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Deep Dive into Natural Building

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Deep Dive into Natural Building

"But for those who have had math rama like it's super empowering and my partner who would build together he'd be like a half an inch plus one little line and that's a common experience for a lot of people who welcomed the tiny house lifestyle podcasts. The show where you learn how to plan built and lives tiny lifestyle. I'm your host. Ethan waldman and this is episode one seventy with natalie awkward. If you've been listening to the show for a while you might be nice. The name because natalie has actually been a guest in the past. Natalie is a wealth of knowledge about natural building techniques and on today's show we are going to do a deep dive on natural building techniques. The first is called slip straw and the second is called hemp crete. I went in knowing nothing about these. So i asked the really basic questions. So you don't have to. And natalie did a wonderful job explaining everything This one will really benefit if you head over to the show notes for this episode. Because i have photos of a lot of what we talked about. That's at the tiny house. Dot net slash. One seven zero. And then natalie also tells us all about how wild abundance. Her building school had to shift to online learning during the pandemic and how she's actually now created. What sounds like a pretty amazing online tiny house building. Course so we cover all that and more and i hope you stick around for the full conversation. This is a special week here at the tiny house dot net headquarters because my online community. Any house engage is opening for registration. Starting this coming. Tuesday and tiny house engaged is a really special online place where you can connect with other any house hopefuls. People who are. Diy building their tiny houses buying tiny houses and even living the tiny house lifestyle. It's a really supportive community and there are a lot of cool features and bonuses that you get when you are a member of tiny house engage. One of which is that you actually are able to listen live as i interview all of the podcast guests and you can even submit questions for the show. You'll hear in this conversation with natalie that there are actually some really great guests questions that i was able to ask on. Behalf of tiny house engage members. And i would love to be able to do the same for you. So if you'd like to learn more and get on the wait list to be notified when tiny house engage goes live on tuesday at over to the tiny house dot net slash engage again. That's the tiny house dot net slash engage e. n. g. a. g. e. all right on with the show right. I am here with natalie dog walker. Natalie has been building and living in tiny homes various natural varieties for almost twenty years. She runs wild abundance. Which facilitates in-person tiny house. Classes women's carpentry classes natural building classes online building classes as well as classes on permaculture gardening and more natalie bob walker. Welcome back to the show. I'm so happy to be here with you. Even thanks for having me again. You're welcome happy to have you back. You know it. It's been a while since we talked. I i i'm gonna guess over a year since you were here who you know on our on our last show. We talked a lot about Your story kind of your background of how you came to to found a building school and then we talked a little bit like we. We did kind of an overview of some natural building techniques And so today. I was hoping that we could do more of a deep dive on one or two natural building techniques. But i was. I just hoping to to have you tell us you know how. How are things going you know. It's it's june twenty twenty one right now in the. Us is kind of coming out of the pandemic you know how. How have things been. Going at wild abundance. Through this last year well it has been a whirlwind and when we first got news about the pandemic our staff was very confused. Pretty overwhelming like. Oh my gosh. We're going to have to cancel our classes. We're going to go out of business up and stuff and so we we just got on and we're not going to be able to help our students you know and not going to exist anymore and luckily a fairly resilient bunch of people so we We started online gardening. Fool which did not exist prior to april of two thousand twenty so we started that and we were. We realized at some point that because our classrooms are all outdoors that we would just require masks and that we could still run our classes so last year we canceled a couple just a couple of classes and then we ran our in person tiny house. Boston are women's basic and advanced carpentry. Lassus and so that was a blessing to be able to keep serving our folks and to be able to just have have some stability one big change. was we The in-person tiny house passed the way that it works is. It's a pretty good size group of people. There's typically thirty to thirty five students in it and we would do all the lectures altogether at a local university and then we would split the class up did you. All of the hands on natural building and for the tiny house builds and so the smaller groups felt very comfortable but the big group did not so he chose to take all the lectures from the cost and put them online. And then when we finished without we were like. Oh well this is a good good bit towards having an online tiny house boss and we kind like accidentally ended up offering an online tiny house. Basso we are right now in the midst of really beefing that up and creating more hands-on quote unquote virtual content So that the class can stand on. Its own really well and be really helpful to folks who are not able to come to our in person. Tiny house costs because we not only. Is there like the travel issues with getting here but we currently have a waiting list of seventeen hundred people for that class and so you know not everyone is going to get into the class. You know we open some of these classes up and they fill within well within an hour and so we're really hoping to offer that content to a wider audience because we just don't have the capacity to serve everyone that we would love to serve in person and there's you know it's expensive to come you know to place leave your whole life for awhile and pay the tuition and all of these things. So we're we're wanting to create also just an accessible option for folks who are wanting to learn step by step how to build a tiny house so it's pretty exciting tiny houses and not though tiny houses. And it's cost that we're especially is especially geared towards women or anyone else who has felt disempowered with building in our culture which is which is you know not a small percentage people so we just really it. We just got really excited about making this content accessible to people so in many different ways. So that's awesome. Yeah one of the. I mean i i feel like one of the challenges go online. Is that for those who feel disempowered by the world of building you know they may never have picked up And impact driver or cirque of saw and part of the magic of the in person. Classes that you you can actually say. Yeah it's it's okay. let's do this. You're gonna you're gonna use the circular saw and we're gonna. We're gonna make sure you're safe. We're gonna watch you do it Yeah how how do you handle that in the online setting. Well not only do we go. Through the basics of circular saw we go through the basics of tape. Measure along along with about fifteen other tools. And that's because we have a lot of experience teaching these basic tool skills because we've taught at this point dozens of women's basic carpentry losses. And so some of the same teachers that teach those classes and who have fielded hundreds of questions about each of these tools are the people who we've engaged to be teaching these tools classes so that feels really good to me and it's you know it's interesting because they also have an online hide tanning class and that's a that's a skill that no one thinks of as being an something you teach virtually because it's just such a such a hands on kind of abstract skill also very you know it's a. It's a primitive skeleton skill. That is is very earth-based and yeah and the feedback that we've gotten from that course because we are very thorough people is that oh my gosh i never thought it would be possible but i like hand this hide and it's like it was like so easy given like the match given the step by step instructions that you have so we feel really good about it and so you know there's everything in that course from hands-on you know how to retake measure believe there's a lot of people out there who have some math trauma and you know. Obviously many of the students who take the glass won't watch the tape measure class and and that's the glory of this is really a library of classes so you the ones that you need to action. You don't watch the ones you don't need to watch ruining but for those who have had trauma like it's super empowering and my my partner who happens to be male is one of these people and like you know we would build together. He'd be like a half an inch plus one little line and that's a common experience for a lot of people so we really break down and really take the mystery out of it. And i think really like get people feeling empowered from the very ground up from the tape measure and how did offer lee sharpen a pencil. So you won't be frustrated as they're using it in the difference between a carpentry pencil and irregular pencil and like you know so there's basics like that and then there's like different types of roof design and how to implement those different types of roof design and there's like there's electrical larry go way into electrical and part of the electrical to as we say you know definitely depending on where you are some places you just have to hire an electrician. Some places you can do it yourself but you need to have someone who's licensed look over your work to make sure you're not going to start a fire. But whatever the case is we go from very basic techniques to pretty advanced techniques and cover like how to like just basically every single step of building tiny or not so tiny house so yeah i feel really good about. We talk about advantages of being on wheels vs on it foundation. We talk about code We're actually soon going to have a free class. This kind prelude this bigger class. Which is is ten ways to save money building a tiny house to which is a big deal in this day and age with actuations lumber prices. And all this stuff so yeah. I'm feeling really proud and excited about this team of folks who come together and it's really a team like i am teaching. I'm teaching like i think less than one tenth of the class as well. So there's this whole team which is like more than half women instructors which i feel really good about and and instructors from lots of different walks of life and backgrounds and all this stuff so it's just feeling it's feeling really solid bossom. Well that's that's so exciting congrats for kind of earning lemons into lemonade there. That's why we try. Yeah yeah returning Earning hides into into leather jackets. I don't know there you go. Where does why jaggard is one. Get a hide to tan. I wouldn't even well or to start. Typically we are channing. Deer hides something like in my in my younger life. I was spent a lot of time. Doing -firmative skull. So i. I'm also really into wild foods and all of this stuff in and hide tanning. This is something. I'm i'm honestly a little more into building these days than i am into into building clothing but deer hide typically are pretty easy to come by. If you call up a year processor so hunters often take years who dear processor and those processors you know. Turn the animals so to speak into meet you know. And so the they bring in the deer and it comes out in packages. I really like the butcher. My own. Dear if i'm doing that which is not a huge part of my life in this in this segment of by life but has been but if a great place to get hides and they're just often taking them to. It's this beautiful interruption in the waste stream and like i've had i've had several vegans take the class because they and i taught this in person for about a dozen years before we did the before we did the online version. And that's i think what really what really makes an online class awesome as someone who has a ton of experience teaching it in person so they know all the questions you know they come up right but whatever the case is we've had begins. Take the class because they were. They didn't see any cruelty going into getting the high. Like basically it's like interrupting the waste stream right. It's already there. Yeah totally so and is just such a beautiful and industrial process but yeah so that's another online cost very cool. Yeah and that one still happens in person to though that one still happens in person. Shoe and tyler lavin berg. Who was my apprentice. About ten years ago now teaches that in persa nice and yes crazy was wild abundance has grown. The amount of in person teaching that. I'm able to do just with running the whole organization. This has changed quite a bit. So we have like a lot of amazing features. That i really good about yeah. Let's jump into a couple of of these natural building techniques. Yeah because you know last. Last time we spoke we talked about a lot of different ones and i believe we spoke. You were in your house and it's built with remind me i can't remember. It's a log cabin log cabin so the the initial build was the twelve by sixteen log cabin two floors and then i did a couple of editions on which i think is just such a fabulous things to do if you have a tiny house because a lot of people build a tiny house then they have a kid and they're like This tiny house thing. That doesn't really work so being able to whether it's a mobile unit that then you might might Leader if someone purchases land or whatever it might become a permanent unit or whether you start off with affirmative unit. I think planning for expansion is a really good idea if you're building a tiny house so then there's an addition that is that us well. It's a timber frame. Structurally and then. It uses flip straw. Which is a pretty cool natural building techniques. So that's one of the additions. And then the other edition is using a standard stick framing. but with would that is sourced locally rough sawn lumber and then i use them traditional lime posture techniques. Cool and On the inside the insurer and parts of the cool well. That's perfect segue because you know slip straw really caught my interest and you know we were chatting a bit before we started rolling and i was like well. I don't even know what is so Let's let's start there like what what is slipped straw totally. So that's an excellent question. So slip straw is made from basically the same materials that you would make cubs from but while cobb is incredibly laborious in my opinion and i've done a lot of cobb's stomping to create and requires an extremely beefy foundation. Cob is also a thermal mass material. Which is appropriate in certain parts of the world. But in the part of the world where i live in a lot of probably your listeners live an insulin material makes more sense and so straw. Clay can be on just post foundation. It is doesn't have to be as thick as cobb. You can get away with like eight or ten inches if thickness and it is very fast. Like of all the natural building techniques all these natural building techniques. i mean. there's a lot to be said for them in that. They're relatively inexpensive. If you're doing all the labor yourself and they're using totally non toxic materials. They're really. They're really really fabulous in so many ways but the amount of labor that goes into them is something that is often not talked about. And that's why a lot of these techniques like you often don't only see people building with cobb if they're having a problem workshop it's so labor intensive and if you don't have the time to do it yourself there's no way you can pay for the late so expensive whereas slip. Straw and humphry are both technique that where the labor is is much more reasonable. It's still going to be more laborious than conventional construction But when if you were accounting for the cost of They cost to the labor. That goes in shoe or the cost. Anyway that goes into a lot of these techniques which are really not good for the earth Then i think that it would be a wash them. Yeah but yeah so. So struck is way less laborious that needs. It does not have the same foundation heavy duty foundation requirements. That cobb does and it is insular suwat so it is it not as heavy because the inside of like cob wall it's just the entire wall is all essentially clay whereas sickly straw. Is it that you're kind of piling up straw and then like encapsulating it in clay. Yeah so with with cobb you are creating play wall where straw is basically the rebar holding it. Come and it's basically it's almost like you're creating a rock rock but it's pretty darn close to it and so is primarily clay and sand the cob wall and the proportion of clans. Dan just depends on the soil that you're using the subsoil and with straw klay. Basically what you do is you stay. You take straw and you code it in just a thin clay slip. There's no sand and balls and then you use like the The wall structure. It's holding it up because the the is not load. Bearing is very similar to a conventional stick framed wall which is how almost all buildings are framed in this country. And so it. It's a really nice thing to be able to access more conventional building techniques because our culture is set up to be able to do those really efficiently and so you can frame up a wall very similarly to how you would frame it up if you're just doing standard construction and then you use wall forms which is like just made out of plywood or you could use board. If you don't wanna use i would you do like a is interesting because i have video on this and i have all sorts of pictures that really help. Help represent this. But it's a little hard to explain without the pictures but basically you you have like a stud frame wall then just has like two by four stud and then or difference is and then you take two pieces of plywood and you put them on either side of the stud wall and typically use pacers or some other technique. You can just put in screws the not sink them in all the way. Okay so that those pie would forms are not being sucked up to the studs. Rare held out from the studs. Okay and then you take straw and you code it in a thin clay slip you stuff it into the wall and you have to tamp it a little bit into the corners but you don't wanna tempt you. Don't want to compress it too much because then it won't be as fluffy because fluffy equals insulin. If right and then after you steffan into the wall for however high your Your plywood form is you can immediately unscrew your pie would form and move it up and you just have to overlap at about eight inches or so and then you can stuff it in to the next election like so you can actually finish a straw clay wall if you have enough. You know ersan power and a like efficient enough technique in a day. It's really amazed and that's that's even faster than humphrey. You can only do two feet in a day. But because of the amazing interlocking. Laurie of the straw. And you can get a lot done at once so yeah. I have a good bit of experience. I lived in a stroke lake cabin that i built pushing twenty years ago. It was my first tiny house. It was eight feet by twelve feet and was tiny but So that was the first cabin that i ever built after. I attended a bunch of natural building workshops in then actually apprentice so to speak with my partner who is a carpenter and then learned how to actually bill. The lot of natural building passes all teach. You is how to put clay onto walls but but we we go deeper. Because i was jaded by that and i had to go and learn carpentry on my own so we like to teach the together and and yeah it's a. It's a pretty technique. I think that it is not the most insolent material like straw. Bale is way more insulin. If other like i think hemp hem crete is more insulated as well but also way thicker right. Aw wall is going to be like us foot and a half thick or something. Yeah be way thicker depending on which way you which way with the straw bales but you know when you're talking tiny like a straw. Bale wall will take a huge amount of your footprint. And like i again here. I am talking about things. That when i teach i usually have a whiteboard but but like if you have you know a twelve by sixteen footprints and you're using bales that are footing half six the footprint that you're left with like if you start with like a two hundred square foot footprint and then you have to take up the whole perimeter with a foot and a half thick material you're left with a really small space inside And that that consideration of how much. How much percentage of your footprint the walls take up is a significantly higher percentage when you're talking about a small footprint than if you're talking about like twenty by forty or right right where it's not that significant so for me and also you know. Tiny houses are so easy. And so if you're going tiny. I think that a straw bale really doesn't make sense unless you're a very cold place right so with with the straw bale after you've coated that straw in a late late way slip and kind of packed it in. Is there an additional coating that gets applied inside and outside to kind of finish the wall. Yes so with slip straw the straw bales a whole nother story which i think you just you just misspoke which i do all the time. It's just. It's there if i could see why. Yes yes. there's so many straws and bills and slip and all this so after After you build the wall you wait for the wall to dry out which in some climates is quite a quick thing And my climate. Being that i live in a temperate rainforest in the southern appalachians. Uh-huh it can take like you know on thurs six weeks. How and then after that point you and during that time the wall was sometimes actually sprout because straw while it is the byproduct of grain production oftentimes has little bit of grain or seeds left in it. So you're most out a little bit but then this prospal dive wall driza and And then you apply plaster and so that posture can be an earthen plaster or it can be a lime based posture but you should never use stucco on any sort of earth and wall because stucco does not breathe in the same way that lime plaster and earth imposter dots. And i prefer to use on my log cabin on the chinking and also on my log cabin. Where did the addition that was slipped straw. I use. I like to use the line plaster from the exterior and then an earthen plaster for the interior. And that's because the lime is just much more resilient to getting wet like if you if you got earthen plaster really wet if you spray it with a hose for an hour like it turns back into mutt and spray a If you spray a lime plastered wall with hose for an hour it is not the same effect because lime plaster basically turns into stone And which is pretty awesome but for interior use. There's just it can be really lovely to work with earth in pastors in that something our class there's into quite a bit our online class and our in person class is. You don't even need to work gloves when you're working with earth and plasters which is so lovely and then i liked to finish off the interior with an a lease or earth and paints which you know you can go with all sorts of different colors and you mica in it which is fabulous sparkly wonderful and the earth and paint the elisa's dumping that's not just limited to doing in an earthen structure. You can also do it on top of drywall. And that's something. I've done a lot of and it's really lovely for transforming more conventional space or one that just has to be built more quickly in two or with less labor in to a really earthy link place. Yeah elise it's amazing. We have a blog about it on our website. Link you know and for those who who are regular listeners of the show you'll know that links for everything will be on the show notes for this episode And this will be episode number one seventy so it will be at the tiny house dot net slash one seven zero for links to as much as i can find of why doctor about awesome a question about slips drawn and i'm going to try to not call at the wrong thing as out everyone severely So with a know with cobb cobb. It is kind of structural in the sense that like. If you want to add a window you can just kind of as you're building up your cob wall essentially just like i'm gonna put a window here and then like bob around it with the slip straw. Do you frame the windows and doors in like conventional construction. You know with a king anna jack stud and a sale and all that yes you do you do and i find that Honestly be well. It's not as organic is definitely more simple and works a lot better than doing it with hobbs. So yeah i i really i mean it. Cobb is great for fixed windows and you can have all sorts of cool shapes around him but then when it comes to the window clean having like mud wall interfacing with glass. It's pretty challenging ten. So that's something that i really appreciate with With the slip straw is just it. It it it's like plugging play with all of the standard windows and and all of the standard framing that we use in this culture. All the tricky. The tricky part with the windows is is that. Like i said you're framing the slip straw. Wall outwith typically two by fours which is great. Because it's a lot less lumber you know and it's a lot less expensive and it's a lot more less trees being cut down but when you got to the window you want to do the window frame not the not the king studs but the frame it sell you want to do with boards that are the full thickness of the wall Full thickness of the wall. So maybe up to like a to biology by eight or eight for the windows. Okay you too bye. Eight or two by times depending on how thick you're going with your wall. The first cabin that i built was to bisect it was six inches thick and it was not not terribly warm so i went with. I went with eight inches on the addition that i put on this cabin and that was. That's definitely better but it is. Not white is insulated. Like i would. I would think just guessing. It's probably like our twelve. It's not as insulated as you know. I think i think a straw bail while thirty six right. I think amazing. I just asked dr. Google real quick seems that the art value in one test of straw is is three point four per inch so it sounds like you're about about on there. A two by four wall would be About our twelve well. The wall is actually a shoe by four is just the frame. The wall ends up being eight inches thick so straw just on its own straw. Bale is more insulin. Tive that per inch than it is when you make it into straw clay and knots. Because you're coding it without clay slip man. You're you have to pack it in. You have to compact it'll run so that slip is more of a mass material so that takes away some of the some of the in insulation factor and then the packing it in takes away more of the of the insulation factor. And there's another piece who they can take away. Because i did some thermal imaging of my because i'm just durkee like that and because i have a friend who runs this ecological building center and so i borrowed his thermal imaging camera and to have great friend to have and it was pretty fascinating because typically strokeplay even if you put a bunch of stuff in it to keep this from happening it always settled a little bit and then right before you plaster you have to do some like straw heavy cobb at the very top the take space from the settling and once it's dry it's the done settling but it always feels a little bit and that little area off had definitely a much higher rate of heat transfer then it anywhere on the rest of the wall which totally makes sense then. It's just one of the like better that it's just a tiny bit of and the whole well-being right. Yeah so you saw us actually have a thinner thinner than you. If you had built the wall out of cobb it would have been much thicker. But you have this thin relatively thin strip of cobb up at the top. That's gonna guess transfer heat up there. Yes yes got. So what like. What would you say is like the best use case. Her first slip straw. Like you know what's the ideal building size and climate for for straw That's a good question. And i'm going to take us off topic because there's something that i wanted to address that i'll for off topic here. We go So one thing that i want to mention. Is that a lot of people. Do slip straw where you know high said you want to leave some space between the forums and the chew by four brain and so that is not something i did with my first slip straw building with my first slip star building. It was framed out with two sixes. And i just sucked the forms with a well back then. It was a drill. Not an impact driver Right up to my my frame and the thing about that is then. You have a lot of heat transfer through your studt just like with conventional construction but something. That's really cool about the way. I did my last project which i wish. This man cbo grod merckel. Who's a friend of mine turned me onto which is so great is by leaving that space in between the studs and your form which i will get you a drawing of best that the viewers understand better is that then you do not have the same the same thermal transfer that you would if you're stud goes all the way through the wall because you're coding. You're encasing just died with the material. Which i think is very cool technique and also something that's used with ham creech okay. This is another really cool but much more expensive way belt. Awesome all right well then. That's that's really cool because we talk about that a lot in conventional tiny house building you know creating a thermal break so that you don't get that transfer yes and it sounds like you essentially are doing the same thing just in a natural building yes totally without toxic materials and foam like such a has so much embodied energy into it so much yeah but is really awesome to you buy yes so anyway and then the ideal climate for struck by so straw clay. I would not use in a mobile tiny. I think it's it's best us in a permanent tiny and that's because just anything that has plaster on it. I mean honestly. This straw is very strong and really interlocking but all the shaking going down. The road is just gonna wreck havoc especially on your plaster. The and so. I think it's just not appropriate. Even though it might be light okay. It's still is still not appropriate and that goes for most natural building techniques. Although you could definitely do. And i have done in our workshops because we have to tiny houses leave our workshop. Each time we run and we run it twice a year so we have or we drink out four tiny houses year at this point which is pretty cool that no chew like the Recipients are part of the whole process. It's a really beautiful thing you know for these recipients to receive them at the end of the classes but anyway back to my point which is Died it makes more sense to do strong. Klay on a permanent tiny and with the With the climate. I would say it'd be nice if it was a little drier than it is here in the southern appalachians which is basically the entire country except of the us anyway except for the peninsula washington state does somewhere drier than here would be great pretty much everywhere and i would say i would not go like i do a lotta gardening so i don't know how many of you of your listeners are familiar with the usda hardiness zones but. That's kind of a nice way to talk about it and you can look up your hardiness zone really easily on the internet. So i would use on stroke play construction for anything zone seven or warmer and i also think that if and we're in zone six it says on the maps that were in zone seven but we're not because we're not in the town and the town is way warmer than the country because of all of the their masks in all the roads all the building so anyway i would use something. That's thermal mass material if you're in a desert okay. If you're in a place that has really big temperature. Fluctuations blake from night today. Like i think house new mexico for example. I'm just gonna. I don't have access to google as i am speaking but i would imagine that they have at times temperature variations from or gradients from night. Today that are like forty to fifty degrees fahrenheit of like the difference in the temperature and for that sort of climate you want a thermal mass material. Because that's gonna hold onto a constant temperature and really take make it like pleasant inside whether it is really really hot out or relatively cold out. It's going to make everything more moderate now. The installation is appropriate for places. Where in the winter. You always white your space to be warmer than it is outside and in the summer. Ideally your place but be cooler than it is outside or the richer but or one of the season's you want it to be re a really different temperature from inside to outside rather than just being like a happy medium between the day and the night and so for anywhere. That is not a desert. That's usually the situation. So i would say somewhere zone seven or warmer. That is not a desert. So that's i'm looking. I pulled it up and it looks like we're we're kind of talking about the The southeast and south southwest and mud like california and and western oregon and washington but then avoid big peninsula. Yes yes to to their awesome totally. Yeah yeah i would think for a good bit of the mid atlantic. Yeah it would be appropriate to zone you get zone. Six that works in like new jersey and the lower half of pennsylvania and ohio and west virginia and a bunch more. Yeah yeah and if you're more close to the mountain radiating moderating ocean temperatures then and let's be honest zones are pro. Who knows when this map is from. I'm sure the zones are all one warmer than they were. Oh yeah he's totally totally are in an interesting with our online gardening. Like we've made our own system happiest just like basically zone just shows you like the coldest temperature possible. It doesn't show the average rage. That's been interesting too but we're not talking about that right now though. Yeah straw klay. It's pretty awesome. Awesome and how. I'm starting to work with and i haven't worked with it much because the materials are harder to come by. Okay so yeah what. What is hemp creek. Because we actually We had george brown on the show who teaches who pioneered and teaches air crete which which i know is something different say suffer from having very similar names so what has as is similar in this in this field. And that's i think largely because there's a lot of similarities of techniques because they're all techniques to make a wall you naturally built roof systems are a whole nother story which i could. I could go on for quite some time about and and do in one of the classes in the online bills. Tiny so the so. Hemp crete is very similar to struck by in the way that it's framed out in the walls and with the types of forms that are used although there can be different techniques for moving the forms around but basically hemp creates instead of using straw. You're using hamp heard and so. That's basically honked up ham stocks. Okay and so chunked. A hemp sox are very cool because they have a lot of trapped air in them and when we talk about insulation. That's what we're talking about is bluff -i late materials that have less of trapped air inside and the cool thing about the hampered is it's relatively rigid so it's like there's a bunch trop dare but when you compress it. It's not going to compress because the hump material that's in from that stock is relatively rigid and so that is then coated in a special type of line and so the thing about the lime. The lime is the binder that holds everything together. Okay and hemp crete was pound. I i can't remember exactly where i think somewhere. In france from like ancient times there was hemp crete that was exposed to the elements and still totally solid like. It's basically like hong great amazing material. So you know the the what you can do with. Hemp is not limited to building while forms that are covered by roof like it is with slip straw. Like you could have much less of a wall overhang like. There's a lot of different things like a radically well. I'm not going to get into all the all the all the possibilities but the thing with it is the binder is a type of lime and so that line like any type of quick lime has been heated to high temperature so that then when it is brought into contact. Water it It then when it dries it basically goes back into being limestone well and so when you mix this hampered and this very specialized lime which unfortunately is not manufactured in the united states at this point which is one of the issues with him. Create is the availability of these materials. Like we have quick lime. That i use for lime hoster that i can get really easily. But when i talked with us experts on crete about ordering the stuff for this project that he's going to be teaching here tim callahan. He's stabbed builder and designer. He sent me to this company to imports from europe. And so when you're looking at embodied energy in the structure you're not only looking at the amount of fuel that was used to bake that lime nor are you looking at the amount of carbon that was released into the atmosphere when that chemical reaction happens to turn that limestone into quick lime. You are also looking at then. Importing is eighty pound bags of lime from europe. And okay which is really ridiculous here because if you go over the tennessee line where i live. There's tons of limestone. So it's it's it's all a really cool. I think that all these materials could be available locally but they currently arch men's the the equipment and the know how that goes into making this very nice line is something that takes money and time in someone being really dedicated which i hope one of your listeners decides to dedicate their life to creating local localized lime kilns like there used to be but right now there used to be. There used to be an actually. When i was traveling. I used to live in spain and traveling around the mountains and spain. Like there's limekiln all over the place because they used to you know they didn't used to be superhighways than people woodbine lyman bake it locally but whatever the case is also the head. There's some supply issues because well growing hemp is now legal with a permit and north carolina. And there's huge fields and a lot of places. The processing facilities are not everywhere. There is one now near durham north carolina. It's called the bell. And they sold out of their hampered almost immediately after the harvest last year so they still have some available for purchase but it is imported from europe and and hemp texture. Which is out west in idaho. They also have hampered available. Which i think is actually from the east coast grown ham butt to order it. It was going to be a thousand dollars in shipping while the product that i was buying the size of while i'm doing was only four hundred. August two thousand dollars shipping. So one of our students is gonna pick up this european hemp heard from durham. And i'm just excited that they are growing it locally and processing locally and hopefully they get to a scale that can support the need. Yeah which is big because it such a cool material. Yeah it's It seems like it really has a lot of potential as a material so it it looks like equipment wise this this mixture of the hampered and quick lime has to get kind of sprayed into the wall like what what is moored poured. Okay it's four it into wall so it's a much more wet. Mixture struck by the stock is like is basically like you know straw coated in a very thin like it's like strong coated with salad dressing of your salad dressing dressing. Yeah it is. That's how i liked to describe. Yeah kind of like you can toss it like even salad But with a if you're doing it on a large scale then there's special types of concrete mixers that weren't really well this can be done on a more industrial scale. It can also be done in a more of a home scale and basically you you mixed alive and then you add in hurt and then you pour this like solar are- mixture mixture into the wall right and so it looks like also that there are people you can pour it into forms and make blocks. Yes yeah you can make blocks and then you can build with blocks. Yeah which i mean. It's a very rule if very very full material. It's still like you need a relatively thick wall similarly to slip straw. So and because i don't think that it really makes sense or a mobile unit. Even she used the hemp create. I think go if you wanna go natural with a mobile unit. I think going for just a stick frame with hopefully local lumber and then using a more natural insulation material makes a lot of sense. And there's there's lots of different things available there's hemp wool actively which is a very comparable to fiberglass insulation with its value. And there's also. I've used real. I use that in my cabin. Although i'm having some insect issues with even though it was and it was so expensive but even though it was it was impregnated borax and they assured me there would be no insect issues. Ten years down the line. I'm having wilmots. And i don't like what i'm seeing this. Yeah very also. There's rockwall to. I don't know if you if you like that as a product. Yeah i mean. I think it's a fine product. It's a little more industrial. You know then those other options. And i think a little less renewable but it is as far as toxicity. It's definitely not bad. It's expensive though. Because i think largely cannot impress in the way that fiberglass compresses so it's really fiberglass. You know the standard insulation material nowadays they have for my elder hide free fiberglass and so great about the fiberglass is that in in our modern you know day and age of not having vernacular architecture which is a whole nother story but is that it. You can compress it instead. The shipping cost is way low whereas rock will not be compressed. So you know all of this hugely fluffy i mean if you can imagine all the lucked up volume of insulation for house like even pretending house pretty big so it gets pretty expensive to ship it around. Got it right. And that's a big part of its expense. Well so you mentioned that you're gonna be doing a hemp crete project and you have an instructor coming to do that. What can you tell me about about the project or about the class. Yeah totally so. I like to teach some classes. And if there's ever anything that. I think that there's someone more expert than me to teach it. I'm happy to hire that person. So we have man tim callahan. Who's this wealth of knowledge teaching this hemp crete class. That is a piece of our tiny house and natural building class. This year dot class we are offering to this year. Both of them build almost instantly during our new year's sale. So there's not there's not spots available although if you get a reading list occasionally spot will open up. So it's definitely the thing to do and if people get on our waiting lists is also helpful because then you find out about the sale and then you can actually get glass do grass. Well yeah yeah. So it's it's just. It's such a good class surfing. Really good glass like you know. Ten days long people get the all of our online materials and lectures ahead of time so all of the time here is hands on and so that is ten days of hands on natural building and tiny house construction. Gets you pretty far with like you can leave us and like actually no you can come having done nothing and leave. Be like yeah. I can build a tiny house. Yeah hate me a while. But i can totally do it. Do you get through a whole house in those ten days or they're like multiple houses in different stages of completion that people can work on. We split the class and we do to builds. We typically do one mobile and one minute and so the students just have to shoes which they want to do and we start with the recipient. Hoste have the floor done and we do. We have another like we teach foundations implore system just with with another. Will we build a deck or something you know. There's just like a little bit easier so that we have everything staged and ready to go for the build but the students also learn the foundation of some and then the class will frame the whole thing. She that and install the doors and windows. Tom times got to some of the some of the electrical installation and but the groupon. So that's yeah we got pretty far. Yeah and then as far as trim and in panel a and citing and stuff that's all covered in the online partners class. Yeah well i have one. Great question. these these interviews stream live just into tiny house engage and nice. There's a great listener question Can bamboo be used with the natural building techniques. And i guess. Maybe i'll say bambu be used with with slip straw yes. Bamboo could be is with straw. That issue is then. How do you attach the roof to the structure And so the the glory of using lumber and the lumber does not have to be big leg we actually in this particular situation. We just ripped roughs on two by sixes in hats. Raising by threes day can be wonky boards. I typically when. I'm when i'm talking about tiny house construction. I do not recommend that people use salvaged lumber. You know for their framing. I recommend salvaging all sorts of other things but the framing lumber typically no because then it just creates all sorts of wonky. But when you're doing slip straw it's totally fine. You can have the wonky. Look into by fours you could ever want like it's no problem but because it i'll just gets hidden by the wall and honestly if there's a little bit of a little bit of a forum to those two by four fours it can create a little bit more of a fun organic cobby looking wall okay but if you are doing a more conventional frame it makes it really easy to then you're rafters on and you have them have something really strong just said on and so i would say yes. It is possible to use bamboo and it will be this whole nother way of thinking and looking at it. That would then look to bamboo construction to see how then they attach roof. Okay yeah so you have to figure out your structure of how you're to make it. Structurally sound with bamboo. And then you could use the technique. Yeah you totally pay. Nice you totally and i do use it. I use strips of bamboo about every two feet in the wall. I drill through the suds and you strips of bamboo horizontally to kind of help the whole thing not settle as much new bamboo. Rebar yacht inside of the slip straw. Now when you do your roof system with slip straw it is kind of the same process. You put up your forms and you you pack in the straw. So the roof. The roof is not inflated subscribe. Okay it's it doesn't really work for roof insulation. We just use like whatever you would use for. If you're doing a straw bale or conventional or any sort of group we just frame it out with rafters and then we put some sort of batch in between the rafters typically and dot could be. Will it could be harmful. It could be any number of things although there's also thatch and fash is a very exciting lace than is unfortunately in most of the world in the last like forty years i mean. There's there's traditional fashion japan. There's traditional thatch. So much in the uk and in ireland and branson all over the world. There's been batch and it's such a cool material like if you do it right with the traditional materials that are used. In all these different places they can lost like forty years and it's orally renewable in how it's grass or stalks different things and it's also super insulator because it's grass and so that's a whole nother story that i would love to talk about and it's very fascinating. His traditional roofing material in japan is this grass. It's called miscanthus grass and it is horribly invasive in southern appalachia where i live. And so it's this. It's this really interesting boone. And i've bashed a couple little structures with it and i have a dream of Of bringing in a japanese stature as an instructor to show us how to properly use that. Because i was just playing with it and and the structure that i built i watched and it had to low of slow like typically with batch troops. You need a very high pitch to be able to make to make it said water properly okay and so mine was not a high enough pitch but it's still you know the structure lasted and was waterproof for like seven years and then that particular structure was just kind of the spun whimsical structure that then got replaced by a much more utilitarian. Bigger search later but So i don't know what would have happened after that seven years but up to that point it was great. And but it's interesting with the miscanthus you don't actually use the grass. You use the flower stocks of the grass. Which are like seven feet tall. They're pretty amazing but cool. That's a whole nother story. That's a whole a story. that's that's that's a third. That's a third interview right there They go well natalie. You know you're just such a wealth of information and your show enthusiastic about it. I feel like we talk for hours. But you know i just thank you so much for for being a return guest on the tiny house lifestyle. Podcast my pleasure and thanks so much for you. Know serving all of these people with your resources and with podcast. It's just like i don't know. I just really appreciate everyone. Who's doing work with empowering people to build their own structures and to live in small structures like just the environmental repercussions in this culture. That's become a culture of like mcmansions is like pretty profound. So i really appreciate your work and thank so much for talking with me and and yeah just working together. It's really fabulous awesome. Thanks thank you so much to natalie dog walker for being a guest on the show. Today you can find the show notes including all the photos that of things that we discussed at the tiny house dot net slash one seventy again. That's the tiny house dot net slash one seven zero. Well that's all for this week. I'm your host. Ethan waldman and i'll be back next week with another episode of the tiny house lifestyle podcast.

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Introducing In the Bubble: Our Shot

The Cost of Care

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Introducing In the Bubble: Our Shot

"Levin everyone have you listened to end the bubble with andy slavic yet. Huge fan of this podcast. It's been a source of comfort and insight by answering all of my big and little questions about the pandemic andy. The host has returned to the show after serving the white house. Senior adviser for covid response. This mini season is called in. The bubble are shot. It covers vaccination efforts reflects on the year and a half. we just had an impact. What we've learned about equality society and ourselves. This is our shot at building a better america. One that works for everyone new episodes come out twice a week on mondays and wednesdays listened to end. The bubble are shot with andy slavic from lemonade media. Wherever you get your podcasts. Here's an exclusive clip to hear. More search for in the bubble are shot. Wherever you're listening right now. Welcome in the bubble. I'm your host. Andy slavic and i'm back and i'm so happy to be back. I tell you what. I just love that new theme music for stuff. I want to thank dr bob walker. Who was our guest host for holding down the fort. While i was away he was a hell of a host at even more. I want to welcome. Dr lisa fitzpatrick. Who will be joining me. Read this show. Hey lisa andy how you doing pretty good. We'll talk about you. The second question. I i went to someone's house for dinner last night. And they said the person there said. Oh i really liked. Dr bob and i said did you like him better than me. And you said yes that route. At least he was honest. You have to give him points for being honest which is in short supply these days. So you take over. Nice is what you're absolutely any seven is well. You're both honest and nice. Lisa fitzpatrick. I've been a fan of yours for a long long time. Many from youtube as dr lisa. You tell folks a little bit about yourself share. I'm a medical doctor and eye. Cdc trained medical epidemiologist. That's a big word that means. I'm a public health expert. But lately i've been out in the community and people know me as dr on the street. I have a youtube channel. People can find me on youtube making videos to try to make health information. More relatable and understandable what. I think you're great at is painting a picture telling the story that i think it's just hard to get from just listening to someone talk about something by going out and just talking to people and listening to people find the work. You do extraordinary well. I think that's what you're going to bring to. The show is people are going to see. We're going to now get the stories behind the events. We're not just going to hear about events. And i think that's going to be a really exciting addition to the show. Yeah and i think the storytelling really bring the data to life. Because we're seeing a lot of charts and graphs and people talking about math and efficacy in numbers but when you put faces in stories to those numbers it sort of paints a different picture and helps people understand or connect in a different way i agree. And how are you dad jokes. I loved dat jokes. You got one for me to so are you. ask me that. I want to start this episode by talking about you. Don't look around. I mean you you listening. You listening to this podcast. That's i wanna talk about because you've been through a lot and i want to say whatever you're doing now on the running machine got your headphones on you're making dinner. You're getting up in the morning. You're eating a stack. You know what you're doing. You have been through a lot this last year and a half and we all have you been through disruption. You've been through a plague about that. You've been through politicians playing games with your life and your health. The health of your family. You been through massive uncertainty. Maybe that's hard as anything. You've been through stress. You've been through stress. And i'm sure you've been missing your family. You've been missing your friends and your routine and now we're at this interesting point where that seems to be all over or is it but before we wrestle with that because i think the show's going to be a lot about wrestling with that question. Do something strange just congratulate yourself. Congratulate yourself forgiving through it no matter how you did it no matter how hard you thought. It was no matter whether you thought you could every moment or not. You're here and a guarantee you're stronger. And i know everybody is uncertain if really over. You're tired of it all but you are moving back to cherish the things that you'd be sitting in your life or at least i hope you are. The uncertainty has been reduced. And for whatever you've lost in some of you lost a lot you held on certain things. You didn't lose the people you still have in your live your friends. Your loved ones the things that the people that got you through this. There's still here and the things that you missed the starting to come back. And i bet they're even more valuable to you than they were before the pandemic these things in your life the baby we took for granted like toilet paper very valuable. Think about it. What would you do without it and movie theaters. Those are fun and your sports team or your church or whatever whatever it is to me. I discovered elastic sweatpants back. I'm telling you that right now. So i wanna ask you to do a little exercise that i tried to do when i was in washington. Oh i should tell you. Oh i was just in washington. But i'll get to that play the silliman exercise picture. What other have gone through this last eighteen months and come from the most generous kind displace you can. What a teacher's gone through over the last year and a half what a nurse has gone through what a doctor may have gone through picture a widow who lost someone the covid an orphan someone who lost a parent or both to covert. And do you know anyone who lost a job or or business or dream or an experience that we're looking forward to just picture them. Those are the people you're running into everyday at the store and those are the people were side. I tell those people that just it's gonna be a little bit harder to how the picture of the non mass wear picture. The neighbor that you had a disagreement with those are all people that are the same people. Pick your scott atlas dumb just kidding. Don't don't spare a thought for atlas but just imagine most people were just doing the best they could and some very hard circumstances and didn't have a clue what was going to happen so spare some love in particular for the heart to love because they don't get much love. I just went off on this kind of emotional tangent. But you gotta give me a break them out of practice but in a sense this in a bubble ten part series is really designed to bring closure to some of the pandemic open issues. And it's a sign of whether it's successful. If at the end we're able to come to grips with a lot of the things that feel uncertain to us and to move on and that move on with perfect certainty but move on knowing that we have made cova manageable challenge. We know how to deal with manageable challenges. You've got lots of in your life. Which is going to be able to put this in that same category. So let's get out of the scary and into manageable challenge though but we're gonna get there. Anyway that's sermon. What do you think. Lisa good sermon. Impressive andy what about you. What will be the sign that you have some closure. I guess if i if i could say something that is about scott lists that would bring me a long way well before we go to the ten themes which began on monday. I think people want to hear about your time in the white house. How was that well. You know it was a duty like you've done many times in your life and it was meaningful and it was purposeful and i worked with great people and it was scary at times. It was heavy I'm glad i did it. Glad to be back. Well we're glad you're back. But i heard a rumor. You kept a bit of an audio journal. While you're in the lighthouses that turk recorded my thoughts in the phone every once in a while taking might come back to the bubble so maybe even play some of those so instead of starting with our our ten episodes. That's first step back in time. A little bit and talk about your time in the white house but before we do congrats on your book. How can people get. It will thank you. I think it just came out man. Yes it's called preventable of you haven't heard me say it a million times already but yeah you can get although usual places you get books or you could hear bradley whitford read it but it really is a wow the west wing yes bradley whitford from the west wing impressive yeah and get out. He's a funny guy. So what motivated you to write this book. I felt like i couldn't get it all done in two hundred eighty characters so i needed to go big bigger. And you're masterful at two hundred eighty characters. We know that the show usually the more brief. I am the better. But i felt like i guess i'd say i felt like we needed somebody to record for all the people that we lost and the things that we lost kind of this first draft of history which is a bit of a cliche but that really says what is it that we needed to remember needed to know and plus. I had a lot of good stories because i spent time as people who listen to show with the white house with jared kushner with deborah burks so i saw a lot of stuff on the inside and i'm like there's none of that i need to keep to myself so it's all in the book along with my opinions a little bit of humor. Hopefully people can read it and experience the roller coaster ride but without the fear. That's my hope. Well in any case congrats on your book. I can't wait to read it. I'm sure a lot of people are excited and looking forward to reading it s. Well thank you but in the meantime can we do zacks facts or you call that All right sack zak. Lisa wants you on the phone tack. Oh okay zac. What's your fact. And can you introduce your dad's first clip. I was really surprised by hair so my today. I wanted to compare the covered numbers from the first day. My dad was in biden's administration versus the last day which was just last week and so courtesy politico the first day. There's more than one hundred eighty five thousand cases every day and on the last day they were only down to fifteen thousand so quickly. A big improvement water. That's from the vaccine distribution and the work that he did so now. Let's hear the story of how that happened to serve in the biden administration originally actually a lot of explicit commitments. And i wouldn't you don't get me wrong. Public service is one of the most meaningful things. I've ever done But i made a number of a promises to people Not the least of which was the my own family. Life were newly empty nesters. We had long planned to move to california. When zack went to college in there we were And after the cold in minnesota and all the restrictions brought on by the pandemic We got in the car and drove out. i've been having conversations with the biden transition team the campaign team and even members of the trump transition team all trying to be helpful. But it's pretty clear transition wasn't in happened because one man wouldn't let it happen. He believed trump. That is that he was meant to be president and long since stopped. Caring about the pandemic. so it's a transition team formed. I was really happy to see jeff. I was placed in charge of the pandemic response. Kennedy is my view. The white house could not do better. And i tweeted that at the time justice capable in as good a person as i know in so whenever guilt i was feeling about not going back to the white house to help and went down quite a bit because between ryan claim who banished the responses chief of staff and jeff. We couldn't be more capable hands. I do the country would start to feel palpable difference. Part of me thought. I supposed to be there. How could they do this without me. But that was my ego. Unfortunately it was a manageable. Any rational part of me and forgetting all about it but then it happened two days after christmas jeff science called his pitch was direct. Stone had a somber. I need you. The problem is too big. The job is lonely. there's no transition let's share together. He asked me to come to the white house and my first response was to tell them the reasons why couldn't among other things. By avoidance of guilt disappeared. If i said no. I couldn't really pretend i wasn't on the hook if things didn't go well my second thought was. This must be really bad. So i thought about my life and i thought about the challenges. The country was facing. It'd be able to camp service one hundred and thirty days. Maybe lana could go with me. But even if she couldn't. I'd be back home by intimate early june at the latest. After a lotta having in hiring and a final conversation with lana unsighted to do it on january fifteenth few bags kislon goodbye in got on a plane. Thousands of people were dying each day. Virtually nobody was getting vaccinated. There was no inventory of vaccines and people weren't even confident. They would take the vaccine if they were offered it. I landed in. Dc at an apartment block from the white house. The city was on lockdown not just from cohen but from the insurgency of january six. It was a war zone in every way. And i was on my three hundredth day in a row worrying elastic and hanging out at home and now i had to get an oval off shape and landed in award without any weapons in with rumors that there was a new type of covert. There was evading vaccines. Wow that's really powerful. Andy i to site thank you. Thank you for your service. I think we've come to now. See you as a fixer. Well let me let me circle back to something you said. You didn't want to serve in the white house. What's that about when i got there. I really changed my mind. Once i walked in. But you know it's like being put into a machine like n being launched into outer space and everything else stops mattering and you're just in this bizarre continuum where you're completely submerged. But when i got there. I quickly felt what an honor it was to be there. I felt proud to be have as a duty to take on And it wasn't fun. Because people were dying and i could feel that but i was glad i did it. It's interesting to hear you. Reflect on this and relate that you weren't sure you wanted to go because i remember texting with you one day after i saw you. I think it was on television. And i said you look tired. Are you getting enough sleep. And you said i'll sleep when the pandemic is over so with an attitude like that. I'm surprised to hear that you even hesitate for a moment knowing that you can jump in and how well as i said. I'm i'm glad i did and it took a little bit to get me to to think about it. The right way and people don't know that you were part of the biden. Transition team played a very prominent role. Well i was actually one of the co chairs of the health policy committee and that was a really extraordinary experience because there are so many incredibly smart thoughtful people thinking about health policy so it was a really great experience but here we are so i wanna know. Are you wearing sweats again. Oh yeah let back to lasting absolutely so you landed you got there and what did you find. It's very rare luxury to be able to focus on. Just one thing for me than one thing is. Vaccinations everything about them. How they're manufactured the raw materials. You need to make them. How you feel in. Finish the vials. How the gift from point. A to point b how to find more people to administer them how more can be produced. And how fast the trump administration did promise that one hundred million americans will be vaccinated by january but the reality we found was different. They weren't even hundred million vaccines produced. Fact didn't have any. It was a mystery as to what was happening to the vaccines that had been produced as a measure of how well it was going with. There was one fundamental question that we had how many vaccines were getting into people's arms. Now i expected some inefficiencies that maybe eighty to ninety percent of scenes. We're making get into people's arms but when we finally pulled the data together. The results shocked me. Forty-six percent only forty six percent of the vaccines that had been sent to states or making it into people's arms americans were angry impatient in variants. Were spreading basically nine to five vaccination effort with no real monitoring of vaccines people wanting. We're actually out there. And where they were going. People wanted answers but the answers appeared to be terrible so one of the metaphors. We ended up deploying that we used to frequently. Was this notion of treating this like a war effort it. Let's be something simple. They will comes to vaccines. Our approach to fixing things is to overwhelm the problem. Do everything possible leave no stone unturned so we moved from sending out. Vaccines relatively haphazardly to stanley. Up ninety thousand vaccination sites to the point where down ninety percent of americans live within five miles of a vaccine fema in the military provided. Seven thousand vaccinators. We moved to a twenty four by seven production schedule. We said public goals and deadlines and before you knew it. We went from that forty. Six percent number. Two eighty percent eighty percents vaccines. Were getting the people's arms and it was happening in more places. There was another impact seeing the fema sights on tv. Seeing massive amounts of people get vaccinated really started to believe the country and get people feeling more confident. I knew people still waiting to get appointments. But i also knew that now. This is gonna happen much more quickly than people thought still the daily death tolls weighed heavily. I know as an outsider. Andy i definitely felt the tide turned quickly. And i know you just said the daily death toll. Wait on you heavily. And that's understandable but was there a mood shift in the white house at some point when you started to think okay. We're really making progress now. You know we were really hard to be positive all the time. Yeah anytime someone did a small thing to move things forward to recognize it to celebrate it to give out credit for all the people that we're working hard. And we had a spirit of positivity in part because the challenge i think was so big and you know. I don't know that everybody thought this way. But i felt like normally you feel you in what you do. You can make a mistake or two because you're always going to. I think part of the reason why things felt so challenging because it felt like we made a reasonably size mistake it was going to end up with more people dying and that was probably the biggest thing to come to grips with after the break. The vaccine effort ramps up really quickly.

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Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly

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Hey look, everything at Facebook is definitely, totally fine!

"Hey jed kim hosted million brazilians the podcast for marketplace. That answers the questions. Your kids have about money. We've got a brand new season out now. That's more answers to the awesome weird and not so easy questions. Your kids have about money. And how it works billion brazilian. We helped dollars make more sense. Check it out. Yeah he really went for like three three zero zero zero. That's right oh look. I got him. Everybody result huckabee. Yeah you guys didn't hear him coming on the talk back going. Yep he's like that's right right back to make smart making today make sense even if he catches us unawares. Exactly i'm hollywood. It is hollowed hollowed out. Shell thursday and brian nelson is taking his word born ready. Go which i believe is one of your many catchphrases which set a time or two. Think all right. We got lots of lots of links that we have to work our way through here. So i suppose some are brief. It's like update hollowed out. Shell update thursday delta. Oh my goodness the delta variant visor says it is developing a booster shot already to target the delta variant because it is highly transmissible and seems to be causing some minor breakthrough infections. And i want to be clear like the people who are getting this who have already been vaccinated are getting very mild cases. It two shots really works. Johnson and johnson's one shot works at preventing serious illness Maybe a few more people are getting a minor illness as a result and pfizer said out of an abundance of caution because the mutation is spreading quickly. They're going to develop and frankly they had already intended to develop a booster shot. Assuming that many of us would need you know updates within six to twelve months. The reason i bring this up is to say one get both shots. John johnson shot and men. Trust it right because the vaccines really really work and to that despite the our tendency like you can already see all this panic. There was a ucsf doctor who had a big tweet thread the other day who was trending basically saying like guys we cannot let ourselves fall into some huge panic about this mutation in like not open pool. And you know all of the things that it's going to be tempting to do because the vaccines work and they are highly manipulated like the the because this a it's like a little piece of software right so they just write some new code. Put out the new booster boom boom box. Uncle like the the vaccine's not only are effective in their current form. It is very very very easy to update them for new variants. So while you should be really really worried if you're not vaccinated get your vaccine and don't freak out. I think it was. I think it was bob walker at. Ucsf does a bunch of long tweet threads about you know contextualising this thing john. Burma not watch on cnn. Or was it really not well then. Now oh my guy. Bob said it wasn't anyway so john berman. Who i do not watch cnn in the mornings. But who i do follow on twitter said something interesting the other day on the air which he then tweeted about we have entered the optional phase of this pandemic. Right about that right. It's optional. now for you. You don't actually have to get sick. Yup right and you're like how. I guess that that's true right. Yeah that is true. So and it's brutal brutal. Monica got gandhi and kyle. Hunter are the ones who i wrote about it and said that there are costs to this. You know this panic and heightened panic nude end up doing more harm than good assuming that you're vaccinated and have made that choice wiser. Yeah optional Hey not so shocking. News japan japan is not going to have any fans in the stands in tokyo during the olympics. Which evidently will still happen. I'm sure that. Nbc is twisting arms left. And right. I don't mean to suggest that they're you know trying to get people killed out here or anything but like you. Can't that nobody nobody who is set to make any money. Once the olympics to be cancelled at this point and yet the delta variant is spreading very quickly in japan. they've it's announced a new state of emergency and although they're going to have athletes fly in from all over the world with all of their trainers and staff and put them all in one big village. There won't be fans in the stand. I'm sure everybody feels much better about that. In japan i'm excited to watch the olympics as the next person but it just seems unwise it is going to be. I just feel like every minute of it. It's going to be tainted by the fact that like people are going to die as a of this and they're gonna be they're gonna be counts. Every day of this person got sick. This person passed all that stuff. Yeah yeah yeah. It's just really hard to feel good about it. Even as an olympics lower and then finally this one crept up. That's all. I had planned to talk about today until wells fargo once again apparently just went in a room and was like how can we make everybody mad at wellsfargo toward the end of today. Decided it's going to shut down. All of its personal lines of credit. So personal line of credit is if you bank. If you bank with a bank you can essentially get some credit with them between three thousand one hundred thousand dollars at wellsfargo. It's a way for people to consolidate their high interest credit card debt. pay for home renovations. I did that when i bought my house Avoid overdraft fees. Because you have this line of credit that you can draw from if you use all your money in checking their great consumers love them wells. Fargo has decided i assume because it paid its. Eeo too much or just is trying to restructure. Its various businesses to close these products and alerted customers. I think with like one or two days. Notice that By the way when we close this line of credit that you may or may not rely on it will also negatively impact your credit as if you had closed a credit card like when you cancel card. That's what shows up on your credit report as thing because it says like oh. This person has access to less credit. Don't get me started on how screwed up it is how assess credit worthiness. Yes but yeah just just tell people like hey where it's a it's a change we're just going to get rid of this product ending your credit in the and it's it's it's wells fargo as demonstrated repeatedly over the past what eight to ten years. How not customer for ladies. And here's one more you know. Yeah yeah it really and in part of this is happening because of because of these ongoing like compliance problems because it was opening all these fake accounts in people's names in has there's a cap like the fed won't let them take out money. I think right. They've got this asset cap. Which means they've had these lower earnings and that may be part of the reason why they're doing this although it seems odd because it's a really you popular product that also earns the bank. Yes it's it is it is a frankly baffling move. That futures design peeve people off. I don't get it. Yeah yeah whatever the. Cfo made some decision. Okay so mine is a is a shot in a chaser kind of thing. So there was an excerpt in the new york times today of what promises to be a fascinating new book from sure. Franklin celia can over at The new york times and they have written a book about facebook. It is called an ugly truth inside facebook's battle for domination and and it it. The expert was very dish but totally interesting because they led with the breakdown in the relationship between mark zuckerberg the founder and ceo and sheryl sandberg the chief operating officer And anybody who's been looking at facebook The last you know what is it. Almost twenty years now right and more than that Has been has been paying attention to the dynamic between these two because shell sandberg is smooth and polished and presents well and has a a resume a mile long and is just super super impressive and zuckerberg. Even though he founded in a nation state. is not any thanks And so that dynamic has has been really interesting and what this article says well. The excerpt says is that the trump years basically broke that relationship And it's totally interesting and fascinating. And i'm looking for reading this book. It's in the new york times. They read the excerpts. But so that's the shot. The chaser is an and props to david. Gura at now at npr But also Formerly of marketplace for spotting this today like hours after this article drop what happens in sun valley. Idaho at the big media poobah conference. Who do you see parading before the cameras smiling. Why mark zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg waving and saint to the cameras. No comments not taking any questions but clearly having a grand old time chatting along in the idaho wilderness. It was unbelievable. Unbelievable their best and look right and the camera cringe so amazing to is that the first photo used to illustrate this excerpt is a photo of the two of them from sun valley. Idaho in two thousand fourteen. But you know we actually sorry about this book yes superstition. What's great about this. Book is the dustjacket. The front is is zuckerberg up close really up close with the title and ugly truth and then you flip it over on the back and they're sandberg up close and personal on a close up shot and then there are some quotes from them talking about All the time not talking about risk responding to all the times that facebook screwed up basically zuckerberg september two thousand six calm down breathe. We hear you sheryl sandberg july two thousand fourteen. We never meant to upset you zuckerberg i ask for forgiveness and i will work to do better and it goes on like that. There's a half dozen reasoning as the craziness. Yeah there are many. You know. And i really i have to say i when i heard the book is coming out i love both of those reporters are fantastic and i was like. I don't want to read a book about facebook. And now that i've read say two things that that stood out to me that we're kind of surprising one is there is a version of this excerpt about the fraying relationship between the two of them that could serve as a minor laundering of sheryl sandberg's own reputation Like if if successfully you know she's able to extricate herself from the decisions at least during those four years that led up to you know more and more violence being fomented on facebook Then it may absolve her of some responsibility. I'm not saying it should or even would but but it's interesting right the more you can distance yourself from what was happening then. Presumably the better and there's a description of Katie couric asking sheryl sandberg lake. Are you worried about your legacy. Which but then the other thing. I've just found amazing and could not stop. Sending to my friends was about was in the description of how the two of them met they met. They had this conversation in two thousand fourteen year. Yeah this is like right. You know exactly what. I'm talking about standard. Go on to tell. Dan rose a former vice president at facebook that she felt she had been quote. Put on this planet to scale organizations a little bit of a meet cute with an iro unbelievable. I mean like. I live in and around silicon valley. You know i live in the bay area. The takab and this is genuinely how people talk. But i sort of feel like if if i had been put on this planet to be nice to dogs. I would feel better about that as like a life goal. Kill organizations that's my jam. That's god wow yeah. I know i know i know already all right so i got i got two one is just a little high and then the other one was total shock and horror so first of all in a press release. The other day the speaker of the house nancy pelosi referred to donald trump. The former president of the united states as this quote twice impeached florida retiree and de facto leader of the republican party. Donald trump blah blah blah. I just loved it. Oh snap the. Whoever writes her press releases. I mean. come on come on calling. How good that was that yes. So here's here's my real thing. Though that i found late in the day it's a tweet from a woman who goes by the handle. Paulie w are living in manhattan. And when i saw this an hour ago it had eight re eighty eight not eight not eight hundred eighty eight nine eight eight thousand eighty eight now. It has six point eight Sorry sixty eight hundred re tweets because apparently the weather was really bad in new york today. Lots of rain and they have flooding problems in the subway systems of new york. And this woman shot a video from the number one line one hundred fifty seven th street station and if you've ever been in new york you know you go down the subway stairs and then you walk through a little carter and then you get to the to the gate and to the train. So here's a woman in new york city subway floodwater going into it up to her waist to get to the train. New york city subway floodwater. It is more urine than water. That's all i'm going to say. Let alone rats snakes and to. Yes yes you. You have to click on this link. It's it's craziness. Don't he's going to put on the show. There's a bunch of them. There's a bunch of it's just it's insanity. I don't know what's although we could buzzkill this in a million different ways vis-a-vis climate change and infrastructure and stuff. Let's just go with them. But let's just go. Do new yorkers are tough because then people hold the whole thread. Is that people coming in after her. Like i gotta get a drain the yeah. They're so tough within the bright. Yeah we're tired of hearing about your mayoral race. But you know what you're gonna give you that. Yeah i saw this thing. This is just like classic internet hilarious. Click bait that kind of worked on me. Which is that. Evidently on tick-tock ritz crackers. The official account posted about why the ritz has a scalloped edge. And they were like. Oh yeah everyone thinks it's just because it's so pretty and then it cuts to a plate. And there's a slice of cheese on the plate and someone holding ritz cracker and rolling it along the cheese to make a cut. No and then says this is what they're actually wore. Can use it to cut your. Jeez actually right now you can hear it. Yeah that's hilarious. No-one on twitter seem to believe it. But i will say funny. Funny perforated. I mean it looks pretty raves. Make your little meat. Were all these people were true would break. And i'm just. I'm not trying to sell anymore. It's crackers. But they sold so many talks like well played fair enough totally fair because it was hilarious. That is it for us today. Don't forget to sign up for the make smart newsletter newsletter. this week. We're looking at the jobs market. You know like we sometimes do urban tree and shark. I'm just gonna jump in real quick and say i've been watching shark fest on national geographic. Which i don't really. I'm a shark week girl. But they had chris hemsworth and that worked on me dude. Every one of those shows like we went to a place that had an increase in shark attacks and then we floated theories that range from the normal to the insane like malaysia. Missing malaysian flight them. Whatever whatever there's an increase and then and then they get then they have their like shark. Biologist go no. That's not it but that every episode is maybe. It's the black sand. Maybe it's radioactive. Genetic mutant sharks maybe no. That's not it then at the end of every episode there like there's more people in the water and they interact with the sharks work. It is a weird while. Surfaced is weird. Look they got a lot of continentals the phil. That's the challenge. All right i am out tomorrow taking the afternoon off. Kimberley's is gonna come join molly for economics on tap and the youtube livestream. It is as always three thirty pacific six thirty eastern joining. It'll be fun youtube discord. They'll deal everything it'd be great. Everytime might drink kimberly. You're going to have to shrub like a glass of wine. Here's some tequila. Gotta do you know. I gotta get serious now. I know shrub. Today's episode make me smart was engineered by one brian. Bridge bodmer is the senior producer from now till like forever. I think forever erica. Phillips writes and produces are very smart explainers and our weekly newsletter. Where you can send all your reading recommendations and shark fest reviews tony wagner takes care of our podcast publishing needs including a note your favorite the show notes which like to throw a in real time right. Here's one we'll be like. Did you see that link about blah blah blah and crap type type type type type type type. It's already on. did it. done didn't done.

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BONUS: How Effective Are Antibody Treatments For COVID-19?

Coronavirus Daily

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BONUS: How Effective Are Antibody Treatments For COVID-19?

"Hi consider this listeners. Mary louise kelley here. It is sunday which means we've got a bonus episode for you. It comes from our colleagues. At npr's daily science podcast shortwave with a corona vaccine. Still months away for most americans. They took a look at a new therapy. That could help some people who get sick with covid nineteen. There's a lincoln are episode. Where you can subscribe to. Or follow shortwave on apple podcasts. Spotify to hear about new discoveries and everyday mysteries and the stance spine the headlines here shortwave host mattie safai app Mattie safai here with science correspondent. Richard harris higher entered. Hey mattie so covid vaccines have been getting a ton of attention lately. But you're here to talk to us about a treatment for covid that was recently authorized. That's right last month. Another critical breakthrough in the fight against the corona virus. The fda cleared regeneron antibody treatment for emergency. Use giving patient. Da has authorized emergency use of the first antibody drug to help the immune system fight. Covid nineteen the drug from ally literally is cleared for people. So we've got to now one from the drug company regeneron one from the drug company. Eli lilly both regeneron. an eli. lilly are currently testing the treatments on humans and clinical trials. They both use something called monoclonal. Antibodies in other words. Antibodies that specifically target and neutralize that corona virus. Yes and. it's important to note that this drug was approved by the fda under what's called emergency use authorization which means there's no real formal seal of approval that the treatment is truly effective just that its potential benefits are likely to outweigh the potential risks. Right and this is just one of multiple potential treatments. We have for this virus at this point. That's right and more importantly it's a treatment option. It could be in short supply considering how rapidly the corona virus pandemic is letting the federal government purchased more than a million doses of the drugs to distribute across the us and of that around one hundred and fifty thousand have been delivered and there are some other important caveats when it comes to this new treatment from how it's administered to the potential cost for patients so today in the show monoclonal antibodies. We'll talk about how they work. And if they'll really make a difference. I mattie safai. In this is shortwave from npr. Okay richard. we are talking about a treatment for covid that people may have heard about monoclonal. Antibodies before we get into how they work. Who is this treatment meant for. The treatment is specifically for people who have recently been diagnosed with covid nineteen and they have mild to moderate symptoms. If you're sick enough to be in the hospital these drugs won't help okay. Yeah and the idea behind. This treatment is to keep people out of the hospital and people most likely to benefit are those at highest risk for getting sick and that includes patients and people with underlying conditions like obesity diabetes. Immune disorders like. Okay richard. let's get into what this treatment actually is and how it works because it's pretty cool. Naturally our bodies produce antibodies to fight off disease yes and by and large. This works the same way. The antibodies are engineered to target the virus that causes covid their brewed up into lab and bottled up and shipped off to hospitals. Here's the idea. The antibodies are engineered to recognize and latch onto one particular part of the corona virus. It happens to be the viruses sweet spot and this spot is where the virus would bind to ourselves in order to invade them right but if viruses is greeted by these antibodies and said it's out of luck right it takes them from latching onto ourselves. Exactly it's the same general idea for a vaccine right but in this case the drug is for people who already have circulating virus in their bodies. The hope here is of course to stop the virus from replicating like crazy and causing a lot more damage and richard. This idea of using engineered. Antibodies as medicine isn't new. That's right. there are about one hundred drugs based on monoclonal. Antibodies including treatments for cancer arthritis to mention just a few. You know these target tumor cells or naturally produce proteins that are causing trouble. It is a bit unusual to have a monoclonal antibody targeting virus. And that's the idea here in because it must be given in high doses it has to be given as an iv infusion an iv infusions. So this is not just taking a pill or an injection. no and. That's one of the complications here because it takes about an hour to administer the drug say in the hospital and then patients have to be watched for at least an hour in case there are side effects in ensuite. Takes like a good bit of time to actually do. The treatment and from the hospital side of things administering this treatment has got to be a huge challenge because hospitals are already under a lot of stress around the country. You are a master of understatement. Mattie thank you sir guess yes. Here's the other part of it. The drug is being distributed according to wear the corona viruses running rampant. And that makes sense. Because that's where the most people are sick. But you know those areas are exactly we're hospital emergency rooms and wards are already being overrun so doctors. Nurses already stretched really thin in some places. Have another thing. That's on their plate. They may not have the staff and may not have the space to do this other really time consuming task. You don't richard. I have to imagine. Another concern for. Hospitals is bringing in people for treatment. Who are infectious. Right i mean the ultimate goal here is to keep them out of the hospital. Yeah there is some irony there. Go to the hospital to take a drug. That's designed to keep you out of the hospital. But a two hour visit tributes having to check into a hospital and possibly ending up in intensive care and yes this is for people who are currently experiencing mild to moderate symptoms which means they are at risk of infecting others. Certainly hospitals want to make sure that they aren't spreading the virus to go out there helping these people. So how how do they do that. I mean how are hospitals managing that well some set up separate infusion centers dedicated for this purpose. I talked to dr kumar with amid star hospitals in washington. Dc about how. They're managing to do this and the hospital. While minimizing the risk to other patients and patient electrically escort the patient up to the dedicated in khushi sector and once they impressionist stem will actually be caught. The patient back so the patient doesn't want the accident around hospice so even simple logistics like that needed to be worked out and in my reporting i also talked to an official at a hospital in madison wisconsin. Who told me they opened. Its infusion center up after hours so covid patients don't cross paths with cancer patients and elsewhere in santa fe. The hospital has a separate section of the emergency room set aside for covid patients. And that's where they're doing the infusions in that area now. Maybe some of this can be addressed by having the drug administered by home. Infusion services united health group is experimenting with that option for some of its older patients. So richard just hearing all of this the cost for just administering this antibody treatment setting aside manufacturing costs cannot be cheap. That's right and you know you and i. The american taxpayers have already purchased more than a million doses of these drugs which costs more than twelve hundred dollars per patient so for us the drug itself is free or for the recipient. The drug itself is free but administering it also cost real money hundreds or even over a thousand dollars per treatment and its best i can tell insurance companies and the lakers still sorting out. Exactly who's gonna end up paying for those services and if you're a medicare patient You could end up with a sixty dollar co pay depending upon your plan. Okay got it got it. Richard like we mentioned earlier. Two of these monoclonal antibody treatments were approved last month by the fda but under emergency use authorization. So what do we really know about their effectiveness. Well if you wanna hear a ringing endorsement don't turn to. The experts assembled by the national institutes of health who evaluate kobe treatments. Their take is that at this time there are insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of either the eli lilly or the regeneron drugs and by the way the regenerate treatment is what president trump took and he did not keep him out of the hospital. You may recall. Yeah okay. So i mean so. What's going on with this drug. Richard like throw some data at me well. According to the company's data the vast majority of people fight back the virus all on their own without much if any help from the drug but for fraction these drugs do seem to help someone clear the virus in their system a bit faster. That says it's not clear what that means in terms of the course of their disease and since it's impossible to know who exactly will benefit you really have to give this drug to like ten or twenty people to avoid one hospitalization. According to the studies that these companies ran. Wow so you really have to give it to a lot of people to avoid a few hospitalizations. So i guess that leads me to ask the question you know. Are these treatments actually worth it richard. Well that's someone had open questions still but you know. The people most likely to benefit are those at highest risk of ending up in the hospital and remember that's older people in those with serious underlying conditions ranging from obesity and diabetes to immune disorders. And you know. They seem to be effective if someone is early on in their infection regeneron gave it to some people after they develop their antibodies and found. The drug actually wasn't valuable for them. I don't see a game changer. Because it's so you know to try to find the right patient. Whose early enough in their disease course in their test is come back quickly. And they're at high risk of a complication and then you can get them into the clinic. It's nice. Ira have for the right patient. But you're talking about a handful of patients getting it. It's not going to be the thousands or hundreds of thousands of that. We need to the to really changed the game. And that's bob wachter whose that chair of medicine at the university of california san francisco. He says what is a game changer. of course is vaccines monoclonal. Antibodies are nice to have and will prevent some severe cases in patients who otherwise might have been destined to get very sick but those patients are probably going to be pretty early on line for vaccine so my hope is once we can get them vaccinated the need for monoclonal. Antibodies will down. Is that kind of where we're at richard. We have some okay treatments for covid but really were just banking on prevention strategies like mask wearing while kind of holding our breath until the vaccines come along right but of course you know that still many months away at best now back. In the early days long ago like march people hope there would be highly effective drugs. Invented spread sleep to treat covid nineteen and unfortunately we are still very far from ideal but that said it is remarkable to see how much overall medical treatment has improved using old standby drugs like steroids. That control inflammation and other drugs that can prevent deadly blood clots simple steps like getting people to lie on their stomachs in the hospital also helps a lot of these are not the kinds of innovations that send drug company stock soaring but they really are helping a lot of patients and as bob walker says if the vaccine is coming down the pike are as good as they appear to be at this moment those will prevent disease and people so they won't need monoclonal antibodies or other treatments. Like that all right. Richard harris as always. We appreciate you. And i appreciate you. This episode was produced by. Rebecca ramirez edited by veit lay and fact checked aggressively by our yellow zubeidi. Ted me bain was our audio engineer. Thanks to our bff for life. Richard harris for his excellent reporting. I'm maddie savaii. Thanks for listening. To shortwave from npr.

