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Portrait Of Jose Feliciano

Latino USA

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Portrait Of Jose Feliciano

"What i first met jose feliciano it was the year nineteen eighty six. It was a concert of his in california. And i was doing my first ever interviewed him now at that time was leon was one of the most famous latinos that i had ever met and what i remember the most was that he wasn't afraid to be himself. He was eccentric and a true bohemian artist. That was truly one incredible guitarist who couldn't get much padma five separate night. All oh and that air of confidence translates musically to everything hosts it touches. And if this is the first time you've heard of jose feliciano and you're not sure you know him. Well listen to this. Bobby bobby doc. That's what set feliciano's mega nineteen seventy. Christmas hit police one of the all time most famous christmas songs in the world but with a career that spans almost six decades ho says major milestones have come from him putting his own personal stamp a mix of soul folk latin and blues on well known songs whether that's of the past visa goddess. Zing zing on saying were classic rock songs three monks and even star spangled banner. Here's his iconic performance from a world series game in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. Oh a that may sound like an average game day performance but it was a risk that then three year old. Jose took during the height of the vietnam. War with his soulful rendition. Jose open the door for other artists to perform the national anthem in their own unique ways there was born in nineteen forty five in lettuce puerto rico and has been blind since birth. He was five years old when he and his family migrated to spanish harlem and it was in new york city for. He developed his love for music and crafted his skills on the guitar. In the nineteen sixties or say went on to become an international sensation especially in latin america. And since then he's performed on themed stages around the world. He's recorded over sixty albums and has won multiple. Grammy awards was. If any see now in seventies join me in the studio to talk about how humor is one way. He has coping about his almost sixteen year career and to talk about one of his favourite relationships. The one he has with his guitar. I'm wondering ho said. When was the first time that you remember hearing the sound of the guitar and was in an instant was it. Just like Yes it was. You hit the nail on the head. How how did you did. You live with me have you. What are you just like. You just like telling jokes all the time. Is that where. I'm sorry to say that has been my way of accepting the fact that i was blind that i wasn't normal A what at least people around me thought normal should be because in latin family if you have some kind of disability they start thinking oh my god. What's going to happen which happened to me. I remember hearing my parents discussing my future. All poor jose. what are we gonna do about. 'em eat canned. Seize blind and. I heard that i made up my mind right then in there that i was going to be different.

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"bobby  doc" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"bobby doc" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"I'm branching off into other genres as well too. So that's kind of what which getting right now. And Thank YOU OF COURSE R&B HIP Hop. Bobby. Doc The does Louisville had they own certain type of? You know probably like like Jersey got the they got a little house. I say little in this respect my. House you Kinda Connect Jersey with house. Is there. Kind of music lead. Don't honestly they don't. Honestly you know I see a lot of any artists in trying to come up right but. You know. They they're really just. You know tagging somebody else's style you know and they're not. There's not a lot originality and are being honest you know in What I see, I see what they're going for. But it just like like dislike Snack. Quite. You know just not. So it, they're trying to create their own. You know what they they. They, they have a wall in front of them and they just need to break that wall to create it. You know. So Next question everybody. Docs. Move. Ninety four point five, the Malays Louisville. Okay Be. You've been in a relationship where bobby HD. I'm letting you be great. Thank you. So you shared you in love relationship for ten years, right. Right and Bobby I'm engaged to be married. And Lee, and Lee's married from Louisville Right. But Andrew Gaulan is Cousin. He's available. My question to you is this. How? At spivey dinner almost every city in this country I never been to Louisville Kentucky I don't ever remember being here. How it ladies who is Andrew Andrew and I think that works at work. How and we just you're gonNA relationship we notice ain't nobody in trouble. Because every time I, ask the question arises out the dollar. Is You man you had is you know? How the ladies? Because here in this part of the country here in Bethlehem New Jersey and New York I believe from traveling the country Bobby Cologne at this part of the country has some of the most beautiful women including yourself barbeque. Showing. His single end how would it ladies Holly I need to I need to know doc how it ladies Louisville Kentucky and I'm saying I'm saying this. Forefront Barbara Club. I'm asking for how the men for the ladies ladies. In our? Let's go with the men I hope Bobby Gentlemen. Number. Put a pause on this. Earth Dot. Men because he had his a New York New Jersey a lot of baby fall la La Baby. Baby daddies out here. They need to start a coalition you need to unionize to pay that. Dot Com how to men in Louisville we well, we know from Lee Scott he's a good man. But. But how how men in Louisville Kentucky my friend? You know as you know when I look at my brothers, you know a lot of them has have goals. You know there there. Some might be you know off-track just a tad bit but.

