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"bobby maury" Discussed on SRB Media Podcasts

"Six and ad including style got well good Walls and then by szekely dirani talking about right sided pla- allied pie. That well it depends on the price fall to fall for free freedom and bully at some Good kind of do that raleigh one but yet yet around that so you had you know. The kind of that song was a good claret at the kind of would be good such a diet because he was a kind of old. I was very full with a was someone that feeling spike things. Yeah so i had Decide we we had full well crowds prize. That was a Kepa and the rest rarely you fill the spices around him. But he's bobby charlton in this team of yours replying in the fall of the world cup. Do you fit bobby charlton into that too. So they still. Yeah on the on. Kind of what i would either the jigsaw. It was kind of bumpy. Chattanooga's bubby challen. At one time he was he wasn't left wing. it wasn't a night podium. Inside bobby was didn't really position He wasn't an inside. Is when i think about people shoddy coke. He never had a position he wasn't it wasn't a midfield plan. Bubby was much the siamese he was adrift a song. I'll to to have the best plaza in your tell which which i would do. I would probably put bobby in midfield with joe jason and kept bully on the right then and then because i joe jason if bully when wondering about field. When she was good. I enjoyed without now problem. He was joe. Jason was a a massive tactician on the field. Wear to guy with bully. Went somewhere with nowhere to go. It wouldn't be telling by any couch. The site you know might not one. That would have been a much better team. And we qualify to the next twelve years. So sensor off. Along saw bobby maury from gonna push your marvin into or or simpson from arsenal. Who would you if given that number. Five shirt too. If astronauts was the manager in july sixty six.

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