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Healthcare is Hilarious. Continuing Mets Saga. Hospital. Home.

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Healthcare is Hilarious. Continuing Mets Saga. Hospital. Home.

"And our friend and inspiration. Casey clinton returns from five days in the hospital. Casey authors and produces a podcast. Healthcare is hilarious. I sponsor healthcare is hilarious since this bit of fun with stage for metastatic cancer. Casey lacks the energy to maintain her weekly delivery schedule. So i'm recording our exchanges. Casey can use them to keep her fans and followers up today. Why do i cross post this dialogue. I never record conversations with people in the throes of their health challenges on this podcast so why not take the opportunity when it appears who has that kind of energy when they're down remember those two seize i've spoken about in the past the three ts to seize of best health. Trust time talk control and connection when you feel like crap control and connection take a hit by their very nature hospitals and feeling like crap eat control and connection for lunch part Welcome to health hats. Podcast i'm danny van leuwen a two legged sis. Gender all white man of privilege. Who knows a little about a lot of health care and a lot about very little. We will listen and learn about what it takes to adjust to life's realities in the awesome circus at healthcare. Let's make some sense of all of this so your home wide you go in. I had not grasped this because onboard. A lot of information when you end up in a situation like let's say a stage four cancer thing there. Lots of information aimed at your head. I do like to think that. I retain a lot of it but it doesn't all stick. Yes and. I don't know that i've gotten the memo that somewhere around twenty five percent of the people who end up on the drug that i mine which is is pfizer drug that specific to hormone positive breast cancer particularly recurrence and later stage they start you with the dosage of one hundred milligrams and it looks like that. Dosage is too high for me. Okay and the the about twenty five percent. i think. Lisa's is information that i've grat so far about twenty five percent of us who end up on this medication and up with some kind of gi gastrointestinal impacts and you can go either direction. Neither plug you up or not. I was dehydrated. I called nine one. No had to do that for me. I did it for myself. Because i knew that i was in trouble. This wasn't getting wasn't getting any better getting worse. I did not know that it was going to be five days. Four nights or whatever it was but comes. The ems grew and burana dog. Delilah out the door. And i was there. That's how long was there and prior to my landing in the hospital. We've been chasing when. I say like everybody had been chasing the fact that my blood pressure was really low to the degree that she's still alive and also chasing blood mineral levels. That were way out of whack. I was pretty sure in two parts of my brain that were still online and working on the cognitive side. I was pretty sure that i was going to spend at least nine in the hospital. Around calcium and magnesium and just everything was completely jacked that when i had gone in to the ecology center for infusions. It had nothing to do with chemo. And i'm not on a chemo chemo regiment. But i would go in and get hydrated and also get a mineral infusion so the bottom line is they're changing the dosage on the medication on the cancer medication from one hundred milligrams to seventy five. When that arrives. I'll start taking it again for now. I'm not you're not on it at all. I'm not an but that's the the cadence on this drug is three weeks. You take it three weeks and then seven days off and and then seven days off like old school birth control pills or maybe birth control pills are still that way. I don't know i'm old. It's been a minute since. I worry about pregnancy. Risk anyway I'm old enough to before. Eisenstaedt be buried so i have stories but my next appointment. Conversation with my oncologist is tuesday. A virtual visit and we'll discuss the dosage. Casey knew she was outta whack and called nine one one typically the abc's airway breathing circulation pain and disorientation cozma function. Ideally hospitalization provides a bridge to returning function. For casey the malfunctions were dehydration that circulation and pain. I wonder how much of the first few hour she remembers before she was rehydrated with. Iv fluids also were having a lot of pain right yes. Mobility has been a a never ending unicorn. A since i started dealing with what seemed to be a return of spinal problems that i've had for sciatica cetera. Why i was chasing that from since august of last year when it seemed as though i had tweaked myself somehow on my birthday as i went over a dune down on the outer banks because it was my birthday and the beach and no play so i did and the next day. I woke up and just felt twinkie in my lower back in my right hip and so from august of last year until a lumbar m. r. i. reveal metastatic cancer in my spine. It was what seven months of chasing this as a spine. And but i've lots of warning signs there because there's plenty of evidence people get go and listen to me. Tell that story. But i'm so no matter what i did whether it was swimming or physical therapy or whatever that had previously helped me recover from back. Problems made it worse. And this makes no sense. This makes no sense and as a result we discovered that now. It doesn't make any sense because that's not what's going on what's going on. Is you have metastatic cancer. Oh that makes everything much clearer. But now we're chasing a whole other problem so when you went to the hospital was your pain managed at home or not. It wasn't like not manage at all. I was taking i had been on. Five milligrams of oxy just tabloid oxy every as needed. And then the palliative care bunch bump that up to ten milligrams every three hours and just again a tablet but in the hospital. The last couple of days. I was there. They switched me to attend milligram. Twelve hour extended release. That turns out to be. There'd lee so far that's been the because i can now actually get up and walk with my walker now. I could take a couple steps before but it was not pretty and yeah now. It's still it's not like i'm doing a rockets kick line. Do not mistake me but getting back in the pool is something that seems possible. Now we're until a couple of weeks ago. That was not feeling like it was on the list of shakey's end up doing so so you're when i talk to you briefly when you got home you were committed to not leaving the house for a few days. No say so. We offer two weeks weeks. Okay and well okay. That's working so. I'm just going to be one hundred percent that bridge and there's just no. I am not leaving the house until whatever date. That is what. After the tenth of july will entertain the idea that i might actually go out. Go down the stairs and get our and go somewhere okay. But until then baby don't play okay and the reason why i know that this works or in worker does work. Is that the home health. Lash up that. I have available to and i will now take a short break to mention the fact that i recognize my cribbage deeply. Recognize my privilege as an old person who elected to go with original medicare. not that medicare advantage managed gear mess but original medicare. i had a broker work with me to pick the right plan for me and it. Just but knowing all of that. I didn't have to pay the broker the insurer the people who sell the supplement whatever pay the broker most elders people who are aging into medicare don't know that this kind of stuff is available to them as services help guidance consulting big one. But because i me. I knew this so anyway. I have really good medicare. We'll put it that way and not that it pays for every last little thing it will not pay all of the ambulance. That brought me on on. Saturday would again grateful privilege i am a. I'm in a position to be able to pay that. It'll probably be six hundred two thousand bucks trip. it's fine. I can do that and i am grateful that i'm in the position to be able to do that because that way when i got home. I didn't have to navigate the stairs. Rape brought me into the apartment. They didn't have to carry me to my bed. Got me in the door. And then once i got in the door here. I got my walker. Got and don't get between me and the shower that would have been life threatening. Move if you got between the door in the shower that day. Because i set a land speed record you know showering but like a regular shower schedule is important to me i i. It's totally thing. Here we liked the bathing mel. Casey's feeling better because she can appreciate her privilege power your spirits compared to weaken half ago. It's like i feel like me again. Not not at one hundred percent i met of. I'd say probably seventy five so what we've been somewhere bad. And yesterday we had home health a wrap up the not. Leave the house for two weeks okay. Even medical bunch wants me to get blood work or have a physical exam or whatever. Send home health that they can do. That and the the the care transitions bunch at the hospital. Contacted me or the nurses the nps and said we really want you to seek your primary. Now that you're out of the hospital. And i since i'm not leaving the house however belt we figure that one out and she said how about i said dispatch health which is a physician assistant and p bunch that comes and can do medical when i say medical procedures if lobotomy also do physical exams etc right so she's i can send dispatch health and i said they know where i am. They've been here before. And that that got sorted out and then on the flip side. Because i still like being able to be helpful in do what i do as the work that we both do is. When my palliative care team called me it was when dispatch health. Was here doing the physical exam. And i said hey that of dispatch health is here. Doing my post discharge physical exam to make sure. I'm all good and the palliative care nurse was like they do that. Unlike yasha she said that's really useful information. Put it in the book. The book with the logistics of the stuff for your patience because this is invaluable but anyway it's like knowing that these services are available and again i lived in an area. I'm not out in the middle of frigging nowhere. I live on the bridge of urban to suburban. And i'm surrounded the big academic medical center here hospitals out hot and cold running us got doctors out the wazoo here. It's not boston or new york but it's damn close. You're going to get sick. This ain't a bad place to 'cause there's a variety of services available to you and and and in some ways there can when i say competing it's like there's not just one place that does it and i see a figure out like the ones that the one that you liked the most of you sound like i. I spoke to you briefly. Like one word when you're in the hospital and now you seem more alive more me and that you're you have some energy. Yeah by the way as up today pot is legal in the state. Oh relation that's in the mix okay. I had bought a vape that does both Essence an oil and flour. Okay our and i hadn't really hadn't been using it but now recognizing that one of the things that is going to be on my task list is side effects management not just me but side effects management understanding that appetite enhancement is probably going to be on that list of things i need to do for myself. Weed is a very good much rigor as you've lost your weight. Yeah i've lost probably somewhere between forty and fifty pounds. I can tell aunt which on. It's not as though i not as losing weight is a bad thing if you are a large person. I wasn't huge needed. Certainly no whatever describing as skinny. It's like at this point. I want to regain strength but not necessarily put the weight back on. What kind of exercise re to routine. Are you having when you say you say how you doing right now. What i'm doing is getting up and walking using my walker and i in addition to having home health dispatch but whatever i also have physical therapy and occupational okay not coming to help me with pt with exercising and moving and not just with okay. How're things appliance. Wise etcetera. and that's covered. They can help me so when the ot human was here yesterday. One of the things that we did was we went in the kitchen. I ended up making dinner last night. For the first time i saw your picture on twelve ably like a month or more space on point. No actually it wasn't as fair as it was. Ps but what i was it was penn. A chicken breast some italian Salami and peas with okay arm is on and a little olive oil and garlic. Oh how nice are like and and there's enough that we have leftovers for dinner tonight. I will add some really good. Pesto jarred pesto from ely to. What's already there. So i don't have to go and cook the whole thing again. It's more like. But i will admit that i may have been more enthusiastic about my capabilities yesterday as far as being able to get up and move around and when i may have overdone a tiny bit because my low back is a little sore. Today is yes but not. It's not my god. I hurt myself. It's more okay was so excited about the idea that i could move around that i made moved around five percent more than i really ought to. That's fine so Coming out of the hospital. It's hard to reacquire liberate right ability. And your over your light. Overshoot the mark yet. Know what your capacity is yeah. I don't certainly didn't do now. A word about our sponsor a bridge us abridge to record your doctor visit pushed the big pink button and record the conversation. Read the transcript or listen to clips when you get home. Check out the app at a bridge. Dot com a. b. r. g. e. dot com or download it on the apple app store or google. Play store record your healthcare conversations. Let me know how it went. And yesterday i also spent a good time to the desk. And one of the things that i do for actual gangqi dala is ii package or produced depending on what the ask is i package. Podcast for wiley. The publisher okay for for medical societies. And the two that. I work on right now. One is for the american college of emergency physicians. And i just package. That and mostly i do a transcript and yet it rather front end of big. You don't hear me on that you don't hear my voice. And then there's the otolaryngology us the international forum allergy and immunology and their podcast. Scope it out. That's been going for over a decade now. And i've produced that and do the voice over at the front back end and billboards and doing a show notes and stuff like that. I don't know. I just turned that. I just turn date audio file. Show notes for that. You've got a stack of four three now. Because i finished one yesterday. But i've got a stack of total of four for the emergency physician. Bunch and one of the reasons. I love doing stuff like this is that i learned things and get to find out what's going on in on the doctor side of the stethoscope and this that got started like for almost a decade close to a decade. I did the hospital medicine stuff. This society of last little medicine. So the hospitalises. Yeah the hospital as bob. Walker and essay. Gem took that back in house in other words while he didn't have the contract after. I wanna say it was like four years ago or so. But anyway i did it. For a number of years podcasts. Google podcasts and mines and also started doing videos but i learned a massive amount. Just listening to reading about coming up with the topics that good reaching out to the experts and interviewing them and then bagging it together is this is how i know shit and being a journalist coming up with i don't know that much but i'm gonna read up on it and then i'll come up come up with five questions. That seem intelligent to me. And then we'll talk in and i was sharing. That is great. I appreciate that. Casey uses podcasting opportunity to learn. I use podcasting as a chance to listen. Think and craft connections so that's connections between people and ideas. How was it being on the receiving end the hospitalised when you're at the hospital. I can't say that. I got hospital listed to a fairly well by any stretch. There was one us but lists. Oh a woman who came and was there a few times and she did what she needed to do. And i think she was the one that put me on the extended release pain med. Okay so that was thumbs up to the hospital. Grow doing that and in concert with the palliative care and the team. Because my palliative care and my oncology team also came to see me us but they did how did you. What was your view of the coordination of care them. It was on me but none of that was a surprise. It's like knowing that the person in the bed or the person who's in the room with the person in the bed needs to be the care coordinator or participate in care coordination. It's you just gotta know that going in and it's not as though there will be no care coordination if you don't do that. The yawning gaps happen when the people on the receiving end aren't paying as much attention as the people on the dispensing. It can always seem to me like as a nurse or whatever is that it was so much to ask. You don't get the hospital unless you're pretty messed up ryan. It's really hard to focus more because you're just gazing at your navel because you're in misery so did you have. We'll say that the first couple days. Yeah i was. I just was again. I'm just on the receiving end. I was just on the receiving end. Not ed. I wasn't listening or paying attention or able to onboard. What they were telling me saying to me at cetera. Let's say monday night and tuesday night into wednesday. I was just a lump but as you know wednesday. I was still on a liquid diet chicken broth as like. I think it was wednesday dinner. They put me back on solid food and it was realizing that food was a good thing was nice because i really hadn't had an appetite for probably a couple of months. Yeah and when the food showed up it not only was like a tray of food but it smelled good. Oh yeah. I couldn't eat the whole thing right. Laney stretch but what i ate and it was like there was rice and protein and like some really good seasonings. It was a little spicy now a lot but just a little there a little kick to it. There was some nice black beans. It was like wow. This is it's like. They know me my allen likes and then after that food arrived breakfast lunch and dinner and i'd have a little bit of each tray and it was like okay. Great so food is back on good things. That are pleasurable to me. Did you have visitors. John oldenburg who now lives locally and has been with friend and colleague for over a decade. now she's lived locally she and john her husband moved down here i wanna say it was in twenty fifteen but but anyway their local and she came and saw me a couple times hospital oca- and you my sister's here my scissor keeping the homefires burning and then i'm really after starting thursday morning. I'm like okay. I feel trapped here. We got to figure this out. I gotta get outta here right right. Yeah but how do i do that. And as it turned out. Saturday was the day that i was going to go over the wall. So i did locally. So i'm glad they you are looking and sounding like yourself so far so good yeah. I know that there's a lot of people eager for news. And the the folks people who actually know me i e you etc he will actually know me who they're in my phone and i'm in there's etc people are welcome to call but again whether or not i answer. The phone is up to did. I see that. See the phone ringing. And m i a position to be able to but it. It's fine and again. I welcome calls all right darwin. Good to see you. It's good to talk to you good to be saying yes. Take care of yourself i will. I will love you. man. I love you too bye. Alrighty bye-bye stage formats rehydrating eating and working. I'd say that was a successful hospitalization casey. Thanks for your view from the inside looking out. Thanks to kahlil nelson web and social media coach and joey van lewin musician and arranger see the show notes previous podcasts and other resources through my website. Www dot health dash hats dot com. Please subscribe in contribute. If you like it share it. Thanks see around the block.

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Unmasked Drama

High Noon

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Unmasked Drama

"Thing is not like, we're the first people to talk about this good, man leg. General math. Rob lincoln. You really does I've interviewed rob Valente. I have seen him serve Holt later, James harden, and James Hart, rental home Calabasas. The dude looks like rob last streets wanted you're all star one time, and I was really trying to figure out do. Why is Rob Lowe just posted up at the all star game? Right. Just laying low. Nobody's gonna come up to them. How many times you think you told him? He was Rob Lowe that's help you with that. All the time. Rob Pelinka was a member of that fab five. He wasn't one of the five. He was all the team. He was on the team. But yeah, Rob Lowe still how we know him today. First name and Tonio Brown because mid all the drama surrounding Brown last night. And yesterday, he appeared in the premiere episode of FOX's the mask singer, Bomani. That's watch. Behind Joe working scanning villain looks like. A and Mike Tomlin's favorite church. Looked like an avid listeners. As much of America's say who that is this man who we talked about all the time. But we talk about we. But America, you got you gotta get the split screen. He fully appreciate. My favorite song. Handsome is this guy gonna see helmet more often? Right. Handsome. Oh my God. Say what Antonio? That I got. The doctor. Double body. These saying my prerogative that was the song. And is there any human being let alone athlete who more? Sincerely believes in the message by rocketed than Antonio Brown right down the thing about my Braga visit. Because that question why won't y'all just let me live a rhetorical question. We have things that we want you to stop doing. Now. This was taped in June. Right. This is the first of the show. I have honestly surprised that they deemed in famous enough to put out there now because he's not a great receiver. But because he plays with a helmet on right? How exciting where the producers of this show when they found out that do didn't play this weekend and all the drama started up. Oh, this was perfect for everybody including Antonio ground whose other claim to fame, by the way as a football player as a marketed football player is being the first guy on the cover of Madden without the helmet. Smart play not that that necessarily helped in terms of recognition here. But this imagine being Mike Tomlin and being at home. And then what happens you're comes to you. Sees his over. Now. Finally, I gotta watch TV shows while woman that I would not watch. Otherwise, they'd he's sitting there the whole way Antonio Brown. Pops up. Mike Tomlin could have been on Silas. I've been mushrooms and not have hallucinated a better more perfect vision than that as that is insane with the timing of this. This report was so crazy to me about it is this is done Jones has done way back. So it's not like, I don't think anything that happened last week was in anticipation of this though is not something I would necessarily put pass in Tonio Brown. Yeah. I don't think that's what happened here. But lucky for them. It's all happening right now. They kinda sorta have a chance to fix all of this. As this goes down the live, right? Kind of Florida. You're betting that this is kind of an Tonio Brown getting everything out of his system that maybe we now know all the cards that are on the table. But let me ask you a question. Where's that James Harrison other video where's that coming out because every day new content from this man keeps emerging? And he beautiful smog. Well, here's the here's the thing that he wants. No. And I say this with no judgment. I feel I this is indisputable save in effect. He just wants us to look at him. What that is correct. He wants us to observe him. He wants to feel as though he is important in that way. That is what compels you to be the guy during the post game talk after a playoff game to just stand on Facebook live just looking at yourself a half hour that was it like if you think about it. And it wasn't like it was some production. Like he was talking over my top. It was just looking at out. Look at me. The leaking of the confidential information from that meeting was incidental to just thirty minutes. Selfie that in Tonio Brown whose good yes. Congratulations. Producers of the mass singer, absolutely got everything you got all of this. What a weird Korean reboot game show that landed at Arles one of those absolute new every day. Next name through foster today. The state's attorney's office in Florida dropped a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against Washington linebacker stemming from a November twenty fourth incident. Pablo wish the NFL do with foster now. Well, they have to reckon with the disconnect between Justice end the Justice system. Right. It's important to note that just because charges were dropped. It does not mean something and action and event did not happen. We've heard testimony from the woman in question obviously sitting at this desk bowl. We don't know anything beyond. What's been presented to us? What the NFL can do here is take advantage of this thing called the Commissioner's exempt list, which seems to be a defacto purgatory. When you don't know what's happening. And when you're waiting for the legal system to give us more information leave him there as far as what they can do beyond that. I don't really know vote on because they can't leave him there forever. Like the commission after the Commissioner's exempt list is no longer a solution. It was a solution when you had to make sure that you didn't get out there. Play a game. They've got mutts to figure something out beyond that. Now what I think the NFL has that is most beneficial to them is they have an alleged victim who seems like she would be willing to cooperate with their investigation. And I say that because she was willing to cooperate with television outlets and did an interview. What was a good Morning America where shrimp that right? You got somebody that's willing to talk to you. They're difficult thing is they don't have any measure subpoena pilot. They can conduct an investigation they decided themselves that they wanted to get into the business of reckoning the disconnect between Justice in the Justice system. They they want this, right. They can do in investigation, and they can get to the bottom in some form or fashion of what has happened here. But they are aware that a guilty verdict or not guilty. Verdict is not the extent of what one of these stories are. They know this Ben Rothlisberger cases, an example that even willing to do this. So now, go do the sort of investigation. You said you were willing to go do. Yeah. I think cooperation from the person in question from the alleged victim now a person who's charges have been dropped in terms of. Of her testimony. But yeah, cooperation from her would be helpful. I would say that the process of what a dozen the future is the next step for the discussion. Right because the Washington football team Dovan. And now they have a result of indicate them. But their process to be clear did not involve anything beyond. Oh, let's same this. This isn't a result. This is a point along the way. This isn't a good lawyer biggest easily get word information that turns this thing right bag on next name the Lakers as Paul George dropped thirty seven points last night, LA fans, rain down booze and chance of we do not need you at him. Let's listen LA. George. This y'all are now. A fabulous night. Really believe that good a tough seven years. Like, you're really believe that you wanted him home badly. But, but, but, but, but but are they right that they don't need a Paul George office Neto for what if you argue that they need Paul George would do they need Paul George for intention playoff. Do they need to contain right now? The issue about not taking Paul George Paul does not being there. Whatever if they get another one. Then this isn't a big deal. I mean, he beat a team. The thunder beat a team last night that didn't have LeBron James. We'd have a discussion about this yet. They need another player to go. Lebron James did that play your half to be Paul George? I don't necessarily think. So now the issue is that there are only so many people of Paul Georgia's caliber who exists on the planet and we saw last night. Lebron James get up from his seat and go stand in the shadows. As we watch Paul George just by the way, he is amazing to layer. We were having conversations it's Leonard. It's LeBron James. It's Paul George in terms of today's superstars with the problems that last night all Georgia's doing this that the Lakers LeBron James is on the bench. And do we have the video of LeBron James being in the tunnel? Standing in the shadows. Is this eating one of his emails, by the way, I say, yes, we I believe is how you pronounce it. It. But LeBron James is there talking to rob the Lincoln talking to Magic Johnson. And it does underscore the fact that the assets they have are great, right? This is a guy looking at trade assets depreciate, they look like fair rounded allows award. And that gave it gives the thunder the crowd. You remember that? Yes, it felt like something close to the end of something. And maybe it's time for these young guys to be actually valuable. Well, yeah. I mean, none of those young guys look like they can be perennial. All stars. They look like cool pieces to have nice guys to add in the trades, but need in that is Brandon Ingram included. They don't look like game changing kinds of players. But I still think they can turn up and get somebody else if they get somebody else in the fact, they didn't get Paul George doesn't matter. Also, keep in mind the way the season into proposal George last year, it's hard to overcome. We've seen a few weeks. Our time we lay off he we seem playoff is. In Gatorade commercial, otherwise we seen do Paul what you call them. So. Essay. When now you need to find a taker for like Alonzo ball shooting forty five from the free throw need to sell early on all these dudes. Everybody loves their own guys a little bit too much coming up next who's the best team for NFL hard knocks this year. Listen up. Knuckleheads, high noon is brought to you by Advil. You'll ask what pay would that? Technology truth brought to you by Geico. Truth. You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. What's Janet's fangs? Did she lose that? With a weed whacker? Oh, Sint, wait. No, no, no, no, no truth. Eat so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something. Gogo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more high noon is coming at you from the seaport district appear seventeen brought to you by chase. I love New York. You know, it's only a matter of time before Lonzo. When does lavar come back? We have not heard from lavar lamelo was like throwing down dunks at the Lakers practice facility, though. They feel like there is a little no how oh anyway. Well, not something we would be really excited about a love the show. But I think some things the best left behind closed doors. It's not so many be thrilled about. Is GM John Lynch when asked about the possibility of his team being featured on HBO is hard knocks this year. The NFL reports Washington the forty Niners the lions the giants and the raiders to do the show. Pablo you ruined for there are some good choices in there. Like what if Matt Patricia gets fired on episode of hard knocks? I mean, he was going to do that it happened. That would be amazing the giants Odell Beckham ally. That's great. But I think we both know what the best answer to this is it has to be the raiders it must be the raiders Bo Jon Gruden is best as a guy hosting a football TV show. This is what that would be. Here's my question. If it is the raiders where are they going to play? I they stayed right now they ain't got nowhere to play. At least the last time. I checked they still gonna use facility, but they will be flying from wherever the facility years now to where before flung places going to be home for them that is television. I mean is there look you Jon Gruden wants to be on there. There's anything that we've learned from John gruden's return to coach. Is that he really did like being on television. And they're really relish the parts of the job in about being on TV by may come down there. He'll say all the stuff that he's got his gut feelings we got out of that. I think the raiders are the way to go. The giants could be great because we got the Eli situation as trying to figure out what's going on with that. You got old L bedroom? You guys say quad. There's a lot there. It feels weird to just like brush Odell Beckham junior to the side because an any other year, that's the answer. But we might get the Peterman on hard knocks Louis do reserve contracts. Everybody wants to feel like they can play in the NFL to next quote. We'll see I don't know if it's leaning one way or the other right now. Said ally. Manning when asked on WFAN we've seen the last of him on the field. But what do you see Eli playing quarterback for the giant Duke tough, call last eight games at a year number to call a Florida, James? He turned it up. Right. QBR went up from forty point six to sixty three point nine. The big thing was the interceptions. Well, they actually we're about to say touchdowns. He had more of those. He was not bad. And he was not bad in the games that Odell Beckham didn't Blake's that one. But they just need a plan. It doesn't matter if he comes back next year, they need a plan for what they're going to do after him the way I said it before we talked about this the gas lights on they got home, and they're like who're glad we got hope y'all still need gas. He is the gaslight nurse show is not a bad way forward. If you are understanding that standing Pat is only temporary right you lie. Manning to his credit went from the mid point of last year being a guy who should be unemployed. To being the dude who could who could conceivably start for a team that used next season as another lost season. But for the giants the question is who's going to replace him. And now perverts out of the draft Wayne Haskins may not be in the draft that crop seems to be a lot thinner. That's the big unanswerable. Well, they have also demonstrated as a franchise. It did decision on what to do with ally man is not purely going to be based on logic. The logic has to be stronger than their feelings being. They love him. Like, that's how solid the logic as they come up with idea that so good that it'll help them overcome. How they feel bad about telling a lot of time is up then they're not going to do it. But they have to come out of this with some variety of plant. I don't care how bad the quarterbacks in the draft in the first two or three rounds have to take one the Nick foles be the answer. But he ain't got no future either. But he does have more of a present. Arguably her win the Super Bowl this year bit again again. Whoa. Sometimes you learn from sitting too. Bulls coach Jim Boylan after you've played rookie window Carter junior under twenty minutes with fifth times as he took over on December third. Let's listen. Playing the final. Didn't need to put them back. By that like the counter would be it's about player development ways. We'll sometimes you learn by sitting too. He sees what went on in the game. Maybe up some introspection, maybe realized I gotta play my minutes better. When I'm out there. Great concern face. The furrowed brow is convincing. But this is a man living up to the caricature of himself. Oh like is. He a football coach is he a what what is Jim Boyle in to these young people. Right. Because he's having them do things. They don't wanna do like portrait ham is who is the saddest on this team right now, we saw Zach LeVine give a pretty good. Art, Jag Levin. Look sadder play with a bulls that he was when they drafted him to play for the timber wolves. Thank about that. For a second. Right. Says they are Laurie marketed. He had come to America for this. This is not what it is. You say what do these people look at him, as you know, what they look at him as they see Jim bordering. They say the same thing that we saw that video will be sought. I do the cops Sergey sorry. That's what they do over there. Looking like here here goes sword. Messing with us. Again. We just over here. Trying to play basketball and have a good time here Sarge over here lecturing us, and the crazy thing is Sarge has taken this defense from a bottom ten defense before him to eight top ten defense under him just that offense. But they were the worst offense in the league before they're still the worst visit league in this after getting marketing back Levinas, come back. What are you doing to make them better that we toughen you up? All right. Good. John. Good luck with that Sarge coming up next the some raw restaurant. What's that up leadership council? Brought to you by legalzoom. Get legal help for your business and family at legalzoom dot com. I'd say I will watch high noon about the lions if we could get honest opinions of Matt Patricia hard knocks about the lie. Yeah. What are you know, what I said, I would watch high noon hosted by Michael wilbon who saw how did that ad actually high nude about the lines? We get cancelled it would that would be exciting deservedly. So today's number. Thirty percent. Which is the percentage of jump shots. The Russell Westbrook has made this season. Boesch thunder be concerned about a thirty one year old Russ. Do they have a weird thing going? All right now. We're Russell Westbrook where he has the best defensive rating in the NBA nets other that normally goes to big men, right? Like a Rudy Gobert type. He has the best defensive rating in the NBA and an offensive rating that is below one hundred that is bad the below one hundred is bad. He's averaging the triple double. But he shoot what? Twenty three percent for three point four percent by don't want to shortchange not. But he's dialed back. His users numbers are down, and they are doing really well. So I don't know there's a three seat, and Russell Westbrook has turned himself inside out. And offensively. The thirty percent of the twenty four percent on threes. Thirty percent on jumpers. Twenty four percent on threes. Like for context Marquel? Foltz was shooting. Thirty percent on jumpers and twenty nine percent on threes. Russell Westbrook is worse than Marquel. Faults at shooting. Russell Westbrook is also what does he get the line right now. Sinn for since sixty percent with which is which is it over twenty percent drop from the line. Then we'll be had two years ago take into account. Also, he was at about ten and a half free throws a game two years ago. Now that was the triple W the MVP year where he had the ball all the time. He's only getting to the line five point six times per game this year, all of this does speak to maybe a player who physically is all the declined. But this is a dude that was always so far ahead of everybody else physically. How much of a physical declined can his game withstand. We saw with Alan Iverson wants his body, but a little bit his game went a lot. So we've assumed that Russell Westbrook. When it gets the dent in the face and all of the knee operation. He'll be fine. But the saving grace Paul George came to be his number two. And it seems like both of them are okay. While the way three supermax guys that stand out in this league Westbrook. Chris Paul and John wall. And we got questions about all of those contracts. Enclose Lau us take moment to remind you. What makes life great is the small joys little things that make you smile. Even if you don't really know why with that in mind, happy thirty six anniversary of the one of those things that makes the world a better place. Link. Oh, wow. Yes. Wow. Everybody likes Ligo. Anybody that doesn't like Blake? Oh, I think it's the name. Like, no, just I don't even have joy. Soon. Sudas the board comes up just like you always played go there snoop with some random person. Blink. Because new goes on the price is right. Which is crazy. And I know that we've probably got some older people who are watching this show. And I apologize to you. Because we're giving you drew Carey because you know, it has not who they wanna see you'll granny willing to sit on the couch cross Liz liquor lives. Five up that cigarette is see that man's, ma'am. Bob walker. They Bob how many people to sit here right now. And didn't realize the reason that they granny light by bargain so much wouldn't like Walter Cronkite. Key liked him for the news. She had some Bob Barca. You sa- bad news Bill. Monty Jones is that I've learned in my ear that there are at least two producers of high noon that have no idea what plink plink is. You don't know. A how do you not WinCo the name plink go kind of explains. Hold on hold on now to be stopped. Because I was about to say something really really harsh need to calm down. We need to realize some people didn't grow up with television in the house. I didn't know if you were obvious break, I had no idea. Right. Like never told me about riding around on horses and wagon who who else don't know about playing courts. No about Blencoe. That is no that's ridiculous. They aren't tired episode is. Cortes. You didn't watch prices waves to grab all the DIGI. There are in tire episodes of the price is right where they just do WinCo rely. Yes. Because the whole game show out of plane. Go wall your you'll grandma may wash price, right? For legal reasons, by the way, the wall Pinto, very different. Okay. Inclosing I've been back in the US for three days now after spending six lovely days abroad in London. But my main takeaway was not the glory of British culture, but Japanese culture because I had a Japanese toilet in my hotel room. And if you are not familiar bowl with the Japanese toilet. Let us watch and let us learn roll it with toilet. This is video from a producer who did go up link. Go was Charles peach in Japan, look at all of these options. Why don't we listen to the sowed? There is a flushing sound effect about. And yet. Speaking figure, that's you know, make privacy a little bit. Because this is the day feature. Oh, they should the water, and you boating. That's right. Hang on that yellow bag if you didn't know what was going on. And you just hit a button, and that's it. You know, you sitting there and shoot watering your boot invest in your booty. That's all I'm saying invest in it. That's like a commercial for Dr Miami. Howdy. Question was up next.

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June 28th: Zac Rogers and Lou Cartier HR 3

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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June 28th: Zac Rogers and Lou Cartier HR 3

"S is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten. kfi am well. That might be a little bit more difficult to this year as a supply chain woes are now impacting our fourth of july celebrations to some degree. Eight oh seven now. Thirteen ten kfi k. Thirteen ten k. K. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios joined this morning by a zach rogers zach. Rogers is a professor of supply chain management at colorado state university. So zach once again At least they've freed the ever given while we're hearing that anyway. This wasn't the container ship that went caddy wada's and the suez canal hold held hostage for ransom by the egyptian government. It seems as though well at least They've struck an agreement in principle they were asking an exorbitant amount of money to let that ship Continue on its journey. Where it's been sitting in a holding pattern in the bitter lake there But it seems so. Maybe they've agreed on six hundred million or so but once again fireworks. I mean i originally reached out to you to talk about the fact that Well we might see some problems when it comes to Celebrating the holidays christmas Because of a supply chain is us but now so is our fourth of july gonna go bust fireworks. Well i mean. I think the the great part about this year is we're gonna have supply chain problems all through the air so every holiday probably so yes There is a shortage of fireworks right now. And it's really for a couple reasons so the the first thing to understand is that about ninety. Nine percent of fireworks are manufactured in china So last year you know. There wasn't any fourth of july celebrations. And so a lot of people. I think went out and And you're not to do anything self incriminating but maybe bought fireworks. They weren't supposed to buy and set them off the street. And you know that was. That's what a lot of people ended up doing. And so a lot of those at home fireworks sort of we moved through a lot of our extra inventory last year. So all of the sort of backlog the back stock of of at home fireworks we worked through almost all of it last year like we cleared out the reserves. So then you come forward to this year and you know it's really tough to get. Fireworks moved from china to the us and then to get them moved around the us After the fact you know win the fireworks were being reordered. Sort of early this year Because you want to build up inventory for basically this week is when everybody's gonna go buy fireworks right All that's win. The the the height of the freight crunch was sort of at its highest point and You know it's interesting because the port of la they're just about to wrap up their Their annual year so june thirtieth is the end of the fiscal year at the port of los angeles and this will be the first time ever that they get over That they get over ten million Us so it's going to be. It's all time record. Essentially at the port of la and that that backup that backlog made it really slow for new things to get into our the country. And we've talked about this What i've been here before. But if you're a carrier and you have a choice right okay. I can only bring over eighty percent or seventy percent of what people asked me to bring over. I'm going to choose the things that going to make the most money and that's not really like little eighties that you're gonna shoot off in your backyard and so it was really tough to get fireworks over here. I saw an interview with one fireworks distributor where he said you know. I was on one. Though then i got bumped back to another one and another one and eventually was eight boats. I got bumped back to until until my tender got over it. And so it's kinda like when you're sitting at the airport you know and you just keep getting bumped further and further back sad. What was that's what it was for the fireworks people and then on the other side they get here. And we're still at about a seventy seventy five percent ten rejection rate for for trucks. And it's tough to get them on trucks or on rail because we're so full of everything else and so even when they got to los angeles it can be hard to get them to like county or larimer missouri area wherever it is. They're going just because the truck carriers aren't going to prioritize You know sparklers over iphone true that but then that opens up a whole new avenue of discussion. Because i had come across a piece of that i pulled. I believe it was last week or so out of the pueblo. Chieftain talking about the fact that well. We're kind of running on empty. Hugh jackson browne as this national truck. Drivers shortage is causing some pumps to be dry in colorado. So it's not just supply chain mos right absolutely and it's actually in some ways a supply chain problem with the gas As well and it's it's feeding back on itself so because you're absolutely right because we don't have enough drivers. We can't get gas to pumps especially in rural areas that aren't set by pipelines or rail and because we have a shortage of gas it then makes the supply chain issues more expensive again. And so it's kind of this funny feedback loop that we're in you know it's it's interesting because the driver shortage has been an issue for the last ten or years and and there's always been. Hey you know. The average drive rates last year was forty six and this year. It's forty seven next year. It's going to be because no new drivers coming in And so we've kind of seen this problem coming on the horizon. But what happened during kovas. I think so. Many truckers were so overworked And you know there's other opportunities. I suppose that a lot of folks You know sort of took a break and then didn't come back And it'll be interesting to see how we deal with going forward because you know. I think a lot of folks are betting on on automation. That's we're still a good ten years away from there. Just being robotic trucks driving down the highway. But that's that's not something that we're gonna roll out in time for the christmas season so it'll be interesting to see where that goes well and it's funny it doesn't it's kind of sad actually But let's see. Tommy would and biz west prairie mountain media talking about this Ceo roundtable that took place Mid june You have a number of northern colorado manufacturing manufacturing executives during this Biz west virtual ceo ceo roundtable saying essentially that Bob walker for example. Ceo walker manufacturing said. His company has stopped taking orders. Because it's booked through the next calendar years something they've never seen before adding the supply chain is holding us back. So when will this turn around. I mean how. What do we need to do to turn this all around. Because you got chinese port logjam. Now that's threatening the christmas shipping rush right. So one thing i. I always like to point out when when i hear stuff like that. Is you know we're talking about fireworks. So fireworks are made in some factory in inland china. They put on a train thing gets put on a boat that comes all the way across the world basically gets put on another train goes through depot. Probably gets on one or two truck and then suddenly. It's your local fireworks dan. there's fireworks and they cost you seven dollars and ninety nine cents in many ways. That's a magic trick that that were able to do that with supply chain And every supply chain is based on in the reason that we're able to do that is because it's maximum efficiency so everything is exactly j. It just in time is we have exactly what we need when we need it. Not one penny more not one penny less. And so when we get a monkey wrench thrown into gears like this know if something is based on everything being absolutely perfect every time and then it's not that's when we start to see the crack show and so the real issue that we have right now a lack of capacity right. We don't have enough ships right. We don't have enough trucks and those things take time to build up because really we jumped forward in our need for trucks. You'll for for last mile delivery in this country by three years last year. And so we're in a three year hole so it's going to take us more than twelve months to take out of it on the domestic side and then on the international side you'll shipbuilding takes a long time plus if i am a shipping company. I don't know that. I'm necessarily in a huge rush To get this done because right now. I'm charging the highest price that they've ever charged Then you know i. of course. I'm building ships but it's not like i. You know my businesses and suffering the at least in the short term because of it and then the last thing i would say you know the the white house just released their reports on You know things that that maybe we should manufacture more of the us because we saw during covid. Hey if we're dependent on other countries maybe it's not a good idea. And that was the semiconductor. High-capacity batteries rare earth metals. The other thing. I i think they should add to. That was was maritime ships international ships. You know there's not really any big american shipping companies anymore. And i think that's kind of an issue You know we the the. Us can't really unless they're sailing up and down a river or something here. The you can't really tell shipping companies what to do All the all the shipping companies. Now they're you know european or asian or whatever and i think that's something that going forward especially seeing what this bottleneck is is doing and we are having problems all over the place with walker and everybody you just mentioned. I think it's worth looking into a us shipping fleet Just so we can sort of take care of things at home a little better than we have so far. Solve the sense in the world. Because boy i'll tell you what you talk about the very definition of domino effect. I mean it's you got one ships still floating around you know off the coast of california and you've got this You know these container ships. That are backed up in southern china Three hundred fifty thousand loaded containers. They're just sitting there on docks and as you said you know. This is a just in time. Enterprise unfortunate but. Let's just say that you know when it comes to livestock for example timeframe much shorter as we discussed the ever given was stuck in the suez canal. Force we've gone from just in time to nothing in time. Which wow and and you're right. It causes a big problem. Where if things are late to leave. La they're gonna be late to get jen and then they're going to be like when went back gotta shenzhen and then it just. It's sort of building on itself. Zach rogers a professor of supply chain management at sea as she always fascinating conversation. And somehow something tells me that this conversation will be continued. I sure hope so. No just you know. Wait till we get to halloween costumes and a couple of months. I'm sure you're talking about how the outrage. Oh the humanity zach rogers. Thanks as always for your time and your expertise appreciate you take good care. Act rogers professor of supply chain management colorado state university eight twenty now. Thirteen ten kfi k. While the whole sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten kfi k. day's headlines podcasts mornings with gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasts. Find them at thirteen ten k. k. dot com. Let's just say that. Don't go along with the acceptable politically correct narrated these days. Let's say that you have your own opinions and your own thoughts. My guess is you're probably loathed to share them asking the question had you been uttered during a time of cancel culture against become increasingly difficult that To voice an opinion that doesn't align with the mainstream patterns of thinking the stays so do we need to watch our tone. Do we need to learn to agree to disagree. Perhaps rediscovered that loss start or put another way disagree agreeably and perhaps as looney cartier wrote in the greeley trib. Perhaps we need to Put on a greater emphasis when it comes to intellectual. Caution joined this morning. By luke hardier business ethics communication and the legal environment of business and enterprise at aims community college and lou. Every time you write one of these pieces you know. I'm going to be giving you a call the cowgill i guess i can't go on vacation now. You can. it's okay well. Let's guard with them. I'll just snag you when you get back a well. Nice of you to call jail. I'll do it in a polite way. What has happened to the entire concept of civility and decorum and respect across the board when it comes to our ability to discuss varying perspectives and viewpoints. Which again which. I believe is foundational a not only the founding of this nation but to this nation's future honestly big question. You know your listeners are going to have lots of different points of view on that. You know what i was trying to do in this column is to say alert emotional hot buttons out there you know. And whether it's faith it's religion it's politics it's taxes it said being a good parent a good husband. You know Doing the right thing Which is so obvious to me may not be so obvious to you and We simply to figure out rules of engagement to talk about these things right Because if we just speak from our our guts our hearts you know. I think rabbits exactly gail. You must know that you get callers that say you try to rein in and bring him back to the subject in hand and i had just been reading a few things lately listening to a few things like that. I thought might just help you know it might help me in the class. Who taught my students who disagree with each other when when when they talked about a critical issue with some emotional overlay learn. And what is interesting is that you know how we say well. It's other people doing it. It's people on twitter. Which is the world's biggest bathroom wall in my humble opinion and we can get into that entire conversation lou about how you know the men and anonymity and social media has important those to some not all but emboldened some to cross the line because the minute the conversation disintegrates into personal attacks or somebody call somebody else hitler in a conversation that has nothing to do with adler whatever. You've essentially lost the argument. But i think we're all yearning for a return to that civility to that early to share varying respective in viewpoints without being shunned or cancelled. I think's okay all know. And you mentioned that. The onset that i i write a column in the tribune and and i wanted to give credit to to the tribune because they had a reporter. Who really did a fine job. He wasn't in town all that long. Its name was cuyler. Meade and he has since moved on to Bigger job in a bigger market understandably. No problem he left You know on good terms but you know in one of its last columns. He said you know what we assume. That gale is a bad person. Because she's saying she's an idiot all right and we assume Lewis a good person because he thinks like measles saint and tyler said wait a minute you know what if you just try to get below that and look at the ideas and and stopped debasing the personality your dehumanizing. The person are finding something critical to say about the individual. You know them the other. Oh my god we can't talk to the other. And kyle just said wait but what if you assumed that They were basically good folks and that perhaps because of the trauma and the failures and the disappointments in their life and maybe even their lack of education or the same life experiences. Maybe that is what caused them to say. These kinds of things and cuyler finished column. I think with that. Change the tone of your conversation. And i just had made me look inside gale and You know i'm easily saying. Oh my god don't go over there. You can't trust them. You can't talk to them. What are they and we go off on a rant like that. So i had found these things that just say well. Here's a way. get the on. Now let's talk along those lines bound to intellectual kashin. Because i think an overarching conclusion that you're drawing unless i'm totally misinterpreting This piece is that we need to get back to arguing or discussing was civility some decency and room correct discussing the issues tacon about The rational logical arguments instead of immediately escaping for lack of a better term into the emotional component and Labeling someone as an idiot well yeah and and and one last thing about. Or if i if i made you know he had and these are his words not mine. He said given that natural urge to be right. All right and the symbiotic or associated natural urge to be better than the other said. All right we're inclined to follow path of target. Is that in this morning complex. Yeah exactly so. And and that's why felt comfortable citing these couple of other sources because that's kind of spiritual thing right that's kind of the depth of our soul as just our mind and our heart and so i found a couple of people a protestant minister a catholic bishop who who took a look at this and say all right is there any way to restrain those natural tendencies in the pursuit of truth of fairness of humility and be respectful to the other and frankly game we live in such partisan times. I mean my god. You mentioned a few of the things at the beginning whether it's cancel culture critical race theory or climate. Change or get a vaccine. We just go off the rails. You know arguing with somebody and we're losing sight of well. What is the right thing. What is the truth thing. What what are the experts. Say and why should we believe. Why should we believe. And i think what i've tried to say is. There's a reason if you really want to say. Why should i listen to you. Okay here's some ways to help you listen and help you discern so taking humility. Go through those suggestions from tim. Keller who has a new york based evangelical pastor author and speaker. He wrote a two thousand twelve piece as you referenced in your piece in the trip on gospel polemics. The second is Raj robert barone who has accelerated bishop of the archdiocese of los angeles prominent scholar and apologist whose ministry plays out on social media publishing and film production platforms. Yeah sure and then he published Keller did and then the bishop commented in a foul up kind of an interview when he was asked by an associate to tell me more and do agree. And why does this work. In his first one was take responsibility. Take full responsibility for misrepresenting. Other views right. So if you and i are talking and you say You know I think iraqis you know could lose one hundred games this year and i i were to say okay. You think of the worst team in history of baseball going back to eighteen seventy. Three's saying dale what's wrong with you. what's wrong with you gail. There's what about the white sox or the scandal. They'll all gail didn't say that are the worst team in history of baseball okay. She'd merely made a statement that they may lose eighty. I made ninety me lose a hundred games. And if you if you you know take care not to overstate what gail said. Maybe we'll get somewhere so that was first one and bearing like that a lot. He said You know Too often to people are talking and they say you know. Did you heard what gail said the other day. Can you believe what a moron and you just lost your relationship. I'm sorry don't at yes exactly so. The second one is very much like that. He said never attribute an opinion to your opponent that they themselves do not. Oh don't you know. Don't it's just like what i just said Gail believes that Many things okay. She thinks this is right. This this is right over here. This is ron and don't embrace all those things when all the all that you're arguing here is about this particular issue. Okay who's the best hitter iraqi okay. We're not talking about pitching we're not talking about the the designated hitter rule. Gail is making a point about hitting okay so she made a claim about hitter. So you should examine that not this whole global thing about major league baseball and i don't know why i'm into the baseball metaphor. I haven't even seen a game this year. It's beautiful weather. So it's making me thinking about going down view when i go to the Rockies pirates game on wednesday so wait you hope they win one. How can you say. They hope win one. When they've more than ever winning the game in the twenty th century would. I see that illustrates very points that you're making of cars and and and i thought that was kind of fun and i and i took a chance that these two Respected mena faith. If you will one's a pastor ones a bishop and and this all began with. Tim keller who say prime prominent protestant minister. He's speaking to other ministers and elders and church fathers who are trying to dispute the fine points of of of belief and and he says like we believe in the bible. We believe in this. We believe in that and there are some truths that we all consider self evident but we like to argue at the merge like should should women wear a hat. Should men were tie. You know should kids. you know. Go to church on wednesday and these are the things we can disagree about. So that's what he wanted to come back to all right. Let me tell you my favorite one in here. I think it's It's the straw man versus steel man. Thing tim keller says You want to represent an engage your in the very strongest form. Okay not the week quote straw man for okay. You want to show them that you understand their views. You can present their views back with such strength and clarity that the other person says you know. Thank you gail. I don't think i could have said that. Better myself right then. I do that to you. Gail no i you thing which is so. I mean it's tantamount. I think particularly now given the grand conversational divide based on host of number host of other issues I think that is the one pathway. And i love the point where you advise. And i'm not sure if it was mr keller or if it was robert baron that said let me tell you what i find wrong about your idea. Not there are just does bad or crazy. Yeah exactly and we need to be able to get back to that now. Unfortunately as is often the case live against the clock. I i always have some stupid. Excuse there you go again jail. I know right. But lou always appreciate your insights. Your perspectives expanding our conversational universe. Which do so well appreciate your time. The cardiac business ethics communication and the legal environments of business enterprise at aims community college. Some valuable advice when you agree. Eight fifty four now. Thirteen ten k. f. k. What's happening in your own. Backyard listened to noko now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k- a unc bears plan northern colorado's voice one zero three point one and thirteen ten. Kfi that's up a westbound crash on thirty four east of twenty five between county road fifteen and north county line road resulting in the left lane of being blocked as so. Keep that in mind. Rockies action gets underway. Right here on thirteen ten k. Fda coverage starts as a rockies take on the pittsburgh pirates at coverage starts at two thirty first pitch at three this afternoon. Lock it right here. Coming up next No code now. With your host of tanner swint in just a few show at noon.

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April 7th: Ag hour and Hughes Stadium HR 1

NoCo Now ? 1310 KFKA

41:43 min | 7 months ago

April 7th: Ag hour and Hughes Stadium HR 1

"Other colorado never stops neither do we. This is no co now presented by shea. Nation-states here's tanner swint. Let's get going on this wednesday morning. Welcome everybody into the auto collision specialist studios. I am tanner's schwen ryan. Kelly doing production work man. Oh man lot to get to here today The fort collins city elections happen last night. So fort collins has eight new mayor jenny. Art won the election last night. we're gonna effort to get jesse marmaduke on the Fort collins colorado and political reporter to discuss a little bit further about some of these elections. What what they saw any surprises along the way as well but jenny art will be the new mayor she did end up winning the fort collins race. I last night So we will We'll be talking about that coming up will also of course it's our here. On this wednesday morning we'll be talking with. Mario gomez alliance here a little. Bit more about rinky in the rinky- dealership and how all that works with mechanized irrigation rob environmental join us to get an update on the cattle market. As well so we've got all of that delacour here in this first our our number two. We will be discussing sports. We'll be talking some high school athletics with the likes of kevin schafer colorado preps network He'll join us as he always does. And again got a couple of guests that we're finalizing on trying to get on the program today looking forward to that I know we got a couple of questions about a salvage yard. That was sold Lately and we want to get Chris would possibly back onto to discuss that so a lot of stuff coming down here. It's a busy frantic wednesday morning but hopefully everybody out there in northern colorado is having a good one little slow to warm up this afternoon or excuse me today and had some moisture hit my windshield on the way in this morning. But i don't expect that to stay along for very long Let's see here. Poll question on our facebook page at noko now another topic that we're going to be discussing today. Do you still enjoy pro. Sports or has the continued political statements as that res- the involvement politics in professional sports. Ruined them for you. We'll talk about that. But give us your thoughts or accessories with a flair and hair poll question up on our facebook page at no. Now you can also text the 'tatanka grill text line at nine. Seven zero four seven eight one three zero one nine seven zero four seven eight one zero on text. Kfi to that number and you will be subscribed and ready to go and We'll be all there. Let's dive in. Let's dive straight into good news for colorado. See him starting to get all these fast. Food chains mixed up as all these big name ones are coming all these different colorado locations. What was the one down in. Colorado springs That we talked about not. It wasn't in an hour right. It was not in an out ryan the one out of texas whataburger right. What a burger coming to colorado springs So that is going to be happening but now in and out burger coming sin tara in loveland for new drive. They've opened three locations in colorado. Since november this according to this for max levee out of the low level and reporter herald in an burgers looking to build one of its first car drive. Throughs in love went This is according to the restaurants vice president of real estate and development of carl arena. Now that's one of the top five fast food names out there. There has to be carl. But why don't you go work for. Carl's junior come on carl. Carl arena says in a statement forwarded by spokeswoman kathleen loopy arena confirmed the popular southern california based burgers and fries chain was eyeing loveland for the next in and out quote. We do hope to open a restaurant in loveland in the future he said at this stage we are in the development application process. So it's still too early to say when if we will be able to open a restaurant there. Once we do begin construction on new location. It usually takes us five to six months to build the restaurant and open for business. He continued to say we do know that loveland is a wonderful community and we are excited about the prospect of opening location there. So you're telling me now. Not only do we have to put up with all these california and texas transplants. But now we gotta eat their food too. Is that what we're where we're going here So it it amazes me how popular these fast food chains are. I mean the public response to this is incredible. And it's like okay. You know we had five guys open here in greeley. Still been to five five guys. That opened up his that right. I think that's right. I look. I don't know i fast. Food is fast food. Now i've got my preferences but it's gonna take a lot for me to turn my back on. Mcdonald's can promise you that so they continue. Open these stores up and open up all these different Places in these different locations. And oh but why. Maybe i should knock it before it. Try it. But i'm just saying i i. It would take a lot for me to get data excited about a fast food joint. I i just don't understand the excitement behind it because a fast food joint is what it is. It's going to be quick. It's going to be greasy and it should be cheap and if it's not those things then what's the point when she rather sit down and actually enjoy it if it's not If you don't if you're not going there and getting a just a grease bomb then. I think that they're doing fast food wrong. But in and out burger again eyeing a a loveland location. Still don't know where but loveland city council member don over cash said he followed up on a tip with the current planning offices director brett limbaugh and was sent a redevelopment plan for the drive there which will be built where mimi's cafe once once was so right off of highway. Thirty four on the On the west side of i twenty five. He take the first exit there. If you're headed that way is where mimi's cafe used to sit so they're gonna an. I actually enjoyed mimi's cafe so i don't know what happened there. But they're gonna have to do some remodeling of that location to to get that done but again. That's why he said only five to six months. The counselor posted about the move on his facebook. Page monday night. Calling it quote. Great news for loveland and i get that like everyone wants to be excited. Probably bring a lot of people to love unto tried but again it's fast food and again we are so far away from this even being a reality right now that i'm a little confused while we're getting so hyped up about it k- the they're trying new location. That doesn't mean it's going to happen. We just saw one of these fall through and fort collins. So there's no guarantee about this so if you're if you're fast food junkie maybe don't get your hopes up just yet because it could be a while. If it ever does happen it could still be quite a while. So there's there's that news for northern colorado you Fast food Eaters out there wanted to get to this story because we talked about it yesterday. This involves the elections that were held in fort collins last night pat farrier with the fort collins colorado and The voters for colin voters have approved making former hughes stadium open space. They're gonna make it public land a grassroots effort to protect the stadium property in west collins won a landslide victory tuesday when voters supported keeping the one hundred sixty five acres as open space and directed city council to try and buy the property from colorado state university system at fair market value. The initiative passed sixty eight point six percent to thirty nine point. Three percent We are ecstatic. Community has been heard and in that it's essentially a mandate said alina lopez a member of planning action to transform. Hugh stadium the group that put the initiative on the city ballot so even though this is overwhelming community support. Everybody's like hey let's do this. We're doing this we're doing this. He still can't compel ceus you to sell the land. It's still sees use. Land sea issue system said in a statement that it respected the voting process and the direction colin voters have provided to the city. But it didn't make any promises as we discussed all along with city leadership. This ballot measure does not build a does not bind the state to sell the property. That decision authority rests with the board of governors of this issue system. The statement read you know and that's true but what does that board of governors. I mean they are going to get such backlash if they don't sell this thing that i would have to imagine that they're going to sell this. To the city of fort collins. The statement continued on to say we look forward to future conversations with the city to determine if there is a path forward so no. It's not done. it's not sold but this is a big victory for those that wanted to keep the old hughes stadium that land. They want to keep it as open. Space lopez said has an opportunity to make this a win for the community and a win for the university by working on a quote. A fair deal with the city. It's they're gonna start zoning and all these other purchasing steps they're going to start looking into starting to see where they're at if this is even feasible if you even wants to sell it hell who knows they may not they may want to keep this thing and just turn around and do something with it of their own. It's great property up there. I mean stadium. Used to sit i. It's really a great location. But if you're you. Can't i mean you can't force the issue into selling. The system already rejected one city offered by the property that it said was too low. The initiative instructs the city to try to buy the side at a fair market value. That could be a big. But now i'm just looking at this. I'm not a fort collins resident. I'm not a citizen fort collins but now this past is overwhelming. Do you really want your city to be saying okay. Here's where we have to allocate all of this money. It's gonna come back somehow and maybe the people phones are ready to pay those taxes but fair market value on that much acreage where it sits going to be absurd. It's going to be an absurd amount of money and now the city is going to have to come up with a way to finance his deal to get done. Try and get a bought. The vote now puts into question whether the university system will stand firm on its plan to build four hundred and sixty two single family homes duplexes townhomes and up to two hundred apartments a day a day care. Urgent care transit center and seventy acres of open space on land. So that's its plan. The university system. If that's what they're planning on doing now if you do that you might have a whole bunch of ticked off people over there in fort collins. Because it's six almost sixty nine percent of the people said yes on this issue. Continues to say hughes redevelopment either or its current plans include seventy acres about forty two percent of open space including the existing detention pond and disc golf course while providing quote much-needed affordable and attainable housing for its lower wage workers for causes grow on but the running out of space. That's why you're seeing tim. Boom that's already seeing severance boom. That's why windsor has been booming. And it's headed east. So i get what they're trying to do here to reserve this land. Keep it open space. Because that's what brought people to fort collins in the first place right horse tooth the foothills right there. Some open space. But that's changing and so do you either want keep growing or do you want to spell it out so i don't know i'm glad that this wasn't on my belt. I'm glad that i didn't have to vote on this. Because i don't know which way i lean obviously in the grand scheme of things to vote. Just putting it bluntly doesn't matter other than now. The city has to go back to this issue system and say here's what we have determined fair market value is. Will you take this offer. Dad's where we sit is in stone. Nothing can foresee issue to sell this land or the old hughes stadium to anybody their land but this does call into serious question. You know the the popularity of that board of governors. If they don't do it and are they willing. They're gonna somebody a lot smarter than me. That's gonna take all these numbers of crunch it but are they willing to sacrifice the potential money that they would make by putting this housing out there by putting all these other things out there. His apartments are they willing to sacrifice this for some bad. Pr right because if they go forward with their plan right now there will be bad. Pr bad public relations on the Signed but then if you flip it over and say okay you know what we're going to sell it to the city. It's going to remain open space. One of these processes is a lot easier. You sell it to the city. Keep open space great public relations. You don't sell it to the city build your stuff take the backlash and then make money off of it. What's it going to be these. You came down to a debate as to whether the hughes land was a crown jewel of fort collins worthy of preservation. Where former parking lot. That would cost the city big bucks to turn into viable open. Space supports the ballot initiative. Said the site should be preserved because of its proximity to the foothills and the city's maxwell and pine ridge natural areas the proximity to other open space in the high cost to buy and restore the area is the very reason. The fort collins natural areas department previously recommended against a city attempt to purchase the site. It would cost an estimated three and a half to four million dollars to return the land state of natural vegetation and build a trail loop bathroom parking lot and other infrastructure. So not only. Do you have to buy this. But now you're going to have to dump four million more dollars into it to try and get it done just from an economic standpoint and where it sits. It probably doesn't make sense for this to do this but in ever leaning left city of fort collins. That's where they're going. Let's get it down. We'll find a way to pay for it later so that does pass but now it just means that the city has to make an offer and you know the city officials are probably like. Please don't take this please. Don't take this please. Don't take it because it's clear that they don't want to buy if they wanted to buy this land they would have had a purchased already so we'll get into more of the fort. Collins election results again our accessories with the flair and hair poll question on our facebook page. We'll get into that conversation a little bit later on as well. Do you still enjoy watching professional. Sports is pull or has political involvement. Ruined them One comment here saying we like sports and we don't care who knows so clearly has not ruined that for them it's been. It's been an internal battle for me to give us your thoughts on the facebook page at noko now. Texas tech sign at nine seven zero four seven eight thirteen zero one nine twenty two the time. Let's step aside when we come back. Mario gomez alliance here gatien. Let's talk some water liquid gold. We'll discuss on the other side. It's no now presented by the j nine agencies on northern car. Voice thirteen ten. Kfi came northern. Colorado's voice is thirteen ten kfi k. Tanner will be back after the break here. Mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi and nine twenty seven. Thanks for being with us here. On this wednesday morning went right. Kelly to in the production work here inside of the collusion specialists studios busy morning. A lot to get to again. The fort collins city elections taking place. Yesterday we'll work our way through that as well but first joining me. Now up the hotline it is mario gomez with alliance here gatien and mario today wanna talk a little bit about About how things break. And i know that sounds weird but inevitably you're going to have something on your sprinkler system. Something on your irrigation system. That's going to break and how how your company respond to that is is vital. Absolutely absolutely So alliance arrogation as a whole has always tried to offer same day service so typically if we get a service call before noon I can almost almost guarantee that we'll take care of you the same day. typically if it's after launch it's the following day before we can get there but you're absolutely right machines are going to break And it seems just like anything else once they start to get outside that warranty timeframe when they start to break so It's gonna happen. And i've been on the farming end of it so i know how important it is to get it repaired timely well and having somebody that knows the system is is just as important going out there. But let's talk about re rinky and they do some pretty special their warranty yes absolutely so all of our new machines that have been sold in the last eighteen months Ranki released a new gearbox. That is a ten year Sixteen thousand our warranty and where we differ from competitors as we don't give you a rebuilt we don't change the we bring you a new gearbox and replace it parts and labor included one hundred percent no charge for ten years or sixteen thousand hours. Which comes i. It's not about a seven hundred a seven hundred dollar repair right right right right. And that's you know. That's why i was kinda kinda go next is what are the. What are the most common things to the end. Up breaking after time is typically. The first thing that starts to fail You know that's that's kind of the spine of that machine. That's that's the drive train. That's the horse and Thanks a lot of wear and tear. You know it's in the middle of the elements that sustained all the way so it is And it's not fun to change if if you haven't ever changed one you should You should can help us this summer now. I think i'm gonna leave the professionals. It sounds like i could get electrocuted or something like that. I don't know it sounds like a lot of hard work. Mario but i appreciate the. I appreciate the offer so with with this war. T- that rinky offers it doesn't matter what the cause of damage to the gearbox or anything else is low questions asked that and that's i mean i would have to imagine just in in my limited knowledge about warranty on everything else. That's pretty rare to find it is it is. I've always been told. And i can't use it myself from time to time at the proof is in the pudding that is a it's a it's a gearbox designed by universal motion components out of california they design and manufacture all of our gearboxes and It's it's just something that they've done exclusively for ranki They probably are on the On the scene outside of ranking now because we have had him out for a while but we had them exclusively for the first year production on our machines. That's that's just an added benefit to working with you guys over at alliance irrigation. Mario what else to the people need to know about about this warranty and about one things You know inevitably breakdown and a lot of times. People realize it well right when they need it right. Yeah so are working in general As all complete replacement parts and labor rank reimburses their dealers. One percent I'd have to say that is another aspect where ranki differs from our competitors. The dealer support we get From our manufacturing company They really take care of their dealers and the way they reimburse them That's probably the biggest thing to enter is. Just that's why i've been sold on ranki You know we're we're gaining on the market share. I think you're going to continue to see us. Gain just by what. The manufacturer does for us and trying to you know. Our ultimate goal is to keep the farmer in mind and to keep his repairs at a minimum And it's by design. I can show you multiple ways on the way our pivot and the structure is designed to minimize minimize failure and kost replacement Just a lot of things that can easily overlooked tiger with. Mario gomez alliance irrigation. Mario before i let you go here. How what are you what. What are you guys doing right. Now what are you out in the field a lot more things starting to ramp up. Oh man it's it's ridiculous Water some of the dishes are open up this weekend. So naturally anything that has been forgotten about Not because of us but just happens you know. Sometimes you forget to check the air in your tires on your car before you leave you have a blowout things like that So we're getting a lot of those calls right now. Just trying to manage them as best. We can but a lot of late minute. Novel packages Just last minute things trying to get everybody ready to go and tie up loose ends. Mario gomez alliance here gatien. Mario throw that phone number out there for the people if they need to get a hold of you if they've got questions about got questions about your warranty and what you guys offer over here gatien absolutely call cost you. Anything number is nine seven. Oh six one six two four or five one right mario. We'll stay busy out there. Stay safe and Appreciate your your insight on a whole whole important world that we're we're going to need arrogation services a real real soon so appreciate you taking some time and joining us today. No problem thank you thanks. Mario gomez alliance irradiation for joining us. Look one thing. That i know is that i've never had warranty. That was no questions asked. Tried to take something back and that you don't even have to do extended warranty because that's lifetime warranty right there. Nine thirty four the time. Our poll question up on our facebook page again. that's our accessories with a flair and hair poll question as political involvement in pro sports. Ruined the watch. Watch -bility for you. Let us know there. Let's check in on what the The poll numbers say here on our on our account And right now sixty seven percent of the people saying yes or excuse me saying yes. Did they still enjoy watching professional sports even with the political involvement so they do still enjoy watching. The professional sports and political involvement has not ruin them for us thirty five the time. Let's take a break robin. Darwin owner of livestock changed when we come back snow presented by the j nine agencies. Let's get to the bottom of the hour news and weather center the power trip. Weekdays eleven on thirteen ten k f k. Did you get a confirmed. One more madoukh the collins colorado and Political reporter to come on and talk about the election results that happened over in fort collins last night they didn't get that wrapped up until about twelve thirty. Which is way past my bedtime joining me now. Up on hotline. It is robin varman with livestock. Exchange robin how are you on this wednesday morning. I'm greg man. What a shock to wake up to the cold this morning i know. And it's It's supposed to burn off according to my sources which is just my weather app on my phone. According to sources still supposed to be sixty three degrees today so it should warm up better. Hurry it'd be. let's let's talk about it. Things are getting green people starting to look forward to taking the to to to patch your grass What does that do into the cattle markets. And what are people doing to get ready for that if it always makes for a strong beginning i would call a grasp fever markets. You know People wanna make sure they have enough to fill any of their units that they have contracts that they have for You know number head on the grass. I i think it'll be a little you know again With the drought situation that we've had all over predominantly the whole state of colorado People won't be you know overstocking. I guess what i would say. Definitely not overstocking Again this year but Again the numbers are are Good supply and a lot of people are sold our little few different changes and things like that happened and so The prices have been driven up a little bit Trying to make sure that they do have these grass cattle. So that's a good thing. That's a good thing for producer side and You know as far as the pair situations out there It appears that That markets strong as well Compared to what we had a year ago. So we're hoping we see that To continue tanner. And we've still got you know another month and a half two months before we actually get to grasp but everybody you know. This weather's been great for calving. The last three to four weeks so none of that cold stuff again like we had But the markets are are inching up a little bit so that's helping everybody out The core market is not favorable for anyone right now but That's kind of Down the road a little bit on that future. Anything so Yeah demand is still good and You know we continue to feed america again by our our products and our production. So what more can you ask for from farmer rancher. Absolutely i love robin. So what are you guys got coming up at. Livestock exchange This week what what you got on tap. You know what we have We have a regular thursday cow. Ceo way cows bulls pairs breads On thursday and then on friday we do have a back to gra- special and looks like we're gonna have thousand hundred better on that sale and we do have some excellent quality replacement heifers anyone's looking for some heifers. They still want to breed getting the braiding program. We do have About a hundred and sixty head of those heifers that will be darned. Sure anybody's program And they're ranging anywhere from seven to nine hundred pound range so that'd be a lot and we do have a role special on friday. I think there's going to be around forty five head. Fifty head of foreign can't allow their for people needing to put put on their gets their horses out and get him workin and do a little rope and and and put on any rodeos and and stuff like that so we'd have that on friday as well. Those should sell around one o'clock and then i have some exciting news. Tanner god well. We are going to start. miscellaneous Equipment tractors fencing livestock equipment sales and our first one is June twenty sixth. And the we can come out and take pictures And video any type of equipment that you got and That'll be right there on the south west corner lot and you'll be seeing the fence up around that but Yeah we've added that into our auction services as well as all the livestock sector so again. That's june twenty six. Be our first. One is called l. e. auctions and They can look us up on the website. It's elliot auction It'd be www dot l. e. auctions dot org and they can sure calling the office and ask anybody and we sure set up to so yes we're taking consignments and So you know we're just trying service the rancher the farmer the anybody that has something to sell were there for you to market and make it the best experience possible so well i was just gonna ask what Brought this about what what made you say you know. We undo this. You know. I've had a lot of people. Ask me. Why don't you have you know A miscellaneous auction where i can bring in my tractor or got a bunch of fencing material. And i'm like well you know it just wasn't right now. The timing was right had the opportunity to purchase the corner lot so purchased the corner lot and decided that what doesn't pay rent must move so it's gotta pay its own rent so put that quarter to work all right. I like it so june twenty six starting this. How often are these going to be going on. Robin determined that yet. Or are you gonna just kinda see how this first one goes coming up here in june and then kind of go from there. Yeah we're we're probably gonna We're gonna see how it goes in june hair but We'll probably have one in Probably august July such busy month and hot. And everybody's kind of at harvest probably skipped ally but we'll probably have one in august or september and and then of course we get busy with a cadillac and all that but We'll probably have at least three or four year. So i like it. I like it. robina love to hear. We're talking with raymond perelman Livestock exchange Out of brush. I wanna go back real quick. Yeah you said that the roper special and sort of talking about rodeos. How nice is it knowing that. We're going to have some of those back this year. We missed out on the. You know the greeley stampede and some of the other ones throughout the year. But it's gotta feel nice to have those coming back this year. You know people have to be social and We've seen so many Mental issues with a younger generation people and and humans are naturally Need to socialize and so I think it's wonderful. I think people's attitudes people are ready for this I think they you know understood or to their best Knowledge moment of what the pandemic did to them and what they feel. They need and people ready. They're ready to get back to a normal type life under new standards and And we're offer that we support that we have we have something booked at arina the bob walker arena right. There live stock exchange. We have something booked every weekend. Starting may so Weekdays and we we got both series on tuesdays. We've got the bell races on fridays. And it's all put on by other people that Yeah there's just a huge need for it so it's great People are ready for it. you know the us get involved and what better way to keep your kids with you and and have him doing something that they can excel in and feel good about themselves with absolutely robin. I was just gonna ask to Your your scholarship program. Just wrapped up correct bed. We're still receiving we have people that postmark The fifth of april was the deadline. And so we always wait for. 'cause our mail system is is Lacks a little bit of integrity. So we want to allow everyone. We don't want to you know Not take anyone's application so we always wait for a week prior or afterwards and So once we have seven days post from the deadline and Right now it appears stifle. She said there was twenty five adult far. So that's that's good. And i'm glad to see people encouraged about of super applicants Just what. I've seen that come across. The scholarship board is going to have a another tough time. So good and it's good. It's gotta give you a renewed sense of energy when you when you see that That many applications come across and And that many Youth that are that are dying again agriculture. Absolutely and you know. I'm just amazed at there are some phenomenal young adult out there. I mean you read what some of these kids do and some of them already started their own businesses. And i mean it's just it's the most energizing thing that you can do is to read about these kids. Who really i mean they they wanna grab life and go and After all that they've been through these last eighteen twenty months man. They're gonna we're gonna read about them somewhere. I love it. Robin varamin. Livestock exchange robyn. Thank you so much for your time today. Appreciate you stopping by joining me. And i'll see what i can do about warm. The weather up for you sounds good and keep the grill lot steak there. You go thank you so much for having appreciate it environment. Livestock exchange joining us as she does at this time. Always so cattle market headed up. You know Things are greeting out that that tends to to give the farmers and ranchers out there a little bit of optimism and and really get people excited forgetting those cattle that they've been feeding all winter long out into grass nine fifty one snow cone now presented by the jeanine agencies. We'll be back here on early. Carlos voice thirteen ten cave cave happening in your own backyard. Listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k Nine fifty five. Thanks for being with us here on this wednesday morning. Snow cone now presented by the jeanine agencies. Appreciate mario gomez robin forum and stop by here this morning chatting with us about the agricultural industry. Our number two. We're going to switch gears. We're going to get into some some politics Some election results rather on what of what happened with the election's over in fort collins. Jc marmaduke will Join us about ten twenty She'll she'll jump on discuss The new candidates and where they're sitting and everything that goes along with that any surprises that may have jumped out with that fort collins election happening last night and then we'll talk with kevin schafer colorado preps network still to come up as well our poll question or accessories with a flair and hair. Poll question do still enjoy watching professional sports or as political involvement ruin them surely saying no. It's all ruined and they And there are at the end of the strings of their puppet masters the c. c. p. Except for the nhl those guys still go out and play right surely still Still watch the nhl good news for surely the car. Avalanche are a really great really really great hockey team in the nhl here in colorado So look i will have a little bit of time to talk to you. Talk about it. I'll talk a little bit about it now. I did struggle with. I'll be real honest when the nba boycotted This this summer. I don't know if you wanna call it a boycott on what you want to call it. But when they did that. I was i struggled. I struggled with it a lot. Actually because i felt like they were just quitting on their job. You know if. I wanted to bring awareness to something and i just didn't show up. I'd lose my job. I don't think i'd bring awareness. Something and i felt like that was more of what happened then bringing social awareness. Because if you want to bring social awareness of social justice go out there and represent it go play. Go play the game. Do your job and then in the post game press conference if you have a good enough game to make post game press conference go there but when you're on the court when you're in between those lines which is where your job is then i say you know. Just go to your job. Nine fifty eight hour number two coming up on the other side during the conversation today with the ta-talk taxation sign knights zero four seven. Eight thirteen zero one for ryan. I'm rolling back to the side now. Continues on right here on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k.

