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Episode 437 - Gone in 60 Seconds (Live in D.C.)

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Episode 437 - Gone in 60 Seconds (Live in D.C.)

"This is a head game podcast. Hey gang welcome to another edition of we're just airing. The live shows from the east gauge. Tour man are very excited for this was a real fun one so much fun. Someone videotaped taped it and that's what i say. Someone videotaped it. I mean the good folks at the d._c. Improv and it's on our youtube channel right now youtube dot com slash we hate movies and you can watch the show and this is the first ever the effort and it's on gone in sixty seconds nicholas cage remake not the original that quin tarintino jerks off to all the the the the amount of stuff you jerk off to all the time. How do you find time in the day. I don't know but i appreciate somebody with a library's stories worth of motivation like that motivation inspiration. Whatever you wanna call it mean. He spent on foxy brown. You can't buy that on d._v._d. So many times before you just wear he's getting older now. Slightly less is he retired from filmmaking from masturbating. He'd rather die so absolutely you know whatever tired from fucking dead. I didn't know it'll be masturbating at the hospice for short. Steve was a filmmaker. Oh gets retired very very young to masturbation professionally. I became a professional masturbaters professional masturbation on patriot dot com slash. We hate movies right now. You can nicholas cage national treasure book secrets full episode in studio in studio on the patriots atic yeah the we had a show on a national treasure one. It was recorded live in philadelphia. I it's one of the greatest nights in my life. I really really loved that. Show is probably my favorite of this tour but the freemason says the recording as this often do so as a make good to make up for that fucking competence competence we recorded an episode on the sequel and you can get that right now. Patron dot com slash. We hate movies on there ready to rock and roll for you. If you're a patriot subscriber obermann it is it is not an empty month here. We hate me though yeah brand new content brand new animation damnation bremner nexus superfund <hes> we're loving it and then then <hes> we actually have some tourist stuff going on as well like actual new tour. You listen to like knowing last week. You're gonna listen to this. You're like wow i love. Those guys live well you can that's right <hes> <hes> september twenty seventh. Were doing a charity show for housing works which is an awesome organization which you should look at it and give to anyway but if you also want to look at us and give on that tonight as well you can go on september twenty seventh their bookstore and cafe. We're doing new york city new york city very important details add salsa we are doing to you live episodes of animation damnation which we've never done before ever before. We're screening them. We're gonna talk about them. Afterwards going to be a super fun night. You have to go to that if you're anywhere near new york now if you're on the west coast chris cabin. What are we doing on november the sixth which is a wednesday. Oh we're going to san francisco and we are going to talk about the rock doc now. You might sound like we're doing a we. Hey moved on is a we love movie absolutely michael bay's best movie by fuck and my oh my god country mile lease i would say yeah i fucking love this movie as i said on the bumper last week it was my personal realization of what a hangover movie could be sure this movie's fucking great and the cool thing thing is. I haven't seen it in a really long time. No not revisited go home and find the problem exactly right and then the next night. We're going to be in portland oakland oregon andrew. What are we doing there a while. We're at the aladdin theatre and we were talking about a film. That was quite important to my childhood. Maybe several other people in this room as well schwarzenegger's kindergarten cop holy shit daddy and what does he podcast. I wish it was released. As arnold scharzenegger's chris great would be <hes> it. Was you know what it was. The first time i ever had the understanding of boys have penis girls have vagina according to that one child in the film put him in one and then after november the seventh we are high talented out of portland we are heading south into the city of angels that is loss angle is we're back at the hollywood improv and eric cisco. What are we talking about grade now talking about the film city of angels but now career smear cage all the time to cast just listen to that in atlanta. That's on your mind. Save yourself to our now. We're talking about the karate kid we're talking about. Oh gee karate kid with ralph macho and williams zab and and pat morita meridian. I don't say that god rest is all do me a favor. Don't tell williams them. Were doing this show and i just feel like he's gonna show up and the trouble here your leg bring a trophy over the parking lot up to the improv is going to be like hey is this where the all valleys ham and the inbetween that youtube series he's doing yeah. You'll have time to come and <hes> yeah so ticketing information for all four of these shows gang head on over to w._h._m. Podcast dot com click on that tour tab this fall. It's going to be an action packed. Season of live shows here. We hate movies but until then satiate your thirst for live. We hate movies by enjoying gone in sixty seconds. The remake live from washington in d._c. In stay young <music> they can't in the it is an asshole what's going on gang. Thanks coming out this evening. My cassandra juban. I'm chris kevin and i didn't drop my nose thin movies from new york city. Thank you so much for coming out this fine uneven east tour <hes> last night we talked about like jesus's azaleas or something and i think the plot of the movie tonight is kind of the exact same thing alien cars <hes> this this is gone in sixty seconds two-thousand directed by dominic celena. You move you his swordfish right. Ah also with vinnie jones guess everyone who works with vinnie jones. I want that guy that that guy. Maybe he's like a dream to work with a dream dream outside nightmare living nightmares. Stop look at it every day he does. I become familiar with the show on the internet for those of you. Don't know we are a podcast also known as internet radio old people. I like that where we take a movie of varying degrees of quality quality dependent and i just made fun of poke the bear a little bit and that's morgan do here tonight with the remains of gone in sixty seconds to remake. It's a raymond. Oh yeah boot also made a movie. What made it again actually no. It's a it's a concert maju mitchell. It can be in this. How many of you guys saw this movie before. We announced the tour. You guys saw it. Come to this show but it's probably good that you watch the suffering out here tonight. We have breaking news. The only the we have to address for this occasioning painting a lot lately well now. He's in the news for really. I agree reason of public freak out today. We see this will for those of you know. He just got married for like seventy. Two hours instantly headed public freak out at a korean karaoke debare screaming. The words to purple rain loosened. You always have the batman soundtrack back in your karaoke party. Man is what he wanted to fight. You freak out though this glee so excited freak out is like you know the buckeye but he's really enjoying seeing that song. She's fucking go on fox. Television show think teaching kids yes. He gym teacher scenario. What's the name of the don't believe hopefully a new show called public freakout the ball the crowd to go with him and i don't even know the crowd is is like six people do they are on the journey in the old way the bunch of water like sting and my friends are joe care related stuck your hand between his legs and then he sat on my dad stephen. It's time for the finisher every the term so yeah this this about car-thieves about a hundred different carved in this movie doesn't make any sense. I think that's what we have to address up front. I think it's like hannibal where the world is full of serial killer party there you ago. There's too many of them for this particular highest. Yes you got nine. People breaking balls to keep giovanni visa uh-huh satan or whatever's going to happen this guy. It's all for like two grand. You're risking your life for like thirteen thousand dollars shop championship kind of more money putting doritos into a salad ah fifty off ferrari of these special ingredients career he. We're trying this last like his last night's. Moody was from two thousand nine so this is two thousand is in and it's not yet looking like a scarecrow silicon kind of like normal ish cage downers cage. It was about to move into the crack cocaine. Latch lead to crack and when you when you get a hairpiece died you die by different is the variety pack. Oh dress yourself for the occasion. Yeah pick one at home. I'm on just never go away labyrinth of weeks castle only half of them have sideburns attached the five pieces set from moscow. This is a top of his head is blonde and the rest is dark brown. Maybe spill something. Maybe give me the sack morris forty one years old. Take time out fix my fucking hair. It's about him and his brother giovanni or abuse your car th-this uh-huh fist grade. I think the rules should be like the legendary blues music names limits limits to do that. The whole family has to get it can't be has to be like austin austin rains. His mother boston in boston imposes giggling myself to cities rhyming literally nothing. I don't think going through my brain and opens this movie with a bad car thing that he does theft. That much is real crime. Oh feel car would you. It was crowded. No just clarify commit hard of hearing back stealing this porsche and he's like going my tool and it's like a wrench. Yeah that's also why does he sounds messed up all all the time yeah acting method habits yeah ah allegedly so the team is as follows. This is regina dude. Who's franken donnie darko. Yeah ask that guy is the best line independence day russell it right and then another dude who they were like hey man <hes> you could be in this movie but here's the thing we try to get dave chapelle. Everything's written as if i was going to say it just kind of have to do of so pardon impression is like a mirror man. A lot of fun names and everybody's got to find a jewish way. Yeah i on the planet cyclo. It's one of those vampire twins for matrix version of the witch and robinhood prison. Why was so forty one thing that actors do for no reason where she's got like a ah like artificially colored contact lenses. What does that give to this karen. It may surprise us absolutely scary. Also scott cons name is on blurred. I was just hoping the rest of them would go like all social media lake she virus it can be twitter better my fish. What do you do our vice. Basically also a looks enough like a little rottweiler. Don't give them a dog's name anywhere they've tumblers learned mm-hmm ruffles dog's name more than tumbler in the world in serbia dogs often steals steals this car by driving out collusion fucking window nice indiscreet yeah love it begins pinched. Yes almost like they go back to this like chop house or whatever they have like the list of cars and black light what crosses often the cops companies like he does this as brazenly as you could do anything yeah well. He's he's a man. He's like royalty. He's the only roy you have to have as a card. The is not getting noticed noticed. What he does is a groupon commercial in the window and eh this is where to amazing actors slumming it. This movie come in because they get busted cops. Come in scrammed they leave all these cars that they've been systematically systematically stealing portly incomes delroy lindo and detectives it just parkhouse cars. Their badges has little tow truck. The mechanics mechanics new york mechanics with guns later on the homicide is like leave this guy alone own or whatever and they're like fuck you homicide ours. I'll get right on the mafia support explorer so they're they're on the we realize oh he's been kim ji monitor because he's been kidnapped the whole thing and there's trouble afoot and then we cut to a little too hard to get him in my opinion nicholas cage who's out of the life. He's retired from being a car thief yeah and he's like coach kids. Racing dune buggies go karts sooner or later. He says to his mother kris brisky money money. That's fine. I'm clark in the middle of desert's that's sending home the john steinbeck's desert doc racing go karts. What money is assault buck for four weeks. We have enough to ride the go carts in and go park over down there. Tell one kid that. He took a second off his best lap time line one. What are you coaching. These kids go. There are so many things that awesome have sex frequently indigo definitely and yet america's plenty of his serve they ride skateboards videotaped crimes snorkeling white assault so much sticking stepped on yeah yeah wow yeah i never thought about the lyrics before but it's like really turning up fucking mirror looking fucking more research i do eventually turned into porn hub somewhere the thing but really yeah and sometimes d._v._d.'s don't need extra credits credits slip and fall. I decided to make them yourself and bob sack narrate. It would kill that do that's a whole other gravity for that. Guy does surprising prizing thirty thirty. Grandpa comes through the hey look your your brother has been kidnapped by this guy and you gotta come and steal cars or else kill talking again ice cold pepsi uh-huh bowl product. We believe that the lower third we'll pan looks like he calls up at night with a bottle of jack daniels built built for kip rainy catch a tori birch trees yeah christopher eccleston glistening one of the doctors such a nice thing to do to cough. He's also buying a plot. I'm gonna kill your brother. The service gonna sit on. Hey look out and see the houses are barely kind of book ends and he's like giving is like a love woodwork. It's if you need is your ability to have a thing. That's a thing i guess they can't all let classical music character in office arthritis hobby excuse. They pitched it to be enough all big carbons for nice davenport luna. It'd be nice but this is making sense because he's gonna kill you hark rusher yeah. You're not using that yeah. Well yeah well. This is your carpet or criminals jesus. It's true that's true face and all the post offices in the car. Compactor is okay so they get nicholas cage the bag here giovanni ribisi wakes up from being knocked out in this car car crusher handcuffed to it with the thing already happening at chris uncle's like your brother series. Oh shit the thing. That's going to turn them into jelly. He's already accepted his own faith man. Now family going to watch the coffees the when you're in a car crusher man. He's a little cube earns. Scraping amazon bonds tape the backup out into the call us dogs mukilteo in the coffin. I i learned that's what bob above markers like aggressively talking about cats you in your pets or this is going to happen. Show at the already for non stop screeching. Don't you want to stop stop. The screams took care of soup. 'cause it is of course comes back in town. He's got to let mom rains no with the deal they meet diner and there's these two beat cops and this this guy's on a fucking totally awesome late ninety self and he's like you're never gonna guess he's here. Oh yeah it wasn't the dow fucking capote's some cars six years ago by his mother just in case as kind of a thing no. I think it's all just you know lock dude. That's why this guy so excited to the telling the mother because she's laura palmer's mother to override uh-huh twin peaks. That's tuesday on seinfeld. We go through the whole shoe susan's mother. Oh all drug on that show that was a good mother to giovanni also always drunk. That's right <music> genetic. You're born drunk some real tragedy comedy <music>. You're gonna have to break. All the promises made about not stealing car. You're one ross and his whole thing was he went away the that wouldn't get caught up in the life of the glamour of stealing cars right but you know what i think. He left a little too late man because he saw how sexy it is. Eh sexy life you know. The move is stay in town but you get a real job job glamorous. That isn't a real shit. Ask ask backbreaking labor and a job yet. You're miserable all the time be like z. Which better then the lifting sexy cars oh staples <music>. You're fired a six pack of sharks you important at such that the highlight. I thought you were saying that like the people watching him where he doesn't know because that's like your kind of fucking with them. You know what i mean. Put it. He's and that's great because he's having a great. It was having a great time. That's all i care about that. As long as nicholas cage is having a great time to talk about the breakfast abyss that <hes> giovanni irvy's yes remember when eating out here hatches lug nuts in his kid brother who's like thirty one eh beer beer. Go fucking throw it out. You can't save it big game on it so unappetizing housing any fucking served to associate milk in a car crusher. That's what people need to be car crash on. Your doesn't have a brother so from the minute. Oh yeah killed him. Die making brothers failing internet breezy child's so robert divall shows up at this point like super tired and he's got a gross haircut now. It's discoloured. Skull makes a sham power hook. That's where it gets gross like. If you wanna have to shoehorn i mean that's part of the horseshoe rather like that's okay. You know people can do that. People can pull it off. That's fine craig. T nelson's been doing report a year. The duck says that's what it is the technical term increase that stuff down like it up like a place where you can hanger code keys in your hat back and so do the next person whose life is going to be ruined by associating with this fucking family out of this game for a really long time you the throw it all away again okay right like hardball. It's gonna law. It also spoiler alert. We're going to see this money. Panics meals steal fifty cars and three days right yeah. That's a lot there's a lot de ladies this stupid the thing where like oh it's a code word but everyone's also warning for all these works both ways a little bit or one sex. Sex with cars doesn't famous thing where you can't say. I wanna fuck car so he says they haven't been plucked yet. The way less gross walker jean which means i want to have sex the toyota corolla finish. I mean that's car. Culture can get really extreme. Sometimes sometimes angelina jolie's getting on his love sexy roberta and everyone's like oh cool lesbians. The move is going to have some girl a girl in it could be a woman the berta then i'll give it some white wolves the the younger guys that dude from donnie darko. It's a new boss. Got this chalkboard with all of the cars the make model on that shit all the fucking dumb as glenn beck presentation the he man research that codes talking talk radio just grow up in a sex traffic the channel when they were talking about the stolen cars girls okay yeah. I've hot wired agatha old lady names to search secord coordinators like martha is your car. Also it is out of here. My god is also named matha still talking point you in the coffin indians last three de details compulsive talking earlier backstage thought this was a well-crafted coughing yeah cheap piece of shit inherited this modern coffins man. They look like fucking space capsules or whatever you wanna get berry box call. Let's all just fucking call. This guy thinks thanks. I got it. I want it in the back of a wizard magazine thousand dollars. James james doohan him back. I mean me that sunglass conditions you all. I want forgetting. This cast is for giovanni movie. The only thing he should be buried in as a sap literate off got to get together at this point. Vinnie jones shows up the bullshit terminology in the film. Somebody's calling a montage 'cause people. Oh no frankie fish guts brad glossary dome car terms in terms of any jones is not just vinnie jones. He's also a mute and damore too much one any other but this is exactly how you used to think about you know if he was mutant at third x. men movie fucking give to that would be it. He just jumps up but he doesn't have to say. I don't know what he's therefore. He's the muscle student sued on yeah intro throwing the peanuts hey john. This is like he's like silent. Bob bobbing big line at the end we also with those we got. Thank kevin smith movie lucy that and now we do it again man. This joke is he talks at the end yeah which means i'm going after station way. I got the battery battery rebecca torturing not my problem. Tell me when i got my hand all up in lisa's glovebox in your hand. Look for your registration car. <hes> shiming pride is also in this movie. He's like he's got. He's got a career as a driving instructor. Bad asian driver joe. Oh man does that off the fucking nine thousand nine hundred and it's terrible. It's a bad joke and it's an old joke. Yes uh-huh buddy hackett gag. It is supposed to be laughing at it this movie slapping having this thing frames rant he keeps running this woman and yeah he gives a beats angelina jolie. She's worked two different jobs. She also drinks out of oil hand which i like hip move hot. It's like she's a transformer. It sure i'm over the moon no nicholas cage age. I will not step on you. Just crawl open to your also. Stop calling me. Amanda aw optimus in on this one are all i was is married for seventy. Two hour dodged a bullet there. Yes i have a genitalia and no you. I'm kinda see it. I'm just like my fault or transform detail. Taylor carpool carryover says i want fucking transformer transformer like singing along with us at the fun. That's it it is seriously who would you get inside and say i guess bumble bee in the right in the most genteel just short short it kind of works out. I wouldn't want to get lost inside optimus prime rib as could you. You've been in there for days. Okay so you're right. No you're right. This is going to the bathroom <music> after she drinks gasoline or whatever she goes to other job as a bartender kicks nick cage out where he is is faced with s._p._n. Masterpiece and here's the already has too many characters masterpiece stupi and lay his group of one hundred percent. It's no time for this movie. No way say this yes and this is only to watch vinnie jones like assault people in the nuts for like four minutes do the same guy gets a kick to the nuts and and then biggie jones turns around and grabs hilarious accident. That happened funny not you so many of those videos are fake sectors. You're saying what he's trying to two hundred dollars false flag the flag of america's funniest home videos that guy definitely planned to get the nuts gasoline it turns out you tell dirty jokes fool america rehears clean elite covered sucks zack. Has anyone seen markets. Ah legally prohibited them ever. Ah don't tell lies about school. Shootings you sheriff guys go question. Why are all these people leaving their like good jobs for this like bullshit steal a bunch of cars and they were all going to go to tale for the thirteen thousand dollars. Put a memphis raines. Call a a great idea when you have your blood nemesis on your trail. Get your old gang together. She knows about the it really well. Even these little kids man the dude from darko fake. Damn chapelle learn learn hacker in the group yeah that little wiener don't forget about the hacker pinterest. The things people want imagining the downtime scott caan robert duvall very scotty yulia fun house version of this big yeah. You know what i think is going on by the way this is the year two thousand. This movie comes out. Okay scott caan. He's very short. He's got blake hair kind of like minds up as evening and he's got the wolverine chops. You know what i'm thinking. What's that i smelled. Fucking failed addition expend it was the same year he's like. I'm going to show them what could have been in this gone in sixty seconds. I think it was down to hugh. Jackman are fucking scott. Another man's towed array part sonny any corleones was the wolf breed of that move as though he's wearing the wife beater shirt you know right ah hair height also asked exactly the very big permanent also sticking knives in his hands for that scene that was great both wolverine and sunday gore looney love beating up the brother-in-law garbage cans so many shared interests the civil war because there's so many flashbacks to interesting story. He actually people the garbage. It's the target woman's life where he was growing up in the bronx and like the nineteen forties and around. They're we're moving on. They're doing stuff. They're they're they're. They're like now. They're like a pacing out. All the car is kind of a thing all all the lady these israel is the worst part because this is technically a heist a high octane ice but these are sugar in the gas tank when these sugar guest shook. Would you please get out of buying gas tank. Don't even think about the glove box. I don't know what it's actually for. Do you think transformers have registration on them at all times to his robot plan at the what's it called the crowd. That's why i love this man. It's it's like when we need to be corrected. The internet weeks saturday trying to impersonal but my will is these research parts of these high smoothies forty minutes is them just taking can pictures and look at it shit. They'll run those trying to find them. The whole time this gets to the problem of this is that it's not like car. Hard theft is a very you can't be a great carthy. You steal a car. It's not like a like going into an art museum. You have to take the security guards. You crash your window and then you've stolen the car. This is why would be a horrible car at the beginning of this conversation. That's what giovanni doesn't he talks it out. I think it's a great coupon thing that does it otherwise 'cause he's drag racing with duties at admissions and that's all you need. You watch that fifty talk. We all watched that high octane trailer before we came out here late. That movie is promising you inexperienced awesome and i'm watching dudes like with no pets silver report here now not be later took a picture of it able people perfect so it's like my grandmother heart grady shag. I like to fifty two cars studebaker anchorage. Do all the good ones. It's been real gross out names so the ideas are going to do it all in one night because you don't want everyone to know i batch it. Personally fifty cars ars couple couple of here. A couple of their cage explains why that's a bad move man one time crunch and to you know if you're spreading out like this. It's like you're giving the cops more time to find you see that was giovanni releases idea also you would also be a bad car smart to to steal fifty cars at once well the streets his justification is like before the cops even know what's going on the boats headed for wherever the fuck it sailing for the sequel rate plan if your blood nemesis wasn't already on your ass ooh <hes> so he bill does things like oh trying to figure out there was this weird fragmented black glass at the first crime scene what qadhafi the easy setup to run the fucking test so black in do dil railing aliens of easily another. It almost reached for my magnifying glass but i don't even need to do it. Dude speaking of dracula by the way oftens coffins yeah vampires may be the best part of this movie is actually yeah. I was criticizing the research earlier but when cage is casing out like a ferrari dealership or something it's the only time in the movie really gets going full pretending to be dislike hollywood douchebag guy and he's kind of acting doesn't pires kiss. Oh yeah into way too long. Come around and tell you that this movie ocean's eleven which is like a when you're researching crime crime. You're about to come in. Make sure many people notice you as memorable funny entertaining other. Oh that's not the biggest mustache big cowboy hat nine curse a lot because when he's talking to this ferrari variety oh he's like yeah. I don't wanna drive down rodeo. Drive and shit come on my face. I think we have the car in this. Ferrari looks like self-indulgent weiner. What is wrong right. Silman diligent weiner the guy would say self-indulgence never heard any you know what i was gonna say you better <hes> so it's the night of the big heist. I guess we're getting going specialty. Cut keys president a bunch of mercedes blah blah blah the dog eat them robert duvall classic like old junkyard dog carolina dog. This might be the best actor who uh-huh keep the daughter go to the hospital. Jones offers to cut it up. Yes we do you want to go to the hospital or the veterinarian marion hospital. This talk is going to pass naturally leased the that big enough to what is the right is the key part out. Oh yeah is that triggered. This is kind of okay. It comes out this way. Could tell turns your huge heatstroke. This is yours boot boot winds up. Doing a large plot of this movie is to characters waiting for a dog and that kind of sums up watching this movie the winter watching waiting for someone to think exciting part of it will be the best part actually oscar de director's cut man. There isn't director's actors got. It's two hours and seven minutes. Can you even imagine you know different steel five more fucking card the going into more car dealerships pretending to be anything other professions. He goes into like a chevy dealers. I guess someone doctor put a modest. What do you have for me something in a malibu and we're all over. This is what we do. We have to listen to the low rider again like oh lord nestle but he's twelve minutes late at the end of this movie. Cut this shit out start. Exactly talking around. These cars believes someone watching the movie. I'm begging you start. Stealing special leather jacket gets into his other erica. Do i don't know what the production story was with this movie but all of these actors all have different haircuts out of this movie. It's a real problem giovanni. We thought we were done with you but we need to come back. Clean shave special not exciting exciting enough or i want something maybe supernatural elements haunted car still hitler's car amos cardi bach yeah there you go yeah. We're gonna and clients are all going to go eat it the white bronco in some flaxseeds perfect for hiding in the car hard but what was in there when i got damage but history right there are heart airplane o._k. The sequel picks plane. This movie was number. The box office sure fast and furious is a remake corral everything like why can't we could be living in a world withers gone and production off by the way it'd be gone in sixty minutes. I'll l. just get out of the way tumbler and mirror man. Do get smart d._v._d. V._d._i. Bad fat guy in the dude from heroes yakking it up in the lab or what ever any of that was do something new something else what somebody in lloyd or doing stuff those dumb and dumber harry oh right loyd and someone else that's a famous steal the dumb and dumber. Where's the dog oh beal the ninja turtles van and that's another mobile obviously but that smells like shit donatello you fucking wax that only wanted supposedly shit all agrees those celebrity cars. We just mentioned probably smell dog card definitely attornal car. Yeah i mean the sweat and the blood innocent that big a witch nick cage is final boss john landis his helicopter uh-huh belongs in the smithsonian institute whoops the tragedy tickets humanity. If there was a museum of whoops wouldn't you. I wanna see what's inside. Sixty seconds would be what it'd be like a hall of america's funniest. The all american history hoops their second season of true detective race rex famous t._v. Flops vietnam wall. Just in the vietnam war actually turned down the role of dominic toronto auto because it was too similar to this movie and he's a whoops that data's warps that if we didn't exist vin diesel winn-dixies i think about that fast and furious was before those what's that works blind pitch black yeah was that before that really survey the i think the consensus was pitch. Nobody gives a fuck about a lot of vitamins a lot of <hes> and it's sequel govan vanity co-starring. That's what raises puppets bill name's randy anywhere into that sounds a lot cooler habits. I usually improve this. That's a classic street and like the car cops over kermit the frog ah ski i i g of under be that guy was a fuck up into into fine line sure this movie right he would be fucked up. Kermit is clearly a sam. The eagle robert duvall similar haircuts the also i can see this company. I imagine that can work yeah. We're in stupid hats. Both of you and you replace christopher eccleston with michael michael came of it so well do your call i. I built up a tiny coffins. I bet those existed. That'd be a door some weirdo after the election of the muslim special idol yes karol year morning. Nanny abilities differently each auden humid. I eh renewed careful. Kids want in the green white sox. Oh yeah is it a planet hollywood. Oh ah location oh nice dude from counting crows at planet reading like hanging out we went to see the opening of some broadway show. Don't remember the after party was at the planet hollywood so we went for to laugh and then he was just there. You joke dude. He was housing the bucket of chicken. Ah one man show a short february music for the shrek musical. He says the top two cents you just like shrek in your veins duty shaking shrek and you're a in the case of shrek could that coffin look like shrek yeah yeah off to the bog menu taya bunch of rocks around. What do you like the bug on fire sort of viking funeral. Yes yeah totally shrieking funeral bell that should be like the funnel sequel regine friend. Oh you know what kinds it sure yeah. Robinhood is been flaming arrows. Hold the ends and outs shrek funeral kind kind of beautiful up two hours of this funeral a little bit of cancer death ninety minutes of this funeral. I i would actually want to look like shrek so we're stealing cars right. I mean there's i actually the dog thinks ship in the dude from donnie darko picks it up not a glove and he's like okay august. This is the life i've chose michael michael fantasy us with shit walk up to threaten somebody and then that gets right up holding dog shit the manor. You've got to hold a bigger piece of the great. Apes you student so toilets eric. I i will be using the japanese wants to talk to you and my spray water grass. Those those are awesome besmirched the reputation of japanese toilet. That's a good idea. The commercial stocks thank you. Oh seconds ah koy you try to talk to you and it was great and we're doing well. It would be out there deposit. Well do bank dang. Oh this baragan tonight. Larry chicken wings again again. I thought we were on a diet those keys. It was like medical in five minutes and talk. Show talking toilets toilet talk taken. Nicholas cage has one on car. There's been a real voter for an illinois. Dude all know about yes. Don't talk about it on a little like the younger dudes foods like why who is eleanor and they go through life and this is where you need the montage montage 'cause they just list off a bunch of times he trying to steal this this car including driving off the santa monica pier yeah. I wanna see that here. We in murder suicide car also elated on me. He lets you wanna the car he's into water. Sports blue also disgusting disgusting cast a new but his thing is. I always fuck up stealing this car so hey i out of the ninety. The people on my team going to be the one to do it last. Say the best for last that's what makes it a movie. I guess so okay so this is the only car chase in the in the movie called garden sixty seconds with fucking cars all over the place. This is the question sure why bother calling this gone sixty seconds if you're not gonna do the big from the original movie movie where they mentioned you know lock your door because he'll steal it in sixty seconds. Why call it that it doesn't matter. It's fucking fucking car thieves the movie furious. I have a problem with that. It has been the little kids now. Get it right star scream uh-huh. That's one right original. It's like urgent like we. You know that you're there. We don't know if we're gonna get this on time and it starts right where they're collecting this one. They're like like planning a family vacation attractive this that and there's an all too big interesting but that doesn't matter and everything that's entitled car. It's like bob's auto yard. The starbucks on the corner aw shit sparingly that takes place in one city. Yes needed every seen the start of a video game level shipyard the three a._m. J._c. penney bedroom and the time costs bathroom directors whole seven minutes in their excuse. Those are not depends you came in here when i'm on a narc robot toyland calling the belise watch show. You're here homeless person. You just can't sleep you wake up way. It's time to die so there's like uh-huh sequel. Nobody asks for turn out to be great. It's really beautiful. The toilet twenty forty nine so <hes> it turns out angelina jolie's as in more than one senior this movie oh yeah he's a great actor totally fucking pissed away in this movie. She went an oscar at this point for this search for other work. Girl interrupted here before just wanted to actually sick follow the house. The curse right really doesn't but of course you have to have the scene where someone what human fox another human car is tries but this team really turns its head because they're watching to other people who are also about to do it reminds me of sex sex sex axes so sexy sexy that sexism god fucking so sexy in the she is the line nearly so what's hotter sex or stealing a car and he's like go bill. Both you're doing it the same john cheek or lead sex these old the better make a move on her so women punching in your hair washing your i mean headlights that works. I propose your shirt about a car when you ah she's like dirty transmission transmission discredit this crash site is linked to get into the kronenbourg as coaches get settled out holly hunter. Thank god no fucking in cars. I'm not senator no. I'm not fucking car. They were focusing car crashes cars. Though sick the ven diagram of holly hunter president nicholas okay all we're all held his prime. There's two voices and and not a lot of talent you take the gloss over entirely should be like a big part of the movie is when they rob a police police impound. That's a big deal. That's a big deal. They lose some of the b._m._w. Mercedes oh you know where there's more of them the police impound and then it just basically there's a little gag and they drive the cars out no problem. That's your movie right. There like this is the big challenge we we have to get into the police yeah and that's the rest of them. That's kind of a thing that's like a high. Merman is like wearing gum hat the barbie doll dancing with this thing and was this actor he's wearing kramer's pimp outfit barbie doll this. I wouldn't remember that at all getting man hanging rock snake toilet it is going to teach you don't get a nice lecture in the improv in your tedtalk please. Don't i have stage seconds. No one's talking about all right. Are you ready to do it clench. Your asshole is hearing. There's taking a pretty good only because like joe's car starts like killing cops not killing cops. Nobody nobody loses their life. Yeah which is a real yes damaging his par like you're getting what five five bucks at the end of this thing and it has onto the repairs snake abuse. You can't just leave a snake in a car. That's jones problem. Crack a window. Takings served healthy stole tosses the snake on to detect. There's other car cops guests that were trailing this cop car and the car cops how many confiscated cop car to carry cop cars and car cops pushed off this like this. This parking garage ramp rose the snake onto the car snakes problem dying right back to the state added hospital or us run based band that would be cool run by weight babies. Check the snakes humvee. Yes that's definitely what it is. Actually cameo deleted thousand already sold. That's i there is no snakes. Take every last little slithering snake. Yeah yeah clinch perfect. I'll give you a little bit in their original. It's the tiger woods sir. You're really the snake roberts over here. Lou what's an awesome part of this movie. When we get shot the chest austin nothing like whatever you get shot one of those things where he wants these like the youngest one to release again the computer. I do right now. Don't make me breakfast the breakfast well known to his home correspondence computers joanie the breakfast prepare he just poor milta- aw it's really hard to hash out the shot. It's it's cool. He deserves visit. He should be dead. Though is they take them to like a mafia doctors and the guy comes down like no don't worry the states in this movie are off once. He's gonna be five robert duvall. Nobody shit about this guy. Robert involves like hey remember godfather got it is now. I was in these movies. Use me ask me. Maybe the does the snake. It was a young girl back there so the last car chase takes twenty five. It's kind of fun though yeah well. It's fun. Come on most contrarian yeah. I mean they're. They're doing bad boys yeah. They're cutting every second and they're like yeah. It's a good car. Chase live the same way well the the view. The americans must trust. This car. Chase was mostly improvised giant. I imagined the dial up. You can't really practically it. Is it gonna fucking. Kill you go to the dominant centers commentary on the d._v._d. Actually sold the house on the street. We took a camera very documentary more or less than you it. It would be better to finally car chase him and like the first day ghost rider movie. That's one of the improvise coaches actually instances code for we didn't bother to right anything yeah del railing just drive around in timbo offense. Say some shit and responded. You want to feeling delroy lindo. You're one of america's was under appreciated actors. Yes great fucking bright and there's a series of ram uh-huh so serious jumping all over the place these fucking up this car left and right and this is what i'm talking about. There's stakes because they the crash some of these cars in ways that like man that guy's fucking chilly me. They're just smashed t-bone in cop cars. One do correct makes fun of site. Hey man. Are you okay yeah. You've got through fucking wall by in turn. How do terrible lacks big news to kill so many beautiful women can leslie's. I'm tired because my brother. He should lamented cars at the end of this thing. This is the part where he's like. Oh shit traffic. Do you have a cell phone. Call christopher hay. Do i'm really really right here like look out the window on the one flesh lights man see i see you. You can see me this house. How's this counts. Go onto room. You see me way back right here. Once clears up. I'll be right over dude when he jumps this car over like an ambulance turnover other vehicle. It's a bad fucking accident. I think there's a football. All stadiums school was fire people. That's what it is in the director's interesting drives through his circuits and that's what happened also the other end of the grand canyon. It's awesome to overall is terrifying. He can't see the other end of that. No he doesn't continue speed. Oh no just keep going you know scott com on taller girls also half and he gets he gets there and he's a twelve minutes. I'd get pizza. Sir mr go the sewer riffing domino's pizza insurance but that's just why have garnered actual world insurance hard shirts cars cost more than pizza surest first question to you and if you are elected official border business pizza's going up. It's terrible. I vote always ensure drop a pizza so you get a pizza now has ever been like dominoes pizza insurance fraud. The news like a four of the six slices fellow the suit take your waste. Maybe we'll uh-huh over here. Tell me what we ask. Kill them right. He's going go into it. Turns into the end of terminator two fantasy happens when the bad guys high foundry building these cars dan yeah i think so some of the balloon is furniture that he's an ultimate goal meltdown aluminum and steel in four year furniture doorknobs. I guess my hobbies making lots of dorm. Ops like kinda gets on the on the action took out of a hole out of the booth. There was a it wasn't watching where he was going fell about. Never maybe killed or something or maybe he saves the gone out of the lost in that found falls into the molten metal one more chip left. I would be awesome if he says he needs a vacation. That's why i never say that just in case yeah so there's a big stupid shootout. The best part is nicholas cage hike. It kicks christopher eccleston over a railing. It's an amazing cake and this movie is not great with one top five kids. It came from another move. This fall is amazing. Entirely rainfall goes through elegance roof or ceiling or something and then into his own almost anything they probably film. It two ways the test audience well. Did you like the movie oh no okay. Would you like it. More iffy fell in the car on the side of the caucus edging thing this car because you see that dummy take the fall flat and it's like right at the head this dummy benefit yeah and i think the bummer of it has man. You can't be a great gag. Great falls through that ceiling falls in the coffin. The fucking door closed the lid closes but that's an addams family. I'd they take a fall since lee harvey oswald it just tone some jokes and then we barbecue not unlike those fucking vast array of gone happen geoghegan's it would be like a g eight sure changed every time like gone and seconds at the sixty sixty seconds. Seconds is the barbecue you could second. Thanks that's really the only change between this investment varies beer that they're drinking like contractually obligated. Don't drink corona we over something. That's like the most ridiculous delray linda's reaction to all eh. This dude is a critical about to kill him. That's why the awesome kick happens. Nick cage saves the day and they'll roll into like you know what man you saved my life and now that i think about it. You're just doing this because you love. Your brother. Bucket the puck it just gonna love that. He commits murder like well. That's an okay crop. Thank god you guys to the verdict is i just can't i mean what that means is. The movie was all for nothing. Yes sir and no one's getting paid. The dude is dead two hundred thousand in dollars. Let's get in the car shit. Just go shoot this guy. That would have been cool car sixty. Thank you watch on youtube <music>. After this park had to go back to the murder telling the whole thing yes ask the guys dead guy. He wanted all those birthdays dad blue that entire five year investigation until oh i don't know who kicked him off that ledge don't the blueprint on his face and then like at the end of your busy revis face cage and eleanor all his own which also kind of creepy and we don't. He's gotten better because you shape yeah. That's that's right. Yeah yeah phil semiotics. You'll maybe one oh one trembling definitely thought about this going on to me all day but it echo wonder bread see indicators face realized that you've been mistake and because i have to pretend that they actually thought about using angelina jolie and this movie at all. He's cutting wanna go and she's like yeah yea boyfriend kistin car now. We're getting married. A threesome with elmer it'd be somewhere like in has to be one of the dumbest ways you can end the movie like this because this will me up particularly funny. It's a hemp sleek heist kind of thing that bruckheimer uber where we're kind of just snapping all over the place but you ended with a real wet fart joke yeah we fade to black they drive off into the sunset all right bring on the fucking ubiquitous going to happen. I know it's coming a waiting for it. Waiting waiting for whatever moby rip off and you hear the car like stole all our like a black screen. The car stalls out. He's like oh no took off the sequel set uh-huh him getting a jump in the next the second wouldn't be stalled the with electronica song with the fuck song which sounds like if meatloaf was taking shit and sitting balance. They do anything for love to but i guess he did not do that. That was just not do the process man. That's how bad entirely early on the toilet should record it already. Was it away a little light on the t._v. Don't you need to be a critical talk like your toilet t._v. Is running only got thirty one percent of the way home just saying how about in courtesy plus ah you have guests. Would you like to light on match. Listen meatloaf. I know that i asked ask for an emotion chip but please remove. I don't want to feel this rush once in a along. You really do not know how to stay. It would corners of rooms in nineteen. You're going. You're chris so this movie's over <hes> long so here's the question before we weigh in from the folks out there. Who watch this movie in advance. Would you recommend this movie. Hang should've all in favor of recommending the moving it all in favor of not recommending stay. Ah we talk fast next steve. Would you recommend this movie. I also don't the people love cars co. Shits cherry red something or other bunch of metal. I i it's okay to like a movie fun i i don't i don't care for this. One <music> thanks to concise chris gavin. It'd be fucking. It sucks the oiler three times. This dude over here had it right bands hangover movie absolutely permanent hollower this morning. It's true and it worked. I felt a little bit. We're going to start wrapping up here unfortunately coming out they got him. You say we're bigger than jesus carpenter about ah but before we go as a tradition that we hit with his live show. We're going to read some internet correspondence because you know the greatest sources in reporting the i._m._d._b. U._b._a. User reviews are where it's at walter. Cronkite started their president. Kennedy was shot five order turn stores. We've learned it on the moon some other highlights the vietnam war four hundred thirty all right never written a review and by the way i hear his life it please nerds somewhat. Someone here is lying. Steve is projecting the subject line great movie. Stop giving get such a hard time ten out of ten stars. I'm from beyond the grave. This was karl daily and this is using them so i mean this is public. Records not dachshund this dude uh-huh and also some of these words. Don't make sense so i sentence for example trying to figure this out. This movie is taking a lot of stick stick shit but he's a shit as i live sick of hearing god at six movie. I watched four years ago. This was written five years years. After this movie came ashore times two o'clock in the morning i get into it was slated plated by critics when it came out was blamed for wrecking nicholas cage is career against leyton means bad live in british slang slated me criticize nice all right so this is filled with this or we need you to transplant by what a stick me of criticism the band or asleep. Hey go the thing. I don't think people get is it. It's is not meant to be an epic oscar contender of a movie. It's just some brilliant. Get ready for the sake here. It's just some brilliant barack. Buster action should edits the president. Jerry brought action action at its best fast cars quit editing and a great soundtrack group armata. Just it was a coral daily it. It does exactly what it says on the tin box also for anyone who likes cars. It's a pure trait well. Obviously you have to put that in. Everybody knows people. It has car people people. It took ferraris mercedes of homer homer and let's not forget eleanor out good. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better action moving and personally better movie at all this and then no country for old and citizen kane contrary and and then again. Maybe that's just me we are. We <hes> <hes> yeah. That was a hit gum podcast.

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Friday, April 17: Bob Saget, Leslie Jordan

The View

43:32 min | 6 months ago

Friday, April 17: Bob Saget, Leslie Jordan

"Subscribe to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon. And while you're at it rate us and Labor Review and Oh new view starts right now. Back to normal with questions concerns and conflicts over federal guidelines and local safety restrictions. What has to happen before? The Co host feel safe about returning to normal life. Bob Sack is telling you how he found a way to have a full House party in quarantine and Emmy winning veteran actor Leslie Jordan. On how he's become an online superstar and source of comfort for millions of people stuck at home right now come hot tub eggs with whoopie joy behar sunny hoskin and Meghan McCain. Now let's get things started. Well hello and welcome to the view. We want to start out by shouting out. The vast majority of Americans who are listening to all the guidance because you know the new federal guidelines came out yesterday and we should start by saying to all the vast majority of Americans who are listening to guidance according to the CDC over ninety percent are following distancing guidelines you know the original estimates for compliance with just fifty percent so as it turns out all of us are saving thousands of loved ones that the government thought would not survive. I just wanted to put that out as good news. We are flattening and moving things along and it's a good thing and there are states tightening guidelines there are folks protesting about lifting restrictions. But eventually life will go back to normal is so my question to all of you is what has to happen for you to feel safe about returning to business as usual was start with you sunny It's a question I've been asking myself and discussing with my family and my friends. I would like to see of course vaccine if not a vaccine. Some sort of course of medication that makes the ramifications from the virus better and I also think that we I would need more information sort of more testing because if I know that I can be tested when I go and everyone else is being tested when I'm going into my place of business. I think that would make me feel more okay. How `Bout You Meghan? I know you're a little conflicted about all this. Yeah I mean. I think the problem is sonny. Just there's been so much misinformation that it's hard to even trust what you're saying I guess the vaccine. I think no matter. What will probably GONNA HAVE BEHAVIORAL CHANGES? That will keep for a while. I do think he will probably be wearing masks out in public for a long time. I think so. Distancing will follow yet. Thanks for a long time because we go to. Restaurants are tables will probably be six-speed apart. It's it's funny. I actually was talking yesterday with Aguilar also hosts on a solid. And you're both saying that we really can't come up way away that we both feel comfortable. She has three young children. I'm pregnant and I think the government is going to have to show us. You Know Real. Concrete evidence that this viruses tamp down or at least the curves tamp down the is again. There's just been so much misinformation that it's hard to trust or being told. Yeah what do you think joy? Is there anything specific that you could think of that might make you want to come back outside? Because I know you haven't been out in what three three weeks three. Oh it's more than that but I do. I go out but I don't go anywhere. Where am I going to go but I worry about? I worry about this a lot every day. I mean I don't know when it will be saved to go out even when they have a vaccine. What's going to happen those anti vaccine? He'll be out in in large numbers telling us that it's harmful I mean it's a tricky business right now and I'm not putting myself in any position to to go anywhere yet. I'm listening to Dr Found cheesy and Andrew Cuomo at the moment. Yeah okay I feel the same way I you know I. I'm not gonNA feel comfortable sort of saying I'm not gonNA feel comfortable until I know that even if one of us has it somewhere there is something that will take it and make it go away or light up and it won't kill people anymore much like these crazy flus you know we we go through this every year. We get these insane. Flus that you know. Start you on all kinds of medication. And then they disappear for a while so. I feel better if I knew how this thing acted. You know if you have. I want to know if you've had it. Can you get it again? There are too many question marks for me to comfortably step outside and say I feel good about this. So let's change to change. The conversation talked about Joe Biden. He clearly is the Democratic presidential candidate but a Washington. Post article notes. That he has to he that they feel. He's going to have a hard time competing with how much the pandemic pandemic is dominating the headlines. Now because you know who is on television every five minutes. So do you think this is going to be an issue for him? Does he need to compete with the with the virus. Stuff that that you know. Who's talking about joy? Well God I thought you were going to say with the virus named Donald Trump. That was weird. But you know I'm thinking it's very hard for Joe Biden right now because you know you've got these daily briefings also known as rallies that trump is holding every afternoon hours. I mean he just blow. V8's on and on and on. I'd rather just listen to the doctors at that time so that I can rest in peace but the truth of the matter is that even if Joe Biden was locked in the trunk in a basement in the middle of the Canary Islands. He would still win this election. That's how bad his opponent is. So I don't even. I've not worried about it that much because everybody knows Joe by mistake. Having a relative that you haven't seen for a while but you know he's great and when he comes back and say okay good come come sit with us. We want you back. I think that's what really is going on. Megan what's your opinion on. This is their focus. He should be focusing on right now. I think he's doing what he can. And he's doing a he's doing a podcast. Jing of interviews from his home right now. He is social distancing with his family as he should In all campaigns there's GonNa be one at least one big crisis of sometimes. I think this is a much bigger presence than anyone could have anticipated. The thing I worry about is that does have this big pulpit right now that you can't necessarily compete with a don't think. Democrats should get too far out over their skis. Because I think it back in twenty sixteen it was sort of unheard of chomped when the first time around and I do some of these pools coming out especially in swing. States aren't totally leaning towards Joe Biden. In a way that I would be comfortable with if I were working on his campaign and the whole thing. I'm just GONNA be a little crass here. This whole thing sucks. There is no way to focus on politics in the way that I think all of us as political host would like to this virus. Crisis is just so distracting. I know for me. The only thing that's consuming by almost everyday thought so. I do think this is a particular challenge for his campaign and just because he can't can't retail campaign right now he can't rallies voters he count. You all get through town halls with me. And that's the bread and butter of of becoming president so I'm a little concerned for him but unsure with the advent of technology can help. But there's nothing I love more than just to be talking about the election of race election right now versus this virus. But we can't do anything about it right well. You know something that you can do. Perhaps this evening because I was proud to be part of Disney on Broadway's twenty fifth anniversary concert live streaming tonight actually at seven PM Eastern and it benefits Broadway cares covert Nineteen Emergency Assistance Fund. So if you WANNA find out where to watch go to our website. We'll tell you everything you need to know about it so until we have a break in the covent thing. We can do this for a little while. We'll be right back right now. Having a strong view these are really crazy. Talk Housing others. It's nice to hear you. All sharing the dust of life delays. Are you with sort of the list ever going to be a mom? So I'm excited. Sharing smiles have not been able to maintain six feet distance from my refrigerator. It's all so important. I'm so glad that we're doing this together. And that's why the view is all new for you every day. There's no show like yours. That's not we do because we will get through this together. Still Ahead Bob. Sagging on his full house in quarantine and any winner Leslie Jordan on becoming the online escape. We all need right now. Welcome back so Joe Biden is committed to picking a female Vice President and Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate stacey. Abrams say they'd be up for the GIG now. Sunny how important is it that this choice is very specific for his campaign right now? Do you think it's important for him to say who it is or to continue to check things out. Listen I think it's I think it's very important as a lot of people say you know the VP pick is it is an incentive. It's a thank you and I think it should be a thank you to black women. I think black women are going to have to carry the load in this election like they always do. We are their strongest voting base and half of black women live in states where I think they are going to obstruct the vote. I think there won't be mail in voting. So that means that black women are going to have to risk their lives it during this pandemic devote they're going to have to bring their sons and their brothers and their fathers and risk their lives to vote. And so I think that you know we've dragged this Joe Biden's campaign really out of the grave in many in a sense in South Carolina and we've earned that spot with our loyalty for decades and so in my view. He should pick a black woman. I think that Stacey Abrams of course is a good option although she hasn't held office and so that concerns me I think Kamala Harris is an excellent excellent choice but I think it should go to a black woman with experience. Megan you said some possible choices are probably Out of the running. Yeah I mean. I know the Governor Whitman. A Michigan was on his short list. But I think right. Now there's actually a recall. Count for her to be removed as governor with over one hundred fifty thousand signatures and. I always think you can't win your home state and went over your home state and bring it in an election cycle. Then you're rally not going to be the person that they're going to choose this Horsera- stuck with the Texas always to new bike. It's like playing roulette. It could be anything in any one and I think as the corona virus plays out only one hundred percent sure of is it has to be a serious person and two semi points a pink holding office and having executive experience in elected capacity is going to be something that's very important to in very important to the American public just given that we are seeing what happens when an emergency task force is made up of people like Walker and jared. We see how it's playing out and I think the American public really GonNa be living for experience and people that have gone through crisis other than on than this. Kobe won right. What do think too I well. He's already closed the door on anybody. Who's not female? So we're only dealing with female possibilities here and Sunny said probably it should be a black woman for exactly what she said. I don't want to repeat it. I think she was right about everything she said. But you know what I'm noticing that Stacey Abrams and Elizabeth Warren both have put their cards on the table. And a very assertively have said. I WANNA be your vice president. Joe And I thought that was so refreshing. You know how they always say. Women can't be too aggressive pushy. In this case they have said I want the raise and I totally appreciate that about the two of them and they both of them would make great vice presidents. Either one of them and so we'd Kamla and And I would vote for. Of course I'll vote for any of them. I just want to mention that you know I also appreciate that. Those two women have said. I'm up for the job. I want the job but if you look at what. Kamala Harris has recently done. She just introduced the votes safe. Act of twenty twenty. It's a sweeping bill. That provides states. Five billion dollars for corona virus related voting reforms ahead of the election and it aims to inspire states to take their own action. And so when you look at people that are saying you know I want the job you see someone else. That's actually pushing forth and agenda and I liked that I liked to see that action and I think that speaks volumes. I agree with signing on that I. Actually she might be. She might be gaining more right now even when she came on the show she was saying. This isn't the timer. The moment I mean she's a senator from the second biggest state in the union and I think there's actually difference between Stacey Abrams in Elizabeth. Warren analysts said was just asked by Rachel Maddow. Would you consider being by presence? You just said yes stacey. Abrams is basically like listing off a resume. And saying she's like I and I'm paraphrasing but like reading up on foreign policy for her entire life so do you think there's a different levels of lobbying for I'm really appreciating commas. Tone incinerate now on. It's not that women can't yesterday the lean in and ask what we want. I just think we're in a historical down and I also agree with that. I like what what Senator Harris is doing. Well personally for me. I just some really glad. He's taking his time. I'm glad he's not being rushed by the media or anybody else. And he's not showing his hand nor should he so. I'm thrilled about that. But changing subjects once again all sports is sidelined right now but. Can you still get a glimpse of the future of women's basketball at tonight's W NBA DRAFT? Which is being done. Virtually this year check it out tonight on. Espn right sunny at PM. Yes kind of fabulous. Espn ESPN two right. Espn that's right. Espn we'll be right back. We are really strong. Women people to hear what women have to say. And that's all we will back you. We will stand with you. Anybody who's anybody who wants to make it to the next level in politics to come on this show talking about the issues. Everyone is talking about at home in is up to all the bus. Continue the conversation. I'll see you on the view. Say you want view that's enough? I'm Denise Albright these are my boys. I started a paper product and Journal Company to help support encourage busy women everywhere. I gotTA admit as a small business and a young company. I need help and keeping our dream alive. Am I dedicated team intact? I'm giving fifty percent off to the view and hope you'll try out our gratitude journals meal planners budget planning and hope that a little bit of organization and support. Maybe a dashing humor into your own lives. I'm so grateful for your support. Well welcome back. Apparently because people who have nothing to do have to find something there is a rise in pandemic shaming where people are calling the cops on folks who are not following the proper guidelines. Now Joy I know you often like to call out stuff that's going on. Are you a pandemic Shaimaa? Well if I would leave the house maybe I would have the opportunity but right now. But perhaps there's a way there's a difference between a snitch and whistle blower if somebody drives their car on my lawn and into my house and I call the cops. That's a whistle blower if someone's driving by they l. out. I hate your guts and your politics. That's a snitch. Okay so I think there's a difference and we should understand that so if someone's coughing without a without a mask and without gloves yeah I could call them out on that. Yeah no pain. Big A pandemic shaming. I mean it's not been neath me to pandemic shame someone I. I also agree with joy to the difference between a whistle blower Menard. I will say since we'RE GONNA call out for not practicing what they're preaching Ivanka. Trump went on her instagram and she did a whole instagram about how people need to stay at home if they can and then she proceeded to go to her second home in New Jersey over Passover raking her own rules in breaking the rules that are set in place. Now I have been born to need on a little bit less than UN. What the joy and this is very hard. It's much harder than I thought but I'm doing it because it's a health is a health risk for me to go outside like no. I still worry about the possibility. And I think we have our first daughter who is not abiding by Lucy's putting in place. It's hard to tell the rest of the American public relations abide by those rules. Think part of the problem is there's not a lot of leadership from the top down the Axon with their preaching and we've talked many times about president trump with the handshaking and so forth and I just don't understand it. Well Sunny you think following some of these guidelines pose their own set of risks for some people. Well Yeah you know. It's something that I've been thinking about. Because you see all of these cases that have been coming up especially about black men wearing masks and then being racially profiled and being pulled over and arrested. I know there was an article that I read about black doctor in Miami. That was handcuffed because he was taking some things out of out of his truck So you know I wonder and I have a friend that saying you know. He's not going to wear a Bandanna he's going to wear something like a pink masks so that he doesn't seem he's not profile so that he doesn't scare anyone. Another person is telling me that you know. While he's going to wear a mask he's going to have a starbucks cup in his hand because that that appears less threatening and so I think you know for black men or Latino men. I think there is a fear that if you follow the guidelines which is where a mask when you're outside you know will that lead to racial profiling and so it's a real concern in certain communities. Well here's what I will recommend to. Those folks are not sure better to wear the mask and let people figure out if they're afraid of view or don't wear the mask and know that they're going to be afraid. I pose that to the people who are nervous about seeing black men in masks. Listen the guidelines. Say where mask. We're going to wear masks. You want to call. The police are come in your store without the mask on. I think that's much scarier but who am I'm just a crazy little woman. We'll be right back next. Bob Staff is telling you why life and lockdown is giving him. A major flashback Friday and making a big announcement that'll give you some much-needed comedy relief. Okay so you know. These ladies aren't afraid to voice their views route have it but now it's time for you to Voice Yours. So wrap your phone and join. The conversation is in twitter going nuts. Me WanNa hear your take on hot topics. Have you been read? Walks off and don't forget to like us on facebook. Follow us on instagram. Subscribe on what to speak as I'm ABC. These are my boys. I started a paper product internal company to help support and encourage busy everywhere. I gotTA admit as a Small Business Young Company. I need help and keeping our dream alive and my dedicated team intact. I'm giving fifty percent off to the view and hope you'll try out gratitude journals meal planners budget planning and hope that a little bit of organization and support. Maybe a dashes humor into your own lives. I'm so grateful for your support. Welcome back apparently because people who have nothing to do have to find something there was a rise in pandemic shaming where people are calling the cops on folks who are not following the proper guidelines. Now Joy I know you often like to call out stuff that's going on. Are you a pandemic Shamar? Well if I would leave the house maybe I would have the opportunity but right now I know but there's a different way. There's a difference between a snitch and whistle blower if somebody drives their car on my lawn and into my house. And I call the cops. That's a whistle blower if someone's driving by they l. out. I hate your guts and your politics. That's a snitch. Okay so I think there's a difference and we should understand that so if someone's coughing in my vicinity without without a mask and without gloves I call them out on that yeah no where. Oh a pandemic shaming. I mean it's not beneath me to pandemic shame when I I also agree with joy. There's difference between a whistle blower Menard. I will say since we'RE GONNA call out ball for not practicing what they're preaching. Ivanka trump lang on her instagram. And she did a whole instagram helping to stay at home if they can and then she proceeded to go to her second home in New Jersey over Passover raking her own rules breaking the rules that are set in place now I have been warranty deed on a little bit less than UN whoopie joy and this is very hard. It's much harder than I thought but I'm doing it because it's a health. It's a health risk for me to go outside. I know I still worry about the dramatic. We have our first daughter who is not abiding by rule. She's putting race. It's hard to tell the American public. The Nation Divide. Why does wall so I think the problem is? There's not leadership from the top down. Let's practicing with their preaching. We've talked many times about president trump with handshaking and so forth and I just don't understand it. Well Sunny you think following some of these guidelines pose their own set of risks for some people. Well Yeah you know. It's something that I've been thinking about. Because you see all of these Cases that have been coming up especially about black men wearing masks and then being racially profiled and being pulled over and arrested. I know there was an article that I read about a black doctor in Miami. That was handcuffed because he was taking some things out of out of his truck. So I wonder and I have a friend that saying you know. He's not going to wear a Bandanna he's going to wear something like a pink masks so that he doesn't seem as these that profile so that he doesn't scare anyone. Another person is telling me that while he's going to wear a mask. He's going to have a starbucks cup in his hand because that appears less threatening and so I think you know for black men or Latino men I think there is a fear that if you follow the guidelines which is wear a mask when you're outside you know will that lead to racial profiling and so it's a real concern and in certain communities. Well here's what I will recommend to. Those folks are not sure better to wear the mask and let people figure out if they're afraid of view or don't wear the mask and know that they're going to be afraid. I pose that to the people who are nervous about seeing black men in masks. Listen the guidelines. Say where mask. We're going to wear masks. You want to call the police. Come in your store without the mask on. I think that's much scarier but who am I'm just a crazy little woman. We'll be right back next. Five Saga is telling you. Why life in lockdown is giving him a major flashback Friday and making a big announcement that will give you some much-needed comedy relieve okay. So you know. These ladies aren't afraid to voice their views route out of it. But now it's time for you to Voice Yours. So Rob your phone and join the conversation. Twitter going nuts. Me WanNa hear your take on hot topics. Have you been reading off? And don't forget to like us on facebook. Follow us on instagram. Subscribe to reflect on. What just weekdays on ABC welcome back? Friend Bob Sagging has spent a lot of time in full house but he's now home full time like the rest of us today. He's announcing a new project. That will give us some comic relief. So please. Welcome the Fabulous Bob Sagging. Hey Bob Hi ladies. I wish I got hug you. Apparently joy before we came on the air said. I've hugged her enough over the years. So she's good. The is thing you are. That's right you're sheltering in place I'm living here and I you know I'm so sad for all the terrible things that are happening to people. But there's for me this Being Quarantine is helpful because my wife is here and she can't leave me right now. So that's positive. I don't even want to say this pot. But she could go in the next room. Yes she could and she is and we do. But we're we're wearing masks at home just to be safe. She's wearing a mask I'm more she makes me where mask with Brad. Pitt's face on it is Kinda my going joke of the day. It's hard it's been very hard and You know I feel for everybody and you guys. It's it's lonely and it's I'm trying to do everything I can. I've become Danny Tanner. I've become this character that I didn't think it was a clean freak and I'm pure rolling everything and always cleaning and that that's fine. I can accept it but I'm tired of using a cash register. Tape is toilet paper. I'm down to like brutal paper. You said you went out there tonight to pick up food and then you had a realization. I'm fascinated by that. What what was your realization. Hadn't gone out that much just like you guys. It's like I went out and they said this fine restaurant that I go to put the food by the curb. And then you call when you're there and so basically is it's a drug deal. It's the closest I've ever come to a drug deal where well I won't go there but you pull up the foods in the curbs on the side of the curb and I don't want to end the curb so I have a box in the trunk. I pop the trunk. They put it in the trunk. The funds have already been exchanged on a charge card. It just feels like we're living in a. I mean you guys were talking about it. Would you report somebody during the pandemic? It's like citizens arrest is back. It's like we're truly in a in a different world and I'm not a big Lovely idea of exchanging funds and goods on the street. Well you and your Co Stars Bob. Including our former Yukos candace cameron beret even updated the iconic full. House opening credits for this strange time that we find ourselves in I loved it. Take a look. Whatever happens Milkman? The `playboy evening TV I mean it looks like all of us right. So how did that come about well? It's really interesting. Jeff Franklin who created the show full and fuller house Put out a trail and all of a sudden the whole cast was on trial which is kind of hilarious. Because we're living this Sitcom and candice Set her daughter. Natasha's twenty-one wanted to put this together and she did and we all filmed our little bits. I did one take that. They couldn't use because I if you put pure L. in my hand in a mop handle in the other it doesn't it doesn't work out well on the first take. You can't use that public consumption right so so traveled will be so. That's why baby I wanNA make sure that we're talking about your new podcast where you going to be actually talking taking calls from some of your fans it's called Bob Sagi- here for you. Tell us about this please. Well that's scary before before last year but before we got into this New Year I was upset about how the world was going at each other. And it's what you guys talk about every day as what you what. We're all living where we were just inundated I to do something that soothes people. And I'm the only person I know. That doesn't have a podcast kid across the street's got one and I came up with the idea of reaching out to people in one on one kind of way and so what turned into once. We are launching and we launch Monday on for twenty which is a magical day for some people and it's available free. If you subscribe to Apple podcasts. And I talked to people. I post on twitter or instagram. A phone number the night before and the day of and people call a number. And it'll be on all the podcast menus and they leave their message and I called him and a couple times a week and I also have guests and I also Rambo myself with my thoughts but it's to soothe people and it's to have one on one communication with people because a lot of people that are alone right now and we talk about everything and I do have special guest. John Stamos was of course my first guest and I had MacAulay Culkin and talking to bill. Burr today Tiffany Haddish and John Mayer and a lot of my dear friends. Howie Mandel who is kind of the Prophet of you know. Ocd Be careful And it's just really. It feels really good for one thing. I'm contributing somehow. I was about to be on tour. I would on tour right now around the country and then lead to new special because I have all new material. But that's that's on. Hold as long as it needs to be and. I'm really enjoying this. It's it's very fulfilling and I'm getting back a lot of it's a real mutual exchange and. I'm sure you guys are feeling the same thing from people that you hear from. It's a it's a real healthy exchange on five. We're glad that you came and told us about this. And we're excited for you. And his new podcast. Bob Here for you Will Premiere on Mondays. Find it on your favorite podcast APP and for more information. Check out our website and we. Of course we'll be right back. Thanks Bob Next Leslie. Jordan ongoing willing braces emmy winning scene stealer Karen Walker thought. I smelled gene and regret to the social media. Superstar American needs during the quarantine. Ooh It's exhausting being viral. You know many years ago back in the nineties rumor was the puck. Lived in my building as thanking. Maybe the pass the time during the corona virus locked down that do yoga. I've heard about nick. Yoga excellent you know that I did not cut my hair from the term was fourteen to twenty four two four six dogs all for this corona virus paying over stand up and Holler. Hey welcome back. Fans know him. As Karen's Hilarious Arch Nemesis on will and grace and we just saw a few more reasons. Why Leslie Jordan is quickly becoming the social media superstar? We are all needing him right now for this crazy escape from reality and he joins us today. Hey Leslie welcome to the view. Honey girls thank you for having me thank you now you your videos are giving people something to smile about these days and when you started this somebody told me that you had about eighty thousand people following you and that you didn't know what instagram was. Is that correct? Well about a year ago they telling me I was on his show all the fool kids and all the publicity girls. I'd say some funny I'd say post it and I thought like what I don't know what you mean. They said honey. You're not answer. Grandma said well they put me on there and then I had one thousand five treasured that a less. Asu crise twenty thousand people and I gotTa say and then John to eighty because Meghan Molly from willing brace reposted one and mine and I woke up with eighty thousand and it stayed that way and then I don't know what happened you know. I think because I used to post every two three days I think is something funny and because we're lot Ri- dying on not earn down here. I didn't have anything to do and I thought I can't go out and be a an emergency services. Parson I gotTA do my part. What do I do think I know how to do is be funny? That's in that well. I started listening and people. Come and go. You're gone viral. I said no honey. I'm fine I'm at home. I'm in Tennessee. No you're going viral as really Mama. I looked three million followers. Leslie this is Megan. I am one of the millions of millions of people out there who are finding someone joy in your videos. They make me laugh every night and I send them to all my friends and it's really helpful because you're such a great storyteller and you told a story on one of your recent videos about taking a road trip with your twin sisters in your mom. Can you share that story with us right now while I was actually on the route three die? We're driving down to Florida and up past the sign and my mother is so sweet. She read she looked out the window. She said Oh look Kisa may Florida in that a suite nine for a tie on my mother said native American. I think it's Qasimi. Mother said No. Excuse me were they Scott for lunch and the girl that ride it on a mother. Honey where our way how? How do you pronounce? That girl goes bar Gar came. That's GONNA use a magnetically. That's an old pal of Leslie. You also tell some great Hollywood stories and I heard that you're one of these very lucky people who's been prank by the by George Clooney. I'm a little jealous. What did he do? We were doing long long time ago. I had a television series with him. Called bodies evident a Madonna had a movie that your body of evidence but anyway I was on bodies of this. Georgia's real exciting. And then I was on the other series at once a reasonable doubts with mark harmon run back and forth back and forth so somebody because I was on a dot and I kept talking about it. I'll see you all this data magazine and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. We've been the makeup trailer. George got tired of listening to it so he went to the wardrobe people said does he wear the same suit on every day on the show he said take it out. Take the pants Outta Every day I'd come to work in I I was on one what I'd say. Oh my God y'all look I don't lose on. I'm losing inches. Look at the head the failed. I had the bell. Thom somebody came up and said George did an act used him and he said he didn't do he said Arman did. George did it. Leslie you live in La. But you're back in your hometown of Chattanooga Tennessee with your mom and your twin sisters for the time being and you have this. Great Southern Accent reminds me of my family because my families are making Georgia. Does your accent get thicker. When you're down there with your family because I find that happens with my family absolutely I will call people back in Los Angeles now go. What do you say that you know? I can't I see I've never been. I've got a job on Star Trek. One time they put me in for right. It took hours. I walked right it on the set delivered by Lan and the director Holler laughing directors at this date south nine. This is for north of the Mason. Dixon I can't get rid of my degree in theater. Ross how that works Ashley Comeback and join US anytime okay. We're going to wait. You don't check out Leslie Jordan at the Lesley the Leslie Jordan on Instagram. And we will be right back Nike also Monday. The Republican governor of Maryland. Larry Hogan under lifesaving help his State still desperately needs from DC. And if he let president trump make the call about went to reopen Maryland and an Oprah addition of you your deal that help support small businesses. Well this is our Friday show. We all survived this week. Join got closer to her refrigerator. I decided to put some underwear on so no one would question anymore stuff. I Sonny is chasing those chickens and Megan is making sure that that baby is laughing all the time so we want you to have a great day even though you're inside and we want you to take a little time to enjoy the view around you if keeping up with the news feels like it's become a Chore Checkout Start Here The Daily podcast from ABC News Start. Here is quick and simple every morning. You'll hear the news and why it matters. Subscribe to start here and listen for free now wherever you get your podcast The country is locked down battling corona virus named curve. I have my gloves in my pocket which I'm not sure how effective they'll be a- going to wear them anyway. We WanNA help and give you the latest information. I'm Aaron Katersky host of Covert Nineteen. What you need to know a podcast from ABC News? But we're going to need to do is widespread testing to see who's susceptible who's infected. Who's recovered each weekday? We call doctors from around the country and our own medical experts to respond directly to. What's on your mind about this virus? Kovic nineteen what you need to know a new series weekday afternoons on your favorite podcast APP.

