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"bobby belter" Discussed on Blogging the Boys

"Time every team in the nfl has to be down to fifty. Three players on their roster. It will be billed as the final fifty three man roster. I'm using air quotes there because there will be a lot of changes over the coming twenty four to forty eight hours ish. The dallas cowboys have few distinctions. They have some players at the likely carried us to place on injured reserve. They still do at present time. At least the time of this reporting half four players on the reserve cove in nineteen lives so those things go into the rostrum construction of it. All in our present moment. I did fifty three man roster prediction on our youtube channels or go to the blog on the boys youtube channel. Check it out. Subscribe there as well. We had six fifty three man roster predictions available in one article yesterday on monday a blog on the boys dot com so a lot of variety there in case you agree with one don't agree with one whatever but today is the day so be on the lookout for that. We will have a live show today at two. Pm central time on the blog and the boys youtube channel to discuss all of the cuts that have happened between now and then and obviously all the cuts as they're happening while we are alive and then the final again quote fifty three man roster when it is officially set also today it is tuesday episode four of hard knocks airs which means we will be live again later tonight on youtube channel. You will see myself. Roy white meg murry and special guest. Bobby belter medical network will join us as well. We will podcast that conversation and it will be available to you tomorrow here on the podcast. Feed so with roster cuts looming. There wasn't a ton of dallas cowboys news on monday but there are two things that i think are important for you to know number one safety giron curse had a tweet that everyone kind of i wouldn't say freaked out about but at least kind of send people into a number of different directions. His tweet simply red. This sucks and this time of year with roster consuming when you see a tweet like that you wonder did. The player get cut did he. Did he get told he's not making the team. Whatever etc michael elkin. The morning news quoted the tweet and noted the curse is still very much on the cowboys roster and that no release has been made you know. Said he was unsure what curse was referring to but hopefully whatever it is is working itself out for j ron. I thought this was interesting. Michael hogan added that curse has been impressive and so the fact that he would say that i think maybe hints that curses safe. I mean you know. I was shocked in the moment that we were kind of considering that maybe this and he was released. I can't really see the cow was not carrying him but we will find out later on today. Also today we will find out whether or not the los angeles rams are going to carry johnny hecker. What does that have to do with the cowboys. Well johnny hecker if you didn't know is the los angeles rams punter. He's one of the more notable punters in the nfl last week when the dallas cowboys converted part of ezekiel elliott's signing bonus into base salary. That created some salary cap space and at the time you know wondering what that was for the general kind of consensus that people ended on was the cowboys liked to have salary cap space. Well friend of the show yahoos. Charles robinson tweeted out again. This was last week that you know. Don't be surprised if this move. Was made in anticipation of johnny hecker getting cut by the los angeles rams. Because there's a lot of chatter picking up that that might ultimately be the case now. Why is this important. The cowboys have bryan anger as their punter. Well bryan anger is not johnny hecker and that might literally be the penalty for him in this particular moment because if you did not know johnny hecker has been punting for the rams since two thousand twelve. That was the year that he went. Undrafted john fossil joined the rams in two thousand twelve. Greg's line the dallas cowboys current kicker john obviously the dallas cowboys special teams coordinator joined the rams in two thousand twelve. So johnny hecker. Greg serlin john fossil all joined the rams in two thousand twelve a work together all the way from two thousand twelve through two thousand nineteen fossils last season with the rams before he left obviously to become the cowboy special teams coordinator and brought greg's are aligned with him by the by. Jake mcquaid the new dallas cowboys. Long snapper who they brought to replace the goat l. p. ladders there was has rather has been with the rams. This is his first season with the cowboys but was with with the rams from two thousand eleven through two thousand twenty so from two thousand and twelve in case you missed this math from two thousand and twelve through two thousand and nineteen john fossil. Greg's line jay. Mcquaid and johnny hecker all worked together in john fossils current role his first role since his role with the los angeles and saint. Louis rams he has now brought two of the three infinity stones you could potentially have in airline. He brought last year mcquaid who he brought this year. If hecker becomes available the fact that he is literally himself could be enough for jon fossil to bring him in now. I don't want to like freak out about this or cause you to freak out but hecker is really not that good anymore. He's coming off of his worth his worst yards per punt average throughout his entire. Nfl career. again. We're just putting this into context here last year. He was tied for twenty. First as far as bff's punting grades are concerned. Brian anger was ninth. Now the thing about johnny hecker john fossil seemingly loves and we learned this a lot last year john. Fossil loves a good trick play. We know that we love. Or we know that he loves to have his punter throw the ball. He likes to get weird. Likes to get cute. Whatever the case may be. Do you know that. Johnny hecker attempted at least one pass on a trick play in every single year of his career except for one he attended a pass in two thousand twelve. Two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen. Two thousand two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen the buzzers going off two thousand seventeen eighteen and nineteen the only year of johnny hackers career in which he did not attempt to pass on a trick. Play was last year the loan year that he was not working for john fossil. So be able to look for that all. I'm saying yeah but that about does it. Today is going to be a busy day. Like i said we've got the live show at two pm discussing all the roster stuff we've got the live show later tonight at ten pm breaking down episode for our knocks buckle up subscribe to the blog on the boys podcast network aleve rate in review. Those things make us happy. Go to the blog of the boys youtube channel. Subscribe there be ready once again. Live shows at two o'clock ten o'clock good times going to be had all around. Hey guess what we love you. That's right we love you. It's football season. Nine days away people going to be awesome. Do me a favor have a great day..

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