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Episode 259: Why SpaceXs Starship Will Change Everything

Newt's World

43:07 min | 4 months ago

Episode 259: Why SpaceXs Starship Will Change Everything

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Birch gold can help you to text. Newt two four seven four seven. Four seven and invest in gold. Before it's too late moving day means that you and your things are in for a big transition. There's a lot to figure out new closets. Different counter space change a floor plan no worries cube. Smart is here to help. Make your move as easy as possible online or in person keep smart provides a self storage experience that puts the focus on you because you matter most moving can be costly. And that's why keep smart is offering up to twenty five percent off your monthly rent. Say goodbye to moving stress and hello to your new address with qb smart self storage visit cube smart dot com for more details on this episode of world. My guess is known as mr mars. For his pioneering efforts writing mars and why. We need to colonize. And i have to say. They're not many people who admire more because of his consistency his commitment his energy and the fact that we finally land on mars to stay he will have been one of the herreid pioneers. Who made it possible. I was reminded of this when i read. Profound potential of ilan must've new rocket dot arrivers. Uber is a former staff engineer. At lockheed martin astronautics. He's now president of his own company. Pioneer astronautics he's also the founder and president of the mars society an international organization dedicated to furthering the exploration sediment mars and the author of over two hundred publications and several books including most importantly the case for mars the plan to settle the red planet. And why we must which was originally published in nineteen ninety six and he has recently released the updated twenty fifth anniversary I saw to say thank you for joining us. Thanks for inviting me. You're a science teacher for seven years before becoming an engineer. The of a bachelor's in math a master's in nuclear engineering and other masters in aeronautics astronautics and a phd in nuclear engineering. So you clearly have more than enough academic credentials. This but i'm curious. What got you involved with mars's. Well what actually. I got me involved with space. No one's sputnik. I was but nick flew and it's actually the first you know major world event that i can remember in terms of my personal experience and while it was terrifying too many the adults to me as a little kid who was just grand us what it meant. Was that these stories. I was reading science fiction. That i was reading about the space for future. We're going to be true. And i wanted to be part of it so i just learned all the signs could one rockets farther the government telescope nine when kennedy made speech committing us to go to the moon. I was seventeen landed on the moon during the sixties. We're moving out. But then the early seventies it all came to a screeching hall was in college and i was first generation of my family to go to college and so grad school didn't even occur to me to me got into college. Got to trade you out so okay well. I know a lot of science science. And i did that for seven years or so but then you know i started to hear drum as it were This isn't what i signed up for. And by then. I had heard a graduate school and i went back and astronautical engineer and got hired by. Martin marietta which is now one martin. Were there for time in decided to go out on my own. I think you're most famous for both your book. The case for mars and for having founded the society which is committed to getting us to mars. Did you expect to be involved in this kind of long-term education all political structure. Well i mean to be frank new. I was hoping we could do this faster than it has turned out because you know to me growing up during apollo eubanks mars which by the way by the nineties was a less of a technical challenge. The going to the moon was in the sixties. Why can't we just do this. And it's taking longer. I think one advantage they have in the sixties was i think the clinical class had grown up tested in world war. Two in cold war. You know they knew how to work together to get things done. I think there's been an entropy there and nasa the anastas very maryland. Bold old took a new force has emerged on the scene to really get us moving in. That's entrepreneurial space. And i'm proud to say the mars society helped recruit to the cause of moore's but his accomplishments are his own and nothing could stop an idea as time cometh. The idea has messengers that can help it. Recruit to its banners. The force necessary for its victory. Help do that now. He's doing it. And know what he and spacex managed to proves that it's possible for a well in entrepreneurial team do things that were previously thought to require the efforts to the governors of superpowers. And not only that do it. In one third the time less than one tenth the cost and even do things they had deemed impossible altogether including reusable launch vehicles. That could come back and land at the launch site instead of in crashed with the ocean. And this of courses key to cheap spaceflight cheap enough to make possible the settling space because air travel. Throw your airliners after each flight. Clearly air travel would only be in for billionaire. Musk has had a very methodical approach to this going. Relatively small rocket testing out the ability. To land and reuse. It and i think he has at least one rocket. Now that has been reused more than ten times. You're correct on that but his method has been incredibly bold methodical to sure but he's not afraid of failure. They failed five times in attempting to land the rocket before they succeeded. They just kept going and all of us have now who those care about space have watched the degree to which the falcon nine has. Dramatically reduced costs increase the ability to do things but part of that also is and i. Frankly don't fully understand this. Even though i loved your article but starship is apparently of different kinds of beasts. This big jump over. Falcon as falcon was over non-reusable traditional rockets. And i think this is really what musk has been. Aiming at the whole time is to be able to acquire the knowledge and the capacity to build an enormous number of star ships. But could you explain the difference in size in capability between the starship and the falcon nine. Sure starship is going to have about five times. The payload capability south nine and yet actually be cheaper to launch. The falcon nine is mostly usable. The starship is fully reusable. Falcon nine has a first stage with nine engines. That part is we used. The upper stage with one engine is expended. Starship is much bigger vehicle than and falcon nine at payload capacity of twenty tonnes which is quite respectable. That's as much as his facial. But starship is more payload capability approaching that of the saturn. Five moon rock. And it's quite the league if you were flying a small aircraft dc three and expanded with each flight that would still be more expensive than flying seven forty seven which is reusable. And so. that's really the jumping here now. It's quite the leap. But you can see how they're pushing this forward that their launch and they got through most of the flight envelope and they crashed and they did the same thing again and then they actually landed was a hard landing and forty five minutes after it landed. It exploded okay in. They try five times before they got it right. But you know musk's philosophy is i mean. I visited him down there a year ago and boca. Chica aren't building ship. They're building a ship yard and they're turning these things out. He said he was going to be turning at a rate of one a month and he actually is turning manner and could afford afford to launch crash final. Wrong try again. Congressman bob walker and i in the late eighties. Actually got money appropriated to nasa to build a reusable rocket. And i think it was about a four hundred million dollar contract ultimately i think it was lockheed the got the contract but they try to design. That just didn't work and so they know off okay. So that was the x. Thirty three's recall during the nines and well first of all i think back contract should not have been awarded lockheed martin it should have been awarded to mcdonnell douglas. Who were the people who had pushed the whole concept of the reusable launch vehicle. Once you put a contract on the table laki bid and they wrote a nicer proposal but they were not passionately committed to the successes and i think that that ultimately show i mean i think what you're seeing with spacex is the power passion then give up after the first one crashed. Actually must you know. The falcon one is very first launcher. The first three launches all failed and he was not expecting that he was naive at that point but nevertheless when he got hit in the face the reality how hard it is he just kept going because he was committed. You know he's not doing this for the money. This guy knows a lot of easy ways to make money than a rocket company. But he's doing it because he wants to do. Something of eternal significance rat underlies his firearm. I was invited by vice president pence to be sort of an informal adviser to the national space council and so i had access to a lot of nasa stuff and one of the things we could never break which i think was just pure raw. Politics was when you look at starship. As an example any case anymore for funding the space launch system and there's been an enormous boondoggle. Huge amount of money wasted no achievement. They haven't gotten to the first launch after something like eight or nine years longer than eight or nine years. I was on the team that did the preliminary design of sos in nineteen eighty eight in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty eight yes. It's been thirty three years. You just added to my knowledge base. That's astonishing ya. I mean there's people working on that weren't born yet when the project was begun. That's remarkable and then at one level of show some farsightedness at nasa that in the nineteen hundred eight. They were willing to at least look large. Lift rock and even if they couldn't find the political will to execute it. Well that original idea you see all s. l. s. is it's the shuttle without the orbiter. I mean that's literally what it is. We were trying to figure out how to put together. A heavy lift launch vehicle using then available technologies which was the shuttle components the solids the sme's external tax of war. And so this was. The answer was the obvious answer in nineteen eighty eight and it could watch from the shuttle pads and would use more or less all the shuttle launch infrastructure and it be simpler than the shuttle and you know in one thousand nine hundred ninety three administrator goldin. The space station program was trouble. He called a blue ribbon committee which was headed by the very eminent. Mit professor chat karaoke. To how we go to launch space as this job done and the group came up with that you should develop this vehicle. Shuttle derived heavy lift launch vehicle. And then you could launch the space station in Four launches but he was overruled by al gore. Who wanted to have space station. That involved at least thirty launches so that you could bring in the russian transfer money to this crowd around yeltsin and they basically using the space station program as a method of financial support to the yeltsin crap. And so we got this thing that ended up taking more than two decades to construct and we didn't have heavy lift launch vehicle and then what happened was yes then mike griffin when he wanted to go back to the moon revived the plan but by then and especially by two thousand and ten at which point the space station was done and you can shift resources from the shuttle program to developing the heavy with all the people in nasa who had developed the spatial audio. Almost all had retired. See if we developed what is now called. Sos but then called the ariz in the late eighties early nineties. You would have had the very seen team that had developed. The shuttle were still at their posts but instead this john was handed over to a generation. That had never done anything like this before. And the program has not been will lead and also it's been subject to political winds coming from all different directions so it's been a mess the starship begin to make it obsolete Successful will make us obsolete. You know it's like s. Ls if we developed this in the early nineties it would have had a nice twenty five year career of helping our space program with heavy lift capabilities and be ready for honorable retirement. But by the time this thing is appeared instead of developing the peace and mustang during world war two they had spent forty years working on it. And bring you out into the field when i fighters were already jets. It's not the problem with that. So as the promise. S hilas coming in the one generation as left this pressure mounts for student. Debt forgiveness more stimulus checks expanded unemployment benefits and a two trillion dollar infrastructure plan. The question comes to mind who is gonna pay for this clearly. 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Our top ranked specialists are here for kids of all ages from babies. Who need help before they're even born to. Teens and young adults are pediatric experts. Work together to diagnose problems quickly and thoroughly and use treatments designed exclusively for growing children with convenient locations all across the dc metro area. Find a specialist. Today at children's national dot org slash stronger. What's your yes starship on a work. I think it will. I think it's going to be harder than must think much very optimistic person. But i guess that's one of the things that enables into accomplished so much. He thinks he's going to do it. Turns out to be hard. But then he doesn't anyway my call a tough dreamer. It does work gazit revolutionize our ability to go to moon and mars yes. It's totally revolutionary. It's mind-blowing revolutionary. Maybe what muster already has been a significant revolution. They've cut the cost of space. Launch by factor five in the past ten years when he had been stagnant from nine hundred. Seventy two three thousand and ten was ten thousand dollars a kilogram like it was some kind of law of nature. A now it's two thousand dollars a kilogram boom and the starship will make hundreds of dollars per kilogram and this is going to do a number of thinks. Okay first of all. It's gonna cost there to be a lot more space enterprise because it can be so much cheaper to go into space and the more space. Enterprise is more space launches. There is more space craft. There are the more advanced capable. Cheap space craft are going to be because they can become mass production items and spacecraft designers will not have to be as conservative as they have been you know of course. You billion dollars launch a spacecraft. You're not gonna take a chance on a new technology. It cost ten million dollars launch spacecraft. Well let's take a chance if it will make the spacecraft itself cheaper or more effective so spacecraft technology is going through these so she space launch cheaper spacecraft. Both of them come together to make all sorts of space business plans much more cost effective profitable and yes. The goal here that must've had is to enable space settlement. Now you know if you went to nasa right now and you convinced them. They could send people to mars for say three hundred million dollars. A seat thing would jump at the chances fine. we're in. let's do it. We got the budget. We can four sent four astronauts three hundred million dollars each one point two billion dollars less than ten percent of our budget. Let's go okay. But an immigrant going to mars can't afford to pay three hundred million dollars for a seat. How much could the person of middle means muster really wanted to emigrate tomorrow's. Maybe several hundred thousand dollars by selling his house. How do you get the cost of going. Tomorrow's not the three hundred million dollars for three hundred thousand dollars. That's the target. That musk cassette. And that's why he's been relentless that's why he hasn't settled for the falcons which have taken over most of the free world market. Anyone else would say all this great. I'm fine. I'm fat dumb and happy. No he's moving on now. There's another reason why he's moving on as well. Which is that. The chinese are hot on his tail. There's at least five. Companies in china that entrepreneurial companies will that have gotten investment money that are developing things that look a lot like falcon nine's and there's no question that they'll succeed because it's been shown that you can do this and these people are very good at making things work that other people have shown to work and you know starship works. They'll make their own version of that too and he's gonna have to go to the next level and so this thing is not going to stop. This thing is going to continue to advance very health competitive situation. You mentioned the chinese competition. What's your view of the way. Jeff bezos has approached this too slow too slow if he wants to compete with muskie's going to have to get out of his hot tub. I've been to blue origin spacex. They do not compare in terms of level of activity level of expectation. And certainly the leaders. Don't compare. I mean if musk fails it's going to be as he works himself to death. This guy when i meet them he's exhausted. He's running on seven cylinders. But he's doing it and his people are doing it. It's almost unforgivable. How bad glue arjun has handled the situation because see. Musk has shown the methodology which is build lots flying crashing correct. The problem fly the next one. Now that's not a business. Strategy that lockheed martin could adopt not have the internal reserves have to do their work on contract money. But it's certainly a strategy that basil's have adopted and the fact that they haven't even tried to fly new glenn d should set up an assembly line start building new blends defense will crash figure out what they got wrong. Fly the next one and get it right by the fourth or fifth one. Musk has shown that this is how you get it done. And just not learned from that perspective you emphasized. The chinese is the real competitor to musk a. How do you assess the chinese program. Where chinese coming on strong people gotta wake up here. Most americans are generation. Think of china as arnold third world or developing country or something. That's not how the chinese think of themselves as wall they think of themselves as the center of world civilization which had a brief period in which they tripped and century of humiliation as they call it but now they're coming back to claim their rightful place. And this is an incredibly talented people and energetic. And we're gonna have to up our game. We want to stay ahead. You founded the mars society. I think twenty three years ago. Are you more optimistic today. And if people wanted to join the mars society would they do. I am more optimistic. Even though as i say it's taken walker is we could have been on mars. You know twenty years ago. But didn't now nasa. I must give them credit. They're robotic mars. Exploration program has been a bang-up success just the administrators did a great deal to set in motion very effective mars robotic exploration program. We're seeing that now. Rewriting the case for mars. I had an updated version. Two thousand eleven. The only thing i had to update was the robotic exploration part. There have been no accomplishments in the human exploration zone between one thousand nine hundred sixty two thousand eleven plenty with the robotic probes. Now since two thousand eleven. The big change is spacex muscle going to resort this year. I doubt it. Might we drop it next year but certainly by the year after that and look at twenty twenty four star ships are gonna be flying greg orbit. We're going to have an election. Somebody's gonna elected president. Twenty thousand four and it star ships a flying to orbit hundred ton payloads for total ten billion dollars launch cost or something they're gonna turn to their advisers and say have people embarrassed by my second term and the answer is can be yes and say. Well it's going to cost a trillion dollars. No we could probably do it with nasa existing budget. He's got the main piece here transportation system. It needs some other things we need. Surface power needs surfaced power reactors. That's really not something for spacex because it involves controlled materials involves a lot of other technology. Smart spacesuits mars vehicles machines for making propellant out of the martian atmosphere. These all things that need to be part of it. Their heart for spacex develop because they're not really commercial to see can develop starship starship ships gonna make moon in the commercial market but you know mars space suit. Not so much. So we're going to have public private partnership. Let's meet him halfway. he's bringing. The main piece will bring all the little pieces. Let's do it together. Let's have people on march twenty thousand and we can once again astound the world with what three people to do. Change the way you think about your home with home sense. The newest member of the homegoods family. They've got everything for your home inside and out home sense. Lets you reimagine every room with fresh discoveries furniture you bet rugs lots of them table lamps floor lamps chandeliers. Yes yes and yes. Plus there's wall. Art oversized mirrors enough outdoor furniture and decor to make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. Grab the melanie dishes. 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Goodbye and hello to after with qb. Smart self storage visit cube smart dot com for more details. Some hope which. I think not pan out the new administration that they might actually have made the moon by late. Twenty four twenty five. I guess now is that'll be pushed back a couple years but there will still be a project underway. What are your expectations or hopes for the biden administration. Space well biden. You know hasn't been space performing hasn't been enemy the space program. I think it's quite fortunate that have democratic president biden runs a bernie sanders. We have noted antipathy to not only the space program as a diversion of funds from things new rather spend money on but as representing an ethos that they jack. Pioneer spirit biden appears to be willing to move. Forward the arguments program on autopilot. I think that nasr's decision to award the union. Randy contract to spacex was a very good decision in back. I'm amazed by it because all bets. Were on the so-called national team with by grew origin. Who lockheed martin northrop grumman's mothers which had designed a three stage expendable leander which conformed exactly to the thing that had been on the nasa public planning charts it represented very limited capability in artem s mission. Perhaps once a year to the moon at enormous cost the human landing system version of starship first of all i mean is currently. Counter-intuitive involves accepting concept of spaceflight operations. That is totally novel. This is not even an optimal application. Starship pudding starship and lunar orbit refueling with lots of tanker flights from earth. And then it and coming back. It would take ten tanker flights refueling if it stationed in low or fourteen if it stationed at the gateway gateway Actually makes it harder. But must what he's saying is here's my plan. I'm going to have dozens of these stories. Have two dozen from twenty four and they each fly once a month. Well that's twenty four times. Well that's like two hundred sixty launches a year compared to shuttle which average four maximum was ted launches year if you're launching hundreds of starship year because you've got twenty thirty of them in there. Each launching once month then refueling star ships lunar orbit with ten or fourteen tanker. Flights becomes easy as opposed to the previous artists concept which was one. Sos which are. Some reason can only launch once a year even those shuttle could at least do four and supplemented by four expendable launch vehicles. Each pieces of an extendable luna the gate of now it has some implications beyond adopting this vision of spaceflight. Worry as fighter jet travel where unoriginal lights out of every airport every day. It has implications for instance. If you're using starship as in a sense vehicle from the moon it puts tremendous premium on producing lunar propellants precisely because the starship so heavy starship weighs one hundred tons. If you're using a little expandable. Lunar lander that weighs two tons in making its ascent propellant on the moon. That's nice to have not terribly born. But if you have a vehicle that weighs a hundred tons and you need a hundred concept propellants lifting off the moon then it's an enormously advantageous to make propellant on the surface of the moon. Now we've known for a long time that we could make oxygen on surface of the moon because luna rocks are basically half oxygen by weight. There all not sign or silicon oxide or something but now you know that the poll there's water which means we can make hydrogen and oxygen either way. It's tremendously contagious so now. Space exploration has added selfish critical capabilities into space development which was not the case with the small. Expendable lander. what you do on the moon is not terribly important. You just visiting here. What you do on the moon is important. And of course the whole concept of starship which runs on methane. Oxygen power is based on my mars direct plan of making nothing oxygen propellant on the surface of mars because mars got water and carbon dioxide and the to with was power nick repellent and by the way the other thing that goes along with making propellant is the power to make so this is going to make space nuclear power much more important than it's been so far now if you need power in quantity you did want to start developing space nuclear reactors starting with hundreds of kilowatts to. Did you always assume that the moon would be a necessary stepping stone to mars. No that hasn't been my assumption and actually. I don't think the moon is a necessary stepping stone to mars. But i think that by becoming faring we get bowl got is it's like becoming seafaring. It's not that this continent is necessarily steppingstone to that continent. But if you become seafaring you convince the whole world and with starship spacefaring and we'll be able to do the room and mars and the asteroids and bill giant space telescopes and do lots of projects orbital research labs. You know all these different things that people talk about them and surface to surface travel. Honor you know for the past. Three thousand years have made money on the earth's ocean some by actually trying to extract wealth from the ocean fishing for example but a much bigger presence has been using the ocean as a global medium for transport ocean is a low drag medium collecting your report on earth. That's where the real money's well. Space is an ocean surrounding the earth. Ab- zero drink and by travelling through space. Go quick to point on earth anywhere to anywhere most than our go to sydney less than our and of course this kinda travel using expendable launch vehicles. Absurd it's not you're talking about. But if you have reusable launch vehicles like starship this becomes the last year about three hundred satellite. Launches in the whole world spacex got about twenty six of them which is to say the majority of the free world launch and with falcons making cheaper pretty simple. The two hundred launches a year. But you know there's hundreds of intercontinental flights every hour and that's a much bigger market starship can enter that market than these things. Yes you'll be. Hundreds thousands of star ships produced spacex provides competitors single. Starship put carry. What two hundred people on a point to point flight. Well they talk about one hundred hundred. Be sort of super first-class. Well look at this. I went through the numbers. And if you only had one hundred passengers and maybe they could make it two hundred Not going to have to stay in very long one hundred passengers and you're traveling los angeles to sydney in the starship and if the total cost of the flight was five times. The propellant costs which is typical of airlines. You'd probably have to sell seats for twenty thousand dollars a seat now. I have to tell you new. I've never spent twenty thousand dollars on the air pointed not my class but there are people who do and that is the cost of a first class ticket from los angeles to sydney right now and those people still have to spend eighteen hours on the plane instead of getting there in less than an hour and having half an hour zero cheap. Somebody wants calculated that it is the same amount of energy to go from los angeles to sydney and to go into orbit. I get the same amount going to los angeles sydney coming back as going to so in cost. Obviously rockets are more expensive to build right but the one you can amortize over twenty years unit very different game and you used to be and that's something that isn't discussed very much anymore. Sputnik was one of the great awakening. I'd already been reading. Asimov in highland and then launched sputnik. And so i was growing up in the eighth and ninth grade reading missiles and rockets in that period the great competitor was the soviet union. And they were actually pretty good in space but largely now. They've sort of become an also run. What's your estimate of the russian space program route. The russian still have significant space capability. They certainly have a lot of technically. Excellent people answer people know how to do law stuff. They don't have much money if you want to know. I think that china is in the process of acquiring. And if i was a russian i'd be very worried learning acquiring country. Not just the space program. That's right. I think that this is a decision that russians are going to have to deal with. Okay they can either be linked to the west or they can become part of china and while russian ideas on human liberty are not as expansive as ours are simply more expensive than those and i don't think having the government tell you how many children you can happen even have gone over stalin's russia so i think people might wanna think what is the consequence of putin's policy of russia. Most that's interesting. i do. Think the greatest threat we face would be a russian chinese alliance very hard for us to cope with it. I think we could cope with it but we have to unchain ourselves. People say how we gonna stop china. Well you're not gonna stop china if you want to win this race. You gotta start running. We got to become better. We have to unleash the china potential that we can change ourselves up with your you know in the nineteen sixties to take four years to build a nuclear power plant in the united states. Now it takes sixteen well in china also south korea. It still takes four people think the nuclear industry is ancient history. Well it's not. It's just been stopped here in europe but there's four hundred and fifty nuclear power plants in the world. Today china has plans to build another four hundred and fifty domestically by the year. Twenty fifty and there's markets for hundreds more of them in the developing sector and we're not even a serious competitor for that. We need to become competitive again when you look down the road to what extent failure of our education system to prepare enough people who can do math and can do physics chemistry. To what extent are we disarming ourselves. I think we're still quite capable. Excellent scientists and engineers. I think that's the one part of -versities that remain american universities. That mean excellent. But i think it'd be good if we had a bolt space program that would inspire many more young people to want to go into science. Been one thing. I learnt as a teacher is that anybody can teach kids who wanna learn and nobody can teach kids. Do it doesn't matter where you've got the lcd projector were truck. It managed whether the kids want to learn view. Catchword cited about the venture of science. If you have a government that has made science great adventure by committing a bolt space cobra as we hand the six you know in the sixties doubled. The number of science graduates every level high school college. Phd in sub fields tripled it. And we've benefited from that intellectual capital ever since. That's what an aggressive space program we do for us today. Now if you want to improve science education american you're not going to buy more standardized tests you do it by inspiring youth. Youth loves adventure. Let's make science the greatest. I wanna thank you. This has been fascinated. You've only written about it and talked about you've lived it. Well you're doing is very important as an act of citizenship new. We'll get to mars and part of the reason we'll get to. Mars will be because of rubber exuberance. Oh it's a great honor that you do this with me. Well it's been a great honor to talk with you again. thank you to my guest. Dr robert zubin. You can read more about his books and get a linked to his recent article. The profound potential elon musk's new rocket. An aerospace engineer explains why space x starship will change everything on our show page at neutral dot. Com neutral is produced by gingrich three sixty and iheartmedia. Our executive producer is debbie. Meyers our producer. Garnsey slum in our researcher is rachel peterson. our work for the show was created by steve penalty. Special thanks team gingrich researchy. If you've been enjoying neutral. I hope you'll go to apple podcast. And both rate us with five stars and give us a review so others can learn what it's all about right now. Listeners of new world can sign up for my three free weekly columns a gingrich. We sixty dot com slash newsletter. I'm newt gingrich. This is neutral at children's national hospital. Everything we do is just for kids are top. Ranked specialists are here for kids of all ages from babies who need help. Before they're even born to teens and young adults are pediatric experts. Work together to diagnose problems quickly and thoroughly and use treatments designed exclusively for growing children with convenient locations. All across the dc metro area finding specialists today at children's national dot org slash stronger. If you're a small business owner growing your business is what it's all about. That is if you have the space to do it. Keep smart self. Storage has the solution with a variety of storage unit sizes helpful online resources and easy to access facilities cube. Smart self storage provides a self storage experience that puts the focus on you because you and your business matter most and to help you grow cube smart offering up to twenty five percent off your monthly rent. Say goodbye to crowded inventory and hello to your business. Success story with qb smart self storage visit cube smart dot com for more information.

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Full Episode: Friday, August 20, 2021


37:40 min | 2 months ago

Full Episode: Friday, August 20, 2021

"From abc news. This is perspective this week stories. And why they matter. I'm sherry preston coming up. What the taliban takeover of afghanistan means for the return of al qaeda isis and other radical extremist groups and very concerned that the way in which we left is actually going to create the next generation of terrorists. Another disaster in haiti. What it's like to have family there when you're here very traumatic. Imagine going through this eleven years ago. and seeing how many people died in the impact it had on their country and then waking up to your home shaking again and hospital beds fill up. once again a pediatrician warns of the dangers of covert for young kids to protect them. We have to have the dolts cocooning number surrounding them who are messed up and vaccinated. Burn all ahead on perspective scenes of desperation at the airport in kabul people scrambling to get out of afghanistan in the face of the taliban takeover. Us citizens fleeing is afghans many with small children. Try to scale the security wall around the perimeter of the airport and in the city images of women on billboards and salons were painted over even as taliban leaders promised they have changed from twenty years ago. Abc news senior foreign correspondent. Ian panel has covered afghanistan's shortly after the nine eleven attacks. He lived there for two years and he's been cobble all week. He described what it's like on the ground Attempts to escape outside the kabul fifteen thousand americans and up to sixty thousand afghans. Who helped the us desperate to leave the country one shocking moment as an infant can be seen handed to. Us shoots over the razor want war. This is some planes have been depositing with empty seats because people can't get through taliban-run checkpoints on their way to the airport with more than five thousand two hundred. Us troops already on the ground. At the airport officials say they're upping efforts to process an evacuate the thousands of americans and afghans who held the us. The taliban cracks down on defiance from crowds here. Who took to the streets of kabul thursday to celebrate the country's day of independence daring to parade a massive afghan flag through the streets. The taliban breaking up the demonstration with gunfire the american citizen. David fox is stuck in couple with his wife and child desperate to leave the country at one point making it to the airport. Begetting turned away. We decided on the advice of my states to make a run for the or i actually got whacked with you. Know with one of these like fan doubts for not moving fast enough and it's not just americans desperate to get out. There were reports that taliban officials are now conducting dotted all searches for people who works with us allied forces. Abc news has received audio from human rights lawyer kim motley of an afghan pilot still in the country pleading for help. We're not using his name for his own safety. Your situation is getting worse than rosenthal. I wanna just throwing to find as they'll searching for as they called us and they called me especially that we are him and they told me that i should go. I go there will find when they will kill me. Despite the heartache. For many new images of the few finally made it to safety afghans huddle together on a us base in qatar an uncertain but perhaps more peaceful future abc's ian panel reporting from kabul in an exclusive interview with abc news as george stephanopoulos president biden defended his administration's exit strategy from afghanistan. Saying once again he didn't have many options in leaving the country. I remember one deadline. I wanted to choices. Do i say we're staying. And do you think we would not have to put a hell of a lot. More troops at hundreds and tens of thousands of troops there before the president also conceded. No one expected a taliban takeover so quickly toes community did not say back in june or july. That in fact this was going to collapse. Like number one. They thought the taliban would take over. But not this quickly. Not even close and ask for whether americans can count on the taliban to protect women's rights as they promised the president said this. What happens now in afghanistan. Do you believe the taliban have changed. No i think let me put this way. I think they're going through an existential crisis about do they want to be recognized by the international community is being a legitimate government. I'm not sure they do but look a have they care about their beliefs more. Well they do but they also care about whether they have food whether they have an income that they can provide for their that. They can make any money and run an economy. They care about whether or not they can hold together the society that they in fact say they care so much about. I'm not counting on any of that so with the taliban in fact hasn't changed much. What does that mean for the. Us taliban leaders allowed al qaeda safe harbor ahead of the nine eleven attacks and experts worry more terror groups could fester under their reign. It's something i talked about this week with. Abc news national security analyst. Elizabeth newman. she's former deputy chief of staff at the department of homeland security and she broke down the risk posed by the taliban and differentiates them from other terror. Groups we've seen in the past president biden saying that You know his intelligence didn't show that afghanistan was gonna fall this quickly. I is that what you're hearing from people that you know. I think that's a glossy you know talking point that they would love to be true. That's not quite true. I'm sure that there were some assessments. That said that they had more time. But i was hearing for people as early as the transition period early spring suggesting that we needed to move quickly to move out the siv refugee populations. Quite frankly on. I'm just kind of befuddled why that was not done. Why they're warnings. Were not heeded at these are pretty senior people in the government that have a lot of experience. It's almost as if the biden team came in and had a view of the world that they wanted to true in it. It's almost as if they ignored or blocked out any alternative analysis. So what happens next in afghanistan with this power vacuum when it comes to terrorism. The conventional wisdom is that once the. Us is fully gone once any of our partner forces. Once they're fully gone that talent will go back to being with. The taliban is which is a society best parallels seventh century type and as standards very repressive for women and girls no education for girls. I think we're all watching that. They're very clear propaganda effort to imply that they're going to be a different kind of taliban. But i haven't seen anybody have any sort of hope that that's actually true. You know the americans have been lulled into this complacency when it comes to islamic extremists. And you know it's been a while since we've had a refresher on the taliban versus al qaeda versus isis a lot of people lump them all together can you Tell us what the situation has to do with each of them and kind of go through each of them for us and what it could mean to our national security to the taliban was basically the government of afghanistan from the mid nineties until we invaded and move them out of power horrible human beings in my opinion but they were not the ones that plotted the attacks. What they did was allowed. Al-qaeda to use their territory for training camps and allowed al qaeda to plot would eventually became the attacks of september eleventh. Two thousand one. Isis didn't come about until much much later. I says originated when we withdrew from iraq but certainly was kind of a reinvigoration or split from al qaeda. Al qaeda's original model for terrorism was looking for the complex coordinated attacks with symbolic meaning. Isis had a different model. Isis was much more about setting up its own caliphate and they leveraged social media. They leveraged really just appeals a marketing towards older teens in young adults in kind of inviting them to not to come join the fight and via terrorist. although that certainly was the appeal for som- it was much more about come. Join this utopian society that we're going to set up in the middle east and finally return the muslim faith to the glory that it deserves to have and so we saw state of attacks what we called a homegrown violent extremists. Meaning these were people that were already here in the united states. That access propaganda online were radicalized online and then went out committed attacks and that became the bigger concern in the wind. Security world was that radicalization by the internet as opposed to twenty years ago. It was people going to afghanistan getting trained. It was very complex so when it comes to homegrown terrorism. We spent a lot of the past. Five years concentrating on literally homegrown. We weren't focusing as much on these groups. Are we going to start doing that again. And was there ever any good way or time to leave afghanistan given that these groups have been there for a long time and will continue to be there for a long time. Those are really good questions. And i don't know that we fully know the answer but most of the counterterrorism experts are assuming you will see the taliban and at people that have been fighting with the taliban return to looking externally if you think about what they have been doing for the last twenty years they've been fighting for their survival Will now everybody's gone so they have control. I don't know that there's as need as much as we had twenty years ago for a terrorist to travel to afghanistan to actually get that training. We all assume that afghanistan becomes a safe haven but whether it's as needed in the tourist community as it was twenty years ago is is an outstanding question because there are plenty of other locations right now we're terrorist. Groups are operating the fact that afghanistan has become stabilized at this point does create more security risk. We just created a whole host of grievances. And we know that the reason people go and commit acts violence is usually not because of ideology it's because of psychological needs or some set of grievances am very concerned that the way in which we left is actually going to create the next generation of terrorists the way in which we laughed which did not keep promises. We just have informed the globe that they shouldn't trust us. We said that if you help us we will get you out. That's a really strong signal to our allies around the world that you can't trust the word of the united states in that inherently makes the world more risky for us. Abc news national homeland security expert. Elizabeth newman the death. Toll in haiti is still climbing. Following last weekend's devastating seven point two magnitude earthquake compounding the misery tropical storm grace the aftermath of president nell maurice's assassination and of course the corona virus pandemic. Abc's matt gutman is in haiti with more from what we've seen aid seems to have been slow in coming to the south west of haiti that devastated area unicef now doing assessments saying that there are now five hundred thousand children without adequate shelter without food without clean water when you drive by these areas you see house. After house especially in these mountain villages completely collapsed and when we spoke to the locals we noticed that there was nothing there there was no aid there were no tarps. There's no water food being brought to them. There's no insurance whatsoever. And they said they didn't expect to get any not from the government. They hope that maybe ngos would help. But as far as we had seen help had not gotten to some of those most remote villages that perhaps needed it most and hospitals right now are slammed there are patients still coming in with injuries from the quake. We were to hospital a nine year. Old boy came in with a bilateral pelvic fracture. Incredibly painful well. Over a hundred patients have been medivac here to port-au-prince for further treatment. But this is going to last a long time backup. abc news. Puerto brits guinea is still recovering from the two thousand ten earthquake. That killed two hundred thousand people and many in the country are asking again. when will it all end. Abc news correspondent. Lionel me has family in haiti there. No relation to the former president. But he did talk about what it's been like for the people. He knows on the island as they try to move forward. Who from your family still lives. In haiti lionel. I have a lot of extended family. But i do have an uncle who's a physician. I also have an aunt in our culture. Recall the elder and on. So she's really you know my dad's first cousins wife but i grew up with her as my on and she still my blood family but she She works in an orphanage there for kids who who are orphaned and so anytime things like this happened they they are immediately. You know Are what's at messages are all going out and recalling one another in trying to get some perspective especially after the assassination. We were concerned about everyone's safety right now. They are saying that they're doing okay. But you know we have to be real. There are still victims trapped under rubble hoping to be rescued and first responders who do not even know that they are there at this time And so i just really hope that We are able to get through this and that the loss of life does not continue to to grow as much as they're estimating when this quake happened the response from your family in haiti. Although we know the quake did not the epicenter wasn't in port-au-prince but but what were their feelings in their thoughts. I'm sure it had to bring back devastating quake from years ago immediately We were all just concerned. How is everyone doing. Everyone was trying to reach out to one. Another either within haiti or those of us who are in america reaching out Everyone is very scared. It's very traumatic very much. Ptsd imagine going through this eleven years ago And seeing how many people died in the impact it had on the country. And then waking up to your home shaking again. Everyone felt this earthquake on the island. So they are very concerned about the aftershocks and unsettled just because it's been one traumatic event after the other. not only. Was there an earthquake but gray. Hit right after the earthquake you know. They're coming off. Just the recent assassination of the president to topple that were in the middle of a pandemic. So you know every step forward. It feels like there's like three steps going back a lot of times. I hate to generalize but so many people say that when they hear about haiti and they say oh. Another thing happening with haiti having family there and knowing haiti well. What are your thoughts when it comes to the earthquake. You've got the pan-demic hurricane grace. It just seems like it's one thing after another for haiti most of and that is how we feel too. It's like we can't get a break. Our people can't get a break. You know even haitians in america who were not there for the earthquake family members so many of my friends lost their family members yet again in this earthquake. You know. it's interesting though because every time. Something devastating happens with haiti. The first headline is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and while that is the case. Haiti is so rich with culture and A sense of community and family and that is something that is instilled in us from childhood and in a tragedy like this even through all of the darkness. You see people figuring out how they can help one another looking out for their neighbors you know. And that's something that Is overwhelming and emotional to see because you'd think there would be no hope and yet people are still getting out to go volunteer. You know my uncle who's a doctor immediately. As soon as he sized house and everyone was fine he rushed with a lot of his colleagues to go help and and he is not an anomaly. He's one of many people on the island. Who are doing the same. And so that's just been interesting thing we we can't get a break. There is poverty and and all of this destruction happening on the country in the country. That is yet. There is still this glimmer of hope and faith that haitians have still which even as a haitian is so hard to process in a difficult time like this line. All that is so interesting that you put it that way in that the deep love for that country is still there among haitians who are in this country now. How are people getting word to their families who are back on the island. Most of us have been checking in with one another using things like what's up a one thing that has been really powerful and you will notice on social media this time around is the haitian diaspora checking in with family and friends on the ground and ensuring that the aid that people wanna give the people are aware of ways that they can donate In which it will really have an impact. There was a lot of controversy after the twenty ten earthquake about aid. Not getting to the people who need it. Most once we speak to people. The first thing i did is ask my on. Hey where's the place that people can donate. What are you seeing. What are some of the things that you need. And that is the way the conversation is going now so that way when the rest of the world is watching it and trying to find a way to pitch in were making sure that that the money or the resources that people are putting in actually get to where they need to be and i just know that is going to be a long road ahead. There is not infrastructure. There's not a tools and materials to just rebuild overnight. I just hope that as the world is looking at what's happening right now. We do not forget about haiti in a month or two because that is when it's going to be crucial and critical. You know a lot of families were unable to rebuild after the twenty ten earthquake and now there's another earthquake you know how when we talk about poverty. Where do you expect people to get resources from to be able to have the basic necessities that we take for granted l. kabc's moe's joining us from miami. With a family in haiti thank you. So much lionel. Thank you and thank you for bringing more attention to this coming up. Kids and what doctors are seeing in hospitals and what they're saying about masks on perspective after this. This is the testimony of elizabeth homes. Going on the record in san francisco. She wanted to change the world with just a few drops of blood. If she had made this work she would have jobs. But it was a stunning fall from grace. Novel was smith moles. Company is a fraud and now the fight is on. She could sell this story to twelve jurors. Elizabeth homes is finally going to trial. But she won't be going down without a fight. The dropout elizabeth homes on trial begins august. Thirty first wherever you get your podcasts from abc news this is perspective this week stories and why they matter. I'm cheri preston coming up. What the challenger disaster could teach us about space travel today and what a walrus causing a ruckus could teach us about climate change. But i the biden administration announced this week. Those who are vaccinated with either the moderna or pfizer. Vaccines will be getting a third. Covert booster shot eight months after the first two shots to further fight infection. They're looking into the johnson and johnson vaccine but it raises the question. What about those who still haven't rolled up their sleeves and don't plan to kids under age. Twelve can't be vaccinated and more of them are getting sick. Doctor timothy groover is chief medical officer at baptist hospital in jacksonville florida. We're seeing those ages decrease from what we saw in the previous various. It's attacking the younger and younger are sicker. And they're sicker quicker. Abc's andrew timber has more on how the delta variant is affecting another state in mississippi hospitalizations have surpassed last winter's peak. The governor has requested an additional one hundred fifty ventilators from the nation's stockpile and now twenty thousand students across the state are in quarantine after just the first week of school. Dr mark klein is positioned chief of children's hospital new orleans. We asked him about the situation. And what it's like there. We're seeing a tremendous amount of community transmission. The rate of positivity in our outpatient clinics for children has risen so there are a lot of Covert infected children in the community. And there's a lot of transmission occurring and then we've also seen a doubling of our admissions to the hospital over the past couple of weeks including some very ill children in the intensive care unit. Okay so let's talk about this vaccine not when it comes to kids when it comes to adults. How is the increase in hospitalizations at your hospital. Related to adults getting the shot. Children are infected with cova nineteen by Unvaccinated adults and here in louisiana unfortunately the vaccination rate for adults is quite low on the order. Thirty seven or thirty eight percent well below the national average among adolescents. Twelve years of age and older who are eligible for vaccination. The rate is only about thirteen percent here in louisiana so that leaves children under twelve. Who are not yet eligible for vaccination extremely vulnerable to this infection and to protect them we have to have adults cocooning them are surrounding them. Who are messed up and vaccinated and unfortunately As as we are all well aware those two things simple Public health measures that could mitigate the transmission of this virus have become very politically charged issues. And and it's not happening to the extent that we would like and that leads to the obvious question about mask wearing especially in classrooms. You mentioned that the vaccine has become a politically charged issue so unfortunately have mass mandates. What are your thoughts on that. I would say that Children in school should be wearing masks. All teachers should be masked staff members so there should be universal masking in the schools. Hopefully all adults who are working in schools or really have any interaction with children's should be vaccinated as well are. Those are the two things that can be done to really help. Protect children sending children back to school in sort of a mask. Optional arrangement where some children are masked and some are not with the rate of transmission that we currently are saying in the community is is just a formula for disaster. Predictably when you congregate twenty five or thirty children Into classroom some with mass. Some without you're going to see clusters of cases and children will end up in quarantine and and school closures will follow so we've got to think beyond just the best way to send children back to school. We've got to be thinking about how best to keep children in the classroom. And if we don't want to see repeated quarantines and school closures that needs to occur with universal masking. Finally the pandemic itself virus. Anything about this all that surprises you. Will you know this is kind of what With most of us had imagined our worst nightmare and In here it is you know virus that is as transmissible as delta variant of covert nineteen years and also his virulent. We've never seen anything quite like it before but But here it is and and we've got to deal with it and and fortunately were not powerless. We've got masks we've got vaccines. These are pretty straightforward public health measures. That can have a real impact on this epidemic. If only we can get everyone to get on board and in utilize them. Dr mark klein physician in chief at children's hospital new orleans. You may have missed it this week. Amid all the other headlines but billionaires are battling over space again amazon founder. jeff bezos. A space firm. Blue origin is suing nasa over a decision to award. Multi-billion dollar lunar lander contract to elon musk's spacex so it's billionaires fighting for billions to go into a universe filled with perhaps as carl sagan once said ten billion trillion stars as blue origin spacex and virgin galactic launched the world into a new chapter of space travel. One author is taking a look back. Kevin cook has just finished the burning blue. The untold story of christa mcauliffe unnecess- challenger disaster is part history lesson on what happened to the challenger. Part biography of mcauliffe. The first teacher in space knits dramatic retelling of a space story. You may have forgotten first of all. Let's take you back to that cold morning of january twenty ninth nine hundred eighty six. This is what it sounded like on the air with. Abc's vic ratner reporting and abc's bob walker at the anchor desk allies tumble off. The coldest space shuttle launch ever gets underway challenge. Your seems to shake herself free of the ice and goes all five rocket engines burning while the first teacher christa call up on her way to space with six. Other astronauts on board is still climbing. The shuttle is still climbing but there is a problem. There appears to be a serious problem. What's happening not a word from mission. Control everybody here is open ballot looking very carefully at the situation. Where is the shuttle that kind of see it later. Malfunction there to something has gone seriously on major tragedy. There's been a lot written about what happened to the challenger on that icy cold morning when because of the weather engineers had recommended the launch be scrubbed their bosses said. No there are lessons to learn from what happened to challenge her having to do with schedule pressures having to do with political pressures. It's going to be very important for us to bear in mind so that we can protect the astronauts that are that are the next generation of space explorers before we talk about christa mcauliffe's specifically. Let's talk about some of those pressures that managers at nasa were under. I like what you say that. The managers had had shifted their customary presumption of danger to a an presumption of safety that everything was going to be. Okay if we do this many flights. We'll have this many failures but that's enough. We should get by. How does something like that happen at. An agency like nasa. It seems wrong all over the place it does but i think it happens in in many walks of life that things are going along. Well one assumes where we must be doing something right here. There had been twenty four shuttle missions that went off. Nobody was lost. It only turns out later that there were problems that threatened all of those missions as As the great physicist the nobel prize winner which of feinman said when he was part of the presidential commission investigating later nasa been playing russian roulette with these shuttle flights and it caught up with nasa caught up with the whole nation on january. Twenty eighth of one thousand nine hundred six throttling up three out hundred four percent challenger go at draw the crew with challenger was the most diverse nasa had ever assembled. Onboard were judith. Resnik the second woman and first jewish astronaut to fly on a shuttle ellison zucca the first asian-american and buddhist in space and ron mcnair. The nation second black astronaut and an accomplished musician. Who wanted to take his soprano sax into space but was overruled by commander. Dick scooby along with michael smith gregory jarvis and christa mcauliffe. They made up the team before she went up. Christa mcauliffe did dozens. If not hundreds of interviews here she is on the johnny carson show in july of nineteen five. What kind of questions do they ask for the eight basic essay questions dealing with everything. Why do you want to be the first private citizens space. How do you foster international awareness in your students in a space shuttle project. That i had to prepare. She was such a personable percentage. You kinda tough time at the beginning. Didn't she weighing her media obligations at what she really needed to to learn to go up into space. That's true she she had to win over the rest of the crew. Also that they were a little suspicious of this whole of ordinary person in space program nasa wanted to draw attention to the space program to the shuttle program. Right after it did begin to be routine. She was a not only personable. Big admirable in many ways. I think she didn't sign up for the teacher in space program because she wanted to get famous or because she wanted to achieve always wanted to be a space traveler. She did it because she used to tell her students. We need to test yourself. You need to try new things. Challenge yourself even if it's scary. This is a woman who was uncomfortable queasy on carnival rides and now she's going to ride this space shuttle into orbit. She did that to challenge yourself and also to promote her cost. She promoted nasr's 'cause doing a wonderful job with a magazine covers television appearances. Her cause was out of school teachers. Who are overworked or underpaid even more so today than eighty six. I believe she wanted to remind people how important they are. I think we learned that even more with the recent pandemic. But that's one thing that was very important to me and telling the story of christy mcauliffe in glue. What do you have to say to My producer is sitting here with me. He's even thirty to those who weren't alive when the challenger happened and to those who were alive but may have forgotten it. The shuttle program broaden diversity of people of different races people of different religions to celebrate the diversity of that crew were remarkable people all seven of them including christa mcauliffe. Enter remembered the cautionary aspect of it as we go to the moon again as we go to mars it's going to be important as the deputy administrator of nasa said at arlington national cemetery. One day that i was there. The watch word of nasa must be safety and esa needs to share that with spacex and with blue origin and with a with virgin galactic as as we test our boundaries in our abilities again and the capabilities of these remarkably complex machines. We need to remember that those people inside there and we want to protect them absolutely. And we gotta remember that there is a there's a presumption of danger and that presumption of going into space is not easy. And you gotta remember that whether you are a government agency like nasa or a private one of these private entities like spacex blue origin or virgin galactic. Well kevin cook. The book is called the untold story of christa mcauliffe. Nasr's challenger disaster the burning blue. It's a really good read and it's about something that happened a while back but it's something a lot of us remember. Thank you so much that you enjoy being with. You has been thirty years since new. England has taken a direct hit from a hurricane this weekend on really appears ready to make it happen. Massachusetts governor charlie baker. We expect to see out there during the storm in some areas. Real on the ground power lines and trees that have fallen in water blocking travel on. Roadways pappas is director of rhode island's emergency management agency says people should be prepared to move out of low lying areas this weekend if necessary with a heavy storm surge. We're looking at Two to four feet of storm surge now three to five inches of rain possible locally as much as six to eight inches of rain. It's dangerous and life threatening storm. Abc news meteorologist. Rob marciano says. This storm is different than typical hurricanes. Potential track to narragansett bay maybe buzzards bay. There's some uncertainty. What is striking. Here's the symmetrical of the storm. Meaning that the west should be just as strong as the east side and the amount of rain coming with this. Shortly after fred came through we are gonna see flooding. According to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration rising ocean temperatures have helped increase the potential more intense hurricanes and they say the rate of increase is expected to be especially rapid along the us east coast so it appears that climate change could be playing a role once again and speaking of that. We bring you the story of wally while he's walrus who lives off the southwestern coast of ireland and for a while. Now he's been having fun with boats. It wouldn't be fun if it was your boat. Wally had chosen to climb aboard and sink. So what's going on. It turns out that. Wally has also been trying to tell us something about climate change. Abc news producer layton. Schneider has that story this. It's a hot summer day. And you're ready to go out on a boat. But then when you get to a doc you noticed something laying on the deck. Maybe it's a cover or one of those huge buoy protectors but as you get closer. You hear this. It's a seventeen hundred pound walrus suntanning. There's no word if he was playing the beetle wally. The walrus has been terrorizing boat owners causing thousands and damages and sinking at least two boats. Melanie chrissy is executive director of seal rescue ireland and says there's a reason he's been climbing up on. The boats lives on the ice in his arctic waters. And we don't have the ice off because violent so that means that he's cleaning up on boats he's climbing up on ribs on floating platforms. Anything he can find. Wally is likely from fall. Barred a norwegian island deep inside the arctic circle about two thousand miles north. It's not clear how he got to the south coast of ireland but climate change could be a reason why he came. There is the very real possibility that because arctic ice is melting. he's losing habitats and. Wally isn't the only arctic species. The organization has spotted last year. We had the first ever recorded ringed. Seal another species that keane's irish shores atlantic. Walruses were almost wiped out in the past few centuries now there are about twenty two thousand left in the wild but according to chrissy their future is uncertain because of climate change and because of unsustainable fishing and pollution. And all these other threats. They're facing their future is uncertain and he's a really big testament to that for now. Sue rescue ireland is focused on keeping wally safe. They recently put out a massive couch like float for him to rest on and to hopefully save a boat or to reporting for perspective. I'm linden scheider. Abc news from abc news. This has been perspective. Thanks for listening. If you listen to any of our past shows you can subscribe to the prospective podcast. Give us a review. If you've got the time tell us what you like. And what you'd like to hear in the future. You can find it on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher or wherever you listen to your podcast. You can also find perspective and other. Abc news shows at abc. News podcasts dot com perspective. Produced by eric malo for abc news. I'm cheri preston. Abc news honored winner of nine. Edward r murrow awards more than any other network including winning for the third straight year. The award for overall excellence in television. Abc news is america's middle one news source.

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The French Open Catch-Up: Finals - Comeback King Djokovic rules Tsitsipas in 5; Queen Krejcikova captures singles + doubles titles; CAS results!; Is Djokovic on for a Golden Slam?; Federer back in Halle; Murray Queens expectations

The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

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The French Open Catch-Up: Finals - Comeback King Djokovic rules Tsitsipas in 5; Queen Krejcikova captures singles + doubles titles; CAS results!; Is Djokovic on for a Golden Slam?; Federer back in Halle; Murray Queens expectations

