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"bobby garter" Discussed on Now Playing - The Movie Review Podcast

"By John. Power Plant goes becoming right now. Arne Circle Z so good. I don't star search. No it was really Stewart and you had no idea had my green voice changer on me and this is your roic poet Jacob. I can't believe we're having wrote poet in this are there any other is yeah unemployed mostly bartenders. I believe yes nine thousand nine hundred ninety three. How could I forget? My Freshman Year of college was coming to an end it been tumultuous year as I adjusted to life out on my own and Stephen King Miniseries on TV. I had not seen that many movies in theaters. Because I was poor and didn't have a car. I was anxious for Tommy knockers. Because I couldn't get through the book. I got the book as part of the Steven King Book Club. You are the Stephen King Fan by the way like you're the one who's supposed to read all the books and you couldn't do it. Not In the nineties. I mean came out in the late eighties. In part of what they call the Stephen King firestorm we did four books in twelve months including it and this and I got this one probably in nineteen ninety ninety one and tried to read it a couple times. Couldn't so I'm like yes. They're making a movie of it. Jimmy Smits I love La Law. So I'm there now. I don't have to read the book. I'll find out what it TRACI Lords I love her. I knew that yeah sure the last time she was on primetime television. It's that acting you. That's the real draw isn't it? Arnie I of course have never seen her adults work or is it the music career actually legit like her music. No joke and she's really fun in person having a couple of times and just got into Chitchat. But no I was liking TRACI lords the actual actress even though I can never and will never see her adult work so but I was there. The first night of this miniseries. I was anxious the night to play. I remember kind of watching you back tonight to you after night one. My dorm had two. Tv's in its that we we could watch a movie while somebody else play video games. My memory is more finally beating. Sonic the hedgehog three. Wild Tommy knockers plate. I think I only saw a bit of it. My memory was that I watched some of it but honestly I think the only thing I ever saw was the coke machine attack like stayed with me. I knew that this movie had killer coke machine in it not for maximum overdrive right. Yeah because it's so scary. You can do it twice. There's so many layers but this was the book that broke me. I was a Stephen King Fan until I picked up that book and then I didn't read anymore of his books for decades after Tommy knockers but I did read it for this. Viewing the Hell. I probably suffered through worse and I'm going to pick a controversial stance. I don't think it's his very worst book. No it's not his very worst book but it's a Mung them. I finally turned to the last page for this recording as well. I knew someday I'll have to do a books and Nachos on it so I locked down and I read that book and it's not as worst but it's really in the running for worst. I was surprised because I typically the Stephen King Newbie here. I have not read the book. I hadn't seen this but my wife had read the book like she. I think until Dr Sleep. I don't know how much king is put out since Dr Sleep. Oh like seven or eight nine. Yeah of course but that is the last one she ran like. She's like I think he's done but she had read this one when it came out like got through the whole thing. She did not remember much because she watched the TV movie with me. She was to shock where it was going. But Yeah I'm the new one here. Well it makes perfect sense to say this is when Stephen King hit rock bottom literally and personally this is when his addiction was at its zenith and he was passing out and having blackouts and he said he barely remembers writing. This book and much of the book can be seen as a metaphor for addiction. That's all the book is right. 'cause that's how I saw this movie. It's about five different books. I'll weigh in and say I actually like a few of them. Saves it from the bottom of the barrel? Is there's elements of it? I like there's so much going on but yeah of course it's gotTa have the alcoholic author as the central figure. I mean I wish it weren't that story. But after this is when he finally joined a and finally cleaned up for good and had writer's block his big fear the reason he told himself. You know. Alcoholics have a lot of stories they tell themselves but the reason he told himself he couldn't stop drinking and stop cocaine and stopped listerine because he not be able to write as well and it was after this book. I think he might realized. I'm not writing as well on the drugs either. He has said this is his least favourite novel and they changed quite a bit of it for the TV thing. He actually said that they improved his book in many ways. I've got an ask because this is a straight up scifi story. I guess it's maybe has the Ghost of aliens possessing people and maybe that's horror but what was interesting. Was this really struck. Me As a sci Fi story not a horror ghost goblins all that stuff. Stephen King is known for. Has He done straight Sifi. Not under the name Richard Bachman before. There were a couple of short stories in the night shift and skeleton crew anthologies that were straight sci-fi as well a psychological horror but not much and depending on what you wanted to take it as I mean fire starter could be seen as sci-fi given that they have a