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Making Podcasts Great Again

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"bobby deniro" Discussed on Making Podcasts Great Again

"Again, I am your text of guy Jana and we are here, of course, with the president of the Maori language, United States of America. Mister Donald gloating J. Trump. He's got the post. I know I was actually farting right there but hello Tech stuff. Welcome back, how's everything going this week? Everything, good, a rare repeat for a tech stuff. Guy think people are often pleased with how I destroyed fauci last week but they said, okay, well have the tech stuff guy back. You didn't screw that one up. Yes, that was that was a really great episode. Last week was the president a lot of fun with you two going back and forth. It was, it was, it was, you know, I was let's be honest. And I almost felt bad for the guy beat up on him so badly. You did give him a rough time, but he also had he had some some quick comebacks. You don't think so? No, no, no. You know, you should probably watch it with that disrespectful town. I'm, there's no disrespect. I was just saying that. Okay. Well, you took the words of failure. In the words of failed actor, Bobby DeNiro. You disrespected a little bit. You see failed actor, puppy De Niro. Yes, as a total loser. There's a lot of stuff going on this week. Your boy, bb have you spoken to babydust baby. I've talked to him very strongly and I told him. Don't let the home. I was get you down. It's is your name is me. Excuse me. I said we have been very strong with the lgbtq community in our country. As you know Mike Pence was the first game as vice president in American history. So we have great respect for the lgbtq but when they're telling me that homos, a throwing rockets at Great Israel, very strong country. I said Even if they like it, you send those Rockets right up their ass. It's it's not it's not homos, it's Hamas. You know what? Do you say potato? I say homo, and if they want to pronounce it a different way. That's okay. We respect. Where respect the culture? You want me to say? Okay, Bahama sexuals will say Bahama sexual also a problem in Israel. Okay, we can say that, you know, we're not going to, I'm not going to let the left all of a sudden accused me of being anti-lgbtq because oh, you're not pronouncing it right sir. But Israel is another tough country but they're the fair and honest, you know, I don't like what I see, I don't like what I see coming from there. But you know what, you see, you see how that you know some of the guys they get very fit they get very strong and you don't want them just running into your country and beating up your your people. So when you have almost or is it pronounce Chamas trying to destroy a tough Nation, they gotta get tough right back. But it I'm not even to try to correct. You do you know the New York Times though was trying to make it appear that it's your own fault for the Hamas and Israeli violence. I have always spoken very strongly against violence, but sometimes you have to be tough and, you know, even bringing up the fake, New York Times the failing New York Times, is not something wage in this podcast o a n o a n on the other end says, we wouldn't even have this problem if.

Mike Pence Bobby DeNiro Jana J. Trump Last week last week De Niro Hamas Donald United States of America first game this week two Israel New York Times lgbtq Bahama American Israeli Maori
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"bobby deniro" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"We'll hear from Joe Thomas here in a few minutes. Randy's trying to get him on the phone. You better not get stood up by your your your fellow. Badger Bucky, Bucky. No sucky the other day, Marquis. Better way sucking You better hope, Buck. You don't suck. You hear that? They were really good against Maryland. And then last night I got in a fight. Extinct fight with bad boy. You're not really a fucking boils Very upset about his MSU squad. Mean boy, They 37 point even played in a while. Because a cove it right in the 37 points last night. It's no good. What are they? Five and six? I don't know. Some other over 500 delegate in five of you guys know I saw this last night on big tenant with the game was on Fox. Actually think writers on Fox sports last night I was watching that what you watch? I saw the staff. When was the last time Michigan State, Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky were all unranked? The last time they were all on right. Not one of those teams is in the top 25 right now Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky and Michigan State. I'll say like 84 84. Okay, I was saying, I think it's even earlier than that. I would bet Somewhere in the seventies and 1973 1973. I mean, that's older than me, Miller. I'm an old man. I'm confused. Maybe it's just a guess. Randall Tex 81 81. 1961. Yes, he was right. You're right, Miller, they said that's older than the good kid December. 1961 was the last time all four of those powerhouse schools were unranked. And then last night on our big Tex chain. I mean it. Merkin and Pat boils on at the same room with each other. What's going on? I thought they were gonna throw down at one time. What we should do is read does okay? You do your do your Al Pacino and I'll do my Bobby DeNiro. My Bobby DeNiro consists of a little bit little bit little bit a little bits ultimately bit little bit. Yep. Gotta try to find I'm Tanya. You'll be good. We printed out certain fast food chains took a took shots as well. I don't know. I don't know where as well Yeah. Last night. Let me guess. Chick fil a I'm not gonna offend it. Oversexed sponsorship opportunities I got you. I think somebody's taking a shot at Caldor's All right. Hey, he's trying to get your attention. I think we have those ready. Yeah, Let's bring him in. He is on Twitter. You should be following him. He is at Joe Thomas 73. You'll be going into the Hall of Fame in a couple of years. And I know Americans very excited. Any time we get to talk to a badger in your course excited any time we get to talk to a Cleveland Brown since you were there with 2014 was top Joe Thomas joins us on the Corona Hotline on ESPN. 1000 Joe, How are you? I'm doing great guys take care of me on. Well, thank you for coming on you. No, man, You look great. Since you're playing, they stopped. You want to put on like £50 again broke up and play for the Bears could need attack that we need to tackle it by any chance or like areas at this point, like, no, I'm done. It's in the rear view. You know, I'm happy watching other people work on Sundays. So I'm like the postman. I don't work on Sundays anymore. You tweeted earlier this Shawn Watson to the 40 Niners. You heard it here first. You're breaking our heart. First of all, Why do you think the 4900 Shawn Watson? It wasn't like I came up with that idea because it just makes too much. That's right. For me when I look at, like, all right. Just Houston is going to have to do something with the Shawn Watson. They've already lost some value because, he said, I'm not playing here, so everybody that's dealing with them knows he can't stay there. But also there's a huge surplus of quarterbacks that our veterans that are proven winners that are going to be available to stop seasons. I think Market value, typically of a quarterback of the Sean Watson's ability and youthfulness is usually it's so expensive. It's impossible to trade him, but because of things I just mentioned I think What could make sense is that the Shawn lost into the 40 Niners in exchange for Jimmy Garoppolo and a first round pick because, as you guys know, the new GM in Houston is a former New England Patriots guy. He was there when they drafted Jimmy G. And they saw Jimmy G and all former Patriots players coaches. They think that once you're a patriot, you learned the only way to win in the NFL. And so we got to replicate exactly what Bill Belichick was doing. Certainly necessary. Who's the new GM with protections is going to think that if I could get Jimmy G, and I can add a first round pick, which they don't have a lot of draft choices because Bill O'Brien lit a match and threw it into his House of newspapers on the way out by giving away most of his draft picks to try to build his roster that got him fired. Um, but If they're able to do that, it seems like a win win for me and the 40. Niners are loving the opportunity to potentially get to Sean walks and who would fit perfectly, and Kyle Shanahan boffins because concert ends offense is best. You have a quarterback to control deep down the field because he loves those play actions where he's getting guys. 40 50 60 yards down the field and you can throw those bombs. But also he wants a quarterback that's very mobile that's able to throw accurately outside the pocket on bootlegs and spread it spread out, and that's who dash on Austin is, and I think the 40 Niners see themselves as Quarterback away from being a Super Bowl champion. And I think that the Houston Texans feel like they can reboot and re program their entire team right now by adding a first round pick Getting a guy in Jimmy G. Who the GM really likes. And really kind of starting to build back up again in that manner because they know that they just can't keep the Shawn Watson is all the conjecture. We hear about four first round picks for For for the quarterback. Is that just what it is? It's crap. It is not realistic. It's not. It's not realistic, because typically, like I said, You know, if the shop wants is the only guy available, there's usually you know 10 to 15 teams that are dying for a young franchise quarterback that's under contract. But if you will get all the quarterbacks, they're going to potentially be available this offseason, including the guy who was the M V P of the leader is going to be the end between the league this year and Aaron Rodgers There's uncertainty there, he said it himself after the game. So you look at Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford and the list goes on of veteran quarterbacks. We're gonna be available. It's much more of a buyer's market right now, if you're in the market for a starting quarterback, and so there's no way they'll be able to get The amount of money our draft picks that they're saying four first rounders. It just doesn't make sense, especially when they every team knows they have to move on from two Shawn Watson. No. Thomas is our gas. Carmen in your colony has been 1000 and ESPN. Chicago after you explain what Kyle Shanahan's offense is, why would be a good fit? What? It looks like what he wants to do from your seat. What is Matt Maggie's offense? Well, it's a lot like any reason offense, and that doesn't mean that Shawn Watson would be a great fit. And that happens to Shawn Watson. The reason we're talking about you saying four first rounders, Okay? Let's let's be more realistic. It was a normal year, maybe two first round picks and then somebody later on like he's not like he's on his rookie contract if he was on his rookie contract, Super cheap Then maybe you could justify more pics, but he's already just re signed a deal. So the Valley's he's playing for three and you can build the whole team around him. Like once you get him, he's gonna take up a lot of your salary cap. But Talking about Matt Maggie's offense. He's got a pretty good creative offense. I think we've seen he could replicate the stuff that Andy Reid does with Patrick Mahomes. And what makes that offense great. A lot of things that may have made the Sean lots of good right. Patrick Mahomes is very mobile. You got a great arm. He's really smart, like those things that Sean watching does. So does Sean goes to the Bears. I could definitely see a lot of success there, but I just wonder. How do they get it? Done, right. I don't know if they can get it done as easily as the 40. Niners could just because, like I mentioned the 40 Niners have Garoppolo hate to break it to you guys. But not sure Travesty is going to be commanding the same in Houston..