"Hello ladies jetsons. Welcome to the show. Joan porter by download tennis dot com on today's french open finals. Catcher by borough critiques cover does the double. In paris novak djokovic takes a second french crown. And britain's jay konta finds form on the nottingham grass Came the fred. Chauffeured has come to a close. We have had the men's final today and it was a true true epoch. Stephanos passes you're rich. While we surprise it went to five sets. Actually i was a little bit surprised by that. But i mean for me. This was a bit of a day. Really i mean for another british fines. This football the euro's had started and it was just a big a big weekend of spoil and really. The french open and the finals was a great way to to capital of the annoying thing. Joel was that it mostly clash with australia versus which was obviously top of my agenda at this weekend so hard to do a bit of scheduling channel hopping. Genuinely i was. Actually i actually in the pub earlier whilst this It was going on. And i asked the lady to put on the french open final and i thought that was going to be relatively simple as australian macedonia individual. Who really wants to watch that. But i got a flat-out nerve from the the pup lady and I was that. just watching. Watching the pass djokovic drama unfold. Oh my by six inch screen on my iphone. Wish she like navy jovic to go was a. Maybe she was in dow founded. She was very bitter and she just did not want to see on tv. But it's probably more likely. I can sympathize archie. Ibuka cactus yesterday. My desk and i caught it or some. I thought maybe this'll be a good luck job but sadly that didn't that worked out very well. It was working out for the first two sets because steph suppose really started started in a very surprising fashion. I think for a lot of people of jovic came through six seven. Two six six three six two six four. But really i mean we're only i think in a state of shock really about the way it's sorta started with cisa pass really coming out with a foster with those. Those are two. Says he had a set point. I think fife four on his own old navy seventy. we didn't quite make and then break him and they've out serving for and then yes. It's fast break back into the tie-break sits went full of up and then they sort of crude it back and he thought oh you got to get this set like surely if he goes set down. Econo- thing okay. Here we go regulation but Yeah i was. I was pleasantly surprised. I probably underestimated spice. I thought he would be really reading of us from the word gay like first grand final and i just. I didn't ever see this shot. She being five senator and when he went two sets i was thinking. Oh that was definitely no on the cards A nave did seem abou- sorts. I always feel like when he was his peak cap. He's not never quite say when he did seem to be. Having sort of some issues with the sodden with his is at one point. And i know he just didn't really seem competely at the races. Avance it's frustrating very well but obviously we know that navy even tea sets out in a slam. Final is probably still the favourite especially against someone you know. He's in their first sign. Final is on undeniably going to get tight at some point. I think we've novak djokovic. It was it was kind of fascinating to see how he was gonna come back from that epoch. he had with nadal in the semifinals. Because we know we know how hard it is to follow up such a massive victory with another massive victory and again. We've seen at roland garros before play. You have beaten raffin. The dow come a cropper in their next match or in the tournament. So we had robin sage sailing. Beat nidal lose to federer. In the final novak djokovic beaten al in a few years ago stan favoring could beat him in the final and with those first two sets getting the way it did too to surpass. I think was was on the cards again and really paying testament to the fat the how difficult videos to follow up winning against someone in in the big three. You know all of that exertion and then doing again a few days later against someone with the caliber in the form that he's in instead of us. I think you know the other thing is while the the sort of wondering why jock itch was in the racist particularly in that second sat was this was a day match and again i don't know if there was any sort of struggles with adopting from the night the night session effectively are night's session that he played with with maddow going into this day session. The conditions being a little bit different. I wonder if that also maybe took some time to get used to. Yeah i was at one point thinking. Oh if they leave. The semi final had been played at two pm. He bright sunshine again rafeh. But yeah. I think yeah. It was a combination of things but at one point i thought it was a joke. Rich of variety. Once this we can see that the children that bertini in the battle cry off towards like you could tell how much it means to him to get this title for a second time and to be the first player in the open air to have like a double slam and have won at least twice on on all four slams at so to say maybe he wants it too much and that's actually affecting his games day but as the match went on as we go into that third set. That was like a very long game wasn't nothing was about eleven minutes. Long jovovich finally managed to To get that break and that was what we need it in the end to to clinch shot. That's when it went to full. You could kind of tell it was starting to shift completely and sit surpass. Had some treatment on sort of his hip lower back area. He went very quickly down a double break in not full sutton day before before long we were in five and you kind of thought that would really be one winner. From then on yeah. It was quite fascinated from the perspective. Because in the semi final against zverev he went two sets up and had a bit had a bit of a wobble managed to come through in five sets and it felt the same story kind of unfolded in in the final. In the fact that he guy two sets up then yeah he had that wobble in in the sat and i think a lot of people will agree with me in thinking as the match went on. I think experience was going to be bored of a factor. And if you go look kind of joke of inches record going five in slam. Finals is just very very good. I think he's even won his own. Lock being. I think tandy murray the us open in two thousand twelve. But it did feel the. I think that it was the longer it went on. It was gonna favor more of djokovic. And maybe it's about sort of realized that and he he felt like he needed to get across kinda foster. But i think his issue is that you know. He's getting himself into these positions. But he still. I think needs to understand the best of five-set matches. Perhaps this is a marathon notice sprint and perhaps there they had kind of different perspectives and mindset going in and jackovitch even though he was two sets down. He's that sort of marathon approach in knows the the longer i contract this out the more likely his on going to win it why're assists pass perhaps treated street a bit more like a sprint and although you would love to go kind of two sets up it it was. Perhaps he hits expanded to much energy in winning those first few sets. Yeah i mean he can eat a day. You have to call not want to be in that situation. But i think you'd probably panic a bit. Wouldn't you in the third set thinking of ridden to win this in three. Because especially if he if he was feeling an issue with his back he's played a lot of tennis over the last fortnight and so on just all not there's no there's no from the jock itch camp. There's no sort of lulling your opponent into a false sense of security with this you would. There is no because You know because i'll open source of reading and speaking friends whether you know this was a sort of hatay i know. That sounds absolutely crazy like you know. Would you ever want to go cut of two sets down in a grand slam final. But i think there are all kinds of people he wanted to about the fact the whether jovic was kind of creating a faux said security was a new deep down that he was able to kind of basically switch it on a matt third-set and really continent i guess bright kind of cisa pass mentally over the next three sets for example. Did you did you get that sense. Oji think djokovic. He would have probably preferred to win. At least one of the first two sets. Yeah i mean. I'm sure he would have absolutely not. I sat day when i went into the tiebreak. I think as much as i'm sure he's a genius tactical whilst mind. I think you would want to go to at style on a low. You're into security. But i see we made. It's like mary stab. an unintended. like silver lining of the fatigue. H he says down is the kind of changes the you'll rationale and how your opponents behaving as well kim. I swear if there is a player who is two sets down and you still think is favourite. it's novak djokovic talking by talking to my friends at the pulses guy gone. They were still like. Yeah but novak djokovic will come back in five. And i think that's testament to how battle hardened i guess novak djokovic riches and his you know his mental strength which you know we. We spoke about as one of his biggest positives and now he is needed this week. Because this wasn't the first match. He came back from two sets down and he came back from this back from the situation against lorenza mazzetti as well and it again this. I think when you look back on this tournament he really has needed to be the comeback king in order to to win trophy here. He's all sorts of matches rallies. At some you know easy regulation matches in the early rounds and then couple of four settlers couple of five. Say he's really proven you know. He was the best. I ever the tournament and wherever you could throw up against him he he's managed to come through and you know now he's he's on nineteen slams. He's just one behind russia and rafeh you know he's the whole fave. For wimbledon a lot of people are saying easels the favor of the us open so he might have to the golden the golden year throw with the olympics. Three in as well. It's i mean. I see it very hard to sort of see beyond that really is absolutely the favourite to do all of that so he could be making history Just breaking records left left right and center. I mean it's going to take a lot to to beat navey pitch in a slam at the moment. I guess it was quite scary. Is that you know we. We see a nadella very long garrison beating the dalit. Roller garo says one of the biggest challenges in in spoil. Let alone tennis. And he's he. He overcame that in the semifinal. Went on to win the french open and equally look at them. You got to look at wimbledon in usa thing. There's no that sort of challenge. That i think now with regards to federal for example on central i think as you were kind of talking about you know a few days ago jovic really kind of i think it has federal is arguably has federal number in our a stop. Say you wouldn't feel like there's a big over challenge or obstacle for him to overcome. Like an dollar roland garros. Potentially at wimbledon i guess the unknown factories and this is kind of to to stephenville sit surpass. Donyo medvedev dominic. Thiem sashes of is how they are going to perform. Because i think they might be. They might look at this past run and themselves be inspired and encouraged in terms of how well he has handled i think. The tag of y- being deformed player coming in reaching the final. I mean yes i think he had. He had a nice. He had nice drool He did have a tough match against verve in the semi's but i certainly think those young guns and young pretenders will look how surpass played. I'm particularly against your commission. The final and i think that will give them a lot of encouragement. They're still gonna need to go out there with the call and do the business but it feels like with this result even though jackovitch one and surpass loss two sets are. I think there'll be a lot of encouragement death for players who might think that this isn't as insurmountable as perhaps it might seem. Yeah that's a good point. I it's interesting. Is we going onto the girls because we haven't girls for two whole years. It's i think a lot of players going to be quite rusty. And i really don't you know how the likes of sits passed in a fair and i wonder if sits bus having lost from tease. That's up today. We know he's quite phyllis off school. Play quite deep. I wonder how he's going to be affected by this loss. And if he's going to carry that package into the girls. I wouldn't necessarily expect team japan moonlight. He's had a fantastic season. But i do expect that to be some sort of drop-off perhaps i'm underestimating him. I'm my will will come get in the end. I i think it's quite surprised. He's taken a wild cod into holler. And i don't think the fact he's taking that while khad don't think he's gonna allow kind of a lot of him a lot of reflection time on this. Maybe that that's the way he wants to approach this but for me. That's a little bit surprising. Of course this was his first grandson final when he he's done he's done very well i think he's done better than nothing. A lot of us was sort of expecting but it is. I think it is one of those where i think we've particularly say with for example dominic. Thiem you need to lose these finals before you can start winning them. And yes we've had situations like i guess. Delport tragic springs to mind with beating roger federer. usa in coming from seemingly sort of. On the periphery to to win. But that really doesn't happen. It feels like a really and you do need to have these losses. I think in your locker before you can become a grand slam champion. And i think that will this result will make this stronger for wimbledon and just generally i think for for grand-mom's going forward but yeah i think he will. He would need to know he would need to draw. I think and reflect on these. And i think understand what these kind of match ups made and and how he performed on call in order to kind of draw in it in the future if and when he gets to another grandson final yet i mean he just needed to put on stan bothering his shoes didn't he. Because john was able to to win. A couple of finals felt like he had short song. Yeah the sets. I mean just just tactically. I mean if felt like djokovic was playing a lot more his forehand cross court which i think was working really well in the semi final against nadal really pinning into his back canned is double hunted. Candles is left a source of doing the same thing with not as as you know the results intended in those first two sets. He was going into the suspect strength in terms of his forehand. And i think he was a bit surprised with how much spain and work was coming back from those shots and i think that this past four hundred come on leaps and bounds. In the last few seasons such a is such a majestic shot is back and is not too shabby either and it really was. I think though that combination and particularly his serving as well which was again a very very impressive you very top of the line in the first two sets of mean he hit eighteen winners at six out of six that the net only ten ten unforced errors in that first set. Any one eighty seven percent of his points in the second-set so he really was able to kind of bring it together for the first two sets and i think you know what will so encouraging about that was how how nervous he was wasn't it it didn't it didn't even know it was his first. Sam finally felt like he was. He had been preparing for this for a long time and and when he was there he was. He was full of confidence. Yeah it was very impressive. A definitely a lot. More with it than i thought you know. I just kind of thought it might be very much one way traffic as she said i think do you think that was a slight hangover from the needle win for finance as well at the start i mean. He changed up tactically. I think yes in. Yes that's three and four and think going down the line with his four hundred helped. I think no other things as well. But i think overall as the match went on you just felt jackovitch experience in grandson finals with with five-set with five-set matches under his bout and and really understanding what it takes to be a slam champion. Having come so far you know with the you know that nadal victory. He didn't want to eat him. He did not want to face another staff africa situation in terms of having done the probably what he felt. Was that the ultimate obstacle. Only two full the define who huddle. Yeah obviously when you've won this title before that was two thousand sixteen. That was andy. Murray's second victory at wimbledon mosinee. So he he hasn't done that. The klay gross slam double as of yet so that will be the next thing on his agenda to take off. And i mean he looks like that's going to happen but there's a lot still to happen. Perhaps a line judge might get in the way krista do you see. Jovic is outright favourite. Going into the grass sees season. The we had grass court tennis two years. I mean do you see him as the you know the number one player to be i mean yes he is the number one but do you think i feel like it might be the as more challenges. I think from round one to a final. At wimbledon because there are cross specialists there are a lot of players with big serves now the condemned. -ly take it to a tiebreak and maybe it's it's fifty fifty and yes djokovic could have an off day and i think he probably would need to give the retired. He's had this week on. Serve as the favourite. Do you see him. Potentially doing a golden a golden slam the season. Yeah i mean. It's tricky isn't it. Because it's one less week going into wimbledon this year so there is a move players will be turning up without much much practice on girls at all going into the slob. And like you said you could come. Cropper against a girls. School specialist massive server. He manages to edge three breaks. It's entirely possible in that before and we'll say someone who's played this week and an extra week's worth of matches in jock rich. Probably not i mean. I know what you're rich is is routine is going to be because i wanted to. He normally plays the the buddha was exhibition. I think it's dope. I don't think that is going ahead this year. So i don't know where he's going to find his his match practice You know in the build up to him to he. He does have any sorta builder annot previously. He's not been such a mainstay of having a leader tournament on the tour. I guess we'll we'll have to see. Yeah he hasn't actually of previous he has really done a warm up tournament like one or two weeks before oversee on the clay. This year it was a bit different with with. Belgrade is home tournament and oversee. That did wonders for him. But i remember. He did play eastbound one year but that was the that he was kind of coming back from injury Which he them. When they won the tournament i think he won wimbledon ear as well but they will not i i yeah i feel like he's probably not going to play but his game translate say well onto surfaces as we know he's won wimbledon countless times. Say i think that would be a major oil. And i think there'll be a lot of other players in exactly the same so a bit like was it spicy stake in a wildcard into halibut. It's probably more of necessity. Because the such short turnaround and it's one of the eighty event he could be playing before wimbledon. say he might be joined. The old classic rafferty trick of gang straight from the clay get t matches on girls then having a few days off perhaps before going into wimbledon but we will say Lobster took valves girls coming up but yeah novak absolutely fantastic tournament for him and his second french. Open play him. He is absolutely raking up. The slams he's i think it's a question he's going to oversee ed and his career with more slams throw jordan rafeh. I think most people would agree that that's the likely outcome unless there's something catastrophic happens. I mean just just on that sort of debate. Because as you said djokovic sh nineteen slams now federal dowell equal on twenty. It doesn't look. I mean the signs off. Rafeh he was seeing kind of limping on the tv. I think into around the john garrels venue. I think he's already said he's not going to be playing yorker Because of potentially i think fit injury so it sounds like there's a doubt there in terms of whether he's gonna pap sit out the season and with federal obviously coming back. Everyone i think particularly fans will obviously hype that he can hop. I guess foam on central You know in a in a few weeks time. But i mean with djokovic fell nineteen federal dollars twenty if it is a matter of time you feel like it could happen the season. Well yeah if he wins. The next tea slams. He's on twenty one isn't he say. I think that's quite likely oversee rough out. I'd rather didn't happen this year. I think i'd like to extend it a little bit. It's quite noise helping rougher in the joint lead the movement. But i mean there will fantastic players. They they were great in their own way. You know yes. It's kind of someone's going to oversee end up with with more than the other but perhaps we shouldn't be so competitive about it. You know we will fans of individual players for different reasons and you just take away. Anything from the other is if someone else kind of at the final hurdle. But i think the question is how many would evacuate could get. I mean dare. I say could he. Could you get like thirty. Always on being ridiculous he still as and i think yeah. I guess one nation to this argument. I feel like we never really keep talk about what we have grandson winners from the big three as the fact that of has done this now twice every grandson which is something federal in the dow. Both haven't done Fetters anyone one french open. I think the dow's anyone one australian open so again. There's that is going to be something. Potentially i'll know out novak djokovic fans are going to be looking at and saying this is the reason why novak djokovic is the greatest of all time over flatter in doubt is the fact that he has done something even federal in the dow have done so far in that careers and one each grand slam two or more times and that is i mean just even say out loud is seriously seriously impressive. Given the fact. That as i said he's now won. Two franchisee pins in an era where nadal has won thirteen and his is one of the best ever klay quotas say the fact that he's now in his trophy cabinet is i think is going to fuel. Potentially him being seen as a selling. Certainly i think to the graceful time but i think you're right in the sense that he's going to have to overtake federal. Dow on twenty. In order for that. I think to be potentially rubber-stamped. Yeah i know so. I think i'm sure he'd love to get the olympic gold. Medalists will obviously federal. Doesn't doesn't have any single. Say that will be quite interesting when when it comes to a if the olympics are actually gonna happen this year but yeah i guess debate will go on and people were very happy regardless. I'm on that night let's Let's have a quick break now but will we lack in the second half to talk about the women's final at from saturday so didn't go anywhere. This is the pulsing show jolan kim supported by download. Tennis dot com. And now we're going to move on and talk about the ladies final. Barbara critic against anaesthesia. Pathogen kvor Now this one cut it went the distance as well had three sesa between the two of them. But it was bob walker ticha. Did he came out on top to claim her first singles grand slam title. She is actually a double champion this this weekend. We should say because she also won the doubles with eh katerina's so she says women's in mary pierce in in two thousand t- to win the singles and doubles right on garissa she. She's i mean she's she's made history relations. Say the first check winner at roland garros since well forty years ago since hannah mandlikova did it. So i mean no one would have envisaged Being the champion at the tournament you probably would have said yes. she's she's owned for the doubles for the singles. She's kind of come out of competing anywhere. And but i mean absolutely kudos to her. She she was the best player on saturday's final. Yeah definitely she managed to get get herself. I've aligned You know. I think that. Were fitness concerns particularly around pathogen. Of i think she had extra strapping on her leg. Like towards the end of that second set which didn't think bode well but could cheever. You can't beat kind of what's in front of you. And she was able to to come through it and although it was quite topsy turvy in she came through six one. Two six six four I think you've got to say that. It was just a fantastic fantastic achievement. Given the unseeded to do the double Yeah she she had that fantastic win against sacree where much point down lest we forget and to come from their real real kind of on the brink to stuff to come and win the title. When you know pre-tournament talking about ash party arena sabah lenka azarenka say many names we wrote serena williams we so we were just talking about it. We i think we kind of forgetting that it could have been someone anyone in the drool. And it's proven that this this time. Round and i think the fred shape has a knack of of really kind of throwing up some some surprises and i mean she was coming into it in grateful having one strategy and i think this is just a case of it. The the players. I think you were in mean. She was in really really good full and it didn't matter how many i guess slammed one in or if you were a slam winner before in the joy if you had to form with you i think critique showed the form can carry you through to become a grand slam champion. Yeah i mean at the end of the day you need to play better tennis than your pain and and if you doing that while seven times in this tournament and i guess five times in the strasbourg and you do enough to get the job done. And then then way. And she's debate in grateful when i think mentally. She's very strong. She's very calm. You know she's been say working with sports. Psychologists say second year in a row where both ladies champion kind of apron said that they working with a sports psychologist and you could tell she's just very composed and and at the end. She was getting a bit nervous. She did double on her third match. Point and i thought oh she's ready to say up before it starts going on. I did wonder when she didn't combat you. Those match points on the poppy jenkins. I wonder if she was going to. You know what what was going to happen. that know it was it was still. It was still very very kind of impressive. And you look at players. I think over the last decade or say there's been. There's been quite a few misses. Yes we had. Patrick aversive a win wimbledon in two thousand eleven and twenty four team but we gotta think stretch von through cyber pysche kava macara sapphire over as. Well you know the all kind of their thereabouts You know have gone very deep in the singles competition but critique for to kind of get over the line it's just been an absolute bonus really for for tennis. I don't think they would have. You perhaps kind of expected this or they were may be kind of looking elsewhere. So it's been nothing real kind of inspiration. I think full. You would have a fans and the czech republic back home. Yeah and she was given the trophy by Martinez lever. I think that was obviously just lovely for her to have martinez watching and we. We spoke before about the fact that she was coached by and nevada. And like she was the last person novotna cage before she passed away and that she very much felt her presence there kind of guiding her own and I thought that was probably quite a potent factor actually and not to be underestimates to have that kind of in a belief that someone is kind of looking out fi at like she was saying in the in the post. Much as sort of own co interviews Oh say really random cool. They had the french eurovision a entry from the singing. You're going to get you. Could get light subway barbara so it was obviously meant to be from. Bob popper i mean came. I will just say that match point was so underwhelming it was a bit othello. It was a bit awkward. It was like. I felt like it should have been replayed to be like more entertaining. Sorry just just repair that point. It wasn't satisfactory. Well just didn't it was a bit underwhelming. I thought looked. I've fought matchpoint a few times. A generally don't think that bowl was out for their hit like tops line but it was a bit like the sevi- fido where the boot was out. But it had to be replayed and you kind of wounded but this was like it was like the different outcome here and it was. I think a little bit of luck. I think creek. I think fully fully deserved. I don't think patrick chung cover was going to be able to come back in that. I think she was a avid third-set went on she. She was looking this obey on her kind of lost like really with the leg. Injury and i lot of talk was around pathogens verron kind of experience in whether that would be a big factor in terms of you know the fact that she's reached so many quarterfinals. Before and really you know the match. She's had on tour and weather. That would have helped her in this final fascinating. I think critique of it was talking about the fact that she's been in grand slam finals. Before in the doubles and yeah. She was talking about the fact that she was using that experience and implying that from the field to the singles competition. And you know we know that she's not keyed on being notices doubles specialist guy. Which and this was probably the the ultimate statement to make to be be considered as a you a singles player through in three getting through to the rest of the season and beyond. Yeah and i think in those double slam final. She's got a very good record. So who oversee she. She performed on the big stage and she is very composed. When it gets to that point and packaged physically. She was hippest pretty feel like she asserted herself enough. Yes did not second-set but she wasn't the racist phonetic. We definitely didn't see tennis and she hopes he had a fantastic tournament. But i think Kushka was the player that sort of had a bit more for. This isn't a very technical but bit more from the day. And i mean where did you see critic for going after this. Feel like she's gonna become like top five or g think she's kind of going to be one of these is that perhaps doesn't dominate the sport but is a bit like a kaz netserver. He might get a couple of slams. Winston big tight. Osbert isn't going to be right up there all the time i would love to. I would love to see that. I'm i'm still my gut feeling and probably illicit going to perhaps say. This is unfair. But i still see her. Maybe in the yelena ostapenko category of of grand champions perhaps an absolutely incredible story in an amazing run like similar to ostapenko. i remember. We'll say monica coming out of nowhere to win the singles in the olympics. Yeah the last time round. And i think for me the it's it's one of those sorts of stories. I'm not sure. I know she will be able to replicate this. Would love love to see that happen but we know the french open is just such a. It's such a strange kind of tournament. And i think as the season goes on. I think maybe maybe the you know the way that the tour has been going. Up to this point is is facilitated. This sort of out of nowhere. Unseated play a winning the tournament in particular. But i just feel you going onto the cross going onto the heart surely weaken you know other players are gonna come back with a combat with bang namie. Asakusa still nice option on a hardcore samaya. How that spinach. She's going to be coming back ash. Balti- say for me. The competition is going to be say right. You know this felt like a very much both of them a now or never moment in terms of of winning assam opportunistic. But i mean yeah. I fully expect who critiqued may have sort of burn out after this played an awful tennyson lost some day off like stress oak strasbourg. Chubb doubles rollo garros. She must be running on fumes right now. Yeah she's going to need a good week off before she even thinks about the girls. I think it into the roth. She's deserved it. But you know she. And well in the doubles with harrison yakovlev row garros wimbledon double. I think in two thousand eighteen. I'm sure they won faith. Their women's doubles prior in. Say mea. say it. I i'd say she's she's home for the doubles and motored. But i wouldn't be surprised if in the single she went now early. I hope she proves me wrong. Already day i mean. I just think on the women's doubles because i think harran siaka. They they play together a lot as genius so they are a very historic pay. You know they know each other inside out and is just really nice that they've stuck together and goldies slabs now and they actually yeah. Critic is amongst very good company when it comes to let ladies who've wadden bass singles and the doubles like. Mary pays who said earlier. Chris effort beijing. Cain like so it's doesn't happen too often. Say is really fantastic. even if it is an opportunistic and it doesn't happen again like like. She needs to relish this woman And also i thought it was quite nice check. Tennis obviously having tournament of their life on the women's side because linda nas cavour wonder check at one the check one the girls tournament for the public beijing a russian in the final parni. Say the last check prayer to win. The gold singles was also hannam cavers. Say they've dave made history. I suppose in the goals on the ladies so Yeah really really nice. Vote for the check Ladies tennessee we know that they've won like fed cups of late and they say many priors up there so it's really nice. If someone's she got over the final heard or for once rich give it could be an absolute bid could chief I guess the check the fact that she is a very good singles player as as she showed a rental gas but also a very very good doubles player. Just i guess loves playing tennis. Give them about. She's play davor last few weeks. But yeah big big. Congratulations to critiques cava. Really impressive The it was the singles and doubles and we were talking about other. People probably up to eighty fighters weekend. I mean i felt like the the conversation was oh my god. Is she going to do the the double in terms of singles and doubles and that that did on the cards but critique for you could really kind of beat. what's in front of you. And she just did that again again. And again and coming back from that one much much point down against zachary it was. It was very very very very impressive. Absolutely yet hats off to her and just the night job as we wrap up the kind of loss results from from the french. Open two thousand twenty. One french fans will be happy. Because you get and he won the doubles. They beat public and goalie. Bev in three sets t. Wets come that one i think public at she served for the match In that second set so again the coming back from a set down to add to take came their second run girls title. Is the most alexander public thing. I think i've heard this week. Seven for the doubles title ending up losing. Well loved before at walmart. When he was at the net with the empire he said to her but blake said. Oh no. i'm not supposed to be head. This is a comic situation. I shaved he was referred to the fact that like they were obviously likes to make the double was fine all but you know he almost went in one eight hundred seven four say. Maybe he stuff more confidence in himself. But yeah if i had them all the fest. French team of one The home told him at night. Brennan garo speeding more than once. Say that we looking hot for the the olympics as well as as well critique and senac oversea will go gov well. That is true kazakhstan. Yeah good good. Gay meadow of them so We we we shall see but just say one more result from roland. Garros and that is all collected joe. She's obviously the result and the biggest resolve. Obviously exactly we have an outright winning so we had full participants in a tiebreak and we asked them to tell us how many games the singles runners up from both the men's and the women's at tournaments would like win in both finals. Total was thirty three his pepe. Jennifer won eleven games. Sits pass one twenty. I think my maths is correct. And we have. Which is jen. So at teed on eight eight eight hundred we saw I think this is jen. First appearance in cut set. So she's doing a bit of a very prestigious solidly say well dungeon we have been in touch range for fantastic pulsing. Mark should say say. Thank several taking part weld onto jen and weld onto steven cohen. Lee say who were in our tie-break as well and moving onto other tournaments that took place this week. Let's start with the state got a pin an atp to fifty event the star of the grass court season as remember. The french open did push back a week and Yet that meant we had the second week of the frustration happening at the same time as the got to fifty gross core event marin chile Came out as the winner. Captured his nineteenth atp to title. But i think the story here again is a familiar. One because chile beat canadian asia. Elliot see in the final seven six six three and a jealousy me trump's zero and eight in finals on the atp tool I think he was positive. He said yeah. He felt like he was kind of playing well. And she's a very very very tough customer on a on a cross court but yeah same. Same fine was wo- i think for for see. I think he's gonna end up with more finals than julia. Benetton before he ever wins one but the only positive thing really is. He's still young so she took eight fighters already pretty impressive. So you're saying his he can beat the benneteau record with so much of his career. He might like fifteen dollars and then never were before he wins one. I'm sure you probably racked up a later age. But yeah zero eight and five dollars and i think a lot of them have been straits at say ou se bit like dinara safina slam finals. Just one way traffic but no he. He did play. he wasn't he wasn't bad. This week is chosen to say a week. I think on serve this week. He is being very very solid. I think three of his matches. He's one hundred percent of his first-serve points so it's very hard to to break down marriage to grow school. you know. he's a former wimbledon finalist. He's you know queen's champion ti- times eva. He loves this surfaced. it's his best surface and you know he's been in good nick and he's nice she him when it's already has been his first title. I thinking about three years and suffered with quebec injuries of late. So you know it's nice famed. Be going into the gross vowing to into wooden with with the form. And i thought it was interesting actually. Faa said today. i'm not facing a final. i'm facing maron chile which it's two different things say quite interesting way of phrasing it. Maybe that helps you to think about it as a final. Just pretend his first round or something exactly. I think that's i think perhaps was the psyche was trying to think about was playing. I'm playing the man. Not the you know the history say that's perhaps the best approach that you can take going forward base. You still going to need to get over the line. And and just on chile she could. Potentially i think be. It's all cools you know to upset potentially anyone at wimbledon. 'cause he has got form there. And if he if. It kind of clicks between now and then i i certainly think there are gonna be people looking at where he is in the drawer because he could be quite a tough customer. I think for quite a lot of people so Let's see how his his play kind of progresses the grow season moving on to the nottingham open. Wpa two fifty. We had some british success came. We had joel konta winning her first title. In four years beating china's zhang sh- way. It was a bit of a it was a bit survey Well bit of a rolla really in the final six. Two six one really really impressive. I think it was the first british winner in forty years for in terms of female players at wti a singles event since sebolka won the indoor daihatsu challenge at brighton. It in october nineteen eighty-one so it's been a long time coming. I'd love to have an indoor tennis tournament. Paper getting please yeah. That'd be quite nice. Just down the rape if seaside action yes please but yeah no really happy that jerry managed to win that. It was the strongest fields. She didn't have to play. The strongest of pain is. But i think that really matters like it's getting these that confidence getting the wins. She hadn't had back to back wins. The season so to have five in a row is is the main thing and come away with. You'll i try to in in four years. And actually i was surprised by that because i just assumed it she would have won a to had like twenty thousand. Nineteen but actually. She's got finals. Since i think she won the miami told in twenty seventeen which has lost win but she had not managed to win those same radio he positive star to unite girl. School season ashamed playing eastbourne next. Which is the week off the next. say yes. it's good it's The best she can fight for oversee this week and katy boot also had a fairly right we to retire they From her i think was crackled final. So davis hey play. She's that was a preventive thing but Yeah fantastic konta. She said pretty. Well stay and comfortable victory. in the end. there was another event Outon bowl in croatia as well. Twenty five event for the women bolan garros you debating how to say bowl before we start recording. It feels to too easy to be true. Just cool it bowl. But she'd say listeners. Do you have any ideas anyway. Jasmine paolini One that one. As the the italian player she beat a wrench reuss. Sixty seven six in the final at start to our thing sir. Second final of the year and this was her first title. Say fantastic victory for paolini not gonna lie. It didn't watch any of bowl this week. What everything else going on But that just brings us onto happening next week. Yeah tennis does not stop. We all straight out into the girl. Well the grossest being oversee qualifying has been going on the way this week. We've got to women's events. He benz events berlin and birmingham for the women. Birmingham's being degraded to achieve fifty used to be premier event on the deputy a tool. And it's gone gone down a bit Steve fifty elise mertens is topsy. They're of secrets. Some brits in action adult wildcard friend. James is go wild caught. But you're looking at on or seconds seed kazakina carolyn garcia a native. She said sam stays has been given a wildcard as well which is interesting one. Yeah i'll be interesting. How that turns out young hsi-wei the pointless in nottingham is also there so maybe she can continue hukou running form. Don evacuees might be a good shout. I mean italy's martin's such a consistent player wouldn't wouldn't be surprised if she went on and won the tournament yet. No official. i mean yes thank. You shouldn't do so what not give. She was defending that title. Them that state so ianovich as well. He contemplated in the semi's in the drawer and we'll say multiple stick. He did well at the french watson. What's in their guts. Call you bitch. From switzerland in the first round. So we're interested to see how she guys think she yet conscious not playing it surfing. All eyes will be on watson jones. I think dr carolyn garcia from a british perspective but the berlin is the higher of the two in terms of use. Rankings and points sapling. Headlining that one and fits. Lena seconds eight andrea skew in action. Be interesting to see how she does Carrying apprec- giver as a rancor. Maruta say base. The big names all in belene mcevers. Say yeah obviously. I first steps for these plays. Most of them are on girls. Say i have zero expectations to be honest with you. I mean there's a lot of big players in natural. The i feel like i've been. I've worked up their credibility on other surfaces. As as we've not had girls for two years it's it's hard to know it's hard to know he was going to come through and be the champion. There you'd think sank is game is like perfect school So let's let's see. I mean as rank also could be quite dangerous and just just bikila. How is just beginning. Unseeded in the vibe aquinas. Unseated as well say yeah. It's it's it's a lottery really isn't it. When you go into the girl self deteriorates away from it like boys going to happen but we've also got queens happening Much too high bertini's the top seed for this one. I'd shapovalov is second-seed. Your accent is there. He's playing jack draper tomorrow. Which is quite cool. Dre has been given a wildcard as young young british guy so be interesting to see how he gets old Don evans is say that oversee antibody as well with wildcard it's ben warpath in the first round. Say at a memorable match. What are the andy. murray expectations. Getting into I don't even know if he's going to be is he ca. I mean he's not his on the replay monday so if he does pay it will be on the tuesday. This feels to me like they're giving him as literally much time as possible for him to get ready. So on syllabi. Fifty fifty in terms of weather that match will of go ahead. I know he's gonna keep it on the practice schools but i'm still have a bit of trepidation there in terms of whether that will go ahead but it's quite a you know if he does if he does play and if he does come three ben wolpe. He's you know his been. Having the best of times lay on the on the tall he could get bertini. The top seed in the second round. Say quite a tough. It would be quite tough kind of welcome back but You know there's no. I don't think there's any surprises that you know. He's a wild card is unseeded. he's you know. His position is up to the draw god so it wasn't really a surprise. I think yeah is even. It's a five hundred and we've definitely seen stronger queens draws in the past but you know you still got the likes of corrupt censor a phony bertini anti-gang post him It'd be interesting. See how come oregon's odin. I think he's a decent decent run three but yes it. Some i think howler is that toll benassi with the the more high. High caliber failed federov earthly medvedev. Six passi took a wildcard. Go five more fees verify that pretty much all that and Yup she think federa is is gonna come. Three lucky often does heller is very much one of his tournaments and ask. You could face medvedev in the quarterfinals. Certainly think he's got an. I think he's gone cheaply. I think he looked really good. Friendship and And i think. I think he will have no issues. I think just kind of transitioning to what he will feel. Is she his very much a home tournament for him. And say i wouldn't be surprised if we get federer medvedev quote final match other having that medvedev does have strength in the first round which could be quite a could be quite a tester so yeah but i certainly think yeah. This is the definitely the strongest stronger. Atp five hundred of the and second seed on wildcard. He's also got a wildcard with his brother again. Which i'm sure a lot of people will be up in arms in the doubles drool. But yeah i mean you looking at it. I think the top off his pops a little bit stronger or with medvedev federa- and zverev all of there. So yeah we'll just have to wait and see think february mike. I'm expecting our. Immune will be amazing. But i'm not expecting a federal singles champion of the wait now. I think i mean potentially like ripley could come through either. He lost first. Round roland garros a few weeks off now to get back on track. Say well yeah. I mean 'cause before his vote and gareth's blip is having a decent season but we shall see we'll be back next week to chat things Jala berlin birmingham and Cuevas uk in german. Isn't it told him it's this week. but yeah thank you to everyone who has listened to us over the last couple of weeks. From gal doing all shops it's been fantastic t to chat openings. French open every day with joe and everyone's enjoyed listening to us chatter about. Oh yeah it's been. It's been a pleasure and listeners. Yeah we just want to say. Thank you for your support. We've been engaging with you guys on twitter as well and we've really been enjoying listening to our round-by-round ketchups. We are going to be going back to our weekly to catch up. And i think we're going to be throwing some short meets episodes in along the way hopefully so stay tuned But yeah. I hope you've really enjoyed listening to around bahrain coverage over long. Garo think we're going to wrap it up there for coverage we can have a big big lie dow kim but listen as even -joyed listening the passing show and if you want to stay up to date an all things tennis on the grass court season coming up on the atp make sure as always to subscribe to the passing shaw on your podcasting platform of choice. Wherever that's apple podcasts. Spotify over cost cost book. Stitcher wherever you listen to put us make sure to subscribe button and you can also listen to us on the download tennis dot com app and finally as i said we. We say this. But genuinely if you want to help out the show and you've been really enjoying our around by round coverage over the last couple of weeks. Make sure to rate and comment on apple podcasts. It would really mean really mean so much to me kim. You know we put a lot of effort into this and You know it is. It's subtypes does feel like a joke. Looks our main jobs. Pay our listeners. Make it all worthwhile. Say if you can do that that would really really help us out indeed and otherwise you could say. Follow us on social media. Were on twitter. Instagram and facebook. So if you already follow us you can definitely give us a like and tell your friends about us as well. Anyone may be being watching the french open and like separate tennis. They don't already follow us. Just let them know you can contact us on vase channels app if you prefer to get in touch via email You can also do that as well. Passing shop port at gmo dot com and we will be back next week next sunday for a regular. Ed talk catch up where we will be taking an all. The events from queens halla and usa birmingham. And belinda. say. I hate you can join us for that and we will see you again soon. 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Democracy Now! 2021-01-22 Friday

Democracy Now! Audio

58:59 min | 9 months ago

Democracy Now! 2021-01-22 Friday

"From new york this is democracy now. National plan launches a full-scale wartime effort to address supply shortages by ramping up production and protective equipment. Syringes needs you. Name it when. I say wartime people kind of look at me like wartime. I said last night. Four hundred thousand americans die. That's more the died. In all new president. Joe biden unveils sweeping kovic strategy. After president trump left no plan for national vaccine rollout on his full day in office biden issued ten executive orders and invoke the defense production. We'll speak to dr john head of brown university school of public health. Then we'll look at the devastating impact of the pandemic on indigenous communities. We'll go to standing rock where tribal leaders are prioritizing vaccines for elders. Who speak the dakota and lakota languages and an effort to keep the elders and the languages alive inch comes from the creator so it doesn't belong to one. The language belongs to all so my message to all the young people. The young man day and women boys the girls. This is your language when you learn. You're going to be able to learn more about this. Beautiful scene call wife. Those are the words of standing rock elder jesse taken alive who died from covid last month just weeks after the virus killed his wife. We'll be joined by their daughter. Nola as well as a standing rock elder and jodi are campbell a member of the tribe. Who served in the obama white house. Plus we look at new calls for biden to shut down the dakota access pipeline. After he revoked a permit for the keystone excel pipeline. All that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman on his first full day in office. President joe biden unveiled one hundred ninety eight page national plan to tackle the coronavirus pandemic calling it a war. Time undertaking against covid nineteen adding to the urgency. The us recorded another near record global high death toll thursday with over forty one hundred deaths biden signed ten executive orders to create a new national covid nineteen testing board to help schools reopen to mandate international travellers to quarantine upon arrival and to mandate masks on many forms of interstate transportation or plan starts with money aggressive safe and effective vaccination campaign to meet our goal administering one hundred million shots and our first hundred days in office. We're on day one. This'll be one of the greatest operational challenges. Our nation has ever undertaken on thursday. The nation's top infectious disease expert. Dr anthony fauci spoke to reporters at the white house. He was asked about the difference between working under president trump and biden the idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know. What with evidence. What the science is and no. That's it let the science speak. It is somewhat of a liberating feeling here. In new york vaccination clinics have been canceling appointments and turning away seniors. Supplies of fis earned moderna covid. Nineteen vaccines dwindle. It's a scene. That's been repeated across the united states. This is new york city council member mark levin because the unreliability of supply. The city had to cancel tens of thousands of appointments this week This is a desperate situation at the pace at which we are receiving vaccine. It would take us well into twenty twenty two to achieve burden unity in new york city. That's unacceptable on thursday. President biden invoke the defense production act to increase covid nineteen testing and the production of vaccine supplies including glass vials and syringes. Many public health. Experts are calling biden to use his executive powers to demand that vaccine makers share their patented technologies with other manufacturers in order to end production bottlenecks and speed the vaccine to people across the us and around the world after headlines will have the latest on the pandemic and joe biden's response from dr joh- head of brown university school of public health and international news. Chinese officials are rushing construction of a massive quarantine facility outside beijing. That can temporarily house more than four thousand people in isolation cities in northern china that are home to millions of people entered lockdown earlier. This month is authorities tried to stamp out several small corona virus outbreaks. The lockdowns come ahead of the chinese lunar new year an annual holiday that normally sees hundreds of millions of people travel within china to visit family. Portugal has the world's highest seven day average rate of new covid nineteen cases and the second highest per capita death rate. The surge is wreaking havoc with portugal's presidential election sunday in india. A massive fire at the serum institute of india killed five people thursday. The institute is the world's largest producer of vaccines though officials said the blaze did not affect production of the oxford. Astra zeneca vaccine. Meanwhile hungary's become the first european union member nations to give emergency use authorization to russia's sputnik covid nineteen vaccine. President biden has proposed a five year extension with russia to the only remaining nuclear treaty between the two countries before it expires february fifth the new strategic arms reduction treaty or new start limits the number of deployed strategic nuclear warheads to one thousand five hundred fifty each. This is white house press secretary. Jen psaki the new start. Treaty is in the national security interests of the united states and this extension makes even more sense when the relationship with russia. Adversarial as it is at this time. This comes as the treaty. And the prohibition of nuclear weapons goes into effect today the un backed agreement was ratified by fifty one countries. But those do not include any of the world's nine nuclear powers. Britain china france india israel north korea pakistan russia and the united states lawmakers on thursday overwhelmingly approved waiver allowing retired army general. Lloyd austin to become pentagon. Chief austin left the military for years ago now serves on the board of weapons make raytheon normally. A minimum of seven years is required before taking the civilian job unless a waiver is granted from both houses of congress. Many of the house democrats voted for the waiver opposed away for for president. Trump's first pentagon chief retired marine general. James mattis the senate could vote on austin's confirmation as soon as today if confirmed would become the first african american defense secretary. Meanwhile biden will keep fbi director christopher. Ray who was appointed by trump in two thousand seventeen in his position in other news from biden's administration. The president has appointed jessica rosenworcel as the acting chair of the federal communications commission. Did you rights activists. Praise the move pointing to her record at the commission which include supporting net neutrality treating. The internet is a public utility and increasing access for underserved populations in a setback for palestinian rights secretary of state nominee. Tony blinken said during his confirmation hearing this week that the biden administration will not reverse trump's contested move of the us embassy to jerusalem also recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel palestinian journalist. Lama mccotter tweeted quote. Everything is subject to change in the agendas of successive. us administration's except for absolute loyalty to israel. They wrote senate. Democrats have rejected a proposal by republican minority leader. Mitch mcconnell to preserve the sixty vote legislative filibusters part of a power sharing agreement. Democrats are seeking to prevent a minority of senators from derailing ambitious legislation. like president. biden's proposed one point nine. Trillion dollar corona virus rescue package mcconnell threatened to block and organizing resolution laying out rules and committee assignments for the new senate session unless democrats agree to maintain the filibuster. Meanwhile senator mcconnell called on democrats thursday to delay former president trump's impeachment trial until february in order to give trump's legal team more time to prepare. His call came as house speaker. Nancy pelosi said she would send the articles of impeachment to the senate soon. The fact is the president of the united states committed. An act of incitement of insurrection. I don't think it's very unifying to say. Oh let's just forget it and move on several senate. Democrats have filed an ethics complaint against republican senators. Ted cruz and josh hawley. Over their role in inciting the deadly january six insurrection at the capitol and seeking to overturn the results of the twenty twenty election. The complaint seeks an investigation into whether crews hawley or any of the senator. Staffers were in contact with organizers of the riot or helped to coordinate their actions. This comes as federal agents in michigan have arrested former. Us marine michael. Joseph foy for assaulting a federal officer and other charges related to the january sixth insurrection at the capitol video appears to show foy using a hockey stick to repeatedly bash a prone police officer who is dragged into a violent mob. Trying to push its way inside the capitol. Npr reports nearly one in five people charged over the january six attack. Our us military veterans a coalition of one hundred thirty five civil rights organizations is calling on congress not to pass new anti-terrorism laws in the wake of the january six attacks warning. They could be used to expand racial profiling or to survive communities of color and political opponents in the name of national security wade henderson of the leadership conference on civil and human rights said quote. The government's inadequate response to rising white. Nationalism is a disgraceful policy failure. The problem is hardly new and prosecutors have long had a multitude of criminal statutes at their disposal to confront white supremacist violence unquote to see our interview with the you can go to democracy now dot org in immigration news the biden administration suspended the controversial trump era remain in mexico program. The two thousand nineteen policy forced tens of thousands of asylum seekers to wait in dangerous conditions in crowded squalid refugee camps across north and mexico wall their cases make their way through us courts. This is asylum seeker marlon speaking to the advocacy group pointless in front peta's that's people without borders about facing homelessness with her family sent to mexico. We being one. We vividly remember when we arrived to the immigration office in mexico. They didn't give us a place to sleep or anything to eat. Our children slept on the floor. That night president biden set to sign an executive order today speeding delivery of food aid and millions of stimulus checks to family struggling to afford rent utilities and groceries on thursday house speaker. Nancy pelosi said lawmakers would move immediately on a new cove in nineteen relief. Bill with house passage likely in early february in labor news. The grocery delivery app instacart laying off nearly two thousand workers including group of employees from illinois who created the first and only union of instacart workers inspired others across the country to organize the ten illinois. Employees were in the process of negotiating their first union contract instacart s- reportedly offering fired workers severance pay of just two hundred fifty dollars in. New york congressman. Alexsandr cossio cortez skip. President biden's inauguration celebrations wednesday evening to join striking workers at the hunts point produce market in the bronx workers have been on strikes and sunday demanding better wages. This is a cossio. Cortez speaking at the picket line outside hunts market has asked transformational change of every four foot workers across country upside down in our economy and union members at the new yorker magazine went on a twenty four hour strike thursday after denouncing quote management's egregious wage proposal and their ongoing contract talks according to the union. The proposal includes the right to decrease union members salaries by up to twenty percent at any time. In a statement unionized employees wrote quote. We're committed to the new yorker which why many of us work there for years even decades despite low and stagnant wages however much we love our jobs that love is not enough to live on they wrote and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman on his first. Full day in office. President biden unveiled one hundred. Ninety eight age national plan to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and ramp up vaccines as the us. Death toll tops. Four hundred ten thousand this comes. After president trump left biden with no plan for national vaccine rollout biden sign ten excecutive orders to create a new national covid nineteen testing board to help schools reopen to mandate international travellers to quarantine upon arrival and to require masks many forms of interstate transportation. Another order creates a covid nineteen health equity task force by also invoked the defense production act to increase covert testing and the production of vaccines applies. Today i'm signing an executive action to use the defense production act and all other available. He's direct all federal agencies and private industry to accelerate. The making of everything is needs to protect test vaccinate and take care of our people. President biden said a wartime effort is needed to combat the virus. Our national plan launches a full scale wartime effort to address the supply shortages by ramping up production and protective equipment syringes. Neil you name it. And when i say wartime people kind of look at me like wartime well as i said last night. Four hundred thousand americans have died. That's more than the died in all world war two we will make sure that science and public scientists and public health experts will speak directly to you. That's why you're going to hear a lot. More from dr fauci again not from the president but from the real genuine experts and scientists. We're gonna make sure they were free from political interference. They make decisions. Strictly based on science and health care alone size and health alone with the political consequences are the honest truth. Is we're still a dark winner of this. Pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better. It's gonna take many months to get where we need to be on thursday the nation's top infectious disease dr anthony. Thou- ci spoke to reporters at the white house and was asked about the difference between working under president trump and president biden. I don't want to we going back over history but it was very clear that there were things that were said regarding things like hydroxy chloroquine and other things like that. That really was an uncomfortable because they were not based on scientific fact. I can tell you. I take no pleasure at all in being in a situation of contradicting the president so it was really something that you didn't feel that you could actually say something and there wouldn't be any repercussions about the idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know what evidence. What the sciences. and no. that's it let the science speak it is somewhat of a liberating feeling you talk more about the biden. Administration's covert plan. We're joined by dr shisha dean of the brown university school of public health previously the director of harvard university's global health institute. Dr john welcome back to democracy. Now it's great to have you with us. Can you respond to this. Series of executive orders. That president biden has just unveiled and signed in his first days in office. What is most significant. The first of all thank you for having me on if you look at the whole package of activities it just feels like the federal government is back. Federal government is going to play a constructive and helpful role in this pandemic and pandemic response and that's critical because the strategy under the trump team was led every state figure it out on their own and let the federal government was largely absent. There's a series of things. Here that i think are really important. One of them that has got very little attention as the executive order just to start collecting data on a more systematic way. Data's the lifeblood of any pandemic response and we have been hampered by lack of good federal data. We're start doing that. But obviously there's so much more than that rejoining. Who getting our defense production. Act powers for testing and vaccinations. So i'm pretty pleased with the whole package. It's straightforward it's basic public health. I don't mean to denigrate it by calling it basic public health but it's it's sort of science driven stuff that i wish we had had a year ago. So let's talk about what's happening right now in this country you have. What more than nine hundred thousand. Vaccines being administered. Every day which sounds like a lot but in fact is not here in new york. People are waiting in the freezing cold hour after hour to get a vaccine. They'll sign up for an appointment. They'll get an appointment for pass date or they'll get an appointment and then that appointment is cancelled clearly running out of vaccines not only in new york but around the country. Can you explain what the use of the defense production act. What so many. Were calling on trump to invoke month after month what it actually could mean could companies and factories have been closed down. This also involves employment for people going back to fdr kind of entire public program of actually making these vaccines or parts of the vaccines either the chemicals or the actual Down only the ingredients but what's needed in making the needles and the vaccines absolutely so first of all the reason we're having those long lines and cancelled. Appointments is because of the approach that the trump administration took through operation warp speed operation warp speed did have its successes but also in the last month. They did a terrible job of communicating states. How many vaccines people were going to get. States would be told okay. You're gonna get one hundred thousand vaccines owned in five days. And then two days before the delivery that would be cancel. There will be change. May planning for this incredibly difficult. What the defense production act can definitely do is help with all of the things that go into getting a vaccine into somebody. So it's not just about the vaccine ingredient itself it is about the vials. It the syringes. The way that these files are filled we can often get an extra dose of them if we have the right violent. The right syringe for this just really simple basic stuff that the trump administration paid very little attention to the mr biden steam. President biden's team has been very clear that they're going to maximize every single thing. I think the question of can we use the to somehow make a lot more. Vaccines turns out to be a far trickier question. Something dealt a pretty deeply into the problem. There is that these are complicated vaccines and you can't just have somebody else step in and make these vaccines without a lot of technical expertise in very specialized equipment much of which comes from countries outside the united states. A lot of it comes from germany. For instance so there are going to be challenges to ramping up a lot more production. I do think the biden teams definitely gonna try to do that. We will see what's possible but there are going to be some technical limitations that will make it hard for us to let's say start producing tens of millions of these vaccines every day. I think that's not going to be possible just because of technical challenges i mean raises very interesting questions when it's not only the united states but a massive shortage in the world of vaccines i think What did the was the world. Health organization said of the forty six countries that are now vaccinating. Their populations at whatever speed. Only one of them is a low income countries. So these vaccines have to get out all over. I was just going back years and health. Affairs the magazine to article. That talked about a little known law codified. As twenty-eight usc section fourteen ninety eight that could allow the federal government to substantially lower prices for high cost drugs allowing the government the right to use patented inventions without permission while paying the patent holder. Reasonable an entire compensation assessing the article assesses the potential for the federal government to invoke it to make important. New high cost therapies widely available to patients. Now this is well before the pandemic by. And you're saying well it's difficult. You already have is at the factory in belgium that they had to stop because they have big problems with the manufacturer of the vaccine. I mean there are factories all over the country that have been shut down pushing harder on this is it that will they have to be just very carefully. Or because of the capitalist system that we work in that there is this sort of sancrosanct. We will not challenge the purview of these corporations when there is such a lack of necessary Vaccine right now that so many hundreds of thousands of people are dying several points very me that are worth taking apartment. One certainly is that we have got to have a global strategy and this is one of the many sort of policies of the trump administration was. We were the only major country along with russia. That wasn't part of kovacs. Kovacs's the global effort to get vaccinations out to people around the world. We absolutely need to read rejoin kovacs and the biden instruction has made clear that they will second. Is that there's a whole host of vaccines that are going to be possible. There's the astra zeneca. There's johnson and johnson should be coming. He's data from. I think in the next few days. So we're gonna really need a global strategy on the issue of pods the issue in my mind is i don't think the biden restriction is going to let americans die because of desire not to infringe patents. I think that challenge there. And if you think about it from a modern era pfizer when if there were other companies that could make their product be happy to license it. There are mechanisms for doing this. I feel a lot of pressure from the us government to do so. I really do believe there are capacity issues on this that are not unsolvable but i think there's been no effort to try to solve them from the previous team. And what. I expect dr kessler who can be running operation warp speed and others in the biden. Station is to look into those questions to say. How do we put the power of the federal government towards ramping up production of these specific vaccines and the one. Last thing i will say about these. Vaccines is because technically complicated. You have to be very very careful about making sure. The quality is good. That's not my way of saying only madonna advisor can do it. I think lots of companies can but we've got to be careful that we don't end up messing up the really high quality of these vaccines that are so important to keeping people confident that vaccines are going to be safe and effective. So i think all of this is going to be looked at but there are a set of challenges here that go beyond patent laws. Dr john you've written an article. It's time to consider delaying the second dose of corona virus. Vaccine it's up that in the washington post so on. What science are you basing this. We all know that. Both madeira and pfizer won't be true with johnson johnson. The one shot It requires two shots. Why do you think you can get away with one shot. Usually people have reaction to the second shot which is what about a month later. Which suggest that bolster shot is the one. The booster shot is the one that basically kicks off the reaction and the immunity so as the title says. it's time to consider delaying. The second. shot not foregoing the second shock. Everybody needs to shots. There's no doubt about that in my mind if you look at the data on from the clinical trials both from dern on pfizer. It's also very clear that one shot provides about eighty to ninety percent protection at least until the second shot is given and the question in front of us is in a normal situation. Would we even think about delaying. Second shot now we would just give everybody there Their second shot on time. But the question that. I and my colleague bob walker. Who wrote this with me. Well we did. We spoke to a large number of immunologists fact sinologist and ask the question if we delay the second shot by a few weeks. Let's say instead of giving at week four. We gave it at week six or eight. What are the chances that the protection from the first shot but somehow waned dramatically after four weeks. Because you do have that ninety percent production after the first shot. Everybody agreed. That is extremely unlikely that that you could delay by at least a few weeks and so our idea was. We have a set of vaccine sitting on shelves. Let's get them out into people's arms. Let's assume because we've done the checking that the production of the vaccines will continue to do go well and then as the as the new vaccines come off the production line. Get everybody their second shot. And let's do this. Particularly for high risk individuals older people people with chronic diseases. I would rather have all of those folks have their first shot and most of them will get their second shot on time and it's a few end up getting a little bit delayed in my mind. That is not a particularly risky thing based on the data and science. But what we know. Amy is that if we don't do that and if we don't vaccinate more people given the variant uk variant that is circulating in the us that had all of us extremely concerned we are looking at another one hundred thousand americans dead in the next four to six weeks and we're looking at things even getting worse after that. That's the alternative and so in that context this felt like it was both signed space and it would not put people at risk to delay things. A few weeks definitely not forego. It definitely not delayed by many months. I'm trying to cram in so many questions. And i know you have to go in a minute doctor. So on thursday president biden signed the executive order to form a covid nineteen health equity task force. Today i'm formalizing the health equity task force that we announced in the transition led by the brilliant doctor marcela nunez smith who ensures that is going to ensure that the quality is at the core of every decision we make that includes addressing vaccine hesitancy and building. Trust in communities as well as fighting disinformation campaigns. That are already underway. I don't think people understood. Dr john that information on who is getting sick. Who is dying. The most was actually not being kept for months. Is that right. That's absolutely right. So when i started off earlier saying that one of the things the executive orders i'm most pleased about is just collecting better data. It took us months to figure out that this pandemic was disproportionately impacting communities of color. People of color one could say you could have predicted it given are known structural inequities in our society. But we didn't know and we didn't see it until the day that became clear much later. I think what we're going to see from. The equity taskforce is far better systematic data collection. Making sure that our policies on vaccinations and testing a don't leave behind people who are disproportionately being impacted. I'm very pleased to see that. So we'll see where the equity task force goes. There is important work to do here to make sure as we diminish oser very quickly. Are the variance going to lead to non-immunity with these vaccines. I think pretty unlikely. I think certainly the uk variant looks like the vaccine is going to be effective. There is some questioning about that with the south africa. Varian but i remain very optimistic that the vaccines will be effective against the variants. We have but we've got to get people vaccinated because we don't want to keep pushing our luck and having more variants pop up the best way to stop more. Variance is to get the pandemic under control. Dr shisha thanks so much for being with a state of the brown university school of public health previously director of the harvard university global health institute. This is democracy now speaking about health equity when we come back. We're going to north dakota to the standing rock sioux reservation to talk about the decision. The leaders made their to vaccinate the elders who are the keepers of the language. So not only the olders. Don't die but that the languages don't die with them. Stay with us He then grace. How sweet the sound then he. Oh but now fast burn. Now i see the low to me ma. It's nurse laurien. Marie key of lavonia michigan singing. Amazing grace tuesday night during the cova national memorial At the reflecting pool she sings in her hospital and so the president biden asked her to come and sing for the country. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy good them. As the corona virus death toll in the united states passes four hundred ten thousand and the vaccine rollout continues shakily across the country. We spend the rest of the hour looking at the fight to save tribal elders native language speakers who've been devastated by the virus facing woefully inadequate healthcare lack of government support and the living legacy of centuries of colonialism tribal communities had faced staggering losses as covid nineteen rips through indian country. Native americans have died at least twice. The rate of white people across the united states pillars of tribal communities have been lost along with their knowledge of native languages. Jason saltzman a spokesperson for the muskogee creek. Nation told the new york times. The losses were akin to a cultural book. Burning to combat this crisis the standing rock sioux tribe has prioritised elders. Who speak the dakota and lakota. Languages to receive the covid vaccine. This is tribal director margaret gates. Speaking in december we had met with tribal council and at the request of leadership as well we added in the sixty five and older and fluent speakers to be sort of first in line because usually they will come down in the sea. But we've bumped them up to the top because they are most important asset to our tribe and people because of the language for more on this critical issue. We're joined by three guests in bismarck. North dakota jody or shambled is with us. She's a citizen of the standing rock sioux tribe. The former special assistant to president obama for native american affairs for the white house domestic policy council in manderson south dakota alex white plume is the former vice president and president of the oglala sioux tribe of pine ridge reservation. He's lakota interpreter and in standing rock. North dakota nola taken alive is a member of the standing. Rock sioux tribal council. Both of her parents recently died of covid. Nineteen her father. Standing rock sioux elder. Jessie j taken alive was a fluent lakota speaker. An orden defender of the language spoken by only two thousand people. He was just sixty five. Welcome all of you to democracy. Now nola our condolences on the loss of both of your parents if you can talk about them with us share their life stories. Good morning thank you for having me on. It's my pleasure to speak about my parents but first of all. I want to send my condolences out to those people who have also lost family members and relatives and loved ones to this. This ugly virus But it's my honor again To speak about my parents. And i want to say that my parents were very humble people and to be able to speak about them. I will try to do my best. my parents. I lost my mother in november of twenty twenty in about a month later i lost our father to the virus as well. They played a very important role. Not only in my siblings and our families lives but also to the entire community of standing rock and in all those would also say how important my dad's role had played in all of indian country and and all of Probably north and south dakota with his wisdom his knowledge of the lakota language of treaties of humanity. He he just a human issues. Of you know that my dad would bring to the forefront dino especially about healing and my dad was the hugest advocate of not only at the importance of of being lakota or understanding who we are as a people in the the huge losses that we have suffered since time immemorial but he continued to believe and even to his last breath. You know people will a label him as a spiritual which he was both my parents were. I want to share the words of your father. This is jesse taken alive. Speaking directly to young people about preserving the lakota language. The language comes from the creator so it doesn't belong to us though. Language being asked to allah was so my message to all of the young people. The young man young women. The boys the girls decision language. When you learn be able to learn more about this beautiful scene call life because that comes from our contractor the opportunity to share your feelings to share your thoughts to express yourself comes as totaling in. Ask you to take courage. Hey chapel dot com. Abacha's you lakota. Check your hair warwick shiloh. Bohio believe that there will be a day that all of you talk your donor. We chinchilla we don't we call scholar. Donate a bitter g nesia. What kind you. Don be hotter nash. Lacorte drp finally enclosing to do this on behalf of all of us who are older than you take the courage to learn language jesse taken alive who together with his wife cheryl. We're both Came down with covid and died in the last months. When was your dad and mom diagnos nola. I believe it started out In the middle of october my dad was diagnosed first and then about a week and a half later. My mom was diagnosed in They fought hard and you know they tried to stay with us. But it's a tough virus soul. I wanted to bring jody or shambled into this conversation She worked in the obama. White house also is the sister of the former Tribal chair at david. Shambaugh of the standing rock sushi. Speaking to us from bismarck You were the Special assistant to president obama For native american affairs for the white house domestic policy council talk about the policy Of the standing. Rock sioux around the issue of elders and keepers of the language. Well i think that every tribe has the ability to prioritize and make preferences who receives the virus first and knowing that a vaccine i the vaccine the vaccine. Sorry the knowing that's There were there. Were a lot of elders. Who were at really really high risk. This was a concern from the very beginning from the onset of covid. And i think that it took the leadership of the of the chairman the tribal council to understand From from just going going over the previous year's losses and what has happened throughout the throughout the time. And i'm just really proud of them because this is something that is in the in the decision making powers of every tribal tribal nation across the country. And i wanted to ask nola taken alive first about your name taken alive. Your family's name if you can talk about the origins of it and then you're a member of the tribal council that decided to prioritize the elders Who speak the dakota and lakota languages and wondering if you could respond to you could tell us about the community response to that but begin with your name taken alive while i think that there's There's a couple of stories that originate back to our last name taken alive on one of those stories being that a You know a long long time ago. One of our ancestors was a what you would call a police officer or would would Take those who would do such wrongdoings in the community and would instead of killing them would take them alive so It wasn't it wasn't a thing where we howled that an honor as far as killing people so that was one of the stories. I'm as far as Prioritizing our elders we wanna make sure and this is something that died always talked about you know as far as our language and he'll always say that our languages spiritual when we talk about spiritual we talk about our identity of who we are and you know i must be known that throughout the world that a native americans are american. Indians warrant granted Free freedom of religion act until nineteen seventy eight. So if you can think about that. I was only one years old. Where our ancestors or my parents grandparents could actually pray and use our ceremonies and the open before that it was outlawed. So with our ceremonies also was our language and also we have to look back at the oppression that has happened to our people For generations for centuries and it's you know you think back one years old you know. It wasn't until the late seventies early eighties when my dad actually. He grew up speaking the local language since he was born. He knows his first language. But he actually didn't start practicing are ceremonial ways until he was in his mid twenties late twenties. Because of you know how that nineteen seventy eight. Again you know goes back to you know Being able to openly and freely practice. Who were are who we are and so i just want to irit rate that because not you know not all of the world understands where we are that we even belong here are that we even exist and i think our people have been romanticized As far as you know do still live in. Tv's do you still you know but honestly you know my dad I really am proud of him. my dad was a local language teacher up until his passing at the mclaughlin school and he actually taught from his teepee he actually in he lived in a house but he set up his teepee outside of his house and he would set up his laptop and ran has extension cord and made sure that that spirit of the language. You know through the teepee through Because he always Ear iterative that the the languages spiritual so being in connection with her being in connection with everything around him. He wanted to make sure that you know he was teaching. You know that. He was passing his knowledge on to to a the younger generations. So i'm really proud of that. You know that was up until october. My dad was still teaching from his teepee. I wanted to bring alex white plume into this conversation. The former vice president and president of the oglala sioux tribe of pine ridge reservation speaking to us from south dakota. He is lakota interpreter. If you can talk about the effects of covid nineteen on your community particularly the olders in the keepers of the culture and the language. You are an interpreter. What this means for the lakota end kota languages sure. Good morning to everybody. I was really shocked last january. When we first time we heard this colbert. And so my wife and i decided to isolate and as we sat here on our land we on the land. We don't live up in. The housing built up areas. Certain teams happened the implemented care few and then a while later the introduced a lock down where we were like prisoners in our own house. And me personally. I served four years in berlin germany with the us army. I wanted to german museum that they made for the jews killed and they had to have two forms of. Id one sold on the jacket another paper and a few years ago. United states passed a law where we had to have two forms of. Id so just sitting here and impact on that lockdown down to me was real frightening. I think there was too extreme. Seemed to me like they could have come up with more testing. Bring more doctors health people letting it go house to house and test. Everybody and there's someone sick. I sleep them there but instead we were locked down like we were in prison and psychologically that really had an impact on a lot of people that we really knew. We weren't living free the way we're supposed to but we're living in a like a prisoner or cap so it was really had a negative impact on many of us are under pine ridge reservation about ninety percent of us can't find employment will unemployed. Imagine seventeen people living in a house with no who birlik tristan to get turned off. And then you're locked down and then a tribe never went to pay the electric bills. The lights were being turned off. It was really a negative impact on us at the same time. Many lakota speakers were just dying from this new disease. We know hot came here. We live out in the open on the planes. Were not close to any build-up cities but some of our people might want to the towns and caught it and came home and that's how it spread on the reservation. So does the real scary time or most of us here on the pine ridge reservation. Alex white plume. You're planning to teach lakota two children. Can you talk about the importance of teaching lakota. Two more members of the tribe. And why you feel. This is so critical. Sure mohapatra schools. Who started almost school and so we've always taught culture. She taught him how to pick cherries berries. Turn-ups up to a butcher buffalo. Meat todd at ten heights and she was just bringing them up. Culturally and language was really predominant. That's one we need it to learn. And i'll share a story about how asked to marry her. We all sitting at the house and her her grandfather's nameless a mark big road in we spoke clogged us loose sitting in the living room and join a discussion and she was sitting at the table. So in lakota asked uncle mark. How do you ask a woman to marry. You and lakota. And he just laughed and laughed. She kind of looked up at me with one. I said you know you can't take a woman in own her. You can't declare her. Your wife are lakota. Women are matriarchs and they have power that you can't control and so i recommend to you that you seeing a beautiful song and and if she likes the song maybe she'll marry. You saw the table sitting. I looked at. Him is a song that i i knew and here she looked at me. She says okay. I'll take you come my man and so what i'll go. Mark described was. The description of marriage is called how we do whom. How weird your home tom. His we is the son to take part of the sun to create like that is our definition of a merry cook people to people living together. And that's so important is so different from the word married. You're saying my white like you own a woman that's just contrary to lock believe so therefore the lock looked language as real important. It's a natural language that evolved over millions of years with many different other species that were existing at the time. We have to break. But we're gonna come back to talk about what's happening with the coda. Access pipeline with president biden stopping the building the keystone accel but not dapple and alex. I'd like you to stay with us. Because i want you to tell us about your late wife. The lakota walked her inland defender. Deborah white plume and also I'd like to ask jodi archambault to stay with us to understand. Why now biden is making a distinction separated the keystone excel from the dakota access pipeline. This is democracy now. I wanna thank and once again our deepest condolences nola on the death of your mother and your father but clearly their legacy continues and lives on nola taken alive speaking to us from the standing rock sioux reservation. Alex white plume in south dakota. Jody shambled and bismarck. North dakota stay with us. We'll be back in thirty seconds. Do men Joey your new. Ooh song for mother earth by kota. This is democracy now the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman first day in office. President joe biden issued an executive order to shut down the keystone pipeline indigenous and climate justice groups are now asking him to do the same with the dakota access pipeline dapple transports five hundred thousand barrels of crude oil. Each day still with us. Jodi shambaugh citizen of standing rock sioux tribe former special assistant to president obama for native american affairs for the white house domestic policy council. Also with us alex white plume former vice president and president of the oglala sioux tribe of the pine ridge reservation lakota interpreter. Who just lost his wife Deb white plume who are going to learn about Jody archambault can you talk about this distinction. Why you understand keystone excel was stopped but not dakota access pipeline. And what your demands are. I don't understand the distinction that the biden administration is making because the pipeline is illegal. The coda access pipeline is an illegal pipeline. It was Stated in in the lower the dc district court that it violated niba and the easement was re revoked. And so basically the energy. Transfer partners in the dakota access pipeline. They are trespassing there. Encroaching on federal lands right now. Joe biden president biden has the discretion to comply with the law which is nipah they. He has the grounds to make this decision. And it's it's not that hard. He has a lot of if he's worried about the legality of it. He's covered because this has been litigated. The best thing that he can do is drop the appeal to this and stop the oil from flowing now. I wanted to. Now bring back in alex white plume to ask about your wife and her legacy Lakota water and land defender debra white plume. Who passed away. This past november born and raised in pine ridge reservation south dakota. She helped lead the fight. Against fossil fuel extraction oil and gas pipelines in two thousand sixteen. We spoke with her at a protest camp in the standing. Rock reservation. North dakota where she joined water defenders. Fighting the dakota access pipeline. This is some of what she said. If the pipeline is put in it's going to leak or spill or burst or explode and that oil is going to get into the water and dakota access pipeline. Says they're going to bury it thirty feet under. And they're assuring everybody that it's going to be safe but i think Western science doesn't really know everything thinks it knows and we need to make our decisions based on what's best for mother earth and our coming generations and that includes protecting our water is under threat all over the world right now. There are people who have no access to clean drinking water. That's deborah white plume. Met her at the standing rock reservation. Alex white plume of the oglala sioux tribe. Can you talk about her. Commitment to stopping the dakota access pipeline. I'm so sorry on your loss. Alex it's hard for me to I know to play the video. You re live your wife. Think or i remember a time when she said white plume. Come in here. I wanna talk to you about something serious. So i was outside working on the yard and i came in. And she says you're not might against cancer. These mining companies destroying our water and developed plan. It's gonna take me twenty five years to take on the largest uranium mining company in the world which was comical court graded and to have a mining company at crow butte nebraska. Just twenty miles from our border and she says can i have you support me. I need you to stand by me. This is going to be long by and saw aggrieved naturally and so what she did. Was you've done a lot of research. And she attacked the weakest and that is upgrading process. She didn't just say we're going to go out and fight the mining company and go rabble rouse neighbor. Seeing she'd done studies and she unaware they were going to apply to permit being so took a twenty five years but she shut down the uranium mined. Well about ten years before kicks out pipeline was coming down. We just haven't home seconds. Alex that they were going to the permitting process so she attacked them and then she. That's how we shut them down. The first time was through the permitting process. You just can't take these millionaire corporations on now tons of money and lawyers so she was real strategized y'all's you strategy this nothing. Can you tell us if the biden administration is weighing now what to do with dapple. I believe that they are. And i think that they understand that. This is a risk that the energy transfer partners knew that they were taking energy. Transfer partners said that they spent seven point. Five billion dollars. This is this has to be a statement if the biden administration stands for racial justice and equity if they stabbed for climate justice three as. When are we going to have dustin standing rock when shambaugh the twenty. Thanks for joining us. I'm amy goodman stacey.

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Drawn To IT Podcast - Episode 14 - TRAVIS BLAISE His career casts a very large shadow of accomplishments!

Drawn To It

2:02:28 hr | 1 year ago

Drawn To IT Podcast - Episode 14 - TRAVIS BLAISE His career casts a very large shadow of accomplishments!