Louisville Louisville Kentucky Lee Scott Bobby Gentlemen Bobby bobby HD Bobby I Andrew Gaulan Bobby Cologne Andrew Andrew New York Bethlehem New Jersey La Baby New Jersey spivey Barbara Club
"bobby  doc" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

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"bobby doc" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

"Names Iraq loans Alexia had an arsenal for a reason. They're the reason the reason got that was the reason which probably ain't need to grenades. You never know what is the situation you need for. They might have been part of tears. You gotTa Fuck It. Iraqi logic like the police not finding Roger. I need you to explain to me. The race has moved by. NFL One to explain the situation. Can you think you. Will you meet a rocket launcher. Will you need an army. Will they have one. WHO's Megan the southbound bridge would you that is by entity as a cop when I pull grenades and rockets out lane? I need you to sit here and explain to me. I feel like if you through a copy of an abuser. Now why else would never be a cup. I'm saying you abuse should we. You don't even know where to look into the carpet. We oh I mean cop God. I've seen way too. Many ball says NASA man. I'd I'm numb to it now. Oh so they were there filming. smackdown Ron England on. They booed him. 'cause he's he. He opened the open challenge. Walter came out. Hey Walter sure so. They're definitely going to boo you heavily. Polluting Extras Fuck you. In the rock somebody would have no choice. But the years rob Tom Walters coming now What else about does a cab camera? Now hot pink how do you how do you. I feel about being all in the rap. I didn't think she was rather than she. Liz as she talked on that she talked and rhythm on that song. I don't think those are the rapper But but you know we're BLEDSOE is robotic music together but see themselves r-rather nothing that project seek all remember. She put on the twitter. Whatever like she doesn't understand how future slim Jimmy consider rapids but she's not first of all Jimmy or apple? Yeah future is Azali is future. He's a separate category. I don't I don't I don't categorize them. He's he's a he's toxic. Masculine future is a masterful. Crooner L. Trap Gospel. He is a massive recruiter of the toxic masculinity phone ill but I can acknowledge acknowledge plus even I I can. I can acknowledge the future is probably a terrible future using I in the future is clearly a woman but he's also gene. I can acknowledge all these things about future. Also don't feel sorry for any of the women. Don't lie him now because you knew who forty-nine down with thank you feel that way because I feel that way a lot has on you. If he got seven baby mamas. Why are you trying to become number? Is that you thought you. It'll be some differences. You're like no you know what the figure that you're a thought you thought like. We're not all nuts Sierra. Listen the one that we don't know. Aw That's what I'm saying the one that we don't like the chick the dogs get sheets because she she'll here too. You're not smart though 'cause you because you know the other seven. I grew Joey. He's not he's not taking you to get them out of credit for your birthday. You know where do you know. What is you ain't got around to St? That is funny video of order she ain't got. AP She is not mad. She belonged to this As my Go-to me right as I go to me. I don't know who made that. The whole Kagi long who mandate every time somebody posts us of some it every time we gave us some some done by a woman. Is You belong to the roots. Who created that but they are Jesus among God? Doddery should kill me but yeah you should. You should sleep with future. How do you feel about sit? This apparently is a popular source of conversation on the Internet. So again. I don't care about two of these people involved but live line. Okay the whole Marianela. Finish where do you fall. How you fall on the lake fucking your homeboys? So the saw I wouldn't appreciate it because I feel a certain way about I do too. I very much appreciate because that's kind of this. Was Our no human hate here in clear violation Alexander Bronco. That is new broke. If that is the mother of my child she is off limits from my any kind of sexual capacity. My News. Like like my excellence. No like I wasn't married to them and I didn't have kids with it. I don't give it to win. But if like I have a whole child with this woman negative make an other women by go you also you also the horseback me. No so you just have looked from mom. You'll be one they have you know doc. It's good because we didn't have south. Awhile so yes we are very loud. A Mario Yeah Louis Louisville fees is. It's fucking Amari odds baby Mama. Yes in Marianas unbothered which you should be when I wouldn't be I mean you know publicly. He should clearly allegheny. But we're never going on tour first off that Millennium Tower. I knew that shit was destined to fail the moment they mentioned. They don't like each other down. One of them is claiming that what they're the uncle of their manager raped him. They don't like each of these they just don't like each other except the darts can do. Because he doesn't Jabil. Yeah he he does out. You know you're being able being the one that been having to none of them are just fine. Most succesful ranger. He's plugging like you don't count as K. Maybe he was. Oh Oh yeah he he he com he. He was a big move out there ever he is he is he is shot. I still play this here looking