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"bobby linguini" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

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"bobby linguini" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

"Michael tell you what it was. But that's when. I first came out here toothpick because of my work second city i got to be an internet. Ucb tuesday nights clean toilets vaccinate floors tuesday night improviser. She was douglas movies comedy. Death-ray predominantly a musical improv. Group called diamond lion and they were paired with somebody else arguably in my opinion if you want to like get into comedy and that's a night. Yeah you could just sit there from six. Pm everything at night podcasting stand. Stand up some of the best standup i mean festival level standup lineups. Yeah and i watched you do you you. It was probably two thousand and eleven. Two thousand twelve nice. You had just moved there. And i was like man that it's fucking good standings man and i told you outside. I had no context for anything and then later on like i know you and stuff like that was like well. Yeah course chicago. Then i found out and the new york. And i was like of course he was fucking good but you would just walked into the door of my eyes. I and i was like wow. That's great standup. I love that. And i love the. You had the I i don't know if i'm gonna do this on stage but sometimes i'll be on line up. I was on a supernova show or something. they're just added pete holmes and someone who's like never heard of him and it was like this. Is you hearing about me. You seeing my name on the lineup you. I can't tell that. Now if i show you a picture down. Go never heard of him. That's true that's fine. But i just told you yes i bet you have. You've heard you can never know now long no longer. Can you say i haven't. I always loved that thing. He used to say where you were like no other job where people make you prove it where you're like. What do you do on the car. Ride at ruben. Nobody's going to plumbers being like take me to the houses you've worked on. Let me turn these faults at really funny. You said it. I know i'm appreciating. I think it's because they're a god. And i say this with love i really do and i still got my pinky up for the founder. Okay sorry no. It's not even that good. Just want to prove that. I'll remember the people that start standpoint. We were joking on your podcast pen. Pals roy scovill. I haven't. I've had this treadmill. I've been using it every day. For maybe two and a half. This is where it happens is. This is the hamilton the hamilton this the room and maybe good sweat and habe day sure maybe day three of using it. I already was going around being like i'm an exercise guy. Yeah and that's what people do is stand up. They do it three times over six years and they're like i'm a comedian. And that's where you get proven culture. 'cause everybody's got and you know what sometimes it's not even them like my parents were just in town. He likes and i went to their hotel. And there's always some older couple tying them in my parents ring the bell saying something. Nice about my folks. They love bragging about me. It's very sweet. Of course i come in. And they're bragging about me data now. We never seen crash town. That's and there's another older couple and they're going like we have a friend. Who's a comedian. Bobby linguini and then like poor. Bobby linguini right. Might not even identify as a comedian. Right he was in a movie. That was a comedy and they call him a comedian. Sure you get proven culture. Not just comedians false representing comedians but other people imposing other people with the label comedian when really comedian. Means you do stand up in nightclubs. Right right yeah. Unless you're putting a word like youtube in front of that we'd find comedian. It's fine different from a comedian. Who cares where we really in that territory. Podcast split we split it right split. What comic comedian. I don't like comic. I may comedy. Unless i'm with a bunch of comics. And i'm like yeah mccalla i find it too. 'cause you right you asked of course comedian. Three hundred it'd be a comedian but if you don't do any of those things are just a comic if you just do stand up comic okay right. Yes i'm telling you and it's not bad. No because comic is always said with pride. Hundred is a lot of people. Nobody says he's a comedian comedian. That's right dave. He's a comic comic. And david tells a comic and he'll acting things but you can feel the come on comic comic. Even though i think he's great he was great. Great great on crash down and really sweet. Yeah and he'd give him a tag and do it. Not just because it was your show because other people giving him tags i'd give him tax people get like work. Shopping rose johnson stuff. It was really fun. Now we're just talking are in the founder. He plays his little motivational record. At the beginning they go. There's no greater cliche than wasted talent or something like that. It just talking about like it's like It's overdone to death. The most talented guy you know. I don't even know i've always. I've said this a million times. I'm the third funniest person in my group of friends. Because they didn't have the wound right. You know what i mean. Yeah that's what's getting. They didn't have the delusion they didn't have the delusion because on some on some level and you'll see with people who are working out some angry things already in the captain america chamber and one of the vials sh and i started screaming. Has the word delusion on it and the other vile gosh. Send them screaming even louder and it goes wound. That's what you need to be There's something about that. I mean we're so naval right now but there's something about you air oranges. Maybe that is like no no no. I'm the one who gets to talk. Yeah that's right and that's just delusion my friend thomas who was healthy if you if it if it proves to be true but on some level like somebody looked at robert deniro was like you really going to move to new york and do it now. I know he's from new york. But i'm still saying like you. Bay really gonna manhattan. Do you really below fifteenth street. And who think they think they're going to respect you down there like he was delusional doubted deniro and by the way deniro was delusion. Of course he has kenny. What you think about this all the time. So there's that guy in the movie fury which you told me to watch the other guy in the movie that's like He plays the punisher baron. So i'm burnt though okay..

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