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"bobby hackett" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"With a K. 11 06 checking Wall Street, the Dow gaining 168 closing out the day at 30,392 S and P Up 26. Well, the NASDAQ Rose 121 Sports Devante Smith of Alabama, the first wide receiver to win the Heisman Trophy in 29 seasons. Don huff WBZ Boston's is radio. It's nice side with Dan Ray. Billion Easy Boston News Radio. Hello and welcome back. It's the final hour of night side for this Tuesday evening. I'm Jordan Rich Filion. One more hour for Dan. He returns tomorrow night. And we thank you for your patronage. And we thank you for your calls The number of 617254 10 30 or 88 8929 10 30. Have more fun question. Tolo throw in for the final hour. We we've talked about these kinds of things on our shows are perspective shows, you know, encounters with famous people or celebrities. What about encounters with national politicians? I'm not talking about Voting and campaign campaigning for any of them talking about. Have you actually been in the presence of and met anybody? And if so, what impact did that have on you? I've been In the company of not I'm not very close by, but in the company of three presidents, I believe, and that various events and rallies and dedications That's pretty interesting and then spend a little time as a youngster or younger guy in the Senate dining room, which was really interesting. So if you have Ah, story to share on that we can take those calls, but let's go to Ralph in rally. And get him right on board here on WBZ. Ralph, Welcome. Thank you, Jordan. I have a list of people here and I was wondering what your opinion worth of them They are musicians. Oh, good. I'm glad we're talking about something. You're DK at one time. Sure, but this is my list. The best clarinet player. Of all times I thought was probably tweet found. Hard to argue. Although I will. I will. I will mention a local guy. Well, you want to do your list first, and then I'll jump in. Which one of the Oh okay, the best horn player, right? Thought of all times. Maybe a lot of people don't remember I thought was Bobby Hackett. From Cape Cod. You would they Cornet player and great shoes. From Providence, and I think he died and each samels up the cape somewhere, probably the greatest Uh, The top player I thought was scared, Adkins. He's a real good names. And, uh, Just joined the was wondering what you thought about those players and apparently the greatest. There's probably one of the best bands I like. What goes way back was Uh, Uh, 01 from Italy. There. One from it. Louis Prima Yeah. Louis Prima. Yeah. Thank you. Keep you keep thinking about that big band. I will respond to you. If Ralph I'm going to respond to you with some of my picks, and there's nothing wrong with your picture. All right. What do you think of that list? I think it's a great list. I think guitar. Should act and you have to go far to Ah, to beat him. Um, my choices for guitar. I have a couple of them, Um, one of Django Reinhardt, which is a different kind of guitar. It's it's Gypsy jazz guitar. Three fingered guitar player. I would also put contemporary guy John Pizzarelli up on that list. I think he's fabulous. A Zafar is horn players. You mentioned Bobby Hackett, who was terrific. There was a guy named Leon Marion, who I befriended way back in the seventies, and I He was a great player. Um, I think Maynard Ferguson would come to mind. Yeah, very good. Two clarinets that sad from Oh, and oh, yeah, There's so many. Uh, Yeah, you are. Alright. Clarinet. Um You mentioned Pete Fountain? No question. Absolutely. Mr New Orleans. I would say Benny Goodman, of course in his prime and also a local gentleman who I adore Dick Johnson. Loved him. Thought he was amazing. And what was the other one? Leave it. One more You had. Ah! You have drums. Yeah. How about drums? Maybe about Gene Kelly. You mean Gene Krupa? No. Gene Krupa. Yeah. Gene Kelly would be dancing to this music. But that's right. Gene Krupa and no argument. One of the great drummers. I mean, obviously, buddy rich Louis Belson. I mean, there's so many, uh Yeah, he played up. People eat up and was Beverly of Peabody. But he was well, wherever he played, you would've remembered yet Lenny's on the turnpike. Did you remember that the Italian big band Uh, No. You realize I won't be able to sleep tonight. Ralph, if I can like month of irony Marta Vanni. Oh my God, I never would have gone. There never would have gotten this. That's more lush romantic music, but that's zero for you. Good for you, but I really didn't join me with Jake tonight and for singers they was pretty had to beat like Rosemary Clooney. Course snatcher and Uh, There was a lot of good things in the old days. And the music doesn't have did you ground? It was yes, I know you didn't say if you're a musician. At all. No, no, no, I'm not. Yeah, I just love music and probably the greatest piano player. And I've seen him in person up in the Hampton upto. The casino was liberal country so either he was so great. Certainly the candelabra was on fire when he was like my favorite jazz pianist is Oscar Peterson. Uh, great. And I also, uh, Another favorite of mine is, um On was known for the vibes, of course, is Lionel Hampton. I saw him and in concert. Yeah, just blew that away. You need to play the vibe school. He played the vibes. Absolutely. Yes, he did. He was magnificent and the drums. Anyway, Ralph Good T o of you to call and get get us off the topic so we can relax a little bit. That was good. Thank you. Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones. Thank you. You too, My friend. Take care. I love talking about music. Why not so Final hour. We're gonna loosen it up a little bit. I'll give you just one more update before we do that. The Senate race in Georgia right now, as it stands, according to the news. As where watching it, Um Pretty much been this way for a while 51 to 48 roughly per do in the lead. The Republican On that side of the fence and then 51 to 49 a bit closer between Warnock and Leffler. Leffler in the league, So that's what's happening now. No one has called Either side is called or conceded, so we still have more to go. So the question is, Have you ever had a experience an encounter? With a politician, not You know it demonstrating against this individual. Or maybe you would. I don't know, but maybe you had an opportunity to bump into somebody. And if you go toe Place like D. C..

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