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"bobby marquez" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"bobby marquez" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"Nicole says she's from ray hook book-length represent anything red hook brooklyn assigned deeds and absorb the. Hey on telling. We said within tells the baby fall. Keep those bs away from babies. Brian is here. Hey brian oh you out to facebook jay. I'm surprised you'll be back there. He loves it. There cindy j. We miss you're gerald. He popped back out to the need in y right now. Facebook is going on with them because they flag the post. I posted about three years ago. They send me about my what. What the heck so. I see why. Brian would give up because ebi. He'll send me a screenshot. It'd be something from back. Like in twenty eighteen that he with the facebook jail for what they of retroactive post. They check it knowing what the heck is going on and our current chat room member of the week. Damaris de rodriguez. God blesses us the new chat room and she's facebook picked me because she she went off on that cantu barry ribs. Somebody looks sean hannity. Josie dad's lewis shawn heins. Jones post cancelled. Barry ribs always all movement which we still are in support movement and hus- zest and her being very ambitious with writing. She said you know leagues. Dot dot dot dot dot n. Facebook alerted. they alerted the us the page. They said There was a total violation of the community standards. And my next door was. I hope they don't block off for her just regular facebook and spoke to her last night and they blocked off with thirty days off facebook. She says she's gonna call. We'll talk about that. So be careful on these facebook streets. They are not yours basically triggered the not tripping own the relationship and lake now to go back three four years just like oh let it go. New missed it. You miss your chance. It's called the cancer coach now with it to facebook is tripping like the lady with that said these disparaging things about asians and she got fire. Remember what you said about. Seven years ago we talked about that same thing. You get fired over facebook. Watch what you say on facebook streets huw and that's what happened with. That's what happens. Tiffany closest here. Good morning to you. Shout to mark no. hey mark. call him bro. Time he was he had a great weight lift off of his show. What what was that way calling. Man this is my guy doing great. What's going on more calling. Seven zero ninety two six nine five zero. This is my guy. I've known them for years man. He's like it's almost like a brother to we. We almost got into fights and we are like but like we have so much love for shoving so much respect a known this guy for over ten years. He's he's the money guy. Lot of my guys are money. Guys mark calling what's going on with you now. Yeah i know he's still getting his money. But what else is going on bro. Calling at the group. No no song harris is here. Hello sonia good morning to you. Were you hate bless you. Sonia live longer than allowed. Sonya's out there. I know a bunch of politics. But they're they're like from thirty to fifty. Yeah and for this particular sonia. Please live long because there's no. There's not a lot of sonya's out there. There's no new breed. There's there's no new breeds of sonya's out the out here. No maybe that name is because it sounds like such an older name to give a baby by sound sons popping in the seventies ain't that's done please live long young lady. Please keep that name going. Because they've never names rap and they maybe sonia again so you have a baby and named the baby sony Pamela boys hey. Pamela wanted to number one. This is the which i think is a beautiful name. Yeah but pamelas maybe right there with them sewn using the three are my age older. You'll see no baby Baby pamelas out here. Pam babies pamelas or pam's now you'll see the chat room. Hey pamela out prop pam's pamelas in my fifty six years. Seen the ugly one never did that was seen an ugly pan okay. I can't concur. pamela. Lee live low. Well that's you become. There's a lot going on. Tell me if. I don't have nothing nice to say i should say i'm just go back They will newark. There might be some ugly pam's Continue how the queen in the building diet is here yummy. Sega quique she is. He had a board. We know one thing for certain. We only have one queen this chat room. Yeah diane antlers. It's gonna be a problem. I'm sure she don't mind sharing on the she will. She's going to say no she she will say now should be political about it role but behind closed doors should be. You know the hell is going on is only one queen anne and we're gonna keep it that way. Don't worry about it so someone coming here with a queen we can do queen. We have a queen one queen. Everybody you know mess. She's been the worst day one. There'd be no other queens. Diane and that's that oslo claimed it is over candidates that like we have future listens. Come in. i'm queen tasha. no you're not. We have a queen. Just tasha reprints as you could be princeton bobby marquez. Mr one emoji. Jackson is here. Hey mark is good morning. Diane said every woman is a queen whether she knows it or not. Tell you say that she was gonna be political. Dhaka's diana's uplift that she. She's a queen but initially i see is the cost. Of course all the women. Let me clarify okay justification. You're just start tripping. I said it this morning all good morning to on my beautiful queens. Yes the ladies all. You are queens. But the title queen is for the queen diane. I saw them back. He's the only queen don't queen and had the title queen. Of course all you women to queens on might have the. Let me clarify that guy. Come down on your grain. We say you. What all the all queens with the title queen goes to the queen diane. I gave her that name. I gave queen jackson and the building gum on indira. Hey girl lee scott. it's in. The building was terrible. How.

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