it was. Because it was giggly girl like. It was very minimal description. So I think it was just like it involves. A guys. Thing. Go either. Someone. So for years I literally thought it was just when you blew on a piece of course I thought screwing was when you hug and you rotate your naked. Oh we screwed last night I know you're deep in the ground you get. Phillips head or flap wait a minute you hung standing up standing. Circle I guess vow I've never considered that. That's why it's called screen because you rolling around flap I thought was screwing because like your screw the screw goes into the whole. You, don't twist it in there. Should I be twist? Details, details, details, details, details, details I'm not GONNA do a Batman one leg like when he can't one leg up and then it turns into a flip like the old them in movies not the old old but like Clooney. I'm not doing that. Going into the bone zone. Thank you. Thank you. I what ducks ducks have core screw vaginas. vaginas. Vaginas well I guess both because like a pig's tail. Yeah. So the the days go like they literally screw. In I am telling you this Israel I don't care for it. I was in sex class. That's what they call Jim Right Thank. God. Just kidding I was in sex ED. And a maybe I've told us before the Lord knows you just got green juice on your Chin Chin. Guidance Shirt because the yesterday laundry day, and this is my favorite shirt but your favorite shirt. It's not. It's just not your faith call favorite show that I brought with us to north of La. I just for you. I'm not. Mad I that for you I'm not no one that goes like. I don't know I don't know you worry about. Right. Appreciate it I. think There's no harm. But yes, we're not at our house and I and I packed only like a week's worth of clothes and this is a red and white striped shirt and I seem to always spill impossible things on only the white stripes. That we know of maybe just spilling ketchup perfectly on the red stripes. That's true. Did I tell you? We used to drive to Texas my tell your job. What all your? Ex S listen Texas. Big plates ribs and she had. That as a shirt, put an comments if buy that it's a great shirt if I lived in Texas, I'd wear shirt that says, all my access lives in. Texas. Track Guy. Big Belly, you know what I mean. Yeah. body. Shame Dad Celebrations Texan and he. Said things like everything's bigger indexes like the portion of the like he likes the the bags of insulin. Ole. Anyway, we used to drive to Texas like straight through from Bakersfield at the time. So it was like. Thirty hours of driving but we would drive straight through in our van and we had an blue astro van and my mom would make beds out of each was like two bench seats in the back. There is an ice chest in between the driver's and passenger seat with a one of those TV's that also had VCR, but it was like the. Small one but it was still you. Yeah. Yeah. That was in the back I was on top of the ice chest and they plugged in. So my brother and I could just like watch movies on VHS, the whole ride with headphones, and then if we we'd be like mom conservative string cheese and she would have to lift the TV up to open. A string cheese and true monsters anyway. That's amazing. The opening scene of your little Miss Sunshine except your. Beauty pageant just going to Texas and it was the opposite of that because what made me think of it was I became we did this every summer and it became the family running joke that I, we could. We could track where we went use my shirt as a map. because. I. Always had a stained from every place that we stopped. God if it does. In flagstaff. This is the street fight we won. God you are delayed I did that. When Leela does that? Let's be honest. She's already I fed her blooms this morning. Blue Bz in a little ziplock bag at the end that looks like blood it's not blue it's red and your hands turn purple dark. Okay. All right. You got people are gonNA listen to something like that isn't my blueberry. Right and ask to be as blitz pros blurbs. When I got this morning, I was like, hi, baby a why are your lips blue? They really looks like she gave her a little joker move you did. It was ledger not Joaquin. O. Both. Are Terrifying. Ledger was a delightful scam. P- who murdered many. No listen. He was what I like about ledgers and we're not GONNA do this. Here's what we're. We're not GonNa do this ledger. This is almost over I hate this. Last name Heath Ledgers Joker was more of the embodiment of metaphor of like I m chaos. But he gave he did like I'm going to blow up this boat or you can save your girlfriend. These sorts of things showing how the universe can be uncaring cruel, random, cold, unfair chaotic, all these things. So he was a symbol. Joaquin's documentary about like ninety percent of like. I don't know. I just know too many of those were not going to talk about it. We all know how I feel about joker. I didn't see a lot of symbolism there as much as I saw just like a celebration of like varies scary lonely people. But. He wasn't like a super villain he was just like. we're now I'm talking about it too much. Here's what I was. GonNa. Tell you insects class. I ended a out again to matt and I wrote something that my brother told me here. I am going for blowjob points meaning saying some demonstrating something. Look. Cool. More grownup. Means something very different in my world. True talent I'm glad everyone's getting to see what a treat you are. I passed him a note that said, my brother told me in health class in at the doctor. The doctor puts his hand in the girls of China this was. Unbelievable I barely knew we we use went in there forget about. These days I'm wiggling my hands. So I pass Adele Nat. What a face I, sometimes facebook stock he's not on there. He was just mean he was mean to me, and this is one of the things he did. He passed that note on. He was for him. Being like here's the thing. So when to everybody any chance he thought that's what you wanted to do. Why am I taking his side? Why would I want Julie Smith to know that? I found out from my brother. Is One of the pretty girls. I mean I might as well have written at night. I. Poop on my face. That's what I call a face mask. Doctor puts his hand in China for Joanna's are like. A. Whole thing. Televised. Okay. Are we going to answer questions? Answered Questionnaires we've been enjoying this I was going to read something I. Don't know maybe we I've been doing. I had a week where I wasn't reading is much as I wanted to, and then today I read. And it just made me so happy but I'm really just enjoying talking with you. And so I have are some books but let's let these questions. Let's keep it light. Keep it. Let's have some fun seeing when you're styling while you're trying to find a good question when you saw in where you're trying. To. Not Picture someone beat boxing. Is, it just Gordon Levitt? If someone said that to make everything that makes me laugh is if someone said it to me, I would just just explode. When I when I've been in my caucus performing standup I would say may only regret is that I can't be in my own audience. But I haven't felt that way long time because I'm more down to Earth now. I really should have vetted these before or some of them bad. Now, there's there's so many great ones hard to I can talk about what I did the work on. Here. Here's my work journal. For those of you that are just tuning it on the third episode, you flagging rose. Who conflict is bad and unsafe right. Charges I went and got. I got a lunch to go for you and me today and I drove to the restaurant and I called the restaurant and I had in the car normally I would put on a mask and I would go in the restaurant. And pick up the order because it's all social distancing. There's like plexiglas and stuff. It's very safe to get that and just bring it to the car. Today and we ordered from this place a lot I called and the answer Nice at high picking up a lunch order for Valerie. I have a baby in the car. That's why I'm calling right? You're looking for the fucking thing I'm talking about I'm just fucking. I'm fucking talking to fuck and nobody. I'm listening with you I know what you're listening and this is not. As, fine I just WanNa know that I'm doing a monologue a vacuum and that is fine. It really is I just need to know what's happening and it's like the most boring story I'm giving you shit for not listening to. But anyway I feel like at that moment you would have gone. To, go, I have a baby in card. That's why I'm calling and then she she goes great. Okay. I'll be right out. So she hangs up she comes out she has the the food. I. Roll Down The window she handed to me and she goes. Thanks for letting me know about the baby I wouldn't want her to be sitting out here coming up. Okay. Yeah. Of course, and then I drive way. Then I start going and this is just how the brain works I. don't even think this is true i. go wait. was. She kinda like giving me Shit. Because I was like I called. And all I said was there's a baby in the car that's why I'm calling for you to bring it out. But what I meant was what I didn't say was I'm I normally I would come in but I have the baby in the car. So I was hoping you could bring it out but instead all I said was I have a baby in the car. That's why I wanted to bring it out and then she says this is boring but the point is how the brain works like is she was she mad at me was she giving me Shit and then I went in and did some work and thought about it Wasn't just your standard I need everyone to like me. It's actually like being misunderstood I wrote. This is the more appropriate one I should be understood is the belief. And the turnaround on that as I shouldn't be under said when I'm unclear I shouldn't be understood but he goes into a very primal place she didn't understand me then she comes out I think I don't even know if this is true look at all the assumptions that are happening. She brings me through she says, Hey, thanks for letting me know the babies in there. I wouldn't want the baby to sit out I'm like Oh yes sure. Now I'm going was that sarcastic I don't know is she mad at me? She go back and Ingo these fucking northern California people sure all I'm a special guy with a baby I decided to go. There may have been a misunderstanding. That's okay and the belief I should understood even like when I'm being Nanak with you and I started jumping from a to F and I don't bridge the gap is that bad? No but he gives me a terrible stressed out. Bad feeling. So as soon as I go wait stop investigate the thought I should always be understood is that true? No unpacked it felt better to civil example. Of A tiny thing I did the work on. Yeah. That's a great one and it's interesting because I I definitely would have heard that as she's she was just like supporting she seemed really earnest but my brain. Will do a Clooney Batman flip kick while having intercourse to try and turn something into a problem. One of the things I had to do the work on was it's safer to be worried like it's it's safer to be anxious like your brain is operating on something where it's like this animal that I am in seems to like I seem to like I used to having something to worry about. So when I catch it doing that then every time I, would come up I tried to use out a reminder to step back into the president. I mean I. Think that that's very normal. I think almost everybody has that if I'm worrying about it, I'm doing something because we all. Want even if it doesn't seem like we do we want control, we don't feel safe and when you can't do anything, the least you can do is worry right not feels like you are doing something that's the Great Accu tolls thing and are deep fears as humans are about being seen or understood because then it's like you don't exist which are my wonderful therapist Jennifer Madaka says. She remembers this in terms of Leila where I was stressing out about like being the perfect parent. And she's like. The most fundamental things for her nervous system and for her developing biology. Is that she knows that she exists she knows that she's loved and she knows that her needs are important. Say as long as you just kinda come back to those. Same. Yeah and it is same. It's because we're. We're also. So I brought something to her last week and she was like, yeah, it was about somebody not understanding me and she was like, yeah, because it goes it goes back to these three things and if somebody doesn't understand you, there's a part of you that goes wait do I exist I don't that. That's why gas lighting people are so horrible and I'm pretty sure there's like psychological techniques bad things that are like just make someone not feel. Seen or believed, and we're watching transparent and and one of the reasons I watched the whole thing. So that's the show or watching right now and obviously I'm not a trans person but it's breaking my heart as I've said, many times over and over the human need to be seen as you see yourself as you wanna be seen. Language and identity. I I'm not really the qualified person to speak on this although that's sort of my point is that I am is that that's just that's not a trans thing. That's a human issue. Every single person it matters how they're somebody just walked by if you felt. As, being distracted this Guy's opening beers. Rate. Another climbing the fence. Have some epsom Mountain Beers. You guys having to mountain. Bears. Yeah. Yeah, I think that was beautiful I sorta last metro thought because of old mountain beards but that's me. We all WANNA. Be Seen for who we truly are and we also so it's like this thing I I learned from you talk yesterday which I can give the credits to, but it's like those beards as growlers. crawlers. CRAWLERS giant beards. I think it's growlers I don't know. I've never wanted to drink a loaf of bread with a low alcohol percentage. where. You get full before you get drunk piled like to be full before I'm buzzed. So many calories for not a great taste I. Know some people think it tastes great and I'd like to fight they do not. They're just trying to be their fathers and their fathers were just trying to be their fathers and their father. and. They're just trying to Abraham. Lincoln. Nobody. Likes there's lots of things that I like that I know I. Don't Sauerkraut Kim The fog Atta here but you eat that every day in its smells horrible. I'm pride pregnant again ever I'm not right now but you're not going to be years or one of the ways that I love you is that you've been eating Yogurt lately and yogurt to me smells like a goat had a bloated bladder and then it got stuck in a like a refrigerator in the desert for six months and then came out and shit out of its dickel. God I had yogurt wants to these guys have to drink these beers in my in my island I'm Christian Bale. Get him out of my online. To do we WANNA, do a question us. And I I love your Sauerkraut. If he if you all put up there Sauerkraut, if you put up with me, I will I wasn't even going to tell you that about chaining her probiotics and there's no non disgusting way to do that. Let's be honest if you're not eating something disgusting every day you're flora is not thriving because those are some nasty vetches. Eating gross bacteria for them for for them. Got Him hit. Okay. How do you impede approach communication in difficult topics like Sauerkraut? not necessarily arguments just hard to talk about. I have a very open, non judgmental, non non-judgmental partnership. But. As someone with codependent tendencies, I am always pushed into. I'm always pushing myself to grow my abilities to express myself in healthy ways, and this is Jenny with a for which I think is really funny. Genuine. It for. That it was Jenny from the block play. So. Yeah. For Your better at remembering those I'm always the guy that's like we don't. We, don't really. Down, don't you? There was another question that was about and I'm sorry I can't find it to credited but it was about like how you guys been doing in the the pandemic. quarantined together. Sure. Oh, those are great with so I feel like those new those. Like you know what I do I don't really feel like we fight. What's an example? Can you think of what? Yeah. I've been wanting to bring us up. No. No because I was gonNA say like a good example is you're eating yogurt. And I'm eating dinner. And I go. It starts to break my heart the. Code, but I'm like She's enjoying her yogurt and it was like your little yogurt the you saved the end of the meal. I do not like yogurt but it like she likes yogurt. So I just kept my mouth shut and I swear I, wasn't planning on bringing it up because I know you don't really mind. That's a pretty good example of how I will go. She's enjoying yogurt is just drop. It was I think I don't know I've been in relationships where that's not the strategy we tend to both have that strategy. You don't give me shit from my. For your what MMA crowd Oh. Crap. Crowd. It gives me healthy crap. Yeah. Well, I think for us. We we both are like very sensitive sweeties. And J. D. plus types. And had. from the way that we were up. We were up Brown Way We was up. Brown? was there was there was kind of a lot of tiptoeing I think that's fair to say for whatever reason. So we really figured out how? To, have a confrontation. The like sweetest possible gentlest possible we've got. A little bit better at it used to be really. Mr Bean in love actually when he's wrapping up. Once it's GonNa, dip it in Jericho. It's like my fare cards. Earth mcdollar GonNa hit the smell of circuit. But I mean, we would wrap it up Mr Bean style in love actually and now I feel like we're better we we like. You know what I say sometimes I go join me and my initiative. There's some real codependent tips if I I can't think president wants to stay codependent. No but people that have a really hard time with conflict sometimes, and this might not be right. Let's talk about it. I'll make it somewhat cute is I'll just be like I'll talk like a politician and be like well, you join me in my Initiative to keep the Thermostat at seventy two and then that he okay I understand that that sort of Sacramento city but then that just became a code. Now when you say, would you join me in my? We don't do it as a bed. Any more you say, would you join me on my initiative to keep living room clean when friends come over and join me and my initiative just became code for? Hey. I know that we're both sensitive and underneath at all were tinny babies So can we just skip the twenty minute? Mr Bean. Preamble. I love you my love. Do you feel safe or you I just need to tell you to to that the thermostat was left on over the weekend and we were out of town please join me on my initiative to make sure that this is big deal. Big Deal. What gets what? Actually do love or at least I love it and you're very interested in like something in transparent is a family that's so intimate that they can just fight and remember Jay classes like he's like yelling at them and he's like I have to go I. Love you very much. And other shows challenging for that reason I've always loved that and families because I never had that. But I'm not at least at this stage in my life I would not be capable of that like any kind of I don that's not a family goals for me. Yeah I really do it anyway right I like it but I I just like. Let's put it this way my love language is is like let's stay calm. Let's be polite. That's like a big deal to me absolutely and I never. I feel so safe with you that even if you are telling me something that's hard to hear I really appreciate that you are carefully wording it in a way that is gonna be the cushy to receive it like I. See I received that as love that you are being. So careful with your words because you know I was in a marriage before this and the he'd just didn't have that love language and I still have statements that he said to me during fights like embedded in my body. I- words are really really important to me And so it everybody's different and the codependency thing is something that we work on. But I feel like guess, we get more intimate the we short and increases it's like you're. More secure, your attachment gets the more you can be independent. But. What's what's a fight? Okay. Yeah. So fight and this one is totally actually I think almost exclusively on me what in hindsight and I don't think I apologize to you properly about this. So. There are different phases of this corentin like we've been in it for so long and one of the first phases for me and one of the longest was. I became obsessed about our house being gleamed like. Brealey obsessed about it like kind of staying clean all day but certainly being cleaned by the time I had Leila down so that I could put I could sit down on a couch and look at it clean house like that felt so important to me. and. I didn't know what was happening then but in hindsight I'm like, yeah that makes sense I was. Confined to the house and feeling trapped. So I was like I, need to at least make this environmental enjoyable as possible. I was worried about. The fact that there was this pandemic and every, there's so many unknown elements and it felt so out of control, but I was trying to control the the. One thing I could. And I was like trying to keep my mind busy so that I wouldn't just settle into the discomfort of of all of it and. so I but what was so funny about it was that I was obsessed with keeping the house clean because it's like I want it a problem. Something you control. Control, but I I I was. Enjoying. The. Clean House. Yes but I was almost more than that enjoying being stressed about the clean house instead of being stressed about the global pandemic probably right. So you're saying. Something more manageable where I could get that just like my brain if I'm facing a really big decision. Me Going to the lunch place and the woman saying. Thanks for telling me about the baby. My brain will. Great. We can think and worry about this instead of worrying about this. That's why I often have frozen their accent, my head. Because it's just like well, we could think about that. So the more clear you get the more clear Yuga. That's a great point. So in that kind of state I would get stressed and then I would start to kind of tell myself this story of like. I'm the only one cleaning. I'm like I I'm working too hard. I need pizza like help me clean or whatever but I, but I usually was like. I. I do the same thing that you did with yogurt where I have a thought like that, and then I really before even Byron Katie is that really true or is that how you're feeling right and that's a key thing there is a way that it can be dishonest and maybe gets into a manipulative or may not being true to your feelings. So in defensive people that can be a little bit more fiery I. Hear You I see you. But I think what? I enjoy just because it's what I'm used to and so therefore it's what me comfortable is if there's just one step between the feeling and the reaction, that's why the relationships that I've had I've told you this many times. Dating a girl we were making out or whatever, and I leaned on her hair. And she shot up and her eyes went black and she said and this was like, I don't know the second or third time. I had ever done it in a year and Jews like how many like our voice what am I gonNa? Drive to toe. You're not so lean on my hair and it wasn't. Just that it was so giant startling. I just from that moment on. I was like. There's no filter there's no safe room in between I understand the overwhelming feeling of pain of of your hair being Lean Don. But it went from zero to a hundred and I wish I had Katie at that Byron Katie at that point because I spent the rest of their relationship now because of that but because of things like that, being afraid of her physically and obviously she was much smaller than me I've yet to find a woman. Do I'm to ride her like a Tonton. into. My next life I mean it it's GonNa be. Making massive. Dear one hall pass, and that's my best. And it's the size of a hall if I'm picturing correctly. Yeah I. That's so interesting because you've told me that before and I, it makes so much sense because one of I know you've shook shared this that one of your core kind of negative beliefs is if If I'm. With, it's not safe to be vulnerable with somebody people people aren't safe but like that's such a vulnerable situation I would imagine if you're making out like that that's the most vulnerable against and then to have like literally a startling leading your fight or flight. Jolt out of that I mean, that's just like really it's like sex isn't going to the bathroom, but it's it's in the same. You know what I mean. It's like It's like taking a shower or maybe or something make obviously naked and exposed about it. So your brain is like. I think the fact that that jolt came in a sex moment was just really more difficult for me that I think it would be even for I I can't speak for the average person but for a lot of people probably wouldn't have been that big of a deal. was confirming already you're not saying. Vulnerable. Okay so so I was in this crazy state of like cleaning bitter cleaning I would say. and and actually I will say again, my therapist. told her this thing before of like I'll have a thought. Like. Pizza do this or Pete should be helping me or whatever. and. Then instantly I'm like it is that true and I told her like, should I not be doing that today just vocalized my thoughts and as I'm having them and she's like I think there's something really good about sitting with it, and if it remains then you know you have to mention but isn't that I think that's one of the cornerstones of you and is personality. Is there's a again i. know sometimes we lock our feelings up and we never let them out but I like and so much of spiritual discipline is about not losing your center trying to remain. The impartial observer of of your feeling. So you see them, you honor them, you act on them you let them in for me all these things and you feel them, you really feel them. It's not about not feeling it's about really feeling them but I just sort of grew up in a household where people were having feelings and acting on them and. It was like so I was like isn't it? You know this is funny. I was making coffee the other morning and Leila grab one of the filters and it was just she and I and I want you have a filter didn't get that from your Mom's side and now your side from my mom's side you didn't get that from your grandmother ship. Because my mom has no. Friends Sitcom Quality Joke just for. and I promise. I said it correctly in the moment. And he is a Whiz all. Yes. So I am in for some people again, it's so hard to give. We're not even giving relationship advice it seems like people want to hear. The Hard stuff that we go through So, this is an advice because some people might feel totally trapped to. Be Right for a lot of people trapped in relationship where you can't just like bomb out your feelings as you're having them and great for you but for us. We're boat we have such emotional centers and. Our each other's feelings really really affect us so. I think the question that my therapist said was like you know you can have a feeling and say, do I need to get pete involved in this feeling or is this something? I can support myself I. Just I WANNA marry him. That's all I want. It's what I want my friendships. And relationships, can we just have? This is what we're fucking mindfulness isn't just looking at a leaf. It is and it can be me getting in touch with the reality of this car right now and your eyes and your hair, and even the feel of my answer very dry right now that's all good stuff but it's also just going like, okay like Leila's been hitting me in the balls lot lately and I know this might sound insane. I already told you this. I tried to use it as an opportunity to look at what is because I do have a story and every does he get hitting the balls. I'm going to call it forty, sixty, forty, actual pain sixty I got hit the balls. So it's the memory of every other time you got in both and every guy that's gotten him the balls, which is all of us knows that it's a coin toss sometimes it hurts real bad ends a light one sometimes the big one in your life for some reason, it just didn't ring in, but usually we have this overreaction. So all I want just like I'm trying to do with when I get hit and menards is. Can I stop and ask myself very mister Rogers Stop Stop Stop when I want and just say What is this? How can I- constructively? frame this if you do hurt my feelings there, there was a night that we went out and I felt like you didn't pay enough attention obviously paying attention to me is a big deal for me. Right. So we went on this dinner and this was a big causes stress for us I also had this is so me I had gone off sugar and I was so angry like just biologically anyone that's ever quit sugar. They say it's nine times worse than cocaine. So I was like legit having. A type of withdrawal I can't compare it to hard drugs saying I was feeling withdrawal. Oriented terrible place and then you started instead of mirroring me and your friend and sharing herself with me. You were really just locked onto your friend and you're marrying her one hundred percents. I'm not mad about this. Anymore I'm touching your legs for the I'm just saying it's over. But it was fucking hard for me vanished and and then we're back to those things that Leela needs i. didn't exist that was something that I remember where the smoke bomb of dread went off inside of me dark gray acrid smoke just filled me and I wasn't even there to say like. I'd like to think I'm practiced enough that I can go like is it true? Valerie didn't notice me is that true? Have you ever gotten locked in with a friend and I have I've done that this week that's the power of the word this week the governor's came and visited a social distancing and you were putting down and I got so caught up with them I forgot to check in with you. So what happened this week but we were unconscious we think are balls hurt. Because we're remembering the last time we heard I. Think you're ignoring me because girls in junior high ignored me and suddenly I'm watching the movie of girls ignoring me in junior high over you ignoring me and I'm not even experiencing reality and that's an example of a quote unquote fight that we had because I had to find a way to say look I'm not succeeding in stepping outside of myself. I feel really band and in those cases, this is like we're breaking the glass on the fire alarm. You and I both have a gear. I've seen you unfortunately or it's unfortunate. Beautiful. You go into that gear where you just drop everything and you say, I'm sorry I love you. I understand like what you're saying is valid. This is like conflict resolution one and I try to do that for you something that we learned and I try to do it for everybody if they register a complaint, one of the first things I try to say I understand what you're saying is not insane as I've said a million times. The scariest thing about Zombie movies isn't that. No one believes that zombies our after them. That's what I think is frightening. So when someone says, Hey, you're asking me you just got to say I can see that I can see how that was that way. Can I tell you about my day. Now making an excuse I tell you what was on my mind because we're all having their own realities so you Sometimes we just need. The flame retardant phone, you just need to fill the room, get the fire out and then later and and you're so good at that Val I. Remember where we were at the it was we went to a wedding afterward and you're just like I'm so sorry you'll get like emotional and for some reason, the titty baby and migos. She saw me it's like. Like you see me a ten hours worth in ten seconds like you condense it and lock onto me I contact physical touch and just no mincing words I am sorry. I. Understand and I feel like that's probably where this story's going the cleaning. Yeah. Well, yeah. I mean that that fight that you just mentioned I think was probably the biggest fight we ever had in it. Definitely it was hard to get to the point of being sorry because I was actually it's the only time. This has happened where you had one story of the night and I had a whole other story. So I was kind of upset about something. Else. Like I was I was merging with this friend because I don't feel very safe when. when you and this friend are together because you don't necessarily understand each other. So I was merging with that friend and this is something I got emotional about there'd be this week because I talk about how I do this where because I feel so safe with you, I will abandon you. To Mirror a person that I don't feel safe with because I'm trying to get them to like me and I know I don't have to. That But the the fucking Rubik's cube of your boy is, did I just sell a movie? Did I just have a great set? Yeah. Go ahead and leave me alone today just meditated. I just read something and my centered mindful in my president. Yeah you probably could and my off sugar and going to a dinner I don't really want to go to am I going to a wedding I I did want to go to the wedding and that frankly I did want to go to the dinner but like things weren't ideal so in your defense. Is a good thing I think. Yeah there's a there's. Seven Times ten probably you can. You could trust me to be okay but not bad night I needed some skittles. Well, it was both of us in a situation where we've both felt incredibly unsafe. Dinner with friends. And? You were looking to me as as to remind you that you're safe and I was looking to you term I knew that we were safe but the way I needed to do that it was it was opposing things. So you looking to me to feel safe by me. Taking your side, putting giving you attention and also probably laughing the friend. By the way we love this friend, but she tends to be a little bit more Careful principal. And I by the way who fucking cares. But unfortunately, this is part of my personality that I'm dealing with or fortunately I don't know. Sometimes if I feel like somebody censoring the I, tend to go the other way. Suddenly I, want to tell the diarrhea jokes and I want to whatever. So I like the only way I will feel safe is if we can all merge into one BLOB and and I'm trying to get you to make me feel safe because I'm like doing some weird like this is somebody not bad example. But if I'm doing my kumail impression, they might think that's inappropriate because it he's he's Pakistani I'm like we've been friends for twenty years. I've done this impression for twenty years. He's one of my most beloved people. This is a loving. Impression I don't think that applies don't get me wrong. I understand how you can make that argument but in a night like this, I want to do it i. want you to laugh at it and that's a little cue for you telling me that I am safe for to be who I am but you in doing that are telling the friend that they're unsafe and that you're not on their side. So you're sort of like it's a tug of war we're pulling the rope. And people get that way hard with you. You are I don't know the word for it, but you're sunflower and your light and people either don't see you at all. We talk about this all the time there's a large number of people that I just watch not you but then the people that do see you tend to really really love you. Really, love very intensely. And I'm learning about my. Away that that can be really dysfunctional because I will mold to them in and Mir them and really see them which I think there is there is a time where that's very appropriate and like kind of nurture and mother again, there's a time that's an. Appropriate a lot of times. It's inappropriate and so I didn't realize this. But I think I'm kind of making people addicted to me a Lotta Times because I think people are working their mothership. Certainly I. Love. You Mom. But so I was feeling so safe and I interject something. Weird. Because, I feel like you'll remember that you're about to pick up the story. There is this fair. Because I think it's weird. I think you'll enjoy ad I because of the work have been getting more and more in touch with that. I have jealousy I don't think you consider me a jealous person but I know that I can be deep down I. Mean like deep deep down my porn star poses alone. She doesn't even have sex with people the the star that I was monogamous because I didn't want her to be with anybody that's like a deep talk about like and I don't WanNa get into the weirdness of like. You know forget it. Of of Freudian implications of just like this is my personal like no one can have person. But whatever, and then when I listen to female artists musicians, and they have a duet with a boy. Sometimes I'm like who the fuck is this guy. I thought you were singing to me on my God. Then suddenly I'm thinking of phoebe bridges and out of nowhere on a suicide pack and learning. How how hard am I on those guys like? Doing it. It's the same. It's go. It goes all the way back to Sarah McLaughlin and Sappho if a guy came in and just like excuse me. This Day in be conversations. See Major your way out of it. Nice. But that's fucking. I think it's western I think it's hyper masculine I. Think it's toxic masculine and the fact that I have it and that I can identify it I'm mentioning it because I want people listening to Greenland to fuck and get weird with yourself. It's not embarrassing I'm telling you. That while I'm telling you too much. But it's just like it's an embarrassing thing. To realize that you're possessive of someone you're listening to on the radio, but that's how your psyche is and it's fucking weird and it comes into play when I'm dinner with you and I feel like I'm playing tug of war. I'll share something weird with the EU. That's very similar. Actually comes into play with how I was at that dinner I will. This is narcissistic, incredibly unhealthy but. If somebody if we have a guy friend. I ca. Could be it. Most likely is somebody that I am not attracted to that I would hate being in a relationship with but that I love as a friend if they tell me that they've met somebody or that they've fallen in love with somebody I'm like fuck you I. I I could make you happier than that person. Welcome to the point I was trying to make just in a more direct way if I was to do the work on this and again I'm I'm really trying to model for myself really for anybody that might benefit. They're just your thoughts. Yeah. embarrassed. They're not you and one of my thoughts is. Everyone should be in love with me. Everyone should be in love with me. Our nanny just mentioned dating remove. My dating life I was like what you're not gonNa tell me. That that's not obviously I don't have to even say this but that's not how I think of this person, but it's everybody could be somebody I've never met. Jeff uncovered in therapy. Jennifer Aniston starts dating somebody new and I'm like, yeah, you never thought about all. That's. That's how absurd and unequivocal it is. I have it was celebrities all the time. Because you have met me. Yeah. But that was true of me but it's Really A. Very. Mild. I get sent a free appetizer from time to. Restaurant. That my family. Off but also at the same time, sometimes you can't get a reservation even if you do throw in your name, that's we've never almost never done that. But the times we've done it and it hasn't worked is. Said super funny it. It's funny because it's humiliating I've never done it but I've said to my assistant, do you want to try and it never works? Maybe. It's work or twice, and you know what? The? Times. It's worked that you go like Would you make an exception for this person we go to the restaurant and there's plenty of tables have you noticed that? I'm just like. Oh. It's just like they were just waiting. They were just saving these staples for it's like me Gods and four if we had walked in, we could have said just give us a single tables. very well, little So yeah I I just discovered this therapy. So it really becomes this like just trying to feel safe and seen. It's great what you said about Lee and that you exist. Your needs matter. Exactly valuable. Mighty strong. So it really is that feeling of I told her I was like it's so crazy I am realizing that I feel like I have to make everybody. Loved me. Otherwise I am unlovable. It matters an impossible. Fifty percent of the population is like her. So Fun also do think that that's funny I. I have enough self worth that I'm like that's your loss but when it's somebody that I care about I, need them to. Not. Just love me be pleased with me a hundred percent of the time. Well, this is fantastic Mr Fox that you had. This is your your three, any three showing. Is that when Mr Fox in Wes Anderson's Mr Fox he says I need everybody to be impressed quote unquote fantastic Mr Fox, and if I'm being honest be a little intimidated by me. Yeah it's it's the drug. Cocaine the drug that seems to get into my blood the most is esteem. Is People thinking that guy's the greatest, but it's like, but then obviously, we've covered this a million, the contradictions like you can get all of this esteem. But what is it then I looked to my left and there's all these people who have less esteem and they're having a picnic. That's why I'm always drawn to the spiritual traditions that are trying to go like. The Power Games dropped the status drought, the identity, and just come to the picnic. Because I'm over here counting. Nothing. My legacies, not all of it but I was writing a legacy on running water. It just doesn't exist. Yeah and there are things that exists connection exists making each other feel safe and loved exists absolutely co regulating your nervous system. It's not just for babies people. We do each other all the time and that's what it is. That's that's really what came down to that dinner was we were. We were both distracted and we were looking to each other to regulate, but in opposite ways. So again, you're looking to me to kind of take your side and I was looking to you to merge with the group and not say anything and be potentially controversial, and that's my ideogram agreement force already keep bringing the Ingraham here Mike I'm a three wing four, and that's a very rare and weird any agreement Combo and the four is the one that's like, I'm sorry you're asking me to merge with the group. Like my nightmare is to be in an audience. That's why I'm always like every show I've ever been to I'm waiting for them to call me up on stage even though now I'd I'd rather be in the audience but that's because I've I've worked. Yeah. Get back to the cleaning. So I'm glad you brought up the fight because not really brought up I'm sorry. Thank you for letting me interrupt. that it wasn't that like. So I your experience was you were so upset because she felt ignored and my experience was because again we're we're not able to talk at this moment. So it's all just happening in and it's like we're GonNa have to usually what happens yeah it's and that adds more pressure on to it. So and in the story I was saying was like you know I don't one hundred percent feel safe when you are with this friend, why are you like making jokes that you have to know she is offended by again they're just an IT's stupid. It's ill advised, but they're just I'm. subconsciously. Not, on purpose, but shooting flair is trying to get you to look at me probably. And then you know what? That's a little bit too elegant. I'm also just being a baby bitch. You know what I mean I start getting my feelings. That's really important because I think I'm this podcast I showcase myself in a favorable way not always like to share my embarrassments and my flaws as much as I am able to. But like it's really important to remember that times we are just your feelings are hurt and you are small and your petty and you're scared and you don't have the wherewithal to go like stop breathe meditate huge and that's why I like to mention the sugar withdraw is like even if it wasn't that and I, don't know that it was something. Something, just a in your neck or this headache that keeps creeping in or even just like blurred vision your your eyes refused to focus on reality and it just feels like a bad dream and that's why I said the smoke bomb thing it just overtakes you. And that's when you need the partner that just says like. It's okay. I understand I see I understand yeah. So I WANNA be clear that it wasn't even though I was having my own needs and I was also upset it wasn't that I just was like you're right I'm sorry I'm Rome like. Vocalized my side of it saying what you're saying isn't crazy is just as good as saying you're right to me I hear you I hear you even say that to Leila she's crying she doesn't want to on the state I hear you is so valuable I hear I'm still leaving and you're saying I hear you. I still wish you hadn't told that dirty limerick. Or. Whatever I was doing. A titty baby in here. There's just like a sad scared little guy in here. His communication ten probably. What happened with the. Cleaning. So. Okay. So I this is where I was being a real to be TV tilly baby. I'm into Burkina's. I I was like I'm GonNa, go a day without cleaning the house. Remember those. And and I truly was saying to myself like God I am stuck in this like circling the drain. King of King of Queens, plot point. I swear he didn't start as a test. It didn't start that way. I really was like, just give yourself a break. Tell yourself the house doesn't have to be clean. Okay and then you don't then you won't worry about it and you can enjoy not cleaning the house. and. Then as the day went on and the house was getting Messier and Messier and I was getting more and more stressed, I was like. I maybe I even saw you doing the dishes and I was like this is how it's going to be Pete Pete you that I was making the resolve to not clean the house and he's going to clean the house today keep arguing here Katie's ways veteran Katie being like because he's a mind reader go on. Yeah exactly and He should have the same dysfunction you have which going back to the dinner party was the was the ultimate thing that I had was I was like this merging with the group is dysfunctional in my way I totally understand where it comes from, but it's my way of controlling the group. And I shouldn't expect to have my dysfunction. Well, I. Think now since that dinner I haven't seen, you do that make yourself. So bioavailable to whoever claims your needs you because they're special night and I and your husband just happens to be there. But at that point, there's a way to do it. This is what being a grownup is it's like I'll give some to you. I'll give some to you but at that dinner, it just wasn't. Wasn't this friend doesn't wasn't even asking me to take care of her. Yeah. I I'm doing what I mean. You made yourself available. Yeah. I not a judgement, but you know it's true. So anyway, the cleaning I was like I'm going to give myself this day doing the dishes like he's GonNa Clean, the House that's rich by the way to relate sorry to the making yourself available thing just. So it's all on you when I first started working with Judd, you notice that I had something called Jad voice, which was if if the three of us were dinner, I would just be mirroring emerging with him. This is before we became friends early in our relationship. But I would do the same thing where I would not be available to you. But then being a ground up and being like a a reasonable person is like a little bit of this little bit of that I'm GonNa Ping Pong between these people. So it's not just you and also being like this is this is about it too is like what do I need in this situation and because these people aren't my responsibility? but but I would say ping pong between what you need. You know you're one of the things. Yeah. It's a three way ping. so I by the way, that's what we would be. She gets it from me she goes so no so cute. So. I can replay the video of her saying love you. Oh my gosh. Yes. Okay. I'm almost done with this GD story I'm the. I'm the one they made it so long. I. It wasn't a test, but over the as the day continued, it was like this. This was the phrase that really took me down. This is how it's GonNa see. How hard I work Like Pete we'll see. What Everything that I do and I already like I played a movie in my head where you clean the house and then at the end of the day you're like, wow, you do that every day that is. Present in a funny way yes. Yeah. So we sit. So we're sitting on the couch be I put down or visit been full day of no cleaning and I put down in and I look and all of Leila's toys R. Like out all sprawled out on the living room floor and my espy brain is like that's where she wants them because she'll begin playing with them in the morning. Yeah. I do that now since I'm Relaxed I was just saying it's a different perspective. Yeah. So I was like. Okay and I ran I really sat with it. Should I mention it should not mention it but I was feeling I was feeling so much activation that then I decided to mention it where I was like even if this is unreasonable, I know that I, I can't. The only way through is to let it out. So I? I've a psychic. So I wonder it was so passive aggressive. It was something like. You know I clean the House all day. I wonder if you maybe like notice. The difference or like if you notice. It is kind of a way for both of us to see kind of what I do all day right when I do. and. And you're like. That's so because I thought you were going to say I didn't clean the house all day and the houses. So clean thank you for cleaning the hell. Yeah. This is real king of Queens and the laugh track kicks in baby I laugh. To you I. Mean I even thought that in the moment I was like this is King of Queens I remember. Feeling so certain that you were gonNA say and look I should really take it easy. Boy. The truth is always in between the two. It's never really it's not even a truth. The truth of the moment is being like. I mean if I could have really had the hindsight that I have now being like, I'm spinning out here about the House I need you to help in some way either help me clean the house or help me not care about those things. So yeah, that's fair but you could also I know I think where we landed was a little bit. It's in the middle but. There was some join me in my initiative because I've tried and these are just exercises and empathy that you do for me all the time just to start appreciating a clean outside changes, how you feel and just like the work with Katie the way that I could get in touch with that is I love getting the car washed I love filling up the car with gas. I loved back when I lived in New York and you drop off your laundry I loved picking up my laundry. And so what I'm saying is I started. Getting in touch with like sometimes things on the outside being cleaned makes me feel better and clean inside and then I think I've I'm not perfect. But I've done better at at at cleaning and you definitely have an I think the conclusion that we came to. At the end of that fight was. I will be I will try to be better about just asking. When I need help. And, maybe you will start to realize that I have a different standard of think just meet in the middle as codependent people you need. That's why it kind of goes back to the first piece of whatever thing that I feel like I figured out is a comfortable way to ask for help because it turns out every time I've asked you for help. Like it's a different frequency when it's like. What we always say to each other it's like I'm on your side I see in there we try to have some lightness and so if I can go like I, know you love me. Let's take the yogurt I want you to eat the. Yogurt. I know I went through all of this and it's okay. I was just saying when there are things that I do that do matter to me. I'm trying to think of one just finding a light way of saying at finding the trust having enough respect in your partner and enough respecting their intelligence and their emotional intelligence and your relationship to handle just a mild note and just like with this podcast, it was an. Experiment of sharing a little bit more in a more and more power to the point where I'm like I'm jealous of Sarah McLaughlin. When she sings another person, you can do the same thing in a relationship where it's like he's a little bit by little bit by little bit before you know it and I see this happening with us you can just say. Hey when we go out with that friend which we have since then. I don't let me vanish. Like. You know that I I've trauma on that. And more likely you'll say I won't let my boy vanish I. Love You. That's that's good advice. We've been talking a long time. We actually. Leader Start we did. I think closer to four. Oh. Yeah. I. Love this talk. Yeah, I was GONNA. Say One other thing. Oh, the whole concept of like. This is something I mostly hear it on TV. Real people saying that I think people feel this way is like I shouldn't have to ask. I don't I don't the. Ice I have. To ask myself how I feel. Yeah. I'm. Not GonNa ask you. What the fuck is going on with me until I inquired. And I'm just GONNA go. You should know me bitch I barely know me. I also sorry for the Bachelor I was calling myself a bitch. I. Feel like it is. It's like sure okay maybe if you have this. This image of this person who knows exactly what you want at all times and that's all they're thinking about. They're they're here to serve you. But that doesn't exist and the alternative is very kind. It's like. Don't shoot for I. Shouldn't have to ask shoot for I feel safe to ask and when I asked I, feel her Right. Yeah Tasked and Games. And little traps. That's why that's such an anomaly. They won't clean the House and see what he says you really didn't work I. Know but that's an anomaly. We don't. We don't normally do that and I don't even feel like you were doing it in that spirit. But I've had relationships where it's like it's like playing mousetrap. It's a constant flip the man in the Pan. But the man is you and the Pan is sex and he leaned on their hair. I got a question instagram. I thought was nice. Egos, which is the performance funny Peter. Non Funny and I was like Oh my God they're both performances. It's like we said last week there are all words of a demon none of them were words of Buddha. Everything I'm doing. Is it performance? I've just modified the performance that's not to say it's false. It's to say that nothing's one hundred percent true if somebody who's like. Even trying their best, that's why we love. Authentic acting a authentic theater, but you really just being as authentic. As you can. Perform. It maybe not false performance. You're feeling. It's like we're all actors in the script writers, our emotions and our thoughts, and we get them and we studied them in our little green rooms and then your friends come over and you go I see people do it again it's a little ashby but I see people doing their little shows for each other and they go. It's like that example I like when you my. The guy that lived downstairs got all this on. His son you're rehearsing your lines you're looking for some affirmation. That you think will end that way. So we're all we're all acting good question, but it's a great question to sorry to meditate on like for all of us. Yeah. When am I performing? Always? Yeah except maybe when you're quiet. Yeah definitely when you're still in quiet Y- think you're performing and I guess maybe are some authentic actions that that's the whole idea of is. To not the whole idea but to do something, but there's no one there doing it but that's what I. Mean. That's that's drop all performance. But as long as I'm on this podcast talking about stuff, there's GonNa be a performance to perfect weather. He's funnier now. Yeah I think that I don't think. Both can't exist actually at the same time I think the funny slips and by accident is that what you meant? Because I know you and I've seen you in all of your states. and I would say that there is an element of performance. And in element of authenticity just. Appreciate that strict. In. Terms of Quarantine I. Think we've covered this. I'm the Weirdo that likes that. You. Know what I like about it this week. As I mentioned the governor's came over. No no roulette no greeting roulette. Goodbye Roulette. Hug Kiss and now with a gun, but with other friends, it's like. When we said goodbye to Fred Michaela the other day and Just put both hands up and waved at me like you would a boat leaving a doc. This is fun I like this. I Hate I really I mean we are so opposite and this just this element but like I am the type of person who just assumes a hug as happening me too but. I enjoyed the I knew you enjoy. Hugs do but but I know what you mean there is with new friendships there's an awkwardness, but now I just feel like it's replaced with like. Are we wearing masks? Are We? Yes. When do you take the mask off? There's like somebody that's. Going to be the first to be like, do you want to wear masks the whole time or? Yeah I hear that I actually wrote down some things I. Like about Cova, do you want to hear it? That you would. Cove. Ed. Okay, the first and best one is that whenever I hang out with people now I realise I'm out of practice someone hotel a terrible story and I forget what to do like I forgot how to be like Oh. Okay. Like I just don't know what to do. So don't miss that. I'm gonNA miss social distancing. Zoom therapist. Ninety minutes each way four hours to go talk to a guy for fifteen minutes gye so far for your, what do I get a smell you? Zoom it. I got a touch you the you said that's inappropriate. We're working on it. That's great. What did you not like? I mean he smelled like respect and find leather Leather bound books. We're all swingers. I just saw someone else. We're all swingers. I saw somebody else but we were careful. Oh, that's funny. It's like we're all like swingers. Now it's like we're all in open relationships like foul come home and she'll be like I. saw somebody at the grocery store. I knew. We just went to first base. Which means we waved they haven't seen any other people. Like where we're all talking like that, it's like if you're going to go out and see people if you're going to open up your your pod. Communication is key you have to be on it. That's that's GonNa like how many friends I've had two friends this week I was just tested. It was negative and you're like great. This new insult go liquor doorknob. Anything that's a good one. It's better than go fuck yourself. That's that's my it's not my gift but if anyone like why can't say that that's his I'm saying, please please I'd be honored. If next time you want to tell someone go fuck themselves say go liquor doorknob. And, they won't get it. They'll probably anyone that you're that mad at is probably too dumb to get it but you'll get. doorknob. Love it. We feel good. I feel great. What's gone are date. Date you date you? Won't answer. More. Questions. L. Proxima. Tampa. There's so many good ones I can't wait to get get through. I, and thanks for listening to these. These are fun. This feels like you made it weird about its purest. I I. Agree. I. Really Love Talking to you talking to you What was I was thinking we could read the poem from our wedding because we were talking. So Blake relationships is a one but how Lambert Blake? T know what it was called a manning room, a man and woman sitting room together. I don't think. If you take that in getting. Here while you look for this is the video of Leila she just learned to say. Goodbye when I leave. Okay Leila love you. Love you. Bye, bye. Right back. Love you. How am I? Mean I again, I've never done cocaine, but that has to be cocaine right to your heart your like my brain is. Christmas shooting out unbelievable I. Feel Amazing. She's we're GonNa Watch that as soon as wartime. Maybe feel good. Wow. Okay. So this is very short poem my beautiful music underneath it. Sure. It's called the third body by Robert. bly could hold on a second I. Wish She Robert Bly Robert, blond. I. Hope this isn't too obvious. Here. We go. Go ahead. Cute. The third body. A man and a woman sitting near each other and they do not long. At. This. Sorry. Ho Larry US. Half the stays. Stays. In. Saying this. is a species weird. Here, this. Guy was so funny this is life the third body. A man and a woman sitting near each other, and they do not long at this moment to be older or younger. Born in any other nation part, any other time or any other place? They are content to be where they are. Talking or not talking. Their breaths together feed someone whom we do not know. The man's he's the way his fingers move. He sees her hands close around close around a book she hands to him. They, obey a third body, but they share in common. They have promised to love that body. Age? May come parting may come. Death will come. A man and a woman sit near each other. As they breathe feed someone, we do not know. Someone we know. Who We have never seen. So beautiful. I mean. It's not. I don't know I I feel like saying this. Is Not necessarily a poem about God is about the energy. Of A relationship you're feeding third thing. and. Again. It is stupid and pretentious and upper own. To give advice but something that I think is very lovely. de isn't advice that we give advice that I received is thinking of their relationship as a third thing. And societies benefit from this relationship interpersonal to people relationships benefit from this even companies benefit from this. It's like if you think of it as something that you're making together, that's rob bell's back zooms Zim is the space within you create something eight, which is I think a Hebrew term before God created the universe in the Hebrew story. That's what was there was Zim I guess it's also the Dow. Really Beautiful. My Love that took me back to our wedding. So Fun. But I think that is a great way to go back to that. So. If you are having a hard time communicating to go back to this person's question just. Kinda. Zoom out and think about the third thing thing about the. The relationship as a whole and. Let's just get over yourself. Everything's get over yourself. To serve yourself, feed yourself care for yourself but also don't take yourself too to to to seriously thank of the. Collective And I would say More than get over yourself just like. Observe yourself get a little bit of space right anytime. You can create any space around a feeling around thought around a reaction. Yeah. That's that's just too. That's. Totally agreeing with you get over yourself as is kind of like the harsh Ted talk way of saying the same thing I'm just saying. Don't don't get lots. That's goes back to the Leila's name it's a dance it's a play. And your emotions are beautiful, they're welcomed their valid. Everybody needs to be fed and taking care of, and you need to take care of yourself and love yourself and it's a paradox at the same time. Realize it's just raindrops on the windshield and before you know it, the wipers communists will. Not Sad. It's just if you're a drop on a windshield. What are you? What are you doing worrying that the woman thought you were being an asshole for saying the baby was in the car what are you doing? You're raindrop on a windshield fucking drop in Yeah I. Love It. All. Right. Good stuff. Keys to. crispy. Kale. crispy. Keep A. Keep Chris. Parnell. crispy. crispy.