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HOUR 3- Mike Tyson 080420

The Dan Patrick Show

46:55 min | 3 months ago

HOUR 3- Mike Tyson 080420

"Napa know truth be told, NAPA. Know How isn't just for Dr? WIRES NAPA? Know, how is for anyone who cares to keep their ride in good condition because while there are six thousand, Napa Auto Parts Stores for folks who could change a headlamp blindfolded? They're also over seventeen thousand NAPA. Auto. Care Centers for folks would rather trust a pro than pop the hood themselves success whatever your skill level naps got you covered, do it yourself or avid done for you? That's NAPA know how. No? Got Grade School questions, and a million dollars to give away. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Let's go. Get Ready. One of the most popular game shows of all time is coming to audio up as a podcast. Are you smarter than a fifth grader listen on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts? You're listening to the Dan. Patrick. Show. On Fox Sports Radio final-hour on this Tuesday Dan. On the Dan Patrick Show. We'll talk to Mike Tyson. He's coming out of the ring or going back into the ring and he's coming out of retirement. He's doing something and he's also fighting a shark I believe. Is that right? Ton? Something shirt point of shark. Week. And he's supposed to be duke it out with a shark bizarre south. Okay. Michael raced one and Tyson how to take it to the next level actually get into a fistfight with a shark. But he's actually fighting Roy Jones Junior September twelfth exit going to have a real fight with Roy. But is this going to be cheesy like when Michael Phelps race the shark but didn't really race the shark? Yeah. Polling. I didn't what's going through the sharks headline, what the Hell's Mike Tyson doing down here I. Mean, I'm used to people but the champ. I'd final hour. Here's some of the headlines. The. NFL SETS THE OPT out deadline for this Thursday. If players are going to decide if they're not gonNA play, they have to do it by Thursday rockets blazers coming up tonight last night. The Lakers clinched the number one seed in the West. With. Win Against the Utah Jazz. Last time was supposed to be a great showdown between the NBA's to top Rookies John, Mirant and Zion Williamson, and it was Fine Pelicans One Zion had twenty three and twenty five minutes to work. But the reality is both of these rookies might not last long in Orlando because Moran's Grizzlies. Or the, but they've lost all three games. Pelicans aren't much better. They're to. They still have some work to do and not to mention Zion on a minutes limit, and we have a tendency to rush things. We want young stars to take over immediately but Lucas made it look easy as a twenty year old. But he's an outlier here. Because even the best players need time get used to the NBA, go back to Kobe when he came out when. Kevin Garnett. came out. But John Rant, and signed. Williamson might not do much in the bubble, which is fine because I don't think what happens in the bubble is going to find what their futures look like. But last night Zion was playing sort of ball. He was. He was just trying to power things back up against. A pretty good frontline, tall frontline with Memphis. But Memphis, that's a game. You GotTa Win. You make the playoffs. You got to win that game and are liens was the better team. Thanks in large part to Brandon Ingram in on. Those guys combining for almost fifty points. Anthony. Davis had a big night last night for the Lakers. That's one of those. You Forget. Anthony Davis is a player that you go all. That's right. Whenever, he has one of these games. He reminds you of what is. possibly. there. We had seen it before, but the fact that he was playing in New Orleans, we didn't really notice it because it didn't factor into a bigger picture. It was just boys really good player on a team. That's not any good. And now you're playing for Los Angeles and now these numbers. These games, these performances mean something. and. I keep saying that Anthony Davis has pressure on him. I know we always look at. Lebron. But Anthony Davis needs to step up to show that he is one of the top five players in the game. And that's what I think is that's the question I'm going to have as the Lakers move forward into the postseason. But you put up forty two. He start, he makes it look easy. That's the thing with Anthony Davis and it would be frustrating because he had a bad game, the previous game. But if I'm Lebron, this is why Lebron led the League in assists. If. I have this here. I got to utilize this and I gotta feed him, and it allows Lebron to pace himself. because. This doesn't have to be about Lebron and Lebron's team. It can be Anthony. Davis being the best player on the team. Lebron just once win a title. If you say oh Anthony. Davis led the Lakers to the title. I don't think Lebron's going to worry about that. If he wins and he's got a four title and it's largely because of Anthony, Davis, I, think Lebron's going to be okay there. Yes. mclovin. I mean, it's it's severe. Remember Payton Manning. One that that's you know that lasts title yeah. But. I do think I. Think you know how people are though you know they're going to judge know Lebron it. Let's say he wins Anthony Davis is the MVP. Then it'll be all. Okay. It's Anthony Davis is team Lebron. Over, however, you want to spin this. Just. So you get clicks is what's going to happen. Is this really a title for? Lebron, since they wanted in the bubble to me, it's more whoever wins it? There's no asterisk. There's no need to explain anything. You've won a title in a difficult situation there. mclovin Michael Jordan never had to win one in the bubble. To say. I don't know what that means. I. Don't know what it means either Michael was in his own bubble. When he played, but you know people are going to hate on, Lebron if he does win a title this year. Though try to devalue this someway somehow. I don't know why we feel threatened that. Somebody. Moves up near our idols. and. Then we go I, got to bring him down I. GotTa denigrate them a little bit. Like we're like, something's going to be lost with their childhood if. You Know Lebron, gets closer to Michael Jordan. You know all these great baseball players that I grew up with. And then somebody comes along and then they're actually better than the player that you thought nobody was going to be better than. Unless you're cheating I, don't take it personally, but I always want to remember I. I want people to remember those players because it's easy to forget as we move on and go. This guy's the best I've ever seen. Okay. He's the best now. And the game, the athlete everything has changed here. But sometimes, we forget who did I have on? member. Where draymond green was voted. I think the one of the Best Golden State Warriors? Over Rick. And I, went. WHO's drinking here? Because somebody who says that has no idea about basketball. And Rick, Perry. And Rick Perry was a spectacular player and lead Golden State to a title with a team that had no other all stars on. Except for maybe maybe. Was An all star maybe, but Rick Perry was a great player. We tend to forget about yesterday. And how great these players were because we love the newness, the freshness. But do you think how it works like that? Every generation of people of the Michael Jordan generation, very defensive whenever anyone's compared to them? Was it that way when Kareem I think cream was considered the greatest NBA player of all time. If you to set in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four doing sports, Radio Show, who's the greatest NBA player of all time would have been cream probably. Yeah Bill Russell, but cream with is considered You know, Bill. Russell probably still would have been just because he won the eleven titles, but Michael Jordan basically took that title wave from Kareem Pretty Quick. Well, the fact that he took it away from Bill Russell because bill. Russell one eleven, and usually that's the arguments like how many titles does. Lebron. Well. Bill. Russell has eleven. Eleven, thirteen years. I think two titles in college and on an Olympic gold medal. But Michael Jordan's greatest player of all time because Michael did it in a way that we had never seen before. He took what Dr J. had, and then he took it to a new level. Yama Club. But I was a kid. It was really magic and birds legacy. Yeah. Bees. We saw magic's Lakers. Not Koreans Lakers ever saw Kareem. Yes. Yes, and I, I do remember a little bit of people say magic and bird were better than Jordan. At some points well, birded one three MVP's, and then we didn't know what Jordan was. We just thought he was going to be the highlight machine and wasn't gonNA play for any titles. He was just GonNa be a guy who led the League in scoring. But. We'd already seen that with Dominique Wilkins was a you know when you're nicknames, the human highlight reel, their film but we Jordan became a winner. The bill, Russell's the greatest winner of all time. Bill Russell wasn't a great basketball player from the standpoint of wasn't great shooter. He was just a great team player, the ultimate team player. But yeah, we get we. You know it invades personal space. When all of a sudden, if you said somebody's a better catcher than Johnny Bench, I'll fight you. Know, I'm just know pudge Rodriguez. No, not. Mike Peo? No, he's known. But, it's hard to be objective about your heroes. Because you get territorial, you invest like Paulie, thinks Walter Payton's the best running back. He's not, but in Pauly's is she is. Excuse me? Excuse me two to four Walter Payton the greatest. So. What do we think about major? LEAGUE BASEBALL AFTER TEN Games? When not everybody's played ten games? Now, you've got the cardinals with covid. Got The MARLINS. By the way. Here's Derek Jeeter, the C. E. O. of the marlins trying to separate fact from fiction with his team and their behavior. Now Review was determined. We guys lead to get coughing to get close guy left to have dinner at teammates house. There were no other guests on site. There is no salacious activity. There's no hanging out at bars, no clubs no running around lab. No. Running around the town when it boils down to miss stickler trip was guys were around each other. They got relaxed and they let their guard down, they were getting together in groups. They weren't wearing masks as much as they should have warned, social distancing everyone was getting tested. Went to hold spring training to point out positive in the entire traveling far little to that. On that's an address. Okay. I'm GonNa take him at his word. But there was a report that a couple of guys went out on the town in. ATLANTA. I don't know what that means anymore. They went out on the town. They go to dinner someplace. They went out to get coffee. What time did you go out and get coffee? Member Lou Williams just went for the wings. Yes. Magic city actually has the best in town Feb, Williams. Was takeout, and then all of a sudden somebody ask one of the strippers. DELUCA men. Yeah. We did some dances for him. So. That change quickly, the pancakes at the spearmint Rhino, Dan don't sleep on them. CARAMEL macchiato. Yes mclovin. I mean if you want somebody to hold teams accountable for wrongdoings, if they're jeeter's because he never teammates get away with anything. On top of those transgressions, how long have you been sitting on that one by tweeted this morning? Oh, you did. You, feel about. A-rod so that you get into that. All's best. Jeeter Gobi Trust jeeter because he's W trust baseball. Yes. The well I do love the statement like when after you completely lose control and nobody's taking this thing seriously anymore you come out. Hey. Okay. It's all under control. Right? We're we're really taking the series on our. Okay. So let's just calm down all the speculation. Okay. It's under control. You have. It wasn't just like two weeks ago, ignoring it. Not Now we got it. Okay. So we're just in charge and. Taking the seriously again. Why does nobody double their efforts before everything goes haywire? They always double master. That's where the commissioner should say let's double are those to the everybody but those two teams who didn't double their efforts? Let's double our efforts just how `bout we triple our efforts here. Triple, our efforts here. GEEDER would probably rather ask about. The guys. Is Teammates using steroids then asking about covid. Poll. Question mclovin. I forgot. Was this the Tyson one yet still up there? Okay. The. Sixty percent of our audience. was you get hit in the head by Tyson for a million dollars? Yeah. I do the face tattoo for million. By the way you want, I would get a face tattoo for a million. You would a million in your set bud, we choose what Tattoo you get. were. I. Think I thought I get Tyson's face tattoo. I. You could trust us. Let's. Let's face it. There are main great looking face likes. E. EQUALS MC squared. Pie. What would we get? What we get for you. Yes. Todd. How about a big ethan across the forehead that? Oh Man. I think it's too soon there. Yeah. I think. So I mentioned this I, think last hour that Rashad Bateman is a Minnesota wide receiver. He has decided to forego his last year at Minnesota. Now, he's considered on the shortlist of best receivers. This draft, he's probably among the top five to seven wide receivers. He was the big ten wide receiver of the year. He's been all big ten. He's been all American. He decided that he's not gonNA play this year. and. This is a great group of wide receivers. I, don't know Justin Ross's status of. He's injured is out for the year. Is he eligible for the draft after this year mclovin, and is he going to be able to play? I. Don't know if it'd be healthy, but I assume elgibility. Wise. He's ready to go and then you got jomar chase at Lsu. Alabama has two wide receivers. I know wattle in Smith are going to be first round picks are expected to be Yemen club in the mocks. Tamar. Chases for five, three, four, five over overall yeah, yeah. Ohio state has wide receiver. That shocking. Is it Chris? I think. So yeah. Yeah. But you didn't think of Ohio. State is played for wide receivers. You always thought Ohio state defensive players in a running back. And now it's different. I, do love this and I don't mean to rail on Jason Lockenfora but. He's the latest to say, Hey, I on the Cleveland Browns this year. We kept an eye on last year. And the year before. They should be greet this year. I. I'll be shocked if they don't make the playoffs, but you got maybe the best backfield. As. Far as running backs, I got to really good wide receivers. Don't they have two tight ends mclovin. jokue Cameron. No. Yet save another guy they just signed. Hooper. Yes, awesome. Hooper of out of Atlanta from. I think he's there to. They don't need all those guys, I, know. But but you know you got obgyn Jarvis. Landry. But that's all skill position guys. So they had that last year. Well, what you need is a simplified system for Baker Mayfield. They should be a running team, and then you're going to be able to hopefully have that defense softened up a little bit and you're going to be able to complete some passive. You can't be a pass first two. They should be relying on those two running backs. You got two really good running backs. Two really good ones. Yes mclovin, but you have a wide receiver whose could ask for target. So No, no. Not The wide receivers that you want with that quarterback. But this is up to Kevin. Stefanski to. Simplify things, and hopefully you get some real good play out of your defense myles, Garrett steps up but Cleveland. Better. Be Good. Like. I'd be shocked if they're not. But I. I. saw where. Buying the post height browns. Okay. Yeah. But there in that division with Pittsburgh should be better than last year and then you're gonNA have. Baltimore. Yes. Tom Kansas City. That's the real wild. Keep an eye on the niners this year. You called, it todd, keep an eye on the. Double. Digit wins assure. You would think keep an eye on the chiefs this year I. Let me take a break Mike. Tyson will join us. It's eighteen after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick Show. Thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick Show podcast. Be sure to catch US live every weekday morning nine to noon eastern or six to nine. Pacific on Fox. Sports radio. Find. Your local station for the Dan Patrick Show at Fox sports radio, DOT COM, or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching. F S are you own or rent your home? Sure. You do and I bet it can be hard. Hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO, makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you're already have so much to do around your home, go to GEICO DOT COM, get a quote and see how much you can save. It's gyco easy visit, GEICO DOT com today that's GEICO DOT com once again, it's gyco easy visit geico dot com today GEICO DOT COM now. where the you're a car guy or just a guy who uses a car or not a guy at all, you know the ear-piercing Street chipper worn out brake pad. But thanks to NAPA. You don't need to know your way around a toolbox to get a quality part installed because while there are six thousand Napa auto parts stores, there are also more than seventeen thousand, Napa Auto Care Centers so whether you do it yourself or have it done for you. All you need is Napa know how I know how? Ever had an idea for a podcast. Well, now you have a chance to go into business with me or vice versa next great podcasts dot, com. came up with the idea a couple months ago and I thought, you know what people always have ideas don't have to be sports related. But if you do you have a chance, we're going to have ten semifinalist and give them each a thousand dollars to produce a pilot episode, and then listeners around the world will vote on their favourite podcasts to decide the next great podcast. Next great podcast, DOT COM and I will be working with you. We will be partners on this with the overall winner, Mike Tyson fights royal junior eight round exhibition bout. That'll be September. Twelfth. It's at nine eastern on pay per view and thriller, which is T. R. I l. l. e. r. trailer also streaming a Docu series showcasing the physical and mental preparation leading up to the fight exclusive trigger under hashtag frontline battle trailer will drop to episodes. Episodes per week nine, Eastern. Am Eastern. Every Friday and Saturday Mike. Tyson. Also kicks off Shark Week on discovery. Channel. August. Ninth at eight eastern is he goes head to head with one of the oceans. Top predators. It's, of course, Tyson versus jaws rumble on the Reef Reef with the famed Ring Announcer Michael Buffer, calling all the shots, Mike Tyson, joining us on the program. When did you start getting the itch to get back into the ring? Hey, listen. This is really funny. Somebody had asked me my brother-in-law acne. He didn't WanNA can go that. Adamant about it. Many Times. With Mike Fight, this guy might fight this Guy Twenty Mike thirty million, whatever it was. And I always did no. WanNa fight among at breaking, him are fighting and then one day he asked me. Who Do you want me to fight? Bob Sack athlete will. Okay. Walks that the big strong guy it? What kind of ruled? What? If I can I bach look box the que- Berry. Any woman. He called the hit you that S. okay. I'll do it. We have death west off and then I started from fighting him then I. I'm I'm fighting from him. Acclaimed Chocolate Dow. I'm fighting. Kids now. Now I'm fighting. been. Done I'm fighting where John's now. Ads that makes sense to you but it. But Now. Well, it probably didn't stop where people kept waiting for you to fight somebody because. You're supposed to fight somebody, but at your age. Are. You supposed to be fighting somebody. Nobody. You. Can do it for? A charity base calls and. I feel great and look great for. And then I heard, you said, you could knock out conor McGregor in the ring, but would you get in the octagon with CONOR MCGREGOR? Eh May. Not? Be. Good. The Comma had the right to step on my feet over debts on my feet on. The. Weights. So that's the secret to beating. You is stepping on your toes. He's got to my feet when we get out the rain problem. We're going to have to get some police involved with the William. involved. But Mike if Peter McNeeley had stepped on your feet, he might have been able to beat you. Leaders. How would you fight you? If I said this Mike Tyson was gonna Fight Mike Tyson. Twenty five. How would you do? So. I'm words. Guy Like that. But the intelligence though of understood like at your age and being wise. Well, maybe you'd be wise and not get in the ring with a twenty five year old Mike Tyson. I probably wouldn't. But. He He's more that twenty five year old. To me. and. So maybe he understood who I am now to twenty, five, zero, maybe he will want to get in the ring with me. How often did you see fear when you walked into the ring? Every day my right, but fear from the opposition. Always Hewlett your position with the between fighting a death knight involved. But their face when you walk in and you put fear on their face, how often do you think you saw in an opponent? I. Didn't see fear intimidation. The Big Difference? WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE Here is if The motion that every received from God. Whatever purpose it is. Intimidation is an emotion that prevents you from performance at the highest point of your ability. and. So that's intimidation. Prevent you from reaching your highest goat. which the Perfect Punch feel like when it lands. Feel like anything. You don't feel like you. Miss. Really. Yeah. Because baseball players will talk about hitting a home run and then they it feels like nothing. Yeah, you don't think he messed nickname about sleeping. Why? Did. You ever feel sorry for an opponent. I wish get the situation that he got into some that when she did I. It was something bad happened to him. That happens. Yeah. I I don't like that who was that that you. You're talking about. I don't know one guy hit. And he was down a little bit, I hit him while without and I think that when I? When I performed with great. But when I thought, it gave me bad feeling explain that it says it's an exhibition fight with Roy Jones. What does that mean exhibition? Exhibition. Fighting this not call the fight. But it's real. Pretty much replaced on that he. Dan. You've been in sports your by. Not only in boxing, but it's split even in Racecar, driving anything. It always unwritten Louis Louis that the possibility using dive training or actual game. End Listen and we all know that because call driving basketball play wrestling. Happens to kids. And we WANNA be next with Rossi neck some within two fathers and we still want to do it. On said I can't explain why. Try. Columbia. Idiot. We're talking to Mike Tyson. He's GonNa Fight. Roy Jones. Junior eight round exhibition. That'll be September twelfth at nine eastern pay per view and trailer. That your last night was what fifteen years ago wall, what do you remember about that? I remember our I didn't really tran excited about. It was just. On the weather, the music, the bill paying really Mundane Day at the office. But it's Such a you're a walking business and you know you have to fight and people want you to fight, and then you how many times do you think you got in the ring where you just said I just I, don't WanNa do this or I don't have it. Well you do. This. Look. We're not gonNA really get these. We believe we're not going to get hurt. Even if we you know this is what we do this. What we know how to do. When you went for revenge with? Larry, Holmes was that Larry Holmes beat Mohammed Ali. And you said you wanted revenge. Was October. Nineteen eighty. And why did it bother you so much? Had Do the my head that Momma, Kitty Much Garden, worthy of worship instead, and so when I was, I would probably eleven you know that somehow. Squadron. Reformatory in the. APP. Yeah I. Remember being the ringside. and Ali came in Atlantic City I don't know if you were fighting. SPANKS or frazier. I don't know, but Ali came in and I like to see parted all these people that kid was one of the most incredible entrances I ever saw, and it was just Ali and all these people started chanting and cheering and it was it was really emotional. You probably weren't even the ring yet. But when he came out, I'll never ever forget that I got goosebumps thinking about that. I can tell that Ali has an impact on you that it makes you emotional. Any much. Yeah. Let. When you start and you know the science of boxing and you know the history of boxing. and. I always talk about he was. So what I loved about Ali is these guys now who talk trash like he was doing it saying I'm going to knock out in this round. He had a strategy there like there's no showman life. Newly. About world domination via south. What he makes. About concrete your so quaint your fears, not really about Caughlin opponent. When did you conquer your fears? And filling that prompted the doing that might come up never call I'm a product fear from Brownsville Brooklyn in the view fee it is. Did. Problem brought a lot of latch from mini. How much fun do you want have at this fight? visit be be. My definition of fun. Talking Broken Joel Broken. How often do people come up to you and say that they would wanNA. Fight you disown the street when you run into people because every time you see a champ, you walk up and then Chambal get ready act like he was gonNA throw a little a couple of punches. That, but people asking me on occasion. How do I knock out somebody? How do I go to knock someone out what I do somebody attacks me like this? Is Ridiculous thing that I don't know what to do when the accident. What why don't you do a fantasy camp where you can get come in and get punched by Mike Tyson like people sign a waiver and they spent a thousand dollars they come in to get punched by. That two Mondays to get ready. You're done doing a lot of stuff here. We got shark week coming up to your involved in shark off. The Shaw. Had Me should man. What am I? I'm from Brownsville Brooklyn. What Am I. Man. Come on. What they do? Coming. Into some made civilize. Yeah. But how did this idea come up that you're going fight a shark? You don't WanNa. Hit it. Yes, I do. Hit it. added. To. Your last caller. Listen. They now why you have seed pregnant voting to do me a favor, Mike, I don't want to fight Mike yet to a couple of engage for you. Don't worry about fighting. The JV when he about me fight and were jolly, go was shocked. by Roy. Jones. Gigs was shot. Down how does that look? wot He cared a lot. I don't think Dana. White cares about you that much Mike, if he's willing to let you fight a shark, right? Like I would fight Roy Jones junior and I've no business being in the ring and. My wife is dead. He added Dana really can't about. Shocks. Leave. Enemy. Have Your have your kids seen you fight? Now, my younger kid. They're gonNA. See this fight. Right. I want to go to come with me to the fight. And what happened with the possibility of fighting Holyfield? I don't know. That's on the table. I guess the people want Roy I, guess. Would you ever come back for real? Hey. Listen I never thought about that. Well, living does he? Left the charities out how many people we can help Alabi around? The whole. Looks Pretty Good I feel pretty good. I've been in this spot manage ready. This is awesome. You look good I, mean you look. I'm sorry that you know I was complimenting you on looking. Good. So Saying he. Won't make what nothing in the world you have George Forman. He said Obama. Mike. Dude jointed right. But you action when he was on his journey to become Comeback Chapin. Everything. They were saying they're making fun of him busy to all end. We really think about all. That's worth. Your goal in full that laughed at, it's. Worth it would you fight Tyson fury. The possibility for what charity. We can help fight I. Fight Anybody for that. It's not really I'm not based on money money based on what we can do it pretty much not on any kind of self aggrandizement. When they make the movie on your life. You. Hear. Jamie Foxx. Tom Cruise. I don't know how good to boxer is, but sure well, not. A long way is in the works with talking about it. Jamie looks really good for the part. They talk about you. The Anti agent would under twelve, they did an Irishman Ya. happened. I'm just I'm very excited. and. It's interesting. That'd be interesting. How do you think Jamie would do in the ring? If probably taught I, think it well. How do you think stallone in rocky? Like, was there a rocky movie where you thoughts on look like he could have held? Them held zone in the ring as a as a some kind of contender. That that wasn't based on appearances and all the rocky with based on intestinal fortitude, hard work determination, the desired overcome adversity data that was based on. So that makes that next to raise him. Greatest, boxer movie in the world. Yeah. WHO Who Don't? Array of a fight inspiration. So that's why super feeds everyone else, but we talk about the raging bull, that's a real person. Overcoming those. Who Do you think look more realistic Deniro in the ring or stallone. Really. Good. Good and of rocketed they both alkyl entertained by both of them. I like to see him get in the ring against each other. For Real, they did that in the movie. All that's right. That movie wasn't any good. Yeah. You're right I'd like to see it for real. Listen those. People that never really -ticipant in from Gibiley for because, it's so easy to get hurt. One little slug and boom maybe you got A. Quick. have. All right I'd say Good Luck Against Roy Jones, junior, but more importantly good luck against the Shark Mike I'm I'm worried he might lose a limb here. Man Cattalo. Man. Listen. With a friend of my who need bannon's. You. Look Great. You Sound Great I. Hope You have some fun and you raise some money and That maybe this is the first of a few for you. So it. Turns out. The Way I. Will. Thank you, Mike Great to talk to you. My friend up. Less. Mike Tyson. When he said, how about Tom Cruise playing him. The movie I, I, wanted to laugh out loud a couple of times because he said, you know you get hit. Then you got a Blood clot. Her. That's an interview where I think being on Zoom helps out. So Tyson, can see me I can see him even joey, Bosa last hour. We've had him on where it's just over the phone, and if it's in person almost the feeling you have when you're actually talking to somebody and I think that was beneficial with with Tyson, but Mike is going to be getting back in the ring, they call it an exhibition. I don't know if you throw exhibition punches, but I'M GONNA. Guess they still hurt with Roy Jones Junior. That'll be September twelfth at nine eastern on pay per view and trailer. Take a break. What we learn what's in store tomorrow last call for phone calls. Close up shop after this. Thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast. Sure to catch US live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine Pacific on Fox sports radio, and you can find us on the iheartradio APP at FSR or stream. It. Live every day at Youtube Dot com slash the Dan Patrick Show Hi guys, Katie Lowes, actress, mom, and host of the parenting podcast to Katie's grip. Grip a show that helps women navigate the big shifts which motherhood can bring this season from resilient Mama's like actress Gabrielle Union thought leaders like The New York. Times bestseller untained Glennon, doyle, an expert like prenatal and postpartum clinical psychologist Dr Eliza. Berlin. We candidate about our experiences and share resources for everything parented and Dmitry usas, surrogacy divorce, and blended families. Emotionally preparing for Postpartum Katie's grab is covering it all for a dose of comfort and community with those who understand the struggles and the joys of raising tiny humans subscribe. Now for brand new episodes, every other Thursday, listen to Katie's crime. I. Heart Radio APP or on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey, this is Jason. McIntyre I have a new daily sports podcast launching on. Monday. August tenth straight fire with Jason. McIntyre. This isn't going to be your typical sports pod pushing the same tired narratives down your throat everyday straight fire will give you a level of authenticity. You just don't get in sports media today. Honest opinions on all the biggest sports headlines, accurate stats to help you big into sports and direct conversations with all the best guests. Look I. Know What Sports Fans Want. You want the fluff, the list, the hot takes, but I'm going to give you what you. You need I can't say that I'm GonNa be right all the time. But the rest of these shock jocks I'll always be real. Let me tell you some homes is not the next Michael Jordan football, but he is the next steph curry and you know what else Janas pulling a Kevin Durant and leaving small market bucks to build a super team would be great for the. NBA. These are just the facts. Folks. Do yourself a favor listen to straight fire with Jason McIntyre launching on Monday August tenth on the iheartradio App Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Was surprised that Pete, Carroll. The seahawks head coach admitted that the team is monitoring. Antonio Brown situation and they're open to Josh Gordon returning and might be one of those that you just gauge your reaction locally with the columnists there and broadcasters. What are the fans think fans are gonNA say bring in who is ever going to help us Antonio Brown if he can help you, I'm GonNa. Guess that People are going to be open minded about that with Antonio. Brown. Pays his punishment, a suspension for eight games and fine bringing back. You WanNa, bring him back. You will put him in the Locker Room Great. Josh Gordon You. WanNa. Give him another chance. Go ahead. But Antonio. Brown that is still an open investigation from what I'm told. So got eight games. That's the best case. Scenario is games. He might get more. There was a funny moment last night. I'm watching Memphis against new. Orleans and doors. Burke was doing the game, the ESPN NBA analysts, and she's working with Mark Jones, and this is what she had to say during the broadcast I. Think. Right? Asked my ex-husband's every. Reason. It's access. I like cal. There was this pause after that. Time. I like being right. Just ask my ex husband. To. Vaughn in South Dakota. Forty today. Hey, good morning, Danny Got To tell you a little story about golf. You like golf I was golfing with my old high school. Basketball coach is only seven years older than us. He's got about a thirty foot. PUTT. He looks at me, says, I got a twenty in my pocket says, I can make this Putt. You're on. And so he hits it. Of course, he misses it. So I walk over with my hand out waiting for the twenty. He pulls a twenty out of his pocket. And written with a Sharpie, on the twenty is I can make this Putt. And I. And he goes, I didn't bet you I told you I had a twenty in my pocket. It says I can make this Putt? Feel free to use that with your friends there guys. All right. Well, thank you on. I didn't expect that endings that was better than Rick in Hawaii ending with Mike, Tyson Caesar, Salad a double Caesar Salad for the Champ. And then. He aided. Chilean, Florida. Hi. Chilly. How are you, Bud? Last week when I called, everybody gave me a hard time on my friends in Florida winding bell. So let me do it now. Okay. To too many. Rick in Hawaii that Guy where we keep more. So with them out on that call to give them a little. Oh. Skeet DNA and champ. Seasons Salad. That's all I got. Thank you chilly. Thank you. And I don't know if it was a Keith Morrison moment. Yes. To interest. Really bad laugh. When Bill? Hader. When Bill Hader. Did is Keith Moore's impersonation. And Todd blurts out. You know his reaction to the when he's done with my mic on. Yeah. Pesky. Love. Bill, haters. Funny. Not that not that fun this day in sports history. What Paul Nineteen, eighty-three New York, Yankees, outfielder, Dave, winfield through a baseball between innings. Warm Up. That accidentally killed a seagull after the game. He was actually arrested and taken down to the police station where he had to post bond and the charge in Toronto was cruelty, unnecessary cruelty to an animal. The next day, the DA dropped. The charges said, there's no intent and the mayor apologized New York Yankees, the guy, he guy, he shot me. Shot. You dirty look. No no shot with a gun. Wench the third season of Berry, going to be out on HBO. Looking, forward to that. Have you guys watch the first two seasons of Berry. His supporting cast, and there are some. Great great characters on that. Henry winklers. Awesome on that show to bury. All right. Let's go around the room. What we learned on the program. Final results of the poll question. mclovin, would you get punched by Mike Tyson for a million dollars? Fifty nine percents? Yes. Okay. Todd, what did you learn today's program I learned a twenty four percent plate appearances resulting to strike at in the rockies of the second lowest Ra among the starting pitching stamps. mclovin champ eight both salads. I didn't WanNA bring up the story to Tyson because I don't know I'm GonNa Guess He. He wasn't going to remember Hey Mike you accenture salad antigens it. then. And he came back and said actually that reminds me of a story I met this Guy Rick in Hawaii and I had a double Caesar Salad Sidmouth, Danny Devito and. In Kennedy Junior was crazy. What did you learn today Seton Alex, still a great defender. Just ask. Bali, what did you learn? Mike Tyson wants Tom Cruise to play Mike? Tyson the bio pic. Fritzy did I learned? To. Make any money off the fight. If not for his own self aggrandizement, be happy when the show's over. What we learned brought to you. By legalzoom, you can start online network of independent attorneys can provide advice when you need it. The most since legalzoom isn't a law firm. You don't have to leave your home visit legalzoom dot com today for more information. Say Goodbye. Mike. Tyson. Talk Mr. Hey I'm Steve Greenberg the host of our hearts, new podcast speed of sound. Speed of sound is a music history podcast that gives you an all access pass into the songs and sounds that have become. The soundtrack to our lives will take you back in time and straight through today's charts to tackle POPs, top songs, and most sensational scandal filled stories. Listen follow speed of sound on iheartradio APP, apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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6.4.20  ft. Bob Saget

MZNOW with Michael Zavala

51:26 min | 5 months ago

6.4.20 ft. Bob Saget

"You're about to enter the world of Michael's of all. Back you're. Listening MC Michael's Avella. This is MC now. I had a murder family of wasps neck. A family of WASPS had. No not yet. I was just kind of. Preventing attack like I had I noticed a new family had moved and couple of them. Earn eath my door, but they're like Mudabbir so. They kind of do their own thing and I do my. They're not very impressive. And so I didn't really bother them and they didn't bother me. And then This otherwise just moved in I. Don't know where his Nastase, but he started to flex up on me today. It's like he'd started hanging around the front door. Just waiting for me when I would walk out, he would just Kinda. Circle me trying to size me up. So I had to go and grab a wasp killer. Spray him and I thought well. Since I've already got it out, fine as well. Spray these other WASPS, too. So it's funny that you mention this because I got attacked by bird the other day. I was going to work and we have a little. We have a few trees our work, but we also have like this high patio covers so they get up in there and Kinda nest and everything I was just walking the work and all of a sudden like i. just felt something like Kinda me on the back of the head. Not like hard or anything like. Like that and it didn't technique then all of a sudden, I, turn around, and there's this bird on the wire, but where we have a runs electricity, so decide he's just sitting there like looking at me and then I like sort of like look at him. My Hell and start walking away. Start squawking at me and then I turned around, and I start like Hunkin them and. Now, when you say was so, when did you mean? Oh I started cursing pursing them on him like a watch. Come on down here, customers. well, it wasn't. It was at the back, so it was part of the restaurant that we haven't opened yet. so no one really thought then. Here's the funny thing is I. Get in office and I'm getting ready for work and then another. coworker walks in, and he's just got this kind of confused. Look on his face and look at him and I'm like Hey, you just get attacked by burdens like yeah, and my all. Let's go deal best so then. I grabbed a couple of lines and they were like. You're not going to attack that bird with these lines now my I am, but it didn't come to that. Cause I started I started my trash talking again with my with my coworker there then another bird showed up, so it was like. Oh, you want to do to onto. Yeah, and my my coworker was like they just leave it alone Clark. Just leave it alone. Analyze yeah all back. So what how? Oh I just. I just went to work. That was a you were the bigger man. I'll I was the bigger man. Yeah, let that bird. Broom Day. So, but I will say this about going back to las thing is they're not anything more gratifying than just hitting a wasp's nest with wasps killer? No, it's very. It's very satisfying. It's it's almost on on the same level as like peeling the skin after sunburn wall for I. Don't ever get sunburned like that, so I don't know what that feels love well all you should try it some time. We just you know we'll. We'll We'll burn me regular style. How about that? Yeah, just kind of medium rare it and then I'll just. Marks on the phone. Hey Mark. Webber, so the reason why I wanted to have mark on. Is because he's a big Zach. Snyder Fan and I don't understand why. And Talks off air. And he I thought he was kidding. He said I'm not really Zach Snyder Fan. Brawls guys into a file. Yeah, we know. The problem is marches lays down like in agrees with everything. You know what I mean. Operative I'll. Present. My argument and he's like. Yeah, you're right. He sucks. But then he doesn't rebuttal and he's still a huge fan edition. You load, yeah. I I hate arguing with people you know. Like if Eric noses if he starts to attack something that I like I'll at least present, and I'm not trying to necessarily change his mind, but I'll bring points to. Defend my position, so he's already agreeing with you, right, yeah! Mark knows how I am so Here's I bring up arguments, but that like whenever I. Whenever I you know rebuttal marks marks a Michael's like. Trying to convince me whatever China Committee with I normally say it and like well I guess we have two points of view, but whenever Michael Pulitzer or Arctic article on my views, people agree with me. Right I'm like. Eric! You're right and I was like I know I was? Yeah usually three days later I'll I'll hit up aircraft. Okay, you're right about that. But at least I stood my ground at the time. That's what I believe. Mark was like. I Love Zach Snyder. He's Got Zack Snyder movie. I'm like well. Zach Snyder sucks. Yeah, you're right, but he still he doesn't, but he doesn't believe that so because of Hbo Max they're going to Redo the Snyder. Are they going to release? The Snyder cut yeah next year, so which I in my opinion, I think is is an awful idea, but I'm going to present my argument, and then I want. Marta present hits. Alright. That'd be the judge. Yeah you judge matters. I'll wear my graduation road, do you? Can. He be done with a wig on. Judge Judy. Know because on, tell you how both the disgraceful. And you know come to increase it. But. Mark. If you don't agree with what I'm saying, don't don't agree with it like. Tell me what I'm not trying to change your mind. Necessarily I'm speaking what I think what I'm feeling and so I. If you got verbally abuse me, verbally abuse me. Charge you become manager and he takes payment. Right. Oh, Gosh so here's what I'm going to say. We're talking. We're talking. Justice League. Right Justice League. Yeah, sorry I should have. So first off mark. Why don't you tell me why you like Zach? Snyder first presenter argument of why you like it acts Neider. Well I'm a visionary person. Right like I I love of movies that after like my I. Rather it be like Zach Snyder or parents Melik like I just love visual movie. and. I feel like his movies. Even though a lot of people kind of Bay that is way of storytelling is very. You know kind of like everywhere. But you got yeah. It's SORTA Kinda summed up. What you're saying is you like the visual aspect of Zach Snyder in his movie where they look the way they feel, and I will give credit. Credit's due I think Zach is a great visual artist right so if I was gonNA shoot a franchise, and I wanted a certain look to that. Film or the maybe the trilogy that I was planning. I would hire Zach Snyder to. Create the look and the feel riles the tone. If you like, Hey, do you want me to direct to? I can direct I'll be like. No, no, no, thank you, we. Know how to tell stories that will do that, so don't worry just working visuals. Okay, Yeah Yeah Yeah I. Get that so I will give you that. Let me present my argument as to why. I think. The Zach Snyder cut that everyone's so excited about all of a sudden is a bad idea. Let's talk about his early films. So the Superman man of steel that came after the success it was writing. The Cote tells of the Dark Knight Series Right. So it was those were huge movies huge success and they're like. Let's continue it. Let's build on that. Let's bring in Superman. Do the same dark gritty. Down to Earth. Feel to it. The movie comes out I remember watching it and not really liking. It didn't hate it just didn't really like it. And I thought one of the main. Issues was casting. Amy Adams as Lois Lane because Lois. Lane is a hard hitting. You know no BS reporter. And she came off in my opinion, amy caslow ten and Hey. I have a question. You answer it. No, okay sorry to bother you and. That's kind of how I feel and I feel like Lois Lane is a very well defined character over the years and the fact that it was so far off base. Started to raise red flags, if this was a relationship, this would have been my first red flag. Also I just WANNA point out She's a redhead versus being our having black hair and I know that you know. I mean come on, let's let's just be real here. Right mostly is Brunette. Let's be honest. And then he does Batman versus Superman. And I remember going to the theater and again seeing another red flag with. Jesse Eisenberg as LEX Luther. So I'm thinking, that's another well defined character Wi-. Jesse Eisenberg, then I wait for the BLU ray to come out. It comes out. Watch a director's cut at home. Super Excited Rewatch it and I thought to myself after watching it again. This is a terrible movie. Absolutely terrible! This is a long opening statement. I ever heard. I've been practicing this all day and this is. It's been like I had like a whole could do a whole three shows on this. is how passionate I am about how terrible! Oh. My God this is all the court. The court would like to remind you that we only have so much time. I'm getting to the end now. So. Now the Justice League. They're starting to work on that. One brothers is now concern with. How these movies are going! They're not well received. People are hating it. There's many stories that go that that have been flying around, but I think what happened is want brothers fired him. Of course you also had to step away a family tragedy. He had to deal with that, and so they called in Sweden as the middle of filming a accident or about to wrap up Jesli. And they said just. Can you come in and make something out of this horrible atrocity disaster of a movie? Can you at least make something that is somewhat entertaining and Josh rolls up his sleeves and he says I'll try. I'll do my best promises and I. Think Joss does a great job at a Justice League movie that is at least entertaining. It's not what we were promised big. Zach Snyder Universe that you know. He was building up, but it was at least entertaining. It was a fun little right. Yeah here. We are in two thousand twenty now. Everyone's calling for Zach. Snyder cut the same people by the way who were bashing. Batman versus Superman just five years ago whenever it came out, same enough time has passed that people don't remember how bad the other movies were. Do you have any rebuttals to that? Yeah I do actually. Okay, so here's my here's my thing. Now, this is why I'm excited for the Snyder. because one. Yes, a fan of! Jack Snyder Zach Snyder. Just because of his previous movies like. Tucker Pints. Even though that movie made no sense at all I really enjoyed it because it's like a like a fun movie right, but a lot of people hated it same thing with Manziel. I do agree with you about the character about the actors are playing characters a hundred percent homegirl! No. I thought she was be worse. lowest plane that has ever been on the screen like the worst lowest point I would have liked somebody. That was you know like how you said more stronger more dependent you know didn't really have to you know. She got in trouble and you know fought her way out. HYPOC HYPOC check like I would have dug that a lot. and. And homeboy playing lex. Luthor I felt like he was trying so hard. It'd be like equal edger like crazy like heath ledger, and he just came off sort of like a hustle. You know what I mean like like he was trying to. Be. To be crazy or too hard to be like this nut guy, had daddy issues like it was just like Nah I don't. I don't believe him being person like they could've got anybody crew like before and I would have been okay with it made. They made them too much like like God She's the founder of facebook March. Mark Zuckerberg social networking more. Than Yeah actually criminal. Yeah like it's almost like were like we love what you did with the social network. Let's make like if LEX Luthor may the social network, but he may books. How would he be after a few years of You know crying and people? Yeah, yeah, like and it came off like. No like this is stupid like I. Don't I don't like can't but here is that I think. Those characters that are so well defined and you get them so wrong. It starts to make me think that. Maybe you don't understand these characters. You know what I might be yeah. ME. Yeah, yeah I totally agree. With Zach Snyder is. He is a big fan of DC, but he's more of a fan of like certain DC graphic novels I feel like because he's always going to different graphic novels, who kind of described his tone and describe what he's going for, and I think that his tone is always going to be a darker tone. It's always going to be a you know. I don't think gothic. Yeah. Same here and the I. Feel like the scene game is your the one thing you are right about is the storytelling is a little off like it it. It can't be off and on some point like for sure I do think that. He. Sometimes doesn't have a lot of the creative process on his own because. from what I hear a lot with the with warner brothers when it comes to superhero movies, they elect to take full control because they wanna make their movies different for marble and I think that they wanNA. They WANNA make it different, but the also WANNA keep it family friendly like marble movies so more people can go watch the movie, but I mean look at the watchman. I, don't know if you guys ever seen the watchman, but I didn't watch it because I heard there was blue Dong in it and yeah. Well, I'm telling you. It has to be one of the best. Graphic, novel Comic Book Movie That Ever Came Out. Are you talking about visually or the whole story? Because there's no, what do I care I? Just want you know like even the story will. My personal opinion is the the director's cut, and I hate I. Hate Having to say Directors Cup because. You know that's where it goes with the studios. You know there. There's so many directors cut. That are better than the original right. The bladerunner theatrical cut was completely different from the director's cut and the director's cut. Major theatrical cut looked like you. Know what I mean so. So sometime, you know I feel like the studio kind of ruined. Some movies like like a watchman. The I the article was not good like it kind of sucks because they left out a lot of key point, but then when you watch the director's cut, you see exactly what dockside was sort of going for? And it makes sense, and it looks a lot better, but the with the dark knight I mean that's our time what Manaf Manaf. Bat members the Superman. I see what you're saying about the director's cut because it's almost like you either like it or you hate it because. There's some things that still oh, make sense or there's like the whole Martha Martha. Mother, Martha Thing Yeah that was nice. I thought. I sat there and I was like. Why like that's the reason why? He doesn't want to kill Superman anymore like? Why didn't they kind of change it up? Or that's the one thing I wish was different. 'CAUSE even. I thought like that was kind of laughable. You know and and the way Ben Affleck was like acting on it like I thought that was like super four than yeah it just in I didn't care for that, but. I did like the movie because the director's cut again was a lot better than the theatrical version, and there was more story you know. There was more dialogue you know there were there were key points that you didn't see theatrical version that kind of put the film together in a director's cut. That's my I hope it's good because if it's good, that means we might get more justice league movies. I'm cool with the CAST. As far as you know lex Luthor, whatever I I didn't like, but as far as the main heroes. I'm cool with even been. Bothering me. I hope it's good but I. don't like the fact that like. He's like I'm GonNa. Make the movie that I set out to make in the beginning. No, no, you had like all these years to think about all the mistakes that you made and these old movies. You didn't have these thoughts previously. Reason, why you were fired from the movie I just wanted to point out One, one thing like when we get into the whole artist's interpretation of how to make something that's You're taking something that's well established all right. We know the story about Superman. We know the story about that and we've seen all the different petitions The thing is like when you get to the point where you WanNa make something that so a aesthetically pleasing you kind of lose. Focus on what you're making the movie for. You're making for the fans. This is the same I have with the episode. Aches of Star Wars and then trying to. Rectify all the problems. They made an episode a with episode nine. So you come up with something like Poli, ridiculous and it just you're just like okay well. That's I. Guess That's the period or the exclamation point that we're GONNA put at the end of the paragraphs. I think Markaz right when he says that Zach cider set out and made visually film and China's, but also trying to set it apart from marvel, because I'll be real at the the reason. Why Marvel the marvel movies are really good to me is because it looks and feels almost like a cartoon as news to. which cartoon was closer to Comic Book in a Live Action Movie Right? The issue that I have with the DC part is trying to make it more realistic, but you have a man flying around laser being out of his eyes. Were for Dark Knight because you could have Batman in real life right right right? Yeah, exactly like this. This'll this'll go to this privileged my James, bond, Batman argument, but because James Von makes sense because it is set in the real world dislike Batman as you're trying to bring two worlds together in in it's it's. It's not a symbiotic in the least and then then to put a little bit of Cherry on top. Then you start making these characters, a little bit, different, or a lot different than the archetypes that we have come to note what the greatest, though in my opinion, the worst character that they had on that film was Jimmy Olsen, so Jimmy Olsen turns into CIA. In a kill him, that's it yeah, or just of the sheer kind of window of mentioning Robin his older, Batman I mean they could have made it at asked where they brought night wing end. That would have been great. I thought I thought wonder woman was I know I'm going off on a tangent, but I thought wonder woman was excellent film Oh. Yeah, in a wine flowed very well, because actor had nothing to do with it. No. You PRODUC-. How was it? They just did that as a courtesy he didn't really do. Art. C. And here's the deal I thought was really entertaining, because it kind of went it like I. Think offline Menas. The closest thing is closest to a marvel movie out of all and that's. Good because I had nothing to do with it. He was gone by. Zan great movie because. I talk. I was just watching the movie today. I watched. His Am for the second time chronic once. Yeah movie is grow up great DC movie like. Right like! To be drying. You Guess What Your Boy Zach Snyder keeps and everything. The whole thing. I think the best you. Could do is actually look to their animated films. Has I think they're? I've I've I've only seen like maybe one or two. Okay, that was kind of a complete waste of time, but their animated movies really slow well because I mean like I was saying earlier, the more you can kind of make it resemble a cartoon better. You're going to be Austin trying to a at a appeal to families and be actually be a incongruency with the And you know why. They animated movies are good because. It has nothing to do with it all right so. Let's go to the judge here. Your verdict on all of this. You've heard both sides. So I'm GonNa have to roll in favor of Mike But I will say this. Though I I'm looking forward to the Zach signer cut because of it's like a it's GonNa. It's going to rectify the films in in a better way because I agree with mark. If you, if you've ever seen apocalypse now versus apocalypse three dots I mean. A superior movie. And there's a there's a director's cut of Terminator Two, that I as a lot more added features to it that Kinda makes the movie better. but overall. Justice League does not hit the mark and that's my burdette. Here. All right, but. I doubt now now my skin. It says I'm going to. I'm going sentence this to just jail. Probation, only community service community service. Audi my car wash next week by the way Martin. But I'm hoping it's good because I wanNA. See more movies. Regardless, if they're good or bad I I'll still watch it and I. I'm rooting for it, but that's just my two cents all right. Bob Sag it. is on next. You guys remember the theme song from America's funniest home videos when you yes, I do. America America. This is the part where the TV's. We're coming in right. The family watching TV to the singer hadn't started yet, right? You never knew how good that show was until Bob. Sagging left and you're like Nand. Ram version on came in. It was like Oh. We didn't know how good we had it. Dried early ninety. When equalness? Be. Around. Now. Here's your host Bob Sag. And he prime would. Trip over. Yeah, yeah exactly I used to think that was so cheesy back in the day. And you know his dad jokes and you know just over the top. He'd always make fun of his producer, the off camera producer and then he leaves. And we get somebody else, and they're not doing the voice over the videos anymore. They're not making the cheesy. Jokes. It just it's. We didn't know how good we had it until he was gone. And then Youtube kill everything. And now all they do. Now is they just played videos from the nineties? Why am I? GonNa. Watch your show and I can just turn on Tiktok and laugh all day. We'll be right back with BOB sack. Gave Kennedy. Right. Dot Edu. On the phone I'm on the phone. A. Day. A. Day! On the phone. Commun- flow I'm. Told me on the. Phone I'm on the phone. Hey everybody. This is bobby and this is Jesse and we're going to tell you what's coming up today. You're making her lab. With my fault. Hey everybody, it's bobby and this is Jesse and here's what's coming up to now. You're doing good. I know. Hold on I. Think I had too much coffee. Just say this. Is What's coming up on today's show. Let's too much. Here's what's coming up next and here's what's coming. It's a lot easier coming up next. December. One two. Three Hey. Get. To See A. Give me a again. Tell me right here we go. Again. Here's what's coming up next. The microphone falls. I, if you have fashioned with Chris, he's going to tell you how to look fly. In Twenty fifteen. And Next Forbes ten most tried on, so it's she does hers, and then you do yours and it goes back. Yeah now you said her do now. It's her you her. Hey, we also have Michael's twin I found him on TV. You'll be amazed and then Forbes top ten most trusted celebrities of two thousand fourteen list might be a little outdated bobby, so you would end up by San all that more coming up next all that coming up more. All that coming up more. Try Martin all that coming up next all that and more coming up next. Oh, big deal all that and more coming up next. Like a minute he's I. Don't mean it all all that more. More coming up next. Due to get all that more coming up next. New. This is MC now. With us. Like us on facebook at facebook dot com forward slash MC now. This is M Z now. County. Sheriff's. Michael, we'll all. I got. 'EM Z. NOW DOT TV. Mr Saggy, how are you good? I'm glad I'm. Living. Living through. The different stages of quarantine does it starts to change and trying to do what I'm doing. which is entertained people throughout this and hopefully comfort of in some way with different projects. Were we doing we? Do you're making? People feel good every day. So I'm I'm doing whatever I could do as well well, I'm a big fan of your work. I've been for since I was a kid I don't know if you know this started the The Bob Fan Club I was the president of the Dallas Chapter. Never really took off because no one knew it existed. Marketing wasn't my strong point back then. But. I had started it. I had my webpage already up. It was great. I I was a big Fan. So thank you. Do you see this kind of force? Time out as a as a blessing in disguise in some ways for some people in other words like. Have you had more time to write and create? I mean I know you just came out with a podcast you're the podcast is been all consuming. It's not unlike what you're doing so if you're doing for hours a day day and doesn't allow you to, and you're done. Go. Hey, let me go work on my other career for five hours hours. But I'm able to do a bunch of different things setting up projects working on. A movie directing thing things like that, but the podcast POPs. It's here for us on Monday. Wednesday Friday on Apple podcasts as well as UH. spotify and others and I. I love it because it's it's different I'm I started it before the quarantine before the pandemic really exploded, and I did 'cause I was so tired I was doing it my stand boss I was supposed to come to Dallas, and and do my show, and we had to move everything And, I the whole idea was to make people feel better, because everybody's so related. We all know what we all know. What's going on, so I wanted this put an end to that for a while and this happy. We'll have fun, and that's what I'm doing in my podcast I've been calling people because they leave the numbers on a on a number. That's the last on voicemail on. Top of Apple PODCASTS, or wherever and I call him I called one guy. He was stone for half hour, and he was laughing about quarantine, so I just kept going with them. It was too good, and then I called my call my friends I and talk for ninety minutes to John Stamos John Mayer, mostly Johns and Howie. Mandel the king of a social distancing. I had Norman Lear and Nikki glaser and so many great people, Macaulay Kokin and green's coming up and they got bill burr Monday and it's just a all our wonderful experience for me doing well, which makes me happy that people dig it and the reason I was calling and I. I hate talking so fast about my time. I'm on a stupid radio tour. Which I just talked to you especially because you were the head of my fan club. The Dallas chapter was a big deal. Oh My. God, did you have Merch we did? We had a cafe press shop setup and we had t-shirts, but like I said no one knew it existed, so I may start back up. Awesome. Because our in central time, right? So. What's happening on Sunday and it'll be seven o'clock in Dallas. is a wonderful then I'm part of I was able to judge and also present the best film and Best Director Award for this wonderful. Real Theriault Global Youth Film Festival at its Film Festival curated by Foster and former foster youth, so these are kids that have gone from foster home to foster home. And and not had places of permanence, and had a really rough upbringing, and they made films. There are three minutes long nine minutes long. Most of them are sure the whole program. Take about an hour and a half and it's on. Our and fifteen and the on Sunday night and that's the thirty first and then just go to youtube to watch it at seven o'clock in Dallas and they type in under search, inspire give it just the word is one word, inspire give, and they'll be taken right to it, and they'll be able to watch these films, and you'll see the twelve submissions that made it to the top They took over seventy youth, so makers from around the world and some people have asked me you know. What about the losers? Losers. What do you do for them? And it's like well. They're getting their film shown around the world on Youtube which will be probably a huge number of people because it's, it's a well known organization that's doing it, and it's quite inspiring especially now to see young kids that are faced nothing but hardship make these films that are poignant, and they're not political, and it's nothing except just compassion and love, and it just makes you feel for him, so here's a serious me. That comes out of times like this then I. I'm just happy to be part of it so well. That's so cool you know people say that. The greatest crossover event of all time was avengers, but I say it's when you and Jamie. Kennedy did rolling with Saga on blowing. Do! You still talk to Jimmy I'd do. It was his birthday two days ago turned fifty, so he's. He's still a baby, but he that was an MTV show. Blowing up did a video role with saggy. This is how the world has changed. We had a budget just to shoot a music video with me up a half a million dollars. The music video. A car to. Car there's cheerleaders dancing. And I'm in a Cardigan sweater, sometimes just like gaining tanner. House ends June second. The last nine and the last episode of the best 'cause. I'm in a lot, so it's really good. I started a change Org to get you on there more you and and clay and everyone. I wanted to see the crew back more, but it still great. To, but it was meant to pass the time and we. We've come back just to be part of it. Where are group? Pets are more fun than anything I just. Love that. It's not printable so. But life goes on. As as Blake changes and we, we get through this, which is what everybody is wanting? I mean it's funny to look at the news and see people dancing with by crime scene tape around them as their dancing their little square, but yet they're still talking to the person next to them and drinking jello shots, so it's. It's fascinating. It but I just want people to be well. That's kind of what I'm aiming for. There's really a lot of ways to hear in. See Bob. Sag At these days I mean. Bob Saga Tear few on all streaming platforms for podcast. The real to Reel Film Festival Fuller House on Net flicks, and then you also have cameo, so you're on cameo now as well Oh do that for charity. That's just for people, and it's Nice I mean they do it goes to charity. It goes to the New York of the food. Bank of New, York. La Food Bags Girder Marie Search Foundation. I lost a sister to that and I'm giving to the American Red Cross. Red Cross in the world. Just doing what I can't. You know just doing whatever I can and. I'm not going out that much 'cause I'm I'm sixty four me to be careful, but I don't know. Nobody told me to be careful when I was young. I get anything but I know people affected I. Know People that have had it, do you? have. And that just goes to show you. It's not a conspiracy theory. Yeah Yeah and it's supposed to unify, but it sure does feel that way right now. That's what I'm doing. Appreciate all that you're doing to the help. Bring a little bit more joy into the world, and like a huge fan of your work I appreciate the time and I hope you stay safe kill stay inside wear masks. All that's. Where Paul has, Matsuda home. Danny Tanner at home we need. I'm using windex like you wouldn't believe. I recently does busted a vacuum cleaner. It's not even a job I did. So I've got I. Am Danny Kanter now. Do. You stay safe. Thanks so much you to be well. I'll see you soon. I hope you serve. Bob. With. Getting so I have. Some more bad news I know you know. We're all going through a lot right now. I don't mean to pile on more bad news by the opposite. Avatar to has been able to continue filming and. We are going to get an Avatar to the James what's GonNa yeah. Unfortunately I hope I was hoping I was going to be a cova. Casualty is like a INARA the plans for him to make like six of those movies. There's going to be more avatars than lamb before times as he still going to be a lie to make those movies cause, it tastes ten years to make one bright, the first one. What even that good. I mean it was in three d all right? They had three back in the fifties, didn't they? With the little cardboard cutout Connah's yeah, I. Think you're right the. Why did it take you so long when they did that in day? Mass fifty nine. That's another one. That's another guy who, at least in that movie Avatar, I don't even know what what the story was. We just kind of drop it on this world, and some things happen and I. Just remember them plug in their tails together, and that's it. It was basically dances with wolves, but with aliens yeah. Did. Anyone finished Space Force I. Did I did not want to know. I'M GONNA give you my rating on it again. Just like on Monday I like it. Don't love it. It did get better after the fifth. There's it was a slow start. But, it did get better I like all the characters, a lot of funny people in it. They, come up with a season two. I'm definitely watching it I. Give it a six point five, not quite a seven. Not Quite six, it was five when I first started I bumped it up. Appoint and a half. Maybe it might be one of those shows where they'll evaluate their writing in a story ARCS, and maybe get better. It'll instant tracks Yamaha apparently episode seven, apparently I wasn't that drawn to it I didn't realize that deepen. Oh, you're on episode seven. I thought you were like season. One are episode, one or two. No but nothing really happened I mean nothing of any significance but they say with Greg Daniels shows like the office season was awful. You know when I came out parks and REC. The I like season and a half two seasons were not great, so it takes him a little bit, but I think it'll be fine. I mean everyone on. There's rate. Talk About Dino Now oh, yes. I. That's more exciting to me right now. Then the Damn Space Force. D Story AH. It's pretty much exactly what I thought it was going to be, but I do understand why people like it like I understand people like to build their character, and that's it's Lar Ping, but at your house I don't see myself being hooked on this game. Because the DNA, the whole concept of the game are things I don't like about games in general I. Don't like story in games like I've played every single halo game. They've ever made and I have no idea what's going on. After fifteen years or so of Halo I. Skip this. The little cut scenes in video games because I don't care for me, not all like if it's a Batman game, or you know something I'm really invest like the last of us are to going to be really involved in the story. Red Redemptions, great redefinition to great example, it's a story you want to kind of so can as much as possible but everything else. I'm just wanting play the game. So we start off with. My Buddy, give us all like the background on our characters, and then he's like and then imagine. This world know he goes into this whole painting. This picture and I'm like I don't care I. don't care about any of that. Like. When are we going to? What's the point of the game so like half the game is literally just setting up a story to get to a battle. Where actually kind of doing something? So that already is something I, don't like I. also don't like when you have to build up your attributes for different things like Oh, well your your wisdom. You have three points of wisdom. That in video games I just WANNA go in and. Play, but my buddy had heard the show he heard I was great vocal about. The four hours and all this, so when he built the store, he made a very basic campaign. All of us were noobs except for him, and his girlfriend and I was the Nubia of all nukes, so the story was very simple. We walk and we get this letter. We walk into this town. And we go to the tavern. And then we. Battle these golic things or whatever I don't know what we're doing. And, but still it took like six hours. We had some technical difficulties we had. You know the, but I was able to do stuff we're off. The House I was able to order. Your in a tavern, internet or anything every time somebody would use a spell. The Internet would go out of their house. Stop US! That's supposed knocking out your little WIFI connect. You know people are role playing different characters like. My buddy was real playing as an old lady vendor and I'm like I. Don't like acting for no reason I totally concur with you. the one time I play DND. I was just totally bored with A and I felt bad, because like I was the dissenter in the whole group. And you know I'm trying to give it a chance. Yeah, I'm kind of I'm kind of one of those people like if I'm reading a book and I'm not hooked within the first twenty pages on. On, putting it down. same thing with video games. There's like I. I'm I gotTa go back and play. Red, dead redemption to the the single player because I've heard better, but the multiplayer is just awful. Right now but there's gotta be what what they've got to realize that these Games is that attention? Span of human being is not great, unless you are already hooked to or have some background or you really into fantasy see that's another thing. I'm not really into fantasy. I'm not into fantasy movies. I'm not into fantasy like novels or anything like. Potter not into any of that. Yeah, I'm struggling to read a Harry Potter Book Right Now and it's just Kinda like it's falling on deaf ears, but the the thing about it is when you make something to where there's there's a a person that has full control creative control over how the game plays out then I'm also sitting there evaluating my friends storytelling. ABILITY PIRANHA! Like I might play Dungeons and dragons say Stephen King was thunder master. It might actually be interesting, but like Morgan Freeman's narrating the whole thing right right. The thing is it's it's you kind of look at it and you're like. Wow, you guys are really into this and I want to start my friend and. You know it's it's. Also you're talking about a game. That has really no rigidness to no no set light, half really but. Can Happen You. He was like Oh. You Roll. twenty five, and now you're GONNA kill the. Now, you're you're facing the this guy? What are you going to do? I'm like. Kelham. Okay, so then you take your sore and you know what I mean. I'm not. What do you mean? Just make up whatever I want? Yeah, I kill the whole army, and we live happily ever after an theatre games over. Yes, he like I, think when I was flying. It was like we're in a tavern. Well, there was one part where we were in a tavern to and like Okay Clark. What's your next new and I'm like? Me I'M GONNA GRAB A. It's like all right roll seven to have a beer or something like that like can I just walked over and grab a beer like that? It's it's like Oh, you're old five. You're cut off and I'm like okay, and it's like. What are you GonNa? Do now and I'm like well now mainly because I. don't. I didn't get my drink I. Understand why. This game was so big in one thousand nine hundred seventies, because video games sucked or What Pong or whatever one thousand nine hundred, so people play that, and it was a way to be immersive, and how a little doubt than the game that you're playing. Video Games you know. I don't have to imagine it I just did I think I think a lot of people tend to like it for a nostalgia sake They like the they like it because of like I said the fantasy aspect of it, but I I mean I come. I come from the whole point like man. Monopoly gets long. You know at some point. I'm just like all right one of the winner. Is Yemen monopolies at least fun? Fun Now. You know what I mean. You could see a board. You're not imagining anything. You don't have to make up a story. It writes kind of a game of chance a little bit. You know yeah, absolutely but the thing is. There's there's sometimes it's really we're going to do this for four hours like I know. No wonder you guys aren't getting late, so you didn't like season three Riverdale then out season through. That's the one with the. G G preacher right yeah, the Griffin's and Gargoyles. That I thought the whole was I was like on the edge of my seat I thought like what is this and there was like a guy in a costume, and the school was a whole weird thing, but at least there's a story and I'm not imagining it if I had a magic that whole season of Riverdale my head I would. Like it, and there's a part of me though that, because when I came in, I was just joking around. You know what I mean I'm just GonNa. That's what I'm GonNa do when I'm playing the game like Oh. You came across this Old Lady. What are you GonNa do I'm GonNa. Ask Her if she's single. Yes, Liebler! I'M GONNA take up my kilt and I'm GONNA put my. I was I was doing things like that, but I would never join into an actual group of people that are really serious about because some people really take it seriously and I'm wasting their time, and they're trying to rank up this. You know this imaginary character that doesn't even exist, but this piece of paper in front of them with this group of people I know. Get Away with that but I would never just join in and do this as a routine with groups of different people that are really trying to take this that a career players. You know you know what would be a good. Thing for us to pursue its like me, and you try, or you reach out and try to find a dungeon master. Try to find somebody that you aren't. Immune, you somebody else plays dungeons and dragons, and we just totally ruin. The whole area has prince for the first. Episode of Family Guy where Stuey is taking around the the cast of Star Trek generation he's like you. People are the most miserable people on our i. wish this never happened There was a way I could forget about this I would now the question is when I played again. Not with just randoms what I play with this group of people again. Yes, if I had four hours or five hours a day, which I, hardly ever hat, if I had that, and they were playing, because I like everyone in the group I had more fun just being there with this group. Then I did playing the game. The game was just an excuse to. To hang out with these guys and I was at home. I could order things I was actually trying to fix a hard drive while we were playing the game like I was doing things. If I was at somebody's house, no way I could. Because then you're stuck, but I could just be like. Hey, let me grab the mail or let me go by. GRUB guys here. I'M GONNA. Go out there and get the food I would definitely play with these guys again. Because I enjoy their company. I can come up with one hundred things. We could do instead. Eric. Have you ever played indy? I did but whenever I was like twelve or thirteen. C ends another thing I think it would be a lot more fun if I was young and Allie now, but I never did find anyone play with Alec, a little character and all. I can hook you up with Luke. But virtually join in again. Buddy said for six hours. To spare, yes, there was a way that like you know you could play like thirty minutes a night here and there keep up with the whole question, but I mean once again. It just goes back to my whole reading thing. It's like okay cool. I got to open up the book. I haven't read this book in my three or four days, and I'm going back and reading pages to see where I'm at in. Interesting enough I'm rereading stuff's over and over again. That's the other thing I wish. There was a way to where you know. You could play in thirty or like, if I am if I could leave the rest of the team, keep playing, and it doesn't screw everything up I. Wish there was a way that can happen, but you're stuck. I feel like. I'm letting the team down yet. I can decide how. How, we're allocating like an hour like request like within an hour or something, quick quest. Yeah, and I feel first off. It could absolutely be done absolutely especially with like four people. You don't have to go into detail and paint. I haven't imagination you say. You're in a tavern I. See what the Tavern looks like in my head and just by that you don't have to. There's bricks on the wall. I got that on that Mardi there unless it's pertaining to. Know a clue or something that we need to guy and yes, but don't tell me like unnecessary things like the author of Dexter I. Don't remember what his name is. I've got a duck air somewhere, but that guy. The books are great. At least the original ones were the first couple. But. He's so detailed and I'm like dude. And then it was a it was a semi cast day in the shadows like I don't care. Nothing to do with the store I get it I get. He's in a room. There's like three pages just describing the scene before anything even happens and I'm like I. Don't care. Get with the story. Like Zach Snyder wrote a book. And on that now. We. Do have to wrap up next week. Steven Ogg. And walking dead bill farmer the Voice of Goofy. We'll be on. Monday! That's it. We'll see you guys next week. This is MCC now online at Z now dot TV like us on facebook at facebook dot com forward slash MC now.

