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"bobby carl hall" Discussed on Hostage

"Though, not much is known of Carl hall and Bonnie head early years will attempt to understand their transition from troubled misfits to child abductors next week in part two will learn of the bizarre negotiations process in which the kidnappers gave confusing instructions we'll explore the FBI investigation into the kidnapping and the media frenzy that resulted from the crime. In order to understand the motivations of Bobby green, Lisa's kidnappers. Carl hall and Bonnie Hetty it's important to travel back in time and explore their formative years. Born in nineteen nineteen Carl Austin hall was the son of John Austin hall and zealous e hall Carl grew up in the small town of Pleasanton, Kansas where his father was a well known attorney in nineteen thirty two Carl hall was thirteen year old boy about to begin high school. This was the year of the infamous Lindbergh kidnapping in which the infant son of the famed aviator was taken from his home and later killed the one Bruno Richard help men would later be arrested for the crime speculation persists to this day as to the true culprit, it's a crime that young Carl hall would have almost certainly been aware of and that would perhaps remain in his subconscious for years. Years to come John Hall Carl's father passed away that same year leading to Carl's mother zella enrolling him at the Kemper military school in September nineteen thirty three located in Boone Ville, Missouri. It was a regional fixture training. Young men for service in the armed forces since the late eighteen hundreds Kemper also hosted problem students who had blown their chances at previous institutions by nineteen thirty three Paul Greenlees was one such student the adopted son of Robert C Greenlees the wealthiest auto dealer west of the Mississippi he had rebelled throughout his youth. Paul green lease and Carl hall were at Kemper together for at least a year when Carl was fourteen and Paul was sixteen. Neither could have predicted that in twenty years time Carl would kidnap Paul's younger half, brother. Bobby Carl hall was by most. Counts a strong student. He performed his duties with vigor and excelled in his coursework. It's hard to imagine that Carl didn't feel some resentment toward Paul Greenlees. Carl didn't come from nothing. His father had been a successful. And well known lawyer in Pleasanton, but that was a small town, especially when compared to Kansas City, Missouri. Where Paul grew up in. Well, Carl's family was well off Paul's family was endlessly wealthy Paul's parents visited in a dark blue Cadillac Coral's mother showed up in a Buick Paul had Christmas at Union Station with all the cutest gals. Carl just went home to his mom and so Carl the good student from good family paled in comparison to Paul the problem student from the exceptional family. Kemper students would sneak out whenever they could finding a local bar or a good spot in the woods. It was normal to see who could drink the most some of the country. Boys would bring up some moonshine from their family homes in the Ozarks. Some of the boys could drink this much. And still excel in school. Carl hall wasn't one of them. His mother zella had never allowed any alcohol around the house and it hit him like a deer kick to the face. But when he was drunk. He forgot about school forgot about his strict parents at home forgot about Paul Greenlees by nineteen thirty six seventeen year old Carl hall got to wear a needed a drink to get through the day. Just a few years ago. He had been a small town boy who only drank alcohol when he could find it Carl school records shows a history of positive and complimentary comments in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and nineteen thirty. Four but by nineteen thirty six instructors began to refer to Carl in their reports as untrustworthy and rebellious in that same year school records show that Karl hall had taken ill an attempted to acquire alcohol while in the infirmary reading between the lines. It would seem that Carl had at the very least developed an alcohol problem something school faculty were ill equipped to diagnose entreat. It's difficult to know the exact origin of Carl halls intense alcoholism, the final F B I file on the kidnapping makes no mention of any kind of psychiatric evaluation of the suspect and genetic makeup is of course, unavailable considering the timeframe of the crime and general obscurity of the culprit, but it's clear that alcoholism dogged him for the rest of his life in nineteen forty two..

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