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#168 - "Who you know matters, a lot"

The Agostinho Zinga Show

1:02:26 hr | 1 year ago

#168 - "Who you know matters, a lot"

"And web back. Welcome back to the Zinger show episode number one six eight zero says Ocho with me your host, Steve Zinger. How's it going? How you feel? Hope he goes a well rested hydrated limbered owed at source. Good stuff. I'm feeling very good this morning the coffee in hand as you can see a her just got back from the gym Dila workout some strength and conditioning today. Some back squats some heavy dead lifts some of head presses. And I'm full fucking awesome. I also cry good because the gym that I go to the local Edison's around the qualify live. They finally got some new plates in the gym update their equipment previously. We had these weird place that weren't really they want a good size. They wouldn't like the Olympic weightlifting size plates. But now they've got those place. I just really massive. But the way according to what they way, etc. So that they look quite good strategically, and when you slip them onto the Bob you don't need you need to come them as much as you need to come to weights because they fit quite snug onto the bar which helps as well. Because sometimes I'm clips in the gym or hard to come are hard to come. Because people end up stealing the more forget, they put them in their bag or scattered around the gyms or they just saw not that tight as as you want them to hold onto to the place. But so now, we have these new plates in gym, and yeah, everything's going pretty well in him for twenty five pounds wherever I pay a month is fucking quite banging, if I I don't think a fiver, I can do some swimming. Which is good for me. You know, being a black man, I need to learn how to swim someday rather out sooner than later. And. Yeah, for the most part is pretty cool opens up until ten o'clock on the weekdays eight o'clock on the weekends like a decent German, a really decent. Jim. I I spent a lot of time. Go into Krispy boxes in the beginning. Right. I went to a couple, of course with boxes and stop. And you know, they're expensive ever knows that I think the one the one that went to Las one hundred a month for free sessions a week, which again, isn't too bad because you're in the closet and you'll see when you're in a class environment. You push yourself a bit more than people around you push you. I'm lou. Added element of competition. Does that where of scoreboard thing on encroachment where you put your finger on the white board? And it gives you an extra motivation. We have coaches guiding you fruit exercises, making show your fullness. Correct. And you're doing the right things and you'll get into bad habits, etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. But in general, I'm not a group activity kind of dude I like doing things my own as you can see from so podcasts at at to kind of be on my own island and go from there. So the whole the whole books thing class workout stuff wasn't the best thing for me. And it's something quite annoying. Quite silly about someone telling you come on five Bush up. Do you can do give me ten fifteen more. Every time you hit fifteen you go five let that stupid, psychological thing. They do. Right. It's just annoying. I just don't find even move as just that we doing how I'm doing. If it's twenty to twenty is very don't keep giving me. These imaginary goes out to keep hitting after hitting the gold already hit all stretch goals. Sorry, whether they cool. This is annoying. As well. It just, you know, the sun type of personality that goes to a work class a group a group exercise activity thing, and I just I'm just on that pass ninety. I dunno coming in mood. Fucking gear all the straps in the shoes and the waste and banned in fucking belts and enough. I don't care leave me alone. So yeah, I'm happy that is over. And again, I think for some people money is a big deal because one hundred a month is a lot more than twenty five. But then you're the gym I go to a local council, James. It's not like, you know, was an virgin active wherever so often is in between business. It is a is like a council Jim go-to, go to twenty quid and Indo probably be the virgin gyms or the James I'll be about thirty to fifty. And then you'd have the upper echelons which are the hundred quid gyms, which are like the was the private one. And so there's a private one lesson so hood, I can go to a spa and a shower that's shit. A kind of wellness center, quote, unquote, not the one center that Gilles get when they get past the surgery, but it wasn't until you go workout. So those things, but in general, I just I want is a is a rack with a whack and squawk wrecking. Over at press a platform where can do some benches. Welcome to some sort deadliest or maybe a bench do some dead lifts and some of 'em workouts. And that's it and pull a buzz. That's what I need ever. Stop is is just like an extra flurry. No reason in my opinion, personally are the rest of her blessing are run overtime was also was extra added quick. It's just a waste of time. But yeah, feeding Goodman fitting strong die. It's been. It's been in in a good place. Since I started training a lot this past couple of weeks. I'm I've been faucet as well. Which is helped a lot as well with them, you know, shedding the pounds and all that stuff Malaki of kind of loss about five pounds already since the last time awaits of about two twenty six now, which is good. I'm trying to aim to get to a lease a two twenty by the end of the month, which would be nice and infant day. Trying lose the lost twenty pounds between now and the end of April, which is kind of my stretch ago. Does the goes I have at the moment and against it's gonna mostly it's gonna come down to die. Anyway, the what? Kouts not gonna be, you know, things just to make me stronger until see to allow me to have a better cardiovascular base in order for me to run into the race. I want to do, but in general fingers gives it enough time to kind of lose the way in Bobby. That would have been like, let's say four months to lose very pounds. Which is a lot lotta time. I can do it probably sooner. I just all the ship. I know, you know, with the DJ -ing stuff always have weekends. Go drink. What is stop so necessarily committed that if I wanted to commit to thirty days lose very pounds in forty days, connected idiot gap, Inbar, I'd have to commit like not going out to one with the DJ of doing is kind of unrealistic talking about DJ -ing. I am DJ tonight actually in Boston from nine to twelve twelve at the free compasses on those lanes between the area took the out from knighthood bump Golah disco. Got some, you know, some kind of some Aren be ish kind of vibes play as well and some other bangers stashed under the USB and then on Saturday on planet. Heath. Star here late in stone. And that is again from nine to one this time against similar survive. And as for my Nyquil Lepetit's auditory confined on my website, excising dot com. I'm clicking DJ exception. Not listing should be under any ways apart from that. I'm still recovering him, still recovering. I'm still recovering him, still recovering. I'm still recovering from that. United game against pitchy last night. Sorry. I'm I still call get Emma head is still something. I'm still shocked as to how it happened again. Just in terms of psychology aspect of it. I wonder what the PSE just room was like after that game because they've had a history of choking at the last hurdle. Even know, you know, that they're investors have potent so much money in that club in order to them to win Champions League in the signings of Cavani at neymar Bapai, don't come cheap. So they having to sign these big these big players of cigar big manager of the huge reputation towards Tonko who's coming out. Ten shows. Come in is somebody has been raised about for a while. And he just kind of folded, especially against us United where we were. Absolutely. The stripped of any kind of Fritz right all you know, any dangerous out really kinda put their place in law sixteen in. Jeopardy. We had our midfield decimated out defenses shaky and just generally, you know, we weren't really the best in condition to play especially since they outplayed us in the first leg because I think if we would a one day game, and we would also won the first leg of would have been surprised, right. Because obviously we had a really we got really good good. We've got amazing league form we've been playing really one Cup. No problem by the fact that we are so fairly played in the first leg with some of our best players playing that game. It just seemed unlikely very likable going to go away from home win the game by two goals that that was crazy thing. I knew we were going to concede that was one of the thing. But if anything as a United front, I want it was just a the lights go out and just be proud of themselves. Right. Paul good effort in. I didn't care if they lost deny it almost a good effort some youngsters go run out. That's what willing good. But the federal you went there one in that fashion. Just incredible man in front incredible. And I think though soul wins, and I think those are wins and trophy wins. Calling carbon yet they Cup. They do they do a lot to kind of galvanize a team and to really kind of lay the groundwork to what's to come in the future. Nothing. That's that's the road inflection point. I feel old you have a league victory that we had in the league, especially against society's haven't done that much. I think overall I think by lager expected to beat those contains about winning a game like this, and then hopefully going maybe winning in a couple coming close to it is going to do something is going to do good for the team going forward. Because manager is it's going to relay the groundwork in new in Newton show that we kind of, you know, get back to winning ways of quote, unquote. And you know, it goes about saying, we're probably sure that you know, social is going to get the job. But if he doesn't get a job ever comes in Nick's is a real good a good a good bunch of players Cup of players who have kind of really proved their worth you've kind of shown equality, and you know, and the hose are obvious where they are. You know, we probably need a couple of rightback's now that we figured out the Loza is a right winger we probably need to competition for Luke show. We definitely need obselete while class centreback to and partner. Lynn. Bovine fulsome competition between Jones's warning we probably didn't ever midfielder maybe a winger and maybe striker, right? So there's still some hose it bought by large. I'm happy did the base of the team is kind of especially the ones that were push the ones our kind of on the sidelines and were looking at on the way out of the fridge metabolism Pereira's, like I'm just happy for those kind of guys men, actually, essentially rescued their career, which is fucking incredible to see for me outside the that that's still recovering from that show and United friends going to really recover from it. But, you know, full especially in villages a wonderful game. And just one of those things that you just you can never best you didn't Champions League because buying large most teams in Champions League are are of high standing, right? I will high quality teams you can never take anyone for granted. Because on the night that will ever what has played that can hurt you. Maybe PSU took us for guns. It I don't know about who goes will happen. I'm just happy United Friedman. We've got some more European nights to sabre. Anyway, let's get into topics. We don't have long today, we do have known, but you know. To say that way, we don't have long we'd been inundated with response, which is thanks again. Back to us. You know, wave like you own your plan for jobs, and they tell you that finger only reply bet, you're saying all the the the interest has been extreme what not to say. The demise has been extraordinary. We've been really impressive on. I don't care. Did. I get the Jebel. No. Like did. I get. We all know it telling you these things make you feel bad. It's like we know is a fucking cameras sponge, we knows a copy and paste Joe because I copied in my response to my to you. So I definitely no you're not fucking they're typing away. This. I see. No love your CV. Love the bit. You said about working on the shop floor. That was amazing right? No one sane. Fucking circus when it comes to applying. For jobs is always surprises me was missing love, the circus apply for jobs to circus at jobs. The first couple of weeks that were in a little bit of small talk. Yeah. It's just it's funny. Because you never you're never really show you took into right? You never really sure if the person who took into the ally or like a snitch, right? So you you're wary. Right. And the moment ally in someone unless he gets fucked up as you someone likes the same things that you do some of the same interest. You never really sure it's an ally with their snitch personal is going to be like, you know, you but for now on the stuff now out the night before and then they come in early in the manage Optima, Gina where so-so isn't that? When I left he was still fucked up on the table, Jimmy, those kinds of people that unintentional intentionally snitch. And do you overwrite do kind of make sure they had in their push it before you hand in your? So that if you had in years let you look worse, and because you call it it better. So you never really show what had to play. And then you you kind of get into this fucking loop these banal conversations that don't really go anywhere. When did you go you? When you know one fucking has any of that shit right for the most part because you want to get to the real, right? You only get to the core. But again, you don't know that person. Right. You Askin personal questions? You can start asking. Hey, Joe boyfriend. You have a girlfriend was your mom. Do do you still speak? I'm is your firmly near when's the last time he felt really happy Jimmy Yukon, really go back on the ship because you know, the person, but you really wanted because that's where the interesting considering come from. Instead, you have to kind of do this fucking banal down hanging there a good way again, it's fucking so knowing but again, hey, you gonna play the game is part of the process books or maybe you don't have to play the game. Right. That's what I'm thinking as I'm like, you know, what maybe the play the game. They just don't have to do that of just go to work and come home is that possible and not be social especially now like in a place ways fucking. You know is social lympics people are really social just tired, man. I just can't be buffered is our right. I don't know if your old age thing. I just cannot be bugged. And again, it's not like an arrogance being so saying I have a full life outside of work. I don't need any froze. It's not that kind of thing at all. It's just a above it. But then I'm also very aware. Right. 'cause I'm I've been in the working environment for way too long more longer than I than I would like to be in hoping that sooner or the late talking fucking breakout this shit, but I haven't been to the working environment. So as long as I have been I do know how important I'm aware of how important those little extra cook activities are to the safety of your job right off to the a or to the possibility of you positive probation. They very very very important more important than you probably know like super important, and they shouldn't be really, but they are like I've seen people do really pull jobs, but the social of Lynch pin in the group and pasta nation, right because by large no one wants, nor once could convince no one's open compensation result. Someone saying. You got let go people just want to want to deal with it in that way so much. He's someone they lightning keep someone. They don't like they can't hang out with. So usually in what places you feel the kind of person that doesn't smoke doesn't do drugs doesn't drink alcohol. You're gonna really struggle like in a group setting. You'll struggle to look again, something that shouldn't be happy shouldn't happen. But you root struggle. You. The only hope you have is if you can find a giving people inside your what in your web place. We will have the same sort of interest as you who don't like to go to bars and hang out with the time. I'll be doing workplaces. That's your only hope if the confines those people, y'all bucked. Yeah. Especially if you don't want to go out, and I'm kind of scientists maybe feel a little bit of that burned. Now at the moment again, I can easily turn around because you know, I know I know if I turned up if man shows up if I show up at the dance ever be my friend, right? I know that but I just don't want to men. I don't know. What's happening? I just don't want to. I just really don't want. But again, I'm away. If I don't it's gonna it's gonna by Niaz, that's for sure. So yeah, those are things I'm thinking of it a moment and also fifth in waiting for this package to come as well as so Noyon admitted coming yesterday, again, it's the it's the first world problems, right because Emerson prime I know they say alva- hundred one hundred times probably untimely ninety nine hundred ninety times out a hundred right? That's that's the fired. What it doesn't come on time? It's annoying because they do that thing when you order that counterweight says off you next four hours, you can get an estate, I did it, right? It comes at it. It doesn't come the next thing. I get one older that comes accent never free things from books haven't come in. And you know, how much I love my books. You know, you know, you know, and it hasn't come in yet. And now, I don't know if this happened and the schism when you're going to track it it says it's handed to the resident, but I am the risen. Can you see on the risen look around? This is a house, right? You can even hear me for the micro sounds like a house house house. How's that? But it's not here. This is the reticence was I mean, the security guard was was headed to a neighbor who has an gave him giving it to me, especially when they were stealing your books like so knowing in it, I was wondering is well, I was one of the people that go around seeing people's Amazon packages people who do the most generic is from Amazon nowadays. Right. People don't really I don't know people do people who are really high ticket value items. I don't know if they do. So imagine the person that's going around snatching packages from people's from those that you're gonna get the most randomest things in it. You'll get my free books. You get somebody's iphone USB cable. You'll get out of there. Someone VIN pills. Right. You get the most craziest shit you'd have to lock out and find the fucking iphone or something here. I, but it's not gonna really happen. Is it? But yeah, I'm hoping that turns up, and if it doesn't I'm hoping to get refund men 'cause mine copied doing this you pay eight pound a month. Whoever is prime minister to come on time. And it doesn't you pay a pound a month Amazon prime madman to come on time doesn't that can arrive, isn't it? Sorry. I die for saying that. But anyway, this roll into topics some stuff I've seen during the week that I wanted to talk to you good people about so this way. Oh, number one, a finesse gun wrong finesse on row this story. Intrigued me, right. When it first came out a while ago finger couple of months ago of new year couple years ago story. So the story goes, right? This is giving me the story goes that there's this. There's a homeless guy on the street and nothing is in America. Look on the street. A couple pastas homeless students street. No sorry. There's a couple of driving Linda highway their car breaks down. And it is in those whip predict don't have any cash casualty any money on them. I think their phones died whoever may be. So as it wherever they crush on the street wherever they pulled up the petrol run out homeless dude episode will buy and he gives them the last ten dollars hand. So that you go up from beggars street. They did it ten dollars a put their petrol car, and they feel ever. To this homeless, dude. So this couple in their altruistic ways decided to separate go for me page in honor of this homeless dude that gave them the last bit money that he had to make sure they go home safely, obviously this ago from me goes viral because everyone on social media likes to prove how much a good person they are by in a retweeting and sharing these fucking heart wrenching stories instead of actually going out and doing good works in their community. They live in Brussels hoping for another day it goes viral. They raise one hundred thousand dollars and everything goes well, right? That's into story, you're wrong. So it transpired that the whole thing was a fucking live. Right. They all worked in the world together like the homeless, dude and the couple to to kind of concoct this whole story and OT revelled only because they only rebel because of the media parents they started to do and the way this. I talk about the story and people started to poke holes in it does that remind you of anything else jussie smollet, right? It only again. Just really not so much, right? Because I guess from the onset per a person like myself. I wasn't want to go out and say and social media. But for the very moment. I heard the story was fake, right? Just sounded too. It just sounded to made up right? The mega hat, the news the bleachers. I come home. And there's just too many things to me trigger points. So I didn't I knew it was fake from the beginning. But the story really I'm ready for me. When you went on good Morning, America. Right. And he sat down as I took it people. Like, that's not something someone does. Right. They go for a hate crime. Right. It's doesn't seem like the the natural progression of things again. That's that's just my opinion. But it will kind of unraveled once I had to go into a Pearson, the whole story just fucking crazy. And it also was crazy about it. Is that in revelled when they went on TV periods and also reveled because the couple got greedy, right? The did actually give the homeless due to actually was homeless. He's fair share of the money. So from then on the kind of he kind of snitched and said, hey with my money and the story. Kind of a rebel today. Please investigate investigated. And now they're facing jail time. Just we story Spokane fascinating absolutely fascinated a depsite people go to nowadays to finance. And again, does this how much of how much of a bad person? Are you? Oh, can you say evil that you do this that you'd prey on people's willingness to show how compassionate and how terrific and how giving they are and kind of tap into this by doing this kind of scam. How bad of a personnel you and how much other things have you done in your life that also equally as bad because this isn't a one thing you don't just suddenly sit? Right. Imagine you and your girlfriend or union boyfriends to early in the house when they watching Netflix chin it. What? And you'll maybe I don't know. You may be sure of a couple of pounds because you still pay day of the month. Uber. Fucking paul. You fucking made some pieces at home. You just do a couple of shit. And then you realize, you know, what instead of thinking about ideas of how you can make money and how you'll go from being so cupcakes, and you might be able to start that personal training thing that you unto always do you both sit there and cook this idea about making a fucking fake. A fake. Oh pump. Go for me. Go from me patient, what to get money out people that is psycho shit. Right. 'cause usually in a couple of is usually one person that's the same one one person. That's a kind of the voice of reason why they shut the fuck up with vote took him a your psycho. Right. But no, it seems that they're really in love, and they're really real couple because they think the same way fucked up. Anyway, the story goes, right? It's going to be between us Johnny Bubby to to admit go from me hoax about homeless men a homeless man and a New Jersey woman have admitted concocting a hoax feel good story. If definitely was good story that drew more than four hundred thousand Inigo from me donation now, you know, one thinking about a hoax, right? This brings me to attention of things. I don't like watching anymore. There's a point west. But watching American idol Britain's got tired of experts all this kind of programs because I feel as if like again, it could be the producers for it couldn't be the full. It might not be the action people that sing on the program. But I got the feeling that whenever the sob story came around that some people would concoct. After sub story in nudity can elicit some emotion in order to have that emotion. Be a driving force into them. Delivering a really spectacular performance. Right. Like that performance where everyone's of standing up in. The crying in a Cup in which I don't know. How do you can cry up at the same time? It's probably like sneezing and singing at the same time. Right. Sounds really a like people. Do it it at least. It. It was forcing it reminded me of a time when I was in school where they made us icon. I don't know what a time when. You're in private school. And they do this thing with it does get to toast side story about yourself and people stop crying and shit kiss out crying. I remember being such a fucking psychopath in school run. Say him great these under psychopathic school that someone was telling some fucking sad story about something. I don't know what it was about the dealt dial or something no, sir about dying. And this is something about Doug. I don't have a Doug Wright African people don't have those right? Fucking that books. We never had a dog. And I'm going to soak in front of the school the front Akasha sorry. And I may as some story about my dog dying. We didn't have a dog had ambulance came. And they took the dog away. And I know. The ambulance comes for dogs. I don't know. I have no idea just like crying crying classroom. And I felt really good right? I fell Mazen. A certainly I was crying about something that didn't happen. And so they had a few my classmates, and we will could button around like the people that lost something, right? There's something to be said about that. Right. It's somebody who said about that. Just split case. The whole victimhood finished something gratifying about this whole climate or wherever the victim everyone's suffered from some kind of oppression. Wherever you wherever you your intersectional. Lions right. Somebody is a presser and has been oppressed. Right. We'll Gazal your race color or creed. So because of the ever wants to take pump. Hey, I have something in front of MetLife. To can can I get some sympathy. And I felt that at a time, right? And this is a fucking disgusting. Feelings of finger to feel of it. Now to think of it now is makes me feel I feel disgusting yucky buck, it makes sense nowadays, especially where everyone's victim, and everyone is getting a platform to speak, and you get a book deal when you get press coverage, and you might lose a podcast, and you might become an activist or somebody that people have someone that people run to you might get a blue check on social which is fucking priceless. There are things that come of it that would obviously make you think you know, what these stories out there might be hoaxes. And that's why things in American do. All these people go through fucked up shit, everyone sings going through some turmoil. Some anguish that they have to go in America Fanin Cigna. How I don't think. So I don't think so anyway. Story. US military veteran, John Johnny Bubby. Pretty guilty and a call to conspiring to counterfeit money laundering, and Caitlyn McClure Tournier emitted her wire four they claimed Bobby gave mccrone his last twenty. Also, that's the saddest Bubby homeless guy is a fuck is a US veteran. Why veterans always end up homeless man what the fuck is happening here. They kinda bubbly gave mclovin he's lost. When he does when he's quitting squint when he called ran out of petrol in Philadelphia, November two thousand seventeen more than one fourteen thousand people from across the world. Donate money. The bogus good. Samaritan story was posted by McClure and her then boyfriend also to give any more Ma d'amico Bobby mcferrin, and the Mika still faces new charges or fest by deception and conspiracy to commit fest. I wonder what good from doing there. And because I guess again, I wouldn't say it happens a lot. But it must be something. They must be analyzing right to go from me team like how they can prevent these cases from happening. How may be investigated in-house 'cause? Komo night. But these startups man, I get a better. We'll happy copy go from me. Right. They will believe anything that comes running away. But it has to be a department within go from me, etc. She's sift through campaigns and see if that's did. This sounds. I fucking bullshit right and call it to task maybe the person for more evidence. But again, I guess in this world if you could. So if you call someone story bullshit, and you also more evidence, they could they could potentially end you right post pictures. They didn't believe my story normally is my pain to the bleachers listening to this whole nonsense anyway continues. The couple had become acquainted with Bobby about a month before the hoax during their chips to a casino. Of course, people that go to casino would want to Kentucky. It's the story melted Haas round the world but began to revel wants a trip began immediate prince's gushing about that pouring of online support for Bubby McLaren's and a text message to a friend at learned his story was completely made up. Of course, you do that. Right. You'll 'cause you're dummy. Instead of using the money to help. It officials say the couple spent on the BMW news trip to LA does Las Vegas. Sorry DisneyWorld and designer handbags. Well, get cooling, right? This happens. When you're that's what I'm saying. If you if you investigate that couple, and you dig into the bet did had lows of schemes they've done before to have it worked out with each other people over you don't you don't do a scam. Right. You don't try and don't consult a finesse with someone. And then when you get the money Cutler's cut that personnel because you're all you Paul that person is owed money. It's going to get the money just going to snitch, and everyone that's a standard thing. Right. If I'm calling getting the money, I'm just to stitch, and it's a really scumbag thing to do right. There has to be some unremarked Steve's, but she don't be free of us. Fuck just give him a bit of money. Like what's wrong with these people man, so greedy? The couple literally will drew eighty five thousand dollars casino, Las Vegas Atlantic City. And if they'll fear suburb Bubby homeless drug addict later sued the couple saying he didn't get his share of the nations. A homeless drug. I expect trian. It's just a fucking only in America is amazing. And he said he only received seventy five thousand dollars only obey Radford and the fucking instant couldn't eighteen thousand trailer book for him and a couple of can taking the piss they boomer trailer, and they punted on house. People your trailers human using nephew one. Usually whenever you wanted to know SU super prosecutors to take a closer, look, let's come into coach criminal charges. Okay. So I guess the guy suing them because it didn't payments equal share kind of fruit officials for liberal. And of course, when they uncovered through because it's very free months in prison, while Bobby the expectation is flu is facing. Custodial term between six thirty months. Quilted food of inquirer. It will. Learn his sentence later this week from a Colt which allows addicts receiver petition rubbed in consensus. Fucking awesome, mud. Yemi is also facing children criminal trespass of the microbes by makers, refusing to leave the home, they shed after the romantic breakup, LA, so they obviously everyone broke up. They the couple broke up. The home has gone didn't get his money always trailer absolute catastrophe of a situation. But again, that's a that's a horrible finished. Right. Imagine you you'll need to give. And then you get scammed avid at the out the veteran guesses rehab. I guess to help he gets the couple can go can going at buried under of absolute scumbags absolute scumbags. Anyway. Nixon a list here. The most popular sneaker in the world. Okay. This is my opinion, right again, my opinion because I went to Berlin recently and have been to have a few pace in the couple of years. I'm such as bustle buffalo in Madrid Nuffield places. But is it me? Right. And this is kind of been an example because obviously this article of hype isn't me or is the Addidas continental the most popular shoot in the world right now just think about it, right? In terms of nicotine around your city center, wherever you live right on the train on the way to go to work on when you go. Now when you're hanging out with your friends, what do you see people wearing day today? Right. It's not really easy stuff. You have to go to certain areas to go see that kind of stuff the shortage ultra Dawson Peckham Layton's Layton assorted Louis Sherm stretch him Brixton Notting hill infield. Angel. I'm gonna see us, right? The kind of the kind of hits the host was but away from there always see people wearing the continentals. Right. And again, I'm not sure why they're so popular show why they become more popular than let's say Reebok classics, which kind of taken inspiration from right Kariba custody, generally, see people, and that often if you do is particular kind of you know, the hip so would white socks and black jeans rolled up, right as we're take a look, but consensus in the mall everywhere I've seen them one by talion tourists or seen them one by. Kids in Berlin. Like everyone's wearing shoes. And at the time when I saw them I thought they were like on sale or something because sometimes, you know, place footlocker JD sports, or like, even whoever may be called would kind of put a huge one of these shoes because these issues that they have to kind of by seasons. He's not right. Most shoes, especially if you're going to either account, they'll might not you to buy some limitations shoes. But you have to buy some you have to buy some bits of the line that are just like the core collection, quote, unquote. So a lot of these stores would get a huge allocation these shoes, and you know, this impossible to shift all of them, right? There's only so many feet in the world that you can adorn. So sometimes I'll be like sweeping slashes on prices on these shoes, and because they only retail for about ninety quit anyway when you slash them by like forty percent way, but they become really appealing, and plus they're quite easiest way. So wherever been out in London over I've seen his shoes fucking everywhere. And I guess again, it might be to sail, and it also might be to do a veteran teaching idea smooth. Because there's optical now I've seen them highly skewed. And it says the fully is not as most expensive comes to release to date, which means they're going to put out a lot these shoes. Right. So the articles following after merging embarrassed one of Calloway's ranging from the on the state am grade update done say, I just content. You sit to arrive in Wybrow to Calloway's and up and coming up with the liver. The covetable silhouette in Lois and six distinct makeup. So six more calories. Coming out before we hit the global markets on March will team. So they've made out entire campaign over these shoes that looked quite cold quite generic. So I think that's oversee seeing on their end of it as a sales at issues are fucking gun every this is turning into my the Addidas enforce one right in that respect because on the scene it everywhere. Like I've seen it seen it. She ever seen it on a wide range of people to which then goes to show. How blue actually really is. And again for me, I'm quite a bit. It's taken ration- or maybe it's a where maybe the Calabasas ticket Christians from this. But I quite like it, man. I think it's one of those shoes that you can generally wear with outfits. It works really well with the gum so finger as well. And again with my resistance or hesitancy over future to wear anything Desa. Do it re book. This is probably the best thing. This is probably a good middle ground. If you don't wanna wear Reebok classes, look like, you know, one of those guys. I don't know. Listen rinse FM when your phone offend. This is probably the best way to do it. I contend with every nicer I realize Allred Calloway, actually, read with like the black and yellow stripe on the side. And I'm one how comfortable uncomfortable to wear as well. I'm looking at as what they would probably make quite good skates. You right. If they were decided to update them a little bit mummy. Maybe the me update somehow, maybe you need to change the tread some way, shape or form maybe making. Vocalise went buffalo. It'd be pretty good skates. You again, look at this black is that black suede like new book off, but it probably women's underwrite black new book with like a pink and other Memphis, a cream Swoosh cream of strap on the side a little fucking hard. They're really nice again. I'm assuming this kind of run as per usually, there's a black level pairs. Well, this will probably call side of a collaboration drop as per usual. Most brands will do this though drop a little coke collection of these shoes. Dunham on some young looking models of Dickey's one here and then and gals wearing dresses with shoes or they oversee know what they're doing who they're aiming at and I'm assuming that three months appropriate collaboration come up with a from a brand using the Khan using the content of silhouette as something that I can probably am say with some small companies get into an inside infant. And again, I wonder if it is from ADA, Pepsi flooded, the market with shoes lead them to a few people in the one button things because I think most influences like wearing wacky shoes in it. They don't necessarily wear like Nomo shoes knocking on an influence to me. Especially the ones I cannot. I kind of grew up idolizing like that he Russia for Julia's knows likes. They wouldn't just wear it with a wacky stuff. They'd kind of post up from the archives. Like, you know, like Bruins and stuff like basic shoes and kind of like, you know, raised them and put them on a pulpit but hip says nowadays let wearing really really really funky shit. It was not funky day thing fucking interested, which is in a knowing I guess for people like myself, but you know, go do you go do. But yeah, I like the look at the continental am, hopefully, we see more of these motives coming up soon. Again, w if don't see a collaboration with these coming up bravery soon. What's Nixon a donkey here? Pity Pippi ABC purple. Oh, it's the good. No article, right? I saw Ashley on heist. Nobody who a study finds a study. 'cause you're started people always like studies. What did you like slaves now because these studies usually point out the most obvious of things that we all kind of new, but this not to co I found on high snow biting, I thought was of interest. It says a study finds autism become famous because of who they know not they work. Are you surprised? I'm the surprise motherfucker. Again. Let's read a bit of it before we kind of dive on deepen sought to my mind with opinion zoom in here gets onscreen arsenal by tees up in your screen. You can see that rut yet, they go, and you study has found that becoming a set for autism more about who, you know, than how creative originally you'll autism, which you know, I think we can kind of agree. Published by Columbia business school and reported by an artsy. The research paper the fame maps the social networks early to twentieth century, abstract autism, public pool. Cle- Wesley Kozinski, which even I was in school. If found that autism networks were more likely the reason that they was exceeded professionally countries to convention literature. There was no statistical support for relationship between the noticed creativity and defame that they ultimately achieved those individuals who possessed a diverse, personal, friends and personal contracts from different industries and not. I in the cosmopolitan network position was physically more likely to become friends the famous story. The study took the state this data from the moment of twelve exhibition inventing obstruction nineteen ten to one hundred twenty five to determine that a maid what made it work original researchers got machine learning algorithms to rate. How unique a piece of what's compared to the range of essentially to study also have a group of stories ranked networks artworks based on the based based on based on visual can some places. Right. You want to write for them rant? This goes face on the way, I'm taking his other. But you wanna write these places? Right. You send me Moser? Okay. How can right for you guys? Just writing for in a positive like now with good. And then you see since his ideas. The study has also had also had a group of historians ranked art was based on based on originality and innovation that come on. I can do much better than anyone that doesn't even here on. So this article, I'm you know, I think we can all kind of sei's fairly obvious. I can speak from. My own personal purview. That is very true. Speaking coming from night BJ side of stuff like before I was playing regularly in Boston clubs. I was sending emails in Texas note will emails mostly faithful mistresses out to any club. You can mention any promoter any fucking bomb energy convention under the sun. Get absolutely no shine, right? No info Noah, no, kind of unto back nothing. No interest. Nothing zero zilt dry. I was kinda just Shotley into the wind which is fine. You know, everyone's couldn't even purview on on. Judges will good good for question. Doesn't lose. You. Don't always you should always expect a response. Right. You're kind of disturbing somebody without them. Ask politely were asking you to get in touch. So I can understand Cody Mohsen code a message can kind of get annoying. But the moment I got one thing is the moment all of the things that run into place because it became a network because moment Elstein planning one place a manager that what's in that place. Then went some royals, and they put me to that place. And then some. Was drinking in the bar? I was playing and then cites a high with another thing, and then playing in that thing it kind of it. It did depend on the people that was playing in front of more. So than what I was doing right to like, I'm in. No, I'm in. No have have no allusions. Right. Like, this is something I'm very very much. So it's I I'm up there with as many like you mentioned the top tier in the middle tier wherever they are the seniors. I'm up there with the best of them when it comes to the scene deejays, right? When it comes to the top tank trucks holders. Coming dudes don't another stratosphere when it comes to CD to a do nothing and touring around the world and playing in places and have their raiders and stuff. I'm as good as these people, right? I'm fairly confident of that. And I'm also very sure fairly sure that if I if I was if I happen to get at opportunity plan boiler room and happened to play in front of these kind of people that would automatically snowball my career and never to believe me to get in far more opportunities often that right? And it's because of me thinking, I'm good is most people don't in frontal, and that's. That was fairly evident to me in the beginning of my journey. Right. I need for sure. Especially considering the fact that I was unwilling to kind of also people to to play in places. Like, I remember before I said, I contact clubs and bars Basel stuff to go play there. But I was I didn't ask him. I promote a friends who play even a lot. These people have had them play my club nights. Right. Had them play my club nurse and Dusen no-one these people that kind of return the favor per se like none of them, even even if they four hours shit, right? Just to just to kind of the exchange kind of cut. All you let you let me play your night a few times. I heard you DJ company. My not never happen. Again. People are people are tickets, right? So willing with but I don't expect any anyone. So I'm not really judgmental. God, I don't really have any feelings towards it. But wasn't saying enough point. But I was very aware that I was taking a big risk of was going to suffer consequences because I wasn't willing to kind of put myself out there, also people. Hey, I let you play in kind of cooler favorite, again wasn't what I wanted to go to kind of. Right way by counting the Bosnian. And then the play play that way. Of course, those people have the relationships have networks that they trust. And they wanna get any new people in the they can't a chance. They contacted chance I'm shit and after play for an hour on the club. And he can't get rid of me. Right. So I'm just completed completely stand that. But then I think some people especially on social media way, especially on comments and stuff with some individuals. They get really annoyed when people make it, and they feel as if like they making only because of the circle of friends they have right? The people think of straightway is Brendan show up individual, but immature Nepal, causing comedy, weather, inversion, blah, probably good examples. Go people look at them from the outside and just think, oh, you only dead because the people that you know, which is partially true. Right. But it also dead because of how good they are you have to marry those two things up. I don't fit nowadays. But she and social media world is basically impossible. It's kind of impossible to make it just on your own based solely into what you do. You have to have somebody say, oh that was awesome. Check this thing out right or do something for somebody an in-depth hasn't investigate. Doesn't mean. It's 'gate-keeping. It's just a matter of fact, right? It's just a matter of exposure and reference, right? So if I'm a lot that kid that have you seen the recent I went viral of that kid that dude the drawing of Kevin Hart? I made like an amazing realistic sketch of Kevin Hart. Right. Some kidnapper. Like he's been doing for a long time is probably only probably only under ten years older. Some she's not super old. He's been trying for a while. He's been around for a while during those sketches and do loads of poetry's. I'm gonna be I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, he's probably them a lot of other celebrity portraits. Disney's first, but this one suddenly hit, suddenly Kevin Hart. Sewri liked it re tweeted it made a communist said, hey, I want a commission to do my work. And suddenly that kids stuff is all over social all over the news. Outlets. And and I'm sure he's less than a change from this moment on so again, that's an example of like, you just can't go by the work. You do you have to hope that the work. You do see isn't get seen by the right person or the work or you work in tandem with the right people. And in by standing next to them, you get exposed people like who is that guy in a red hat, and that kind of goes on from there. And again, I just don't know why suddenly on social media it kind of pressures which meet away. That's how it basically works. Right. Social media works because people have that idea that they wanna be social we serve people. Right. That's where that's part of the reason why you're on this exposing your work, you want to see it share it with us woman. Lucky? I just read how we those people especially with virgin Brennan whenever you see a comment regarding with something to do with them succeed in life. Everyone's always saying are the only day because a Cagno the Joe Rogan. Yeah. We know that but they've given up Janine radical given a platform and if I can run with it, right? There's some people that are going to Joe Rogan's podcast as a guest and they completely dog shit. Right. They don't really wrestling occasion. And they probably does more harm than good. This go on. I need to kind of work in tandem with budget. And if what we fuck it up, right happens all the time. But I think we give them the chance and you'll good is. Obviously a good is good. There's a good amplifying good Mark v to get your voice out, and then to resonate with the why the public, and again, this this topic would be says it more often than not, and I guess with contemporary art is Neva is probably even more important contemporary. Especially considering the galleries you need to represent you. The people you need to be around the shoulder rub against like it's a bait thing like just easy to fucking realize it again, I don't know. Why people don't think is true or why they get annoyed by it? Because I think they have this idealistic mindset that people should be only get informed and left by just a work. But nowadays, you have to be you have to be all in right? You have to be an old encompassing. Meteoroid Pires to be able to distribute. We have to make our gift to be able to distribute it marketed to do all that stuff. And if you can just stand the right people and do great work by holding up and stuff like you're gonna fucking smash it, that's basically the point of it. Right. Again, number one, make sure you're actually good. So when you get giving up attorney comes your way, you can fucking go in here out of the park. That's what I'd say new it, again, ODI my opinion. What do I do took in about that that that that the dir- it might be a good chance with took about? I she this pretty good and pretty lengthy Virgil an article that was on Jackie, right. Civil confined. Nah. G Q bump. So I got Michelle was happening. If that come if Virgils having something or maybe it's the time with the exhibition at MoMA exhibitions, Chicago gotta rewrite could separate gutters happenings. Good do a whole retrospective of his time with that. But it seems like he's getting more and more media tensions fucking ramping up day in day out Lucia what the deal is in that regard. But anyway, this this huge article came about Virgil on gca star magazine. I think he's afraid is a cobblestone to it kind of, you know, maybe it was posted the of white show, which was my favorite. But in general, it kind of charts the history of Virgil for. Perspective of various friends for he's kind of inception from his career onwards. Right. And against the familiar story. We've all heard like in. It's not there's no no, no real new information apart for some and it does of his youth and stuff whatever. There's obviously a really nice picture here. I'm assuming this might be dilute on studio studio is fucking gorgeous. Actually, that's one thing best when he goes to Paris Paris is fucking beautiful. Right. It's so good just to the I you really forget how as physically pleasing is to hang around in Paris on knowing the art and literature and cultural history of it's just viruses fucking pouring through the streets. Right sitting outside a cafe and sipping your your mobile, your coffee, whatever it may be called in pretend to smoke a cigarette. Like, I did week, you feel fucking awesome. I feel it gives you so much by Tennessee. You feel so alive that was sketching, right? Writing stuff. Like parents is one of the most amazing says anyway. The of being super expensive of interested in terms of energy alone. And I can only imagine what it must feel like weak, and we kept working then your TDA in your studio collaborate with your friends running around freshman week. It must fulfil core menu. This again, doesn't there's no rule in new information for those of you that are familiar with the verge Arbil story, but going on rolling on the back of the the finger just talking about from the deal. The report study found that, you know, your network mad more than you actually befriends this story really charts and shows it in plain sight because it goes through exactly who the people while the instrument is life, and everyone is somebody of some prominence is some sort of somebody that is an expert of four or like, a lead a kind of fools afoot leader within their little niche. So it seems like he's on purpose. He's gonna have his way to surround himself with people who are, you know, inspiring and motivating and have their own finger on inside this based on. Well, also, he's done. He's only leeched off of people. He's also then when you go into position, he's also other people impetus to allow them to then go and do cool things from photography from photographers. Two models to consultants wherever you may be cooled. He's kind of gunning. He's kind of been the whole, you know, the name of the DJ, Callard, whatever. You might be cool to street wearing kind of going in and go all these people to come around him and help then he's also going in and when he's gone position. He's done the same for other people. That's the kind of you know, the trickle unaffected. He's kinda done which is then goes to it says a lot about explaining the because again, you can judge work for whatever you want to judge as the amount of real genuine, love and appreciation and kind of roof friendship that comes with people actually travelled to goes to Virgil shows. People don't always get invited. If you've actually go on their own volition to go and hang out with Virgil say hi touch base with the whole cultural smooching thing because they really like him as a person, right? That goes to show just how valuable and how long and how far I think can take you FA now that especially an industry where we in where people can be cynical. They can they can have a chip on their shoulder. They can sometimes feel as if like, you know, because it was hard for them to get in because gatekeepers a fucking annoying. And then there were they close many doors on them that's sunny when they get in position. They're going to do even worse on people coming up. Right. It can it can be used to think that way. But I think sometimes. I think so in life, but she nowadays with the rising social media and the consumer platform that we have I think within our best interest right people from the street where in freshen if we won the CD's kind of industry, flourish and really rise. And really go to the next step is VIN on interest to to provide a platform for these people to come with newcomers over there may be and get them up with your knees to hold them back to not close the door on him to open the gates of really the everyone fruit because what we've seen with the Virgil thing. He might be the best designer we have on the market amount of be whatever you may think of him by Finn. What we've seen is a real shift a real cultural shift happened right in terms of who gets these big jobs in terms of who becomes the person that everyone goes to right in terms of if they want something that's going to be culturally on point it's going to really resonate with people. That Nike ten collaborations probably gonna go down in real history goes what you may think of it. Right. It's gonna go down the history of somebody that was able to do a collection of that immense range, right? Without once ten shoes. Drop them in it will. Out. That's fucking insane. A cool day. I saw this this middle age white dude wearing the were in the white Jordan ones ride off white Jordan ones with like a grey checkered suit with a message scarf ever like just white shoes. White trainers with the seals funding fresh and that goes to show just how. How far that she resonate those connect that question wasn't only one by you know, those Muppets that you see on complex complex videos. Right. That's not such premium of, you know, the head to toe with every every single log on the sun is one by everyday people that just want to wear like a Kulu item that has a little bit of a creative artistic cultural and element to it. And they can kind of slip in there without being too showy showy, right? Because if you wear a pair of what the Dungs were the suit everyone's going back, and no you're adult Hiep's. But you wear pair of Jordans were soupy. We're going to think. Oh, okay. Who are you? What you do? Do you? Are you part of the crew supposed to have there's a very there's a very nuanced thing. That's something that you come by. There was something that he's able to do. But the point I'm saying is that if we let everyone in in if we're kind of allowing the conversation to change, right? If we allow people to come in. And if we're allowing. The kind of gatekeepers to kind of do away and stay on the sidelines. We'll come in let them prove their worth your shit. They're gonna die out. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Right. That the next person that comes off the voters going to be the one the next person that comes out to that person's going to be the one like it's just again, I'm just thinking of I'm just thinking because again, I was obsessive. Which were I was obsessed with finding out what Fraser cook does. I was obsessed with finding out the people who don't behind gimme five. I was obsessed with finding out. Nego Nichols inspiration buying fucking vintage bathing eight books. Other szeswith Tetsu w tests other sisters coaching finding out who these these cultural architects were Arab bond rose impacts, right? I was obsessed with these people and not just think of it from the perspective of six in your nowadays. Right. If you're sixteen your kid now wherever you want award, and you're seeing someone Virgil leading being the figurehead of Louis Vuitton men's and having his own brand of white and doing Paul is run the world and DJ and doing collaboration Kia and Evian water. Like what the fuck must be good for your head. It must be an amazing time again 'cause I came up during the time when people were idealising, and what into really be wanting to be in wanting to be part of the whole Nike club Nike team. Right. They wanted to be part of the Nike energy energy marketing team that was the most coveted job on the scene. Right. Covet job. I say, right. No one was really figuring out a way to become an extra bream people really limited NAMA, and you can't do that. No one wants to be. Mixed bay finagler call you can't do that. Right. No one wanted to be to the credit of of Christian deal. Now, you can't do that. But now there's this generation they really think they can do that. They really they could go in and be the other the fashion director Allama let for real like they really do finger because they've got evidence of it right for roles. Go collaboration ongoing Chanel like it's just this crazy world we live in nowadays. Her impresses go a complete runway collection readies away collection that he does on the runway in Paris, right? He's backed by a massive her group, the new gods group, Brian to the production manufacturing somebody who I know personally and knew from the time that I knew in from wasn't necessarily a fashion kid, right? Someone that's more of a an artist's more of a cultural communicators, suddenly translate that image that kind of aesthetic, and it tastes and kind of channeled into fashion, and look well that's been it must be amazing being a kid nowadays, you must honestly fit, and there was literally no limitation to what you can do in this industry the industry, and I just think it's up to us of the oldest statement Sydney industry to not get too cynical to bitter. And because we haven't been we haven't got to where we wanted to get to. All to the kids out note. Give them we'll do information you can give because the next person after the ones I lead in the head lead in the kind of race. Now, they're going to be the ones they're going to be the ones. I haven't listened Amerson have no doubt of it. The nets the next budget is going to be fucking amazing. Imagine what Conyers do nowadays. Imagine. What kids seeing what county is doing? And what they're gonna do. It's gonna be fucking insane. It's going to be absolutely insane. And how would you see the next of? And again, I just drink going from the network witness hold verge law to call on G Q and seeing just how you know, how highly how highly makes Ray in the stories from these days in architecture for the times, he was doing street where with the pirates of white staff, the story of the legendary picture of them outside fashion week when they went and get crushed the freshman begin lesson to be learned from that was awesome kids. Don't always wait for an invite actually go to the places because again, a lot of kids doing this nowadays on Instagram or social contact tennis people in reaching out to them and ask them to be intern stuff through diet message. Don't do that. Like, everyone does that. It's a fool's errand. Right. You can easily to kind of stay home and just type stuff make something. Right. If you hear someone's doing something cleberation coming up make them a dick. I dunno sending Matija. I dunno. I dunno go to fashion week and bump into Monroe life our part in exchange some compensation tooks Monroe life like really gets. No people. We'll just be around as well. Don't talk to people. I was I'm a big proponent of just not saying anything when I was in the scene in the beginning. I did say Jack she had a blog that was quite popular time. But I didn't say anything I just I just stayed in my own zone. And I just soaked up the environment. I just soaked up all the game. That was around me. I just soaked up mostly as perspective. A spectator. And then once I thought I had to say this I participated, but it's not always advantageous to kind of go out and offer something in kind of draw and kind of extract value try and give some value just trying to be someone that is cool to hang out with which again is hard to it's hard to find. If you go if you kind of read between the lines of that meek mill tweet that he made a post the rook nation brunch. About the SMH the things that he saw people were willing to do order to kind of get a Jay Z pitcher, right which as you were there. And of course, everyone was fucking trying to flip up a pitcher with Jay Z's. It was like, oh, he's so people like lose it all to get that Jay z pitcher, right which leads you to believe that, you know, people kind of embarrassing situation. People do a lot more than than you think. Ryan those kinds of situations when they're in amongst people that allows they to have the staff actor or they want to get out of the rubble them. They want to get the Robert people people can be a bit with hang out with the can be a bit. I don't know. Just annoying right Lofa every joke get overly involved, ultimately. Questions. I just just she company sometimes just being cool and just hanging around is going to get your long way again. So this story really kind of digs deeper. It's a really good vote over historic. I'm not sure what this is tying into. There's a big player handle it. This is just a precursor to Virgils retrospective exhibitions coming up fairly sooner think, but a highly recommend you check especially for the kids that are really interested in trying to get into the industry. I think by large the best way, you can do these things especially for me having idolized people like you Visu are iron bowl the roof nego, baby. Nate is what J J B premium the best thing. You can do is read interviews read as many interviews. You can with these people. They're not they're not hard to find going Google type in the name interview soak up much information as you can and essentially just copy what they did Kobe the path they did not copy the work copy of puff. So if you hear somebody reach out to somebody when new eighteen and trying to get into ship trying to a somebody started printing off t shirts and get into friends, and then that's how. Start it dude that somebody started Zine do die. Somebody side DJ do that wherever is start doing those things we just work through them. And then suddenly for out the work in fruit. Those things you will find your puff because sometimes I'll ask what do you? What do I do? I want to get involved. I want to start this want to start that. I can't tell you. What to do? It's really hard to me to tell you what to do in this situation because the very personal journey, right? It's not something that anyone can tell you. How to do you have to kind of go free yourself? But it doesn't it sounds like someone's forbidding from they say that. But that's the real truth. Like, I can't tell you how you're going to navigate yourself with the industry you gotta figure out while she get in there. And again, the best way you can do it is by reading these interviews and this article from G Q again, you see the full g Madrid how much controversy or how much stick Virgil for this flannel. I've don't think something you'd do again. Because I think a lot of resort were hate Virgil against in. My opinion comes on that flannel. I think we didn't do that flannel. And he just kind of made that in imagine you take that flannel out. Even all, let's let's price a flannel at the price it probably should be right. Not four hundred dollars. And this was pre premed Simone to write this is pre better Ma era of things at least with them. Now, you came from the school of Martin magilla, he redesigned the who diesel essentially kind of changed the silhouette of a hoodie for the most part. But vegetarians, send us a rugby flannel with pirates written for five hundred others, everyone having to end again, he's from from what it seems like I don't know if people are just doing it because he's important is the main guy he seems like a good person you why she like Virgils the person. Right. So I assume most reason why people hate him most. Because because that's not sure. And I wonder if you do it again nowadays, I wonder probably not. But again, I digress. Read for this. Again, this is a visual history of his entire Catholic and what he'd done and how you go into industry and again, look look at the contract between that right? The pirates vision line leading essentially to that of white collection. I think that might be because in Paris, I might be isn't it with the yellow? Yeah. That might be it actually. The yellow the one that I saw Ian corner wedding jumped on voters back on a run it together during runaway. But you I recommend you check it out. It's a really good article. Lows of really interesting people kind of lend their voices, the whole Virgil story. And again, those people that kind of feel invested in the fact that he's winning is. Well, that's not a big thing. So again, like I say, you can't always depend on your talent us have to marry a talent with the people that you surround yourself with. And you know, it's within your interest to kind of go out there put yourself out there and kind of absorb game, and you know, touch base with people and just generally be someone who to hang out with someone that people say, oh, yeah. You do that thing. I find it very difficult to do whenever someone brings up the DJ thing on art scene. The right thing, I don't necessarily say anything, I don't necessarily go out and tell people that do these things I just hope that they kind of realize over time which again is I'm not really taking my own advice. But I can't necessarily do that things. Not very I'm not very good at self promotion in real life. Maybe inside I am. But not in real life. I guess if you are that person. You don't have as much social shame as I do. I think it's within your interest. Specially if you wanna make an industry because so many opportunities out there. There's so much, you know, money to get there's so many opportunities so many tons if you to kind of really get. You're out there to the biggest group of people. I think really oh just off the try your best to get out there. Get in public go to out. Gary opinions go to store openings wherever they may be kosher events freeze. Wherever officials are kidnapped has always say if I was a kid nowadays had. At work retail. And I'll just save up a bunch of money. Fuck the festivals unless it a couple of key ones are no some seeing people go to and I'll save on money. And I do like an influence a toy and influence event. Kickoff flight freeze. I'll go to MoMA a go to a go to New York book, fair a try and go to some fashion week attendant just be around the mix and be around and see if I can go off the Paul e try to go to fashion week, but she for men's I do these fingers just save some money and just go for the weekend. And just hang out that probably the best way if you're gonna get food. I think in especially in July when you talent is probably not the best way to do it again only. I am out. Anyway, that's an hour of me blabbering on. Thanks so much for tuning. It's ex nosing ships in the morning, six eight as per usual dishes. Brought about by audible the link for you to click is below you can get you can get one free book credit thirty day free trial. If you visit audible comforters Aggie. Audible come fortress aid, double G G. Y all information regarding myself can be fun to extras Inga dot com. If you watch watching on YouTube, give me like give me a subscribe showed your friends if you're on the podcast app, legally, a five star review, your friends know, and all that malarkey, and I'm gonna probably see you again next week. I'm busy week ahead of me. We can hear me with the DJ stuff uproariously goes next week. So if you if you're around and you're doing stuff and whatever you're doing the weekend. Take care look off their self, and I'll see you guys again next week for a number of sodium, extras English show. Yes.