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"bobby deniro" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"You're not going to hear that on the network news, and I got to tell you, and they're not gonna date didn't even mention word one, and it's good. You're right. You could listen. There's uh to our friends, Brian Kilmeade or certainly Sean or Laura or Tucker on Fox News, but One American news Network, which I can't even get. It is great. And Newsmax is great, right? So now you'll hear it from those outlets. So we try to join together here at Salem media and speak the truth. We'd like to speak the truth. You may disagree with it, but we're not going to not tell you something. We're not going to say something. And now this is a story that you that didn't make any of the news anywhere. The United States. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has moved up the deadline for Pennsylvania officials to respond to an election challenge filed by state representative Mike Kelly and other Republican state lawmakers, possibly signaling that the court may take up the case may take up the case. So what? Now? I'm telling you that that's a judge A little justice. Alito has previously set the deadline for it was for, uh, tomorrow but he moved it up till today. Moved it up till today. One day after what it is known as the Safe Harbor date, right? The federal cut off date for states to resolve election issues and lock in there. Electors for the electoral College vote is on December 14th. But on Sunday, Alito moved up the deadline for Pennsylvania officials to report today at 9 A.m.. We'll see a Pennsylvania stepping up Philly. I'm telling you, I say this with respect to their love the city of brotherly love, but politically the Democrats off Are you kidding me and fill in New York and New Jersey in Milwaukee in Detroit? All these all these cities, they're so crooked. They're all crooked. The Democratic machine is awesome, you know, and you've got to say they beat the Republicans at their own game. They outgained Republicans in this election You knew of President Trump's gonna get 75 Million votes. 75 million votes. I give them credit the Republicans because you say, Hey, the guy's gonna get 75 million votes. Who's gonna get more than that All the Joe Biden gets 80 million votes. Are you kidding? Me. Are you kidding me? But we should have put that contingency in. We should have known that they would they were gonna hijack devote everything stops at midnight on election night. Come on. And then all of sudden, at 4 30 in the morning. Oh, By the way, we have hundreds of thousands of over Joe Biden. It says rigged as you possibly could imagine. And the analogy I use and forgive me because I don't I know it. It sounds crazy to you. I apologize to that. You call me you tell me I'm wrong. You tell me, I'm wrong. I'm hearing you and I'm listening to you. I'm objective enough to know I'm wrong. But if they could whack JFK, I said this earlier, so I'm not being conspiratorial. Now, you know, they took out John Kennedy. You know, they took out Robert Kennedy. You know, they took out Martin Luther King. They don't know who they are, but they are there and you know what? They're still there, and it's called the lifelong bureaucrats that want power and control, power and control. You might know them as the deep state. They are powerful. They went they want. They went after President Trump in a big way. So if they could do all of that, they can rig an election. Now, how do you beat it? You drive these little court cases. You know, there's something going on in Arizona and Rudy Giuliani. I'm telling you and Janet Ellis and Joe Degenova. They doing a great job. They're bringing the evidence out. How do you not even mention it? You're just stealing votes from under card tables. Like I said the Maria yesterday. Remember the old show? Candid Camera memory. Candid camera, right? Yeah. Thank you. That's my hip reference. My reference from 30 years ago. It's like Allen Funt said. We thought it would be funny if we had votes. It's oh cases and put him under a card table. It Georgia watch would have it. And then they roll the cameras and people are stealing votes. You see it right there. Oh, gosh Almighty. And then we got New York They're fighting them and Anthony Fauci comes out and Governor Cuomo's saying, I'm Bobby DeNiro. And you're out Pacino when it got and the and the press I always got on the local president. Not going after Andrew Cuomo the way they go into Donald Trump. Now they're going after him. But Andrew comes right back. You know you don't you've used your confused. What a mess. It's a mess. So you're not wrong? You're not well, you look at it all You shake your head you go. Dear God, what country I'm I mean, I am I ask myself that every single morning, so it's not you Trust me, and what we got to do is just be not only meticulous on the execution of all the things that we're doing, like what's happening? My answering of the fraud state by state. You've got to support that, if by some crazy happenstance and that can happen It's happened before in America, Joe Biden's president, We will get through it and you will get through it and you will fight and you will continue to fight, you know, So we like to hear all the old thoughts in your welcome the core. But goodness gracious, Don't get upset. It's not you. You're not wrong. I'm I'm the guy. I'm the guy to tell you every day. You are not wrong. It's nuts out there from the vaccine. It's nuts. And I don't know who to trust anymore. And you don't know who to trust. Because there's nobody in charge now, you know, I'm saying so. Stand fast. We'll get there. I promise you, we'll you know, we'll get there. Let me go to Kathleen, if I may. Kathleen Good morning. Thank you for calling me What's on your mind this morning? Just nice to hear you guys to it. And I wanted to let you know that you can get the oil and, uh, booze if you grant the clue, though, Act on your phone your good girl. Thank you. Because that put away was actually great. Yeah, Yeah. Good. And actually, Adam's family or any kind of sense stuff that you need to take your mind after drinks that we keep hearing on the news. Good stuff. Thank you, Kathleen. Thank you. I will do that. I appreciate that very much. They're different kind of what they call platforms like Netflix and it just Netflix anymore. It's to be it. Zulu is Yahoo. They've got the sting Ray Quello, where I could watch. I watch that Beatles documentary from Ron Howard. And James Brown, a great James Brown documentary. You know why, but not pollute. Ope. Ludo is another another platform and we're going to get that as well. You know what? I see The phone calls. Let me break early, because if you could just hold I wanna leave enough. Time for the great Katie McFarland was kind enough to join us this morning. All right, And then we will be able to grab the calls of three candidates. 7797 29 99, Pluto's o A and and Got it. Thank you very much. Appreciate that. Kathleen Joe on the radio. Katie is coming up next Brandy Scott's on.