looking. He also cannot say one with song. Oh God the struggle Falsetto Recently for some reason I was like Oh my God I do not remember it too like I was listening he he can't. I've Seen Devlin. Maybe mom's totally offline you can't focus now we're gonNA find like you you can you if you WANNA and one of my ex's code but you now not the not the mother of my children know and when did not like no don't be it'd be Buddha with the lightning us nephew the first of all you you see this like okay might do little Kim was on I guess social issues all Buddha with a new man and Shit but then there's this video for extra man Mr Papers I miss your papers is is that government you know Mr papers that his government so his last name is paper mysticlake okay. What does would've papers I ne- mesler? Okay Mr Paper. He ended down calm looking at the video her boob Shit on instagram. Okay and doing what acting all dumb big about it is. He's looking at really are having a hard time adjusting to our flaunting her new man she when choosing noodle foxy want papers. Did you belong to me. That is disturbing very New York. Thing was he wearing Tim's when he he's probably intended. What does listen to the song cry? Yes that is the most New York New York thing to do so. He's looking at a picture of his ex listening to songcraft rush which by the way also super toxic. Oh yes that that vevey say shit. No I know I but you weren't supposed pose leading by eight sheets have money. Did you like you hurt the light that ought to take the fucking girl that will be right back sir. That's not how this works do that. Oh toxic toxic toxic masculinity Taylor set himself a Dick Appointment. But wouldn't it be a placebo. I mean I mean for her would be. Yeah I would hoping listen I come in there asking. Yeah I'm GONNA call me. Larry Bobby Doc. Wow coming package is you sounded got the shit. Oh they won't be at twitter three. Oh you belong to a certain take. I'm sure you have been the subject of one before I hope. Not but I have really Ogre Tam I'm not talking to a red color tweet. Homeless in its recent to really really wasn't says she's still on. I guess so. Far Far far twitter account that's just basically basically 'cause he he he screen shy of that Shit and I tried to go look forward and it wasn't there no more so I think she dancing and deleted us it but yeah it is basically you let chain Marivan. I'm not anxious. I wanted to get married and have somebody so. I'm not sure this is how it works. Man she belonged to the streets. Julie did appreciate belonged to that now so I mean ownerships. She launched streets before. So we'RE GONNA get. Oh you haven't went all right so this is going to be the end of the show. Stuff release Jesus King Dot EU religious. I did not listen to this shit Meaning I listened to the Cook Song Because Okay Yeah and I love the clips. But I'm not here to give Also I don't WanNa hear push. The rent was not about it. Apparently it was still about coq just not in the same way. He's normally about more metaphorically about it was like regretting selling coca. It does no. He does very next. I'll even talking about flip. That brick Virginia Jay Z.. said he lost thirty six breaks breaks and believed him. He didn't lose thirty six breaks. Yes you do that. You're a bad roads and you're dead. You're someone's going to kill Marcello. Yeah lose thirty six. Someone's going to kill your own home. Broke I lost thirty six. NICOT believe him. You'RE GONNA get stringer bail real quick but yes so communists religious conversion. Whatever you WANNA call? It isn't real Like he's been he's being a Christian college freshmen are being right now. Saying I'm a socialist. They'll do the same thing. Yeah he he so I don't want to diagnose discounting a 'cause I'm not an expert. I don't do that for that reason. Also I don't want to give them all the outs for all bushy no. I'm not giving him out. I'm just saying From people I know who knows these days. He plays bipolar tendency once again. Not An expert from people I know these type of thing And it makes them dive headfirst into things and I think that's sort of what religious Dan don't and he's also he can believe it. He believes it right now yet. Yeah he believes it right now. And also being hyper disingenuous whatever this hitless because initiated in two years tops being I am disingenuous parts of it or or what bothered me. Doesn't it doesn't snag is not smart. He says a lot of things and necas believe he's smart. He's not smart Gonyea is stupid. He's he's not being really good. Musical production doesn't nationally make him a smarter all intelligent human and I think people need to not there's a there's a difference between the two there's a distinctive and it's also very clear that a lot of times Connie's a room people who are also not smart. You're in are also impressionable. Yeah so he can say things. That'd be like man to make sense and there's nobody in the room raise a hand to be like. Hey actually that doesn't make out all the bullshitting with like what you just said logically doesn't make excuse me that that's wrong like everything you just said that that whole sentence you was wrong so yeah Again I don't know whether he's GonNa go A- gas. I don't care yet only care here I hate I hate when I see my time lawn. Cutting I just wanted I wanted to be over. I want to be over late. I the only the thing that bothers me is people blindly believing what he said or pointing out like Hey y'All just mad talk. I don't actually care about right..