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MadTrio Podcast - Episode_062

MadTrio Podcast

1:00:44 hr | 8 months ago

MadTrio Podcast - Episode_062

"Welcome to the mad trio podcast. This week we have the California Prior Jonathan Sharp James. The Fat Man Stevens and Ryan don't ask. Don't tell us that one a couple of times I have. It's kind of the default really because you never know what you're don't ask you know we'll have you don't ask. You won't tell you exactly if you don't have so it's kind of an evil cycle so I sent this this image to I even if you don't so I sent this image to you guys via text message and it's a bunch of famous. Tv cars you have the dukes of Hazzard the back to the future car echo one eighteen van Miami Vice Test Arosa. You had the magnum Pi Ferrari or nightrider out of all these vehicles. If somebody would just hand you the keys which one would you like to go with the ghostbusters? And I guess I should say since and I would say since all of these are TV or movie vehicles that say whatever they do in the movie or the TV show. They should in theory do when the hand you the keys. Okay I agree with that. Yeah I don't think I'd go with kit it might. I was originally trying to start a relationship with my car. You know we'll either. Delorean is three people like. Are you going to break the time late? Give get new time off the only problem with that. If you actually watch a show that fucker required a lot of maintenance is gonNA come with that John. Is he going to come with that giant Eighteen wheeler you know. Because he did you know and also. GonNA COME WITH MECHANIC THERE. A manual at some point in the show probably. I think I remember manual. That was like like like the La phonebook. Yes so yeah I vaguely. It's probably the first couple episodes. I don't remember I just remember. I think I remember them. One episode they busted out a manual for something to fix Vixen. I just remember looking at that thing. I'm like God Damn who've read that thing I actually have degree. I think actor one back to the future car. I mean I actually am always been a big fan of delorean Motor Corporation but would be pretty bad ass. Yeah I think so. I mean really just for Siren Siren everywhere. So there's there's so there's A. There's a youtube video of it of them restoring the original actor one. I forgot what it's called when it was one of the movies. I think they brought in Dan Ackroyd and so they were restoring all the bills and bubbles up top on the top of the car and Dan Ackroyd was saying what they would have done in real life because apparently Dan Ackroyd taught all about what it would do which which I actually thought was bad ass surprise part of that's because he's autistic man could be so it's one of those things that if it's in his will house. I have no doubt he thought about it because he's really big into Spiritualism it's the shit that either one of those things is actually you know he's a big car nut that I've never heard your love. Love Love cars like that. You know like the old big giant votes cars you know One wouldn't expect You'll call people to live so I wonder if he's like Jay Leno Jay Leno half the reason he's scarred because I've watched his his youtube show not this MSNBC show but he's always been into like If it has a story he really digs the story. Yeah so you know Steph station wagons and Shit like the family truck stor yeah. Yeah but like a four fifty four. You know dude. I would totally do that. Do it. get a family truck. Stir but get a thousand horsepower. Like just pavement pounding monster. That'd be a great bleeper. Get One mile a gallon. You pull you pull out you pull out the driveway hold on gala filler up. Yeah yeah it it means more like six but yeah so I was at work today and one of the people I work with can get fired up not necessarily anyways so the girl I work with. She's about the same age as me. I think she's like a year and a half two years older so she's like kind of being healthy and stuff like that so she busted out a couple of weeks ago Container of of elderberry gumming. Things and Saturday. She asked me if I wanted some. They're not too bad. It was like sure why the hell not and I mentioned to her. I said I always think of Monty. Python was every time you know you hand me these. She kinda looks looks at me all strange for a second. I said ill like Monty. Python and the holy grail. The French Guy Thrown Insults. She considers me goes. I've never seen it and I was sitting there and I'm like baffled because not only is she. Does she watch a lot of comedy coming out? You want to quote no. I know the quote your father's nothing elderberry. There's there's more to it. I know there's a shit ton to it. Although the goddamn quote couldn't quote by half an hour back yeah she sat anyways but seeing just kind of thinking about it. I'm like okay. Well she is really in a comedy she just went to stand up comedy show recently by a comedian who is nicknamed the machine. Oh Yeah Burt. Yeah Bert Kreischer. Yes just went to that and Shirtless and I'm just sitting there and I'm thinking like wait a second. You're completely in comedy. She's always talking about the new comedy whatever. She's been watching movies television show on Netflix and everything and tries to get me to list watch. I'm thinking like how you be that into comedy and not know about money python and the flying since what you said. So she's in the comedy movies. Then yeah okay. 'cause I'm she's in comedy movies stand up a TV shows honest and she's usually talking about at least once a day when I'm working. Has She seen the flying circus? No she hasn't seen any she does not know any money python. Okay no way agree. Because I'm I'm super big into stand up comedy not a giant fan of KANU comedy movies TV shows etc. But if you're in all of it how do you miss one of the most important? She had no money groups it. There's too much shit track of in the League on as us. Then we the reason we got into my python was because we have like a cool uncle or somebody that was slightly older than us in offer me like fifty not for me at all. I just found that on my own pretty much I remember. I think it was. The life of Brian was the first one I watched. I'm not the biggest monty python fan but yeah I ran into him I actually ran into the holy monty python the holy grail. Yeah this one is the most famous because I was. I was laughing at the fact that every part that'd be time they showed. The castle was the same side so I'm just world but my point is is it's somebody could grow up their entire life on when we were born in the early eighty and say that they've never seen it because it was slightly generation before them. So unless you found is because you're like us and you just scoured the highest ranking. You hadn't seen you had somebody to issue to Allie. Here's here's where I disagree with you. 'cause if you WANNA talk about that. I'd say that'd be true the Marx Brothers but not at Monty Python monty python because even when we were slightly older everywhere and you determine anybody talked about a comedy movie well no but I think well even anytime anybody brought up comedy movie that even as a little kid that was somewhere within the top ten of the conversation. Oh have you seen anything with Monty? Python well see almost went on on the question tangent with her of okay. So what Mel Brooks Movies? Have you seen have you seen? Did you somehow missed blazing saddles see? No evil hear. No Evil That sorry that's not necessarily brooks but you know I mean there's a whole bunch of them that you're like wait a second but that's where my questioning would have gone. Have you seen this? Have you seen that? You know just kind of going off on and and I can almost guarantee she's asleep young Frankenstein. I mean not as best but I mean and space ball were. Young Frankenstein is in his best work. It's up there but as it's at least top five I wouldn't say I'll give you top bottom five. Going above that pleasing. Sounds for Christ's sake. Mr The world space falls off the history of the world would be an easy third for me too that they thought to be in the conversation. Because it's a great fucking movie and let's not forget silent movie or not to be would not be was actually his most real movie sarcastic of them. All was that the one that we watched on real fixture views. Yeah I like that a lot more now like young Frankenstein. I mean Young Frankenstein these talk for for me. Blazing Saddles will always be top number. One no question for me yeah But yeah but we can go on and on about this. You know what where this went down Federal Young Frankenstein. I toss up but it probably fifty fifty. I completely understand But what we're my mind went with. This was how much do I think that she would be laughing at them? Want you know trotting down the road with a pair of coconuts clapping clocking together and I'm thinking you know that could not necessarily be her sense of humor but there would be stuff in there that she would find probably amusing. Because they were there was a mixture of like keystone cops. No intelligent comedy. It's it's it's chock full of different kinds of breeds of comedy that that all fits within there were waiting satire man. So it's not something that you know like Talk about that Shit. You didn't hear anybody talking about money tight on when I was growing up to Geeks because we you know yeah both both but a you know that was a a real specific kind of satire that that Oxford University sort of sad. But you know what would be more of the American conversation? Be Like the natural land proven version with with the Harvard. Grab while National Lampoon and then I mean if you really WanNa go obscure you throw and police academy and all the revenge of the nerds films in In any Rodney Dangerfield Rodney. Dangerfield movie. But I mean Kennedy original coon with I was really thinking about it. You know like I would say like you knowing you guys you know. I've got a very dark sense of humor. Eighty Ninety eight percent of the time. You have a sense of humor. No never have guessed that it really made me think because I mean like I remember one of the fun time to go into theatre with John is were going and watching. Inglorious Bastards hilarious movie. And you know they're sitting there and unloading their gun into Hitler's I think it was goering's face by the way that's my number one comedy and they stop because they ran out of bullets. Pull out the stick reload it. I mean I was busted laughing and John Lewis too but you know we were some of the few in the theater who were laughing. Because it's hilarious. We getting dirty looks because I remember. I remember halfway through the movie. Like the the bear Jew seen with a guy hits with the baseball bat. Ask crying practically and I looked around. And everybody's looking giving a strange looks just like this shit is funny by the way this is what happens when you're in a with James and is usually were laughing at things that nobody else does. And then we realize okay. We're too far into the rabbit hole. But I mean that that's something I wouldn't I wouldn't expect quite a few people to find hilarious but I mean that's where I'm like. I could tell her shit ton of movies that she should watch comedies. But I'm like I don't know I don't think that many people have such a such a dark sense of humor but I mean that's quite a bit of Mel Brooks Jokes and his movies are pretty dark jokes. Yeah you know. There's a lot of racist jokes. There's a lot of sexual jokes. There's a lot of you know hintze some pretty funny things but you know I mean that's his sense of humor and there's some pretty I wouldn't say Raunchy things but there's a lot of things that are falls and there's a lot of sexual nature. Yeah I was GONNA say who the Guy who played Willy Wonka Gene Wilder Gene Wilder in. Pryor's movies Oh yeah. I always a giant fan of those two together. Those two were amazing together. My favorite one that I can name off. The top of my head is one of the prison they had they were walk to the cell block going me bad. I forgot what it's called. I don't know that one of God I look those two particular I was. I was always a big fan of hear no evil see-no-evil like that one was but you know. I mean yeah so I just think it's strange that somebody who's in comedy doesn't really know much monty python stir crazy nineteen. Oh okay all right Song that movie actually. I'd loved it mainly because I was such a sucker when I was a kid. I saw one of prior stand up comedy specials and it's the one where he's unlike a would stage background. It's not him on the sunset strip. I don't remember what it was and then just started psych. Okay nine who he is and I saw him in a movie like Oh. Hey Willy Wonka and just kind of went down the rabbit hole of his movies Richard. Pryor wasn't Willy Wonka. Nobody gene wilder like. Oh call him in will willy Wonka Gene Wilder. And it's Richard Pryor. It's okay that's let's see because you got the gene wilder from comedy before I saw Willie. Wonka I really. That was the first movie. I remember seeing gene wilder and I remember thinking okay. He's kind of creepy. Then you see the movie. It's like okay. He's he's he's funny and then when I saw him with prior there saw the special and some other stuff the prior. And it's like okay. This is going to be interesting. There was one hundred percent right. It's like you have a very weird mix of different comedy styles set just mash perfectly. Yeah I they must've been obnoxious off. Camera Oh I bet on camera. But they're obnoxious. Yeah But you know one of the things that. I think an Ryan's pretty right on. I mentioned this to you guys to watch but I don't know if you guys have have ever looked into it. It's from two thousand four. John cleese does documentary called wine for the confused. Nope never sent that thing. Is The funniest. Like documentary slash. You know thing ever and he really comes out and goes you know. You can trust me about wine because I'm an actor. I'm a celebrity. We know lots of things about like prostate cancer diabetes. Little this shit that you see actors up there talking about it. They're like it's just it's a frigging great one right. I know I mentioned to you that Walker wine for the confused with John cleese. It's hilarious but you know he comes away at the end with what is point is is like if you like it drink. It doesn't matter the oh I think I do remember that. I remember that being the though the point of it. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah definitely recall so. It's interesting I I most comedy way. That's very British humor. I was trying to find it. There's an article. I saw an interview with them. I can't find an expert of it. It was basically talking about you. Know how modern the way modern comedy was because he was saying how monty python put everybody modern Communist. Shame which I kind of agree especially if you look at I guess the way college is I agree and disagree. It just really depends on. What your idea of comedy is but just for the the no-holds-barred comedy I'd I'd go for Monty Python versus kind of if you're looking for a wo- comedian. It's generally not funny. Yeah I think it's I think when it comes to the sense of humor. I can't tell somebody what's funny not. I think his comment was the fair. The comedy by itself is a reverend. I'm I'm I'm heavily. Paraphrasing may be wrong set. The thing is that anybody who's WHO's commenting on the state of Kombi Right now. No one's real comedy is not like a state of something hits people you know commenting on on what they see. And that's differing opinions and saying Shit just sake being funny you know there. There is no to me is the current like culture. Like oh this kind of comedy is funny. Now and and what? People are accepting funding. So subjective that it's even though the the birth of might have said naughty words and might not be for you in might be for somebody else except for Bob say cheese I ever Godfrey. He's Bob sack. It's not for anybody. I would say that the only thing different I think about the modern world is it so touchy like within a couple years you stand up bit can literally get you banned from television for the rest of your life and get everybody yes any. Any comedian boring out. Being funny does not give a shit a about the in band for either worried about being caught so this is where I disagree with you because even so many like Seinfeld is a lot of. There's a lot of famous comedians. Basically say we'll never step foot on a college again because of the way they are so I think modern comedians are more aware of of it than ever and I well. I think if you're a comedian do college i. I think if you're comedian I think you have to be somewhat worrisome of what's going to happen. I'M NOT GONNA see wouldn't say that that affect your comedy but I think you gotta be aware of. There's some topics that if you WanNa talk about you gotta realize at some point down the line. It may add legitimately kill your career. I think it would be blind and not to the out. There is nothing that a comic I case in point okay. All man's perfect timing so just recently and I don't think we we brought it up on here but a couple of weeks back Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter accident. Which I'm not breaking this news. Anybody this we talked about it. I'm pretty everybody knew a half an hour later. I don't think we brought it up that much at all. I think we kind of talked about it a little bit. I don't think we did a lot. There's a comedian named Ari Sheffield Guy Muslim. Yeah I pastas in Google. Fear the three of you listening There are actually a friend of the aforementioned Bert Kreischer machine. I still Dan that by the way so he has a Not really a tendency. More like a policy of trolling the recent that guy like somebody dies tragedy and whatnot. This will be the first ones who you know. Crack some fucked up joke about okay. When you googled our fears you will see on the day of Kobe. Bryant death he put out a tweet and subsequently of video guy. The tweet was basically something to the effect of. I'm glad this rapist is dead. You should have died you know. Twenty years or whatever Horribly horribly disrespectful to you know his friends family the world you know what? I mean he got a lot of and then there's a lot of hate for that subsequently without a video where he's fucking double down like straight up said. Oh let me clarify for those people who who didn't understand what I was doing here. Fucking this guy like I mean when off. Okay now anybody in his his peer group or Comedians. Or things like this absolutely no that that this was not in an m. to actually virtual or you know dragged through the mud. The name of Kobe. Bryant was literally am trolling people on purpose. Saying something terribly horrible. No there's nobody that's going to agree. Bid that was a good thing to say fact. Even his friends were like Whoa go. Like Holy Shit. That's INCREDIB- yard He's not lost one GIG. Despite the amount of people that are acting for issues to be pulled off. As far as I'm concerned his deal with with a necklace is still good for his upcoming special. Pleader exactly yeah. I still not one bit of a reprimand or in doing that. And that's the most horrible thing I can think of a comedian doing in any kind of reasons but that was still pretty safe though if that happened during the Metoo Movement for example his career would have been finished he'd be working at McDonalds. Aac comedian were blasting the shit out of me SUV movements. Yes outdoor not worried about playing college campuses. No but what I'm saying is because of our issue fears fairly up there. I guarantee that if he if he had done it during the me too movement he wouldn't have survived. That's all I'm saying like he's no Hannity. Absolutely what else? I don't think would've because it's comedy you can't police where people say even if it's horrible. Here's the thing. Is that people think the comedy is living on TV Netflix. It's in the comedy club. Okay hang on there in the room where you're in the room with full and they don't give a shit. Yeah case in point. I mean if if comedy was governed by by inappropriate andries. Let's say that society doesn't like people joking about black people or Jews or you know whatever it could be. I mean anything if that was the governing factor of saying. You're not gonNA be able to do that then for for one. Howard stern would not have a show still I two. I'm not done. Mel Brooks would be stripped down the street and beaten for for the jokes. He's made the differences is a brooks is. He's he's not he's just for one. It's a different era but all I'm saying oh no no yes. I'm not doing the different everything no matter. You know one hundred percent. Does you if you made some of the jokes that he did in a modern movie for example Robert Downey? Junior is starting to have issues now because of the role he didn't Tropic Thunder? Yeah but I mean that is what I'm saying. Is that even though he had issues. What what issues is he? Have you know some some people arguing on the Internet that that wasn't cooler it was appropriate? Nobody gives me shit about the nine people evil. I don't fucking comics. I follow this a little bit closer than you do. There were some pretty people up there high up there. I don't think I don't think he gives a shit personally but I do. It could easily affect his movie. Career rolled out. Okay well we do have Rosie Roseanne. There's I mean the only thing. Excuse me I do think it would now. Would you stop being a stand up comedian? No but what I'm saying is it may affect the level of commune comedy gigs. He can get if the guy's remotely controversial hold hold on hold on if a guy's remotely controversial maybe he wouldn't get a high paying gig. Maybe he'd end up being like you know being the Co Headline Yuk Yuks and Canada versus being comedy store in in La. You know maybe not much about the comedy store all all saying well. No they actually do like Joe. Rogan gets paid to do their There's a lot of comedians that actually get paid to to actually go to the comedy store. That's that's my point. And they're all fucking savaging. There's not one person narrative we're taking something politically correct to save his fucking light. Yeah Joe Review if you listened like the Joe Rogan show. Joe Rogan knows worth lying. He can't talk about. You can tell argue. Fear they're constantly. Joey Dee has gone white. You know all these guys that are bitter not losing any money because they're being controversial. You'll eds is you. Leave me to person of all fucking time. He probably one of the highest thing to me. Saying is I think nowadays you have to be. I think you have to be at least somewhat careful of what you say. I don't think as as well comedy clubs. I think somewhere different unless it's like a major if it's attached to something like the comedy store. I think you're fine. But if it's like the comedy store in the Mirage Hotel I guarantee the Mirage Hotel head. You're like yeah. This guy's not going. Well he was tonight. No you're okay but still. I think that you have to be careful of. I basically think you have to be. There's a level you have to be careful with. I don't think you can tow a certain line. I think to the right when it comes to the to the college thing for sure like you know there's a bunch of you know weird ucs out there that are you know okay. I'll be there to ask for regulating morality and whatnot. But but I'm going to put this one out there. I think that Comedians comedians bread and butter is knowing his audience. If you're good comedian you can get up and say anything you want as long as the audiences receptive to it so if you don't know your audience and you get up there in you make a completely racist joke like Michael Richards. Bring that guy in. He said the law didn't he? He did to an audience of black people. They're not all black but there was quite a few and of course that's not going to be receptive first of all. He's a white guy. Doing it killed his career. Second of all he didn't listen to his audience and he obviously didn't know his audience. Now it was at a heckler but you know and I think even. Let's bring up Mel Brooks. I think Mel Brooks making the jokes. He did in his movies. He picked the right person to deliver the line. I absolutely corral. It's also products of the time which you cannot forget. Yea But he was very careful in who he had told the joke. Oh and put it in there now and a lot of it's about intense. You know what I mean. People read like Oh. This guy's a good person. I know where he's in the reason that I'm not up because I've I've heard this guy so many years now I know where you're coming from. I know he's being an apple perfect. Yeah still fucked up. There's no way I'm going to try to defend but I don't hate him because I know I'm even gonNA throw in now. One of the greatest comedians that we have of our time and going on he still has a good career Dave Chapelle. How many inappropriate jokes? He tells in five minutes of being on stage in current three Netflix. Special Noah. Yeah he got. I got a ton of for Jonah ship. But they were all dumb Hippie Bullshit. Who Don't know him. And but if you look at the audience that he's talking to all of them are dying laughing there's people out there laughing so hard tears streaming down their face one hundred percent but a trench joke in one of his and one of stand up specials in got a hell of a lot of heat but and I know a joke it was. It was hilarious. The thing is I don't know where I heard this from. It might have come from Joe Rogan. I wish I remembered exactly but he said there was a trans woman in the audience. That said Hey. That was the most a firming thing I've ever heard because you're making fun of what I am album. Thinks it's part of it. I guess what I'm saying is it's not necessarily your audience. You have to be careful for. Its everybody else outside of me because your audience would think it's funny but it's one Jackass. Let like for example. You can't give a shit about timeout. Let me finish. There's a radio show in Sacramento. That is still on air but because there was a guy who records every episode and if there was anything even remotely towing a line he would send it in and they've been they've come close at least three times from from losing their broadcast license. Because of this all I'm saying is you. Would you let me finish? You're not at all I'm saying is. There is a line in comedy. You have to tow it. It definitely depends on us. What do I'm GonNa Mute You So all I'm saying is for one. I'm adjustment saying the media the media use. You have to be careful an audience in a room. You're generally fine with it unless you're Michael Richards like if is it a comedy special a standup. You may have to adjust it depending on what I'm saying you have to be situational aware to some degree. That's all I'm saying. I think James is right in as much as you have to know your audience. And what's funny is funny and somebody can say a really fucked up yoke and and make it funny. You know what I mean the singer. Not The song With with radio anytime there's advertising being sold television radio sorts of things. You're beholden one radio for the The the governing body of you can't do this on the radio But then also you have your advertisers. So you can't bash your advertisers and say all these things are lines. You have to walk at Coca Cola's you know your sponsor But in a comedy club is is is about drinks. You know what I mean. Are People buying my liquor? That's the only thing they care about at the end of the day This is what they make from. The gate from. The door is not going to be nearly as much as they take from the two drink minimum. That's at a minimum. That's what I was trying to remember what it was called. Yeah Yeah but those people have different priorities that in the in the three people that are pissed off one creates that buzz. It's controversial and it gets more people to want to go see what the fucked up thing is. Oh something fucked up happening in that room. I WanNa go see what it is. That's true that me you know like somebody's got a woman running out of a building clutching her pearls and yelling like the indecency. I'm running immediately into that room. Here's my question is how many people are like you and me then I. This is legitimate question. How many people relay clerk clerk? Clutching THEIR PEARLS. Because nowadays instead of being what would stereotypically be as the Conservatives you have which the conservative audience really easy. You know what you can and can't say but it's this this audience which is no leveling their sacred. Cows are not traditional. So I I'm so that's you know I think the biggest problem with these prudes as we should call them is that they are not able to laugh at themselves. And that's a personal problem. That has commended on behalf of somebody else recreational. I like being I. I fucking hate that with with thousand burning sons. If you get in Matt on somebody else's behalf you better have a letter. I want some evidence that person you're getting angry at actually gives a shit for my experience. They flocking don't John Do. You can't say that type of thing why you know pissed off. The mayans are going to be when they find out well. Hey we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA take you out and sacrifice to the god well luckily. Luckily I'm a little heavier harm than they were. But that's that's the thing is like the now let's just do this and I'm GonNa Start with this group and Ryan will totally get the joke of where I'm coming from. You know as far as I'm concerned that you should be able to make fun of anybody want and the simpsons did it. South Park came along and they couldn't make jokes because the simpsons did it already. Now that's what I find. So hilarious is the fact that you know there's lots of jokes and the simpsons that touched on every every Person Age Young Woman Female Trans Gay whatever. They made a joke about that person. Now I know that there was a lot of people that were always with the whole thing of the simpsons are terrible when all this crap you know but as I said you need to be able to laugh at yourself do you have. Any jokes were made about James. L. Brooks Matt groening and Sam Simon. No clue lots and that wasn't just the creators of the show doing that. That was the writers in the COMEDIANS. And even the voice actors yeah was never a giant box. Oh yeah that too. I mean that that's astronomical. Well they were laughing all the way to the bank. It's amazing if I guarantee that if if Simpson's didn't make any money they would a firefly that thing in a heartbeat. You have it if they were funny. They would've firefighter. They wouldn't have lasted. There's no there's no amount of letters that comedy central could get the ever pull out park off the air. No guarantee of Simpson's were funny but we're making any money they would go. Funny Funny for network DOES DOES NOT MAKE MONEY. It has. Yeah Yeah of course there. There's a slim chance of it being funny and people being aware of it and that not watching it so we're going to make money. Yeah I guess I said that wrong against basically you know L. because it's funny if it doesn't hit it's an audience it won't stay on long 'cause there's plenty of stuff that was good but just never found an audience so it didn't stay long. Oh exactly oldest the dude. I want there to be a fucking whole channel. Just dedicated to death pilot pilot. Seeing the radio made their try to sell to a network not aviation. There's there's a ton of there's a TV show that. I remember as a Kid. Basically five or find this fucking thing again. I'll send you James. Basically the the premise of this thing was this guy blog the secret cult and there were ninjas he he or something like that it's a secret society and he got out of it wanted to be left alone he was Kung Fu action guy and it was amazingly well written story for cheesy sounds and it never made it. I wonder no no no. It's just like because I remember shit like that. There were a lot of amazing stuff that just never worth earth to one. Were never aired. You know 'cause I've heard series airing before of like you know Gene Hackman in some Sitcom with you know like some other person you're like we. Those two people were in a in a in a comedy or in a show together and people you would never expect to be together you know let alone in some specific Sitcom. They were doing something like that. I WanNa see all about the. I'm I'm kind of shows. It didn't make it past the first season. Look up earth too. It's probably cheesy now but back in the day but back in the day it was amazing piece of sci-fi I was really hammer but that team. Yeah I was going to mention sledgehammer but yeah like you said to season and I think it was perfectly ran of it. I mean I there could have been more season. They did leave it open for that. I don't think it would been good. I would have gotten bad. I think of the second season. Yeah I mean if you don't know what sledgehammer is go. Look it up electric. I don't agree. I don't think John or Ryan knew about it before they met me. No Yeah I think I like the whole season like a night. Yeah it's it's a free gratiot but luckily nowadays with the stuff did the firefly for how you know this show that was. It was on then off season now and it never had any kind of closure. They ended up making a movie about it. So like the fans literally brought it back. They brought back Star Trek The brought back deadwood for a movie. 'cause that never finished. I mean literally do the people saying like hey we never got resolution on this. So how was that studio recognizing do with good? The movie was great. Because I've heard I've heard more people panicked so I'm glad it was good now. You know what it what it is is it's a it's about is a nice fucking bow on everything. It basically takes place ten years after the last episode and everybody kind of coming back into town. 'cause it's becoming a state or an actual video or something that's pretty much. What the the the firefly movie did it finished off everything to a reasonable conclusion. Yeah Yeah it was. It resolved it. It just lucky with this. Okay it's over field. You know which is exactly the opposite of what you got from. Whatever reasons you know I think you thing right there is that I mean there are so many. Tv shows that. Don't wrap things up nicely. They really don't. I think I think if I want to bring it out like fresh Prince of bel-air I think that last season did a great job ending that show. I the last season the last season the Roseanne. The first series of the Roseanne show was a horrible way to wrap up the show because basically Dan died and she run the lottery and it was all an illusion it was it was a really weird weird way to end a kind of an amazing show for the era. I also want to bring up another one because John Sent Ryan I a little snippet of of the show. Justified justified ended. Pretty Nice ask. That was a good night for that one and I mean the worst one recently over the years. Dexter that was a terrible and Dexter see. I thought they ended it so they literally blew it in the last season. I mean yeah last season can go fucking kick lock I would. I would like to respectfully submit for a great end. Any of the Nineteen Ninety Sitcom dinosaurs. I'll tell ya because that show literally and with the fucking dinosaur APO- yeah. I thought the way Dexter. I haven't seen the last season but from everything I've read. I thought the way they set up a set it up to finish it off with the movie. Yeah but the way they set it up was absolutely terrible. Oh so I pretty set on the fact that that's why they never put the movie out. It's been what six years endings are are baseball to search for more money. Yeah Yeah exactly. But isn't that a joke? Though I mean it is just like the buck ru bonds. I see cool that allegedly supposed to come out I because they said the end of the world's hard to that. I've been waiting for for thirty. Let's not forget Nazis on ice using space must and princess. You didn't look to Roy. Thank you thank you. I'm not I I'm glad you got that. Didn't say anything I you know I would like. Yeah I think that they need to be. And maybe it's the writers aren't getting enough money and they're just like okay. Well you're ending this job for me so fuck you. I'm not giving you a good ending. I I mean I don't know I I don't know what it is but they're shows that maybe it is that sort of like flyway of like. Hey if we write some you know like half ass clipping hangar in here maybe they'll call us in five years wants to do you know the the special or the movie or whatever. Y- yeah that clever writers of me. I can lead to more money out of this in the second. Yes I'm thinking that could be because I mean some of the plots on the end of the things that I'm just like what were you. What were you doing there? I mean that's really what I think sometimes But yeah I I know everybody hates it but I love the Sopranos. Oh I do I liked it. But it's amazing. How controversial that is. I was always amazed like like how many how they even today. You hear people on the radio. I hate that inning. Think here's how you a bow on that. Show after everything that handling. How do you tie everything up? Dan Resolve it the way. Everybody wants to me the anxiety that you're left with sitting there like watching that queen and just being left with that was was crooked. Might actually favorite thing about Sopranos is. There's a watch the clip recently. It was a guy who was a former capo for one of the near crime. Bosses Michael Francine something like that. And there's a part of that the TV show where he's talking to the main guys talking to shrink and he says yeah. That would never happen. The the person says what would happen. Good chance that would have both ended up in the river type of thing. It says the moment somebody hears that the you know the head of the family's talking to shrink their dead and that was like that was the coolest thing because you had a legitimate former mob mob captain who made a ton of money actually say what was wrong with the show. That was my favorite part of that. Because he's like you know well. It is the reason he tried to keep it hidden for a long time. Yeah look up that guy. I forgot Scott. The guy's name. I wish I remembered spent on a ton of stuff but he has some pretty amazing Talks about the mob and how he got into it because his father was a mobster and he was making like eight million dollars a year and a tax gambling New York and shit super interesting conversation. So if you guys want to see something interesting into the real life of a true mobster look them up. It's Michael Franzini Michael. Something Super Fascinating. Zenaida sound familiar. Somebody heard but it sounds Italian to be right frenzy and you just really sounds familiar. Sounds like somebody the for talked about? I don't know been a long time since I've looked in any of the mob stuff I find the mob. GotTa Stop Cuffing. I find them obsta fascinating because it's for one during abrupt around here if there was a a mob and plaster really. It would be hilarious Guess they'd be broke up so I it's it's so outside of my world view and purview. I find it a fascinating lifestyle. Just hearing people talk about and taboos and things you can't do and it's super interesting to me. I I just thought of another ending that it was highly to I. Am I dunno where Ryan on this one? I'm not sure amber sits on this one either. The end of game of thrones every person that I've talked to that is actually read. The books doesn't hate the ending. Everybody that I just watched the show but never read. The books. Hate the end of a lot of the stuff I'd heard so hold on definitely don't hate it. Can I add something I did? That's going to say everybody. I've heard has always said they should've made at least another half a season. That's what I've heard is. They may have heard says the problem with it is the build up as it went from. A TO Z. So fast that if people felt like it just sped up too much there was like. I think the last four episodes were very very rushed but I think what they did with the ending as far as the storyline glow goes the plot of everything. I think that was fine. I think the reason why the reason why they didn't have more of it to dry out is because Martin didn't finish the Goddamn book. He just gave him notes but you think they could've they could've because they use so much licensed to begin with you think they could have filled into the detail with Martin. Ask 'cause nobody knows about. It is that it takes Martin about ten years to finish one of those books. So I mean that's just looking at the copyrights on each book is there's like tenure gaps in between them and I think that's why it was so rushed his because Martin obviously takes his goddamn sweet time and does anything else but fucking finishing the Goddamn book coming. Look what how long it now can. So I'm not saying that you know if it's going to be as good as the other books I wanted to do it right. I don't want him to fuck around and mess it all up. I did hear less changing the end of the book. Oh No it won't be the same as the as the show. I heard he's changing because the ending of the show. I don't know if that's true but that's why I dunno let's find out but anyways yeah but there's so many people that were like up in arms about it and we're also mad about it. I'm like I mean even told you in the middle of the seasons is that you know the when the Gods give birth to to Gary and they flip a coin. One side is saying one of the other side maniacs. So that's kind of work goes but you know I don't. I don't think the ending was terrible. I think it was a little bit rushed. I think they could have stun at least four more episodes leak a little bit better but Jon. Snow was the good flip wasn't yeah that's to be determined so I have heard and I never much true especially with fucking Hollywood that allegedly. They're GONNA make like a. They're definitely making prequels. And I've heard allegedly they mate make a sequel to something. I guess would be interested in or do you think hey this move on. I think the way I look at it is. There's only a certain certain parts of that world that I'm actually interested in the rest can just whatever I don't give a shit. I'm interested in the little girl that's it. She's the she's the only one that fascinates me because she's so well. That would be a sequel. That wouldn't be a prequel. I would love story wise. I think she's the most interesting just because I think she's the one that's like the most deadly and I don't think she's almost different care. I think she's a for what I've seen and by the way this is very limited. I think she's the most she's a character. That's completely different than how she started I think the storylines I'd be interested is a shot by the Westerners. Yeah I shared by the see. I'm interested in that. That's what the red priests and lot of the dark magic comes from and Valeria up to the doom so yeah Christopher Talkin just passed away last. I think it was last year or sometime in January. He was he was basically the keeper at the gates and we had a conversation about this a while ago. He was the one that hated Peter Jackson for Peter. Jackson did and I don't remember specifically what about Peter Jackson's vision he hated. I certainly know I have my complaints. So here's my question. Now that in theory the the keeper at the gates of dawn is dead. Would you be interested in more content especially with Russell Marilyn or or is this a university you think okay? We've seen enough. There's been I don't know how the fuck you turn a small book into nine hours worth of movie but there's already been enough content. Would you be interested in it? I at least check it you the me. I don't know I. I like the the idea that the drifter Tolkien was not gate. Keeping you know what I mean not saying like no one's ever GonNa do this right but being article of what's being out. Oh he was `gate-keeping basically said Peter Jackson will never be able to do it. Ever again he was he was `gate-keeping. And by the way I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I don't agree with that but I I agree with the V. Settlement that that he's looking after the the legacy and not just kind of letting it go the way of of whatever a now. It's a free for all everybody. Grad repeat the Tolkien. And I I actually I gotTa Give Christopher Tolkien credit for that. Just because he loved his dad's so much in the vision in the universe like I'm not crapping on it at all. I mean I'm a giant fan of that universe but I'm kind of wondering because Amazon is allegedly spending a fortune making their own version of it like a show of it allegedly story or a different part. I think it's the Lord of the rings but if I think that it's been awhile since I've read it but I think if the TV show you can go in a lot more detail. Like Tom Bama deals definitely going to be there. The Barrow downs are going to be there. There's a lot in the universe if you've actually read the books that the movie doesn't even remotely touch yeah. I'm some kind of interested to see how that that really plays off. I don't know I think if they're going to do Hollywood's GonNa Search for sure thing embassy. This is Amazon though. I mean if you can talk about farce Emma's on first Hollywood. I think he'd goal Maryland. There's a lot of. There's a ton of amazing stories. I just mean just in general. They'll the WANNA sure thing before but I think Amazon does it right. They put out a pilot. Or you know just couples episodes and see the Well how much they're getting is they've got a president said between you know the the movies with your You know all. These auricle outweigh burning. Every every channel got their medieval. Sort of thing you know. Game of thrones really let everybody know like hey feels the time is right for this yet so here Thornton Parkway going on this is from deadline dot com in. It's an older article. So forgive me in the quest to hit a hit fantasy series the season in its quest to launch a bit a hit. Fantasy series of the game of thrones caliber. Amazon is closed. Massive deal said close to truth fifty million dollars to acquire a global TV rights to Lord of the Rings based on the fantasy novel by J R Talking Streaming services given multiple multiple season commitments to Ella to Lord of the Rings series in the pack Impact which includes potential spin off series. The original series a Prequel to talk and Lord of the Rings will be Produced by Amazon Studios Cooperative Tolkien. Estate and trust harpercollins new line. Cinema Warner Brothers So yeah about two hundred fifty. That's a hell of a deal. So I'm I don't know I wanna see it but also allegedly Amazon's making a willow. Tv show which really I'm interested in a willow. Oh So I I don't know Amazon seems to be doing some things lately. That's Kinda scratching me where image INC because I'm a huge sword and sorcery fan for some reason. Game of thrones didn't really do it to me later on like some of the episodes later on I thought were cool but didn't really scratch. My sword and sorcery itch I kind of want a new universe. I mean this is just me personally. I love Lord of the Rings. Maybe do something awful like The forgotten well realms universe a tennis stuff on there like if you talk about drizzle it. There's the cleric Quintet which is an interesting like four novels. Which is intra an interesting story on Amazon? I think is going to be doing the wheel of I'm here. I've had so many people in those books. I haven't done it yet. Amana wished Jeff. Yeah I got a coworker. Who's reading them and he's been. He's been freaked him for Fucking Wild House are currently the the what is it called a damn good question. What will here thinking of that are rest in Peace Jeff Michael? Our beloved co host. Who passed away was absolutely madly in love with a wheel of time series on. He always tried to get metering. I've read half of the first book. Some super curious and where that goes Jeff was one of the many people who told me to read those and I just haven't got around to. I've never heard about it until he has honestly. I'm super picky so reading reading stuff for me. It's it's really hard to get out It called the first trilogy I called the blade southside by Joe. Abercrombie fucking good I law. I got us in so familiar. Is that been around for a little while it was a TV? Show about that. Mapping aware first laws at the first upper law. The first law trilogy is a trilogy to believe itself Birkelbach. This is exciting but I The air but God is sounds so familiar. It's God what is the the character called is the is that character? Is there some sort of like sorta true through something like that because I not so far? I swear I've oh the blade itself. Okay yeah this is about London nine fingers. Yeah I've actually listened to the first. Yuck oh there you go. Yeah Yeah that was yes. That was an odd. It was really cool but it was. Yeah this was That's an interesting book. I and I ran into the audio book. I have it somewhere. You don't technically read. Just listen I don't have time so reading listening to is easier for me to read in the car. I'll shit half the people high dry who are passing me on the freeway breeding in the car. And somehow don't die I completely forgot about that book until until you mentioned that Damn Oh. My Co workers Wicked into high fantasy so a lot of conversations about Oh the book the other one. You should look into the warded man. You might like that. It's a lot of supposition like the first book is setting up the characters but the first but it's pretty it's pretty bad ass goes into so To spoil it a little bit like you you. Everybody locks themselves in their homes at night and basically happens. He's symbols you put on your home or wherever you protect you the stop these demons or whatever from break in your house involves the story around that and it's actually pretty cool. I'll send you guys a link if I can find the information about it Anybody have anything to say because for once we're we we might actually close a not ten minutes over no. I'm pretty good. Oh Watch Marley Olympics. Yes watch the Marble Olympics also known as the marbly these days because now they're gonNa have like advertising and stuff 'cause they're big now adding It's a good time had by all black. Tried to get my little boy into it and he was into it she get your wife into it so instead. I have a favorite ask. If there's for some reason somebody from Amazon Yada Yada Listening. Do me a favor. Can You fucking wacky races on so I can actually show my son? He's mildly interested so I'd love to see if it's something he would be into. Since it's fucking busy really I'll have to find it. 'cause I've been searching for it and couldn't find it fucking anywhere found a couple of clips on you have it for. I haven't for a year for free because of horizon. Yeah if you go in you can do a search by decade which is actually a really cool feature I'm pretty sure it's in like the the the the sixty or seventy category possibly dating my by the way my favorite of your search through a minute and it has all the stuff. That's not really wristed on their their main page. I'll have to take a look. Also my favorite thing about Disney pluses because Disney sold it goes from racist awoke and five easy searches so Mugabe laughing pretty hard when you were watching certain things Allah so for the California Pariah for the fat man in for Ryan oops Preston. Thank you for listening.

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Ep 180: Sucio Spectrum

Bodega Boys

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Ep 180: Sucio Spectrum

"A day of Y'all motherfucker is me again. I'm back where the fuck Michael fucking daughter of this fucking share of the whole. Take A boy's fucking universe NEGGA. You know what you're saying. Yeah motherfucker and I'm here to announce a very special announcement starting from today Nicholson's not getting no more free content. I begin Janika concert for one hundred. Eighty mother fucker episodes though pay. Okay so now jennings going to have to sign up to my only fans all right okay is the San Ya ah be you know what I'm saying. One Eighty you know what I'm saying. 'cause that's my black. You know what I'm saying so if you see me awful washroom my cheeks out. You know what I'm saying. Do not recall device. Okay because that's my premium content also have a premium snapchat that you could join for just five dollars right now. Go take a shower. You can watch scrubs on in the morning Michelle like that. You know what I'm saying. So that's what I'm saying. So Yo know more free radio you know what I'm saying I'm GonNa tell you one last time you're GonNa hit this book Beautiful Gorgeous Flos bottom voice on your fucking ear lobes okay. This is the podcast episode. One hundred eighty stupid. Alright Charlton one eighty four. Why I someone goes over there to the fucking drop for the last time? If you want to hear me say that drop imagine different voices him. I only only fan slashes suspending me go through the drama ago listening to the Audio Art. The most dangerous podcast in the universe live from milk studios do drop the episode eighty up. I was about to sign up awkwardly like you spent thirty five dollars to ship Declined to the no stick. You put scrubbed with scrubs climax Together we are the WHO commit one hundred eighty episodes of this bullshit. Dan's getting better time all were gods. were hit their fuel grand. Well let me ask you something. Let me ask you something right. The Knicks play at where masterstroke masterstroke daughter. Massive beauregard was short Nathan Garter M. S. G.. MSG is in what Chinese food. Chinese food is in black communities. High Obliterates James Dolan levels will lead to so general too so it was a great veterans right in a civil war. That's right for your taste. Freedom original ski. The suspect. That's right that's right. Remember Africa we can fly when white people were depending dogs. That's right in case capon. Say out the showtime Very lucky as late night show just how successful season finale picked up for another season. It's taking a long break and it's like you can. We'll do about it. Let me tell you something. We have been in the television industry for half a decade I. I A- as long as a decade here for half decade The way the seasons work is quarters of and We started a little late because we wanted to give you a quality program therefore we had to take a mid-season break and we're coming back on schedule with all your other favorite. TV programs such as like should. Should this show time you go. You go the more you know the more you know dude. That's cool but you know what you guys are not GonNa be on TV. It is time to like do shit talk about back. You don't fucking Shit. Oh man lots of things going on you guys have a Disney plus Hell No. Because everybody's got. I don't even really work to. Laurie knows chill values. Hope Open my statement. I might get divorced. Well sweating demand Alario. Pech fuck out. Maybe try to hide it under the Mandala like a hotel that can be short at the lower so Habibie. Yoda radioed your me baby. Yoda could we drank a little. Maple Soda Like Maple Soda where the week was a while Toyota. Camry twenty nine hundred you you have at one time and you're like face felony. Oh for sure easily for sure he was focused plea deal Nigga type goes you've thought about fucking over your lawyer you'll you'll Hilson. Sylvia Sylvia's Steve. You're not begging for me my Nigga for Real Jeremy All right Fordham law. Come on fucking live. They actually thinking. Yesterday I was like was beating a gun charge better than having so for a second season and I'm GONNA say no. It wasn't look how you could've three years Joe Wack but you know I mean it would have changed my trajectory. I wouldn't have the TV show. But I probably have better stories. IBM Mean Barbara. Barbara Official Barber. But like y'all y'all Nigga man ending his pussy lay. You're my man you still pussy pussy can shape the whole time. You just basket into the straight razor you hear Oh were getting a haircut. Let me ask you you were. I'd be making not hold on. Let me focus on like you know like French Montana. I should like be known about this right here like okay. Okay Oh shit did I say okay honey okay. No I'll be right for like five minutes to go not only yeah I gotta I gotta go to work now. Thank thank you for blessing. Me and Sam that beat was GONNA go down. It makes them more. So I'll see you tomorrow. I won't point ninety s eyebrows. Have Physical Abraham Lincoln. Can you get the all day party. That's everything shop today. Parties on pay homage. Oh they just wanted to say. I just become hookah all the time. A bobby on smoking hookah in the early two thousands because it was going around and it just showed about nowhere actually pecans. I think the saddest part of New York now is how you go. Dagoberto Pigaso hookah beer. That's why consumer AK47 they got a hookah. Sigli Sarraj's Kokubo Pino too late too late. Sorry guys to two houses on the Butler. Oh Yeah Oh yeah but the body you got a Bentley and you behind the shipping traffic and then you pull up to the negative Fernandes crash up. There is Bradley Belly Twenty minutes. You the socio boys even say the Nasty Nasty people ever if you've ever louder porn hope possible else's computer. ooh Fuck if you ever stream freen porn on someone else's wildfire. You know you're supposed to go if you ever saved porn clip to your desktop just in case the Wifi because you felt a certain way socio oil here inclusive you don't say a- all the the whole social spectrum joe you can we got slowing on the pseudo spectral sexual ma okay okay. He's got to come out with suspected for me it sounds like a show that he's come on. PBS It was like mad positivecoach. Ken Burns presents pornography soothsayers spectrum. Wow this sopped retrospective we gotta find out that baby. He's two now. How's life changed music? Zik the Honda Baby. She's you know what I'm saying. What inspired me to get into the right means? I was declared one ninety nine saying saying I'll just call them my peoples and all that and then all Cuba gooding junior I remember Snow Dogs You Know God you've got these laws and I remember him and then He. He gave me Komo for the shot at all stages from North Carolina possible. He was in the club in North Carolina at the seven seven years old. That's the legal dream. Big Man no Sippy Cup. So you're my main man. I shouldn't have to handle Yoyo the pull ups. Now pull up to the pullover Google we can fight with coming up big man. Do you think so well. Do you need an APP. My big my big time out time out. No Big Man. ooh You hungry you know okay. I'll make some Ravioli. Alright US victor in mercy mercy for that dark episode of Full House where your uncle Joey walks in and Bob sack is just sitting on the couch. And he's just like this. Would you do the dead. which due to any guy what she said to do? I cut them out. What do you mean that? Would you be cut them out. I mean what do you mean the girls I cut out life. Go to that role later. This episode on because this is not so full. How Empty House? They're smelly house on the block. Joey we know the guy digging graves in the dark. He's a try and then what happens shortly from next door Gabler doing. Hey what do you guys got to take her out. from blossom cities. Yes six six six EH had. She was sure that she did have the member she was in cinemax classic. That is the parkers. Dang those are the name of it was like fucking her name was like Masha. Lewis Shit Van Damme. Gurus messy is the second question is she still married Ktar six. He's still he's still got a hat with the flowers on. It was Lawrenceville right now besides cocaine. Oh wow six. Separated from her husband is now engaged to a woman all shutters out to her. Says you know what I'm saying. She Eh this spectrum here gang we come to a general you want us to come to your party. We'll see you wonder you already doing it. Twenty twenty for the right amount of money. You don't want listen. We're talking to terrorize You to get your money out. Six all right at the lease differ consultation but we will do nuptials hotel hotel. We'll do we. Actually we do a podcast. Astronaut Jewels Bull. How about you have actually might bring victor? You got to travel coming straight up. It's always extra baby baby. It should be a wife word. I fuck you fuck. You take this. And they're going to be a husband. Shit yeah that is cool. He's cool. I you know what happens when you meet a bitch Nigga. Yeah Fox with each other bang sign you gotTa fuck with each other in front of people who run the Goddess Shit. Where were so you know? That's why you're here today at this this community center I hope these nickel fuck with each other for a long time if they don't you know what I'm saying like Shit Shit happens shit but show you fucking embiid snow. Were you know what back express your love for her. Please put the Black Air Force One on her foot. Oh shoot y'all can't you. You go every the you may not stack with the bribe. That's right Oh shit oh shit home. The problem is if we do offer that it's GonNa be mad in the fucking Shit with project white people who got to know what God says he's GonNa be performed armed at us before no wedding at a slave plantation power ten times for the record. The bag was correct. Run today imagine she got news for you. Them wedding still happened on plantations south. It's uncomfortable I'm not gonNA name it but they called it a hall so I was like okay. We're a venue. Sounds like so. We're on the tour. Bus Bryden smooth. It gets bumpy road. It's not the trees Banjo from deliverance. Only arrived at the hall and I was like I know you beaufort South Carolina. Big fucking beautiful man. That's BRA people who was. I always have my wedding plantation station. Why would you have your wedding plantation? Salaam arenas right there right there right there right there right come on this. I'm going to go. I am going to be the ernest. Hemingway of La Marina. I'm gonNA write so so many books. About how beautiful library. Noah's about my childhood growing up on the shores and La Marina. I spend the morning in the sand. I and my mother some come back away from the waves back and I said no no out here. The gentlemen of the denboba causing it wasn't really can mermaid in the Hudson River. Now Tell me how how y'all got you by drains piping tap the Siren Song of the many ships to crash. Ah Wow wow this rumor choppy. Wow the dealer officer officially that loses fan we forgot live play by who gossip job for you sure search has I drove my book. s back paid a visit every the name though. This is back page though about the new one. So you're going a little. Ah Whisper the secret society. Oh yes trust takes one person one person break the trust and then go down. The trust is gone in and you know time it is what I'm saying. GotTa Bust Gun me. You know what I'm saying. You are the Weakest Link Goodbye I you don't use the camera Romanija chill. Oh Oh God oh God oh it does happen is we owe the Knicks Johnson. Next Day one in one game recorders of game against Philadelphia. Yea Yeah did win the fourth quarter but you know they will scrappy scrappy fun for three quarters back there until they got steamrolls in the having kids. Did you got to find a good sized by anyone school today. You know what he called a teacher. That's very problematic. But you know what at least you got an Amazon. Says it all balances only Andy and they don't make enough songs about suicide anymore. What's a good rap song about suicide thoughts? Is there any other one. Well that was a good song he was bitching. Is it. Mind playing tricks. Loki bus author like your associate mental trauma and Shit you know like he's punching the ground Shit. I guess songs hurt somewhere right now. He's listening to this. I just want to fucking that. Ah He's quietly devastated somewhere. He's like man we were talking logic and I have no idea why that that's wrong I've given you don't it's like oh I figured out is like Bernie rose who were the Bernie Sanders. And I'm not I say I'm against Bernie Sanders Anthony. We interviewed him then. FUCKING LINE SO THEY PITCH Elizabeth Warren Foreign people in the comments. Who Fuck with Bernie were in there? Just been like get Pocahontas Outta here. Well this wild shit and I'm like you're kind of doing shit that trump voters do ooh and is that why people don't really with Bernie because the people who fuck with burning are assholes which doesn't make any sense if you think about it because you should like Pandit because to their policies and stuff like a bunch of cornball support them Andrew Yang then that's what's GonNa Happen I can't I can't be putting his is gang goofballs if to- puzzle you know for us. We like that guy that was out in the West Coast. I'm out here by myself from New York Lomonosov myself I think it was in Arizona. Does he wash it but you as tweeting on twitter and he got his by. I'm the NIGGA from the video. He's still alive his banners hit like that. Yeah Cobra Yoga position. He caught a beat him but he's still alive shop. Listen there's there's no shame shame engage. be saying if you get jump a you're not gonNA fight for and they did beat the next day. Did you have options on the back. That Bang me even though if four next jump you you. You can't off on you guys who just won you guys you WanNa that'd be Yo. We've got the wild group. Chat you Steph Myers each each other like Jimmy. Look at this. He's he's a van laughable funny the pistols funding pistol funny. y'All Lebron's wrapped up Kobe and critic slaughtered uproar shit that why I. I don't know because the Kobe ally Yo. y'All you'll never be. You'll never be Kobe nigger while they are why I respect them. Though there. We're talking about totally different sport thing and come through. Kobe was the best yes like. I'll be like yo you really think. Chapman is like more reliable than Mary. We're talking baseball but yeah but not Kobe's ago if you think about it rings clutch no saying which shack without how shot okay. How are we talking baseball relievers? Like how was coke zero because Kobe's cousin he Pitch in the minor leagues for the scream. Billy Bob so then what happened was is that he. Can you know what I'm saying. He took to play baseball and that helped him in his game in Cuba do mental gymnastics. They do to explain how Kobe is the best of it is. I'm kind of biased. Because I did see. Kobe put on a knicks. That's obviously the score. That was we taught me was the best Colby Little Afra- Kobe or like prime hairline Kobe or like struggle airline coby. Coby I would have to say was Let me see let me see are shooting. Jim Kobe No. I WANNA say phone number eight because he was still jumping off the gym he was out there. That's a good colby but the shins totally off. Ah Shit our kids don't know cody's as real flow of kick in the doorway. There's no doubt in no way be cast now his office. God's pro low key people miss the blue girl up on his is is. This bluefin his favorite album. I'm telling Ya blue face is going to be deemed as one of the grease lyricist. Everyone's bullshit but you have to think about like he's like I should look Liga Bagel but we go. Let's Rock Kim Nozzles of listening to we've been listening to lyrics for years. I think about if you like twelve thirteen. He sounds like the dope is rap. You've ever heard gonNA stick with it and like as he grows you grow and you'll be like oh it'll be someone's Jay Z.. Oh Wow and we can't look like because I saw someone on twitter yesterday was like Jay. Z is a at best average rapper. I've never in my life wanted. Wanted to find someone's Ip address on the ship. How dare we ought jokes about Jay Jay's ability ever you can you can just the respect the fact he looks like a camel to achieve the fact he sold out to? NFL things happening under the bus express shirts do uh all the athletic origin. Okay the lyrics stock trip. We've asked me asked me this Tin Tin Jay Z.. Say I saw too well. That's right I saw water to. Well what am I missing thing is either the one works. They both work stupid saying he did that. Beyond say it was like you get told me. He's an average rapper. What I'm saying we're I know that there's like an NPR saying he used to be good now? He's not good his later. He doesn't do versus anymore but when he does a verse. Holy Shit. Oh he's still got it. Wow like he he did neither do vs anymore. People in my family like prints Qatar to prove that he's still good like Nice. It's just riding a bike Once you've got those rat muscle that like tears your hair your rap ligament who've turned around the because some new music take now. Oh you got to really fuck with the musician. Do Yo- because you've never heard of before and they've got to ask the concert trying to sing along the words they have we No unquote on instruments. We should because I realized that night whatever whatever we do we can't be stopped so this just take over the world. I think we should be calm. The SUSHI Sushi spectrum should be a group. Just play entrance. Now you could be the vocal okay. We will tell we're planning hotel. It twenty twenty one. I got it right now. Who is doing right now? He's coming through. We got shot. It got on those three. Grammy Nods South shot the. Oh you got more granny then a nursing home got grandmom's I was so hi hello to do. He's leaving them. Thanks appreciate Form Eco Cello twenty twenty. Where we're headlining COACHELLA? Get that together. Shit we're going to recreate the we're going to do you like the motherfucking four. Yeah diversity is so when you guys are GonNa Watch she livestream as well choppy. Think about it for no Cottrell. Thank you susie Guitar in air before we even started she hit me enhanced Shitty. He's bleeding profusely from his head as Lebanon. Various may be okay so we came here to Coachella Chella Sushi spectrum partners could cost on the floor says special ed before. Yeah Yeah we did a liquor puncture we just have the background aggressive lesion switched. They give you the spectrum Glastonbury. Mr Barry makes coachella tying that's coach cushy protocol Ezra F you guys WanNa ask it is a genus. Oh my God it'd be like Ariana. Kurandi brought out Justin Bieber. He was a key drake in Canada and drinking. You get full details that babies Now for a real network were Crowley like vice. Land Day with the cameras go. Yeah would you be now cameras. Behave boy I think happens is like as the day goes longer like. He's just can't resist the go by nine and The ends of fucking Camis after party. y'All Juggle Tanqueray GIN sitting right there. Cuba thank you Cuba. You're thirsty hey would you like some Tanqueray Cuba for me in your mouth. Yeah that's what I fun time. Hey Crooked Beers He does is the movie. Oh I remember this God those dirty Vegas days go by shoot Yo. Aw Fuck over the molly pillages fucking fucking I thought about the Dow was when the WHOA upstate new. Wow Wow I was wanting so you look now. We're old enough to look back and be like I base a very bad choices. I don't doubt yeah. Yeah that's driving driving a car with. Jesus there's a cop like got him got the break in the case and it's not you don't you'll get caught for any drug charges like the same way. They caught alcohol taxes or whatever. They're gonNA catch us for like ripping Taegu for mattress shop or he shopped to the Jimmy Jazz back in ninety three. Guess what what the sexual mutations on that is footy POW this guy. Open the fucking fire hydrant on one hundred seventy street and more receivable while he's going down here going down it's right. He's not supposed to have that ranch it's property. FD FEDERAL LEFITST power down. I heard that Guy Victor the mastermind. One time you swipe the Metro Card Swipe again at this turnstile to another one went to another one if he believed fucking trying to make that we need the money they know who stand over the yellow lot phony Kosta the rest. You sit on the bench another president you look at the Post with two long felony. How they got no money for trains they just added like five hundred new cops so every time he goes to the train station cop standing around? Shouldn't they be out there solving tacoma some shit yeah every time we see a cop show. It's like they solve a crime in thirty minutes or less. Yeah because the state now instagram and Shit like pictures of Butts and I'm GonNa say this and there's GonNa get me in trouble shore as now that I'm older than most cops ops. The I'm looking at them like you took this job when you're younger you just show brings heroes pig. Jose from announced the suit don't even fit right. Oh let me tell you. So if you're in the public high school mic guys go right now and all the negative is an ROTC ROTC. Oh my God becomes my news. I remember in college my biology lab partner who I just got. They made me work with him. What you're going to be a major discharge it Twenty college credits site. It could be a cop what you're GONNA do half a year of college to spend money you're not GonNa Degree Twenty eight that we should not be a cop. He's a William Brenton now. So now you yeah. I know that's a couple a couple of all the Paulo New York hops. Not The best cops that new characters worth corrections officers and shit. Shit Larry yet is in the keys for de-block five running around on the left. It Open Yeah all right whatever you want to go check on that guy a fucking. What's his Jeffrey F starring? Oh okay oh well kill themselves. You got a little checklist for him and make it look like he was napping I don't feel like the pipeline paperwork. No even cares. We fuck rich white guys in jail. The News fucking truly in the Johnson Ten ten more weeks and we retire out this bitch at twenty five so we got here the the party. Today I'm still with the fucking version. Asia Green down a date singing looking at the girl. Like my Go-to Carioca Song is always. Hey Mom because it's very light hearted you know saying crazy life. Tell you what the eighties like. Your go-to should never be a rap song. That is some bronx it should be a melodic song that other people I remember I was with my boy and you know his Karaoke Song was gnaws made you look. Oh Na now do the dow down to sat down. Hey Hey look at Lupino and it's like hey we're having fun to you to belie- you the Oakland murder and do fucking carryover. We're replacing hoover. I was going to save uncle murderer. I feel like you have to do it. Only place place in Hazzard Ferrugia Kariuki my neck. Oh look you guys may know Choi a cafe. I want to dedicate this to my fix guy. Yo Yeah I wanNA Rossio ship Ovallis. Tam Damn welcome the newly married couple. Be Your Shoe Yeah Right. They're formatted she's actually. Yeah will be your shoe one especially catfish spaghetti cut up with frank's a hit us. Just raise me. Yeah UH OF SPAGHETTI FOR BATTLE here we go this fucking corn over you know. It's just admitted. Why don't you just fucking him in taking checks from big spaghetti for awhile? Put Spaghetti Agenda together the FBI each loser Spaghetti's man is still may either prepare if you had like I don't even we know what to say about you. That's just says he'll put boil. Water puts get into water leaving eight minutes. That's it so some cannot cook Spaghetti I have been with. People cannot speak really serious. Who raised you? The problem is sometimes you'll be like your raise. Your guy has fucking sob story. Oh my mother was on drugs. The album is an art out. Dante is an art. That's all you because if it gives you it tells you seven minutes it's Al Dente eight minutes you know what I'm saying like etc shot the broiler out perfection. These you're right again. This motherfucker knows the name of Spaghetti Brands. Titans as Dominican. Yeah I thought you'd have been taking money from big aspect of yeah streets big spaghetti food network this week on the Mark Martinez. My Name's heather. My husband Joel Ladders for a good show with the problem is like cooking make adult he like you grow in. That doesn't grab a hobby touch. It's fucking on the report the show when I'm done and Oh charge uh-huh Moni no okay. I've never seen that. He's you saw. Jesus Michael's IT Sucio spinach you when you just want to see. We now see should should know man who Does her told me thing. Oh you boys don't me to be. That's Jack Suicide. She got a call US tally. Why don't we could you imagine if we could either of US could sing? How knowing this podcast we'd be no no actually are lots of different? We probably went to art school or some more fan. But we'd it'd be like a hood. Lin Manuel Oh my God thinking about guns and show who We'd be tim vocals. Yeah apples because there's so many rb jobs are G MAKES G G mixes fixes that. Lets you get away with having a clear the yes exactly your honor. It was clearly a genius. It's been set in the constitution. Susan if you call it A. G. Mix if the beginning of the versus saying this is a g mix. They do not have to pay for the rolls under fair use. Okay okay I would like to use the case a plus versus Ferguson. That's how they got the kid in the school exactly 'cause they were like segregation of black kids can't go into this mix exhibit A.. We have dropped from Fred. The Godson saying this is the this is this is g mix. Yeah thank you we are in my case is the ethnics Is What we call the what I'm saying so you like to be indoors. It's GONNA be a lot of parties going on. You know what I'm saying so I just want to give you one piece of advice. My brother do not have sex in a bathroom party. No I'm giving you a problem for that. Terrible advice take does not having sex at a house party that was the first half says. Do not have sex at in the bathroom at a party when there's only like one or two bathrooms because then niggers no you fuck it in the bathroom and everybody's going to be manager for Dad. Yeah I do what I want if I got a little cheeks our P. Sink. y'All back out here is they're doing. I'm like yeah you nasty going. Have you ever had a house party if you had sex in about to happen at one of my New Year's parties in about is they had. I had a party. I I don't know what the fuck possessors have a Christmas party at the crab and invite like a hundred people to a two bedroom Bronx apartment. I wanted to my bathroom. There was a nigger throwing up innocent a shorty. Do sit on the toilet. I go to the bathroom with shorty on top of him. fucking In the bathroom ticket a pissed like like in the bathtub standing up in the bathtub down actors we Iraqi. Sometimes you can't be sure what it was like the top I went to my ex. I won't be too too much description tight but we were to a Christmas party GEICO worker to so we went there and it was like Matt homeboy. Mac who'll August do a tattoos and shit and House party and I went outside. I had a conversation with some guy. She loses her shit. She's trying to leave with. This guy doesn't what she's super drunk as she going. Fighting everyone was like five two so I picked her up and I physically threw her into the bedroom and I just laid on top of her so she calmed down Calms me you like. I remember. She was fighting because she wanted to get a tattoo and a guy doing a tattoo. I hadn't seen him clean gene off the Tattoo Tattoo. She got water And she was like a Tattoo and alcohol the elbow clippers and I know that was Dinu. That was a long time ago because I came with two. Oh Big Vats of mosquito. Oh Shit really her wherever she is but you know school in Seattle Listen People Scotto catch up on and you'll really feel that I. Well let's we should throwing spaghetti to the beach. Princeton scholars actually rose as probably better for each rate Roseanne. Because I have to eat that fucking dribbled alkyl Nissan Com. Tom Soaked shut up drought. Why the Municipal Fund in New York City is done because you got dominicans eating spaghetti going out there and cramping go savo? uh-huh carbohydrates children. Do not belong to be bringing jobs you know on the beat. I read it from me. I'm not fixing the trains over to Snow Spaghetti. WJR tourists are beginning to stop this weary task force hospitals. And they're going to be. The horses looked estimator. I assist Spaghetti on you. You gotta be posing. You should know about Parmesan cheese. Boy are not parmesan cheese. Wow Body twenty from back cartel Wall came read anyway local. I seen this before this guy uptown. Got A fucking Spaghetti Eddie flow. Oh my God. You're buying my brow all these little kids working naked up on one. Thirty eight th street bobby. But that's not enough spaghetti. No no no no no I had. The bodyguard was the one that was backing up for me. They take the Spaghetti. Put it in little bulls put it in a button. Shit all up yes. I'm forgetting Nov House. Yeah yeah our platinum. And that's it. Do you get arrested. While it was like a fun seen scarface cocaine you will not a little while people here. Wow take the bus everywhere my ball stay with me because they will be. You've talked prego homemade sauce. Don't die thank you could add. I I just had a cheese on my gotTa get you back is not olive garden ingredients are homemade. They see Brit six never ending the test is that is not true. Not True that stick talking but I I feel like olive garden is afraid to approach youtuber like Hung Hei various this yeah navy via so hey got to pitch for your positions lovey music huge movement. The hair love the hats. A stick talk stitch off possibly licensing for commercial. Are you okay with appearing in the commercial engaging in some hospitality Otto pregnant. Now Oh i. I'm John Mayor now that. John Mayer Cessations General Manager Position. Asian of Algan. I'll made me neither. I grew up in Alabama roll tide. First thing I do. I wake up grandma. Strapping Chattanooga's drafted. I brush my teeth. That's great we saw that. Yeah Yeah I mean maybe the N.. Word but you know maybe if you turn into like a nickel percocet Molly Ali Perkins stuff percocet roles. Yeah we can do a whole future fuse that it's absolutely yeah. Yeah we do that. Condition with drinking cough Syrup Lean. It's not bad the best I mean it it it it could potentially be embarrassed connotation for contract kill wrestles. Oh Yeah of course. We've we've been we've been doing it slowly. Yeah he goes every weekend to olive garden. We saw since the future takes advantage of the number number. Please she's okay she she she she zero. Okay all right Sarah. I apologized Russell your future. Bees awareness comes on title. Picking a high already pizza. Fuck apologize associate national due to the shoe to ensure SUV got one hundred students. Sit outside what Tuesday. Ah Fook. ooh One good hour she Good East one to step in. Yeah body talk by the end of the I'm GonNa Miatas. They were a power couple there. Though degrees sort of forget about which was an amazing I wonder why Sierra Future they make it together memory. Future that song we're Yada Riano. How old joint? No that's probably that's the kind of soul you go to the show. What do you like split my mouth like straight up? Say you're never. I never sucked on a guys toes before next fall for that one saw four minutes take figures over imprint on your foot. She's Augie Kotla. Nasty Shit gnats Give Regan Chuck's of Toilet Water and it goes back and forth. But did you would you. Oh Wow. Wow this is absolutely and I should stay the Muslim it for a full forty eight hours. Well I mean to be on the side of I hop marketing Monday because there's nothing international about this house of pain okay. I don't think pancakes we're not building an international. Hit US like Oh that's pick. He's all over the world rocky the case in Ghana desk crazy. Yo you funny face your cake somewhere else. That's your focus Rudy Tutti fresh and fruity. What e- in Bangladesh National Pancakes? Where you take your side chick okay? In fact when you laying low also I would like to request if I ever get high enough to go there in the future. Can you please on syrup bottles. Please the Wolpert is. You could probably open up. But don't you just make your own. I'M GONNA put Alabama Group problem solved like it's a franchise so prompt. That's not how it works you. Can I make it out. You know what I'm saying employ children. You know what I'm saying. Now you talk to them say shaving Sunni W. so we'll work before they are legally up to your kids as a legally supposed to work once the placenta exact his Yankee thing about working painful. You don't you work papers dollars. That's Oh you put your. What is your ticket fucker? You welcome baby. Cocoa twelve months covering BOSCA. Kelly took an average of two run walk yet. Are you fucking kidding. Me The Yankees stems deliver gone and I think the world disappears when I closed my eyes but even I know I could be. You better. Managed to Girardi fucking Shit. Like you know it's not running express gave me a flat out fucking baby with the patient's brow only pack four Pampers. This guy is to change his diaper fucking two weeks. Jesus fucking Christ. Jesus more applesauce kidding me fucking wife. Jobs flocking walking. Jeez every time you get home from work a couple days talking about fucking tummy time chummy time tummy time more Tommy time. Yeah well I sit down and watch. Blue's clues come on. Give me a kiss. Fortunate back and forth nick is tight fucking belly. Button hasn't even held up this amount. Then we can kill me Brown Shit and then look at this. So they're coming on my fucking gun. It hurts like fucking hell and it's crazy. You know they keep giving me these little rat bills like that fucking they give me a fucking frozen Eggo waffle. Good Ah fuck the Marlboro Rahm Future. The cops do but we're baby they come over the console racist over here. Caca Yup come in a matter baby. Imagine Racist Baby Colorado rescue kicked about slow as you're suppose oversize. Ah Go oh shit. A I got a report at ten forty five suspect. She's in the win win. Yeah description. He's wow I don't know colors yet and shit numbers so He was he was a daddy guy he was okay. He wasn't a horse and he wasn't a chicken near He. Will Google coloring book on page thirty six. That's what it was. It was that color and that was at the Zebra as per my previous report. osip Yeah Baby Mike. Francesa a This is my first time our longtime Serb a Moslem SIMILAC. Thanks everybody cry. He's he's he's he's I didn't get fired news. Yeah they're going to There yeah he's not gonNA listen at just got. The Bolshevik knows what it is his baby. Victor fucking give one hundred eighty one eighty. I guarantee you buy episode. Two Hundred Mike Francesa sitting right here spectrum is it. He's saying we'RE GONNA BE ACCURATE ALEC. How'd you you feel about artifacts wrong side of the tracks or you know you knows on the wrong side of the tracks fucking Dominica's with their baffling? That's wrong tracks. Thanks that's that's what they do not do that. You got to play the game right way. All right I I remember said that I never said that we'd be yo but didn't you say I've never sat devastat that. Oh Shit fuck no no off. Oh Shit his POPs Grab your class more. Titus taps taps. Yeah if anyone has been graffiti before they came to this club please. If you got paid on your fingers you get a free bed punk doc. That's right drinks at twenty percent off. If you ain't here with a backpack that has a book inside Nice deputies valid. There's a reason why can't orgasm please to the front. That's what you queen upset. And that's what the early heartbeat heartbeat because that was like graffiti. That was a writing lyrics. B. Remember shop to the homie GPO. He's in his like I was supposed to do like a guest verse on his sixties. Dropped mistakes all the time and you take me like five hours. I always ask for like one specific instrumentalist and like I don't like this versus the fire. Like we could actually wrapping not that hard not stupid. Yeah if you have AH locates. The vocabulary is a big thing because we have people like oh I got a gun. I'm with my son on the run. I'm like you really we. We did the kindergarten Bat Raton. I got the bag was Baghdad. Yo Yo I saw tag young a young Brooklyn home. I'm a bad dad that's right. That's right I'm in so I don't hang with Chad's Okay okay I feel I feel the flow is the fucking vines Molly Hidden fucking line. South kept checking coachella. Okay I'M GONNA run on kidnapping. There was a very small to pick her up. It's not that would have been a moment. Let does Megan Awful job. Put My hand in my hand saying who's the other recall duty. I'll try to get the medals. I'm trying to lock the reactive. Camouflage on the guns there's a guy right now like the big thing and it has like damn I did not Max out all my duties. He's saying there's probably other shit his Mamba unbe that you think about that. Do you think about all the Damn fucker didn't even like could use. All my my fucking Marlboro Points Blur Dama had how you aware you ziplock bag full of Newport fucking point Superman jail like I. I think it's like going to jail. It was a big deal. What do you do stuff because you have money to pay rent all yourself? Hope Ah shut up and tickets and my mom group but like you expect your mom to have your whole department got big sneaker collection. What happened he was? Just give us the big Mac pro and like you gotta go to your management going to break the lease the two viruses. Listen so listen little thing what happened last week Going to present a beautiful while strong seven years leuze trying to keep myself up there. Maybe don't order the garbage. And what if you're a landlord and you like that person had perfect. Perfect tenant up to that point and they're like can I come back and be attended again. He like but you Joe Nigga all four let's not get into that Because if it was like murderers maybe but it was like tax cornish though I went to a bar sexy babies. Oh Oh she knows he doesn't Cuba. Why don't you like a good wing? Man He's got from our Guy Megani magical reading the whole thing completely wrong and he was at the club. What would the baby? Yeah wait is that because he was drunk. You aware that baby. I think we're GONNA get clues. It should be a much bigger issue than it is the fact that this video like loans like when do I need. We need to get to Cuba gooding junior status where people were just accept while. WHO's more August wiling Lawrence? Did it marlow smoking Angel Dust and we'll stay on the freeway in La helicopters but then he was like he was suffering from which says Hollywood turn to drugs. Let's what eight five five piece down in a room in the London. La Abso- exhausted like He has three nostrils. Now that the Stevie Nicks uh-huh housing I'm a block away from the fina. I'm going from the Viper Room. call me river feeding folklore awesome. This families a Glad Trained for food so many more negative guys die Gaz Dude while right wing news trump rallies sir with a new diamonds. If they offered us how. How big would the bag? The bag bigger than was offering us. But I think it with the big enough bag. I feel like Victor would see gland that bag up to these weeks. What's what's what's what's the what's the price? Let me start by saying I believe in universe where all things are possible however small possibility maybe it is technically possible possible that being said it would have to be in the billions without with a big never gonNA check again as money. ooh Yeah Yeah. The Dennis Miller nowhere. Yeah Oh shit. So I think that people will continue work with us. Workers how Elliot was hanging with Bush essays about why they takeaways even though they sold out so that you have to look past their political views ticket people. I thought that was mother fucker. Uh He came up to Mitch for years. He was killed a prisoner for him. But he se. He's I yeah. I thought his name was flat boot. Dot Dude on seven and he got hoes. Ain't GonNa blimps name Lapworth got short. He's on the judge. Thought it was fuck worm. That's my man. Do I did this mass celebrities at Duke secret performances for problematic people. You just got to keep it on a low. That's it. I feel I have no doubt victor can pull that off and the as all your. We're doing apartments for international water indiscreetly does this Talking and then he got leg troubles joe they got him. The uh-huh What's bribery. Bribery corruption or something like endangering the state or something very serious trust. Reach trump was dale and his son was talking to Matt Spicy on Twitter Mu Dan. Benjamin Netanyahu's quiet for you and Gal who advertise. I gotta add Google's I e we work. Yes yeah we don't have to shit new Pity uh-huh Latino ball trucks money. Ask steph's read so You know just pull it out Ralph. I'll give you some search results. Probably don't mean by surgeons who want some results Brown Co Fuck me forget guys broads. Lycos coming here Daddy. It got the hat box for you. Yeah Yeah the mouth tope my mouth damn. I search search field. Would you can have six with excites me Chat to all the millennials what the fuck should do like our Google search engines view. Got Google Google's view. Google search engines unit. Make the Internet inside out. Choice door with the Matrix Start and you're gonNA prolapse incidence anus if you do. That arose. Hero sounded say Pino Hero Heroes. Pino I was one of the Sarraj's Zeh rose cakes the pig. Oh so the ASS Naomi Russell over the T- Mac Piano take do hall of fame. That's us just like office desks. That's crazy that's crazy. Came through to the Kobe performance. Allow Peace Nick News. She can't bank hoc- HOC- eight Oban. I'm I'm done I'm done piece. I know who we're competing and it was like oh Born in Israel. They said like did she just like let you just go back to stop doing. Oh shoot like I mean. You're out to stop us like how I can't believe you in my mortgage lawyer. Now y'all go let's let's go shot them on the fucking Raven Raven Simone Simone Raven the penal joining Shit if you look raving porn you shoes like very pop raven porn. That's an eight for more but just like out of forgot that lesson raven. Okay okay. We're GONNA have to face. Yeah yeah she stopped with Pino and was doing real estate for Matt Long and switch the whole shit over. She was like Yeah Real Estate Blazer and then like years later fucking new raven like Oh really say should let's go back because there's certain there's certain Pino Saws. If they dropped the scene right now you'll be like let's fucking Geico over the past right now. Might be on. Camera Obsession dropped a new right now. Carol Mel Caramel Harry divined Yo. I don't care if you pump now I still I would not be a nasty negative being She'll take to be only do w who to change. This is gory you. You don't file people's like the NFL like after that's your full stop like that evolve after like twenty five your a mill. F- I'm like dog. Take Shelter Janez. Gerber twenty to try to emotion. Yeah I think it's changed back when we used to watch porn porn as much as now browsers redoing like seeing a day back than Isa Lisa have to make a scene printed on TV as a source of those different life cycle out. Nothing's making buffets porn hormone Alexandra making the Beano Plaza Pinos. He's a younger version before that could be Lisa. Bloom saying forty eight sounded like who fees Arizona socks and also from New York. So I can't somebody else's doc it's funny because if what is my whole at coca because forty four water you know what I'm saying because he went seven and and he does an interview. Where Biggie? The interview biggie. And they were like Yo rate all these rappers on a scale of zero to ten. Yeah and they will be forty and he was like Yo zero is trash. Yeah and then Biggie. Performance in the bay and like e forty didn't like tell them to do this but like eight forties surrounded him or whatever and put on the phone and your apologized forty go whatever like damn because imagine somebody surrounded US Nisa show so it was like Christ distractions. Yeah because there's only two possibilities either beat the shit out of you. They kill you. You're not gonNA kill you the the whole you so you go out and you can come back like you've got planet in the face and you eat cipro whatever Rao it taught us something. We grew up in the bronx right. That's normal ship moving to get a job right. I'm wound up on the ball kicking me in the head coach. You you you get a jump that you laughing because you I was right on the X.. Thirty one and you don't have on the buses. They changed the layout the bus with that one weird seat now no not this before the accordion buses rag on buses at one and see that as I was sitting there and then like this kid punching the around off the bus does the regular shit like at the time I was like what the fuck was at my sister saw it and my sister was like what the fuck happened. Innovation ran off the bus and shit where he did take with. Funny was was the fact that my sister's boyfriend who was one of the biggest hood lives in the Bronx jumped at boy and his brother. And that's why you don't put random people in the what about it. A matthew smashes. Some girl and her little brother gets beat up. You have the ability to beat the shit out of the person that beat up her little brother they do for your cheek rate. He knew he was doing. Some kids are garbage cans on fire. The Guy was beat. The kid to death fan we we have people terrified a my sister's boyfriend to our coma fake brother Yo. Yo Do. They'll make me. He was like he was a hood. Nigga y'all gossip for you. He was here and he gave me like a magazine of guns issue at nighttime story. Yeah like four or five hundred to the Bronx. Good Morning New York. Good morning learning to use wind. Good morning good. Thirty eight forty five into mitek. Nine pump rifle. I've got a DRAKO. Hello Hey how is the SAFECO. Actually we make a gun book for kids. Sell like hotcakes. All GonNa mid West again. They eat that whole thing. And all those gun shows down South Ed sexual move good night Glock. It's nighttime take your guns run comes a liberal. He's trying to take your guns. No no he's under the bed. Oh we don't we saw for citizens we always God damn thinks this is what we shall. We we are. We have enough money to become Republican yet. Not yet now you can't we can't we can't wait. Oh it's GonNa be Great. Listen you gotta rich across the aisle. If you'll be I really like Stephanie's colleague capital you know he does he does he wanNA play an about ridiculous awesome okay if he wants to if he ever collar cabinet wants to play an NFL. You can't you can't catch more Neilan. That's ridiculous that's just like He's he's a quarterback quarterback quarterback news. That's how the game. Please explain to me how that benefits black frank clap okay and we had people we we always read. That's why he watches watches. Okay okay I really don't take attacks that's right okay. S- plus he's right and he's right here right now back after these messages. I'm talking about how to make the softest back ribs. Okay I'll be right back ribs on my hat. A studio with a deep fryer for the Orioles lady comes over to touch US gravy in did took off your and again every now and then he tries to eat the guest Who saw pork pot is not made of? I'll secretions accelerates woodlock Slenda love AH AFRICA WE THINK NO I. I don't remember either go into already knows a victim was because it was like I was I was to strap gel four or five songs. Don't let me job your name. Some of those Dole sleep we're GONNA leave it creep and that's IT Credo Hickory. Ariana Grande breathe. I'll fuck area. Yeah Yeah I don't. I don't need the lyrics and they were like. Yeah your clothes. Oh shallow shoppers. E way so it was a lady Gaga. I very rarely would you. You're saying breathe. The best player he goes. Yeah you know I title. What did she say you know you? Keep my body Shop that's good that you mentioned are it'd be Bill Queens ain't properly Iran grounded because on segue into this. You pull it tight. Do you know what you're GonNa you're gonNA crack your hair correct. No I had an accident and she tried to hand out. I don't want that to happen to you. You got a lot of his early. You really take area. Guerande doesn't have like a million hairdressers working with her. She's dirty third avenue to worry about cracking. The airline had never to freeze. I'm worried about that. My hair like cracking the hostess addition better. She got a multimillion the baby here's the La looks the mega bowl. That's the most. Let's see listening. You're doing good but don't cracking trek ahead line. I seen it happen before appetite. I remember I went to school with this. Used to write sixteen to cancer. Her name with Jennifer Lopez. She is now yes correct. Yeah back out once at a cup party Yay. Yeah Yeah it was it was it was a ruben. Diaz was before it was the man awesome whack weed. She was trashed regular Joe. Joe Gods Trey Robe in a little the walk because it might Bloomberg came to one like he had a sweater on Bloomberg Michael but he you WanNa share my news going with almost no no. Why can't you? Why does your refrigerator dispense ice speranza? Mike I'm going to go to the I'M GONNA go to lots hand-eye want anything here. Yeah do Ns us our. He came to the party Combos to his beer. Is I got these at the Port Authority route. Yup Net enjoy free while you guys but here government mental saw Oo coca-cola. Excuse me Oh oh so. Draining beyond sushila spectrum of people don't understand like we get the same way. Connie honey does this fucking church. We just do Sushi Sushi spectrum all over the country we have to break between until February. We can scam the world concert asserts. It is there any place earthquake or a huge tragedy. Recently we can make what happened. This massive go to plan. WHO's going to Minnesota that we used to be arrested and he was the government? And you know what I would do during this break. I'm GonNa Watch all he's a UFO truth. Yeah with all this Yama Watch all his concern. Yeah that'll be a little high late at night. Like Oh shit. Whatever he's into Tanabe? We happened because the. US government made up planted. Landmines a bomb by one of the FOLTZ underneath the Pacific Ocean Ocean. So should we do that. I just imagine victor very different types of Jesse to the got. TV's like Damn Karch. Play the fucking charge down. Look a rule of relay rover radical. He's like the cooking part swim fast. She's like CPR. Look she got a podcast I take. I'LL BE OT and coffee tea and coffee. The bomb detonated no actually like Oh man they did crazy success success that we saw from so. That's why why boys boys these Nice Kid. The kid episode eighty eight which is one of the best train stations could contract with the to the five child to the an sometimes. If you're lucky the two chain goes express five and then I stumbled but if you live in between one hundred eighty music fuck out damn all everyone does. The women with the best policy in New York City live on Jackson Avenue or anywhere between in. What way next to you at one eightieth on the brakes on the train? It's true fire coach interval if she lives in a whole avenue that should fire. I'm sorry I'm sorry. That's where about apple music listening. I was talking to Corey guns the other day experience really fat cereal Egg Pakistani fat like here. We go somebody that young. Mr Nando Rondo resource. I'm thank you MS mccane going off. Do you put up from forty which shorty. Don't talk to me and over. I don't you know that if I'm an overhaul that means I'm super drinking. I ordered the wrong over. Does right because why would it be. Okay good getting pulled them saying you know what I'm saying over police to Daego. All the pools are swimming. Is the one Kendrick right. Because that's hip a happy life and my robots books the original. You don't even have a plus I was even like there like there was a list. I wasn't on it. It was like yeah. You don't have to check it as your party. How much fun shit? Don't make a fuss son do Grab random people come when we come on. Let's go make his traffic. I see what you're stressed because like say like I'm coming. Dolo Dot com like five people. Nine now you have some person that's just working a regular job and tell me up big celebrity. My crew can't come in because I need this job. Rob God fuck actually never do that for the future. These coast popping out season seven. That's right okay. I rat episode with my Angelou. That's not little the Jamaica jemaine Avocado Toast. That's right up twenty one dollars in La. Your Father Gruesome foster similar cooling corner year Komo relief for the Yankees Kahlo Games coming in by spring training. I mean I gotta get myself a taking a chunk of his doctor about it. Dilute dilute those two times also dhaka-bound which you can use to clean your beard or clean your car or clean your vagina keen everything. Do you not trivial Mr to forty. 'cause I like my Pinot blaby. Yeah how the comments he was like. WHO's this died back it to go sprout all still foregin the same thing? Same thing Scott from heaven names on deck to the. Dan said these vintage now. That's a- all day I'm ashamed only had one. Oh Holy Shit. I just realized that that we've been thinking about doing the pseudo spectral forever. 'cause Lascaux we have rainbow the sexiest veteran symbols going to be the rainbow back all that. Because that's the most studios like We're going to continue the legacy milk. Yes respect to Harvey Albo. Let's you go down in history as allies was like no. We're not I'd like to their podcast. They recognize recognize people but they don't recognize everybody. Had the pig face off. She's beautiful. The pig bitch actually let you guys know how free I am. There is actually a object. You you can buy for during sex pulls people's noses back like that it's still a pig nose device. That is while yeah I I no one knows about this the pigs now I mean I see wild shit I see some. I've seen some weird like ball gags or shit and we did the fucking escape room bro. The head the sex dungeon. Yeah they got like a metal thing. I don't see it on this. I forgot where they sell it but basically basically look hooks you back Yo. Go Out. Blocked was consensual guy. Lives I take that guy that took soundboard next as we continue to be the most problematic website of the top. It looked it. Sounds like a Katkov enough for him all I kid 'em Wash FM heat. I'm taking it Tang hip hop you got to remember. Ad Are they know. Hang out. Don't sound hip. Oh my God catch one. He looks like murals brother. Become along with everybody in the row in the background. Bonus s right yeah. The rap Hans the Hocine Rossellini nephews nephew the Marino you cannot contain all the human memory. What's job Iran? Where provocateur Harry but Kuznetsov Kuznetsova Bank that beer human worth multi Gamov? Who is the scribe? which more Moore says which is chess nuts Mohammed not going to be that cucumber? I am God canoes. Komo news the President Facet of the CASANOVAS. We rate because this won't change. Give me the sexiest girl. When Tumbling Mat Mars resute Oh holy cow? Missouri's checked in Gerbil stroking mommy being ask Jerkin sweet soda and it's Me Sonny David Your these expensive Red Bradley so keen edge AKU junior ended. You got the death actual freeze and then you shut your door. There's a name for it. That's how gossiping cy acid. That's right shot to the one one one seven nine one. It's not even rain just over. His Islanders Bakke GRANDPA joe going to cut you. Man Did I. Mourn on shore batteries easy people leaving the lack of crack it back. The Golden at Craft Magda Poetry. Easy is using it. That's a buy anything just to apart in New York. You're in because you open it like this York Ville with the fuck is your vote. Your friends like seventy second street. Where does that New York they have named for the community that has is a poor? We don't know that you like what do you I live in Murray Hill. What what is what is that? I live an olive garden section in the New York. Oh excuse me yeah. You turn left on Second Avenue and micallef on the hospitality on abroad. What don't exist at Lyon US ally in the back like automatic? CRA- man Llama Rena in Mesh Misdemeanor with fresh misdemeanor and Demean A could be the blackmore support more young young marketing people to yeah things on your chess to confess. I will eleven I am your own personal. Sali's south Kedah problematic bay. Listen it's not your problem. It's not your secret family. Put them in a truck and drive into lake. They got it to go. Oh God no not Casey. Anthony lead you. ooh Two days Karlic the lady that is that like the default. Like I killed my kids. Susan Smith Oh wow remember as it isn't the same allegedly maiocco their job. They can't prove that he did. They found the evidence that thing but they don't have evidence that she got so she'd be in south South Carolina. Susan Smith I guess post traumatic stress in normal something or she just hater kids. She put their kids in lake. Put them on a ramp put. The car neutral at the car. Drive into the kids died. She told the COPS two black guys carjack stole the car ended and the concert not found out after black. I did it and easy. There was like no. That's not true. Jesse went to go to jail for the general manager. APPLEBEE's projects in court full muffle like ours. It was like Oh man yes uh-huh who who. Oh guess what. Mother Fuckers Fucking Lying Madurai Club Aka Donald Tab. You know what I'm say. A curve got an AK trees Scott loaded up motherfucker he Italian Greyhound to keep it. Moving asked asked me fuck fuck. Fuck Fuck my Nigga. You know what. I'm saying okay no need to check. The guesses are aimed against us. I play drunk. David Hasselhoff in David Hasselhoff story the hallmark channel. We'll fucking touch. I saw that your Dr. 'cause we had to get all drunk. Because I uh and we had limited liquor budget path you. You don't shave say practical. You find out who killed me backwards. There are three. You know what I'm saying. I'm smoking three grand backward and a history with his mother fucking nine iron nickel they can get into the Shmona Inishmaan as boy Goldman smacks. You know what I'm saying. I got my kids in the school of business because the data the year. You know what I'm saying AK put too much fucking money. That's what he's lucky taking princess you two years old. You should be making money right now. Get Got Google listen to me get out there and fucking putting some work you say what I'm saying if you don't come back here with ten thousand dollars at a new corporation I'm shit out of you. Let's go love mayhem province okay. Da over the data okay. Did you put more. This pussy belongs to me. You know what my I've reforms this pussy belongs to and I respect that agency. If you wish to engage in court with me we please must agree on this. Thank you to ally how upset take get fired at this bitch take data today. The Knicks. Play tonight you know little the town. Donald Nicol on death row sad. I saw talk about nick. Games said about just watch. Just watch Nabi two wings. I Might WanNa Jersey a small little week. I'm a standing out with a score them. How did the thing where I got all the kids? Jerseys and I got the all Yankees Jersey's Ezeiza Giants Jersey on Knicks Jerseys and merger. New as I go I want mellow and I was like my little play for the Knicks. Oh He's like now on mellow. I WanNa Bella Knicks Jersey. I was like well as I should say looking. Forty seven thousand motel who says Yo Knicks versus nets on the Sunday off. MSG All we ask you you and that better than the Nikki seizes. Seizes you get. Nobody's I'm not playing them regular I I'm doing the proper mix Headline brought Texter the heck sex the only yeah all right this is how it works. Brow than Iraq but Iraq Iraq. y'All know what it is. You'RE GONNA South Factory Ship Shit. Oh Shit it is the reception right now nor thank you're stuck up then then Ah You later in the Pasta Talk. Why Kobe and well? My father was a construction company in South Jersey. You WanNa come home voice. Yeah hadn't drunk you golfers what time is it. She's like three PM. I'm like that's not where nightclub. Oh you open the door to your baby in a carriage with the shot the possible you'll even though big man his blocked off. I realize I'm a dog I can't but I can simply walk home to the Bronx. They are not wise though. The Bar will ten is so smooth ooh I fall asleep at the crashes. Aw Dominican Daddy. You know what I'm saying because we have some more the focus by that don't even got a sign on it and there were two bitches. catsuits the cash show. Why some people that sounds like a worse time stripper? Skipper is the fake Cat Aka. A cyber motherfucker card again. There's definitely money on they. Don't make me embarrass you for the match when they come up. Here is a quick cell phones and asked me how headed the kids don't still pay you like fucking target job. Edward were put them on the pillow and keep it moving suck me. Oh new. Say Miami. We'll be on Santos Handy. Let me out. Wow well happy. y'All my God my God now. Hello is if we can see I'm saying that we better now be com and we update our. It's not playing in nickel bags of town at the foot. Guy wrote trade back over Shit. AIBAGS Trade Sir Nicholas is turn you got marijuana and you cannot smoke. Aw Hey Tom Brazi you got my balls deflated. You don't say me me. Bob Kraft who at the table child. Boys gummy Cosmos by consensually. You know what I'm saying. NAMI little snooze evert first thing to fall asleep tap announced on instagram live. You know I mean I can do it in a Veda you know what I'm saying. The originated originated jazz. Oh No I don't miss you have ups GELATO AK Zen Betty. I gotta get some things you've got to get some sticks. You know what. I'm saying Aka Joe Hookah too small. The Flagship Fish Shoe store is. Is this the first joint flagship. What would that mean? Well let me about non cut you the fuck you gotta Eh. You see what I did. My minivan right down the street. Monica Aka Pit Papa. Some of my hands gifted. Have you have reconstructed and athletic child spinal-cord using only stickers from the dentist. I haven't get on my level Nigga give all my love of trust. Sing a tool for say a lot of the knicks ever about a robot. Get on get on level. Can you get the strap. Let me see. I chuckled at Hershey. Kiss Nipple baby in your mother fucking about as a cabinet. You know the fuck it is boy. It's got about who they also arousal four to five carbs down the way you know what. I'm saying. Much stain from Delaware. I got up from Uncle Joe down. You know what I'm saying. Hey game live roaming section five at co OP. City is the east she must have you been doing all his greatest hits like. I don't really get hit by the nine bucks Bro. was I copy Ituna the curb this TV getaway car while you gotTa fall in front of the parts get hit by the x twelve is okay but big I got how much of guys bull no come on. I know used to sing. But now you're GONNA fall. Oh my God he does. I know poppy. He's a good guy. Love ooh listen. You may say so called Shit like that is solely produced by the last two rocks of my day. Ryan's got it right right. Who never get called Sandler anywhere in the fucking planet and you get to finish to niche the niche for that visit for less than you pay the pick and mix capsule these music? No no no we got the sauce like MANDL's EXAC- the Perry Perry every that's right. You know what I'm saying the database of which I am one call one day the dream job Audi all those who ooh cool you know what. I'm S- Asia Kris Noble. Oh fail you know what I'm saying. Because he's told me I run fast. I K Yo Fuck Kadian Kinda re we in Portland Smoking legal. It's far at Lausanne. Another fucking by right if you see me at target higher the motherfucker Hubble telescope hold the two rockets appropriate like a motherfucker Mammal Nigga. 'cause I'm GonNa dial a section and I'm acting radic. You know what I'm saying the the tech show birthday party. I'll show before there's a today or tomorrow who cares. Here's getting cash. Now Lisa harm is gonNA creep. I'm weird What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong yeah I don't belong here guys. Exeter Day care her hugging her. A little control shows. Okay all right all right time ago. Debbie Doug is okay all right GEICO sulfate famous icon rapper. He's sanitizer it peach snapple. I've found my garage before we actually broke in jail. Realize a lot of people killed down here using milk. That's right that's what they're saying. The got milk board OP Board to death. Yes you know what I'm saying just like Trying to get at the same time I wash it before you look you Utah. Yes in running down my ankle. Yeah casket with a piece ace. Bobby okay the only own up about saying separately we like. Are they able to say a a a full sheet. Aleka Showtime fucking that saying. This is why I don't know what I'm saying shot. I'll just mercator in the motherfucking. You're saying be AH Matan instead. motherfucking star coconut oil say e commerce simply shuttle Shaw Guy. He can sign buddy. Paul a candle here South Bronx in the house. You know what I'm saying her one time when you're in a building I E and even if you buy you a little baby he. He sat on presented the things that they were going to die for. UPI Brooklyn amount of making peace the war minister for the socio spectrum. Right everyone at the show. Thank you for allowed to have Season one show was because there were some haters involves shows on how they do now We're not we're not recognizing the hearers positive. We back February third on showtime most luxury shoes. Right I guess what does free podcast as free still comes to you laughing after the dance studios holding this down. No saying you see us. You know what it is. Victor die just thought we out here. You know the fucking I breath.