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"Watch now imagine oh disney's movie toy story five ado ca boom sequel i don't want another baby partout ovaries i hope we don't get another one dumbo toy story we're we're good way but just we're done all right moving on we have the golden globe nominations and the sag nominations and i'm very sad bobby deniro zero may not be an academy award nominee this year but we talked about this i told you i'm like you know what in all honesty thinking about it in the movie or you're gonna upset and joe were really like bobby did the same thing he always does there wasn't anything super extraordinary mr so much thank you for coming back no but it's true though when you really like you're watching it i saw it on the big screen i actually haven't really watched it on netflix yet you're not gonna but no i'm not going to put just right now for lack of not having enough time but you know i am looking at it and i'm like you know what joe i actually think my favorite performance out of the whole movie was joe patchy i feel like he he played so well i felt i actually felt more sad that he died towards the spoiler alert i guess whatever that he died towards the end of the movie you like i felt really bad like you really see that aging you just see the toll and like i felt more i felt worse than i did for bobby at the end of the movie like i was blake okay whatever like it didn't phase me in the same way and i didn't feel super sad for al pacino dying but because but he he was very very al pacino in the movie god did stand out like he did really well in this movie i feel like bobby was just believing he was supposed to be host to be i feel like even more so he's supporting them and even with the bobby performance when you compare it to like the other things you've seen this season like joker with hockey in phoenix leo's performance in once upon a time in hollywood i i mean dude he's yeah it's a good performance but i don't know if i'll put it as top dog so may win you get snubbed it's not that big a deal bobby oh yeah all right so let's get into a real quick out a run through the globe i'm going to skip TV strata film let me know what you guys staying best performance by an actor no supporting role we mentioned pacino impassable cut in brad pitt ebony hopkins and tom hanks any complaints there no the only one you haven't you haven't seen beautiful day neighborhood right i haven't seen neighborhood i haven't too okay so i haven't seen two popes but i hear anthony hopkins fantastic okay their best support best performance by an actress in a supporting role kathy bates richard jewel i'm watching that today i heard she's really great annette benning for the report i saw the report i think everyone wants to hear that saw she's very i'm gonna say she's very good but the character that she played he's very subdued okay so i get the performance there laura dern we've already talked about how we feel about that jennifer lopez jenny and i saw bombshell i think i don't know if jenny hasn't really been on lately so i think i said she's in i think i mentioned she's in agreement with me that she's good but it's not awards worthy j. l. allo o. j. lo yes so for hustler's we watched it the other day so i thought the movie was good but i didn't see anything and like yeah okay jennifer lopez is good and i love all her movies movies the good the bad the ugly she's never ugly go bring a really good movie and conversation and like yes she did command dan the screen and she was very much like that older mentor role especially for constants booze character and all of this but i just didn't feel like i thought it was i guess just because i had seen all this hype leading up to before i watched it i just felt a little let down i didn't think that it was like something i'd i just didn't hit me in the same way movies here it's okay i think it's fine fine yeah aggressively mediocre wow wow there you go i don't i wouldn't say it's mediocre i think it says something for them like the women are taking control of their own and they're really really i mean i don't agree that they i was about to say towards the middle of the movie when they really do start star literally rugged i don't agree with i definitely get your getting paid and but not like the drugging day rape is when it gets a little yeah because i mean you think about it they're putting their bodies out there i mean in general strippers need more rights david's telling me to cut this rant so but it's true like you know strippers shippers sex workers they need more there needs to be more laws to protect them and make sure that they're getting their due i mean imagine you had to like go and do that and for a lot of women this is this is what they can do and it's you shouldn't you know you need to pay them equally whatever anyway already so you sir sir leon margai for bombshell nice not hollywood i think she's going to get in for bob show hollywood in in the end all right original original song this is where i thought i'd take off the line ryan i'm like i think we're going to get a cat's nomination here somehow our boss yeah 'cause beautiful go sets the taylor swift song from cats got nominated i'm gonna love me again from rocket man into the are known period from a lion king and which i'm surprised because i thought shallow colli way betters speechless i thought that was better i it's much better and another thing i don't remember this being in the movie so i don't know how qualified all of is because i think it's i think there's a role for oscar that the movie has to be in the move you're not a post credit all the songs in the murders in the movie unfortunately it's running back through the through the through the desert to fortunate unfortunate and then stand up from harried i haven't seen harriet so i gotta i gotta check that out best original score alexander to splat little women hill door one and door from by the way i never pronounce her name rice oh my apologies joker randy marriage story which is we saw married story score yeah didn't think scores agri thomas newman we just on nineteen seventeen which is in rentable and i will get into that in a little bit later daniel pemberton was surprise nomination the knife or motherless louis brooklyn best animated film froze pretty much the the four we expected frozen to how to train your dragon missing link toy story for and the lion cain that's interesting that's it's it's the gross nomination of the season and the oscar nominations announced its gross gross at that movie it's not that good and to we're not gonna go into that over yeah right fest for language film home farewell lay ms paint glory parasite portrait of a fire you can just a cancel that just get that award ready best screenplay known bomb back for marriage story para say bombed you ho anthony mclaren for two popes gwen tarantino for hollywood and steve zealand for the irishman c'mon best motion picture director this was actually the funnest nomination bungalow parasite stan mend his nineteen seventeen jean martin scorsese the irishman gwen tarantino once upon a time hollywood and todd phillips for joker nice nice it is amazing that he got in and there's a lot of hate for it a lot of backlash a lot of backlash because they're like oh joker heaters came out like oh well you know he shouldn't be nominee or something like that give me a good reason why that's all i ask you're asking the wrong person 'cause i adore joke i know i'm playing out there to anyone who doesn't like joker gimme a good reason why that does not deserve all the fucking award the only thing they're probably say oh you're just copying taxi taxi driver and king of comedy and scorsese shit very eloquent very eloquent retort but i think like in terms of analytics ticks this helps joaquin more than anything the more wards joker gets nominated for awards you didn't expect to nominee for the more it's helps joaquin's costs actually we win because the credibility of the movie is a little bit better is that why or yes and when you when it it just shows love from the from the voting guides so from HP the hollywood hollywood foreign press you can jokers romantic started overseas in venice so with the indians have oh yeah now that the film let us oh yeah so that's where when the goal line and i think that's where everything began for so we'll see continues what helps walking to is that bombeck bombeck was not nominated for director that's who phillips replaced got it so that's why are you know the marriage story lovers which whatever teaches owed like bombeck directed a movie better than phillips and whatever we disagree so that's where that is best actress the best actor in a motion picture musical comedy daniel craig knives out love that love a roman griffin davis actually predicted that last week i'm surprised at actually gioja roger rabbit leo for hollywood tear negative iraq immense and eddie murphy for dolemite gresley oh it's not as easy as you guys i think it's leo or taron egerton leo oviously oh i think it's i really hope the prey on both predicting leo because hollywood picture comedy or musical so i think that's where we are their best before by an actress in in a musical or comedy aquafina the farewell which you saw the farewells as she deserves a oh my gosh yeah so he's a great honor they are miss for knives out now she's my favorite part of the movies all in on that beanie felt signed from book smart you do that is by the way no she is jonah hill sister oh and not to take anything away i she's actually really great ooh emma thompson and late night i haven't seen late night but i guess they were really low on comedy or musical performances this late night was not good as on amazon prime for anyone that while they watch it cape lynch effort where'd you go bernadette that was jenny jenny jenny hates the fact that they tell you what happens to her in the trailer and they will read the book and never see them in the book they don't tell you to like one hundred pages to the book is fantastic all right so best performance by an actor in a drama christian bale for fever ford ferrari and tony bears repeating glory adam driver for marriage story walking for joker and then jonathan pryce for two popes best actress in a drama senior cynthia haribo for harriet scar joe for marriage story social for little women charlie's there for bob show rene judy i think this may be our our five next and then best motion picture comedy dolemite gioja rabbit knives how hollywood and recommend and then picture drama nine hundred seventeen the irishman joker marriage story to pokes i set this off the.