scientific reason for the telekinesis and all the scientific study of it and really not much horror until the end with a bunch of flaming bodies. You know I feel that Stephen King was at a point. Though after it which he said was going to be his ultimate monster story he has written horror after then but he started going into sci fi and mystery and drama and really stretching out so that his works didn't feel like every single one was going to be an evil mad libs again. The book is many different things at once and some of it is horror. I can recognize that he may have been reaching for something with having a ufo buried beneath it did feel like an invasion of the body snatchers story and the part. I like best about it was it was a noble parable. I mean that meltdown had just happened and so it was kind of interesting to think. About what would America do if on its soil? It was using a power that seemed to produce all these great results but also was causing people to have radiation sickness and lose their teeth died. I mean yeah you could see that as a metaphor for drugs or cocaine meth whatever the hell king was taking but I like the historical connection. Chernobyl is actually a subplot in the novel. He'll call it out directly not here though in this TV movie. There's so much you'd have to leave out of that book. It is five hundred fifty eight pages and probably fifty characters. I mean one of the hard things about adapting it is. There really isn't a central character like there are just so many little vignettes and side stories and characters just continually new people just popping into get killed or whatever that you can never get a fix on who the hero was supposed to be or what they're doing. I kind of disagree with that because so much time is spent in the beginning with Bobby. Ginn guard and then we get short bits with other people and Bobby Garter mentioned in passing but I knew that it would add to come back to them to me. It felt like he was kind of trying to replicate Salems lot by having a big town with a lot of characters. All of whom are going to be in some way touched. By the events that we're going on but not done is artfully assailants. Lot not done as well as Salems. Lots and yet here. We're going to get the stories in parallel. They're going to mix them all up. Edit them and show them chronologically and if it feels a little disjointed though Stewart a lot of that middle was just short stories. Yeah one for sure was published in rolling stone called the revelations of Becka Paulson was a short story. He wrote and if you've got one of the limited editions of Skeleton Crew only a thousand were printed. It was in there but other than that. It's never been in any Stephen King Collection. I got a copy of rolling stone through Ebay. Read it. Did he just straight up. Put that short story into the novel because I read about this like. He loved that. Short story so much she wanted to i. I don't know publish it again. Well he could have published it again in the regular skeleton crew if he loved it that much but in the short story. Becka Paulson finds a gun and accidentally shoots herself in the head and the bullet in her brain makes her telepathic and then she electric user husband. Stephen King rewrote it to update the TV shows. They watch because of the short story. It was Charlie's angels and the updated it to Miami vice in the that seems like just a matter of years and then they changed it from the gun. Shot to Tommy knockers. But I mean word for word. The same for large sections and Stephen King writes about characters having drawers of unpublished work. I gotTA think Stephen King had a drawer of unpublished work. He's like all right. I got electrical. Tommy knockers now dead at all right. This person got hit by a ghost. Tommy knockers now just inserted a whole bunch short stories and that wouldn't necessarily be a complaint. I do feel like yes. Salems loud is probably my favorite king novel and part of it is because it takes a look at small town New England and sees evil and rot there. I mean it's just a good theme. It's also the theme of it. Which is I'm guessing. They felt like this could work as some kind of sequel to it because that also had like a ufo that was buried beneath the town that they have officers from keep showing up. Isn't that the town from it? Dairy is also the town from stand by me. I always thought it was castlerock. Dairy and Castle Rock and haven our towns. That king will use again and again. But I wanted to as it because we're doing this in order of King Publication. But if you weren't a king reader and you were just liking the Stephen King Movies on television there had not been much Stephen King. There were salems lot back in the seventies and who really remembered it although it was out on VHS by the late eighties and nineties then in one thousand nine hundred ninety we got it nineteen ninety-one they did sometimes they come back for CBS. That's right and then here. In nineteen ninety. Three we got Tommy knockers. And why Tommy knockers. Part of it is rights again. When Stephen King was hot every short story every novel got optioned and as he was writing things would get optioned by studios before they were even published so a lot of it was well. This is what we can get the rights to. Wasn't it also I mean like X. Files and unsolved mysteries with all the UFO's. I was a big thing in the early nineties and I think that would be a hot topic to make a new movie and to be a thought..

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