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PMS 2.0 201 - Brian Westbrook, Ted Ginn Jr., ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan, & Legend, AJ Hawk Stop By For A Nice Little Feel Good Friday

The Pat McAfee Show 2.0

2:31:58 hr | 5 months ago

PMS 2.0 201 - Brian Westbrook, Ted Ginn Jr., ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan, & Legend, AJ Hawk Stop By For A Nice Little Feel Good Friday

"Hello it is feel good. Friday may fifteenth. Indiana's allowed to do this and that and restaurants are starting to get fifty percent capacity. I feel like a lot of the countries potentially getting on back side of this whole thing. Doctors are saying hey we think we got this thing for good out a little bit. We're never going to be able to cure it. But we think we figured out the coaster in a bad spot still were teasing peas for you but boy if feels like we're on the other side of this thing feel Good Friday for sure great conversations for you Hashtag. This where I'm at Pat. Let me know where the hell you're watching or listening to this show at. I can't thank you enough. Let's get right to it. Big Time Baseball show. Everybody knows that always have been always welby internally holding the bat that I use in a frontier league game for the Washington wild things who ended up winning the Silver Medal of the entire frontier lead. Starting right fielder Pat McAfee joining us now. Mlb INSIDER FOR ESPN and the man that we've been watching on the television basically every single morning on get up ladies and Gentlemen Jeff Passan. It's going on. Can I tell you something? I told my son this morning that I'm going on the PAT McAfee show sons twelve years old big time football fan loves madden and he looks at me and he goes really. It's it's like I had actually made it like I was like yes and he said I swear to you. He said this I wanted to bring him into my office today. The Saint Face to face. Us embarrassed to do so but he goes. That back is a legend Damn right. Hey your kid's legend and I'll say this. Tell Him we said thank you. We're thankful to have you on. We've been watching you. Basically every morning I get up and I've been very impressed with your ability to make the sport. That isn't that interesting very interesting to a lot of people baseball's kind of fallen off but with way you've talked about it you're a great personality for the. Mlb Hope they know that. I've enjoyed listening to you. Speak at your main source for baseball information at this point. Well that's very kind of you to say and and there's somebody who has just a little bit of personality yourself. I will take that as a very high compliment bingo okay. Let's move forward. It feels I wanna run you this clip that was used on twitch by. Blake's now last night I'm sure you've seen it but for those who haven't we have to run this and then I wanted to talk about this immediately afterwards because it feels like NBA. A LOT OF OPTIMISM COMING BACK. Mlb If you listen to any of the players that feels like there's not a chance. Let's run this so people can hear who have it stayed so 'cause y'all GonNa be like the love of the game man. What's wrong with you bro? Money should not be a thing bro. I'm risking my life. What do you mean it? Should I be thing it? A hundred percents being thing. I'll know play money. I signed to begin. Paid half when I'm getting takes. The season's cut have all talk over thirty. Three percent cut of the half is already there. Come on so I'm really getting like twenty five percent on top of that getting taxed so imagine how much actually Megan to play. You know what I'm saying like I'm on top of that so all the money's gone now a play risking my life and if I get the Rona on top of that get the Rona. Guess what happens with that state? That's in my body forever. That damage is not going to be like the damage that was done in my body. That's going to be different hammer. Until the casket gotta play with that on top of that. So Yoga Yoga Stan for to go for me to take a pay cut is not happening because the rescue store rooftop as shorter season lasts like brothers. Yeah I know I gotta get my money. I'm not playing unless I get mine by to get your chickens Jeff. This feels as if he could be potentially echoing what a lot of other baseball players are thinking and all of other baseball players saying. I'm very thankful that he came out to say that by the way because if you hear the news of the MLB trying to work back in spring training cut it to eighty two and then you hear the MLB pa. Basically saying that is not going to happen. What are your kind of inklings on this. Is He representative of what a lot of players are thinking? Okay got three things going on here number one. The fact that he said the Rona twice me very happy to Blake. Snell signed with the raise of high school in. You can tell the thirty. Three percent of fifty percent is not twenty five percent. We got to work on the math. Perhaps instead of playing video games he should be doing a little bit of math lesson to the substantive and important point here. His feelings are definitely echoing. The sentiment of a lot of players the problem with this argument. Is that when you tie money and health together it just flies in the face of logic. You're telling me that you don't want to go out there and die for X. amount of dollars but for why amount of dollars. Hey I'll go and run the risk of getting killed conflate those two things and have it look like this is about anything but money. If the players were smart they would be on the same path. Forward in that path is all we care about is our health and our safety. We all know in the back of our minds that they care about the money. You don't have to say the quiet part out loud. The interesting thing though is in baseball I think more so than any other sport. Especially if you're a pitcher got drafted out of high school you'll have many throws right in that L. S. So that would be a good guy if he was like listen. I don't know how many I don't know. How many games I I just signed. I signed a deal with the rays out of high school. But I don't know how long this elbows going to last. So now you're asking me to take seventeen percent of my paycheck and then taxes drop that down to nine percent basically on a potential arm that has a shot clock on it at the time. I think that is probably the statement the. Mlb is going to come out with as opposed to a twitch stream released from Blake's now and here's thing I mean Blake Snell signed a long term contract last off-season in the beauty of being a baseball player. Is that all fifty million dollars of what he signed for is guaranteed but there are plenty of other players particularly pitchers like you said who are going to be coming back and trying to ramp up for a season in like three weeks when they normally take six weeks. They're going to be going out there and playing games when theoretically if they're doing their spring training home ballparks. They're not going to have been in live game action. Which means you're going out there as cold as possible and playing in big league games where you gotta be amped up a little bit. Injuries could be a problem. They could be a risk. And that's another thing that I think players are concerned about an enlisted. Listen the sentiment that Blake. Snell was trying to put out there. Actually I think is fair. Players are taking the risk by going out there. That owners are not players are taking the risk by traveling whether it's be a plane via bus staying in hotels. Going into ballpark set presumably have been cleaned and washed from Florida ceiling. But you never know if they missed a spot or if they forgot your locker all of these things come into play with this and I think it's fair for them to say if we're taking a fifty percent pay cut from the March agreement that we did agree to then that is anyone else in baseball taken a fifty percent pay-cut like Derek Jeeter for Wentz his salary but Derek jeter is worth a quarter billion or a half billion dollars you know. I don't be any guys in front. Office is taken fifty percent air. I don't see any guys around the sport so I think the players actually have a logical leg to stand on here. They just got to get their message straight because the public for some reason always sides with owners just the way that it goes. The Labor is Is Greedy you know. The millionaires are greedy instead of the billionaires. It's just a fact of the way that America professional sports and something like this even if Blake Snell's intention was good even if he was trying to stand up for what he believes in and for what the other players believe believing it was just said in a fashion and a tone that does not come off. Well I think the tone is probably something that people immediately because your tone is setting the environment for your statement right so the way you deliver. Something is setting the reaction immediately for what you're being said. I think what he's saying though is something that isn't being heard a lot like that is one hundred percent the conversations that are happening within the emails or conference calls and stuff like that. His delivery was something that could put some people off but I liked the information. That was coming in there. It sounds like with the way you're speaking about pitchers coming out of three weeks instead of six weeks. If feels like you're optimistic that there will be some sort happening. Would that be in Arizona because there governor is that we'll take major league sports come back and then the governors like wait a minute? Any professional sports can come to Florida. Are they in a bidding war right now for where it could potentially be at and do you feel as if the MLB will have some sorta season going forward and will the EPA. Allow that to happen. I think a lot of those things are really intertwined. And here's how it's going to have to add. The first thing that has to happen is the league and players have come to some kind of a deal have to figure out two things. Two main things really the financial aspect and health and safety aspect. I think the health and safety aspect. They're both on the same page. Nobody wants anyone to get corona virus. That's not a hard thing to do. And if the players go back to the league in say we need X Y and Z. It's incumbent on the league to come through with that the financial part. I think it just makes sense for a deal to get done. Even though there's this chasm between the two sides because the alternative pat is disastrous for everybody if there are no games this year players were getting only one hundred seventy million dollars among themselves split up among their twelve hundred players as part of that March deal. They're not getting anything else. Free Agency is a mess. This year they lose a year of their careers owners on the other hand. Have no money coming in You know there are teams. That have loads of debt right now. There's potential bankruptcy if you get bankruptcy. Seems after be sold teams after be sold franchise values go down and MLB simply does not want that to happen. So because the downsides are so bad for both of them it makes me believe that they're gonNA come to some sort of a compromise financially to get this going then. You need to get governors on onboard. Then you need to get mayors onboard. Then you need to get Debra. Birt's Anthony respected health official to come out and say yes. It's okay what Major League. Baseball is trying to do as we reopen this country all of those things pat have to happen in the next three to four weeks in. It's a lot to cram in but I do think it is something that can and should well at least they have a potential bio dome right. They have a potential hiding now. I don't think that's happening man. I think they're out on that and listen that the Arizona thing was a possibility maybe a month ago but player said we're not going to be separated from our families and that's that's a reasonable and understandable thing to say. Then they were saying. Hey you know maybe we can do hub cities we can have ten teams in Phoenix ten in the DFW area ten in Tampa and that sort of fell by the wayside. But the problem is the money that's going to be coming into Major League baseball this year. If in fact they do play is going to be from two main areas the first national television revenue and that's why they're expanding the play offs because they're going to get at least ten more playoff games and you know television. Networks love airing playoffs. There's also the local television revenue though. And that's the big part of this that I think a lot of people don't recognize in a typical year about two and a half billion dollars comes in just from local. Tv contracts just from airing those one hundred sixty two games and the local TV stations want home. Ballparks THEY WANNA be able to send their crews to local area is and they want the ambiance of playing a major league stadium as opposed to some sort of Minor League stadium that you might have to with Arizona or Texas or Florida so because of that playing in home. Stadiums is vitally important to this plan working but the issue of course is that it adds travel and travel can be problematic in adds a whole nother layer of issues on top of the complications already and they got three to four weeks to figure this all up a lot of people working on it though a lot of people. I think motivated to do this. There is optimism but as everything these days man it is very cautious optimism so jeff. Where's that leave teams like the Yankees and the dodgers who are in a much different spot than the rest of the League in terms of having their games at home? This season like I. I assumed they would be operating under the assumption that they were going to have to play their spring training facilities. You know. I don't know if we're there quite yet. There's been some hoping in New York that they would be able to play games and it city field I. If they don't end the Yankees could just go down to Tampa and either play games there or they could have the scheduling such that when the rays are home. The Yankees are on the road when The Razor on the road the Yankees play at Tropicana field. You almost have lies a backup. Schedules California's the complicated one though. Because there are five teams in California and if Gavin Newsom. The Governor says we will not have baseball played in California until this thing clears out or until we have a better sense of what it's going to look like. Then that means you have five teams displaced. Maybe one or two of them go to Phoenix. Maybe all five go to Phoenix. But we could have this shared city situation. I think that's one of the things that politically behind the scenes ramparts. Trying to work through right. Now why do you call the Trophy piece of metal has ever been talked about I. You know it's funny I was. I was there when the interview is happening. Karl ravage we were at a spring training complex national complex next door close and I was listening to the conversation. You know like leaning into the door like inside again fighting and I heard him say a piece of metal and I just went out. Now listen. There's no excuse for it. I think he recognized how badly who screwed up. This is not an excuse. It was really early in the morning. I know before. Seven o'clock about fifty percent of the words I speak. Don't make any sense So he he was running more like like a two percent dealt makes sense. They were just wrong. Two percent okay. So let's talk about. I have two final things and I'm very thankful you coming on here. You're you're very good at the baseball conversation. Does anybody like nobody. Likes the Corona Virus Corentin k? Nobody likes it but I think the Houston right there. Wait wait I'm about to step back. I think the Houston Astros are not that upset. Astros and their fanbase are at a point. Where it's like all right. There's no more science deal and talk now it's like where are we going to be at that entire thing? Is that just going to go away you think? Are you think even when baseball gets back into it? Players managers fans will still remember everything that the Houston. Astros were doing with the robotic centers in their trash cans. Yeah there is no forgetting that at all and you know when the Astros go on the road. They're going to get absolutely crushed packing the stadiums transaction fans. Listen fans are excited to go to stadiums regardless of. Who's playing but when the Astros comes to town? You know that they even if we have like socially distance fans at that point. You know that that's just more seats for them to bang out right there. The WHO was the pitcher Michael Fires. Mike Fires is that guy. He has long hair. He's the whistle blower. No No. There's another guy long hair. He goes by like cleven. No quite injure Mike Levin durant long hair kind of a free spirit was getting a Tattoo and he was not happy with what the Houston Astros did. Is that sentiment still kind of ring true in now do the players because we heard a couple of players open up about it and me from being an outside the baseball world. I didn't know if most people did this. I don't know if this was something like this. But that whenever he opened up while getting a tattoo about how Mattie was was that a real that was everybody everybody was just to being the hell out of the Houston. Astros do yeah. I've never seen anything bring baseball players together. Quite like they're an entity the Houston Astros. They they were not happy. You know there's this very fine line of cheating in baseball where mild cheating is not cheating but if you cross it it's like what are you doing? You dirty dirty cheaters. And that's what they looked at the Houston astras like that. They were dirty dirty cheaters. 'cause they banged a trash can and of course like on the continuum of what's cheating and What's not cheating in reality? What the the Red Sox and so many other teams did out there trying to steal sign sequences using video in relaying meant people on second base. Who then would give a sign to someone at home plate? Why pitchers coming like eating banging on the trash can? Though like that's live relaying two guys at home play with a pretty high degree of certainty and because of that. That's really what stuck in across so many players can't do it can't win with it won't with it. Speaking of not winning. Why are the still a member of the MLB? I'm from Pittsburgh and I have never hated team more than a stupid Pittsburgh pirates. Tell me how you really feel man team the team. I mean Bob. Nutting needs to sell to mark Cuban. Save the city. That's the only option. It's the only Pittsburgh is a great fan base and it was just voted one of the most loyal rabid fan bases penguins games. Insane steelers games insane but for my entire existence the Pittsburgh pirates have stunk and been cheap and they disliked in money. I hate them. Jeff if you can relay that message with your insider I do not like him. As a native clevelander paddock couldn't have happened to anybody. Jeff I appreciate you Zito. Who Does Our Name and title things underneath underneath you it says Jeff Passan. Mlb INSIDER RIGHTS FOR ESPN. And then it says has an elmo impression and wrote a book the arm. I'LL BUY THE BOOK. The Arm. Second learn a little bit about baseball. Even you're from Cleveland. But this elmo impression how long has this been coming about and why is this something that you read about so you know. Is this a big deal? You GotTa go impression. I do okay when Lebatardshow One day was asking me to do a Sean connery impression and I did an absolutely terrible sean connery impression. And he asked. Do you do any good impressions and for my children? When they were a little bit younger I would do. An elmo accept it would be inappropriate elmo so it would be elmo talking about things that elmo should not be talking about at all and so he asked me to do the impression. I did it and here we are today with you. Asking me about it has to happen. I mean do I what do you want me to say has to say the Houston. Astros are dirty dirty John Already. I'm not going to do that. Will you say we have to go to a radio break here on the Pat Maxi? Show radio break here on my pat McAfee show off. Fear impressive lays league baseball interesting. I appreciate you for that. I watch every morning on. Get up. Great I'll read your book the Arm Ladies and Gentlemen Etta Mlb insider from ESPN Jeff Past. We said alone. We appreciate them. I will do that. Has No problem. Have a good one today? Show is brought to you by manscaping. Everybody knows the manscaping. He's the greatest company in below the belt grooming to ever exist son screams and sounds. I used to cut myself shaving before I knew about. The man's gaped thank you. Man's gave fraternity my loud shrieks into multiple peaks. Man Start taking notes because manscaping accidents are finally a thing of the past number cuts knicks with the manscaping plumber or three point. Oh this is a third generation trimmer featuring an advance skin safe technology. You keep your bad boys. Nice and smooth. The man's gave engineering team spent eighteen months perfecting the greatest ball hair trimmer ever created and just released the new and improved lawnmower three porno when I tell you this is premium. I mean premium. The battery will last up to ninety minutes. Take Your Time Downer Bob. Ross said thing. One of the coolest feature's. The led light which illuminates grooming areas for closer and more precise trimming and. Let's not forget about the charging. Stand show you're more off loud and prod because this intelligently designed standards a rapid charging dock powered by USB so many people have written in stories about how the lawnmower three point I was changed their lives they even included pick so I could see the smoothness for myself. They did not. I did not that did not happen. But you get it. You need to try this out for yourself. Get twenty percent off and free shipping with the code McAfee at Dot Com. That's MCA f. e. At M. A. N. S. C. A. P. D. DOT COM MANSCAPING DOT COM twenty percent off and free shipping with the code. Mcafee your balls will thank you get twenty percent off and free shipping with code McAfee MANSCAPING DOT COM your partner. Your Dick in your balls will thank you as a more Hawk sports. Talk here you have wearing a tiger shirt. A part of the zoo created by Boston. Connor I a big day. Appeal people will not be able to find out about it for about a week or so here. We are having a big time celebration to my left sitting on this throne in front of Bookshelf. A Jerry Hawk. How are you buddy? I'm doing well. I didn't know you're lefty. I came. I obviously took three at bats ever. I'm a first three at bats in the history of my life on the right side of the plate but while we were practising hockey ball one day before the game started. When I started my practice I will never to left side. And I'll tell you what contacts making contact. Buy Your matchup so your switch hitter. Yeah well yeah you can make some big time money in that guy stance the battle fucking patriots calling for you. Oh yeah you gotta get that back? Wash the Russians. Squash the bug with that back. Can't get off the bench hold on Pitcher to pick it up and my pitching it. Okay there I pitched it no no your shit at the meatball right down the middle pitch for Shit ballsy. Backflip didn't even think about you ever hit a home run home library on Youtube before. Can't think glass table. That almost got hit by that thing. Steve Austin music playing right. There ought to be grounded in a lot of big news baseball front coming from her show earlier today. Blake snow is a man in place. Twitch twitch stream plays video games on his twitter stream one on a riot. Act Basically talking. About how how am I expected to play the short season? That's supposed to be put together in the next three to four weeks less games about seventeen percent maybe nine percent of the money that I'm been guaranteed more reps on my arm and I'm dealing the Rona in a Nazi fashion. Did you hear Blake Snow on the twitch? Aj in what are your thoughts on it. I heard after the fact I heard a little bit of your interview. Jeff Poussin Name Jeff Passan. Hey by the way great fucking in. And he was really good. Yes I just. I saw the little elmo clip. He had as well that that got weird. I had to make sure I understood that it was also weird so I said no no. That's impressive or weird but here we are. Let's go and have very good. Probably the best elmo impression I've ever heard but he was a great interview. I just told them I said I'm a DM. I think he followed me today. Show a deal now. They also got emails from Sorry email from Mark Blah. Do what happened? What did he say? Well we're on our way to him coming on the show way. Oh I think there's a chance he's coming on show but Jeff. Passan night were DM. And I said Hey. You're a good face for baseball. He was a great interview and that sport is not something. I'm interested in at all. Even though I played in a game and I have a three thirty. Three on base percentage and and that type of stuff and put out in thousand fielding percentage is one thing. I never have you ever heard of it in the Birmingham Barons and I are potentially about to do a little dance and I mean I'm not really big guy but listening to him speak baseball. He's very good at what he does. And I think that is a guy that I enjoyed talking about. He said he feels as if this is gonNA happen. And it's not gonNA come back and have season and it's not just an Arizona and Florida. It's a bio dome. They're going to be traveling. I think he thinks that they're gonNA people are going to want to travel the local channels and local sports stations account for two point five billion dollars in revenue every single year for the MLB. Which I didn't know. And he thinks it's going to be the thing and all that has to happen in three to four weeks. I just don't know how you get Blake's now who was very against this when he did the math and we have that clip. He was very very against if somebody saw it earlier on her show. We apologize running again. There might be some people that haven't seen. This is the clip from flakes. No pitcher almost cy young winner last year. He did thirty years ago. Which by the way. That's the best pitcher I do not know. I thought that's infielder not a hundred percent. Sure but cy young winner two years ago good pitcher just signed a big deal got drafted out of high school. This is his thoughts on potentially coming back from the run-up warranty pro. Y'All got to 'cause Y'ALL GONNA be like laying played for love it again man. What's wrong with you roll? Money should not be a thing bro. I'm risking my life. Wouldn't mean it. Should I be it? A hundred percent should be thing. I'm GONNA play awesome. The money is signed to begin. Paid Begin half of what? I'm getting paid because the season's cut up on top of a thirty three percent cut of the half the Saudi there. So I'm really like twenty five percent on top of that is getting taxed so imagine how much actually Megan to play. You know what I'm saying like I I'm on top of that so all that money's gone and now a play risking my life. And what if I get the Rona on top of that if I get the RONA GUESS? What happens with that? Oh yeah that state. That's in my body forever. That damage is not gonna be like the damage that was done my body. That's going to be there forever. So now I gotta play with that on top of that so so yoga. I mean for new goals for me to take a pay cut is not happening because the rescue stowed roof as a shortest season less brothers young man. I gotTa know I gotTa get my money. I'm not playing unless I get mine. Let's obviously his twitch. Delivery was something that some people might not listen to in be like. Oh yeah okay. Let's listen to what he said of good points in there his math questionable but he said a lot of really good points in there and I think he's probably speaking how a lot of players feel I would assume that he's speaking in the Mo BPA has negotiated good deals with the moby the no salary cap in guaranteed wherever I mean they. They do good in their negotiations with the movie. The players have a loud voice over there. I don't know if they're going to be able to get those guys to want to come play a half a season in three to four weeks. I understand that they gotta get governors to okay that they can play sports. Stadiums mayors also have to be able to do that. They have to figure out travel. They have a lot to do. But how about just the players being like? Yeah we'll do it and I just don't know if the thought of telling them that if there's no season it could be catastrophic to the league. I don't know if players are GONNA. I don't know that sounded very passionate to be from guys like you know. Think about the math year. I think about my chickens and thinking about the Rona my health. It seems like he they're out on don't you think? Is that what you heard? He brought up some good points. I guess so Major League Baseball. They're GONNA get a pro rated contract rights so they play half the Games. You'RE GONNA get yourself that's what they started Bingo and now they want to go thirty. Three percent reduction on top of your prorated contract already. Now that was for fifty. Fifty Revenue Split. So they think it'll be another thirty three percent loss because the agreement that it would be a fifty fifty revenue I think Not a hundred percent sure but they think it'll be another thirty three percent down because it's a fifty fifty split as opposed to no salary cap or whatever will the players have the leverage here. Don't you think yes? Delivery may not be the most eloquent when he was on his twitch stream. But you know what like the players? They're the product so if the owners want to say. Hey we're now you take this this cut or there's no season the players like cool. What are you gonNA get some guys across the picket line or something? Even though it's not really a strike I don't want to. I wonder what it'd be considered if the players don't play. I will be the Shane Falco. No fence the players. Okay you gotta do your thing. Get your chickens my brain. The baseball is not going to be one. That's going to last a long time. What if they need I go over there? I'll go right now. I don't think they're looking for. I don't know that's exactly what we're looking for. I would throw my auto Manhattan Ring to I. If if they're taking some scabs across the picket line. Imagine you and me out there any outfield instead of the no fly zone very much. Be the well if it's a little bit too far all flash. It'd be fun man but I don't. I don't know what's going to happen but like you said it's gotTa happen in three or four weeks. Imagine the logistics just putting one baseball game on let alone what they WANNA put. Eighty two on eighty two half the season. That's why they're they're saying their salary. We split there's Talk Asia. Hold on I don't think you're a lefty go on now. Why only looks we see what you look like? Righty turnaround just hit. Tower our share. Yeah maybe a hit hit hit. Dinger's right hand base hits lefty. Why do you WANNA hit left? You look a little more relaxed from that side. See I think you look relaxing. The left I see. I think you're you're playing a character in your right hand at Stanford left hand. Looks more natural really complain? Yeah you're right you look stiff right. Hand them by one handed. Almer exactly might it's your logo. Yeah that's you know can stance. Yeah it looks like a baseball card right now. Your name the makes you. Don't step in a bucket. You do look good. Lefty doesn't erase homer. I think left-handed might be the way to go make contact from my weak side of the plate. If I go up to AA were probably hidden. What at least six sixty six by now Birmingham? Whoa OH we could go. Take a couple of acts out in the basketball. We're doing play there with the fat. If you were a pitcher would you be upset? Like these pitchers get when people bat flip them if they hit a home run. You Dude had a nice just a gentle battling or would you get upset and WANNA fight him. Listen if you walk into that box and you beat me in a battle and you want to fit a little bit you can do what you gotta do but if I strike you out full suck it coming out happening. You know what I mean like I was I agree. I agree one hundred percent the Baker Mayfield when he was in. Oklahoma came to Ohio state. Beat them planted the flag in the field turf. Not exactly the same thing since the flag won't stick and feel turf owing grass. It's only about a quarter of an inch deep so whatever the thought counts but people are all upset at big. No he came in and he eats you and your home field. What can you do? You can be mad whenever cool but it doesn't matter if they beat you. They freedom to kind celebrate and do what they need. Yeah just whenever you win. Yes what do a street bitch. We're coming full flex you know what I mean. Works there the the Korean Baseball League. I know they are huge. Well they that first night with the best part about it now granted. This might be state baseball. But the highlights were mostly just them pimping home runs. It was the set up. It was the zoom crowd on the. The jumbotron was the mascots. Obviously that jacked up dino. One day I mean I love that thing. And then it was the pimping of home runs in that one American pitcher those all the highlights were. I think they should celebrate. Who's that good haired son of a bitch pitcher no nope nationals to say? Thank you right here. But that's really that that was how you got to Bryce Harper. Okay your brain works in mysterious ways man. I appreciate it well. Those that's all. Remember sprinting down. An aisle picked up the hair and the back just fell off so literally. The only description was on the good hair right now. If you could help me out here a little bit. But he was into that he was like hey like he was like Baseball should embrace that a little bit more and I think back in the day who was there was a pitcher that wanted to fight somebody who every pitcher wants to fight if someone backflips them. Oh Really Yeah Oh yeah. It's like a huge disrespect to the history and tradition of the game. And what we're doing in baseball and all that I think you're exactly right. You could bat but if I struck you out I can do whatever the hell out here including throwing it your head exactly. They started making Make baseball great again hats. I'm pretty sure for the support. Pimping home runs connor back there. Who's man from Virginia? The players in the MLB Harper had went on a fun photo. That's probably right by the way. Hey daughter I'm not out Powell because you look like a person that we should doubt a fight over the last day of the shops. Aj gets it wasn't the last day it's been a month. It's time for the Union. Turn that one. I didn't think it was GONNA turn on. Yeah Oh see. Oh always make baseball fun again. Baseball Fun again okay. Why don't you have the light on like I feel? That's a standard move. Hey going onto a show. That has a camera on me. Probably should be able to see me when they get to know so. No no wasn't me. Something happened with the camera where we weren't using the light and the camera was bright enough to show me and then at some point this week the camera. I don't know maybe got a little fault. I don't WANNA play and point. Fingers can't either way it'd be known same quotas this morning to draw on. No no I figured I'd let it eat for this one. I'll change it halfway through big is good. It's good quote it's worth to. You can't just get rid of it. Once did come on buddy sorry to pivot connor. But I'm curious. You mentioned the story that they have and they're gonNA have these supposedly NFL Games. If they don't have actually human beings in the stands. What does that mean? They just zoomed people on the jumbotron like we saw our commissioner. Roger Goodell do the draft. I think if you see the K B o the K B O has fake heads in every seat. It's literally and I've said this number signs like a cartoon animation they have you have little heads in the crowd. Whenever I think that's what the thought would be and then I would assume the jumbotron should have the whacking play. One they did have zoom on the jumbotron. Well that's what I'm saying before. Nfl How would that work because you only have? What FORTY PEOPLE? That stadium seventy thousand. You definitely have to whack Eve Armed. Infla- warfighting men have to so. Yeah like the fake. They got capon pop. Those are our boys aren't they lose our guys bts. I don't know how they would do unless they build up. Tv's all the way around. Okay here we go. Let's so let Falcons. Yes so where the off the stadium seats would normally be. They put up. How many gigantic led screens that are bendable and they can bend it all the way around like the bowl of the stadium. Yes so it's like a hockey rink with the glass goes up but that's just TV's and it's a little bit easy what we only need. What say thirty seven okay? Now let's Count College stadiums as well. We have hundreds of stadiums that we have to outfit with these brand new. Led screens haven't been invented yet. We gotta get it done in the next two to three months easy. This seems like this is something that can easily get done and I was just not been thrown out there. You know what sometimes ideas get thrown out on on these types of shows and people were like you know what Bingo. That's the right answer. I don't know if we're we're going to be able to get bendy there are. Tv's that are those almost been hustled into buying one as soon as you walk into best buy which kind of looks like the new. Los Angeles Rams uniforms. By the way I think about and a lot of people hammering those things they don't deserve it but when you walk in that first thing. I bought a three D. TV there. It's like the car that's sitting on top of the thing that you're not supposed to bites the worst deal they want you to buy. I almost got around TV. So that was a very very pricey. I got a three D. TV. Still have yet to us. Because you've got to put on a mask basically but I think you could just yeah just like that right there. Look at that stadium is. That's the sprinter. The Falcons Stadium. Lower that down to where the TV looks normal. Like you can put fans in there. I think they'll just like Greece sidelines. And they already got Piping the fans noise a couple years ago they already have that part The piping and the fan noise by the way is I think a good idea by Fox just little subtle nothing crazy and maybe even have somebody who's on their actually mixing it so when something big happens. Bam maybe even have a in there. Somebody doesn't like something you know. Have Somebody really working at? But I liked the little ambient noise and Joe Buck. He said that. Andy Cohen of the real housewives. He said they're working on it. Please eighty care because he will slit your throat if you get to where they will people saying that Joe Buck the way he was getting quoted I would assume Joe Buck was not half. Look quite to threat. He was not well did. I didn't see that all four tweets long five. He didn't want to speak for Fox. Why would assume that the NFL also not happy about said thing that he said? Joe Buck is by the way I don't think the NFL she'll be mad at him. I think Joe Buck throwing out ideas to give us something to ponder and talk about is bad for the NFL fan. Especially in this time. But I think the ambient noise is good idea if is something. He can't not too loud but just a little something for you. Don't have to put it in the stadium by the way you just put it on the just like a laugh. Track does on the situation. Sick moms Seinfeld. Yeah exactly land cover up some of the language that they don't want to have to continue to beep because they're going to have Mike. I think you might want to go the other way if you've been watching the UFC during this time they're fighting an empty arenas the fight seem much more like nasty and gruesome. Because there's no can't hear anything you can hear their cornermen yelling at them and giving them instructions here. Joe Rogan antic and everybody but then you can hear the connection of the punches and kicks imagine. Nfl Game For one regular season game. No fans same amount of Mike. The referees are Mike The Centers Mike those hits are gonNA come across the TV nasty. Like you're going to hear it. I you know what I was kind of against that being completely quite because when I heard Joe box say they're putting an ambient noise. I was not a bad idea. I can see how that would help. But then you think back like training camp some practices in training camp whenever it's like maybe the end of the day or whatever and if there's not a lot of fans there for whatever reason or maybe it was before close some of those one on one drills in some of those team periods those periods. Oh my God there's it was awesome and they would normally take the big guys. Don't WanNA get hurt out. So you didn't see your absolute best offensive. Lineman going against your best alignment unless it was like a couple of one or two players and they were interested. Drive out with other people. They'll figure it out they gotta get at least a rep in here so you remember but then let's not get said person hurt in this particular drill and that's the type of drought is though right and it is a type of drill where somebody could easily get hurt here before going to the ground. There's big it's those things used to sound awesome but I think the shit talk was the best part about it. It's like how does the NFL monitor that. That'll be an interesting thing. Like how are you GonNa? I don't know how it works when the game. Let's say it's on a second delay. How is somebody going? Someone's GonNa sit there have to beep out like there's GonNa be multiple things to beep sometimes on on one clay. Yeah because you can't just have complete silence because people would say well they're already up on the field you don't hear swearwords all the time it's because they turned down the Mike Stewart no other sound. You can't turn down said I mean maybe they could. Maybe they'll turn down but then they'll be no you're right there's no like Ambien. Underline noise behind them. You know what I think announcers though just because I think this would be hilarious. I think commentary should only go to TV but the entire stadium to tire state so the players that is not what we call. That was not what we called about it. Hey that ain't what you're saying. That would be a legend. I heard with the MMA corners are talking less because they don't want the other corners hearing what they're saying and the fires also hearing what they're saying like as far as plans and stuff like that. How do you think NFL coaches are going to deal with like yelling at players? Like as far as what call was or like. Are they going to talk less? Or are they gonNA do like fake dummy calls out to the fields? So that the other coaches here across the way great question they have the microphone obviously in their ear that they can hopefully or Duffel down a little bit. But when you're calling out places like the xfl. I asked the xfl folks about this. Because the coaches their conversations are miked up right so you could hear somebody's entire play call and we asked how mummy about it the day before and he was like they still got to figure out call is the call. That's like you know what I mean so I think in my eyes and I could be wrong area. You know this much better than me because you probably played in plenty of games where you could have known what the other signals were or cadences were or calls were but for me. I think it would still be it. Wouldn't be as easy as people think just to be able to pick things up. It's all verbiage and being able to hear exactly what people are saying from the other side line in my wrong in thinking that no. I think you're right and yeah. You could hear what they're doing. You can hear the little like one word things that the quarterback will say to a receiver for like a sight adjustment route or something if he feels like the coverage. You can hear it but also good quarterback especially veteran quarterback. They're going to throw dummy. Kohl's to like they're gonNA he's GonNa be forty breaks huddle. He's okay man. This play is locked. Whatever I say. Line don't listen. None of it means anything. And he's GonNa call real calls at the line of scrimmage that he may use but those are dead on that play that happens now. I think that would happen a lot more. I guess if we couldn't hear anything else if you're an offensive LINEMAN K. Think about the offensive Lineman job real quick. They never get enough credit their hand to hand combat every single play trying to battle for their life and defensive lineman can run stunts in some can take plays off and not really get noticed of. Lineman has to be on every single plane and if they lose one time every single game. They're going to get cut so they have to win every single time or they're going to get cut but then as you're dead tired. You're forced to be overweight. K. forced to be overweight. As you're dead tired you also have to have the wherewithal in between your ears. Know what the hell the play call is what it is. What what it's on and then where you're headed and by the way once you get in your stance can't move not even can't even move your head. Like accident can't sneeze. You're making adjustments with your other offensive. Lineman at the line of scrimmage while your hands in the ground and you can't move can't move and if you just want the defense can give you an entire and they can even yell out. Things can't bunch can't and then you have to block out the fake calls that are happening for the real calls while trying to figure out what what game or stunt they could potentially offensive. Lineman's jobs are a nightmare. I have no idea how people Janda Alan quake ship leaves been doing it. A long time are boy sitting. I mean I don Nick Mango. I don't know how these Damian Woody I don't know how these dudes I just didn't WanNa leave anybody out there of course on those. Let's think who else do we know who has been on the show? Keep throwing the TJ Jay Lang. He's the most he's great interview by the way. T. J. LO lipper in computer shouldn't forget about him but I did because a lot of things happening here. And that's why I couldn't be an offensive lineman because there's things like that that I would miss. Do they have to know like audibles for specific player? They have like ten different options that they could go with that. They should listen to the quarterback. I think they have to know everything they don't have to know the routes but I think they have to know everything else on offense and my accurate and saying that. Yeah I mean I don't think many lyman know what like the route combinations happening? But yeah they especially the center. He has to know what? Everybody's doing every offensive. Lineman should absolutely know what the every offensive lineman has on each protection. Hey how come those dudes like Keithly Joe Show Bert? How come when come. They have the ability to know exactly. What's coming from formation? That's off from words being said. That's from like formation and tendency and everything like study like Tennessee's leading up to that what they've done the past with the coordinator you scout the coordinator to so if you have t say you're playing a team that's in your division. He played twice a year but they have a new coordinator this year. And you're planning for the first time with this new coronary. You'll go back and watch film of that coordinate. With his old team whoever he was with before to see like what are his staple things. What does he like? But then yeah I mean everything. They charge little tips like from through film studying. It's always situational too. Like you can try to compartmentalize and say all right here. We go second and medium. They like this chunk of plays. And you've got to figure out and your brain remember what personnel grouping in looks that they get to like final formation in there and hope we have a little light goes off and you have an idea of where to start good starting your path when the play starts like okay the Salman attacking. That's like the CAM. Newton claimed matthew situation. Where all you watch film screen or I think clay was a Clayton. We'll watch the wheel rod or whatever in Cam says to all you watch film I like that. And then says the watch this thing or whatever. And he scores a touchdown on a slant route. That's the type of thing though. That teams can do inbetween just week to week. Like I think there was things that Payton had that. Maybe five different things throughout entire. It's like that's why as a defender. I'd assume you can't just bank on your ears all the time and this is exactly what people think. What the no crowd would people but I think. The xfl debunk that. I think a lot of people have come out and say like yeah. You can't really trust what's being set out there. Because everybody's trying to lie to everybody and the quarterbacks change their hand signals to like every they don't want to change them all the time but there's so many different practice squad guys coming in and out of a team that yeah quarterbacks have to change like their little hand signals for individual routes they want to change at the line of scrimmage. They changed that a lot too. I guess would probably do that. Even more with no fans in every single eyeball and everyone can hear all that has happened. It'll be fun to watch I. Hey let alone zoom fans you know an affair on TV alongside. They're going be right in my sign up to be Zoom Fan. I think your email at nfl dot net last portnoy table. You'll probably have an entire section. You'll buy out an entire either. You probably that's probably what they'll do. You sell a section a whole section. That has long along the side of the field and then you can give the link. Yeah so I just read it on that pat where they said they could really make an ad revenue up if they like when they say. They put a tarp over sections of the the stadium. Because it's not no one's going to be there if you would just sell those sections like if pm. I wanted to sponsor a certain section for colts game like when you're watching on TV. We see your logo. Oh Yeah for sure. We're buying that. We're GONNA DON Jacksonville taking up. I don't get to do. I bet the NFL doesn't do it. We're going to buy the entire upper bowl new RAM stadium. I don't know if they're GONNA be playing. There is a place. I'm not harm center. They're going to be playing vegas. Only I was going to be expensive. Remember they got casino through but they make five hundred and sixty million or something that one day whenever it was for the licenses to buy season. Tickets something that there's a number that was not the right number four eighty. I. It's in that area. They made a one day over there in Vegas the NFL. I don't think the NFL IS GONNA get delayed at all by the way the MLB. They're trying to battle right now because there's shit what started when this was all happening but I think the NFL was Gung Ho on they. We're just going to make this happen. This is where America's Game America's League the world's best sport. We're going to make this happen. And that's just I think it's a good mindset to have I'm pumped to see how that plays out because the MLB. I don't think is going to work out. Rpi have to relocate though people freaked out because California went on another till August. I are entered July and other stay at home thing. And now they're saying they're not gonNA place okay. Florida's governor saint come on in we GOTCHA. We'll host anybody who wants to play. Come on down. Listen to Games in Florida. That's what they'll do they'll say come on Arizona's did the same major leagues come on out. Come on we got good weather too. Hey Desert Ninety eight degrees should face time with a guy that used to play center there Just last year returning there. He was sweating his ass off. While we had to be bundled up winter. Here in Indiana. Come on now come on very interested because La Rams. They can't go to Saint Louis but they can go San Antone and can't they donner San Antone. Everybody talked about that. Plays being a potential future home for an NFL team. San Antonio wants a team. That could be a place. Then you talk about Saint Louis. The Battle Hawks I mean. They sold out that stadium. Oliver luck missing out on like thirty million dollars or something like that with a lawsuit with Vince McMahon currently but the battle hawks. They're ready for the chargers to get the town. I think that's what the NFL will trying to do. Obviously it's not ideal situation for anybody but I think the NFL is GonNa do whatever to make this happen. So if they let's say team does relocate Saito to Florida or whatever you just move all of operations and it's like you have a a seven month camp but it's just the regular season. Is that what you do when you bring everybody all the support staff and they are housed in one big hotel or something to be honest. I just got a text message saying I have to read an ad within the next five minutes or it doesn't count. I didn't hear what you said at the beginning of the talking about baseball or football football. Oh so you're saying for seven months everybody be house in the same place. Say A team not everybody but say a teams in California and they need to relocate to play. Yeah you just go and use someone else's practice facility your whole everybody there. Hundreds and hundreds of people stay in the same hotel for the entirety of the season. I don works because you would. You have to have a place that has facilities already built like Saint Louis Right. Saint Louis already has facilities built for this. They would be able to handle it. I would assume some college but colleges have to use their facilities. So who's Gonna? The facilities being available is a massive thing. I mean that. Is You look for places that used to have. Nfl teams maybe back in the day that they can somehow. It's not like you have to have time to retrofit something that doesn't work right now. Though advantage by the way that is for all the teams that are at their homes with state of the art everything state of the art literature. And then you go to somewhere else. That hasn't been an NFL for our home or a team or a home for a team for a long time. And she's raggedy old dirt field. Oh man this is. Actually maybe my wrong is. Let's say you're in California and you can't play games there. Could you still live their practice? There and then just fly out and play your home games in Nevada Arizona. It's a stay at. They got that. Stay at home thing going on those. Let's say that Opens Up August? Something can you just not have large gatherings like? We're not going to fill a stadium. Yeah we're not GonNa let you play Games. But can they stop? Them from practicing. That's good question in by the way if you could do that if you're the rams are the chargers and everything's in a way game then that's a seventeen sixteen games that are away Which sucks when it comes to Competitive because rest on the other side especially when you're in La. I don't know why did you hit that ad read. Bud Yeah well I have to. That was hilarious message. And that's a great question you ask do and I just couldn't I couldn't even pay attention to it you know and that's kind of it's a mess you know do. Maybe I need to get back to baseball. Looks good gotTa Get Haircut? Hey not too shabby. I don't know what happened. Who DID IT Somebody in the office learn how to be a barber I. I don't know what happened here. Those because that's supposed to be a part Yup in normally the part is where the hair is. The hair in this particular one didn't happen but that's it's just like a line like I used to have when you'd have a couple of people called them Stair Steps Whatever is Oh yeah college I have the I even had a slip in the eyebrow one point Charles Woodson. He might still have that. Charles always had a couple slits. That's what you got your good company. Maybe that made me a better athlete. All of a sudden lays Germany the other day we told you about a company that whenever you shop with them you're shopping with a company that has created the most comfortable shorts in the history of shorts. These shorts have the underwear attached to said shorts. So you can say Sinar Bitch to your boxers briefs to your tidy Whitey out there because a company created shorts that have underwear attached. 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Now's a great time to get paranoid chucks in a free paranoid chunks at that yeah yeah no Rinky Dink Bush League Mickey Mass Garbage Noncha- still the cafeteria man. Oh my break. Demise stainless steel metal. So when you owe careful daddy too so you can hold in your hand and it's also comfortable. Somehow they figured out a way to make nunchucks comfortable because that's what this company does. Is they make things comfortable. That aren't normally comfortable. That's bird dogs. Dot Com enter Promo Code. Sports talk with no spaces. Sports Talk Sport Stock Sports Las Dos Stock. All right good. That's like Hawaii Their Football Team University of Hawaii they do like I think. Four away games at a time and then they come back to Hawaii and have a home game because it's however long it is For me it's think one Xanax and two beers away from Indianapolis from California. I'm not sure but I think they do like four. Oh I'm not somebody's at one time and I don't. I've never heard that that's the case. But you might see to kind of have to be though. That's they have to go to school. You're right so I guess they would have to go back to. They do online schooling. I don't know how that works. That'd be what the rams charges in the niners would have to deal with right. Then you have to travel for everything. Let me tell you. Do you think a lot of coaches and people really put up a fight. They came in this puts us at a disadvantage if we are displaced doing all of these things but then. Hey what's what's the alternative. You don't Play Adam. Silver said on the call to the owners on Tuesday the NBA owners. He said that's we have no idea. If the risk next week could be the same as the risk it Christmas. We have no idea what's going to happen with our risk assessment. So when we make the he wasn't saying like we should make the decision go because we don't go now. We're not going to go through Christmas. He's just saying with that facts in mind. You guys now should make the decision with that idea in mind like we have no clue what's going to happen and I'm intrigued to see because this is going to become a political thing. I mean it's going to become a political already has. It's already becoming a political thing. I don't know the World War enough but it's already becoming a political thing and then you've got some people that it seems like it's going to be locked down for one another six months maybe five months at least and then out here in Indiana like yeah you go to restaurants tomorrow. I just don't know how much I don't WanNa say. How much patients are the people that are going to be constructed to their house for the next five months to have whenever they're watching the entire world that they don't live in out here just living life regularly. I think this this could go one way or another. This could go okay. We're back. We just know that this is always going to be something we have to worry about like the flu over here or can go back and I don't want it to go that way. I wanted to go the other way but I think that we have no idea what's going to happen two months from now. We have no clue. So how could the? Nfl can't just have to prepare and get ready for everybody and see. Say You just gotTA PUT. They gotta put multiple plans in place and see how it plays out. I guess yeah who ultimately is making the decisions. That's what I don't know who who says. Yeah who Roger Goodell Mike Michaud is he. Just one. It's like. Yeah we're back because Dana White GotTa Fights Back Upright Dana White. You'RE GONNA have a card last night like he's Bam Bam. He's cranking him out to. What's that in other on Saturday right? That's what I'm saying. You don't think the other commissioners are seeing what Dana White's doing a meal. Is that right right? You're the best commissioner. Okay all right I'll show you. That's real though. I think a lot went into Dana white being able to pull off a UFC weekend from every other sport. Whether whether it's connected or not or you would think I think there's a lot of other people with a lot of money on the line and also a lot of risk potentially like all right. Let's see how this doesn't even know it's very different than ours is a very different operation. There's only what three people four people per corner coming in and out like that's very different than obviously our sport. But there's a lot watching that all right. They're to blow off three in one week. We can figure this out. Yeah how many basketball players are. Nba facilities are only. Two of thirty are planning to open on Monday. I don't the other aid. I'd assume we're what California's and just for small groups at a time. Or how do they do? You know voluntary and saw the heat the heat dea when they open yesterday or two days ago had twelve guys. Come in. I mean I don't know the schedule of when they come in but they had twelve people come in tall players. Come in throughout the day man. There's so many basketball's you're touching everything. I wonder how they're getting around. Maybe like everyone has one basketball. They're assigned to don't rebound anybody. If you are a group of three semi weird they'll have gloves on and I think every facility has to have a hygiene manager or something like that who cleans every doorknob. Whenever it's used every bottle. Every ball in that was back like a week and a half ago when Shaam Toronto said that they released a memo saying they're going to roll out the opening facilities and they backed off. That might have been two weeks three weeks ago. They backed off of that. But there was a sixteen page memo and guidelines. I guess on how somebody could get into the facilities. Somebody had to wash every door. That can only come in one at a time. You couldn't be within twelve feet of each other. Somebody could rebound for you. But they have to have gloves on that entire thing set up already. That was their guidelines. But I I don't know if that time is the exact same time this time feel we're potentially in different times and I would assume those eight facilities that aren't opening. What does that left and Right Boston? I don't think Boston New York teams both the La Teams Sacramento Golden State on state at sick that. What's that seven State Steve? Kerr even said like we're we're onto next season. We're we're acting like we're we're in the off season already. What if they have a play in turn into the bracket though and they have everybody back should? I don't even think well there are there. Records already really bad. Yeah but what if it was? Just what if it was just everybody in the League? Yeah you get into a free for all a free for all with Steph back. Klay BACK IF I'm Steve. Kerr Hey listen I know people told story by Me Punch and Michael Jordan and chess and get one in the Izhak. Let's go ahead and think about maybe and what about the nets? Yeah the net K. D. Kyri tyree. What was the? What's the Middle Golden State's record right? Now they're not in the NBA is all because of Steph getting hurt an Kevin Durant left. Katie left I guess Claes still out instead. Unbelievable they've been running the show for the last five years or whatever it is and then all of a sudden what? Twelve fourteen wins. Thank everybody came after Kevin Durant and his burner accounts but that guy seven foot. Tall drains threes in his savage. On defense I mean that seems like Replaced fifteen and fifty. Well they want without him to both the owned would the championships with them. He won both the finals. Mvp So Steph is pretty happy. See Him go fight. I don't know Steph Curry. That well only knows daddy's a fucking remarkable golfer next level gopher. That is out girl class. Act Del Class. Act Smooth Shit talker. Smooth like one of the smoothest ship doctors in a rake offer. Maybe out to her and then I missed one later. I put that one in though that made me feel good but there should never be any gimmes ever what? Why do you have like okay if you're planning for some Internet gambling? You can have some with all these little action going on. I despise the whole thing like went. Oh Is it good good? I'm like I don't know make it and then it'll be good like I. I always tell me what I don't want any. I want zero gimmes. I will put something out from a half inch off the cup. Like let's just if we all go in with that mindset. We all know we're putting everything out and there's never any questions. There's no arguments afterwards about your feelings are hurt that you gave him a. GimMe me like I. I just if you're betting you're betting anything out part of the game though you know like. Oh it's not I didn't should be ten foot. Gimmes be honest. At least I mean. Put the pin down anything within their. Let's go or we play golf. You're not getting better. I take a lot of pride in being able to talk my way into. GimMe that I probably like. I feel like that is an also like golf skill. Like how was that on? That's fine just don't keep score and we're not going to gamble gives each other. Sorry I'm saying I don't want gimmes ever. That's what I'm saying. I don't like her. I'm like I'm GonNa Miss This three-foot Putt seven out of ten times. Let me try to make. Let me try to work on it. That's why I take a lot of pride in being able to talk my way out of putting it and moving onto the next round or next. Yeah Okay Yeah I guess I'm not that guy. I take pride in trying to talk my way out of the PUTT. Well See. That's a very big difference here. I thought I October twentieth. Two thousand ten really my biggest failure to talk my way out of the shackles and handcuffs. I was living out of it. It was cold too. I mean I can make all the but I'm not making excuses here. I didn't have my a game with my mouth and that's a problem but I'm GonNa get good at golf this off season. I while this if we're allowed we allowed Gulf yes days. I'm GonNa get good golfing. I think I've decided I'm going to get good at Golf. Because it's only GONNA help baseball game which I'm already in double Aa and it's only my second game So I get good at golf. Are you a good Golfer? No I'm very inconsistent offer. That's that's the difference being good. Good good good guys can go out there. And they're bad day. They shoot like an eighty eighty two. Mike I can shoot five play really well. I shoot eighty-three but I can also shoot one hundred five depends driving it out of bounds all day or not. I don't know if I'M GONNA touch one hundred and five at this stage of life but you're one hundred percent right with that variation I could be. I can light it up for like four or five holes too. I can look like the guy for four or five holes in normally there the last four five holes right because probably a little bit of loosen up start to feel a little bit learn about growth you back. Learn about my swing a little bit. Because I haven't called for like a year and a half so for the first thirteen holes. I'm trying to figure out how to do it but then when I get good at Golf. I'm like I love. The sport could probably be great at it. But I've never my life been great at it ever. Hey what's the skins game happening? And what network. How do you watch it? What's going on great question? Good transition hoping we got here because I think Dustin Johnson Rory mcilroy repeat Fowler in this war fella have done an absolutely in Wolfson attractive son of a bitch. I mean this is too. He's not good personality they have not marketed. This at all. It's happening this Sunday to six. These guys the two on the right that you know the two on the left that you don't are taking on each other rickie fowler by the way legend of a man love what he's done with golf these cool guy gu-guy but on the right there doesn't Johnson and Roy mcelroy. They are dominant golfers taken onto Oklahoma State Products Matthew Wolf and Rickie Fowler this is Sunday Skins match NBC age. Oh okay why is there no promotion for this? Oh somebody tweeted me and said that. Nbc Golf Has Been Promoting Helen. I'll tell you what. Nbc sports probably has at Channel Six. A lot of people would know about it. Unless you're watching Gulf fixed a love go fix. Is that on the golf channel Golf channels owned by NBC. The event is being aired on. Nbc Embassy and the Golf Channel. So I assume they're all permitted had zero knowledge of this until this morning. No idea I'm pumped for this. I'm actually going to pump to this because I think it might be really good because we don't have the big up in hype like we did going into Tiger Phil back last year and if anybody's smart over there turner not only watch the last match the tiger and Phil Head. They'll watch this and be like okay. Walk this is a preview for that match. This is awesome. This is like an undercard for that match. And I can't wait like I'm pumped for this. And I had no clue it existed until like nine thirty. Am today and it makes no sense to me. But I'm pumped up for. It can't wait to watch on Sunday and I'm potentially putting every dollar I on the two on the right. They're old Dustin Johnson and Roy strictly because I didn't even know the one guy on the other team existed so I mean that's something I do believe their minds one ninety five who is on the right. Dj Roy Skins game. How does it work the two onto our alternate shot No they're playing. A score added best ball score added up. Sorry that's not. Best Ball Yeah. They're adding both players. Scores Remembers Lower Score House. It's total total total. I hope they press after the front nine to help. Somebody decides to press there because it's for charity. I hope they start throwing around. Maybe a couple hundred thousand from the charity from their charity. Maybe you WanNa bet it a little bit. You know what I mean. That's I'm here for that. I am here if NBC's doing it. I mean it's going to be like the production. I'm sure it'll be very good. I just wonder who they're gonNA get. Who's going to well I who hope with a half a guy walking with them. Obviously ten fifteen yards behind him. I don't know you know what I've seen nothing of NBC. I'll do it yes probably Do I have to three Co might be because he's the NBC Golf Guy for Big Events? I'll do it. Thank you pat. They'll probably can't wait. Hey I'm looking forward to it. Good luck this weekend. Hey thanks man. It's going to be the last rain between the the boys out there. What are you gonNa wear going to respect the game? Obviously that's the game after. What about the Tom Brady and Peyton? What's the data? That may what next Sunday may. Twenty four th. Yes this is an undercard literally I mean. Is that shot golf? Hey the shepherd. Hopefully this. I'd his office. Long been considers only looks after themselves only cares themselves. Look at them coming back into the world for the rest of us. I hope it goes well. I hope this is something that they figured out the formula. What works with the right personalities? The