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"bobby deniro" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"Yesterday great town great town I'm a fan I know politics what is it okay to say you like somebody like I love Tony back I love Bruce Springsteen they all you know I don't know how they are we just like somebody but what about a really it was of the trouble I like Bobby deniro when I watch him a screening wow look at the acting talent I had a one day he ate the president I'd put exacting yeah the kid that you have to separate the two kids of their own dot but I've been here the liberal with a liberal what a mobster in playing a mobster tickets are on I go on with that and then the shout out thank you Tucker Carlson ajustes a lot he is the nicest guy and he's a common says guy isn't incredibly smart and and and I saw that piece that you talked about with occurred we did that opioids at the same yeah well and that I was going to the hedge funds out of the office sorry that's right that's right yeah he dealt with the opioid and then last night and then we talked about the hedge was devastated city which happens all around the country we have nobody factory in the United States jet and Jack up accent and roughly the follow up the P. piece the the following night with this fella from the I think it's the new majority pack and these guys pointed out that if these guys these hedge fund people Paul singer and Charles coke are become the face of capitalism and the Republican Party ultimately then both are done both capitalism in energy OP are done but he that Tucker is always a step ahead and that was a lot of fun over there Jeanine running around judge me with curlers in there I love her he was great so we had a great time thanks and I thank you nice comments appreciated very much just talking about made about you're talking about to have their moving talk I want to talk about how they move the homeless from New York into Newark New Jersey so Ross Baraka the mayor of New Jersey is suing the Bosnia and I support Ross Baraka and this is absolutely right we can't afford to live in New Jersey we can't even if your home was we could set the Jersey and in the journal now they should have they should have a place for them here in New York so they and and so what I said I getting a big shout out to north because of the hometown of my parents and it.

Republican Party Newark Jeanine United States Bosnia Ross Baraka New Jersey New York Tucker Tony Charles coke Paul singer Jack Tucker Carlson president Bobby deniro Bruce Springsteen one day
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"I have the language on the screen is that correct and what was the question pardon can you repeat the last question one last question was I wanted her to get an accurate now I apologize can you started again okay so I'm sorry could you repeat that one attorney number two in the inspector general's report instruct both worked on your team did not make any extra work on your team didn't I have as I heard struck who else we talking about attorney number two identified in the inspector general's report okay and the question was volume two page eighty seven eighty eight of your report true I'm sorry could you again repeat the question no okay what episode as as an a with that what year was that one that was it never happened you know you see Bobby deniro play Mahler wins an Emmy for it wells company guy in the world knows gets Hey Bobby are you coming back this weekend to do that scared probably not as a no one touch it just like they never touch AOC like all this comedy rich targets yeah talk about besides trumpet of course they won't do well they've been on hiatus so they haven't really they kind of missed the whole thing with the squad you know they're going to go after the squad I think if this were differently today a Mahler was perfect and suddenly heard about impeachment it's all real that they find a way to come back from hiatus but you know the fact that he was kind of a bumbling buffoon has nothing to do with whether there was look there if there was no if there was collusion we know about that yeah it wouldn't matter how he performs how we perform right nothing came out of it and we also got the comedy as well that is right it was a gift to us today better comedy is when you go back and look at the way that Mahler was looked at by celebrities in Hollywood and how much they thought that this is the guy is going to take down the evil trump and they even did a Christmas card for him Cooper unreal right before the last Christmas and this is just I don't know creepy we wish you a mother Christmas we wish you a mother Christmas we wish you a mother Christmas an impeachment next year indictments will come to you and to your kin indictments for Christmas and impeachment next here.

Mahler Emmy Hollywood attorney Bobby deniro Cooper
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"This morning I said fire Bobby deniro so Michael ray stark races I'd like you to do a reading Bogart house this so wonderful actor I know it two weeks later maybe three weeks in the mail the script now it's called by many as stories down perfectly I added one phrase I added the line I sleep in the news winter and summer rain or snow with the windows open in in in yeah it is it didn't you get an academy award nomination he wanted he did I'd let every sign and yeah he was just on such a hot streak and if his voice is so distinctive to sounding and he always looked older younger at the same time yeah your way he did a ton of so many movies now here he is talking about Phil mean the movie what about Bob with Bill Murray and he did not have fun no what what about Bob I hated that movie that is a movie a hundred percent I feel like they came out nineteen nineteen ninety when it was geared towards guys yeah I went I don't think it did away that great don't think so yeah here is talking about working with Bill Murray talk about it for years just got drunk at dinner an Irish drunken believe what.

Bobby deniro Phil Bob Bill Murray Michael ray Bogart hundred percent three weeks two weeks
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"Found myself going back to the talk shows and saying I'm the guy that didn't believe in it while Peter Benchley novel right now is nineteen seventy five right the year we couldn't swim in our above ground pool all she has it had L. G. and I was afraid of pike lake I was afraid of our above ground pool of walking in Lake Superior down if I were you too yeah I know is on believable that movie and that movie still works yeah yeah you know I Richard Dreyfuss in the chemistry had with a rush night race yeah great so great and then of course the other guy driver Chama cha police captain Quint okay here he is talking about the movie the goodbye girl with Marsha Mason yeah I get a phone call did you hear the bobbies Nero's fire this morning I said he's going to fire Bobby deniro so Michael ray stark races I'd like you to do a reading both are at my house this is so I am wonderful actor I know it two weeks later maybe three weeks in the mail the script now it's called by many as story down perfectly I added one phrase I added the line the bus I sleep in the news winter and summer rain or snow with the windows open funny I in in in yeah it is it didn't you get an academy award nomination he wanted he did I'd let every sign and yeah he was just on such a hot streak and if his voice is so distinctive to sounding and he always looked older younger at the same time yeah your way he did a ton of so many movies now here he is talking about Phil mean the movie what about Bob with Bill Murray and he did not have fun no what what about Bob I hated that movie that is a movie a hundred percent I feel like they came out nineteen nineteen ninety when it was geared towards guys yeah I went I don't think it did away that great I don't think so yeah here is talking about working with Bill Murray he didn't talk about it for years just got drunk at dinner an Irish drunken believe is what it was he came back from dinner walked in and I said this is really funny put his face next to me nose to nose he screamed at the top of the line everyone hates you you are New York top my top one of seven many sources amazing forty eight hours or less one question it Chris Lindahl going to run look at this I've never in my life I'm not here to sell you something I'm here to sell something for.