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Canada Scientists Isolate Coronavirus; California Counties Shelter In Place

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42:47 min | 9 months ago

Canada Scientists Isolate Coronavirus; California Counties Shelter In Place

"From NPR and WB. You are. I'm Tony Moseley. I'm Robin Young. It's here and now. And I a scene setter in the Krona Virus Taskforce Briefing today Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said. We're looking at sending checks to Americans immediately and the White House is presenting an eight hundred. Fifty Billion Dollar. Emergency stimulus package to stem the economic crisis. Also today no voting in Ohio. The Democratic primary was postponed over concerns about Cova Nineteen in Florida Illinois and Arizona. Voters are going to the polls officials say hand. Sanitizer is available. Stay six pete feet away from each other people. Meanwhile seven million people in San Francisco are sheltering in place more on that later in the program in New York governor. Andrew Cuomo said there's no plan to quarantine residents of New York City but he's working on getting temporary hospital facilities up and running in the State and in Louisville Kentucky Derby was postponed until September the first time since World War Two the race will not play take place the first Saturday in May and then scientists around the world are racing to develop treatments and a vaccine one team of researchers in Canada has come one step closer by isolating the virus responsible for the pandemic and joining me. Now is one of them. Dr Aaron Jay bonaire. She is a fellow at McMaster university in Hamilton Ontario. And Dr. What exactly were you able to do in the lab. And what are you learning about this corona virus so the first step of testing a vaccine testing drug is really getting the virus out of clinical specimens. So you can you can grow up the virus and then you can test it. And that's what we did so we took specimens and we. We grew them up on cells in a lab now that makes the resources available for the scientists across Canada. And how were you able to isolate this virus? So essentially did was viruses like cells. So when you take a virus and you put them in these cells which is what did trump because specimens from one thousand nine patients. We took the samples. We put them on cells and then we got the virus out of the sails and we are characterizing. The box as we speak You've been able to examine this virus in great detail. Can you explain for us? What makes this corona virus different from the others? Did you get any insight on why it's spreading so quickly and why it's so harmful right so if you look at the krona vices like SARS and Morris Dozen Nasty viruses than than this corona virus? We are lucky. And we're grateful that this current advisor is not as lethal in in humans like other chronic viruses. But you're right. It does seem to be more transmissible and and we don't know yet but we're hoping in the next few weeks will figure out why this virus is transmissible. The question that everyone has a and I know it's y you're working so hard on this. Is this going to lead to a cure or vaccine against this corona virus right? That's that's really the dream everybody's working very hard to get that vaccine or other therapeutic drugs like you said what'll happen sooner than a vaccine would be a drug that you can use to treat these with nineteen patients because vaccines have to go to regulatory process. It takes time but if you can take drugs are FDA approved and now that we've isolated this virus you can test their ficus your those drugs using the virus we've isolated and if you can identify any kind of cross protection you can start using those drugs. So that's really the goal I think. What's the most important thing right now? Scientifically speaking as you work through this process. What other work needs to be done? I think in a very simple questions like how effective are the disinfectants. That people are using right. So this is something you cannot test any of these questions without having live virus and we are going to supply this virus and share it once characterized it doctor Samir Mubarak at Sunnybrook was the team was working with and she's been leading all these efforts. I think she's she's very nice with sharing stuff. And we've decided that we would share it once we've characterized it. That's Dr Orange Canarsie part of a team of researchers that isolated the corona virus causing cove at nineteen last week. Dr Bernard she thank you so much for your time for Sharia. Yeah love to share everything we can. So we've got this. There's nothing to worry about. Oh well that is that is very reassuring to hear. It really is everyone's panicking and a little bit of hope during these times. It's great. Yeah so you feel pretty confident that we will contain this. I think I think he just went social distancing washing hands and the Gaza lockdowns. That's happening. I think we'll be okay. Thank you so much for that Dr. Thanks thanks for having me well. I needed that too and here in the states. Another group of researcher says they're close to a treatment that might stave off the worst effects of cove nineteen and also worked to prevent it. And it's one that was used over one hundred years ago Dr Peter. Hotels is a professor of molecular biology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. He's been a key player in vaccine research for diseases including SARS and the new corona virus. He tweeted out our awful new reality and said he is determined to explain and promote convalescent serum antibody treatment especially to save the lives of first responders. He's a busy man. What was trying to save lives so we reached him on his cell at Baylor. A doctor hotels explain what his convalescent. Serum antibody treatment. So this is actually a throwback therapy that was used during the nineteen eighteen flu pandemic and it involves taking serum from patients who recovered from the virus because it has essentially a high level of antibodies. Isolating the antibodies. Then giving it back to our. They're sick patients or now potentially could be used for healthcare workers in the lower dose in order to protect them from a couple of weeks of getting the infection. It's an idea. That's being actively promoted by our to accustom divall. Who's a friend and colleague at Johns Hopkins Medical Center? And what he's doing is trying to organize a network of medical centers to see if we can Gear up blood banks to make this happen and we know. The doctors and China have begun treating covered nineteen patients with this blood. That's harvested from survivors again. Because if they survived they build up antibodies now. Is there a danger though? I mean you know what could be the downside of injecting them with. Antibodies only talking about isolating the antibodies. So that there's little to no risk of actually injecting them with the virus. There are some potential risks that have been associated with this including potential long injury but it seems to be an uncommon complication. And the point is if we're looking at large numbers of patients in intensive care units or very sick individuals if it has an opportunity to lower mortality that could make a big difference to the nation. It's really a stopgap measure until we can develop our vaccines and other groups can develop their vaccines or we have a new drug available. That's very challenging to develop new technologies to new pathogen in the middle of a very dangerous epidemic. We don't have a lot of precedent for doing that. Let's fascinating because the serum would be injecting as you said. Antibodies that were built up in the blood that defeated the virus. But to be clear. Are you talking about this? As a treatment for somebody within the first few days of them showing symptoms. Or are you advocating this or hoping this might work also as a prevention? So it's really both and it really. It's partly a function of the dose of that they received so somebody is very sick with this virus. And you're worried about them Having progressive disease the idea you would give them a large amount of of the antibody but in theory and in some cases in practice. It's been shown that you could give much smaller doses In order to administer this to people that are that are high risk for exposure to the virus We think about frontline health workers and we've already seen now report this weekend of two emergency room physicians now in who are severely ill or even in the ICU. At this virus we cannot let that happen on a large scale so maybe of the antibody could be used for that purpose. We're going to need guidance. For this from the federal government how to best provide quality control for this technology how to regulate it provincially bring in the food and Drug Administration who has a lot of expertise and biologics also? What kind of regulatory oversight does this need to have been also? Could we get federal government mobilizing resources for blood banks? Well you mentioned the two emergency room. Doctors wants a New Jersey once in Washington state in critical condition. And you know many of us read the incredible piece in The New York Times. This past weekend about the two twenty nine year old doctors. If from Wuhan one didn't make one did but it really drove home. What happens during this illness and what the fear is going another a lot of medical mysteries about this virus and one of them that was reports out of China is that healthcare workers seem to disproportionately be susceptible to severe illness based on what you'd predict Just on their age you can imagine how incredibly destabilizing That would be in the United States if healthcare workers are going to work every day knowing that they could become severely ill and be taken care of by their colleagues. Things could unravel very quickly so for me. This is a national priority. You are particularly saying we can save the lives of these frontline health providers first responders potentially with something that will slow down this viruses marched through their bodies. I think it's a weak link in our health system right now that if we have substantial number of health care was taken out of the workforce and I think this needs to be prioritized. Now that we're moving onto the next stage of the epidemic and during the Spanish flu epidemic in one thousand eighteen scientists reported that these transfusions of you know taking the blood from survivors of that flu led to a fifty percent drop in their deaths. Here we are over one hundred years later thinking about this again that. That's Dr Peter Hotels Professor of Molecular Virology and microbiology at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. I'm Dr Hotels. We wish you all the best of this. Thank you thanks so much so a hopeful news treatments possible. But we're wondering. How are you doing with all of this? How are the outbreak which hasn't really even hit us yet and the restrictions because of it houses all hitting you weigh in here now dot Org? This message comes from here and now sponsor indeed when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste. You need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot Com post job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsored jobs new users can try for free at indeed dot com slash here now terms conditions and quality standards offer valid through March thirty first twenty twenty and covert nineteen is already having a profound impact on the music industry not only with south by South West canceled but Coachella was cancelled as well and live nation. One of the largest musical promoters in the country has postponed concerts through the end of the month. Joining me now. Is Brian here? Artistic Director of the World Music Institute Brian. Welcome to here now. Every Madonna and Brian. Your organization brings musicians from all over the world for concerts. What kind of impact have you already seen? This has an had an impact that of just collapsing tours. shows that have been canceled on one end of the other of the dates so it's have major repercussions and now of course is definitely a cramping venues and all sorts of industries within the music industry. You are also in the concert. Business Stirring The terrorist attacks of nine eleven. How does today's crisis compare Back then I know a lot of my colleagues doing international music and bringing world music to the to the United States Felt that the music must go on especially at that time of You know a lot of prejudice and so forth that we felt that it was really important to bring the music of other cultures in importantly. But now we don't. We don't even have that luxury of trying to keep bringing people in music of other cultures together. So it's it's at a much more profound impact now I would say then than the nine eleven attacks on that because nine eleven. If you remember we were shut down for a few weeks of International flights but there were venues and concerts in that. Were were able to happen unlike now. So it's a it's a different day. How are you advising musicians You know of course. You're letting them know about their schedules. But there's probably also emotional component to your job and having to interface with them. It's really just having a ripple effect of For these artists of making a living. Because as you know now I mean in ours can't make a living off a streaming services and so forth so the live industry has been the way that they've been making their their bread and butter. So it's it's really devastating effect on live musicians of course so a organization we we hope to reschedule and and you know get artist back in in if they can of course But it's it's going to be starting over so to speak of getting these tours together and it takes a lot for artists to even get a handful of dates in the United States to make tours half him. So it's a huge puzzle that has to be free reshaped and reshifted our just waiting for the next upson. It's an. It's an interesting time Brian. Kerr is the artistic director of the World Music Institute. Brian thank you so much. Thank you for having US done there. Were nearly two thousand musical acts scheduled to perform at South by southwest and Austin Texas this year. Madison mcferrin was one of those acts scheduled to play. She's a singer Songwriter from Brooklyn New York. And if her name sounds familiar it's because she's the daughter of music legend. Bobby mcferrin well since Madison won't be playing at South by southwest. We thought we'd have her here albeit remotely. Madison mcferrin. Welcome to here and now thank you for having me. Yeah yes so you're at home now and you've had to cancel most of your live events. How are you doing well I'm just trying to adjust to the new normal of things You know everything's postponed for the time being but nobody really knows till winter. How long and being a musician of live shows or how you make the majority of your income. So now it's time to regroup and rework how we're GONNA do that for the next couple of months you made your debut at South by southwest and twenty eighteen. It's where a lot of national critics heard your sound for the first time. How important is south by southwest for you and artists like you who are just starting out. It's an incredibly important civil. I mean there are so many people there who you network with you get to work with So it's an incredibly important festival especially as an independent musician to be able to have the kind of outreach that really helped jumpstart your career in many ways so to have such an important festival not happen. This year is really telling us to the severity. Of what were facing your. I was called. No time to lose inquest. Love actually called your first album soul cappella. Let's take a listen. You did. So why are you aiding? I don't understand why thinking contemplating non waste all you would allow everything Jones. Say on Sean. Scott Jewish change in nine post op Haram Puzzle Capella. I mean that's a really cool description I did and now you say it. Yeah we know your Dad Bobby mcferrin as talented unaccompanied artist can only assume that he has had a huge influence on your music. What inspired you to make your debut album finding foundation volume one and ACAPELLA ALBUM? I really just did it out of necessity. It was not something that I was intending to do I had this loop pedal and I was messing around with it and I used to play Solo shows with the loop pedal and also with a synthesizer and when I started getting some work shows that called for shorter set time I had noticed that people were really attracted to these acapella songs that I was putting out but I mean it's really just the case that I hear harmony in my head better than I can play it on an instrument. So let me just that for the time being. I would imagine that being at several. Bobby mcferrin concerts throughout my life has influenced that in in some way. Oh I'm sure You know you also have a famous grandfather. Robert mcferrin senior who was the first black man to sing in the Metropolitan Opera I can only imagine how much music is infused in your day to day. Life in your life growing up. Has that. Put a lot of pressure on you though or or is it just part of a big family that loves to sing and pursue music seriously. It's a bit of both It's definitely started out just as you know. This is what we do as a family. And you know my dad's singing in the house all the time and we listen to music all the time and then it wasn't really until Went to college at Berkeley College of Music. Up until that point. You know it's it's easy to take for granted the fact that you have a musical genius in your household and so then all of a sudden I began listening to my father's music really from musicians perspective. And not just his daughter and it really opened my eyes and my ears to the brilliance of what he does and made me incredibly grateful to have someone like him in my life on your newest EP. You and die. You actually recorded one of the songs while Playing Your Dad's baby grand piano. It's called no you better. Let's take a listen tables turning must be speedy although observing under what a beautiful tonal quality. You have tell me a little bit more about this song. I really started doing Acapella Steph live because I was too nervous to play piano and sang in a live setting just because I haven't been competent in my piano playing abilities and so it was just kind of a reaffirming like hey I actually can do this and I also don't meet just do the thing. I also don't need to have a bunch of production around me like I can do this like this. I and it's alive. Take one take all the way through with me playing the piano and singing at the same time so I was like. Hey if you ever had any doubts I can sing you. Go One of your songs a little bit of a departure. It's called try. Let's listen What's driving this? You sound is an evolution as an experiment. Tell me more about it. It actually stems from argument that my boyfriend and I got into route. Try and apple letters on a piece of paper and slammed down the walked out of our apartment and when I was writing the song actually wrote it in my dad's studio and I was thinking about this concept of really trying to push yourself fear Pressel. I just kept saying try over and over like that argument coming back to me and so I decided to title it that you know I i. Struggle with my own issues of insecurities anxiety is the seem to be so popular in the age and just wanted everybody else to know that they're not alone in that. If we put our best foot forward we can actually get through these things including covert nineteen. I know it's really part of the human condition right as we get back up and we each day each day we attain and get to that level that we're trying to get to whatever perfection looks like for us or being better. Looks like for us? Yeah absolutely I mean. I think all of us are really trying to figure out how we're going to shift in this day and age but united. I think this is going to be a real test to us as a society as to how we can stay together. Stay connected And not not. Just let this social distancing distance us forever just because we can't be in the same place doesn't mean that we can't still share music doesn't mean that we can't still you know spread joy and just be together in this collective community that singer songwriter. Madison mcferrin Madison. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you so much for having stay safe out there. You're listening to me. You know you get you. Nearly seven million people in the San Francisco Bay area are now under an order to shelter in place for the next three weeks. It's the most drastic measure taken in the US so far too slow the spread of Corona virus and the region's main industry tack is also adjusting to this clampdown. Let's bring in Jessica lesson. She's editor in chief of the information. And Jessica how is this shelter in place order affecting the tech sector supposed to stay in place until at least April seventh? It was quite a jolt. yesterday So we're we're only a couple hours into it and I think everyone's trying to figure it out. You know for for week or so now. Companies out in the bay area facebook and many more had moved to work from home but there are some huge questions about how this is going to affect technology companies from small startups. All the way on up. So you know it's pretty widespread in these companies are enacting That across the country as well. It's very large numbers i. I'm personally surprised. My Internet is holding up so well among other things but it's a complete bending of Normal business practice. Which of course we're seeing across under other industries as well. Yeah Yeah you mentioned some of those smaller companies. That don't typically have people working from home how are they handling it this What's the learning curve? Been like? I mean it's a lot of slack in zoom and I would say I was a a casual slack user and now I'm a very aggressive slack users. I think technology is given us a lot of tools. There's over zoom and Videoconference even just these like casual happy hour conversations that pop up between venture capitalists start ups and journalists. So there's a lot of creativity I would say but we we are only in the beginning of this and I think it's very unclear what it's GonNa feel like a few weeks from now you bring up a good point though about some of these technology companies that are actually getting a boost like slack because people are using it more. My muscle thinking about the use of Amazon and other key delivery services and these streaming services like net flicks just wondering. It's so hard to say as you said we're in the beginning stages but perhaps this might cement a trend towards ECOMMERCE and that competitive advantage. Those companies have over these brick and mortar businesses. It's very very possible. I think the ECOMMERCE COMPANIES. This is true of some of the same day food delivery and other services. That of you know are seeing stronger demand. They have really challenging back in logistics to figure out to as they figure out how are their employees is going to go to work. What are their delivery schedules? Are they going to modify schedules? So for instance you know Amazon. Same Day delivery service has just seen surging demand in recent weeks and is basically Saying we don't have any windows available right now so I think it's really unclear. How operational they'll be able to be with all that they're managing. Yeah and as for those workers who are working from home. I mean optimistically. Eventually they will go back to their offices but do you think we might actually see. It's kind of a proof of concept that these companies can maintain sizable portions of their workforce. Working from home after this is over possibly before the virus in the bay area. There was a push towards remote work. Who knows what's going to happen to the economic picture here. That was really driven by the high cost of housing in the bay area but with that trend underway coupled with this. I think we could see some major shifts in realignment in the workforce. That's Jessica lesson editor in chief of the information. Thank you so much thank you Tanya. We mentioned earlier. That parts of California have now been ordered to take steps like Italy by putting down shelter in place. Orders that means seven million people from seven counties in northern California are being asked to only leave their homes for essential travel for at least three weeks. California Governor Gavin newsom is also advising all Californians to stop gathering in groups no matter the size directing that no gatherings Be considered advanced in this state of. That's the new guideline. We're putting out This evening as well. And we think it's very rational. Under these circumstances disruptive. I know for some but rational more than five hundred people have tested positive for the corona virus and the state. Marissa Lagos is a correspondent for K. Q. E. D. in San Francisco and she joins us now from her home. Hi Marissa He Tanya so breakdown for us what a shelter in place order actually means is it. Is it similar to Italy and other places in Europe that that we were talking about? I think we're a little bit. Maybe a few weeks behind Italy. This is really a directive from local officials here in the bay area. I'm what they're asking people to do. Is Essentially just sort of st stick to their household. Stay inside unless you need to go to the grocery store or do go to the doctor. Something absolutely essential There really urging people not to make a run on groceries that there are plenty of supplies here but they're really just trying to us from each other and I mean it's been an interesting week Tiny as I have two young children and Schools are not in session and we had decided as a household actually to do this ourselves as of Sunday And so I think in in some ways it's a little bit of a relief to have this directive from the local officials. So we know exactly what the parameters are. But it's definitely John ging. Yeah Yeah you bring up a good point at it brings guidance and I think a lot of people though were asking what exactly is essential travel. And you brought this up if you have a doctor's appointment or something like that but grocery shopping is not under that rubric of Essential Travel. I'm wondering yeah so we're allowed grocery store and we are actually allowed to go outside and take a walk. My kids are out on their scooters and bikes right now as long as you stay six feet away from people who aren't in your household I see I see how authorities going to enforce this well. They're hoping that it's more of a guidance. Tissue technically if you violate an order like this a public health order you could be cited for misdemeanor. But that's obviously not what anybody wants to see What we're hearing from police chief here and from the mayor is that City officials police will be out there kind of educating people at this point and unless somebody is really sort of defying this in a ridiculous way. they're not going to be exciting people. They're just going to be trying to explain to them what we're asking for. Yeah you're at home you've been at home for a couple of days you put this in place for your household but what does the bay area look like right now? Are the streets? Empty are as the interstate empty. Yeah it is really eerie and strange The the kind of closest thing I can think of in recent history as the wildfires when the smoke is keeping everybody inside but it's certainly a little further than that You know the my corner is usually very busy in the morning with hunks and beeps and Except for the street sweepers and the buses still running. It really does feel like everyone's hunkering down the A- All non-essential businesses have also closed. Do you know what measures the state is taking to keep those small business owners and employees afloat. Yeah and we've seen a pretty aggressive sort of moved from Sacramento in recent days. I'm just last night. The state legislature decided before they adjourned until April thirteenth to pass up to a billion dollars in aid packages. And that's really more for hospitals and to support you know seniors who are homebound individuals who might need that help We've also seen waving of you know the waiting period for unemployment insurance In San Francisco the city is offering ten million dollars to help essentially subsidize sick leave for small employers so if they can offer it for a week but they need help with the second week things like that so. I do think that people are really trying to step up as much as possible. I think right now Some of the challenges probably just getting that information out to people and making sure they understand what they're eligible for. Yeah Yeah and you mentioned that you're at home with your children. I'm also thinking about child care workers Who really rely on that work. Have you heard anything about those workers? Well I mean we're still paying our preschool tuition. And we're getting a lot of emails from our teachers who were trying to still do their part to educate I know part of this order is to essentially say unless you're a live in any or you need to help somebody with medical care That you cannot go and do your job and so I think that you know the question is for those of us who are still getting our paychecks. What can we do to keep the sort of economy going and moving? And can you afford to still pay people? Even if you're not getting your house cleaned or you know your your child care Taken care of but I I mean not. Juggle is really this. Big Challenge tiny. I think you're in the same situation where it's like. How do we work and home school? Our kids and sort of I present them with a sense of normalcy endless weird time. Yeah all of us are doing it. Yes I'm in my closet and my kids are downstairs grappling with those questions that's K. Q. E. Marie so Lagos With us from From San Francisco. Thank you so much for your time. Take Care Tanya well as we mentioned. Kids are home because schools across the nation are closing to stop the spread of Corona Virus and Wisconsin the government has mandated that all schools closed beginning tomorrow but before that one school they are has been using data about the virus as a teaching tool emily files of member station. W. W. M. visited a classroom. Where for weeks middle schoolers have been analyzing corona virus statistics? East broke academy is a small K. Through twelve Christian school on the north side of Milwaukee eighth graders here say they heard about the corona virus on tick tock the Social Media Video. App. Here's Noah Keller is kind of over exaggerated the kind of like a apocalypse and the world thing math teacher bill. Drew Liner says. The students brought their concern into the classroom. There was a lot of alarm sometimes. It's hard to tell whether the kids are joking or not concern or fake concern. That was coming out in the way they were talking about it you know. Can we talk about CORONA VIRUS INSTEAD OF SOLVING LINEAR EQUATIONS? And things like that. This was back in mid February when the virus was mostly confined to China. Drew Liner. Saw it as a learning opportunity so for the past three weeks. His class has studied the corona virus infection data and calculated the rate of growth student. Mariah Dwyer says it became more significant for her wants. The outbreak reached the US. She's worried about relatives in Wisconsin and other states for me. It's creepy Erlich scary. Because I've been look everywhere so it's just like every state there is like. Oh Yeah you're Bob Wallace there and I'm like Whoa. They might get eight after looking at the numbers in one recent class drew liner asked students what recommendations they would tell the CDC Kia oster wind raised her hand. Me Maybe the food shipments and then you do need to quarantine everyone in the house. We need to have food patrick. Connor says using real life. Examples can make math concepts more accessible and corona virus is as real as it gets. Hunter teaches at New York. City's stuyvesant high school and wrote a corona virus. Statistics lesson for other teachers to us are always looking for ways to make map real for their students and this virus is very real so the students are curious because they know they know that this can affect them. Hunter says teachers need to be sensitive to the fact that the conversation can be scary for students. That's where the expertise of a teacher knowing. Their students really is important. Because you you had that relationship with them and you understand you know what what will be appropriate for them. It might be too much biology teacher. Megan Christianson wanted her students to know the reality of the situation. She teaches in Upland California near La Christianson. Had Her ninth graders research how viruses like Kovic nineteen infect cells. Soon they'll write papers about solutions to viral outbreaks. We need to teach students about what is important. We need to teach students about real world problems. And how to figure things out because that is what happened when you're an adult. The teachers hope their lessons about the corona virus. Help their students feel better informed even as news about the spread of it grows more concerning for NPR news. I'm emily files in Milwaukee and let's learn more now about Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin 's announcement. Today at the White House Task Force on chronic could the corona virus that the administration wants to put the money in the hands of Americans. We're looking at sending checks to Americans immediately and what we've heard from hardworking Americans. Many companies have now shutdown whether it's bars or restaurants Americans date cash now and the president wants to get cash now and I mean now in the next two weeks and this is part of the plan from the administration for an eight hundred fifty billion dollar stimulus package. A many economists have been saying yes put cash in hands of Americans especially those out of work because of the corona virus. Then there's the Federal Reserve cut to interest rates to make it easier to borrow and spend but our next guest says well. The Fed can only do so much. Let's bring in economist. Stephen Roach senior fellow at Yale's Jackson Institute of Global Affairs also former chair of Morgan Stanley. Asia Hi Stephen Morning Robin. And how briefly do you feel about just flat out? Cash to Americans. Look it's admirable thing to help Americans who are suffering. I'd rather quite honestly put cash in the hands of scientists in public health officials to get a grip on this crisis immediately and I heard the the emphasis that Secretary MNUCHIN places on getting cash to people in distress I'm not critical that but I really WANNA see disease containment. Get the same emphasis from our treasury. Secretary that He's he's giving today at the White House. Well this is your main point your overarching point that it's time to invest in scientific findings long-term resilience against emerging diseases and climate change. But it sounds like you're saying as many others have it would be very nice to give you know a thousand couple thousand to every American especially those out of work so they can pay their mortgage mortgage and then they can cover some food but what he do next month. So you're saying you know think of the long term and that that brings us to the Fed cut which makes it easier to borrow and spend now White House economic adviser Larry cudlow predicted a short economic slowdown of just weeks and months. But you write large economies around. The world have been slowing. They were slowing before the virus. Too many governments. You say made a devils compact with globalization prioritizing speed and quantity of economic growth of equality. What do you mean there? What's the quality of the the growth experience having cleaner air having a A planet that is More stable in terms of the The hole in the Ozone Air And also Making certain that we don't have you know disease rampant around the world in a public health infrastructure. That is Ill-equipped incapable of responding to that disease. So we we have overlooked that. Because we want faster growth Cheaper goods and services from producers around the world and that's a very unfortunate Aspect of the Compact that we have underpinning mobilization today. And you say this is a supply shock that we're in right now with the effects of the Krona virus so for instance we can't get the manufacturers can't get things they need because of factories shut down in China. It's not a demand shock with people afraid to spend money and that's when you pour money into the economy to make grow so doesn't oversimplify sure is A. It's a supply shock coming out of China but it certainly has implications for demand if people are restricted from leaving their homes and fearful of assembly in public places so Becoming demand shock. Yeah absolutely yeah and so we hear you about you and others saying it's time to invest in things long-term to to prepare for future outbreaks in there will be more viruses and there will be climate change. But what would you suggest short term for people who suddenly woke up Monday morning and they're out of a job because their company can no longer have people coming into work out in a gym or people coming into sit down at a restaurant? Whoa what's the best thing to do? They're the best thing to do. There is take care of yourself. If you don't have work you have absolutely no cash on hand and you know We have Social Services and public authorities. Who should be able to get You what you need to subsist on a short term basis but. I don't think that you know the full force of the. Us government right now should be provided We shouldn't be focused on providing income assistance for those in distress. We need to provide direct assistance to the scientific and public health community. Who can get a grip on this problem? If we don't solve Cova nineteen over the next few weeks and We're going to have a far more serious set of economic dislocation to address in in the Munson but even you know expanding in just a couple of video expanding unemployment again. I'm in favor of providing short term relief for those in the most acute distress but that should not be the sole focus of public policy coming out of Washington. Stephen Roach senior fellow. At Yale's Jackson Institute of Global Affairs. Thanks so much and here now is a production of NPR and wr association with the BBC. World Service. I'm Robin Young. I'm Tanya Moseley. This is here now.

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"Rock N Vote (with Brit Bennett)

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"Rock N Vote (with Brit Bennett)