"Hey Everybody Brian. Finley here. From drawn to a podcast. Today's guest is an animator who casts a very large shadow with all of his career accomplishments. None other than Travis blaze here. We go okay Thank you for tuning in everybody. I have on the podcast today. Travis blaze. The younger brother to Aaron Blaise too young to was that. Is that correct younger right. I forgot the more hint so actually I want to say that. Because then he won't do the PODCAST. He'll be all mad at me now. So basically to animation fee GNOMES. And here he is without further. Do so thank you travis. Thank you for having me. It's it's kind of weird to cool at the same time that we have this technology to do this. A huge podcast. All listening to buy to not really so much video just listening to. Yeah so this is great. This is awesome so I'm always here to support any artist yourself for anyone. That's that's trying to to build a presence in also trying to their goal is to inspire other toontown. Well that definitely fits the bill here. I mean I always feel like I'm at the bottom of the mountain walking up you know and I a lot of people out there feel the same way and So having somebody like yourself. Who's you know you've you've been in the grind for quite a while you've worked on tremendous hits of feature film wise for for Disney. I'd like to know about that though the first month. Or so you at Disney. Because 'cause I remember when I started at Disney how in awe I was Was it overwhelming for you? Or we're times different than but I don't know what what time we're talking about but may I Or actually June run may June will be will mark my thirtieth year in animation so it's an indication of how old. I am going to be fifty in. May I so when I started? I came right out of college at new money and I was. This is nineteen ninety the summer of nineteen ninety nine. So you know they. We always talk about timing and opportunity. You know it was. It was the right time for that. Second Wave It was also the right time to art school and honestly I tell the story. It's like the reason it got me into. What got me excited to go into. Animation was seeing. My brother goes through his internship and I was still in high school so I was. I wasn't really into art. Drew like my brother and I grew up since we drew since we were little tiny kids and my brother. Horsa than me but I you know I fair to the girls and wrestling and sports and and so I kind of you know my high school was all about like my girlfriend Wrestling was like my life and so Art was sort of the backdrop. It was it was always there. I knew that that you know this may be something I might consider but it wasn't until I saw my brother do the internship that got me really excited and so That would be so inspiring. I would think in intimidating at the same time when it well. It's interesting because a lot of people ask US questions. We'll have. You always wanted to work for Disney and the short answer is no we were both. You know we're fortunate enough to have hippie artists As as parents though my dad was a musician. In ironically we were from Vermont area and Which isn't too far from where you are. And so we grew up We would spend our summers there but then Our our fulltime was back home in Florida. We were we moved down. We were about seven and ten To Florida so We'd always constantly going back and forth but my parents being artists that that were they were really open to us. Just exploring are creative sides so I think the one thing that we had going for us as you know you always hear the old thing we'll parents aren't is a nice Robbie but then you need to maybe focus on an education. Get a real job will with us. I mean and you know this art is a real job and it is a lot of work and so my brother while he he took it seriously and then me I I was also joined growing up it like I said it wasn't until I saw his his real. He brought his three quarter inch. Deck Real Steph. Yeah so we had this. Three quarter inch reel And we had to watch it somewhere so there is. There is a three quarter deck at at the college that we were going to and so he brought it in the end I came up. I was a senior in high school when I came in. He plugged it in and he showed it to me. And it was the coolest thing to see this grilling his final test was guerrilla animating and he He was hit during that time. It was a seven week. Mentorship program and hid. His mentor was Glen Keane so and he had no idea who clanking was literally like we are so you know what is. He didn't because howdy but the pressure probably would have drove a mad. You know it's not like we're that we came from an we just wanted to know. I just wanted to make a living if I could make a living drawing cool right like five bucks an hour. I didn't mind if I was doing characters in the parks or or drawing. My you know going my brothers. His summer edith spending he was doing bar Mitzvahs and Urals to make a living During summer to pay for school you know and well you know at the time you know it was big is going to you know if you could get on the cover of the New Yorker or stones. You made a huge. That was that was our time here. Just put it in perspective. Everyone that was an art school like wanting to be illustrators painters we all wanted to be on the cover if we if we made it there that that we made it to the big time and then Disney shows up and then out of the blue everything turns in a now everyone from from my generation on started really looking at. Oh man we could get a job in Disney. We can get a job doing animation. And that's what they wanted. They wanted artists. That didn't really know animation but could draw really well and they wanted to train us their way so that they could have higher caliber artists that had this academia kind of round to go in and and an enemy and so. I think that was going back to the whole timing opportunity when the the timing came up for me going to art school to do this internship in the back of my head. I said well if my brother I can do it. And that's that's a tall order considering the kind of person my brothers who's very prolific and such a huge talent but I was able to the internship and then get in and it was the summer of Nineteen Ninety That was an interesting time but again it's a lot of my friends. Now that are animators at are brilliant originally go. Oh Man I wish I was. I was I was born during your time period shorter. They said that I was saying that all day while I'm waiting for you to come on man. This guy did this. Nissen and this and when I started it was to the six inch digital tablets raid way in flash and I felt I kind of felt like I was being ripped off. You know you know even You know I'm I'm revealing my age. I'll be fifty and may I. So what's what's the age. I'm forty three at or not know and I got into the industry around two thousand and and unfortunately like that age gap was just enough to be like just out of that. That really came in and kind of took took the limelight in terms of marketability and people wanting to see that that type of film making so it is interesting to talk about the idea that if I was just born a couple of years earlier and in for me I look at the talent. That's out there now and you see you go to instagram. Go deviant On social media so much talent I'm dislike. I am not worthy and I thought to myself man. How Lucky to Warren? At a time. When there wasn't a lot of other cup drives yeah. I'm so glad to hear you say that because I say that with my peers. I mean I've I've been in the game for twenty years now and you know I go on instagram. Seeing people who through their profile notes I can see their fresh out of high school. Or they're just twenty and they're drawing almost as good as Glen Keane. You know what I've I've I'm like you know I'm not worthy product of your of your of your time right your product of your of your environment in your product of A. I mean. Think of the the kids now. It's almost like an expectation you have. That could kids should be better than us. I I want people to be better than me. You Know I. I'm not an artist. Who who just wants a horrid in and feel intimidated by others. I get excited when I see someone that blows my mind with their artistry because it forces me to be better and I don't look at it as an intimidation because you know I I know my place. I know. I'm not the best artist I know about the worst artist but I know one of the things that have going for me is ethically. I'm really hard worker and I strive for better to be better and and so I tell my citizen. Look you know you guys will get out there. You'RE GONNA be you're going to be the same work. Cool Job Pool as me. You're going to be competing against me and I'm going to be competing by but that's the way I said we're here to support each other. There's enough work to go around for everybody and and that's the encouraging thing for me is like I want to see I want to see others excelled through my brother's encouragement to do what I'm doing. Now which is doing this. The sketch to animate and doing the live streams. And then eventually getting into Tourelles. That was something that I said he I am. Maybe I'll think about it. I'll think about it and then it wasn't until this January that I said you know what I need to do this and and think about the timing now think about where we are in our current and what better time to be doing what we're doing than now so opportunity and I mean as unfortunate as it is. There are a lot of creative people at home right now that you know they're just they're sponges looking for inspiration puddles to soak up. You know so to contribute to that is I. Look at it as kind of a privilege. So if there's anybody out there who who might look up to the level I'm Matt and and get inspired great that that I'm all for that if I can bring through the Pike casts a guest that is lightyears beyond where I am and can inspire us all so much the better you know. Well I mean. I'm glad that you doing what you're doing and I think it's great that That we we have this opportunity to us. You know what you're doing is helping me good speaker and what I'm doing. Hopefully he's helped me. I we can learn from each other and we can learn how to you know like I mean. I'm curious about your background and it'd be awesome to have you at some point. Maybe you know because I thought about I've even thought about doing a podcast and incorporating it into my livestream in what does that mean. Hail and bringing guest artists like Aaron and James Baxter. People like that. See if I can bring on on board to kind of you know just to bring a window to people who wouldn't normally have this opportunity to talk. You can do it do it. I find it very therapeutic. I'm a person of severe severe anxiety issues. Yes so much. So they're kind of forced me out of the studio work environment so say you're good behind horrible behind the I'm I'm better on the other side of the camera that can't see me see right now but well thank you. I'm I push through it and I tried to mentioned every podcast because there are so many creative people. I know who suffer with anxiety and performance anxiety issues social anxiety. I have all those and it's it's a hard thing overcome. We'll brother you're not alone. I mean I don't suffer from that if you can already tell I don't i. I'm good with crowds. I am a kind of a Social Butterfly and But you know as artists. It's especially teaching I. I see that I see that. Social anxiety aspect in younger generation more than ever. And it's a real thing it's a real thing to with. It's a real thing that people in I think. That's why a lot of people like to hide behind you know being artists. You feel like you can hide behind a desk now. Being a story artist and having social anxiety who is is a tough challenge because you know as a story artist. You can't even if like me. Even if I'm I'm working remotely I still have to pitch in front of twenty ample. I still had my camera and microphone. Screw up I screw up and turn red and everyone's asleep because you can't see everybody but you can kind of look at their faces. They're dead and at the end of it and you're like and is that because there they finally it's over or they happy that you're out of your misery now and you can sit down. Yeah Trust me. Everyone knows that but having that social anxiety I can imagine In in the type of field that we're in with story can I It'd be I have a have a story that kind of pertains to this one. The I think it was a second year when I was at Disney. I'd SORTA got known for for being the Story Board Guy Among our team. Oh by the way. Sorry if you hear. My kitchen is literally no worries. I got four kids so if you hear thumping screaming and fighting. That's was happening so we go so anyway. Yeah I kind of became known as a Story Board Guy Yet at the studio and my producer one day came to me and said we're going to La. We'RE GONNA go to Disney records and come with us because we're going to. You'RE GONNA Board in real time as we're talking with you executives because we're doing a yeah no pressure right so so we were doing a cross universe promotion. I I work for the club Penguin Studio and we were. We were at game party that featured one of their Disney television shows so as a as I worked on the team. That didn't do the game mart. We did the television commercials. No short end mission San type thing. He did like the the the more fuller all not to say that the game artists weren't talented. Believe me they were. Oh Yeah but you know. It's it's a difference between you know eight bit or sixteen run kind of or to to full on twenty four frame right so so anyway. Long Story Short. We fly down there and I'm already nervous because I know of my anxiety triggers and we're about to walk into a room full of them and and sure enough when my anxiety goes up. I sweat and I don't just sweat a little bit. I sweat as if you would think I was dying. I sweat okay so I'm already like I'm I'm overweight. Guy I'm sweating. I got a pit stains going on. I'm trying to draw on these little sixteen by nine ish cards and I'm smudge and the Pencil because the sweat is dripping off my fingers and they're they're talking a mile a minute and I'm just trying to keep up and the whole time I'm worried about all. I hope he's drawings turnovers. We're GONNA find out on a fake and fire me you know. And I'm pinning drawings up on the windows as fast as I can and yes I swear the windows could have had condensation from from me. Okay listen I find it humorous too because at the end of it? I got the you know the applause clap and I was dripping with sweat embarrassing levels. Okay like just huge pit stains cared looked like I just got out of the shower. I'm trying to cover up like wet fingerprints on the table. You know it's like the Black Shiny Table. It's like the skit from SNL with around all man. Yes superstar so at the end of it the the idea got approved storyboards got approved and you know the reward was for the first time in my life. We got we got. I got to go to the park. You know as a producer tokens but but what I'm saying is it was the most panicked experience of my life. My heart was beating so strong. I swear they could see it in my neck the pulse just but it happened because it showed me what I could do under pressure. You know it brought you to that to that to that point of that. You're were yes. Yes you actually went. Through one of your. Yeah and and what did you learn from walking? I learned that I was. I was capable of getting through more than I thought. I could in terms of That that fighter flight scenario you know right and I learned that That maybe I wasn't faking it till I make it kind of thing that that. That's that's when I started to perceive that cliche. Fake it till you make it as as show up keep learning keep trying keep growing. That's what it began to mean for me. That's awesome and then from that point on war white glove double sure yes. I trust. The paper towel is. Why do you a headband? And it's like every time you come in Zome. I wish I could wear. I've thought about it so many times know because after that I had to get up and pitch you know this from doing board. You GotTa Get up and pitch in front of people and you know I'd have to pitch in front of the through you know Virtual conference calling and stuff and yeah. It's it can be frightening. I get more nervous when I have to do something. That's scripted versus something like if if it's on cough in off stuff in no problem. I'll the you know a lot of times. I don't prep for lunch. I just kind of because I know what I want. I know what I I generally know what I want to do. And it's very unorthodox I think that's quite a cleanup artist. Hated me because I was so unorthodox with my charting in animating but at produce good work it's just lay a foundation that was necessarily conducive for people to follow up. However I've noticed that even when I when I edit when I'm doing my own Now doing tutorials and you know we just talked about how I was up all night doing this one tutorial only because I'm struggling with final cut new software Everything like literally. I every move. I'd get like a five minute spin of the wheel and I couldn't figure out what what was wrong with until finally I realized. Oh I had somehow triple copied two gigs of of information. That now became like forget it and I was like oh it after. It was all said and done at four o'clock in the morning literally. I'm say I'm done. I'm about the Senate out and my face. The pips greed is all orange and different colors. And I'm going what the heck is going on so when you see my my flower sag tutorial. You'RE GONNA see me change colors and I'm just like you know what it but I realized I talked a lot and I repeat myself a time yet. But for an instructional video that can be a really good thing though. I actually thought to myself because I have a good assistant who she's now in South Africa but she she was saying Travis. We need work really to work on scripts. When you give when I give little little props it you work fine and now that I don't have a year in having to do it by myself. What a full first off. I don't know about you when you're sitting here editing. This podcast do you could do. You probably don't do this now but cringe every time I hear myself. Oh yeah or every topics. Listen I gotTA listen to my goofy tune face make this eastern eastern accent and then on top of that. I'm looking at this pudgy. Guy Trying to pretend that he knows what he's talking about the animation industry. I cringe man. It's it's a couple of hours of cringing all night trying to get yet at this this by myself. Doing this on my own is deployed of this story. Is I get more nervous in more anxious than if I'm doing young I do? I do do this all day long. So yeah just let me do this. But when it comes down to me actually having to focus and like put something. Concrete in edited down feud it I look at the cameras like Yup. I hear myself I'm going. Oh Oh yeah okay wait. Could I got this? And if people see me they're like what are you doing but anyway my anxiety to real thing man it really is. It is a real thing. Now have you when you've been on on the job like did you have performance anxiety when you started at Disney. I mean while. Wow sounds sounds very parallel you know. Did you have eighty well actually break all countries here? No I the the time that I would ever get really nervous because I was always. I guess I grew up in the industry. I literally grew up in animation. Twenty years old punk ass kid who you know at the time like Disney. Now now a big deal and And I and I'm and I'm still struggling as an artist but I'm in right. That's all it matters. I mean and plus you have a brother. Coincide that with a brother you know. We had the Bancroft Marquette had Ruben Aquino there we had Alex Cooper Schmidt there Bob Walker there. We had Chuck Chuck Williams and we had Chris Sanders at one point. Was Tom just all of these dean? Dubois WHO EMAS? Dean was layered artists at the time. And we're all just young kids working you know came down from Sheridan and look at them now right Oh and look at Look Byron. Howard I mean it was a a guy working in the parks literally in the parks and showed his portfolio and now he's an Oscar winning director. He's got the best story in the world and he's an couldn't happen to a better nicer well-deserved person on the planet like the guy is the guy is can do no wrong. In my opinion he's just an awesome person. But you know the the only time that we get is I think when it came down to when I did start getting the story until after I left his knee because I I was like going. How GonNa continue to work as an animator so the only the only way I could do that is if I moved into a transition likes story which allows me to do everything that I learned in. Act You know from acting and everything else in animation and apply it to my story just to draw less and figure out how to draw less than that. Give like thirty thousand keys for one idea. Well I guess that depends on the production because I've worked places where they demand thirty thousand keys from their board artists. You know well nowadays with those big crazy cameras and I'm working on one of those rare now. After I do this I got a I got ta back on and finish up production on a feature but to get back to the anxiety aspect of though we would get classes so as part of being Disney also had extra extra curricular activities to be educated. There was figure drawing classes there. We had biologists that would come in. We'd have Stuart Sumida whose like this brilliant a paleontologist die say paleontologist the study of animals. I'm not as smart as you. I just think that his he he was an expert on animals. His wife you can edit that. His wife is an expert on humans and so So they would come in and we would. We would We would learn from them about structure in anatomy and were were. The origins of man came from during the lawn. It's all of these different things. And then the one thing that got me nervous was one of our early on. I had to as part of our training. We had to learn in Prawo. Yeah that out of anything else I could pitch my shows no problem. I could do all these things. But they wanted us to learn in providence to kind of pull that interacting none of us and then getting in front of your peers. Like goof off all the time. No but the IMPROV. It was like I felt like I had to be a former and I had to be as good if not better than anybody else and and I could it was. I had so much anxiety doing those classes and it was all in house. So I'm I'm with people that I've I've grew literally grew up with but yet I could do this. It was hard so it was an but I ended up getting a lifetime friend out of that too. So the guy that runs ran. The IMPROV is name was Gary Warm and still lives in Florida and still is a good friend of mine Him and I became super super. Close after that okay but but it was That was probably those times you have to be. You know what it is being taken out of your element of your comfort zone. Any time you get taken out of my comfort zone is talking like this. By Comfort Zone is pitching zone is getting in front on a stage but the moment you take what I'm talking about or I feel comfort or at least I could fake it that I know what dragging him out but the moment taking out of something else like an Improv class. That's completely out of my element man. I I'm like you were like people can't see me sweating my heart skipping and racing and I'm I'm nervous. Alison by my mouth starts to go dry cotton mouth. I hate that the kind of Oh. That's the worst. That's horrifying today is is anxiety. Yeah I mean it's all over the place I've got two children that suffer from it as well as only in grade six has full blown panic attacks at school very creative kid though loves Beat BOXING LOVES TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION HOWEVER GETS stage fright moments that are fighter flight to alter the level that we have to pick them up from school year about that a lot with perform like the performance that you absolutely adore like comedians. Even that have such high anxiety. Like how do you do it? And you don't see it and you know it's like it's like the to have someone. Sounds like my dogs at two dogs by the way. So if you hear dogs at two schnauzers cute What the you know. It's like the old thing like I was just going to mention as soon as you start talking about your kids. I was like you know when you're when I was growing up. He didn't know how to swim. Dive Ability Hey. Just throw you in the latest. It starts right. Yeah you know that kind of that kind of scenario will you can't do get for the stage and just do it. You can't you can't do that kind of stuff and what's interesting is because we live in a time period was social media has taken over We're also up against the whole kind of like antisocial. Yeah I guess because we're all locked in on our computers and we're kind of a not in the real world a lot of times and I think with this quarantine I think I I don't. I don't think I'm worried that people are going to become so accustomed to it that were were in for a bigger social change than we might have thought be because of it like we were already isolating ourselves in terms of Ugo. Outta some go for dinner with somebody and both people there on a date. But they're both head stay on looking at their phone so okay so now. We're discovering At the corporate level discovering people can work from home easier than they thought with just a few changes in the pipeline strategy. People people are getting accustomed to be in that home being able to stay in their pajamas. Now it's been over a month and more more that with this social media stuff on their phone and I'm just curious what it's going to look like on the other end you know. Yeah you you know. The kind of brings up issues in thing. I know we. I'm really good at taking things. Off Topic In compensation however I think from me my hope is an and I've been saying this since day one I've been working remotely barely successfully will successfully. I mean I haven't been out of work. I've actually gotten more work taking the leap faith working remotely than I did when I was actually working now or is about the same. I guess you know a little almost four years ago. I decided that it would break away from Los Angeles and mind you. I wasn't always in Los Angeles. I was in Florida with the Disney studios but the last four years. I decided it I met someone in Seattle and I said you know I want to I WANNA move. I WANNA I wanna be kind of like. I'm at that age where I wanted to take control of my own destiny and mind you a lot of people now with this. The quarantine are rethinking their whole careers in their whole life and their directions that they want to do. But it the firstly face with faith with me leaving praying that someone will hire me. Even though I'm not in Los Angeles anymore and thankfully I had those people that I collected created these relationships with that fed me work and and from there it just catapulted one after their once they realized I could work remotely successfully. This work just kept coming incoming incoming in And then were it was always word of mouth like Oh yeah travis can do this level by as well can he work remotely will know and then you had that silent. Pas will. He can't work remotely on. That means. I'm not GonNa get the job then all of a sudden I'm like okay sure. We'll we'll give you burqa and then it works out. Yeah so it's like taking those little leaves a face But now we live in a day where we all have to work from home. There's no choice choice so all every studio has to create with it's temporary pipeline or not. I mean some some places like Tip Mouse Studios. Were kind of fighting a little bit tooth and nail My one of my best friends that were some big mouth. I worked on the first season of of big mouth. He's been on it as a director all the way from conception until now they were even fighting him working remotely until finally. They realized they had no choice. But it's nice. Whatever was realizing some people are saying. I'm being able to get more work and some people saying I don't know how to do anywhere and it's like because you know your weekends become kind of a blur. Oh Yeah but the plus side to working remotely is. I'm hoping because going back to our original conversation. How much talent is out there? That don't have opportunities people in Poland. People let me want them say not opportunities but opportunities Work in the main in in industry. Like let's say they want to work for Disney to work for a bigger steel like bowser Sony or powerhouse in Austin or Yauza studios or in Canada. Or you know whatever studios are out there blur and The Pixel and wild brain and Bento box. You know. There's Bar del up in there in a bid Vancouver and there's all these studios dreamworks and Three Point. Horta's I mean I'm like spouting up all these different. Cd's that are out there. And and they're all people that work worked for at some point and you going I want. I want those people to have those opportunities and I feel like now that opportunity. Since we're all working molly that maybe the studios were doing you know what maybe I should be looking at the studio. You know now that we are having a a pipeline as freelance based or revote based that you know hiring somebody other than time difference issues. Hiring somebody from a different country may not. We mean a more viable option that they thought they could do before it comes down to trust right the they they trust the pipeline that they have. Which is you have to show up for work. You have to be hands on. We have to see each other but you and I can see each other right now I can. I can sit there and it's almost like me. We'll have more interaction working remotely than we would if we were working right next to each other because the cameras there and I can see you and I could be drawing. Hey Man Hey. What do you think of this? Yeah Hey how about this great and then you and then you can just sit there and draw and have silence and know that you're there but not have to say anything so they they're realizing that. Oh Wow we can do this and we might be able to do successfully now. Granted is all said and done. A lot of students will probably go back to their original pipelines. But I hope that this gives people that I I've reached out to through my facebook in through through the people that I've learned and have become friends with through through social media that are in South Africa that are in Chile Brazil that they might have opportunities to do. Because there's man seeing some of the work that comes out of Russia sees of the work Chile. Uh Spain Italy. I mean Oh my God just continually blown away by the amount of talent. That's out the end. They're all they've all got this attitude of just put me in a game coach. You know yes this. Just give you a shot. Just give me a shop and I'm just like give them a shot up. We need these. We need fresh we need. We need all of us. I think everyone needs to be creative and I think everyone needs to have a voice. We all need a voice. I don't care who you are. We all need that the and if you're an inanimate in urine storytelling you even more than ever need a voice. You need someone to see what your what you want to express what you WanNa tell. I mean we're artists. That's we live for those moments of sharing and and and giving giving back you know afford if I'm drawing like you know something like this back here are this. Yeah you know I can draw it for. It's there but it's there because I want to express it for others. Yeah sadly exactly. So now. It's going be very interesting and I hope we we get some new some new regular talent out of that from people that are abroad Because it's out there. You just gotTa go spend ten minutes on instagram. You know and and why they're why the recruiters don't fight for Alternative pipeline. This quarantine blows my mind. Because the the investment in old of Ternate of remote base pipeline would pay off so many times in dividends of talent that they can recruit now more than ever I think. People are striving for their striving to to read. There's trying to watch things and I think it's a great opportunity for that so anyways no that's cool. I had a couple of questions I wonder if we could do. Sort of a little bit of a rapid fire. Would that be okay? Yes sherri yeah. Well we know about my internet so long long time ago in a land far far away so so your internship that that brought you into the big leagues of working on the feature films interesting. Yes I always like to share this. Because it's my summer job. I was very again timing opportunity. My summer job was working on beating the beast while it was still uncommon. Run up and that was the first time it got credit in a film. It's amazing and I worked five months on it enough to allow me credit for the film but that was literally my my summer gig Inbetween going to school and Coming back to Disney ACA was. Was there a great big gap between finishing on that and coming back for another one or did you roll into another project? So I went to a school called ringling school of Art Design. Which is where my brother went to school and at the time that they had just opened up the animation. Studio one thousand nine hundred nine Where Aaron I started. It was a small crew like forty-seven including Non Artistic so it was a very small crew and they're there just to support the be a part of the park. Do like you know short short content. Of course you know. The story expands that when we create three feature films out of the but at the time I was actually the first people sit at that desk. There desk there when they first opened the park pre-opening to the park they needed some sit in the animation deaths because it was like was a tour animation tour so the the studio was part of the tore. I was one of the first people to fake it that I was actually working for guests that were coming through so I was literally one of the first people to sit at those data. Awesome before I was even hired before I was. I was errands brother in said. Let's get someone that can draw and put him in so I did that. And so that was my first experience then of course you know. I got the internship and when I went back to school that was the summer that fall Going back to stay with my brother. They they called me and asked me if I would do another internship and it was sort of a secondary internship where it was I continued working on a short called Tummy Off Its rocker right. Which was a a a three animated short that That was put in front of honey. I've loved the kids but then you had that extra honey I blew up. The kids was a short film that was put in front of that in theaters so I ended up working on that for a month and I got to meet who I have now. My longtime friend guy named jazz new frank poor who lives in Seattle is teaches at the school of I met. He was in effect a meter but he in turn during at times. So my second internship. I met those guys who are in their first intern. Show and I've been lifetime friends with those guys for thirty years. After that went back to school you know that was fall spring. I went through and then that summer. They said Hey. Would you come back to work for the summer so I said I thought about it? That realized that. Yeah before you can even finish your sense. I was like yes I know you just said I thought about it yes. Of course it's like asking me this really know because I I live for when you call me up okay. Whatever what kid would not want to see what would say no to this clean seriously. Like what would you be where you'd be like now know I don't know so yes I did? I did the internship and are interested but is actually a summer job and then after that I went back to school finished out my ear and ironically I never graduated from Cali there and it's a whole other story but I finished with art school like I was shy. Academia academic classes. That didn't allow me to go across the stage and get my diploma. I was like three credits. Shy three classes shy because a this is another tangent but I will say I actually quit art school at one point after my first year and said maybe I don't WanNa do this and that one year of like quitting art school at going away and thinking about finding myself Which was kind of ridiculous Screwed up my whole like for your curriculum so I was done with art school. But it wasn't done with academic so I couldn't graduate but while everyone his graduating walking across the stage I was at working at Disney. They hired me like that the week before I was supposed to graduate or finish college I had already been offered a job in started that that fallen weekend so So it worked out and and and my career kind of went from there so I started on Aladdin officially officially as a like a fulltime employees was the lad junior animator inbetween. Her with absolutely. No ooh I start up. Cleanup hell of film started off as a cleanup artist on holy mackerel rule because we were always a supporting our student in Florida was always supposed to be the support. We were like you know that the stepchild that was trying to hey look at me. We're but we we were talent. We think out again tans. I always look back and think of my past where I come from and always very humbled because the amount of talented people that are running our industry. Today that came from my studio that I work done is is so. I'm so you look at Aaron Byron Kevin Leaders Davey you They directed together. They also started You have Paul Briggs Nathan Grennell These are all directors. These guys are directing and making films every single. One of them came from our studio and we worked together for years. So when people hate you solve the yeah I know them before they you know. They're doing their thing but we just we were just. A bunch of artists is trying to do the best. We could so out of that pool of people that came out of the animation. Sue the Florida studio. I would say the he was the best studio I've ever worked for hands down the best experience ever had and people know that today even even I got the biggest compliment from Alex or Richard Williams. Oh Wow and Richard Williams. I was at Annecy two summers ago and I was with Stuart. Sumita my my girlfriend and we're all walking around we were at I was Helping TD paint At Doing of guest artists a TV. Paint and Alex Williams. Who used to work with new Stuart Sumida who knows everybody and he said Hey. We're GONNA HAVE MY DAD's here as I've never met your dad and everybody knows who Richard Williams. I mean who doesn't do you know and so I said will let's take let's go out to dinner and and we didn't hear anything of it and you know they said okay sure will give you a call and so we found this nice little restaurant in in the villa in NC and it's a beautiful place for upstairs are actually downstairs and we sat there for like an hour waiting and father of enemies into arrive at this point. We're drinking wine and having fun letter and Chernoff because what took them so long as every five feet in the streets he you know. Nc If anything anisi annecy is that it is the Mecca. The oldest animated film festival in the world. And it's one of the best experiences ever had gone to a film festival and everyone. This town is like inundated with animation. Like from globally. Like you know you. GotTa Calm Account. That's one thing but when you go to annecy you're getting everyone from Europe right from the eastern bloc to to South Africa everywhere you go. There's there's all these new people and new representations that I'd never experienced before the gate that and he's trying to navigate a sure enough he sure enough he shows up and we felt bad because we had we had all these people and the the owner of the rest of didn't know who he was. But we're like yeah. We need more space and he the owner looked at as he kinda got a little net annoyed. He's like we need like four more tables or four Chairs and then there's a table sitting there that had all that we're kind of taking up space and they turn and saw who is with me and they're like they got up the nope sit down bad but I was like. Oh I'm with the Godfather and it was literally again. I go back to how I don't know I wasn't. I didn't grow up wanting to be an animation but I ended up learning about all of these people and and had such respect for the artistry in that When I finally an had worked with Alex Son and his and his daughter to have him walk in in sit down with us and I am proud to say that Stewart's to meet me pay for everyone's dinner. It was our tree in Richard. Looked at me like why. No let me do this for you. Lease let me let me take care out and it was great And Richard sat down with us and the biggest compliment he gave. He looked at me he. He turned over and looked me. He says you know travesties. People were scary. You guys like what do you mean he is you guys. He says you know Oh. Everyone talked about the floor issue. You guys were was was like one of the best in every was was was intimidated by your student. How good you were and how it to him. It was like wow. That's pretty cool. Yeah I am and took somebody like him and you know this was just for me. It wasn't for any the world. Is this an intimate conversation? And I tell the story because it's cool that I can sit down with someone who who who deserves the respect that he has but it's also incredibly. He's an artist. He's down Earth. He you know he had Emotions he has anger and and fear anxiety and all but he he sat down and you so and he was very witty very funny and he in at the end of the dinner of a friend of mine that that literally was I'd met while it was there I said. Hey you WANNA come along. to Richard Williams is going to have dinner and he his eyes lit up because he said said ever since he was a child literally for him the Richard Williams with his God like everything about the reason why he lives and the reason is because of this man and I'm offering him an opportunity to have dinner with this guy and I can see in his eyes. Like wow and I thought and I purposely got him to sit right next to to Richard Williams and it was the most amazing night Just be able to sit among these people and just talk and my my girlfriend who still with. Who Lives with me she? She has no idea. She's she's chatting an with him and and they're they're kind of jokingly flirting with each other and it was just a cute moment and it was. I was so happy that I was able to sit with someone like that and for him to give me that complement. Who who deserves so much you know. He gave so much to our industry today. Yeah it was really really cool to hear that so. I long Long winded story. It's an amazing story. And I mean I fantasize about what it would be like to sit down with some of these people. I got to go to the Disney Lot at one point and have coffee with the The supervising animators for the tangled. The second short they did for for that Clay Clay K. Kadish is that it. That's IT and another fellow. They were fantastic. Amazing they have coffee with us. Radioside going Qian's office who wasn't in day. Clay is such a him and his his wife. Oh my God. His wife is is a producer right saul to the beautiful people super super. Well they they gave us a tour of the feature building and You know that was an emotional experience for me and having coffee outside of Glen Kings Office that that would be as close as I've ever gotten to be able to to meet one of my animation heroes face to face and of that level. You know you mentioned Richard Williams and he's definitely out there. He's the pinnacle right. I don't want I don't mean to trump. You can trump me on everything on my career so go for every at this that this event the antidote after after dinner was over and he riches like. Hey let's go get ice cream. Says I'll treat. You is ice cream at least so we go get ice cream and I turn around. And who's walking by me Glen Keane? Oh Yeah Yeah. She's and I'm thinking he's not GonNa Remember your trout. It's how you doing. And he goes and he gave me a hug. You say hello to you brother for me. And I'm like okay. I was like and churches. Like who is Glenn Sluggish? But I you know I. I did work in the industry where he was in the industry with us but I was in Florida so my interactions were with him were limited. But we knew of each other. You know maybe worked on Thursday. I'm right I did work Tarzan remotely. So did you have interaction through email and stuff or you just got notes handed down from on or no no never know of. I worked on At the time I was working under Sergio Pablos as it. Serve A filler. That project was a filler. Another amusing talent. Sergio anyways your again I. I do this all the time I apologize. I take people off topic. you're going to ask me a bunch of questions but you're also going to say something about Glenshane. Being in the office are near his office just to wrap it up real quick. You've got to sit and have a conversation with a animation mentor. You looked up to I. I got to meet Clay who who was a mentor. I had only just found out about just before we went there through his podcast. He had at the time and so meeting him. A little starstruck but then he points to the door and says that Glenn Office. And I'm like Glenn Glenn who I don't work here buddy I don't know Glenn Glenn who he goes going keen. I'm like Oh really okay. I got up right away. I reached over. I touch the handle said there. I'm good now. You know touch the handle to a store I can go home. I'm I'm good to go. So do you ever sit there and go l? Like you touch the handle of someone that you is an icon you but you realize when you get to know them. They're flesh blow is they're just like yeah but you still have this weird kind of admiration you know. It's it ends. Us admiration either or or icon worship. It's respect for achieving a level of artistic talent. That seem so far down my personal path. I can't help but just resp- back that that they achieve that. Because I know from day to day how how hard it is you know you gotta you gotTa work at this stuff to get better it. We got to do it. It's art. Art is a lifetime a lifetime. It's a lifetime commitment. It's it's not like you know you sit there but look you sat in a room next to where Glen Keane is right you. Were you got your there that you know what that says to me. Says you are in a level of some level of achievement for your own self. That allowed you to be the place where you like. I can have this moment and know that what I'm doing is among the right path or it should be motivating it should be like. Oh you're level. Helen you there right. It got you to that moment. You wouldn't have been air if Joe Schmo off the street. That didn't draw a pencil at all. You were there because you're a talented artist. While I I haven't I've never stepped back to look at it from that point of view but I thank you for that perspective that you have to you have to look we. All there's people are below and there are people that are above. We're all just people yup right up and we see these level achievements. That people skyrocket to and you're GONNA be doing this but remember even though you're doing this and doing this you're still going up. Yeah Yep you may not and so at that moment you know. He might be way up here to to ambassador. You're your your your past cross at this juncture. This moment and air he was and there you are and and there. There's a level that's why I'm saying every moment should be an inspiration and not a deterrent for you to want to be a better artist. It should inspired him card. Always has it's never made me want to quit it it's it's made me Ad during moments where. Maybe maybe I've spent a bit of time getting to comfortable with my current level and then to have moments like that happen kind. Shakes me like sketch and says you know yeah. It's it's great that you're here but you could be up here. Let's go for it. You know so it's always motivating to me. I do know people where it's crushing to the fact where they left the industry and that's up setting they they can never. They can never digested inspiration. The the digested of as like why even try. It's it's it's it's What do they call it? When you're beat yourself up the the cockpit they they look at as more of a competition yeah rather than I don't lookit you know early on when I first started Disney. We're we're all a little competitive And but as you get older you realize there's there's plenty there's plenty out there for all of us and it's not about who's better than the other person's about what can how. Where do you want to be with yourself? Where do you WanNa be with your career? What are you happy and it comes down to internalizing. Be Happy with yourself. Be Happy who lar. And when you're happy with yourself everything else becomes that much better so true it and I believe they know it took me a long time to kind of figure that one out. I'd always been a positive person but I've also been negative and and disheartened disheartened and frustrated but You know now I. I'm happy like you know I don't I don't really. I have a desire to make my own Phil. That's my huge desires is to to put a series on on TV to put up some kind of short film out there to to do a children's book. I have these bucket lists of things. Did you meet both gets way up? You know but it's you look at why we're here right now. Talking in this moment inspiring I n spiring to others who are GonNa Hopefully Watch and listen because it should be so so I guess I guess maybe you want to fire some questions at all right cool so the I. I don't know how you feel about this question. A little bit rapid-fire. You don't have to spend time on it but Sibling rivalry yeah sibling. Rivalry as a thing. Yes what what does that manifest itself into in a studio environment when you're two siblings working in the same field as animation. I think's sibling. Rivalry happen more with me than with Aaron. Because it's sort of like like this with his blinders on kind of moving forward kind of oblivious that I was a younger brother right up having to kind of fall into his his his shadow. I always say I'm little at the little brother. Syndrome right but For years and years and years I I was in the shadow in. I never had to be right. But the sibling rivalry definitely happened. You could see happening during brother bear when errands directing and I'm an animator working airing and You know if this is a question if this falls would suit with the question but it definitely would happen. you see the Brothers were grew up with us so they were in the same industry to See Tom who's the supervisor in Tony? Who IS THE CO director? Aaron me an animator and now At the time him being a director Aaron I are very. We wear emotions on our sleeves so when him and I fight we forget who is around. And so there'd be times we'd have an argument about something about the scene or something else and we would be cussing at each other and the producer and the CO director. Bob Walker rest in peace would get a SIP package. Go all another go again. I mean no we we we. Would we love each other to death? Don't wrong I would do. I would give the shirt off my back from brother. I would take a bullet for that guy but at the same time we throw bullets at each other. You know any any got really awkward. Sometimes Sam Weird thing were siblings can do that to each other but nobody else better do it. Right exactly yeah. We also knew that we're in the comfort of people that knew us. Now Mind you twenty years going into this. We've known each other like everybody in that room. As known each other for ten fifteen twenty years so uh fighting is normal everyday thing but it is a professional job and it probably shouldn't happen but it does. Yeah it did so sibling. Rivalry does occur it more more so for me but now as adults. We're we're We're I think we're past that the fantastic I would I would think it'd be strange if it hadn't occurred. Actually I've got I've got siblings. Two and you know stuff comes up right. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah especially if you're dealing with a passionate career you know and you're both in it so totally makes sense. It's weird that we're both in it. We both separately. It wasn't until this year. I got to tell you the sibling rivalry thing once. I get the social media until this day I guarantee at some point people wait. Your name is blazed Dino Aaron all Friday and like yes Aaron is my brother hence the last name blaze. My brother gets annoying like Aaron. Blaise Travis. Plays were both in animation. We both worked at Disney It's not rock but until this day I even had this semester. I had a new city come in and I showed her my real and I introduced myself. Hey bubble buying. This is the stuff I worked on you. And she's like do you know tra- Aaron and I go ask. My brother never starts laughing. Well how come you're not famous. Oh boy and I go because I don't need to be yeah I I don't famed as a drive. What might passionate up. And that's in but it is. It is Kinda like I get it now. I can empathize with without for sure. Okay well I I don't want to spend a Lotta time because this is about you not Aaron. So that's that's going I my girlfriend would say my partner crafts. You stop talking about Aaron so much you know what your work speaks for itself. I did a deep dive on as much your stuff as I can see and you know it speaks for itself so well thank you thank you so I wanted to find out. You've done some directing those true. No actually I haven't actually direct okay. I didn't direct a really bad short film it years and years and years ago. That was on my own right but that's a film. I won't even mentioned but I developed my own project. And so if you want to call those technically but under the umbrella productions no. I've never actually directed a show or film. Is that something? You're you're hoping to get into or you'd rather not. I would rather develop my own projects at it's Kinda like you know how you know. Writers want right publisher books. I Wanna I wanNA tell us I want to tell stories. I want to help others tell stories and I want to be a I want. I want to see people sit down in front of a show and be happy watching and get sucked into a show that created that I helped to create so right there with a goal of mine. That is a goal. A serious goal of mine Even though I don't have accolades as a director I know that have the ability to be able to do that with the experience that I have because you have so much story experience that it's I mean that's where in my opinion. The best animation directors come from. Yeah honestly in terms of TV story. I never I had opportunities but never wanted to do to direct and star. I've always said it's better to be a story. Artisan is to be a director the director in story for TV. Because you have no I can. I can work on an eleven minute. Script a fifteen or fifteen page script. That's eleven minutes and eight weeks. Go by in a Nevada. What happens done and I can onto the next thing but the director has to stay with it through through the end now. If it was my own project and it was my own thing I would I would put every ounce of energy into that and nothing twice but when it comes to being a story artist I felt like being a story. That is the easier position to where you can still be as creative as you want to be but at some point it's also great because it's like okay you gotta let go to move on and then you move on on. I'm working on a feature right now. Which is which has sort of a TV pipeline. And it's allowed me to really the director that both the directors have allowed me to have a lot of creative freedom and learned a lot. 'cause I got one of the best experiences I've had as a as an adult working in the industry this particular feature film as been a wonderful experience working with the people I've been working with man. I wish we could dive deeper into that but I know you can't talk about it so no no we we can. Let's keep asking questions but we can always come back around too because I I can talk about it that I can't talk specifically about the story. Um It's you know so. Yeah okay all right. Well I'll just get a a couple more here. Any you've probably been asked the one thousand times but I'M GONNA go ahead and jump on their cliche wagon any anything coming up in the future. Words ablaze team up project. Oh you mean like Aaron. I doing something You know it's something that we've we've been asking a the short answer. Is I would like that to happen. But the reality is and I've said this you know it takes the right time and opportunity for that to occur of five years ago. I would say no Years ago now where we are in our places now I I would say yes. There's one particular project in my mind that I really see him that I working together on and it's a film about us and that would be great and the reason why it's I would like to work on a collaboration but we need to. We need to get to a place where we're not we're always in a butthead. Yeah but we get to a place where you're singling wrist equal ground or you know we come. We come to this with the understanding that were in it together. As brothers equal partners doing something creatively together and we divvy up that that that work together. It'd be so fun out to take a project like that and approach it from a therapy point of view where you have to end. Made his character and he has to animate your character you know he did this live stream where Aaron was drawing and I think this would be fun to do again and I said Aaron. We should try this again. While he was drawing his design. I was animating it. Oh cool so it was a while ago? People loved it. The greatest I animated as he was designing the character. I was animating the character and it was a cat and the cat was getting crouching on all floors jumps in. I just kind of made it up as I went and then he was while he was drawing. So that was that was like a year and a half ago or something. Maybe even two years ago that we did that but the project that I was referring to is we have one and I and I mentioned this actually talked about in my livestream about being lost in the ocean. It's one story that I feel like is is a it's got a theme in a alone. I think is relevant to our time and is relevant to. I think it's a opportunity in timing now more than ever. I think it's a relevant thing to do. But it's about us as kids in the eighties in southern Florida. South Florida being lost in the ocean for three days. And what that experience led to an? And you know how we got there what we did while we were there. And what how it affected us now. Even as adults 'cause I look back at those moments is sort of the They could have been traumatic but it wasn't it was more like an adventure running But it was literally lost in the ocean for three days of my brother and it was it. Was it everything? Everything about that. Statement is is is very profound. It was like we really lost. Yeah no we were in. We didn't know where we were for twenty four hours and then when you figured out where we were we were sixties miles from any human gone. L. Sell so we might as well been kind of stuck in the middle of the mountains in a remote area. 'cause that's basically where we are but it was. Florida was flat nose water inland. So anyways I sell. That would be a project that I would love to team up with Aaron on and I would actually work. I told Erin I said. Hey you know he's GonNa try to every accolade to him for doing this and I hope he gets an opportunity to finishes snow baron because he wants to animate the whole thing himself and I said. Hey if you have. If you want me to help out I'd be more than happy to help out and I'd do it for free. You will have to pay me here. Well they'll let you know I I always I always. I really like where we are in my place in life where Aaron is because I feel like we waking waking kind of become brothers ago. If it's not don't fix it type thing yeah I get it. That's that's awesome. I had cheese abroad background to Aaron again. My I APOLOGIZE. One one question. I've recently found myself in a position where I've taken on a freelance gig. That is a little bit outside my comfort zone. Or maybe my my my resting skill level so I really gotTa Push Myself So I was wondering during your time at Disney. If any of any particular character jumps out to you as something where it it scared you to tackle it because it was so far above where you had been resting your you know with your skill level while you making me go blank. I I'm trying to say this in a way I've never been afraid of any character animating. 'cause I always think of it as if it's something I don't think I can do. I WanNa do it even more because I want to I want. I'm very competitive with myself in that regard and again like I said I'm not the best. There's so many better animators and artists than me and all I can do is the best that I can do. The the best to travis can do right and I have to constantly remind myself. I think the one time that I was in that place of like Okra up to show myself. I really have to prove myself was just coming off a Polka Hanis And I was just an animator training I was in cleanup for for lying king on zoo in the hyenas and I ended up being a lead for short time. Cleanup artists for zoo in Florida. Crew and the opportunity to up to get an animation. Become an animator. I came up with so I got the opportunity so I went in after that went into training as an animator and then Came around so I worked on that. And then What happened was as we're wrapping up production for Pocahontas and we're wrapping up our training. I get a call from T- Dan Hampstead and I'll never forget it. It's a very pivotal moment for me in my career T Dan calls me up and T- Dan's amazing artists animator and also an amazing Ukulele player like Guitar Ukulele. You name it. This guy could play and he lives in Los Angeles. So t dance says. Hey I just wanted to give you a compliment. I go because I worked on miscellaneous like as if enemy and you're in training you don't get those big sea rise you don't get like the big pocahontas running you know just beyond the riverbeds right you. Don't the you get the crowds like there's one hundred people in the in the background. That's what that's what you get. So that's me. I'm on the grunt. I'm I'm in the back just animating Indians and settlers and there happened to be one scene that I did. Where grandma willow snaps one of the the any the settlers in the button? And he's as he's running off and the way he gets hit in the way he jumps up in the air and runs away. It's a forgettable seen. You don't remember it. It's not that big of a deal like and the only reason I bring it up is because he goes. I wanted to give you a couplet from Glen Keane and I go. Klenk HE IS WHY IS WILL. Glenn came up to me says I really loved that scene. Because he was head of all the he was in charge of all the miscellaneous characters that was his as a supervising animator. Kind of look over that. Because there's a lot of lot of animation to be done with those characters and then said hey I really liked that scene and it's such an obscure thing compliment to say that you know when he said it to me over the phone and this is the you know my twenty four year old self Going wow and I had to remember what the scene was too because it was that forgettable to me. A not forgivable animator but forgivable. It's it's just. It's just a stepping stone to get to where you want to go and and it's in it's part of the bigger picture and this is a part that I remember because it's a reminder that what you do in the in the overall global aspect of a production is just as important as the bigger stuff. All of those things together to make story cohesive make story work so everyone has a part to play and everyone is just as important and should be treated equally in the team as as a team as a community. Because it's more about the people than it is about the project. I teach my students. I preach this day I would be more. I want to work with good people than just a great project. I WANNA work if I can work with great people and it's not mediocre project. I picked that over a fantastic project with asshole director. Any young so he gives me this. He gives me this compliment. I go. That's great. Thank you I like. Wow this ripping scene. And then he's like. Hey what do you do? Now Mind you. He's in La. And I'm in Florida right and he goes well. What are you doing now and like going? We're literally we're in downtime. And in the Florida. Susan downtime because we're still supporting you know you haven't gotten into Milan yet. And and this is which was our first film as an exclusive studio based Florida film So we're still supporting the studios. I said I'm not I'm in. I just got a training. I don't I'm not doing as well. You know I'm on hunchback right now and I'm about to leave There's GonNa be a slat opening for for Frolo for Kathy's Lindsay's team. Because he was leaving it go do something else. Because he didn't want to he he was moving onto another part of the production so his his spot was basically vacant and he calls me. Hey one is you want you a once you inquire about it. I go at the time and again I'm in Florida I'm going will. Who Am I supposed to talk to an emmy? My my twitter says yeah. I'll do whatever and he will once you call Don Hahn and ask him 'cause he's the producer if you know who don haunted us. Don Hahn Produce Lion King produce feeding the beast produced. You know just a a a number of of different. I Dunno the beast but A number of films and the an amazing person and also a painter to So He's once you call him and find out so like okay so I pick up the phone and I call Don Hon I said. Hey Can i? K DOT GOV DOT COM. This is Travis. Place Florida she is. Okay please hold. I wait and the phone picks up an it's like hello. Hey Travis how you doing like? Wow this is travis employees. I know I know how you doing man and I'm like great. I've never had a conversation with you but you know me okay. Yeah and I go well I was I basically said. Look A T. Dan was basically telling. There's an and I just finished training and I would really love an opportunity to work on hunchback and furlough. And he's like now. Of course. This is years ago so I'm trying to remember this as accurately as I can but he almost seemed a little surprised. Oh really yeah and he goes. Oh Really Okay. I said well. He's great usable. I said it. And he's the producer so I said if there's any way I can have an opportunity I would love to prove myself on the film and and low behold so after the conversation gets off he he's like I I didn't hear anything and I think what I found out was that Kathy's Alinsky didn't WanNa work with me. Not that she didn't like me. She was already had a Paris studio that she was working with. And so she's in California and Paris's what's that seven difference hours? So there's there's that time delay and then now she's in like half majority majority of your crew or remote mining. She's got Sergio Pablos. Okay who is and some of the most talented people in Paris at the time when we did have our students they're like we can't say enough about Sergio and so. Here's this young PUNK TRAVIS. Trying to jump on board WHO'S. Who's four hours or three hours behind she's like oh great? I gotta deal with another person. That's remote so and you know back then. Working remotely isn't easy as now that even close you were dealing with Fedex right. Yeah yeah with Fedex. Because everything was still handwriting and everything had to be shipped through Fedex to us and so two weeks later go by and lily mind. You know one is on the no-one's on any production we're all in downtown. World is hanging out literally just hanging out like playing basketball. Do whatever waiting for the next thing to come in and then two weeks later. I get four scenes huge scenes rate on my desk. You know zoll Disney desks and everybody. I'm in what we call a pod. So there's like eight of us in a pod so everyone comes in they look at me in everyone's shocked in everyone's surprise including myself and they're like there you go and I go. I look up and everyone looks to me. Like what's he got over there and I look and it's it's all FROLO and I like my I internalize excited as like an electronic realized. No one else is on the production except me right now. So I'm the I literally was the first person and I heard I don't know if it's true but people are upset that I was working on this and then in in my defense I go well. Why don't you just call them and ask yourself you know? The squeaky wheel gets the oil right right. And and I've always been that way so it wasn't like I was better than anybody else but an opportunity in timing happened. I said to myself. Do I do this or don't do this. And I don't have any regrets making that call to Don. Hahn saying Hey. I want an opportunity. Bright and and get the opportunity. I proved myself and they flew me out after that. I flew out twice and work with Cathy I know she was really a challenge to work with. But she's a brilliant talented animator and I it was. It was one of the best experience I had working with her. And the character itself. You know I'm I'm not a huge fan of the film just because of the story Based idea of being a kids film and having having such a deep storytelling star. Yeah but I. I really really enjoyed the opportunity that I had to work on this end. If it hadn't been for me to pick up the phone and call on Han and ask I wouldn't have had that opportunity and then that just opened the door for a lot of other things for me because at that point it was almost like okay. The door open here. You Go Prove it yeah. I literally had the pre there was like no back like I have four seasons on my desk. I have to turn these around. And then they weren't big scenes and then as soon as I turned him around and send them back. Bouma kept getting more stuff and more stuff more stuff and eventually everyone got onto the Got onto the production. You know everyone eventually was. Our Studio. Became part of the hunchback studio the production. But I was one of the first animators to jump on that so it was really cool and it was a really cool moment. So you were doing animation for Furlough not cleanup work now. That was my full fledged. The boat trainees training was done boom. I it was. It was trial by fire on furlough and then While you were working on it in in the pod did you feel comfortable asking your peers for critique or because of the touchiness of this situation where you sort of in a vacuum. Now we're all family. I mean seriously with family. You have sibling. Rivalry is and you have this and that and guitar competition about the end of the day. We all loved each other saw sweet. We still love each other. Yup I look at them as brothers and sisters. I don't look at them as like a colleague. I can't too much was vested in that studio in too much personal time and commitment to each other. We're best that we could have just look at each other as employees. We looked at each other his family. There there's something about sharing an animation production experience that is very Foxhole bonding you know. And people do become bonded for life through through that production experience and become sort of an extended family at least three or creative endeavors. Anyway well sixteen years the studios opened. And it's it's never had that that longevity of one studio since then that grows you know that that studio particularly think what Richard Williams was saying that that made it Made that are experienced unique. Was that we. We had such a mutual respect for one of the other end. We weren't stepping on each other's toes for competition. Even though there was always a little bit of that we were always there because it was a team and we had to get the job done and We treat each other with respect and and We tried to to avoid the politics that happen of pollen. There's politics in every studio but we really really really strived on trying to avoid the politics and be more intimate as a family with that type of studio environment and it's a studio environment that I I've I've yet to have again but it was. It would be one the closest would be when I was working with my brother The legend a tempo with digital domain when he was trying to start up a new studio with John Texter in in south Florida that was becoming because we had the we had the opportunity to create a culture. Aaron headed opportunity to build a culture that was going to be similar to what we had in Florida and it was it was it was. It was quickly becoming that. But you know yep never happened so yeah and funny enough. That's something I can relate to as well my early years. I went through to entrepreneur and started a studio and it grew big and then crashed gloriously. massive failure in the end. The rise was beautiful and everybody was like you guys are doing amazing stuff. And Warner Brothers was given us work and I was I. It was a company called wet sand animation. Okay way back in the early two thousand and The problem was at the time I had all the ego in the world. But none of the skill or the experience to back it up So I'm quite fond of saying if I could get into delory go back in time. Bring a baseball bat and pay myself visit. You know because what happened was A. We did great quality work and I was able to Provide THEIR FIRST ANIMATION. Job to a lot of great artists and stuff but I knew nothing about running a business how to maintain it how to make sure clients paid on time so I can meet payroll and eventually you know Things just crashed so so yeah but for a short time we did have that environment of we all kind of felt like all for one one for all you know and then. I became the most hated person around. You know wants to too many times. Go by when you can't pay people because you don't know how to make clients paid on time and you know you're not like you know so well it's It's it's those experiences a kind of either. Make you a break you and make you grow stronger. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And you know I've been through to major layoffs. An almost three and layoffs are not fun especially It was very hurtful It was painful when the studio in Florida shut down But even more it was in a lot of ways even more painful when the students south Florida we my brother shut down abruptly laying off like two hundred fifty of us and that was more dramatic and traumatic. Mom when when that happened and it's not something. I would wish on anyone to have to go through unfortunately happens in our industry. You know far too often so well. Now look at us now. We're in such. I'm so thankful to be working during a time when six million people aren't claiming unemployment right forced to work from home or forced to be self isolation. So you're teaching from home yet. We're well you know for a while. I was so do this as a part time thing because you know I'm heavily in production in have been But in the meantime I meant that next phase of my life where I want to reinvent myself again and it's like do I take the leap of faith of you know doing this endeavor which is sketched to animate Start to because I want to build an online presence to where I can start teaching workshops and story mentoring to where it pays money because everything I'm doing right now is free right. It's not it's more like meese that spending like why would I spend almost twenty two hours staying up all night doing a free tutorial for for people when I'm not benefiting from it and I'm like well I am benefiting from it but it's I am spending all this time because I want because no matter what it is? I always want to put my best foot out there. I WANNA give my best to for everyone And it's a personal thing for me. So I'm I'm making all of these personal sacrifices in the hopes that in the end it will pay off I will be able to have a somewhat successful business on my own as opposed to working still for someone else. I had this opportunity to am blessed with the idea that I can. I can work and pick and choose projects and look for work and then have people trust me to work from home. But now that we're in the situation that ran I'm trying to really put an overdrive to try to put myself in a place where I could maybe take that next leap of faith in and go on my own completely like Aaron is doing. Yeah you're GonNa sure let's you're GonNa do it for sure? I mean just what you're starting off with. Looks so great and by the way like I. I Teach Three D. animation. Yeah so I I would say to. Students have animation. It's absolutely okay to get more than one tutorial on one single Principle of animation Get it from different animators. You know you pulled out a tutorial on flour sack and You know another animator puts one out check both. Because you're you're GONNA get a thought. Process triggered a new that. You know this animator didn't think about but you related to this point of view and there's crossover that's relevant so you understand this concept is that You know like if you have a do you have any brothers and sisters. Yes Yup so you know you could be like saying something your parents and then you brother says the same thing. Your sister says the same thing they go. Okay and you'll I just said I up but it's how you say is your delivery. That doesn't resonate with them and with teaching. It's the same thing. There's been so many times where I'll be teaching story at at the school that mad and and and the teacher that runs it. She's like she hurt. She's a travis. I just said the same thing to them set in a different way. And what what it comes down to is. We all have. Every artist has a different approach to the same thing and then our brains. All I'm doing is sharing how I brain my crazy brain works. I am giving insight to how I look at the world and how I look at animation and that unique this at I look at. There's their semblances of like the court. Everyone knows what a flour sack is. Every no one knows what bouncing ball is but the information that is coming to me. I put it in my brain. I file it a different way. And then I regurgitate it out with my own interpretation or spin on it and it's the same for you and then that that regurgitation that's spin or that that that the way we explain what we're doing may resonate with other people because they go. Oh Yeah I think that way too and yeah now I totally get it because you gotta get the brain the minds of the students and you're not gonna hit everyone But for me I'm like I'm constantly trying to figure out our. What am I not getting to them? And how can I say? In a way that makes sense some possibly readjusting how I deliver something and And you find that as a as a teacher. That's why I loved. I loved teaching part time. Because it's helping me to be a better teacher and a better artist for what for the things doing now is scheduled to animate from my live streams and and for how. I approach my work because it challenges me to put my money where my mouth carefully? You WanNa know a flour sack. Will I guess to draw flowers? I can't just talk about it. I'm GONNA actually have to do it. And so I found out about teaching to refined me in a certain you know to coin a phrase said it put a refinement on my approach to animation out of necessity because I had to make sure. My communication of Animation principles and demonstrations were very clear and concise and it. It required me to dial the focus in a little bit you know. It's it's very therapeutic in that regard and I think every artists out there if I could ever say anything at all the artists that are out there the ones that are highway up here the ones that are like where I'm at once you get to a certain point in your life where you have a a personal accolades and accomplishments that you've you feel you feel comfortable in your in your own skin. I think that's the timeline we needed to start giving back. I think all of us do that whether it's whether your neighbor whether it's whether the students are whether it's doing social media your podcasts. I think it's our obligation as creative people to continue that that flowed. Can you continue that that The things that sparked us the things that gave us passion. We need passion to others. I agree I I think we have to. Yeah if we don't if we don't offer inspiration and sort of give give permission to the people just starting to to try to shoot where we've landed you know Yeah Dan there were. Were hurting the art form. You know. We're we're were handicapping so let's not. Yeah Hi I always tell tell. My students always shoot for the moon and see how far you get you know and to keep keep taking that approach and you know because I see it on their faces some days they come in and there were just. You can tell. They gave up on the day before they left the house you know. Oh Yeah and I've had students that come in. That have no desire to WANNA do what they're doing. But it's part of their core classes after take and I've been able to get them excited about even though they will never do it again. There's like we had had the most fun because you made it feel like it wasn't right and I said it isn't work. That's the beauty of it. A you know we are passionate is something I mean. Look how lucky we are. I know like it's great to do you do. We are incredibly to be afforded the opportunity that we have for one. You know Living in the time that we are where we are the locations that were in the in the in the environment that we've been brought up in. We're very fortunate. Even our age were fortunate because we have the luxury of a mid life crisis. That manifests itself through creative Phoenix factory. We were we arise from from you know. Twenty thirty years. The industry Can do my own thing. Now you know and it's Roeber let is go ahead. Let is Brian going to do after this whole pandemic you know. I've got a couple that developing and but I sort of have same frame of mind of you as you in their videos have WANNA make. And there's there's property someone and wanted to pitch that I've developed with my kids and you know I sort of want to get my own stories out there and unfortunately I'm not I'm not business guy. I'm animation creative guy you know request guy. Well yeah I I am that I. That's part of my part pie chart absolutely because sometimes I feel like I don't know where to start you know. Well you know for the longest time I go back to that one student says. Why aren't you famous? And I think what she's saying is why aren't you doing more? Why don't you have more stuff out? Why aren't you and that's how I took because you know as my partner here would say she says like Opportunity Costs. You do the content make the content. Don't worry about you know you need to get show need to get this. You need to get that. What you need to do is actually have content. You need to have something and then put it out there your energy into that. And she's been right all along literally took me two years to the point. I said I'm going to do this to like this past January where I said okay. I'm GONNA do this. It's like the whole field of dreams. If you build it they will come You have to just not worry about. If you're going to get followers or social media people are gonNA people are watching you just have to just GonNa have to do it and hope that people resonate And that's and that's and that's all you can do literally like. That's the scariest part about being creative. Is that you can put your heart and soul and something in what you want. Is You want people to enjoy it. And if and the biggest fear is like what if nobody likes it yeah no one gets especially when you're putting it online you're putting it online in a manner where people can leave comments under it and you have no control over what they're going to say you know so it's it feel apnea. Andrew but the one thing that I do say in find true in and a half to costly puts us in the place. Vulnerability brings growth in a human person. A human being agree you have to allow yourself to be? We're so afraid to be vulnerable to be exposed. That exposure can manifest in different ways like putting An idea out there that maybe nobody might like. But if you don't put the if you don't put the idea out there house anyway how you ever GonNa know and even if the in some of them don't like it who cares. You know you're doing it. You're doing you're doing something that that other people wish. They even had the gall to do right that like the fact that you like. I love when I see people you know. It may not be the best idea because what they're doing it. Yeah well what am I? I've got a great idea. What am I doing sitting on my ass doing anything with it to me? You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable. In order for you to grow and to move an elevate to the next level of your whatever it is that you want to achieve. Whether it doesn't matter disaster be dump. It could be anything a couple episodes ago. I had a comic bookstore owner on US. My guest and he has his own web comic self taught artists. Whatever and he was. I asked him about his opinion of independent comic book artist because every city that has comic book store has its share of independent artists. Who Live locally. If you're like we put my book on the Shelf I paid for the publishing myself. You know and they never make money off it. But they it's a passion thing right and he said that he would encourage everybody to do it. He said even if you can't draw well because of people just don't try so even if you do it and you put one out there. You did it. It's there it lives there. It is right. Yeah absolutely and it's it. Is there something the the act of doing it? They always say it's not about the destination but the journey. It's cliche but it's true. The act of doing something could be so personally. Gratifying for yourself like me. Having remember remember that posted. I put with Mike my Octopus on the wall and I said Hey. Here's my first campus. Yeah I literally. That's literally my first camp sitting next to my brother personally for me that such a huge accomplishment of a goal of mine. I actually have a painting and is not a painting. It's a digital imaging on campus. But it's I did it for the first time in my adult career. That's a big thing and I put it next to my brother's painting. That was an empty wall to sitting there and churches. Like why? Don't you do more art like this and put it up on the wall and I'm like I don't know and I sat back ago. I almost brought. Tears is because I got excited to see there's my artwork and there's errands and those two paintings next to each other clearly shows who we are as individuals where we're where my mind is in how I approach art creativity in where Aaron is and they both have their own place any literally do have their own place once on the side of medicine but they exist and and it's sort of a a metaphor for like all of our work can exist on a wall for show. That's a beautiful letters. Yep Yeah so very cool. What other questions like? I feel like we're going on these like philosophical. I love it and I'm enjoying this so much. I hope you are. If I'm I'm not a great interviewer so I apologize. I'm I'm doing the best I can. I'm learning do not need to apologize for yourself. I am in having just as okay. Cool cool So the the one last topic I want to get into. Unfortunately I think I'm running out of memory cards so I do have A. I ordered bigger memory cards but they won't be here till next week or the week after so But you said some of those videos that you have that gave. You'RE GONNA be playing in the back doing stuff. Yeah Quite a bit at the beginning to because For the first Ten minutes of this. I'd forgotten to push record on camera so I had to get up. Some of that stuff is okay at my own work. I do stuff that I've collected so I've I'm never satisfied with my own work but I've tried to learn to appreciate it a lot more in the past couple years. My my has encouraged me to stop looking at it because after I draw something I go away. I come back to it. All I see is mistakes right. 'cause I've I've had time to process so and mind you. You're the only one that sees those mistakes but other but you were always hypercritical mind. I think that's the first thing everybody seats is in the state. It's a weird thing. I'm so hard on myself. It's ridiculous like I've got. I've got sketches. I've done on campus hanging up and backed me. You'll see it when I put the video up. The idea of you or your brother seen my images terrifies me. Terrifies ME But it shouldn't i. I know but this is part of my anxiety thing Yes this is an obstacle that POPs up over and over in my life and I have to. I have to keep crawling over it. You know if you want to be alone secured just open up instagram. And Look at all your all the followers you all those artists. Yeah I do that to secure awful. I'm going wow look like flip flip back holy like like like zoom in on it or grandma IPAD. It ain't like wow it's crazy like but then I go I take a deep breath and go. You know what okay. That's when I realized soon as I start feeling like a little bit insecure little down. I put it down because I'm feeding into my own anxiety. Yeah exactly but you know what you know what Travis. There's something very beautiful about hearing somebody with the type of richness near career that you've had or another animator that is reassuring to hear them say that they have moments of of that insecurity as well or if. I'm watching a live stream you're doing or something and you erase. I catch that not not in fact like Oh look at him. He's not that good racing. That's not what I'm thinking. I'm thinking thank God. He's racing because I do so much racing or overdrawing of all might my stuff you know. Do you notice that most of my stuff is unfinished. Like I mean I I love the like this is a bad print. That's the that's the doodle kind of like quick coloring. I mean if I could spend hours finessing it in three D like but I don't have the patience. Yeah so that's why when you see me. Drelick t unlike the kid. That's the kid it's like I love during during do it again. Do it again do it again? That's just me hyper. Yeah but yeah but your gestures have so much life and I'm like that little demo. You did if the man with a long beard oh I surprised myself I was like. Oh Wow that actually yeah. Yeah and has like in so? I'M GONNA FINISH THAT I. I'm even though that was like a two hour in something minutes that like. I don't expect anyone to sit through that livestream And I plan on doing a more. Condensed version of that like to this weekend I plan on finishing like if you look at. I still haven't finished my on that scene. Where the guy the squirrels Franco innings like. Yeah the scrolling back. I still have to finish that. I still have my walk cycle that I did that. I haven't finished yet Have that I've got all of these. But I'm slowly coming back around to everything because between that and developing like three or four projects on my own and then having to you know teach school and and of course personal life which I don't think sometimes you know how big a piece of toast or are you going to try to butter. You know every yeah yeah me too me too. I mean come on like we're we're all I mean that's that's the reality of it like Yup it is. I have to have to nibble at the pace myself right. Yeah I have to get better at knock it and excited on trumping my own ideas with a better idea and then I abandoned out my previous idea and we have to learn to forgive ourselves more. Oh I can't stress that enough if there's one lesson I could encourage you know. Newcomers have any art form at all. Learn to forgive yourself early and and what I said in my last episode was the road to success is of course paved with the the stones a failure. It's your failures that advance you forward and learn to appreciate them As teaching moments not Branding moments if that makes sense. Yeah I was I was. I think for me and it's sort of in brain in my DNA to be a fighter to be a survivor. No matter how many mistakes Shimon do that to a fella. Yeah I mean you know. Our upbringing had those physical elements of like adversity But at the same time you know if anything out of if the positive things that come out of my childhood growing up was was having a good work ethic you know I I was I was gone. I can't tell you how many jobs I had from the time I was ten years old landscaping with my father To to learning how to Drywall in frame and roof I know I can build and do plumbing and electrical. I might work on my House. I need to because I have these little trays Maybe other people haven't been exposed to because of my childhood growing up but it's it's it's interesting like I definitely feel like I I have very. I'm not worried about failing on that worried about falling on my face because I know at the because of the trials that have gone through. I think throughout my life growing up. I know that I can get through this. I can get through this just another day. this too shall pass and I will be better for up to me to be better for it. It's not anybody else. I can use a let this be a detriment to me and it can control the rest of my life. Like being in someone's shadow him or I can step out into the lighting A. Hey let's hear your own tree. You cast your own shadow. Yeah good yeah so. That's beautiful man. I love that I think I think that's a great spot and things on actually just just so I can make sure the memory card doesn't cut off on me but I I can't thank you enough for coming on and being so open and sharing with everything. I really really appreciate it well. I hope that this is This I'm definitely going to promote this. When this happens and put it on whatever social media I have and I'll even ask my brother to do the same. Thank you but yeah. Let's do this again. I I would love to have you on for part two and I'd love to find out more about the current projects you're working on and what's coming up in your future and I'll put all of your promotional links below the video description and the Yes or anything you want plug while you're while you're on or I will play just what you're doing. I just think you know as as a it's it's an opportunity for us to give back. I think at this time this is what this is. Why the reason why I came on this is because I want to do that but so plugging I mean I have my website. It's sketched in I just with I'm pretty proud of so far for this phase one The Anita will know who is my my niece or cousin and also My partner behind the scenes at sketchy enemy. She was for her. I probably wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now But she just developed. New Website. Launched it If you sign up to sketch to animate dot com you will be getting that illustration that. I have on the wall of the octopus cool. I made that specifically a hi Rez. Just for people to sign up you can get that illustration for Free. Download it in if you want print it make it whatever you want you can do that It looks great thirty by forty so very cool The thing is I'll be starting of some of the things that have been doing. I'm still doing my Wednesday streams at sketched animate on facebook and Youtube and twitter and twitch. Okay we're looking into possibly doing more stuff on twitch Twitch as well yeah it has a lot to do with like how much time you spend live before you can. There's levels tears that you have to do but on instagram and costly throwing stuff out there. I will be doing a newsletter every month and the idea. The GOAL BEHIND SKETCH. Dami is to help build a community of storytellers. Love it I want to. I want to be able to some point. Face to is GONNA be tutorials online workshops and stuff where people can pay to come. Have me teach them virtually or maybe? I can go into a workshop but creating a area like school isn't does like pro like all these other places entree to create my own little community of of focusing on story based content. And I really think that Sketchy enemy is more than just. It's not about me. It's about People to have a platform to tell a story right. And so eventually you know we might be doing. We've talked about doing things. Where like we'll do props where people share. Stephan will post it onto our our website. And who knows maybe you'll see sketched animated film festival in the future. Oh be awesome. Which you know I gotTa Work Small Baby. Everything's about baby steps. I I actually have to continue doing content which please If anything please subscribe to the Youtube Channel and really I want I. It's funny I haven't been getting a lot of feedback from people as to what they would like to learn and see but I'm really trying to take back. The basics is my free tutorials. That's everything that I put up on there. I put a lot of work into to try to give something that I think might be relevant for someone who's just starting now now. A lot of my content is is it for like people at my level or you. It's mostly for people that are that you know people might not be industry that just WANNA learn Yup about animation and then people that are trying to break in or people that are in but Wanna to get better and improve. I'm just simply just putting my own spin on things and and hopefully resonates with them and and I wanted. I would love to get feedback from other people. I would love to hate travis. Why don't you something like it'll be? That'd be great. I'll do it so that that's their Yo call to action right there. Everybody's speak up traveling. Know what you want to see for upcoming content. You know it's hard to create Nevada cume. So if if he knows what everybody's yearning for then that'll give him more direction to produce for you And in the Wednesdays Wednesdays at eleven am Pacific Standard Time by Seattle area. Time by livestream. So it's great. You can always find me. They're awesome. Well I'm I'm a fan and I'm definitely going to go make sure I've hit that. Subscribe Button and encourage other people do so so thanks again. Travis Really Awesome. Thank you and it was great. It was really. It was really nice meeting you and finally to get to talk in person. -solutely an can have this conversation. Because that's that's how relationships start a tough so thing. Great thanks bye-bye take care. I would not do that if I were you

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FOF #2849  The Big Momma of Cellblock COVID-19