L. G. pike lake Lake Superior Richard Dreyfuss Bobby deniro Phil Bob Bill Murray Peter Benchley captain Quint Marsha Mason Michael ray New York Chris Lindahl forty eight hours hundred percent three weeks two weeks
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"It's over and now you can do now you just wait to see the results you let it go. Yeah. I it like a hot potato nice. All right. Dennis Quaid in the sharks. Do they play much music? Like, what's the greatest crowd that Dennis Quaid, and the sharks has played music in front of because you've been doing this one for a while to play music. Yeah. We played Billy Bob down in Dallas. We had two thousand people down and world cigarettes nightclubs. And where we had a really great time. We we're only band that has the money back guarantee, and we're gonna be yelled guys, mega rock and roll. Good Dennis Quaid's, new movie before we get out of here to go play golf, intruder is in theaters nationwide tomorrow, and we need your Hollywood comments on the story of the day, which is in Jellico Houston taking out Bob de Niro by saying of him, and you know, him being a sell out for money. I guess he has maybe a couple of ex wives. Right. Not many. But what does this fellow spend his money on? He's got no, boo. He's got the Tribeca film festival. He's not spending the film money on that. I don't wanna see Jack Nicholson doing meet the fuckers so Dennis Quaid set. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Right. So Dennis Quaid. Go ahead. Bobby deniro to do anything. He wants. He's the eight hundred pound gorilla row. Anything what? Not a gory. We were surprised we had never heard of peer go after Robert deniro before. Well, I have no idea, but she's got a repay. But then there's reality. I am watching the the trailer for the intruder Mike. Dennis quit. Your scary face is really scary thing. They're seen it before. Frightening. That's what my eleven year old son told me just the other day. But then is thank you for being with us. Good luck with the movie. Thank you for spending time with us. All right guys, ever great weekend. Still wants a new boat kind. I some more ads. There's been having a great weekend that starts on Thursday since the nineteen eighty. I mean, the tagline is don't let him in this movie looks good looks like something you'd like for sure the intruder is throughout this kind of movie, the black talks people. I wonder if you let some in donlevatar, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA,.

Dennis Quaid Bob de Niro sharks LA Jack Nicholson Billy Bob Jellico Houston Dallas Mike Hollywood eight hundred pound eleven year
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"Donald Trump put in outlets Presley lots was Lii in two thousand eighteen they get the what what kind of what would you look at where they're now. Hold on here. I go ahead. Who at right that aesthetics. Not a million. This is a mayo. That's Gomez American Cuban American music. I'm fine with it. I don't know. Never forget. I wish I'd never mentioned it by. No means my ripping Tiger Woods. I just sound like a kind of an out there thing. But apparently, it's out there at all. So I disagree with you. I think Tiger Woods deserves will be there. But he's he's he transcends sports. Okay. Sports. What was he transcending outside of sports people? He makes people feel good. He's iconic person much like Mohammed Ali was Michael Jordan, walked down the street at people who don't like boxing, nor basketball or golf will say, hey, there's woods. He's he's that. He's the small category of Michael Jordan. I'm just saying that I think in the just like Michael Jordan does not make a difference in people. Michael Jordan is one of the most compelling. Athletes have our generations. So is Tiger Woods. It's a compelling story. But they're not lifting humanity. I don't think anybody's anymore, moral or less moral after Tiger Woods won yesterday. It's just an impressive. Yeah. Physical and mental thing of which only someone like Michael Jordan could do it. I I agree. Totally. I'm just totally the presidential medal. Freedom is not quite what it sounds like. Or maybe I think it is Walt Disney got one from LBJ. Yeah. Sure. I think it's I think it is Meryl Streep Steven Spielberg. Bobby deniro, Robert Redway, Tom Hanks? Meryl Streep Meryl Streep a one of the greatest actors of our time. Categories, movies and theater. I'm just not feeling this. J Frank Dobie from here in Austin got from LBJ James, you're on Kilby. Jay. Yeah. It was calling in about the factor. But the more names you mentioned are on the list. Sure seems like. Maybe the war. It's been abused. A little bit. House has been abuse. Thumb of the name, I agree with that. I think for an athlete or movie stars something like that to be considered. I think it needs to be they need to be transcended a little bit outside of just the fact that they're a good actor or good golfer. You know, like, for example, sports player that broke the color barrier. Tiger Woods certainly is the best minority golfer that's ever been. But he certainly wasn't the first black professional golfer by any means. But if you're going to give it to Jack Nicklaus and Meryl Streep then you might as well give it the Tiger Woods. Exactly. That's what I'm saying. I agree with that. Now that I've heard some of the names on the list. I can't complain. It doesn't it doesn't. Right. When you hear the name when I thought this represented. I see Jackie Robinson. I see people who have. Yes, I it'll different. Jesse owens? Jackie societal difference maker. Roger saw back in Tiger Woods. I don't know. Maybe great guys and compelling stories, but not societal difference makers. But but like I like originally called in for the doctor. I mean, come on, you got Trump who I think everybody believes he slept with the porn star, and the and the playboy playmate type himself, and then giving it the Tiger Woods barely ten other girlfriends while still married, but you know, head it's not it's not, obviously, it's not a moral compass. It's not no so nation of second chances. Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine with that too. I I'm I'm sort of James when I think of the award, I think of something different. And now you've run off the list of names, it seems fairly generic another Austin resonant, James Michener. Gerald Ford in nineteen seventy seven. In other words, it's not really the the idea of a medal of freedom. It's more about a metal popularity somewhat. Interesting J missioner's pictures at El patio. So it's lady bird Johnson. She got a medal of freedom. Wow. Now. No, patio and the patio hall of fame too. It's a mental popularity. Some of these Hollywood stars. They've turned it into more of a medal of popularity for for your time. Whenever president is at that time apparently giving out award largely on popularity and that's what it is. Is what it is. It just doesn't sound like that. It seems a little hollow. I don't put Tiger Woods. Even Michael Jordan in the category of Jesse Owens under music, Aaron Copeland. The great great, great, great writer music. Is there all talented people to kellington talent Irving? Berlin. Wrote. God bless America. Yes. And he was a Russian to did. You know that was a Russian. Okay, Sinatra your man is in there. Now got a different. There is a moral compass for you Ronald Reagan. Thank you Ronnie thing about a drink. I tell you the greatest Sinatra line of all time as you die your way all die mine. Barbara Streisand Elvis. Oh, yes. Okay. All these categories reminds fantastic. It just feels like the maybe the name. She changed a little. What he did is just a remarkable example of focus. Toby acidy commitment. Believe in yourself. You don't. You don't pull off that kind of comeback, right? Without being Jordan. Like Jordan story is not like this. Now. I mean Jordan's comeback was mostly gambling infuse. Yes. He had some issues. It wasn't injury. Yeah. This is a real come come back in any forms. I mean, the guy was apparently one time so drugged up. He couldn't even drive it. But the thing is it's for guys our age who remember the heyday of tiger. Then people my son Ben's a tire was a little kid. And you saw the pictures when tiger's dad greeted him in nineteen ninety seven hours reading by his son, right? Real special deal. Yeah. No, it's it's it's I don't put it in the comeback category, necessarily of what lamps arm started just because physically we going from death to that is is incredible. But this is this is certainly better than anything. Jordan has done. The story is better than Jordan story here. And there in our in our I don't know about our lifetime. I guess in our lifetime. It would be the transcendent list is pretty narrow. I'd say it's Ali, Jordan and Tiger Woods. Ben, I'll send it got. Ben Hogan army, are you? But I was comparing bit hold onto comeback. He got hit by a bus and head on collision broken legs and almost died while you're nineteen forty nine. Yeah. Let's let's. Yeah. Okay. So let's stick with fair to say transcendent, I'm not talking about they are, you know, they're not not Jesse Jones or not reinventing humanity, but they are the transcended athletes that everywhere you go on Sunday. I don't care where you.