"ADVERTI-. This is keep it. Out of simple third. I'm regular old. Girl. Louis. DOWSMAN and I've fostered hesitancy in Louis. Now before they even announced himself, he's going to try and cut me off again. I respect the order I really do I'm. I'm still doing it. It's always some Vaudeville routine with. Louis you like a little razzle dazzle in your podcast. Drowning, he's like welcome. Alfred Hitchcock Falling Asleep, and I people to know we're here and awake. I just want to welcome people to the quiet storm. Was that all that sketch? No, a radio segment but literally was something I. think There was an all that sketch called the velvet storm or something I wanNA say cow Mitchell did it everybody needs to look what is in the recesses of your mind do understand and all that Scott. I'm cursed with this it's not. I have to express it okay yeah. We'll talk about how everyone's wife is wild today. Except for my meaning what I don't know I just feel crisp. That's weird I. Feel the same way maybe it's yours and receiving receiving us. It's not doing so well is it World I've given so much and now ready to receive. I would watch that version of the sixth sense where you think it's everybody. Else's Wifi that's messed up at. No. You've not had Wifi for years I see dead zones. Anyway Walk to the show today should be very exciting landmark day as we're recording eric trump is gay now. I only saw the headline you have to explain. So this chuckle head was cut. WAS ON. Fox. News this boarding because that is all that family does right fucking WPRO Cincinnati up here. Doctor Johnny, fever and dry cough. That's A. Panic. Okay. Go ahead. Eric is talking about how much the gays love his father Donald Trump as you now. Named to name half of one, even the to gaze who tweet for the Lincoln project and Cap mcphee. She's Well the person who tweets for her is certainly that in turn has got to be feeling like shit we talked go ahead. What did he say? He said the LGBT community they are incredible. and. You should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day. I'm part of that community and we love the man. And understand. I understand he might live in a community, but does he know what Lgbtq community is first of all? Btcu does he even know that stands for Lauren Graham be that Queen. Hasn't seen liquor. Is Probably Seem parenthood oh show. Yeah. Yeah. The Braverman family speaks to him, but he hasn't seen the Dianne wiest original. So don't even approach me has he Has responded to this in any way not as of now at obviously this man is an idiot. This man is not playing with a full box of crayons. Right. As you would say, he's playing with a melted box. And he's eating. Has. Responded to it as if like, oh. Yeah. He went and fucked. Donald. Couple Times sometimes. The ratings you know that's a concern to them. Listen air trump is about to drop his only fans. Tyler. That's. Actually drop his only clans. Nice Nice. Feeling like I eat at this water with these pines. That's become mind was stand proudly in that truth I really will. Nine ninety nine per acre. Speaking of your legacy. What I do do you know another? Thing that has happened recently, Lewis I'm not sure you have to tell me they announced a sequel boss Babe. I'm on associate did this to hurt us. A game. I saw in your instagram store. I was. Social Media Break Camera Monica Weeklong social media break only returned to repose that they are making his equal boss baby. So this is Where my priorities lie that's what that now is. Is it GONNA be like problem child two they introduced a lady boss baby along with Him who is voiced by this exactly who came to mind Christine Baranowski she'd be a good boss baby or she would be, why am I not working in the boardrooms? Why am I not making these decisions this all children, nine months and younger you don't you don't. Talk Qualifications. O. This this joke is running joke. It's been about a year I. Think I'm about to hit my year mark with you guys and you know what we can. We can kill it. Kill Them. US maybe. I can do it right here. In two more weeks, we will be hitting our one hundred fiftieth episode. So you have been here for fifty. Wow. Wow guys. Wow. A whole year. That's say our CESKA centennial. Enjoy. The vocab section of the sat act break. So ran reference he's talking about eighty. Without references. Aright. Ready get this episode start should we haven't even started yet have we? Okay let's go. No. You just been talking about boss baby. I brought that up independently on my own. Yes. Eric Trump's suck index. We. We will be joined by a an author. I. Am in awe of today Brendan it author of the Mothers and her latest Number One New York Times bestselling novel the vanishing half, which is already the bidding war for this book was wild and serious and will also be adapted just like her last book exactly congrats Hbo on securing the bag and also Brit A number one disclosed here, but go look it up while Google it. then. We're also GONNA talk about the Iraq finally dipping his toes in politics not not finally we'll get into that. A bit but he did announce. That he is voting for Biden and Harris so. Of course, we're GonNa talk about what the rock is cooking. and I think it might be sheet oh peppers. or seventeen chicken breasts. himself. Templeton from Charlotte's Web. Lucky takes over a table a positive. But before that, we're going to get into the culture. We've been digging into in the past week so we will be right back. On Saturday, we'll be one month out from election day. Polish. It. Is happening all. If you haven't yet now's the time to get involved. Make some calls get voters registered before their deadline is you know the drill are adopted state program is running a big weekend of action and you can find more volunteer opportunities at vote Save America Dot Com. Also. Of course, do not forget to donate to the Louisville community bail. Find it is Pat Action Network Dot Org. Slash Fundraising Slash Louisville Dash Community Dash Fail, Dash Fund, the proceeds to that will really help people who are protesting Brianna Taylor's case right now go ahead and donate if you can. And we're back y'all. Split a week again, I. Now it's like every week it's been a week and we don't get the option not to consume culture. It's part of the job so I can't shut myself for just. Look at the wall like I'm in that short story, the Yellow paper which I always bring up. It might be the only short story I've ever. But you know in in this week of turmoil. As usual, this could be any week that we plopped right Yeah. But it certainly feels like the most utterly hopeless one. In my opinion I don't know uphill climb guys are a downhill role. It's a continuous free, but eventually you sort of hit like certain trapdoors where you bounce a second before you fall even further. Feels like you're walking through a large mansion and you know you are Oh look at this book I want to read and you pull it off the bookshelf and then it slides you through like. One of those bookcases that's always in Scooby Doo right now it's like devil in the White City you fall down a chute or something. Yeah you. Haven't thought about that book forever. I know I love Chicago being sinister. That's what I took from that book. I've been to marketing it's like an confirm. God remember when every person in the world was reading devil in the White City right. Even what I worked at borders. On Michigan? Avenue Chicago and that was that was one of the books that people are always traipsing end to get I mean there's there's always one of those books every year I was I was talking recently about how I think I was mentioning that to my roommate he had never heard of the book guns, Germs, and steel. Another and that was that was another one that's constantly being asked for that book. I certainly that way about the Goldfinch when I worked at Barnes and noble, which is my my version of US working at borders because he'd lose you work there. I worked at Barnes and noble. I worked at Barnes and noble to I worked at both girls. Sorry radar. That's that's illegal. I wanted to check out your tax can't happen I was you know I've seen a lot of dynasty I was stolen away from border by Barnes and noble. That's kind of shake. Actually borders? Closed? Expensive this recall Boorda's was one of the first casualties. Bookstores shutdown of the. Economic Crisis. Now the one thing they were really good at selling was like BBC mysteries from the ninety s which I don't think you can stay. But? No when I worked at Barnes and noble, it was right when twilight came and so that was truly the only thing you had to refer readers like they would. They would be vaguely describing every time and you had to pretend like you just guessed it. Though what's that book? It's about. It's about the Vampires and Dracula. It wrong every time. Retrospect. No, it's a woman's. The the historian. Oh Queen of the desert. For what have you been digging into this week? You START I am okay I'm going down Bobby mcferrin hole, which is something that I recommend everyone yes. I mean this is Bobby mcferrin was definitely one of the first artists that I was shown in a maybe a fifth grader sixth grade choir class and we studied his instrumental ism and the way he literally uses his body as an instrument but little did I know his family is kind of Marley esque in the way that they're all immensely talented and they all have fruitful music careers so you can go down another of listening to Mattie mcferrin music or Taylor music which I Would extremely recommend they're very different from bobby style, but they've all adapted their own voices and you can just see that talent is it's nice to know talent is genetic and that you can you can't find that. So I've been definitely deep deep deep in that and from rap fans action. Bronson has a new album out called only dolphins and excuse the strange idol but very, very good rap album. So that's what I meant. Bobby mcferrin is one of those people who had this gigantic grammy moment where the whole world revolves around him like nineteen, eighty eight or so and there are a couple of people like that like Christopher Cross or. Hill, but truly it was like the man was for a split second. The person everybody was talking about there was nobody who compared to him whatever we think of it as a one hit wonder but he's there are one hit wonders war virtuosic another person I would say like Joan Osborne, who people know from what if God was one of our song guys again if and I know I brought up this edition before if you're having a rough day, you gotta listen to her version of what becomes of the brokenhearted. It's one of the best covers ever but nominee dig into bobby mcferrin truly only ever heard what if God was one of us every week watching Joe Varkey. By her spent one minute deciding that was going to be the theme from that show. A little on the nose you know. I got it. God's here. She's in the show. That's probably how it was sold to CBS right Oh my God, a packaging situation. Well, actually the music I'm obsessed with right now is rate from that time prince's nineteen eighty-seven album sign of the Times which I guess now would be considered. High Point. Artistically, it's like the the funky. Socially aware and. Deepest GROOVES, etc. Weird album but they released a long asked version of it and I it occurred to be recently that think for the rest of my life prince's vault is going to be throwing things at me. Like, it will never end the man was like the way we watch Charlie booth on Instagram just casually come up with like some radd melody. You've ever heard in two seconds prince was that x fifty you know. So he just couldn't stop producing and now that he's dead and not here to yell at us for to see inside the vault we're going to see. You know the Disney voltage shook. Right Oh. Yeah. You're. You're definitely probably too young to remember this but ob. Phenomenon that existed for Lewis and I was Disney movies whenever they were coming out on DVD or Are They Oh. Yeah I do remember this. Guest. Truly it was. It was always like. Peer. PAD coming to dean. Next month, but you'd better get it quick before it goes back into the hall. It's the Soho House of Disney's exclusivity that. To. Really really want to go there. I would just signed the time. If I was your girlfriend is easily one of the best song ever been written of all time and I'm just going to put that out there into the world and I will fight anyone who dissents also certainly one of the greatest alter-egos of all time Camille singing like that and. Slang, on the track. A. Watch. I was watching the concert of side of the Times which was actually not a hit and it's also a strange time because prince was extremely less popular in one, thousand, nine hundred, and then he was during the purple rain time yet he is still exquisite an untouchable in the Mozart have pop and all these things. But what's crazy watching prince in concert especially with all these fucking women around him, which is still an unmistakable site that like we rarely see with a male frontman, something is almost unentertaining about watching music that cannot be improved upon I. Am you're literally watching exquisite unbeatable. Math like he has solved music like the equation is done, the talk is on the ground you know. So it's almost stressful. How good it is in certain parts house quake sign of the Times playing the sunshine. Where you're saying is we need Russell Crowe to play prints. Well, that makes perfect sense. Of course, mind a beautiful mind just creating music like that or Gwyneth paltrow. That's the I'm talking about proving. Celebrities? CHICAGO. Celebrities doing math in movies that should be a five-month Shaughnessy people looking smart at a at a board crap. Cure nightly in the imitation game things like. have been at cover bats. A Hidden figures. She spent in hidden figures. She does have the I was just walking by this chalkboard moment and yeah pointing at this I'm pointing at this one of those funny things because that's how I always always so funny in those movies. It's Someone figuring equation, and then there's always the person who comes back in they're like wait. Did you do that? At the goodwill hunting. Goodwill. Really truly have never giving a fuck about math me neither. What did you say math? Sorry guys are going to say a person, but you just said a topic of study. Cool Truly got a perfect score on the. Written and verbal of sat and then did so horrible on the math section and that is to not have a high. I was horrible at the Science Section actually math. I did pretty well APP. What bothers me is when I'm in a Trivia League in math is considered a trivia subject? No, it's not math man that bothers actual calculations. Her. Struggle in science I struggled a lot with a lot of the. Memory, things like science but Matt for some reason, I was a child prodigy I've lost it all but at that time at the time I was very excelled not to to my own horn but. It is no her angle. Memory Things I. Think I think I can thank Jesu for that. And a competitive streak. Help. The women of guests who I mean the phrase that turned me gay is very overused. But when you're playing that game and there's those five unsmiling white women looking right at you. You know by the way and their Maria. Anita Susan for an and Claire and Claire has the. Maria had the chic EST hat. That was what was important. I guess who? Who at the WHO the war with the flower on it? That would be Clare Batch? Okay. I. I barely remember the names of white women. Louis are not going to remember the name of White Women for the board game guests do. They were stars. I can't help it. You don't remember stars again I say casting is the gay superpower guests who gets you on track towards the casting profession. Lewis's list of ten favorite white women is just the women from Kosovo right? Those five. Susan twice. Celebrity counterparts I'm sure you could name Susan Celebrity and Anita Celebrity Right now. Oh yes. No I had a bit of a viral moment when I realized that Susan from guests who looks exactly like share in Mamma Mia to put them together. I wish I could say I have the recall. But I. Believe how about that? Again, this is Mike, I I didn't. I always feel like Kathryn Joosten looked like she was on the guests who for we Miss Catherine and by the way you know who else we miss whose birthday it is today Madeline Kahn Queen of offended white women. If you want the offended white woman Yale student, you gotTa Watch the movies of Madeline Kahn but of course, I brought her up a thousand times in this podcast you all about that. I think it was literally beginning of quarantine what I watch what's up doc for the first time and you got your life I assume that was fantastic. Barbra streisand was unhinged truly unhinged. Barbara is frightening. She's here. She's here to a nerve you with her comedy. Movies I've seen for the first time and oddly ties back to our guests who conversation Zoe Saldana movie with Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac called guests who right It's going to happen my white boyfriend home. Just. Jesse's coming. To dinner remain. Acne exactly. Fun Embarrassing Embarrassing. All Right Bernie r.i.p Ashton to he hasn't died. He's just career it's gone so Somebody who like you were forced to talk about all the time in a not Kardashian like way but I don't know just he constantly came up. It wasn't required that you were fascinated with him. He was just like a kind of up and coming mogul and then twitter was his last big horizon. Yeah. He was one of the first people on twitter. constantly like he was, you had to follow acid. Kutcher that was the that was the thing wasn't his handled like a plus. K. K.. K. I'd never I never knew it was. Just called sisters. Solve his rentals. It's. Fitting them the chance to rapper take over punked because I kind of consider them both to be like benign tumors on Hollywood you know what I mean like. There's really nice and kind of sad benign. MEMPHIS IT so. We did talk about him recently. Remember he defended Ellen Oh. Yes. I've lied he had the most bizarre year testifying. At the trial of a serial killer right David the girl who was killed or went on a date with the. Young. Years ago he was he was going on a date with a girl and went to pick her up and she like didn't come out to the door and I guess he thought that she him up. And didn't want to go on the date and he laughed it turns out she was murdered by serial killer. Sorry for laughing just the circumstance. Imagine, I can't honestly can't believe this hasn't been adapted yet. I guess I'm thankful it hasn't been. I don't need to see a gritty plus K approaching. The real gun girl. I'm sure there is some plucky podcast. A white woman is cheerfully talked about the murder. That's true. Crime podcast are relating it to her everyday life. Well. What's really exciting Ashton? Kutcher was was driving to the house and he had no idea the killer was there. That's so excited guys when we're back. We'll talk about. The yogurt shop that's right across the street from the. House. Ran The ads just like that. If you like if you like celebrities girlfriends being murdered by serial killers, you should have over to parachute dot com. Do you often running on your date, but she's dead. Viggo hate us this. I mean I love girls are we talking about? Derek Karen Garrison Georgia's. Will speaking. Things. This week I have been obsessed with vis children's television. Shouli of the Phantom's. What is it Julian? The phantoms is the new series by Kenny. Ortega. Who did the high school musical films and it is about this girl Julie whose mom died and so she hasn't played music since her mom died and her garage is where this banned from the nineties sunset curve use to play. And they died before they played the orpheum by eating like bad hot dogs and so she's the only person who could see these ghosts and then other people can see them when they play music as. So they help her find her way back to music again, and they form a band called Julie and the Phantoms, and she tells everyone that it's a Hologram band. And then Cheyenne Jackson is an evil ghost who's trying to steal their souls. My God that is so great. I'm so glad. So is happening. drew the show has nothing but like, BOPs. Like. Musical Level Bob's it's really cute and so it's original is it's not like. Nineties re purposed or anything like that. Okay. No original songs I mean I have to hunt Kenny Ortega credit because he did he is like notorious for these exact types of things that are oftentimes amazing and even though they sound daunting haunting truly are really good. So Kenny Ortega. That's fascinating. WIKIPEDIA wormhole go down because he's this story choreographer he did like dirty dancing, etc. He's just a legend of the business. He also directed a music video for an Olympia John Song called the rumor which is written by Elton John is one of the after Livia period but she had songs like physical and was like the biggest recording star on the planet she flopped so hard to. Like career killer, but it is an awesome song I always mad about that. So the rumor look that up by Olivia Newton John. He also directed shares hardest stone for Michael Jackson's dangerous world tour. That's what it started to get. Really fucking crazy. Yeah you know. Wow, it's weird. It's weird to remember him as doing like Shit like that from the past because I mean, obviously, I heard Kinney Ortega with high school musical. That's where I clocked in Cheetah Girls Hannah Montana all of those maybe even camp rock. Give me one any Disney channel original descendants a dekom dissenter yes. Oh, and crazy ex girlfriend to I. think he recently worked on crazy ex girlfriend speaking gilmore girls earlier. Lewis. Directed Gilmore girls, episodes, and ally mcbeal. What other things about? Julia. Phantom. So is apparently Djerba Shahdeh one of the phantoms. In the series has been scamming, people are instagram meaning what So. Apparently some fan of the series made fan art and posted on Instagram I got this info from myles mcnutt on. Twitter but basically, a fan posted fan art of the Phantoms and then Jeremy and his wife like we're like Oh this is so cute with love this on a t shirt. Then like a week later they debuted their own dry. They said was inspired by that fan art and then they start selling art on shirts on Oetzi. So basically ripped off a fans are to start selling their own. And then when they were called out, started putting that person's handle in their instagram posts and then the wife to show that there was no drama. was sharing the screen shots deeming the fan being like I would love to do my own drawing inspired by yours. But you know that's just this weird thing of showing like what fan who's young is going to say no to a celebrities wife Yes, you're being ripped off. This is a practice called urban outfitters by the way it's been done. Wow I forgot the air would urban outfitters was truly stealing our for everyone. Or even like a doll's kill or a ragged priests like these kind of newer brands that are adopting that same model and this whole thing with showing the screen shots of the fan reminds me of the Kanye Kim Taylor triangulation that happened during life of Pablo where it's like okay. How about how about you let the fan actually speak about what happened but no. Now just the proof that we kind of did a little bit of the work anywhere. That's our week. You'll also watching the importance of being earnest the nineteen, fifty, two version man I I don't want to tell you what to do. Get. The opportunity to be in a version of the importance of being earnest is one of the ladies in it. These are like little snap dragons who seem prim it first, and then roast you everybody in principle ernest is like a bitch but the funniness immortal I really recommend everybody reading it. It's so funny. The movie is so so funny in this House we stand Oscar Wilde. Sodomized. And that's actually All right we're we're. Back. Keep it is brought to you by the novel early departures by Justin a reynolds, a charming and a powerful story with a speculative twisted. What if you could bring your best friend back to life, but only for a short time? Well, my best friends alive and living in my home with me but. Spend with any person these days. So yes, I meant. Truly. That is the premise of the heart of this novel that celebrates a friendship between two black teen boys in the links will go for the ones we love cue doesn't know he died and mom must keep his death secret while trying to repair their friendship that fractured years ago. 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Please welcome back to keep it Brett bid at last time you were here you were only interviewed Keira, and now now we've got you. Yeah, thanks for having me back. It's good to be on here. Everybody back to back books that are just fucking amazing because I love the mothers to thank you guess just. Aw. Of the right I truly sat down and read the vanishing half in one sitting. I was sitting in my chair in the living room and I think my roommate like keeps coming out and changed from the chase from the share the cow to the other to the sexual like just like boom like a montage of summer. Or something and winkle beard appearing. Read it in under six hours. That's amazing. I'm not that type of reader myself. Exactly exactly what I said to him earlier. For for people who don't know you know the vanishing half is about a small town in Louisiana on call Mallard. Is. Such an interesting town It is a town where. Light skinned black people sort of like intermarried to create only other light skinned black people like taking Jack and Jill to the next level. These these two sisters Desert and Stella who leave town they run away and then we find out what happens when one and then the other returns to town and their lives intersect through their daughters and. How did you come up with this story? What was in your mind that helped us sort of like craft this 'cause I know you said that the mothers you know you were working on for years how did this story come to you quicker or was it always like a seed in your brain something you wanted to work on after? It took me amount of time to write it. Thank God. It took me about four or five years compared to the mothers, which was seven, eight nine. So I was grateful for that at least But really the genesis of the book it started with the conversation with my mom who is from rural Louisiana and told me very offhandedly one day on the phone about this town remembered hearing about where only light skinned black people were sort of intermarrying to to kind of genetically engineer a lighter skinned population and it struck me as extremely strange which made me start thinking Oh. This is the setting for a novel. That's first of all I can't believe in idea could just be handed to you. Is your mom like pitching for the Atlanta. But secondly, okay I. Just have a question about novelist general my entire life I mean we're talking about this earlier is add oriented around short blips of posting on social media and that is all I believe I am capable of. How do you maintain a brain that can just focus on a project of writing and not expose it to anybody or get constant feedback publicly about it like is it daunting? I think in a way can be daunting waiving. It's very liberating for the reason that you're just describing that I think there is the constant pressure to constantly express yourself and also immediately received feedback. As you said, the novel is the opposite of that the novel's working on something for seven or eight years that nobody ever Su. There's something that can make you feel a little bit like you're losing your mind but I also think there's something that's really nice of protecting some part of yourself from the outside world that we don't really have many aspects of our lives. We that type of protection anymore. Yeah. At all and. Reading your book was that I have spent most of two thousand twenty well, most of every year being a black person in America, thinking about interracial issues and not letting myself focus on Intra racial issues as much and I don't think that gets to be explored to the extent that I think it should be. So to see this whole story investigating color. ISM, and the institutional way the people in Mallard apply color is into every aspect of their life what made you want to investigate color ism and also to talk about it between twins. Seems like such a natural way of talking about it but also. Make the right decision right decision for these characters. I mean I think to the first part of your question I think that was. something. That really mattered to me was I think often conversations about race particularly in America boil down to black versus white. In this way that is largely uninteresting to me to be honest. So I wanted to write this book that was centered around a black community and all of the diversity within black communities and all of the conflicts and the tensions and the nuances. Within the ways in which we are interacting with each other instead of the major conflict in the book being some white person or whiteness sort of infringing itself upon the book and that way. So I think that was that was one thing that I was thinking about anything as far as twins the twins kind of arrived to me second after the town that my mother sort of handed to me. But I think twins are whatever sort of most useful metaphors for identity and the ways in which we think about identity. Also, twins kind of fit into some of the genres I think I was playing with the book truly melodrama and and the idea of there being you know evil. Secret revelations, of twins I think twins are sort of that type of character that felt right for this type of book Yeah Yeah. I think you're right I. think sorry speaking of twins really quick. I want to ask this because I can't stop thinking about it since HBO is going to make this into an adaptation. Pitches. Are you thinking it's going to be like Nicholas Cage that. Lindsay Lohan and the parent trap where one person plays both of the two characters and if you could pick right now. My My vote is. What do you think play? She might be too young into like. Not. Hardy looking enough for what these characters are. But who who To play both of the two girls. To women as far as as far as how the twins I honestly have no idea because they also brought up a third option that I hadn't considered, which was too similar looking looking actors and CGI. Oh, that is that is like new and twin technology. So I didn't know that that was even possible. So I have no idea. And I don't I don't know I think casting this is going to be. I mean. I. Will Say nightmare but I think it's going to have to be very precise like I imagine whoever is making those choices that will have to be so specific because it actually matters deeply what people look like in service of the particulars of the story you. You'd have twins of children, twins, adults I don't even I don't even know, but I've had. It's been fun to. Lots of pitches from readers I did zoom book club where somebody shared their screen and it was just there casting. No when you write a book now I mean like 'cause you're gonNA producer on this to do think cinematic as you're writing like are you thinking like okay, this scene will be mapped out this way. Do you put that in the book or is that an entire other brain you only activate after the fact I think a little bit I do try to be aware of of. Image, and what you're looking at and what people are doing with their bodies but I think also that thing that's daunting to me about is just that you know when you're in a book, you can move through time. So rapidly, you can move through time and somebody is sitting in a room and they're remembering something that happened twenty years ago, and now you're twenty years in the past. And it's very seamless and I think the things that are available TV or techniques. I haven't even thought about as a as a person who writes fiction. So I'm really excited to see where that's going to come in, but I'm also excited that we have really great writers that we're bringing in who are going to be in charge of of translating this book into a different medium. Speaking of the John was that you were working in you brought up melodrama and you know as everyone who listens to this show knows that I am a soap fan. And I loved how you one introduce a soap opera into the show later Pacific Carl. and. Then I just love you know that like this story borrows on tradition of liked stories like imitation of life, which is like these the searing you know like sirk melodrama. And my question is. Were like soaps and these stories things that like you watched growing up like with your mom grandmother you know like I feel like we always had the young and the restless on in the house and like what about writing melodrama interests you but also doesn't interest you because what I really like about it is that it dips his toes into it. But you have such an exciting control of the story that it never veers over and saying you know like Kennedy being beat you know because someone finds out, she's an. quadrant. Sorry. As you remember the seat and invitation of life. Very well, I remember rock. That was certainly Something that was on the forefront of my mind, and that's one of our most canonical tax about racial passing and that was a film that my mother remember made me watch as a child and for her like the lesson of the movie was just like this is why you don't disrespect your mother look how because sad this woman is because. This prodigal daughter, we weren't even really talking about in terms of race that was just kind of it was a mother daughter story and that was how how that was kind of my entry point into that. But I remember. So vividly that scene of this woman being brutally beaten and left in the alley and when she gets back in her, her mother is like well, that's what happens when you lie and the film just kind of move on. So so there were some really harrowing memories that I had attached to that film. But I? Also. Like I remember seeing you lots of sort of soap operas on kind of in the background growing up from watching the super seriously. But being familiar with with some of the trappings of that Chandra I think for me I love writing that leans into what it is. I think that a lot of times MELODRAMAS, kind of this dirty word. And I think one of the things that I loved when I was working on this book is I was reading something some like paper about imitation of life and they were talking about the definition of melodrama is like too late adjust in. And you know that's that's the end of that movie, which is that she's too late because her mother is already died, but she's just in time for this huge funeral. And so much of tension. Like. So much of the tension in a melodrama comes from that relationship so I I loved kind of. Playing with the bad I love I. Love when they like you know different mediums within whatever thing that you're doing. So shows with them shows I always love that. So. Having this kind of show within the book and getting to play into that and particularly through this character Kennedy who you know is I mean I don't even know how to really describe her race to be honest. She's someone described to me wants us as functionally white, but with black heritage. I'm so this character whose mother has been passing white her entire life is always believed to be white and then her entering this world of soap, the soap opera which. A lot of ways is is sort of more over the top than her real life and a lot of ways maybe not So I had fun playing playing with those different modes and I was thinking about the bug. I've always loved melodrama get out since Grad school you know like I felt like that's when I learned that it wasn't like a gross dirty word like studying like those classic films in the Art Forum you know it's really just a John wrote about people who want something in life and they're constantly trying get it and the world is like. Right. And I think. Streaked in an amazing way. And I think also just passing literature as a whole I. IT lends itself well to melodrama because it's about secrets that are held in revealed and secret family connections and a lot of those things there is something you know sue deeply American about passing literature and I guess in that way also melodrama that's perfect of exactly what was going to ask you because when I was reading the book. Of, course I couldn't help once we get to Stella's storyline of course she's the instance of the twin who was opted for the white passing wife and we get to meet her family I was reminded of passing by Nella Larsen, which actually getting adapted into film as well. So I can't wait to see the like contemporary constructive conversation that will have once project is out and passing his out. Yeah But it was really interesting to me. Is that when people talk about passing, it's always like the homework. It all like you get to be a savior and you get to be like this person who brings great. Great. Advancement for black people but that's not always the case and that's what I saw on Stella storyline that I really appreciated. But I wanted to know specifically when you were writing Stella and writing her family what parts of passing were you interested in shining a light on? Yeah. Well, I can tell you one part that I was not interested at all was sort of the moral judgment of it and I think that that's Again historically. That's that kind of comes with the territory of passing literature where there's the character experiences some great tragedy at the end some type of punishment. I didn't care about that really or thinking about is she rioters she wrong that was an interesting question to me. I think for me it was really the question of how these choices change her in her life and what she also gains bypassing in what she loses. I think that to me thinking about that and the ways in which this affects her and also the life of her daughter who grows up believing her world to be very different than the world of her that actually her mother lived. All of those things I think we're much more interesting to me than any type of moralizing about whether passing is good or bad he. I've loved that in all of your writing by the way, because the mothers was about abortion, you know and it's at at no point does it sort of you know end up with a this is pro choice pro life. You know like I've just loved have you been able to present black characters living their lives and there's no less than at the end. Thank you. As. You write a novel. How much media are you consuming like? Are you somebody who's then rereading things you've loved or re watching movies you're obsessed with or just everything go away during that time. I think both I know some people who can't like. They don't want to read anything while they're writing something they don't WanNa read anything similar to what they're writing i. love reading things that are in the wheelhouse of what I'm working on I wanna see what how other people did this thing And sometimes I realize, okay I want to do something really different than what they did or even just ways in which you're being inspired by whatever you're working on. So I find it really generative actually to to look at what other people have done. That are kind of in the genre of what I'm doing or in the area that I'm writing about. How much does music play into your writing? Because what was interesting to me is when I was reading? I as these amazing queer characters in the novel to their scenes in West Hollywood, and you mentioned like someone listening to a new Thelma Houston song and then truly I went to spotify. On Thelma Houston's any way. You like it album and just had it like on repeat while I read the rest. And for me. It's just like thinking about that era of music and you're wearing a supreme shirt you know to thinking that Arab music like the longing and that sort of fits with like melanoma especially with black characters and I'll just want to like what kind of music are you listening to while you were crafting this story is music something that helps that helps inspire you in your writing. Yeah. I mean definitely I the next project I'm working on his explicitly about music so. been like many many spotify. and. So that has been something I've been very intentional about. With the vanishing half I think I was listening to I. Just remember what still out of Frank Ocean. A lot of a lot of Lana del Rey. Longing loans. Lots of yeah. forelorn wouldn't be shocked if she was passing. Four Laura's the perfect whereas watery last name social. There's a lot of water images in the book that fat. So yeah, I do too I do love listening to music when I'm writing I think working some that's explicitly about Music Cosby to listen to music and different way. But but for the vanishing half a lot of it was like God I can't I struggled right and just complete silence I need something in the background your books inspire such immediate praise, and I have to ask who has reached out that has blown your mind. About writing. Where where where people like message you and they're like this change might look in a way authors. I, think bear so much responsibility for like the emotional lives of their fans in a way that like almost no other celebrity type. Yeah. I mean I I've heard I've heard from I mean I've heard from a lot of readers about this book I've heard a lot of people's complicated to racial stuff. That you know I think with my first with the mothers which like as IRA says on abortion hurt a lot of people's like abortion confessions with that book, and that was kind of intense and a really different way. But this, there's a lot of complicated family histories that people are just bringing into my DM's on. INSTAGRAM. That I've received. So. It's been a little Toni Braxton. got. Her Entail Mar they they were sobbing reading it. What other thing I really enjoy about your writing to you you talked about this Last time you were on, keep it with the idea of not seeing so many representations of black people on the west coast. Of Southern Writing You know something like Chicago Style East Coast but you know your first one was setting. You know like oceanside and like this one like the la the West Hollywood stuff it just it was it was so interesting. Reading this because it felt fresh and new you know and so like are there other California writings that have inspired you as you grow up in California and what's been your journey to realizing that you are like a California writer because I'm at the point where I want I, want the nonfiction now I want I want you coming for Jones Indians I think this books Nikolay became California novel, I really thought. and. A lot of ways I was writing towards my mother's life growing up. In the book starts there, and then eventually makes its way to my father grew up in an La and was kind of college around the time these characters just running around of La of so yeah. Kind of snuck up on me I. Think a lot of that is just being interested in that migration, which is I think we talk about less culturally we talk a lot about. The great migration of people moving from the south to these northern industrial cities. But we talk about that second great migration people moving to California the West Coast. In the case of my family and my grandma came from Arkansas and my mom came from China and they all ended up in California. So I love that and I love just playing with that idea of the American West is space for reinvention which I think is one of our really beloved mythologies about California and particularly L. as this as a city where you can reinvent yourself and also create yourself in this really different way I wanted to get his slouching toward Mallard joke in earlier they. Didn't get a chance to get in. Passing as, White. As. Beyond beyond, and my question is as smart as Iras beyond you know you find out that you are California writer. WHAT OTHER AUTHORS Probably Black Woman is what I'm asking. Inspired you in the past and made you realize like, Oh, I can do this and I can achieve levels of success in the same way. Yeah. I think you know I've been thinking about a lot this year of just kind of growing up during the nineties the golden age of black women writers and thinking about that kind of Trifecta of Toni, Morrison, Alice, Walker, and Terry McMillan. But I just saw like on Oprah or I saw I read a they were people that created work that was critically acclaimed but also sold people were these are bestselling writers. And then addition to that the idea that you can you know do something like waiting to exhale. which is about the lives of these kind of suburban black women in Phoenix. I think is where it sat and and not only does that become this phenomenon black women becomes a huge mainstream phenomenon. So I think that those were three authors that really truly showed me that it was possible I don't think I ever grew up believing that it wasn't possible. To say that I expected to happen to me but I knew that it could and I think that you know if I'm like if I had grown up ten years twenty years before or something like that I would never have thought that something like this is possible that you could be a black woman writing about the lives of black women and you know obtain some type of mainstream success I mean baby faces music for that. So maybe we should get him for this. Face to. Imagine waiting to exhale that's APPs to what did we do with Director Forest Whitaker and now I'm like. The rest of the day. Thank you so much for being here. I mean having to icon of books back to back people need to re the van answering half and so glad that you are. Telling me stories I mean truly I'm probably read it again. It's been a minute since I've you know seen a book That's not not like a play. Which is easier to read a book you know where? I'm just like I should again. Thank you. Thanks for having. ME. On. 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We'll go to backcountry dot com slash keep it to get fifteen percent off your first full price purchase. Some exclusions do go right now get fifteen percent off at backcountry dot com slash keep it that country dot com slash Cape It. On Sundays, the rock materially mom when it comes to politics for the first time announced that he was endorsing a candidate ticket he endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Oh few I thought he was going to go Nader. Magic if he'd come out for his home. Dies I've taken some time weighed the options and I think we should vote for. Shirley. Chisholm president. For Black Women get onboard. Video he posted on twitter. He interviewed both of the candidates and made his case for the Democratic ticket focusing on the need for progress through kindness and respect, and in just three hours, the video had been viewed over two million times on twitter and on his instagram, he even linked to vote save America. Which? As soon as video drought, I said Tommy Vittore text and said, listen bitch. If the rock is about to come on Pod Save America. You also will be dead. Right. Sticks and he said. No he was completely shocked that. The Rock. Linked to voltaire. Ika. So. Again bit. Part of a sad how it was it coordinated at all so Hello celebrate that from our. Marketing works. Here's my question what is the fascination with Iraq and by that I mean I enjoy him as an entertainer when I have seen him certainly good at what he does he appears to be a big muscular man who is nice. That's part of it. I think it's the actual physical ability to harbor that much mass is insane to me. So that's why I keep going back but also the seamless transition from wwe to acting I thought something you would maybe respect Lewis I'm not defending him. No that I don't that's fine. I support the Johnson is of the world and whatever we should have given China and action franchise. That's that's the extent of my wrestling knowledge right there. It's just I. Feel like people have like an oprah like adoration of him whereas like Oprah talk to us every day for years and years and years, and the rock is merely a big friendly person who is in movies is part of it like kids love him and the way that when I'm eight years old Jim Carey's the King of the world to me and it's an extension of that I don't know. I would say it's a bit of an over simplification of that. You know you the way you compare them to Oprah you. Have to think about how many millions of Americans watched wrestling especially during the attitude era of big personalities you know it was the rock it was still called Voss. It was China. You know it was triple eight triple H. becoming the Erica Kane of wrestling as I called in the other week of marrying into the McMahon family giving you soap operas. The way that you can imagine Susan Lucci Deirdre Hall you know. Being, chased down like in malls. You've seen soap dish to you know like Sally. Field Plan Celeste like the fans watching it. You were watching the rock like multiple times a week and you were getting investing these storylines you know and for him. To be an amazing wrestler to also have an incredible sense of humor. Considerably attractive to Yeah Yeah. Let's. Don't forget ethnically ambiguous chills. Because he is black and Samoa real money make Samoan. The G. Q. Profile with Katie. Weaver said in two thousand seventeen. A. Lot of people look at him and they're like, are you Greek? Like. White people could. Look at him and like sort of like pretend he was white like them to you know like black people could be like that's me. You know. So like Samoan people knew he was them you know. So it was like it was easy enough to have the rock become an Avatar for. So many things that you felt much in the way that Oprah became an Avatar for her you know because like Oprah. Obviously. The hard hitting interviews. Like a black woman black woman working herself from. CHICAGO? Public television to getting where she is. Now, you know like still so much. The Oprah fandom and Colt Oprah just comes from you know like feeling like she is your friend are watching day and I think that people love the rock yes and also on the other hand, he capitalized on the very impressionable markets like I can't tell you right now to this moment if Dwayne the Rock has children at all but he has assumed. Father figure I mean he was in tooth fairy. He was in that movie with Madison Pettis the game plan like he is a voice in Milwaukee I think that children really do love him and and even now have that like fatherly role with him and then also every action moving ever. So there's like the fast and furious fans and he definitely seems like ideal dad yeah. Also talk about that movie, the Game Plan for a second that movie was written by, and this is so weird. The first mole on the TV series the mole Catherine Price wrote that anyway. So Reality Stars have become screenwriters that talk about a transition that speaks to me. Hey. You know if I could say something else about the rock to it is been so interesting watching this. Transition you know because like the cult of personality around him is is almost similar to the one that was cultivated around donald trump. You know like a lot of people were wondering, would he run for President Right? You know and it was. Right after trump was elected, you know. So it was like we could end up with another celebrity as president you know and I would say that in a lot of ways he is so much smarter than trump actually that's dumb he's incredibly smart. Diabolical. Trump but smarter than traps. Yes. You know and he has actually played such a politically neutral persona. That it is understandable. Why so many people like him you know 'cause like right now if he were to announce that he was running for office, we'd have to learn what he thinks about policy, etc.. Right now all we know is that like he loves the military you know and now that he loves Binan Harris and it's like I don't want to understate how. Fantastic it is that he did come out to support Biden Harris but I also want to let people know that it's not as groundbreaking as like if he had done it for Hillary you now. This this is something where it's like now is literally like you're you're facing evil. So. You GotTa make a choice you know chose not an electrical fire, right? I just think about how he has been able to maneuver his way through all this for years. You know like, Oh you brought up like kids loving yes. When I was a teenager and Everyone was talking about smell what the rockets you know adults were watching this. You know like it was children and adults were asking if you smell what the rock was cooking at graduation at weddings and funerals. It was everywhere. Every fucking wear. I was. Not Arrested fan? Yes. Though I I WANNA push back on you saying that he maneuvered through being politically neutral face it. He's not somebody that people expect. He's a man famous man in a way where people don't expect him to have to be political or if he is political I think he's probably GonNa, get less flack. You know no I'm saying he did maneuver his with his first of all the way that he got his catchphrase. You smell what the rock is. Cooking is weirdly in a in A. Wrestlemainia where he is interviewed by Jennifer. Flowers Oh. My God and there are jokes about like. Well, would you ever want to be leader like what would you do if you were in the White House you know and it was just ways for him to make jokes about how like hung juries and you know. Make like or like oral sex jokes because it's post Lewinsky and also Jennifer flowers you know had the affair with Clinton too. So it was like ways to make jokes about it, and this is definitely when he was in his era of speaking in third person that was what he always used due to. He was always. with, the rockets cooking like the rock is doing this etcetera. And during that interview is when he says, if you smell what I'm cooking sort of like off hands and that created the catchphrase. So it's so very interesting to me that Jennifer flowers is connecting. Creation of the catchphrase and then years. Later, if you called the Rock spoke the two thousand Republican National Convention and he comes out and he's doing the rocks stick. And everyone is like cheering insanely, which is always so funny when Republicans are like, Oh, they're trucking out these celebrities I'm like you were all fucking salivating and coming in your parents over the Rock doing the rock stick on stage the Republican National Convention but was interesting about when he did that is there's an interview before on C. Span and then even when he's up there speaking, he never says to vote Republican he urges. People to go out and register to vote and he urges has young fans who watch him wrestling every week to go out and vote, and there's even an interview where he says, you know I'm not here to say whether people should support the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate. I. Just think that people should go and register to vote and get their voice heard. So I think that this is a man who has shrewdly. Toe, the line of not upsetting any of his fans on either side because I know that he knows that like one like a lot of black people and shit like watch wrestling you know and that is the heart of the democratic. Base. But a lot of racist people watch it too and also Vince McMahon running the WWe empire. So you know I think since his inception really. He has been able to do this. Is it okay if I call that both shrewd and UNIMPRESSIVE THOSE Yeah. If you go to the Republican National Convention I, don't give a fuck. Yes I mean of course Yeah I mean I don't find it impressive I'm just saying that maybe the reason people love absorb. Russia's he is one of the people who has been able to do that without being called out as. Being like a racist or something you know like it hasn't affected him and and it would be weird I think for someone to go on a rant about how like the rock is what's wrong with this country you know he he did exactly what the Rock should have done in the situation is I think is what you're saying but also it's like I personally am not interested in him supporting Joe Biden and Kamla without like a clear condemnation of trump because. He pretty much goes. Yes. Central I'm in the Middle I've been independent my whole life but then makes it sound like he voted for trump in the last election almost like without ever saying it is what I can Kinda deuce from the video when he's talking about it, it just felt like a clever way to get around the fact that he he feels. Like oh I, messed up before, and now here I'm going for Biden absolutely I love the rock but I would say that this is something to pay attention to because it is definitely becoming a blueprint for how you hand support sort of like the side. That's right and still sorta dipped your toes in the other side. You know it's it's Very Lincoln Project? Being like we gotta get trump out of office you know but whereas you notice the Lincoln project, Ain't been saying Shit about this supreme? Court nominee because they are Republicans. Yeah. You know and it's like it's it's the same shit of them being them trying to make jokes about trump's tax returns on twitter and it's like I'm sorry everyone involved at the Lincoln Project helped create the Bush era tax cuts. If he really gets people go there and vote for Joe Biden and Kamla Harris like I am excited by but I agree with I eat it just. Without, the condemnation it doesn't feel like he's he's the quote unquote going big as he said, it seems like a lot of talk and a lot of chest puffing it is it's very it's very bad neto. The Rock had his heel turn in the two thousands and it's very magneto. You're teaming up with him to take on the Brood or apocalypse or whoever But you know next issue could be your enemy again. All right when we're back keep it. And we're back with our favorite segment of the episode. It is keep it Lewis. You're raring to go your nostrils I'm I'm at the starting line. My hands are right there in lane five. My nostrils flaring. This week is to mark Burnett who we know as the mastermind behind survivor a show we love. He's also was the mastermind behind a show called the apprentice, and if you read part two of the new. York Times eye-opening tax article on Donald Trump. You will find that when the apprentice started. It turns out that year trump declared ninety million dollars in losses, and he basically through the apprentice ended up garnering about four hundred, twenty million dollars related to merchandising and selling himself on everything from laundry detergent to whatever the fuck he sells himself on. You Know Donald. Trump. Is and in this article, there's a quote from Mark Burnett. Who is married to Romanian that disturbs me also, we can talk about that another time saying what makes the world safe place right now I think it's American dollars which come from taxes which come because of Donald Trump this man was. Actively involved and just rebranding him as like a benevolent money God. When in fact, he's Griffin Griffin Griffin the entire time. I'm also sick of the word gifting which comes up on twitter a lot. I'm sorry to invoke it again now but the apprentice in general is entertaining. Ever was man if we could go back and get rid of that our lives would be so much better right now ultimately first of all, four, hundred, twenty, million dollars. That's way too much money for a show where a man sits behind a desk and tells little John to believe in himself. Bullshit and furthermore the amount of women I have loved celebrities who've gone on that show and had to like not grovel at his feet but basically make him seem like a god in order for the drama of the show to work. So painful I'm talking Marlee Matlin Cindy lauper Nadia Komen, each my girl Dionne Warwick sitting there having to deal with his fucking bullshit and getting the field charitable, which was the whole point of that show that he got to brand himself as a charitable person we get to blame Mark Burnett for this entire nonsense and it's just so painful. The obvious things that have allowed this man to rehabilitate himself year after year. To keep it one hundred the apprentice was that show he maybe for. It was great now no I'm not I'm not GonNa let you get away with that Lewis. The the apprentice was a great fucking television show I mean I want to discuss. Actor I'm fine with that but you're right like by acting the part of somebody who makes a lot of money he got to make a lot of money. It's just of course. Yes. That is always the painful part of it. You know I mean I think I did A up. Most. Of the apprentice for A. Piece, in MTV news after he was elected and it was very painful. To. Revisit that knowing what we knew about him now. Now not that painful because I've been watching old clips just because. Names is great in them. But. It's this idea that he was this failed businessman and he was constantly like not just hawking products of his own. But like because competitions always involved other brands, you know wanting to sell their shit on NBC like they had to come on the show and act like trump was the ultimate businessman for you know like giving never platform. Of course, people are going to watch that and think that he is an amazing businessman. The broke bitch that he really is and Yeah it's your your. Your boss Jimmy pointed that out in the two thousand sixteen Emmys Lewis I. Remember he called out Mark? Burnett. In the audience like if trump ends, you're the first person were throwing over that wall. Even, Mark Burnett is just laughing. Like, I'm being roasted. Fuck you mark. Burnett. Like that is what Mark Burnett does whether it's like a shark tank or the apprentice or the voice or any of these shows where you take you took it takes someone and make them larger than life institutionalized them deliberately for the sake of the show but fuck anyone who knowingly or unknowingly is the reason why trump is elected whether it's him or Tony Schwartz who actually wrote the art of the deal or these people who gone out of their way to create like we were talking about a color personality around this man that has left us where we're at right now who's not even sexy like the Rock C.. Oh. It would be so. If if trump were evil but also he would just so fine to look you know. You'd be like. He's stripping away. My right. Descending. America into Fascism but God? dammit. Do I wanNA fuck him that those dimples dam. There's a reason why none of his march has his face on it he's not a Reagan. Okay he's not. He's not at all. This. Red Head, not a Reagan Reagan. Ronnie Radio in in America who didn't want to knock Ronald Reagan telling you that right now. In his prime time for Bonzo era. Oh? Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Come on Knute rockne all American. Their. New Rock up in this. If the van is Reaganomics, dot com anoc something trickled down in my bed. Down, this whole conversation at Sarah. All Right Aida Go. Let's. Keep it. It's just us right now, of course, Lewis had to flee. Keep it. Mark. Burnett then Mark Burnett voted him off the podcasts after go audition for the voice. I. Wish this were a late. Keep it I wish there was some levity to this but I'm really really mad my keep it this week goes to a little. Canadian. Monster. Not, Keanu Reeves. But Tori. Lanes. The rapper who I think is popular because of his close association with Drake I for some reason, can't name a single Tory lane song, but sometimes I miss this guy's fine. But after two months of not saying a single word about what happened in the Meg stallion incident in which he shot her foot allegedly sorry I do not want any legal trouble. After this, he released as little Canadian. Automation claim. Even, if I. Leave. Let me let me. Allegedly, accused I just gotTa keep adding that in from all star Jones. Alleged League. So. So after this after his, you know very rowdy silence about it. He releases a seventeen track album and I'm one of the songs he accuses Meg of straight up just framing him for the shooting and that that didn't happen and she's conspiring against him. Honestly I don't have any words for that Nigga other than fuck you like just fuck you usually I'm pretty diplomatic in my keep it. So I don't get. Yeah. Little flock of demon fans after me but not today because fuck this man, this is an artist who who people still support and he's being accused. Of One of the most heinous acts of violence to happen in mainstream hip hop history in a very long time and his response is to release a fucking album like nowhere in the album betsy show remorse apologize anything sane and functioning human being would do but he uses the project to blame and to point fingers at other R&B Singers and Rappers who came out in support of the stallion, and if your first instinct as an artist is to make music and to make art about what's happening to you like I feel that I understand but this is bigger than. The bigger than music it's bigger than profit. This is domestic violence. This is the haphazard disregard for the worth of black women and it's also happening right at the peak of Brianna Taylor and her family not receiving any justice for what happened to her so like the lack of. This takes the selfishness takes, but also we are talking about a man who potentially shot meg sign in the foot and again, I, say potentially for legal legal issues but your trash like you're so trash that kind of evil you can't be undone or retie so keep it to Tori lanes. It's so fucking sinister. Like I described. Sinister, earlier this week and I was like that is the correct word. You know like to release this project that nobody wants the day after the grand jury reserve verdict in the Briana Taylor case is so disgusting you know and just the disregard for black women that sell many people have around the world in. America. In hip hop, you know in the fan base you know. There were people the people who make jokes about Meghan after it first happened fuck them. People continue do people who continue to be like. Well, fuck car. We're supporting him I'm like first of all that makes music and even good enough to just. Pretend. Okay he's older. He's not he's not a talented. Like, and he only got a little bit of popularity recently because of that dumb demon time thing he was doing and like the Internet was excited to have something to do during the pandemic but he is garbage and so keep it to him keep it to anyone who supports him still and the morons on his team that let him drop an asinine album right now and sometimes I'm like, can we save negative like this? But like no, you're just some morally and emotionally compromised so by. Story would in the opposite lanes of. I wonder what our lawyers will think about that. Yom Kippur is over. What do I have to live for anymore? I'm bringing myself to the young. What's your? What's your keep it this week? Well, first of all, my I keep it is to lady Gaga and her merchandise shop because months later still have not gotten my chromatic merch. and. I'm pissed way this surplus like too many people ordering or what do you think's going on I think it's a thing that happens in merch where they don't have it actually made and then. So many people buy it, and then they have to start making it and they just couldn't keep up. Cancelled the order this week that I got my money back. Good good. My Real. Keep it. This week is to the expired milk version of Benedict cumberbatch. Some of you may know him as Eddie wreck. Carl Sherlock Holmes. appropriate. That I also call him that because he stole Benedict Cumberbatch is Oscar. For the imitation game in two thousand, fifteen for yeah. Yeah. He was nominated for the theory of everything. And then he won beating Benedict in the imitation game, but I still can't believe that A. Moments one not not that I even think benedict. Because I don't even love the imitation game that much like Michael. Keaton could have won that year for Bergman movie I also don't like. Steve Corral probably just want for Fox catcher if we're being honest because Bradley Cooper was nominated for. Either everybody here was nominated. that. You're nominated for movie I, don't like. But Eddie Redman. If you recall a while back said that he was supporting Trans people you know in the wake of JK rallying's. terrifically transphobic tweets recently, he ran that ship back. and was like telling us that we should. We should feel sympathy for her because of the vitriol that she is getting on the Internet. and I wonder why it's probably because they back filming fantastic bitches and where to find them three. He's Right right and he and he's like Oh shit I can't fuck the bag by supporting transpeople fuck you, Eddy Redman because first of all fucked the Danish girl and your wack ass performance. And now she this woman is out here like truly she is not just doing transphobic tweets like she is leaning into it like the. bitches made being transphobic brands. Yeah. She wrote a whole diatribe like a whole. She wrote another source of or stone about how much she hates train. She she has. She sipping from the Goblet of transport. And Anti Man. Oh you know what I should do talk about how there's there's there's bad people on both sides and people who are being mean to J.. K. Rowling should probably stop it 'cause at the fuck up. It's not the same thing and it is Asinine to even imply that people tell A. J. K.. Rowling to shut the fuck up and stop being transphobic is the same thing as her continuing continuing to Foster Trans phobic rhetoric. And continue to just like uplift other transphobic and turfs on the. Internet. Because I don't know the bitches lost it. Yeah and he's lost it to so fuck both of them and fuck this movie. I haven't wanted to see a fantastic movie sets since the second one anyway because Johnny Depp is in that movie and she had. No problem supporting Johnny Depp still for her bottom line. So we should've known that she was going to be trash anyway. I mean juster and then actively using things like canceled culture to defend herself and to be like, Oh, I'm being attacked in this way you know oddly enough actually not that oddly I expected this from Eddie from Eddie, Redmond did not expect him to come out initially in support of Trans People. This is the more logical thing for him to do to be willing to Tom. Hooper's. Movie The Danish girl and to be playing a transitioning woman and to be you know eager to tell stories about transitioning that have nothing to do with. You is kind of more in his wheelhouse I think. So to have him even initially did come out in support transpeople. That was the real shocking thing that was a real shocking thing but unfortunately, he is just simply a beast. So. As we've seen with. The documentary disclosure you know it's like it's shit like that like men. Men Playing, Trans Women. You know. Give. People. The idea that Trans Women are just men wearing a dress and that invites violence against them and so to be indirectly involved in that violence by choosing to participate in the Janus girl and then excusing violence and rhetoric against them by defending data horrid woman. JK, rallying fuck him fuck him fuck him. I. Also never trusted his is. Totally. Read may now in Lamy is I was like something about this man and I can't put my finger on it. It's just evil. Always looks like the beady eyes of a rat. Glowing the corner of. The corner of a crack, house. Truly, like Human Peter Pettigrew and that he was just a rat really recently. There's little. Harry. Potter Ryan. We're done. We're done God both of our keep its were that. Deserve it fuck US trash men you know yeah I think we can just. That like Eddie, red main he delivering nothing that I need to see Jupiter ascending. By my week with Marilyn no fakes. Theory of everything tweet. Oh He's writing this condoleezza JK rally could Dulles letter to us for what you did Stephen Hawking in the theory of everything what? Movie. Not. A Fan. He lost in at least he lost in two thousand sixteen for his Oscar nomination for the Danish Girl Will Not Matt. He's up in the trial of the Chicago seven. What do you mean what actually looking forward to that? What do you mean? You know the movie coming from Aaron Sorkin about the group of. Vietnam War protesters charged with conspiracy Oh, and citing riots at the sixty Democratic convention in Chicago. He's in it but not playing a huge role. Maybe I don't know. But I'm still going to see that movie because my baby germy strong is in it. Can Know Roy himself I. Lo-. Emmy winner one of the. White men that I died cuddle with still too soon. I, put it out there what a worldwide episode. United to figure out what are running jokes for the rest of the twenty twenty going to be now that I've abandoned boss baby and I haven't had a nice out from you succession from you. Work on that that's your assignment. Who? They do have to happen now. We could drive it birch virtually. Do I mean maybe it's baby Eddie Jake had. Maybe. For the amount of times, our NIGGA count goes through the roof when Lewis isn't here truly truly I mean. My favorite was where Roy came in. It was just like. Less Mega? I'm like. This is this is for us. We do. Miss. We did we did a Variety. Keep it black. Streets are not ready but anyway. Thank you again of Bennett for big here. Go read the vanishing half is fucking great. And two more episodes until are one hundred and fiftieth while Word Quinta Civic. Center centennial. Kenny. I told a friend that recently and they're like Oh. You knew that off the top of your head like Louis and I was like bitch I gue- that. I have the same Lewis has. All right we'll see all next week. Keep, it is a production of Brooklyn media. Caroline rested is our producer. Our editor is Bill Lance, and Kyle segment is our sound engineer. Our digital team is not in a mall CONAN and Milo can't thank you to Brian Self production support every week.

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395: Questionably Awesome - Your burning questions answered

Earn Your Happy

28:54 min | 1 year ago

395: Questionably Awesome - Your burning questions answered

"When you take the stance of blame or somebody trying to like really thinking that they are doing something to you when you're communicating something that person will immediately shut down and not listen to you at all welcome to the earn your happy podcast? I'm Laurie harder. Founder of the Bliss Project Three time fitness world champion fitness expert and cover model turned Self Love Junkie Lifestyle Entrepreneur Entrepreneur and author each week. I'll bring you a guest or a thought that will help you bust through your fears. Connect your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life business and relationships. We don't wait until toll. We're ready for someone to tell us. We're good enough. We take what we want and we annoyance ourselves. Get ready to earn own and on apologetically rock your happiness every single day. Are you with me here. We go good morning America America what if your name was America I would love it and America for flag. Would you wear a flag everywhere and they'd be like do you just really like America. That's my name my name and a yeah not just merica Mirka junior from the middle of the Country People Really Love America South Tail Yes for sure like it's a very different world yeah so what's new <hes>. I just got this really cool book. It's called start where you are okay. So you finish the Oprah Book. I finished the was like three books looks ago or yeah. That was a buck ago. Do you go in book phases where you like read a lot and then you have a year where you can't finish one book yet you pick up twenty five. I had a year like that last year and I'm finally finishing books books again. I think it's okay to give yourself time to finish things and you don't have to finish every book no well clearly last year. I didn't finish any basically for your busy but it was weird I could not like get interested listed in a book and now I'm so interested even some of the ones that I was putting down but I do think it's because my brain was like you are in out putting mode right now not in putting you were in inputting mode for like seven years and now it's time to just apply one quote that <hes> at bliss this year <hes> Samantha Skelly said and I know upset it on here before <hes> consumption without integration equals frustration. Oh yeah and I was just in that mode of like let's just integrate and stop consuming because I was like I'm full the I'm full up to my esophagus. It's like when you go to a buffet. It's impossible. I was like in the buffet of books so tell me about this book. Is it interactive journal and it's really cute and has all these pretty illustrations and you can draw pictures and you can write your notes. Oh my God it's so cute so cute and has little props. Oh my gosh where you at with it. I'm just started started. What have you done so far? <hes> what's the questions while today is what gives you light. What gives you late? Isn't that Nice Yeah but what gives you like. What did you write zero Adam George family mom friends hikes trees is is Adam your other boyfriend my other boyfriend? I like to have a boyfriend. WHO's has the same name as I was? GonNa say. It's safer that way in case for any reason you screw up a name like when when I when I get second boyfriends I'm always like what's your name. nope just not gonNA work now not GONNA work. This is GONNA get in trouble eventually is I'm going to be like Bobby mcferrin. Yeah don't worry be happy and he's going to be like who's Bobby mcferrin and I'm going. It'd be like don't one saying don't worry be happy. That's all I didn't go to Brench with them. So that's the key to life and relationships and journal problems saying okay so did that make you feel like you were dropping into gratitude when you actually write it through your hands yes yeah. That's a really big thing something about writing things down. I totally agree. I need to do that more for sure. Juvenile told Oh yeah it's actually from my book. Oh well this book because really giving us a lot of light today. Good it's from roomy and it is the wound is the place where the light enters you. That is one of my faves Nice. Oh man so. I've been thinking about this a lot because I don't know I we've been talking about this but yeah life is equal parts. Happy equal parts pain. <hes> it just is is why are some phases in life. You're like no I remember a time where I was much choppier and then I'm like was I yeah was equally in pain as well and when you're in resistance of paint is such a horrible word because it it's related to pain right but pain can be like growth and discomfort and those are the things that make the good stuff good yeah. I don't get mad when I'm sore from workout and like ooh that's good I don't get why do we get so mad. Were Sore from life. I don't know but that's just the most beautiful thing ever that that quote needs to go and Oprah's new book. I don't get mad when I'm sore from workout. I don't get mad at being sore from my squats so we're GONNA get mad from or I don't know while low WanNa have a so our ass but I don't look when my brain feels sewer. My soul is sore yeah sore soul yeah. That's cute. I like that I just have a sore soul. It's because it did a big workout like it did a new workout with a new trainer who was an asshole and now if we look at everyone who makes us feel so a have a sore soul as an asshole trainer who's actually trying to help us. Oh that's good like off that like they're actually trying to help you in disguise guys so if we can put it like if we could see this person in front of us who's expanding our soul by making a sore and we can put a shirt on that says soul train and it will be your so trainer trainer will be like they weren't. They weren't mean they were sold trainers I like this to I'm GonNa think of the sole trainers. Thank your welcome. I feel like sole traders could also be a really comfortable shoe really cute Tail Mel there. Anything called his soul trainer shoe. That's like a puff of cloud is like a massive. I don't know if you've ever seen those hookah shoes dizzy there okay. So there's super comfortable tennis shoes yeah but in some arc you don't get me wrong so anyone has hookah shoes. Don't go S- passing on me right now like well. Some of them are not. It looks like you are literally literally a spice girl like oh the bay white ones Oh yeah Oh yeah those are people are loving those those are back in full effect. Let me tell you when you're up to their even extra back like Elsie this beautiful woman in this cute little dress and then I looked like hi what is happening right now. Are you a robot but that's okay. It'd be the same thing but hey you know what I might start liking them. I've done this with trends. Actually Allot where I'm like. Dot is the most hideous thing I've ever seen in two weeks later. I have him on and I'm like I'm tall one in every color. It happens like I'll see one beautiful woman who I think is amazing in them and I'm like if I get does I will be. I like her and then I put it on and I like hey. It's still a bad trend. Laurie doesn't matter how pretty she was okay. Wait what your quote. My quote is by William H shed it's. It's a well-known quote here. It is K.. Ship is safe in a harbor but that's not what a ship was built for Evans no wasn't he didn't write your name in there but he should have yeah because you're you're not gonNA say your soul trainer but you're not really in the terms that we were using. Oh No but you are a soul souder. You might be a soul trainer for someone that you don't know like they might be at home. They might have a picture of your face with the bulls eye on your nose and throw darts edit every day. Go solter the room so sore you might be for someone isn't that the weirdest thought like I can't even look at you and think that I mean who knows maybe Adam does that when I'm at work he might is is doing that right. Now really could be but I doubt it. He's he's probably has you episode Su there and you have velcro like around you and he's throwing those balls at it such a good game. I mean who doesn't want balls throw at their face yeah but a ship ship is safe in a harbor but that's not what a ship was built for. What's a bill for a ship was built for? I mean like to be honest. Let's really talk about how ships are built. Ships are not I built by the ship engineer and they don't go and sit in the office and they're like don't worry this is going to be on a crystal clear smooth sailing lake there like what is worst case scenario for the ship like I need to build this thing for worst case scenario like it needs to survive and guess what you're built for worst case scenario. You will fricken survive. That's true yeah. We have this amazing vessel and this brand names. I like what we're doing here today. I feel as though spirit speaking through us with these ships in vessels me. I'm ready to take mine to see soul souders ready. You know what I'm picturing. Can you as a large capsule yeah. I don't know a capsule of love and you are ready to just inject in the ocean. You're ready. Do you want to hear what some of them something really nice. Someone said you know what I would like to hear that every day so we could make this regular thing in the morning. You're ready Yep. It's from Raff S. C. H.. They say obsessed with this podcast so much love for Laurie and heavens. I can't stop listening. Thank you so much I or sharing your beautiful journey. You're so use soul shine girl oh my gosh. Why can't I talk? I think they're going with the sole thing souls who there wasn't that Nice but a so beautiful was that Raff Raffish Raffish. SHH shh. We're not telling you to be fly. We're actually saying RAFF. Speak Up Yeah. We love that because your words just penetrated at our soul like a rainbow penetrates the ground yeah softly softly and beautifully. Thank you so much for that shooting rainbows over here from that one raffish so we realize last week that we if we're ever in a devastating in a what what are we call it a natural disaster with you may not want us with you know because we did not follow any other roles. No we weren't under the desk. We were like looking how everything swinging around and what we also learned was you might want us with you in a natural disaster disaster because you might take things too serious and when you're like it's Ben ten days with no water. We'll be like but is that funny growing so you decide. Maybe you need to other podcasters as well who are really good with like survival <hes> but you know what will serve your soul will survive. It's going to be fine because we are sold through there so <hes> we're running in the streets. You Might WanNa grab us to keep you on on check with your happiness while you are trying to survive wires you're surviving. I did realize though that maybe we need to do earthquake drill after this I have no experience so I'm Chris Kumbang on the walls and and stuff and spin the chandeliers mold get under the table. We can leave her headphones on. We could probably grab these Mike Yeah we'll be fine. We'll give play-by-play so only God. This podcast is hilarious but they were in a natural disaster was. It's not smart all right well we you don't you don't know because I was like an act. It's really fast yeah and now I've learned how we act natural disasters so and we're probably not not make it so there's that today. Do you have a question I do. It's actually about you and Chris Speaking of Chris my at finding underscore steadiness ask you increase our relationship goals. What's your advice for a healthy relationship of having to at once yeah having to Chris's at once <hes> twin beds? Did you ever watch. I Love Lucy. She had a great relationship with her twin bed. That's maybe that's Y.. Yeah here's why so you can you can go jump in one twin bed quick and do whatever you need to do for the night and then you jump in the other one in sprawl yeah. Maybe get to Queens Yeah. I do definitely because a house us with to Queens Full House. Actually what is a full House do know in Poker Award No. I don't play those games. You should and I don't know how to play that picture you as an old woman playing gin rummy. Do you know how to play Bat. I would love to play that game poker not so much but those fun games. The mind game shouldn't rummy. He's a card game but isn't there. There's all kinds of strategy behind it sure. I think there's alcohol involved in. I like I said I see. Are you playing Gin rummy with some sort of Sylvan drink sweater a white gloves on. That'd be really tough to have white gloves on playing cards. Okay let me answer this question because I don't think we've done it yet. How do you so far? She has twin beds and another boyfriend bad idea no okay. Hey you know what I live in L._A.. If that's how you feel that's how you feel right. That's fantastic but I will tell you. The Secret Meyer relationship has been what was the exact that question. How what's your advice for healthy really healthy relationship so honestly I mean we've been together a long time? I can't even remember how many years at this point I think like actually seventeen knowing him married. I can't remember because I am a terrible life. I think it's been fourteen years married. I think we'll be no. I think we'll be fourteen this August okay so I will say communication. <hes> definitely our walk so that we don't go to bed without letting things or you know if things have like bothered us for the day really choosing your words wisely when you take the stance of blame or somebody trying trying to like really thinking that they are doing something to you. When you're communicating something that person will immediately shut down not listen to you at all so a couple of things like knowing how Chris best communicates and you can only learned that through learning that a lot of times? You're learning that through biting more you know yeah through fallings out. That's a word and I will tell you like I think the road to get to a place where a relationship is healthy is rocky and you're gonNA have years where you're like. While this person is so annoying like for real. He's had it with me and it's and I've had it with him and it's not that that they're annoying. It's that you are learning how communicate and is really forcing you into a new way of being because people think like well. This is me and you're not going to change me. Well good luck ever staying with someone if you're in that stance because you need to be malleable like is the is the ocean like take me and I'm not moving. No it's like I will flex around anything that you want. It's also the most powerful like substance in the world so if you want to be the most powerful substance in the world flow be malleable but no l. when you need to like. I don't know be a river or fire hose but what I'm saying. Is You need to learn to communicate. You need to be flexible. You need to learn when your partner shuts down. <hes> you need to create space every single day to communicate and make it a normal normal thing and if that feels weird or if your partner gives you crap for it you need to push back on that because there will be you change every single day by some occurrence that happens to you and you change a little bit and also if you don't tell them what they are like is something that hurts you. You'll hold it against them and it will come up in a massive fight. Instead of course I always say like it's just like earthquakes actually you you want a lot of little earthquake. Sometimes because you don't want the big one to strike you can have California found the ocean dig. You want like a lot of you want the earth leading off a lot of little steam here and there so it's like wouldn't you rather have all of those little to set like don't release Mel instead of that huge one at at the office where it just goes on for thirty seconds and you're like there's an voiding like everyone is going to get gassed. I we always have one in each episode so yeah not not a toot cute but a suit convo but you know what I'm talking about when you're on a date and you're like if you don't get if you don't go on walk and be able to be like okay this is I think this is a safe on and so is this and so if you don't walk doc after dinner and you are not going to keep that relationship past the first date like go. That's dating advice. Actually if you WANNA keep a relationship if you're going to go to dinner and eat all sorts of stuff. You've never eaten before this duck gonNA fly sister. You'RE GONNA you're going to have gas you. GotTa go for a walk in the park on a windy day and make sure you're going against the wind. It looks better in your hair anyway so you're takeaways are communicate light your tooth slow and that's it and be like an ocean be like an ocean yeah and it's not GonNa feel fun at first because you're going to be like this is going against everything but I feel in my body and then you're going to have to see if it's worth it and then communicate this. This itself should be our podcast but but I hope that that helps I think that's great help. What about you real? Quick weighing on this. Oh I am. What do you do right now because you're about to be married? I know you're in your in the part of marriage bridge. Where like you know you've got? You've got a few months here like you can still run. It's weird so it's the real important time to like buckle. You know you wake up. Put that make up in that dress on and be like yeah always. He's like this totally every morning. Yeah nothing's going to change after we get married but you're still not tooting around him. Yeah just can't wait for that ring to be the next more like breaking breaking. You better believe it. That's come in November. Whatever Day pull off lashes shave your head one of her over move over this Yugoslav pare down? Don't come on stuck it out. I'm picturing the teacher and Matilda remember the Mrs. This is French. I like miss a lie. I meet Second Adam. Oh Lord you one another question. You weren't going to weigh in on how oh how to keep this relationship vital yet communication and probably pausing before you to think because all Mannheim's I just say stuff well. I'M GONNA make sure that says pas patrol and you literally need to be like hold. Let me do those Adam Yeah and whenever you don't possible that's a siren not a gun yeah. Okay what's next question so we at least one more okay. It's really great and the question is oh so her name is Melanie. All Allah Gary Beautiful. She heard you on Ed my lots podcast last year and you were talking about how you and Chris have very different methods in business. He's more finance numbers in your soul. You work so she and her husband are both entrepreneurs and sounds the exact same. How'd you figure out not take things personally when opinions clashed well? This is such a good question because in the beginning I had there's a lot of ego involved for sure like you start something and you want credit for everything. You don't even realize that you want it. You're just like we I WANNA be known for the person who does this and this and business or there's a lot of like the girl boss boss Babe stuff going around so I do feel that there's there was I took. This is just me personally. I took pressure on as a woman thinking that if I was going to be this quote unquote like boss Babe or leader that I had to do everything and actually that couldn't be further from the truth. If you really WANNA be true leader because a true leader learns learns what she's amazing at he is amazing at and then delegates the rest and lets people shine in their amazingness so that was really huge for me to understand what a leader really is in someone who really acknowledges and sees people for their light and lets them completely take that on in shine in the new celebrate them but you also know that they are helping you in such a huge lake. Let people help you it. Lets them shine in the world in same goes for you like if you love to help people guess what I people love to help you so I think part of it was like Oh my gosh I I knew what I naturally did because it felt more easy and I know that Melanie Right Yup. I Know Melanie knows what feels more natural to her and is where she's more inflow and I. I think it's important to have that discussion. What feels easy? What are you really good at? And where could the hand off be so for me. It was like wow I'm not good at following up with people for like like coaching strategies like I'm just not good at following up. I'm great at planting this in attracting people but for me like I would fall short so I would notice that and I would get upset and think that I could change it and while I can change it if someone does not have this person in their life I also knew that I had this amazing person who was great at business in coaching so for a while it was like a solid year where I was like feeling really weird like he was getting all this credit for coaching and helping people's business grow monetarily and I wanted that and then I realized like I'm actually getting that if he's working this business business with me I get that credit I can take some of that credit to in like I can actually take credit for having this amazing partner and I can celebrate him and watch him shine in the more that I celebrated him the better that we did and then vice versa so you gotta get out of your own way like it's just full on ego at that point and it's okay because guess what we need our egos. It keeps us going but you also have to know when your ego is like stopping you in affecting your relationship so that was a huge huge thing for me. Is there one more question. Do we have time you do. What are you most excited about in life right now? It's from Samantha Montale Bano. ooh There's a couple of things but I want to know what your most excited about in life. I'm excited about starting something something new. We're GONNA talk about that. I mean this is truly going to happen yeah. No I've made it my goal to to be honest with you. I'm thinking of being some sort of like investor or something in it so we'll see I'm really like thought of the business plans really nice yeah so we'll see she. You haven't knew nothing about it but I mean you know a lot about it because it's you my business plan is thriving off of your personality so I'm really hoping that you're all for it but it's your plan everything you WanNa do anyway. I guess what I'm saying. Is I believe in you like times a million. I know you're supposed to do something thing really huge like you could literally be Ellen Degeneres if you wanted one of the fun you're one of the funniest people I know and I think that it needs to be in a business yeah. Thank you for saying that new could be called the funny box. That's not out with the businesses but when you send it could be like you're getting a funny box. I don't know I can't remember what the question is. What are you excited about so you're excited about the business? I'm excited about hoping that you get your wedding. Dress up on your phone so I can see it after this. Oh Yeah I really WANNA see it. Is it chantilly lace yeah. It's a turtleneck dress. It's this new thing turned her. Lori bird her surge show anyone. I'm not sure I can't this is audio my mom if she listens this is going to be really take. She's told me not show anyone well so I'm not going to show you he mom. I'm closing my eyes while she flips the phone around Yeah Ah yeah actually it's a drawing. It's a sketch her dress. She won't show me the real thing. That's okay a one K. winky okay. So what am I most exciting about starting something new as well. I'm excited for you to start something new lawyer because says it's bruin in their bro out it is brewing in there and it is ready to come out. It is definitely not going to be a poop reference right now. It's going to be rainbows. It's going to be a rainbow reference like it is currently a bit like summertime sunshine raining yeah and the rainbows ready to pop through yes. I don't know if I think that analogy is really stretch through yeah and it's been stormy and starting to part ways yeah kind of coming we have that beautiful ozone smell right. Now Yeah really great okay so I'm excited to start something new but I'm also ooh. This is what I always want to be excited about. It just the present day like that. We get to like wake up and read a book you yeah drink coffee and do this podcast like. I'm really really grateful for my life. You too and I don't WanNa forget that because it's so easy to forget how Rad your life is so you guys like take some inventory that if you are like walking around you're listening to a podcast and you have any apple products. We're lucky where so lucky if you've got a cool coffee mug and being juice in it you are lucky yeah. If you get up in the morning you're lucky yeah even if you're groggy yeah it does does matter so all right so I'm dying to see the stress so we gots to go yeah any parting words. What's a one-sentence wisdom from from the funny box Lovett dance? Your booty off dancer Budi off. Today is the wisest thing that I've heard and I wanna see on your stories you dancing guests to this song dance dance dance. I don't know I need to answer your booty. Ideal Budi off by thank you so much for spending this time with me on the earn your happy podcast. I am so glad that you stopped by. If you could take one second to share this episode with someone you think think would love it that would be absolutely amazing and we would be forever. Grateful also please leave us a review. If you feel so moved by going to I tunes and leaving us an honest thought and honest comment tell us.