right like how they film it how they show at like produce it and maybe this happens more and more as time goes on the tours back the week after that to the Virginia June. The memorial tournament is usually in Dublin. Where I live Like the first weekend in June that's pushed back to middle of July like the third or fourth. That is come back. I guess once Joe Juneau Evans hit sort of her live in Dublin. Ohio saw PJ tournament every year. Yeah Jack Course Jack Nicklaus courses right here. That's probably awesome every time the opened to around where we're from so Oakmont is near my hometown. Every time the open comes it's a spectacle is it's incredible and the amount of awesome golf tournaments are amazing. People ran out their houses and corporations take over and how host week long parties with open bar. It's it's a huge celebration party. The amount of money that is made by the people that live around those golf courses insane. There's this one guy that just had a field and he just charged for parking every day and he made enough money for like two years. The one event shadow Frank Furka Shot L. Frank. Cargo people rent houses out to golfers as well. And so if Tiger's come into memorial I'll my family out for the week if he wants to pay a good price rent. Our House are here. I see probably tyke tiger. Maybe the only one that could get to move and to see if the numbers are right but it's open it will be available if he needs it. I've seen that villy you live in into you. Walk around that thing when you're facetime and there's just like Jesus ceiling seventy feet high that fucking look mall. Bookcases goes got cold sealants to he saw masterpiece taking a hit Put malls were already in the dumps. I can't imagine how they're gonNA come back from this. You Bought Opening Indiana this. Oh yes we can fifty percent capacity or something per store. Only twenty five people allowed to at one time. I mean you're allowed to eat outside at restaurants but you're allowed to go Give somebody a Charles Oakley Elbow to get Avocados at the grocery store. Everything's really interesting how it's kind of mixed messaging but this weekend it's feels like Indiana's what do you mean about the Charles Oakley Elbow for avocados grocery stores. It's been open the whole time. Exactly that's what I'm saying. It's a fucking free for all in there. I don't understand why that's like that has not been addressed this entire time at all. You gotTA gotta eat. People need food to eat so if they want to go down there and just you know sneeze on each other's food right next to each other be. Are you going to eat this? You'RE GONNA go eat outside a restaurant this weekend. I like to support a small business somewhere. Yeah you know. It's supposed to rain all weekend. Thunderstorm lightning feel the Dow lightning. What's the name of that song? Aj that's imagine dragons. That's the band. What's the name name? It's called thunder hits man. I'm I'M GONNA Imagine Dragons Guy I'll get down with. Imagine dragons also one republic my new band because of some land sing it. Is it a new one Ryan Patrick? What's his name Ryan Tat? Nobody knows nobody watches the show song. Lynn it's a fucking good show. This will be my third time going on this rant. Within the last month nobody watches the show song land in eighties. Is it first off? What does it? And that's what I'm saying. He amount of disrespect for this show is next level golf tournament. Almost I can't believe people don't know about it. It's on Prime. Time television on NBC. On Monday nights. And it's about how it's like a songwriting session. Basically from like these master. Three Writers Esther Ryan and other guy. What's the other guy? Is this a scripted? Show it's like a reality reality. Songwriters come in with their songs that they wrote themselves and credit themselves in pitched the songs to artists. It's awesome watching them kind of piece together a song. It's really really nice but nobody watches the damn thing in the guy. That's what's his name Ryan. Shane no foreign tetter Ryan terror. That dude in the Shane Guy. Makes BANGERS esters this incredibly electric personality? What she's electric of she does. All these are all songwriters and the one instrument instrumental and the lyrics. What do it all whole thing yet? So full song production. I'm really into music. So like getting the behind the scenes. Look at it. I felt like I was like I don't know a lot of it now. Granted lots of vitamins are inhaled while it's happening. It's very interesting but that show gets no love but one republic the guy with the good ass. Hair their photo in the far right. He's lead singer for them and I'm just like well. I want that guy succeeds. Listen I'll stream some of their shit here even if it's on you will be happy to hear I went. I saw the father in law. So we're GonNa go to tell you what we're watching the show a lot. You need to watch. And what is it Song Land Father-in-law and I have same appeals a mature man. Obviously we'll get that I'm going to have to DVR. I guess I'm not. I'm not surfing around like the whatever. Nbc CBS Fox Apm. On Monday night. I don't watch a whole lot of like whatever what you. What's that called traditional programming network? Tv Yeah I'm watching Apple. Tv and stuff more than that. Obviously well you have good taste. Well excuse me you can get that on your fucking apple. Tv now. I can get it. I'm saying I will go and watch I watch stuff on youtube or net flicks or whatever before I go to network TV right now. Especially when I know. There's no live sports. There's going to be on network. Tv One Chicago Fire Watch other song. Sounds good though I wanna see it ruined bowl. It's about trial science. It was allegedly with. Dr Phil Did was Dr Phil. Because as bull the character portrayed. He helped out Oprah in a trial. Baba because he does jury sending and all this kind of an interest. It was a very interesting show. And the guy got some stuff and squeezing butts on said. Yeah the entire. The entire allegedly entire thing is like this guy's a super genius stupid. It's like well I can't watch anymore can't by I don't think but I up to my respect for Dr Phil because of Bull. If said thing was actually what Dr Phil was doing because it was next level thinking about doctor. Phil's Legit I listen to him. Tell Her story how he met. O'brien worked for her when she was fighting some kind of lawsuit or some case wherever and fill like he was a she got what she paid for like. Dr Phil was going deep into like how? He was crafting the whole narrative and what he was going to do for her trial. You should watch ball now. What network is that now? Cbs I believe I believe I had to stop watching it though because when you watch it. That's the smartest human to ever exist. Any so crafty scripted or is this rowdy scripted. Well to show show based OFF BE DOCTOR. Phil's actual life whose bowl who's the main guy substance that guy. He's like Jason weatherly or something. Oh you're saying in real life in real life. Artists from art situation. Allegedly allegedly something happen in real life in a kind of kills the character the characters like the super genius. And it's like you can't separate the character from the man are from the can't do it. Yeah I can't do it I'm with you. I want to like the human. That's that I'm helping succeed at the moment by watching listening you ever watch anything all now. There's people in this office. I didn't even know this was a real thing. Like what. What are you guys. Hey we're not going to do something you can run with that. Can't amy go ahead and do come on? Oh my God digs made a big. Oh Tony you out. Our every single one involve fucking Gabi. Don't need him in my life. Oh that's not a big deal why. Jj I wake up. I don't need his bullshit motivation. To what are you? Join US wine club and listen to him. Ran Into did you follow. I never followed him but I know his stuff. Yeah but it's like anything else. Wouldn't it's a hard thing about the Internet especially sometimes if you are all in on somebody they put so much stuff out. Eventually you start to dislike him and you're like all right man of hurt again. I've heard it. You're feeding yourself again. Continue to hear the same thing over and over and over again. Well I think you hit the nail on the head there. It's like Pawn Stars you binge it and then you're out you know it's tiger kings. The prime example went from like we are talking about it and even in the midst of like the first day. We're talking to Mike Man. This is GonNa be so like this is so played out within four days. I WanNa let you know. I HAVE NOT UNFOLD GARY V and we still. I still motivated by Gary V missile. Everybody knows everything we've been to his office. He's an agent. Why don't you? Why don't you let him sign you? Why don't you assign him on? His your agent Sports Sports. He was on the sideline national championship took photos together throughout the five five book. Evan ran up to and got his autograph kind of embarrassing. Yeah now I didn't do that but he would've if he could have but he was. Being a professional sideline pass National Credential National Championship as a twenty five year old kid from Michigan State. That should not have been there right. I just gave him. Hey Gary Big Fan man. He goes no tire you saying. You don't follow Gary. Knock can't stand him off like I. Gary DOESN'T CARE. Yeah exactly exactly. That's a good point. I believe he truly doesn't care about what about tire me. Like if if people on follow him or he has haters Gary does just water off a duck's back. Yeah Bro Can I am so much fucking smarter than you anyway. It doesn't fucking matter. Does he? Actually that doesn't does the office meeting or something like in my office. Conference will do something. Now walk out and the tide turned on somebody. That I didn't even know was possible in a conversation. I'll be like what happened. Just and then it. Just it just becomes a rattle fest and then by the enemy like all right well. You guys did that like I'm GonNa go to the bathroom. I don't know if we can do this again. But I mean the tide turns. Would the conversation gets going out here? I mean it should be recorded. You see him make a video and he says that thing to like some sweet eighty-three-year-old eighty-three Lady Lawn Sale. When he turned around teapot he'd bought for six dollars and then sold for six eighty five. We're supposed to fucking bow down. You know what? Sakis made off baseball cards in the last six months. Jesus make you fucking sick? Did I mean come on this is entirely gets Gary's essence in his in this character? You really do. This is what happened within the last forty eight hours. This is happened man of this. I was on board was on a couple of hours worth of calls a lot of things going on and all of a sudden. Come back out. Full turn the table. I'm like is there. Is there anyone else that's been followed from? The was that recently as of late been unfolded. Anyone else thing you want to get almost any long. Never been bigger just raised twenty Mil. That's why we're team Nikki. I'll on naked stride bomb in the past. Fiemme TRIPLE D. Dog. You didn't talk a big time. The HELL OUT ASSUME CALL WITH HIM. He basically spend your house alive. Pat was invited into the circle. We were not understandable. We're kind of zoom call on the. Nfl draft is on Bros. Me Rich Eisen Chanel West Coast Saudi derwin James Guy. Fieri Matt Liners Weight. Okay who put that group together? Well I got in there because rich. Eisen tax me and asked me but the first night whatever they're doing that NFL draft a thon thing. No I don't you mean during the draft the NFL draft. Yeah Yeah. We didn't see them because there was so far below us. Did you go on on Saturday or Sunday or Friday Saturday? Yeah Yeah they brought. They brought in the lefty there late night Friday night. I want to end the eleven o'clock ratings like nine people on Zoom. Did you say what four words the whole time they laughed? I got a couple of chuckles in you know what I mean like did Chanel west coast. A lot of good hot takes the drink. She did a rap or something for the parental do. It was all about people promoting things that they were doing to raise money and it was a good thing. It was a charity thing. I didn't know security deal billion dollars or something. I Bet I should have seen this but the first night they had you played madden against Katie Nolan. And you're supposed to play teddy boy and you didn't tell me you got blasted by Katie Nolan. I wasn't allowed to tell anybody. I didn't play against two chains K. Because they didn't want to. I was on talk about it. And then when Katie on something. What was that thirty minutes before the game ten. Not even. Who's applegate maybe you've started? She didn't even know by the way she was walking. Her dog they come into the game happens. I didn't really know about and then she's a she is a hustler. She is a Gamer. She knows she beat the hell out of me on that thing. I'm not a good video game player. Who ended up winning that thing park? Who Cares probably guy? Fieri rings mental signs and the camera. Yeah through this is what happens. This office place. He's here this. You're speaking of Guy. Fieri jetty sorry how people speak nickelback like it's cool to hate nickelback. That's exactly how it feels about back either dumb old now. I feel like now people coming back around nickelback. The almost felt bad for court. They put good music from that. Four they put on the music. People hate them. People throw rocks and things that shine there. It is true Very Wise Guy Fieri though and I have talked to a couple of times the second time. He was asked if he had ever met me before he said. No I spit in your face Kentucky Derby where at his party you know having a good time I was asked. You WanNa go meet Deals Jerk. Triple love it. I go over there interesting. Interaction happens and then I walked back to the boys and we leave and you know I thought we were friends. He has a video of me on his phone. I know that deal well on that we all action where I mean Diggs. Big Fans Neck obviously very negative towards guy for no reason for. When did you hear that? He said he had an. He's never met you before. Was that in zoom call on Zoom Zoom draft on. We talk to each other. We thought to your come on guy you had seventy eight people introduced to you that night within a ten minute span. I was one of them. We saw we were there. Basically the whole night we. We are invited by the same people that paid him paid us together. He was roped off his private section. He was not dealing with the pigeons and the Peruvian out there. He was on case own. He was in his own section. It was obviously. He had his restaurant down there. He made a good business move by hosting this party. We just happened invited the same party for business reasons. We had a good time. We were partying but we had a lot of space and it was was one of those things where I was. If I want to go meet get past the skirt. Good people good team go conversation. He just never let assume he was mad. Because we were in there and couldn't bring more whores in Tokyo Guy. He was actually all dudes back. Yeah let me come on fly anyway. What about what Gary v like? Have you met Gary v many times anytime? Oh Yeah. Where did you meet Gary v? Where do you run into New York? He's WHO's one of our first guests on her podcast. Oh good for you. He's very very nice he said. Hey I wanNA come on. Your show came on the show. They told me he comes on shows. You know trying to educate folks introduce himself their fan base and did he taught us the whole game. I loved Gabby you. You said it perfectly. It's you know people wear thin on you about. I've learned a lot from watching Gary. The and stuff like that is a hustler. Man Like marketing type stuff. I mean like marketing and how to brand or whatever about right hook right hook by the way got the Gary. If he wants to g wants clear what is the right? Hook thing to mentality mentality right Huffman. Why does it please? What's Your Jab Jab Jab Jab and then something big comes some the way you're right hook you'll land right hook. It was when we were dropping. The baseball documentary charging people for content. That was one of the Gary full conversation. Gave me good? They says right Hook Right. Hook Dude saw office big old office nice office. Youthful viewed good view. Good guy who does the right hook mean charge people for the documentaries do believe but I'm not sure exactly what this right hook means when a big opportunity comes you got a get a knock it out. Yeah but why hook look at you you really. How does this relate to you charging three ninety nine for documentary or putting it out for free? Three three thirty both name. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook Various. Oh when that book him out so he was pushing his book when he was four years ago maybe read one of his books was a Jab Jab Jab right hook. Does he have multiple. What is that book out after? Okay here sure jabs are the value. You provide your customers with the content. You put out the good things you do to convey your appreciation in the right hook is the ask. It's when you go in for the sale adverse ascribe asked for a donation that makes sense three contact free content free content bay. That's why appreciative. Gary the but the boys call tide turns had no chance in there. I mean it just sometimes when he worked with people you know you kind of listen to what they say you start opening is in a different light and then all of a sudden entire room just turns on a guy and that can happen in here and be like that sometimes to be a gentleman realize pat good guy the rest of us have pieces of Shit. I view everybody is. Wwe character okay. I think life is a movie so people's characters like yeah terrible person bad person. Whatever but that character okay. That guy's a killer. I would like to watch. I would like to learn a little bit more about this guy if somebody's funny like I enjoy that character in the movie like I don't ever thought people's you told me you told me earlier in the show you can't watch bowl anymore. Because of the alleged actions of the lead actor bad character but his character. On the show you like. Yeah Yeah but but I'm just watching. The the actor minds will be the person. Mayes Jeremy Piven is Ari gold. He's in my phone is Ari gold. That's who he is and handed wherever you guys to drop a name. No big deal. Jeremy Piven you ever heard of whatever the movie. I don't know we'll feral movie. Also forget cheese. Great cheater as he's a dumpster see. I've never seen rush hour to take no. I didn't I don't know I don't never seen old school. Have SEEN ALREADY. Goethe's fat guy. Geez yes. He lose gloves. It's all he has to be it. By the bad guy seem as Ari gold and he was in another movie with the ACE. Oh so because Israel because he kind of plays this character as Ari gold if he if that character is what he's like in real life you can excuse it no no. That's how I view the I don't know. Got Me Confused City like Bob. Bob Sack is whatever. Tanner Danny Tanner tonight. But then when he does stand up comedy very different world he's been he's been super vulgar comic for thirty years. I like the whole story of him. Getting picked for a full house or whatever to the person was knew and was writing the show. How about if you're a single dad? And he was like that's not for me like get the fuck out here. And then he was like I just try it and then now he's got a couple hundred million dollars success days Big Fan of the show. Wasn't it you that played one of you guys? Had Dave came as the the celebrity hockey game but he didn't show Biz telling me happy. He was making money off that full house. Goalie for a fake hockey team. Me Twelve seventeen. Hey why are people so pissed about all these new uniforms the NFL? Everybody hates the rams new uniform. I don't fully understand I now. Let's does it look a little bit of a best buy thing. Yeah in or the numbers rounded so they can fit the logo in there and kind of look a little soft. Yeah is the off white not desirable. They probably could have done better of course but I don't think they're that terrible. I think they look okay. I think the logo looks a lot better on that helmet than it did on the Internet. I'll say that in. I just don't know what people like. The chargers one. I liked those as well. I liked Atlanta Falcons. Because they were the mean machine. I liked the all black with people. Hate them for that. I liked the Patriots like the bronze going back to. I like whenever they do it but some people very much hate these things. Yes so people get so upset like I don't really have an opinion either way Mike. Yeah looks weird but then after you watch them like say season happens and you watch them for three or four games. It just seems like normal to you because guys were teams were throwbacks and they wear color rush like they were so many different combinations throughout your anyway. Who knows what's the official New Jersey. That's what the Patriots are doing. A lot of teams are just doing their Colorado. Hey Thursday nights we look our best. Everybody loves it. Let's just make those are thing like? Hey sorr- sorry about your luck. Nfl WE'RE JUST GONNA do this every single week. If nobody else wants to patriots that it looked good. The buccaneers. I believe they're gonNA uniform. And those things look good because they got the Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski where I'm house. Fuel man there. I bet they have sold so many jerseys so many the Tampa Bay buccaneers Kimmy. Those fans Thomas Number one in the two a pass them. I believe this week I saw that there. Are that many fans out there. Who's Alabama probably a bunch Alabama fans? Maybe all of Hawaii and Often Tab Dick. Dolphins fans have a lot of hope. So they're gonNA jump on board. I guess early. When was the last time? A Dolphins Fan bought a jersey. Joe Harrington Panning ask panic until we hang Ronnie Brown right Brownie Brown rookie. Ricky was welker was in Miami Alesha Jason Taylor Jerseys run around out there Jason. Thomas Dante Colpepper Of course DON Jr. I was there for a minute. Larry saw a lot of the Rafe. Inker watched ace Ventura last night. Showed my my kids so hold up. I was laughing at the absurdity that Jim Carrey is like every single movement everything he does that whole thing. I'm sure it's people think it's Corny and it's weird but I remember watching when I was like eight years old and I was watching it like and my kids didn't think parts were funny and they would hear me laughing and then they would start to laugh and laugh at like stuff. That's not even funny but just ace's dumb movements and everything. How about that box in the opening scene? I mean he is a cartoon that is why he can make every movement with his face into whatever Emoji you need. He also has what incredible flexible looks over the stretch. Back off the thing. Jim Carey a fictional character. I everything he does I I used. I mean dumb and dumber listen even dive into it and then now. He's giving these incredibly deep graduation speeches. You just don't know how that's GONNA go. But now it's old. But he the grinches that's my grinch by the way and that's potentially hasn't surpassed the Santa Claus but it is dancing. What the Santa Claus on which one gets played. I whenever it's Christmas all season. I Love I'm big Jim Carey Guy but this tactic great movie good plot. That's not stuff like trying to explain the ending to my seven year old son. Typical Design Horn hundred. What does that mean? Well the kicker kind of took on this person in his Einhorn now but it's yeah it was they got it. They figured it out. Dan Marino has nice little role in that too. John Don Shula they got like the one dude the guy when they when Jim Carrey's taking a leak that urinal and then the doing the tank top looks at it. Looks they look at each other's meats and then Jim leaves and the Guy Prance Sandra That would that guy. His Is Jeff and he played at Ohio State and played in the League for a while. Long time I know him well. He's awesome. He does not like hearing about that scene because every time we see him we bring it up half to. It's a legendary moment in a legendary movie Dan Marino. I've said this before. There was like an option for thirty thousand dollars. Payment or a percentage of the movie or something like that and he took the payment. No yeah because he was like this movie that Dan Marino at the time like you know he's not GonNa Change Your Life but the back end on what this movie could do dance. Dan Good time with that thirty packets. That don't stay on my personal business trying to hit the slopes or some fresh powder call challenge down in the basement moves legendary. All right. Well I gotTA GO. You gotta good out of it off so this o quoted so cool. We miss them though the first round it must going around the country. 'cause they they weren't Columbus yesterday I could hear him. I couldn't even really see him because they were down. Find Overall the hospitals which is like twenty miles for me go inside. The last is all pissed off. They flew over all the hospitals in Indiana real quick and ties. Like why they didn't fly down Broadway guarantee one thing nurses where fucking going outside watching the blue angels. Come across this out there for me. All the boys in the warehouse in the Sonoko across the street coming out in in waving at them that way the streets were packed for the blue. Was the streets. Were alive for the. Oh Yeah Oh yeah the show. Somebody who's using Tennis Jungle Gym. There was people everywhere. There's billy billy tubes almost get hit by a car because the lady saw everybody staring at the sky she thought possible alien I think and then she pulls over almost hits billy tubes and she goes what's going on in my dad. Goes the blue angels. She goes the blue angels parks her car. She goes and grabs a camera. She has ready to go. I mean Indianapolis. The streets were packed for this thing. I mean and they go over to Columbus the next couple of days for your kid's birthday. That has to feel pretty good. They made a travel for your kid's birthday party now. Unfortunately I didn't have the pole to do that. But guess what you know. Billy took got a mental note of that Lady's license plates. He's forget he's DMV trying to find that address right now Dean Blandino said that the NFL replay system once crashed because they were trying to plug in a microwave to heat up the tur- stuffing on Thanksgiving. There is a two minute period. During a lion's Vikings Thanksgiving Game. Where if something wants a replay review they would not have been able to do it because it was unplugged in a microwave was plugged in and that is something that I think. The world wasn't ready to hear but was excited to hear that that is potentially possible without the NFL's replay review system goes. We never know what happens in there. We have no idea how some calls come back the way they do a Berta River on last year we thought he was potentially watching different games than the Games he was getting challenges from. We had no idea how some now we're learning that it is potential that if you plug in a microwave to heat up some stuffing for a second round or a third or fourth round on Thanksgiving while watching football you could potentially break the entire replay review. The lions eventually won sixteen thirteen when they dairy interception sealed the end but for two minutes in that game. If I'm the Vikings I would challenge the contest that victory in say that. There's no way we would have lost it alliance if the motherfucking microwave wasn't plugged in because we knew we weren't allowed to challenge at the time. How insane is that though that that it was possible at the time? And how did that not get checked by the millions of people? I'd assume that were a part of setting the whole process of. What did the teams know that they were like? Hey we're down right now. The replays down. You can't challenge anything. That would be awesome if get delegates pops in the voice of God. Your intellect Chuck Pagano into whoever was coaching. The lines at the time probably shorts population here. This is goodell. I am in my man cave eating eminem ask you cannot review because a toaster just took down the replay system Abbott Day. What in any fights the other coach and that was used to do you. Try to fight. Harbaugh's horrible how many times is it gone down? You think I bet it's gone down more than we we would think but this is like when Pe- a lot of times people think everything's conspiracy like there's all these people involved to try to try to screw somebody over conspiracy note something like this microwave. Shut the system down and just people like ignorance from one person or two people or someone mess something up like a lot of times. People pointed conspiracies for certain things when it's just human air. It's wild bird is a lot of money on the line. That happen again. River was one big human air last season Powell. He's still there though. Right ruined the game to pass interference thing. I'll just get it out doesn't mean somebody else couldn't I mean let's let's make the game better here. Those are massive penalties massive penalties and we have the technology to make sure they're correct every time. Why are we not doing and add on if I challenge something and I get it right? I should get that challenge back anyways. I shouldn't have to get both right or whatever to get another one. You should have a challenge. You have to challenges until you're wrong and if you get it right and get it corrected and they do the xfl transparent voice of God thing down to the referee. That's how it should be the xfl literally showed the NFL how to do their review process. Here you know. Microwaves when you're in the stadium can't do it and actually some somebody at the stadium more. Actually bring it to you. That's crazy and it's just closed circuit with somebody who knows the rules with a better. I that can just wheel it down to walled. Anderson's Fucking Air. So he doesn't have to walt over to the Damn Review thing. Seventy eight yards away. Just Bang Bang. Bang the fans know why you call it. I don't know why that hasn't been adopted. Immediate like maybe even after week one commissioner. I think after the xfl debuted that week one like the NFL has decided we will be doing. Exactly what the xfl just this past weekend with our review system going forward. It's like that was just the answer. Now you find out the microwave can take it down. It's like what the Fuck Dylan Paul. What's going to happen? The rules a change. But it's going to be the NFL's waiting to make it look like it's their idea and they didn't steal this from the XFL. They didn't want people say oh. You're doing old type. Replay deal right and I know this is the NFL replay. Ours is much different than they're Gonna. Describe IT and they're gonNA describe the exact same thing except audit they do the Skycam right that was created by the xfl. They do that. Yeah that's that's what everybody always talks about by. They're always like the innovative game. They created the Skycam the first round. So have you ever been in the stadium and watch the networks? Set up the SKYCAM that is this. Doug the gigantic wires. They have to put from the top of the stadium all corners. It's unbelievable I hit one and a game not happy skycam. That guy got fired. Yeah the wires. The camera hit the wire. Nobody knew me right. The returner and I would assume the guy who controls the thing so they didn't blow it dead l. But because it like hit it was spiraling and then it just broke it up right but it still spiral because it was going far enough. But I don't know probably took fifteen yards. Maybe twenty yards off the play out of your pocket spotted was in college so if you call go. Where's the like if you the Gerald repeated wild but yeah those that's an incredible innovation? I think hockey should do it every single game. They do it during the stadium series in it feels like I'm going down with the ship. I mean boys would run a fly veer. What I'll be I'll be in the back. That's what it feels like. And you can see the puck and everything like that but the hockey pure say it's not gonNA game it's like they want the glowing puck back right had the streak behind it like to neon yellow streak or whatever best innovations come sports first DOWN MARKER LINE. Yup Yup Skycams great ball strike box. Pretty Good Kaysone. Pay Zone is good hockey puck. You know whenever it had the flames wine around the board. You like it. Tennis replace pretty good. Tennis replays the next level machine. The robot like machine replay it and they build up suspense to showing VR and soccer to not bad golf tracker all very now golf tracking might be the best yet. Because you have no idea when the camera's right behind him the Gulf tracker so huge first down mortar. Yeah that's good but then how about like the weird. Hey we're gonNA make ten yards a little different shades of Greens. The Green Zone was a bad idea that one got murdered and they cut it down to. They had the entire field. You remember. They did the entire funeral and then the Internet was like this. Ain't that fucking cut it down to just what they needed. They just change it. A little bit slater like you've got a filter on that one area and I can appreciate it i. I don't think it really that first week though and they rolled that thing out it was like I don't think so pal. I like the first down marker in the Gulf tracker. Now if we're after this conversation has you know commenced here. I think I am in it for the Gulf War tracker being stern at number two. Yeah it's up there and I like the graphic day show when a team like how much yardage they need to get fuel. Go range depending on their kicker. Who the hell you least show the zone that they need to get to. Yeah that thing's never accurate though. Why not what normally goes to the furthest field goal that they've kicked right did they? Don't take like the the wind or anything into consideration. Yeah I guess it's good to be like hey they still have twenty seven yards until it's in an area but if you like there's some guys in. Tucker what what's his range of its game when it probably sixty eight seventy yards and like you. So they're only going off of what is long as sixty or are they going off what they always say you know. They throw it down to the sideline report. Oh I saw Justin Tucker and more. He made a fifty eight and a sixty two yard going this way and the other way he made a fifty seven yard or like. That's because if they're not building that graphic until after the game has started in the reading the wind. I like it. I like. It's in the area. I respect it. You know what I miss. What the hang time clock. That's gone yeah I'll do it anymore. It's always like a guy in the booth does it. And then he'll tell the play by play person in a play by play persons. Mike Black is a legendary spotter for everybody on. Espn basically he'll go like four eight or whatever and play by believers being black four eight on the hang time there. Do they have that during your career? Now because I remember the of the people were calling the game have to like relate that somehow like I don't know if you say hey. Four point six hang. I don't know if that's good. Do you think any casual fan knows how because sometimes a play by play-by-play person you'll hear him say something that's terrible booming thirty nine yard punt here whatever as was like. Well that's a shank there but Yeah you would have. Maybe you have what averages. Pf average right. I'm you're pro. Football focus average would be right next to it or whatever but then that changes on what style punt so you have to have somebody that knows what the fuck talking about to really make it make sense but you know everybody think and I think everybody understands if it's near five good near four Below four bed your mind. I don't think anybody knows that. Why are we are just learned people up? That's what we do and it's good. I didn't know what a good hang time was if it's around five or above great ball obviously depending on how far it goes. But you've got to factor in about a two point zero five second time so you're now seven seconds to get down the field the returner as opposed to if you had a four one at six seconds and everything goes down and when you're talking about having to run forty five fifty sixty yards. That's why hang time is so important and you can hit you. See a lot of old school. Punish us to hit balls like four to sixty five yards. Think about the math there. What are they have? They have like six seconds there to get sixty five yards down the field while somebody's pushing them. There's no chance of that happening so they have to. They're going to give up a big return. Chance TO GIVE IT UP. But if that ball is a four two at forty yards case and now you have six seconds run forty yards. That's probably going to be a fair. Catch that's why the hang time should equate to how how many yards it is if you in a four zero probably a forty order four five forty five hundred or five. Oh fifty order and if you go five three fifty three and things like that. That's normally how it plays out. It's good to know I didn't know that there's a lot of people hit very long balls in in Commentator where he hits a bomb or whatever it's like yeah okay that things getting shoved right up there ass though. That is not what you always say. Kick your cupboards if your cupboards Bingo forgotten coverage it doesn't matter but if you don't always the what did they double both your gunners though yeah you gotta hanging up a little bit higher because you're is going to be wide open run down. The field just pointed out of bounds if they dub out your gutters by hold on if they double both your gunners that means there's only six in the box which means you're blocked up on everybody which means you can step out of your batter's box a little bit more to get it on a bounce good so now when. I'm watching games if I see. Both donors doubled. I'm GONNA be like all right. This dude is going to do the right thing. And this thing about well and he's probably going to get a little bit more time. I used to move up a yard when I would see W governor. The governor's doubled. I'll move up York because it probably means it's a hold up. It's a return. Even though teams will send one of them to go. You just gotTa hope that your person blocks it. So I'd move up your steelyard before the punt even happen. You know so now. The forty nine yard punt is fifty yard punt which medically looks a lot better and nobody even knows it other than my snapper. Who makes himself that? He snapped at a lot faster than they actually did. Because a much closer to your bud horrid if it's a hold up any no they're setting up for return Well they said one guy so you can't just catch it and then wait a couple of seconds or always send one guy because he's probably going to wall anyways so we got a force the part. Yeah that's exactly the pond and then they'll have somebody maybe that stands up into the spy maybe in the middle but normally it's a hold up if they gots doubles are goners double because they're looking to bring a return but if you get if you're supposed to be a hold up in you realize your guy's not going you can still go so it's not just like on defense side of the ball you know not every looks going to be a guarantee got to you know kind of risk assessment there. Yeah used to whenever you see doubled. You're like all right here. We go steely yard right now. You check those with fakes to doubled on the outside. Is there more of a chance like rounded up the middle or so I? I got called pump fakes right as the PP's I do doing the cadence and everything up. There I did get a chance to check it for funding. Left or right for instance if the right gunner is doubled in the left. Governor is singled. But we're supposed to punt to the right. I can switch China obviously. Switch it to the left. Johnny Ecker doesn't allow you watch Johnny Hangar. Before he punts he does more with his hands and he's talking to his PP in his gunners on which way he wants to punt the ball. You don't see a lot of young guys do it? And you don't see a lot of guys that don't know where the hell the balls go and do it. That's the worst when guys don't locate the ball weather run down the field. I'll tell you what punters can set people for. There's been a couple of roles so it's the hit left turns over early in it is on the right side in. You're always taught to yell. It's like okay. You want me to yell to these dudes who are sprinting. Away from me with helmets on battling telling them that. I fucked up completely route screaming. And hopefully that they seek. What enough but those moments are when? I'm like probably GONNA tackle here. That's a fucking terrible ball here. I go it's my life. Ejei goes into that people never really think about the other. Was this one question. Somebody said forget. The Guy was watching film on Shane Lecture and he was like a Pat. What ball do you think it was? I forget what blogs that he was on he was like what punching hit from in Cincinnati on the forty or something like that and I was like well is it into the opening of the stadium is in his own forty or the other forty which Hasher they on like. There's so many things that have. It's just like a goal like you're finding your golf shot basically in now granted when you're young and not that good you're just going out there trying not to drop the snap and hit a Shank but once the Good Sam Cooke Thomas Morstead San Martin Johnny Hecker. Obviously once you get out that you're like all right what am I gonNa do here to hopefully completely returner so that my guys don't have to cover anybody like that's just these guys are dead tired and I don't want to be no offence. I don't want my money to depend upon whether or not. He wants to give his effort This particular play soulmate. Son of a bitches is I can try to try to get a fair catcher. Make sense but then I go. Sit on the sideline rest up. Relax while you run your face in the people and that is why I will never say. Yeah we're not football blurs. I completely agree. I completely agree. I football players kickers punters. Our partners more southern kickers but I agree. Yeah I yeah. Yeah sure kicker nugent debunks that theory though because there's plenty of athletic kickers in the League. I'm just a great athlete. Vegetarian was quarterback high school too. I think he was all state quarterback and everything like that still can sling. It really was State Wrestler. Wrought athletic us back in the day though the GRAMATICA break their news celebrating and stuff like that. It kind of gets a little tough. The image kind of gets a little tough to but hey there a great geico's good at good at kicking the ball this card to overcome those comments made by Trent dilfer over the years like degrading kickers. Now I know he's turned to the page with you. And you're you're on board with me just brought sensitive so I thought I was passed it with turn soon as you said his name narrows like. He's a terrorist for the brand from time terrorist terrorists. All right I gotta get the hell out of here. Rather Large Franco happening in twenty two minutes with who I came. Say It's a big one mark. Cuban I wish we zoom with Mark Cuban Gary and Guy Feeding Bingo. I got that in twenty thirty minutes. We can't take enough for watching. It's been McAfee. Sportstalk hit music foxy greatest shown to come on vacation with boys. Song Hospitals Brecqhou on he's spelled S. sputter of twenty ten. It can pass Mrs Scott Spag fee and Oh joining us right now. Legendary running back to time pro bowler and all pro in the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of fame. Ladies and gentlemen Brian who less Bro. I'm Brian was going a Brian. I want to let you know. There was stories in potential allegations that we call. You didn't answer. There's a chance you're in. The bathroom is inaccurate or a false allegation. I don't know you understand how this facetime work. So as soon as they come on. I can actually hear what you are saying. So I heard Pat McAfee say that I was in now. I don't know no no. That was not me that was non me that was me. That was me right. Hand up I was not going to sell out zero. Because that's not my style. I would not take blame for that. Mr Westbrook I can't thank you enough for joining us. How has corentin being going in? That hotel looks incredibly dope. You know this is a Hoodie that I just bought. I like is one of my favorite from from my favorite Hugo boss. Ooh Brag there but this has been going pretty good down here Maryland in my house in Maryland and we have the horse farm here so the kids are doing well. They're riding horses. The wife and my all of my kids are riding horses. Every single day. the only problem and probably the biggest problem across the country has been the home. Schooling is figure out. Would map actually look like in two thousand and twenty opposed to nineteen ninety one when I was trying to figure out math and things like that. So it's a whole different world first grade. I rate map is real. Are you smarter than a first grader? Brian Westbrook no. Apparently I'm not I'll tell you that. Apparently I'm not. How long have you been into the Horse Game? I didn't know you had a horse farm and do have race horses Chill horses with horses. You have you know. So we all performance horses. So they're not racehorses. There isn't a an equestrian event called rainy and so we do all of the reigning stuff and so a lot of quarter. Horses not thoroughbreds just like that. Yeah we should do that more often. That's a really good. Yeah that gives you the horse emotion right their own a horse farm for about fifteen years now so it's been some time. Are you good on a horse? I am out. I'm a pretty good writer. May being athletic certainly helps and beans fear lists certainly helps a little bit. I'm watching my kids. Do the same crazy things that I did. When I was a little bit younger with scares me to death watching them do it. But of course when you're doing it yourself is no big issue at all. Are you from Maryland originally or are you from your from Maryland from Washington Maryland? Right outside of right outside of DC. I went to high school in Maryland. Matha high school so a good high school there. But I'm yeah right right back at home but I'm usually in New York and so usually we're in Brooklyn New York for the most part these last few months. We've been in Maryland smart. I've heard in New York attendant of we have a friend who has a girlfriend Almost Irene very deep relationship who lives in an apartment complex and he can't get into building they actually tell them. You can't come in here sir. You have you guys can go your little thing out there on that park bench too far. You guys can do anything and then you go. It's crazy in New York. We're obviously teasing peace for everybody over there. Let's talk about some football shall we? Clyde hair was drafted to the Kansas City chiefs. Andy Reid said he reminds me of Brian. Westbrook and he said basically as soon as I saw little Brian Westbrook. And that's our guy. Let's go and get it massive compliment from Andy Reid by the way to be like. Hey if we can find somebody like Brian Westbrook. Let's get them in. How do you feel about that? Do you know anything about his game. Are you excited to see what Andy Reed's been able going to be able to do with them? And what do you expect Andy? Reid deal with them since he's actually saying in my offense Brian. Westbrook has basically the same guy. Well here's a here's a story. And so the draft was on Thursday was Hilar- got drafted toward the end of the first round. There I think probably picking the first round in so apparently Brett v two is a GM in Kansas City. But I played against him in college when he was at Delaware and I was at Villanova and then he came to the eagles and work for Andy. Reid is assistant while I was still there and so I know those guys is very well very well and of course. I know Andy Reid pretty well at some point during the draft. Either Vitro for Andy. Reid said to a local newspaper or TV station. That this kid was Hilar- is better than Brian. Go It's so so Friday morning. So that would they got. He got picked up in the draft Thursday night Friday morning. I get a call on my phone. Crime Brett feeds all right. What does the beach was it? I hadn't I hadn't heard the comments at that point. He said I was just calling. You let you know that we weren't saying that that's not what we're saying. We were saying that he has a lot of bright westbound keenum. Andy Wasn't taught to you so about five minutes later. Of course Andy Calls. I have nothing but love for Andy Reid and bread beach in those guys out. There spent so much time with them. And we're we're we're kind of chopping it up fifteen minutes. He's like listen. Just WanNa let you know. I would never compare players. That's not my thing. I kind of put them in a jam just a bit but you know I love Andy Reid I appreciate it back. He called The other thing as when I see the player I said quickness I see speed a see a looseness. I see a guy that if you put them in. Space is going to be very hard to tackle him. And I started to think about the Kansas City chiefs as a team and you have to consider space makers Torri kill space maker. You talk about Travis Kelsey space maker if you get Sammy. Walking backspace maker. Because from house was in their ability to run after the catch and now you bring on layer was hilarious. And you're talking about a got out the backfield that you very well can make a guy. Ms Always going to make the first man miss an read in and listen I. I'm very very biased. But Andy Reid better than any other coach in the league understand space and how to create space whereas player we see that with all the cats that Kelsey and he'll get and enlisted. You put this kid in that offense and I just think that this is a dream. Come true for Andy Reid but also Patrick Mahomes in was Hilar- because he's going to have a great opportunity to curb the rock touch it in a lot of dipper ways screen game. The passes out in the back the same way that Andy Reid used me. I'm excited about that office. And how many weapons can one of the best office in the League? Have Kinda crazy. And they have a quarterback who can do everything you can literally. He has zero drawbacks. His game he can dink in dump if he has to. He can run. He can throw the deep ball. He can sprint backwards. Thirty yards and throw at seven yards on the field in the Super Bowl. Whenever you need it it's like how do they have enough balls for everything? They it feels as if they do though. And that's because of Andy Reed's big ass brain to sue you. Any region does a great job is spreading in a row and I think the guys understanding one of the things that he taught us was that listen. You may not have two hundred yards every game. You might not have twenty touches. Every single game made the most of your touch Mason Moat. The most of your opportunity and this week may not be your week but next week. Maybe just make sure that you're ready at all times in. I think winning kind of cures it all so no matter how many touches you get as long as you're winning. That's the most important part if he's better than you. I'll be pumped up. I mean that's what professional. Nfl person said is. He's going to be better than you. Just want to let you know that if he does that. You're thing that listen. It's me you know nine years of perfect. Mike Crap and this kid. This kid coming out of college is already better than me. That's that's that's a lot of prosper. A young kid and I I hope that he is goes out there and destined tremendous things for an injury. Hey let's see his ass on a horse though he can't damn thing was hall of Famer and already saying what do you think happened with Shawn Mccoy last year he was on the team he was? They said they were saving them till later later and then they never really did him. And Andy. Reid have a great relationship now. I think he's on the market. I believe he's still in the market right now. Look for him but what happened with Shawn McCoy. Do you think it just wasn't the right offense for him at this particular time. What was it well? I think it was a great offense in John. Flourished in that offense and building. He's the type of ballplayer that with ler. She in the office. The biggest things that Damien Williams started playing out of his mind. You Look at the playoff run and really towards the end of the season. He was catching the ball. He was running the ball when asked to do that. And then that playoff run into the Super Bowl. He was playing out of his mind and so there was. There wasn't any big opportunities for the Shawn. Mccoy Kinda helped the team in that way. The other part is as we all get older and experienced. And I'm sure you experience at some point your body catches up to you and I think that he probably needed some time off just to get his body going in. Eddie regained them that time off during the season and then again Williams just went crazy and it was just hard to get him off the field. I think this year will be a great opportunity for the Shaw. Get in a backup role on the team in help. A team as a veteran presents a great pass locker a guy that can catch on the back then still be able to carry the ball ten twelve times a game and he will get that opportunity this year because I've seen him train. I know that he's a shake a note that his legs back underneath them some super excited for him looking forward to see what happens next in his career. Shawn McCoy and I whenever we run the ball. We carry the ball very similar. Listen I've been trying to teach his kids so again. I was in my eight year when he came became a rookie to the eagles and from day. One I'm like listen. You got to hold the ball type. Because he's defenders will will snatch it out in a couple of times here and there that has happened but for the most part for got cares also loosely. He's so elusive makes people miss so much. That the defenders. They're not worried about the ball. They're trying to figure out how to get him on the ground by themselves and he's been very successful throughout these years being able to carry carry the ball that way mustard might've met. Yeah everybody's by the way. I remember like his first two three years in a League. All anybody was talking about like that's going to get him once a fumble fumble and he has fumbled before so in a way he holds it. I guess on what you can do and then it got to the point where everybody was like. Well that's how the Shawn McCoy does it. But you literally just completely changed Let's talk about behind you here. You got a horse farm. You gotTA champion Worse. It looks like some bitches up there on the other side Nope nope. Oh what's that where you say well? This year young ground for this year is talking about the trophy that. Oh Damn what an Iranian horses. Once the rain horse they slide so they slide dragged but on the ground and they slide one of my reining horses won this trophy years ago years. This two thousand twelve so one of my horses one. That was a good time up here with all the. Footballs you get you play football so I put some of them up. There really cool. I'm GONNA show you hardly walk to cribs with Brian Horses back in the day at the pro bowl one of the guys? I looked up to I. Guess when you see the Jaguars Helmet can guess the player. Fred Taylor Fred Taylor only eight. I don't know if it's coming up clearly but friends had but one of my favorite players of all time. Not There are gangs very similar because he had speed. He had power if he can do it all. I think he's a hall of Famer. My opinion but this is one of my prized possession. Because he gave us to me after the game he said I appreciate your game. I see what you're able to do as a player and I love it in. Of course I long admired his game. He gave that to me after the pro bowl. It was one of those things I keep here. It's not because they played for the Jaguars which absolutely sorry. Freddie t is the man who seems like by the way they're trying to suck next year they brought in the Skycam. Mike Glennon main. Now listen lemon. Good guy had a beer with them. Good man but it feels like they are at the point where they don't really we have to get to a break on radio we hang on for a second source radio. We'll see you in five minutes if you want to continue the conversation with Brian. Westbrook GO TO YOUTUBE DOT. Com forward slash. The PAT McAfee show. We appreciate you so much. We'll see you on the other side. They have to run some stuff here. So the horse drags its asa okay. I'm just trying to get yeah. Yeah we're clear okay. Yeah we're back when I found out we're clear on radio you could swear if you need to. I'm not saying you do you own a forest forum with kids. Still pretty buttoned up over there. How many ponies you got out there in the In the pasture so to farm we have skippy acres Right now I have ten horses there which are probably about nine and a half two men. I'll tell you that one at a time. How the pain in the book? What was that movie? I watched it since whore sense. Have you ever seen the movie horse? Sense where To White Movie Very White Joe. What is his name? Joey remember flash was the name. The horse horses are are like their big ass dogs. You could teach them to do based like you get your horses. They're like an awesome animal from what I've heard about a big pain in the ass. Is that accurate? Well this they are like a dog and a lot of different ways you can teach them anything. If you have time and patients you can teach them anything and they will absolutely performing do it. Then that's why we're kind of in the business but you know from time to time they will jump on the other side of the fencing and on the other side of the fence. Well here's the deal. There are many times where our horses are in the pasture and they have plenty of grass however they want that blade of grass on the other side of the fence and they will find a way to get over there and so we spend a Lotta time putting post in sports back up but as part of the deal. What's the best name? What's your favorite name of? Your ten dollars is So I have two little mini offered a kids. That apparently are wild horses at this point. I'm really really small. My daughter named them princess and Giddy up. So that's my horse. I ride all typist. Names Don Rico. Long Italian one. Okay yeah within the last week of my favorite of all time and not own this horse anymore His name was hot. Rod This beautiful beautiful horse long main long tail. The lady named Peyton Simmons owns that horse now but I love the horse. I wish I'd never had to sell. Do you break these horses or do you have a trainer. We have a trainer. Yeah we haven't trainer. Does everything for out. So we we we allow. They're trying to just figure it out in we. We don't do very much breaking but we do work with the horses early on before you break them before they become you know a year and a half two years old we handle him just a no so that they know that humans are their friends than not their interviews. Yeah I'll let you break means. I just heard one person say before on a television shot. I have no idea what that means. Brian. I can't thank you for joining us. I at some point whenever we built up our friendship enough. I would like to come get out. Don Rico. Those do it yeah. Let's do it. A gruesome bowl kick in my day on the pastor. Run with the PONIES MIA in the ten pounds coming down opera. Now you you kick the ball. I ride with the police and I rode with the Pony and I own a horse. Are You fucking kidding me? We just create the most majestic punt returner kickoff return and history. I think so Brian. I appreciate you ladies. Oh jalen hurts. Getting drafted Philadelphia was. Do you hate this or love this. I can see how it would be useful I think that he can help. Because you always the backup quarterback especially when Carson Wentz has some of the injury history that. He's had the problem that I have is that the eagles need weapons. They need a weapons to help surround. Carson Wentz in. Let me let me show you the weapons that they have the Sean Jackson Brewery three coming off core muscle surgery. Alshon Jeffery thirty coming off about Plassey Fasciitis and I think he might have had a surgery. I think he did Zach thirds who was a great tight in Dallas gathered young up and coming in and that that's it and so now you go and get Jalen Raider in the first round which. I think you'll help you. I'm not sure that he's a number one right away and then in the second you have an opportunity to find another receiver that can help you right away or another player that can help them right away in. Jalen hurts is drafted to be a backup and really to me. You Pay Your quarterback you know a hundred seven million guarantee. You're expecting him to be that guy that guy and you just need to find weapons form knots to find someone to back him up. And so if I was running the drive I still would have got a backup quarterback not in the second round I would have got him in the fourth fifth round and probably got another receiver. Denzel MOMS who are still in the board at the time. It was probably a guy. I would've targeted to trying to help our quarterback just a bit and that's why you're genius. Brian Westbrook joining us. Now friend of the show man's played for the panthers signed a one year deal with the Chicago. Bears from Ohio. State Tape Gin Yup. Oh I see a little mini basketball hoop and back. How often have we been getting after that? During this Corentin you know my daughter called me and she get in. That's our as our NBA. I can respect it. I shouldn't I assume there's great battles happening in that room. Let's talk about you signing with the bears. First of all congratulations. Last time. We talked to you your free agent. You were trying to see where you're going to end up at. Why did you end up with the bears? Why did you pick the bears? And where else were you thinking about potentially headed? Well you know the bear has been in my corner for awhile. You know. Every time you agency on any came to took a chance in a look you know but this time to different you know what You Know Nagy got involved in kind of like last night. He was nagging that You know he called me like almost like a old school recruiting trip. You're of like what I heard you talking about earlier as I was penitentiary to your show. But he you know He. He called me every day and we talked about everything not even exit. All you know we just talked about you know just regular lives you know. He looked at me as a man. You know what I'm saying that you know be able to come in a help. Help something that he is going on. You know we talk sometimes thirteen minutes anti starting minutes sometimes hour hour and a half you know clean install when they first got on resumes and different things like that that bought by teaching it for me to be thirty five going in your fourteen somebody that really actually want you speak value of who he is and what that team about and. I was soon because of that. You're going to go not that you want. But you're always going to go harder for somebody that you absolutely appreciate. And the fact that he's doing this I would assume it's making you feel like you're at home already. Had you ever talk to Nagy before this? Is Your first introduction. Here's my first introduction to win a wash they reach out. You know I guess from You know previous years you know. I guess he took it in his hands like I want to. Do you know when I'm happy to be there. You know they've got a great team on fire. You know like coming up You know I come in. I do my part what Robertson Baron with throughout the quarterback deal that come along and And just play ball you know. Defense always been top five on the ear so we just gotTa go and just play ball on office. Aside compete with our defense every day practicing So obviously the quarterback situation is all anybody is talking about in Chicago right now. How have they have you been? Are you on a group text with both of them? How does that how does that? How is that bring going because matinee guy has come out and said Hey? This is healthy competition and it sounds like he. Legitimate legitimately means that which is not always. Normal holiday been handling. That is an interesting. Have you been talking to both of them because now you got build up report with two different veteran quarterbacks at this point because that's a big deal. I assume between a quarterback wide receiver while you know You know maybe a little older. You know you just kind of like go with the flow. You know smart Is his own call. You know I try to stay with them parameters of coach. You know all my questions. I try to go to him about Noah. You don't WanNa get into they. They will guy feel like about you. Only deal with him or you only deal with him you know and then that becomes effective to you on the field you know. I don't think that guy likes me or whatever may be so You know you just let let the overhead control what they control and when you go out and try to make both look good trying to make the perfect because you know you play football league in week one. Which is your biscuit File without Nick foles in and week nine. We've got your back so you just never know when that guy is going to have opportunity show. He's gotTa make every opportunity work. I mean that's wide nick. Foles is currently at the bears right because he signed it eighty million dollar deal because they had Carson Wentz a nick foles comes in leads them into their biggest games. And Wayne's he goes to Jacksonville gets hurt goes to Chicago. I mean the NFL. You have no idea who it making friends with. Everybody's probably Smart Move Ted. That's probably that's probably smart. Move Sean Payton has come out. I don't want to take you backwards. But you were two saints for a little bit Sean. Payton has come out and said the tasted hill. Is The guy moving forward? He said Days Hill is our quarterback. He's still views Steve. Young but everybody said well. If that's the case then why last year did you have? Teddy Bridgewater in practice did tastes a mill. Do Anything quarterback wise that made the rest of the world that we didn't see that goes you know what the shot Payton. There's a reason Sean Payton thinks this guy's unbelievable or is it. Because in games whenever he gets asked to do things he just shows up you know. I'll say you know as a quarterback Mary the average drives you know he comes in. He delivered the ball high times. You know You know he's he just like any young quarterbacks coming up you know the practice where he can little mazing He needs some help. You know I mean I think every player in this game you know you see that on the flip side when he does touch the ball and other things doing to get access to do you know. He excels in a man he he. He's like one of the best. Does it like putting tight end up there? What some of the best chance you know putting my receivers under the best ideas mean. He's running some of things that you never see from normal quarterback. Would you is starting quarterback in the future stays some hell faster than you know. Tyreek Hill Tweeden said Sammy Watkins fashioned him as a you know people people really see things in really see for yourself. You know like I say my has every rejoin Speed FOOTBA speed. You know I'm always going to say that I know guys who Came right on track but on a football field despise me you know and and it just it just highlight game is how the mind is tricky. You know and I know guys. They're gonNA track as real good football speeding start You know what I'm saying I it is a double standards when it comes down to it you know so. I commend a guy like that run. Twenty point decide at twenty point. That's two hundred that is Is that track talk right there? What did you did you run? Two hundred twenty. I got twenty points. I'll ask what are the Olympic speeds? What are Olympics speeds? But you twenty you gotta low. Twenty one They run from twenty one. Twenty twenty point nine you know. See My guy came with the nineteen and all that crazy stuff saying You know it is out there you know you know as you get older Restart really understanding what track is about is more about steps in different things like that and strides and opening up here Utah to here. You Love Dragana Trick. It has to be deeper than what I never did. Track because kind of a spark plug built Caucasian man. That's not really my Go-to I mean. Maybe I'll get in and throw some things around if I have to run a mile which is what most the whites do. And there's no way I'm doing that but it feels like there's a real scientist thing and you would say that track is a direct benefit football direct benefactor because of your track. Do you think that is accurate for sure? I have a name to hours. Sophomore track in college no in high school. And then you just started running past everybody in Ohio and then was I was able to transfer that for my knowledge of football. You know my tracks. Speed House on stoppable. Has there ever been a human on the field with you? That has been faster than you. Those Maguy call him so much. You can't hey. Speed kills matchup. You can't teach speed. That is literally what you can't do. And when you have Ted Ginn on the field where you're going to have to do at all times whether you like it or not. Is You have to have a safety setting over there. Because there's a chance to get taken off at any given moment. Yes the packers. Call you at all because we have a guy in the room. Who is a diehard packers fan and right there in the grey shirt and he was like as soon as we got off the phone with you the first time he was like okay. Let's get into the packers. There's our weapon. There's a deep threat. There's nothing did anybody else. Call you that you aside from Nagy. Was there anybody else interested that you thought like okay? Maybe I'll go there but then your friendship with Nike grew so much. No no you know I think to high with a high level receivers coming out and drive that A couple of days here. They take their chance to what they wanted to take their chances on. I went where somebody took a chance on meet. You're the best. I can't thank you for joining us. Enough Bro- Four town forty twenty dot. I Hey I'd probably want to ninety point. Sorry I'd probably WANNA thirty point. I don't know the area there. We go Ladies and Gentlemen Stud Athlete from the Ohio state now a member of the Chicago bears bared down. That gives. You appreciate your man anytime. Hey Dick off you got it. You got ta well another week down. We're making it or power and through. We never thought we'd be able to make it this far here we are. We never thought we make it this long here. We are the. Afl is back June eleventh. Okay there's a golf matches weekend here. We go. You have see people beating the shit out of each other all right the NFL. What the conversations going to happen college football? We'll see you next week. Have the best we can. You could possibly have. And I can't wait to talk some more shit Tuesday on another episode of Petra to remember. If you like this show. Please tell your friends if you didn't act like it never ever happen Tie Schmidt. Please play some independent music an