Michael Jordan Tiger Woods Meryl Streep Donald Trump Jesse Owens Ben Hogan army James Michener Austin Jordan Mohammed Ali tiger Gomez Jesse Jones Walt Disney Frank Dobie Gerald Ford Bobby deniro Ronald Reagan
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"Can investigations. And that's what he was signing up for. Well, wait a minute. We know took money for the Ukrainians row. Maybe Joe Biden's, son. Yeah, we talked about that earlier. I'm glad you brought that up because there's a bunch of stories coming out that he made big time money, and I guess he wasn't even in the industry where he made the money, but his daddy. I guess was over there visiting with the Chinese and they kind of go hand in hand. And there was a book written about it to did. He bopper. Three million dollars at a two to three million dollars. Okay. Absolutely nothing. It's like it gets too, man. Call Brian influence, and I haven't been of the United States. So how is it manafort's in jail and Joe Biden's, son? Isn't it any trouble? We do have a two tiered Justice system going out of this right on the money right on the money and inclosing for tonight. I'd like to bring up a little bit about Bobby didn't hero. Enquiring minds. Wanna know are yours are wide open. Got a lot more on the narrow and a message to buy be deniro CNN powder puff piece isn't going to help you out of this one. The communism network puppies happy at all on this one. And what you're doing down in Antigua Barbuda not gonna help you at all. Stay tuned. Folks got the orange jumpsuit ready for Bobby deniro wonderful. Yeah. FBI CIA and in in. International. Police info should be very interested in mister buy me dinner on what he's doing and Australian businessman billionaire. I'll see you later day. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Thanks boy. I'll tell you. That's a good. Call hail a Damon. Let's go ahead. And we'll take a quick break. We'll come back and get RV John blind man because they haven't been on yet tonight. So we'll see how to them. So take a little short break. Let me see if Damon's backer you backer Damon. Yeah. Okay. Little short break right here at ATM. Do you know who your boyfriend.

Bobby deniro Damon Joe Biden Antigua Barbuda CNN United States FBI Brian CIA John Three million dollars three million dollars
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"When I watched the green book, I thought it was a warm pro Italian movie. This is my mind is that they missed something Frankie, did I didn't see the film yet. I I don't know. I be curious. I haven't heard that from anyone else. Yeah. Well, no, no, not not only that and stay with me on this. And this has not really to do with Italian Americans as do with ethnicity. You know, because you could always make fun of Italian Americans. They will never be legislation. We have no Al Sharpton to step up and say, you know, forgive me, not to be facetious. I'm being facetious, of course. But yet nobody step up and say, hey, you're making fun of us. You know, like, my grandmother lets you they make fun of my son. My my her son my father when he wants to school because he could speak English. And they said learn the language this is America. Now, you can't say anything like that now. But but I don't see the green book as derogatory, nor do I see. Chazz Palminteri, brilliant, brilliant, film, one of the conic films of all time the Bronx tale, but I'm hearing from my Italians who are very severe saying all the Bronx tale is anti. No. I don't think so an album didn't correct me if I'm wrong here. Then Bobby deniro in that them talk about all the working man and wasted talent and positive Chaz, brilliantly, balanced, it out in a brilliant way. In a very pro Italian. Derogatory towards tell me now, let me know base. I don't know Bronx tale and the green book, I don't I don't see it, and I'm real sensitive. I'm real sensitive and this whole Columbus Day situation. I don't even think about taking that away. And and you know, again, they're trying to do that. But so hopefully, we'll hear from Frank.

Chazz Palminteri Bronx Al Sharpton Chaz Bobby deniro Frankie America Frank
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"Aids out there tonight, Bradley. Grind goes. Okay. Ranger rod on him. Good morning. How you doing? I'm okay, we'll bit of a cold. But I'll get by hope you got your long Johns ready because the winter vortex or Arctic vortex. Whatever the hell it is going to bring some more chilly. Chilly weather all around the country. I don't I don't do. Very, well, I really limited northeast. But I I gotta get out of the north northeast quick. I just don't like wintertime. Camaro? So my opinion is the arrow dynamics because car. Car vehicles. Much the chassis and the drive lines are pretty much the same teams by engines for other teams. So it's pretty much a standard platform. But if you look at the Camaro in a Toyota and afford when they're coming down the track the Camaro was flat in the front. Toyota and Ford data slope down a front. So I think dynamics has do it. Just one guy's opinion. You're probably right because those cars just did not run away the Toyotas did most of the year in the forward. You know, they'd have you know, good. Good runs there for a different period of time. I think the Fords were dill but better on the the bigger speedways and they didn't handle so well in the shorter ones. Does that sound right? Well, I think aerodynamic dynamics was huge. Look at baking get the teams can get fined if they have a spoiler. It's I get quarter of an inch to hire gives them such an advantage. So I look at the front of it flat in the front. You know, it's like. A flatbed at a a driving going down the road win win resistance. This thing with this wall. You know, Pelosi and Shula. To say, they're representing people from foreign countries and Trump's trying to represent the people of America. All three of them to represent the people of America. But two of them have a political agenda and one of them has a single agenda, which is to make the country better. There's a difference. But again. The Democrats are capitalizing on ignorant people. Sure. Four percent of Democrats that they would vote for for president. Well, that's because she's she's picked up the playbook of Bernie Sanders. You know, he's a big socialist slash commie or whatever. And he ran around and promised everybody free schooling free college free medical care. I think free rooms in the mommies basement, blah, blah, blah. I mean, hell they promise everybody under the sun, something who in hell one vote for you. Well, yeah. But that's what they also promised the people in Venezuela and Cuba. Yeah. Yeah. Well, they're having to eat dogs and cats and critters and everything here, they got no money. They're down there rioting. And then now Schumer, and they want to side with Obama's best buddy that thug that just stole a phony election down there. Instead of this other guy wants to try to bring Venezuela back to what it used to be, you know, ten years ago before Obama's other little buddy that shabas, you know, random place in the hell hole. It is. Well, like behinds with the money. I got no money. No. No money. Play money said a Cup of coffee used to cost fifty cents. Now, it cost eight hundred dollars. Dollar's worth so little it's worth nothing. How how can people be so ignorant? Pelosi and humor kind of paint themselves as heroes of the day. Celebrate the fact that we're not gonna have a you. Really need it? When we've got these carbon coming out us. Celebrate the fact that they won by not getting approval. With the fact that you know, they all voted for Paul have walls around their houses in Obama's first year in office. One hundred thirty miles of some type of fence law. Whatever was built in Texas. They don't talk about that policy. Well stayed behind Christmas been in the White House ready to talk the whole time. Hello to Hawaii. Democrats go to Puerto Rico funded by lobbyists, of course, one hundred hundred different lobbyists, including Google and Facebook and all the big money, boys. Because you got remember something the democrat party takes their marching orders. From George Soros meet had that jackass out there in Hollywood, just shakes down. You know, Bobby deniro Babs all the other kooks Hanoi, Jane Fonda and the whole crowd for a bunch of cash in that bake environmentalists at Tom star. That's going to help the democrat party's behold to you asked me a question ranger. How do they get away with this? Because bake news media they get bought off in. They carry the water for Pelosi and all her lion talking points and Schumer that clown. He's lucky to put two sentences together and the whole democrat party. That's how they get away with it, plain and simple. The last month. Hawaii. Because you can put it back in the growth and that and then. Proven cases for Democrats in the middle of the crisis, nearly negotiate. But at least Donald Trump with. I wish he would do the same thing that Barack Obama gave getting stuff so come to the podium and say I have a pen and a phone. I remember that sure I have to say how come it wasn't drive me nuts. Eighty. Almost place what the private sector to paychecks. They lose a. Soup kitchen, jazz fake news. That's all fake. Can you be that irresponsible? We can't get a credit card advance. Ain't gonna last forever. People have bad credit or something. Hey ranger. It's the same thing with like what they had with that Covington deal where they portrayed the agitator there. He's a career lifelong agitator beaten award drum in front of the fourteen fifteen year old kids and the media turned it around, and he turned around and lied that. All he was trying to defuse the thing. And he felt like pray, blah, blah, blah. It's all fake news. Everything you see nowadays in mainstream media is fake, and a pack allies at that's what's going on Bs and the American people. Was the best shining example of reporting absolutely fake news. The most they never not one program. On the loop created.