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Positive Songs

The Gratitude Podcast - Stories That Inspire Positive Thinking

09:50 min | 1 year ago

Positive Songs

"At farmers insurance. We know a roof can withstand ally. One exception being an airborne car seen it covered it click for more. We are. Underwritten by farmer's truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates. Products available in every state. Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll proudly mold along and give anybody noticed you mowed the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn. Compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again. Good news is, it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive, and save on your car insurance, which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discounted elible stages situations. Let's take a deep breath, thin than the breath out. Just quite the mind little bit. The songs that we listen to have a profound effect on our emotions and on our thoughts like, for instance, you know, about affirmations that they have a big impact impacting our life, and that we can actually change our reality. Thanks to affirmations songs are similar because for instance, when you listen to a song, whether you like it or not it gets into your head. You keep on repeating that song on and on. And this, of course, leads to results, whether they are good or bad. It depends on the songs that you listen to also as it is the situation with affirmations the more emotion, you put into an effort, mation you get the results much faster and you get experience. That emotion once again in reality, and it's the same with songs. If you listen to songs that, get you down that I dunno done bring you the best emotions in time they will lead to the same kind of results that lead you backed those emotions. I'm not saying that it's bad to listen to I dunno sometimes to listen to songs that feel good because you're not in, in the best eight and it feels like that. You are understood by that song. But just don't make it the habit. Alright so before I share with you a song and the surprised that I have for you, I would like to thank Don Shinn doll from Instagram for sharing the podcast return students. She said, I am a college instructor teaching potential professionals in the mental health community. I have reference, your show on numerous occasions and encourage them to follow the podcast. Excellent work, you can imagine how a great that made me feel. And I'm really appreciative of her sending me this message letting me know that she's not the only appreciating they rented podcast. But she's also sharing it with her student. So thank you so very much, this really means the world to me. But let's get back to the song that I wanted to share with you. What a love about this song is the fact that his it is not only positive, but it's also entertaining and fun. And it brings the perspective on life. That's really joyful and light and for me that's really powerful because I tend to be really serious and, and see my work as being very. Portent and everything that I do I want to be as professional as possible. And this song is a great reminder about the higher perspective, the wider perspective, and the lighter perspective than me, share with you. What I mean? This is a quote from the song it says life laugh, and deficit joke, is true. You see all the show, keeping laughing as you go. Just remember that the last laugh is on you and also another part of the song says something like this, you come from nothing. You're going back to nothing. What have you lost nothing? Also, the beginning is quite wise, and joyful at the same time, it says something like this some things in life are bad. They can really make you mad other things just make you swearing curse when you're chewing on life's crystal don't grumble give a whistle and this will help things. Turnout for the best. I really like these lyrics because they are true and it's not just about to feel good song. It's also realistic so long story short, the song is called always look on the bright side of life by Monty python. And now for the surprise, you can either go on YouTube and search for it. You can also find there a scene of the movie in which the song was played and the funny part about that is the fact that the main character is actually crucified and star singing the song. But if you are on Spotify, I've created a place with positive songs at first, I created for myself. But when I got the idea to share the song with you, I thought that it might be interesting for you to have access to it as well. So I made public and you can access it by going to Georgia Benton dot com slash Spotify. Playlist, Spotify gave me a really complicated link and I simplify it on, on my website, so it is easier for you to actually access it. I will be updating this playlist with other songs that make you feel good that make you feel positive. So once again, in order for you to access it just go to George in bantam dot com slash Spotify. Playlist, I will put the link in the description as well. Sick neck said and there you will be able to listen to this song as well and another song from Monty python, plus several other feel good positive songs that I have included in the playlist and they are handpicked by me. You'll find they're living in the moment by Jason Roz. Don't worry be happy by Bobby mcferrin. Three little birds by Bob Marley walking on sunshine by Katrina and the waves. Good life by Jisi and a few more. It's not the really big playlist. I only want to have their songs that are positive and have positively rakes and uplifting emotions that they transmit, but in time as more of you will be tuning into it, and maybe sharing it with your friends and family. I will add more and more songs. So it will be more variety and a longer playlist, so that you won't get bored of the songs. Quitting your burgers coffee table. If you wanna eat a burger put it on a bar full your instincts to be for the new all American chief further fresh juicy fiefs until it's crispy around the edges covered gooey cheese and stacked to the ceiling. With deliciousness knocked that baby Dow with a frosted beer at the bar. Just like those sports, God's intended. But new all America cheeseburger, puff awhile, wakes. Please drink responsibly during the whole family over the t mobile can get awesome. I phone ten are on us when you trade in your old device, you'll be snapping streaming and sharing your heart's content. Visit a store or call one eight hundred t mobile can get an iphone ten are on us. Twenty four monthly Bill credits for qualified customers, plus tax while trade hoarding service and finance agreement required. Contact us. People cancelling our credit. Stop more balanced sixty gig zero down thirty one twenty five per month for twenty four months, pre-credit rice, seven forty nine ninety nine zero percent. APR one offer perk out.

Spotify Monty python Don Shinn Bobby mcferrin YouTube instructor Bob Marley America Jason Roz Georgia Jisi Katrina George seven forty nine ninety nine z twenty four months
Taking out Your Head Trash  Dealing with Crisis & Decision Fatigue with Guest Dr. Roger Hall, Host Alex Vorobieff  #45

OC Talk Radio

46:47 min | 1 year ago

Taking out Your Head Trash Dealing with Crisis & Decision Fatigue with Guest Dr. Roger Hall, Host Alex Vorobieff #45

"Welcome to the confident R._O._I.. To success come before happiness or does happiness proceed success. That's what we're gonNA talk about today. Our guest today is focused. His career on determining how positive mindset in attitude has an impact on people's success. He's done a lot of research in this done. A lot of training came up through United Airlines as a trainer a corporate trainer as well as the North West Medical Facility in Chicago and his real world experiences in research. He's gone really deep on this. He's the now oh sharing it with the world in his firm. Go positive our guest is Don Sandal and you're going to be able to answer that question. What comes first happiness or success a lot of us? Get it wrong so enjoy the interview Don Sandy welcome to the confident R._O._I.. Thanks Alex really happy to be here well. You should be your go. You come from go positive so we would have an issue if you were all believe me. I I hear it especially from my kids. If I'm not a happy optimistic in positive or why here it so yeah good point have the same my my wife and daughter are always always reminding me things I'm certain and think are important did especially in group dynamics business. You say this but what about families could ask so they they throw it back at you a little bit yeah I've been there without we were talking just before we started about <hes> <hes> your experiences and stories and you were mentioning that you just hadn't experienced the tested your positives mindset. It took everything you have to get through. Can you share it with our audience. You want me to relive that. Do you inherited help. You and we're GonNa talk about how the positive mindset can can help to lead toward success in the father of Positive Psychology Z. study in the research by but nothing like a good story against start yeah. Well you know sometimes our biggest obstacles are the ones that we put their ourselves and <hes> this one is going to be relatable. I'm sure to almost all of your listeners in it's it was an experience I had last week. We had the polar vortex that went across the Midwest and I was lucky enough to be traveling of course it wasn't a trip to Phoenix or or southern California. It was a trip to <hes> Columbus Ohio wonderful place wonderful people but <HES> <HES> I ended up being in O'hare airport waiting for my flight. I had three flights cancel. I was there get does Alex. I was there at Nine A._M.. And I didn't get to my destination until one A._M.. The next morning so talk about a test of exactly what I teach exactly what a breach and you know it's just one way you'd have to you do not optime. Oh No it was one simple flight but of course the airlines were being being safe and being careful and I'm glad that they were but it's those types of things when you're in the airport in you having cancelation after cancellation Shen you're surrounded by people who are frustrated right in and it becomes a contagion in its that's when you have to be aware of your mindset. The intentional about you know <hes> kind of your thought process us <hes> avoiding the negative thoughts and going okay. How do I make the best of this? I was fine. I ended up getting work done. I talked to more people in more family than I normally do. <hes> and simply put made the best of it and it could've been a nightmare and quite frankly it was what I was just talking to someone about this that that there's research on when you're in a group of people you can pick up on wasn't there it was some sort of sense they put <music> offs in it's in their sweat that we can sense it and in the duck in the research was they took swept from people who were sweating and swept from people that were upset and they expose it's different people in the M._R._i.. Is and the ones that were the ones that smelled the YEP set sweat. They started to get anxious. There's actually they could sense that. Were the sweat from working checking out in have the same effect on other people so literally can pick up that frustration anxiety from other people yeah. It's a little bit of groups saying yes we can we all <hes> put off a certain written energy and we pick up on that usually on an unconscious level <hes> but our behaviors contagion right so when I work with leaders in my talk about positive leadership I bring up for instance the Nicholas I Chris Dacas study from Harvard and it's it's interesting because he was actually studying the contagion aspects of obesity <hes> and smoking and the positive psychologist got hold of him A._M.. And said you know maybe we should do a similar study with regard to the contagion of our behavior such as happiness so his his work with regard to <hes> smoking for instance that if you're a smoker the person closest to you as twenty five percent increase chance to be a smoker and the person closest to them has an increased fifteen percent chance to be a smoker and so the end result of this study once they the positive psychologist got ahold of them. They noticed the exact same trend that if you are positive the people closest to you <hes> are going to be more positive if an on down the line it's fascinating study but it says so much about how are Xavier affects the people around us well it does and I'd like to know how you came to this because you start Dr Udut long career and talent development and training before human resource development starting out was North West medical facility and then spending some time at United Airlines pre bankruptcy that when they were employee owned airline. I remember coming awesome going. You are not the friendly guy it's actually I would often say yes. I worked for United Airlines. It's not my fault. So how did you come to assume the importance of positive thinking in in its benefits and how it can help with with with obtaining six success he I it's it's interesting in. It's a little bit serendipity because <hes> years ago I mean this is more than a decade. I was actually looking into the brain research with regard to learning because my focus was talent development and so how is it that we learn and it's all in the brain <hes> and I kept running across the research in positive psychology and I started to focus less on the the brain process of learning focusing focusing on the hippocampus and started to more focus on this growing amount of empirical data in science science based research on positive psychology and it's it's effect on us and it wasn't long before I was reading everything that I could in studying salad men and Lubomirski and Frederickson and Sean Acre of course in all of these that went before me and it was fascinating and probably the biggest thing I took from an L._X.. was is that you know when I begin this conversation. Many executive groups will will kind of look at it as a social fortune very nice dawn. I agree with you. I really liked this but how does this business impact but once we look at the research and now we have over two decades of real good science base empirical data that says we are different and we are better when we're happy optimistic and positive. I was hooked so who who started this research I mean we were wired to be negative right. Who questioned that maybe there's a better way or at least one to research y Bobby mcferrin Song along with <unk> so popular yeah yeah I when I came out I get introduced with that song a lot in and I'm starting to say? Can we find another song and it's a wonderful song. Don't always does put me on a good mood but <hes> <hes> you know if we go back to Norman Vincent Peale's bestselling book the power positive thanking normal Vince appeal was right on he was spot on but it wasn't based on the research so what happened was is in nineteen ninety eight Dr Martin Seligman became the president of the American Psychological Association and what he noticed was in in what he really kind of trumpeted in nineteen ninety eight was look. We're spending all of our hours in all of our time in all of our dollars. I studying the disease model. If something's broke we're going to fix it right. If there's something pathological we're GonNa fix it but he said what if we took all of the energy and all of that or not all of it but more of it and said let study when people people are thriving let study when people are flourishing. I think we'RE GONNA learn a lot from that so that really began from peel to sell it men but what Seligman started in Nineteen Nineteen Ninety eight were salad duplicate -able research that against said we are different and we are better when we happy optimistic in positive and the data has shown that to be true and mm so what what does that mean for someone that <hes> it someone that struggles with being positive that you work at United Airlines in wintertime should at O'hare your deal a lot of it but maybe is that would southwest airlines `success they they're pretty they've had a policy of trying to recruit people that like to laugh like <hes> their attitude import is that are that difference well. We we all struggle with that because we have a kind of a genetic code or or a negatively bias that is is evolutionary <hes> if you think about early humankind what were they always looking for their always looking for danger and our brain hasn't really changed from that. We still have negatively bias no matter how positive we are. Josh and believe me in what I do in all of the other positive psychology <hes> researchers <hes> it's not happy allergy. We understand that we're GONNA have crappy days right. We we understand that tragedy tragedy and in challenge and change is still going to occur but it's about establishing a foundation that where we begin <hes> happy up optimistic and positive we're still going to have rotten days but when we begin with that foundation what I call hop when we begin that with that foundation we're better suited to deal with the winds of change the days of tragedy the days of challenge because we begin at a better place and and in in two point I don't want to I don't WanNa beat up my hometown airline this this some wonderful folks who who who worked there and and more often than not I really have a great experience with down but so much of this is just perspective and being intentional and saying I'm going to be Jinmei Day positively and Betcha. That's how it's command could you can you give an example of of how this is how someone you've worked with <hes> all the time and that's one of the things that so rewarding about this is that I know it has one business impact but on the individual level it so moving <hes> when people realize you're right I default to the negative too much <hes>. You don't know how many times after keynote somebody will say I we'll we'll don. Can you talk to my spouse no but you can <hes> I had one young lady whose whose mom was just put into hospice and she attended a keynote and she talked to me afterwards. She just said this. This was perfect timing because I was very <hes> feeling sorry for myself a well as me in you just helped me to realize that I have a choice in what my attitude it is. I have a choice in however respond to the daily negative things that occur and just just that point about choice in being intentional <hes> about our mindset made midday huge difference to her so I see this all the time so kinda stumbled into it. <hes> Frankel talked about man's search for meaning in terms of having the choice yeah. There's always that moment of choice this right. There's there's that moment of engagement and then we have that just that moment of choice and that determines <hes> how we respond to some how we respond to these these incidents that occur in our life life and and yeah I bring up Frankel and that quotes <hes> often and that's such a powerful teachable moment in I know I have the choice on how to react to things but oftentimes you know that person cuts me offer doesn't doesn't go when they should go any tricks for <hes> in the override to that initial initial is Madonna's. Why why hockey orange so much died how how did he put a circuit breaker in there well part of it is just asking yourself that question? How does the serve me out of my response? Serve Me and if you at that moment of clarity <hes> you'll come to the conclusion. It's usually not I can control my response than I have to remember Frankel. I have to remember <hes> to just take a deep breath as Corny <music> as that sounds I know does but what happens when we take that deep breath we don't let the LIMBIC system over rider prefrontal CORTEX <hes> prefrontal cortex is the rational part of her brain. It's the executive function of our brain and <hes> it gets tired. It gets tired during the course of the day <hes> in we don't have an infinite ability to control ourselves. We don't <hes> or self regulation <hes> that Wayne's during the course of the day I bring gets tired so that ability to check ourselves to take a deep brass. Another technique is if we're starting to feel with certainly motion and we're starting to feel it takes over is to name name how we're feeling because once we may Mitt we are actually pulling our prefrontal cortex back into the equation when it was about to be overridden by Olympic System when we when our prefrontal cortex gets overridden by the LIMBIC the big system. It's usually not a good thing so take a deep breath ask. How is it serving me right? <hes> how many airlines have gotten my Miguel override why tax looking can in we all do that. I still do that too but I do it less and less the the one thing about taking a deep breath degrees. You definitely helps but McDonald's goes frustrated supposed to do I. I love it because we wanted. We want our kids to notice those things in the more they can detect our emotions means the better they can detect their own so so yeah I agree are you. Are you so you telling you sounds like you're you're actually teaching some some of the meditation or mindfulness practice techniques do you do people know that or just teaching the getting them over the happy getting focus on happiness. That's one thing resent. How do you do it? Oh no no that's that that is definitely part of it. Because <hes> you know meditation when I teach meditation I always Oy say look. You're not smelling any incense. No notice that I'm not wearing any flowing robes <hes> the the empirical data of of the last decade fifteen years around meditation our brains change <hes> we grow learn new neurons when we meditate. We improve our immune system so when you meditate we mitigate the stress of the day we we <hes> it's a great way to push that cortisol from stress during the course of the day day out of our system. It's incredibly powerful but part of it is perspective right so many people when they think about meditation they think of kind of eastern philosophy and eastern cultures man that has moved it it has moved to Western culture and in so many CEOS are are meditating and buying into mindfulness and if it helps our employees to mitigate their stress and help them to show up better each each day and even if they do it for three to five minutes in the middle of the morning in the middle of the afternoon and they give their brains arrest and they get back control of their own minds. That's incredibly powerful so why why wouldn't somebody embrace that. It's the sounds like you're really it. You talk about posits companies aims go positive without the and you are. You're teaching people about house. <unk> success generally comes after happiness where most people believe success you gotTa be successful nor to be happy but really to me. It sounds like you really teaching people how to how to rewire the brains out again brains absolutely look we we are genetically predisposed to have a negative bias and that made sense when we were being chased by wild animals <hes> and it doesn't they're just on email yeah. There's that too but <hes> to be able to change that mindset in realized that there is incredible power in being happy optimistic and positive. Here's here's here's here's my theses. Alex is it's when we embrace this mindset and we shift from negative bias to positively bias. We are more focused more disciplined more innovative more creative. We're actually smarter <hes> they've done studies with students and they've primed them to be positive neutral or or negative before taking safe for instance math achievement jess and invariably duplicated every single time insistently the ones who score the best on a math achievement test of the ones that were prior to I'd be happy before they took the. Why did I know that Nice schooling college would've helped so so were smarter <hes> we we have better recall we have better memory were better able to <hes> leveraged the power of her own brains and we open up the learning centers of our brain when we have this hop mindset so again? It's not just a social virtue a rear different. We're better when we're happy optimistic impossible. So how can someone cultivate a positive mindset yeah yeah in it takes intention in it takes so what I do in in in my workshop up is I do spend a little bit of time Alex talking about the brain in talking about the neuroscience and talk about neurotransmitters to get released when we're when we're in that mindset and that's part of what makes us different than better <hes> and there's a number of research back techniques that help us to to have that mindset <hes> we talked earlier of about the number one way to raise your happiness scores. I got this get this. It's it's gratitude so so why gratitude we right if we see this all over the place these days it's ubiquitous gratitude but but when we change our brain to focus on gratitude instead of negativity we're literally teaching our brain to default to the positive instead of the negatives now. We don't need to do the gratitude exercise every every single day you know dosage is important if we did gratitude every single day I think we'd get bored with it. We'd run out of things to be grateful for. I keep saying I'm grateful for Alex but by the third day I'm tired tired of being grateful for L._A.. So dosages important so if you do that two or three times a week and you have a primer that reminds you you start to change that neuro structure that says I have a negatively bias in your brain does l.. I see what you're doing. You want me to look for things to be grateful for you. Want me to look for positive things so we didn't so we do that that exercise Alex another one we do is we do the same exercise so so. So when we experienced something <hes> positive the broncos great. I'm glad something positive happened but it doesn't really put it into long-term memory unless it was extremely emotional but if it's just a positive the thing that happened during the course of the brain brain doesn't want to take up that space so it says great gone right not in long term memory may be short term memory when something negative happens in our brain the brain goes oh I can learn from that. Let me the store that long term memory so it's really important that we save her the positive moments the positive events when our when your daughter notices something about about your behavior Alex that's awesome. You should be proud of her. That's a moment to save her that the more we do that. The more we change the neural structure in our brain and we stopped defaulting to the negative and we start defaulting to the positive more off. That's great because now now I understand why a lot of companies are doing groups or doing team later. You're doing coaches this exercise of what were you wins start of a weekly meeting the what were your wins this weekend and I didn't understand why it in anything to it gets you thinking about positive mindset and <hes> looking for things wins something to be grateful for yeah in if if we do and and there's a number of techniques and you gotta you gotTa find the techniques that worked for you right because what you don't WanNa do have great workshop your read a great article about it or you're you're. You're a podcast and and you you you just do the one or two things maybe that you heard but there's probably a good fifteen to twenty techniques that <hes> a research based that were duplicated right that said these things as we know for sure help our brain changed from that negatively by stoop to positively bias for the long term <hes> in and that's that's that's actually a really good good point and we should focus on that that the way way that we typically pursue happiness Alex touchdown this is is quite frankly wrong and we need a new paradigm because lots of times. It's I'm not going to be happy and tell Ryan tell it gets a new car. Mary the perfect perfect spouse I give the big house in the suburbs but most of those are <hes> short-term pleasures that don't give us long-term results so if you engage in those things that change change the neuro structure for the long term you'll actually have that foundation of of happy optimistic composite yeah because you you talk about in your in your videos seeing you talk about it. Success does does not come after happiness. Happiness precede success and I've gotten stuck in that trap sure when we get this done in this is successful. They'll be happy they cut it went back to the school has Jin scores like betting get the homework done. Get good test scores. You know I wouldn't get I get punished so it's like it can't be you know unless this is done. There's going to be paying in the future richer yeah. If you take anything from this it is that I it is that paradigm shift because our whole society in our whole Marketing <hes> Kinda tells us that you're going to be happy with these things <hes> but you're exactly right we need need to change that paradigm from from <hes> success I and then happiness no happiness precedes succession fact that data tells us the researched it tells us that <hes> happiness precede success in fact happiness clauses success so focused not on your success focus on our raison d'etre right the Dalai Lama said that the <hes> the reason for life food to pursue happiness right <hes> so if we put that I not in a selfish way in fact the best happiness is happiness that includes others but if we really focus on happiness <hes> virtuous happiness not short term pleasures but virtuous happiness and we have that foundation that creates upwards spirals that improve our relationships are partnerships are collaborations. Kids business impact do know that the data tells us Alex that when businesses embrace this they improve almost every measurable metric every measurable outcome in their business including the bottom line. That's that's profound. It's different. It's unique. This is niche for sure but the data tells us it so when you define happiness me happinesses is like trying to define with color green as I mean it's it's it can be hard to grab a two geographic that was <hes> so Peterson Persson and his twelve rules for life talks about happiness he is it happiness or meaning in is it contentment with with what where you're at happiness happiness N._S.. Without meaning and I'm quoting strong Acre here and others but happiness without meaning is merely pleasure right so so it is a little bit more <hes> in community building solid relationships <hes> and a deeper sense of happiness not that short term. I get happy when I eat snickers bars and I love doritos okay. That's short term but you're GONNA pay for that later so early is it really is a bottom line. It's being thoughtful about how you approached this and being intentional about how you approach this and quite frankly we're doing a little bit of the research so taking the extreme example Frankel found meaning in a concentration camp number of the worst ever possible situation. He was never going to be happy happy but he found meaning in that no one could change no one could affect how he felt internally about things tackiness because it but it was the power to be in control of one's own mind and not having emotionally real sure and once you give into the external things once you give into others and others define your happiness happiness others define your response within. You've lost your opportunity so <hes> you know Franklin. Covey famously talked about <hes> or sorry Stephen Covey's the famously talked about <hes> bringing your our own sunshine. So what if it's raining outside so so what if somebody else is unhappy and they're affecting the climate in the room. It's how we respond to it. It's the same thing with stress I talk about stress pressing the Workshop Stresses Killer <hes> but but external stress is not going to change. It's always gonNA be there so it's how they respond to it. That's where we need to learn. It's not mitigating the external stress. Ask It's learning how we respond to it and taking ownership of response as interesting because of this this relationship of golf. We've been legally separated for a while but I didn't there Arya his tennis thing it's like I don't ever play well until I totally give up on the ram and it's not so much like not caring but just I think I start to enjoy the walking and enjoy being outside and it might take a little while but I just plays the first time six months and I was at rental clubs and letter was the wrong handed because I spent less in it was raining putter. There's not the right set of ABS in. I started out playing poorly wasn't big deal starting enjoying the walk my it's nice weather as joy it owned. I knew realize it was the end the your one under for the last ten holes like I had no idea but I had given up on the round about you know about fourteen rolls into it but I think it was just my mindset of just enjoying enjoying enjoying that moment everything was was perfect in the weather that visibility it see the mountains and everything and it's just but I think it goes to what you're saying. That success came after I was happy was doing what I would do. It yeah in that that is is another lesson no different than when we're driving in rush hour traffic. It's rush hour traffic. What do you expect in? You know victims of all drive. That is an unfair expectation. You're going to be miserable everytime you drive. That's one of those things that we talked about. We laugh about in in when I speak and when I teach and and everybody has that same experience and and I don't know how many times I've heard people say that that was one of the biggest changes in their life as they realized they have absolute no control over that they have absolutely no control over that and they're sitting in in traffic and all of a sudden they're enjoying the music they're enjoying Talkradio. They put on a podcast. They're making phone calls to family in relationships that maybe they normally wouldn't make there's a a great way to use that time when you're stuck in traffic but I do but I do love it Alex that you brought up sports listen to athletes especially golfers after a bad round or after a good game or after a good round and you start to hear things like confidence mindset attitude in how much that plays into our outcomes I was thinking about that actually preparing for this and I remember Berg I think it was a friend Fred couples the Golfer who has taught me about how just not having people at negative thoughts around that was in negative comments that was really key in order to be to being that right mindset in the that a lot of golfers just didn't like people at negative mindsets around them because they have a lot of things outside their controller dealing was in. They're trying to the white along hole in that. The keeping not letting creep in we talked about earlier. Oh we pick up on it from other this this discussion about athletics in a way underpins exactly what we're talking about because because we have all experienced <hes> the theses behind go positive and what I do we've all had a presentation we had to give in and we just didn't have the right mindset set before handwrite didn't have confidence didn't prepare and we went into it with failure in our mind well then what of course was our outcome coffee. We've all experienced that but then we had another presentation where we were so confident in excited we couldn't make the give the presentation and re completely owned it. That's mindset. It's no different than when you're standing at the free. Throw line in your taking that moment to envision the ball going in. That's not about your muscles. That's about your brain. <hes> this idea of muscle memory your muscles don't have memory but you brain does so it's all about what's in our brain that is so critical all in so important performance begins with the brain and our people doing things is today's Kurt lifestyle is at detrimental to the brain and mindset softball it of course of course absolutely <hes> T._v.. Marketing are playing upon our our psychology and our weaknesses in our lack of confidence <hes> no doubt about it social media. There's some fascinating research out there about social media in these social comparisons that naturally occur when we're on facebook and somebody bought a shiny new car new house or look at how great my life is look at how wonderful my kids are will folks if if when you see that instead of being happy for them you know Oh wait hold it. I didn't get that new car. I didn't get that new house. My kids aren't looked ever were off failing. We all make we're wired to compare ourselves. We are absolutely lutely wired to compare ourselves. That too is evolutionary because because early humankind it was all about social status who is going to be at the top and therefore <hes> survive in let their genes perpetuate right so so that that is so hard of our makeup but one of things that we talked about in one of the techniques that we talked about is limits your social media use in be aware of your responses to social media so much of it is wonderful. It's awesome awesome. It's fascinating but if we don't manage our mindset in our response we will default to a woe is me common common default that were wire for that for ten thousand thousand one ten thousand years. Have you seen any of the research on sleep and how that Tim backing people in their manager emotions absolutely sleep is is so important in the data from from the last decade has has been fascinating. You know when we sleep. It's it's it's it's fascinating of course the brain is still working so when we sleep <hes> the brain is solving the problems of the day and and have you ever woken up and you're in the shower and you had a good night's sleep and you're in the shower and your shampooing and you get this great idea and you go. Oh my God. It must be the shampoo. It's it's not the you see up through your brain was solving the problems of the day subconsciously while you were sleeping but here's the other fascinating thing about sleep. That's our time of renewal. That's our time where our brain rose new neurons <hes> we we regenerate <hes> it gives power to our immune systems are cognitive abilities for the next day <hes>. It's very very powerful. Here's one unique thing that they most people don't know about sleep <music> when we sleep <hes> our brain actually cleanses itself so we get spinal fluid and it goes into the cerebral cortex which is basically the macaroni part of the brain and the little macaroni the fishers actually opened up ever so slightly and the spinal fluid goes in and cleanses or brain it moves out the dead neurons it moves out the toxins from the day <hes> which is really really healthy for our brain part of the reason why <hes> sleep is so important to our cognitive abilities the next day our personality the next day <hes> so I guess how long that process the cleanser our brain takes something in more than six hours. YOU'RE SO SMART Alex. Yeah you're right. It's it's about seven to eight hours. It takes so sleepers really really important Horton to end it also is important to her happiness. Because we perform better we have better relationships were in better moods so getting sleep exercising exercises in other one. It's so important to our brain health <unk> our body health in her mental health and the studies in research is there to back it up at that's kind of burn the Golden Era About Twenty years now the actually see inside the brain and start to see what's going on the now. They're now now. They're finding out why some of these techniques and concepts and other learn about sleep you know what actually does and what the brain looks like wis sleep and vowed yeah the ever since into the advent of M._R._i.. And F._M.. Awry we don't have to wait until somebody has a damage to a certain part of their brain to determine what lights up in the brain and what affects <hes> what part of the brain affects our ability to function to speak to learn to move our arms now we have Marin we can literally dive into the brain and determine where's the blood going in the brain. What's lighting up and it's it's been fascinating fascinating and then that's why so much of what we teach in talk about Alex is underpinned by the research because now we can pure inside the brain in when here's here's one thing that they've they've been able to determine that the social pain <hes> is is lights up in the same area of the brain as physical pain which is which is which is really really fascinating so <hes> <hes> <hes> explain why we have an opening issue yeah yeah in that you know that gets to addiction because <hes> dopamine is really important to feeling happy when you feel happy and we do exercises <hes> purposely to execute happiness right and to get a release of dopamine or Serotonin are actually toasted? We'll do that on purpose during during the workshop <hes> and we get this release of of of dopamine which is a wonderful gift and it helps us to pursue our goals it we get on its key to the brain's reward pathway but that's also part of addiction that the people get addicted to drugs and that <hes> release of dopamine and they want more of it and they want more of it so it's a little bit of that double edged sword. I suppose drugs we although caffeine is technically technically drug coffee and red wine I mean dopamine and deliver dopamine for you yeah in it's it's it's that reminder of being intentional being control of our mindset it and everything in moderation those are words to live by well. We've covered a lot done any other thoughts before we wrap it up here and people you people know how August industrial you well yeah in. It's just going back to the underpinning that scientists told us that we are different and we are better when we're happy optimistic and positive <hes> our brain changes are abilities change our intelligence changes our ability to collaborate and and build partnerships <hes> <hes> so it's not just the social virtue anymore. It is a paradigm shift and a way to <hes> take control of our life take control of our outcomes. <hes> remember that that happiness recedes success in fact happiness causes success and for intentional about that the world in the universe is going to bring us some really good things but it's up to us to to control our own mindset inside their signs to support. That's right that's right and that's what makes the so much fun people go. I know all visits really fun. It's really nice but it's baked in the science. We've entered this phase of we people aren't starving to death anymore. We have the basic essentials but we're in this town of. We actually figure out how to live with all this abundance and this is part of the process is how do you wire wire your brain. Make those decisions or to get the optimal outcomes and it doesn't happen just by accident. Some people might be born better to do this than others for sure. Some people might be genetically predisposed supposed to be happier and more positive versus. Maybe are negative cousins but if we're intentional about it and we do a little bit of the research man the outcomes are wonderful. How can people get in touch with you that they'd like to inquire higher by your workshops and the savory exercise savoring exercise yes savoring exercise <hes> let it sit there and our cranium a little bit longer so yeah yeah in thank you very much Alex to blast talking to you? Ask wonderful questions I have last <hes> people could reach out to me even if they just want more information about what I'm doing or just supporting articles or supporting data or supporting studies <hes> Don at go positive without the E. DOT com or just go to my website. Go positive without the E.. Dot Com all right Donald. Thanks for coming on and have a great great evening. Thank you my friend and we'll talk to you soon. If you're liking confident our why we're even if you don't please leave us review itunes or wherever you listen to this podcast thanks now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment. Our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees.

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Don't Worry, Be True to You  | Madison McFerrin