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The Bachelor Is BACK w/ Trent + Quitting the Royal Family

Chicks in the Office

2:12:46 hr | 10 months ago

The Bachelor Is BACK w/ Trent + Quitting the Royal Family

"What's up everyone. It's chicks in the office with Ria and friend giving you that Friday energy on a Thursday guys. It's a great day because the bachelor recaps are back as meaning again back. Baby Yup reality. TV is in full swing TV. In general all is in full swing So it's going to be a great Europe beginning of twenty twenty the actual starts off right at the right time. Love Island will be coming back on Sunday. A lot of people have message just asking us. How are we watching it? Yeah we feel like we need to figure it out now. I guess people are asking asking us how we get the VPN and all that. We still have not figured that out yet. So you have to buy it you have to pay for it. You have to buy it I think thing most people use express. VPN This sounds like an ad we totally should have got sponsored by the VPN company. We should have. It's awesome. Listen I truly actually giant missed opportunity for us That I know like I always see. Cody cody does ads for express. VPN for show totally should be doing those. But Yeah I think that's the easiest way to do it if you want to go to their website and try it. I think that's probably how I will end up doing it if not. This is also a really unhelpful. Answer there are some guys in the office who are like the rip video guys like underground guys like they know the INS and outs of the Internet and they just sat us drop X. Files and and we watch them I. That's that could also be how we do it. We're also trying to figure out the best way to talk about because obviously it's every nights and end The timing's different. So it's hard for the podcast but we'll figure out a way whether it's on the show or on Youtube or something. Yeah we're definitely going to figure it out if you have a preference Prince on which way you would rather listen to a love island recap yes no. Do you want video form. Do you want podcast forum. You let us know guys want please actually. This is not like hey send us a ideas and then we're kidding and we won't read it we actually GonNa read it. Send it chicks in the Office de Account Yep and then what also. Oh Yeah I mean minister so much reality. TV This first week has been crazy with the bachelor vendor pump. Rules is back and the jeopardy greatest of all time Amazon. Look there's a lot of great stuff my Chicago shows come back tonight super pumped about bats and So Lot lots I think we just have to get right into it and start with our recap of the bachelor because we have Trent and it is long three hour pursuit yes. The episode was three hours long. Three hour premiere so of of course you know we had to do our due diligence and give you a great recap with travel back. We covered it all but there was also some breaking news about the family huge news so we had to put that in there as well so I think we're just going to start off with the royal family. coyotes Breaking News Surrey and Meghan quit the family. They quit awesome. We crave a different kind of. Let me be. Yeah let me live so like I said the Royal Family major drama. We have to get into a talk about everything. That's going on but first before we do that. I know you guys. It's tough. It's the beginning of a new year. You're you're trying to eat healthy or trying to stick to those. New Year's resolutions daily harvest makes it easy to eat. Well they deliver thoughtfully thoughtfully sourced chef crafted food. Right to your door and everything can be prepared in five minutes or less daily harvest is something that you can enjoy year round as a quick solution to get the fruit and vegetables. You need every day. Daily Harvest Works directly with farmers harvest organic fruits and vegetables at their peak and freezes them within twenty four hours to lock in their nutrients. Everything stays fresh until you're ready to enjoy it. Choose for more than sixty five different options like smoothies. Hearty soups oops harvest bowls at overnight oats each recipe. It takes one step to prepare with room to make them your own at your favorite milked abundant a smoothie or heat up harvest bowl and tablet with Kado or fried egg. I've been loving. These daily harvest cubs the SMOOTHIES are delicious. I make them with almond milk in the morning. It's fantastic they have all these different flavors. I have tried all than they are really all so good. I also have a new favorite harvest bowl. It is the cauliflower rice and Pesto. It is so easy to make you. Just throw it on your stove. Top heated up fantastic. I also made it with a little grilled chicken and they're go. You have a fantastic dinner right there so easy whether you're at home at your desk or on the go. Daily harvest is the easiest way to have a delicious delicious and nutritious meal or snack go to daily harvest dot com and enter Promo Code checks to get twenty five dollars off your first box. That's Promo Code Chicks for twenty five dollars off your first box at daily harvest dot COM daily harvest dot com prince. Harry and Meghan Markle are. You're out on the royal family out. They are stepping. Away is what they said. I'll read their and scrammed posts. They posted posted on their on their instagram account. which if you're not following you start following because maybe they have they don't have the same role restrictions is and they can start posting on their social media more? Maybe they'll get their own accounts. Maybe Meghan Markle. We'll get her instagram back. I'm sure she's been dying for that right to speed normal. Just like to get her Own instagram account back. which I mean? She probably does have one that she can use secretly but one that she can use publicly where she doesn't have they don't have to be like super professional all the time they wrote. After many months of reflection and internal discussions we have chosen to make a transition this year. You're in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution. We intend to step back as senior members of the Royal Family and works exit become financially independent while continuing to fully support her. Majesty the Queen It is with your encouragement particularly over the last few years that we feel prepared to make this adjustment. We now plan to balance our time between the UK and North America continuing to honor our duty to the Queen. The Commonwealth and our patronage is this geographic balance one able us to raise our son with an appreciation for the royal tradition into which he was born while also providing family with the space to focus on the next chapter are including the launch of our new charitable entity. We look forward to sharing the full details of this exciting next step. In due course as we continue to collaborate with Her Majesty Queen Queen the Prince of Wales the do Cambridge and all relevant parties until then please accept our deepest. Thanks for your continued support the Duke and Duchess this of Sussex. So they are they're out. They're out so the rumors were true. This whole thing I I need so many more details like I have so many questions of how this is going to work like. Okay they want to you. Work towards financial independence. Okay does that mean that. They're not going to be taking like the royal family money that the taxpayers pay in the UK are those was knocked. Are they not going to be using that anymore. They completely on their own I've been talking with Kelly keys. 'cause you know Kelly loves royal family we have that we love the royal family and she was just like what about security like are they gonna get mobbed they still get the same real security where they're going to live where they're going to do like it's just so many questions. Yeah I feel like the questions are endless. Yeah you guys are way more into the royal family than I am. I don't really understand. All of the logistics and go into the royal family never really cared about them until who I met you. Thank you for introducing. No kidding I mean obviously knew about the royal family. I didn't actually really pay attention but I did. Start paying attention and in the past three years and it always seemed like ever since. Megan came in the picture. There were rumors about how they didn't get along with the rest of the family. Family and I wanted to believe that that wasn't true but I wanted to believe it was true at the same time. So we get the drama. Yeah and it looks like it's happening. It's just know why. What height right right? What happened between the family? The you guys had to stop because clearly some shit went down and I don't even know if it's just the family but it might also be like it constantly constantly getting hounded by the British tabloids and the news like they can they she is gone ripped apart part time and time again. They can't do anything right. She's wearing the wrong this. She's saying the wrong thing so many so many things. I'm sure they eventually got fed up and I'm also assure a lot of people will put this on Meghan mackinaw married mega now. They're like the whole thing. But Harry has kinda China always been like the royal bad boy you know. In his younger years he was breaking rules getting caught. There's tons of instances where you I thought like. I don't really think he likes having to do all this royal stuff and maybe he and Meghan the two of the combination of them were like why. Why the hell are we doing this? Now what are the steps when you want to walk away from the row. I didn't even know because this this has not really happened. Before at this levels. The family history raised dented. Move that the grandson. Dan Son of the Queen is just like Nah. I'm I'm going to go back to America. Not or whatever. People think they'll probably be in Canada because they these spend a lot of their time in Canada and that you know he i. It's that's what I'm saying. I don't really know what the steps are. It's also like do they have to give up their titles. Probably not they still stay who they are right because if you are that per yeah John Right but it's also like they didn't come out saying we denounce our titles and we will no longer be the duke and Duchess like you know of Sussex. It was like we're we're just stepping down from some of these responsibilities and creating a new idea of what our royal role can be. I guess but but how do you know Kate and will feel see. That's that's now. The whole family dynamic is crazy because will will can't don't go anywhere because you want it goes Elizabeth Charles and and then we'll like once he the has that direct line of the kill will be the king yes like once. Elizabeth is down with her reign of a bazillion ears. It wouldn't go to Prince Charles who was already quite not not very old pretty old and then after that it would be well. Oh Oh so Harry. Ever had a time before he's king. Yes but Harry has no way of being no the king unless there was an unfortunate fortunate passing of members of the roof and is that only because will is the firstborn son and that's it firstborn son. That's what's the catch like the same thing. Now I was getting into real hypotheticals here. You know now you have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and they could be living their regular in life who knows he said financial Independence like maybe Meghan is going to go back to acting. I'm sure they'll be continue doing. All their charitable things like they said in the statement. You think Meg's go back to acting. She could she she totally could. She could go back to acting. I saw Hilar- one of the top comments on their actual instagram post. was someone saying Meghan. Markle will be starring as herself Meghan in season six of the crowd like so you never know maybe she does want to go back to acting. Maybe she doesn't like if they are serious serious about cutting off that the the money they gotta be doing something right because I mean they have money but they're obviously still getting money. Yeah Royal Family. There's no way they're not part of the royal family but they're saying Arbin towards financial independence. What happened between them? I need to know what broke the Royal Family Heart. But I'm just that's what I'm wondering. Give us the juicy CD to also think about like the next generation right so like Archie George Charlotte like pre kate and wills kids. They're going to have cool crazy crazy. Cousin Archie who is limited up doesn't have to deal with any of the royal duties towards going to be like well shit. I'M GONNA be King. I can't do anything and Charlotte and Louis could be like. Well Damn maybe maybe we'll just quit too. Yeah and then the whole World Family Despites Texan Kelly and was like Zip beginning of the end of the royal family and she did not like that. I don't I think that more could be. This is once you let one go. You can't take other ones that they can't somebody of that stature be like you know what kind of job with this and the and it happens other people could totally do it. So we'll see what happens but this this is is pretty huge. I would love to know what the Queen thinks. I need to know what the queen things I feel like. The Queen in is probably cursing them out. I need in a very classy way. Oh man she can't be pleased. This is her life. Oh Surf family. It never happened before and need behind writing. Look at this and sorry. I'm on the blind. Never Watch on the royals. Yeah it's it's like you never want to be like I'm sure as the Queen. She's never wanted her family. I also get a lot of this from the crown which is not great because it is is it so all of the television show giving me from a fake show. We'll know the craft. It's they're based on very real people and the lineage is all the same Komo. The story lines are based on true events but I would think she would be so pissed that anybody in her family would kind of break the mold a little bit and you know we. They're having all these rumors about Harian will kind of being on bad terms and nine Harry kind of talked about it and that documentary and kind of gave the classic. You know. We'll always be brothers. No matter what line which is code for we're not talking right now like whenever you like You know well we'll always brothers like shit. You guys hate each other right. Ceiling tying us together. We're always going to be brothers. Yeah mean cates cates. It's gotta be like well. I mean come on let me out. Yeah she's going to get to do all these other things. Although it's once again is it that like what's what's the big deal. I mean with hairy. And what's the deal. But you know Harry and Meghan you have been pushed so far for you know since they've been together now then I don't know what anybody thought like do they. Everyone just think they were going to stick get out for the rest of their lives. Being pretty miserable like remember that interview with Meghan went viral and she looked miserable. She was just talking about like how sad she is it. What did he thinks you're just going to do that forever? I kinda thought so. Yeah not that I would hope that for her but I thought the Royal Family Zach. Ah That's why this is like do this now right. That's why this is so shocking and yet not not shocking. I don't know I don't know how to feel. I'm I'm very confused. I just what if they got their own reality. TV show would love. God read my mind. I was going to say that right. I would love a reality. TV show. They need A. They need a quick way to make money. Boom I mean people are going to be hounding them to get them on TV but will they do it or do they or are they doing this suits. Maybe they're doing this for privacy though it could be so. Maybe they don't want the reality. Yeah no no and they also you know Meghan also never go back to you. My first thought was that she maybe would go back to acting but she could. Did you know we'd be like a writer. Ito Producer and correspondent of some sort was something of that nature. where she's like writing for vogue and like the thinks that's something very posh but still but where? She's still like not really doing that much work. Something kind of royal is a column like once. What's a month or she's an executive producer on some stuff? Yeah Yeah Yeah behind behind the scenes Kinda thing or your name on some things Meghan markle working on any projects this year right and of course. I'm sure all of the charities that they work for all those things will continue to do which I said before but they always have to make sure that's that that is in the statement crazy. I I don't know more stuff has to they're out they're out like I can't believe they're going to split their time to. That's not even like they're gonNA stay in the UK like there's peace. They're really out it is. They're saying they're going to split their time. But I feel like that could mean that they're just moving the hell out of there just trying to put it lightly everyone right now but they'll keep a residency in the UK but just to try and keep people quiet exactly exactly for more breaking news about the royals Buckingham Palace. Release a statement. This is maybe the most aggressive statement from the queen of all time. Oh let's hear it. Let's hear it read in what you think she would sound like. Oh absolutely not. He's not like her tone of voice. So you're an old lady Moose. Accident read it in her attitude attitude. Discussions with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at an early stage. We understand their desire to take a different approach but these are complicated issues news that we will take time to work through. That's it that's it that's it you said it was aggressive. That is aggressive. That's very aggressive freedom from the queen very aggressive and this is piers. Morgan tweeted it breaking Buckingham Palace. It's complicated translation. The Queen's bloody furious like the the the the Queen Guinevere say I'm pissed but like this is as much of I'm pissed as you could possibly discussions with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aspects. are at an early stage. We understand their desire to take a different approach but these are complicated issues. That will take time to work through and I read it wrong the first time. I said that we will take time to work through. She just said that will take time to work through like there is no that will make a wheeler will confusing news. I know I know when I first said it. I said that we will take time. which kind of makes it seem like a group effort that they're in it together? We will take time to work through this. She just wrote they are complicated issues. That will take time to to to work through like these are complicated issues. That will take time to work him. Not We're not going to work together on this. We're not gonNA take time to work there L.. Now this just will take time I got it. Yeah does is and and you know the and it's also never really lengthy statement but like this is like British twitter right now. Royal Family Twitter. This guy wrote. That's possibly the most aggressive statement by Buckingham Palace. I've ever seen so impressive. Yeah you're right. Yeah yeah I guess I mean. We've never seen them put out a statement like that. So yeah no and this is from the Queen this is she is pitch update. Buckingham Palace appeared not to have been informed of Harry and Meghan decision using a terse statement that said the situation was complicated. Why so they weren't notified? I don't know I don't know some shit must've happened. Wow Wow they couldn't come up with a better. Yeah Yeah it's it's it hasn't changed in a while just roil. Communications like Tommy smokes better ones. This fake I love this. I wouldn't believe this was the real thing crazy not shocking. I mean the one thing that those is that like who said would not be please I will say it is very bold of Megan Harry to do that. And it's like a power move on their part to get out there probably shaking in their boots right now. You know it's Auden gain until the queen it makes me think that maybe they they did not know that this was going to happen. Put out that kind of statement makes me think like Oh you were unaware that they were just going to announce that they were stepping away like it wasn't exactly a crafted response bonds of yes. This is happening Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah like. It was like this is complicated. Like kind of makes it seem like maybe we'll take the queen was blindsided sided. Wow Oh my God I need the Queen. Bee blindsided for the Royal Family drama. This is crazy it though for there's been no shit it wolf in our guys the moment we've all been waiting for our bachelor recap. We are so excited honestly Kinda tired. It was a long three hours. You know Monday night. All of a sudden it's eleven o'clock and the only thing that I wanted to do was crawl into my bed with my buffy comforter if you are tired of being too hot one minute to call the next with buffy. You don't have to choose between hot and cold. 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This is the best part of my day and now the best part of my hi Dave has returned at felt like the last four months without the bachelor with no bachelor programming. It's like walking through the desert without water nothing to drink and then we hit January and we are just all the way back all the way all the way I said to real like should we have maybe asked Trent about doing recaps every week before we just told all the world that he would be doing recaps every week with them like he loves doing these. I love to you. I am more than happy for you. Guys to sign me up without asking me to come and do bachelor title recap. I will do them whenever you asked me to do them. Very very exciting. An unreal episode unreal premiere of the season. I think we gotta just jump right into it. Love to catch. Gotcha put the trend that we see we can. We are caught up. The listeners are not caught up with you but there are about to jump right in. I'm here to talk bachelor. I'm not talk about anything else. As we had three hours of jam packed action like there was not a dull moment of the whole show three three hours long and of course they hit us right away opens up with a clip of. Is it the finale who knows of course Harrison being like. There's something that we just found out. We just found out we have to tell you you know. It looks like some kind of panic attacks. I'm kind of meltdown. Who knows what's happening? What what the news is? He's freaking out. Then it goes into the trailer for the whole season. Pete's mom Pete's mom like almost like no offence to peace bomb as she seems like like a very sweet lady but she seemed she was on her deathbed she was like Joe. Let her go. Yeah he was like Whoa. What's happening? Yeah I was confused about that but I'm also excited like I guess the premier blew me away so much better than expected although I was excited for it anyway. It just was perfect from beginning to end the stitches on his head in the coming attractions. Your really adds character. It's like the season is GonNa it's it's going to wear and tear on him and he's even physically. It's going to give him a scar on the top of his head. It was different. Because you know it's sort of a formula formula show where it's going going to be the premier they're going to get it people are going to get out of the Limo. We're going to be all these girls and then just as soon as you think you know what's what's going on. They open like you said and they open at the end like a Quentin Tarantino movie. And it's like why are we seeing this now. What am I supposed to read into this? Maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's everything it's just so good have the back of my life and they they know how to flip put on you when you think you've got it got limo Anderson's entrance. Oh my God. Entrances a group date a one on one date and the beginning of another group date all in one night. It was amazing P. Looks good guys. I'm just like he came out there. They're working the top gun angle a lot already like. He's in his aviator's leather jacket like he's he's moving in slow motion. He's got a good Tan. I need to take back some past comments. That I've said about Peter I took one night guys. Took one minutes took one minute for early flip. I sat in the past and I know I said this that I will never never be known. Pete I said I don't think I ever been on Pete. We didn't think he was xy literally took the text message. Eight oh four PM. I'm so in on Pete and I was so in on Pete looks good. Ed was no denying it. I couldn't look at him and think I don't I don't find find him attractive and I don't think he's great. No looks grey He sounds great his personality is way better than Rem Colton like. Do you remember the past. Asu Bachelors we had some news. Yeah no he was good all night. Yeah and I I knew I was never fully out on Pete. I was always a fan of his. I know the the rumors everybody wanted Mike to be the the bachelor and I knew Pete had them to the bachelor at when he The episode where he we're driving his car last Bachelorette and the condoms comes in the car. And it's like this guy's got a different side to him. He's got a side that he's not just one-dimensional. He's not just pilot Pete the pilot. He's a guy who can who can be the bachelor and here we are and I think the all that I saw on twitter people are excited about embracing handled. He handled all the women really well jumping back and forth like the Limo. Everybody coming out the Limo Limoux. There might be something like a neurological flip that we have when once they become the bachelor. You're like yeah I it just simply i. I don't know what's this thing about pilots that they're all you know it's you love a man uniform prestigious. It's like look at their walk into the airport. They've got sure they got their uniforms on. They can go through spirituality I they can fly as I play thing. Humans love that people can just fly pete as one one of the pilots. You know what I think helps helped Pete's case I watched catch me if you can for the first time on the weekend my first time watching it and it it was fantastic. Yeah Love Leo. He looked great highlights and then all of a sudden. I saw Pete walking through the airport doing the same thing and even hank turned me inside. Oh it it looks like it looks Leo and catch me if you can. You know that that was over it all you need okay sky so we all know the peak kind of lives like five seconds the Bachelor Mansion so it Kinda seemed like Chris. Harrison picked him up at his house or dropped him off the mansion. Just driving around the neighborhood. He's ready to go we We get a few opening packages for some of the girls on all them. It's always very interesting. What girls get them and what do not a started with Alexa? Who owns her own business in Chicago? She's twenty seven. She waxes for a living. And you know we're off a giant rack. Yeah Vagina Waxing everything. Let's let's she jags. She will wax anything and we start off just on a great note with her saying you know waxing his a lot like love you just have to bear it all sure. Sure why not why not force those metaphors and all this was we should now looking back on it we can say that this was one of the Eh Dirtier Limo entrances or arrivals whatever you WANNA call it. Also episode was very kinky the whole episode every part of part part of it like there was a lot of sexual jokes. There is a lot of like innuendos. It was jam packed. There really was. I hate saying the word Horny but you guys are gonNA tell Armie weren't horny. Hey through the episode. I'll tell you was. Pete was Horny. Pete was Horny all the girls were all. The girls are horny. Arnie got a few drinks. They seemed like divorce drinking award drinks than usual and they were just ready to go. Okay we saw a package from hand and she got very wholesome family Gal from Tennessee. Her Dad's making jokes about Peter. Tammy she's wrestling. She was on the boys wrestling team in high school. Victoria P. She's a nurse twenty-seven very age appropriate. Pete is twenty eight. I thought he was younger than that is twenty eight I thought Yep how age-appropriate Bachelor exactly. I really thought he was younger. And when I heard twenty eight I was like Oh. That's that's actually. I like that a lot. I think. That's the ideal age for about. I agree thanks Colton. Twenty five or twenty seven. Remember thinking he. He was too young twenty-five. Yeah Debbie was older. There was between twenty and thirty. I feel like it's a sweet spot because you can get away with having like really young contestants alter and nobody's looking at you like this isn't like you're not in this for real right exactly So Victoria she. She is beautiful she no she kind of has that sad story died passed away when she was two years old. She took took care of her little sister. Her mom was an addict but her mom is now sober. They had a great like you know we're baking cookies. Were family portion. And she's a nurse. I which is great as well and then Kelly also got one. She's an attorney from Chicago. Twenty seven also. Pete has met her already. which is gonNA come into play? We can talk about in a little bit. Kelly's package her part. I don't know how many of your listeners watched succession very much looked like a succession parody. When they went to their family it was like this high powered their law firm? Right and it's just had that vibe to the brothers noxious brothers asked him if he ever uh-huh Rome see Roman exactly Madison. She is fresh out the college. I think I mean she's twenty three and she was like a High School Basketball Star so a lot of basketball punches from Auburn. So you know Auburn Auburn Alabama Alabama rivals. I only hope that come into play. He Madison and Madison had a great night. And I think she's well on her way to a potential hometown way down the road because I need her dad back in the picture your terms of like he was just during her package her video package. It was like this dad. Dad Wants to be a star and well. Isn't it the basketball coach. He he's been. He's not the head coach but he is on the staff of like maybe the women's the women seem uh. So that's I guess. He coached her her whole life. So what but watching watching the video package I was just like oh my gods these girls. Now that I'm getting older I guess I'm just more like Oh my God. He's girls are so young like they're taking. It looked like she was taking graduation. Graduation photos around campus here. She is on the line here. She is a firm the Auburn sign. Like Oh my God. These girls are so young so young and that it close with Marissa. She was in pageants when she was younger. She was bullied about her weights when she quit pageants she ended up gaining A lot of weight but now she's lost it again and she's back. She's hoping fine love with peat can go right in to all. The Limos episode also moved really fast which I liked because normally night one. What is just limo arrivals? They kind of drag it out. It's like you're not getting the girls coming out of the LIMO till forty five like it's A. It's a long long time. Feels like you're like you're watching. These girls come in and I was like. Oh Yeah just going by fire rattles names. I don't I don't know what they're talking about times. And you just keep Movin I go out of the Limo was Eliah. She's an orthodontist assistance. She's twenty four hours from San Antonio Pete just hit her with a big fat. WHOA ow Eliah she at good boobs They all have great boobs on the season gutters there were. There's a lot of good clean and then then I usually think I see on the bachelor. I'm a gentleman. I don't notice these types of things I think about their personalities. I think there was a lot of a lot of cleavage. Wjr and her grandmother wrote a letter for Pete which she gave to him and was like they can read it aside. Good good way to get Pete. Wait till I have to talk to her later. You know like Pitas the letter in his pocket go shit. I got this letter in my pocket. Right we'll talk about more letter. I I WANNA talk. Sydney is an ex girl out of the Limo Retail Marketing Manager. Twenty four from Birmingham Birmingham Alabama. She said she's not your typical southern girl edgy. Hit Him with the line. Not Every girl from Alabama and makes bad decisions I don't know about to- stance roast and I don't know if that's a good idea. I think taking shots at three Bachelorette actual read a guy or a woman that was with which we are GonNa talk about down the road as well But you know it makes an impression that stands hands out for sure definitely okay then Hannah and comes in She's a model like I said. Twenty three she said. Hopefully you can save room for another hand in your heart as the episode goes on. I know this sounds ridiculous because like she has the same name as Hannah Brown leg but the way P says Hannah like just has a different ring to it I think is just from hearing him. Say it so many times during the bachelorette where he'd be like Han like hand. Look he was willing tape Hannah and and then he did it to Hannah Brown at the end. He was like all Hanna Hanna. Brass really likes the. Yes then saying hanging out loud. You gotta say Hannah an I think just to make separate I share and if you come in like introducing yourself as an you want everybody calling you hand and get because there's so many Hannah's there how she's supposed to be different and she panaji and Hannity our good friends yeah. I saw a story about that right. Had A G posts on her story about them. Yeah and then the next out of the LIMO is Sarah. She literally got fifteen seconds. She's a medical radiographer twenty four. We're also from Tennessee. She talked about having butterflies. There she goes back into the mansion. Then next was Lauren a Marketing Executive Twenty Six from Glendale California first time. I don't know if this is the first time. It's the first time I can remember of somebody wearing a jumpsuit out of the Limo. Plus it was an a plus. That's a very good jumpsuit. I I I've I've seen it as well. I don't think that that does not everybody is talking about the dresses and this and that the jumpsuit. Plus I'd I want to say it but I mean harass look great jumpsuit. Like if you have a good ass jumpsuits away to a good anonymous strategy being completely silent. Because I don't remember the top of my Gosh darn early joy. I think I'm must have been looking at my phone or something. Yeah Yeah I split. It was honestly it was a split second she walked away. You could tell it was the jumps. Yeah I think I missed missed a good power suit. Quick Second I missed it which I'M GONNA have to go back and watch it now. I need to see the suit. It was like it was full a Like bedazzled Latte jumpsuit. It was awesome Victoria. P was the next we talked about it before. She said that her niece always tells her too. Happy Dance. SCURRIES scary away. They did aware dance. Victoria P was like doing so well and they did that where dance and I was like. Oh God that was kind of awkward made me very uncomfortable. Redeemed redeemed herself throughout the night. Though oh for sure that that was the only when I saw that I gave it a big no. Yeah like Greek girl bad limo entrance. Yup It does your nervous next is McKenna. She's a fash fashion blogger from Canada. I think McKenna is the youngest girl on this season. She's twenty two. Oh and she liked just objectified the shit out of Pete like she was just like. Oh let me look at you from all angles did a circle around him he was I m up down just that and that was it. That was kind of just like let me let me look at Ya. When there's so many entrances? What else are you supposed to do? Yeah what can you do when you get up there. Yeah Yeah I feel like I've thought about it in the past like if I were during the Bachelorette season vows on the show. What would I do for a limited? I have no idea. I don't know what it would be but I don't know if I would. I wouldn't do anything. I don't think I would do all these girls. Doing pilot. Puns airplane plans. I think I'd steer away from the L.. Because the way you're GONNA stand out by not doing that. I think everyone plans together. Might just be like a normal person. I think that'll might stand out the most on a show. Hey Yeah what's up. Nice to meet you. You really looking forward to seeing you inside and then that's it. Yeah you know I sometimes feel like I would be so nervous I would be the girl that would be like bullied by producers to do something stupid and there's always like the girl like that it was not that grows idea to bring cow. Nobody like she was like you know what I'm gonNA bring a cow like somebody like. We need some weird. We need some a girl doing some weird shit and they found a cow stuffed in a piece of luggage Mike. There's not a choice. There's not gonNA get into luck. Got Dr Dressed up. This is the best I can look. What am I going to do now? And they're like you're going to get in that piece right there like there's this weird toys we've heard in the past of girls were made to like dress up who who did want to dress up but they were told that they showed dress up and then you know they go home the first night. It's just what is just what happens. Okay after McKenna was Corozzo. We talked about it before They pinky promised each other to remain true to themselves. Honest with each other and always dance like no one's watching. That was another other very awkward. DANCE MOMENT I don't know why this keeps happening wasn't a fan of the day to day one. Don't don't force me into a picky promise right. I don't thank you Pick anybody at ten seconds and we'll get to it but like the Pinky promise and then there was like a handshake thing and spoiler. We're by Marissa. Went home so none of these things. That's why you can't force someone into a Pinky promise they're forced to break it an hour later. Okay then we have Kelsey see who is. I think she's just a stylist. She's twenty eight she's from Des Moines. Shoutout showed Iowa. Do you have any Iowa. Iowa loyalty to her liquor. You rooting for her. Always always running for the. Yeah I if if she goes far I'm going to be really high. She thinks Hannah made a a big mistake leading. Pete goalless what you said him and then she walked inside and then we had our flight attendant. Roll Call Basically Eunice came out I. She's a twenty three year old flight attendant. She wore like bad like Halloween costume wings. Yeah I tweeted about this. I said if you're going to do do it. Where like Victoria's secret wing? I call them Walmart Wings because they were they were knockoff wings. Maybe that wasn't her idea either but if they're like if they're like hey we want you to wear are these wings you gotta be right now in was definitely her idea only because she hitting she said. I'm a flight attendant Europe pilot. I figured I would just wing it like I feel like when you you have a weird like rehearse line that I think that might just. She's over the top like the wings. Weren't that crazy if they probably obviously those wings herself. I think you're right. Yeah producers gave her better wings she got better wings they were the windmill production. Like cheated cam pact. On her supertalk I think those wings could have been could honor roll that over stuffed in. Yep Okay then we had two more flight attendants come through a unit thought. She was special. She was not Jada Meghan both both flight attendants and then there was Madison. We said had you know from the basketball player from Auburn. She came in unlike a giant paper airplane. She said I successfully land in my planes. Hopefully I'll have to do is land your heart. Amien fine sure a good cheesy cheesy line works it plays. I successfully landed my plane so hopefully I'll ask do as land your heart. I don't know if it makes sense but it's you know it sounds sounds good right right okay Tammy was next. House flipper She's twenty four. We saw her. She had video packages. Well she had a metal metal detector. This is where things started to get like more money and more like horny. She had a metal detector. She was like I'm going to need to do a private screening inside something about a large large package. Boil back it really did start to escalate really escalated fast She an Cheyenne. I don't know how to say her name. We're going to have to make an Sheehan. Okay okay she I think she's from Vegas biggest. She is a administrative assistant. She gave him a BARF bag. She's saying you know. I think she said like you're going to have a lot of nauseating conversations. Here's a BARF bag. I'm going to go back and something. I said earlier when I said to avoid the airplane stuff. Yeah BARF bag one. I liked. That one felt clever to me. You're going to be talking to a lot of people are gonNA a lot of awkward conversations. Yeah it's going to be nauseating here's a bar looking like. She didn't like it. Am I see I can never tell all my face. I never really realized that. I'M GONNA face no I just. I don't like that you're bringing up barth when I I I share. I hate that. Were no words Barth and Fart. I Hate I hate. You can hear you barely pain Dr and far I hate those words I really do. It's like I don't know why. Hi It's Barbara is a bad one because it gives the thing that you're talking about a feeling like a temperature I feel also is what's what's the word word for words that sound like what they are you talking about like Bar flicks. Sounds like bar bar sounds. Yeah yeah that's a good point. Okay so horny courtney was for you. Good thing there's no joke saying. Thank God oh all-male wouldn't that be funny if there was one moment where they caught like a bad accidental on camera and they used it and then there was just like can't even say it. Yeah that'd be so fun I might be borderline. You guys look like how is that. Never never happened. They let them out. Oh let her. Maybe because let's say you get thirty guys in one room there's a lot of farts that's what I'm saying. Just a ton and people can make fun of far jokes. But your house still play about all the men in the office farting aw. Oh God I didn't need that. Okay Anyway. Moving on Courtney was necks. She's a cosmetologist from Florida. She rides in on like a little kid. Did Toy plane. What sucks for her? Was I think like Pete thought it was going to be something really cool then. It wasn't like they had the people with the orange things where they direct or the headphones and the headphones and he was like. Oh my God some girls tag bringing in a plane right now. Alexa be so sick and it wasn't okay Pete. Somebody's flying in on a video of I saw. Yes when the Little Guy Wheels in on the bike saw when he I think he was a little disappointed. Okay then next was Kiara who popped out of the suitcase. She's a nanny twenty three years old from Georgia. I don't know how the hell she fit into that suitcase. It did not look that big and then I I was looking like maybe there was something underneath that she could fit in. But I think I think you if you really try to convince her suitcase. Same same with me like I think. Yeah I really really tried now. If we actually got in it you know what I mean. We always say oh. We can't get in there and what she in that thing though they probably it's a wheel at how how the end of the driveway. Yeah to these. They couldn't zip it all the way closed. I hope I couldn't fit into a suitcase but I think Yeah well well no no absolutely not. We're talking carry on size. It's an I didn't know but but when the when Kiara got out it wasn't that I mean she wasn't like a super small person she's just like a normal sized person anyway. Bertel underestimating the size of luggage. Yeah Chris. Arison came in and was like some David Copperfield. Shit of Leon. Chris Harris I need. I need one and curse word from Chris Harrison. An episode. Just one bleep. Like wow. That's some crazy shit like I just wanted to say that once once a week I need to hear curse Harrison an unfiltered without the bleeding. Yeah I feel like Chris. Harrison could have some kind of like Bob sack vibes. Have you know like he's like this. Wholesome love later? We should remember that. Oh yeah he was like we should cut her in half later peaches. It was like yeah. We should disagree still weird I. I would agree with everything Chris Areas and said. Yeah Yeah right right like we all just do it. But he's on TV. Can't curse that much kind of has this. I just want everybody to find love and be happy. Whatever and like maybe backstage age? She's just bouzid and cursing and I met. I met Chris one time. He didn't meet me but I met him. I met him at a golf tournament. and Dave Portnoy. Our boss who done a piece review within introduced introduced us at Pebble Beach. Oh Media Day pro-am and I shook his hand in Try to make eye contact with him and he was already talking to somebody. It wasn't a root thing but he was just like yeah. Yeah very popular. Oh my God. That's Chris Harrison. And you know I met him but he didn't meet me so what he did or who. He ignored no. He didn't ignore me. He like he was was nice enough up to me and shake my hand but he's just like such a people person he was already gone about his business. which I what I gotTA? The experiences was completely positive. ositive people probably freak the fuck out over Chris Harrison. He's a legend. Yeah Yeah it is very true for so long to yeah forever. Decades like Jenner. Different generations are now being like Chris. Arison is the greatest person to ever live. Yes that's what I say. Okay we so okay here we go. Let's keep going LEXI marketing coordinator from New York. She's twenty six. She got to come in on like super cool old like Red Sports sports cars. She said I liked to go fast. I heard you do too now. See like this is where I'm like who who gets to decide who gets the cool shit riding in on like an old sick red sports car you look like a fucking bad ass. It's like how do you. How do you get to be that girl? I think it's random I think they show up and they just they don't they just assign it to random people. Yeah they're like I don't know what the coolest poorest guard Alexi see but it fit lexi's attitude. Yeah Dave tweeted right. LEXI is a problem. I just was spot on her red hair hair and maybe that's why they did actually the red hair. The Red Corvette like get a feel for the people wants to the contest. They get there and then they start. Assigning it was way cooler or an all. Girls are like what she's a car. It was pretty cool okay. Deandra was next. She is a home care coordinator from Texas twenty-three she wore the full windmill. Katsumi was like windmill wings per se. If you WANNA call that hated it She said. Are you ready for round five. Those looked like those look like. We're knockoff Victoria. Secret Wings like you know sometimes in the Victoria's secret fashioned they would have like such weird things on their back like they weren't wings they'd be like weird props for whatever the theme is that. That's exactly what at that look like. Are you ready for round. Five is a strange way to approach it in my this. Like you're talking about a fifth round of sex with someone who I war with someone else. Yup I would be like. Are you ready for your windmill experience with me. I wouldn't be like number five. Yeah just bang out one two three four five. Yeah it was strange. You're very pay came next. She's a twenty three year old Business Development Rep Massachusetts. She just came out of the Limo screaming like she was just going four four times four times it was. It was a little creepy. Like I like. I would have been like Whoa Lady. Oh yes I did it four times. Stop yelling at me. I'm the fucking best like you. Don't have to screaming from the rooftops. God after you You keep saying it so many times like what is supposed to say like okay. Yeah I got I was there like you know. Four Times fucked. Yeah okay. Jasmine a client religious manager from Texas twenty-five she spoke Vietnamese. And said I heard you did it. Four Times in a windmill Kylie came after that. Entertainment sales associate associate from Santa Monica. She brought a whole roll condoms. Link this was when they really started just flying when we started to get everyone got real horny. Katrina came in next a twenty twenty eight year old pro sports dancer from Chicago. She said you're GonNa Fall in love with my hairless pussy cat and pause and then whipped out a picture of her cat her hairless pussycat. I couldn't tell if I hated. This is or respected it. I just I can't tell because I would never. I don't think I would ever go up there and say that but this girl did you almost have to be like I was. It's not like I hate the I hate pussycat. You hate the word Pussy. I'm not a big Fan. Yeah wow friend is against the PUSSIES. I don't hate it it but no it is. It's like power France pretty strong though like pussy skirt yourself layer there. Yeah I was treated by last night and I was putting pussy in the tweets and it was just like this is weird. I've said this is like the fourth time that I've put tweeted out the word Pussy to be worse though may could be calling it the seaward I thought you were going to go the V word because that one's more like clinical. It's like somebody like a guy calling his dick is peanuts. Yeah some we always get a somehow three of US always get to this while they I know I know. That's the reason really. Did they really did okay. Victoria F twenty-five rolled medical sales rep from Virginia Beach. She said I have a very dry sense of humor. That's the only thing that's drive out me. She didn't deliver it that way though. She had the Typical delivered it was hers was a G. minus absolutely Russia. The delivers he started laughing. Yeah you cannot laugh halfway through that. I had no idea what you were saying. If you'RE GONNA make an edgy joke about your vagina. Yep Okay I see then you gotta you gotta be able to deliver. You gotTa see through right. She was also very upset. She's not the only Victoria like that really rattled. I really enjoyed really does now. Now in the Victoria F. Also some T. About Victoria F. If you guys are not out up there are some rumblings about her. Not being the greatest person outside of we don't have to go into shirl come out a man who goes by the name reality. Steve did say that He. He is never guide more tips on person than he has. Victoria tip on Victoria Asinine you. Apparently New Year's Eve she got so drunk and Virginia beach that she had to be escort out of a bar and apparently your but was hanging out. Who knows? We're all weeded this this or a damned it to me. I don't remember okay. Geno was next twenty two year old nursing student elegance. She was also the youngest. She brought a cow an emotional support. Akao Dow is supposed to be the joke. It was not funny. The girls thought it was a pony. They were like somebody brought a pony. She was already inside and she was like It's actually a cow. How and it was very weird? Yeah everything about it was weird. Not Funny Weird okay. Then we had savannah who blindfolded him. Put his hands on her hips and just laid one on just kissed him blindfold old kiss the whole thing. I as I hated assault assault at something. You liked it though. He went on a show and he said I love old woman. Yeah he said he liked it and he said so. That's the thing the girls and although I thought the girls were going to hate it more. They didn't seem to even notice that that happened because this maybe they didn't even know they didn't know that happened. And I don't know I I guess I would hate it if I was there but watching the show doc like Oh wow I respect how old she is. But I would hate that if I was on the show and another say fuck girl. I would also hate that like if I was the bachelor like you. You finally get like in the in the driver's seat and you're like this is I get to make all my own decisions and like what I wanna do and then like Bam some chick just this kisses. You loved it hard to be like this. When he traded I would hate it and I also think like if this was the bachelor the bachelorette would not have gone over? There would be some things not of would not have gone over as well okay. Kelly came out next. We already talked about her. Pete immediately recognized her was like seemed very excited to see her kept saying like I was hoping she would stop by the. What does that mean P your hope it? She would just stop in for a chat like she was stopped by feels like nervous energy to me accused kind of excited to see her and he was like. Oh there's wondering when you were going to stop by there we're going to get into it later on but the thing between them is interesting a name. We had Alexa AVONLEA. Natasha they came out to close. Does nothing really special happened for them. Like the girls were all complaining. About how how there are so many women so they hit us real fast last three and then that's one Hannah came out and McKenna absolutely shrieked bloody murder like it was like an unbelievable scream like dave also tweeted corologis screamed get her out of there. That was a a ridiculous screamed. Girls were all freaking out. It turned out she was just there to return the wings that he had given her on her season she looked beautiful. She showed up she left. Pete look shocked and we thought that was the end of Hannah. My reaction to seeing Hannah is. I was excited to see her because on night on night like this I feel overwhelmed when I see all these girls that I don't know it's just like they're coming out of the LIMO coming at a rapid rate. I don't know who they are. I don't know what they're deal is. Then he see Hanna come out and I like a lot of the season. The BACHELORETTE was fantastic. It's just good to see a familiar face. You're right you're right. It makes you feel at home it does. It does all right. Pete knows I if he's going to feel a little more comfortable. Obviously they've been through some things together. This is nice so Hannah comes back. I return I return. I return of Hannah like you said she comes back. She's apparently giving pete or wings his wings that he gave her But I had had a feeling this wouldn't be the last. We saw Hannah being is of the trailer because of the trailer first of all because she was wearing a different drugs in two different dresses and and they did hype up a lot and we saw conversations that were happening between Peter and her and although I thought it was just going to be a scam so wrong you have to put my hand up and say I was so wrong but will get to that point. In time I will say that I I bought and all all the hype and at this point in the night. I thought that I was super wrong. I thought the second trust they showed in the trailer was a smokescreen of her sticking around so I was like boy did I just fall for another are bachelor teaser. Turns out that that's not the case but like you said we can talk about that when we get exactly because you know sometimes you you don't WanNa fall into it and you do. Sometimes they want you to following volunteers because it actually does happen. It's all very confusing After the Limo entrances night one pete sits down with the first girl. It's a lay They've read the note from Grandma and Grandma Rosa. She just wants her girl to find long. I thought it was hilarious. CBS How it said Dear Bachelor because they didn't know it'd be yet here man whom I my granddaughter loves so much and she just met you five minutes. Yeah Yup exactly. This is a good point though like you said before he got his or she got her time with him because they needed to leave grandma and she wrote his nice very sweet but then she just gets to spend time with it. Exactly exactly We definitely we all agreed that. There's no way these girls had a to drink limit for this tonight. A lot of the girls seemed like they were a little tipsy. When they were two of them were yelling about buttery flaky biscuits Katrina Katrina. Yes that's when it's the others. There was no drink limit whatsoever. No Lo no she said you need to risk there was like kind of and it was a little slurry. She's a unique to risk to get the biscuit and he looks like a really fucking hot biscuit like they were just talking about Hoti is a McKenna was like chugging in glasses of wine it looked like so kind of being the youngest one on the show and of course getting it seemed like there was some some drunk some. I'm definitely some moments he made. He makes a Goddamn handshake with Marissa which seems super cute but then he sent her home. So friendly for me me. Yeah we're making handshakes friends. Dan Marissa's the Pinky promise. Girl right yeah too much. You're taking it too far too fast. I know it's the the bachelor and you've got to get your time and make your connections but I can't be picky promising. The mcgahan was somebody I just met. Yeah great idea like He. He introduced deuce the handshake. It's just it does feel like the beginning stages of flirting with somebody like ooh. That's a handshake but the beginning of stages flirting with somebody when I'm in in high school or Middle School Fair very fair or like a friend zone. Let's shift yes. He is in like giant Ryan paper airplanes of Madison. They have a nice conversation. You can tell they're headed off Corsairs and brings in the first impression rose on like this gold would slab lab and all the girls were like early. It's here it's here. One girl screamed. It's here ladies. Well it's it's important. I don't know the numbers on it. I would have to go through with a calculator and crunch the numbers but the people who get the first impression rose whether it be bachelor or Bachelorette they have springfield history and in terms of going far and even win the things I mean but it was just so like they all lost their shit which also made me think they were. All kind of drunk is like the second. The rose came in the room is were bugging out of their heads. Like and it's it's just the funniest thing because it's like it's just a rose but it's like has superpowers interest interest arose. Yeah so much meaning powers Okay and then you know. There's more windmill jokes. Sydney brings out until like little mini golf setup with the windmill. Will he drives in the Red Sports car with Lexi and then there was a lot. This was the beginning of it. There's multiple women who half half you have to mention in your in their conversation like if your if you WanNa get married and have a long lasting relationship you have to throw you have dimension that you know. Oh somebody that was married for like a really long time like a family member like whatever like when my parents were married for twenty six years and then the big. Oh my God like Crutchley so great I like he and Hannah and immediately like connected on that and like the they drive for a while she and her dad painted the smoky mountains for for him. Why do I believe that it was just her dad? I don't know why says remember always went through their BIOS. She loves to paint she loves. She's a painter. Yeah I give the way. She painted it or her dad paint. They said they painted it together. That whole thing thumbs down ause like yeah well work because they immediately made out. Yeah that was their first round and making out that was like besides the Savannah Limo. I make out Hannah and how there's pizza side which is the best. He's making all of that. Asa Kisimani yes. Yes a kiss a multiple times each all of them to figure it out. Yup Yup. I think you know. I think he's on his way to doing that. So give me twelve goals in the first. He's kissing a lot of people. Okay and then there's a girl in my have you ever seen that. I'm like I'm concerned about Savannah. I can't get a read on her after the Limo and then like she she also might have been wasted. No she was like after the hand kiss she was like I'm going next bitches. Just kidding just kidding I'm not I'm not joking at all. Thank you got do personnel. That's going to be a problem for everyone in the House said. Are you a guy on the roller coaster that is savannah. You get caught in both areas where you're watching it like if I wasn't a person in that house with them with the person is going to be like poor we in trouble but luckily I'm sitting in my apartment this pre already been filmed home and I just get to watch the chaos also. We're all safe right. She also very seriously said like Jelly. She like when she was jealous van and she was like guys. I'm just like really jelly. I was like oh no. You can't use that word seriously. And then you like we said things got kinky. Tammy put Pete in handcuffs like he was she was rubbing them up and down. She looked planted a condom in his pocket that she pulled out and was like who Pete Tammy seems like the kind of girl that's just going to hand coffee right away sat in her package. I was like Tammy will beat the shit out of you and I'll see you the next. Ah Ah put handcuffs on you and fuck you by that. I didn't even go look guys once again. It worked because they made out immediately after that. Pete said I didn't expect to be kissing so many girls light but it just kinda happened. Yeah I mean when you have a billion girls who want nothing but till your attention trying to kiss him girls kiss. On the first night I do not recall. I bet it's lower than twelve. Yeah way lower twelve. He didn't kissed what I don't think he kissed twelve girls but there is definitely like twelve make out scenes. Twelve girls seems like a lot one second I I warned about. I'm going to go back to the source. What I'm trying to say is I want? I'm excited for like a bachelor going. After I wrote down every every time you kiss somebody and I feel like I feel like there was multiple kisses but I don't know if that meant that many girls yet. Okay Natasha Tasha and McKenna twelve girls on the first night. I don't that Donald think that's right. Where's that information coming from the Bachelorette read it I think they're wrong. Twelve th no Marisa just said on. I'm reading the Bachelorette right now. Orissa just SAT ON S S K. I don't know what that Addis. They didn't show how much he made out. According to her it was ten to thirteen girls the first okay. Okay so unseen kiss. Yeah there were on scene damn okay okay. Very very apparently said twelve. So wow if you saying twelve. And she's saying Shit. He kissed twelve girls on the first night. Yeah I guess that's Goodness Fun Susan. My goodness gracious okay. Natasha and McKenna Kinda get into it. Because they're talking Natasha's Pete McKenna comes up. She's she's throwing paper airplanes at them which is kind of like super rude like they're already going up interrupting somebody and being like can i. Steal is already kind of rude. She didn't say anything. She just threw paper airplanes at. Poke your eyes out if it gets it gets on the yeah. I thought that was that was pretty rude. Also drunk baby oh and she was like curly steel him and Natasha goes. If you're asking me the answer is no I love how Petty Natasha Natasha Russia. Algebra just put it on my goes get on and fly yourself also permanently has a bedroom is like she's just always looking looking at batting her eyelashes and like looking at him. And then we hear list cats and rats line which apparently will we will be hearing a lot. This season so said Chris Harrison in there like when he goes through the contestants on facebook. She's a cat Natasha's cat but but there's a lotta rats. She's a she's a cat. Cat is good rat bat. I'm GONNA need a full breakdown the cats and who. I'm sure we're going. I'm sure we're going to get it then Mckenna does does get her time where she very important mentioned that her grandparents were married for sixty one years i. I don't know how they would have to throw it. I don't know how they would have established that they could have have a love story if she didn't tell him that it was a strange brag yet. Let him have nothing to do with that. Just thing right. My grandparents were married for sixty years. Congratulations Natasha that's what she comes back. The giant airplane than he makes out with McKenna with a cotton within TASHA standing there. They're going back and forth hand and comes back and takes Peter Away from Deandra and then goes away but then interrupts them again for third time which is talking to uh Sheehan and she's talking about herself of a third person didn't like that they're they're making out again. She's just kissing Pete as much as she can handle and really. We're trying to get as much kiss time as possible much of that saliva. She could. Yeah and then we had maybe one of the best girl night one on conversations of China to hand and being like I just really think that every girl should have time with him. We all WanNa have time like you should respect the other girls and she was just like yeah. I really want that for you to gut. Why why don't you just go out there and go got and she had this fake smile as she was just looking? Yeah you should just go out there and do that hat closest and all that I really thought brawl was going to happen to the wind when hand and looked at her and she sorta like yeah. She gave that smile. It's like well that's a fight time. Now it's time I'm just start throwing knuckles because that was and it's it's a classic case of wanting to have time with the bachelor but wasting time being like stop stealing time. I am from the Bachelor and it's just it's a classic station but I thought Hanane handed it like she's like on the on the Alpha and the house. Yeah I the thing is Hannah end. She seems crazy to me any and I thank her pulling him. Three times was crazy but I also really once again respect this move right. She now in mind that she she is better than everybody in this house. And whether you like that or not. It's the way to get to the end. Like she said she's not here to sit on the couch and drink wine right and she. She is here for Peter. It's also a rush like anytime you take a risk and you don't know what's going to happen and you get the outcome that you want like you're chasing that again like she was like. Wow Wow I put myself out there and it totally worked. He made out with me. Like I'm GonNa do it again. Going to keep working so she's still kissing him. Corny also had to tell Pete that her parents were married for thirty years. Guys'll so yes. She's ready for love because her parents were married for thirty years. We'll close with a quick Victoria. F commentary because she has to she is a completely repeat the dry humor. Joke to pee because he forgot so that was SU super uncomfortable. Because you know another girl Victoria p comes and steals him away and she starts crying and it's the other Victoria. I also love this. Such a subtle Dig Wall Victoria F was crying. She was like like what's your face came in and stole them. Like you absolutely know the other. Victoria's name because you're so pissed. There's another Victoria. She could forget every other girls it she knows. That girl's name is a tour under percents like what's her name came in and stole him. The retailing of the joke is something. I won't get Outta my mind anytime soon. It was just such a disaster because she was like a cry about that too. Like if that was the only time you've got and you had you the only time. He was telling the same bad joke twice because he didn't remember you for the first time. That's about as bad as it gets. Yup Yup and then you know she's just really upset that there's so many pretty girls once again. Did you think they were going to be ugly Victoria. Yeah let's think about tweeted. That Victoria kind of looks like bad baby and I kind of see the little bit. I kind of see it Kinda see. I'd have to and Hugh Jain norm is huge. Like I is the only thing I can think of when she's talking really. Yeah like big Joe. Is there beautiful. But it's like a mesmerizing. Almost have to go back and look everything happened so fast it does happen really fast Okay I think that was kind of about it. I'll say quickly like Kelly and she'd Kelly got to talk to Pete for a little bit and he did say she that he didn't stop thinking about at her after they met the they had like a super normal person conversation. Obviously because they've already met in real life so it seems like Kelly definitely has a one up Hannah and got the first impression rose where they may out again for the billion time already. People were pissed but you know like we said she rested. She got the reward that she wanted. The most hated person. The room usually gets the first impression because they've been the most aggressive when everybody else is like. I don't think I'm GONNA get time. And they don't create the time for themselves. The people who do get the rose are disliked. Liked all right. I think we should Take a quick break right now and I have to ask you guys. Have you ever heard of macari. It is the definition of the selling APP. They make it super easy for real people to sell and ship their unused things. We all have things that we don't use Bob before. We think we're going to use it close that we bought. I think we really like. 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All these girls are always girls are going to hate and Dan and the more I think about it casting justed like such a job like they. They found a girl girl who already had an instagram following. Who like New People who was already on the show and they put her in this situation? And everyone's just GonNa Hater Hater. I can't decide whether or not I like her or hater or how I feel about her altogether because I definitely approach to be yet show. We can agree. There's no way like they definitely. I think that a G. like tip them off to her. I could see that But I can't say I hate her yet but I definitely see the crazy. I mean the crazy is definitely there. It's GONNA come out Chris. Harrison said she's in all the drama season but just by first glance. I would have said she was winning the season like if she was just slightly normal. Yeah and just a nice girl. Who's really sweet and fun funny winner? I don't think I think I like her for that reason. I'm always very interested. It's GonNa make the show more interesting girls who brand the drama I do because because it's just makes the show way more interesting if you can just view it through you can view it through a couple ends as one is like I want the you know I want pizza. Find love in that but also I'm a fan of the show and I just I want to be interesting storylines and hand very clearly. He's going to be very interesting. I think there's also an element to it now. Are these girls. have some kind of idea like how they're going to be portrayed kind of you know were like I felt like with Demi once the show aired to just kind of owned that she she had like that attitude that that was like her kind of persona on the show. So I'm interested to see like how how you know like Hannah and emerges as a as a person after this like to see if it's Kinda like that thing where everybody kind of like people actually love to hate her or the actually they hate her or like they see that. It's all fun. It has to be in the back of their minds of all their minds. How they're going to be portrayed in the show because we're now dealing with a generation of people who people who go on the show? Watch the show you can tell by the reaction of Hand Abi people are like. Oh that's Hannity from the Bachelorette. I know where that is because I watched the show so it has has to be in the back of their mind. How am I going to? What kind of cut am I going to get a hand and like you said? They probably brought her in they approach. Where like you're GONNA probably end up being the villain? It's very possible. Okay so we go into the rose ceremony these girls were up all goddamn night like it was so oh bright outside when they came back into the room the rose ceremony and I look at typically normally as morning when they do this but it seemed like blatantly mainly morning like sway more obvious than normal it might have been lunchtime when they got out of that match because it was we normally ceremonies usually in the morning. Yes it they stay up all night night long and then they do. The rose ceremony at the crack ass adopt. Yeah if you go back and watch all the first nights you'll see that when the the girls are leaving the ones who get eliminated. It's it's usually like the sun's just coming up you're right friend. This year it was broad daylight. It was yeah they could have just gone beyond got lunch right away hired are they. Oh but I mean hey astros strategy fogging white these girls out. That's when they start saying weird shit night one because they're filming as we've deprive. They're a little drunk. They're maybe they're gonNA point where they're throwing their hangover and it's just weird stuff starts out. Oh this is something I did not know they really do okay. So tons are we started started with thirty girls six percent home. The drama of the Rose ceremony was it. Victoria was going to get a rose or not. They kind of hope that up she got the last. Rose rose which meant that Marissa Jade Unisys Meghan Kylie. Eggy Trina all went home night night. Once that's Marissa. who had an opening package? She was but the pink promise in the handshake Seah Jade Eunice and Dan Megan off flight attendants see Cla. We're going to be the opening joke where it's going to be like. Oh there's one flight attendant no. Ll there's three but then then after that. We're we're good with that and also like Ray and I. We both thought that maybe he would like the flight attendants that would be a common interest. Also said no we we did but but I remember thinking like because his parents had met on whatever we were like. Oh there's gonNA history repeating itself South who knows he covered of all them no more flight attendants. He was fucked as I've slept with enough flight attendant told him anymore. Maybe like I don't want to take my work home with me. I I don't WanNa get home. We're watching TV and then it's like. Oh remember when we were delayed in Atlanta. It's like I don't Wanna I don't WanNa talk about that. I don't want I want to talk about other things that don't have to do with plains. Airport up up question going back to the rose ceremony young. Yes Oh what happens if they get so tired just fall asleep great. TV that's okay. Yeah that right now it could take it happen. I anything goes I think they would. It would almost like you were going to say what film. There's somebody sleeping like. She must not care they turn that into. Its own story that turn out like she could be really tired but instead they would spend it that she got wasted wasted. It doesn't care yeah thinking just how about how sleepy I would be an. I'd be like oh I just want to take quick now while we're waiting we'll think about it. Also like you see these poor girls are like either some get so emotional or they're crying makes them 'cause citing good because they didn't get any time one and then they're forced to like redo their makeup and get ready for the rose ceremony all one night and then after they redo all their make up and get back out there they get set home and then he started bond. Your eyes sounds emotionally draining. I would have to imagine put through that for old exactly Kylie Kylie highly was sent home. She's beautiful girl from La kind of seemed like influence or Titan Did Not make the cut and Katrina her hair Keren. Hairless pussycat are headed home. She you know she shine so bright that it's you know it's like a like a comment. You shine bright you burn out early. Yeah she you know. She provides them entertainment. This this rose ceremony overall. We're still learning the names of the girls so it all just kind of happens fast and I you know you know who Madison is. You Know Hannah. Hannah's you know the people who had notable interactions with P.. Through the night but other than that it just kind of goes and it's not that eventful. No no they also don't even show all the girls who are sent hall you you don't even see like I don't watch. I had to watch a back again and write down all the girls who got picked and then process of elimination see. The girls were eliminated. I may know more. She's the man jokes for Eunice. Cardi gone which made me Kinda sad and I don't know what that is. She's hand Amanda Bacchus. Best movie channing. Tatum O shreds tread. People are going to freak out a guy that's my guy noah woah fired. The way she's the man is a class a fantastic In my rescue there. Now we're GONNA share of the doctor. You guys haven't seen it though because I bet if I hang or like my brother if they've seen she's the man they would I'd say now. What are your brothers ever watched when you've added on like my brothers definitely watched it? 'cause I've watched so many times I'm looking at it now. I know of it like I've seen her in a suit. Unbelievable I know you you said that earlier in the podcast and I was like I'm just GonNa Act. I'm I think I'm just GONNA act like yeah. That's unfortunately it goes jokes anymore. Yeah one of his greatest work. I'm sorry man. No performance has such a great soundtrack also to movie. Yes the God damn it we gotta keep going or I'm GonNa get all watch it and then future recaps all thrown bank jokes okay. Thanks I group date has honestly go down as maybe one of my favorite group dates of all time. It was Hannah and Kelly. Deandra Tammy Hammy Courtney Cheyenne do. We agree that it was shy Anderson. Cheyenne you've been saying. Yes her her name you. Yes she answered. That makes a ton of does but makes she fuck okay. Moving on Victoria Beach. It was like you guys have been saying her name wrong. The whole time the descartes said Look Up Peter. They all went outside died. Pete was flying a plane over over the mansion and everybody was freaking out And so they're going. The date is flight school. The got too bad ass woman which was actually pretty cool Katie Cook is the first female blue angels pilot super sick and Lissa Johnson who flies C.. One Thirties for the marines. They put the girls through flight school where they started off with math problems and we should have some kind of quiz for like every group date like. I just WANNA see which one one of these girls are real dump them. This reminded me of the Trivia Challenge in the challenge. The show yes and I love. That's one of my favorite jobs. They do I wanNA see more of this type of right. Because you're like Trivia. Yeah it is. Ideally that at Matt so I'm not going to touch them. Yeah I got I got. I got the first question right and then I think I sorta tailed off a little bit but I agree with you guys. I need more Trivia and I need more fiscal. Sounds like they did later remember when they did. The firefighter challenge during Joe. Joe Season South Sorta like the emergence of wells. He like had he couldn't handle it and he's almost passed out. I need more moments like that. Because that's what it does. It creates these moments that everybody remembers physical activity. Tiffany Trivia and more physical activities and the show will be even better than it already is like obstacle courses fantastic. I don't know how Hannah and ended up being paired like with Peter while they were answering that shows on since it was like I mean. She's GonNa get him right Pete. Peter knows what they're talking about. The second question was like basically was a twist of asking. How many feet flew right over the girls heads thirty now? Yeah because I think it was. How high do you have to feed? Join the mile. High Clown flew over my head too but yeah I mean they asked it like a trick question right like you only need to be one mile up to be in the Mile High Club. I see they're thinking thinking like how like on the announcement like thank you we've reached our cruising altitude of thirty thousand feet. Please enjoy this ride. What I? Aw Yeah thirty thousand feet. I was like Oh yeah. That's not a bad guess but turns out it was trick wash Trick questions five thousand two hundred eighty eight so yeah. I don't think I would have gotten that without nobody would get that exact. No and I think some people might. Apparently it's pretty common knowledge into know how many feet or in a mile. I'd I don't know that off the top of my head but people I think people do know it. Those people are showing off and being like I knew after we he already knew the answer. They told us what the answer is. I would've loved to hop in a time machine and ask those people. How many feet in a mile? Because I don't think yeah and then we had four. I know they played a game of with dirty sounding. Words that like our aviation terms and then they did this. Like fake turbulence machine that they called the orbit tron. I don't know if that was really what it's called. Tammie called it an arbitron. There's other names for it then I forget But you just strap it and it spins you around circles and it looks awful. Nothing looks like a nightmare. Terry I think you'd love turbulence. I was just GONNA say I. It doesn't look as has funnest turbulence but that's that's the risk of death is not there that's what really makes it like the maybe this plane will actually actually go down is not in this element so guys. I never wished that when I'm on the plane I'm not like wow. I hope maybe this will go down. Just a little bump in Mariah despise things bore jolt of adrenaline. Yes I can't sleep on planes. It really hard for me to sleep on planes so just sitting. There is quite boring for me a little little bit of bumping the one time I was on a small plane to From Boston and we dropped like so drastically so fast. And all of our drinks when flying in the air and the tailing and for a second. We were like petrified. Like really scared once. We realize. You're okay like I. We all just started dying laughing because our my mom I was always with my mom and my mom's friend and they were like they had their drinks all over that even slightest sign of turbulence. I'm looking around being like are we. Okay yeah we're GONNA make it. Is this the one that takes us down even just like a little like just come up out of my seat. I can't handle it I casey. I'm kidding I'm so kidding. It just felt like there had to be a punchline. They're doing the damn heaters. Make you pause on. It just felt like one of us had to in some of US had to fill something in. I mean that really okay. Had to be said for okay. Got Victoria P top notch traumatic story topnotch editing. She had a traumatic tea cup. Ride experience where she's had motion sickness for the rest of her life. They had the best is when like why. Watch back I wash it with the closed captioning on and when scenes like this. It's like distant distant laugh. Distant Manic laughter cloud like. We're you know we're in their own words is demonic laughter who it's like all the crying no shades of analysts when she had the bumper cars top that the one the more they just this is what makes us show the best the more the better. It could've just been a normal like I'm scared to go on the orbiter on and I'm GONNA get sick. That's GONNA be shitty but instead they're like. Did you ever have anything in your past that. Maybe made you you this way. Oh it's like the clown music you know everything. And they're like teacups. Dramatic people are saying that's like that's like the bureau the show on dateline before they're talking about some sort of murder murder story a plus. I think it's funny. How when you see that you're like wow that girls dramatic but it's just the editing because that girl was probably just like yeah I never again? You know I get motion sick. I get motion sickness. I've never thought up front of boy before. I said that like that you guys would be like. Oh that's super cat say well. When did that start part? One was the first time you had motion sickness while you know when I was a kid I was on the teacups. gotcha perfect this is going to be the best moment of the episode. Thank you very very much is just the way they do. It is so good Victoria P. She did she ends up throwing up. Afterwards Pete brings her water She said it's she's never had anybody care for her like that. Before Tyler Cu added tweet go viral about this. Here comes tyler being nice guy. It's like you know this is. This is the standard we have like. Let's be better men. He brought her a water bottle when she was sick. And I said before we discussed it on the group a little bit where it's right. He's right what are you saying. Correct but you got to leave something for the rest of his tail like tens of thousands of tweets. Yeah it's two hundred and fifty thousand likes like let me be the nice and hilarious and charming and awesome. Nobody better than me you know. Let's see you can have the six pack in the height. The great hair and the great face. Let us be a super nice guy. I hope that Dylan Tyler listening to this and not continue on the on the Tyler tweet train here but I just have to mention that on this note like he also re tweeted I guess there's like a last chance the last chance you director made a documentary Henry About Cheer cheerleading school It's like a cheer team at Navarro College and he re tweeted. It was like this awesome like so people will stop complaining about how cheerleaders aren't real athletes like going in like supporting the cheerleaders. You know like this looks great and all the replies are like Oh my like literally girls freaking freaking out like that. No Man is better than tyler. Oh good morning to tyler in tyler see only just like this guy knows what he's doing. Sometimes that's how do you feel about your back and forth tyler on twitter. Oh Yeah we've been talking on twitter you guys. Have you guys have been active. I kind of like. I'm just responding to them. That's so true now. They're coming to Noah they are I don't know they they were like well. You guys Are you gonNA is chicks in the office. GonNa Bidding War with Tyler so you just need and maybe they do have a lot of money. Come even if that's not that's not true. Come back to reenfry and be like tyler in dinner often. The money now wouldn't work anymore. But I'm actually were knows what he's doing anyway. Anyway reading the replies to Tyler's tweets really are just hilarious. It's like of course tyler. cheerleading is this is a sport. I swear I have more respect for you every day. Who Tyler like? I didn't know I could love you more. And then you're defending adding cheerleading. And somehow my love has grown is just he. He's a smart guy when it comes to this stuff I'll start Documents for it. Go for I'll do. It makes us make sure are you. Everyone knows that you think cheerleading school. Okay I might quote tweet. His one about b-better men be like. Yeah everyone be better and cheerleading. Is The reason Julie's real sport and save the Koalas something. Okay so he. Peter gives the water bottle to to Victoria. Then we have this obstacle course which is so fucking funny. They there was like a wind part of it. So they're going through the balancing house and then they're covered in mustard and there on the slip and slide in these giant fans are blowing them all over the place and I it was just I. I was dying of laughter because they also had the funny clown us going on the back like as they're sliding all over the place trip in Peter's dying laughing the music's playing like everyone's just like pointing pointing and laughing at them. It was very very funny more of Kelly and Tammy came out at the end. There's like a little bike path to get to the finish line. You're supposed to go around the men the men will the windmill. And tammy one around it and Kelly didn't she. She just went straight for the finish line so Kelly up winning and everybody said she cheat it. See this is where a once again. It comes back to if you'RE NOT GONNA get consequences says for this and there's no actual rules. You could pretty much do what ever. Oh yeah you can to win. Do whatever it is. That's GonNa make you win because look Kelly cheated quote unquote cheated but she still went on the date. F- F- going back to what we said earlier. We're dealing with a generation of contestants that watched the show. They should know that there are no real consequences for breaking the made up rules of the game of having time with the Bachelor of Interrupting Three Four Times. We get more time with him. If maybe if you walk into the into the mansion after year Limo Deduction you walk back out you talk to you guys. You show up at the bachelor's door because you you just ask the producer if you could go and they're like they they I don't think they would explicitly say it's you but they want you to break the rules. Because that's what makes moments Kelly so-called cheating at at this game got. Everyone freaked out and mad at her but it didn't matter they were like. Yeah well she wins the one on one and she gets to go with him. So that's the way it is and you know so. They take their sunset. Ah Flight. It looks like they're really picking up right where they left off. They seem like a very like normal couple. They're just kissing and flying. It looked very romantic. Kelly came back. Act All the girls and it was like dead silent. They were like Tammy addressed her cheating scandal in Kelly was just like I don't know what you say like I don't care. She just taking care how much Kelly didn't care they love it. She just did not give a fuck. She was yeah I did. I'm sorry the rules we're going to be like real rules. They're not they're not And not only did I cheat and win but I've got a history with Pete and I'm way ahead of all of you in that game. I made myself I stopped him. This is alleged. I stopped awesome and I met him at that hotel. I knew I was going to go on a show of already. Got Extra time with them and cheat at your made up flight school game and I'm GonNa win this that's up. She didn't say that but I think that's what she was thinking. It's so true so then we have the full group date Victoria p just whips out glasses. She's got hot girl glasses and and she's talking to peed peco's out grabs flowers for her because she said she has never been given flowers by before. Just pee you sly dog. It seems like the treated nicely by guys. I the water bottle ever done. She's never gone flowers from anybody. CPS Ta Yeah it really does but you know Dave has been talking about Victoria p because I guess they were in Vegas at the same time and he he said every everybody was fawning over. He said she said she was the real deal. He said they had a conversation. And there is no a little bit of crazy that jumped out. He was like she was perfectly normal and people really liked her so I think that immediately puts her is a favourite obviously and charity as a favourite to to make it to the end Victoria. Pete may cow. Then we learned that Kellyanne Peter and the same hotel the same hotel that they met at they reenact reenact. You have all the hotels in the world. They end they end hotels. You think they're in the world here a couple thousand dollars. I take that back. It was more than a couple of thousand in La and they just so happened to end up at the one. Where the I'm Kelly met boy because there's no shot that Kelly told them what hotel no or what hotel that they met ash show is just touched by an angel? Things just fall into place. She an gets kind of screwed again like she keeps getting Pete stolen from her. Kelly takes him away and Pete is just assed he's Horny. He's Horny knows what he's doing. Those are the two conclusions that I've come to. He put Kelly up on that counter. It was smooth. It was way better than him putting hand on the pool pool table on her season and it was that. Oh Yeah You just put her up on the on the counter of the bar and was like yeah it was I was like what am I watch. He's at practice. These are two people who I think aren't letting on makes me think they banged when I think so too. I've been under that impression the whole time. I wasn't under the impression on getting on the bar when he picks her up. So he's like that and put her on the bars like they did this before to are familiar with each other very familiar. Yeah talking about sex yes about sex and it makes more sense. Thank you and me. Let's talk about all the good things and the but that may be. That was beautiful guys. Okay moving on okay. These those two bone. Yes I think so as well Kelly also I feel like you have to to make you like say yes. I'm going to go on the bachelor to fight a billion girls for this man's heart like they must have had sex. Yeah she's like he's clearly good. He knows what he's doing. He's he has a lasting effect on women. Gordon yeah he does I. Don't I know we said it a lot but so here we are back at it again. Kelly got the group date. Rose cheaters always win. And then we had the one on one date Madison. I want to date And boy do they. Just throw her off the deep end so this is when things started getting really weird in the episode. Now oh I know it was weird in the beginning. This is when it really got a little crazy. Madison is going to see. Pete's parents renew their vows at thirty one years old which was thirty years of marriage. Thirty thirty one years of marriage which hank was yelling about while watching it was like they're only doing this because pizza on the show. You think people randomly do this at thirty one which I agree with which is like a watch the show and one time for me. Watch the show. We'll just when people are like Hank watches. He really barely watches. He'll he'll step in for a few minutes so he can get some a little bit so we can see some faces. Yeah but that's about. Yeah yeah that him saying that. That's how I would've when I started watching show. That's how I was too as like this is a little convenient here renewing their vows. Now now that I'm I'm A few years in new. And I'm like what are they doing. This is crazy. Don't do that because it is. I mean taking her to that was quite risk but it's also like put the pieces together right. They're air filming this show ten minutes from where pizza tire family is like the producers. Know what they're doing they know. Getting Pete's family involved is is GONNA do really well because they saw Hannes season how much everybody loved Pete's parents and they're like this is great. Yeah they've done this before Bachelor Bachelorette he can contest ends like pretty early on and they meet the parents and it's like Oh bit a whole big deal so i. I had a feeling date like this was going to happen. I didn't really think it would be the first first one on one date but here we are as parents were super. His parents are super cute. His mom's talking Madison and she's like I really like you you like. It seemed like everything was going well. Madison made a toast like she caught the bouquet. Yeah which was definitely thrown directly. That was a little they have to in today that coordinated her facial expressions when she was sitting in the audience while they were reading the future those are very important she was she. I think she handled it pretty well. L. Stern nodding and then some smiling and laughing because that could be otherwise. You don't want to bore very sweet moments where you're like. Oh Yes yes you give a toast. It's like who is everyone. There's probably who is this person but it still works it. I'll just happen to be on. TV that's the all know what definitely watching it the other night being like it could have been a disaster and I think ended up going about as well as it could definitely definitely They have their dinner date which also went really well I think she she's coming off very mature for you. Know Twenty three years old and she. I was telling Pete like I'm here to support you hang in there. You know a trust your Maz- was like you. Can I just want you to trust yourself. Make the right right decisions for you if it's me that's great. If it's not like I just want you to be happy and figure it out. That's super mature for twenty mature. And then Pete I felt like was dropping little hints. When when he was like he kind of told her hanging there long ride? But like I like you She got the rose they kiss. They have a country band missing for them. They danced his whole family. Comes out of course. Are they going to be in every episode kind might as well if his parents just like pop out at the end of every day that would be whole. There's like a side door every door. And they're just like I mean if they're filming the portions that they fell around like. If I was his mom I would would probably just go watch them film. Fantastic running joke. That would be the winner. Pete's parents gonNA come out Windsor going to happen. It's just Pete's mom up there was it's mom behind that curtain that way where it's like subtle but it's like after the after the season's over the peach parents were in every single episode. Go back and watch them assigned find a shoutout to two neil arts that was the obscure band that performed poorly. They performed calling season two. I don't remember I don't remember I don't know I just love that was on the Bingo card. That I made up doesn't actually exist. Things that'll happen during a bachelor episode bringing out the obscure country artists other than our guy. Jake Owen who. Oh yes. But everybody else's shocked when that happened. That's a big deal but everybody else I just love. Bring those little bands out definitely okay. Then we had the beginning of another group date they were just content overload in the bruins switched up the formula in terms of what they're gonNA show you happy with it. It was is really smart because the ratings skyrocketed push they gave us way more way more content and also maybe they wanted the shit with handed happened in the first. There's episode who who knows so we have this second group date it's Lauren Sidney pay in the Tasha Alexa Kelsey McKenna. Elias Savannah The Group Day Card Card said. I hope this isn't awkward. Peter the get to a a seemed like some kind of concert hall Type Place and he he beats like all right guys like this date organized by one of my friends like. Let's let's bring her out like and Bam. There's Hannah Brown stage silver sparkly dress Telling the windmill story. This is when things got fucking weird. I said it got weird before this is when things got really really strange I was watching my tv like what is happening. Things are uncomfortable. Hannah Brown is yet again telling the story about how she thought Pete Animal Four Times she. She said that word she said. Yeah we fucked four or no. Maybe she said not fucked. She said four fucking times when she said that I we know where it was going after that why she getting on stage and making everybody uncomfortable. Really you know what I mean. I think that Hannah Brown has done a phenomenal job of saying very likable. Yeah they're out for sure since her season has ended and she went dancing with stars and I like like following. He hasn't gotten too much. This is you're talking. Now is the one time that I think that I saw at least on twitter of people being like all right girl like let's right. Let's even I like earlier in the show. I was like seeing her. Get Out of the limo to give his wings back. That was like it's good to see her. It's like that's Hannah. We had a great season with her. Her it didn't work out what she wanted to. She was successful industry with the stars. Always good to see her she pops up again and even in my head. I was like why right much much and I think people on twitter felt the same way. He's flipped a little bit just to be those girls. Yeah yeah super uncomfortable. They're trying to get get Peter to like them. It's Peter Season so he's trying to figure it out. She just keeps coming on back. Which I think has to do with the producers? Oh totally I mean I was GonNa say I was going to congratulate the producer. Who came up with this idea for a group date like whatever whoever thought about this one roofless? How did they get her to agree to? This is what I'm wondering the contract. Maybe she doesn't have a choice. Yeah because I was reading maybe in her contract to make an appearance and who knows I mean maybe this is why they didn't pick Mike. Yeah because she had more of a thing with Peter in the right Anna can come back and it's a thing who noz but it continued and got weird weirder it really did and then you know we went back to it was like behind the stage produce. You could see the producer's like asking handed like are you okay. What's going on? Well let's talk about. I how they were GONNA make everybody get up on stage. How yes the higher or the concept of the Group Day was get on stage in front of a live audience and tell a awkward sex story or a fantasy? Yes the way that the way she presented it. I felt like I was getting bullied by. I wasn't even there. I was very intimidated. She was like now. We're all going to get up on stage and it seemed they had to be done. Everyone is going on. I tweeted this. I've never been in a sorority but I imagine that's what a sorority president is like. We need to sit down and you need to your your deepest darkest secret and she was saying it is such a positive way but it felt like a threat definitely. It's GONNA be fun everybody's going to get up here and tell a story story Kinda sounded like well. It kind of sounded like it was also coming off like so. Here's my crazy story. That's really like crazy now a US think of your crazy stories. And if you don't have one you've got to think of something else fantasy if you're a virgin then come up with something nobody's GonNa end like nobody's GonNa top her story. Roy went on national TV. I went on the bachelor or the Bachelorette and I had sex with a guy. Four Times in a windmill. Nobody's matching that. Now that's the that's an all time story. I'm just this we'll get. We have to continue talking about what happened after this. But I'm just wondering if we ever will get this challenge like are they gonNA get up on that stage at some point. Start doing this neighbor or was that just a weird little thing. They threw in making us think that's going to happen and yet they're like no. We're not I think after all the tears I think they might just call today a lot of crying. No it's like all right now. Let's talk about sex. I just don't think that's right so like you said. Hannah's like super emotional. She's like crying. Hang off in the back room and walks in and he's like hey birthday girl so we're all Oshaf at this is also had it's fucking birthday at a terrible terrible birthday which also makes me think like. She did not have much of a choice. You know you're telling me that's how she wanted to spend her twenty twenty fifth birthday so she's crying Nice scare as pouring down her face whatever Mascara they gave her who whoever did her makeup did her real dirty thirty because WHO's Mascara runs like that anymore. I haven't seen that in a while in a long time. You would think that if you doing makeup right you would use waterproof because because you're doing somebody's makeup. WHO's supposed to be a high profile person? You're going to put the best makeup. You'RE GONNA make sure it doesn't smudge no no they were Li- we're GONNA make this shit run down interface back and forth you guys just had because I just figured that this was normal Mascara when you start crying just sort of leads all started crying hang right now it would not happen. Scar would not be on my face. I've had moments where I have cried with Mascara and really cried and it has not to happen like that so this was descried here and have been totally okay with going to the bathroom. Wiping high pressure environment happens. Yeah so okay. So that was that had the be on purpose. It was either on purpose or or she's got the worst brand Mascara known to man. I don't know I don't know what was going on. But they they started to have this like very legitimate conversation which almost felt weird watching. It felt like we really were I. I think I tweeted something like this. Show is built off US watching private conversations but this heels really private like this was the closure conversation that they never had it felt a a little remember when At the end of our season when he showed back up at Becker's house and that felt like maybe we shouldn't be filming borderline intrusive. This is a very real conversation. The conversation when Pete and Hannah gave me the same vibe totally N. P. said a little bit of him was hoping that when she showed up the first night night that she was actually there to stay. Hannah was saying things like I don't know what the fuck I'm doing like we're just so fairly people give Hannes shed for not making a decision for pop in between guys but like when she was the Bachelorette she was twenty four like she just turned twenty five. I've actually realized that Hanan Ir four days apart. Oh that's yeah great news for me. Thanks guys thank you thank you so I can't imagine being put in that situation situation and then like you pick somebody and you're like Oh shit I definitely fuck this up like it's so it's so possible I really have twenty a what the fuck I was doing that. She quest- questions her decisions. Do you guys think that Hannah may have been crying so much. Because she didn't want to be there and if you could and she's GonNa say I don't want to be here so so she had to just be like I don't know what I'm doing right now. Yeah that could definitely be part of it. I mean I think it I think that. Could I think that could be part of it but also so like it's a mixture. It's also hard seeing Pete like now be the bachelor. Yeah I just I have a hard time grasping grasping the fact that they had that strong of connection That's also fair sex four times a winner. Okay so yes no. That's totally totally totally different. Yeah thank you slept with Tyler. I now understand why because when you have sex with somebody yeah the windmill. There was a reason you went back for those four times. They just have sex with that person. One time. That would be a little different four times. They were clearly something there then now when she sees him. It's like ooh now. She remembers members. I talked myself back to totally forgot. I talk to people who've been on the show where people from the outside looking in or like come on. It's eight weeks. How much can you actually get involved with? Someone Fall in love with someone but then when you talk to those people that are like you are so shut off from the outside world. They don't have your phones. They don't have any sort of connection like I said the outside outside world that it feels much more intense than maybe it really is so I can and he made it to the final three so they certainly spent so much time together had sex four times that it's very possible to to me that this is such an uncomfortable situation you're stuck with this person for so many weeks and you have nowhere else to go and then you're off the show and you go back cheer real real life and you're like do I reach out to this person. Do I not like that. Seemed like that was also part of the conversation. They were having when Pete was like. Did you ever think about asking me me out on that date like instead of tyler like she was like you didn't reach out. Tyler reached out. And he's like I didn't know I should have reached out like they're talking to send me home. You doubt me like there. There was there's been no like real world conversations between them that they're having this now again on camera. They're like well we haven't talked. I didn't know you wanted to talk. I didn't know you want like Hannah. Probably just assumed that he was fine because he's going to be the bachelor or that he's you kind of look like a dumb dumb. If you reach reach out to the guy who's GonNa be the bachelor you know. Yeah but I am kind of torn here because Pete is now her third option. Let's be completely honest. He was the third option. Because I'm siding with Pete. Why didn't you reach out? You're the one who sent Pete home. Yeah if hank broke up with be I would. Then I wouldn't not go and then reach out to him a million times. I would if he wants to come back to me. He's GonNa come get me. This is definitely on Hannah. Aw to reach out to. Yes but I think Hannah the twenty four year old woman that she was at the time wanted the guide to reach out to her like because tyler reached she saying that Tyler reach out her. So you're thinking that that's could have been you know how this works or how it happened. And so they're having this conversation. He Pete Asser if he said you know what. Would you say if I asked you to come into this house. And she was like. I don't know maybe that really threw me how excited where you try was so excited because that's just at that point. I'm just ruined for it to happen because that would make the show infinitely more interesting. It's going to be interesting regardless regardless Podesta Hannah in that house with them must see TV. This was I also thought the real is part of this Conversation between them and re I think you can definitely agree with me. Pete asked like do you ever. Did you regret it at all sending me home which is like when your boyfriend Asu a dumb question. And you're like yeah I have no idea what eater like the way. She said she was like yeah. Peter I question all the time like the way she said I was like. Oh boy why do I feel that like when you were in your like your asked a question that you know you know he knows the united blue yet fucking. He just just wants to hear her say that he she regrets setting in home like obviously. She's fucking bawling her eyes out. She scar running down the makeup artist and she clearly something tells them that it was in her mind. It was always going to be him jet at the end and I believe that because she picked tyler and I was like you never told me that she was like. I told you it was going to be like. I thought I was going to be used. And he's like no the fuck you dead and if you thought it was going to be them then why wasn't it them too. That's my whole question. If you thought it was going to be Peter Jed then why the fuck was tired. Jed Tyler stuck in there at the end clearly his gray looking guy. He's got him in the final tyler and Peter Peter. You know I've really our here. I've really deleted the JED from my mind so I don't even remember if he was charming or interesting. We didn't like him. Joe Oh look my guitar just happens to be right here yeah. I'm gonNA write a song about this. It's the conversation to me. I think you guys agree. It's it felt so real and it felt a bit like. Should we be watching this. And that's why it was the best part can't look away from stuff like that. It was just like the episode was good up until that point but then when that happened it was like this is an all time episode totally and you and your already premier here. I am wondering about why she picked jet all over. Because I think I've come to the final final thought of that. I think like it would have just been really easy and comfortable with Jed. You know like she was like hey. Here's this guy. He wants to be like a country. dreux Music Star. I can be the wife of a country music star. We can keep the fame like we can be in the in the spotlight this lifestyle. I don't I don't have to have the mystery of like whereas Tyler GonNa end up or where. Where's Peter going to end up like? I know that this is what this guy wants to do. We can hang out but then once he turned out to be a piece of Shazier while at. This isn't gotta work like I can't I can't publicly be with a guy who publicly cheated cheated publicly. I'm trying to think think like I don't know like obviously what's GonNa Happen Now. Because we know he was he was like I just want to kiss her maker feel better. See see that's where he still. I'm worried about Pete because he's still still likes. And this makes you think the beginning of very beginning of the premiere episode. It's very strange we talked about and it's like so. Are they trying to tell us that. He's going to get through this entire season with Hannah not at the House House and then at the end be like I'm still in love Hannah. Yep that's what it feels like. That's what it that's what I'm feeling as well like that. There's going to be maybe some message or something that happened that Chris Harrison is going to be like I know this love dancing with the stars and I need her now. Oh Cool my God. I just pictured. I pictured Chris Harrison in the desert with pitas. He's ready to propose just interest going. We have breaking news and we just got a word that Hannah one destined with the stars and she wants to share the mirror ball with your like ring back in his pocket and he gets in a car. I think that we are now used to seeing a finale that is just crazy that's absolute chaos and its destruction because does Colton season. Yeah what the fuck happened there. I mean the fence John Cassie. She laughed and Colton wants Cassie. Now they're together. They're still dating. Is it real. Who knows knows? I don't know now. Then we had Hannah. Daci was happy with Jed Yup boom jets. A problem in our picked the wrong girl the wrong we are not really being a fairy tale ending air. And they're still going strong. That was almost a problem. It was almost the problem and then they were. Let move past it. No it wasn't that we didn't care Beckoning Garrett Kerry we we don't care. Yeah Yeah we've also disbarring we've got about But now I feel like we are expecting a crazy ending. And we're just thinking that he's going to be in love with Hannah at the end and I don't want to let myself believe that I want to believe that we're GonNa get a season and not that I want this because I would love to see the chaos of Peter being like. I don't want any of you I want Hannah I would hate it and love it at the same time but I also kind of just WanNa see Peter Find and somebody at this point. I mean we haven't watched successful season. Yeah so they have hinted and how do you feel you know that all sounds right to me and way let me tell tell you this first and then you can see. They have said that this is one of the first seasons that cannot be spoiled that the ending cannot be stroke cannot be spoiled. What the fuck is apple so man that just ruined everything for me? That just ruined everything. Not that I was going to look up the spoilers. There's no spoilers people people do if you see pictures and there's like Oh my God. Here's Pete Photograph with Bob. Oh Bob what do you This man don't send it to us. Don't send please please. Don't I got spoiled last. Season's fucking Piss. Somebody spoils it for me. I want the other people to start tweeting. Random names at me. 'cause if you muddy the what I don't know but yeah clearly you can't spoil the ending. What friend who said that? I was saying that this you can't S. spoil the ending. That hurts my brain. I don't know what that means that to me. Means that he didn't pick anyone right. What about Hannah's post host for Peter the other night or was it ever saying this like congrats? Bud Hannah yes she i. She's not staying. I mean if anything I felt like that post also confirmed that she was not saying she wrote Find Your co-pilot it's your turn into captain seat but enjoy the ride. And then he commented. Thanks Bam with an airplane. Yeah so there on good terms a ton of bricks slowed by A. You're not competing in the house and calling him know no but that might be extreme. Shake off yes shake off what they wanna thinking about everything and I chase them down. That aren't even there. I can't figure out if this is a true diem or not because I can't find peters out but some girl. Dm Me and said that. Peter's I`Ma was Peter Webber or whatever it was and then it was changed to bud but I can't find as bad Mojo. I looked up papa weird thing. I don't know why this girl was looking at his. or where where she got this information from such a weird thing to do got so deep down in Hannigan a stay at the house radical matching timelines span mos timelines. I'm line dancing with the stars. It's all in La maybe they can make it work. I don't think she's sticking around but I don't think this is the last we're going to hear about pizza. Involved totally not up so bad. I know this is actually one of the seasons where I have been dying to also but I but I will not. It's just it gets me every time and it makes me laugh because we were so adamant adamant with all the teasers and the trailers whatever. We're like we're not going to let them get us. She's not coming back. There's no way she's coming back. Come on she wanted to end with the star. She's not coming back you idiots. There's no way she's coming back then. We'll watch one and I'm like Oh my God issue coming i. I was fully convinced that she was going to join the house. She's just going to move in all of our stuff. Yeah all the girls girl's GonNa be furious about it guys. And then Allan just allen sweet sweet allen just to throw what's the expression throw a wrench no no no bone to when you make the you know. Throw the match gasoline to the fire. Yes yes thank you here. We are guys who's been alarm long. Recap he just fueled the fire. That's fuel to the fire exam filled with fire Eric. Yes he posted on his instagram from the Bashar Mansion. I don't know if he just say fuck with everybody Allen. Did Hannah's Alan Bernstein. He wrote definitely go down on Tuesday. He posted that one time. I was at the Bachelor Bench. It will you accept these shoes. And it's like him in front of the mansion. He's posed with Chris Harrison. It's Hannah there in front of the mansion. It's like it's like. Did she resigned after the finale Gary. You guys doing dance practice at the mansion like what's going going on. I think anything is possible. ANYTHING ANYTHING IS I want to look up the spoiler about I won't I. Won't I want to really bad. Ah But if you're saying that the ending cannot be spoiled and it can't be I also WANNA raise this question We saw that there was drama when Dylan on followed Hannah on on instagram. And so two Tyler Tyler Dylan are both friends with Peter. Yes why would they follow his new girlfriend mm-hmm you know what I'm saying. They're they're close meter. Why would they go right the lengths to follow Hannah and have like or so to speak drama the media saying if they're deer if pete ended up with? Yeah Yeah my brain hurts me trying to think about all these things. Well guys connect the dots. We'll see what happens. There's so many this was defined. This is this is the longest recap we've ever done and I mean it was the. It's the blame. Blame the Bachelor for Megan. A three hour premiere with so much shit that went down. We and I'm glad we got all of it and I think that wraps wraps it up unless you guys have any more final thoughts. No I think that's I think we covered it all. I was my final thought. I liked that that was a good way to end it. Really get everybody thinking. Yep We'll be back next week all right. That wraps up. Today's episode remember to send Celebrity Conspiracy theories that you WanNa talk about not Caleb Caleb do not send them to Caleb send celebrity in spiracy theory some people got confused them to Kale so many people apparently Kahlo got hundreds of conspiracies. Because I said Celeb- I wrote Slab people. Caleb no no just celeb- celebrity send them our way. We'll be back on Monday. It can't tell you buddy the tape In an thank you The king in Yeah I think in