Barack Obama Pelosi Toyota democrat party Donald Trump Schumer Venezuela Hawaii Johns America Grind Bradley Bernie Sanders George Soros Bobby deniro president Puerto Rico Texas
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"That MandA a bad. Cops shooting down here. Of Alabama mobile. You did I I didn't hear about it. Yep. The young officer another seven seven to warrant and. It's a damn shame. It is looking at some of this bangs and look at what happened that capital yesterday. Yeah. Sorry. Saturday, you the problem is this country in the Democrats are one of the world's worst about it. They do not know why Dorothy looks like. And is it. Inner cities wherever because. We have had both sides of the aisle. Greenbrier wall from trimmer. Yeah. Yep. President Donald Trump upper there. Are the first ones one. Against it. So it's nothing to do with Republican conservative Liberal Democrats. It's all to do. They don't want President Trump succeed. Well, you're exactly right. But here's the other part of the equation. You got to remember something? Now, we refresh your memory George Soros in this whole motley Crue global lesson fake environmentalists. I get Tom star at jug head. Meathead shaken down all his Hollywood, buddies like a creepy. Bobby deniro, Clooney and. Who's your Sean Penn? He's a big leftie, socialists. They shake him down for all that cash, but they pull the strings up Pelosi and Schumer those to put together two sentences on your own they pull their strings, they give them their scripts. They fund all their money into their now beholden to all these powerbrokers. So they can't even think for themselves. They can't do nothing less. They get the permission of George Soros. And you forgot one of the worst ones. Mccaffrey. Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah. He's another jug head. Yeah. I had to fly to seven five different time zones to celebrate New Year's when he was global warming global. Hoax. Exactly. Adding it. I think I think about President Trump. I'd fall xactly what a corporation what corporation call. Vice-president pants in their office McConnell sitting there nasty time, we do some business and you don't listen to us. It's time to pack your bags and get your hair. Our town. Normal cooperation beat a person can be done. Would not go past. Well, see the only problem is you got fake news media that's going to carry their water form going to drum up a whole different narrative and say how mean Donald Trump is. And then you got these jackass out of you heard me talk about it or not. But that no good ex governor of ours. Ran his mouth and wrote an editorial was in USA today. Thursday page seven here's here's with his jackass. Casey said my GOP is stuck in the fifties. Republicans doers. Instead a naysayers. What do you mean? We're not naysayers hell we're talented like it is. That's exactly it. Mitt romney. Did he he's a never-trumper flaky flake? Yeah. His. Worry we gather on democrat side too. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Young little twit y'all what can. Yeah. Yeah. No. They're putting them on. I mean, the finance committee. Well, that's because Pelosi controls the house. So she gets to assign. You know, whoever it's just like they're going to put the cop Bausch and all that investigation work, and I was trying to tell Tony about it. I got that headlines of the story about now a lot of this stuff this testimony that that Bruce or released it spills the beans just how corrupt Komi in the two little horror hounds. Struck stroke, whatever the hell his name was in his little now Lisa page. They're the ones that all they did was text each other Email each other all day long and talk about their rendezvous and stuff. And all this information is coming out that it was all Pac allies, which on everything. Donald Trump said Obama ordered spying on Trump in two thousand sixteen when he wasn't even president. So it's a hell of a case. But hey, boy, hang on. 'cause I'm gonna take a little short break. I'll let you wrap it up here on the other side man, but I'm done anyway. Thank you. I'll talk to you next Saturday night, then we'll take little thanks. Thank you plow. Boy. Okay. Guys little short break right.

President Donald Trump George Soros Pelosi jug head Sean Penn Casey Mitt romney Alabama officer Bobby deniro USA Dorothy Mccaffrey Pac president Meathead Tom star Vice-president Hollywood
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"So like the goal was for me. Like, I didn't I wasn't all that important in her cammo wouldn't like important piece of her camp. But I said you gotta be able to hit her. That's the key. If you can't hit it in, obviously, I know it sounds like, you know, the obvious should really it's like you gotta be able to when you throw shots. You gotta just touch her. Gotta be accurate, and she was and she so aggressive cyborg. It's to the point of being practically predictable. It's almost like you end. Eventually Silva is not like he's going to get on his bicycle was getting away from me. He's usually gonna book and come out, you'll Tasmanian harder. That's what she does. And. I liked how Amanda brought a Br brought that up when afterwards when we talked to her how she knew if she tagged her get ready for to come forward, and then or some more and she did look easing. I think it meant is that she didn't get hurt. But it looked like cyborgs stunner wants to look like there was a time. I remember it was a right or left. But it looked like she did kind of hurt her really on. She hit her. You know, she hit her like they both at each other almost like at the same time and Amanda recovered quicker. She got back on her. She got her legs onto her quicker. And that's one of the things she decided to go. You know what let's do this. Let's stand toe to toe, and that's the prize to me. Well, a man I meant a new cyborg is going to bring as far as strength. Maybe maybe suburb. Underestimated amend is power. She had to she had. I mean, why wouldn't you when you think an odor coming up from wait, you know, and you know, cyborgs never been like I said she barely gets hit. And when she does get hit. It's never clean. Why would you why would you twenty straight wins? Why would you expect that we don't know now? Yes, she won't she will know now. But she does she had Halle Berry in the audience whenever you have a celebrity. And there if I have a guy or woman, I'm trying to date comes in and watch it before my who who was highly. Therefore, I think she was ever sidewalk. She's she's got a movie coming out to she was training at cyborgs, GMC sheep. Don King switcheroo came with a mandate. That's what to me. I mean. I could be wrong. All listen. I respect that. Because that's the that's the exact reason. I don't go to Jimmy sets because I'll have a celebrity friend in the audience. Yeah. And he'll be like, I don't wanna make you nervous batching you. Yeah. He holds me in that high regard. I know he worked with calls him. Bobby deniro? Yeah. But listen, I would think. I don't wanna make him feel like he's gonna let me down for Joel bomb i-it's virtual well. Well, we'll try I went and supported him because he's my friend Jimmy. But in other words, he's not going to get nervous with you in the really that would never follow. But. You know, what it really pains me to give you a compliment. But I'm going to do it. I was watching. Now, I seen you on on on Rogan's podcast, which was good. That's great. That's fun. You know, like both you guys. Oh, yeah. So that's why buddies. Yeah. You know, and I I skip through till here my name, and I listened to that. And then I, you know, I'm sure the rest of it was good. Thanks. Early. That's not me had to come up early. But listen you were talking about your online, you're BJ online site. Was it an apt in the cat is a website here. Now, I was ready to shit on it. Because listen now, this is a compliment..