Good Life Project

1:05:27 hr | 1 year ago

Don't Worry, Be True to You | Madison McFerrin

"So there's an interesting thing. Then often happens when you're trying kisser of a sticker claim in particular space industry or field or domain and at the same time you come from a long lineage or history or family that has already become somewhat legendary in that same space it gives you certain opportunities because you're around so much of their genius as you're coming up and exposed to so much so early in life and at the same time it also brings a whole new set of of experiences expectations and reactions from other people around you that you have to grapple with that in some way has been the experience of my guest today. Madison mcferrin the last name mcbarron. You probably know because her dad is legendary. Bobby mcferrin and her grandfather was actually an opera singer. Yeah who sang at the Metropolitan Opera in New York so when we sat down at twenty seven years old fairly young in her career yet making a really astonishing rushing serve step into that world of music really interesting conversation about where she came from her influences growing up in a profoundly Ali musical and well-known family and how she kind of navigated that found her way and continues to really explore. What is it that she wants to be doing? What what is the voice the impact the message the artistry that she wants to bring to the world as she creates defines and maps her own profession and her own life and who does he want to become as an artist and a human being and what difference does she want to make love this conversation. I'm so excited to share it with you. I'm Jonathan fields fields and this is good life project. So you want your business to grow now. What well what if you had a single marketing platform that does pretty much everything and grows with you literally at your fingertips fingertips that is what male. Chins all in one marketing platform gives you so instead of having to bounce between any number of different platforms mail chimp. Lets you manage more of your marketing the activities from a single place so you can market smarter in grow faster with less complexity and greater ease it pretty much eliminates the need for multiple tools by giving you everything you need to create published manage and measure multichannel campaigns in one place and it's powered by a marketing crm so you can collect an organized can is understand and act on all of your audience data. The complete marketing platform has everything you need to start marketing your business today and they'll be there to help help you as your business grows and needs new capabilities now what mail chimp that's what learn more at mail chimp dot. COM MM-HMM. I know from sort of a pretty early age. You're I mean clearly exposed to music. He come up in an enemies make us. We should just sort of throw that out there get the pedigree out all right so grandfather. I guess really is where a lot of it started. Is that fair they're to say in terms of like the professional musicians. I would say so. It seems like even he growing up his father was a preacher and so I'm assuming that there was lots of church music happening in the house but as far as I know my grandfather and his wife my grandmother were probably the first like professional professional musicians to kick off the legacy of star of sorts but he wa- he ended up being the first african-american assigned to the met so that's not insignificant. I mean that's pretty soon those who aren't sort of like familiar with New York the Metropolitan Opera's legendary legendary sort of institution yeah had he ended up because he grew up in Arkansas. Yes I ended up in New York. You know I'm not quite sure what led him to New York. I know that he was at Fisk for college and I believe he and my grandmother met in in DC. If I'm not mistaken she went to Howard but I'm actually not sure as to how they ended up in New York because my dad and his sister were both born here in Manhattan even but I'm not sure what led them here in the first place do recall did your relationship with him or was he not much he and my grandmother mother divorced when my dad was in high school i WanNa say and I he and my dad ended up had like an on and off relationship of sorts awesome so I only interacted with him a handful of times before he passed when I was in high school but I was you know I talked to come on his birthday and that kind of thing but we weren't. We weren't super close right so that that was your grandfather and then your dad bobby mcferrin has been this year like legendary voice in the world of music for solid fifty plus years probably at this point. I mean let's see he. He decided he wanted on it to be a singer for real like just because he was up pianist. I wanted to be a ceremony was twenty seven and he serenity started like Kinda later and yeah I mean he was singing he would play piano bars and like sing and play at the same time but he decided to solely focus on music when he was twenty seven seven so that was that was seventy seven breath of whatever few years since then score oriented or something like twenty seven it was kind of like when he when all in Detroit around the that's exactly the age I am right. Do you reflect on that. Ah Allot reflect on that a lot. Actually it gives me a lot of comfort just to know that somebody of his stature granted granted even though he had the decided to become a singer at twenty seven. This is the guy who was like a literal prodigy at the piano like he went to juilliard when he was six or something like that yeah they have like a school program that he got into when he was in kindergarten so it's not as if his ear hadn't been developed prior to that happening and when you have a professional opera singer as a father and a voice teacher as a mother and you know you're raised around that environment it's it's not as if he dislikes started from the bottom of vocally CNN like that he had a very solid foundation but just to know that what he really was this he he developed his own style. That was unlike what other people had heard You can't really go back and say like Oh bobby. mcferrin sounds like this other singer. You know like you can say that. He sounds like like other instruments kind of but you can't really say that like he it. I hear the influence of this singer like so strongly in him because he really developed his own thing so the fact that he was twenty seven when he decided to go on that journey is very much like Oh. If you really like put in the work it doesn't really matter at what age you started art it doesn't I don't have to have been five and you know working on Improv for my whole life in order to become a legend. De Yeah and it's almost like at the same time the I'm I'm fascinated with people who who in some way are exposed to certain worlds but never sort of like step into it a really full immersive way in the later life. I've seen so many people in fine arts and performing arts do that. Where almost working I mean like your dad. Was Yes he. He was involved in the world of music. I've seen so many other people there schoolteachers or they're in some totally different career and they've always had this musical or steak or painter early ear or I kind of assume that path wasn't for them and something happens Maybe is and the career and they blossom and this just profoundly impactful artists totally and I think my dad has said that he didn't want to be a singer you know out of rebellion away because his parents vocalists and like since you didn't want to do that and then you know he just caught the bug and I think it's also somewhere to my oldest brother Taylor. He's a producer and he just released an album and it's the first time that he's singing on the whole album and he similarly was like not trying to sing because of our task these things just kind of evolve in whatever way they want to right so so. How does that manifest in you then 'cause if like there's this the same resistance I mean an and every kid to a certain accessories resist their parent totally has at least that show up in you in the similar way or not yeah. I never had a hesitation towards singing itself and I think also because I I it might be because of the fact that growing up I'm the youngest by my oldest oldest brothers ten and a half years older than me brothers six and a half years older than me so I was like I came after the don't worry fame and like all of that stuff and so my dad was around a lot more for my childhood than he was with my older brothers he was on the road a lot when they were kids and I think because of that that also meant that uh he and I got to sing together more and so I think the fact that I had a different relationship with him and singing growing up as a kid there wasn't for me. It was like Oh this is fun the just because we were playing all the time like that was a source of fun for the two of us and it it wasn't wasn't really until later in life that I had more hesitation towards not as much singing but improv and scatting and that kind of thing a a lot of people assume that like that's my bread and butter and I'm like Nah like that that's more so like where I draw a line and I guess my resistance more so comes from the fact that like I write words more than the but it definitely is a it's very much blooming thing you know like I it's hard when you grow up and you you don't really have a full understanding of the impact act that your one of your parents has on the world. You know that's that's something that is kind of hard to grasp especially when it's not like he's so famous that everywhere we went. He was getting stopped and I guess it was different at in height. I wasn't around for that but I didn't. I wasn't aware of just how influential he was and so I didn't really let it intimidate me until all of a sudden I'm in college and everybody's like freaking out and I'm like wait. What does this mean so. It was really college when that's when the sort of the realization station of who your dad was not to you but really to other people. That's gotTa have been kind of weird so weird and especially just from the standpoint of I. I didn't know that so. Many people in my peer group were aware of him and like idolized him. That was something that I had attributed more to who people at my parents generation does so I was. I was far more aware that people around their age group knew who he was but I was rarely around people my age who you knew who he was beyond. Don't worry you know it was like Oh. He had this one song bet. Some of us weren't even alive for and I hear it in pop culture references all the time time but all of a sudden I'm with these people who are my peers and they're coming up to me being like your dad is my biggest idol. I like. I don't know what to do with with that. just like hey exactly like freaking out that he's helping me move into my dorm room down. It's like what am I supposed to do with this supposed to kind of. Am I supposed to own that am I supposed to shy away from it and and especially as a college student. I knew that I wanted to sing. I didn't know in what capacity because when I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a pop star and by the time I got to college. I knew that that's not what I wanted. I I like hadn't really written a lot of music and so then all of a sudden like have all of these expectations away that I was like. Whoa you know it was it was odd yeah yeah. I mean how how interesting Weird Free Sorta like Don on that. It's like you know your dad. Is this guy you know. He's talented you know he's been singing and other people able but don't worry came out late eighties eighty eight so and like you said so a lot of your peers when you hit college weren't even born but you also. I mean your surround yourself with a different set of PSU ended up at Berkeley Music. so everybody there was already steeped in this world right so this is not sort of like the general public who's your age right exactly and I think that was also a different environment because I that was the first time that I really had been put in. That kind of environment. I went went to a quaker private school growing up that you know it's like they're obviously there. Were musicians but it's not. I didn't go to music school wall. You know and I didn't do a lot of specialized music stuff. I went to a performing arts camp for a couple of years and that was a taste of it you know but and I went to Berkeley has a summer program that I did the summer before my senior year of high school but being at Berkeley was the first time that I was like fully immersed in we are all musicians like this is music all the time you know so that was very much a new experience. I mean what was that like for for going into Berkley. Digi no at that point already. You're like okay so I don't know what is going to look like but my thing is singing where we undesired I I hadn't. I've known that since I was five what happened when you're five. I don't know I just like that. It was a thing where I you know people are like Oh. What do you WanNa be when you grow and before that it was like a tightrope Walker and then I think I just was like okay my dad's sayings he seems to have fund. That's clearly a career you can have even before. I understood what a career really was but I was like I like singing. I think I could do this so so I pretty much made that decision. Never entertained any other options any other options that entertained had to do with singing but was like another form of it that so oh interesting interesting too right because you mentioned like you've got two brothers six and a half and ten years older than you so part of their experience I guess would be would have been music to a certain extent also taking their dad away from them from windows of time whereas that wasn't part of your experience so you have this totally different relationships relationship well it was because he was still gone a lot okay but I from what I hear like he was my mom was essentially a single mom particularly with my older brothers because that's before don't worry really hit off and you know he was trying to establish a career career and he was on the road for months at a time versus with me you know he was gone still a decent amount but my. I two best friends one of them. Her mom was a businesswoman who was on the road all the time and another one. Her Dad was a business consultant who was on the road all the time time so that was just kind of my reference point. It's not a big right it didn't it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary that he was gone because my best girlfriends that I was hanging out with all the time in kindergarten. Their parents are not. They're not musicians but they're gone but it wasn't something that I thought was weird or strange by any means yeah. It's just it was for different reasons right exactly yeah and I was like Oh. Apparent is just not home alone. Normal so here is a little message from one more team members Lindsay Hi Jonathan. I got my box from stitch fix kids and honestly ends looking so fly. You know I'm not big Dan styling myself so he's sort of suffered in the style department but with the clothes from stitch fix kids. He looks really cute. I got the first order and I didn't have to send anything back it. It all worked and Enzo really loved getting mail and opening the box. 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I happen to be a fan of the CRAN raspberry of late Lacroix's sparkling waters and the Croix Karate sparkling waters are gluten free vegan Kosher and non. GMO whole thirty approved an environmentally friendly lacroix cans are perpetually sustainable recyclable for more information join the Lacrosse community on social at at cry water or visit Lacroix Water Dot Com so you end up at Berkeley and when you get his. Is it what you thought it would be no how so I mean what did you think and then how is it not I guess yes and no because I did do the summer program until I had an understanding of what the summer program was was essentially actually like a pre cursor to college you kind of get an understanding of what Berkeley looks like and sounds like and how they operate and stuff so I had a baseline understanding. I like to say that like at eighteen. I don't think I could have gone anywhere else because I was so desperate for the musical environment in a way that I hadn't thought that I had at my school but then it ended up being the case that you know in my first year and a half in college I had actually been singing more on a daily basis in high school just just by the way that things are structured at Berkeley so I was kind of like wait a second what's happening. You know but it was it. It's it's an interesting place because it made me understand or have a better understanding that like while I have. I've only wanted to be a musician my entire life. There are other things about the world that I'm interested in an interested in learning and the oversaturation of music kind of did a disservice for the other things that I was interested in learning about and I there's kind of this stigma around if you graduate which I did first of all only I think the graduation rate is like fifty three percent ella and it's because you either very quickly realize that you don't want to be a musician gunness way because it's it's music all the time right now. It's like you're learning theory like all of these things that it becomes a law for some people said it's so specialized. I guess if you realize that there's no you can't switch to police exactly exactly so it's either you realize you don't want to do that and drop out or you get picked up for a GIG. any on the road got so there's kind of the stigma around graduating because if you graduate that means that you didn't get picked up for a GIG and you get considered an salaam after completing one semester because of this so I think John Mayer only completed like one or two semesters or something like that but it's like if you get picked up like it doesn't doesn't even matter if you only were there for one month because like they still get to stay surname on you you know so they have a rating system that you get rated on like your African what all of the categories are but it will depending on your rating. It allows you to enter certain classes or certain ensembles and you can audition every year to change your rating. I never did did I like stuck with my rating and most whatever and it's kind of this thing where it's like if you really want to be in like this top thing like you always have to to push yourself to get to that point which and there's also this this lingering vibe among some people which I think it's probably waning now or 'cause like it started as a jazz school and now Ala- it's not just jasper but there are some hard core jazz people that are like jazz is only music and if you're not good at jazz than when you suck at music period you know so. It's like there's kind of that crown. That's like trying to make it known that like it's the only way to do it and those bears some teachers that do that but I would say it's mostly students that are better kind of shing that vibe grassroots thing happening yeah not even grassroots as much as it is just like these are all like serious jazz heads that came into school like have perfect pitch and like I already know all of this theory and all this stuff and it's like okay congratulations so yeah. It's a it's a different kind of perfectionism so for you walking walking into that culture coming from the family you come from the moment people know who you are. It must be an even weirder than I thought it was or a sense of pressure almost like expectations from your peers that what you capable of my first semester I was in the lobby Babi of my dorm and somebody walked up to me and put out their hand and was just like I believe greatness flows and then walked away. I was like what it or just the amount of times that like people would ask me how my dad was before they would ask me how I was type of thing. It's like I'm standing here right and I I was in this class with unfortunately professor recently died but it was a it was a poetry class and it was one of the more honest classes I was able to be in like that was the encouragement behind was like were trying to make this more open space and there was one time when I posed the question of how many of you guys knew who I was before I even like walked into the classroom or like we've we've never even spoken before and over half the class raise their hand. I wasn't allowed to like be the anonymous college kid that's trying to figure out and I mean ah that's that's gotta be so hard also because I mean you know the way we figure things out is by trying out onto things which means part of that process is not good at a whole bunch of things like in and like if you're relatively anonymous. You can do that kind of publicly. Yes everybody else is doing it but if you if your show up already know an entity under the weight of expectation it just like I would imagine the way you experienced and sat was a lot of having a lot of pressure. I mean a lot of people just expected that I already knew like counterpoint and I already knew theory and I already knew all of these things but it's like I was starting at the first classes with everybody else. You know and toes just there. There wasn't as much room for error. It felt like but at the same time it's like you just WanNa hide and have plenty of from just as a human not even as a musician you know right because could you just figuring out who you just as I'm still figuring I've met very few people abernethy got that dial matter what age they are while you're there I mean what are you starting one. You also mentioned that there were things is that you realize that you actually care about that kind of pushed out of the way yeah curious what those things are just like an understanding of other things that happen in life. You know it's like like I was fortunate to be raised with a very great education which is a source of privilege that unfortunately most people people aren't afforded in this country and I would try to get inundated with music all the time and I would try and have conversations with people about other things and these could be like the most proficient musicians and they didn't know how to talk about anything else or just feeling like I wasn't being pushed academically in in a way where I mean there was one class that I think had to do with the history of the American music recording industry or something like that and that was my senior year and at the end the last class I went up to my teacher and I was like thank you for giving me what felt like a real college class you know or I there was one class that was Mesoamerican art and architecture where they had a Mesoamerican architect heck teaching the class now. This is really cool you know or just like learning about different parts of history and I actually I didn't realize until later that it was like oh I actually two liked being pushed intellectually in these other ways and I think that would have helped my music music classes because I would have gotten a break. You know like I went into college listening to music all the time and by the time I left college. It was like I needed needed a breather because when music became homework every day all the time it was like Oh my God like I don't WanNA listen to music. I was really curious race about that actually right because so many times you see this in people with professions right when there's something you love to do and you do it on the side as often as you can then something happens ans and you get an opportunity to make it your full-time thing and then once it becomes your full-time thing and like that's all you do all day every day almost start to resent. The fact that like that is now. You're thinking right exactly so did. Did you get your point ever where you you questioned whether this was. This was the thing that you want to really devote yourself off to not really but I don't know if that was just because I was like okay decided. I was going to do this when I was five. I don't really have it's like I don't know what else I'm supposed to do with my life so not as much that I if anything questioned my choice of of institution so when you while you're in Berkeley what's happening to to you as sort of just developing as a human being and as as a musician. I mean we're we're. We're taking you well. I will say I think the best part of Berkeley is the network that you to develop and not just from like a professional standpoint but it's like I made some really great friends and we you got to grow up as musicians together and so the majority of my music what I feel was my music education. During my time at Berkeley came from the fact that I my sophomore year or I guess no my second semester of my freshman year started a band end with a couple of my friends who we were already friends and all of us just happened to play different instruments. We ended up starting this band and we played together a lot and so for my sophomore junior and then like first half of my senior year of College Wjr we were we played a lot of shows and we like had a booking agent and we were coming to New York and we were playing a lot of these like Random Mountain Alton Ski Lodge Gigs with like nobody there but they paid decent money but it was it we were shedding. You know it was like a lot a lot of practice practice and up until that point. I had been pretty nervous a like I did my I had these stage fright and it help me get rid of a lot of that helped me get rid of most of it. I still have a little bit of it in certain scenarios but it really helped me understand like how commander stage and had to be present with other people on stage and it was a that was like my biggest learning opportunity and then starting in the second half of my junior year through my senior year and then for a couple of years post college I ended up joining my dad's band as a background vocalist and so then I was like touring the world and a cool thing about Berkeley as you can use that as a credit so I wrote that off as a credit that I just had to like make a presentation about it at the end of the semester whatever so that was a also a huge learning experience of just like what it means to be legit touring musician and so those were the biggest elements for me of being able to ground the foundation one of the musician that I am now just having a better understanding of you know. I have no problem talking to a sound guy or something like I know what I'm and I know what I'm talking about. You know like not just like somebody off the street. WHO Like hasn't had these experiences. I think a lot of people don't I mean maybe now they do but it definitely in the beginning of my solo career. People didn't think that I really knew what I was talking about about. I think they discredited the amount of experience that I've had in the field where it was like. Nah like and you're gonNA listen to me because I actually know what I'm talking about. So then don't discredit me right the idea of of performing and practicing over and over in any stage you can get even if there's five people there almost I guess a form of exposure therapy. Totally hang is really fascinating. It's like part of it is yes. You're you're written you get in the craft. You know every time we do it. You're learning if better but I know so many people who are who performance and we shape or form for a living and half years and still feel that when they step on stage you know and it's gotten a lot better they've done at hundreds or thousands of times but it's still there yeah some level might add says it's not about having the butterflies in your stomach but getting them to fly in formation uh-huh so that's why I try and focus on I like that. It's almost like if you don't feel them is our is something wrong where you just know. Are you're so uninvested. I think it's a signal that you care yeah so when you're touring. You're searching backup with Was it the first time that you had that you had done that with him. In in a professional setting yes yeah have how was it was great. I had a really fun time. It came about because he came out with us. album of spirituals called spirit you all and at the time I who was studying abroad in Spain for my second semester of my junior year and the first gig that he had with the new band was in London and Esperanza spalding plays Bass and sings backgrounds on the album who's incredible all right I mean and also Berkley alum and she she was that was going to be the only show that she could do and she dropped. She had to drop out for some reason and my mom being the incredibly smart woman that that she is when my dad was trying to figure out what to do. She was like well. Your daughter is in Europe right now like just have her come to London and like sing with you guys and he was like Oh. That's actually good idea so they. I think like a week or two before it happened. They just sent me the music and it was the first time that my dad was playing with. This band ended ended up being this really great dynamic. It was like this group of people that we all love each each other and we have a lot of fun and my dad keeps saying like this. It's like the best band he's ever had and all the stuff and it was also great so it was like I got to travel with my dad and spend a lot of time with him and it was the first time that I had really gotten to see him in that dynamic because I never went on tour with him like as a kid or something it was only the case where like if he was going to be in a city for for a particular number of days and like we could all go and that would only be if there wasn't school and like back on the thing so I was never like on the road with and even then it was like as a as a watching enjoy him rather than with him right. I wasn't going to soundtrack all these other things and so that was really fun and exciting and it also gave me a deeper understanding of who he was as a person because it would be this this thing where you know he would be on the road for three four weeks and then he'd come home and be kinda isolated and not want to go out and not want to do things and you know as his daughter are I want to spend more time with him and all this stuff and after our first like serious tour that I did with him. I was twenty two at the time and I got off the road and got home and I was like oh I get it. You're just tired and like don't want to do anything 'cause you're traveling like every day and for an extensive period of time and that takes a toll on your body and so the fact that I was twenty two and feeling those ways I was like Oh wow this guy's been doing this for like forty years. Of course I don't WanNa like go out to dinner thinking only be home and just like chill like the empathy side kick Santana level absolutely so if I could turn back time to my very first day at my very first job I'd probably tell myself to stop worrying about being pervert right and just chill out and learn as much as I can well. Unfortunately I can't turn back time but Lincoln's new podcast hello Monday with Jesse Hamble is back for season isn't to end. The show is full of advice. You can start using today so each week. Jesse sits down with featured guests to investigate the role workplace in our lives and how to make it worked for us so whether you're just starting first job or gearing up for retirement you'll be ready to tackle Monday and the rest of the work week with the knowledge to make work work for you find hello Monday with Jesse hamble on apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts so after after the experience then you're coming out of Berkeley and then then the question becomes okay now what like our stepping back into the real world outside out of this bubble it you know the good the bad everything that it was amazing experiences but when you step out into the world like okay what is my contribution. What is my voice like. What how how do I do. I actually make that step has started to unfold for you. Will I had about a year after college of continuing during the tour with my dad so that first year I was like still on the road and I was just happy to have graduated and left and I moved to New York five days after graduation. I was like get me out of Boston like I just can't anymore and so I felt good about that but then it definitely turned into this thing where I don't I think there was like a two year period where like I hadn't written a song and I was just very and I was sad about it but at the same time melt burnt out I felt very musically burnt out and the band had broken up and that I that I had in college cosmodrome him and it was just this kind of felt back to the era of like starting college of being like who am you know like I still didn't know 'cause when I was in the band in college like I felt really right and I think we just couldn't we just couldn't work it out. You know like too many different personalities like not working together in the right way. We toyed with the idea of getting back together after college and never once again but it was really you know it. The Solo career blossomed out of necessity for not only my soul but like to feel like I needed to prove myself to myself but it was like Mike like I said it was like I decided to do this when I was five and like what else was I going to do when you make that decision then to Sorta step into your solo career. How do you decide coming from the background that you come from. How do you decide what that's GonNa. Look like for you. I'm still deciding ever-evolving yeah but it's like so you had been in a band. You had you had been with your dad. I'm I'm guessing tons of either like when you when you step out into that world because you've done some really in the last couple of years powerful stuff really on your own as a soloist what I'm curious about the decision to step out more as a solo artist then collaborator. I know you're collaborating more these days but for the first couple of years it felt like it was really like y'all must place the flag in the sand and said I need to kind of be me. I I think it stemmed from you know I've done the band thing and I actually like. Did this like electronic chronic hip hop duo thing for a second and then. I had this moment of like when I actually decided that I wanted to do solo music that it it felt so right in my body like I had this physical reaction of like I got goosebumps and like some other things that I was like okay. I just got to do it you know but I knew that I just wanted to be myself. I think it was I I think it was something where I really had to prove to myself that I could do it and not have anybody else to lean on hide behind is probably a better way of putting it more accurate way of putting it and I. I really needed to push myself to be in a position where it was like. If something goes wrong on you like it's like I. It's not on these other people if you know if you mess up a song you can't blame the basis for like changing the key or like going to the wrong section of the song or whatever it's like. I I really needed that pressure because I don't think anybody else had really put that pressure on me before. Berkeley certainly in put that pressure on me my parents was wonderful as they are never really put that pressure on me and and so I had to I had to do it for myself and so I think that that was the only way that I was GonNa get around to doing it. The I mean and so that brings up a really what I'm sure it was a really hard moment for you. Also where you step out and you're like everything that goes right is on me and everything that goes south health is on me and you end up on a stage in two thousand sixteen at a political rally seeing the national anthem and like like we've said you want when you're trying to figure things out you know you're you're constantly trying new things in new settings and the benefit of a lot of people who aren't in the world of public performing when things don't go right. It's not in just right okay so I've messed that up. What did I learn how to do things different moving forward and for you I mean this unfolded in one moment in a very public way that I I would imagine from like living your life would have been really hard in that moment sucked yeah. Tell me walk me through what up well see. That's the other thing is at that moment. When that happened I had recently start start decided to become a solo musician but I hadn't done any shows. I had recorded some stuff. That was like scratch. It wasn't even the the full thing it was just like here are some ideas so I wasn't fully in the like. Yes I am a solo performer type thing you had unlike publicly stepped out right exactly and so I got this opportunity to sing the national anthem for Hillary Clinton she won the Democratic nomination and and that just came about through a friend of my brother's. My brother called me and he was like hey my friends. GonNa call you about this thing. I was like okay but whatever and she called me and the the event was two days later and at the time I was nannying for work because the stuff with my dad had had phased phased out more or less and for those two days I like strenuously were rehearsed. The national anthem and there were just a series of events that unfolded that I didn't have any control over. I was unable to go to soundcheck because I had work and when I got to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where it was people had already been waiting for about three hours and I wanna say it was like five thousand people there or something like like that and then Hillary didn't show up for another three hours because they were still trying to determine that like she had in fact won the nomination. Dan and I think there were also some security issues or whatever and so that all happened in the room is like really ripe with anticipation for this historic moment and when they called me up on stage they didn't introduce me to the audience so when I started singing the national anthem the audience started seeing the national anthem with me so it wasn't the moment of like it wasn't the moment that ad rehearsed for at all like I had that scenario had not entered my brain in any way shape or form I had not prepared myself for what happens if the audience starts singing this with you so the audience art sing with me and I got thrown off and so I just invited the audience to continue to sing with me. You know like what am I supposed to do in that moment. Tell the audience to stop saying the national anthem that just felt unpatriotic and I definitely didn't have the balls to do and it was on national television and you can't hear single other person's thinking you just hear me with my microphone singing a version of the national anthem that I had not rehearsed singing with a crowd of people that you cannot here in the play correct and I'll in unfortunately the thing that sucks about it is it was a really joyous moment and we were all like really happy and I like invited them to continue you singing with me because I wasn't going to tell them to stop but because of that it's like if you were to isolate a single person in a room of people singing happy birthday like they probably don't downgrade unless they're doing their own version like putting major stake in the ground of like no you guys are gonNA. I'M GONNA sing this song this way which I probably could have done in some way but I I didn't know how to and so then when I got off stage my phone had blown up with twitter her like telling me that I'd ruined my opportunity and I couldn't sing like Snoop Dogg made fun of me and I was on shade room and I got hit with this onslaught of hate that was really it was really troubling and it just so happened that like the a few days before this happened I had been in my therapist's office and I had cried in front of my therapist for the first time saying like. I don't think I can sing like what I'm doing with my life like I I am just so lost Austin confused and then you know fast forward four days and here's what felt like the entire world telling me right like Oh yeah. Maybe you're right exactly so it was it was really really it really sucked but it was actually the thing that pushed me to be like you know what. I did not go through all of this time with with this dream just to have you guys. Tell me that I'm wrong and so I took my first solo show after that and was like I know that I can do this. I'd been performed add performed all around around the world and you guys caught me on my bad day on live television. I'm sorry that you don't know about all of these other factors that went into it you know and so it was one of those things where it was like. Am I about to let this be the moment where like I have to change my whole trajectory of my life for the worse and I wasn't about to let what happened. I'm too stubborn. Yeah can't even imagine what that must have been. Lake not recommend getting trolled on what blows me away. Though is that really soon after you like basically said no no no like yes. This is awful but and four days later you know like unbeknownst unbeknownst to anybody else. You were letting therapist now that you were really questioning whether this path a night now you have this massive public boys piling on saying well. Maybe it's not and and your response to that was not to sort of vanished and say like well. Maybe they're all right and maybe that voice in me is right but now like there was something deep down inside of the the said no no. This is why I'm here like this is the thing that I wanna do and rather than hi. I'm going to step out publicly soon as I can right. I haven't really let me see another choice. Read this book around that time after that had happened called daring greatly by right and there was a a line in in it that I don't exactly remember the wording but it was like you get to decide how the story ends and so. I wasn't about to let those people told me how my story ended. You know like okay at this. This is what I wanna WanNa do and it was totally unintentional. I hadn't even thought about the fact that like me ending up doing a cappella music was even more of like an Fu because it was like okay think I can't sing but here's me just using my voice right. Which is what you did your next move as you step out and you're like okay. I'm not gonNA rely on anything about my voice well. That wasn't the Fr- the initial step okay before the Hillary Clinton thing had happened. I'd written like an album that I cut down to the five songs and for for my first show I had I had this loop pedal and I hadn't really been using it much. I had a synthesizer and in the first half of the show was me with the loop pedal and the synthesizer and like I can't remember if it was one or two cappella songs and then the second half I actually brought my old band up and we did the songs that I had written on this album but I knew I don't know what it was. I guess maybe seeing my dad and my brother a new that I only wanted to be on stage by myself but I don't feel as confident as I would like to playing the piano and singing songs at the same time for that to be my thing and that's how I'd written these songs on the album and so out of necessity. I was like okay. I'll just do these songs with the loop pedal and my the size are and I I wrote a COUPLA Cappella tunes with the loop pedal and as I was doing more and more gigs in New York I would get these shorter gigs that were like twenty minutes and it was a thing where it was like okay well. I don't WanNA bring my synthesizer. Just for one song you you know so it was like okay. I'll just I'll bring my loop. I always brought the loop pedal. That's that's the only thing I had was like. I'll just do the acapella song so that I don't have to bring this other piece of equipment with me for a total of three songs. It's like I have three acapella songs the acapella songs and so I- after doing that more and more like that became a much more niche thing that people were into I also was I felt like my acapella songs. were actually stronger than the ones that I'd written with the synthesizer and so it it just became a thing like it was in in any like there was no part of doing the solo thing that had the intention of being being an a Cappella vocalist pray. It was a convenience thing it was it was totally a convenience thing and then I put out the first volume of finding any foundations simply because I was like okay. I have this other project that I wrote and I want to get some buzz beforehand and I like these acapella songs that I wrote the Uso so then come out in two thousand seventeen with a song called. Can you see yeah which is interesting right because that's sort of looping Capella and then at the end you decide to add in something national anthems right was that in was that in response to what happened or was that ah I mean obviously it was also in the context of the song but I'm curious whether that was almost like a shout back to what happened in some way or or not really the people assume that it is. I wrote the song shine about what happened with the national anthem so that was kind of my life. That's what this song about it but it was really something where it just felt right in that moment when I wrote. Can you see I wrote that song like in a day very shortly like it was something something about just kind of float out pretty easily and when I put the national anthem in it it was kind of just like it works for the context of the song and I didn't really think too much about it especially because it's like I changed the words and it's not exactly the melody you know now. It's a little bit different because I remember when that came out. I remember seeing some of the comments around. It and I remember seeing some people asking in the comments something like I'm not going to get to the right right but like was this the way that you meant to sing it. In Two thousand sixteen like you couldn't hang or for whatever isn't it didn't work because this is incredible. It was like really really is very different and powerful negative so over the last couple of years I mean you. You have done so there's a volume. I'm to founding foundations also but also feels like you're you're now stepping back into sort of a more collaborative space and part of that is with one of your brothers. Tell tell me more about how that's unfolding so like I said like I had initially written another project which wasn't this particular project but it's what this project has evolved into and so again was never my intention to do the Cappella and so- benches took off more than that was anti and so now it's kind of like a reintroduction of what I've wanted to present people with which actually funny enough the Intro to to the next P. It's called you and I it's an Acappella intro. That's called re Like R. E. Colin Lynn Intro that's also but I yeah it was something that and the reason why it took a while to to get done on is like I wanted my brother to produce the whole thing and he was working on his album and so I had to wait for him to get finished and so I was like okay. I guess I'll just I put out another volume of Acapella. You know so. It's like just kind of that thing but it's always been the case that I've wanted to have a more more collaborative produced sound and hopefully people are still into it you know. I don't think that I'm just supposed be doing acapella stuff. Is that a legit concern of yours right because yours you hear so often stain your lane. I don't know if you personally but I across so many especially creative. Domains people like okay so you're kind of getting known for this thing and you're really good at it and getting traction with it so just keep doing more of that right. my sense that does happen. A lot in two is it. Did you feel. Did you feel any of that pressure. Yeah I still do yeah and I think it's more so from a thing of like you know. I do what I do and I do it well and not anybody else's doing it in the same way that I I am at least that I know of I I mean I'm not like a completely unique person because none of us but I have carved carved out a little place for myself in this way and honestly the thing that I get most concerned about is like okay so I'm doing this octo thing. Not many people are doing it in this way. If I start having production does that just make me like one of these other people who make molested molest you need. Does it make my show have less magic like those are the things that I'm more concerned about because there are so many ways that I want to express myself musically outside of Acapella Paula and I'm just so happens that like I can hear harmony in my head better than I can. Play it on the piano so it's easier for me to sing. Get so like it works out that way even when I write music. I'm sure that they're still going to be a acapella elements to it and the thing that I I rely heaviest on even the past even before I was doing the aqua is like I love harmonies. I love vocal harmonies more than anything period Ed and so that's always going to be thing in my music regardless regardless of those production or not and so there. I'm hoping that people still hear here a bet that through line to be able to understand that I'm still me you know. I think there might be something like jazz heads. That aren't as into it but it's like if you're not as into my stuff like just because I added some some extra stuff behind it. Then you know okay I'm sorry but like after we chewed myself at the end of the day do you have any concern now that you're sort of stepping back into multi instrument and different different approach to production you mentioned and earlier one of the powerful things like the the powerful things scary things of kind of it being your voice only your voice even if it's looped and layered is that there's there's nowhere to hide when you start to bring a lot more back into it. Does it concern you at all that there may be more places to hide a EH moment when you're still you've got so much work ahead of you and still so much experimentation to deal in so much it surely growth and development yeah totally. I think that's something that I have been able to get pretty good at with Aqua. Thing is like I I'm very hey good at harmonising with myself and I can stay on pitch with myself and I'm not it's not that I'm concerned about that with adding other the elements but that does bring in a lot more things for my ear to be paying attention to that like am I going to be able to say steady Eddie in the way that I've become comfortable with you. Know are all of these other elements. Is there a chance that they'll throw me off in my pitch or just in my focus. You know it's like I'm my new setup is like with year that I haven't gotten the chance to relieve relieve play with in a public setting you know versus like I could do acapella loops at my sleep at this point. You know it's like I can. I know Oh my show like the back of my hand like there's not much that that goes into that that throws me off but now I have to be even more present in a way hey that I'm worried about if that level of presence is gonNA. Throw me off you know and also like you said if you if the if you're emo has always been a net like you hear what you want to express in your head sometimes on pure level then you're actually able to express it either with your voice or with an instrument when when you start to add multiple instruments to that or multiple sounds multiple melodies to that and and your not necessarily the one playing them right but you know what what your brain is saying it should sound like that's like a whole `nother level of complexity and potentially frustration awesome. So how do you actually explain it like. Can't you just listen to what's in my head alley that so interesting as you're sort of out playing right now you. I know you've been touring a whole bunch. What's really exciting. You sort of like about the moment that you're in right now with your work. I feel like right now. There's so much energy happening on a global level of frustration and anxiety and not knowing what to do like that's not like an American only issue that we're having you know and like after forty five got elected one of the silver linings that I instantly knew was going to be was the fact that like it was going to bring about a lot of really amazing art just like it did in the late sixties early seventies I think that a lot of people really felt and still do feel a necessary push to express themselves in an artistic way and I am very excited to be a musician in that moment and hopefully me the being a solo musician in the way that I have been and under the circumstances that I've had I have a lot of people who they come up to me. Letting me know how inspired they've been just by my story because we live in this society right now where me getting trolled is not an isolated incident even though it happened on national scale that a lot of people won't experience. It's trolling is happening like on the Internet in a way that like particularly for young teenagers and stuff that like they we don't even know how out of control it and it's it's hard and it's tough and I allow myself to be really vulnerable on stage which I don't really know how not to be but that is a thing that it has allowed people to see like you can go through something publicly and actually bounce back and not let people bring you down in a way and so oh I feel like my not even just my music but like me as a person like I've been able to exemplify that in a way that I'm I'm really happy about and and it's not like it's something that I'm going after or that. I sought out to be some like let me be your like vulnerable L. Friend Persona brand or whatever you know because that's not what I'm trying to do at all like I'm really just being myself and like if being myself means that that inspires people to be themselves. I'm totally down for that like I feel like we need a lot more encouragement and there's so much like heavy energy. That's kind of telling a lot of people all the just sit down and shut up and I I would love to be a part of of whatever movement is that tells people the exact opposite like Mike stand up and fight the love the feels a good place for us to start to come full circle also so if I offer the phrase to live a good life in the context of this good life project container what comes up I think to live a good life means to be be true to yourself and to be true to true and good to the people around you you know I think there is something so simple and pure in what the the golden rule of like tree your neighbor how you would wanna be treated. We don't do enough of that right now. I think that if we were actually that's what a good life is to me you know like just being one with your community and having thing a deeper understanding of them and yourselves and the planet and you know freedom you know real freedom radim which most people don't get to experience whether it's from AH financial level or a physical level or a mental level I think we're all struggling with some form of you know enslavement in one one way or another whether it's via the man or via our brains and I think living a good life means being free free free of that means freedom. Yeah thank you thank you. Thank you so much for listening and thanks also to our fantastic sponsors who help make this show possible. You can check them then out in the links we have included in today's show notes and and while you're at it. If you've ever asked yourself what should I do with my life. We have created a really cool online assessment. That will help you discover the source code for the work that you're here to do. You can find it at sparky type DOT com. That's S. P. A. R. K. E. T. Y. P. E. DOT com or just just click the link in the show notes and of course if you haven't already done so be sure to click on the subscribe button in your listening app so you never miss an episode and then share share air the love if there's something that you've heard in this episode that you would love to turn into a conversation share it with people and have that conversation because when ideas is become conversations that lead to action. That's when real change takes. Hold see you next time

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Gold with Jeanette Schneider Episode 58: Go Play! with Barbara Butler

Gold with Jeanette Schneider

40:52 min | 10 months ago

Gold with Jeanette Schneider Episode 58: Go Play! with Barbara Butler

"Welcome to gold with John Schneider negative inspiration for bigger better more purposeful life. Each week we share wisdom insights gold from those living their very best lives after twenty three years in finance. A left executive roles advocate for women and girls in life I love the boardroom and the marketplace now the CEO of live media. I am thrilled to create wellness based content and technology Saudi level up and become more conscious have you ripple the live APP launched Christmas Day for Apple. IOS This is purposeful content big conversations and beautiful place. Suppresses share our gold our dreams and create community gold live media production brought to you from the sound studio at the live headquarters. Barbara Butler believes we all all need to play more kids and adults alike through play an immersion in nature. You're able to quite to noise. In our minds. Children US play to build their own social structures problem resolution skills and offers them a social emotional and physical outlet. She's the founder and CEO of Barbara Butler artists builder. She's been designing and building extraordinary custom tree houses and play structures for children for over thirty years both residential and commercial within the United States and internationally. Barbara's mom wanted her to be a lawyer but she loved working with her hands. Hands School breaks were spent working for her brother's learning bricklaying and construction after graduate school. She gave up on the idea of getting a real job. A move to San Francisco to be an artist. It started painting then building ducks then landed her first place structure job working for. Bobby mcferrin. The don't worry be happy guy. That was all it took for her. Passion to be realized Allies D- J. Barbara and I talk about the importance of play and imagination in children's lives. Why we need to join them and we dig into some of the lessons? She learned as a woman in the milk dominated industry. Let's dig in welcome to gold. I am Sir excited to have with me on today. Barbara Butler thank you for joining goal. Family Hi hi. I'm so happy to be here me. me too I love. I've been reading some media on year some articles and we were. We're just chatting before we got started. I love what you do. I love that you're trying to Bring back through your passion Healthful play for kids. It's an eight year old and a time where we have all of these devices and getting them outdoors is difficult and then even when you do get them outdoors. It seems the world has changed. I remember climbing trees when I was a kid and it being like we would spend hours playing outdoors. Don't do that anymore. And yet you build these beautiful place Structures to tap into imagination. How did you get started? I know it was a passion for building. But what made you decide that you wanted to help create this imaginative place for children to really express themselves. Well I I really started building just to. I was an artist I was doing painting and and I wanted to be writer later. You know I just I I had so many things I wanted to do but My brothers worked in construction. And I'd like that so I I learned brick lane I for for them from them. And then it went into remodeling but it was really just to pay the bills and then I started company with a friend who wanted to do. Construction doing backyards imaginative if he wanted to do. But we had never thought of play structures. And then my first big client. Who turned out to be? Bobby mcferrin the singer of don't worry be happy beaten. His wife. His wife Debbie said would love him. I'd love a really unusual creative play structure at the bottom of the hour. And I was like now. That sounds fun and I went and played the place structures in town for my research and I realized it just I just totally loved it. It combined everything I loved it. I made it very artistic. I carved the polls and made stain and stained at these different colors and I use my own truck tire for the tire swing so it brought together everything. I love. Construction kids play outdoors Imagination so who's kind of brought it all together and and I decided after that job I mean I mean like a dollar. An hour decided at the end. This is it this is what I WANNA do. I WanNa make clay I structures and tree houses for kids. And I I just have like never swerved away from that. You know it's been thirty years now keep doing it. I love it well. And you get and you build these amazing beautiful structures that have now been covered by the likes of Oprah and all of these different media outlets. Because they're they're gorgeous and functional. Aw and customize and I was looking over a few of them and I was like Oh my gosh I would've never mind would have been blown like I was playing. We had like plywood right right and let me to just had a tree. I just played in the tree. And it's true. I've Kinda combine this high quality craftsmanship because because basically I started out to really good carpenter became a very good carpenter. Now I have a team of fourteen and we build them and we actually are fortunate to get to build and install all over world. And you know I do. I do public and private and I like having that range of I do very high end. Residential I do affordable housing and for some developers public parks do schools daycares. So I I love the combination because really my focus is all about getting kids outdoors keble together and I saw something that you had an interview about the fact that you would love to work with schools and those at an at risk populations who in daycare centers. Who Don't have? Maybe the budget for something were there. They have safe place structures and I was and my background. I was in and finance and I was on the the Bank of America Foundation and one of the things we did was. We actually installed play structures at daycare centers. Because we knew these kids needed a place to get outdoors doors that was safe and and and good for them so we would actually partner with a couple of different local builders to try to create play structures because we also recognize. I mean there's there's science and data behind the fact that if you get a child outside and Engage them in imagination. What it does for their mental emotional and physical health and so we recognize recognize key keeping them cooped up in a room together with all those germs not necessarily the best? The best thing for them do you get a chance to To Watch the kids at play to actually Enjoy some of the structures and see some of these kids have an opportunity to express themselves. Oh yeah that's my favorite part. I mean we're so now we we originally built the ball on site But now we build them around two thousand we switch we build them all my shop. We take you know lots of measurements. Editing we build them all in my shop in South San Francisco and then the installation is very fast. But I love going and watching one. The kids love watching us. Install because it's like a TV show and then we and then afterwards opening up to them watching them play and explore on is great. In fact I love love every part of it. You know really the designing at working with the families or the communities you know. I love the designing trying to fit it in unusual spaces. I kind of have a niche that that way that because I would do would some meddlesome plastic but mostly would and. I'm very able to fit in unusual spaces that a standard play structure won't fit so that's part of why my interest in daycares him together because often daycares have terrible little spaces right around a shoestring budget. It's in someone's backyard. You know so you know. There's all these California it's the law you have to have this use ozone and you have to beat all these codes. It's so what I want to bring my experience with making you know public structures that meet all the codes you know and try to fit them into Daycare yards where they often. You know just turned toward it from even putting up a compliant play structure. Because they don't know where to go. They can't order one out of a box from somebody by New Year's resolution this year to start by nonprofit. Actually Oh congratulations. It's an amazing. That's an amazing. I'm a cashier said my accountant said do it. I love it I love it. That's amazing With your with your kind of rule that Oh you play in construction One of the things I wanted to ask you about was you know. It's your a disruptor right you you are in the space of construction when you're becoming or are well known for what you do and what you build and there is a quote that I love that you said because I've lived my life alongside this in so many ways were you said. Forgive them ahead of time. Tell me a little bit about what that means to you. Yes because I I love that you love that quote because I you know some people don't get it because when I started out and I would go in and it doesn't happen as much now but if they don't know me and my work you know show up you know. Oh you're gonNA build this what you know they here. It's very expensive. The construction crews on the site might hear that it's going to be very expensive and so they don't WanNa China you know have. They didn't just face suspicious. That maybe throw them few roadblocks they don't necessarily mean to. I think they just don't know who I am. And don't know whether I'm going to be a Lotta trouble double so my feeling is just forgive them ahead of time. Don't bother get upset about it. You know just let's just move forward act like everything's is fine and by the end of the job. They're usually like very enthusiastic once it goes up. Everyone's like Oh my God. This is amazing. Oh my God you're such a good carpenter. Oh my God had such great craftsmanship. Look at the kids playing. You know it's just that it's so unusual what I do that. Everybody's a little resistant. At first. You know so. That's why I say. Forgive him how to time just cut to the chase. We're here to do some great work. It's all about the kids and play and I think being a female in construction is part of that reason that there's you know the resistance to be but it's also because it's about kids and play and it's bringing a really high quality to play structures and tree houses so that's unusual But I find that's like How kitchens bathrooms in homes used to be kind of small unimportant rooms and and then they got bigger because we realized people lived in those rooms and to me? It's the same with the backyard. The backyard is very important for families and neighborhoods friends. Gather and why not create this really cool outdoor room there for kids to play and use their motor skills socialize with kids in the neighborhood Ibrahim who might go to other schools and Bring the parents and the kids playing together. Create something that's different than the house. That's fun Outside is up in the trees. It's interacting with nature. I just love all that to try to bring all this to a project so that you you know it's like I'm not against screens means but I definitely want them to forget about their screen for a little bit while they're busy like going through the secret escape climbing down the rope and rung ladder and then climbing back up the rockwall doc wall and sliding down the fire pole. I love that because I'm thinking my daughter right now and her interactions with her friends. She had a little slumber party this past weekend and I was thrilled to let her friends stay multiple nights because of how happy were like. You're you're not begging me to play with your IPAD. You're not wanting to watch movie like they had all of these toys out and they played Was Really Cute. So my I have a massage table in my My guest room and they pulled it out and I didn't know what they were doing and all of a sudden they come downstairs and they're like. Do you have any cucumbers. They're like what about pickles. I'm one of the my my daughter's friend it was like I'm not using pickles and I'm like what's happening so I go upstairs. And they have they have taken paper out of my printer and they have colored cucumbers to put over. There is because they're playing mm spa on the massage table. And I'm like this is amazing right like having the opportunity to play and to create create the world that. You're kind of living in Dan and I. I caught them in various aspects of roleplaying. And pretending and all of that stuff and you don't typically see as much I think because we're so busy Z.. We're so busy and it's just easier to give your kid a device which is terrible and having to create something creating cucumbers out of paper you know that I love. And that's what I like to these are. These are very sturdy shells that I make that encourage them to combine physical activity activity with imaginative play. So creating a clubhouse up high with not too much in it I think a lot of times APPs and and and and you know you don't WanNa theme too much you know. I think you want kids to bring their stuff to the rooms. Bring their stuff to the clubhouse whatever their plane gene with you know and have them make it from scratch and let them get dirty out there. I think these are all really important to their development really important socially you know they're smaller smaller families. You know I come from. This giant family had seven brothers and sisters and we just we had to go outside and play every day. My mom was like go outside and play or I'm going to go crazy and we had lived in this neighborhood like forty kids. I mean we had some crazy fun times names. You know so part of it. I feel like I'm just kind of recreated tried to recreate my childhood for kids nowadays where we roamed around the neighborhood played games this constantly and I want kids to have that free sense now. It's different because you know they're kind of in the SAFE circle the home they're not wandering around. You know my mom was saying. Don't just be home by dark. Yeah but so now. I want to create this wild space in a yard or if it's a public setting adding I just want him to be like have some dignity. Some sophistication some privacy for the kids but obviously have it meet all safety codes and not be scary or anything back but I think it's important to give them some space to explore but don't fill it up too much either. Let them bring a lot of their own creativity to it kind of draws it out the And try and set up little traps for. I like to set up these loops of play where they run around and around eleven I well. It's kind of a metaphor for or life to like I mean don't you can't have everything handed to you. Don't have to have all the answers in front of you right. You need to have the opportunities to like create your own opportunities. Take your own Bring your own gifts to the table right and I was as you were talking of this huge smile on my face because I grew up in Florida and we used to make like mud pies in the backyard mark yard and we would we grapevine and we would pretend to make wine and you know we did all of these things with the natural elements that were around us At I just remember this summer is being the best time ever because we would just be outdoors. Just everything became something else you know and it wasn't that we had this really the amazing today that my dad's thirty dollars on that had these functions and this is the only thing that you could do with it. You know it was we're creating our own kind of Earn struck a league our own play play experiences but even our own social structures like the way that we were playing like. We were learning how to deal with conflict resolution. We were learning how to handle like friendships and taking turns and we were. We were learning the skills that sometimes they think kids need to learn on their own wound without a parent or a teacher standing in front of them either shaming them because they don't really know how to get through some of these little squabbles. or I'm telling them this is the way it is. I'm figuring it out for you and taking the onus off of them right. I remember being outdoors and playing and being like we've got to figure this out. Yes that what is such a good point. That is such a point because you know the adults really change it. When they're right in the scene and kids you know there's something really great about letting kids figure figure it out up high in the clubhouse figuring out it's where they get to try on these different roles obviously they can go call an adult if things get out of hand but I think it is important certain that they learned to play well with each other and they bring different groups? And you're doing all these different games. Set up these games all the time and it's how you try try things out things like jails in little hints of jail structure so the kids to play these games of good versus evil. You know you're in escape from jail. You have to bring somebody out of jail. You know. It's just like just sets up a game of you know back in the old days or whatever they want in the future you know you you just wanted to wear these little hints. So that they let their match nation take flight and then play with each other. Uh today goal is brought to you by live media and the live APP now available on the apple APP store. We believe that healthy you today leads to a healthier the world tomorrow to that end. We have created accountability features and a platform of curated coaches thought leaders in a wide variety of areas. All to bring each person to their best us self as a whole and healthy individual. We do this through time proven tools. 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I love that I remember being upset. When they started creating books that would have like through ipads that would have automation so that like Alice would like fall? Aw Down the page or the rabbit would look like this and I was like. I'm so offended by this because I don't want to give the kids their imagination. We shouldn't be like hand delivering right their imagination to them. We have to give them room to kind of picture how things should be in their mind or playthings out so absolutely love. That has there been any one or two projects that have been your absolute absolute favorite well. It's it's hard to say because favorites for different reasons but I do tend to do tend to have the new baby syndrome like whatever I'm working on right now now I just love so so right now. I'm working on magical bridge playground. My second one for this wins for Redwood City and this is a great of a group the MOMS that I started partnering with about ten years ago that had kids with special needs and wanted to a needed a park. That had a just a swing with the back. You know for her daughter even to be able to swing on so we started on this venture of trying to get a fully accessible super accessible Park in Palo Alto and that one the first magical bridge playground opened in two thousand fifteen and these moms went they learn so much along the way the link via rouse the the founder. She they learned so much along the way and then they Raised all this money and partnered with the city and now they have this foundation and they're doing it with different cities so we're building a second one in Redwood City and basically you know it looks like a normal park but it's all all about community and absolutely no barriers anybody can come in with Wheelchair no blind hearing autistic and we're trying to hit make it welcoming for anyone kids and adults and have it be a community playground and to me. How much work it takes to design a park that it fits the bill on that and and I get to do this? All the great fun would pieces. That are very colorful to story giant to story play House with wheelchair accessibility upstairs and a walkway into the trees. And it's really. It's really fun project. That's a special and can you imagine in how the kids who get to experience who wouldn't typically right must feel to have that kind of experience. I don't think I realized you know. In two thousand fifteen we were working can so hard for a right up to the opening. I mean the morning of the opening. You know they're gonNA need to give it to the city so making a key in my woodshop you know and painted gold and driving down there so I just didn't have time to think about it. But then they had the ribbon cutting the handed over the gold and then And the bridge. Then they cut the ribbon and the the people coming with with kids and adults in wheelchairs and walkers and and just a all different abilities and they're just like it was so emotional because they're all coming up to say. Oh my God we've never been able to play all together as a family before and it was like you know we were all crying. You know it and the interesting thing is. It didn't stop that day. I mean we suddenly realized this was a huge underserved part of our community that people were driving five hours to to come to this park. You know so. That's why the MOMS started the foundation. Now they're trying to build them all over you know just to encourage cities don't just put up another park. Make make sure it's fully accessible. I love that and I love how it would. It teaches our kids in this generation right that full inclusive kind of and I see it even with my daughter's school in the way we try to Everyone we love everyone right. There's no good or bad or disabled or able bodied you did. This is my friend so and so and they deal with this and it's like a fact which I'm so proud of that someone recently. Tell me something like that. There was Their daughter goes to the school with a child who's special needs and He had a really rough day one day and he was going to pick up his daughter and all the other kids surrounded him to support him rather than standing on the sidewalk and like Oh. He's doing that thing again. They were like they all knew their roles and how to support him so that he could get through it. And I'm like this. Is this this type of inclusive play behavior and inclusivity within children as what I wish we would've. We could always keep with us. And the idea of asking. Cities and parks is to be aware of inclusive nature of play and social development. So that we don't have the esser then them syndrome. Is these kids get older. I think you you really can do this now. Though with bringing kids together to play and not having the kids with special the needs not able to get to the park but bringing them into the park. Have you know magic bridge. They have these kindness ambassadors which are like a teenagers that kind of make sure things are going okay and have people. Interacting and childhood friendships are so important. For how we deal with the world is adult. So that's how we change things. I think you know it's a long game. I thought I'd say I'm in for the long game. Bringing kids together to play in a very egalitarian setting and I think it's can only lead to good later. I love it. Have you heard of buddy benches. So yeah though. It's my daughter. Has Buddy benches at her school. I was asking her about them and I feel like the kids. City are a a lot more work than we were in my generation. Because I was like that's brilliant. I'm like so what happens. If you're feeling sad or lonely or no one will play with. You Go sounded the buddy bench on the first person to see you to come and include you and I was just like that's brilliant and there's no there's no like I don't WanNa do that. The replay with them. They're like oh he's having a hard time. That's another human being. I'm like this I love it. I love what we're doing. Yes it was very active. That's the thing too. It's a very active like like plan and it gives because that's what people need. They need to know a way to you. Know they might think of someone sitting off by themselves. Otherwise like we'll maybe they wanna be by themselves elves or something like that so in a way. The Buddy Bench has activated people to say. Yes we want you to come. I love that yeah I I'm curious race over the course of your career as you as you were doing this. You've mentioned in some press that you did that. You've had your highs and lows right you've had your moments where it's taking awhile or you've spent too much money on something or you made a decision. That was a snap decision and as a budding entrepreneur. I'm so curious if you have any advice for me when when you're looking at the the past thirty years that you've been doing this and you look at the mistakes and the things that you did and the the places where you spent too much much money or you made a wrong decision What would you say to the people that are in that place now? Well I probably made the mistake more of not not spending enough money on things. So maybe that's unusual but you know I'm really believed in bootstrapping it and I saw other. You know I mean I'm in sort of a specific genre win being a craftsperson when you have to have a shop you have to have tools but I had a great fear of fixing up my shop too much because I saw a lot of carpenters. They would get a shop and then they'd spend all their time and money fixing it up making perfect and not bringing jobs in so I I had a great fear of of fixing up places too much so by offices always look like I just moved in because I'm I'm like keep everything on wheels. Let's keep everything moving and I think the advantage of that is you know I I mean I do recommend people do that. Don't get too concerned with you know feeling you've made it and build this great environment to work in. I think the great environment to work in this. How you deal with people and just be really true to having good principles with with your employees with your vendors and that that's the important thing not how the waiting room looks you know on the conference room? Look yeah now that you're the second person who said something like that. Yeah it's really important to And I think it's challenging when you first having have employee is you know. There's a lot of Laura out there about being tough and that that's why realizes the woman you know you know. Yeah I am in a male business. Mostly men worked for me You know it's But I'm still GONNA do it in my way. which is more female? It's very nurturing. I'm it's making coffee for the go to site. I have a coffee toolbox that I met site and I make coffee and then the other workers there may cover them i. I was a Barista for a long time when I was starting out. You know I I like making coffee. It don't mean it to be a sexist thing. It's just my way of nurturing and bringing people together and having our little huddles where we talk about things. I gotta be true to that you know. I think that that's great because as I've looked over the course of like my past career and now as I'm building this this new business. It's funny because I think that nurturing quality that we have as women where we can be both leaders but also human and rather than then getting caught up in an ego struggle but recognizing people for the gifts that they have and bringing them on board because you see their talents. I think has also a really big gift and nurturing those talents and nurturing those people a nurturing those relationships you're the second person that's told me Spend spend more money and what. I'm learning through the course of that is it's not necessarily spinning more money. Just haphazardly. It's on the right things so it's also also I think kind of creating an understanding of like okay. Well what actually moves my business forward what what makes me more efficient and more effective. I'll spend money on those things but like you said it's not necessarily surly with the waiting room. Looks like right and and I think it's hard to you know I think you you know we can feel tenuous about the business but really I've been AB- so devoted to it and I think that you know to go borrow money to to buy tools to jump up to that next phase you know. That was a little hard for me. I got maybe I got a little to use bootstrapping so an and maybe that was a fear of failure in there in a way that maybe you know well like you know gotta just make do with what I got so you know I think you have to keep an eye on you know you. Don't WanNA spend my husband has been too little money. You WanNa make sure you're you're you're moving forward you're giving yourself you know plenty of opportunity you know for me. It's like I want to just be able to keep building these I want. That's my prime goal. You know keep building these. Keep doing these things for kids you know. It's it's it's it's a happy Partnership of I love building lean and I like doing it for kids and I think it's good for kids too so I like that. It all goes together that way. I love that one. I think it's so important to like. Is I've been building doing my company and I've had my moments. I was telling my partner the other day I'm like it's so funny because like seven days a week six days under the week I'm great and on the seventh day I have a breakdown. I'm like what have I done. Oh my God like one of those really rough days where. You're barely out of pajamas. Because you're like staring at stats and your eyes iser crossing and then this morning I woke up because I had one of those days yesterday and this morning I woke up and Angelo. Who produces this podcast was was coming and I knew I had a conversation with you and I love content creation and I love working with my team and I love what we build and I'm like let me remember those things right on the days where my eyes are crossed? I'm looking at bank accounts and stats and numbers because That's that's the stuff where we're all the passion lies and all of the the love for what you do and what you're creating Lies within those moments. Not when your pajamas true I mean you have to do the hard stuff to you know you. Ah I always say you got to. You have to spend a half a day a week. I'm always artists. You have spent a half day week at least marketing yourself. You know. In order to Swan just get discovered. So you know it's like you can't do that you've got to do both. You've got to do the hard stuff and you got to do the superfund stuff so you can continue to do the superfund so I out of curiosity the city as a creative do you find the marketing part Do you find that harder. Yeah I mean I a little resist. I'm not that resistant to it. I'm just I would be building painting and doing all designing that all the time but I see that The it's important to do the marketing part to and it's important to the business part. I mean my sister now you know twenty years now has run the office so I I get to do less of the business part which is really nice but But still is the president of the company. I still do Have overall charge of everything also so you you have to keep an eye on all these different parts of a business and I just tried to make it as pleasant as possible and hire people to do the parts. I don't like but you're still going to have to Keep an eye on it. You know you have to keep an eye on everything. You gotta wear many hats. My mother always said to me you have to wear many hats in this world. Gave my promo myself a promotion to see him o the other day I was like I have a new role so I'm curious. I I WANNA ask you questions. I ask everyone first and foremost if you were to look at a younger version of yourself. I'm curious if you could share what age she appears to be. And what advice would you give to her. Oh well I thought about this because I heard it on your other podcasts that you ask that so I think I would go back to route twenty eight year old me And just in you don't Rem- encourage her to just keep going. I mean I'm like the poster. Mr Child of late bloomer. I liked had so many different jobs in my twenties and I went from my mother thinking I should be President United States to like. Oh my God got were so worried about her and you know I think that All those jobs I did Barista the waitress the little office this work did the construction. The brickley I went back to Graduate School for writing. You know I was finding my way but I didn't know where I was going but I would just go back and tell her keep going. You're doing it. Don't don't worry as much. Just follow your nose. Ask advice but don't let people stop you you know. I think I was very determined to go my own way. I didn't know where I was going to end up. It wasn't I think I was thirty. Two when I started the play structures you know and then when I finally found it I knew it I was like this is it. I actually remember saying that sentence. This is it. This is what I WANNA do This is what I'm GonNa do and pretty much. Everybody said Yeah. You can't do that Sh- I love that. What search true because we have a tendency to want people to like fit themselves in a box from a very young age? We're like okay. So what are you gonNa be when you grow up. Okay what now okay. What now? Okay now that you've graduated college. How's that job looking? Okay did you get your the internship did you do this. Did you do that. And if they don't fit within that structure we're kind of like when you're going to have to figure out your vision soon and what. I've learned from almost every entrepreneur that I've of interviewed. It doesn't work that way. Like you finally figure it out like in your thirties or forties. And you're like Oh this is what I was meant to do. I was I was pulling in knowledge and understanding and life experience and skill set so that I would be ready to do the thing that makes sense for me and I think that's been a really powerful lesson for me especially when I'm mentoring in college students. They'll always ask me like why think that this is my direction. But I don't really know a namely go learn continue to learn. Try jobs that you think will be of interesting. And if they're not stop you know like you have to follow the path and pull up the string in order to figure out who you're supposed to be in what you're supposed to this John for at some point in time. Yeah I couldn't have said back then I couldn't have said I wanNA design and build custom tree houses and play structures for kids. I mean that job chop did not exist now. Kids tell me that that that's what they wanted to do. And I'm like so cool for me for me. All I could do was go. This is how I I saw followed by nose to the corner. You can't see around the corner. Just go to the corner. Then look around and figure out where you're going to go from there but do it with a passion do it with you know this is what you WanNa do and you'll get somewhere good if you do that. I love that if you were heading off transitioning Oh you were leaving this earth behind and you needed to leave behind or wanted to leave behind some gold nuggets of wisdom or inspiration. What would they be? Well I I I think that I want my whole by whole goal has been to try to get people to stay in touch with play. I want kids to be encouraged to play like. Forget this getting rid of recess. You know I want kids to be Encouraged to do unstructured play and You know were self initiated play however they call it but I meant kids to be able to go outside and play do a Lotta lolly gagging and I want the adults to do it too because play his good for kids for their mental and physical and emotional development is good for adults to taback into play so I want families to play together. I want kids to play with each other with unrelated kids and families to play with their kids and I want him to come to the world to do it so it you know I just think play is something that can get lost. lolly gagging and play okay can can get swept you know When people start worrying about test scores and getting into colleges and things like that? But it's like it's a very important part of our brain. We need to keep you know well fed because it it opens you up to receive ideas and move forward and be really creative individual than adult. My daughter daughter is going to love this because she's called Lollygag her her dad's always like stop lolly gagging. She's one of his imaginative kids. where it's like? It takes Sir forever to do anything because like we'll tell her to go take a shower and like forty five minutes later. You're like what is she doing. You'll go in there and she's in the shower giving dissertation all of her animals that she is put on the floor around her So it was just so funny. She's GonNa be like see. I'm I'm onto something but I think it's so important portent that we we do meet our kids in play and we remember what it was like without our devices and you know there's been a couple of times recently where I'm literally attached to my phone right because I've got so many things going on at the same time and I'm staring at my daughter will come up to me and be like no phone and she's like I need your attention to I'm like Oh you know and I've put it away and like we've gone outside or we've gone somewhere or whatever it is and the I don't know if it's Serotonin. It's just the bonding I don't know what it is. But once you've been away from it for a few minutes and you are changing your mindset and being present in those moments especially outdoors if we go on a hike or something like that. It's almost like Oh none of that matters. None of of that stuff matters like it's GonNa work itself out or not but it's in those moments we when you're being present with yourself and with the people that you love and your family that I think you're like Oh right. This is what we're here to do. Yes it really clears your head. It doesn't it. It does so much I totally believe in like you have to get out into to nature as much as possible all into forest bathing. I think that that's like my new. I want to do any of those like Retreats where you stand up for us and like one of those cabins were they actually lock your phones up for you like. There's a satellite phone if there's a problem other than that no votes. They only give the phone to child. All the adults have to get rid of their phone and have a child lock it up for them. I love it I love my daughter would be like yes. Please I WanNa thank you so much for being on gold sharing your gold and for what you do. Because I think it's so important that we get kids outside and I love your call to parents to to go play with them And do a little bit of lolly gagging so I love that. Thank you so much for being on here if anyone wanted to reach you or follow what you're doing. Where can they find find? You Owe Barbara Butler dot com and then that'll leak you taller social media also but we got a great website with lots of pictures. The pictures are insane. They're beautiful. I was like Oh my gosh. It's like a house. Well thank you so much for being absolutely okay thanks today. Thank you so much for listening. Today I loved Barbara's encouragement to play an Lollygag we all need the reminder to get out of our own heads back into nature you can find Barbara Barbara Butler dot com as always subscribe to this podcast lever of you and don't forget have to share with your friends. You can find on Instagram at either. Ms Dot Net Schneider or the Lives Movement at Love Is Ferrell Dot. MEDIA OR LOSE AT LOVE IS VIRAL DOT com get deep in the work with me to uncover your messaging before you pass it on to your children or the people you implants order my book more. Harnessing your pass to create your future available on Amazon or barnes a noble dot com until next time in the words of my grandma love each other everyday.

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"Chris Sifni three nine. Hello. I'm okay to put quiz. Sieff nine hundred and thirty nine. Round one. It's an an you'll anthem's music ran this week. So you go to full pieces of music, and in each case of like artist and title. And then the answer to number five is the year in which they were all first released as singles. What did you want? Song. I wrote. Western too. Question. Three. Question. Four. What? Question five so we need to hear in which all of those sons were released it was the same year. That Ben Jonson cheated in the summer Olympics. Round two might the twenty fifth walls international towel day, which is a tribute to the author Douglas Adams so ran to it's on Douglas Adams. Question six in the Hitchhiker's guide to the gun occc. What is the name of authors friend, who claims to be an out of work active from Guilford but is, in fact, an alien journalist, whose chosen name is actually that of a car? Question seven what is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything? Is it zero one all forty two. Question age. According to the novel. The Hitchhiker's guts, the galaxy easing closed in a sturdy plastic case with which to words inscribed on it in large friendly lettuce. Question nine according to a series of Douglas atoms books who runs a holy stick detective agency. Question ten. On which planet does author. I encounter slutty part fast. Round three. Three east on literature Europe. Five short clips from audiobooks. And in each case, I'd like you to tell me the name of the author. Question. Eleven someone must have slanted. Joseph k for one morning without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested his landlady frog rubel at a cook who brought him breakfast each day around eight, but this time she didn't appear that had never happened before K, waited awhile longer watching from his pillow. The old woman who lived across the way, who was peering at him with a curiosity, quite unusual question, twelve Mr. Phileas Fogg lived in eighteen seventy two at number seven Savile row. Burlington gardens the house in which Sheridan died in eighteen fourteen. He was one of the most noticeable members of the reform club that we seemed always to avoid attracting attention and epic medical personage about whom little was known except that he was a polished man of the world, people said that he resembled Byron. At least that his head was by Ron ick question thirteen you don't know about me. Without you have read a book by the name of the adventures of Tom Sawyer. But that ain't no matter that book was made by Mr. he told the truth mainly that was things which he stretched mainly. He told the truth that is nothing. I never seen anybody, but lied, one time or another without it was aunt Polly, or the widow or maybe Mary question fourteen in a village of LA Mancha, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind, their lived not long since one of those gentlemen, that keep a Lance in the Lance Rak, an old Buckler Aline hack and a greyhound for coursing an owner of rather more beef than mutton a solid on most nights scraps on Saturdays lentils, on Fridays into pigeon, or so extra on Sundays made away with three quarters of his income. Come question fifteen Wilkes doing in Canada. Wonder algae from the other side of the table. Biggles cloud, stop beginning to show stuff in my correspondence. Well, I happen to know we'll fits nominee will recognize a Canadian stamp when I see one tuned together, plied algae, casually walks ginger algae, you've finished his breakfast, sitting by the fire will captain Wilkins, fight commodity, one eight seven squadron, France algae. Round four and the fun, run this week, east potluck. Question sixteen. How many sites does a hip to gun have? Question. Seventeen which biff reg- did John Pemberton? Invent in eighteen eighty six. Coca Cola Dr Pepper or mountain Jew. Question eighteen what profession date? Nikolai Polyakov Joseph gremaldi, and Emmett Kelly Cher. Question nineteen which U S state is named after a king of fronts. Question. Twenty. The male of which type of bird is cooled. Eight cope. Ppac in three minutes after right collection with heart of gold jackets of lever. The answer. Don't worry be happy by Bobby mcferrin song. To sing for no? Two will. With medicine. The three was are in a flow by and yeah. And yeah. Full a little respect by racia-. And five. The year was nineteen eighty eight. Brown to. Tucson ductless atoms. And the answer to number six office friend, Hitchcock is got the collect sea is Ford. Prefect. From the answer to the ultimate question of life, theme, verse, and everything is forty two. The two words printed in the case of hitchhike has got the color. Don't panic. It was took gently who Ryan Listrik detective agency. The thing countless slutty fast on the planet. Macro thea. Round three from three was leaked Trent. And in each case, he unique just the author, though. I will tell you thoughtless as well was the trial by FRANZ kaffa. Number twelve force around the world in eighty days by tools. Thirteen was the adventures of Huckleberry Finn by twain or maybe Mary full scene was don't care T by Miguel? Disadvantage, Savitri, his income number fifteen Biggles flies. North was by w e. Rome, four. Fun rant was luck and the answer Tina sixteen to us seven sites. Seventeen Pemberton invented. Coca cola. Eighteen Nikolai polit- of choice, if CRA, melty and Keti clowns. Nineteen the US states named after king of France is Louisiana nine after Lewis footing. Between a male swan is cooled a cop. The pulled quiz. Seven three nine. Thank you very much for listening. And I enjoyed it. A quick message before we go to wish a happy birthday to and from. Let's see. And timmy. That's next week. He put quiz, seven Fourty, which means there is a price round. With chance of winning eight quiz shirt. So she'll speak to. By now.