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"Casting. We are an iheartradio station some of It's just the way the world works, and hopefully save everyone a little time and or energy. The opinions that you here are those of the host and callers and others media, its management or advertisers Sir scarcely. It's twenty twenty one of the best. You've got the best talk show in the morning anywhere in the country at. The monsters in the morning, on Radio one point one and we are broadcasting live on iheartradio. That's everywhere in the world. Where you have that APP on your phone, you put that apple on your phone and you got real radio one point one all day long. It's pretty cold. You'll like it, and you also get our podcast. It's the monster in the morning podcast hottest podcast town. people love it. They, they listen to us after work, which is cool. We appreciate that and you can check that out if you have a smart speaker, smart speaker as a radio and you can tell it to play real radio one four point one and the Moscow the morning podcast. We're live on our youtube channel. For the day it'll be different today because of Ryan homes, and I'll tell you about that in a minute, but he it is on. And it will be running, and it will be one of those things where to run today, and then it probably won't run afterwards because we play music that we'll get kicked off afterwards. because there's not gonNA be anybody to to run the run the system kind of thing. I'll explain that in a minute. We will be live on her youtube channel and I'll try chatting. I'm sure Carl Chat with you have asked him to, and and we'll try to participate and throw it in there with a Youtube Channel Was that rollins also the program and with a couple of us will be doing this until. Eleven o'clock. Here's the producers. They Angela Boom Angel Eric. Demaria Mr Motivation Carlos Navarro to. Baby and Ryan might be here for a second or so, but he's a run you know I was. Here's the thing I. Do enjoy picking on Ryan only because I. I like him a lot. You know in my world growing up as a kid and maybe for you guys to, I don't now. If you, really, if you, if you and your buddy picking on each other really heavy and you know it's all in love because you really you really like each other. Could save up to each other because you each other, so a lot of people think oh. Why do you hate I don't Hate I. Love Ryan The dead. Ryan's smartest kids are now I. Call Him a kid. Guy, a guy, the smartest guys I know, but he makes a lot of like immature mistakes that I wish I could help him through it. He would ask me about before he does things because I would like to help him I. Don't WanNa. See Him have trouble and heartache, and so I just problems. That's one of his big problems is that he doesn't ask for help. He won't ask for help. Help. Yeah, it's hurt. Many times not literally had conversations with I'm like dude. Just you just got ask I just had that. Cover right before you guys got on. Zoom I I I start zooming at five fifteen and he he popped on there to talk to me for a second or two and. Man I, almost I was like I'm not gonNA. I can't even pick on him about all this because it's like I feel bad for him. I saw okay, so I come into my little room here that I was doing the show from and I always thought might zoom on at five o'clock in the morning. Just because I don't know I'm crazy. Now you got your student now. Yeah, it's the studio and I pop everything on. Make sure it's all set to go. I want to make if there's a if if it's not patched into, W TIKI S and Maitland I wanNA know and I want to make sure. It's just like the make sure it's working so I had everything going I went to go. Get some coffee. I came back in here and there's Ryan space there and he's in a room I. Don't recognize. This got no furniture in it, and it's just a bare room, and and it's Ryan and he's sweating and he's has hair's a mess, and he looks more miserable than I've ever seen him look. Look miserable, but I've never seen him any more miserable than this and I'm like. What's going on? Today off I, said well. Let's look you deserve it. You know you've you've earned days off problem. What's going on? You know wasn't Hanan. So. He, we picked today because he didn't call center moving in order to have a move in there, and then when he was trying to move himself, he got a hernia and he's in a bunch of pain and he had to go to the doctor because he's had a bunch of pain because the herniated all this right so yesterday after the show, he was able to to move in, so he struggling through the hernia. Try to move himself and he. He said he had asked friends of his who he had helped. Move before. Hey, can you help me out? They're like worst and they're like. Hey Kobe. We really can't Ryan sorry, so none of this will help him because of Kobe nineteen. He's doing this on his own. And and I told him I said listen. I man. They would've hook you up. You should just ask well. You know I was embarrassed because I'm living in our AIRBNB. Embarrassing. Let's be clear yesterday when he's telling us this. He hadn't finished his move. I Mike because. This when we were having the conversation on the air and elite text, and he said and I remember telling him. Hey, let him know we can help him tomorrow. He was embarrassed because he was an AIRBNB and I said I said Ryan, homes. He's moved me four times four divorces. Like you don't tell you think that's embarrassing. Hey, you're moving the same bar again because to shatter the embarrassment meter literally. They don't care the truck after you. There are kids who. Got Married had kids and are still with the company and Russes on his fourth marriage. Marriage very much, but well within that time period you know. The embarrassment thing you know you get over that they don't really care. They're just. They're just there to move stuff man. They're not going to judge you Ryan. Just just. So get this. Okay. Hold on, so he says that yesterday. He's moving this up by himself. You know as much as girl can help. She's helping. He's getting stuff in there. Because man. It was hot and we finally. We took a break and I. Put my feet in the pool because they got a pool now because. It was so nice, and then you know we had some we had. Some Uber eats and were thinking man. This is really really nice. We got our own place man. We should really be happy, and and he walks inside and inside. The House is so hot. It's it's hotter than HAL. I walked in. It was like an oven walked in. There goes to check out the AC unit. The AC is broken. Water everywhere the bottom part of the AC doesn't. Look, right and there's no free on in it. It's just and I'm like you just bought the house. What about the whole inspection? He's like I. Guess they didn't catch it. And I'm like you should be on the phone to your realtor right now. Well, it's a friend of mine. And she and I'm like. Oh my God dude. So. He's sitting there. He couldn't sleep last night sweating. He doesn't know what he's GonNa do sleep and a high house. He said that the AC unit all the water came out of it now. There's water damage in the room. Where on the floor where the? Tell what the house can you tell if this has happened before? And it said it did. It looked like the damage there from before. No, he said the damage was just done, but he said that it looks like they just put a bunch of freon in it, so it would last through the inspection, and then they sold the house, and they're done kind of a deal and. So as as going to make fun of him, like even even out I might. Do you need to first off he? A call. Leon Mills at Mills. Air, that's the I can do and I said. Don't be freaking proud moron. Call Mills Air Call Leon and they'll help you okay first off and then he's gotTa. He's gotta get. It should be his. His realtor should be talking to. The Home Inspector because they missed it right. I mean that's what a holding inspector does. Correct sure yeah, yeah. Yeah, but they're not. Just another. He's out inspecting other homes. What's he supposed to do? Not what I'm saying is expected it three days ago and then, and then they sold the House the day after they bought a house the brakes. That's a problem that. Really is buyer. Beware Right? You paid for the inspection. It's on you you oh. Oh, there he is! I love what what they need for your ransom. Tell us what they. Look like he's kid. Total kidnap video right there. He looks like he's kidnapped. Man He looks horrible. I gotta be honest. I feel sad for him. Because I yeah I, know what you're saying. But from general consensus he got gotten. Unfortunately, this is on him. Yeah, is it an issue like drip pan issue, is it? How does he know there's no free on it like you know. Those are things that. He said he knew I. Don't I don't know? Ryan, he probably watch a bunch of youtube videos, and he knows how to eyeball, AC, and doesn't have free on. It does he just popped in for a second? It was shaking his head. So that must mean. Don't talk about this. So. I I. I will. Is I I just you know I feel bad for him. I WanNa make fun of him A. First House, he's doing his best. You know to get things and man. Oh Jeez. Hopefully it's not a free on issue that it's leaking. Hopefully it's it is a kind of a drip pan like. That when I talked to him, I think it was a bigger issue than just free it was. The. He's not an AC tech like that's the thing that way well I'm hoping it looks way worse than it is. Maybe that's that's true. Because you're right Carl. I've had situations before where it freezes up. And, then all the water gets everywhere, and it looks like Oh, my God, this is really broke it. Really all you do is clear the lines and it's. So. You Know I. Told Him I gave Him Leon Mills number. I'm like call Mills Air. They can come out and once again though when you wait to breaks down. Yeah, it's his thing. I've had that before I've had that where it doesn't. There's a trigger that. Tech, but I've had it before. My my floors got got filled with water, and they're like you had a drip, panish or something like that. They fixed it and air filter. It'll trigger, didn't didn't. And Yeah so it could be something simple. You're right. I feel bad as first night and his house. It's supposed to be matched. Ask Him and his girl you know. So eighty may show just for amongst US guys right, though, but that's kind of par for the course with us now he's absolute. Right Tiger Woods in right now in the best. Tiger Woods par for the course right? He's batting thousand right now. Because his own problems a lot of times he does little problems I. I've listened and I've watched, and I've seen you guys. Break your next trying to give this guy a solid advice, solid pointed direction, and he just in your face now, and does something one hundred and eighty degrees the other the other way. I notice. You don't tell them nothing angel, you don't. You don't even try to do what he's GonNa do. I told you guys this guy. This guy hasn't. Really. Like I. Think he tolerates us. But he really has you know he? He thinks he knows he's better than us. That makes me laugh. I'm telling you is the I. Don't think that is Chico. His suit his eyes give him away his he's. Polka face he's is herb. Let you know what he's thinking. And there are times where we're engaged and we're doing our thing, and he's looking at us and he's like. You. Think that you you. Angelique said that same thing yesterday. You think I think it's the absolute opposite I. Don't I think he doesn't think he's worthy and he doesn't think he deserves things. Dude, how? How do you feel embarrassed about somebody? Come pick you up at a AIRBNB and move you because. That is that? Is this thing that you have? People perceive me to be on the radio. People perceive him to be a stand up. Comic perceived these things, so it's so. I can't let down that image so because I think those things I'm not gonNA. Let you move me out. Of AIRBNB come on well. That's one way to look at it. That is the only way to look at that. I like to give him benefited. You have zero shape. You let them move you four times you. Pieces of your furniture that you know from one match the next month and didn't slow you down one second, not a second. But I have no. I gotta say. There's a difference there. There's a different point of view. Yeah I'm a complete nurses. My problem is. It doesn't bother me. I don't i. don't care what people think. He cares. What people think exactly because and if he doesn't. If he doesn't feel that you're up to his intellect. He's going to. He's going to dismiss you out of hand. Damn I don't I'm not that SMART, but I get I. Get along pretty well. I don't know. The is Bro. Do you have your dog on your Bug Russ another? Yeah, yeah, that's that's. I actually got from Maryland and she cup today. All right, listen awry. We're not going to be on Youtube. I guess today, he just he just shot up per second. Tony looks like he's being kidding all I need him to. Throw the little white piece of paper with the help or the blink and we'll have to send a team to go get him. When I walked in here. I, my full screen was just that Ryan look like. He had been kidnapped a room with no furniture and he's sweating and he looks crazy. Kept. Yeah. We need to get that kids a macy. Yeah. I gave Him Leon Mills Number Mills Air can help him Whatever I can do to help you. I can't help you move. I don't do that see he's. A perfect example of like not asking for help. He lets us know he hey guys. I'm having this situation. He says something last night, right? I have in my possession right now. One of those hurricane AC units that you can put in your room your bedroom where yeah sleeping and at least make that room class to. Hear anything about it so, he, gives. A Oh this is what's going on, you know we can make accommodations and help him out, yeah. I totally forgotten. We have one of those as well so i. can let them know that we have. I got four for ill. Cool one room at least. You're sleeping in you. Don't look been kidnapped. Yeah, good call good. I wanted him all right very good all right. We'll take a little break. It is Friday. Kid. Man I got a bunch stuff. Tell you about don't go where you're listening to the march the morning. Sure you could call your family, but then they'll start calling you all the time. Instead just say, Alexa, play real radio four point one on iheartradio. The. Morning Radio one point one broadcasting live on iheartradio. I'll do my best to put a shiny face on everything today. Today is national donut. Day and you can get. You can get if you get by a dozen, they'll give you another dozen for free and they have. You got to see it online, Carlos they have instructions on how to turn your crispy cream box into a covert mask. You. got like a piece of like cellophane or whatever you know you can see. You, can you can, you can fold it a way where it kinda comes down the covid mask and I gotTa tell you. That's a good reason to donate donating that's. Just I got. No, I've gotten. This much patients for anyone wanting to text in to complain about or to Bitch about wearing a mask or bitch about numbers or whatever with The numbers in the Florida about covid nineteen on this woke up this morning, and another one of Mary Ellen's friends, actually a closer friend in the last guy that died of covert paramedic died of Kobe fifty. Fifty three fifty four years old, and said, and some guy already wanted to go out me about Oh. You can't keep the numbers right you're trying to. You got an agenda to make it sound like it's worse than it. Is that seven people my wife has known. That's died of Kobe nineteen, so if you WanNa, come at me about you. Don't WanNA. Wear masks you're you're you're selfish prick? Bitch about all these numbers aren't right. You're interested agenda. To ruin the president shut up. There are people that are dying. This is not. What's the worst? That can happen if you wear a mask, okay you, then you wear a mess. The worst thing that can happen if you don't is that people you know and love could die. It's another friend of hers. He's a paramedic. He was doing the testing. Last week died in a week. so so those scumbags at the first thing they want to do this morning. Text in about Oh. You guys aren't getting the numbers right? You guys got an agenda. You're trying to make the president look. Bad Dude ain't got another. Do none of that? Ain't got nothing to do with the in another I almost picked up the phone and call this guy. Shut the hell up I mean I. It's people are just. Turn it into a political thing, which it really isn't a I guess it is in a way, but. He turned it into that he's straight up event turned it into that, and they follow his lead period, just following the texture and question to curiosity I can't figure out because I noticed that conversation this morning and I was like this is really weird out of left field. especially with the direction we were talking about I was trying to figure it out, so go back and look at some of these guys is text us? I have no idea where I personally this guy. VOLUSIA. County Sir Yeah. Why did you even listen to us? Should listen I don't. I don't understand? what the where? Is it I think Russ a part of it is to get that kind of response from you well. He's I like haven't heated debates about political I'd will shut up F- off like I say. My wife had someone else that she knows died of covid. That way of of engagement, and if there's a conversation or dialogue. He's more than welcome to call them. And all that dude, just looking at what he does, all he does is carpet bombed Texas. We. We were talking about something totally different homes, and and and the AC unit and and. My weird I don't know. He's one of those men it's. It's one of those I. Look at them, and I call it. One of those one of those thirty percent dumb dumb. All they care about is politics. All they care about is being hateful. All they care about is the president. All they care about. Is You know just being? Scum on the earth. That's all they care about. Right into his hands play I'm reading that book that the remark happens the the Bolton, book and it. Right into his hands. He was huge security advisor. Right in intimate situations and trump knows exactly what he does. He deflects he deceives. He and his followers fall right into it now when you have the president taking down the head, the the top Dr for Infectious Disease Th Ouchi it is to deflect and deceive and to push blame off and anybody who writes in it says covert is not real. It's a plan damage your fault. You're literally one of his sheeps, and he's so happy because. Because you're doing his dirty work, and to be so adamant to complain about the numbers that are being reported in your and you WanNa you. WanNa say no, those aren't the right numbers. It's not that bad. We don't need to wear masks. Like. How do you know lately late? So so if the smallest thing you're asked to do where masks because it might kill some people just do it. It's a big deal you know. What are you proving by not? You just proven that you're. You're just proving that. You're not smart. I've never seen. This guy says proven. He has nothing to do i. mean just looking at what he does. It's after the last few weeks. I mean I I typically. The first Texas Guy Sends us at six Oh six. He wants to complain because he loves the price and listen to that. You don't like anything we do. Because he's got nothing else in his life. He's a dumb dumb. He's one of those losers and when you see this. About, not wearing a mask. I look at them, and I'm like Oh look. They got loser all over the forehead They're just you know it. Drives. Me About this person. I get I understand why that Guy Wide Bob I get writer. Because my wife. A friend died you hundred percent. Right? What this is the part way like now I'm like. This guy is probably sitting somewhere in a dark room and dark in the back of seat of his truck, rubbing peanut butter on its face and. Herman one out because like your ass? Ross's acknowledging me, but just so know it just I i. know what I'm doing because he's a sacrificial lamb. All my bitch and at him, but really it's everyone you see on TV that's that's bitching about not wearing a mask. It's all the other. It's the guy that pulled the gun and Walmart, because people don't wear a mask and he wasn't going to. Really it's it's not just the this guy is just was my little spark. Get me going I. really it's so I. don't care about this. This guy. He was a loser right, but it's all the people that get the attention on the news for being anti mask in Old Colbert. Is it real and look if I didn't know anyone that had covert, and if I didn't know anyone that died from it, and it was like Bo and he got over. It I might not be as hard about it. I mean we are okay. But I know people have died from it now. A seven seven seven people that I know died from it and my buddy Bo had it and got over it but. To say that Real, and you don't need a mask and and say just not real to this. Show right if you WANNA, go and run your math and Ben throw all some place else. That's fine, but to come at US this show we're all of us have a personal connection with this disease right now we all have lost somebody or we know somebody you know what I'm saying and you and you WANNA. Stay in there and preteen wag the finger at us. This show. This show sucks goodbye. You're only anti trump. Okay, then by go I. don't care. Yes, you're right I. Don't like the I don't I? Don't like what the guy is done. IS THE PRESIDENT? Yes, you're! You're correct. You got me okay. Hide our feelings. Thing and really feel another way. We're one of the few shows we're. We're going to tell you how we feel hiding anything about it and we're not all political. I mean it's it'd be one thing if this was a political show, but my God. We're in the midst of a pandemic. You were not going to share I. We feel with this and I. Think About Your your unfortunate for who pass marriage I pass think about like all the protective gear that he was wearing. It was a he right? You said he is. The protective gear the Goshen he must've had the. Still seep through, and that goes back to what I was talking about before as far as the viral load of this thing now. Yeah, closer, you are to it, the more you get around it, the more difficult it seems to be to get over. That's why a lot of nurses and bus drivers and people that are constant contact with it. Seemed to obviously be perishing. It's so sad. It is. I've got to tell you. Karl meant for a I need to. I got a list of people to call so you can. They can tell you what to think. And what to say We've got a call. Some of these trump people and they gotta tell us what we can say what we can't say because we can have thoughts of her We can only say what they want us to say. You're having me call epidemiologists, scientists, doctors and people that have studied diseases for a long time, or maybe they're gonNA. Send me a youtube channel of a guy who says knows a guy who knows a guy. Yeah I mean it's just it's. It's so sad at this point I we over one hundred and forty thousand deaths by the way which we know, it's gotta be low. Considering the testing is is horrible in this country, it is if you're if you're playing into the deflection game, shame on you. Shame on you I would agree Yeah. I was surprised like I. Say to wake up this morning. She got the texts that this friend of hers. A as a paramedic, he had been testing people. Since the beginning of the year you know and and helping people and. You know first responders I gotTA. Tell you I probably didn't have much respect. For First Responders before I met my wife. You know I didn't realize really what they did and think about. It didn't know what they do. You know kind of thing but I mean the these first responders that are out. Tests and stuff are literally putting their lives at risk they literally are, and and when you text in about how these numbers aren't right, and this is fake, and and Blah Blah Blah Blah. You're spending face these people that died and try to to help other people. That's what sucks man. You're nine eleven. Denier at this point. That's what you're doing. The same people that deny what happened on nine eleven and claim it was all fake, and these were fake people on there. That's why you are at this point. If you're denying the deaths. If you're denying this this, you say planned DEMOC. Your shame on you. On you. What was the number yesterday was like? Oh twelve, thousand, another twelve, thousand or something like that I mean in other huge amount of people that that test positive and you're right. Not all of them died. You're you're right. Not Not everybody gets. It is going to die. This is this is accurate and is true, but there are a lot that are and out of respect for those people who have just put on a frigate mass, but was it doesn't even matter if fifty percent of the people died. If fifty percent you know what they say, well fifty percent, don't die. Say. There's no. There's no real set limits to how when you're supposed to feel how you're supposed to feel. It's always ever changing, and that's why you can't get a real conversation with anybody who who is so stuck in this mind said that it's fake or that it's it's so sad to see got a question about radio and talking about. The way we a handle this or whatever. There there are still right wing shows on the air. Right like rush. Limbaugh stale there is. Still there across the hallway. Overwhelmingly radio is right wing. There's a lot of other people that can listen to. Why are we number one then? Why is this show number one? Exactly? Why is a? We had the best ratings? Why is that I mean if if everyone? These knuckleheads that are texting and right now. Why don't they listen to that other stuff? Why don't they go listen to that? Where they think trump is the king. He should do what he wants. And there are the numbers are of. I don't wear a mask or listen to all those morons. They're on that matter. Of fact, that's all there is everything else is the other the other point of view. We happen to look at it differently if you. You don't like the way we think for Christ sakes. Go somewhere else. We have enough ratings. We're good. We don't need you this guy seventeen. The keep go Jesus Got Mighty I. GO somewhere else. There's a lot of people that don't believe the way we believe. I don't care if you go. I want you to go I. Want you to leave I. Don't want you to be here, you're you're moron. I like the people that look at things and care about other people. I like people that. You know they want to help out other folks. Not those of you who don't feel that way for Christ's sakes, turn the station. Find somebody else, and there were plenty of people in power positions I said don't say things about trump does. And you know what we didn't listen to them. And we shared how we feel, and when we don't do it all day long and guess what our ratings only up. Yes, ratings only went on, and that's a fact of the matter and. US There's plenty overwhelming that right wing view is out there. All the textures agree with us right now like my. You know what I'm saying like. It was a really overwhelming positive response on taxi right now and then we're hitting all the right notes. It's always the outliers are just. Looking at me. Like why are those outliers? Listen Angel! Why don't they go somewhere? I have a great theory on that and you'll tell us what. I'm interested I. Want to hear you I wanNA. See Your theory when we come back I. Just think they're douchebag. Yeah you're listening to the Macho in the morning. It is Friday it's the weekend. Mornings your, radio, one point one broadcasting live on Iheartradio I'm restaurant along with Angel and Carlos here today sedan will be on a little bit later on and on. got fired up a little bit. Angel is going to give us his theory. Okay, so very bad, and unless we have scene service, so we get hundreds of text, and they just conflate fly through right and angel is so correct. Probably Ninety five percent of them are positive and are like you know you guys are funny. We love the show you like we get. We get all that, but then you get a couple of people that are morons, and it's only human nature. To read those and also for me, if if it got one guy I imagine that one more on has the opinion of about maybe like a four four thousand other morons that are out there, and it's a good way to kind of get it them as a group, but just kind of this one guy. But my my question to angel beyond what is it that make somebody who doesn't agree with anything? We say still listen. Listen. Everybody else on the radio is all a right wing pretty much mean conservative. Right wing is every other show I can't think of any other other than on this station. You know this station is I. It's not. We we had opinions, but we're not really a political station. Sean Leans to the right and Jimmy Lean definitely, right? So I mean they're both the host of the shows. Jesse Jackson. Jackson and then Ross pageant is not and Debra. Debra is more and I would say leans a little left, but tries to keep that independent cyber because she worked with soap, but her whole career was working with super hardcore right? Yeah, yeah, well, right wing is pretty much everywhere. I can't say that shows that, aren't so? This is the one where we're. We're a little bit different. So why would you listen to this show if you don't like what we're saying in? Angel has theory and a big grin on his face. There's two points here I saw I. He's claiming that he's the guy that's been texting all morning and he's on the line. I'll really, would you? Do you want to entertain his phone? Call yes. Yes, yes. I can tell you whether or not the question. Okay, and then I'll share my theory later after this gentleman call, he claims his name is Ron Ron. Okay a short time with him because he has to go to work rob busy. Yeah, man! Are you took exception to me saying that he was in the back of his truck, rubbing peanut butter on his face. Is this run all our second. Okay various. Hey, is this run allow? This running from the. One question before you go. What are the last two numbers of your phone number the last two numbers? hold on One seven, yeah! Okay Yeah. Okay, so, so, why would you start this morning? Bitch about numbers and bitching about the eldest. And why do you listen when you obviously? I look at all the stuff that you tax. You don't like anything we say. Why. In the Hell do you listen? Okay answer the first question. There have been reports coming out of Orlando that a lot of the testing facilities. We're coming back. With hundred percent rates positively rates, and it was false, and they've corrected it and everything and they've gone back on, and I also want to say I. Don't think the viruses bogus I don't think it's fake I. Don't think it's a plan, denic or none of that stuff. Our backs involved in this kind of stuff. Guys come on Orlando Tailgate. We'll come back with hundred percent positively races. That flag anybody WANNA question it. They did it some wrong acted it, and it came back to the dorm, having nine point to answer your second question I. Listen To you, guys y'all used to be really funny. There's a code stuff hit y'all started really diving deep down into this stuff and y'all are snow funny. Trust next to watch your comedy guys are. Star you're riot. I love it, but lately it seems like has just been on this tie weight, and it seems like you only get one side of it. Run! Wrote Ron Ron would you? Would you agree? Would you agree this was a worldwide pandemic? Nobody's out else has gone through this ever. In the history of the world to this extent and and I know people who have died from it, so the probably is a little more sent it to me and also to angel, so wouldn't you say that when the world changes like that? You probably do need to talk about it and not pretend like it's not their only. Tell Dick Jokes. I probably yeah, that's that's true and at the same time. Don't you feel respite in a plan and pandemic like that was? That was but I didn't mean to say like. That's all right now, but I in a situation like this pandemic. Don't you think true and accurate Baxter important? Yes, I agree, and so, would you agree that we need an actual national plan? That actually coordinates this instead of allowing. Municipalities cities to do it all on their own, because they don't have the leverage. Would you agree that we I agree with you? I think testing should be a lot better organized, but wouldn't that fall under a national plan where everybody does the testing the same instead of pulling the numbers from the CDC in heading to the? Would you agree with that? Okay, I would agree with that aspect of it for the testing, but hold on as far as for the I guess the treatment of the pandemic. You can't treat I. Live in Agra novelist, you guys, but I live in flagler I live in a small area I. Do that I. Know of two people that have passed from. It several people that have had it, but you can't treat flagler county like Orlando where Manhattan when it comes to mask. Mask social distancing all that kind of stuff. If you look at our numbers, all under numbers are extremely low, but sir run run very small population. This is this is Ron Ron. Say this is exactly what everybody thought, but when New York was getting hit. But this this this this disease doesn't know city or state lines. It will cross over eventually what we're getting hit with is what New York got hit with I and so that so you wearing green lead? But. Landau if you look at the different areas, different county numbers you'll see. They're vastly different throughout Florida because you have different. Socio and so it's our fault. It's our fault that in Orlando Radio that you can here in Orlando, radio, station and flagler. That's our fault like we're GONNA. We're GONNA talk. We're going to talk about what our community is right and so are media. Broadcast Community is Orlando. Orange County seminole county. So what we're talking about is what is affecting us here locally now. What point point the question is though is this. You don't like anything that we do I. Don't know what you why you trying to qualify your statement you find, it's funny. You've never never never texted one nice thing to this show and. Right trying and so right now a year and a half brother. You're pivoting right now. We gave you your opportunity to your pivoting right now, and you're trying to say Oh, no, you guys are funny this now. Whatever do you've never like I? Look you get what you've stats us. You've never had a nice thing to say about anybody on this show. This show and run run hold on! Ron I'm Ryan. Very funny. Okay run questioned you're. Looking for now, Ryan one of the Iran one of the things you said was. Oh, you guys! All you're talking about is Cogan. Why is it the only thing you ever text about is Kobe? That's all you ever x for the past four months. That's all you text us about, but yet you're going to criticize us for talking about it. It obviously is on your mind at us. When we tried to break down, feels like temperature. You didn't get add us what we became. Colin experts you get at us about any of the other ridiculous points of view that we do we talk. To. Get at us about this, and that's all your all. Your text are about this. Okay! Okay, just so there's nothing in there without I've ever said I really like you. I think y'all are funny but lately. There's nothing in there about that angel, no sir. RUN RUN RUN. I'm like I'm having to jump. NATO NOTHING! Wrong I'm not I'm not seeing Bro by Earth. He likes the tax because he doesn't you know he doesn't have to tour and have. Now he literally. With. His pitch is bitch. All you talked about is Kobe, and then when you look at what he's been exit for the past three or four months. He only text us about that, so obviously it's on his mind, but he. We're not saying what he wants to hear and he thinks we're get look I. don't get from the CDC directly. I was in the news. You guys know we're not. There's no agenda here. We're not making anything. We just want you guys to be safe and our listeners to be saved, and we do want you to laughing giggle, but sometimes this stuff is gonna come up with because this is A. This is a talk show host. Talk Show about current events, and this is the most current event that is affecting the entire world encompassing. It's GONNA come up, and if you don't like it, please. You're welcome. You know whether there are five thousand podcast where you could listen about. The life of an utter if you want to. Talk Talk. Bill in March. You can listen to that. You can listen about how mummies were found. There's billions you don't to listen to us. Mad about people mad about the testing, because all look at these cities. They don't know what they're doing. Well. If we had a national plan, guess what? Better testing. It's just so simple and yet. They want to find out one story. Look Amy Caulfield. She tweeted this out. Donald Trump's niece. She don't like him at all. New! Book I'm getting right there. Wash. As she looks like two, which is a symbol poor thing. All right listen for. Take a break when we come back. We'll do some trivia. Okay? How that that? That might make you giggle? We'll do some trinity your chance to win themselves, so get on the line borough, seven, nine, one, six, four one. Guy. WHO's been Texas? Couldn't last on the phone more than three minutes. He's mature collar. That's what it is and called. It tells he loved us. Yeah, that's so funny to me. I gotta go gotta go. Me Knowing The texting board. He was like Oh, I wish you would call me your ass, but he gets on the phone and he's He's almost you know you guys are wonderful. You know all right. You're allowed to listen if you think we're funnier allowed to listen. I'll change the rules. Get Otherwise Thousand dollars a year. We've given away over I. Think we can away seven thousand dollars now your chance to win a thousand dollars and would how funny would it be Ron One? He Needs Lot Ronnie I. Hope You win Ron Day all right. Listen for that key where Texas. The two hundred two hundred and you could win. You're listening the mantra of the morning. 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Computer but I will I will fix that age. Can you hear me I hear you just fine? Yeah I'm here to article from another. Yeah, you're so you. All right. I'll get it back. Don't you worry? Wouldn't. Say that all the time. Mary on here that. Absolutely here that I'll get it back up. Don't you worry but? Do we have in the prize Mignoni today. As Price Bananas brought to you by. And I can't stress. How important this is! If you're in the realm of moving or you're thinking about moving. Very important right right said so family, moving and storage. They're a family owned and operated company, and whenever the monsters whenever we've needed to move, we have you centofanti moving stored family judge. They don't judge you your grow Judge Free Zone. Family owned and operated quick instant moving quote online today as Sinto moving dot com, that's C. E., N., T., O., moving dot com, and here's the thing right I stress to you. If you're planning on move the quotas free, they'll come out Philippe. 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In addition to curbside and to go orders? We'll savage second team strong. You can go to real radio DOT. FM Keyword contest and register on there for other contacts that we have going on right, so it's a fifty dollars gift card from e card from hooters, and those are the prizes. Today's prize Pin Yata Russ. Thank you so much. Angel, I! Think we're I'm all back up now, right? You got me. Lovely face with a woman real radio hat today it's too late. Some tired is when I go to bed, okay? You got it back up but I. Know. I'm good. Let's go. Thank Oh God all right. Who got up I say. Let's go with Jeff Ashby. Hello, Jeff. How you doing this morning? Good Morning Guys I. I think it's worth say I love you I've never. I think we gotta give Karen a break and we got to look out for the wrong out there in the world. I know is Iran and all that guy does is bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, and then he's. Really Funny! Text that once so it would be nice. Jeff. I got a question for you. Get Right, take whatever prize you want, and also get the hooters card fifty dollars, which is awesome, and you also can plug and promote whatever you want. It could be your business. It could be your favorite bar your favorite band your favorite podcast, whatever it doesn't matter, it's up to you. You got a minute so here we go and if you don't get it right, then you can ask Carlos or angel to get it right for you, okay? Got Ya. You gotta go trick Question Okay Los Angeles residents consume more of these than any other city in the country. That's They consume thirty, nine, million, a year, beating out New York and Philadelphia. What are we talking about Jeff? Thinking Tacos Tacos is what I would have said to. That is not the answer who wants to help. You've got angel and you've got Carlos. Let's go with the Good Ole Angel. Good. Angel you, you actually lived in La for a little while I lived in greater Los Angeles. Area for a minute and lived a lot in northern California all right well Los Angeles consumes more and. More visit any other city in the country more than thirty, nine million a year beating out New York Him Philadelphia. What do you think it is? I think. Jeff was online with this in the sense that it was Tacos I. Want to say that. Maybe it's an accompaniment that you put on a Taco Avocados. Is Incorrect. Sorry jets We got next We got Chad from Kasumi. Chad what up? Here, we go good luck to you. Los Angeles. Residents consume more of these any other city more than thirty nine million a year, beating out New York in Philadelphia. What do you think it is? The, Go with Avocado but I thought that was here for sure but the. What else could? Let's say. What else is trendy? I duNno complete gas. I'm GONNA, say. Oranges, oranges incorrect, but Karma's could help you. Carlos Los Angeles. Residents consume more of these in any other city. Now I when I saw this. I was surprised. Because you don't think the, I, you just don't take it, but you know you don't think in. Los Angeles eight these black, but they do more than thirty nine millionaire, beating out New York and Philadelphia and in my mind I would have definitely thought New York would be number one because they're kind of known for it What do you think is? is number one in La. Man It's got to be one of two things either my favorite food. The demise. or Don't. I'm glad I looked away. I felt like he was going to do it and I'm glad I looked away. I'M GONNA go for Pizza. It is not pizza on. Sorry. He got on next. It's go with DWAYNE IN ORLANDO. Dwayne what our buddy. Jay Man! Way If you win, see now. No one is going to do the sixty nine move, and it's like knowing that my dogs about the poop. He does like circles and you kind of do this, I. Mean Do I know anything is. If you get it right, you can plug whatever you want. Los Angeles residents consume more of these in any other city thirty, nine, million, a year, beating out New York and Philadelphia and Chicago now. I think Chicago when I think of these actually. Things. Don't but I'M GONNA say instead of Donuts bagels. BAGELS is incorrect Who Do you want to help you? You've got angel and you've got Carlos. Angel Rivera now. It is national donut day, but it's also national this day. That's why I picked the question. Los Angeles, residents consume more of this of these than any other city more than thirty, nine million. A year beaten out, New York beating out Chicago Philadelphia. You went to. You took a trip to Chicago. Not So long bill right for one damn reason other than other than the metal concert. There was a concert that you that you went there for and then there was. Something that you eight, two of and made you feel like you really enjoyed it, but you also felt like it was a major Max. At eaten a little bit too much of this one. Chili dog? National Hotdog Day eat more hot dogs in La than they do anywhere in the country. Thirty, nine, million a year have lost money. You think. New York. Is the dirty water dogs? They got up there I, would've? The Coney Island dog. The the Chicago Dog I don't think Philadelphia for hotdogs. Today's national hotdog day and Dwayne. You are a winner. Sir. What What would you like to promote or plug? or who would you like to give love to? how `Bout Ace, cafe downtown. You go there lot. Recently. A bike or like a car that you like going out there or you just check it up. I like the cars and the bikes and the food this is. Starting to brag about, but it's just decent steady. That's a ringing endorsement and. Love it very honest review. Ed Good I like I liked the MEATLOAF. They're. dwayne the MEATLOAF. There's pretty good extended. Go check that out. I will definitely look into that. Thanks delay. We're GONNA. Put you on, hold. You get fifty dollars gift certificate to. To. Talk about the hot dog day Doughnut Day and talk about food. Love Ain't nothing to brag about it or anything but. Favorite place. It sucks. It sucks. You're listening to the march in the morning. We are live on our youtube channel by the way, right homes in twenty. Set that up, so was just chatting with people. I probably could chat with them. live like talk to them, but I chat with him by by typing I. Don't know why I do that I. Just do because I figure I'm talking to the people that are in the chat, but anyway you can check it out by going to railroad Mosser's on Youtube or on our facebook page, real radio on Facebook, a lot of great people in there, and several of them were like. Hey, listen to say no trump fan, but I still love you guys. That's cool. That's fine with me, they should be. I got people saying they they want to talk. Morgan wants to get t shirts a Russ vote. Rosenbaum twenty twenty. which kind of makes me laugh because I think I don't think I could do job. You know I, think bone. I can do pretty good job. Actually what what dealing with US everything that I'm dealing with, and like I said that when we first started the shows that you know. My wife woke up in patented a friend of hers died of Kobe's paramedic and then has been you know. testing people for you know four or five months long. That's been going on and. We know that it's affected. So whatever people want to downplay this or say? They don't want to wear a mask or say this is stupid. Echo, it makes me mad, but here's another situation chuck woolery. Who you know, he recently tax at a bunch of stuff about you know the most outrageous lies on the ones you know coming from the CDC in the media and the Democrats and the doctors. They don't know what they're talking about well turns out now that his son has coded. Corona virus, and so he's taken down all of his his. Yeah Chuck Wollery retweeted the Democrats and the CDC were lying about the COVID. Turns out that He found out that his son has covid nineteen, so he has taken everything down. We'll obviously Democrats sent him. And on the special package and and I mean that's how you get it. Send it to you with their propaganda. You play when it directly affects you instead of saying anything about it and saying maybe I was wrong, you. Deactivate your account and taken all town. Because you know you're GONNA catch hell. I guess I was wrong I don't see anything bad. Happen to his son I mean you know I mean God forbid? How stupid would you feel if if you set all that? You made national news the President President? Trump retweeted what he said I'm basing. Yeah Any president should not be doing that, but whatever that's that's who we got but but but when his son gets it instead of and I was wrong I. You know maybe maybe this is a bigger deal. He just deactivates everything and and he's like this guy is a. Just a game show host he's. He's not really knows what he's talking about. Ration remember when Obama used to re tweet. Pats Ajax tweets about politics. All the time. It was crazy man. It was like every other. Others Obama retweeting Pat, say Jack and Use Dame I remember when I went bottomless president everything. Whenever anything happened. It was always his fault. That's. Him Yeah all his fault. Now now it's the other way around nothing's nothing's Donald Trump's wall. There's people. This ain't people that said everything was Obama's fall. It's the president, so it's everything is for those same. People are like Oh. There's not there's not donald all these. No, it's still Obama spont-. Instill! Hey, did you see? Did you see what's happening in I? GotTa tell you what? I gotta get any one of these they they've offered this to. And you probably were going to cover this monster sports, but I just saw the story where they've offered that covert ring that ring that tells you three days before you get it They offered it to the NBA players That way you know if you know if you're going to get it and only half of them. Took them up on it, which is not mandatory? Yeah. It's a deal that the company struck with the NBA as the as the league, not the white. If you're a player, why not go you give me that I wanNA. Make sure I'm not giving you free endorsement. Whatever paying me it'd be, it'd be. East. Be tracked some of them. Don't even know they're all on campus, but how? I wonder how that really works I mean. Is it then there's temperatures spike? Thing it's temperature spikes. Things like that, but you know again. You got a window of accuracy. There's that part of it right and again. A huge part of this is the NBA. NBA could have done this for the right way and be Mike Hey. We're cutting. Guys on this accident is the deal that we're doing have this is the share revenue that we're doing with this particular deal and everyone gets a ring, right? Did? They didn't they didn't do that. Yeah, okay, but if I'm making millions of dollars to play for them, and and they're and they're paying millions of dollars, I would have Lynda. Bird said Hey Russ listen you very important. I. Need you to wear this ring. 'cause we gotta make sure you don't get sick. I'm putting the ring on. A pretty good living. If my boss wants to put on way, different philosophies and the difference of how you want to do your business, these guys you know that same question that same way it's. Presented to me and I'll be like you know what Linda thank you. Got, my own deal, and I'll find another company that does it I'll find another way that it benefits me directly again. This is about. If if I genuinely thought that they had my best interests at heart about my health than I would entertain that but. I don't this would be would be shocking to have that conversation. It is part of. It's part of the solution though I'll tell you that is the smart. They're smart. The vaccine is not ultimately going to be the solution I know that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, but the fact of the matter is even me who I believe in vaccines I'm. I'm not running out to get the first batch of vaccines for discovered. This solution is this. Technology rings that will detect. Here's another thing I. Three days before you start getting symptoms and I believe now I'm not sure about I thought. I heard them say three days before you could transmit it to anybody else, so it's like. Give you that warning beforehand so i. why not wear it and I know that the guy that owns the company, said well. You know we're giving it to the NBA hopefully, people will see once. The NBA is using it successful for them then. One by one which? Again and again is the level of accuracy right because they're just saying they can track. Symptoms. It doesn't mean that you have it. And I think that's technology will solve this, and that is part of it, and of course it's not gonna be one hundred percent accurate, but I really think the biggest key to getting back to normal is instant testing instant. Yeah, I'm talking about having the technology to and a plethora of test where a business can have it, schools can have it. You know in. You're able to test them. You walk in this boom. You take this test beforehand, and it's able to just like a pee test for drugs. Just like any of these other tests that are able to to see because that's what's GonNa. Help us get back to normal the vaccine unfortunately will not. There's GonNa be a huge political. The second! That vaccine POPs you're going to see people in the capitals of all states protesting. Protesting against a vaccine that could possibly help care this and I. Don't mean to rain on your parade, but come. September August September. They're thinking that we're GonNa have to deal with Kovin and the flu like together and hospitals are going to be packed and it this I don't want people want us to not talk about this. Pretend getting happening to tell some Weiner jokes, but. It really is something that you need to pay attention to. If you're on that side of I'm not gonNA. Wear a mask. You're kind of a selfish moron. Yes, ain't. Going back to the and it's called the Aurora Ring Right and that technology. My other question with this and I'm wondering how citizens in particular here in the state of Florida. How are we going to feel like when you hear like the volume of tests that are being made available for all these professional athletes, meanwhile the citizens. We're having a hard time getting tested. If you a couple of times, that doesn't bother me. I mean like they can afford it and they can buy the test We look. Here we go perfect example. If you make the testing more available and we're able to find these things are. Maybe we can prevent some of these deaths. You know what I mean. We should have access to test we shall. We shouldn't be struggling to and. Upset you that the NBA players are getting. The play again. This is not a player. Thing this guy. This is the league I'm talking about. The League May Major League Baseball MLS MBA NFL how we're prioritizing, and we're and we citizens are. Are we comfortable with letting them be tested for me? If you if you went down today, you could get a test. These guys are being tested again. I'm talking the volume of testing. These guys were getting test a two three times a day. What I'm saying and I'm having to wait so I think there's a lot of people are having to wait an eight hour day to go through line or or six hour day or have to go get a test, and then the other thing. If this company really wanted to impress upon us how valuable this is! Why not give it to the frontline people? Why not give it to the teachers? Give it to the EMT's. Why not give it to all everybody that's dealing with this up front and let's get in and get that information agree with as opposed to a a privileged. Group of guys that are living in a bubble already. What kind of information are we going to get from that? If you really want to test the validity of your product, speaking of the bubble, get guess who got called out for leaving the bubble. Dwight Howard Waffle House. He's he. He said somebody call a called told on him so snitched on Orlando. Would I mean it's his second home. I mean he knows the place better he's. He's totally in his feelings about Orlando Right now because he's here for so long, and he's tweeting about it and he's writing about it. He's like man. I love. All, of these guys, all of them regret leaving here. A legend if he was still here, we would still love them. Angel I. Don't care bad years as good years, it'd be like man. He's our dude and he's got to regret it, but I agree with you. Angelo, the teacher should have this and I wonder if the ring is being passed out to I live from all indications from everything that I am reading another was the question I looked up for. I can't give you a solid answer on that. I I I don't have an issue with the company having the funds to be able to have so many tests like listen to Rogan heat test every single one of his guests before they walk in so really yet. Before any BOB sack, it was just on there and he got tested, so if he has the ability now he's paying for it out of his pocket and I think they're hundreds. Hundreds of dollars for these instant tests, but shouldn't that be something that we as a nation could be proud of that? We could take this over and hire people to do this that are now out of work, and we could be on the forefront of testing technology and anybody who needed. It doesn't have to sit in an eight hour line in front of the Convention Center or and wait for a week or fourteen days to get results. I know first hand people low cited like you know, or three people removed that their offices. There are waiting for key people to get these test results and they were tested days ago. This seems like such A. I thi it up. Put It on the little and knock it out of the park. Where where our leaders could be like look, we are going to be on the forefront of technology. Other countries will be looking at US going. How do we do it and yet? May behind no national plan once again. A lot of people that don't think we needed Carlos when it comes to the new study found out which states are are the most anti mask. which stage do you think the three states that are the most anti mask what they want to wear masks? I think it's fake. I'M GONNA GO, START I'll go south Mississippi not on the list more Florida Number One Florida's. State that said we don't need a mask. We don't need nothing. Tell me what to do number two. Is Arizona Oh, by the way they have? A big problem with right now in Nevada those are the three states that are the most anti mass. Don't tell me what the do. Don't tell me to put a mask on. And, of course they had the highest cases in I. Think our death rate is getting up there right? I don't think our death rate matches New York's New York. But it's still. Hope that treatments gotten better right. I mean that's what they're saying well. You got to hope that within the past four months. They have learned. You can't just throw them on ventilators immediately. Yeah you know some some certain things are doctors are learning and they're getting better at treating this. and. It's that doesn't surprise me. The states like Georgia and us who we just blatantly said. We're going to open I. WE'LL show you. There's nothing wrong. I'll never forget to Santa's little man in the suit just screaming. Where's it that we get hit and there's a black helicopter. And now we're just just worst mired. In. The worst in the country right now, a marine more cases than Texas Georgia and US and who opened up early US three I. Tell you're listening to the monstrous morning. Please rose seven, nine, hundred, six, one one real radio four point one. Learn. We are live on. Right now real radio youtube, check it out coming up in about fifteen minutes another chance to win a thousand dollars. I believe we've away like seven grand so far from this radio station. We want you to be next, so listen for the key word and text it to two hundred two hundred, and you could be the next person great weekend. Man is kicking off the weekend right now. with Russ and Angel and Carlos all here Russ. Grand. You need for I just off Oh. Okay, RANDOM STUFF! Arket! the. There's a rumor going out I guess a a theory that dogs are the ones that help the virus jump from human. It went from a dog to a human, and and they wanNA blame the The whole pandemic on dogs turns out that There's been a big study huge study to make sure that wasn't accurate. Dogs dogs are not responsible for the pandemic. In case, you were wondering so it was not dogs. They've researched this. They've checked it out. So. They are clear. Clear the the name, the good name of the dog, but they do say dogs are going to have a huge problem after in whenever we go back to what we were gonNA. Call normal when people do. Go back to work if they do or when people start going out of their houses again if they do. The dogs are going to have a meltdown, so they'll gonNA end up being kinda miserable, because now the your pets. Your dogs are used to you being there that it's going to be a real struggle for them when you're when you're not being by themselves, Yeah Likasi Alan. Bear looks at me. When I do step out of the house. He's like. Where are you going? Man I suppose we button your boat here in a little bit, and you're leaving and so I, do give them. Maybe I'm putting so I got I got. Ruby is one where she you know. She is all about the attention. As he sees total, a lapdog and I could see her having a problem, my other dog Truman. He's annoyed that I'm still at the house. Really because he's like the old man, you know, he's moves a little stiffer, a little Crotchety, or whatever and I think Truman is like. What are you still doing here? Here's what dog experts animal experts are saying that you guys need to do, and this is true. That's true I'm reading it. Out. This or anything, but they're saying that you need to start preparing your dogs. For the inevitable, when everything goes back to normal so an hour a day, you need to put your dogs room by themselves, so they can start getting used to playing with her toys alone and being by themselves, and so they don't have this really bad separation problem when when and if things go back to normal, see start prepping them now and not paying so much attention. There yeah. Just? Give them a room. They can destroy. I suggest that the Mary Ellen is how we gotta start putting in a room by himself and. That ain't happened. There's this there's. There's no way that that's GonNa Happen, but that's what they're suggesting. That includes doing things like putting them in a room by themselves. Letting them play for an hour a day says an hour or two a day, so they get used to Entertain themselves because if not, they're going to have a real problem. When things back to normal I'll put that high on my priority. Of? Of My dog on and when we go back, yeah, I'll be sure. Remember that dog people. He'll get used to it. He'll forget. I'll give them a big boned to chew on in. And all of a sudden, he's forgotten. That's being there, but. When the hell are things going to get back to normal in one? In the near future for you considering you have somebody that's ill at your house for me, you know for our situation. I know it's different for everybody, but I was just talking with somebody yesterday about it like hey, how do you like you broadcasting under house? I'm like really it's Nice I missed you guys I miss seeing you guys, you know, but as far as having to get up super early in the morning driving getting ready working, whatever may do in the morning. This fits quite. Quite, well, there's I was going to go into. That is seventy four percent of the people say they. They just WANNA. Keep working from home. They they the ones that are working for home. Seventy four percent say that working from home is perfect for them, and they kind of have gotten used to it through the pandemic for me. Personally, I had more time to plan the show I feel super cover now I don't feel like I. Don't see you guys I feel like. A little bit of that I I never hugged. You felt like we hugged. It's. All the time how dare! Admit. Would stay in his little room. He never came to see us now that he was. Over there into the room and drop off a piece of paper. Like what are you doing here? See just the opposite though and I mentioned this yesterday, and this is again I I? Know it sounds crazy, but there are times where I'm looking at you. Guys in the screen and I'm wondering I wonder if they're still real. I wonder like. Yeah I wonder if you guys, you know, you got the Hologram technology or some computer fainting, and because there are, but there are times and I'm just like I. Know that sounds like Carlos. But I don't know. So! That's the dilemma that I'm going through I. I enjoy seeing the same sixty human bodies when I leave every day, but you know what you unfortunately for you. You've had to still gotta get up. You gotTA drive into work. You gotta go into the so you probably would rather us come in there with you because like if you if you got to do it, we gotta do it, but for Carlton I. It's like Wow all do wake up I can I can relax. Basically you had planned the show because I got an hour now to myself to plan. I got so much stuff. I mean I have more I mean I don't see all this stuff and I got papers and. Stuff and that we have a topic comes up I've already looked at. It I've got more time now to play on the show than I did before I think. Our ratings gotten better. So it's not like it's hurting I. don't see any reason to go back in to be honest with you. I'm mad. You're denying that I didn't hug you everyday for a straight. Hasn't heard anything else you said. Angel. Huggy for whispering you're you're going to do a good job today? You're going to be great. People are the only thing. Is Your Cologne, Thank you. You wouldn't come in like two seconds. Say You wanted the best you got. Hugged me or touch Gimme. High Five, and you come in CH-. YOU'LL COLOGNE! I missed that other than that. Like what's what's the difference? I mean I'm GonNa Miss. You know a celebrity interviews you know to having celebrities come in, but we can do that on zoom if we want to. We'll probably have a lot less though I if if the Improv doesn't open back up. I know this is going to sound crazy right and and and see if you can follow me through with this and it's. It's what I've noticed though right, and it's quality control and I know this sounds like really nit-picky and everything, but because of this we all of us have kind of lowered our standard. There was a shine. There was a gleam when we watched these television programs. He's news broadcasts and everything, but because of because of relying on the Internet services, and all these things everything's brought down a SPEC. It doesn't have that TV quality presentation well for us. We don't talk over each other. Than that, but but there's a difference and I know again I'm really. You know pulling shorten curly's here. And sonically we don't sound the same, even if you go back and listen to the podcast and you go out from that perspective. It doesn't it doesn't sound is awesome. When we were all in the same room, and we all have the compression like las I gotTa. Jack you up so high here to have it sound like we're all on the same plane sonically and it's. Up to. Know because you're with you your pegging the whole time and so like there's a distortion there and so. I Agree There's a level of yeah, what the whether the word is professionalism or shine or a quality control, or any of these things and we globally all of us are getting used to that like now like TV now looks like I used to buy what we would see TV presented sci fi movies. Doesn't look. It doesn't look as professional I. Do miss the Free Orioles. You would give everyone that was nice. That was nice. GotTa. Gun It's Day to. Day, someone would have dropped us off. Yes, yes, you would have, but because of all the things going on I. Don't I don't even get donuts today. One I would eat half of one and put the other half back in the upset people. That's what I'd like to. would be a day where I could go through the whole building and share all of these with everybody right? There's no building. There's nobody here. Rhino Ryan will get a kick out of this league for him. Rank and check this out. Nobody's here. So now I'm forced to eat all of these by myself. They have high fructose I can't have. That! Well you know it's a seventy. Four percent of the people say that the working for home right now, and they want to keep it that way. During the pandemic active pandemic, so would be reasons for. Reasons for bosses and say no. You gotta come into work. You got you know about this Wanna I've I've I've heard this one I've heard a bosses saying that right now during the pandemic that coming to work is or staying, home is a privilege. That you have to come to work. During the pandemic day for you to stay to go to work at home and do is a privilege. You have to come to the office. I feel I. Feel like it's a privilege I'll be honest with you. I do feel like it's a privilege to be allowed to stay home and keep myself safe. And not and not. A RIGHT! I mean I guess I'm more I gave him. Thank you to Lynda Bird, the other like thank you for allowing me to stay home because my wife too sick, and if I had to go to work, it would be really bad and she's like. Don't worry. It's fine. I, I guess. I don't understand like it's a privilege right now. Under under normal circumstances outside of pandemic, I agree I totally agree with that. I understand that concept is a privilege. Be Able to work from home. You said your ass. You something that you've attained I got that, but right now in the in the world and the moment that we were living in to still have. That mindset that it's a privilege as excessively as