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"bob wiry" Discussed on Space Nuts | Astronomy, Space and Science News

"Joel things, so he says our goal will be to promote orbital space transportation safety, including for orbital debris mitigation for spacecraft, whose primary function is transportation, so one thing to say is of course this these things are all tracked. There're authorities principally. With the defense. Agencies but are authorities that track everything down to about one hundred millimeters in size by radar, so we do know where things are, but that doesn't mean at least the big stuff is because there's millions of pesos smaller than that. That's the danger of of spice daybreak, but with the big stuff. At least we know where they are, but there's nothing that says well, it should be here. It's not here, so we're gonNA find them or something like that. All that's telling you is where they where the space entities the spacecraft, the bits of daybreak whereabouts. They are in their obits so very interesting stuff I'd like to. It sounds like we're kind of. In the cowboy era of spice at the moment when you. When there was no law there was just you know you and your six gun. Yes, until barbed wire came along, that ended the era of the cowboys try. Maybe we could send up some barbed wire. Already, yes, Bob wiry space junk. I'm afraid the trouble. But yeah. I look I'm to be only stunned surprised. The Southfield things have moved on. But so far and I confess time an index search what I should do I. Do know people. Who are deeply involved with this kind of thing and I. told them because I'd like to know. I'd like to know the answer to this myself as to whether there is a movement in place. I mean we've we've still got cost by. There's a meeting of Conspiring Committee for Space Research. That's been going since the nineteen six that the the kind of global authority space work. Every, two years, they were supposed to make here in Australia this year actually in August, but that of course has been. Postponed, due to nineteen on I, think the plan at the moment is a meeting at the beginning of next year but that's the sort of body that you would expect were looking after this calendar thing. Interesting. Some of course very interesting was brought it home is. Is the fact that yes, we've got along a putting putting a spacecraft up there. Is Not a cowboy. He's an extremely able entrepreneur, and we're gonNA, you know. We started the segment of lauding his prizes for getting a Dog Imbaba. into. balanced us time and fact. It is marvelous what he does and he's he's. He's becoming quite a hero amongst. Those the astronomical fraternity and I've I've actually read some of the. Material that's online particularly on social media in response to what he's done and people adore him are now. He's got his critics, but people adore him for being. In a position to do this and doing yeah, doing such amazing things Yeah, he's paying looked at his his quarter. Folk hero, yes. Yet, but you know. He's. He's not the strongest favorite because of the spy sex constellations. was going to get to that. Yes. And this ethical issues as well with his plans from ours which. I was in a meeting a couple of weeks ago to him out this the ethics of spaceflight and it's not clear that he's got a mandate to go, and you colonize miles which he certainly onis agenda. So in very interesting stuff You know Maybe, that's the way it is. You've got pluses and minuses with everything trying to do at the moment. So he's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy. Couldn't help himself. A. Thank you so much for the yeah for the question pater really appreciate it, and suddenly opened up an interesting discussion..

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