Douglas Adams John Pemberton France Mary Chris Sifni Ben Jonson Lance Rak Europe Tom Sawyer Nikolai Polyakov Joseph gremal Bobby mcferrin Ron ick Mr. Phileas Fogg Guilford Joseph k Olympics timmy frog rubel Savile row Byron
Back From Vacation Noisemakers Mix

The Noise Pop Podcast

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Back From Vacation Noisemakers Mix

"Welcome back to the noise podcast. I'm your host Adrian Spinelli coming to you from different I studios in San Francisco California if you haven't noticed been on vacation and took a month off from the show here but holy shit there's been so much killer new music dropped in the meantime and we've got a loaded noisemakers anchors makes catching up on a lot of it on back as always this is a super super collect a collection of tracks with new indie rock releases a stunning collaboration one of the best rappers alive of fresh face on the bay area scene an important Horton anniversary and a lot more lock in this is the noise pop podcasts back from vacation noisemakers mix. You kickoff this episode with. Maybe the most exciting song I've heard all year. It's called not from big thief and honestly honestly every time I hear this one. I feel so inspired and I'm filled with joy. It gets back to the powerful driving songs from their debut record masterpiece which has always been my favourite album from big thief and I can't get enough of this gym. It's fucking gorgeous. They've got a new album coming out in fact October eleven and on four. Ad It's called two hands and here's the lead single from that one not by big beef Stay in you on the C- nor A it's not on the table. Take been no your stay. You would cry in the C. K. The school to smoke beginning it. Lets you no your spine soon. They would do nothing. You noticed excuse we did. I know what you really want Johnny and it with the blame kid of cushion to see in this uh-huh that's spy the speed that was big thief with not check them out on tour starting in October including a bay area date at the Fox theater in Oakland on Tuesday October twenty nine th with Phil Album of Mount Airy speaking of exciting music teams is putting out his first album in five years on October Twenty Fifth Brain Feeder records. It's called a Nika and the lead single Studi Peter's panda bear and it's just lovely. It's got this watering escapist feel. Oh and I just love how seamlessly teves production sits alongside Noah Lennox's vocals on this one side panda bear and he also has features from people like and a wise Miguel Atwood Ferguson Sudan archives mind design and on the real I think we're on the verge or one of the best albums that the La Eighteen has ever put out real talk off of Anita here. Steve's featuring panda bear with Studi and the dog in Awesome Yeah Ah Yeah uh-huh yeah dog that was teams with Studi featuring panda bear. You can see teams in San Francisco at great American musical on Friday November twenty ninth a better better panels. Look no way yeah. I don't know what other hill I need to stand on. Keep shouting about how rhapsody is one of the best rappers on the planet but I'm GonNa keep doing it. She's a microphone Agra phone slayer and I was so high to press play on her new album eve as soon as I got back from vacation and it crushes album pays tribute to women of color from the past and present day like Nina Simone soujourner truth Michelle Obama Iman Serena Williams and so many more the track. We're GONNA place it's called. Cleo the titles actually referenced a Queen Latifah's character in the movie set it off and Rhapsody just comes to get you early on this record just like she you did on the title track from one of my favorite albums of two thousand seventeen. Leila's wisdom you'll notice the Phil Collen sample cleverly placed under the track and Cleo's actually produced by ninth wonder WHO's one of my hip hop heroes and you know what this point rhapsody is to all these best rapper lists were coming out on twitter for a couple months ago they sort of failed to consider that rhapsody can mop up the floor with all these bumblers and shit that everyone's riding today rhapsodies top-five doing it right now. Quote me here's Cleo by rhapsody and then notice a boy you my enemies still love all day. Everybody's getting Rolling House right true star Durant how to approach some tip just need to know what happened. Sheep have have opinions on a goat how we all on the same continent and not the same boat ramp early on treat me all the same no question what brothers even rock with me folks wanted. US Nice to one question whatever WANNA push a black woman naked woman on the front end since this is the industry at Nokia was fry. I know Tom boy radcow. More pain brings you tears. I shed a few boo bad for now boot up a boo hoo because I didn't feel I was told name. Never tell the weight that I carry those some now. They say I in a League Nextel. Take top to address appears in a nightdress drake. JC The need to demonstrate can't Deja see. I've been in offices. They'll look like you amigo been officers that they looked like me. Alert lessons `send is industry was wastage energy. It lost more interest got less than that my enemy every close every back. Sir Can keep me away from the life. Bar Rock bottom stood a highlight yard what ain't given had to take my turn fever burn. Nick Berry Jack. They can be mad. Ask what he's been saying. If you hang you better squeeze supply something negatively you feel about them shot Jack they don't be mad sweet back to come from the basement for the big faces nigger keeping Hoji and talk about it up front off the best point blank period every month so it goes on and we still get adult's pet squawk plus holdup of grabbing this talk about the bag talk about the money who in his business but they never put a cavs white men runners. They don't just Kinda pass of that home story. They don't want this kind of Bradford. pile-up fans CDs up the gun thing action. What good is a black woman a damn. I am here right. This is slavery day raping us again put us on TV but Titi Jig and then if they try to give us titles than we giggling peak the funny shit they doing doing right shitless circuit. Mom and pop stores been sweet win. Shade approximately was on Movin knows penny soft penny. They don't make sense. Do it got to get the more we ask has been put each other why they get come over as not my way through with the Hammo smiles the day after day you can sing Jack. They can be mad nickel. You became gotta change up a wing change up in a world full of picnic still remain about them shot Jack. They don't be mad when I squeeze him. Show love to all my queens. You dig what you were bat against shutdown money money money money money. GotTa get the money money money money. Let it really minimal uh that was rhapsody with Cleo catcher in San Francisco at the fillmore with Big Krit on Tuesday Newsday October Eighth Danny. Yeah in Madison mcferrin is the daughter of the Great Jazz vocalist Bobby mcferrin and suffice it to say that apple has not fallen far from the tree. She's an incredible. We'll singer herself. Put out a couple of peace over the years of original acapella works. It's such an incredible span on the Capella medium where the voice is the only the instrument in the equation definitely go peep to finding foundations. AP's from her but now Madison released her first track. That's not a cappella and it's so money. It's called try from her upcoming. You and I E P coming out on November fifth and it's produced by her brother. Taylor mcferrin who played on the show before and his production such a perfect match for Madison's voice you think they grew up in the same house or something for Real Madison's a sumptuous vocalist and you're GonNa have this one on repeat. I know bobby lives in burnaby heights but Madison is Brooklyn based and after you fall as hard as I did for this track you can go see Madison the Cafe Denard on Friday November twenty second. Here's Madison mcferrin with try and to try they say selfishly noon selflessly aww Mr Style yeah but they storm live-in time the appeal ask talk the food It took ooh boy so way up there. UH play music from black marble on the show a few years ago from his two thousand sixteen album on ghostly called. It's immaterial one in that year's best no doubt but now Chris Stewart and his band and black marbles signed a sacred bones records for the release of bigger than life which comes out on October twenty fifth his sound fall somewhere in between like cold the cave and future islands and while expected the music to get darker and weirder on sacred bones because that's kind of what they do. The Post industrial beats that he makes still have this shimmering bounds to him that few like they could take this cryptic turn but ultimately it's bright and hopeful stuff. It's like the light at the end of the tunnel and despair a reminder that while the road of life can get rocky whether you're moving cross country and living out of your car like Chris did while writing this record or whatever the end is totally really worth the means the song is called feels and it's one of the first two singles from the album years black marble now with feels yeah ah I don't Aww me yeah it is it the the main uh-huh uh uh-huh uh birds. Thank you yeah Bay Area picked for this episode comes from Sour Widows Band. I got hit two earlier this year and I'm super high on them. Put them at Amnesia earlier this month for her release party to celebrate the song we're about to hear called pilot light and I love the harmonies between singers Zana Thomson and Miocene Ako and they write right killer hooks SAR widow's man definitely one of the bay area bands you gotTa keep an eye out for you'll hear it on this jam in fact they're playing at bottom of the hill in San Francisco on October fifth and they're opening up for pile on November first the new parish and Oakland. Go Fuck and see these kids their next up. No doubt here's our widows with pilot light Ah The one uh-huh stay a yeah nine the ads. Ah tissues Dan they talk Japan Para was pilot light by Sour Widows Chelsea all right this is not new by any means but all of these golden age of hip hop records are starting to have their twentieth and twenty fifth anniversary the reason the roots are releasing a twentieth anniversary deluxe edition of things fall apart this Friday September twenty seven where if you're listening to this episode the day came out his today. Look things fall. Apart is an Alzheimer definitely one of my desert island albums and we're compiling a list list of best albums of nineteen ninety nine paste magazine last month and on my ballot things fall apart was number one and nine hundred ninety nine was an amazing year for music music. Mind you there are some really cool shed on this anniversary release of the album to like a straight drums and bass version of got me with Joel Scott who originally wrote that Hook for Erica Body twenty years ago but that's not the one we're GONNA play here. You left a PPO album for that one. This one right here is one of the greatest hip hop reproductions I've ever heard act to a love of my life featuring common it's produced by love and James Poyser and it's ten out of ten. It's it's a hundred out of one hundred black thought and common trading bars is unreal. I grew up on this song and it's a magnum opus. That changed my life. This whole album luke did really and this is exhibit. ABC Andy Whatever why the roots crew is nothing short of legendary off of things fall apart. Here's act too to love my life by the roots drink common the Czech government it took down apply inclined anticipation of Rose's time froze instead state into the impact push back. The first. I five show I remember is a little rock itself goggles learning against people without the situation. I had to watch my back. My Cross up to where they came on. I trump ed hop. Linda Shit I had it was all from the door speech. You're getting paid for on coffee the start with the law for you every corner store wall for your rent and kept the hall. You'll remember late nights rockin the a Mike Hip hop so tell the people like that show that don't sound so thank Godfrey. Can I see with desperately sick. It's organized enough confusion using protection soda bathroom backstage. Williams lost director sexist the street a daddy of FIDA is in the MIC sword Saint Nicholas. Hata chip is more Oughta just the police Malcolm in the east seeing on the streets trying to make here with my weight and it was too close to thirty thirty more babies. The Laura started late late last destiny. God sesame contractual. Assisi brought up collectively we report. Why do I got into ice cube. Not Fight move to make the right move size guided family you my life's through you like that. in March DOC DOT ORG DOT Tom to ask Selena walk thinks dot com. Thank you in love trumps. Walk Doc was was act too. The love of my life by the roots eat drink common in our last track is a special one back in our south by southwest episode. We caught up with Zach Saginaw from Shigeto link. Link that episode up on our blog at noise pop dot com slash podcast for quick reference. You talked about the song the lineup which he said was like introducing the band that he's been playing with to expand the Shigeto sound. That's generally been made on drums and a laptop you think on keys. Mark Elliot on Tenor Sax and they were touring as a trio for for a minute and that interviews teas and upcoming EP and now the Chicago Jazz Ensemble is fully developed and the versions ep just came out on ghostly the tracker GonNa. Here's the closing track from versions. It's called riverbank drive and it's a very well form jazz composition sort of the opposite of the dance. Music explorations should ghettos been putting down since moving to Detroit but it's somehow still manages to follow the linear theme within discography that he's always done such a wonderful job stitching together from one release to the next we played a lot of Shigeto music here on the show over the years and a lot of music from artists Chris on ghostly International. It'd be remiss if I didn't mention the label's twentieth anniversary tour that's been hitting cities across the country and on Saturday September twenty eighth eighth. The ghostly twenty party comes to San Francisco at the midway featuring sets from shegeto matthew dear's audion projects machine gold panda Telefon Tel Aviv Oakland's Russell Yell Butler and a lot more. I will a thousand percent. Be There get at me if you will too so high to be in the the same space as all these amazing artists on this incredible label ghostly international for now. Here's the Shigeto Jazz Ensemble with riverbank drive much love will and Yeah uh-huh UH UH UH mm-hmm and and mm-hmm mm-hmm uh mm-hmm breath uh mm-hmm uh so we're back from vacation in and back on the podcast airwaves if you dig what you hear these drops rating in review on Apple podcasts and don't forget to subscribe to the show wherever new podcast gas brown. We've got some really cool lined up for next month's episode to and you won't want to miss shouts the noise pop podcast is produced by me and Molly Bolton. It's mixed and engineered by molly. Our executive producer is Kevin Arnold and Adrian Lee in the Mont Harper provide marketing support the music you're hearing underneath now and in our intro l. from Salami Rose Joe Louis Latest Release Danka twenty eighty on brain funeral records. She's awesome and artists checker out big things two different. I I studios where this episode was recorded and until next month I'm your host Adrian Spinelli chairs to to to to get ready for barrel.

San Francisco Madison mcferrin Nick Berry Jack Oakland Adrian Spinelli Chris Stewart Iman Serena Williams Tom California Bobby mcferrin Queen Latifah Nokia Taylor mcferrin Noah Lennox Shigeto Jazz Ensemble Nina Simone Horton Big Krit Phil Collen James Poyser
Catch Me Zeitin Dirty 2/24: Katherine Johnson, Kobe and Gianna, New Order x Pet Shop Boys, Chicago Weather

The Daily Zeitgeist

11:52 min | 9 months ago

Catch Me Zeitin Dirty 2/24: Katherine Johnson, Kobe and Gianna, New Order x Pet Shop Boys, Chicago Weather

"Today's episode is brought to you by Mazda. The joy of being alive comes we discover on our journey and with the first ever Mazda C X thirty. There's inspiration with an every mile traveled. It spirited performance and available predictive. All wheel drive heightened your senses like no vehicle you've ever experienced with ample cargo space and available off road traction assist the X. Thirty s perfect for weekend getaway destination wherever engineered like nothing else to feel like nothing before experienced the premium Mazda C X thirty at your local dealership Mazda. Feel alive I guys my name. Is Sammy j? I've been working as a correspondent and interviewer. Since I was thirteen and now at seventeen I am so honored to be the youngest person to have her own. Podcast on iheartradio. It's called. Let's be Real Sammy. J well in depth and unfiltered conversations with celebrities. Activists Athletes and influences will cover topics. We're curious about the topics. My guests are passionate about and topics. Many of us are just too afraid to talk about. I get past the fluff to what we go there. And it's fun pretty crazy and very revealing listen to let's be real with Sammy. J on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Hello the Internet and welcome to this episode of Kashmiris dirty means I net you ever been Zeidan dirty always okay. I'm always you see how short that's what that's what. I call it when you spend three hours of Jack. Today every day. He goes on Wikipedia and edit articles in the weirdest ways and he's changed his case. Change dirty was right. That is Chris. Harvey and Mile Day. Let's let's tell the people what is trending today at the moment that we're recording so Katherine Johnson is trending. She is the mathematician that most people might be familiar from or familiar with from hidden figures. who worked for NASA. She passed away recently. Wrote so her name is trending. I'm wondering on say her age was one hundred and one hundred one amazing like that wasn't amazing story. I mean that's just one like the thing she had a fight against in terms of discrimination Pretty Wild Yeah just ended up doing amazing work that Put America on the moon before Buddy L. One resonates in so many other ways technologically also. Yeah yeah a hundred and one years old is they. Don't make them like that anymore. Shout out to her one hundred and one without medicine. No with was like a g just cheer tyranny of will. Yeah exactly The Kobe Bryant and Jonah Bryant memorial is happening right now. That is trending Jesus and this is is brutal but very beautiful. Yeah brutal full. I can't really. I don't know if I'll be able to watch it. I mean I've watched. I've barely been able to watch much stuff in general because I don't get emotional. Yeah but Yeah the whole city is. I saw three read cars where people just painted their cars like would their own paint to make him purple and gold. Oh really yeah man Yeah it's the whole city is kind of the it's been in a perpetual state of mourning since The accident and this feels like it's kind of a culmination and celebration but also culmination of the morning. And I can't believe Vanessa Bryant like she's there and speaking I think and that is that is strength right there anyway. What about some other news? No New Order Okay and pet shop. Boys Yeah our CO HEADLINING. A tour okay. they did blue Monday right. How does it fail to Trae by like Yeah I I think that's good great. Don't know Well I think they are. They used to be joy division right and that's a bit that's all. I know that's your working this out in a one way street pet shop boys uh-huh no really. I mean I've I've heard the man. What about those West End Girls I know I know that Song. All right wes then girls them. I remember very specifically the year that I became like cognizant of popular culture and music and it I think it was like eighty seven or eighty eight like that song Got My mind set on you or Jerry and the Kokomo. Don't worry be happy. Which by the way I played for my I had the boys by myself this weekend. Bobby mcferrin your blessing. Bobby mcferrin blast and Bobby era and They they were feeling. Oh really and the. The one year old was even sing. Don't worry be happy. You really should learn his name eventually. Yeah the little one a little guy number two. It's got the cheeks. Aj Give you a kiss. I really there is something about bobby. Mcferrin don't worry be happy that I feel like you. Didn't they send like a record? A gold record into space. That was supposed to be like you know like our humanity on one disc thing. I feel like Bobby mcferrin song. Don't we like it? Might be universal like it. It's timeless I'll hear it now but like I don't know man this shit. Is this dish it goes. Yeah Oh yeah and babies and babies get it and yet Also trending is wait. So are you excited about this? New Order. Pet Shop Boys I just know it as like two bands that I know are big and I know there's probably a generation of people who are like. Oh Fuck Yeah Yeah I think or it might be one of those things where people are like honestly at this point is a little late. I wish they may be done this fifteen years ago but I'll take it. I'm a big Fan. You know what I mean I do know what you mean. Miles thank you. Hey speaking of joy We're about to be in Chicago spreading the joy. Yeah and As we were looking at the transferred at what do I see number seven? Google trending subjects right now Chicago weather oh which is something. I was already aware that I should be you know worried about as Chicago. Get bad weather. Wise heard it's paradise. Yeah it is. During the summer the light goes during the summer but wolf Yeah they say heavy snow. Yeah might be up to nine inches which Us people who are accustomed to the Balmy You know where cold is fifty five degrees Los Angeles Weather? Scape are probably not ready. I mean we're not ready for whatever it's going to be ready for wind certainly not number seven trending subject the days ago weather again. I've been begging for earth to just swallow me whole withhold the breath and embrace cold breath hold a cold the cold And so him I get my wish. Yes so if you see me out there frozen please remember me as I lived Yeah a warm fellow. Yeah but First Minneapolis. Tomorrow night. Tickets still available. Come on Minneapolis. Come through come through say hi unless he s yeah. It's going to be our guest. Jan Van Kirk in Chicago. If he makes it if we make it yes if not look. We will literally bike across the plains. The hills to get to you. Yeah I plan on either way. I plan on biking to the show. I know you keep saying that. Yeah and I got worried because when I saw your suitcase it was a bike. Broken up and a bunch of parts of my all my all. The clothes I've packed are biking outfits. Just those shorts a single body Leotard short. Midlife crisis costs play man stuff. Yeah that's like the new. I will never get there. What you if I ever get their miles. Just take me out. What's our what's our generations Lance Armstrong outfit. GonNa be who you know what I mean. Because that's a specific thing like yeah. They thought I was down and now I'm on this bike brand. I got a cool. It looks like I have sponsors. Yeah exactly like let's pretending we're on like like wearing the full basketball uniforms. Maybe but I mean like we regret so hard. I'm like I'm Cedric Savalas. That's still one of the funniest things I've ever pictured is. One of my friends was like Chris who you've met Was pointing out that we should have. Nba coaches have to wear the uniforms of the their team as well just like baseball managers just picturing like Jeff and Stan Van Gundy. The Vans Gundy wearing their basketball. I really just blew my mind dad. Honestly Steve Kerr would I would. I would look fine. He's still be like I'd be like Steve. Kerr still planner Steve Bartlestein longevity but yeah I mean the fact that the baseball managers of of all the sports probably the worst uniform for a outta shape person to wear They'll rocket ahead chefs shoutout to them. Maybe that'll be the thing baseball uniforms. I don't know there's GonNa be. I feel like I had articulated this at some point but I I know it's something I know. There's going to be something that like Gen Z. People look at us and be like there is yeah it happened okay millennial. You're now dressed like Tom. Lebron do yeah. Maybe it'll be just all the do do Zuma's get tattoos at the same rate as Millennials I don't know Dallas dial in Zimmer's let us now on your rotary phone. Yeah All right that's going to do it for this afternoon. We'll be back tomorrow with another whole podcast and we will talk to you then by type. Marr is the newest resort in the Bahamas short flight from the US in fifteen minutes from the airport for an easy family vacation kids will be entertained at the explorers kids club while parents explore the casino golf course spa and over forty restaurants bars. And Lounges. Kids under five. Eat Free at select restaurants to book winter specials including up to thirty five percent savings on your stay visit. Baja Mar DOT com. That's B. A. H. A. M. A. R. Dot com votes d like big boats. Do you like poor people in the rich people. They serve on big boats. Are you always like look on below? Deck? Hi This Santa. Hosting and Mick Turner the hosted deck heads and we want to take you on a fun and goofy adventure in this style. Podcast we will watch and recap every episode of Bravo's below decks and all of its spinoffs. And we're going to release an episode of Day so you can watch long with us and listen to our silly daily recaps. Listen the decades on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts over every year. Get Your podcasts.

Bobby mcferrin Mazda Chicago Sammy j apple US Steve Kerr Chris baseball Vanessa Bryant basketball Katherine Johnson NASA Minneapolis C Mick Turner Jonah Bryant memorial Kobe Bryant Zeidan America
Chrissy Metz learns to beatbox!

Minor Adventures with Topher Grace

47:59 min | 1 year ago

Chrissy Metz learns to beatbox!

"Guy. Minor ventures with tofu grace. We're back. So Chrissy Chrissy Matt's is one of your friends, and you guys worked together. She is the coolest, I chose this terribly hard thing for her beat boxing. I thought she'd be terrible. At turns out, she was amazing. Spoiler in this episode. She is unbelievable. And I am terrible. And that is my just as our it's for picking such hard thing for her to do. Let's get to that in a second before we get to that toe for one quick housekeeping note. So we have about six or seven weeks before we launch into season two and during that time we're not going to go dark. In fact, we have don't you tell us what we have. Well, every time that I have a friend in here of mine, we wind up spending forty fifty minutes gabbing about whatever and then we just pick kind of choice ten minute section to play before the adventure. So in the next six weeks, we're gonna play these extended conversations which you'll feel like you are in the room with us. And it's a lot of fun. And I really, really think you're gonna like a lot of these. I love catching up with these people. And, you know, you hear a little bit of it at the beginning of each episode, but I think we'll have kind of two guests per episode. We'll be able to hear kind of everything we talked about. And then in six weeks, we're gonna season two amazing gas amazing adventures, and I don't wanna give anything away, but the adventures are getting bigger and crazier. And I'm worse at them. All right. Let's get to Chrissy Mets. I remember a story you told me when you started out, are you down to doing? It was. Yeah. So one of my first gigs when I when I moved to LA was, I booked, a small co-star role on entre. I think it was the second season. Right. When it was hit and righto Harz. It was an entourage world. Yeah. Everyone wanted to be either on it -ffiliated with it, whatever and to do a co star and then to know that James Cameron was who I was going to be remembered. I literally almost be that was the peak of that show. Thing James cameras, actually, on it and he'll you in. So I was, you know, it's like you're, you're coming into someone's home and you're like I can't really make myself comfortable, but I have to be comfortable enough, and it was just so stressful. And I remember I could not get my line out to save my life. And, and the guy who plays turtle, Jerry Jerry, just Jerry. He was like, what's the hold up? And I was like. Yeah. And I was like, oh, that's rough. I think generally speaking to me, and I was like he was generally saying, what's. Yeah. She say her line and try not to internalize it all. Because then, like you get really in your head. And then you keep f and up. And then it's like I'm never gonna work in this town again. And this first job, there's not an actor who hasn't had this, where I don't think people realize who aren't in acting. There's like two hundred people on the crew in the lights and everything set. And then this is the worst. They say like to get that little Slade thing. They say on a bell, and everyone gets quiet. Everyone looks at you. Yeah. Especially if it's one of your first times, I mean and what I dish in with was not the same thing. They gave me the day of. And so, of course, I will never forget the line. But I kept plugging it in James was like, I gotta hear what is Mr Cameron was the sinking of the ship and attempt to foreshadow the forthcoming singing of tech market in two thousand okay? That's tough, first of all, it's got a little Sally seashells thing going on. It's a tongue. Twister. I mean no fence. Whoever wrote that. But like. Who talks like that stuff to think about? And then James Cameron, and he was like I couldn't get it a couple of times, and then I had to take my cue off of somebody else moving. And then the extra behind me was, I'm sorry. Background artists behind me was like, you know, you really should hit it sooner. And I was like, oh, who? I'm being it was so much. It was. There was so much. What was it about, as you should? You should say you should really hit your Mark sooner visit because you were so nice as you are that you've been talking to this guy, and he felt comfortable now direction sip knows. And it was like, maybe it's my choice to approach once he's there like. Fine eight in like my choice, the Akron artist and choice. Anyhow, and then I flubbed the line a couple of times, and then, of course, drama played by gosh, I'm blanking on his name. Very, very kind gentleman. Kevin dillon. Kevin dillon. He was like queasy don't even worry about to get my baby size. Just take a look at the sides. And I was like, thanks do that. Maybe sides. Yes. Same signs are little shrunk down. I don't know why I know this like, not normal size of script. They're like, they're like, just a little easier in seeing if the baby sides. Besides and I was like, oh, thank you, so sweet and kind and then James Cameron leans in, and he's like, has something I'm doing, and I'm like, okay, oh, my heavens. And then, of course, we're on the turnaround, which there, you know, that means they're moving the cameras. And so I had a minute to kind of just catch my breath. I went to the bathroom. I called my manager, my then manager and I was going to. Talking even speaking Chrissy you pick yourself up by your big girl, panties, and you go out there and you do your fucking job. And I'm like her. Yeah. Okay, hands, I'm crying in the bathroom. What's cool, little like, in sort of silver lake area that theater on the corner, every movie? Oh, yeah. Okay. So anyway, we were there. And so I'm like this old bathroom, and I'm just crying like an idiot, and I'm like, I don't know if I can do this. I really thought I'm not capable like my, my skin is not thick enough. What am I doing? I can't even say out one singular line here, the end of the story, but direct cut to whatever amount of money you're making them. So I go back on set. I say the line I figure it out. Whatever I'm driving home. We wrap them driving home. And I'm like, yes, don't know. I can do this still don't know. I mean to be doing before I was telling agent. No, I didn't know that. Okay. So I became a agent when I first moved to LA my manager, then was like, okay, your agent needs an assistant. I'm like, okay. Oh, you want me to do? I'm like. I'm like I wouldn't even know where to start about three weeks from my manager saying. I was a preschool teacher for right out of high school. And as I don't know how to work in Los Angeles in an office kidding will did work for you again. It was great. But it was like watching your boyfriend take another woman everyday you're like you know what I love you, but have a crate time. All right. We'll speaking of trying new things so excited about this. I have no idea. Right. Not as excited scared as we are. It's you have no idea, right? I the feeling because you have a musical background right? I love music. Yes. Okay. So I'm worried about you on this one. Yeah, I do not have whatever is an anti musical background. Okay. So we are about to embark on a beat boxing adventure with beat box extraordinaire, musical mammal Gabriel. Aguado. We'd have you, you look, maybe not scared like you are good at beat boxing, or something I can do some, but I'm not a great boxer. We, let's hear what you can do before this guy comes in. We all do that. I well I can do nothing like a terrible. See what we can do do it. That would be it. Okay. I'm gonna do it and you're gonna wrap. All right. I'm not comfortable with that. Okay. I'm gonna do my brother taught me this and I wanted to be amazing. But I guess I don't have the drive to practice. Anyhow reading. Kinney better winger here. Fuck me adventure. You wanna put the guest on this. All right. Well, you're I go, I want. I want to know we're gonna actually ask you to leave personal session at him. Lord. I wanna learn Tofa your turn get it. Like it's very whatever. You know, right now let's see what let's see where you are right now. Hey, I love it. Terrible. It's like my dad. Like, by the way, this is a what their lips to-. Forgive yourself more. My dad used in family joke. But I'm now going to share it with the entire world. We every Christmas every Christmas. My dad was like, if it wasn't corny the first time by the, like eighteenth time, it was hilarious. He go, my mom would say because she a little studio of the garage, where she go wrap presence. And she go see me. I gotta go upstairs and wrap. My dad would go up. Which is like, maybe what wrapping was in nineteen seventy eight. This was in the midnight, and I remember being so embarrassed at one point. And then you go through it, and you're like my dad's kind of Larry's it's I think it's funny. My dad come in here into taught us. Well, you're already awesome. He'll teach you some new. I don't. That's all I can do. All you can do. I'm already so impressed. I think we're going to you're going to be fine. They're going to be great. Yeah. I'm cool. I'm I'm looking at them. Get them get them. Get. Stay with us. Our adventure continues in a few brief moments. Minor ventures is sponsored by ring rings, mission is to make neighborhoods safer. You might already know about their smart. Video doorbells and cameras. The protect millions of people everywhere. Rang helps you stay connected to your home, anywhere in the world. So there's a package delivery or surprise visitor. You'll get an alert and be able to see here and speak to them all from your phone, and Tofa. I can tell you right now that my entire house, I have ring cameras indoors. I have the ring floodlight cams outside, I have the ring doorbell as well. And I also have the ring security system. 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We figured out is Christie might be really, really good at it. I am don't worry. You got student in me. All right. All right. Showing what you showed me how, how would love to hear now embarrassed? 'cause you're really good. It's okay. Do it before he shows us exactly. Yeah. Yeah. No, that's actually awesome that super awesome. Names to agree. At that level. Yeah. We tell us about you and how you, first of all, I should explain to the listener you seem like a really nice, super swag. The man bun. Oh, yeah. Not LA per se. But, you know, just outskirts. Okay. I you know, wrench Kamanga. Yeah. In the. But yeah, I mean I. Have you always been interested in excited about music? Yeah. I've always enjoyed and loved music. Actually, when I was younger, I was wanted to be an artist drawn paint. And I still do that. I still definitely, you know paint, but just not as often as I used to, and I do some art shows here and there, but music was just one of those things that I wanted to learn how to play an instrument when I was younger and it just didn't happen. You know, not. Well that too. That you have on your twenty four seven exactly free to exactly. So. Yeah, so I essentially utilize the instrument that I was born with and kind of developed a way to use that to be my instrument. Really? So was there a particular artist or time in music that influence you to start boxing? There were kind of a lot of them. Most people know about Bobby mcferrin, right? He was like he's he was like a beat box before there were really beat boxers. And his son is actually, an amazing beat boxers well, Taylor mcferrin. Oh, yeah. But he, you know, the way he utilize his, his voice, and in such a creative way was, you know, really kind of in his to me, but also, you know, the early era of beat boxers like Dougie fresh, and then the fat boys. Hey. Yeah, it really is what it looked like when it's terrible. Yeah. So, so that was a bit before my time growing up, but I was fascinated by hip hop music. And then, you know, in the Napster era of free downloads and stuff. I started really delving into a lot more of their work and exploring it. And especially Doug e fresh, you know, I don't know if you guys are familiar with Dougie fresh. No, we're older than you. You're saying. Time is my time at it. But yes, so tell you a great artists story, not interrupting. We're gonna get not trying to put off beat boxing. Sure, should be is I have a cousin we go to thanksgiving every year, and I have a cousin, who I have a lot of cousins, they're all they were all older than me. We were like a different offshoot of the family, so we. They were all everyone. There was older adult, and I was like thirteen I was like, I'm gonna try to make conversation this year like every year. I'm like awfully video games and try to mix with the adults. So I started asking what they did. And on the east coast, it was like, well, I'm in banking, and it was, like, okay pass like Taza went to one of my cousins. Who's a great guy were you know, he's really lovely guy. And he said, I'm in music, and I was like, okay. Yeah, like I listen to music, and he's, I said, what who do you work with? And he said, I work with list off some artists, he said at Rockefeller Rockefeller. Oh, yeah. That's right. World is Carmen sandiego. Yes, this is a group. So then that, that birthday July twelfth we I had my first boy girl party. Oh now. Grise dancer. No, it was like, you know, like my mom and dad were there. We were young enough. But it was like the girl I liked was there. I couldn't I was the birthday. Boy, we're gonna go see dick Tracy or whatever. Yeah. Yeah, you're gonna go see godfather part one. And like we give out all the presences girl gave me some sweatshirt. I was like, oh, my God is gonna be cool. My mom goes, there's one more present. And I went no. What could it be? And she unfurled this giant poster with all the members of Rockefeller with the cartoons of Carmen, sandiego. And the bad guy who listens. Whatever the other characters are Carmen San Diego's world. So they're posing with these kind of cartoons. And I say, this is the nicest thing my cousin ever could have done. He got them all to sign it and said to from Darien Connecticut to Chris, our biggest fan in dairy, and rock in the all signed, and this girl like the light went out in is like she was like, 'cause we were listening to bell, biv devoe, you know, shit like that. Yeah. And, and I was I was just enough like aware of the situation that instead of being like. You know Mahmoud is get us out of here. I was like, oh my God. Thank you. Even though is killing me. Big shout out to my cousin and deroga- Bela, who are both awesome. But it was very embarrassing. Hardy. That's why I never learned to be bucks. Trauma. Yeah. All right. I hope I don't bring up any, you know, already, you have actually just coming in the room. He's traumatize. So give us a little breaks off a piece of what you can to here. Yeah. All right. Let's see what I got jacket. Thanks. Yeah. Oh, you ready? Ready? Ready? Yeah. Komo. Pretty. Now. Old old old old old old old old. Yeah. Okay. So I'm going to be about fifteen minutes. I got you I got you about ten minutes. But I do all that do. Unbelievable. Thank you, folks. So sorry to hear anything that was are you out of breath? Not really. Which we, we can talk about. Yeah. It's all about creating something that kind of allows you to breathe rhythmic rhythmically. Now. There are a couple beats and rhythms that can kind of get you out of breath, depending on what trying to do. But in general, you want something that kind of varies the outward sounds in the inward sounds so that, you know you can. A party. You're hanging out with friends or like dude. Just go. Yeah. Do you do it all the time like do practice? Like in the car. Do you practice whenever you are? Yeah. I mean, I'm very conscious of like who's around me. So for the most part. Verb. I've ever heard. But yeah, so there is legitimate practice, you know that you can kind of be working on specific routines. A working out particular sounds like drills like like do that. Like. Hi, hat and all this and yet, so. Sounds like you really does know sort of and some be boxers are very particular about that. I have a buddy who he's working on sound, and he'll do the same sound like ten thousand times that day. And if you're hanging out with them, you just like. You know, a thousand sounds in your responding just the sound pretty much everything that he does goes back to that sound right. And so actually that sounds very annoying. Exactly. Right. So I tend to try to mix my practice into what I'm already him because it's also not fun to just go like. Right. Thousand times one day. Right. So I'll throw in a sound into what I'm doing. I can't even do that sound. All right. Okay. So what how do I start dude? I'm okay, so I mean, a lot of people like the boots and Kant's, right. Which is the way a lot of people started with. Gets. I, I never heard of that. But that's okay. Yeah. So let me get this, right? Boots and cats and boots and exactly. Got it next. So commercial, right. Let me just get this. This is the easiest one to do as boots. And am I doing? Okay. So. Yes. A bulletin cats is sort of a way to get somebody beat boxing. Right. So it's essentially, you say boots cats, boots cats. Right. But then you start to whisper it and start to take out the vows and just more enunciate, the continents. Right. So it's like. Got it. Now when I teach beat boxing, I normally don't start with that because I feel like it teaches almost like bad form. Right. And it gets people trapped in for anyone that not like that. It's the way I, I like to do is. You like deconstruct the English language we speak the language. Well, right. And so all of the sounds for beat boxing, that we need are already right here in our speech. Okay. So essentially, we can go through the alphabet like ABC, but instead of saying the actual letter that's do the sound of the letter, right? So to be, so you guys can repeat after me. She liked. Yeah. So it'd be. The. Doing it to my amazing, it, this might be. No. Yeah. So we go throughout the letter throughout the. Jim. Oh. Her mouth. Right. So we can essentially just like we've already trained ourselves to use those to formulate words. We can rearrange, those to create rhythms and beats right? So we can still use the boots and cats lay out. Right. But instead, we think about it as like a B, t k t. What's second is B T k to be Katie. Yeah. Or I actually like I prefer peace and p t k Petit. I forgot. I'm having I'm slightly, just likely. That's also hurting me, but down chart. Yeah. I get it totally right. And so, even the other sounds all of the other like sh- are like s h sounds Z sounds v sounds and, and you start to adjust the size of your mouth for specific. What is the? Oh. Yeah. Like so like for a cellphone buzz. Got it. But even use the sound like. Say with a smile. And then you can say it with your mouth almost kind of closed. Until we go. That's what I noticed. Your mouth was was moving it size. It was changing its size a lot when you're doing that stuff. You were still. But it was like, yeah. You know it's funny, what you're saying is, it's kind of, like learning to talk and then learning to talk fast. Yeah. What's. And. In a different Annan rhythm. Yeah. Because it doesn't always have to be fast. They're nice slow beats and rhythms. Good. Yeah. You can do some shopping screwed stuff. Most definitely. Know what you're talking about. I was married to a man who was a rapper in the UK. What? Why did we have you on the show supposed to venture that you've never been on what he tiny you? No, he didn't beat box. But he's like a professional already teaching me stuff. Stuff. Also, I grew up in south where like hip and chopped and screwed is from the south. So when you take a song top it. Yeah. Just screwed. Yeah. All right. All right. So what I got so far is. Was a PT KT. Yeah. P to tell we can slow account. I was doing the thing ringing. Yeah. Even so like the phone's ringing in there. Yeah. So, so a shaker to like Morocco or any other shaker, we can do that s h sound right? Go sh like a hula-hoop. Yeah. We really need video. Yeah. Don't seem learning. 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So thank thanks Steph. That's that guy that you make stand around the tuxedo. Butler butler. Does that com- woman in the one is that the maid outfit, you really mean that I dress them up like that which is weird, you call them staff, right now, our listeners get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus free postage and digital scale without any long term commitment. Just go to stamps dot com. Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage type any is in minor adventures that stamps dot com. Enter M. K. Hey. And now back to the adventure. So why don't we do like a collaborative beat box. How about that? So actually, like, I'm ready. You're going to give us or we're going just collaborate with you. Like you're gonna start and we're gonna jump in, like no, I will I'll start out by giving you guys a couple of things. And if you wanna get creative with it by all means you know so I'm nervous. So I. Toepffer for why don't you do the? The BT our the. P T, K T, right. Yep. And at one rhythm, you can do the shaker that would just but I start. Yeah, I'm basically is dropping a beat. Yeah. And driving a beat four dropping a beat. And then I will come in where. We're getting where I fit in, you know, could sound more white than I already do. But this is the one that did it. Katie. Yeah. Whenever you're ready. The. Cats. Raka Pella out. That sounded great in my ears guys. Anybody wanna honestly was just seeing like k t I threw it off a little bit. But no, I thought that was great. You kept a pretty steady beat. And you know you're the foundation for all of us worked. And then when you're doing it super fast, because you're putting what I see now as you're basically putting a lot of little things together. Yeah. And so it sounds like it's like one produce thing, but it's actually lots of little things, put together. It's actually both right? So there is the what I like to call an audible allusion of overlapping when they're really not. You know, it'd be like. It'd be like. Right. So it sounds like to solve. Things going on for a long time when it's actually just being interrupted by the other thing. Yeah. But you can also do like. So is that. How do you keep just want to verify? That was one person making all this noise. So how do you keep it? So the trick to that is to separate the sounds that your mouth are is making from the sounds that your vocal chords are making. Oh boy. Right. So we can all do that, too. Right. So everybody can you can home with your with your mouth close. Yes. I can't do that one. All right. So the sound right. There's actually coming out of our nose, right? Which we don't think about. But when you do like the end sound for instance. Now, your mouth is wide open. You're still not making those vocal sounds from your mouth. They're still coming from your nose. Correct. That. I never knows. It's really nasal humming. Yeah. Really sounds like it's here because your tongues vibrating, but it's. nine so so we have specific sounds that we only use our mouth for. And so if we like that, and let's, let's do a everybody can do click sound. So if you go Got it. Hanging mean I don't know if it's the greatest beat box, but I can do it. That's awesome. So even if. Science. Absolutely lose. It. Yeah. So even like the peace and we have a habit because it's always followed or preceded by some sort of owls. We have a habit to sort of Oakland it like. Really the where the piece on comes from is the lips coming together and bringing. Or is yeah, it's a PLO sive. Exactly. She knows about on that good stuff. The it is, like keeps yourself the rest of the episode. So good. It's like having a valedictorian the first day of school. So even with just those two sounds. You get away from me, but I try consent eighty years of practice. I I'm trying to do the what's the sound that everyone goes nuts over, like what's the the crown jewel? There's a lot of them. So on a sound system. There's always different doing it into a Mike, then doing. Right. That's different. Yeah. So on a sound system, it's insanely heavy base that seems like like is on cumin. There's a lip role. It's like. Like. Right. Which. When we do it, you know, in person like this yet, sounds, you can hear how low it is. It's not very loud, though. Right microphone. Yeah. Okay. Of course. Saliva. Yeah. Okay. But no these things, but there are beat box battles where everybody shares and that interested that has always, and a lot of people get sick. A lot of get sick. No way. Yeah. On Friday night. We beat box on Sunday. We recover from. Exactly. So that was that's a cool sound that one. What's the other one going so anything that kind of sounds like not human or not humanly possible, right? Robot. You're doing the robots robots alien in your mind. Yeah. Nobody even like the zipper sound the. I wanna know that because the record. Yeah. So jeez, this one it will take a little bit little bit practice. But you guys can get at least the concept. It seems like reverse whistling watching your second instead of blown out. Yeah. So, so I we want like a. Do you want dry, lips or wet lips? It works better with slightly moist lips. So we wanna do is tighten the sides of our mouth. And so that was a little bit there like that. But a little bit looser. He's like it doesn't that sound like a wet fart actually sound like a record player. That was that was actually good though, because even that you can start to tweak too well. Well, it kind of tickles. Does. And then so if you breathe in. You're like wait is really focus on the fact that Chrissy is not good. At this one part. So. There you go by me. Way better than. The more we play with that eight semi screaming. The more we play with that. The more we get this. We can start to fine-tune it. So you can go. Saying, I'm doing one note, which is what you start with. But you learn to do other notes and kind of go up and down, just like just like anything else. The sound coming from touching. Yeah. Okay. So it's, it's, it's that, like, I guess, when the, the wind blows through, like a sh-, something that has like a like a slip through kind of whistles, through that, that's what's going on. You know, go up and down just. And and, or pulling more air heightening or a little more quickly or loosen it to get it a little bit lower. And then either I can do a tongue. Roll. On the inside of my mouth or the lip almost like a shake my John. Get the. Have a feeling. I'm not going to get this one. Yeah, that was it. Yeah. That was it. No. But you guys have the basics. Teach me I'm gonna leave here. I'm going to go home to my wife. I'm gonna have nothing to show for it. So you gotta give me one thing that makes me look awesome. But obviously even someone who's in idiot can get it. There are a lot can you, you can buzz your lips. So we can, we can start to mess with, like tightening that up a little bit too tightening. Our lips up like. Can you do that tightening? I'm trying to hang tight and on the sides of. So one thing that, that helps me is if I put my upper lip a little bit further than my bottomless. I down a good my head that one that's more like kind of like the dark Knight, like Wayne. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. So, so even even the lip buzz basins like they all sound like far towns until you put them in a beat, and then they sound good, you know. So even. So we can do. Right. Yeah. That's great. Yeah. For me. Late july. You want to teach Chrissy and move as well. And then we can incorporate what you taught Tofa and something to teach Chrissy into your performance its shore. Yeah. So. That's do something I mean, getting no. Very people. But okay, we'll keep it simple me to listen. Okay, so let's just do. Yeah, we're gonna do like to two or three notes, but I want to do with Z sound like. And you can even do. Like genuine. Like if you'll 'Jones less do. Yeah. John. Yes. Yeah. Well, yeah. Eventually just the vocals. Works. I was actually like that was the closest to being on the street corner, and like something just like happening. Yeah. So it's on this narrow and my headphones to my headphones getting up snares. Sorry, I always just wanted to say that I don't even have headphones on. So again, you're the foundation. So if it helps to like tap this foot, or, you know. Got it. Fine. Lips are numb. I really partisan. It's funny hearing your part way more than everyone else's is that everyone else was experiencing it. I mean that's just too loud. Like with museums like you have to like here others. And yourself at the same time a little bit. Yeah, yeah, that's exactly, especially in a group, you really have to try to pay attention to, and there's always like one or two key people to pay attention to write in the group. And it's usually. The base the drums in the lead normally, unless you're one of the other parts, then you gotta pay attention to whoever your complimentary right? And how would you sound good or bad was that where we just did? I thought it was awesome first time. Yeah. Say probably around two seven for good. I was hoping for anything in the positive digits, because, you know, this is a first time first time for you guys actually, it's also happy to announce my last time retiring on top. The bank. Yeah. Seven, it's like. Oh, thank you. So this is like, really this actually fun. Yeah. Those are kind of freeing a little bit to do it, because it's like you're silly and yeah, your license to be a little and, and I think the beauty of, of bebopping is that it is, you know, you are putting yourself out there as as much as you can in anything else even more so than playing an instrument. There's no like intermediary between you and the audience. It's literally at your you just you and so exactly. Really is. Yes. So, so you kind of have to even if you're if you don't feel like you're doing great or whatever you do with confidence. And, you know, some people that when we first started doing it, what this, when I first started acting to. I remember thinking if you don't get behind the joke, it's worse. Joining me you might as well go all the way. Yeah. When you commit to something you're like, I'm just I'm just going to do it. Otherwise, if you're not feel even more silly. Well, you can't do it halfway. Right. You can't. Yeah. Nothing. You really can't you really can't. And yeah, I would tell you guys to go watch them beat box videos, and, you know, and then make some beat bugs and makes them be videos. Yeah, thank you so much before we go. Tell us where we can find you on social media, so you can find me at my performance of the name musical mammal, so at musical mammal on Instagram, and then my YouTube, which is insanely inactive, but I have to get back, you know, back on it is also musical mammal. So you can even just Google musical mammal, spelled just the way it's Delfin comes up, squeaking squawking. Yeah. Yeah. Probably me, he lost that handle right? Yes. Well gabriel. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it guys. A lot of fun. I had a blast. So all right. So man, don't, don't let that electric door hit. You is it as you open it. Cool. And then it really slammed shut really fast. When you leave. And then now he's walking down the hallway. On. And now he slipped on it with. Left out there. How do you feel Christie? Well, I thought it was okay. Now I feel like I'm terrible. I have to really enjoyed watching both of you. Here's the thing, you commit both of you completely committed, and you knew you looked ridiculous doing it, but didn't matter goes are having fun, and it sounded great people here, this back, I promise you, they're going to think that you both did. A B job be plus. That's better than I thought like actually reminded me of, when I because we had instant audience feedback on seven show, which my first job. So it was like. If you told a joke, and you didn't commit you serve the punishment for that crime immediately because no one laughed. Right. And you learn to just go one hundred percent and it worry won't work. You know. And I think I mean that's true of all acting. It's just you learned it real fast. They're especially comedy. Gosh, especially comedy. And I think it's kind of felt the same way I was like this is stupid. But also, I think the sounds good. And we might in the last thing was, I aren't you sure that if you did like when you the thing you already know how to do how long did you have to practice to learn how to do it? I mean, I've been doing it like sort of since I was like a teenager, but you just started doing it when they don't know my brother was teaching me. Whatever period, I'm sure if I practice. Don't make any promises anyway. But I and I'm probably the worst this time next reunion doing when you were all practice horrible, but, I mean, but I'm sure if I the worst person be box anyway. But, like, if I spent a lot of time, working, I think you can get, of course, a lot of. A lot of fun. Guys was Chris, thank you so much. How many people tell you? You're the best all the time. No. Everyone does hearing it. So.