Feast of Fun

1:08:33 hr | 1 year ago

FOF #2849 The Big Momma of Cellblock COVID-19

"We are all going through some hard times during the corona virus pandemic. It's so rough. Folks are comparing self isolation to being locked up behind bars so maybe we can learn a thing or two on surviving. All this from somebody who's actually done some time in the pokey today. Comedian Lindsey Shaw. Who did a stretch in the big house joins us to talk about surviving self isolation by looking at ways she dealt with being in the slammer plus Donald Trump junior says joe exotic reminds him of his dad was New York Governor Cuomo really wearing nipple rings during a press conference and to escape the corona virus a couple cells all their worldly possessions and tries to move to a remote village in the Yukon. Only to be told. You are not welcome here. I'm Fausto Fernow Mark Villain and this is feast of fun Hi Lindsay Islands. I signed up before thanks for. Are you went well right now? What are you gonNA well? No beaker Jess Gotha Damn speakerphone. Thank you very much. Why does it say facetime audio well? It's it's going through the Internet and then you're then and the sounds better but tension to your audience now as you would if you were of people imagine dishes. Sorry Oh my God. What the hell are you doing over there? I was I was doing my sit down acid separate grab something to drink see. I have something to say hi to make yourself comfortable. Anne breathe him. You'll get through right. I'm here how are you today? You know all right to live in the corn Teen Life. One of our last guest in the home studio a couple of weeks. You were the last ones you and Matt. Omarosa came in so if I gave you a virus. `sorry forgive me. I'm sorry if I gave it to you. I mean who knows anymore right sick? Did you get sick? No I have not gotten sick. Knock on microphones. Knock on whatever. I have not gotten sick. I did get in a lot of trouble though with Doctor. Friend of my. I don't know if she's a friend anymore. She really got upset with me over tax because she saw that I was with friends and I think it's message you guys about it. I think I remember that you had a party. I didn't have a party. You went to a party my friend. I mean parties is a loose term. My friend ED party or Slang Joe Exotic reference for your capital t in any kind of gay hookup thing that means. They're ready to party and play which means they WANNA do. Tea Stands for Tina Christina. Bring me the Pie. Actually your Doctor Friend. So she yes. She got very upset with me because I was with five other people. There were six of US total which it's under a group of ten anyway. We're not supposed to be seen anyone at all. So she was very upset. And just sent expletives via taxed and said that I was really selfish and that she's not surprised I would you know this is a person who has historically gone it on me and she just thinks she can be really brutal in tough love kind of stuff or you think she's just bad. It's a mixture of the two. Is this your? Is this a therapist? This is a general practitioner. No she's A. She's a semi corrupt with. She's a friend from all she was formerly an Obgyn and now she is a specialist. And I don't remember the proper care specialty but she reconstructs vaginas. Are you in the process of getting your Vagina reconstructive? Now is she your gynecologist. No she's not she's I think she's just someone. I grew up with WHO saw social media that I was with five people. Okay so this is not like your doctor. Is spying on you on social media senior view. Now I wanna see everything was like way to hold on giant. Let me talk to Lindsay about this. She she just didn't agree what I was doing what you talk. I mean he's crank okay so she's in like two or three weeks so she's going to have a baby in the middle of all this. Why don't you just tell her to get back to fixing pussies and leave me alone? She was concerned and you know where she's coming from. Because I do okay. Here's the thing. I totally respect that. Because she first of all she's hormonal. She's in so that's that's the first leg of this. She's hormonal and okay fine. She's scared I get that I understand however we don't ever talk so that's another that would be a whole their podcast Air I had a really really really nasty falling out with people from home so I'm GonNa like exiled from the group and in so she she's part of that group. Okay you're told by Your tribe. Never come back here again. Literally there like a call so exiled and that's a part of some of this because we really don't speak anymore and we were still conducted. She hasn't cut me out like other people have. However you know it's just tense in our Ford and we don't really talk about eating common first of all. I'm a comedian. She's the giant doctor and the same job really. She's not. Yeah right I mean so. Many Larry Lindsey where a male comedian or. Lindsey were interested in in in in women's kind of the same right chair bringing pleasure to the audience and her job brings pleasure to people in another way. I guess she's not very pleasant. So how did you handle this situation? Okay so he you know. That's kind of the premise. Sorry I felt like I should get some background. I don't really speak to these people from home anymore. She's part of that group. We don't really talk ourselves but she someone I go very far back with and she someone who's historically always been really harsh with me and so she said you know you're just she wrote a bunch of Shit and she was like. You're extremely selfish. You're just so selfish. I'm not surprised I go. I said Megan I. You've always made it abundantly clear that you sing a piece of shit and disapprove of me so do me a favor and I go do me a favor and leave me alone. I'm really sorry that what I had on the Internet trigger Jill and that you and your colleagues are going through what you're going through major point. I don't WanNa talk to you. That's what I said. What did she says nothing she just? She stopped she. She acknowledged she responded to the piece of shit comments because that's not true but so she treats me she's she gets upset with me and talk to me and you know we're very different and I stood up in two of her wedding. She was a psychotic Bridezilla for the first one was. I think she was getting laid for the second marriage so she wasn't such a bitch and he put me through. Why and it's like look bitch. I know that you are stressed out. And I know that you have a lot on your plate and the medical profession but stay out of my like just. We don't ever talk. But YOU'RE GONNA come out of nowhere with these emotions that are probably you know being there misplaced emotions about other things. I'm sure and I respect that. The medical industry is completely inundated overwhelmed. And it's it's horrible. It's a horrific situation right but you know you can address the whole topic differently. You don't you don't just send expletive in all caps via tax texted me and said Lindsay. I saw that you were with people. I saw on social media that you were hanging out in a group of People. It was really upsetting to me. Abcd but you know what it's like. There's a way to handle it. It still made like a cute meam featuring mayor Lori lightfoot and send it to you you know stay in exactly but then to attack me via tax in attack my character no bitch goal Gulf up and leave me alone like I'm I do notice that in the early days of the corona virus pandemic which we're only just two weeks into this thing which is about a week ago. I was noticing that alive drag Queens. Were inviting drag Queens over. Their houses to do group shows to stream online. And I'm like and everybody's like will you please self isolate you're already spread and right disease says it is when we're not under a pandemic I. What did they get backlash to you? Think sound drag Queens are really publicly shamed and humiliated for not self isolating and some cancelled and then they made themselves out to be the biggest heroes are like. I'm going to say not. GonNa have group Drags House and my living room streaming for the ANDROID. Okay good because you know it's like a lot of people are out of work right now a ton. This thing is a nightmare and I just hope that we come out of it stronger and I hope it's a opportunities for humanity to come together and I hope that we have time to reflect me. I hope you utilize these quarantine the quarantine order for good. I myself drink bottles of Rosa last night. So I've been off wine with Lindsey. I mean I guess I'm not a mess but I don't do well isolating I'm a very I'm a people person. Obviously very social beam so. This is really hard. I mean I know that I have to follow the rules and I know that it's a safety issue. It's a health hazard right now. I understand that but for me mentally. That's kind of why I justified going over to my friend's house because I thought you know I'm not going to bars or restaurants. I'm only going to store if I need to. We're not I haven't been around people so if we all get together in a small group it it's you know. I thought it was pretty much harmless. No you can't. You just started dating someone to recently. So you're kind of like rushing related we did. I thought you were seeing some guy. No foreign with my axe but shelton. Maybe what you did you see something on the Internet. Like what are you talking about? The the reason Lindsey's on here today is to talk about how she's been through this before you spent one month in prison and not for stealing people's hearts it's like the movie twenty eight days. It wasn't prison okay. I'm not a felon. What did you wear orange jumpsuit around and it wasn't a jumpsuit. It's like a two piece outfit so you were. If you were in garb then you were in prison correctional facility. Hold on Sir. No I was in county. Jailed obviously needs to be educated. It is interesting that people who go to jail. They're always like it's jail prison to compare different things whereas people who have never been to jail or prison always saying the same thing they're they're different and also what is so funny and ironic. Is Anyone in. Jail will tell you that prison is better You're there for a longer period of time. You get to wear your own clothes. There's better food you can go outside. You can have phone. Prison is a cakewalk compared to jail because I always watch anything I know about. Prison is about oranges. New Black Fun. No one wants to go to prison but the girls. I was in county jail with told me because there were there my my my bunk mate. Monkey my cellmate. Punky roommate. Whatever you call them Funke's inside the present and she was like I'd rather be in prison than this. So yeah I mean so you have an idealized view of prison compared to jail gas which is totally stupid. But to talk to girls that have been to prison and then compared to jail they. They have a very strong emotion about out. Prisons got her mass. But you went to to to county jail four so it was pretty stupid. I on my part I had gotten a Dui in two thousand nine and that was in Michigan so eleven years ago now and I e responsibly moved out of the state and did not abide any of the probation. Any any of my terms. So you thought you were sharing needles in just be like I'll just escaping to another state or Harrow. She was in prison for awhile. Might be both. I don't know yeah. Fever Harrow was on our podcast talking about her experiences left Colorado because she got a Dui. I didn't know that either forgot well. Let's got but So you know. It's not that uncommon for people to you know intentionally or unintentionally violate the terms of their probation by sometimes. Sometimes it works out in your favor because sometimes you get lost in the books and stuff like that but you run it No so I so I moved on moved and I lived here and I lived in New York for a little bit and then I lived home and back here and bounced all around and you just ignore it. Ignore it you know whatever so then two almost three years ago two and a half years ago in. May of two thousand seventeen. Oh it's going to be. Wow Only God yeah. Three three years now. I was driving a friend's car back in Michigan and I didn't know how to turn on the headlights so I hit the park or the what's the other lie. I had something or no. I didn't have the bright John I had something out like. Not The headlights adjusting the light and I knew something was up and I'm like that doesn't seem right so I was trying to put the headlights on and I got pulled over because in this part and that part of again like they give they have nothing to do in Bloomfield hills. Other than people over so Birmingham whatever same same vicinity so. I got pulled over and I have no license. I had an idea on me. He ran my background and was like step out of the car. You have a warrant out for your arrest so that was it and then I went to jail that night I got bailed out I went to court. And then that was my sentence and so they decided that you're GonNa go to prison for twenty eight to county jail for Twenty eight to twenty eight days. Did what did you do to prepare for it? I didn't have any time to prepare because I didn't know I was going. Yeah Oh so you went to court. You immediately like immediately sentenced to and you went right away sentence. The judge had was a very very harsh very brutal judge. He's very hard onto. You is in particular because she lost sinise to a drunk driving incident so she was mad that I had vague the probation. And she. She's very hard on d you is. She was just set up and everything that I had done. So yeah right when you're when you're told. Your your sentence for twenty thirty a month and then with like you get two days actually was good behavior automatically. So it's twenty eight days. They the bailiff takes you and your you go that day but I they put you in a room. That's that feels like a concrete cell. There's a bench and you fit in the clothes that you were in court in and you sit in there that sell three hours. Then they take you to the vets in the courthouse and they take you to the Police station in that air. Whatever city you're in and then you sit in a room for another few hours. They bring you food they are. I mean McDonald's thank you think you're like some big bad ass criminal like no here. Here's chicken nuggets. So it's like I'm not doing her time. I'm eating a happy meal so but it's you know it's it's confinement. It was tough so you but you're sitting like your freedom is obviously taken away from. You don't have a phone you don't you? Don't ask questions really you just you sit and you wait because your weight. I was waiting to be picked up and taken to county jail. So they pick you up and it's like I went to court probably like ten thirty in the morning and it's not like nine o'clock at night. Okay so you get to jail and you are given the outfit and it's you know it's like I don't know what kind of material it is to shirt and pants scrubs right kind of but like a more like fortified material. I don't even know what I WANNA see. It's kind of like a thick cotton. I don't know what kind of material is I would assume it's polyester so so it lasts longer. It's IT'S A. It's a blend you know. And it's fucking crazy. It's nuts because what the name Bob Barker had is like. He makes clothes and shoes for his a huge and complex industry. Huge company that sells. But it's not the Bob Walker from the price is right. It's a different Bob Barker. It's a industrial tycoon. Whose website Bob Barker. Dot Com is America's leading detention supplier. It says Bob Barker on the flip flop on the bottom of the slide fly. It's like you know like Dita slides but like jail slights. I had no idea about. Wow Barker yes. He's everything so you get your outfit and then you are assigned. I mean I think I've walked out because it is dismal. I mean it's not fun. It's jail so then you get assigned yoursel and you. Have you know your bunk mate? My Bunk Mate and I actually got along. She was a saving grace during all of it. Because my first day I mean you sit down at one of the tables in the block. It hits you and you're like I'm in here for the next month and it's sad and it's scary and it's isolating and it's scary so being and I finally called parents and you need money for your commissary and so I needed money to be any money. Put in my account on anything I had going on. I had a job. I got hired onto for contract position. That was done. I had ongoing outside was done. Do they know that you're in prison or jail jail jail? You're on a list. After this. I did not go to misdemeanor. Not a felony. What was your employer know that you were gone? Could you say hey listen? I'm really sick. No no no no no no first of all you find your click. That's all you. People have their cliques in jail. And it's usually color line. It's like black and white or Hispanic but there really weren't any history. It was black white or Middle Eastern Michigan. I'm from so mainly black and white though and it's pre eddie divided as far as my roommate. My cellmate was black and she and I we'd leave. We got along amazingly in our cell and then when it was time to go out and do a lot out to the block. I want to know what they call it. Actually the the. I don't even know common quarters. Whatever she would go to her group and I would go to mind. Our cell was right in front of like main table that I've been friends in and the women I befriended they were all white. Some of them were in for drug use and probation violation. A lot of girls. A lot of the women in the inside were in jail for probation violation from either drug related crime more. Dui some were like had some like domestic things or whatever but mostly it was probation violation. That landed them there that was from a Dui one woman no. She had told her employer that she was at a yoga or trade or mud. And I thought that was hysterical because we were anywhere nowhere near doing yoga off to good lie though. I'll never forget this morning. So they were in a feud with another group of girls and they got into a fight one night and the next day they were dispersed to other to other blocks and they were gone and my click was gone and I was devastated because for the first few days I had like my family like we I would get up and go sit at our table and we would talk and exchange stories and I was writing a lot and you know just I found a support system quickly within that system and when they got moved to other parts of the jail it was. It was devastating. So I actually performed standup. I was in jail. They loved it. Captive audience yeah very captive They wanted me to do it every night and I was like you guys got my best stuff. I'm not in here writing new material so now I'm not doing it again. At people like people are like. Oh don't you have so many funny stories it's like no? I wasn't at like band camp jail like we were depressed. We were walking the perimeter of block it to exercise reading Stephen King books in watching America's top talent like we were you know it's kind of like being in a mental ward. It's kind of like being at camp but it's it's it's worse because we went outside twice three weeks with the foods awful year waiting on packages. You can't use a phone you. It's just you don't have a pillow. You're staring at Cinderblock. Well this sounds a lot very familiar to what people are going through right now during the corona virus pandemic although one thing that we have now that we haven't had in the past is access to the Internet and our cell phones and in terms of like surviving the corona virus pandemic or surviving. Any kind of circumstances where. You're forced to be isolated. The one that they say to do is is really important not to spend your time online but actually to try to socialize in any way you can with the people that you can access. What do you mean though? It's not on the fall. Well exactly so on the phone but not to be on the phone. Like don't be on the Internet's one thing. I've observed like my time on social media and new sites has sky rocketed essentially to young people to stay inside seriously. People talk to hear. My idea is like I've started to see a lot of people who are dead. Set against Medicare for all of a sudden it become very best and then there's people who are just like their their egos. They will take it to the grave the fight against everyone in public health. What we've discovered is that you know with Corona virus for some people is that one individual's health is everybody's concerned because it affects us all right and by not having public health. We are hampered in our ability to fight this when Joe Biden or trump or. Anybody is saying we're not GONNA have any medicare for all in the middle of a pandemic. It's really disturbing because this means we're GONNA be locked up indoors all whole lot longer because some rich asshole didn't WanNa do this when they had the chance. Five ten twenty five hundred and eighty million dollar yacht just cruiser. I'll be like enjoy the pandemic folks and so you know one thing that they say to do is in these kinds of situations where yourself isolated or isolated to some degree out of your control is try to form better relationships with the people that you're with and intentionally not spend time on social media not on the Internet. Well here's the thing I will say this about jail and confinement or you know having your freedom taken away this we are living in a time right now where our freedom is taken away and in some sense so it's not too dissimilar from jail. I mean obviously it's not jail but to quarantine and not be able to go to restaurants or bars or movies that that's a huge freedom taken away from us so right now there are parts of it that echo a jail sentence and what I remember about jail in fee and what would what. I'll never forget about that experience. Even though I'll a lot of it I want to forget that I did block out I would have. Ptsd James about it. And I sometimes still do but one thing I will say. One positive wasn't drinking at entering for any of those months obviously so it was a sober sober month. That can be can lend a lot of clarity and I forum afford relations of people. I probably never would have outside of that system. And I'm grateful for that and it was you know it can be a learning experience too. I'm proud of how I reflected during my time in jail and I take responsibility for my actions and I wanted to take away from experienced something like that. Get so out of control again. I didn't want to ignore something like that to that level like I did. Have you noticed this phenomena than this one thing? I've observed in my own experience in when I'm socializing with people that are of different background or income class structure and my ability to relate to somebody who's very different from me Cost me social points with people who are lead us or snobs and so they start thinking of me as uneducated or as trashy or because I can relate to somebody who may not have gone to fascinating. That's so interesting to me and I think that really speaks to the emphasis on status in our country and around the world. I'm going to say this detail your King. Somehow right now I which I think is genius and had in that document. You always have watched it. I hope yeah. I love the documentary. I do feel like it's taking a lot of liberties in distorting the truth or omitting very critical information about the probably probably like the fact that Joe Exotic doesn't sing any of his music is a huge cavernous hole. There or that died in the fire belonged to Michael Jackson. Brother just told me that I did not believe him. And I love that. You are confirming editor Joe Exotic for awhile performed under different names. Because he couldn't afford to travel with those tigers. And so what you do. Is You shave a and paint it to look like magic. I had explosives in it and the Tigers would get spooked right. So the chiefs don't give a fuck and so that he would do his. I've been thinking a sheep. A shaved sheep look like a tiger in Oklahoma. He is such a redneck. I think he's amazing and whole areas and probably narcissistic and you know a little bit sociopathic but his tried to murder someone right now the funny thing about this. Donald trump junior just today posted on his social media. A photo of Donald. Trump has dad photoshop joe and he said that his dad actually reminds them. A lot of trump's gonNA PARDON. I'm thinking I will be so okay. Look I will throw up already when we're done with quarantine if he gets pardoned. I don't think he should be jail. I think if he prison okay what we call that Joe Prison. I was in prison with him. You keep saying so. My point was employed. I think that that documentary sheds light on a whole subculture in this country that we forget exists or don't know exist that that drug induced lower class lower rent subculture of the Joe Exotics and his were coworkers in his employees and the poly amorous polygamist dock. And tell psychopath who makes me sick. I can't even less knew him like that's a whole nother world within. Hey Joe what's what's the difference between the two of them. Well Joe was gay. He's not a womanizing polygamous. No he just gets lured straight guys with meth and tigers. I don't love what he did I just I think it's I think some of his characteristics are funny. I think that he's a character. That's a whole nother class and subclass culture. People and there is a lot of drugs involved. There is a lot of skill. Lean and greed. You know that is a status in part of our country and our country culture that we are now being really exposed to through this documentary. Wouldn't you agree? So you're saying that that a lot of Americans are just out of touch with the realities of rural America and especially in the southeast the the the I don't call it poverty but it's like a word to describe people's lack of access to the lack of education the lack of education that was exploited in in in showcased in. That documentary is mind boggling. I mean it's part of it is like when people get attracted to guns or show business or celebrities. You know what thing that. Also the documentary doesn't talk about is how Carol. And the the Swami the pulling Swami and Joe Exotic R-maine headcorn racing those tigers renting out those tigers to celebrities and entertainers and clients was Britney Spears. And there's also of Carol Baskin Robbins setting the Audience Britney Spears. They were poss. Yeah I love to have a picture of him. She's about to go on stage. So it's interesting to me that they purposefully sort of disconnected the world of Hollywood and corporate entertainment to make these guys seem like they're rednecks living in the middle but in fact these corporations are benefiting profoundly from these locked up animals Totally I agree with all of that but they did show shack at Joe Exotic The only black person in the whole documentary hype prisoner anyway. Point and the thing about. It is the documentary filmmaker. He approached all them as because all of them are like. I'm the savior of these tigers. And everybody else right. Yeah and he was like saying that there's going to be like blackfish in terms of you know marine mammals to these tigers. And so he. I feel like the documentary. Filmmaker in some ways was very manipulative and very disingenuous and just wildly a responsible with information. And I don't know to me it's like there's a lot more about the guy who made this film that we don't know and he just strikes me just as creepy and scummy but yeah in front of the cameras where I don't know anything about him but I just my my hunch. My instinct is in a year from now. We'll be like Oh God. I didn't realize this guy was also nuts documentary against Zig zags so Netflix new formula. It seems like I'm looking at like wild wild country and other documentaries that have been sensations and this is true for like crime. Podcast as well is that. They're hunting down the craziest most off the wall stories and people in this country so they can exploit them to make money for themselves and their media channels and to me. I find that very very disturbing and troubling because as much as exciting. It is for us to enjoy wild country while while country or You know Tiger King at the core of all this is you know people who can afford a net flicks membership laughing at people who can't afford one. I know what you make a very very valid point there and it reminded me to the documentary making a murderer and the exploitation. Don't fuck that's another example of that. Yeah but remember Steven. Avery family is poor. I mean his mother his mask hugh who got pulled in. I mean that breaks my heart in these are uneducated people who are impoverished who. We weren't laughing at that documentary like we laugh at Tiger King there. There's a lot of bit of shot in Freud. There and definitely I think it doesn't challenge the status quo and challenge the power structure. It doesn't challenge the fact that people living in rural America don't have access to education do live in abject poverty do are for IRA isolated occupied with with the Drug War. Both both in the sense that you know. These drugs are being introduced to their community and the way locking people up for using or selling drugs is is a very damaging way because it keeps people addicted of keeps people using drugs. It doesn't make a give them a safety net to come forward and seek rehab because they don't have money to go to rehab and then the i mean it's just a fucked up system and to me you know as a content creator as a documentary. Filmmaker myself i've always had a little bit of a problem even when we've filmed up and coming drag queens and making sure that they come across as loveable and enticing as opposed to this idea of like looking at somebody because they don't they can't like there's been moments and cookie mcqueen's all. I'll give you a specific thing when we when we were doing tours of drag Queens Kitchens and we realized that these drag queens were living in really difficult situations and to me it was like it was a very conscious effort that we made not to show that footage in this series. Because I didn't want to pop the bubble of anyway drag Queens as these kind of individuals who can transform their lives and their surroundings through the power of art and creativity and for me. It's like not every person that we've had on the series made it. You know some of them. I had to move back to their parents of them. Quit drag and to me it. Just it just bothers me profoundly sometimes when I think about how. Npr and Net flicks and all these media corporations are getting rich off of accelerating the stories of people who are struggling to put food on the table. But it's such a great story of the Tiger people saw Lindsey a di- did Carol killer husband. I could go back and forth. I'm so torn. I wanted to say one thing though about the what you mentioned about drugs in in rehabilitation and getting caught up in the system Because when I was in county jail There was a girl who had been in an how like four or five times. Yeah for for heroin use and she was pregnant in jail and we sat and talked one day and she started confiding in me and said. This isn't going to help me say she was. My baby will help me. Maybe stay off drugs. I have this baby chills book putting me back in jail. Every time I get caught with heroin does not help me get sober. She said I I am not. This is not helping me not right now. Why in here. Sure but there's nothing construction. I'm paraphrasing. There was her play was. There's nothing constructive about repeatedly putting me in jail. I drug addiction and a problem and simple. Maybe therapy would help or do you need to go to Rehab and she was. I don't really know what what will help me at this point. But it's not in here so I think that unless you come from money or less you have a support system or wealthiest behind you. You are going to eat and you don't have access to Rehab or you don't have access to treatment. You're gonNA just get thrown into a system that recycle cycles you in and out. I've been in countries like Portugal have decriminalized that kind of stuff so it makes it easier for people to get treatment you know and they have a healthcare system that everyone is welcome. I think it's interesting. That Joe Biden and other Democrats who are against Medicare for all during the corona virus pandemic are aligning themselves with the Republican saying. How are we ever GonNa pay for this when they've been passing bailout after bailout after it's like it's it's almost like comical? How there's plenty of money to bail out everything all we everyone. Moore's modest amounts of money to by comparison. It's still a lot of money either way by anyways. You understand what we're standing if you disagree with us you know. I don't know what I can say at this point. Yeah to convince your persuade you want to know the math though to this corona like this shutdown this pandemic. It's cost the economy right now is if we had a national healthcare in place. When this thing happened we've already China in-depth right now? China was taken by surprise. We knew this would come here. We shoulda planned and because we don't have a set a medical center for us all. We didn't plan anything so now it's causing is what it's costing. Us probably would only paid like I don't five ten years of having Medicare for all the that's an politicians can't see that they should be locked with Joe Exotic prisoner jail. Prison is part of it is they do know this. They do know this. They do cost money and they know it's going to cost more money but this way when they do these bailouts they just give the money to the rich people. Okay so let. Let's come up with solutions here. So so you're stuck at home. Dig Onto that septic tank body under there who's going. He's about to lose to be mad. They totally misrepresented everything. In this case it's been a long time ago. It's twenty years. I get health issues. Those kids like she's like listen. Those kids were entitled to the stuff that they were entitled to. They weren't entitled to the stuff that the money I made with my husband so I kind of stuff. And so she she makers disingenuous worrying me wants to believe she killed him and really. We're basing this only on the filmmakers. We're not basing this on anything else and this homemakers up to no good himself. You know got. It's so funny so you're stuck at home we understand there's a frustrating system of inequality here in the United States and beyond the improbably us sort of mass. We're not taking action. Were getting angrier and angrier and I think negative feelings are helpful because they allow us to grow. But one great way to grow as an individual's person and this is counterintuitive is to find a printed book and read it. I am trying to do that and I read a lot in jail. I read I. Wouldn't I fired through four book man and I which is the most I've read in a month in my whole life four or five But yes I think I think during this time like I said earlier. I hope that we utilize it to reflect and grow as individuals to to learn at takings for granted to gain perspective during this this experience in read and write. And whatever it is that you do for you know a release or an outlet at home. I did it work out the other day Saturday. I did a high intensity interval training workout that crippled me for two days. So there's that literally felt like I went through corporal punishment. I am only able to walk properly again today. so you can work out at home you can do. Yoga you can read lately. Said people are cooking so much I don't have that inspiration to cook. I just eat things up but on the stove microwave but I I don't have the baking inspiration or the cooking inspiration but a lot of people love to do that I don't know I mean we're we're we're lockdown for another month so we gotta get creative and I think it is a good time to pick up what you left off on a project you've been putting off. I'm working on a book that I started a long time ago. I'm sorry and focus on a on a daily basis now writing. At least you know a paragraph. It's got a page a day and then also I think it's important to remember to allow yourself to be down. Allow up to be lazy. Allow yourself to stay in bed. I think we should take emotions as they come. Just like we should always do in life but e- especially in this time where things are precarious. Things scary thing. You know our free. Some of our freedoms are taken away. I think we should allow emotions to come as they do and to process them and to not feel guilty. If you you know stay in bed not feel guilty. If you know order carry out. I don't know I I love all the things that you're saying one thing I also want to impress upon people is if you haven't applied for unemployment yet yeah ask them to defer but one thing that I've noticed from all my entrepreneurial drag queen friends is they're planning to have new merchandise available for sale when this ends because they're thinking that there's going to be a surplus of money in people's pockets that's rolling again and they WANNA have those new t shirts stickers and all that show is audit. Yeah a part of it is. I'm thinking you know. Look this is eventually going to end somehow. One way right pins inevitably. The human spirit is is a strong force and when people can go out into the world and interact with each other. They're going to feel like that money that they were. You know that felt so scars. Scarce scarce that money is going to be burning a hole in their pocket and I think you know for people who have something to capitalize on it. Might actually you know. Get Out of the hole that you're in now. I think this also teaches us. How silly money is when things are stopping. The way they've stuck with jobs have been lost when when you know rent can't be paid. Restaurants are closed bars. Close income has literally been cut off for so many people. And then we're just GonNa be given checks you know it's like I don't know the concept of money is for me personally has really changed. It's been there's a new perspective on it during all of this I mean I just think that you know. It's so flippant it's so it can be so manip- it can be manipulated so easily its value and it's it's slow be manipulated so easily so people that aren't working right now and are out of there has been completely just cut off. You know there are going to be getting extensions. Or deferments or their stimulus. Maybe I'm not articulating properly. I just think that the concept of money is so Intangible you in the we can hold a credit card. We can hold bills. It's it's it's so Allusive it's so allusive. People could emphasis on it. I think going back to spend throughout the stock status and You know the different subcultures in this country and wealth and equality all of that ties in to money and the concept of money. But they can't take away. Your Whitney Houston says your dignity. That's what I'm trying to look. You're you're investing in yourself and you're putting value into your existence as a human being when you form relationships with other people that's in value to your existence as a cab being and oligarchs they're going to try to rob you of every damn set in your bank account you know but the away those relationships and they can't knowledge in your in your. Yeah you're right and I met you know when you need money. I'm not trying to come up with like an anarchist. Even I might be a closet. Anarchists I know we need it and I know it's fun to have it. It's it's essential it's essential right but in a crisis like this where people are forced to stay home. People are losing their jobs. People are losing income. People are stocks are insane in a crisis. Like this your your shown. Just how illegitimate money can be eight. Does that make sense then again? Don't don't give up so quickly. There's a there's a there's a male dancer here in Chicago who I was to always thought it was beautiful. He had a tattoo on his chest. That said never give up and clubs and I was like our view the way you have it tattooed when you look in the mirror. It's as it says. Never give up backwards. You know. It's not for me. It's for you to remind you now out to give his kids who didn't WanNa give up on his Ken his kids. Yeah it was. It was for other people. Okay so I agree. I posted this on social media and said I wonder what happened. I kind of joked about it. I I wrote. I posted a photo on social media and said I wonder whatever happened to the never. Give up stripper. You know whereabouts. He gave up dancing good. This is like twenty years later. He still looks amazing. Still IS DANCING. Still getting money put into his pants the for him either things. I just think that money should not be attached to yourself worse. I don't think money should be a direct correlation to how you view yourself review others. That's what I'm trying to say because it can easily be taken away by a virus began control. Do you know what I'm saying? It's that it's that precarious it can be gone tomorrow. So or you get a lot of it tomorrow so Someone gets discovered it. I'm just saying I don't think any of our self worth dignity should be synonymous with any money. We have or don't have a good time to you know if you're baking cookies. Offer your neighbor some extra cookies. If you're baking bread roll of toilet paper reach out to your neighbors in any way. There's there's a photo of this woman who runs a gas station. She's sick S. H. The religion and I wrote with like she thickening honey because she's giving away free vegetarian meals to the public. Aw that's amazing really really sweet neighbor earlier. Actually I was on a phone call. Job Excitingly enough and I was talking to the person to the recruiter about my experiencing. It was a very candid conversation. I'm going to get this job. I think it was a great talk and I was just iterating. You know my experience at media and marketing and my neighbor literally opened the door and said hey sorry. I know you're on the phone I do film and I do I. What did she say? She was a film editor. So if you ever want to collaborate it was just such a cool moment during all of this like connect like that like four below me. I'm on the phone with a recruiter for a job. And then my neighbor over hears me talking about what I'm doing. What I can do comes out and tells me what she can do. I don't know I think this is like this is an opportunity to it during all of this to connect like you said earlier. Yeah Mark There's a story of the couple that sold all their worldly possessions. Their Canadian couple. I guess they saw all the everything that they had. They were from Quebec. They drove five thousand kilometers across Canada in hopes of escaping the corona virus. And they get to one town. And you know a sizable thing. It's called White Horse Right. It's in the Yukon. So they drive all the way over and then they fly into this small little town too quiet village by village called Old Crow. And you know it's a native village you inuit people up there right so it's a small community there and they're like thinking well we're just gonNA come here and ride out the pandemic will. They were met at the plane by by the the first station. Chief David Tizzy Traum. And they're like who are you and why are you here and they're just like. Oh you know my partner dreamt that we should come here to write off the virus store just like no here. Why don't you stay in this room? We're GONNA put you on the next plane back. And they were just like just shocked that these people just thought you could just like the middle of a pandemic. Just pick up a move. But it's a big problem for a lot of places hamptons or just like everybody's zero all. The New Yorkers are flocking to their summer places. The people in Cape Cod or like Closed the bridge. Don't don't let the vacationers come. Because they're not prepared for their stories aren't stocked for those kinds of people. They don't have the hospital infrastructure for those kinds of people in Norway. The country they all a lot of people. They all have these little second homes. Cabins Hood does whatever that they go up and spend like family vacation at or the weekends. That kind of thing. They told people. You are not allowed to go there because the that community where you're at the hospital. That's that's for those people you know that was designed to take care of those needs and if you go there you get sick. You're taking their spot and we can take that away so you need to stay at your house right. Yeah that's the thing that but that's the order is to stay home and not whether that you don't stay where you are because I've had the I was supposed to be. La On march seventeenth to the twenty. Second obviously didn't go. It was canceled. But you're I think an instinct is is. Oh I'm not supposed to do this. I'm going to do it or I need to get out of here and if I have to be locked down. I want to be locked down here. Not they're not here. It's weird. It's it's people just want. I think it's a response. It's a coping mechanism. Hide yes we or whatever. Yeah did you see the photo of governor Cuomo from New York State? I sent a link to something. We're trying to figure out whether the Internet is all trying to figure out whether he has nipple piercings or not so. I did a little research. Yes before we started does governor. Not your proof. Almost Andrew Cuomo is the governor. Cnn's Chris Cuomo the honk are. There's plenty of shirtless photos of him on the Internet without piercings. Cuomo tested positive for coronavirus. He says it's going to be broadcasting his show from his house as we've seen with Other talk shows being done for people's homes. It's really interesting. How talk show host and news? Anchors don't have microphones in their homes but anyways Andrew Cuomo does not have nipples pierced their suspenders holding up his pants underneath his shirt. What the buckles for suspenders. Sure underneath the shirt until they look like he has nipple piercings twenty twenty. Yeah so the mystery has been solved. Suspenders it's not nipple. Piercings get excited. You can fun I know but you know what? Hey what better time to get near pull nipple piercings the night now. No you don't WanNa get any medical procedure done if you can help it. That's the thing goes wrong. You don't want to be in the system. I find myself like having a psychological coughing attack like some groceries. Like I'm scared. Just yeah I'm really scared to call. I felt bad for sneezing alley yesterday taking garbage out. I felt guilty for sneezing when you go out. No I'm just keeping a distance really going out. I mean I went to. I've gone to the store. I like two or three times and I've gone to the Marianas trip three times. I've gone to seven eleven twice. I have really doing now. They're saying like yeah. You should wear a mask when you go out there looking at like the the rates of infection countries like especially in Asia where people are like more used to wearing masks and it's lower than it is in countries. That aren't using a mass. That's I mean. I think this is what I read about. The mask issue too is that it's not going to prevent you from like if you're wearing it you're not gonNA to be prevented from getting the virus but in case you have it it so like you wear the mask when you when you're sick so that you don't spread it while also her to the mask is also one of those things so you don't when you're out and about the you don't because we inadvertently touch her face all the time and then part of the way it is you're not touching your face right is way off your goddamn hands. Everyone in Oregon a pizza parlor has added to their menu to their takeout menu toilet paper so they're awesome. Yeah so basically you can get some pizza and toilet paper for those who've run out of it. Yeah because some people don't have to other paper and so they're getting their toilet paper through their restaurant distributor. It seems I guess th- They've had a lot of inventory and so they're they're selling toilet paper along with a slice of pizza for fifteen dollars but it's it's awesome. That's a pretty big slice of pizza and you know it is a little bit high. I would say for a role toilet paper and a slice of pizza but how much fifteen dollars for a roll of toilet paper on one. I'm sorry no it's it's a whole pizza and Arolla totally. That's not bad at all. I was like you can also get pretty big. They also have these big slices of pizza that you can get that are kind of like meals in themselves so But pretty much. It's fifteen dollars Lindsey. Since you spend twenty twenty eight days in isolation from your friends and family to Jenny last bits of advice for how to get through that for some who know so I think this is a really cool guy to be nice opportunity to send some snail mail. I wrote letters when I was in jail and it was really nice to send them and receive cards from a couple of guards. It was just. That was what do I mean when you're in when you're is that is so exciting to get anything to get any sort of package to get any sort of letter or card so I think that I think this is a great time to. I mean we have our phones you can call and that's always you know that's a great way to connect. I have never faced time so much in my life. I hate face timing because I just. I don't like it but I've been doing it because I I need to people's faces and I need to connect but I really think if there's something special about sending and receiving packages and cards without a doubt. It's really nice to get that specialty and that reminds me. We send the package my mom because her birthday was recently. I wanted to be there for the party but I just couldn't she really. She really loved it. She was just like the day. It's just so nice it's so I mean I think we're we're just were so digitally driven that we you know we write posts and we post pictures and we write comments and we right. You know we have these digit digitize note but there's just something so special about written out car a card or a letter I just think that's so nice and especially at a time like this where you're feeling you know isolated and frustrated or you know anxious or whatever the all the wants that's for sure all of it at once like cancer running around apps and I mean Oh my God so. That's a huge suggestion. I think it's you know maybe like a little exchange with a with a relative that lives far away who you were planning on visiting and now. You really can't deny Tom. Yeah that's great advice. Thank you Lindsey. Thank you coming on the podcast sunshine and learn a lot by talking to somebody who is behind bars and had to be isolated in the world now that they know that you spend some time behind a locked. It explains a lot. You're you know you're sociable person and you don't worry what other people think I make. I've made mistakes for all right. I mean what human has it and I guess going to. The friend's apartment last week was a mistake and learn from them so when I was in jail for twenty eight days I you know I learned a lot. I learned about myself. I reflected like I said I met people. I it. There's a takeaway in anything you experience so utilize that take advantage of that and I think right now. We have a lot of time in front of us of downtime. I guess sort of people are working from home and I know people still have their parents at home teaching their kids. And there's you know it's business as usual in some respects but there's no denying how unique this this moment in history is so we can do with it. Yeah go for a raw lock a you gotta you gotTa develop your core strength metaphorically and literally do those crunches plank totally cash APPs. Do the body weight squats do high intensity interval training will kick your black well. Let's see it's always good talking to you. Thank you so much we will be in the same room again taping PR. I can't wait. I can't wait like the big hog mark hostile. Thank you so much for having me. Of course anytime anytime thank you. I'm sending you love. How in good wishes? Same she sneezes. Thank you Lindsey scandal cartoon. Thank you be safe by to Lindsey Shaw Lives in Chicago Illinois? Just down the street from us but you know one day we will all be together in the same room laughing it up and sharing a glass of white wine with a little bit of Seltzer Water and lots coach Nile normally. If they're in Chicago we do love to have them in the home studio. But fortunately we're under quarantine. Ooh shelter in place. So we're like you set your place and we'll just call you up. How are you handling the pandemic and their self isolation I have my ups and downs? You know we work from home and so Live with you and I worked with you but we also have other jobs normally but now we don't have those jobs and so we're here twenty four hours a day seven days a week except for that time that You know take the dog out or go shopping or whatever so. I don't know part of me is like I do. I feel sick is a depression. And my Malays like what's going on and then that's I was just like fine and I was happy and I'm just like my Is going to be a roller. Is this what is it going to be like mental health physical health and I think you know listening to your body in your state of mind and allowing yourself to feel those feelings is really important and anything you can do to be social with people through friends and family? You're actually doing getting into a group call with people from your reality TV show. That was on season nine of the reality TV show out for an ARGO which is a reality. Tv Show in Norway and they take twelve Americans of Norwegian descent back to Norway and they put us through challenges and the winner got fifty thousand dollars and a chance to meet their Norwegian relatives. I unfortunately didn't win but I had a gray. I was a semi-finalist. It was a great experience so I was there for like forty seven days and this part of it I was thinking about that day. It was like what did I learn on that show. That's going to help me through this pandemic cause isolated from my friends and family and The one thing that I just kinda remember like you just whenever you can just take a nap out when in doubt NAP it out for sure. One of the hardest things for me right now is just normally. We have about two thirds or one third of our of our production of this. Podcast is done over the phone and now we're doing one hundred percent of those shows over the phone which is a lot more production work So have you guys see that? We're a little bit behind on shows or shows up here on a regular basis is. Because I'm just hustling more and spending more time to get that out. In addition we actually have a direct episode coming soon. WanNa Watch it you can watch it now on patriots dot com slash. Feast Fun with disaster. And you know for for very little money for the cost of a roll of toilet. Paper lasts less than the cross roll of toilet paper. You can actually help support. Feast Fun and make sure we're around through the corona virus pandemic and for years to come so if you WANNA make a one time donation it really makes a big difference go to face a fun dot com slash donate or become a member at feast a fun dot com slash plus and patriarch is Patriot Dot com slash feast of farm. Where you'll see the cooking drag Queens with Disaster Vina? I talking with drag Queens awnings. It's coming your way. I love you guys so much and I love you mark. I love you too. Darling Take Care Bye bye bye bye.

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Emily Oster

Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

1:09:51 hr | Last month

Emily Oster

"Hey everyone hi hello. Welcome to another episode of alice. Greg what are you doing here. Hey what do you mean what alison. Where'd you come from brag. I came from the world of childish. And i just wanna make sure that your listeners know that year just is wonderful. On the on the podcast. What if they don't have kids donate donate them a lot of our listeners. Actually tell us they don't have kids. We talk about sex. We talk about all sorts of dirty stuff but also parenting. Yeah so the checkout childish new episodes every wednesday wherever you listen to podcasts aspirin. Hey everyone hi hello. Welcome to another episode of alison. Rosen is your new best friend. I am very very very excited about today's guest and don't wanna keep her waiting long not my usual yam on and on and on while i pretend the guests in traffic even though really they're they're so just quickly. I just quickly want to check in with producer. Tony faxed and the bad boy of podcasting to find out how he's doing. Tony hello you just got back from a night away from playing a show. How are you doing yeah. I'm good feel a little worn out but in a good way. Yeah we just went out of town to palm springs for a night and then came back and played a show last night and that was super fun nice. I saw that some listeners. Where at the show. Yes some listeners. Were there came and said hello. Our friend renee culvert. Was there got to see her for a little bit. Yeah it was really fun and you play drums into bands back and you had been hiking in advance of that to try to like bill well in advance your tour that you're doing but how was your stamina. It was fine for the show. It's worthy motion city stuff that i'm concerned about because that's a lot more high energy. Just go go this. The don't stop stuff is is has some energy there but it's very silly and still will more laid back in the town. Land set that i played Literally and i don't mean this as an insult it's just a fact. Their stuff is very mellow. And i literally did not even sweat when i was playing with which is like i might be the first show ever played. I didn't have a drop of sweat. Yes so don't stop. Went live on instagram and streamed a little bit of the town land set and i had never heard them and i listened and i was like. Oh this is what matt gourley would play. I could just. I could sit back and relax in amid century. Modern living room listening to that music They're very good and then also don't stop. I saw a little bit of that. And i saw you. Were not wearing a mask. But we're the guys wearing. Were they singing and performing in masks. Here mike kept their masks. Tomlin did tomlin took them off. I was like you know. I keep my mask on always playing a show playing drums. That crtv i feel like so tony. I took the kids to the zoo yesterday. And i don't know if you know this about the la zoo. And i'm not exaggerating. It is roughly forty five degrees hotter there than anywhere else in la and it was like a pretty temperate day yesterday but for some reason it is just brutal at the zoo and it's mostly uphill and there's no shade and i realized this is a theory i've been working on. It came up on childish. Different podcast i realized in my old age. I am like the lapdog of humans. I'm just. I'm just meant to sit. That's what i do. Best and i could watch staff can mess around on my phone. Some light playing with my kids. But like i don't brave the elements well. I don't like being exhausted. So yeah i did not have the best time at the zoo although the kids did have a good time. But you might not know this. I didn't know this. We got to the mere cat exhibit and there was a rope around it and assign sane to keep your distance because mir cats are high risk for covert. No yeah no. I can't say that. I knew that and the way mere cat. Stand up and it all times. You're like what's going on over there. What's going on over there. Just i figured there on guard just like we are interesting. I didn't know any animals could be at that. Yeah i i think maybe i had read that. There was concern earlier in the pandemic about that. But then i Did a little. Google and a lot of animals are at risk. And there's even an animal vaccine. It's doesn't have rene but it has the antigen and then i read the words spike protein. And then i was like okay. I'm done reading this. It just it just i was like this is going to require more concentration than i have right now in the middle of doing things i will go back and read it though but anyway speaking of things that require constant bat is a terrible segway. I just suspect our guest always has the ability to concentrate because tony. She has a phd from harvard economics. She's possibly the most decorated in high in high education. Guest we've ever had. She teaches to the professor at brown university. She's put out three books all of which have helped me immensely as a mom expecting better crib sheet and now her new one. The family firm. Which i'm holding up camera. Youtube dot com slash. Alison rosen. i it is and also. She has been very prolific during this pandemic and helped eased a lot of people. He's their mind. I think about the specific risks. Because w- this pandemic is constant risk-assessment. Please put your hands together for someone. I'm so delighted to bring onto the show. Emily oster hello. Thanks for having me. Thank you so much for coming on. Am i right that you always have just endless concentration available. No i think but the concentration went like the way of the dodo with my children. Where like now. I try to concentrate and then all of a sudden i'm like often i remember to tell them the snacks. Oh did i do. I river so i feel like my i have. Maybe when i was getting my. The had the ability to concentrate. It's gone so you're books offer specific parenting advice. I would say but moreover that will tell me if you agree with this. Moreover they offer a framework for how to make decisions. Yeah i think that's how it would describe it that it's it's sort of the thing that i think of as different about my books than some of the other stuff that's out there is. It's i'm trying hard not to say this is the way you should do it or do a lake this but rather trying to say like here are the choices. And here's how you could make that decision right for yourself. Yes i'm gonna backtrack and take out the part where i said. They offer specific parenting advice. Because they don't they don't really i guess what i'm trying to say is like they work on a couple of different levels because if you just want some information about this this specific choice. That's in the books but it sort of sets you up for how to make a series of decisions for each age that your kid is at so what i'm wondering is do you look at people who make rash decisions and just think what are you doing. No i try not to. I feel like when i. It's funny so when i wrote this the second book which is sort of about like the the parenting in about parenting babies and so on. I feel like the process of writing that made a slightly less judgmental person Partly because so much of what. I was trying to convey there was like. Hey there's a lot of good ways to do this and you know you could choose feet or not breastfeed and like those kind of reasonable choices a lot of stuff in that space and so i kind of tried very hard to dial down both my judgmental and this and my more than that my advice giving thinks rights. He sort of said like books are operated partially as advice. Part of my instinct when people are like. Here's i'm doing to be like naan into a different way. And so i actually really have tried over time like do that to do that lasts but i will say. Sometimes people will describe things like. Oh you know we're doing like we're doing here all like millions of activities that we're doing at all times that i want to be like maybe two less of that so tiring but the urge to go. No no no no. Is that based on the data that you've looked at or something internal i think it's partly internal i mean so sometimes particularly we start talking now a lot of my kid. My parents friends have older kids. And so there's a piece of it where sometimes people will be like. Here's all the things i'm doing and i will like put together that their kid must be going to bed really late like sort of like for myself like kind of like a sleep sleep seller you know like i'm very into sleep for my kids and so sometimes i want to be like sleep more but the and that's sort of like try. Yeah it's like okay so there's a piece of that that's about the data but some of it is just like wow. That sounds so exhausting. I can't imagine doing it like that when it came to. I'm honing in on the decision. Making not only because it's it's a big part of your bucks but also because i myself struggle with decisions as my listeners. Well no it's weird with big things. That's not hard for me but it's a little sort of seemingly inconsequential stuff that i over think a lot. We'll give me an example. I've gotten better. But i once. But i once spent so long in a store trying to choose a notebook trying to choose which color because i truly have gotten like these things. Don't flunks but at the time it was like okay. I think i like this color better. Oh but what. If i got that. What if i could be the kind of person who would have that. I would be like an exciting new element in my life and it just like choosing an electric toothbrush. I remember that was very difficult things again. They don't matter. Yeah because i like to explore all of the options like when my husband and i are choosing a re something that hasn't come up in a long time but back when we would be choosing a restaurant. Sure i would have before time in the before times. exactly he. his process is think about what you feel like eating and then find a restaurant that has that and my process is i want to look at all the available restaurants and think about the atmosphere and look at the menus shoes and to him. That is just. It's just gonna take like. I don't he's like i don't want to spend that much time thinking about it and i'm like i enjoy thinking about it like that. So but so anyway. What has been your relationship to today's decision making so i think you know i. I think i'm a pretty good too decision maker part partly like i. I think that one of the things we've tried to really like a lot in our family is sort of separate like important decisions from not important decisions in terms of like how much energy we give them. And i think my husband actually probably gives more attention to what i think are less important decisions or he'll be like wants everything to be like sort of optimized In various in various ways where i think for small things i'm sort of like do whatever But and then we sort of try to put more attention on the decisions that are more that are kind of that. Are that are bigger. But i think i probably air towards like oddly is spending not enough time sometimes on on decisions and then and then later being like. I probably should have done that differently. Like like what you know. I think guess maybe the way i would say it is like i want i wanna be. I wanna move on like i so for like small decisions. That's fine for decision. Like i like. I remember when. I was trying to decide whether i should write a second book. Which is of course like like a huge decision which was in shape ended up actually shaping like might more or less my entire career like the following five years indefinitely and i i was sort of like okay i want to do it and i had sort of worked at my husband was like no like me like okay. Maybe but like let's let's actually really sit down and think about like this is not you know. This is a really big choice in here. We have to really work through it. And i think that i kind of like we got to the same place in the end and i think sometimes i kind of want. I wanted to be there and i think you know part of what part of what i like about him. I guess part of what makes it work. Is i think that that's that's right. That was like the right thing there. And i think he's pretty good about like let's just like slow it down a little bit. So what i'm hearing. Is you and my husband would be able to choose a restaurant together really fast. Yes that's what. I think your your husband and i would be like already eating and you and my husband would be like perusing. Different food options. Exactly what was the sausage roll disaster of twenty twenty okay so in my defence it was. I just want to emphasize that this was the day of the election. Okay so it was a very high stress that day and i decided to a recipe for sausage rolls Which was like a level puff pastry and they've wrapped around subside. Was like a kind of elaborate thing. And i'm like a good cook but like this was a lot and i was also trying at the same time to do like a pretty high stakes work meeting while i was cooking this and so i like cook them and then one of the things that happened was like because i was trying to be like on the zoom and take them out of the oven at the same time. I spilled a bunch of lake sausage oil on the floor but that was actually not the disaster. That was just like a thing that happened but then nobody like they were like not. There was just like they were not good. They were like they were okay but they were sort of like the texture was wrong. Look something that was not good about them. And the whole i got like having all this time in and then being so stressed i would like really upset that nobody likes them and then this is the part that was like this is the bad thing is then i when people are like you know. We just don't like them. I like picked up the tan. Throw them in the same kind of you know not very mature reaction to the to the experience and so that was. That was the sausage roll. Would you describe yourself as hot headed. No actually this was like i think part of what made this notable was actually a pretty unusual way like it was not unusual in the sense. That if i if. I put time into something that i am like sad. If it doesn't work out but that was like oh like the idea of like throwing things in the that's like totally out of character is why it made session impression on my children so you. Your parents are both professors right. Yes what was that. Like growing up with two professor parents. I mean it was like i had like a very like i had a lovely childhood. I very close to my to my parents. And i think you know the the the most important aspect of that is just that like expose michio. The idea that this was a job that you could have. Which i think you know not everybody sort of seize And so. I think that that's probably the way in which it was most formative. Although i think also like a lot of this idea of sort of around decision making particularly that i write about and the new book i think is is is reflective of the way. My parents parented or thought about decisions. That i don't know how much of that is. Just their economists or their professors or some other something else about personalities. Did you always want to go into academics. More or less not necessarily an economics. I mean. I think i've always been really really interested in doing research. Like even as a as a like a little kid and so. I think that was sort of like direction that i was that i was interested in in heading on but i thought i would do like more of us. Thought i would do hard sciences. Do you remember one of the first things you researched as a kid. Yes i remember. I spent a lot. The eighth grade researching the The babylonian currency system of which is say. Say it's on. It's like it's interesting interesting but it's like it's like in in base sixty. I think where it's it's not a base ten number system. That's all i remember about that. And then in high school i spent a long time researching canals the farmington canal different things about canals and railroads for some project. Which i remember being like. Wow like that's kind of that was very fun What about if this is a very general question but like what about research appealed to you is it. The is it the the process of finding information or like the actual accumulation of information. It is the moment when you know something that other people don't that's is actually not hard by june. That is an easy question at. I was reminded of it this morning. Because i was doing something. I'm doing some stuff about like some research about kobe. Not surprising and and some new data came in. And i had like a moment like a sort of twenty minutes to try to do it. And then there's like an. I and i sort of made a graph that i was interested in answer to like and it was sort of and then there's like that moment where like you knew something and nobody else and there's like there's just that's that's like so special and and that is that is the thing that that is just by infinite leaves bounce the best part and all the other parts where you're like you know trying to write it up and make tables and convince other people. All that stuff is like fine. I like parts of it but that moment is really special. Where do you go actually. i'm an okay. Let's say the the lay person. I want to be able to make decisions informed by data. But where would that person go to find. That information kind depends on what kind of decisions you want him. And let's say it's cove we'll cove it just turn to link it to something we're all dealing with. I have not necessarily felt like. I want to go to the data but i felt like i don't know what new i don't know what sources to trust like. I wish i could just go to like dr faustini's blogger. So i don't even know if he has one maybe he does. He have a subject newsletter. Yes dr fao. Chance of sang patriotic. Even patriots yeah so so. It's sort of two fold question. Where do you go when you're looking for data and then where does the layperson go. So i think there are some pieces of data where that's easier associate like. What is the case rate. What is it what a hospitalizations look like. I go to the new york times like there like there are some sources like that. The thing that i think is much harder is like. Let's say i wanted to know like something that is is sort of one. Step more complicated. Like how commoner breakthrough infections writing. Something about like how common breakthrough infections. How does natural immunity comparative vaccination immunity. I think part of what's hard. Is that actually figuring out. The answer to that requires reading many different pieces of of data. And so you know. I i like fao g i like you know bob wachner but i basically i'm looking for people who are sharing and some way research studies and then i'm going to the research studies and so that that's a little bit harder for like that's a harder thing to convey to layperson partly because sometimes when you go to this research ideas you're like oh my gosh. This research study is so bad and sometimes it's like okay. This is this is better so you know. I think there are a few people like. There's a guy named bob walker at ucsf who is like a like a very useful person to follow. So i think some of this is about sort of generating like who you are like who you are listening to. In so what ultimately juliette yet economics So when i i mean one answer to that is like i knew a lot about it because my parents were economists into it was a sort of a i was probably more aware of the ideas of economics than than others. But i think part of what i what i like about. It is the the idea of combining theory and data to answer questions. And the the idea that you could answer big questions. Big policy questions using using evidence and i really like statistics until a lot of my work is about methods and statistics. And things like that where i think economists have a good perspective. That is that i like that. I enjoy how your professor of economics right. So how much does what you're teaching in in your classes relate to what you're publishing about so it depends what you mean by what i'm publishing. Sorry your books and your substance. What you're writing about what i'm ray. So so i think the ways in which they're they're sort of synergistic in the sense that most of what i teach Is about and sort of what i do in my real job is about sort of how to think about evidence and how to think about what we learned from data so i teach classes. That are pretty much like you know. Read a bunch of papers and think about what's good. What's good data. What's not good data. How do we think about policy from this. And that is a big piece of what i of what i write about in in in by subject and in my books and so. I think that that's the sense in which it's similar then. There's a sort of separate peace which is like. What do i do my academic work on and that also has some overlap there but probably last so just because it is it sort of more in the weeds of like trying to develop new methods or trying to sort of say new things with dato which is an end for more specialized audience. I have a dumb feeling question. But and i was an english. Major and economics has always been something that i'm like i don't i don't mess with that but i think economics is like financial systems but what i'm getting is that it has so much to do with data sets and statistics and like i is that sometimes divorced from financial systems in. Yes yes so. So this sort of traditional kind of lakeview economics which it's like. The fed yet is a part of economics which sort of sub deal that called macroeconomics. Actually most economists at this point the vast majority of the field is working in a space. It's closer where i am. Sort of like microeconomics applied microeconomics. Where we're looking at data using it to answer questions which are mostly about policy and analyzing things like medicare food stamps or it was sort of thinking using the tools of statistics and economics to answer those questions but But not thinking about the the fed bright. I don't really know anything about the fed. Honestly well i could after the show. I'll fill you oxford. On the end powell. I heard about that guy. I don't know Each target any important. Did you always want children. Yes did you always want children. Yes i did. I was actually just thinking about this. Recently i my parents felt bet like having kids. Was you know one of the most important things that one can do them. They didn't understand people who chose not to have to do but they didn't understand. Hebrew chose not to have children. They felt like those people were really missing out on one of the great experiences that you can have and so i think i just soaked that up like a sponge and just you know i never thought. Do i really agree with this. I just was raised to know that. Of course i'm going to have children. And i was thinking about that other i was thinking. That's one of those things that is like something that was sort of implanted in me from my parents didn't decide it on my own. That being said. I am really glad that i have kids. It was the right decision for me. And i did and so it was a whole whole undertake really. It was not an accident. it's not at all. Yeah yeah yeah. It's interesting. I mean i i think i feel like people are like. This is something that you either really want that you like feel in a way so you know i think i also think he in some ways you feel about the number of kids so if you will ask me like what's the optimal number of kids with it's like we don't really have like a data answer to that but i think there's a huge piece of that which is like do you feel done you know. Do like do feel like your family is complete right. And i think that's the first you know. There's a an another author that i've spent some time talking to name. Dan freitas who's written a really really good book called the nine lives of bras napolitano And she likes sort of the. The premise of a lot of her stuff and of that of that book is like basically. She's like i did not like it's like i was sure i did not. It's not that hey kids. I'm not like a kid just like i did. That is not something i wanted and that she her her view is like. That's actually a really hard thing to say because people are like oh will later. Change your mind survivor. Hold so much never seen ever like what if you later. You want them. And it's like no actually like. I don't like it but i i've sort of had i always. I wanted them. And did you feel done after two. Yes i did not feel done after one and after two i definitely felt same. Done have a four year old. I have two boys a four year old two year old and it was just amazing to me how once the second one guy here i felt like. Oh now we're a family where i had. I was so you happy before. Actually i don't know if i was happy all the time. That's that's nobody setting the right putting real rose colored glasses on it. But i mean i was delighted to have my first son but it the feeling changed entirely and then for a second i i think when i realized i don't think i could have a third even if i want because it had become really hard to get embryos and we used all of our embryos and so it would have been like probably not possible to have a third for a second. I was like oh. Maybe i really do want but i think i really am happy to have. I think two is the right number for me. My therapist said something which is people pretty much recreate their family. The family they grew up in and that is kind of the case for me. Because i have a younger sister. What about you. How many siblings do you were. There are three of us okay. Okay and so. It's interesting because my might so i. I am the oldest. And then there's two boys and so one of them has four kids They were going for three but they got twins on got twins number four number three and four and the other brother has has to. But i think he would like to recreate that. I think he wants three. Yeah they would like to sort of recreate the the thing that we have but i think for us my husband has to. My husband has one sister. So i think there's a little bit of but yeah i had exactly like when when our son was born. It was like okay like now. We're now we're like we're like we're a. My daughter was at my four years apart so there was like we had like a longtime with the baseline and then and how did you decide on that number so we thought that we somehow decided to was to was like too few why we i don't remember what the source of that was but i remember always thinking that and then we were thinking we sort of initially had made that we would have tried to have them three years apart and then that three years was kind of right in the middle of like a really like sort of chaotic time professionally. Where we were thinking of moving into didn't like a lot of stuff is going up. It's just like you know what this is not a good environment in which is not a good time for us to also be like having a having a baby and so then we then we. I don't know in the end like a year later. It was sort of better and they're almost exactly like two weeks apart. There is really two weeks apart so we like almost hit it right on and i was at the same conference i found out i was pregnant with both kids. I wow yeah. Mine are three weeks apart to two years and three weeks so i had it in. My sister and i are four years apart I had it in my head. That two years was the perfect number. The ideal space. And you know you can find people giving you all sorts of advice about this but it was like there. I remember a nurse that i liked. The fertility clinic has like just make sure to do it by this point. Because if you if you don't do it by this age then you're not gonna want to. Which at the time i was like okay but i don't think that's true. I in fact. I could actually see a case where the first one is is out of diapers. And you kinda miss. Some of the baby stuff. I don't know i could go either way but anyway. Yeah i just was like okay. i guess. Two years is the perfect number. And then also for fertility reasons it made you know i was asking my doctor at the time like well when should when should we try again and she's like well. Ideally you know this time. I think that sounds way too soon and so there were. There were other variables. But i have to say super grateful to have two healthy kids. I do think two years of great age difference but the people said to me like oh they'll be best friend and they certainly are not best friends right now like they certainly are not as close as i think i think they will become close but right now there's more conflict i think there would be if i if i had like a four year old and a newborn. Yeah i mean. I feel like that stuff is very hard to predict and is also like very dependent on the kid and exactly the age and like my kids took a long time to get to play with each other because her for years apart and so it was like you know like a six year old two year olds in that but now they play together all the time actually. Now they're like very. I mean probably a pandemic was of good for that. They were alone and so they were only with each other. So it's it's sort of but but the dynamic you know ten year olds for different from the six year old and so they're dynamic is kind of evolving. But i right and then like how. Are you going to be as an adult. Yeah i pretty close to both my brothers including the one who like. I hated as a kid so which one is. Is that the dollar now. The youngest one. We actually pulled up all my mother for some reason saved all of our new year's resolutions from children's through the other we were like we're like altogether and we were like reading them and the youngest brother and i every year. Our resolutions are be nicer to the other one care. And it's like you know. Sometimes i'm like be nicer to john even though that stupid. Why did you dislike. Do you remember. I knew i don't actually have any particular memory of why this why this was actually very similar. Like i really like now. He's a wonderful person. I love his wife. I left his kids. I don't know. I have no idea what we're like five years apart. Navy this system. I'm so bossy like it was like just so. Are you possibly in your marriage. Probably but i think Yeah but i don't like. I don't think that's the way my husband would describing. What would he say leno. Actually i just i don. I wouldn't pick bossie. You know i. I am like in charge of a lot of things but i don't think that's i don't i don't think it comes across as bossy. But maybe he would say one of the things. I love about the family firm which. I haven't filled out the worksheet yet until where she now and also. I love that you mentioned that in third grade year teacher was like she just loves workbooks. I love him. But i love the idea of a family mission statement I actually wrote a personal mission statement for myself this year. Which is something that i had never thought to do. But i had a guest on the show michael buckley and he talked about having made one for himself and he read it and i was like. Oh that's that's amazing. And then i kinda filed it away and then one day i just wrote sort of a rough draft kind of thing and the the beginning of it is like i wanna live honestly and authentically and show people that it's okay to be human and then something came up on the show where there was an interaction i'd had with a guest that got a little bit awkward and i felt like it didn't reflect the best on me as an interviewer and i wondered if i cut it out. Tony knows i call. We mostly communicate by tax. But this was one of our phone calls because we we went back and forth. Tony felt we should keep it in because he thought it was an interesting exchange. And i just kept going back and forth. I could just take it out. And then as far as the listeners know it was like a super polished interview But then i looked at my little mission statement. And i'm like if i'm really trying to show people that it's okay to make mistakes and to be human than i leave it in and i did leave it in and the mission statement helped me. I haven't thought about making one for a family. Can you sort of explain that process. Yes so i think there's a there's sort of some pieces of that one is like the sort of mission statement and then one is like a sort of sub version of that which is like what are your main priorities or your main values and sort of put that all in the same bucket and i think it i think for me. The reason those things are important is is because they surface. possible disagreements. When i've talked to you about this occasionally somebody will be like well. Sure reading on family mission statement. You write it down. Your priorities is great. If you agree on them but like. I'm not going to agree with my partner on these things and i think that's actually precisely why you know why you need this. That basically if we are not aligned on what we're trying to accomplish the things that are most important to us and we're trying to achieve something together. It's going to be difficult to achieve that because we are. Those disagreements are going to surface themselves in all of the little moments in sort of hot state moments rather than you know. We're not going to avoid the conflict right. And so i think that a lot of the value of the mission statement is to be able to or all of these three pieces of it has to be able to say. This is what this is important to me. And this is an are those kind of or we aligned on those things. And that's part of why i sort of suggested some of these things. You'd like to separately without the kind of burden of having to agree while you write them down. Write them down first and then to kind of come together and and so we're all at least and i also think there's some value in some ways to sort of like what you were you were saying like to say we've written something down now we can return to him. He's like hey. Are the choices. Were making like aligned with this thing we said was important to us. I so i didn't write down yet. But i was thinking and one of my priorities is definitely sleep. That's just the most important it's just important. I wish it wasn't. I wish but you get up at five. Am right that's true. Is that about at ten. how how how. How do you do this. How do i go to bed at ten. Or how do i get five. Oh i mean. I don't know i really liked the mornings and you know we just like i don't know i like i just have a thing. Where we're we just go to bed at ten. I don't know. And then i really i kind of find that like getting up at five kinda of like kind of enough sleep for me to like you know basically be okay right you know like a level of adel tiredness any and i just. There's like so much value to me in in having that time in the morning. That's kind of my like my time space to us. In whatever way. I like my use it. Have you always been a morning person. Yes even as even as much younger person like people will be like. Why are you going to go out. And i feel like i'm like is this like eleven fifteen i. I don't think we're gonna get. Let's just go to bed. What were you like in college. Undergrad you know. Yeah like me like look pretty much like this You know i lived with my best friend is still best friend was like a. She's just wonderful but she also likes. She was very cool. She would like she. She was already and this thing. We're just like she's just like totally like cool and fun and smart whatever and she would and she. I was like the one who like their when she got home. You know what i mean like like i am not I'm not like person who goes like. I did a lot of work spoil schoolwork And i met my husband sometime in college. And it's a lot of time with him And he's also an economics professor right. Yeah yeah at brown as well at brown. That's so cute. Yeah yeah we've been like it's been. Yeah we met when we were. When i was twenty and so i love that like more than half my life that guy i become obsessed with rhode island and it's because arden marine guest on my podcast. Grew up in little compton. Wrote a book about it and has been taking these. I think annual trips there and bringing friends and then all of a sudden my instagram feed is just filled with idyllic rhode island pictures and it. I don't know what happened. But i'm like convinced that i have to move there. Do i have to move there. Yes i moved to allen from chicago. And i have to say violent is the greatest It was particularly like amazing during the pandemic because like there was there was nothing to do but to be outside there was just being outside and so we just like basically for like eight months or whatever like however like we like literally. Every weekend day we went hiking and we kind of never ran out of hikes in rhode island like we just like every everything is like incredibly beautiful. You just like go drive for like twenty minutes and then you're in. Some incredible outdoor setting rhode island is. Just it's just the best little confidence. Oh nice do you ever wish you were in a bigger city because there any no. I'm boring as i as. I just frivolously but there are things there occasionally things which i think you know like when we were in chicago. There's like there's like it's sort of like food and museums right so like you know like the field like the things that we could take the kids to the like. Those are not. We didn't the mattress you museum in rhode island is definitely not like like the field museum. But you know we're not that far from new york. And and then on the and in the food i don't know we're actually is pretty good food for like providence has good food for a city. It's is but also have little kids so like we don't you know i don't get to go out that much salt. I'm doing it totally move here. And like we got a little confidence so nice like golic farmers market. You know i mean to give you a sense of what rhode island is like there is a there is a farm in exeter island that we get food from and like we get it delivered to our house once a week like and the the farmer is like our friend like she's like we're like oh can we come to the farm like bring the kids to be like bring the kids and then she's like it is just like the look the most idyllic like adorable state. I love it. Tony have you been there. Yeah but never never extended time into new. Everyone goes to newport. Newport is fun. I think so on providence right. Tony visit me when i moved there. Which i'm definitely doing Yeah there are so many hikes. I tried to block that out. Beaches also beaches. What if what. If you're like an indoor person who just loves looking at things. yeah. I mean you know there are some mansions in newport love. A man can go on them and made because you can learn to hike. I love to hike. I love a lighthouse. I love a boardwalk. I love a peer and it looks. I love cute house. I mean it looks like there's all of how there we have all those things. Yes we have all those things. Also your kids could learn to hike could. Yeah i could learn. That's what's required. We my six old like the new hampshire there day. We made him hike like a sickness. Six-mile a thousand feet elevation gain. Oh my god over a mountain by the he was a little whiny but like that's that's what the pandemic for us. At the beginning. I would be whiny by the end. That'd be dead. 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The tv time has grown by a thousand percent. And i'm worried. Negatively affecting him tantrums have been huge. But it's hard to say if it's age the effects of the pandemic or fry in his brain watching tv. Should i be worried. Or should i just strive to survive with a toddler right now. Mostly strive to survive with a toddler that like the answer to that is in terms of the content. I think we you know there isn't a lot of evidence suggest that you should that like the tv. Content itself is somehow going to impact behavior in those ways. What i hear from that question. Is that this person would like to set more limits. That like they would they would almost enjoy. Setting limits is not what i mean but like that like they they may feel that that would work better for them so i think rather than framing this as like. Is there a right amount of team. I think what i would frame. It is is like do i feel like it's getting in the way of other things i won't make it to do and if it is then i need to think about setting some and if in fact i'm like she's perfectly happy like if anna's book perfectly happy with the amount of devi and just feels like somehow she should feel shame. I would like to take that away like you should feel shame about this. This is. there's not a lot of evidence that screen time matters for any of these things. So i think it's really a question of like is it is it affecting. Is it bothering you. In which case you probably want to generate symbols not bothering you let it go alison be says yea. I'm reading her books to i'm pregnant and the yay yea that you're coming on my shelf. I'm pregnant and due february. I and my brother's wedding is mid april out of state. What would her risk. Assessment be for flying slash travelling from california to arizona with an eight to ten week old risk with cova and also other risks. So first of all. Let's not like it is night worthwhile to discuss the code risks in a row of twenty twenty two. Now i have no idea and so like i would put that aside. Okay in terms of other risks. You know i think in general we like. That's kind of the edge of when you would want to start traveling only because when very small infants are exposed to get any kind of illness. The like medical responses more extreme. Just 'cause we worry more about them getting sick and so so i think it you know it's you're kind of on the edge of of like where we're at like if it were four weeks. I think they would say no. It's like sixteen weeks kind of the usually people would think that was okay. You're kinda on on the edge you know. Probably it's important enough people would do that but this is an example of a time when like some of it is just like why did he schedule the the wedding then But also you know you may you may have to go and just try to kind of keep the keep the baby on you. I hadn't even thought about that. What's he up to with that wet brother. I'm my brother scheduled. The youngest one His wedding when my daughter was six weeks old polack focus. And and you know we. I have gotten over it now. That she's old enough to go to sleep way camp but it wasn't. It didn't yeah great at the time the time. Oh here's a question it comes. From alison rosen lately. I have been thinking about. How much should i be letting my kids workout conflict versus. How much should i be intervening because i overheard my older one cry in this new way that he cries which is like very dramatic. It's like caning almost as i go. And he was upset because he and owen and the babysitter were playing with water and food coloring. And he's having what he calls. A science experience i think he means to say science experiment but he causes science experience again. Don't fix that. yeah ever fixed. i won't But so i heard him wailing. And i was like oh no and then i heard him say oh in took my colors or something and i was thinking he needs now. He's only four and a half but something it would be great for him in life to understand that sometimes things happen that disappoint us and you just kinda got like get through it. And i don't know if that's if he's not old enough to get that yet. But but i started to think. Have i been making things. Have i given him the idea that you always get exactly what you want when you want it like. I've i've been making things too simple and then yesterday when we were at the zoo they both had church rose and owen. The little one finished his and then wanted elliott's and was kind of going over like cookie cookie and starting to go over to elliott. And i was saying like no honey. That's your brothers. You already finished yours. That's your brothers. But i was thinking like should i let elliott Should i have let them workout. This cane enabled shero situation themselves. Yeah i mean. I agreed database to answer to that you know. I think the i will say the thing. I sort of struggled with with my kids particularly as they get older. It's much easier to ask my ten year old like why. Are you making such a big deal about this. You know like cancer just like let him have whatever is the thing like why are you you know like how could this be so important to you and i think that i have sort of pulled back a little bit on that with like it's one thing to say like life does not always deliver the things you want. I am not going to buy. You cannot have this desert. You can't have candy at two o'clock in the morning like you. Can't you know like some of the times like there is a no and there's a lot of value being consistent about the things you say no to but i think there's a difference between bat and like you need to as the older kid like sort of like there needs to be disappointment to sacrifice for your sibling. Right right so. I think that i think i would sort of separate those two things out and i think that like learning the lesson of like. You don't always get what you want a good one learning. It's like fine for your brother to take your colors right littler. That's not a lesson hitting the question is what is the lesson you wanna you want him to learn that framing the question which is one of four one of the apps. Yes thank you. Okay luke chastain says my questions. Should you prioritize saving for yourself so you don't become a burden on your kids and allow them to be free or should you prioritize saving for them so they can go to the school of their choice and have some money to start themselves and then he says and i guess the b. side of that previous question is if universe if university acts costs four hundred thousand dollars between schooling housing over the course of their degree. Should you discouraged school. How do you judge the return on investment of education versus your child or yourself. Sitting in permanent debt has a huge question You know. I think that there's a lot of good ways to save for for college I'm not you know i actually. I don't think i have this question. you know. I think savings a savings. It's like you know. I'm not sure we need to get your market for particular things and also it's hard to predict certainly from the standpoint of having a younger kid like what exactly are they gonna wanna do when they get to that point you know. Are they going to want to go to college. Are they gonna want to go to college. That is that is expensive. What is the financial situation. This feels like something where it's pretty hard to make that decision from the lake immediate moment from like when they're younger well i have a question for you as someone who is a professor i feel like more and more and maybe this argument was always always there and i'm just hearing it more but i hear people talk about how in this day and age. You know you don't need to go to college. And sort of trash education or trash expensive education. i went to a small liberal arts college in the same way. I was raised to know that. I wanted to have kids. I was raised to know that i was going to a small liberal arts college like it was just something valued and i also value it so i think my kids will value. But what do you do with that argument of like. It's not important anymore. You can just go to a trade school. That is not borne out by the data. We have a lot of evidence suggesting that returns Education are very are very are very large in in general doesn't necessarily mean college is going to be for everyone in like the idea that that kind of a college degrees is not worth. Anything is not really doesn't really supported whitney c. says what was her favourite class in school parentheses defined school. However you wish probably. I took this really amazing class in college on witchcraft which was like in my senior in college class on like on witchcraft. It was in the in the folklore and mythology department. The department that we had And and it it. I ended up writing a paper about witchcraft which was ended up getting publishing economics journal which is like a whole other thing but like it was a it was sort of like totally with an example of a time. When like i learned a lot of things that i wouldn't have otherwise no. I got to kind of combine. This one thing with this other. I liked so that was special. That's cool okay and then Question for. Mary katharine ham. Who is the one who introduced. Yeah you too. When i was pregnant with my first son. She recommended expecting better. And just one thing to see that. I want to call out from that book. I thought it was so fascinating. Your point about whether coffee is related to miscarriage. And that maybe it's that the women who don't lose their aversion to coffee don't have strong pregnant and that was really interesting. Okay so. Mary katharine ham. Says i'd love to hear about her experience with polarization and twitter. Mobs maybe advice. She's fought off at least two in the past year. I think both around kid related mask related. Kobe stuff but i know it takes a toll i really liked to incentivize so much more of her kind of thinking in online environments. Does she have any thoughts on how to do that. I think twitter has become just awful in the last. I mean like you know. there's a piece of it. That's very useful like it's a good place to get information. But the kind of discourse particularly around some of the cope itself has become so so polarized. And so it's not just -plore is angry. In a way that i think is really unproductive. And there's kind of so much personal kind of like personal animosity and i've struggled a little bit with with sort of how to fix that and also even the question of like how much engage. I have like other ways to to engage that. Are you no longer whereas easier to explain. what you what you you think and i think that is have i. Yeah like definitely have these moments like. Stop this like it's too. It's too much. And i worry it's not productive right so there's like there's a place for like legitimate sort of like discussion and disagreement about some of these facts that that's very very reasonable. The sort of you are trying to like kill other people. Part of this is not helpful. And i don't i don't i'm not sure where. The path forward is serving on worse than the last eighteen months. Kobe nineteen question. I know a ton of vaccinated people who have gotten coverted shum and i have heard my mother-in-law's friend works in an icu. And she said we need to change our thinking about this. It's not that we're trying. It's not about avoiding covert anymore like eventually everyone's gonna have it. It's just about being vaccinated so you don't get super sick. That being said i myself really. Don't wanna get it. i really don't want it. seems miserable. The people the vaccinated people. I know who have gotten it. Some of them have just lost their sense of smell and then some have been like. It's the sickest i've ever been in my life. What is your thinking about that about like do you feel calm about being vaccinated but also getting it. Yeah i mean not calm. Not the way i would put it but i think i think i you know. I think the reality. Like i tend to try to live in like where i think. I think the reality is that you know people are going to get coat like mild. Maybe even like you know you know same way like gurney gets some for some people. It's going to be like flu. You know you're going feel sick for most people. They're they're not This is the reality like this is a reality. You know because it's a reality because of the way that vaccines work you know. It's not like to just like when you're vaccinated. Initially you have anti about these like you get antibodies. And then if you're if you're sort of immediately exposed to infection and you have at least circulating. Antibodies fights it all but your antibodies wayne over time over a period of six two six six months or whatever but it doesn't mean immunity wins it just then your body has these memory cells that remember how to make antibody so if you're exposed again it's got like ramp up those memories cells to make the anti. That's the reason you don't get very sick but you you. There is some chance of getting you know somewhat because it's sort of like working exactly like we think that it is going to That it is it is going to work. But that's just like reality of where of where we are and so. I think we have made this so sailing and it is scary like but but it also like give me half to at some point realized that there are other costs as well and when you get then you at least for some period of time you'll be like more protect against it right. Mary catherine also says i'm always curious about exactly how big a threat sids is when there aren't other risk factors involved and i've never really nailed it down. Those research. small for for served for without other risk factors are really really small. Really small like point. Oh six thousand point. Oh three in one thousand something like pretty looks very small. Okay let's take another super quick break and then come back with just me or everyone. I want to tell you guys about rossi's it's twenty twenty one and nobody has time for uncomfortable shoes. That's where rossi's comes in raf. These surveys thousands of customers. The number one word used to describe their shoes is comfy. Rossi's are amazing. They're made out of recycled water bottles. And when i heard that. I thought well i don't want crunchy shoes. But they are super soft and yet sturdy and also stylish and their machine washable. You can wear them. Hope you're sitting down because this is a big bold claim and it's true you can wear them straight out of the box without getting blisters. I don't think you could say that about any other shoe our dog walker kathleen whereas rossi's because they're the only shoe she can wear right out of the box and she's on her feet you guys. I think we've established that. I am someone who likes to not be on my feet but kathleen is an actual active person. So what i'm saying is rossi's work whether you're sedentary or whether you're walking all around town with dogs or without dogs. I picture like a high powered person on their way to an important meeting. Cutting a crisp silhouette in their off these. But i also picture someone who likes to sit around. That's me looking stylish. In her office there is an array of different silhouettes. I so i have the point. I also have the flat and just today. I made the decision. I need to add the loafer to my life. So there you go there. Fan favorite styles are sustainably made with materials like plastic water bottles full machine washable and available in tons of shapes styles and colors. So you can always find the right one for you and roth. These newly launched men's shoes are intentionally designed with an artisanal level of detail and created with nearly zero waste roth. These men's shoes are durable washable and better for the planet plus rigorous testing during our in d. results in a perfect fit. Wash after wash. Step up your summer. Wardrobe with washable sustainable. Stylish shoes and bags from rossi's head to rossi's dot com slash alison to find your new warm weather favorites. Today that's rossi's r. o. T. h. y. s. dot com slash. Allison and we're back all right. Let's do adjust your everyone. Too thin done is just or everyone all right emily. Do you have just mere everyone i to here. It is when i get up in the morning and get ready. I put my pajamas back on before. I eat breakfast so i don't get food on myself and then changed my clothes later. Even though i have otherwise gotten completely ready that is not just you. You think not just me. I don't know because i do stuff like that. Like putting on the mike especially my bra put on my clothes that i'm to wear to leave the house or that i'm going to wear to. The studio is the very last thing i do like. I don't want for different reasons than you. It sounds like but. I just don't want one extra minute in actual close. Oh yeah us even is true. Like the hard pants Her cancer not are not so good. But yeah i think. I think i'm just always. Even though my kids are big night. I like i have like a holdover from when they were just like. Throw food at you Which actually is really still true. That i actually that's still happen. So maybe it like makes a lot of sense yes. There wasn't any time. When i was younger where i would put on my clothes and then put on makeup and do my hair and now right now it's like everything is done identical asset. Yes yeah yes that is not just you tony. What about you. Your clothes and shoes are on the second. You exit the shower right and then you do your hair or shave or whatever you do. Yep yeah so weird life because men who have like more comfortable clothes yes. Yeah like my i. We talked about this recently. My husband wears his jeans until he goes to bed. You take them off. I know soon as i get. Hold on like i get stuff off me whereas my lululemon pants same okay and then do you have a. Would you tell someone off or something. Okay i'd like to tell the neighbourhood skunk. When i run in the morning he's always around and i am constantly afraid that i will surprise him and i will get sprayed and like one of for reasons. I can't articulate. One of my big fears is being sprayed by a skunk. Because i just i feel like somehow i'll never get away from it and so like i saw him this morning and he was like there he was like it in the gutter. He'll watching me. And i had to cross the street and walk very slowly. Don't like him so. Hey skunk hey have you ever been near someone or something that got sprayed because i remember our family dog whoopie got sprayed when i was a kid and the up-close smell of that is very different than i mean like. It's almost like a violently accurate. Yeah my Some some skunks died at my friend's house. Oh no and they had to move out for like a month like they died under the houses and getting out of the house. This is in rhode island. Yeah so i mean yeah yes. That's true but i did good. It's not really i. I don't know now it's like i've saved the best professor auster. Also emily thank you so much for on the show. This was so nice to talk to you. I really i really am like. I'm such a fan so this has been such a treat to have you on the show. Everyone go out and get the family firm. But is there anything you would like to tell people to look for to subscribe to etc plug and play anything i would say. Subscribe to my up. Zac parent data excellent. Thank you so much If you guys like what you're hearing please make sure you are subscribed to my podcast subscribed following or whatever. The terminology is in your app of choice. Leave us so nice comment on apple podcasts. At helps out the show and follow me on social media. At alison rosen on twitter and instagram. Again i'm on patriotic. Also on cameo and have a book out called tropical attire encouraged and other phrases. That scare me tony. What about you. Just the usual twitter and instagram. At telling it back stun and my podcast bizarre albums every tuesday all right. Thank you so much emily. Thank you again listeners. You thank you for listening. I love you you matter news. Show own but now we gotta go a rose as a

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MAXed Out  This is Only a Test 578  12/10/20

This is Only a Test

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MAXed Out This is Only a Test 578 12/10/20