Amanda Jimmy Rogan Halle Berry Bobby deniro Silva Don King Joel Br
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"And everything else. Won't you tell the world the truth you have nothing to worry about. But your show and you want to take the socialism and just like he should have been listening to your show all night date and the only want what seventy eighty percent of your paycheck. Let's give it to her. Why not? Well, I say anybody shakedown seventy or eighty percent get some of that money for BCS. He's gonna have to get fifty percent of it to his lucky wife shakedown, the rich and elite on the coast. You know Babs and Bobby deniro knucklehead, he doesn't even know what the hell is his real name is anymore and Clooney and all them. So if they need extra cash shakedown near rich Powell's instead of the us hard work in middle class deplorables. Absolutely. And then you get big band horn. A can't shut her mouth. Even even like, George senior Bush rest in peace to her babbling mouth off, you know, when that was going on. It said they way to make this country come together somehow. Well, hey, Rick. Sorry. You can't do it. But here's something. I gotta throw at you. Have you ever seen a bigger group of communist masquerading as journalists is CNN and MSNBC ABC and a little pathetic forefoot, puke? Chuck Todd and their absolute disgrace to this country and stuck. We used to have real journalist. We got no stinking journalists anymore. All they are sock puppets for Pelosi and Sumer in these other hack, democrat politicians and bags Trump. They all use the same material over and over again. I mean, nothing changes up on none of them. But hey, Rick. So now that Trump's gonna come rumbled down the road you've been holding on for a long time. So let me put you on hold and we'll wrap it up. But I mean, that's the thing. That's troubling. To me is is the fake news media. No wonder Trump gets all shook up on it. Because you can't get any message across. What's this latest one? They had. This is a manufactured crisis manufactured crisis everything single station. You flip on except for FOX is the same old thing. And it's all fake news. A little short break right here. Eighteen. Iheartradio has given wonks.

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"bobby deniro" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Thrill seven in the morning. Twenty three minutes of show to go. And it's been a fun night. I've enjoyed the seasoning. Are we've gone all over the map with subject matter. And right now, they're a couple of people who still want to offer their opinion about twenty-first-century actors performance male. That are equal to if not have surpassed the cinematic history of Clark Gable Cary Grant. And or Humphrey Bogart, Jack, thanks for being patient. Your patients has paid off. Welcome aboard. Okay. Well, real quick. Did you say you were going to be somewhere Thursday night? Never mentioned Thursday at all. Okay. All right. Mistress heard. Okay. My picks right now would be Bobby deniro. I'm surprised nobody's set him into you garrison Ford. Robert. Venero? Harrison Ford F M on first. And Jack Nicholson. Ford. That is a good triple play. Okay. Although in some of the ones are your clock able. What about well? Jack lemmon. Okay. Now, I only wanted to focus on those who is still with us here in the twenty first century. Oh, I'm talking about your first list. And that's that's a good name. I read it there. And also Jimmy Stewart. And Jimmy Stewart should have been in there with grant Gable and Bogart. Okay. You're. Wow. Like that Robert Harvey. He was just on. Yeah. Show. It's a wonderful life. I. Well, I used to when it used to be on thirty eight fifty six, and you know, all that. Right. I used to have like a it's a wonderful life marathon. And this is the first time I saw no oh, God longtime, and you know, it's almost lying by line. No, no, okay. So many characters that are to show somebody did a show in a couple of weeks ago in Jordan. Was it was Jordan? Okay. All the characters that came out of it. Well, daughter rate, of course. Yes. And. There are a couple of others in there that off stop you. Gotta remember. Yeah. Sheldon leonard. Our ward barn. Frank falen. Lot of well-known performance that came from that movie. Okay. What do you think of the government shutdown? This is happened before this happened with the Clinton administration. I think it as well happened with George Herbert Walker Bush administration. I cannot remember the exact details that led to both parties saying, we're not budging. We're wind up at your budget. But I think this one is different. Yeah. I. If you can get your hands on Bob Woodward's book. Yes. I mean, this president is scary. You know, look at the number of people have left his administration because, you know, look at the number of people who are in lockstep with everything know doubt, President Trump has done. Well, it's gonna be interesting because you know, Democrats in the house anyway. Events that are locked out. Now. Get out to say they're going to win those bills this week separately. Giving appropriations for those different departments. And they're gonna send it onto the Senate. Yeah. If you realize in twenty twenty elections, it's going to be like a mirror image of what happened in this year within Republicans kid can Democrats in red states for. Reelection. Rats the Democrats better get their act together. Whom is Matt who is going to represent the Democratic Party in just a smidgen over two years from now. Well, it's early there. I don't know. I'm still waiting kind of like what's up with Warren? But I kind of think of Massachusetts Massachusetts ever since JFK, you know, we've had a string of people ran in get elected. And I know we'll see who comes up, and you know, could be another. Well, I said I think I said to you Mike ice if she would run is Michelle Obama. Right now today being the sixth of January, I think she could be competitive, but without all of the guns being turned towards her to do everything they can to blow her out of the water. Yeah. But I mean, what's the scandal? There there isn't one yet. Who knows? I don't think they'll find what. I don't I don't know. But unite both know that the dirty tricks department would be working overtime to destroy the image that she has built. Yup. Okay. Well, I'm definitely going to try to make midway one of these days. It won't be this Tuesday. But. We'll see. Not talking about the movies. The esplanade. You're going to wait to June. I must admit you have shown up down there periodically over the years. So. Yeah. Well, well, I'm hoping save before then. But I mean. The three stooges have been known to say, I we shall see. We shall see. And on that note, Jack, I'm going to say good night to you. And or accidentally put him on hold accidents put Jack Arnhold so Andrew few could take care of Jack. Thank you, Dave. And learn to get you. But I I have a break to take here. RB's e six one seven two five four ten thirty and the time and the temperature. Three fourteen thirty six degrees..

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