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Explainer 161: Can Haiti prosper without UN peacekeepers?

Monocle 24: The Foreign Desk

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Explainer 161: Can Haiti prosper without UN peacekeepers?

"Yeah. When exactly is the right time to say goodbye is the question that has long been pondered by the United Nations as it looks to untangle itself from its long standing peacekeeping presence in the beleaguered Caribbean island nation of Haiti their relationship has gone on for so long. In fact, some fifteen years that it's become hard to cast ones mind back to what it was like before. The full-size u n mission actually already left the country back in two thousand and seventeen. Instead, a smaller police presence has remained charged with training local forces as per a recent u n vote, however that will now be wound down ahead of a full withdrawal bioch- Tober the fifteen for many Haitians including its lawmakers. The departure is long overdue from the days when Brazilians who headed the mission were welcomed with open arms and Urals of football as Renaldo and Renault Denia would spring up malls around capital city, type rants, the relationship has soured. And the good reasons for the first time in U N has admitted their involvement in the cholera outbreak in Haiti new investigation by the Associated Press finds the problem of sexual abuse and exploitation. By peacekeepers is wider and even more disturbing than previously known the first of those is to to an outbreak of cholera started in two thousand and ten just months after the devastating earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people the color epidemic that has had several waves with kill more than ten thousand Haitians and be attributed to bacteria brute into the country by the UN peacekeepers who had been charged with helping rebuild the country. And it wasn't until two thousand and sixteen that United Nations would apologize for its actions. We simply did not enough with regard to the cholera outbreak. And yes, a spread in Haiti. We have profounder story for our role as if that wasn't bad enough deep dive probe by the Associated Press has linked peacekeepers to sexual. Abuse and exploitation in Haiti and several African countries. And if the brand wasn't tainted enough by the report, it's two thousand and seventeen headline was peacekeepers as predators and reported a child sex ring organized by Sialang forces within the United Nations despite all of this question does remain the potential power vacuum left by departing troops flare ups and violence may not have any of the terror of the papal, Bobby doc regimes OB revisit of the violence around the alster presidential Detroit received in two thousand and four, but they still happen. Lost to lie. There were deadly protests over fuel prices, which led to the resignation of the prime minister. While this February opposition took to the streets to demand that president Shiva moist down. Fuels. The U N High Commissioner for human rights as Michelle Bachelet has been keen to point out that the Haitian police force has become a much more professional outfit, and is better equipped to do with unrest. Nonetheless, October will prove a crunch time. It's also when Haiti is meant to be holding parliamentary elections traditional time of violence, if the nation can emerge unscathed with the reputation of its go, it alone police force intact, and it will have taken a giant step towards its future. For Monaco in New York. I'm at Staka.

Haiti Cholera United Nations Associated Press Renault Denia Renaldo Michelle Bachelet Prime Minister Staka Haitian Police Monaco Bobby Doc President Trump Shiva Detroit Commissioner U N High