"Let's start the show for thursday december tenth. Twenty twenty welcome to. This is only a test. The official podcasts of tested dot com. All right that was an interesting one and welcome to the podcast. this week. this is hosting the show. Of course that was an intro. We're taking user. Submissions for intro. And that was one created by david. Hensley had previously really great submission. This one pretty fine as well. But you know you hype it up your email to me. Dave saying that this thought. This was the one that we'd pick. I think your last one was a little bit better. lo fi beats to chill to. Yeah and as you can tell i. Don't listen to them before playing them on the show so my first time as well to shores here sure good. How're you doing here. You've got some good comments on your favourite things video that we published last week. People thought you were a little sad. All i got was like. He's sad and partially. Because i talked about air filters and mass and so they're like a downer favorite things but they're important useful products. We've got to survive right. That's that's a pretty favorite thing. Yeah he doing a lot on your actual day job. So we're going gonna get to that moment signs and you heard we have a special guest this week devendra hardware from n. gadget and slash film. Podcast mushroom castle. Welcome back to the show. how are you doing. Hey doing okay is good as i can't be actually coming off of a two week. Don't exist anymore right. It was just like concentrated time so he didn't go anywhere. Didn't go anywhere. Couldn't go anywhere. I am outside of atlanta now and hey. People are not being safe in georgia. It's a it's kinda sucks but very happy to have some baby time. That was a great two weeks but devendra. You're a resident of georgia. You're the most important person in this country yet to every every early thirty. Yes yes honestly. I've talked a lot of people who move down here recently to and there is there's a lot of folks a lot of folks from the northeast and even california who came to georgia for To work on production because georgia you know around atlanta's a big film production area. And i think the demographics are changing. So i love being down here super cool. I do miss new york though. I meant sorry. Nor i mean you you move during during the lockdown was. Hey yeah that was. That was not fun. Don't don't even ask me to recount that because it was a whole like we. We basically tour to house remotely. I had my folks like come. Check it out. We didn't get to see the house like we bought a house. My first house love it a lot but it was a weird thing where you know we. We couldn't even see it before we actually purchased it so i had to come down It's a whole thing. My family did remotely. We did as much as we could remotely flight. We missed first light. It was not great. It is like a traumatic thing that i've like up and just put into quarter it healthy with it at some point but it was a crazy experience. Well did you like full tack on this in like senator parents like an iphone eleven year. Like i want you to go through and like you know. Full light skin every room and i'll just step into vr inexperienced the health. Before i get there that would actually be perfect. If if our light our cameras were good enough that they could just fully capture three d space. That would be perfect for me but no my parents went with their iphones. We did a lot of face. Timing and recorded facetime walk-throughs with my brother and my parents. And so we my wife and i would like to spend a lot of time going over that and going over photos and it was. It was not the ideal way to buy our first house but it ended up being like a good spot. Good location yeah. Nice overall no no big issue so far knock on. What was it more stressful to move with a toddler or to pack up. All your yes. We moved with a toddler it was my daughter was like at that. We moved with two cats. We moved in the middle of a pandemic. We had to pack up our entire brooklyn apartment. Get it sent over and we found some really great movers. Who really helped us out. They can to keep packing even after we ran to get to the airport and new york if you like. The city of new york gave me my final. Fu we sat outside on the curb waiting for cabs for like twenty minutes and just nothing like everything was done except getting a cab and we got to the airport like five minutes. After our first flight took off so just through sheer desperation and good luck. We found another flight because also not many people are flying during the pandemic. It's not very safe. There are many planes running so it was crazy. How things just like barely worked out for us. But i'm happy with this as i was wondering like the gear. Pack up i guess. Movers help pack that up. Tv's and all the castes. Like i'll tell you guys you sales very good boxes you sales very great like i think triple or quadruple thickness boxes rela tracks. That was the big thing and we did most of ourselves. Movers helped me with like the big thing like getting the tv into the box. Everything came and i'm very happy about that. Are we going to get a boxer view and get it. You're just gonna be like full-on cardboard review. I think he missed the when the playstation five dropped and sony would only let us take photos of the box it was basically my twitter was just like hey. Welcome to box review time. This is very nice box from sony. It's very thin. I'm sure you nor expo microsoft. Same as well. Here's here's this very particular embargo on what this this part of the experience But don't plug it into tv. Don't show people what you can do with the game. Yeah they were here hearing the same thing with cyberpunk which is coming out this week in terms of you know you don't put put put out game streams or we will put potatoes says guess what streamers are all part of the marketing marketing machine for that But i'm very excited to have you on the show this week dr. Jeremy isn't here because we're not talking about movies. Talk about technology and all the things that you cover we then very well on these things. Maybe even also the newborn life at the toddler toddler life. Now man. newborn life just went so quickly. We just put the kid down. And i'm exhaust but we're gonna get to our top story this week in. It is what. Let me play the music. Cue if i have it cued up to i. Heroes man top story this week you know. This is one of those cases where the story broke right after recorded last week. Course on max not not. It's a big week for max's. You've got airpod max and you had. Hbo max also doing their thing. But i'm actually glad we had time to think about it because my immediate reaction. I don't think up and there has been more information. That's come out. Since i'm still fuming tweets but of course the big news after it was announced that wonder woman ninety four would come on december twenty fifth on christmas day on. Hbo max for free for us subscribers kind of killing be theatrical exclusivity window. Hbo now hbo time warner slash. At and t. Have announced that for twenty twenty one. Every film that was going to be in theaters will be also a day and date on. Hbo max in the us for one month before presumably it goes away. Then they can sell blu rays they can do digital downloads of. We're talking films. Like dune matrix for godzilla vs kong. And what the other bowl. Other notable ones Those those are the big tent poles. Those are the big ones. Yeah those are the basic space jam or did you mention that already. There is space jam ace jam as well so there are a lot of different ways to talk about. This and i know topic you guys covered on the slash foam casts but disagree not to talk about it in the christopher nolan. 'way any other want a trust perspective. Right yeah more. Details have come to light in terms of what went on behind the scenes The the new kind of kind of inside baseball information is that it sounds like hbo. In time warner did this very differently than they did with the wonder woman nineteen eighty-four deal an announcement. So there's a story to hollywood reporter that for nights when a woman ninety four it was a big lake tenant being a big experimental film to put out in theaters during the pandemic and was not a box office. Success with one nineteen eighty-four was stepping into unknown territory even like disney plus obviously has put their theatrical films on on the streaming service with milan charging for thirty dollars and pixar soul. Also on christmas day can be for free. Hbo knew that they're basically forsaking A billion dollar box office essentially to put wonder woman out on For streaming and the back yields as it's been reported is that presumably director buddy jenkins and also google both got instead of their typical points on the back end. They got basically eight figure paychecks to to make this happen. Zun of ten million dollars each That wasn't the case with the rest of the slate of films for matrix. Four for space jam for dune in many cases the production teams the producing partners weren't even notified before the announcement made and that's a source of much consternation for them. So there's the business angle talk about their the filmmaker angle the creative angle. There was the Consumer angle which is probably i wanna start with from a consumer standpoint. I know it's very different for you. Because you extra on the film review business been dropped but what do you think it's means for consumers is a good thing just from the consumer standpoint. We'll i think we we to take in the context of where we are right. We're in the middle of a pandemic. heya vaccine is coming soon. Maybe in six months things will be a little safer but things are not safe right now. So as a consumer. I don't want to go to a theater. I won't be going for a long time. And i think for most people like. Yeah i would love to see these movies at home. I'm totally fine waiting. But if their plan is to do it you know actually launch a streaming to. I'm not going to say no to that you know. Hbo's finally upgrading their tech. They're going to have four k. Hdr starting with wonder woman. That was my big issue with hbo before. Because they were you know hd for so long. So i think overall it's It's something that i'm looking forward to. I think for general consumers. It's totally fine too. Because people just want to see these movies. I used to live in new york. Where people would just you know. Pick up a dvd or something. That was out the week. After movie came out. People would just watch movies that way too. I'm not condoning them to saying. Hey regular consumers. A lot of them don't care about the ethical experience But for me also as a consumer as a sinophile. I am very sad. Because i do think i prefer watching movies in the theater. Even though i have a pretty decent home theater at home nothing beats going to a like adobe theater or something or even a full screen that full presence of the giant screen and the sound that they have and everything it was just great. And that's one thing i used to love about tapping in new york. You know we had a full-sized. I'm accent lincoln square. We had several dobie theater is and hey we had a lotta like private screening room. Su only film critic saw in those were among my favorite places in the city. And now that's all just kind of gone. And i don't want that to be gone forever. But if you like. I don't know if multiplexes will survive the pandemic Amc regal have already been in serious trouble. I think one of them not amc but was it. Regal that filed bankruptcy already us or they're gonna be closing up. Yeah so multiplexes as they were which were really just you know popcorn factories to make money. That's really what those things were they never. I'd never trusted those companies to think about the art of cinema or anything. They just wanted butts and seats buying concessions. I don't know if they're going to survive. And i won't miss them too much. I hope this means smaller screens. India theaters maybe. Some movie palaces. 'cause i used to in new york. We had several. I as i lived there for ten years. Just they just died one by one. One of my favorites was the zik field around like fifty third street. I believe and i saw the force awakens there for its final screening for like a midnight show and that was just a it was a beautiful thing because those are giant rooms. They're like nino plush carpeting very nice curtains and whatnot just devoted to movies. And maybe it will get more of those going down the line. 'cause the communal experience that's what we're not having for this year and maybe into next year. We're going to miss that quite a bit. Yeah i think there's gonna be a huge rebound in this a pent up demand lay on all. This is great for consumers. I like. I don't really have a lot of time for the for the people that are naysayers. This like. oh. We shouldn't do this like i can only watch so many more terrible holiday netflix specials. Before i lose my mind. Like i wanna see good films. And if they have good films put them out now. Maybe come up with a plan to re release them in theaters when it's safe to do so towards the end of the year and we're literally talking about something that's maybe six eight months from now that they're going to be able to have some theaters opened up. I agree of injury. We don't know what it's going to look like with the landscape. A movie theaters are going to be but there are going to be some movie theaters around like that. Whole industry is not going to go away by any stretch of the imagination. What's a win. And i get that we won't get wonder women in. I'm affects the way it was shot by patty jenkins that makes me sad but israeli soon so sad like you mentioned i actually literally there was an imax feature at where you have the typical filmmakers tps production people. Were being trotted out. Say this film. Being shot on celluloid is is meant to be seen on the big screen and we physically should not be doing that right now. And i'm coming on the same page as you guys where might gut reaction was little more in the chris. Nolan camp where I wanna preserve the theatric experience. What i am very privileged to affordability you. In the before time to watch an imax and naver nancy stubs like i love that whole that whole experience in la like just like the a the hubris of us society to like man we had the subscription that didn't cost that much and movie passed and everything to where we just like freely. Go around watch as many movies as we wanted you know. It felt like peak capitalism. In a way i literally random monthly film series at the alamo draft house. I've been telling the pandemic started enga and like if you asked me to describe that film series. It was like all the movies. I wanted to see from my youth on the big screen and it was amazing and so like feel that idea for when things kick back up because that sounds like fun. So the the the perspective of the crystal owns of the world into naming. He's the most vocal obviously which probably makes a very uncomfortable conversation with his brother. Jonathan nolan as their negotiating westworld season. Four also on hbo quote or streaming service ever christopher nolan ryan. That's that's come from the perspective of fear right. He's on his high horse but what he's the perspective is that he's afraid that the thing he wants preserve is going away because the business model of theaters is one of 'gate-keeping. It works at work for the past fifty to one hundred years because the exhibition model allowed for big. Betsy made allowed for big investments. Who made on films like vendors. On films like the blockbusters where studio could afford to justify spending one hundred two hundred three hundred million dollars on a film because they knew that for dollar four-time you've they make a lot of money with the theatrical model much more i mean if you look at it streaming. You're getting a much better bargain. Just minutes per dollar spent and so the fear is that after twenty twenty one you know with putting these big budget films which one brothers had in their back pocket because these are all option in greenland and paid for in the era before the pandemic is that what is twenty twenty two. Look what twenty twenty three looks like and it could look like more like the netflix model. Which is say is it say. They're not willing to spend money on big budget films. But if you look at what warner puts out. It's far riskier than what netflix puts out. Netflix's we'll put you know their biggest thing. They'll they'll have michael bay dual film. They'll have the chris hemsworth The russo brothers film out. But that's that's a mid tier poll release lower budget. Things right We actually ran a report a couple months ago. About the highest budget thing coming to net flicks is gonna the what two hundred million dollar thing ryan. Gosling movie right. yeah yeah. That's the rooster brothers. That's a franchise building thing and there's a lot of positives about the model when they control the ip right when they can go very disney in that the dizzy mcu model where they can have a big hundred million dollar to our experience but also do long form serialized in universe building which if they tell compelling stories for fans. That's a great thing. But i think we will see fewer of those big bets unless the the streaming model does somehow also i. It's on the counting rates. All do it in the back end. I think that is the ultimate thing right. Like i think four next year this plan to just get these movies out. There provide safely people at home. It's great but long-term term. I the big budget movies. That is why we went to the theater. So things like the lord of the rings series the yet any of the stuff like the bets have to be smaller streaming because the returns aren't as big. I think Several people have pointed this out. But you know the money invested actually was steven soderbergh quote from this morning right the money from these studios that they've invested create these billion dollar machines. That's not going away. They're really invested in this succeeding. So it's gonna come back in some way maybe not as multiplexes Maybe it's going to be more expensive the ethical things. That's something. There's a quick going around from george lucas and steven spielberg from the nineties. Where they essentially said like. Oh yeah eventually. Movie theaters is going to be like more like going to the opera or something. You're going to see a play where it's more expensive. Your it's more exclusive in a way but you're may get more out of it and yet what the distribution rights now that studios can actually own theaters. That could be part of the path down the line to disney could have its own line of theaters key. Pay a ton of money to go see them and people will still do it. Yeah yeah i think. All of these quotes underestimate the pent up demand. That's to be there one. It's safe to go back to these social experiences now. It may not be the same level. But i think the thing that's actually. The threat to the industry is like a prolonged recession. That actually comes from this and people not being able to afford to go to the cinemas and the sentiments were already undergoing a transformation where they're becoming not only a destination watch movie but a destination to get dinner to get are full night out experiences. And i think We are going to see more of that high end catering so i actually worry more about those mid tier indie releases. How will they're going to do in the cinema. Like i'm not worried about black widow being a success when it when it comes out in cinemas in may not be a hundred percent of where it would have been but it probably is going to get to like eighty ninety percent of what they were aiming for And so i think the high end high end bets are still going to be there. I think the thing that they're underestimating is if they don't do this where they release these movies now. Can you imagine one is going to be like in six to eight months when movie theaters open. There's going to be so many movies out all at once. It will be a horrible experience for the consumer. And i think the movie chain movie studios are the ones that are going to be hurt. If i have to see wonder woman black widow like dune like in the span of a week. All of those. Come out that's not good for the consumer I also don't think they can afford to wait in two thousand twenty one to like the the mantra throughout twenty twenty was hey if we can if we have to delete these movies we will you know. This is all an unexpected thing. We couldn't have prepared for it so just put some movies. Hope for the best looking now that you have some like foresight in terms of what the pandemic world is like looking at twenty twenty. One things likely not going to be fully say for a full year. They can't sit on those movies because these are studios that they're expecting some sort of returns from it there. They want some value out of it right now. The most values putting it on. Hbo max so it's a stockholder thing so you know. Time warner looks like they're actually producing something from this and they get more subscribers than they save a service. It's kind of floundering That makes sense to me. This is getting into the weeds of the business. But i feel like they do have to do something with these releases. They can't just sit on them for another year or two because they also still need to produce more things so they can make more money from those down to like at some point. We hit pause this year but we kind of have to move forward in the safest way possible and the safest way is not having people go to theaters. You know that was what. That's why can't understand christopher nolan's whining so much. I love his movies. I love his artistic sensibilities and what he goes for with john or movies but the guy pushed so hard for tended to be only in theaters. Like he really. It seems like strong. Aren't warner brothers. Into making sure that that was the thing that was still released even during a pandemic who knows like who knows the people who actually went there and if they got sick and if that movie like indirectly responsible for people getting kobe and we're waiting till december to get it now and i feel like nobody really cares. I still want to see it. But the cultural conversation of is gone because of the way they released this thing and it. It was just so fractured. i just. I can't stand his winding anymore. That's me yeah the health. Obviously the health concerns are much more paramount over the entertainment and cultural value booms. It's ironic that the failure of film probably helped spark some of these decision. Yes to put next year's films on. Hbo and i think even though it is in the weeds of hbo we should discuss hbo. Max as a rollout was it was pretty botched. I mean there's fusion in the marketplace because of existing contracts with the difference between hbo which had thirty million subscribers hvl max which is now only reached about eight million subscribers a tenth of what disney was able to do. And even though it's not it's not for lack of content. you know they have tunes. Have sesame street. They have all this stuff. They have license in original stuff. It's just you know it's it's it's a distant third so the net flicks and the dc and they're all playing catchup right now. Couldn't even get the name rate on so talk of them. That may be changing that like. They're they're rumors of them. Maybe pivoting and getting abandoning. Hbo should just be hbo. Like let me just say like i. I've sat through several big streaming services launches over the past couple of years disney plus felt so controlled and like perfect like disney. They know how to do this thing. They know how to handle their brands in their franchises. They were able to like give us early access to. We're able to test it and see some content. I saw the mandalorian at the dolby theater. The like tiny little dolby screening room in new york. They had a plan for this. Hbo i spent months or saying. Hey guys what's up. Can i can. I see any of these things. Can i look at your app. Kit is anything going on. Nobody had a clue and it wasn't until like the last week before the launch before they were able to give us clear details what the pricing was in. Certain things like that so they seem very confused and the fact that this is the same company that produced. Hbo now an hbo go. Oh my god and the mlb app like yeah stories. Five years ago when we're first getting these killer apps on on phones and tablets and they were at the forefront of streaming because they had the technical know-how but yeah bad. It's really unfortunate. And as much as we want these to be creatively driven decisions economically driven decisions for stocks. It's a reasonable logical decisions. They're all for shareholder value. It's disappointing because there's some really good kind of hidden content on hbo. Maxine animated lineup is like basically bar. None like i was watching. Infinity trained the other day. What an exceptional. Little indy series. That is just kinda hidden away on this and is so. It's not just the movie. Not just the back catalogue of series. There's good independent content that they produce there beyond just the yeah beyond just like the. Hbo shows that we know and love. So that's what's most disappointing is that it's an opportunity wasted ghetto. Yeah i of put a cap on it. I think one of the fundamental differences. When you think of netflix disney. Hbo disney is there as an ip factory. They are in great as the essential. like service. right. You have kids like people have that the they quickly jumped up because they're so pervasive in pop culture with their parks with their characters. It was very easy for them to convince people that to just make it part of their billing cycle with hbo. it's always been the premium models. Always been the the nice to have the prestige subscription service which means a lot for quality. But you know it's launch that. After game of thrones off the air when they've lost cultural conversation the moment that seems to be one of the reasons that they're struggling with like with netflix and amazon prime and hulu around. It's like what is so prestige about. Hbo argument doesn't quite fit. And one thing new disney for years has kind of like worked on a level of exclusively. Right there blu. Rays have always been very expensive. They would lock them up in the disney vault. You know and you couldn't buy them for years and when they re release aladdin for the ten th time. That's your chance to spend forty dollars on new blu-ray that the fact that all this stuff is just openly available. Now i think is a big part of it too because as a parent the it used to be so hard to buy a lot at disney stuff and keep the disks from getting dirty and everything. Now it's just like a little service you hit button you watch movies. It's perfect for. I just finished my well. i'm on my third. Mcu rewatch for the pandemic. which is you know. it's nuts. But i got more movies for you because you're like i. I watched other movies. But there is something about just being in the middle of this period which has been so hard that a little bit of nostalgia a little bit of comfort food that the superhero movies harvard or has been has has been nourishing in the way that like i watched you know like You know a wonderful life equa Thor ragnarok my it's a wonderful life during the pandemic so that's a good way for me. It's scott pilgrim vs the world. Which is one of the greatest movies ever made like. This is just my personal thing like once. We got through infinity. War and i was like. I don't want to see another movie for a while. Like gimme gimme a break. Let me take on these characters. So i miss them a little because it just felt like we were so over saturated with them as a culture but hey there there's more common. I like the you know. I liked their plans for tv. If we ever see that. That's another thing. they have. The marvel plans entity into disney plus. They're so good at this disney so evil as a corporation but so good at managing these properties. Making you want them. I don't know why can't take a few lessons from it. We might have to take a break. So i can fight of indra after say. Let's take a break from. Let's take it off the pockets. Hey anticipation for the mcu is the perfect segue to move into our next segment so let me play the stinger tv. Aside patients coming out producing from ms marvel to night she hawk But mcu films the anchors of that universe. It's been over a year and a half since we've had. I think the last one was spiderman far from home. Yes and spiderman being one of the prestige. We've also gone full cycle over the sony trauma of who's gonna make spiderman films we know there's going to be at least one more. Mcu spiderman film. And it looks to be a doozy. We don't have a name for it yet but we have so much ansari information casting primarily so it was announced officially that I think By the cumberbatch doctor strange. It's gonna be in the movie. Of course they're both new york. Superheroes strange has his film. The multi madness that sam rayburn directing which to come off the tails. Wanna the inter. Interesting sam raimi's involved. Now you've been given a lot of this other spider. Yeah so the big fan. We thought they hit full fan service with kind of the rumors that the previous spiderman that sony has full rights to toby. Maguire amazing andrew. we'll both make some type of appearance. Cameo appearance in next spiderman film which off of the success of into the verse makes a lot of sense and that would be that. Would that'd be somebody get me in a in a seat absol- also they also announced jamie. Fox i don't know if they announce it but jamie fox can be back as electra. We were like he weighed. He died he died. And he was in the reboot. Still think they're gonna do an end game and we're gonna go back and it's not just going to be different universe but back in a different time in the united states that seems like way too much work with them effort but having tobey maguire. Just walk on to the camera. Like walk on andrew garfield and everybody like nobody maguire's much older. Now he's not going to be doing any web slinging but i think just having them appear. It's kind of a cool thing. Yeah i mean who knows where that version of spiderman and yeah you have had the spiderman in his spider person told me why i could totally take that role be tongue in cheek about it little deadpool like little fourth wall winking nodding at the audience. The news that came out this week. They're fast and furious. You had alfred. Molina also rumoured to come off from the superhero movie of all time. Let me let into this. Great gauntlett has grown. so you have this navy sinister. Six like assembly of the villains from to doc ock to the villains have survived from the previous measurements. Let me just say the where. Where is paul giamati. He's rhino like that. Movie was not good. The paul giamati was really giving it his all in that bad spider-man's equal you know. He has to do so. Was in the big movie posters up here at the end. you know. it's a sideways reunion. Potentially mulji ahmadi and a san man in the film as well but the beverly herd of willem defoe is coming to stop somewhere right idea. Well the the other news. I'm personally more excited by. Maybe most excited by is the rumor that they might actually be converging with the netflix flicks. Marvel tv series with the rumor. That charlie cox fan favourite daredevil may also make an appearance in. The spider man felt horrible. I'm so maybe nia. I don't even need him as daredevil. Maybe just the lawyer matt murdock are the he was one of the best things. All of us can be cameo as long as they just keep. It narrowly focused like. Hey look at that guy in the background or hey you know like that little like touch as long as they don't try to do too much with it. Sounds like that's happening though. Like i do like this. Is the thing. Marvel was so spoiled with with anthony war and and game where they were able to like. Bring in and have these great. Have all these people in one movie like. They're trying to one up themselves in a way or at least i do wonder if i forget his name. The director of the current spiderman movies. Like maybe he was inspired to kinda do something more what we're seeing the reshaping of the future the mcu. And i don't wanna get too nerdy here. But hey i what the x. men to be a part of this eventually. Let's let's open this up in a way. Because i thought you may be very sad about the legacy of that franchise. That was what that was the worst watch of the pandemic for me. I think that's gonna make my top five. What did i just do. X men fantastic four. These are the kind of things that you want to go back to. The future of the mcu landscape i'm sure kevin feige contend with the kind of deals are making with the actors big a-list actor signs on to do a film to be mister fantastic. Debbie sue storm to be new the new wolverine right. What is that deal. Look like if we're talking about is streaming. I mcu world versus theatrical. I m seaworld. I think the the legacy of the mcu so far has a bit of restraint. They took their story arc and spread it over eight years. Can they keep showing that restraint here. Because i actually think it'll be terrible. If they put too much of this stuff forward now yeah have a roadmap for like twenty thirty years of great films keep at that same pace like why mess with the with the formula to get wolverine and reed richards on the screen together like it's just like build the actual narrative case for it An like what they did so well. They took characters. That people didn't have really strong feelings too. When you really look back at it iron man the war. Like i mean i know they're famous characters but i didn't care about like until the knowing. Yeah yeah no one cared about them at this level do that again with shanxi like with a miss marvan all these left like do it again. Run the same script. And i'm saying that just from a business standpoint i wanna see them take risks But at the same time. I mean i i just i don't wanna see them. Try to push too many chips to the center of the table. Because that's where you go full justice league on something. And i think everyone knows what i mean by when the zack snyder cutting no longer the big anchor for max. Next they put in seventy million dollars for that stupid thing. Yeah shoots and color grading and licensing. Leonard cohen also a square aspect ratio. That's gonna look awesome on your hdtv. I i hate so much about that thing. Bring me on whenever that comes out and we will. We'll talk about that all right. Let's move on to a of a new recurring segment because we want to talk about mando and actually fan create a new musical segment for us. Let's move and i've actually listened this yet but let's hear men mando talk right mandak. I don't know if that will use as sampling from the soundtrack if we can play that those great. Dmca that's coming. I think that was great. I'm i'm on. Fan will try to use it again next week. So chapter. Fourteen is episode six Just aired spoilers going forward for the next five minutes or so you guys both saw. This is highly anticipated. Return of a big star wars character. I mean if you haven't watched yet. I'm sorry it had boba fett. What did you guys think of. Boquets portrayal disagree. That he's a big star. Wars fan favorite. He's he's he's a he's because we have these. There are no small star wars characters. It's true it's true well only salacious crumbs out there. That's what happened. I was not around for the original trilogy. Era like i was born nineteen eighty-four you know so it all like this came after me or before me but the fans had nothing. They had nothing for so long. So you latch onto like every little bit every little character. The can build those around. I think that's what happened to both perfect. And then we saw more of his history in the prequels. I don't think we really needed behavior. That came full circle right. Because that's same actor is now. He's kind of like the snake eyes of sure of star. Wars right like the whole story of the snake is gi. Joe character was just found like another toy repainted. Black to become chief manufacturing but it was so cool. The kids loved it. San with boba fett with the promise of the rocket launcher that never delivered and it was just a cool looking toy that the kids love collecting and the the mystique around boba fett. I think was was the selling point. We do not know there was lore and that the few lines give you lots who imagine now taking that out of your head and putting it on screen The reaction i saw is very positive. People love her bad ass. he was fighting style I think we're all the same camp the camp that maybe not strictly necessary but been here. Yes right but that's kind of what the show a lot of the show is. Yeah i know you guys are being really gentle. I episode. I think been haven well. Yeah that's too strong because it's still like a better than a lot of star wars content than i think we've done but this is one of my least like episodes of the entire series and i think it's partially because of how much i enjoyed last week's episode. I thought that jet. I episode from the from the way they paid off old characters. Like it's so tano to the mood to the way it was shot to the way it got some light sabers like yes great. It was also like very western in its minutes. Ethos in which you know obviously matches the storytelling. They're going for this episode. Didn't make sense like the mandalorian leg. Commando himself wasn't really acting like himself he was like get nod around on. Choose fumbling around And like the this whole like payoff for boba fett. What we got was like kinda fat older boba fett that beat up body. Shame above a fat. I about shame boba fett like in the sense that the armaggedon fit him like. Hey we all get old all. He's he's an old clone is he. A clump clone not modified. The django got one cloned. Raise his son. I find my point is is that the armored didn't fit well and what we got to see him beat up on stormtroopers which is like the biggest cliche in star wars to see people. Beat up on stormtroopers. I will say like. Here's the thing about this show. It is not always. It's not well written most of the time. I think the show was written like a video game and we we all accept it west. He's upgrading armor. It's every episodes of fetch quests every episode and you adventure and i i think at some point in season one. I made peace with what this show is. Because as much as i love john roll like i care more about his world building in his visual sensibility in the mood of the show in the style of showing the look of it. That's what i really love. The fact that he created a whole new type of way to shoot digital scenery. You know like he these elliott and if you guys have talked about aids and everything yeah. The volume is amazing. What they make the show look like it. Looks like i'm watching. A big budget sci fi. You know when. I'm just watching another tv show. Even pride cost a lot but this was though this is outside of la style star trek bright daylight it lists like look like star trek and by the way. This episode was directed. By robert rodriguez too so i feel like i'm a fan of his work. I think the actual action in this episode looks really cool like you get to full minutes of boba fett just like tearing up dudes do in the final like rockets to destroy the other ships. That's pure risperidone in a fun way. So yeah it's it's not the best episode. But i do think the execution was really good especially compared to some of the season when apps. That's fair. I just think they didn't do anything with the fenner character. Like ming-na incredible actress Like never lever her to do anything with her talents. And then like when you look at like the dark troopers or whatever they're calling. We had this build up to them and all they did was like fly. Down fly up was true very true. I wanted to see them more engaged in the act. And maybe that's building up going back to even the hell boba fett popped into the episode. Right they had so much mystery at the the stinger at the last shot of the episode a first upset of the season just showing his reveal and again the mystique of ood perfect one is alive and two has a san people weapons and is he gonna be stalking is he like a is he going to really hunting bounty on her right but no he's just kinda shows up slave one like what a slave one kind of out of shows up and then just like walks the mendoza's giving my armor right. There's there's no presence of there's no build up to that encounter. it would just end. that is writing. That is the writing like this is just a not a well written episode of the show. But i do think the stuff that happens to you baby. Yoda slash grow. I'm still not used to san gregorio. But that's that's pretty. There's a lot of stuff like oh can't we can't touch the baby yoda now. Plot energy blue waves and then he gets he gets kidnapped but i think the stuff around him the fact the show built up this little puppet so much that we care what happens if he gets kidnapped and then he's getting tortured by the villains. Like i felt something there. So i feel like they're just cashing in both band. You know fandom in a way but also what they built up with actual good episodes of the show to did you. I think i think we're gonna get in you. Know in the cliffhanger where you get the reveal of what did i heard greg us call. Yes yes i did. I got physically mad when they end grow goo in the cell. I got physically mad so the are doing something right there but i. I didn't enjoy like him force. Pummeling those stormtroopers again over was more empathetic with the stormtroopers that was more like being a parent and having a toddler you around and then getting tired and taking a nap. That's why thousand. I took that that was the all sleepytime because he finally or himself out. All right d- of the talk last two bits of pop culture and casting news looks like Oscar isaac is fan favourite casting for a solid snake for the metal gear. Solid movie direct. By join roberts. That's the movie he's wanted to make forever. He's a massive fan massive kajima fan a great job with The calling movie island is a much better movie than i think. Most people expected that is a ton of fun as action movie. Look so good to. There's some shots especially like the early sequences of that movie. Were like the two pilots crash and confront each other in the beach. And it's larry fong did that. He was zack. Snyder's ep for watchmen and three hundred. And he knew. I mean i join of hot rod advertising creating a period piece colors. It was just a vivid film and if he can kinda doubt those being a big fan of the game series. America visually distinct. I think it's really fun. We're still waiting for the good video game movie. I guess like the the last one was was it. Assassin's creed where we were like. Oh fast bender. How can well the lead up to. It was michael fast bender and this director who's directed he. Did the macbeth remake like recently really interesting visual stylus. That movie is a god that mess. It is assume writer practically unwatchable. Yeah and then tomb raider kind of among some bad one thing that we want to talk about was Now that we're in december and we are back in lockdown race in the bay area is your holiday goto films are so sure you wanted to kick this off. What what were your films sell like the traditional films that i would watch. Every year are gremlins We'd watch you know like charlie brown christmas. I mean i don't think you can call that a film but like n we'd watch grandchildren. Rudolph and and those and the nightmare before christmas was the other big kind of holiday movie and at like now that i like literally have nowhere to go. I i'm seeing like two defenders earlier point. I should expand my repertoire. Sure and see what others do for their holiday watching. Maybe some just holy new ideas like scott. Pilgrim actually sounds like a really good idea. i love that film And they're behind the scenes footage. That got released this week that i had never seen before only edgar right But anyway the. I am looking for suggestions for some new holiday tradition movies control. What are your go to think. I don't have anything super new. But i will say the things i go to aren't just like die hard i think scrooge d- is a genuinely good comedy a little adult a little grownup i love that movie Trying to think back here. Hey batman returns. Oh is christmas and it is one of my favorite movies. And i think like i revisit that just because that would be kind of shaped me as a child i just loved it so much and that so much about that movie the setting and the booth and how it's just it's a tragedy to when it comes to the penguin and cat-woman. I love that movie so much. It's a little early but groundhog day is also one of my favorite films. I think that's something. I always watch around this period as well. I don has one of the weirdest drink orders in film. History that you'll see andie macdowell orders of vermouth with a twist of lime. And that's all the drink and your white was that one of the most scientifically accurate films ever like in terms of the content within it. But you know yeah. Yeah it is but i think that first of all any time is a good time for that movie but i think we did. The commentary for groundhog day on the slash cast with stephen kobetski several years ago. So you can dig that up and check that out. I love that movie just so so much. I'm trying to think of what else is. There are so many new york based wants to be like Don't you save of actually. Don't you say not gonna say love. Actually but one of the the the eddie murphy movie. The eddie murphy. Dan ackroyd oh trading spaces trading places bit of holiday movie as well coming to america which also takes place over the holidays. I love coming to america. One of my favorite movies of all time. So i go back to these movies which reflect kind of holiday mood. They don't necessarily have to be christmas movies. You know how about you norm elf. Obviously a modern classic soak it also new york movie. Give recommendation netflix. A series called the movies that made us kind of spin off of the toys that made us going to behind the scenes of how these are made and they just released two mini. Docs for christmas movies. The christmas movies that made us one for nightmare before christmas and one for elf and both of those are really worth watching great interviews with the cast with the production team and the writers especially and so recommend lows Yeah it's gremlins elephant. You know honestly lord of the rings just because like yeah something in the background right extended addition in those just got bumped up to four k. Hdr on all streaming services and so. It's a this year especially time with his on kennedy question. How are you guys enjoying movies at home. Because right now my mission is eventually turned my basement into a bit of a home theater. So i am looking more heart like more deeply projectors. I had a projector at my old apartment. But now i can have like an actual setup and the bigger screen everything or you guys just being it up or do you have projectors or anything at this point i'm just a and i got caught in a weird cycle for this so i i actually have a like. We have two main. Tv's and the one in my bedroom is actually from two thousand eight but man. It won't die. Yeah and so. I like it's only like seven twenty p but i just i feel guilty about replacing it. I had one. I has let me tell you. I had one of those and my wife. We were installing something in our bedroom and she dropped a pole in the middle of the screen. And i was like. Oh no you killed it. Guess we have to get a new. Tv for the bedroom. Yes so i've been shopping around for like a like a tcl series. Yes replaced roku something about. Yeah and but then my friend. Tv's you know about five years old. so i don't also don't feel like you know reached its end of life cycle to replace it either so i've been like a little sub far because i don't have a four k. Tb in the house. Okay okay. i'm completely gone. Full circle this because i upgraded this year. I've atmos. I have a massive four k. O led wall mounted and when there were the big movie moulin right. We try to watch milan. As and put ourselves in the theatrical. Like no matter what help. Maybe projectors a different story but no matter how much money you can put into home theater system. It's less. I think about the technology and then it is about the mindset and and really put your phone away turn off the lights make some popcorn and watch tv but watch like you're in a theater and notes really tough to do without the crowd. They're also hit it so hard. Yeah yeah every saturday night. A group a group of my friends like we have a just a local discord will watch a movie together and we'll have to disgorge with the swap stories about it and then talk about it afterwards and we watch clue the other night and we're actually going to do over zoom a staged reading like a script reading of blue this saturday. So we're trying like turn those just like just watch a movie until like a little bit more of a social experience Hit like none of those watch. Party integrations has really worked well for me. But i'm trying to do that. Where i'm actually trying to be social when i watch movies with friends beyond a my household because then it actually feels like you're going to the movie you should do weren't you. This woman is worth a watch it solitaire. Just in our house after the baby goes asleep and have that mindset but then get on zoom chat afterward to create the lobby and going to the bar. Athens experienced talk about the movie. 'cause that's something i absolutely missed from. Are you watching it together. Like are your friends. Also watching it at the same time and then you can save but with like zoom active wanted. You don't want to have another screened at the gas. That does this not great. We'll see this. I don't know if you guys have ever had to like had the pleasure of setting up a projector in your space. But i did. I made a happened when i was in brooklyn like in apartment like you can. It wasn't even throw. Like i just had just enough base ten feet between the wall and where the projector was going to make it happen. And it was great like the sides. I feel like the size of it is one thing that makes you less inclined to pick up your phone. You know when you're consumed by an image when you're when it looks like you're at a theater you're just like really into it so i'd recommend that i'm doing a bit. More exploration of ultra shirt throws now. They're like those boxes that you push right up to the wall to the screen. I feel like for a lot of people that could be a big thing. But yeah i miss watching movies on a big screen. And it's been nearly a year. Since i've been to the hitter and i really i really want to get back on. Yeah and are you getting a physical screen for it or are you just using a wall and you know some of that reflective paint if you so if you search and gadget i put up an article. I think in two sixty about how. I fit a projector into my new york apartment. And i had a tripod screen from that. I still have it. It's okay but my plan now is that. Hey i have space. I have a basement. And i'm definitely going to install a retracting screen on the ceiling. So that is my next step of just figuring out how to get this all in and had to get the equipment setup but that's that's my dream of blue can make it happen because yeah i still have my whole home theater system down here to awesome one last recommendation for me. Watch documentary on amazon. Amazon is a great amazon. Prime is our licensing deal with this documentary films company. That always film that you wouldn't otherwise see unless you're going to film festival and once called game master about tabletop game designers and it follows the path of four independent tabletop games. Making board games in trying to go to conventions and sell them and get them publish or do self publishing from kickstarter and they as well interviewed the designers of some of the best. Most well known tabletop. Game of your fan of catan. Seven wonders ticket the ride You should check that out on amazon prime all right. Let's move over to technology news Just one big piece of news. I wanna talk about this week. That is apple. Surprise announcement of their new headphones. Airpod max five hundred fifty dollars came on nowhere and yet already pre sold out through march. I mean is this what to do with people. I don't know what to do. I think they just had. Ps five level stock. And that's how they sold out so quickly. Yeah or they counting on people not being able by pius. Fives having their money in their pay pal account or credit card account and then now buying something else extravagant huge extravagant for the hall. I'm not gonna knock them because like we haven't used them yet and presumably apple's very high standards with their drivers and sounds like they use the same technologies as the airpods pros terms of noise cancellation as well as having independent bluetooth receivers on left and right channels for singing so it's highly integrated of course with your apple devices. I o s does work as booth headphones. There is a three point. Five millimeter adopter. But does you have to buy it separate our the separately absolutely and it. It does no passive audio Pastor without actually being charged so we're time with power the battery integrated battery dying. Eventually you have to pay seven bucks have that replace. But it's a five hundred fifty dollars more expensive than beats bluetooth. Noise cancelling headphones. Yeah price point now where we're talking about planner magnetic headphones right. Like i get like those aren't wireless and whatnot but if you're talking about having the best sound experience possible while now you're like actually at the price point of the other thing that's actually the best sound experience possible but it doesn't matter if it's actually the best right. It's a weird. I think what annoys me about these things. And i haven't tried them yet. I'm going to try to keep an open mind to actually test them out. But i have a hard time believing. They're actually worth five hundred and fifty dollars. Like here's the thing i've been what is banned is worth to. What is what is worth. It's true it's true. But when like the best of the best noise cancelling cans on the market right now cost between three hundred and four hundred bucks right. I'm talking to sony. one thousand. Xm threes or fours or the latest. Bows like those. You'll have a really good pair of headphones. I the apple premium here is what the the materials the fact that they have h one chips. It's easy synchronization. I don't i don't quite get it. In the fact they had so much harder to actually use. It plugged in if you need to. It just costs so much. I feel like the costs reminds me of like the one thousand dollar. You know monitor. Stand the announced last year which is sort of like apple thing of like how why who needs who needs this. Why of this is in the lockdown in the pandemic world. Where people can't flaunt the fact that they have the subway or the playground like the airpods were so successful because they became a prestige item for all ages. Right for one hundred and fifty two hundred dollars. It's affordable right. it's not five hundred fifty dollars a also. The one ear thing was like a big kind of shift in user behavior. Yes yes and in. that's not here. Also no one is commuting anymore and flying on planes which is the biggest use case for noise cancelling. So i don't get it. Yeah they'll sold out till march comes in a bunch of colors and good for apple they still owned beats so it's the moving the beach engineers looking at this. Like hey guys come up. Selling was our thing right overprice headphones as our thing. Stop stop moving in our space. I also wanted to use the segment as a time to pick your brain about the tech. You've been reviewing because you have a a lot of cool gear like you guys just over and gadget review the new apple m one powered laptops. He's us about your experience with those new game consoles. Sure yeah i so. I went on break for the past few weeks right before that i put up my review of the m one macbook air which is fantastic. Phenomenal like this is the other side of apple. The the side of apple that is truly like transformative and pushing the industry forward because the m one ship is incredibly fast. It is the fastest laptop. Chip i've ever seen the macbook. Air is fantastically fast so zippy so responsive it plays games. Well has incredible battery life and it doesn't offend. It's like a miracle you know laptop and the fact that it's still the same price last macbook air. This is everything i want. you know. It's the premium apple style apple innovation but still delivering actual easier value. Which i'm not seeing with these headphones. I started playing around with the macbook pro. 'cause i got a little late It seems fine. I feel like. I'm still formulating theories around this because benchmark wise. It's actually the same. It is the same as a mac book air. So that is kind of fascinating that there aren't like many other levels at this chip the base macbook air chip has seven. Gp cores and. that's like the big difference in the macro pros and the higher end macbook. Air ones have atp course the beyond that. It's the same processor the cooling is different cooling active on the macro. So you actually have a fan. And i think that's gonna make it more useful for like sustained stuff so the stuff you guys do video encoding when you need to really crunch that prosser for a while it'll be better for it whereas the magic here are kind of slows down if you use it for really really intensive stuff for too long so that seems like the big thing i do feel like i'm a little more let down by the macbook pro because it still only has two usb ports you know this is replacing the base level macbook pro so women to sixteen gigabytes of ram I i would like more ports still with like a card slot unimak pro and i really miss that whole thing. They're never going to go back to that but it would be so so bray apple so brave. It's the design as before so nothing too surprising. I'm surprised you even say the webcam. That's the only thing that i feel like is so bad. Yeah i mean it's not. It is kind of criminal right now. Like when the fact that i'm getting like great webcams in like the surface. I'm thinking the surface go to that. I reviewed last year. Had a great webcam you had even the like intel real sense stuff so it can actually log you in with windows because it had like a bass tracking and everything or face sensing. I don't know what apple's doing there. It's it's kind of weird especially in this era. I'm hoping next year. Seems like they can actually redesign these machines and the cases and everything around the new m one chips or the empty chips or whatever those things are going to be called so this is what we were kind of waiting for us like new harder for them to build a completely different design around. Because i do think the macbook air should be lighter. It should be lighter. It should be smaller. R- seeing two point two pound laptops from acis reviewed some that are super super light and tiny. I think it was the Was that the. There are a couple of that. Were like two and a half pounds and still pretty powerful. And i feel like apple can achieve that too they just need to rethink their overall designs and products. Every something actually the air and the pro on the pro side. Still even the thirteen inch you can buy either the m one powered version or the version which obviously over the next two years will change the rumour outta the reporting out of bloomberg is that they're already planning you know what the mac pro and the mac pros with the m one of the follow up sam ones and whether outlets be more cores a or there'll be a new kind of innovation on that chip. I think with all the positivity coming out of the reviews from engaging review sites for the end one part ships seems like the idea of compromise with arm based mac. os computing that it. That's like my brain is still trying to come. The it's hard. It's hard like somebody who yeah. I've reviewed these systems for a while. I've been reviewing intel named systems for a while and the fact that okay we knew the you know the a series chips that were pretty powerful right on the iphone ipad. It was like okay. Pretty pretty powerful for like a tablet or phone but no they prove that these things are genuinely just as fast as an telling. The amd are cooking up. My real question is how can they expand. What can they do on the desktop side of things who knows. I don't think apple cares about that stops much anymore. So they can probably take their time a little with that and graphics too. I mean that's where we haven't really seen what does that. What does it mean when they have the up. The graphics part of the chips to compete with nvidia. Amd that's that we haven't seen ever embiid is pretty. It's pretty wild like this thing is pretty. It's almost as fast. Benchmark wise like a gt. sixteen fifty. From what i've seen and sometimes and like being able to play games like the path bliss or like lars three games i received even reading port night it was running emulating name was crashing all the time because apple in that are having their their fights. Fortnight ran at sixty fps. When i was running at seven twenty p which has low. Tdp that's the thing. Logie our no power spin up and that's where again our brains are trying to reconcile high-performance with long battery life and not super hot officers into until just looks awful. After all this to 'cause ages now there are seven nanometer. Chips are delayed for two years. Like they don't they don't really have much stand on right now except super powerful desktop chips and even then amdi is like has a lot more cooking right now The two things that also kind of pretending to future is the ar applications all this experience like this like the trojan horse here is. What is it post traditional laptop and desktop and tablet computing. Look like and you know. This is like apple back knipe on days Exercising their manufacturing powis with nand. Except they're doing with compute and if they can get 'em on a roadmap where whenever they're ready to announce they are headset to have processing bilton. Who the glasses and not need a puck or something and we'll do the all that i owe And all that kind of the learnings they have with their light are like that. That's something i'm not really prepared for. Yeah yeah yeah And of course the do mak pros what it means for the sixteen inch or something that you know the the emulation the stuff being so powerful. That's also other big surprise here. And there are compatibility issues too. Like i've seen some people. I only had basically week with the macbook air. Before i could really like. Get my review out everything but other people have tested. It longer have found like aptx compatibility issues and whatnot. Because yeah you're you're you're emulating. It's a complex thing. I think they're going to be a lot of apps it needs. Some time for developers can work through it. You know work on the am one. But i'm still shocked by how well it works like emulated Intel apps at time still work faster than native intel. pc's executives say yeah. They had that right. That they need to be seamless because they're even telegraphing to consumer the difference between these these models that's impressive because it's almost never been right in any other when they've had yep and also hey. I lived through the first rosetta launch. I working in. It at the time and supporting max during that shift was not fun although the whole like boot camp thing and parallels that was it was really fun to like. Get window like a single system setup for people that was both windows and mac. You can't really do that now. I think payroll say says they're going to have something working on 'em one soon but we don't. We don't quite know The what the one other thing. I'll point out here kind of losing my train of thought here but i do think you know apple. Just seems like they're they're on a ball here. I'm really impressed with what they're doing. And oh yeah the emulation. Compared to what microsoft has done. I think this really comparing it to. I'm comparing the chips to like the surface pro x or like after. Yeah yeah. Windows on arm is such a disaster right. there is no x sixty four emulation. That means like you will just randomly find apps that do not run on this. You know one thousand dollar plus beautiful laptop and that's just kind of unconscionable like those are machines. I can't recommend to anybody because they just don't work whereas you pick up a mac book air and you'll never have to think about the fact that you're using completely different architecture because everything just kind of runs. Fine yeah We're running short on time. So we'll talk about game consoles this game. Consoles still can't buy him anyway. Yeah i'm sure you guys are all talked out of those anyway. come on. that's all we've been talking about for these right. I finished the the miles morales game. And i have to say like i was disappointed because it feels like a deal. See so it leg off as a launch title. I've been a little disappointed. But i've heard good things about astro boy. That's the word that. I've been wondering about an wondering. How like semester bought astrobiologist. Yeah i mean it's it's fine. I really loved miles. Morales like to be honest. Like as somebody who doesn't have as much dedicated gaming time the ability to have this contained narrative. Even though it's a little smaller was nice lake. I can't always devote fifty hours to game. Hey cyberpunk is launching today. And i'm fully prepared to change my life around for that game a little. But i can't do that where everything right. I wait till it's patched so they actually balance it out. Let's move onto the sign segments for a moment of silence. I keep this relatively short Because everyone is getting bombarded with news the vaccine. And i'm here to tell you that's not good for you because the vaccine rollout is actually gonna take a lot of time. It's really a logistic distribution challenge more than is a scientific win at this point and that news is going to come at you. En masse for months and months and months upon and i think the most important thing to do is to be patient. That's two meter you're intake of the vaccine news And to have a lot of compassion and empathy for people that have concerns about it because all of those things that people might have concerns about generally legitimate. There's going to be a ton of bad actors out there so putting them aside. I personally have some questions and concerns about this where we are is If you're listening to this on thursday the fda a vaccine a approval board is meeting to review the data this an independent set of scientists outside the fda. It's likely they're going to approve this. Fda scientists release data on the pfizer vaccine additional data. That looks incredible. It's really stuff that i never expected to see in terms of The difference in response between people like the placebo in people that receive the actual dose There's two bits of news out of that is one that we saw a a reduction in We signed antibody response within two weeks of the first dose of the pfizer vaccine and there is always a concern like when you actually going to be protected. Is it after the first. So the second dose. You're still going to get the second dose but the idea here is that through There is gonna be some protection here after the first dose which is incredible news. The other is just seeing the the data in full you can really see the departure in number of cases of covid in the two groups And it's so pronounced. There's one graph that is kind of making its way through science. Communication twitter That that i just never thought. I'd see on a vaccine. I in our lifetime. We have never seen a vaccine that has been this effective in this small popular. So far Like we're talking like back to back through flu like this is an incredible achievement. That being said here's what. I think you can expect for the coming weeks as this vaccine gets rolled out to healthcare workers and then slowly start to get into elderly an essential workers populations I bob walker who said chief of medicine at ucsf posted this anything. It's important to keep in mind if we vaccinate. Let's say ten million people over the next three months We're hoping will be more than that. But i think we should meet our our expectations on how many people actually get vaccinated if we do that. This is the normal course of things will happen among those people about four thousand a heart attack a four thousand of stroke. Ten thousand will come down with a cancer diagnosis At about fifteen thousand of them will die. This is just the natural course of things that happen amongst population of ten million. Now if you take that population ten million and you have a lot more elderly people in that population. Those numbers will even go higher So what we're going to hear in the coming weeks and months is lots of cases of people having a quote unquote reactions to the vaccine. And what we need to tease apart is is an actual reaction to the vaccine or something that happened in the normal course of their life And that's going to be critical for us to digest responsibly. Because the a lot of media sources will not report it that way and i bring this up because already today We've gotten reports of two cases of allergic reactions in patients in the uk that got the Astrazeneca vaccine And in in those cases All that's been reported to ours when we're recording. This is that those patients had flexes and they had some version of allergic history in in their of severe allergies in their Medical history. we don't know more at this point. And all flex says is that they had an allergic reaction to this And so now they're recommending Not giving this to people that have severe allergies And that's being them being really cautious at the outset of this. Because people's perceptions are going gonna be driven by the initial sort of rollout but it goes to the larger point is all of these things will take time for us to learn. And so i am preaching patients here. Ns and like a really sort of i toward sorta critically thinking when you see information. Come up about the adverse events when it's really important in this early case. Is that the adverse events that do happen get reported up especially here in the us through to the cdc so that they can take like very accurate sort of like case counts in case histories and understand what is actually related to the vaccine and not because even though we did you know a appropriately. Large trout one of the largest trials. We've ever done for a vaccine Enter in case of pfizer. We're still going to see different things when we roll it out to a larger population. So i i'm i sound like hesitant and like even a conscience. I'm really excited about the vaccine development. I just think we need to have a lot of patients about what this rollout is going to look like. It is not going to be some magical thing that brings us pandemic two-net. There's going to be a lot of work that needs to happen in terms of masking social distancing And other behavior and then behind the scenes really the challenge for the next administration is going to be about supply chain management distribution cold. chain storage. Getting this out to rural communities getting this out to people who've never been who've never gotten a vaccine before there's forty percent of the us population in terms of adults that have never received the vaccination As an adult so all of this is like a massive logistical challenge but I'm still really hopeful. About what this means for the pandemic but leave you with this thought. I i saw somebody post this on twitter so take it for what that means is that they're hopeful that in a few months that our streets will be filled with elderly folks just partying their minds off of because they all have all successfully received the vaccine and they they showed a an image from from a simpsons of at where. It's just all the elderly residents out dancing in the street. So actually hope that's what the world looks like even just culturally like as a society for able to see our parents and the the our loved ones in our immediate family. Who are you know. We avoided seeing because of that. I think will lift the mood of the nation. And i said this is like almost a month ago now. I think i will see a movie in a theater before the end of this may not be good movie. But i'll see a movie so say we all le. Let's all hope to tune. Please do all right. Thank you for that update and it will do very quick last segment with the are the. Vr virtual reality this week to bring up one. If you haven't had a chance on the oculus quest there's a game experience called the under presents. it's an immersive theatre Kind of a appointment based game where you can. Well they did this whole game you can play and they live performances of people wearing vr headsets in the game. World is kind of multi-player Social experience but they also did this. ticketed experience called the tempest which was amazing was like Virtual theatre that you paid and you got to go through a like thirty minute. Performance and be a part up performance in headset with a real performer. Interacting with the attendees One of the i think really groundbreaking things Four vr definitely relevant during the pandemic people aren't able to roll theater but the developers and the writers Actually published the script for that. Which i think is really interesting document. I'll put a link to in the show. Now it's it's basically the performer script. And how they think about Vr performance and immersive theater performance in vr. A really fascinating. If you had a chance to check that out owner presents is still available right now on the oculus store The other really big release. That we've been waiting four for this. Year is respond entertainments medal of honor for vr. Also this week unfortunately poorly time with the cyberpunk cyberpunk oh man the are and We'll have our review out of by the time. The game comes out but early previews came out this week. And i'm able to talk about the first two missions. I don't wanna give way too much of my thoughts on it by. Do you want to set expectations Where you might have read about high system requirements for the game. And yes they are very high. Was playing it on the G. force twenty seventy super. The recommended requirements are actually twenty eighty with the nine thousand series. It actually say it's more cebu bound than gpo bound because of the physics of the rag doll physics of the enemies. But i was having performance problems playing on a quest to sided up playing most of the game on the rift s. That's killing me. By the way like i have a an eighty seven hundred k. And i'm like man i now. We yeah and the other thing is primarily single player game with multiplayer multiplayer Very death matchy. Very running guy Not like a a big you know battle royale game or like a progression base not like battlefield more like old school old school death match the single player six missions. It's pretty expensive. The first i can talk about. We should seriously exposures is at the missions are broken. Up into these vignettes almost Each mission has nine different. Submissions and the submissions are basically their linear. But they had a phase you out they. They're kind of abrupt sometimes in their ending There are some pays off toward the end of each mission. But it's not an half alex style. Full linear going through the world from from beginning to experience. It is jumping you. You know Getting you out and tell board you two different part of the world different part of the the the war with every mission But that's the that's medal of honor and you know. I have to agree with some of the mixed reaction so far from other other press that have written about it. That's it for the podcast week. Debendra thank you so much for joining us. Where can people find you and other work that you do mine. It'll happen to be here left to come any time. I'm on at devendra on twitter. And you can find me on these slash podcast. Podcast is last home. Dot com. Also at gadget were co-hosting gadget. Podcast do awesome short. Anything shout out for you. I wanna plug two things. I started playing haiti's this week and that is one of the best games i played this year. Socha so much fun. I know him late to the party but I just think it should be up for one of the you know. Best games of the year and second is There's a geometric magnetic storm that's going to be visible over a much of the northern half of the uso. Especially if you live in the midwest go outside. Because when i say geomagnetic storm. I mean the northern lights will be visible over parts of minnesota north dakota michigan parts of new york and there are some maps available for that very very cool. We'll be back next episode. Fourteen dollar stuff on tested dot com youtube channel. Thank you again for joining us. We do have an ultra this week. This one's created by great job and it's called ca- shores bus in here. I have not listened to this one if her twitter. Hasn't really commented on this tweet if this crackdown is about those inflated numbers because you can inflate your numbers a million ways there's whole server farms rican pay ten bucks for a thousand dollars or whatever that explains your numbers. Oh whoa whoa. Whoa last. I checked your winning that twitter follower battle short right. I'm pretty sure jeremy will dock. Everyone losing is the answer. Elect much all right. We'll see all next week bye.

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The Interview That Should Change Everything (Ep 1380)

The Dan Bongino Show

1:07:52 hr | 1 year ago

The Interview That Should Change Everything (Ep 1380)

"Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host Dan Bongino Ladies Gentlemen said against something is happening on the ground. it's happening everywhere I have another video today of Joe. Biden. Rally no I didn't say that wrong a Joe Biden rally where more people showed up on the trump side by far than the Biden side I've got that by the way you vote yet. Did you vote yet? Did you vote yet? I can't ask you enough until it's annoying did you bring ten people whether you are? We. GotTa get everybody out everyone everyone friends family. Everyone cousins second cousins, third cousins you haven't seen in twenty years getting out the vote got that we have the bubble Linski file. See the interview last night with Tony Bob Alinsky former Biden family business partner. A. We got the highlights and lowlights from that one. You're not gonNA WANNA Miss Today's show folks on election update at the end. Don't let me leave the show without talking about Miami Dade County Florida Miami Dade Miami Dade Democrat. Stronghold, not looking good for the DS. Taser about you express. VPN Ladies and gentlemen protect your online activity from prying eyeballs today get a VPN. Don't wait go to express VPN dot com slash Bongino welcome to the Dan. Bongino show producer Joe. Good to have you back. You were here yesterday but had a technical malfunction. We could not record your voice. Now the audience can hear you and we can record. So for the past two days, how are you doing? Doing well today but yesterday I was almost rippin. What little hair I had left out trying to stop you know. So we're. You're great. You're we're on GRAVY SWEAT AND ELVIS HAIR? You're. Going to go ball I may be bulbs. So what the heck you can join the verge Solidarity. that. I said it now let's see I'll be wearing. Shaved my head once when I lost the bet. What's that? You messed with me? Is Polish like I will not be shaving my hand. But I will not be yeah I will not be Jamie, please done it. All right folks we got a busy show today I'm going to start out with a video but let's get to a first sponsor. Friends that do cannon falls hear that means every beer lovers favorite event October fest. Yes and since you're probably not boarding a plane to Bavaria this year, it's a great time to start a new beer tradition with duke cannons October fresh. Yes. Fresh the beer fest located entirely where in your shower. Celebrate Beer and get squeaky clean with the huge ten ounce soaps in the do cannon beer and Bourbon box and you you you. Look. So that's a man soap right there. This smells like victory scented with Cedar Wood Sandalwood Citrus and Oak barrel that make you smell like a fresh Alpine forest rather than a musty Bavarian Beer God. If our beer's aren't your thing poor up the decidedly domestic offerings of the bud box create American beard necessities including beard bomb to soften your about your beard beard oil the nourish and beard wash to Rinse and repeat we love do cannon. It smells like victory and manhood and more. Importantly The lady loves it too of the household. Big Thumbs up. Their American made products is functional as they are fun their beer in Bourbon boxes twenty five dollars including four separate big ass bricks of soap. In a sturdy box. You see that the bud gearbox forty-five dollars includes three separate products for any bearded fellow appreciates beer with you choose to bud box the beer in bourbon box my favorite both do cannons October. Fresh is the best way to bring your love a beer into the shower visit Duke Canon Dot Com and use Promo Code Bongino ten for ten percent off your next order free shipping with orders over twenty dollars. A selection of do cannons products are also available at your local target. Duke Canon Dot. COM Promo. Code Bongino ten. All Right Joe. Let's go. Back again, one quick annoying reminder but I don't care about annoying I want to win. Please if you have not yet voted in early voting has started get out please vote now please don't wait until election day. I know it's a tradition in many households. This is not the time for tradition we're in the middle of a plague it's time to win get out and vote now while the lines are still manageable please go today. And bring ten people with you friends, cousins, second cousins, third cousins of friends who have second cousins anyone in everyone everyone you run into in the street ask them. Did they vote you wanNA bring out registration voter registration ballots input on you can't tell people how to register of course but you can get people registered you WanNa. Go to a local firearms showing get people registered get people registered get it done help people get a mail in ballot whatever you need to do. All right. There's our PSA for the day we're going to be doing it every day until election day it's time to win win win win that's it even Lucy. Perked up Lucy home even lucy wants to win I'm feeling good I gotTa Tell You folks listen behind the scenes won't I wasn't crazy about yesterday's show I had a big vision for it but not having Joe there I kind of like I don't know I wasn't crazy about it. It did well but today I'm back we are back stoked about today show. Let's get to it video number one ladies and gentlemen. If you're listening on audio, don't worry I'll do it for video consumers. At rumble rumble dot com slash Bongino I want you to watch this this video from a Fox News reporter who was out in Pennsylvania on the stump and was with the on going to a Biden rally again this is a biden rally. Biden this is not a Dan Bongino mouth moment it is a biden rally. What are you noticing about all the horn honking and all of the signs out there there are no biden signs. There are no listened to look at this video rumbled dot com slash go. They are driving past in a bus, all these cars and or Naccache, and their father it is finally abidance site appears Paradis, we gotTa Biden side and there's an actual. They got Biden rally. Folks. There's approximately seventy percent trump signs at a biden rally. Biden can't turn out anyone but his own staff Biden rally trump supporters are going to trump rallies and biden rallies. I'm telling you something happening. The end of the show Paula let me Stop Miami Dade I'M GONNA. Show you a example I gotta get into this Tony Bubble NC stuff. But I wanna get you excited because excitement matters and I don't want anybody listening to these polls. went today trump's down seventeen points in Wisconsin. If that happens I'll be stunned if it does it does we'll talk about it after I would be stunned. There is something happening. Paulo is kind enough to pull a few photos to here's another biden morality put the little circles on the ground. You know the social distancing circles, which if you watched the video before everybody's talking to each other and then they go to the circus look at this. Look at this. What are there twenty people at this rally? My car what this looks like a crop circle from the MEL. Gibson movie signs or something like that because I gaily came down and dropped circles on there's nobody there whack-a-mole. There's nobody there. Now show us the trump rally pictures body. I haven't seen these policies that she'd do it I, left it up there. There's a trump rally did there's more people on the line for the bathroom in the back at the hangar then their word, the Biden rally, there's more sound engineers at the trump rally. Something is happening. Don't ignore it. Get out and vote moving on. We'll get to that other story about Miami Dade because I'm telling you I come back when I saw this. I can't believe it Miami. Date where Hillary Clinton. Won By three hundred, thousand votes in south Florida. Moving onto the Bob Alinsky file I love this guy's last name Bob Alinsky a greatest thing but a named Mike Bongino bungee everybody chromium Bongino Bon. Jovi Bingo Bingo every I love Bob Alinsky disguise degraded. So Lieutenant Bob Alinsky goes on the Tucker Carlson show last night a little bit a quick background for those of you who are. In the dark on this because you watch the mainstream media that's been hiding story for the last few weeks. Lieutenant Tony Bob. Alinsky was a business partner of the Biden family. The Biden family was seeking deal with a Chinese business called CFC everybody tracking. The business. C.. F., C. in China was a known business connected to according to multiple reports, Chinese intelligence and the Chinese military. You mean enemies of the United States Chinese, military, nuclear power, threatening Taiwan Hong Kong. The same guys same yes. So when Joe Biden was vice president his son seeking deal with the Chinese communists and they sought the input of Tony Bob Alinsky who was a well respected businessman on the contours of the deal. If, this is already peaking your interest in antenna like way way wait Vice President Biden at the time. His son was seeking a deal with the Chinese communists for millions of dollars. And a company connected to the military officials. He did didn't Joe Biden say he had no discussions whatsoever. With his son about his business dealings with the Communist. Chinese he did say that you will play that video in a second but is that true because Bob Alinsky said last night in the Tucker show that despite Joe Biden loud protest stations that he had nothing to do with any these business deals while he was vice. President. Bob. Alinsky was actually there and met with Joe Biden at the Chateau Beaumont. About the deal. With China Weird. Check this video out you've said that they wanted you to meet. Joe Biden as way to induce you to participate in the steel you're you're the actual business guy here who had management experience deal experience, but it also sounds like Joe, Biden was vetting you to some extent. Yes. Of course like I didn't request to meet with Joe. They requested that I meet with Joe and you know he's putting his and hunter says this and writing it was reference multiple times they were putting their entire family legacy on the line they know exactly what they were doing. They were dealing with a chinese-owned you know enterprise run by Chairman Ye CFC that had strong financial support. And political support from the Chinese Communist Party. That's how it was presented to me. That's not my own words. That's how they presented it to me and read Mehan in on it and my they being guiltier one hundred being hunter Biden who was very proud of that and taking credit for it when I sat with him for two hours on the patio. The Chateau Mont. La Proud that they were doing a deal with the Chinese Communist Party low proud that they were that he had the relationship with chairman ye who was running CFC and the ability for them to get deals done around the world and stuff like good. I thought Joe Biden and know anything about it. I I thought we were doing business deals with the communist Chinese. Now clearly, there's video of that meeting right at the Chateau Marmon. There's video of that meeting with Hunter Biden where laying out the contours of a deal with the Chinese Communist. Party remember when the document came out the PP hoax and it was alleged that the PCP incident with trump happened in a hotel Moscow and reporters from these big media outlets your time to wash the post sent reporters over to the hotel where it allegedly happen to try to get video the and nobody could find anything because of course, story was up. Are they going to send people out to the Chateau Marmon to get video this Hunter Biden. Just, just checking. You will write. Reporter. Ring Journal Journalism Ing to The New York Times and the about just you're going to do that right Joe. Of course, they're going to do that Bright Joe I would hope journalism yeah. Now listen I'm a small operation here ladies and Gentlemen, but I'm seriously thinking about flying one of my guys out there and asking the Chateau has video of the yeah. Of course, The New York Times we'll do that because they want to get to the bottom of this if Tony Bob Alinsky is telling the truth or Tony Bob Alinsky is in fact a Russia asset. which is a disgraceful. Assertion. For, a Patriot who serve this country. Lieutenant our military. By the way in case you think Joe Biden. Because you're watching the mainstream media and you don't know anything because they don't tell you anything and you're walking around blind. which are dunce cap on. A case you think Joe Biden is already denied any knowledge whatsoever this. Here's Joe Biden with Peter doocy about a year ago. Peter doocy from Fox News saying, Hey, I don't have anything to do with this business dealing with hunter matter of fact, you better start asking the right questions is hilarious. Check this out what I know I know trump. To be investigated he is violating every basic normal president. You should be asking him the question why he on the phone with a foreign leader Trying to intimidate the foreign leader if that's what happened that's kids were happening. You should be looking trump trump's doing this big beat them like a drug. Abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to Schmear me hitting everybody looked at this and everybody's looked at it said, there's nothing they're ask the right questions. There's nothing there. Jefferson every everybody's looked at it every the New York Times look at it. Apparently, the Washington Post everybody's gone to the hotels scene of. They've already done that right? Of course. No, that's not true. Joe Biden. Just making it up and he does what he always does. He flips it around to make it about trump. Well, how involved exactly was Joe? Joe Biden. 'cause you may be saying yourself. I. Don't know Dan I'm still a little Still a little curious about how deep Joe Biden was involved in this. Well, don't listen to me. It's just my opinion. I wasn't in on the deal I'm listening to a voicemail hat tip to the national pulse Rahim Qassam Redeem Qassam site. This is A. Recording I should say of job of hundred excuse me to be precise precision matters is recording of Hunter Biden himself talking about how always dad is involved with one of his business partners keeps calling his business partner sending calls as business partners way in the deal this guy named Eric he also talks about it. So pay attention to a couple of quotes here how hundred Biden says he's doing business repping this Chinese spy chief. He boosted his his arm, my words because I know the New York Times of trouble with all this he is representing these spines Chinese choice by knees. Oh my gosh. Of afraid of the Chinese spy chief Hunter Biden, the son of the vice mayors representing him. And how dad keeps sending the calls to Eric is business part but don't worry Joe Biden was involved at all. Remember he just told Peter Doocy ask the right questions. Are these. These. Not The right questions. He go voice a recording, Hunter Biden himself talking about representing the Chinese spy chief. I get calls from my father to tell me that the new attorney is calling, but my older Eric Little has done any harm for I don't know how long is the one taking calls because my father will not stop in goals dairy. Another. For calling about my representation of the literally. Patrico the. Spike's. Time. We started the company that my partner who were three hundred and twenty billion dollars. is now. The richest man in the world is missing was my partner. Mrs. I. Song Is Fifty Eight, million our Hartman inside a four billion dollar deal to be done the largest. In the world. This. Embassy calls from his other. A US attorney himself my best friend business. As name me as a witness without telling me. In criminal case. In the father but telling me again hat tip national pulse on that. So now we know one hundred zone words and recording I'm going to be very specific and he recording of his voice. It's not been disputed by anyone that he says in his words he's wrapping the spy chief Patrick. who wasn't exactly the spy chief but had some very suspicious connections. That his dad is involved in sending calls to his business partner and that there's a criminal investigation in the Southern District New York that he's been contacted but don't worry let's elect his dad president who's involved in. It's sending the calls to his business partner Dr Not that not that is see here folks don't you. The verdict is in Joe Biden's completely innocent. Let's elected president. This is price co OP this price go up Joe Biden when he's president when he's vice president get Loyola ten percent vague or something does he at twenty is like inflation? Hey, guys I've been promoted I'm vice president. Now on president. I was ten now it's definitely twenty five percent of the. This is probably I'm just checking as. What's the inflation rate on that I don't know promotions that also a grade GS level you know when you're in a government, your ninety s eleven, gs thirteen are their grades Chinese payoffs like Vice President level you get ten percent president level you get twenty I'm just checking is that can Chart where we cannot publish I'm just wondering how what Joe Biden is. Price is going to be if God, forbid he's elected president. You have any ideas Joe Twenty five percent maybe thirty that's beyond my baby higher Maybe I. I've never taken a bribe. So I don't know either hit me Joel both like. I don't know. I'm not sure. I've never taken a vague on a Chinese deal with Chinese Communist. Show right I've never I never done that I never. I never did that I don't know I don't know how that works. I. Only vague I ever but is one time when I was a kid I filled out. One of those. You ever do football tickets in new. York you pay five bucks and you choose all the sixteen games. You have to pay a vague for that. That's the only big. I've I've never done with the Chinese Intelligence Committee? What are we missing midler sounds like there's tons of Dalwin this. Oh my gosh dude. Now, you may be saying to yourself. Joe Biden's denied this denied despite factory it one hundred Biden's voice a hardened by his former business partners and Bob Linski. Joe Biden's denied this. We we have to believe them because he's Joe Biden. He's a democrat. I mean they always tell the truth. So. Tucker Carlson just straight out asks Lieutenant Bubble Linski yesterday. Hey. Joe, Biden's basically said, he didn't know anything about this. He had nothing to do with these business deals that his son is talking about him being involved in the business deals in. How do you feel about that Bob is pretty straightforward keeping my by the way Bob Alinsky is not a partisan. There's actually donate in the past two who George W Democrats yeah. Yeah. That's right. This is this. And this company with direct connections to the communist government in China. So The former vice president has said he had no knowledge whatsoever of his sons business dealings was not involved in them at all but this sounds like direct involvement in them. Yeah. That's a in line when he states that that is a blatant line of the world's aware that I attended the debate last Thursday, and in that debate, he made a specific statement around questions around this from the president and I'll be honest with you. I almost stood up and screamed liar and walked out because I was shocked. That after four days or five days that they prepped for this that the Biden family is taking that position to the world. And once again, I'm irrelevant in this discussion, I just was brought in to run this company and have been exposed to all of this fact, and I believe the American people should see this fact I would have much preferred the buying family go on record and defined these facts for the American people and the globe versus me sitting here having a discussion with you on it. So Joe Biden has not denied meeting with you in Los Angeles correct. To, blatant lie. Publicity's words not me. So, just to be clear for the media folks listening, we're having a tough time with this. He has tax. No one is disputed from the Biden. Family Biden family business partners he has emails. From Chinese associates in this intelligence connected. Accompany CFC. He gives specific locations. He met with hunter and Joe Biden give specific times and dates. And no one is yet denied this and the media's not interested. You still think this. Formation. You're pathetic excuses for journalists please resign resigned today, save yourself the future embarrassment as history looks back on you and says what the hell were you doing in these newsrooms as this story broke. You were playing Jenga. That's what you're doing. I don't see nothing. No integrity at all total losers. Let me get to my second sponsor here I got more on this. I got two more questions for you with this Biden Fair crime family deal how much money was involved. And the question we're all asking. How the hell the Biden family think they were going to get away with this. Oh. He's got an answer for that one too. All right today's show brought to you by friends at lifelock ladies. German identity theft is a very serious thing happened to me and my family and it was awful spent a year my life cleaning up the mess. It was a total disaster true story in October. Is National Cyber Security awareness month. 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Kind of big question we talk in ten dollars, twenty dollars one hundred dollars, thousand dollars a million dollars more than a million dollars. It's a lot of money right for a public servant like Joe Biden Servant air quotes. How much money was involved? So Tony Bob Linski was asked that question by Tucker Carlson last night, you know what kind of a deal with the Chinese were they talking about? And what's really interesting here is Bob Alinsky mentioned that we're talking about millions millions. This isn't one of those Austin, powers? Marion. Dollars millions of dollars to the Biden family. The Biden. Family. I keep saying the Biden family and I've said it twice three times now the Biden family. Because Tony's very specific about what the Chinese think they're buying. Check this out. Insignificant and irrelevant this discussion to them. It was always the Biden family. It wasn't hunter by new wasn't Jim by it was the buying family who's obviously lead and And operated by Joe Biden and in a document that you guys have. been provided to you know to the world, the Chinese reference that of their trust in the Biden family. The Chairman Ian Directors are excited about moving forward in this, and in that document, they reference loaning five million dollars to the be family. The family is the bind family. And notice they didn't say we're loaning that money to all night or holdings or we're loaning that money to Tony Bob Alinsky, we're loaning that money to James Guilio Rob. Walker, they once again, not a document generated by me a documentary generated by CFC that they're loaning money to the Biden family. You know Paul I last night little behind the scenes very sitting on a couch watching this had a bit of a rough day after day and some doctors stuff I'm tired of getting poked in. Vain. They get move can't give any more blood no more blood feel like no Svorada to living in my house. Like being drained, be turning white is it goes I only have a pint. More to give. So it was a rough day. And we're sitting there on a couch watching Tucker and she's looking at me who I got my wife those politics evolved into show every day but it's not like me I'm like obsessed with it. It's my job as she works. I to hold on? Can I show you? Let me show them the text from my mother-in-law. Not a joke not a joke. Mirror Marshall my mother-in-law. Is really good better Spanish I but this is our actual texts reading this on the air not kidding. Danny. Back I'm watching is unbelievable worst than Columbia terrible so bad for the country. My wife and my mother grew up in Columbia. South Carolina Columbia Coo. Columbia? You know Pablo Escobar's Columbia. My mother-in-law literally texted me Donny. Worse Than Columbia. Nobody cares. Were about potentially elect a Guy Joe Biden who a business partner. Who has absolutely unimpeachable credibility just said the Chinese Communist Party wanted to pay off with five million dollars and nobody cares. Nobody cares. Not. CARE. Therapeutic me at. The business parter. Defamation, this guy should sue. Everyone. Probably, my mother here that technically it's not it's not a livestream, but she's probably reading my mind right now. Now, you may be saying yourself, do yourself a follow up question which I know. I'm saying I know Joe Sane. I Know Paula asked last night right before this came up. How in the hell did the Biden family they were GonNa get away with this. Taking or suggesting millions of dollars in payoffs from China and we know taking money from other overseas Anthony's including enemies of the United States. He former mayor of Moscow, his wife who's a Putin ally. WHO According to the Senate report paid three and a half million dollars to member the Biden family. How they think they were GonNa get away with this. Well Tony Bob Alinsky asked a member of the Biden Family This exact question and you know what it made me think of right away for you. Movie buffs out there. You know I always get cultural references. Wrong it's unintentional. I just don't watch a lot of movies anymore. Like did watch a good one recently silence very good. Highly recommend that if you're a man of faith poses some very interesting questions. Very interesting questions I hear the book was a little better, but that's a whole other. It made me think of that movie was a clear and present danger one of the Harrison Ford movies where he plays Jack Ryan. Remember. The one with the narcotrafficking I think that was clear and present danger. Yeah Yeah Patriot Games was the other one. and. He asked the president per Harrison Ford the CIA Guy Playing Jack Ryan. Confronts the President and the movie and he's talking to the chief staff at one point about how they could do this whole thing about taking out this drug cartel without letting the American people as plausible deniability. Jack plausible deniability you know the guy with the glasses who looks super annoying. Apparently, Giambi must watch clear and present saying Jim Joe's brother because Bob Alinsky asked the Biden family you guys how did you think you were going to get away with million dollar pay us from Chinese Communist and he said just like the guy with the classes in clearer presentation plastic deniability check this out. I'm thinking about the bind family like how are they doing this I know Joe decided not to run two thousand sixteen. But what if he ran in the future? Aren't they taking political risk or headline risks and I remember looking at Biden saying how you guys getting away with this? Like aren't you concerned and he certainly looked at me and he laughed a little bit and said. Plausible? Deniability. It's not a movie no Jack Ryan here folks maybe a Ryan Jack Former porn star something but there ain't no Jack Ryan I can tell you that. I don't know any Ryan Jacks by the way. So they'll send me bunch of pictures objects saying if you're going to be a star Ryan, Jack would probably be your name. Plausible deniability. Is guys watching too many movies. You took billions of dollars in payoffs from overseas. There's talking about a five million dollar pay to the Biden family from Chinese communists. That's just elected president we can plausibly deny it. Why why can they do that Joe? Because nobody's GONNA follow up into media Joe Biden's get. We have done this in. My one of my favorite shows growing up. Don't laugh. I was a very wild kid. Battle come out later. On the autobiography. Are Very Wild Kid my favorite show was Beavis and butthead I love that show and remember what Mr Anderson used to catch them in the middle of doing something burning house down whatever you built. That was other kids. This is the other kids excuse hey, you guys took. Five million dollars in three and a half million dollars from Russia, and there was a payment from China to me. This is the media's question and Biden, goes. Other kids and the media goes it was other kids makes perfect sense. Thank you. You answer moving. Old News All news there Republicans, pounds, Republicans pounds that'll be the start all news who? He should even do laugh. The beavis laugh fishing. Kids And the media's Mr Anderson. Hell Biden said it was other kids. Let's move on. Headline New York Times Biden says other kids next day Old News Republicans pounce. By the me get to my last video from this because we got a lot more to get through. This just the beginning. Did they know they were in trouble the final question. So we have how involved with Joe. How much money was involved? We answered those to third. Question. How they think they were GonNa get away with it. We know that. Final question. Did they realize they were in trouble? So Tucker asks, Lieutenant Bob Alinsky that and one of their partners in this deal was a guy by the name of Rob Walker. That's one of the Biden family context Bob Alinsky was dealing with. So Bob Alinsky is on a phone call. This is a recording of that phone call. You're going to hear at the end of this segment where Rob Walker is very clear that he knows how much trouble the Biden families in. If BUBBA Linski goes public, you'll hear the voice mail amber check this cutout. We don't want press trucks out in front of our house. I'M GONNA have to move I could lose my job. And all that I'm not trying to cause any harm to anyone in this situation let alone Rob Walker and his family James Guiltier and his family. But Basically Rob's position was if you go on record with all these facts, you'll berry all of us. If he doesn't come out on record I, am writing the founding you're just GONNA. Bury all of this man. Can Anybody in the Biden family come out in the test to that Bob. Walker that's made up. It's. Adobe audition spoof. It's so fake. So I'm going to say that anyone who's anyone in media and ask about this this this recording of a phone call between a Biden family associate and Bob Alinsky where you're talking about you're going to bury us all man man you're going to bury us all man man, you're GonNa, bury us all mayhem may anyone going? Oh, we going with the other kids excuses I was that what's happening? You to bury us all. Why why Barry how this is all legit on the up and up Joe Biden had nothing to do with it despite the fact that bobby met with Joe Biden. then. Why is Rob Walker worried about you're going to bury us all man I promise you. I've never had that conversation with Joe about the payoffs we took from China because we don't take payoffs from China now. Joe Tell anyone you're going to bury us all man. Joe has no recordings of me telling him, Joe you're going to bury us because there's nothing to bury us with. Any, we're anyone going to ask that get a confirmation from Joe that there are no in fact, recordings of me to show you bury us all man. Joe You. Dobie addition craft you're going to bury us soul man various take a payoff from the Chinese crap out your audio file and sabotage. You'RE GONNA, bury all man no. Caused guy poor guys busted fired the apprentice style. You going to bury us off. There's nothing a berry with. No curiosity from the media at all what scrapes. But how do these people get up and look at themselves in the mirror? You're such a colossal catastrophic disgusting embarrassment humankind. Again. I will say over and over I will defend to the death your big all right to report. But you've done none of that. That media press free press is a is. One of the key tenants of a free society. But it also gives you the right to be stupid ignorant losers and unfortunately you've taken advantage of. There's nothing we can do about it, but just call out the truth. because. Unlike the tyrannical book burning left in the media that's triple down on getting me squashed from facebook and elsewhere I don't care what you right You know what I do I go on the air and speak the truth, and that's why my shows a number to show in the country and my facebook page is number one at any given day because people want the truth. My call for the New York Times or The Washington Post and be pulled off the air or pulled off the Internet. I just exposure for the liars you are. Every day. All right let me get to my third sponsor and then I wanNA. Get to. Some more on including Philly and an election update. We have to get you because again this Miami. Dade thing is really. 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Pun intended we're going to have a bag of doughnuts. Order Your four-week emergency food supply today from my Patriot, supply don't wait. opie depending on the government to bail out don't be unprepared build your emergency food supply with meals that lasts up to twenty five years in storage twenty, five years ship discreetly to your door. Folks that know what's coming are using today to prepare the now waiting. There's still time for you to do the same please don't wait. Go to my friends at my Patriot, supply dot com today the original Patriot Preparedness Company, my Patriot supply dot com, my Patriot supply dot com, or your four weeks supply of emergency food today don't wait. All right. So, unfortunately tragically, we've had a a shooting that resulted in death in Philadelphia, area of A. Of A black man. Listen Ladies and gentlemen I'M NOT There's nothing there's no good side to this story and there's not death is death then it's tragic. I. You know I don't know any police officer law enforcement officer I've ever met in my life that goes to work. You know thinking about how they involved in a police shooting that day I don't. You can dispute that all you want if you are you never policing in your just. conjecturing on something you have no knowledge about because you want to gain some kind of partisan advantage, which is really sick. So there was a police shooting in Philadelphia going to play the video and let me give you a little bit of a warning Do a little bit of countdown so. I'll give you a five second I wouldn't play the video and I couldn't play the whole thing, but we are going to play up until the shots are fired. So this is for you to watch if you'd like to. Rumble dot com slash Bongino. If you'd like to see the video the man in question, the police were called to the house. As a knife, a bladed object in his hand and his approaching these police officers. And is within the danger zone of what the police would consider and what most tactics instructors would consider twenty feet or less is real sincere life threatening danger zone with a blade weapon. Here's what happened. So. As you can see, I'll describe it to you. You're on the street Philadelphia, the man in question who alleged to have a knife is walking around a car. It looks like families trying to stop him the police officer. Then walk around the IT's almost like they're circling around the car police officers and back up giving him some space they're not approaching him. He's coming at them. I want to be crystal clear with a knife. He then emerges from between two parked cars walks out into the middle of the street. The police take about three or four steps back tell drop the knife. He doesn't drop the knife they then engage with the firearm, both of them and the man dies. Well what resulted afterwards, Ladies and gentlemen. Now, we'll get into some quick commentary on this because again, this is just we're in a really. Really. Untenable place right now is a functioning constitutional republic where every time, there's a use of force incident before there's been any administrative or criminal potential look at the case on the part of the police officers actions before there's been any of that this happens we have a looting of a Walmart because of like what justice or something. But this is, this is what does this black lies mattering? This protesting your looting. Walmart. I. Guarantee You ask some of the people in this looting thing. What was the name of the person was killed? They don't even know what does this have to do with anything. You're looting of Walmart. How is this justice sing or protesting or any ving? Folks we cannot function as a civilized site. If when the people we entrust with enforcing our laws but police every time, there's a use of force incident before there's been any look at it administratively or potentially criminally if laws have been broken before there's been any look at it. There's a process for this were out looting Walmart's. Where are the people outside of conservative media saying this is grow cask. The societal fabric will collapse tomorrow if the response to any use of force incident no matter how clear cut or not. The response is going to be to burn down and loot your own city. There is a process. And Administrative Review. If SA- force guidelines or broken if they were her the officers will know about it and we'll have to suffer the sanctions. My Review of what I've seen on the I don't believe they broken any use of force guidelines here. If further review is warranted, there could be a criminal trial. There's a process. The process doesn't involve at any point going shopping for free at a Walmart you broke into at eleven o'clock at night that's not part of the process. Why were they? There folks? Why are the cops there? You're paying these guys forty and fifty grand a year. These GUYS ARE NOT MAKING Warren Buffet type. Money. He's guys and women you're paying. Why were they there? What do you think? They were there they got a call I ladies and gentlemen you here in your neighborhood God forbid someone comes running down the block. There's a guy with a knife coming this way. What do you do? You go back and you lock the door to your house right? Get inside that's what the cops do. The COPS turn around here. Hey, there's a guy with a knife and they run towards not away from the problem away towards. They were there because someone called the cops you think they went there to shoot this guy. Maybe we can all sit back and not loot the Walmart while we find out what happened just the suggestion folks. For those of you wondering about the tactics. And for some of the grossly misinformed ignoramuses including a guy. I heard on a podcast. I listened to a lot of ECON- talk with Russ Roberts, this guy who he's a professor, he analyzes police use of force behind a desk thing. Why do these people who are shot were shot with knives? But you're not aware that a knife is a deadly weapon. Terrible wound. Your der arrive. And for those of you who have again have never been. This is what drives me crazy. They've never been to tactics course. One of those community policing courses where they go through use of wherever they nothing about use of force guidelines it was just a knife. There's a video shown in pretty much every police academy across the country. It's about surviving edge weapons. I encourage you someday to watch that video. And you'll see why roughly twenty feet when you broach that twenty feet some with a knife to a police officer, you are in immediate deadly for twenty feet come on time to react really watch the video. SMART S. Then, tell me how easy it is to stop a man with a knife who's less than twenty feet away from watch the video and then come back to me and calming because you don't know anything. That's not. We force. Do you have any idea how quickly a man with a knife or woman with a knife can closed at twenty foot gap while you decide. If you have to get your firearm out engage, it gets your site on target and fire. You have any idea they're acting your reacting ladies German reacting is always exponentially slower than acting. They know what they're going do charge. You don't know he's going to charge because he knows it not you. But again, lecture me again how knives because you were professor and you've been behind a desk Nizar in a big deal. By the way body armor is not even designed to protect against edge weapons. Did you know that you probably didn't know that either but talking to my audience you all are smart. I'm talking to the Liberal Dunces, who watch this show who know nothing about nothing and think looting is part of the process. Ice Picks knives. Ken Penetrate Body Armor there seems in body armor to. Would you you took a Ju Jitsu class in the like? He's coming at you with a knife block. It listen I loved Jujitsu I do it all the time Folks that's not how knife-attacks work you know how they work. That's how they work blocked at. Watch one on tape. It's not Jason Voorhees where people come at you. With the block, the knife, block it which. Akito Moves, ladies, and gentlemen. That's not how that works. They come at you slashing poking and you're dead. You didn't learn that in your. Black lives matter course right or your Antigua rioting course she didn't know anybody surviving edge web. Of course, you you comment on it all the time. Idiots. A process here if these cops did the wrong thing, they'll pay the price. If they didn't do the wrong thing then they will go on as police officers. Following their use of force guidelines, which is I. believe looking from this video unless I see other evidence to the contrary they did. Not to take away from the tragedy of the man losing his life so not to be diminished in any way. Too serious things man could have had some kind of psychopathology or mental disturbance. And wish death on anyone. But. There were no easy decisions here, Ladies and gentlemen. There are only less hard ones. All right. Let me get to my last sponsor and want to give you an election update and Listen. I get a lot of email from listeners and it's Typically Pretty Great. But I got one yesterday, which is stunning. Someone sent me an article Mother Jones which blew my mind. But if I told you, Joe, Biden was lobbying or running on a platform of banning fracking in the United States. So you have a job in free. He was going to basically get you fired while he was promoting fracking overseas where his son doing business with an energy come on. This is no I'm not kidding I'm not. Yes. Yes. I am not kidding this is. Coming up. All right folks tease for you what usually good at. My Bag, a donuts. That's a good one today show also finally budged by our friends at Genucel Ladies and gentlemen you the first to hear about. So teak. The new deep correcting serum from our friends at Shamanee. Here's George from Shami he's the CEO and founder. He says the challenge was to get all the benefits of Alpha hydroxy acids with no irritation. And then combine that with their leipus technology to deliver pure vitamin C deep into the darkness where Collagen his mate, it treats many layers of the skin the news ot teak deep correcting from Chamonix means skin that is smoothie self free from redness acne acne scars. Faster Collagen production, the best serum I ever design. Shamanee's going in on this. The this product is my wife is a big. Big. So takes increase firmness. Smoothness diminishes adult acne redness and stressed break as you can say, Goodbye to crows feet. And laugh lines to right now tries ot free when you order genucell for bags and puffiness luxury results one, hundred percent money-back guarantee can't beat that go to genucel dot com for a free month's supply. So TC with your order order now and get guaranteed free shipping. That's genucel, DOT COM G., e., N.. E., L. Dot com enter Promo Code. Get Ready Dan Forty D. A. N. Four Zero Dan forty check out for an extra forty dollars off your order genucell. Dot. COM GENUCEL DOT COM. Thanks Jenny. So we appreciate you. Supporting show. So I don't WanNa miss my I and get it lost in the second tease tease of all. Election Update. Thing I said Paul we need a Chiron bottom election but a little us. Siren at the bottom because the elections now. Less than a week away. Did. You Vote Dandy four time stop being annoying. Very sorry. I want to win though care about annoying. Did you vote? Messing winning. Election. Update. So Miami Dade County. Florida's the King of all swing states right I live in. Florida I've had the pleasure of living in the great sunshine state for six years now. Five I always exaggerate by a year. It's not intentional I. Just I don't know my life style plus one over. So five years in Florida, I love this place. And Miami Dade County which is in south Florida. Is a heavily Democratic County. Matter. Of Fact, the joke in Florida's is the more north you go the more south you get in Florida northern Florida is more southern according to its voting patterns. Southern Florida is more northern. which is weird but it is what it is. So. MIAMI. Dade is heavily Democratic County. So I was scrolling through various social media council, prepare this show. And I caught this rather fascinating tweet. About what's going on in early voting and mail in voting miami-dade, and I have this section title miami-dade Question Mark Really. I had to check this twice numbers are accurate. Check out this tweet. I saw from at MCI. This is matthew is belly some kind of a data analyst here. He says quote Miami Dade holds the futures of both parties in its hands and right now the GOP leads and turn out. Don't pull this down wait. This is a blue county. The GOP's lenient he goes on. While Democrats need black voters to show up at this Sunday souls to the polls, Hispanic Democrats and non-party-affiliated. The GOP. A dynamic that cost Gilman Nelson in two thousand eighteen. That was the governor and Senate. Candidate respectively in the twenty eighteen midterms who lost. To run the Sanderson. Rick Scott. How the Hell of Republicans in Miami Dade, county leading the Democrats. A non-party-affiliated internal. Dare we go back to my beginning of this show something's happening folks I can't put my finger on it. I don't know what's going to happen in the election. I'm not making predictions because either way it burns you. If I tell you trump's GonNa win. People get lackadaisical I. Don't vote if I tell you. He's going to get crushed and lose people get upset and don't vote. Just show up don't worry about the predictions but do. Folks focused on the data. Trump's GOP is ahead and turn on. Miami Dade case you don't believe me by the way. If by the way is trump what a win Miami Dade that's all huge. It's like a moon shot like a one percent. Do you understand it would be the equivalent of trump winning California? You don't believe you look at the two thousand sixteen, The New York Times New York Times Dot Com screen shot from my phone I took and sent over to Paula. Here are the results from the two thousand Sixteen Hillary. Clinton Donald Trump election. There's Florida you can see deep blue miami-dade there at the bottom bottom right corner. Miami Dade. How many votes they Clinton get six, hundred, twenty, four, thousand, one, hundred, forty, six. Donald Trump three hundred and thirty, three, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine. Ladies talking about a roughly three hundred thousand vote difference in one. County. And yet the GOP is ahead in Miami Dade and early turnout. Again. chumps down seventeen and Wisconsin. Listen if he is yes, I will come on the air the day after the election trump walked by seventeen wisconsin it is what I can't. I said predictions do us no. Good. I'm telling you. Taking off for a moment I mean, this is subjective. Conservative partisan had and putting on as. As objective as I can of an observer hat. If. You're ignoring this you're an idiot. How the Hell is the GOP. Get out the vote machine turning out voters at Miami Dade and at higher numbers and the Democrats. If trump loses Florida I'd be stunned. stunned. All right. This is classic. Pala did me a favor pull this Jim from a couple of weeks remember Biden on CNN during the Democrat debates we're got to ban fracking we're going to we're going to wipe it out. Remember that. Come on Dan. He didn't say that no listen I mean listen to Biden on CNN. Here's Biden telling you in the energy industry he's going to basically get you all fired wipe out your job if you're in hydro fracking and natural gas queue up by near just to clarify would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a Biden administration. No, we work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those either any fossil fuel folks. Biden. Not My spin on Biden as Biden. Now. The Democrats will say be fair. He has since walked back. Okay. Is said now multiple times he's not going to ban fracking. But so are you telling me show by a liar who can't be trusted? Well, what's your take on that? I don't understand what you're taking. You take his Joe Biden lied in the primary threatening the energy industry to get elected and because he's a liar, he's now changed his position at admitted these alliance so you should trust them now. How How that? How that's any better. No. No Dan be fair. Biden. said he will not ban fracking. He has imp fair. I. Just told you that. But. How I don't understand how that helps you. So he's a trusted partner with the fracking industry who just admitted lying about the fracking industry a got it very. The verdict is in Joe Biden wins again. How does that help you? What if I told you had tipped listeners sent me this. That Joe Biden while he's on tape. Threatening, to eliminate, we'RE GONNA wipe it out the fracking and just heard it folks. That Joe. Biden had promoted the fracking industry overseas in countries where his son was being paid huge sums of money. To promote in energy company that was under investigation for corruption that would be really weird when it you know when you even more weird. This is crazy. Joe If a liberal and I mean liberal I, mean like they make Lenin look concern they make Lenin look like Ronald Reagan Liberal. What if I told you on Liberal Outlet Mother Jones had actually reported on Biden as he's threatening to fire you from the fracking industry was promoting fracking overseas because his son was involved with an energy company under investigation involved in energy fracking and. You don't believe me looking at mother Jones piece. By the way this piece will be in the show. Can you send this to your friends? How do we get the show notes Dan Bongino Dot com slash newsletter and just subscribe free I will email the newsletter is the show notes I send it out every day. This article. In there today, send us to your friends and at the bottom here's the headline by the way how Hillary Clinton's State Department sold fracking to the world I thought the Democrats hated for I don't understand. So they're liars. And if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this piece in the show notes, you'll see this puzzling paragraph. Because Joe Biden wanted to eliminate fracking. As we said, we're going to wipe out quote mother. Jones to the left of Lenin. Quote during an April visit to Ukraine, which is granted concessions to Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell Vice President Biden announced that the United States would bring in technical experts to speed up at shale gas development. Why? Quote. Unquote for Liberals. That means he said this. Joe Biden, we stand ready to assist you promise Biden. Who Son Hunter has since joined the board of Ukrainian energy company quote again for a liberal that means Joe Biden said this imagine where you'd be today if you were able to tell Russia, keep your gas, it would be a very different world. So. Biden's at home. Kissing the caboose of the. New Green deal left. I said that way on purpose I love it when Sean Hannity Does the new grind, it's the greed I prefer the new green deal for reasons I'm not telling you. So. You're kissing caboose of the ANC lunatics on the left telling them you're GONNA BAN FRAC. which could cost millions of jobs across the United States nobody no serious person doubts that. You're GonNa get everyone fired here. While you're promoting fracking overseas. Because your son's employed by energy company that would like a whole lot of fracking. A. Guy Joe Joe Biden integrity is on the ballot. This Joe Biden right show as he said that his character on the ballot Caribou. Oh. Yeah. It's on the ballot just not the way you think. So it's on the ballot. This guy is a lying fraud. going. To Ban fracking unless sons get the payoff they we're not going to bed right I'm going to help you out with wreck. Never. Said we were going to ban fracking. You know it's on Tape Joe No, I didn't mean that I lied to you. But. You can trust me now I was lying man I'm definitely not lying now. All right one less black. I WanNa get to this because the tech tyrants up on Capitol, Hill? Zuckerberg. The Hapless Jack Dorsey from twitter. Google folks, they hate conservatives they can't stand us. So Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to get worse. If Joe, Biden wins this election. I'M NOT KIDDING I. Don't like exaggeration perfect because at this credits you over time I know we can be sarcastic humor a lot but. I'm not kidding when I tell you, my days are numbered on facebook and twitter to I understand that. I'm a conservative I'm one of the most followed accounts on facebook I. Don't say that I'm not trying to impress anybody I promise you there's a point in this. Could mean my facebook so great now that's not with any of this is about. FACEBOOK skews a little older. Older, folks happen to Lean Republican conservative even center right and center left a little bit. They're naturally attracted the content that's conservative. This is not a shocker. I had to explain this yesterday to someone. People will keep asking questions. Why did conservative pages dwell on facebook because it's the conservative older audience I mean is this puzzling? They can't have any of this the tech tyrants facebook. Page Ben Shapiro's patient Fox. News continues to dominate. It drives them crazy. So I started started at the Washington examiner is in the show notes from a couple of days ago. FACEBOOK is readying tools to limit the reach of quote misinformation. Let me translate you conservative post which would alter what millions of Americans see and their news feed Mike Lee. Washington Examiner Michael Lee reporting on Mike Lee the centre. Here's a screen shot from the peace how they're going to crush misinformation, which by the way translates to conservative content check this out facebook says it's planning for the possibility of election-related conflicts. Meaning conservative post will actually be seen by people. We tools developed these stop the spread of misinformation which would limit the reach of popular posts as they go viral. They're just saying now it is saying it. Folks please sign up for facebook page and others not just me Mark Levin Sean Hannity. Danish Sousa. Ben Shapiro Michael Knowles Michael. Matt Walsh, excuse me Jeremy Boring over the daily Wire Bongino report, all of them. It's not about me. And share it because they can't remove your share button they can stop the algorithms from our content going viral and they will if they don't ban us all right by wins which I'm already prepared for. So I am evolve parlor. Already prepared to be banned. But their algorithms are trying to shut us down. They can't stop. If you share the stuff the only way they can stop you from sharing is by getting rid of your share bud beat the algorithm share the stuff my stuff ben stuff mark stuff sean stuff limbaugh stuff everybody stuff. Follow all of them that just me. You think I'm making this up this was. A twitter account monitored by a writer for the New York Times he monitors the top facebook posts in the country. This was sort of a few days ago. Why are they coming after me and why are they telling you? They're gonNA shut us down soon. The top performing links in the country. US. facebook pages in the last twenty, four hours a from. One Dan Bongino to Dan Bongino Three Fox News for Dan Bongino five Dan Bongino six Dan. Bongino seven Dan Bongino eight Dan Bongino nine makes an appears ten. Dan? Bongino. You like my content. Sally field moment you like me you really like me. Just actually be genuine about this five aging myself their jobs like the right that. He really wanted me. Again it's not about me. Any Given Day Ben Shapiro and others are in that top ten is well. Fox News. They're gonNA shut us down. But they can't shut down your share button. They're responding ladies and gentlemen to a small number of twitter people. And Social Media people very small number trying to pressure facebook and others to pull us down in sense. You don't believe me. Here's a tweet by Glenn Greenwald? An honest liberal reporter. There are some left Mattei Glenn Aaron Matei people actually report facts even though the lean left. He's he's quoting this article, a pew research about the twitter bubble. This is what facebook is scared of. They're scared of the Social Media Bubble Concluding Twitter Ladies and gentlemen ten percent of twitter users produce ninety percent of all tweets from US adults since last November and sixty nine percent of these highly prolific users identify as Democrats Democrat leaning independence. There you go. Ladies and gents. There's the twitter bubble summed up in data itself a small pocket of hot pocket roasting. Milomar eating basement-dwelling loser liberals are in a basement pressuring the entire. Social. Media Universe to get rid of everyone who's not them. Oh and they will comply if Joe Biden wins. We will be banned from Youtube facebook twitter. Again that's why parliament. Back a plan. By one last thing this shows going unusually long but this is important just to show you how misinformation spreads on twitter and how other information assange you're not going to hear a lot of this on twitter right? Here's Phil. Kerpen on twitter at Kerpen Katie European who's done a really great job on social media. Twitter moments had a tweet up twitter moments where they can highlight a story and make sure BBC's of president trump's claim that increased testing leading to the rise in Cova cases unsubstantiated according to journalists in fact checkers. Phil Carpet tweeted out a chart. The fact checkers must have missed this one show. that. When you? Adjust for testing. You'll notice the covert cases. We're actually quite flat charts and data. You know you could see the rumble dot com slash. Bongino if you'd like to see the chart. You know what trump said in other words is true but the twitter moments made sure that they're fact checkers tells you it wasn't charting journalism data doesn't really matter to them. whatevs. Again. That's why involved Parlor and Rumble late gentlemen. I'm back today show was good I feel good I, do and not. So great show yesterday as my whole days ruined no matter what nothing gets in my head worse than that I, love this show. So please spread it around share the facebook page and subscribe to my account on rumble rumble dot com slash Bongino. I'd rather you watch their than Youtube. Youtube wealthy, and also subscribe to my show on Apple podcast and elsewhere really appreciate it. Thanks a lot folks. See Autumn are just heard Dan Bongino.

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Reeses $900 million deal; ScarJo vs Disney with Matt Belloni, + Derek Thompson on how the media covers Delta

Recode Media

1:01:09 hr | 2 months ago

Reeses $900 million deal; ScarJo vs Disney with Matt Belloni, + Derek Thompson on how the media covers Delta

"The support for this episode comes from stack line. If you're in the business of selling things you're also in the business of getting to know your customers. Do you know what they want when they want it and where they want to find it. That is where the magic is. And that's exactly what stack line can give you stack line trends arms with a comprehensive analysis shopping economy giving you a window into what consumers want get access to hundreds of billions of consumer searches across the entire ecommerce economy. Get ready to join the leaderboards of top performing brands. Learn more about trans. The ultimate rankings of brands at topics shaping retail for free at stack lined dot com support for this episode comes from forward. Most people go to the doctor for the one offs like rashes and colds. And your annual flu shot but doctors can do more. That's why you need forward. Their doctors go beyond every day care in an effort to catch top killers like cancer and heart disease early. They use advanced technology to help you reduce risks and achieve long-term results so invest in a doctor. That's invested in you and your long term health at go forward dot com. That's go forward dot com. This is recode meeting with peter kafka and that is being today. I've got to interview for the price of one which is zero dollars I met felony formerly politics reporter and l. Huck we'll talk about the puck is it's fun to save the We were talking about two big hollywood deals or at least hollywood events both involved stuff that is very relevant to people who listen to this podcast media technology we talked about scarlett johansson fight did dizzy streaming and whether it's just about money or about money and the future of streaming maybe somewhere in the middle and we also have about reese witherspoon 's sale of her company hello sunshine which values it at nine hundred million dollars different than selling saying she sold it for nine hundred million dollars but we can talk about that. It's a it's a big deal and why people think it's worth hiring celebrity productions studios at this moment in time matt smart and incisive. You will enjoy listening to him. You will also enjoy listening to derek thompson from the atlantic. He will make you smarter. Just bathe it as audio Derek on because we had a semi fight on twitter about media criticism and more important. How best media should be covering coveted ray still covering cova 'cause it does not gone away and that's what we're really talking about here is how do we cover something. That is not only not going away but changing and moving and what's the best way to get appropriate information to people making the sound. I think dolor that it is not a great way to introduce podcast but believe me. It's a good conversation you will like okay. See for yourself. I up. Here's melanie from puck. I'm here with felony formerly of the holiday reporter. Now one of the leading members of puck we can say puck out loud. How describe puck matt We are a next generation digital magazine that covers influence and power and money. Hollywood silicon valley washington finance all the different power centers of america. If you listen to this podcast you have read some of the coverage about puck. You probably have read some of matt's newsletters they become a must read immediately. Met you publish your newsletter. Once a week. I heard a disturbing rumor twice a twice a week. What thursdays sundays are you gonna keep cranking them out or once puck really launches or is this a placeholder. Yeah i mean initially. I wasn't sure if we would keep going but people seem to like them. The kind of nerve so i think we're going to keep it going. Okay we'll do more puck the end of the conversation. I wanna spend most of our time talking about Two big stories out of hollywood in the last week they're both about women and streaming and money. Let's start with the newest. one reese. Witherspoon has sold her company. Hello sunshine For a theoretical value of nine hundred million dollars to a private equity firm Kevin mayor from disney. Tom stagg from disney are gonna are running this unnamed media that's bought hello sunshine You like i. When we saw reports that there is a reese witherspoon production company for sale with a theoretical one billion dollar price tag. I think rolled our is a little bit. And so that's not a real number but it looks like it's kinda close to real number. What is hello sunshine. And what are you getting when you buy it for for nearly a billion dollars. That's a great question. And i think the best way to discuss. This is what this deal is and what it isn't because first of all it. It is a nine hundred million dollar valuation of the deal. And as you know very well like that doesn't mean anyone is getting nine hundred million dollars over five hundred million dollar payout to investors in this company including. At and t. And lowering jobs is company and there are various shares that they're getting in this new company that blackstone is backing and if everything goes according to plan and they can grow this and meet their revenue hurdles. And all this other stuff. Then it's nine hundred million dollars so so billion dollars as chur hated hands. That's real money and value at all in pizza. Value of nine hundred million dollars reese witherspoon presumably owns a big chunk of that good for her as well importantly they get bored seats on this new company that is now out in the market in hollywood hunting for various production companies. So this is the whole thesis here that these is that if blackstone headed by kevin and tom's daggs can seek out these production companies that are serving various niches within the content universe. Reese witherspoon is going. After women oriented content they have had conversations with lebron james's company which towards pointed towards diverse audience is. They've they looked at foreign companies that have four unleashes and if they can roll up these production companies even though they don't own the assets that they are producing there is value there in creating a massive production entity that can serve as the so-called arms dealer for all of these various streaming services that are going to consolidate and dominate the content industry. So this was going to happen regardless of the amazon. Mgm delightful sort of track amazon. Paying eight to nine billion dollars for gm is sort of kicking this off and saying well. If that's worth that much then. How much is this worth the premise with mgm. An amazon though is mgm has a catalog of existing movies and tv shows that amazon stream. Now they own partial rights to james bond. They own other. Ip that amazon can turn into other things. When you buy reese witherspoon company and maybe lebron james company. As far as i know they don't own anything that you just said they don't own anything. So what are you getting. So yeah you're right. I mean a lot of people have compared this to the amazon deal which is weird because it's totally different. It's not a library play when you're buying these companies you're essentially buying their taste their infrastructure. Their relationships reese witherspoon has a book club that has millions of followers and she can presumably communicate with them about about her various projects. They have access to material they. They have a particular specialty in the kind of content that they make and that's presumably valuable. Then the question becomes. why not. Just do a deal with them. Why have to own them. And that's the real question here. I mean another way to think about this deal. And i've heard this from several people is this is this is not just a production play. This is a content creator betting on the brand type play where they think. That reese witherspoon can become the next oprah or martha stewart or You know a personality around which media businesses can be launched. And if that's true in we're seeing this. Exploding in the celebrity arena with booze. Deals or book deals or live experienced deals. Reese could go on a tour with oliver various personalities. If you can get in on that and own the creator economy for an a-list creator like reese witherspoon. There is value there. How do we think about this compared to the netflix strategy. They don't buy companies generally they they they do. Big expensive deals for talent. Most notably shonda rhimes And a few others that are maybe less successful does. Is this closer to that. At least in those cases the shonda rams of the world have a track record of creating multiple shows at a decent clip or heavily involved. I don't think that's the case. I mean i think hello is a little different than that model. Yeah i mean. The key for. Netflix is ownership. Netflix is owning the output of these top creators forever. So even though. Richardson is a big hit. Today it's probably going to also be a big hit in ten years fifteen years. Twenty years and netflix owns that in perpetuity. When you buy something like hello sunshine. Yes reese and that company will get profit participation perhaps in success of the show but unless they significantly amp up there their dealmaking they're not going to get ownership of these shows. And so you're not getting that long term value and that's what netflix is paying for. They're paying for the exclusivity of these of the ownership rights with the business and with some of the others you are paying for the opportunity to create different businesses around her like i said like the the sponsorship business like a book club business like a production business yes but that is a four fee business and the feeling i think is that yes while the price tag doesn't seem to make sense in a traditional you know eba multiple universe. They're looking long term in the creator economy and how it's evolving and and having this in their arsenal will only help them. I gather revenue and gathered others around this model because they're going after others right. And so is this like a fox doing an nfl deal at a crazy premium in nineteen ninety-three or just establish what fox's which also implies that they're not going to do a ton more of deals at size right. We got reese you can join us. But we're not gonna give you a billion dollars for your production company. Yeah i've heard it described to me as the foundation premium. You get someone of her nature to come on board. You gotta pay extra for that and then others are and you give her control. Remember the board seats here. They are going to have a big say in what this company ends up looking like and the others that come on board likely will not get deals nearly as much as as valuable as reese witherspoon. Just the kinds of companies that they are looking at that have been reported whether it's imagine entertainment the ron howard and brian grazer company or even lebron's company. It's not gonna be at that level. And i mean to to reiterate i think both you and i and i assume a lot of people said there's no way this company is selling anything close to that price when i. This is a banker price at the price you float and you sell it for much less. Why were we wrong. What did we get about either the value of the company or blackstone slash my Kevin mayors time stags desire to be in this business. I mean someone texted me. Never underestimate the power of a banker that wants to get a deal done and that may be true. Also we're thinking about this isn't a traditional valuation ecosystem and that's not what's going on these days. I mean we're seeing it. Everywhere where companies are selling for multiples. That don't make sense on paper. I mean don't forget hello. Sunshine was not even profitable until this year. And from everything i've heard is that they're even a numbers are not going to be anywhere near. What would make this deal. Make sense at this but they are projecting out as an ability to grow. And they're looking at this from a broader perspective where they believe that the halo around this kind of top level creator. Can you know float. Everybody's vote to a certain extent true. But at least from some of the people in this world that i've talked to that say oh well everything that cover mayor has been involved in in the purchases that he did a disney. Everyone said that each one of them was too expensive and he proved them wrong. Look at that works. That works great. If it's lucasfilm pixar and marvel shirt does not work. Great if you look at his digital stuff which didn't work out. That is a good point and maker studios did not work. Cla penguin did not work. You know they got very close to buying vice which would have been a disaster and twitter twitter. I'm still unclear. How close they got to twitter. The the the bob eiger story that one day he woke up and realized They were doing the deal with dorsey and then he realized one day that the twitter was a cesspool of filth really. That's the sequence on twitter too. You know so the conventional wisdom the new conventional wisdom for streaming in in media conglomerates for last couple of years has been consolidation consolidation is going to be a handful of winners and streaming. It'll be netflix and disney. And then you name your other players depending on your view of the world and that in hollywood. A lot of people are scared that this means there's only a couple of places to make a movie or a tv show when you see someone like blackstone throwing money around. Is that part of that. Same thesis that this is going to be consolidated world and we're going to be one of those top players we're gonna or is it saying no activists more room than people think and and this can't be a town where you can only get shows made at warner disney an apple or whatever that combination is. That's a great question because the narrative has been the this entire consolidation effort and the vertical integration of streaming services within these media companies. The whole point is so that they don't have to buy content from outside suppliers like hello sunshine. So if you are you know warner media and you're having hbo max launch. You've got a great tv studio in warner brothers television and you've got a great production company an hbo. So why would you ever do deals with an outside supplier like that. That's one side of it but these deals do get done you know. There are two independent production companies. I can think of churn in or mrc or even imagined to a smaller extent. Vodka studios. I can hear my plus student sure but there are independent. You know there are independent studios that are not either owned or exclusively affiliated with one of the streamers and there these is. It's not going to be possible to totally while your garden. The talent doesn't want that the industry at large doesn't want that. And you're going to see the best. Projects migrate to the highest bidders and that can be blackstone one of the wealthiest companies in america. They're going to be a compelling lure for talent and the streamers will follow the talent because at the end of the day they're trying to build subscription businesses and if the best projects are from outside studios. They're going to have to deal with them speaking of walled garden and control disney. Let's talk about scarlett johansson and black widow and bob capex Recording this wednesday afternoon it seems like there was a flurry of news late last week. And we haven't heard much sense but catch us up. Where are we in the scarlett johansson versus disney saga so just for people who have not followed along she. After months of trying to negotiate this privately she sued last week on on thursday saying that by putting black widow on disney plus for a thirty dollar up charge at the same time it was in theaters. She was deprived of the full value of her box office. Bonuses which we learned was almost fifty million dollars that she believed she would have made if black widow had gotten a traditional theatrical exclusive release and not been put on she was guaranteed fifty million but she thinks she could have made that much theoretically if it had absorb really well and all these different markets and disney by propping up disney plus with this a. plus level movie. They are diverting resources to build subscribers on a platform that she does not participate in but that the ceo of the walt disney company benefits from when his stock price goes up every time they announced higher subscriber numbers. Disney responded to this very very strongly unusually strongly. They outed the fact that she had already been paid. Twenty million dollars up front effect. That was not in her lawsuit and disney decided to reveal that they also said she was insensitive to the cove in nineteen dynamic and that even though disney chose a release date. She was somehow to blame for money. Grubbing win you know. We're all dealing with the pandemic. Then her agent scarlett johansson's agent responded to them saying that they were. You know a shameless. And this is not the walt disney company that the talent community has known for many years. So that's where we are right now. So there's accusations of self-dealing stars fighting studios and and their financiers about what's what they should have got the accounting. That's old On the other hand is extraordinary. Because it's new and public. Is it new in public. Because there's something very specific about scarlett johansson and marvel and disney or is this part of a story where we're going to see more of this because streaming and accounting over streaming and who gets the benefits are streaming are genuinely new concept. I think all of it is true First of all they scarlett johansson knew the power of going public here and they've had this over disney for months now. It's not a secret that in hollywood. A lot of people have been upset and nervous and Questioning where the incentives are for these companies because that's ultimately what we're talking about here throughout the history of talent and studios. They've kind of been aligned in how they get paid the better. The movie does the more the studio makes and the more ultimately the star will make they can fight over whether they're being accounted to properly or but what we've seen with these streaming services is that the incentives are not aligned anymore. The incentive for disney is to build up subscribers to disney plus and that is one hundred percent what this company is doing. They are being rewarded by announcing big subscriber numbers. The stock keeps going up. But you have a star here. Who's deal was made under the old regime pre disney plus where the entirety of the value of the contract is dependent on box office performance. So that doesn't add up here. They could have gone to her and say listen. Our priorities have changed. The world has changed. The pandemic is requiring us to be nimble. Here here's ten twenty thirty million dollars to pay you as if this movie was going to be a hit and we'll settle with you at that number. That could have happened. And i believe under the old regime under bob eiger. It probably would have happened. He would recognized the value of settling rather than having this huge thing. That people like you. And i are now talking. Certainly they had some discussion right. There's just no way they just said take. Your offer is nothing. You'll like it right. It's not the godfather to this. Is what disney's argument is argument. Is we are paying you. We are putting the premium access money into the box office pool. Meaning if this movie makes five hundred million dollars at the box office and it grosses a one hundred million dollars on premium access. Your box office pool will be based on that. Six hundred million you can make more than the twenty million. We've already paid. You know what they are saying. And that is the strategy. They have approach to all of their bonus. Talent on for the summer movies debut in day and date. Obviously the talent doesn't like that because the money that's going to premium access is money. That's being taken away from fifteen dollar movie tickets and it's not apples and oranges. Plus they're taking out the money that goes to the digital distributors roku or amazon fire. They're not sharing that and they're not sharing the benefit of dizzy plus keeping subscribers in that universe and adding additional disney plus subscribers for eight dollars. So there's a lot of things at work here. That dizzy thinks it's doing okay. But the talent is unhappy and there's an example of studio that made everybody happy which has her. Yes right warner brothers when they announced their day in day strategy for twenty twenty one. Everyone freaked out agents put out statements. Same agents that are yelling at disney now. Absolutely chris nolan the director geneva norweb. The director both slammed. The plan warner said oh. Crap went back to all of the talent and according to the journal gave him two hundred million dollars. Right and warner says. We always planned on doing this by the way. Check back and forth with jason tyler about this. Yes they plan to make people happy in a fair way. They said they didn't realize exactly. How big the checks would be that. We're going to have to cut because of the outcry and they didn't communicate this plan to anybody in advance so they ended up having to write big checks and they're still negotiating as of last week. That dune studio had not finalized. Its deal and there's another example of this right which is different but still the same. Which is netflix. When they moved when these kicked this off said there is no back end. There's no box office So we're going to give adam sandler a way more money up than he would ever make from hollywood these days and ruin laughed. And they actually. It's a pretty good deal and they've they've done a lot of that is we're paying you a lot upfront. That's your one payment and that's that and that's the model. Is there something particular about scarlett johansson and her career and what she wants to do And also bob shape the new. Ceo of disney were there at this extraordinary point. Where where they're disney's you know dissing high-profile talent in a movie. That's outright right now publicly. Is there something about those two personalities or careers that has led to this point. What's interesting about johanneson is that. She's decided to sue the prime of her career. She's thirty six years old. she's coming off. A huge studio blockbusters starring her. This is not some aging talent. Who's trying to make a last grasp for money now. It is true that her marble deal is ending so she doesn't have to be in business with dizzy anymore. She doesn't want to but presumably. She doesn't want to become a pariah. And the one. Who is going to sue you if you do a deal with her. So this is that's why this is a big step for her. Take i think it is an inflection point for dizzy i have said this including me that this would have never happened under. I believe that but the lines of how talent are going to be paid for the next ten to twenty years are all being drawn right now because these studios are all launching their own subscription services. They are altering the model to mimic netflix. And get rid of these big back ends and the situations where a big star can make one hundred million dollars on a movie where the studio profit line isn't much more than that itself and the talent saying you know what we fought for and we earned the right to get this paycheck. We're not going to give that up without a fight. So it's both sides of incentive to fight now because in theory this is going to be the new normal. So let's let's hash it out and figure it out absolutely the agents all talk about this that the deals at these companies disney warner universal comcast. Netflix they are all getting defined right now and we're going from a linear television world to streaming world. Where box office is less important. And the subscriber numbers are all being so house talent going to be valued in this ecosystem and the old models where there's a thirty page definition of profits that you get in each individual territory for pay tv the next twenty five years. That doesn't matter when the movie is sold to net lakes in perpetuity. What also strikes me that the thing that everyone knows but generally won't say out loud is however long the streaming boom marin now is where you have a bunch of the apples and amazon's more media netflix all throwing billions different amounts of billions. The the intent is for them to not keep doing that in perpetuity that things will settle at some point instead of having eight different streaming services. There will be three or four and that if your net flicks or disney or whoever the bidding wars won't be anything like this and you will actually able to ratchet down the amount of comp you're paying maybe not overall but at least per project And i think that is probably driving some of this fight on both sides as well. I think that's absolutely true and netflix has realized that the the pay now so that we can own the market and and not pay later strategy is going to take a lot of paying now especially as these other competitors ramp up. You're already seeing version of this. With disney disney has spent over the last twenty years billions of dollars amassing these ip brands. That are so powerful in the marketplace that they approach talent saying you know what the i is the star and you are great. We love you but you're not even going to get paid the typical profit participation at one might expect because the star is the ip. Not you just the for the next. The next iron man is not getting robert. Downey junior is going to be a lot. Downey downey is paid what he's paid because his deal for the first ironman was extraordinary. It gave him a profit participation because marvel was nothing they had no. They had no brand. They had nothing but the people that sign onto marvel movies now. You're lucky if you get these box office bonuses or they kick in at five hundred six hundred seven hundred billion dollars because they know the brand is the star these actors on star wars their box office bonuses. I am told didn't kick in until almost a billion dollars because it star wars stupid. That's the brand. It doesn't matter if you're daisy ridley. Or if your oscar isaac. The brand is the brand. So that's dizzy exerting. Its influence and there's been pushed back in the talent community and they've got a rounded with these bonuses that they've given stars like emma stone and emily blunt and scarlett johansson. But now all of that is being reconsidered because of the incentives that play was streaming so we have one example extrordinary example. Yet you know journalism we two more to call it trend. You floated the idea last week. That emily blunt who's also in a disney movie. That has another one of these you know their rental or or in the theater of setups might also complain. We have not heard her complain publicly. Are we going to see more people in public having this fight or is this a one off. I don't know about public. But i do know that privately. These are conversations that are being had all the time beaten before the scarlet situation. Emily blunt and john kaczynski had those conversations with paramount around a quiet place to and that was a situation where the movie went to streaming after a believers either thirty or forty day window and they were upset. They thought that might cut into the box. Office in retrospect that seems like a pretty generous window that they had for theaters. Especially at a time in may when vaccines weren't that widely available but they raised that issue and paramount. Kind of got them to calm down. But i know that the stars of the disney movies this summer have all raised this issue with the studio they wanna be paid and dizzy has made some overtures in recent days specifically with the stars of correla jungle cruise ryan the last dragon. Those are the movies that have and black widow. Those are the movies that have gone day date this summer. They haven't said whether anything further into the fall is going to model this. Free guy with ryan reynolds is coming out in a couple of weeks that is going to be a theatrical exclusive. But anytime a movie goes day and date now or on a very truncated window. Those stars are going to have that conversation with the studio. We're we're going to have you back so we can talk more about this before we go. I just wanted to protect them about the newsletters are doing twice a week. Not once a week. I thought they're great. I love them. They're instant hit people reading them. They strike me as fundamentally different than what you were doing. And hauled reporter which. He ran for several years. Am i right in thinking. It's a different product and if so is it because it's the formats different or the audience is different or the business model is different. I think all of it for me. What's been fun about. The newsletter format has been the intimacy. It's interesting. I ran the hollywood reporter which is a decent sized brand but i would never get feedback from people. People would never email me unless it was a publicist complaining or something and you know our open rates on newsletter products were low. And you know it's just the people didn't have that relationship with the brand now. I think when. I send an email to people who have signed up to get it from me. It almost feels like it's a conversation or an email from an plugged in friend. It's a much more intimate experience. And i'm writing them that way. I'm writing them. As if i was talking to a friend over lunch because i think that's kind of what's missing from the landscape in these kinds of businesses whether it's tech or media or hollywood that conversation with the reader yep and that also. Here's what's actually happening. I'm going to try to explain it in plain english but also it's also insiders going to walk that balance in theory. You could have done that holly reporter. He could matt's weekly. No it's my hunch. Is that the structure of the trade itself and sort of who who you need to get money from. An who you need for access is different than doing this. You still need access and you just want people to pay you but it strikes me that there's something different about the model and part of the reason i think that is richard rush russia. Who you've worked with in the past came on and said as much a couple of weeks ago when it talked about his newsletter that he thinks there's something fundamentally different about the subscription newsletter. That changes the way that you can speak. I think that's probably true. But you know one of the things that i pride myself on. The former job at reporter was the ability to do tougher stories while also maintaining those relationships but the relationships are important. I mean now. I don't have to worry about. Who's gonna what celebrity is going to be on the cover of the magazine next week. And that's a once you're in that game you have to play ball and obviously in the trade universe. The publications are supported by advertising from the companies. That you're covering so that inherently creates conflicts. But those are manageable conflicts. And if you're running those publications in a professional way you can manage those relationships and people can have their say and you can still do tough stories but it's a very fine line to walk and you really need to have long term relationships in the community to be able to walk that line and it's tough and i'm happy that in the new role i still adhere to journalistic principle that. No one is surprised by what. I'm writing i hall for comment and i but you you can have a little more edge and you can be more conversation on. You can tell people what's really happening. I love reading it. I love that you came on the show to talk about it melanie. We'll be watching you and puck news and my my former colleague. Teddy schlieffer Wish y'all look thanks very much. Thanks for coming on fun conversation. I think we'll have him on again some time. We're getting from derek thompson in a minute but first word from sponsor no one ever complained about having too much data but not all data is created equal. What you want data that tells you what works. What doesn't helps you build a road map to your brand best data that works with the incredibly intelligent humans on your team to solve retails most challenging problem. It's a tall order but stack line is up to the task stack lines powerful trends. Tools analyzes retail brandon. Shoppers search trends to demystify the success of the world's biggest brands and comprehensive analysis to show you performing the best. It gives you a window into what consumers want name brand any brand vince. Look it up on stack. Line discovery specific random topic level data. That can help you. Climb up the leaderboard yourself. Where does that data come from. 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His day job is is working at the atlantic. he's an excellent writer and podcast header cake via. Thank you thanks for coming. I think this is usually a poor start to a podcast. But i want to start talking about some tweets. We did over the weekend. You tweets with the real. The real point of this is to have a discussion about the way media is covering kovic in general and specifically the delta moment. Were having right now so again. I think this might be a terrible idea. But quote this weekend Referencing i dunno. Nbc headline about the number of people who'd had a breakthrough infection. And you wrote. It's really a shame. President joe biden signed that executive order banning the use of denominators and covert headlines Nothing even better than reading it tweet and having you explain the tweet but but tell us what you were trying to get across their. Yeah i feel like. We're breaking like every cardinal rule of podcast. Everyone wanted to talk about and then analyzing our pass tweets. Yes sure dick picture. I think that delta is a confusing moment for a lot of people including journalists also including public health indicators. I think it's a confusing thing to summarize. Headlines are in the business of summary. You don't have any option if you're in the headline game Summarized memorize you have to summarize and if you're going to do so you have to. I think you should do so in a way that is clear and useful for people so the question also makes the want to pay attention to what you're saying well very important insurance. Yes so the question that i was trying to answer in that tweet the question i think a lot of people are trying to answer as they analyze delta is how do we communicate the data to people in a way that is clarifying and true and not sensationalist. If all you do. I think is provide the sheer number of breakthrough cases. I think it's one hundred twenty thousand breakthrough cases that. Cdc has trapped so far if all you do is provide that number one hundred twenty thousand. Am i sound like a really high number. Two a lot of people and in some context hundred twenty thousand people is pretty high number and a lot of people that know people that have had a breakthrough infections after getting fully vaccinated however tens of millions over one hundred million americans have been vaccinated. Which means you have a breakthrough rate. That's extremely small and then a severe illness straight that's much smaller and a death threats even smaller and so. It seems to me that when people when you're in a moment of mass vaccine hesitancy and you're trying to communicate something about the effectiveness of these vaccines is the best way to communicate that effectiveness to talk about the numerator or is it to talk about the rate. So for example to create a quick analogy. Then you can tell me you disagree you know. It is a fact that there are a lot of tylenol overdoses. every year every decade. There are a lot of ibuprofen overdoses but the desk. Because everyone is taking tylenol as a rate it is a very very small rate of overdose. So if all you do is share the numerator of tylenol overdose miss communicating the safety of that medicine. And i think that focusing in the numerator with the vaccines and breakthroughs is miss communicating the effectiveness of the vaccine of all right and we have a difficult time with risk in general and thinking through a new risk as always scarier to us than risk that we already are taking on consciously or unconsciously. It's much it's much more dangerous for you to drive to the airport than to get the plane but most people are much more nervous getting on the plane. They are getting in the car. There isn't good data about breakthroughs and we can talk more about that but it seems like the there was a kaiser. Study that late last week. That i think there may be guessing. One percent of the vaccinated populations having breakthroughs in some form. Or another and breakthroughs can little just mean that you've you've been reinfected you're symptomatic. You don't even know it so we could get to that. But i i wanted to pick up the second point you made about. We're trying to reach persuade people to get vaccinated. This headline isn't helpful. And i'm a little stuck there. Because while i'm sure that everyone working in every newsroom ninety nine percent of the people working in most newsrooms want people to get vaccinated. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure that's their job. And i worry that when they think it's their job and they over emphasize something or under emphasize something they're actually creating distrust and so they're actually making the job harder By wachter. I'm going to read one of his tweets Ucs f doctor. Who's has gotten a lot of profile over the last year. I think is pretty good. Sane in level-headed source about this stuff Talked about this yesterday. I'm not gonna read his full tweet but it talked about the continued use of the term rare. Which is the what you hear. A lot about breakthroughs from some government officials and media creates. They don't believe what you see credibility problem. He's just we call it uncommon. And you know. Talking about headline usage on twitter is kind of a key twitter use case ultimately not that useful. But but the idea that we either can't trust the public with data or the public can't trust the people who are giving us the data to be straightforward about is something that has bothered me for some time during the trump administration. You had the federal government actively working to disinform us. But this really talking for now. Last spring i noticed this a lot With vaccine side effects where we were told that side effects were rare but any conversation. You had with anybody and april may june was what vaccines you and did you have side effects. The everyone talked about part of the gap. Was that what the cdc or doctors considered to be a side effect and what a normal person considered to be a side effect. Weren't the same. But i got the impression that public health and media outlets talk to public health officials. Were maybe going out of their way to not emphasize that does that resonate with you. Yes so much of what you just said resonated with me. I kind of want to sort of bifurcating my thinking on two lines. So i i wanna frame everything. And i'm about to say under the umbrella of vaccine. Hesitancy is not a war that will be one with your tillery of perfect headlines alone period right like when people like you and me and someone from nbc and someone from vox. Near times are arguing about the ideal way to represent breakthrough rates and headlines that are overwhelmingly written by read by an argued about by people that are already vaccinated then clearly. We probably aren't at the ground zero of where the war vaccine hesitancy is going to be one which is going to be one. I think maybe on fox news maybe conservative radio. Maybe at a failings of doctors offices around the country where people the vaccine hesitant and say do this for your family do this earlier today. Cetera churches and exactly so. That's a preamble that i want to get out of the way that said i. It's really important that we think about when reading headlines not just What is going to work in terms of persuading people but what is true and this is where. I totally agree with you that i think did a lot of times. Journalists and puffy caters have gotten over their skis by trying to be a little bit too. Psychologically creative by the truth and that which they think will lead to the outcome that they want rather than just say what is true. It is straightforwardly true that these vaccines do have side effects and a lot of people. I don't know what the exact number is but it's probably something like thirty forty percent or maybe hire people that have gotten the marnie vaccines which are very effective have also experienced one day two days maybe more days a feeling kinda like shit and that's just a fact right like a lot of people experience that so the point where people were taking days off backstay in anticipation of them. Not being able to work for apple said by the way for all employees who are getting vexed. Just go ahead and take the next day off as our as our policy exactly. And that's where i think it's important to just say the truth because eventually the truth is gonna make eventually like this makes contact with people's lives and businesses need to make decisions about what do we do. If our entire organization thousand people is getting vaccinated and judging by the numbers three hundred of them are going to feel kinda crappy for a day. That's just. It's a fact life. I think he has to be straightforward about it. And i do think that public health communicators. The cdc and journalists have not done a good job of separating sort of their strategy from just there know from the just the facts ma'am approach to to a reporting communication. Which is what. I would prefer that said from a just the facts perspective. Let's go back to bob walker. Who i think is fantastic and here. We go talking about twitter again. I think he had this amazing thread. That had this statistic jumped out at me as being so clarifying so important. It said that relative to not being vaccinated the vaccines decrease the odds of getting covered by eight x decrease the odds of being hospitalized by twenty five x and decrease the odds of dying by twenty five x. That to me is the. That's the nut graph. That's the nut. Graph and the headline and the deck. Like that rate of improvement is what we should be talking about when we talk about these vaccines because it is what matters reducing odds by eight extra twenty. Five x doesn't make breakthroughs impossible. Yup it's simply Strongly and clearly reduces the population wide expectation. That you will get one and this is where we can sort of meet in the middle. It seems to me like the proper response is yes. There are a lot of breakthroughs. And by the way maybe more than we thought we can sidebar that but if you're vaccinated because you're vaccinated. It's very unlikely you're going to be sick or even have mild side effects and that's a lot to put in the headline but that seems like what you want the headline to be an. I could go with what. I have a problem with his saying. Don't worry about breakthroughs. Because the real the the important thing is that. You're not gonna get sick to beat to be told. Don't worry about this thing that was not on your radar until a couple weeks ago and now is very much on. Your radar is bothersome along with. We always knew this was going to be the case. You don't understand what efficacy means. Would it was ninety. Five percent efficacy than than five percent people would would get infected blah blah blah like. This was all known. And it wasn't. It certainly was not communicated last spring and in both public and private behavior. We were basically told you. Get baxter good. You could take your mask off. You can party. You can do whatever you want. Yeah that is that. I find very frustrating. To be told now this was always the plan talking about. This is where. I'm so happy that we got on the phone or on the computer to talk to each other because on twitter when we were going back and forth about this like a polite fight it wasn't like a capital f. fight but it was like a polite and here's where i totally with what you're saying. It does no good to pretend like these vaccines has no neg- are a perfect force field of protection and it does no good to adopt mentality. That says you know. Let's have a hush campaign about breakthrough cases and just never talk about them and hope that that will increase the odds that that people accept these vaccines. I think that we are lucky. That these vaccines work so well to protect against the worst outcomes that we're better off just consistently telling the truth and finding compelling ways to communicate the truth. Which is that breakthroughs happen. They are everywhere because delta is contagious and a lot of people were vaccinated but also the vaccines are very. Good at blocking zvulun. Listen death and it's interesting. Because i was doing a podcast about a few podcasts. With bill simmons to talk about that noticed on. I'm not better. You got your start with me when bill which has been really fun. Because i've really tried to think about you know. How do you communicate to an audience of people who i mean. His audience is actually massive. Not as the people who are typically coming there to hear basketball and football analysis about vacs analogy and dylan workshop like a metaphor. That i think is is really useful and the credit goes to him forgetting the ball rolling here where he said you know. Think about this pandemic as an epidemic of rattlesnakes an infestation of rattlesnakes. The vaccine does three things. I it eliminates a lot of the rattlesnakes right the equivalent of of blocking infection for the season the first place. Second among the rattlesnakes doesn't eliminate because there's a couple of breakthrough battle. Snakes defends almost all of them right. that's equivalent of severe illness. And then among the few few rattlesnakes that doesn't defame it venoms most of the remaining rattlesnakes with thanks. That's the protection against death. I think what's interesting kind of actually really really a scientifically important about that. Metaphor is to remember that. When you're reading breakthrough cases. The vaccine is doing three things. It's fighting against breakthroughs. Is putting on this against death. And if you can emphasize all three things while acknowledging the presence of breakthrough cases. I think you're on pretty good. Ground at truthfully representing what. The vaccines are doing without over promising. Some kind of silver bullet outcome that they're so we can't go back and fix what we did and didn't communicate months ago weeks ago and we're still screwing it up today. I'm watching the new york. City mayor's office explained that there's going to be a new vaccine pass that you're going to need to go to city restaurants but it turns out it's actually not a pass. It's not a new pass. it's a. It's a whole thing and but the complement of media. Criticism is is as media consumers which we. let's let's. Let's take an article of faith that everyone who was reading a reading our tweets and certain listen to this podcast is vaccinated right so they don't need to be told why they should get the vaccine. We're done there. They are trying to think hard. About what breakthroughs mean to them whether they should mask up whether they should take that trip go to that. Party hosts that conferences of thing. We're thinking very specifically about we're going to host our conferences in the fall by the way you will have to be vaccinated to attend is the is the short answer but but you and i are paid in part to read twitter and talk about this tax. You've look into this stuff if you were a regular person who has a day job. What's the best way for you to practically learn about real effects when we're in a world where if you read the new york times a couple of weeks ago you would read a story or vox. Saying breakthroughs are rare right. We went to an authoritative source of rare. But it's not sinking with what i see. Which is. I know. A dozen people who've had breakthroughs whatever how. What's the best framework for sort of being able to just make it through the day to get through. You know any day of planning and thinking about how to go about your life. My media strategy here is go to the source. I love journalists ama- journalists semi best friends who journalists. But i don't want to hang my knowledge of this virus and the vaccine exclusively on the representation by journalists of experts. When i just read the experts i can just go to the cdc website and look at the data. Or when i can just go to. You know our world and data and compare case rates in the us versus the uk versus israel's or in canada some of the more vaccinated places and see the the huge discrepancy now between cases and deaths. I think it's you know now that it's not just me. It's everyone with an internet connection has the ability to follow the bobby-socksers the world and find the data for themselves. I encourage people to to do that. Research i'm not trying to be you know overly critical or neolithic about about journalism. I hope you'll read the atlantic. I do great work. And i think that the times and other nations have done good work too but yeah they've also messed up from time to time and these and these misrepresented in an adjectival way. Think is as you're pointing out. What is the case. Right we were told that breakthroughs. We're going to be extremely rare and now you know from my perspective. I i know. And i think most people that i know know. People that have had breakthrough cases. So it doesn't seem as rare as we were promised that i think might be true. It is also true though that from a epidemic in ending standpoint from a death standpoint the vaccines have been just about a successful as they were promised and so my strategy is again to go to the source and focus on what really matters. Yeah i mean. I don't know how many people maybe some of the people who dismiss podcast gonna click through and and dive into cdc stuff on own good for them. God bless them. I guess my my thought would be the opposite of that would be less reading And maybe step away from the computer a little bit and with the understand not that you wanna tune yourself out of news but understanding this is a moving event and things that we thought literally a week or two weeks ago may not be right or that. Study that your mother-in-law pastor a law about Vaccines being less effective in israel may not be the only story and this would be something where you'll be better served in a couple of weeks. Once people have synthesized all this for you and you could take a little break from consuming. All this which doesn't really help you in the moment. But that's that's where i would go. Yeah that's interesting. I am i. I don't have the option of a fully disconnecting as you said. Because it's my job to follow it and yet if you ain't if you're asking me you can watch my strategy. My strategy is to go to the source as often as they can in terms of other people strategy. Look there's no formula here like thinking for yourself is hard. Finding experts to that are right is hard and then consistently reevaluating. Your expert selection process is also hard one of the ironies that i've seen in the last few months that's got me into a bit of hot water with people i would consider. My co partisans online is it. i've made fun of the new liberal attitude towards science with a capital s. which is a a set of immutable laws. There permanently holding up their middle finger to conservative america. Now look i think that. For a variety of reasons a lot of republicans this country become anti science in a way that is not only bad for the country but specifically bad for them and in some cases is literally killing them. they're becoming infected by a virus that they refuse to vaccinate against at the same time. I think that the sort of modern internet liberal definition of capitalist science is actually the opposite of science science is not a set of immutable laws. That cares about politics. Science is this messy hopefully well-meaning senate experimental processes that arrive at conclusions. The constantly need to be reevaluated by new scientists. And if you're the sort of person that sort of hangs your hat on a scientific inclusion that fits your ideology on a tuesday. You need to be prepared that by thursday. That scientific conclusion might be mixed up in some way by a bunch of other studies. Like i found this very clearly when i was reporting on On hygiene theater my german. Four obsession with sort of cleaning services in a disease that is overwhelmingly spread through the air through aerosols and there were scientific journals publishing scientific papers about the threat of rely on virus being drawn from surfaces. I think that for a variety of reasons. Don't go into the methodology those papers was absolutely horrid but science was saying a bunch of different stuff about this disease and surfaces and so simply saying science with a capital s. Has one conclusion that conclusion fits my ideology that that doesn't jive with reality. And so this again goes the fact that staying on top of a novel corona virus requires constantly thinking through what a bunch of people are saying. That you've mentioned there is a political angle here right. I mean obviously like it's we've seen this study's it's it's basically the thing that most determines whether you're getting vaccinated voted for trump. there's lots of other groups. It's not one monolith. But that's the determine usually the thing that is most likely predicts whether you're getting vaccinated Someone who works at a at a paper record who was following our twitter exchange And was kind of on my side. sent me a note saying it also feels like there's been a major messaging flip from last summer as cases surge again now it's biden administration officials attacking the media coverage and publicly implying. It's play to boost web. Traffic liberals are mocking. The cdc saying they won't abide by. Its guidance. does that. I think i think there's something to i mean. It's it's not a neat analogy because you had again. You had a trump administration and republicans going out of their way to play down or a real threat and this is a little bit different but it. There's something there. Yeah i can see how look any administration is going to want the press to represent reality in a way that his administration so the trump team obviously had an extremely adversary relationship with the press and is trying to control them into representing things often weren't true and the biden administration seems to me like decaf version of that they would like the press to represent the reality on the ground in a way that makes them look good. That doesn't seem like in a new political phenomenon. I would separately say that. There's definitely a class of people probably Over represented on the sort of centrist and center-left college educated people who just kinda done with this endemic yup. And if you're just kinda done with the pandemic and you got vaccinated with the expectation that meant you can just go back to your life then. You are rooting for your twitter. Feed and your news headlines to represent your internal narrative. which is. i'm fucking done with this. I'm back to back to work. I'm just gonna i'm back. Don't give me headlines suggesting that back is wrong So you know. I find myself sort of adjacent to that ideology to be totally blunt. I would love for this one hundred percent there yet. Feel very. I feel very reds stadium right and so that's a case where again. I just think it's important to i. Guess just be lower case. S scientific about all of this. The data doesn't care about ideology in the data doesn't care about briars and it's hard but important to just keep following for position like like mine to keep following the news and not allow the story that you're rooting for two clips. The story that is derek thompson. You can read him on twitter. He can read them at his day. Jappie atlantic here on the bill. Simmons show i think some time next year you will see him on tv or a streaming service because he participated in this cnn project. We're working on camera there. So look forward to that. Thanks for your time. 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