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Jennifer, Newspaper

Everything is Alive

22:33 min | 1 year ago

Jennifer, Newspaper

"Support for everything's alive comes from Hendrick's gin in one thousand nine hundred nine an unconventional distiller named Leslie Gracie created a divinely, smooth gin and fused with rose and cucumber called Hendrix, this little Jen grew its fan base due to the delicious approachable liquid, and it's unusual events today it is widely available and tastes delightful for summer in a cucumber lemonade. To learn more, visit Hendrick's gin dot com slash EIA Hendrick's. Gin is forty four percent alcohol by volume imported by William grant and sons Inc. New York, New York, please enjoy the unusual responsibly. I was picked up by the pedal, man. Literally picked up from the store. Yeah. And what happened was it was raining. So he held me up and used me as a hat. He was keeping the rain off his head. I just kind of soaked it up. And then after a while we were on the cover, and then he folded me up, and I remember he just kind of tucked under his arm, and I could feel his hot just. The. Maybe actually sounds a little bit of regular. Do you think? But I was really close to him. It was lovely. Hello. My name is Jennifer. And I am newspaper. I'm the Canberra Times from Monday, the twenty fourth of oak Tobin nineteen eighty eight. Okay. So you're from nineteen eighty eight but you're still around where have you been living? I live in an attic. I'm on the floor care, the floor is wooden. Not sure what kind of wood, because I've always wondered if maybe we're distantly related. So it's a little bit awkward and could be family commod on top of another nor. Well, let's let me just ask. So what a Tober twenty-fourth nineteen eighty eight what are the big stories that day? There was a new roundabout put in, in a new pot of Kendra. That was a pretty big news story. Okay. A local school got an extension for the public crossing. There are street crossing. I hope okay to say this. It sounds like you're kind of a slow news day. I. I wouldn't put it like that myself, but I can see how maybe some people may think that it's slow, but these things happened. And so there in me. There was a day when even less happened. It was nineteen thirty the eighteenth of April. There was no news. Just nothing at all happened, and BBC presenter was doing the news. And he just went on air and said today, there is no news. And then they played music for fifteen minutes. So this was a radio newscaster and so little happen that day he just got on the microphone and it was, like there is no news. And then. Music, just played music. That I think about the times when I have nothing to say, how nice it would be if I could do that. Like, like, if someone asks what's new, if I could just instead of trying to think of something just say, there is no news. And then music would play. That would be so nice. I can tell you about being about music, okay? I have the top ten shots in me top ten music shot, right? And at number one is Bobby mcferrin with a song cold. Don't worry be happy. I remember the size. I think this is like, what people call good life advice. Don't worry be happy. I mean, I think it's easy when you're a human, but I have literally every bad thing in the world right now inside me. Yes. So it would be hard not to worry. It would be more like worry worry be worried. But that's not such a good song title. It's interesting that day with no news. When was that nineteen thirty the eighteenth of April? I mean that itself is news day when nothing happens because things normally happen a day when nothing happens. That itself would actually be very big news. Maybe that was the leading new story on the nineteenth of April nineteen thirty. So Jennifer, I want to ask something that happens something I, imagine you would worry about is Typos. Do you have any Typos not that I know of? No. Is it something you think about? I think when you're a newspaper, you want to be factual and accurate. And, and so that's important to me. It. It's like if you walked out in the morning and you had something on your face. You know, you probably wouldn't keep it on your face. Will you wouldn't want people to see it on your face? And I feel like that. If I had a typo in me if I found out I had a typo in me, I think I would be pretty devastated. Took like me having spinach in my teeth. Yeah. Not that you have any in your teeth right now. And I cannot see any Typos on you. Thank you. You know, it's definitely possible that I have a typo, you just hope if you have a typo that it's not like a big one like in the wicked bible. The wicked bible. Four hundred years ago, it was a bible that was printed, but they left out a word. You know, the thou shalt, not commit adultery. They left out the would not. So it said, thou shall adultery. So there's a bible in which God is actually commanding people to commit adultery. If you don't want to anger, God, you have an affair, the seventh commandment go at it. That seems like about as big and errors, you could you could make in the bible. Like if you're just losing one word that's yeah. I mean Dow shout kill that. I think if everyone was told they had to kill that, that could have created a lot of chaos, but, but it would have stopped eventually. When you run out of people. We to what happened with the wicked bible. Well, they didn't want to get out for everyone to read and stock committing adultery so they have to destroy them, and they ended up winning them. Most of them. Hello. You've reached the office of Sean, Lawson Jeffcoat and great site dot com. The world's largest dealer rare, then teak bibles. I'm either out of the office or helping another customer. Now, the please do leave a brief message. And I will call you back as soon as possible. Beckenham minute. You so we have this thing we say about newspapers. Like when you're talking about a story that the big you talk about it being above the fold. Yes. And I wonder if. What is above your fold that, okay? I feel like hey, I mean you're talking about my buddy. But I feel like I feel like doing respectfully, so it's okay. So, so, yes. So do you feel like what is above? Your fold is more important than what's below your fold. See, I've never thought of myself like that because I am actually kind of folded into myself. I feel like the whole of me is, is really important. What about you? Do you think that what's above your phone is more important than what's below your fold? My full fold select my my, my waist would be my fold. Yeah. I think yes I mean definitely like my brain, I think I could probably survive with what's above my fold and not with what's below my fold. But I certainly feel like the stuff below. My fold is also, I would not, that's also very important to me. Hello. You've reached the office of John Lawson. Chef I'll train back, Jennifer. I wanted to ask do you have obituaries? I have teased anes on my each worry and a coffee stain. So they would clearly awaken very sad. Yeah. Do you think that's why they stopped reading me? Hello. Hi, john. Thanks so much for talking with me. Certainly no problem. So you're a seller of used bibles. Do I have that right? What we don't usually use the term used. But technically, yes, they are very much used. We are the world's largest dealer of rare and, and TC bibles, we deal, primarily in bibles that were printed between the late fourteen hundreds and the late seventeen hundreds. Wicked bible, and I found your site, you have one for sale for ninety nine thousand dollars. Is that right? What, what can you tell me about it? The wicked bible is one of number of curious typographical error bible printing. There are a lot of them the wicked bible. It's just one of the more curious, one of the more sought after by collectors. It's just a regular old early to mid sixteen hundred King, James bible, that would have come and gone from, from history. Without anybody giving a second thought to it except that they made this error. And so the allotment of these bibles that were printed text blocks before they were found were gathered up and burned as being an abomination. Now there were just a few that were rescued from that fate. We can only suspect that back in sixteen thirty one that we're probably some people that were working in the print shop that were saying themselves. Why don't we see if we can sneak? You know, a dozen or so, with these out before they gather them all up and burn them, how many of these wicked bibles are surviving today. Do you think that's a very difficult question to answer surely speaking, usually there might be anywhere from ten or twenty that exists today to fifty or sixty now another curiosity about that, same bible, it had another typographical error in it? Shawl stuck couple of pages further into the bible there in the letter. Yes. And a lot of people find that second typographical error to the even more offensive than the first. What does it say it says instead of God have shown off his greatness, they hit typed. God. Have shown us his great. No, really. Support for everything's alive comes from wicks wicks is the most technologically advanced website, building platform out there since I started this show, I've wanted a place to share some of the art that you all have created of the objects I've interviewed so I tried out wicks it literally took twenty minutes. And I had that website. You can check it out at EIA art dot com. It was fun to make. It was really easy. And whether you know what you're doing, or you're me wicks is superintendent of and has all the tools you need to make your website, beautiful. You can start and publish for free. Go to wicks dot com slash alive to create your website today, and please use that link because it really helps our show. That's wicks w I x dot com slash alive. Support for everything's alive. Also comes from vistaprint to advance in your career being prepared when an opportunity comes up is crucial those moments happen all the time. They're happening now. And having a business card in your pocket. Ready to hand out that shows your professionalism is the first step to making something happen with this to print, you can create a truly professional unique card in minutes. Satisfaction guaranteed. This the print wants you to be able to own the now in any situation, which is why our listeners will get five hundred high quality, custom business cards starting at nine ninety nine use code alive at vistaprint dot com, that's code alive at vistaprint dot com alive at vistaprint dot com. I think if I were. Doing what you do. I think, you know, I think about somebody's sitting down with the newspaper for an hour to and just being stared at I would be very uncomfortable. I mean, I think I couldn't tolerate a minute of someone just looking at me. I love it. I miss it. So much just to be looked at no one does that in the. Will this be time? I'm I, I'd like to read you and we'll see what that, that's like I would love that. Okay. So I'll just pick a story from your front page above the fold of your fold tier international section from win. Three dead after dog falls thirteen floors. We talked about how you're slow news day. The seems like kind of the big story. Yeah. A dog which fell from thirteenth floor. Balcony on Friday night. Triggered three deaths in a row in central Venezia's dude. Did you just wanna take over here? The dog a poodle named cut. She hit Mata spin on her head and both the woman and the dog died instantly. Aided stola died on the spot when knocked down by a bus while standing in the middle of the street at the edge of crowd, that had gathered to watch the same to one person died when a dog fell on them from above the 'nother person died when they stopped to look at the scene of the first person. Yes. And then an unidentified men who. So both incidents suffered a heart attack and died in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. It was not immediately clue. Why Kaci Phil? I have to say that's one of the most incredible stories I've ever seen in the newspaper. Thank you, also. The headline says three dead, which really is not fair to Kaci, who also died actually the poodle this was a decision that was made about who deserves to be in the headline for it was a newspaper for dogs. The headline would've gone differently. What do you think it would have been one dog died? That's just though that's also the obituary. Did people have figure out why Kaci Phil? I don't know if I don't know if that ever got investigated because all these stories I don't know what happened on October. Twenty five like I don't know what happened to Kaci. I have no idea. What happened after the twenty fourth of oak Tobin nineteen eighty eight. Do you know what happens next? I mean I know I know a lot of things that happened since October twenty fourth nineteen eighty eight. Unless feel really good just to have so much like information, you know. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. I guess it depends on the information you know. You know, I don't know. Like I can tell you that Bill Gates came to speak in Cambra. Yeah. Looking at youth says Bill Gates came to speak in Canberra the day after your printed. Will. That's in my future. So I don't know how that went. He was talking about the future of software was much of a future in software. After a Tober twenty-fourth nineteen. Yeah, that's great. It did well. I know Whitney Houston's coming to sing soon. She supposed to have a beautiful voice. Yeah. You still. You still hear it all the time. That must be nice. It's funny. I'm giving you the news. I guess it might be nice for me, if things didn't happen after Toby twenty four nineteen eighty eight. Things were still exactly as they were that day. Old future. Newspapers only have one story. October twenty nine nine hundred eighty eight Jennifer was picked up and read today. Maitha two thousand and three Jennifer was not putting the adding. This is everything is alive. This episode was recorded live at the audio craft podcast festival in Sydney, Australia. Thank you to everyone at the festival for an incredible time. And thanks to everyone at after's a f- TRS for recording us and hosting the show is produced by Jennifer mills and me the chill with evil Chilver and Isabela. Kulkarni special. Thanks to Emily speagle. This episode was edited by Hillary Frank. She is the creator of the longest shortest time and author of the new book weird parenting, winds Jennifer, the newspaper was played by Jennifer Wong, a big thanks to John Latin Jeffcoat for telling us about the wicked bible. And thanks to Reuters for covering the domino of deaths in Buenos Aires in one thousand nine hundred eight also thanks to Bill Gates for your talk in camera and congratulations on the success of your software. Everything is alive. Is a proud member of radio topa from Pierre Rex without Jewish appeal executive producer. We would be entirely unfit to print. We are on Twitter at, Ian chilidog, and you can get in touch with us any number of ways at everything is alive dot com. We'll see soon. Hey before you go. I want to tell you that your hustle is back your hustle. Course is another radio Toby show one I dearly love. They share stories about daily life in San Quentin state prison from the perspective of those living season. Four has just launched. You may know that co host Earl on woods. Got some exciting news, last fall, which makes this season a little different than the other three. Reception is replace everything filters through to the opening of Visu. Amer Aloun woods. I'm Nitra poor, and we are back with season, four of your hustle from PR X's radio topa on your house. We bring you stories about what life is like inside San Quentin state prison in California prisoners, horrible. I. I. I will put the twang and for ever. Min. And so all the white guy's brother seem brother, right? And this season we're doing something really different. We're also telling stories about life outside prison post incarceration. People ask me would was hung out the wear and why do I have it on dams might be locked up? You still are word in. Holland gotta wear that. Outside stories inside stories, it all starts with episode one of season, four of your hustle from PR X's radio. Tokyo ear how SEL is back. Don't miss your hustles fourth season on your hustle, s q dot com or wherever you get your podcasts seriously. Don't miss it. It's great. Radio. Ex.

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#262 -  ACM Reactions with Lauren Jo Black + Music Trivia Against The Musician with Adam Hambrick + Luke Laird on Creating Hard to Forget For Sam Hunt in 15 Mins + New Music Top 5


54:28 min | 2 months ago

#262 - ACM Reactions with Lauren Jo Black + Music Trivia Against The Musician with Adam Hambrick + Luke Laird on Creating Hard to Forget For Sam Hunt in 15 Mins + New Music Top 5

"Villa's. Voice heard if you care about these issues, enough fear is a direct and fast way to articulate that we know this is a historic election and our partners at Seventh Generation WanNa remind us that vote today will have an impact on generations to come. So register to vote at seventh generation dot com slash vote for the future and don't miss the new podcast from iheartradio in seventh generation called ym voting were you will hear more reasons to vote iheartradio's why I'm voting countdown to Election Day your vote is your voice. Welcome to episode to sixty two where we will talk to Luke Laird who? Has Written over twenty number one's but he put his first music album and so I was able to talk with them for a little bit which is pretty cool. We play Trivia Game Music Trivia against the music man who liked that ooh. Maybe next. Time K. With Adam Hamburg, who is the music man the artist playing gets listener. So that happens we'll talk reactions from the ACM's. which a bit of controversy there. So yeah. Hang out we've got a pretty good one. I did see this morning because we do cut this this part of the show on Friday we tried to cut this close as possible because we like to have. Excuse me all of the the new music songs are ready to go. I'm so that being said, they just put on the news at Tiktok was being taken off the APP store I. Just saw it. I didn't get the chance to read it up from Apple Google. Any APP store you can no longer I believe as of next week day. I'll look at the news again but. It is happening where they're taking it down and everybody who has it can still be on it but to limit growth is basically killing it and that's going to be like where they started selling phones on Ebay with tiktok on on it. Yeah I think eventually, it will work itself out. Because Oracle is buying Tiktok at least the American version of it. So. When you put that story, let me know was all over my feet this morning I clicked into removed from all APP stores on Sunday on Sunday. It'll be back. I do feel it's just too big to disappear, but I'm telling you all those Tiktok, kids. Their butts of puckered hard today the kids that are making money off of it. Yeah. Because that's their livelihood. That's their career. It'll be like if they just said, okay well, we're banning all microphones probably like what? Now what am I supposed to do as trivial as it is what am I to do now? So. If you see anything else that's interesting. Let me know. Let's go with the new music top five this week so. Every week I find five songs that I'm super interested in sometimes I've heard them sometimes I haven't but there's always a little bit interest at number five Bon Jovi has a new song with Jennifer nettles and he had this version of the song would just him already but added Jennifer nettles it's called do what you can. Be. Insane. Justin. Sand. You know what? Their last song what's called. Says, he can't go home who says you can't get in and he had that Song Jobe had that song by themselves before they added Jennifer nettles last time too, and then ended up being a country number one. So yeah, we'll see if that's on grows on me. It's not my favorite immediately but I'm I'm interested to see what happens. We had Bon Jovi on the radio. Today is Super Nice Super Super. Famous Super Nice. Let's see tyler chillers dropped surprise album called violent history the first eight songs that are just fill instrumentals. And the final track original new song written by Tyler that speaks to? Moments that we find ourselves in here's a clip of long violent history. Many. Would it be? A Be Star. history. Talking Tales three try to. Star. And number three, the speed of now part one it's an entire album by Keith urban. This is the tenth album. It includes his duet with pink which they played on the ACM's called one too many. Changes. What always interesting about that performance of the ACM's is that I would have believed they were together because they were a shot onto locations because of corona she was leaving l. a. and he wasn't leaving Nashville. But they did such a good job at building a fake stage? Yeah. Did you see? I wonder how they did that because it sounded great. All digital. Yeah. It was super cool. So and I was one of the only performances that I still alive because I was at the show which was when you walk in backstage I may have mentioned this later with Lauren it was like a space movie because everybody wasn't just in masks they were like. With facial covers and it was like. Him. Now. Number two putting Luke glared because he has an album called music row we will hear from him later he's written songs for Iraq. Church. Casey must graves. Carrie underwood little big town. Brad Paisley. Big Songs too. But here's a new song. We'll talk about from Luke Laird called that's why I don't drink anymore. In a bad mess. That's Drink. Anymore. It kind of feels like if. The Postal Service. I think that's why I like it. It's slightly more country. That would feel what I was trying to place this. And not the postal service that they're trying to knock out of business right now. But. Ten years ago there was a big posters. And they played real. Light Melodic. People would say get stoned to songs never known. So so Graham waste and the number one luke combs has a new song called without you featuring Amanda shires. Man. States. Does the five releases that I'm most intrigued by. More new songs. There's one. Justin Bieber has a new song. I called holy not. Wholly. because. That's always originally written for Justin Bieber jail did but this is a song called holy featuring chance. The rapper here's a clip fused. Only. Did the Can't we. Only. Only. That's pretty cool. I like hip hop or armband were just piano and I like a little tambourine over there on the side like I like that I'd like to fill those kind of songs. Sasha. Sloan has a new song out and I wouldn't know much about Sasha's loan except for Kaelin's a big van has been for a long time I liked her too. So she has a new song called is it just me? which was co written by Nicole Galleon, are here we go. Just me. The same shit. Other songs today. Sam. Smith has a new called diamonds Rita. Wilson has a new song out call what I would say which she reached like talk a little bit. Okay. We talked Rita. Wilson. It sounds good. Show a couple times always been extremely nice. The first time I met her I was like Oh. Cool read Wilson Second. Because I never met Tom Hanks. That's fair to think right live here. No I think back and forth a lot because she likes to sing and do country music. Does she need to their fine? As looking at their bank statement, they're doing. Okay. Apprentice. Estate released a previously unheard of song called I need a man back in the day he offered it to Bonnie Raitt. So you can check that out if you want albums out today, Alicia, keys has a leash. It's her seventh album. A live album by John, oates from hall and oates called live in Nashville. A lantis has such pretty forks in the road and Sim Sonic who you may know from closing meantime time to close the closes and let's close it up. They have AP called you're not alone Mike Shinoda from Lincoln Park put out dropped frames volume three Neil Young Abe Max with a record as freely from. Kiss. Joan Osborne and then finally Gigi Marley. So those are all the released this week. Go, find just some new music I struggle with finding music though that I'm just. Attached to and so. And I also have less patience for just going through listening to a bunch of stuff I don't like. So I've just started going back to ninety country and ninety S. Pop pop nineties acoustic stuff. Is there any album? Out To. You this year. I don't even know what's happening this year. Really I mean, what is what does come out like the Taylor Album No. I guess not then. It's the only album. That's the one that I would probably like gone back and listen to. Yeah. Yeah no I haven't not that I don't think it's not good. I haven't spent enough time with it. Okay, N. Music News. Let's start with does every song from the weekend use the same four notes someone on twitter try to prove that every song by the weekend has the same four notes playing portions of the songs on electric piano twitter users still debating it the songs he played are tell your friends often reminder starboy and heartless here's a clip. Impact. Same. Should? F.. Cut off the same thing if it sounds like play one song, that's all the Song Dan and. To be fair I, only know like nine chords on guitar. So. When we're instead of I kind of stay with them. My little zone to Kanye West says, he won't release music until he freed from contracts. Claims his masters are worth more than Taylor Swift's you may have seen kanye witter peeing into a toilet on his grammy. He's been going off this week. He goes off though so regularly that it becomes less and less news though, but it's constantly all week. He says that they won't tell them how much his masters cost because he knows he can afford them. Well, the thing is. If he were to pay what they were worth. They will be okay with that anybody will sell anything for for what they feel like the fair prices. So. What do we know about this I don't know anything about it. I don't know anything except for the surface. What do you know about it? I mean I've been thinking what he's been tweeting. I got fascinated when he like tweeted all this contract. So it kind of going through those is he like how much they pay him. That's pretty crazy to see. What did you say there was like one contract that he signed in two thousand five and it just kind of breaks down like where money goes like how much he gets paid and how much they're paying and all these hidden costs that he saying they charge him for. Distribution fees I thought that was interesting. The former Oakland home of green day's Billie Joe. Armstrong, it's a price cut to six point five million dollars on Oakland Mansion previously owned by Billie. Joe is now selling for six point, four, nine, eight, it was listed for seven point two, five significant job. You'd think if it was a seven to you take it to. Seven or six seven. When all the way down to six four, it's seven thousand square feet, five bedrooms six bathrooms. It was built on the side of the nineteen eleven Julia Morgan designed Redgate Mansion, which burned in the nineteen ninety one Oakland fire. And then it goes through all in the house and I don't WanNa to get. Jealous. So here's a net worth at fifty, five, million dollars. Carrie underwood apologizes for forgetting to thank family for a see him when. She was overcome with excitement. She forgot to thank some very important people in her life. Our family she said, I want to say that I'm a dummy for not mentioning my husband and my children, my acceptance speech she said that the virtual pressroom you would think that after this many years I've seen other people do speeches. And she goes on. Here's the thing that's interesting to me they. She knew she was winning the award Oh. Oh Yeah. You're right. So it's not like when you're sitting in the crowd and you're like Oh my God, I, want they told her probably two days beforehand but did she know is going to be split? But I don't think that matters in the speech you still no. You don't think it's the shock of it. You Forget. I think he's still if you prepared it, you have written down I don't know the shared anything written down but yeah, that's pretty funny. But if you're gonNA forget someone your family's probably the best because they will forgive you the quickest. Yeah 'cause it's understood. Taylor Swift Stalker is sentenced to thirty months. A judge sentence one of her doctors to thirty months in Federal Prison Eric's war brick plead guilty to interstate stalking and sending interstate communications with the intent to threaten his obsession heightened over the years has no writing became more frequent and frightening among the forty letters Eric mailed he threatened to rape and murder Taylor. The FBI. Kept a close eye on swore book after Taylor got a restraining order three times. He drove nine hundred miles from Austin Texas to Nashville and deliver letters to big machine records CEO. Eric threatened suicide if not introduced to Taylor. At sucks for him sex for her because obviously he's got something not right happening. Do you see Jerry from cheerios busted this morning him? Yeah yesterday. Was it yesterday I saw this morning when I woke up But he was four child pornography is what they had listed, but he was on snapchat with. Allegedly with the one of the stories like a thirteen year old. Jeez man. I saw Monaco's instagram post where she was like, Hey, just give me a little space on this. And here she is doing a big career thing. Getting, dancing with the stars probably love in life and then. Golly, you think they pull that show. I don't know. I my gut was to say, no. I don't know tough one because they're in the middle of this debate with cuties to were folks arguing over. That is acceptable to put on. that. Now, I started thinking about that when I saw yesterday. Maybe. If he's guilty. Yeah. Or maybe they just want to pull it. But maybe for the guilty Whiteley, take it down that won't be quietly taken down. It's such a good series. It is I mean, that's been the. Highlight of like of the year. Eddie money's former guitarist is suing the state for one point five, million in unpaid royalties. Is Eddie money still alive? No. Okay. All right. Fire Fest settles with Blink One Eighty two major lazer and more. Wow. Firefighters is still doing stuff. is, still getting money back. But firefighters given to pay those guys money right I. Think they're having to pay it back because they got paid upfront. Oh, so they tried to get the money back. Get back in like installments Okay. Well, there's your music news. There's your releases, opie guys have a good week of new music and enjoy the rest of the show anything else. We should say before we go. It's rocket. All right. On now Lauren Joe Black from country now dot com. Lauren, how are you? I'm bobby how are you? Pretty good. You know we are still talking about the awards this Friday. So it'd be a couple of days after. But. The fact that we're still talking about it means something because usually these things come and go and people like their awards. But this year, there's a little more to talk about and I'm curious to know how you felt about the entertainer of the year award. Well, I think that it was definitely a shock You know at first I was like has this ever happened before and of course, started googling and realize no, it's never happened before. So that was a big plot twist. And I was really hoping for Kerry to pull it off you know, of course, the cycle of the whole award show was thrown off since it was postponed. From April. So I think like the timing of everything was a little strange but yeah, I mean I I was really rooting and expecting for her to win and it was a shocker. There was a tie and the tie was Thomas and you know I think that all the nominees in that category were deserving and but just to be honest with you, I really was surprised that Thomas was the one she tied with. Because I thought for sure it was going to be luke combs just after the year that he had had and I even remember you and I speaking in like January, and we're making predictions for the year and that was one of the things talks about luke combs and entertainer of the years. So I'm Kinda surprised that it wasn't him. You know the big time was Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood at the end of the show and Again, all five of them you can. You can have a fight for it. I would have thought if I were if you said, hey, put money. A couple. It was carry or luke combs much as it's weird. Did Not say Eric Church because getting there all deserving based on what I know about the voters, the history of the voting patterns and at what time of the year it was because again, it's supposed to Aaron April but if I'm correct voting closed in early March. So they're voting on the past nine months to a year before that. So it's almost like a whole different cycle from what we know now, right? Well. Good for Thomas, Rhett love him is a great artist. I. Kind of feel bad that he suffering some of the brunt of this today he'll last year when garth won the May, which is a different show because there are two shows. Took it on the Chin which is why is not in this year because he's like, Hey, I want and I'm good but it's gotta be weird to win and then have people upset well, say that. But when I WANNA dancing with the stars, people were pissed at me. I mean, you know they gave it to you. You didn't ask and just like Thomas like I see people saying like, why does Kerry you know of course from the feminism you know side of things like she shouldn't have to share her award with some wine and you know she should have it on her own and things like that. But I mean, it's no fault of Thomas's like this is the way that handout it's not his fault and it's no fault of any person making a decision. This is a legit vote that affirm tabulates holds and then releases back to the so those people think well, why couldn't they let nobody let anyone? Voting. So all right good to know your opinion there. Female artist of the year Marianne Morris thoughts I honestly was shocked and then I was like about, okay let's think about girl and the success that she's had on the chart. And then it made more sense as I thought about it I guess we're just so programmed to think like that that's a Carey Mirandola award only, and so it is pretty cool to see the tides kind of changing and you know new. People. Winning because pretty much sends like two thousand six when Kerry came off of idol it was either a carrier Miranda so. It is pretty cool. But I will say I was shocked at the initial announcement surprised I thought it would be Maranda winning female and Kerry winning entertainer and. And they both have won. But yeah, good from Erin I mean listen in the bones I'm not even sure that song came out and if it played a factor in the voting of this book is been as big as girl you know. So she deserves it. I was surprised though that the voters. Gay, but the ACM's of the to award shows are a bit more progressive and they do move a little quicker on anointing people award winners than do the as would you agree with? Yeah I think. So I mean I was talking to someone earlier and I was saying Yeah like ACM's or out of La, and you know kind of a little bit removed from the whole Nashville Circle so I definitely agree with that. Male artist of the year, Liu combs. Now, I'm going to assume that you feel like that's justified because you thought he should have been entertainer of the year and I was in that camp a little bit too. But male artists to the you're talking about Lou combs. Lou Combs. Let's think what six years ago I mean. No one knew his name. He just won new artist recently like within recent years. Is Yeah and here he is winning male artists and I mean the charts. Records that he's breaking constantly like nine consecutive number ones. It's just it's incredible and I really don't think it's been done before you know just in this way in this fast. So. I. Think it was deserved. I was not surprised at all and You know that was just kind of a given to me that that's what it was going to be. The also won album of the year Did she felt like that was given I was shocked honestly because I have to look back I didn't look in the database for this but I was going to to see like stink. If not all almost all of Miranda's. Has Been Album of the year at the ACM and so I was thinking it would go they would go with wildcard honestly I just feel like she has that track record there. So I was a little surprised with that one I think to. And as much as everyone loves MIRANDA PEOPLE DON'T WANNA see people win all the time I. think that's why Luke Bryan isn't even nominated for entertainer of the year at the other awards show the same as because he was just dominating it for so long and people go. All right. We've had he's had his little run. But yeah. I listen. Look Craig deserves everything against. He's done things that I haven't seen I've been in town eight years. You've been longer than that. So God's Country Blake Shelton when single of the year you've been pretty much shocked with every other category how about this one? No I thought that was either GonNa win single or song. I wasn't sure which one it would take home and I think that's important for him. Just in the sense that he literally said that he was thinking his career was essentially over until he found that song. So I think it was Kinda cool that he won because it was such a turning point for him. So that wasn't that much of a surprise me duo of the year I saw you tweet out before you were predicting Dan Shea would win. They did win instead of given to you. Oh. Yeah. That was I mean I think so I think I mean Florida Georgia line like they had their little ruin and like you said like People Wanna see different people win a war than I. Think they're such good dudes and not that the guy to help you outsmart right but it all it's just all like plays into it and so like I feel like that wasn't a surprise at all either. Well. Kind of disadvantage I had about making predictions closer to the show was that I knew some of the winters because they had to tell them beforehand. So they would get up to the opry and so they could be ready backstage. Did you know that far? Well. I figured. I wasn't one hundred percent sure because I was like, Oh, they just happen to be there. You know like two days before they were calling them and telling them. They tell the manager like, Hey, this is the deal. Circumstance probably will happen again but. I'm Scott the show went off I. was there I saw how the precautions that we're taking. I'm curious like did you feel like it was refreshing just to get a sense of these performances that didn't happen on a couch like because that's what for me it made it feel a little bit more normal whether as performances with like abandoned production and I think that was like a nice. Highlight of twenty twenty since we haven't really gotten a chance to watch that as much this year. Again it wasn't all the way good because almost every performance was recorded and it wasn't live because they just couldn't move that many people in and out because a covert precautions. So I think I was a little jaded by that. But yes is called a see big music performances I love carries performance. There were a lot of great ones here. So don't want spend too much time talking about just want to recap with you and tell everybody to check out country now dot com and anything else. You'd like to add Lauren before we go any lasting impression you'd like to share. As far as the end I guess I'll just say that if if the website clicks are you know Just telling of anything aired churches performance was definitely the number one moment of the night. To I said, the same thing on the show that story is popping off everyone's clicking it looking for that performance to rewatch. So you know it's kind of interesting when the numbers speak for themselves and you can see that. Lauren thanks talk to you everybody. Go check out Lauren country now, DOT com and you can follow her on instagram twitter. They both the same name Laura Joe Black that's right. Good to talk to you. Thank you. Bye. Hey It's lunchbox and I've put together a list for you and I know you're thinking. Oh. Ask. How, boring and stupid I don't want another list. 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If my list got you a little bit interested in the amazingness that is hellofresh go to hellofresh dot com slash eighty bobby casts and use the code eighty bobby cast to get eighty dollars off your first month including free shipping on your first box. That's code eighty bobby cash for eighty dollars off your first month. Additional restrictions apply visit hellofresh dot com for more details. Welcome to do an official name for this I. Think it's just still. The musician, music trivia against a musician. Adam Hamburg is here. Losses last match I'm back for redemption up for grabs fifty dollars in cold hard electronic cash. Now, that's not the video games I send it to them on. Vin Moon. It's not electronic cash. It's real money combined. Yeah today's challenges on the phone right now Cara in Kissimmee Florida Shakira. Is A CARE KARA CARE. All right and she's on twitter. If you want to see what she looks like as you play a K. underscore W. A. SL K. Wasefi. Asi Messed it all up K was. Cara say hello to Adams to healthcare high care I need to know something. Are you a ringer because last time? They brought a ringer in and I got dragged I don't I don't know. Okay. That means probably. Okay. Okay. So what's going to happen is is I'm going to ask you five questions Keira. You'll see how well you do. I'll ask Adema different five questions just randomly generated by Music Trivia, computer software known as my D-. But he doesn't know which five I'm GONNA pick for. WHO That's what he doesn't. All right. So carry you get five music questions. Are you ready? Released as a single in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty to. A country boy can't survive is a song written and recorded by which American country music. Artists. A country boy can survive. The song I should know this. George Jones George Jones Quality Guest Nineteen, eighty two the run that that loss span. He's definitely one of the biggest, but it is not hundred eighty to a country. Boy can survive is Hank Williams junior both seems to span and a country boy can survive controversial Survi- of Yeah. Hit that note what year did Carrie Underwood win American idol. Oh, goodness. With, one if you get one year off of it used to win. Let's see. She was like season four. I would have probably been in new. I remember watching her win. Let's say. Thousand Seven. Incorrect two, thousand, five. She may have been season three. Yeah. It was really early Kelly wins one. Ruben. Wins to over clay PGA. Maybe Kerry at three. I. Think she was three and then after her was. Her daughter never. Was Eighth, whatever the whatever the season he was shoes season four she. was three fantasia. Day. Hold on mice tell. Oh I thought you'd go gold all the winners. Mike's looking it up right now as the music plays on. Three was fantasia. Okay. So it went Kelly Ruben. fantasia Kerry. WHO WOULD HAVE BEEN NEXT I. Kind of blanked out there until until. Chris Allen One idol and said Arkansas and fire. Which? One might want me to a couple of them Taylor Hicks. Was He the next one? So. Go ahead. Jordin sparks. David Cook Allen Okay Lee wise gay still remember them so far. But I'm fading Scotty McCreery. Got It still in it. Phillip Phillips I'm starting to fade go starting to fail. Candice Glover no idea who that is. then. Caleb Johnson. No. I never heard of them. Go ahead Nick Fried. Yanni. See. The. WHO's the guy from the Lupul sweet. Dr Pepper commercials he was no that's Justin Guarini preseason one. Trent. Harmon. Yeah trip because he came to town. Still may be in town. Here yeah. He's. He's doing the thing but I didn't know from American idol. Poppy. Then I started working for the show and I know Maddie Lane Hardy the up GSM and just Sam which just Sam one the. Quarantine version of it. which wonder how that's going to translate You know I haven't heard much. Okay. Let's go to the next question. Question number three. which hip hop act famously recorded a cover of aerosmith's walk this way. That is correct. One point. Question Number Four. What children's song about aquatic animals stream so much in two thousand nineteen that had hit the billboard hot one hundred. Baby. Shark Dude Dude. Dude correct. One to go. which city on the West Coast? Is Home to sub pop records and the birthplace of grunge music. which city on the West Coast is the home of sub pop records and the birthplace of grunge. Oh Okay I missed the last part. The first time Seattle Seattle is correct. Carrying it up with three points. Strong strong semi strong four scares them five. He knows he's GONNA lose three. He feels like he's in it. He feels like he's got to at least high it. Adam? Hamburg. Here we go. If you win you get massive self promotion. Who is the one hit wonder behind the song? Don't worry be happy. Bobby mcferrin that is correct and I'll tell you a funny story about Bobby mcferrin love to hear. Just. Ask Them Mike Wish we had more funny stories about Bobby mcferrin Dude. So my wife has this audio book from when she was a kid, her dad got her and it was like these yard kipling the dude who wrote the jungle book you know he had all these short stories and it's an it's narrated by Jack Nicholson and the music behind the short stories that Jack Nicholson's reading is done by Bobby mcferrin, and this is like all these like African jungle like short stories and has got bobby mcferrin the back on going. ooh. Awesome he also did the theme to the Cosby show. See I didn't know that. That's awesome. Yeah. He's a genius Adam One. I DID WATCH A. Mini documentary on artists who don't WanNa play their hits anymore and he's one of them. I, don't want to be happy because it was novelty song. and. He's a really serious extremely talented artists. Yes. But man what a jam and this thing not only do I know the words to it was below before me but t shirts merch dispute saying, Hey, don't worry be happy. That was a culture moment. Bass. Still cashing. Checks load for no Adam you have one point. Question number two for you. What country artist holds the record for most number one songs. To restrict. With sixteen number ones. The answer is George Strait. King, King, he's got to. Question number three which music legend. was actually born with the name Robert Zimmerman. Man. Rob Zombie. Incorrect. Then man. Bob Dylan Bob Dylan I'm an idiot. And Yarn Idiot. Question. Number Four. Can Nervous. You need both of these atoms to win. One Tie. Jonah Joey and Jordan for members of what boy band? John. Joey. And Jordan. Members of boy band new kids on the block final answer. Correct. We now have a Thai Thai Keira with one question to go how do you feel right now? Cara. On a of our best. His questions I feel like I feel like that's always that's always the case. That is true. Are you ready. Brought me up of here's what it is. It's not fair. This is music history question. Okay. We're going back in time. In Don McLean's American Pie. The day, the music died refers to the plane crash that killed Richie balance. The Big Bopper and what other pioneer of rock and roll By Miss, American Pie, that'd be Mr Buddy Holly Buddy Holly his answer buddy holly is the correct answer and he's back. It feels good to be back in the winter. Circle. Cara. Thank you for playing. Thanks. Thanks for. Taking it easy on me today at really needed this avenue. Here anything you'd like to say as we say so long. I there's a lot of fun. I'm really happy. I got to do it. Are. You GonNa get off this phone call and be like crap like what did she miss? Oh, she missed country boy. That one. Felt like you kind of new. Direction on that one. You just couldn't quite get there. Right. Well don't be up but you did not want fifty dollars but thanks for playing there. She s care everybody. Azure prize, you do not want fifty dollars. But you now get to do massive self promotion and I don't think you've been on since new music has been out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Do you have a songs I do nice massive self promotion and Q it Mike Be. He's not. This is why so this is a this is some new music that we just put out. We just kinda started doing a series of two song drops call them flip sides, and the first flipside came out last month last month two weeks ago. Featuring Tucson's 'cause sunshine state of mind and do the math and. This is my favorite right here. We're playing this on the countdown this weekend next weekend next weekend. Well first off. Thank you. That's amazing But yeah, it's also win that winning. National countdown. Let's go and. So we put that music out a couple of weeks ago and so forth been it's been streamed really well, people people digging it and I'm just really fired up to have it out. The project is called top down southbound. Nice. Little end of summer feel good fund jam. So IAGO check that out we have a second one coming out next might. Follow along on instagram twitter and all that stuff at Adam Hamburg and and and check out the next one comes out to why do you turn into a rapper when you're talking about your own songs in self Russian? Your. INSTAGRAM. Over. I have no. IDEA. What you're supposed to do it I don't I'm always like I know nobody cares nobody. Stumbled across it or your board have at it you wrote a songs. Yeah. wrote the songs is do the math was there in a long time ago it was written about I guess, I guess, probably four years ago three or four years ago now. I just read it with some some good buddies. David fanning and Nick Donnelly and and that kind of sat around it kind of like people people like to go on hold every once in a while and then, and then we kind of like started talking about making a record for me and and doing the record deal thing and so we kind of held it, and then now finally seeing the light of day trump pumped about I was playing it on my phone we're headed to baby Seattle to to shoot an episode of my nat go show and I was it was playing out loud. And Tom Lord, who is my manager? And also. Runs Red Light also has an incredible jump shot. Yeah. He was like, Hey, who's that? I think it's Adam. Hamburg he goes. I've heard that song before I. Think. That long time ago and I was like, Oh, I don't know I I like it now. But yeah, play some more do the math my. Want. Bag period. Experience. That's my favorite one. I was drawn to. That's the one When when we did like the, we did the Youtube series a couple years ago blank slate sessions. And it was like right after we met that was hey man like that's all I said that. I said that then to I'm consistent once they see I may not know on consistent. Even when I don't know that's what I'm like before. Wow. For the record one atom and I have played one on one shooting games. He hasn't lost when we've played group with multiple people without him. I haven't lost. So just letting you know you know what I think that is I. Think it's focused thing 'cause like we we played knockout you got like you got to ball's going at the basket all the time and then you got all these people out there and then I get add forget what's going on I. Don't want him in the face with the ball. knows. My nose I felt really bad about my mom takes me immediately after she's like bobbies blood on his instagram was that because you like I'm sorry fully healed up and we're playing against Sunday play basketball you could play with Aggie try. Listen Ray is okay. He's it asked he's got his moments. He's. where he does occasionally do something athletic, but he's wild. Ages guys, bondage chunks it up like he's under the goal. It's pretty wild. All right. Adam, Hamrick, thank you very much. Thanks for having me as you say me fifty bucks and we'll do this again in a few weeks. All right. On right now layered. One of my favorite songwriters in Nashville, and now he's put out a record of his own music with his own voice, his own his own singing. which I think pretty cool. Hey, luke how are you bud? Man Can grab on the ATM PAL. Thanks man appreciate that also in the room is songwriter Adam Hamburg so he's just hanging out to He said I told them about talked. He was like well, I want to stick around and listen and talk to the guy forever. All right. So let's start with this. Why in the world? Would you put out a music? An album of your own music what inspired that thought? I mean. The people were just begging for. Not True not. True. Not True You know honestly it sounds cliche but I, think it started with the songs I had a few of these songs that were. Super personal and Just. As a writer Kinda hard to. Catch other people. It was almost just to specific and. Actually my wife best. she encouraged she's like I think you should make an album and we started that before the whole pandemic and actually have been quarantined. Trying to gave me the time to go ahead and finish it so I don't know it just felt like like the right time you talk about super personal songs and played some of this on the morning show too. But this is track one. It's music row, which is in Nashville, music rose, where you all the business gets done some place. One. Swings down on. A. Very personal song there. It gets more personal as you go. But how long dry music row. I wrote that like at the beginning of this year. I feel like I saw a picture of you on instagram where you were going. Hey, when I was young, I came randomly to Nashville and like went to a Bo what was your Nashville? Story of the first time you came. I came with my family on a family vacation like the summer between my sophomore junior year of high school. And I mean I was already huge country music fan. But when I came here and I saw show the Bluebird and it was just the whole trip was like a dream but just kind of blew my mind. Pretty much from that trip I knew that I wanted to to move here soon as I could. Your wife and are friends on Facebook, and so I see you got to frigging cutest kids. There I haven't seen them ever in human life, but they're growing line weeds on facebook. So it's while to see that. But then I saw she had posted that she was proud of the stolen and that's why don't drink anymore. Now tell me about this song. What what led up to it and why she would be so proud of it. Sure. Well so I got so in two thousand five and that was actually the year that the best and I started dating. And you know when you when you stop drinking people, you go out and stuff like why don't you drink and I don't WanNa. Go through the whole story well, because I can't stop And so. that. That's like basically after my second to you I. Spent a little jail time. I felt like. My Life isn't going the way I wanted to I had a publishing deal but I wasn't really taken off the songwriter and I just knew I had a lot of changes to make. So I always knew I wanted to write this song had the title for probably four or five years just sitting in my phone and I never could find the right way to write it. One morning I sat down the first verse just came out and and I felt like. It was the right way to write it just just be as honest as possible. And actually played that song one night at the Bluebird. And this girl came up to me afterwards. And she had tears in her eyes and it was just like that Song I just love that song it means so much to me. My Dad just recently got so is there Is this song available anywhere and of course at that point it was and? I said just give me your email I went home that night and just recorded like a little work tape on my phone. Emailed it to her and. That kinda think Kinda got the wheels turn into as far as releasing some of my music. I'M GONNA play. Some of that here is that's why I don't drink anymore. Let in Bass. That's why. Don't drink anymore. Grace. Grace. Owning. Records out today because this is gonNA air on Friday and. Added another one I was looking at what we had you listed as last time because Luke came in and we did a whole episode it's been probably two years or so ago but. At the time you had I think twenty two or twenty, three number ones. Now you have twenty four. So what was the last number one? Hard to forget. Oh come on I don't even know what it was. You wrote that other great. I love that. That makes sense to it makes your behind that song to the where paired with the sampling on it, which you produce all different types of stuff. Wait. Let me. For a second get off of this project asked about that song you Sam who else is in the room right? In that song I, mean like a million people It started off me salmon. Actually, Gore goalie. We wrote a song to that track I had. And then Sam called me the next day. He's like man I wrote this other Song Josh Osborne and say mackinaw and I think the idea actually fix this track more. We all get together and kind of rework the lyrics and and so we did of course I was like you have. And we got together and. Between the five of us, we we put it together. So, what track did you have? What did you go into the room with your? Like? That's my track. I was sitting one morning over there. Greenhills at that restaurant I watch and I had my. Headphones on listening through this like old school talk playlist. And that Went Pearson there stands the glass came on which I've known that song. But for some reason I listened to and I was like that'd be kind of fun to make a beat to that and I literally wasn't thinking I'm going to play for an artist and we're going to write a song to it but. I I got with Sam a few days later and we worked on that. You know he and actually I had been working on another song things like do you have any? Threats that are a little different and turned around in that song just happened to be pulled up on my computer. I was like, Wow I do have this and I played it for him. He was like Oh man I love that but. We're to that. So yeah, thought happened. May. Here's a thing about that song is it comes in with anything that Sam does you got eighty percents frigging love it and I'm one of them you got twenty percent of haters that are being extremely vocal but then the song hits number one, it is still researching and testing like crazy right now like I, look at the numbers and it's still one of the top two or three songs. And that is a jam. So let me ask you this on the songwriting part since you guys combined all of you guys. But do you have to add in the people who wrote? The Webb. Pierce Song. Yeah. Yeah? Absolutely. And so. We got that sample cleared and they got like a small percentage of the song. We actually got a better deal than I thought but. But yeah, it was It was for sure they got they got a writing credit on that's pretty cool and good for them families making money off of it and I bet you people stream the original? No I. Did I had the original song I received it in and it had been probably fifteen years right even heard from my grandma would had been collection stuff and I'd heard that song through her it wasn't a favor but I heard it through her but it made me go back and actually revisit that song. Recorded in nineteen fifty. Crazy here's right now turn that up. Our My. Take you to make that a sample on the track. Probably. Be Kidding me. Cheese. It doesn't always have that sounds like You know no big deal. It doesn't. It doesn't usually happen like that. Luke Laird is on Instagram at Luke Robert. The albums called music grow I'm asking about one more saw branch on the tree. Tell me the story about branch on the tree before I play. Yeah. Man. So Actually one morning after I read my Bible this verse into me about I was reading about the binding the branches of like this. There could be a song in there and so I wrote the core. And I kept trying to write versus for it and just never it was it wasn't working. So I had a day booked with Lori McKenna and Berry Dame to incredible songwriters. and. They're like, what are you guys want to do and I I was a little reluctant to ask them but I was like I. Know You guys probably would rather race off for Tim McGraw Today but I have this one song I'm trying to finish for my record and I can't write the versus and they. In a matter of like less than an hour they they knew exactly what to do with that song. So that's how we wrote it here is branch on the tree. Here you go. Ahead or piece a man on the porch. Day. Thankful. Around the. Happy Kid. Thankful the. Brain of salt to treat. San Ground Truth. There is grammy. Winning Nashville Songwriter. Producer collaborator. He crushes songs, he writes and produces. Areas now put on record, and by the way, he's got the best show on Apple Radio as well, which is country play which I it's. It's the only show that I'll I like Lisa to Davis but the only show that I really make a point to listen to you do a great job over there. Oh. Man. That's kind of you the learning curve for me. All right look good luck with the record congratulations. I know it's extremely personal, but I'm just a big fan and. Wanted to make sure that the people listen to me also maybe give this a shot. I really appreciate the support Bobby. All right luke talk to you soon.

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8 Minutes Of Joy


08:10 min | 9 months ago

8 Minutes Of Joy

"Hey how's everybody doing from WBZ CHICAGO? This is Internet. I'm Greg Johnson. It is Monday march sixteenth and I am currently speaking to you from the floor of my not suspicious bedroom closet and everything is kind of super terrible. But I don't know I feel like it doesn't have to be right. I mean now more than ever. We've gotta be taking care of ourselves so with that I would like to welcome you to Internet's introverts guide to the good life. I don't know about you but right now just seems like a really good time to check in and share some ideas for staying sane during these crazy time so I I want you to listen to something for a second. This is the sound of Italians singing from their balconies while they're under countrywide quarantine. Just soak it up for a second singing from your balcony. May Not be an option. I know I definitely do not have a balcony but we thought it could be useful to share some tips for working from home. You've probably heard it's smarter shower and get dressed like you're a normal person going to work on a normal workday. I for one am sitting on the floor of my closet in lounge where I did not shower today. Feeling great but anyway. I really love this suggestion that NPR political reporter at Danielle Kurth Laban posted on twitter last week how to work from home number one shower number to get dressed number three work number. Four make your internal monologue. Extra was awful. I am not a reporter number five twirl in your ball gown number six. Did I not mention your ball gown? You are number seven twirl until it feels better. Twirl twirled. Isn't that just amazing? I think it's delightful. I wish I had a ball gown here so it's also going to be really important to distinguish between work time and free because you cannot spend like twelve hours a day looking at twitter. That sounds horrible so instead here's some ideas for stuff to read and watch in. Do I do think right now would be the perfect time to dive into a whole new series of books that you haven't read before if you're a historical fiction wonk or if you really loved like not necessarily Super Plotti but really important policy discussions in the West Wing. You should definitely check out. Hillary Mann Tells Wolf Hall series. The third book finally came out a couple of weeks ago and I cannot wait to read it another series. I'm really looking forward to checking out his called the nine realms with by Sarah caused off. I haven't read it but my friend says it's like Emma Thrones Brin Biladi which sounds great and the first three are already out in the fourth. One comes out next week which is great timing and another series which I've actually already raved about in the net newsletter and on Nets. Instagram is called the spellman files by. Lisa. Let's there are six books detective stories but they're bright and funny instead of being like super dark brooding. Nobody dies in. I don't know they're just really great. Especially if you like mysteries but don't WanNA spend a lot of time thinking about people. This is definitely for you in terms of stuff to watch. I know a bunch of high fidelity super fans who did not think we needed a remake of the classic two thousand film top five things. I Miss About Laura one sense of humor very dry but it can also be warm and forgiving. And she's got one of the best all time lapse in the history of all time last. She lasted her entire body to. That's the one with John cusack. It was amazing. The soundtrack was on point. I too was highly skeptical of the new TV version. But if you haven't seen it yet you absolutely should. Because this time Robb is a chick record. Store owner played by Zoe. Kravitz and the music is all still exelon and the story is just super good and you can watch it on Hulu rate now. I ran into my ex last night. So how was it seeing seeing that the end of braveheart with ripple is entrails out? And he's like free but it's a positive thing because he like inspired as people or whatever like that but without the silver lining. I also think now it'd be a great time to watch the first three seasons of the. Hbo Show Insecure. It's created by and starring Isa Ray. It is excellent. The fourth season is finally coming out in April which means now is such a good time. Either start from scratch because you never seen it before or you know. Have a little refresher in terms of stuff to do. None of you will be surprised that I think you should cook and bake a lot. Now is the perfect time for comfort food whether that means like homemade hamburger helper or chicken soup banana bread and added bonus especially if you do some baking your. Home Office will smell delicious. Also I will say I think right now is the perfect time to start a new craft. I really love having knitting on hand even during the best of times and I have to tell you it is so nice rain out. Have something tangible that I can do with my hands and my brain other than just like freaking out you know. Think about embroidery different starter. Kits could order online. There's a bunch of Nice creative staff whether it's like a painting or whatever even baking is creative right but lake make sure you're sort of exercising those muscles as well. I would also like to put in a plug for doing whatever that thing is that you keep putting off. Maybe it's meditation or journaling or like organizing her closet. I have to say mine is actually pretty tight. Eight which is great. Because I'm sitting in a rain and hey we really want to hear from you to let us know how you're doing what's keeping you saying. And what you're grateful for these days just record yourself on your phone and email the audio file to note at podcast at gmail.com. Of course you can also tweet us at podcast and we will play some of those in another episode coming out later this week and one more thing. You won't want to miss in just a minute south. Obviously a lot happened last week. But one thing that I feel like is especially noteworthy is that it was bobby mcferrin seventieth birthday pokey is the dude who whistled his way through this nineteen eighty nine grammy winner which also just happens to be a song that. I feel like we could extra us in our lives. Right now is a little song. I wrote my want to sing it note for node be happy. Song is obviously amazing. But if you have time today which I bet you do. You should check out the official music video and has bobby in this amazing white suit. For some reason he's barefoot. He's got a bow tie on and he's dancing with none other than actors Robin Williams and Bill Irwin. Now I know you know who Robin Williams is. Maybe you're like Bill Irwin. Who is that? It took me a minute to place to turns out he played Mr Noodle. Who's that weird clown guy on sesame street from back in the day after eight? That's it for today. The show is produced by Justin Bowl. Our executive producer is Brendan Bana Zach. Wash your hands of white large groups and don't worry be happy when you were angry around. Would you be happy now?

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