opposed to hey. You're doing this because I'm protecting you protecting US I'm protecting my company. Yeah, I guess so. I just looked at it as A. Guy That would wear the ring of she asked me to. Glad to be doing what I'm doing, you know kind of the also on another person. Ask you where ring I mean. As well. We're not really. Weird autos have had that. Don't care. But. Yeah Yeah so so do you think? Do you think a lot of people? A lot of people are going to end up staying home and working on a lot of our listeners didn't. We pretty much asked every listener that calls for a couple of months. Hey, are you still working and people were still going out to work We're working at home. Job We have a lot of workers that. They work on site essential workers. You know the they do a lot of blue collar stuff, God, bless them. They're out in different locations and to be have to physically touch something physically. Get something but a lot of work. Yeah a lot of workplaces. This is the automation that was going to be happening regardless if your job can be taken over by a new piece of software, you're probably going to be staying home. Or not losing your job altogether, the thing that's going to suck is the ripple effect of people going to work and what I mean by that is. The restaurants that are near workplaces, the dry-cleaning place. Yeah, that are near workplaces. The the guy, the guy that little cafe done in our building a. Guy Hasn't been opened in what four months now because there's nobody in the building and they just moved into that. There's a lot of people that are that it's affected like that a lot of bars and a lot of a lot of businesses that. Sucks I. It does absolutely let's when we come back. We talked to Savannah. Be with us, and your chance to win a thousand dollars once again is here. We'd given away seven grand. Okay, you could be next. Don't can't be next, and for whatever reason our listeners here at real radio win more than anyone in the country I. Love It, so give it a shot text the keyword. Wait for about an hour afterwards. You get a phone call from a number. You don't recognize. Hopefully that'll be iheart calling you to two thousand dollars. You could use it right now. All right, don't go anywhere. You're listening to the Macho the morning. Away from a grand in your hand brought to you by meals air on real radio four point one. Good Luck! I'd love to see a win that thousand dollars. We've given away seven grand so far you could be next and I'd love to see a win it, so you know text the keyword. What was the just now? I missed it happy happy. Happy are we were told that we can say? It can't happen every every. Right down happening so happy is the word. Keep playing, so you guys and give it a shot. Happy H APP Y has a look back. Rawlins runs along with Carlos and Angel and Savannah here. Weather's Hey, what's going on? Morning. What's happening today? Big Shot I I got a I'm about to make this big. All played a bacon look. Good wow, that doesn't look like Turkey Bacon. Is that offer? For you. Are you making it in the oven. Now because I don't have time. Oh so you doing Mike Wave. which is. I know it's super offensive to everyone who? But what I got to deal with right now my. BASIC IN Life ever in my life eating microwave bacon. They got one of these one pill things where you can put you put you put it in this thing, and you can put it in the oven, and it makes a super crispy I. Don't know some sort of special. There's definitely a trick to it, and if you do it right, you'll get the crispy crunchy vacant. You've ever had lots. Bizarre to me. Do you make your chicken wings in the microwave as well now I? Don't make chicken wings. Why don't you FRY BACON? You're on the by the time you're on the phone with us? You put the baking. It just sits there fries and you could do a really good Bacon fry in the length of this segment. Yeah, well, here's the thing though what you guys don't understand is i. only have a shirt on, and I don't want the Bacon Grease burning up with I. Are you keeping it right now. Always for taking it every time I do this show. How do I get that VIP access? I WANNA. See Savannah Fran Bacon with no pants on I've dreamed of it. Driving off the road. You're basically. Making! You're making more with no pants on. With no hands-on rush, you hit on something. You hit on something and. And I don't know if you could do with Turkey Bacon Los but if you WANNA be our experiment on this, but you ever ever get a chance and you got the right Rockford do the baking in the oven. Lutely okay! It'll Tigres is a game changer when it comes to Bacon. Well, let's do it. You just put it in the you. Put it in the oven. And then you you. You're crisp up and but you've got to put it in one of those trays. Worthy the can drift. Little. Thing. That or like there's some there's some traits worth is Kinda got a rack on it, and so you can cook it over the rack as well. Actually Anna drops down into that pan. That rack that you use for a for a Turkey, you turn it upside down, and then you put the Bacon across that and it'll drip I. Mean I don't know about you, but I've been air frying everything. I say. Day this. So like Have you Fried Bacon before? You do I have not? I got nothing to do this weekend. I got no plan. Literally had not one plan this week. Other than Sunday gotta drink this stuff, so it cleans me out. All Day Sunday, so when you see me on Monday I'm going to be all cleaned out, can't. Lobby the. Monday oddly skinny on Monday, but probably grumpy. I've ever been but that's kickoff my next diet. Radio here's what you should do. Right my friend that I work with you. Guys probably met him Michael Brown his GRANDPA Bacon. Bacon puts it on a smoker which I guess you could. You can smoke stuff in the in the big green egg right. And then he put He caramelized is the Bacon in Maple Syrup and some other kind of brown sugar, and put the in there for sixty hours, and it's like this big gigantic Strip of Candy Bacon. Patients. He has some serious and you were saying that you had gotten that for some of us and you were going gonNA share. Is that what you were telling us that wonderful story? I beg him every day to make more, but it takes so long. They never make more. You just put your baking in the microwave. How long you pick it up for! I'm putting it in there for seven minutes. Then I have to adjust it. Oh, wow, it takes long this. You literally could fry within that time and. Three better yeah. Listen you guys need to settle down on on the Bacon processed here. Hey, you brought it up. You brought up. You showed us the slabs. Of Bacon, and now we're commentator hot talk I. Can Talk Hey, so are you? Are you going to make Bacon Sandwich, or you just GONNA eat Bacon. Bacon by itself. It's wrong. and. Live in. Bread you gotta put it on Brad you got. You got to put some tomato. Well I'm. I'm. GonNa. Put It on my tongue. That's where. I lived at Bacon left to put it on my. It doesn't need anything they can as a me, it doesn't need anything else. You can rush off the play. Every day every day. I JUST BACON I don't buy it. by itself I'd get five. Twenty something calories in each one of us, and I have my smoothly with it, and you know what it makes me. Feel Good I. Get my day going I. Don't kill myself with the calories and some bacon shaming mate. I got one for you guys so this is a few years ago and so obviously with co-parenting. You know I have my daughter over every other weekend, and like so the kid she absolutely. Loves Bacon like that's her thing right? Like absolutely loves it so I would get her on Fridays Saturday morning. Make breakfast. That was our thing. pancakes whatever and I would cook a pound of Bacon Saturday morning, right? I just FRY IT UP ON THEIR SALIVA I'll be frying it up on the oven and everything, and so and so between Saturday morning and Sunday when I would take her back home between the two of us. We would eat that all of that Bacon and. Fried I'll up leave it in the microwave for her. She would just grab you. Know I was a little snack. She would grab a couple of days and then after a couple years that I was. Told maybe that wasn't the healthiest thing. So. We've scaled that back and now we have just a few pieces of Bacon on Saturday. You eating a pound of Bacon is a lot. We knock it out. We've got our one usually go through a pound. At least a packet. You guys like. You'll eat it not once. You Carlos Yeah Yeah I'm realizing my my relationship with tomatoes is not good for my gut lining only. Yeah, I. Think I. Think I'm trying to find out exactly what foods don't work for me. Just, tomato plane, or is it like sauces and ketchups and things like that think it's all that. All that yeah I think it's because I've been like definitely watching more when I eat what I put in my body. I'm seeing what my body reacts. Reacts badly. I, can't I I still love a tomato. Little joke with me. Guys, little joke is we'll make it so ruskin eat everything. The my body. There I'm allergic to nothing. Everything that is, that is a curse. You love at a wrestler today, but let me say this about your tomato tomato thing so there's different kinds of tomatoes and I probably was getting you. In tomatoes, so you might need to broaden your like. Get yourself some like sweet heirloom, tomatoes, or over ripened like. Grape tomatoes like you gotta broaden your tomato horizon. Beef Potato. Be! A beef heart. Tomato, these steak that's it. Okay can, you can come back for another because I'm look, I'm going to be straight up with the okay. I'm a little jealous that Carlos gave you an idea and you use it, and it was a huge hit, and you know with the skunk ape the social distance count gave a huge hit, and now it's at Gator, and now I'm trying to come up with something that you can use a game I have to ideas that could you know help you? GATOR LAND! Are You, are you? Do you take my ideas about the flagpole gator land? I'll run them up the flagpole I think the best idea right now for people to just catch on that like of all the places in Florida. We've been the safest like like. We've been amazing, and that's a tribute to the leadership there and the leadership include me, but but I will take your suggestion if you'd like I can. For a while this morning, only like nine nine. It's fine. I got two ideas for you. I'M GONNA. Give you when we come back and you can tell me what you're going to run up the flagpole again. Ryan okay. Okay okay all right. You didn't last. Last idea was brilliant, but you didn't like it because you don't like monkeys, you got something against monkeys I don't know what I think 'cause I like movies. You don't like monkeys. Russ. Have a monkey island added Gator Farm I. Don't Know How you think that would've worked well. Really it would have been brilliant. Imagine the crowd over our watching the monkey island, but I got a better idea and I'll tell you what that is. When we come back. You're listening to the mantra of the morning. OFF All, right? It's Bradaigh man. Have you ever really great? Weekend. Thank you listen to the Moslem in the morning on-road one four point one. The keyword is our is happy. H. A. Y.. You haven't texted yet. Give it a shot text, the word, happy and cross. Your fingers good, luck. See. Win a thousand dollars. We'll give it away seven grand safari. You could be next. Welcome to the mantra. Morning Radio. One! Oh, four point one I'm rose rollins along with Angel and Carlos and Savannah here today. She's getting ready to go to the gator land. Today Angel tonight. It's what the Hell's angel listening to correct. That is absolutely correct. We're some fun this evening. Some run the jewels, some cooler jazz well. Jazz. Jazz. Yeah, I do like miles, Davis. bitches brew is one of my favorites standards, and then there's a group of guys out of Los Angeles Compton Area TERRASSA. Kamasi. In that group of guys, these are the guys. The ban that record with Kendrick Lamar and they've got a new album that they put together where they're collaborating with a bunch of different artists are pretty cool. Thing I think it's the dinner parties in the name of the album. and. Tonight from ten midnight right here on real radio. One zero four point one. Okay, some Savannah I got two ideas for you. Okay? come on. I told you a little jealous. Because Carlos's idea about the skunk ape. You ran with it. The social distancing skunk eight. You ran with it and now you've got an. gator land sensation Caesar's Yep. you so I'm I'm trying to find something that where I get something in there. Because you know I'm a little jealous of just be honest with. Okay! Here's one and this is something that you could check it now. You have to go online and see this and if Holmes was here today, he probably could have already put it on on Youtube, but this is something that came out of south. Carolina where you're from. And if the guy a guy that goes into the swamp in South Carolina, and he uses a green. It's like a green pointer laser pointer, right and. And he makes these gators jump like like cats and and go after the green laser pointer, and it's a craziest thing you ever saw. If you go to youtube and you go to the gator cat, okay? Gator cat you can see this guy. This could be like some sort of a thing that you do like. If you have like a room Agadir land where you have a bunch of gators in there, and then you go in there with a laser pointer and you. Could show people how you can get the gators jump after the the laser pointer that would be a good show, right? Now what the goal like what the good for the animal and doing that! Kind of. A their mind and keeps their mind going. You know they're going after the laser pointed, they're jumping just like i. a cat does it makes everybody laugh and I'll get a good. A good pop. The the game goes after the laser. You could make them jump all around the pool. I. Appreciate Your enthusiasm and wanting to help enthusiasms. Pal You that number one. We don't want to shoot lasers Nira. Number, two the allegations only chases, said laser for like one or two times, and then you're GonNa have to find another alligator, so it's really impossible and three. We're not really in the business of having our alligators do tricks. Damn man shut down again. It's called the gator cat. Have you seen it? Had Seen It. I didn't know I just came out yesterday. Have you seen it? Carlos I've not seen it, but the sounds kind of cool. I got. THAT VIDEO LASER The guys in he's in a swamp in South Carolina and he's got a laser. He's making the the gators like going all after. It's funny as hell. Now. What you think is funny. Okay, all right bye! You don't like that idea. Okay, if I'm okay now. How about this one? Okay? What if you had no? You didn't like the monkey thing because you don't like monkeys, okay? Insane Otter, island now hold on hold on Thursday otters, okay, otters and gators actually get along, but nobody knows that right so if you had an island with Otters, people would be going Oh. My God. The gators are gonNA autism, but really they're not going to. Others are fast, and they're slippery and their friends with gators, but it would even have an island, it says insane offer island and people would stay and just stare at it with all those an offers fun watch anyway, and they'd go into water and come out in the people go. Oh, my God. But really the gators are never gonNA. Get them because they're they're all friends insane? Utter Island at Gator Land What do you think? I like it. I like it because. He, do you? Know about the Otterman lose of. Offer man is a man who takes care of and raises authors, but the authors have bitten all of fingers off, so he doesn't have anything, or and he's called the Ottoman. Now I do love others. They're super kids. Yeah I! This is a great idea. just going to be really hard to push through right now. 'cause you know. Times are tight at gator leads okay. If you can run up the Flag Pole, say listen I got an idea for something. You know down the down the way and you can island in the middle of that big gator. I don't know we call it Lake area, and then you get a bunch punch. Authors live feed. The otters otters are happy. You know and people will think my God. Others are going to get eaten, but gators. The gators otters are friends. Nobody needs to know that. are usually brands until one of them get hungry. It's kind of like a mouse in a snake. They're always friends till one of the two of them get hungry. We'll a gate or I. Don't think gator will an, will it? I think it depends on the size of the Otter and I. Think it depends on the size of the gator, but I. do like your idea. I like where you're going with. It I. Think there's a way we could probably do it if we had big offers and little gators. Hopefully. The Big Otter won't eat the litigator. 'CAUSE otters Kinda ferocious. Yes, the change the name has everything should be Insane Otter posse and that way they look and sound like. Juggle lows and you paint their faces and you give him like fish. Go instead of Fago. Then you're gonNA. Get the juggle those to come out as well because connection with them so insane right Mossy and Help! Auditors are a protected species in Florida. Yeah, you're protecting them. We already have otters in our swamp walk. There's a family of OTTERS AMAPA DAD and two babies, so this isn't original idea than you already have them. Okay cool. Do Angel. Okay on the island, right? You make like a little house. Like well I was thinking like a little house like they had their own author house and it's got little. They can open. You know because they're cute. And they and they could open. The doors closed a little slide to go down and like it's an insane other island, and maybe even like they pull a rope. Confetti comes out sh I don't know. And, then it's all on top of the gator. You know. The the the gator area and people be freaking out like Oh my God GonNa! Are GonNA. Eat the others, but they never do because you know. Except the one time they do with the kindergarten class watching and. traumatize them forever. The blood and guts a baby screaming. Other than that it'd be fun. You know we don't really have any of those incidences. Really the gators get something and people freak out. I'll tell you earlier this week. There was a great hair and there's big white birds you know. And they had. A Baby tri-color hearing out of the nest. and was eating it. 'cause birds are savage like you guys don't even know the. Birch Anyway Oh. We saw last week from your states What's Oh South Carolina I think it was a pickup. A Shark was fine around the shark in an claws. I love saying drives people crazy as true story of. The. Eat The ver- was eating this baby while it was still alive in this whole class is like. Like. I can't do anything like. I can't intervene in a situation like that like its nature taking it scores, but ninety nine percent of the time it's birds, and not alligators that do crazy stuff in part. Isn't that when the time playing that song? Circle of life to start playing that Elton John? Song you know it's a circle. Learn a lesson you know. All right well, listen insane outer island. Write that down It's a good idea I like it. Good I got one good idea. All right very good. Hey, listen when we come back Carlos you're. Absolutely all the way to the topless. With us. Talk with us. All right all right, don't go anywhere. You're listening to the mantra of the morning. and. The Keyword? This hour was happy. H APP WA. We're allowed to give it to you now during the the hour so. What a win so that keyword? Happy to two, hundred, two, hundred and Get ready to win a thousand dollars. I'd love to see that happen and you can do that all day today here on Real Radio One four point one right after the monsters, if the news junkie, and they gave the key words than the Jim Colbert show they give you keywords as well. Chances Win a thousand dollars. Welcome back I'm rose rollins along with Savannah and Angel Rivera, now is time for Carlos tomorrow to. Let's go. Virginia Good Morning, everybody. Hello, my name is Carlos had better than when this is to the top every single morning. Try and take it to the top making think make you laugh whatever it may be. Today's a wonderful day I. Hope you're either waking up right now. Maybe getting your copy going. Maybe you're, you're in your stride. You putting on your clothes, maybe got the day off knows, but we appreciate you joining us and listening to the show every single day whether it is through the iheartradio APP or whether it's on Youtube. Shout out to all the YouTube peeps in there they go back and forth. They got their own little show going on in that chat room everywhere. Yeah? They just talk about different things. We're wondering where one of the youtubers are at. Where is it Lee? Bow? Where where is it in the chat I mean there's certain people that we expect to be in this chat and they're not there. Oh, there. There was someone that from an email yesterday from the chat, and they were mad because Angelique was putting on her makeup and she was trying to copy. Savannah and they're no. They're not gonNa Watch anymore because Angelique Steal Savannah's. Yeah. I got a long email about it like you're gonNA. Let Angelique try to Steal Savannah's bit I'm like. lumine. Don't have that many bids, and if none of their bids makeup, we know ladies match their bid. They do it and it's fantastic and. I'm not watching your youtube anymore. Because you're letting Angelique get away with stealing Savannah's bit rush. You have something against Savannah. No, I don't like what. She did kind key in on something, but I let me just say that I. Don't mind Angelique does her makeup on this show. Every bit. We do on the monster. We've Dolan from somebody or at least half of it. So. Whoever Super Mad I appreciate your love, but let's refocus it and come on back into the family. That's the truth. Heads for the first email I read this morning while I'm. In the bathroom and I'm like this is ridiculous wiggins. Deletes. The you know. I'm going to have the asset. You never read email about me when you're in a bathroom ever. Happens all the time. There's room on this show. The ladies of the show to put on their Mako both of them individually we. We have the time and the the video conferencing equipment. And I like I I i. give you respect Van. I, mean you know you walk in here? No makeup, you're like look. I'M GONNA show the world how I transformed myself I started off as just savannah in the bed, sleeping, thinking about gators, and then by the time I leave. I'm Savannah. Ready to take over. The world is the gate or Queen Hail. YEA, drama eyebrows and don't make drama on Mad Because I. Kick Your Ass. How about that boom knock on the door? Oh, do you? Bushy Brow-. That movie. It was excellent. I have tried it yet but I got to try it. What is bushy? Do what what does that do to your browser? My eyebrows are very sleek, you know. We, all know that s okay, so the new trend and eyebrows, his bushy eyebrows so bushy like Harry like you can see him, but very detailed in that regard, so this is the new eyebrow trend I'm going to try. I'll try one morning on the show, but I kind kinda tried it last night and it ended up looking like It looked like I had some monsters up here. Like my like my eyebrows on you, because if bushy eyebrows are in I'm in vogue, right because. Some. Eyebrows that that I have to curtail literally I have to look at them all right. Shave him down a little bit, but payment It is the weekend is here. Yes, the weekend is here and we're doing something. My family and I are doing something that we've prepared for that. We've never really done as a family and here in Florida. You would think that's crazy that you've never done this. My daughter's nine. We have never fully done a beach trip with as a family. Planning this like two weeks. Well We. Shop. Did you get all the supplies? Did you get very tense towels? sunscreens coolers. Wagon. Beach Fan. What else the Beach Games? We dropped a couple hundred dollars. We started with nothing. We started with nothing. Not a beach chair, not a bucket, not a ta like started. Built a solid base. Yes, yes, because we were like look. We're GONNA go to the beach and Russell. Taking your advice. We're GONNA play. The naked side super nice. Really try to get to the naked, not naked sided. With a newborn and a nine year old I get arrested, but but yeah. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Go check that out, and but we had nothing we had nothing. We literally I think we tried to go to the beach one time, and it was like me carrying towel, and like I think my daughter was like. And we were just banking out there i. have is not good. Can I give you a piece of advice? You'RE GONNA. You'RE GONNA appreciate. Make sure if if nothing else. You need to get one of those carts big wheels on it so you could you don't WanNa be carrying all that stuff because halfway through the almond shape halfway through your like. Thought about your story rise. At the store you, I remember you saying that you had to carry all of 'cause. You didn't bring your car. The car. Yeah, and there was we were in the store and there was this like all terrain cart deal that I've always looked at me like man. One day I wanted them carts and. And it was you know it was like sixty bucks or something like that and. One of the good one. The big wheels. Pull pulling. It's got big wheels. It's we. Could we put all the stuff in there? My daughter's excited. We got a baby beach ten. Do you know what a baby beach is? A beach tent is a little baby. Beat Stanford okay, and there's a tiny live. And so my daughter can fit in there I. put it up in the living room. We can both fit in there. So? We're excited, we're I used to as a kid. Go with my mom to the beach and she. Her setup was this her setup was. Of course I have a carton of cigarettes. When I go to the beach I. Don't go in the water. I go there to smoke drink and Sunday. And we'd get there as early as possible. Okay, she would make one gigantic suburb. Okay like a massive sub that we would all eat throughout the day, and I'm willing to try and recreate that sub for my nostalgic meal very simple sub of Romaine lettuce Turkey tomatoes I don't care. Tomatoes can hurt me. I got. It'd be a little bit of mail, and then it's just I'm going to recreate that. And then we get out there and I'd be there with my buddy and look. Don't get arrested and leave me alone. Has Given. And we! We would be out there. Until the last car like. How we did it I I. Don't think we'll stay there, too. Literally seven o'clock at night, but we would be one of the last cars there. She'd be burnt to a crisp. You loved it, so it was a big for you was the food for us? It was always a big bucket of Kentucky. Fried Chicken. That was beach food for whatever reason because I guess it could get Sandy, and you can still eat it. I don't know Jig I think about you. Yeah, what'd you get Savannah? Oh, we. We got nothing if we got. She felt like we did good. 'CAUSE MY MOMMA DIDN'T WANNA. Get bread crumbs on her when she was Tannin. Mud Clay Carlos his mom. Listen. Here's a new, thank. It's. Understandable that people bring water to the beach. Nowadays. His your mom ever bring water does not want to. Be My mom advert read anything to drake. He would raise a carton of cigarettes. Maybe carton of cigarettes like a shot of liquor maybe like. The ICE key. For sure. And Lighters like multiple lighters, but never anything to drink and maybe a salad. Would no doubt a bottle of liquor and every about I. Don't know ten to fifteen minutes. Come stand in front of me so I can like my cigarette. Mom Cheetahs and she would say we're going to the beach. We're going to the beach and we going over to Lake Fairview. Telling US! That was the beach and I was. Kind of weird. My friends said it was different. We barely went to the real beach. Hey, you know what I just wanted to the beach a couple of weeks ago, Carlos? Hadn't been in a while. And all the rage is, and you might laugh at me because I haven't been to the beach and forever, so maybe it's been around for a while. I don't know it's. It's basically like this little trampoline right and you have a ball and you throw the ball on a trampoline and the and then you had like three or four people standing around, and you're trying to bat it back to the ball I. Think it looks so much fun, but nobody would invite me to play with them. Would it really? Fun, Yeah I. Have I was talking about that? I think it's called slammed by. This looked pretty fun. I'd probably crush my daughter in it though I think I'd get over competitive. Thing. I'm pretty sure of your mommy getting water do, but I remember specifically not being able to swim, and my dad walking out in the water with me with a cigarette in his mouth and me on his hip as far as he could go, and then way coming, and then the way you know like knocking me out of his arms, because he had to reach grabbed cigarette, right, and while I'm drowning. He's doing. Water, Guy. Ocean will take. Ocean enjoys a little cigarette every now and then yeah. It's A. It's a spike ball angel. Spike while and it's pretty cool and. Matz like when we played. What was that Game Jimmy? Thing? What was it? With The trash camping. Was A can. Jam and much like the a event that we did cornhole Kornel none of the event that we did. Pickle Ball. I can see this giving away from you. And you challenging everybody on the. Just like you wanting to be does. The champion of Chevy to play Linda. Work. I sadly stood. Stood by Watch, these guys play that. Maybe they would ask me to play with them. Quick reflexes for Big Guy Real quick reflects who. I could do it. Never. They never asked me close. Real quick. A lot of people wanting to bring this up as one of the items, did you? Did you get the backpack cooler? No are cooler is just a cooler, but at the backpack. Hulu I would need the backpack. Who taking all tips here? So let's just recently. We just recently acquired a backpack cooler. What's awesome about? The backpack? Cooler is that it's a little bit more durable than your typical cooler. You keep your bottles of water in there and everything, and if it's ice and whatnot, and it's I. Don't know it just it makes it easier for the transportation of liquid. Take that under advisement. Yes, you got an umbrella right umbrella. We got a big umbrella big umbrellas. We got a tent. You Got Music. You gotTA. Have a little You got a little music thing good. Yeah. Little Ryo be generator that way you could plug in the AC and then you'll have the AC unit. You know the portable AC unit under the tent I. Don't have my Ryo be generator yet, but I made purchase it for this thing. Know that all these things are good because I'm my goal is this year in the midst of all this cove? Madness is to appreciate the things that are in front of me. Appreciate the reason people move to the state and I kinda done an assessment I'm like man I have lacked the beach and not gone to any of these beaches, so one of the goals is literally to hit every Major Beach Florida from the west side of the east side, and really check it out and enjoy it so having all of these things I. Think will help it because really when you show to the beach empty-handed it can be pretty miserable. So I'm bringing it back I think because I used to go so much with my mom that I was like. Okay I'm good I'm good I've done it So that's what we'll be doing this weekend. We're GONNA play. Linda so if you see us out there, make sure to say hello. And actually have your pants on, yeah. They come, say hello to you. Oh, please have Japan. Kids man come on. Yeah Hey. You hear that Savannah. You Ain't got pants on right now. I know, but I'm just doing the show. That's true. That's true. I was looking at Savannah, eating or Bacon. How was your Microwave Bacon? Man Hey Wall Savannah sold the line and ask because you just brought up the AC unit on on the beach, which obviously it'd be silly but Carlos Savannah and Angel I have offered Ryan Homes to borrow that AC unit that you put in your in your your bedroom. Okay, because before you go any further we both have because I hit them both. Do you think he will. He will take advantage of it or will he just sweat in his house, so he could complain cars. What do you think? Will he take advantage of me? Offering an angel offering to let them use the AC unit, or will he just? Too prideful to take. It's funny. Mention that because I was gonna be the motivational minute was. Don't allow your pride to get in the way of helping yourself or your others. There's no he won't. He won't accept it, he he he. He likes to live in this purgatory of if you will decision making where it's not the right and you can't i. don't know it's it's weird, but your pride. We'll get in the. The way of so many things. Let Down Your pride and ask if you need some help. Ask somebody if you need to. If you have a question, asked at the only thing they can say is no. This is a rule of life man. Ask some questions. People were willing to help and advise and unfortunately not feel bad for him. Because seems like the entire process has been cluster, F. Truly from beginning to end, and should be a joyous process, it should be a really fun exciting process to move into your home with your girl and something new, but so my answer long. No, no. Will he take advantage of it? You think he will except our help. No absolutely, because here's the thing about Ryan. Ryan thinks that we're all idiot, right? I tried to tell us that and Russ doesn't. He doesn't believe in I'm like dude. I don't think I think he doesn't believe he's Worthy I. Out, completely wrong Ryan I, don't know how he imagined that we got to where we are today. We're pretty high profile human beings, and we kind of you know we've been through lots of trials and tribulations, and we've gotten all of our lives on track. I feel like right. But Ryan thinks that he's so much smarter than all of us. That he's going to be able to do it his way, and that's the offline and the thing is. He's not that young right. This is not like. This is not like teenage twenty sort of rebellious Ryan. It's it's really just. Era Era Dingley. I was looking at what he's twenty two. And then he doesn't feel like he's worthy and he looks up to us so much. He doesn't want to be embarrassed. On the back end of his thirties man some kid. He's literally not that much younger than me. Angel Willie, take take advantage of our our offer. No Man I look I, said some the same things sentiments that Savanna said, and here's the thing that's annoying about Ryan people love him. There are people genuinely like him. Like one of those people happens to be my wife, and she thought that I came to hard on him this morning. Or freezing. Freezing on my behalf. I was horrible, but I offered the AC unit I offered to help him move. Call. Finley Bay and I, not one word from him well. We Hope Ryan is okay. We hope that he takes up all those offers and AC works all that goodness, and regardless today will be a great day to the top. Never Stop. Had A good day. Gator and you gotta go right. Stay. What you? Do what you do something with it, so it don't go anywhere. You're listening to the monitors the morning. Got To do better. Anyone is part of the dynamic process of the outbreak. Risk for you is not just isolated to you because if you get infected you apart innocently or inadvertently of propagating the dynamic process of a pandemic. Listen to the laundry mornings radio one four point one broadcasting live on iheartradio. Janelle at Real Radio Moscow on Youtube, and we're also live on our facebook page real on facebook and whatnot. Thanks to with the Orlando weekly predominating us for like nine different things for the best of Orlando You can go vote when you get a chance. I guess the voting goes onto like August this is like a really long. Voting period, but What else do you have to do right now? Really and honestly if I break it all down I. don't care that anybody. Vote for me as much as I care that you guys vote for gator land. It's been an icon. We helped you guys through this pandemic when we were in lockdown. Gogo for GATOR LAD 'cause they're tabet there you go, it also real radio, real radio and monsters. They do that. Everything else is gravy and I'd love to see all the guys on the show here. win something. Go ahead, eight. Yeah now I meant to mention this earlier, and they just started right now at nine. o'clock I mean huge shot out to chef Joe Alfono. And he's with the ACF Central. Florida, Chapter and they're doing an event right now. They've got fourteen hundred boxes of produce free ten bucks. Ten pound boxes of produce assorted pre-packaged Fruits Vegetables Salads Greens and more, and it's a truck to truck. Produce giveaway, and it's happening right now. Nine am all box until all boxes are gone and it's at the Orange County. Convention Center, Ninety Eight hundred international drive, and it's lot number four west concourse, and that's brought to you by farmer's or Florida Five Star Gourmet Foods ACF, central, Florida chapter and the American. Culinary Federation and now if you want more information him on their facebook page A. C.. F. Central Florida chapter. ACF Central Florida chapter and that's going on like I said they've got fourteen hundred bucks to get through so. Very cool, good, good good good. So so I got this article, and these are six common phrases that people mess up okay and. If you, guys know the proper way to say these particular phrases and see who's smart. WHO's? A I I missed several of them. So You know I'm not sitting here? Bragging. I'm Super Smart Here's the first one here. Are you supposed to say that you flush out an idea or flesh out an idea? What's the proper way to use it? flush out an idea or flesh out an idea. That was out flush out an idea flesh, luckily like your flesh. and. It's been, or what do you say? Like plus down the toilet. Out. Okay, okay, then, Angel, what do you think? Are you supposed to say? Flush out an idea or flesh out an idea? Man Flush it out. I think it's I think. F. L. E. S. C. A. Carlos. Age All right. It's flesh out. flesh out is correct. It means that you're adding substance or flesh to something so the proper terminology is flesh out an idea. Okay, is it? That makes while you just like people. Tell you every day. Your research paper that you're reading. This from is one hundred percent wrong. Okay. I, just read it. You wrote it. Making. Something out telling you it. It says here it means you're adding substance or flesh to something as I was saying it's van. I thought to myself. Boy that sounds weird, but the explanation make sense that you're. We were just talking about this as far as characters and creating their own story on the break, we were talking about it of fleshing out an idea. Make Re. Yeah, we were little. We were talking about I didn't hear you. Yeah, you weren't in the room and we're talking about. About she was giving me some some stuff on on the slime bag interview all this stuff and it's and then we were talking about how the has a real story how they have real lives, and you hear this a lot of times when actors and screenplay writers talk about character is to flesh it out, and you have to add flesh to it, so that explanation makes a lot of sense, okay, number two. Is it chomping at the bit or champing at the BIT CHOMPING CHP! P or champion C. H. A. M. Ping. Jumping chomping at the bit, what do you think a Carlos is at chomping at the bit champing at the bit camping? Is that a word that I don't know that I? Thought. It was having to do with horses wanting to race, so they were chomping on the bit, but maybe champing is a word that is in the horsemanship, but I always say chomping, so you're gonNA. Go. Which one are you going to? Which one do you think is correct? I'M GONNA go camping screw. and. Then what do you? What do you think angel? Is it chopping the bit? The horse racing thing there chomping at the bit on their mouths was chomping on the bit. You say chopping ooh well. Carlos is right youtube it's. This. Savannah's the one that's most right over this because you're list wrong. The original phrases champing at the bit that's when a horse grinds its teeth on a piece of metal. But that's that's called. Champion is what that is called interest. Okay, so that's that's what sells no horse guy ever ah okay. Here's another one. Okay, is it? set foot in or set. Foot in or step foot in set foot in or step foot in. Like I would never set foot in that house or yeah. Yeah? I would never step. Foot would never step foot in that house. I would never set foot in that house. What's the right way to say that phrase I would never? Enough That never set. You say it's set. Foot is correct right? Yeah, that's what I would normally. Is it's I would not set foot in that house or not. Step foot in the house. I don't step foot in that house 'cause they're Damon's in there. I seen him four I won't stay up for the house. My not even new in two burned-out age have about you. Would you say set foot in the house or step foot in the house? Set I guess I'm try because I. Don't think I've ever really used that phrase. I guess that is what I've heard. Maybe well once once against, Bada. You're wrong again. it's set foot in. The House is the right way to say it stepped. Foot says a technically doesn't even make any sense. I, it says. You're supposed to say I would not set foot in that house. Every single one of those was wrong. Okay, here's another one. Is it hunger pains? P. A. I.. S. or hunger pangs P. A in. S. Humber pame. Hunger pangs the only. No the only thing I know is to paying go from boy meets world. and. I believe they're pains. You have hunger pains because you're hungry. That's when you would say right. It's not say you say pains. What do you think, Savannah? tancs PA. Do, you think Angel Man. I really don't know 'cause I've heard both of these I'm GonNa go with pangs. It is paying correct, yeah! S. It means. appear season's spasm of pain. So that word is pangs. What you're supposed to you got hunger now. It's not limited to me. I said the wrong answer on perfect. Carlos. You're right and Rossier lifted boss. This reading from this article. Stop Bro. His last one is the case and point or case in point. What's the proper Six common phrases that people make a mistake, case and point or case in point. That's case in point in point. In Point, what do you think Savannah? I'd say case and point. And Point. What do you think Angel? Case in point, it is case in point. Yes, case in point is you got every single one wrong savannah. Which? Is Bogus. You've got. Well Carlos got everyone right, so you're saying this is a dummy. What you're trying to say. Oh, I'm just saying. Carlos got him all wrong. Little phrases that we that we mess up. You know you don't know exactly how they originally were were meant, or whatever well. Here's one that I people I hear a lot and it's like it's not per se like a saying, but when somebody says that seven foot. Right shouldn't that leave at seven feet like this. Is that what what the side of this railing? Seven foot you hear? People say instead of feet right seven feet seven foot. He's in. You can say foot if there's inches coming after it if it's just if it's zero on seven, then you can say feet, so it would be like seven foot four inches. Right right, you say it like that, but if it's if it's just with their point, zero zero, then it seven feet long. Okay all right like the ceiling is ten foot. You hear people say that you know what I'm saying like. And I was thinking. Doesn't that sound wrong? Foot Tall. Yeah, like you say all the time rush. You'll say like someone's I. Don't know I I'm adding to this wrong list of things I'm sorry. I wanted to see how. Like like I think irregardless is a word now right, and it's not just. They just made it a word. Yeah, because so many people say. Is as long as continuously perpetuate something, even if it's a lie, or even if it's a non entity, it was a common entity because that's the way the world works now. We'll just we'll just do it to do. What everybody else does. I only come back. I think is going to bring us the ones and twos right angel. Jar, let's do it. It's going to be. All right I'm. We'll do the ones twos when we come back. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the much more than. You could use it to work out. Are you ready to work together to create a healthier life? or say Alexa play Real Radio on Oh. Four point one iheartradio. The morning radio one four point one. Tonight from ten to midnight is what the Hell's listening to right after four frets buddy, Fred's has a shell. That you like, and then you WanNa, stick around and listen to Angel. Welcome back. I'm rose rollins along with Carlos and Savannah and now angels tell you what's up with the ones and twos, the number, one and number two song and all the land. Ones or twos brought to you by what the Hell's angel listening to facebook page. Go hit a page like the page. have that like took that page. That's where post a ton of music that I use, either for rejoins or stuff that I'm into. That might not necessarily make on the air. Stephanie stuff that I will preview there as well Guinness The facebook page. What the Hell's angels listening? To. Wants to choose I like using itunes are just because it kind of is. Like billboard does what they do really well, and they equate airplane all these things into what they do and sometimes there's not a whole lot of movement. It's fun using I tunes chart because stuff drops, an instantly makes impacting you see what people are spending their money on. Today's is Kinda. Neat because what happened. What I've been doing lately when I come in at six am. I'll take a peek of what's One into and I like seeing what the movement is between six am, and when we get to the segment right, so for example that songs that were one into at six am are currently outside of those positions are. We got. which would be number five is Luke. Bryan's one Margarita dropped to the five spot. It's still on the charts. Popstar with DJ calendar and Drake dropped out of the number two spot so just to give you an idea what's going on with that right so number four? Is. Our number three. I'm sorry. This is the number three just because it's interesting to see what. The Movement of music. Any Jonas. Brothers. I like it. Didn't. I don't know how to take this guy in the sense of. Like the lane that he's trying to occupy I think this maybe now. The UK's version or what Justin Timberlake. Harry Styles Hairstyle So, this is his newest single. Or album fine line. That's watermelon sugar. I. Think that's a great. Comparison written. because. The boy band. Then kind of carving out their own lane and Actor. COMES IN AT number three number two You'll recognize this song instantly I. Think it's the collaborate collaborative effort that's up. jumped into the number two long. Bob. Let's go. Obviously that's Tina Turner Classic What's Love Got to do with it. But she's updated. Freshen up the sound with. It's actually her. I thought it was someone covering her. No, that's song Dj and he basically reinterpreted gave that little house music Atmospheric feel to it. GonNa see a lot more of that. It's smart. Why not take these great songs you? Wouldn't Houston this ad one. The she I can't remember the guy's name, but that one's been floating around for a second, and they made that public are finally made it available to purchase. That's cool all right, so that's the number two song and the number one. Role. Now. Now. As. Now now. Again Small Town. Spin through the task. Is that is that sparks love? Really No. Savannah. You tell me because that's what they're saying here. I don't know nelly singing, or or does he spit a verse on here? But the track is called good times roll, and it's Jimmy Allen and Nellie. Number one song currently on what would be considered the hot one hundred chart I love that I think is awesome. Well No, you already did a little country. He's always been done on that going that way. Six Pack Paklin. That is really singing. All right, so yeah, so that's the currently the number. One I want would be considered the hot one hundred. It's good times roll with James Allen and Nellie will. Do. We have a song of the summer yet. Like like, is there. 'cause I hear that that could be it. You know now that song summer is. It's an old job. They've redone it. It's called. We all got the vapors. Actually you know what? It's interesting. And I would throw this one out to Texas and see what you guys say because there's usually been a song. That's the. Only president it's all over the place, and I can't think of one off the top of my head right now. Where I say I've heard it on our pop station in our our adult contemporary station I can't think of one, and it's probably because of the pandemic and. You know just way. That music is being made and whatnot so they would you think that that Luke Bryan Song? Maybe I mean, I hear that a lot of. Luke Bryan and we're going to go to the country charts coming in at number two. s chance. Bit Song. That's number two on the country charts I love it. I think that's all the suburbs. I would say wants to US Dan. Don't you think the song of the summer? Though was the song that you hear crossover? But this crossover. This was number one on the pop charts. Use the example though I'll use that for example, xl isn't playing this yet. No. They haven't redone the sound of it to make it sound like a poppy tune yet, so but so this the number two song on the country charts number one on the chart. Nellie. I'm. Always love Nelly. Controversy with Nellie. By Nellie in he has proven to be a gentleman. Galler. Show. Any great shakes. You ever seen that Guy Freaking Jack. Who's better, Nellie a flow rider? Both in great shape both. Who was GonNa Win The gun? Yeah. Octagon. Nellie verses Flow Rider I'd like to know their way causes. Florida's actually a bigger dude I think. He absolutely bigger than Nellie but Nelly I. Don't know if you remember the jot the All star. Jam Deals they have an MTV. Sports and Nellie was like a three sport athlete. The Dude was just superior to every not a huge guy, probably a running back in that the football, but I know Nellie I'll go Nelly I. Think Florida's got a little, maybe more body fat. Is Younger. And flow rider is a little bit more wild than Nellie that I think he might take him. I don't know Florida's younger than Ellie. I think flora he is. Oh, you know. Do you have their birth certificates? Mr Trump you WANNA kid my. Oh. I didn't know Nellie an flow. You've got Saint Louis and Florida in the deums, my God. All you need is outcast in there and you got the south. To Go to the rock charts coming in at number, two on the rock charts the dead charts. Rock socks now. or Sounds like that I saw falling in reverse with a track called ferry on. Reverses what I used to get hammered. That feeling thing. Yeah! And then for two weeks in a row, holding steady at number one. Walk seat. This. This is from us. We are still holding steady at the number of positions the DMA's. Sales titled Single from the new album called the glow. nope. Oh Poo Poo. That's Kupuna. Whiny whiny, rock winey rock. I. Think Russ like the way that he doesn't. I think he's actually tried to cross these bands. Singlehandedly. Take, them down they know. Not Rock. Lead Guitar Good Baseline a good drum. Okay so next I'M GONNA go to a couple of things i. want everyone or if you get a chance to go, check out this a really cool collaborator that was put together by terrorists Martin Robert. Glassberg wonder Kamasiyah Washington. A lot of these guys are the guys that play with Kendrick Lamar there. The backing band for that ninth wonder. He's an amazing producer and basically an academic of hip hop teaches a class in hip hop at Harvard. The guy's amazing, and so they've come together and they put together. This album called didn't party. And This is one of the songs off that this is called freeze tag and it's more are in be in Seoul, but there's definitely jazz influences from where these guys come from. I. Think that. Turn! Music Saul John. What awesome about this is that the lyrics and what they're talking about is currently. It's what's happening right now. This is our modern day revolutionary music onto the vehicle of a kind of sound. Freeze tag. Is talking about you know what's currently happening. with black lives matter movement and police aggression on civilians, so in the album is full of that kind of commentary so If you get a chance, go check that again. At Dinner, party turns Martin Robert Glasser Ninth Wonder and commodity Washington. Next, thing know what you guys check out, and it's been awesome about the estate of Prince and how they're releasing different music and everything and one of the. They've revisited and there's just so much that they've. Added to. This is the sign of the Times album and I want you didn't album is? Four hundred songs. On on these vaults and everything, and then we get to hear some stuff that we've never heard before for example When we finally hear the this next I'm GonNa play for you when we finally hear it live. It was seven years later that he finally released. This is the first version of the song that he i. Play you and I can never take the place of your man which ended up being a huge hit for him? seven eight years later when the album actually drops, but he wrote it in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy nine, so here's what it sounded like when he originally recorded that song. SAPIEN got. Thirty five on. Hands. Go. By. What it sounded like a nine, hundred, seventy nine, when he first recorded it. This is what when we finally heard this sound like okay. Really cool stuff that they have their. So you get a chance and if you're really interested in doing a deep dive into that like Russia said. I Will Bino release of this at something like eight different pieces of vinyl. If you do the CD purchase. It's like eight or ten different I. Mean they included a ton of music and ball stuff and this release this reissue of one of prince's most iconic album. And that's the ones that do. Very good We got a couple of minutes. Right Yeah, so we're we do I. Don't do this I'll do now. So you know obviously, we all know that Carlos. Just in his wife just had a little baby beautiful, little baby. The photo that Megan put out yesterday with her. Magnolia adorable man, and you know what. I showed it to Mary. Ellen I'm like. She's like. Carlos. if they. Looking exactly like you and making being like. Funny. But there's a story out saying that a lot of parents are living with their baby named regrets. They regret the name that they gave their baby. I know you don't and it's a beautiful name, and so I know that you don't, but in this article they talk about a lot of parents name their kids, and they regretted afterwards. I gotTa Say I. Do I have one of those regrets 'cause? I should have not listened to all the grandparents and I. I should've named my son. Instead, of Ryan race, that would have been a coup last name race rollins would have been I still have that regret, but there there are they've got three boys and three for girls, and these are names that when asked parents say they would never named their child now in fear of being picked on in school, and getting teased and all that. What do you think is number one for men and number one for for women? I think number one name I would never name. My child for boy is Donald Donald, number two. Donald is number two on the now. What now this? This list comes from the UK. So that has to do with it. Okay, so you qualify this. Qualify the other list. I just read that here. In the UK, so then I. Guess Yeah. What's number one for UK? Yeah Boris it is yes. Boris is number one. Number two. Is Donald and number three is Manson those three names. They said it would not name a kid right now at all Manson. Charles Manson. Okay Still carries that it's so crazy. Take a guess for Girls Savannah. What do you think is the number one name that they would? They would not name their child Come on. That's gotta be so easy, right? And is it a matter? Of fact, it's a ninety three percents said Karen. Number two is isis. And number three is Meghan and that's that's because because of Meghan markle know. Funny that's. Megan always talks about is like man when she had. My Wife's name is Megan so she when I talked to my in laws about it when they named her Megan it wasn't a very popular name you know, and now it's turned to a much more popular name or whatever, but I think a lot of times people. What is weird? They don't give the name that much thought they just kind of. Like. Oh, we'll give that, you know. We'll just name our kid that and and then a lot of times people listen to other people on their kids and I'm like. Don't do this key. You made it. You made the kid like the son's name. Is Coors. Hell engage? Bad Ass name. Do you regret gauge or no? Now Yeah not at all I. Mean I got. Let's be real I got it from pet cemetery. It's a bad ass kid in the book so there you go. Yeah and you didn't tell your mom or your dad beforehand that you're gonNA. Engage that you. Know, I mean my family chuck full of super names. like like I. And Wicky Butch and Blah Blah and you know. So did they say anything? I'm going name. Engage they. Say Anything or Now. there. Hello. To See if you. All right. Russ's going crazy because he has to start drinking drink, and now he's starting to get a little loopy, and he's asked to take an enema so. Did you see this angel after I drink like I? Don't know what this stuff is. This stuff, okay? All this. That I gotta do. That rottweiler bootleg I know he got to win next Anima Russell. Anima. Wh what's a good one. To go one the best one they got when you don't play around wanted anything near the boot. When you're inserting or doing anything. By the best right up that box and look how long thing is. About. And Love. To have a cold, ask me on Monday so Sunday all day. All. I can do is drink stuff and that public enemy you got comes with the Buffalo Chicken sub as well as. Those at all. that's that'd be easy for you. Know, Was that me. I I. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the. Bye Bye. Yeah Going down. Seven hundred, one six one. Real Radio One zero four point one. Hey Yeah, usually our youtube channel. You don't hear all the commercials, but Ryan homes could not attendant today or attempted to it today or handle it today. He's a sleep you had to. Take care of so we'll be back to normal on Monday, but appreciate you guys being there on the Youtube Channel, and probably when it's all done today, it will re post because all the music and all this stuff went out, and that's breaking all kinds of What licensing the licensing and copyright stuff, but this kind of silly. You know considering that we are a radio station, but I understand why when you're using music and the different platforms that POPs off if you don't have all the appropriate licenses coming up in a little bit. You're GonNa hear that keyword again. That keyword help you win a thousand dollars. Lethal keep listening for Carlos so I got I got an idea for you I don't know what you do and when when it comes to, there can hear. Other player. That's okay. You're going to the beach this weekend. I'm curious when you got sunscreen. Did you get spray on Sunscreen or wipe on Sunscreen? We got spray on. Okay I was. GonNa say get. You. Get you get your wife. Get Your own can of spray on right and I. Tell You why I saw. I read an article. Whatever kind of says that people. When you rub on, you'll do it once and then you're not gonNA. WanNa, do it for the rest of the day because he got the sand and get Sandy, and you're not gonNA. and and people tend to more. If you had your own can of spray, you'll sit there and spray yourself and you know it's Kinda, cool or whatever, but but there's the rub on stuff people tend to not. Apply all day long like like you should so grab a can for you in a camp for your wife and a camper daughter and You know you don't mind spray in that stuff and it gets. Kinda gets everywhere. So that's my one beach suggestion, thank you know you've already given me several great ones and try like I, said trying to make it a very successful beach. And Become Beach people we are in Florida and I. Mean we just theme? Parks are gone I'm not going any of those anytime soon. We didn't you when you leave and when you go and beaching can leave in the morning like seven thirty. Try and get out early and get ask get there early. Get out early. Get set up. Picking up a couple of different accoutrements for the food, wise and and yeah. I just saw me. Here's a beautiful thing about working at home. Is that I can go inside and see my wife and my daughter and my baby. Yeah, I'll just kinda chilling there and I say what's up to them, and and it's I would say that is definitely a luxury. In, in in the midst of all, this is is to be sure that. See Mary Ellen. She's she's. She's making chicken noodle soup for somebody who say. She's got blazer I guess I. Hate even saying the word but but she's still. She's dealing with the cancer thing. It makes you tired like like all day yesterday. She wanted to sleep. Know and and it makes you a super super tired, and I can't wait to be done with all. This should get all. And be done with it, but you know her way of dealing with it is is doing stuff for other people, so she's making a big hole thing of a homemade chicken noodle. Good way of dealing with it. That's a great way of dealing with. It is to give good for her. That doesn't surprise me. Yeah, there's this is this is crazy. Is One of the news stories I got from overnight. An employee at a lowes in Washington was told that he had to go home and change his shirt. Because customers were complaining that it was racist, the shirt was black. Panther will conduct forever. It was a lows in Washington Washington state. Guy Wards to work and customers says not just one because we're several customers complain that the t shirt was racing. Black Panthers. Fictional character will conned is not even real. Thought, it's not even close to rate I. Know The answer to this one. Is this racist or not? Fat Is Not Racist. Made him change his shirt because people thought it was. Of Crazy, isn't it? Doesn't surprise me doesn't surprise you. Somebody immediately thought that and. To the panthers, The correlation there. Hey, Los. We're getting a lot of information of particular beats that you said you were going to doesn't open till noon Oh. Wow, thanks for the heads. So that START I don't know this is all the information in the phone calls. That were getting. people are texting and I. had a couple of calls already Let. Carlo doesn't open till new. No, there's a canaveral paying a dude. You told me the website. Okay, just say no. That's not the way it's always been. I've been there before at six o'clock in the morning so. They're on the on the news side. who were doing? No, no, no, no, no, there's only one way to get in there. You gotta pay to get in. It was six o'clock in the morning. people were there early close to. Get how you look at it to everyone everyone. There's not just being making up the mess with them. Tons of people are texting. Hey, fluent play Linda doesn't open until noon. Democratic Change because the pandemic or something so it must have been something. Well What beach is? Now my beaches yet. I like what close what's beach. That's close to that. And then again with the sunscreen thing just. My job here is not completely always to discredit Russ rollins from the things that he says but when you're using the sunscreen. You and your wife, because you're the adults, use the aerosol for you, but because of the chemicals and the carcinogens in the Aerosol. You WanNA use rub on a sunscreen for the children I guess I would agree with that. Coming in from the texting. Difference so the spray to huge difference. If you had a you don't want. Do a quick search on the articles on the studies that have come out on sunscreen recently. On the spray sunscreen especially the report that they did in the Washington Post just a few months ago. Guesses play. Linda was closed during the pandemic when they reopened the they. They started opening at at noon. So that's that is new, so you want. WanNa go earlier Yeah, we definitely want to go earlier. and well I appreciate everybody riding that 'cause I guess we would have been pulling up to clean. There's a rocket going off Saturday. O Rock is going up Saturday morning. That's why. It's going to be packed. Packed yeah, you went, you went. Pick a different beach. Well. Anybody's got a good idea for a great be Chimi up. E mail. Carlos at Radio DOT FM I WANNA make our first beach experience that much better, but I mean. If you get really how how much you, how far you're willing to drive. There's no couple of hours if we needed to okay I, think what you did right this that right down either set cinnamon, beach or Hammock beach. Both of those are beautiful. They're they're. Over the palm. Palm Bay. What's IT called oh shoot! It is scary. Cinema Beach, and at Hammock beach are both beautiful places. The parking get on there and there's not a lot of people there and I think you guys would love it. Okay, cool! Yeah, I've just wrote. Those down will want investigate all these and find the perfect spot for. Morning, your chance to win a thousand dollars come here in a couple minutes listen for the key word, and when you hear it text the keyword two hundred, two hundred, when we come back and going to tell you what's going with Monster Sports. You're listening to the modules the border. Reason. Be Mall Lag. You're just minutes away from a brand in your hand brought to you by mills air on real radio four point one. Family you got the word. Text that word family, two hundred two hundred bucks. Impaired the about our outwards I believe we've given away like seven thousand dollars so far, which is awesome. Keep trying, keep winning at money I'd love to see real radio listeners. Monster Listeners News Jerky. Jim Colbert. listers win. Win This thousand dollars. We'd love you. Guys win it. Welcome back I'm rush. Rollins along with Carlos and Al Angel is going to bring Moslems sports. Monster. Sports brought to you. BY MONSTERS DOT FM. Go, visit the website. Have, that be your daily distraction. You absolutely have to see it to date. There's now if you haven't checked all week. Today's the day that you go check out. Monsters Dot FM, wise that you have to check out the works of one kid named. I just had sorry. Let me go back here, so there's this gentleman and he is name is Jared Jacobs Jerry? Jacobs is a just. Crazy with it when it comes to Legos like he is taking the time stop motion. Director to create iconic sports highlight scenes with legos. And he does, and he'll put the scenarios. The scenes side by side to show you how I mean. The dude is ill with it. He nails it and it's Go hit them up. It's a gold yellow. On twitter Jerry take. ESPN re tweeted it me did era create the recreation of Damian Lillard hitting the six three to win the game. He's got there that one there. He's got a couple of golf moments as well and it's just. Amazing talent and again it. Does the whole scene. Stop Motion, Lego move. And then he's got, and then he's got the the real motion right next to it. The real live seeing that he's doing and it's amazing, so go to Mosser's. Dot FM. The one of the it's basically a montage of some of these best ones, and you can hit that up there and then go him up on on twitter and let them know that I give him some love right. I! So that's the reason why you've got to go to monsters. Dot FM now one of the things that we've learned during this pandemic that somehow with all of these things going on sports memorabilia doesn't take a hit not at all. It doesn't slow it down at all. Particularly if your name is Michael Jordan. And this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard but I. I think i. get the reasoning for it right. You're fascinated with this dude I. I'm I'm fascinated with the people that have made the right decisions in their life that put them in positions that in the middle of a pandemic they can drop this kind of money on things that we seem might seem frivolous to US riots. It right yeah. So. There's a case. Of NBA F- lear, NBA basketball trading cards unopened. Case of them in the case, there's twelve boxes thirty six packs of nineteen, eighty, six eighty seven clear basketball cards, which should have thirty six Michael. Jordan rookie cards and thirty six Michael Jordan stickers currently the number one bid for this case of. Basketball Cards. Is Carlos. Sixty nine thousand dollars sixty nine, thousand dollars, Russ, hundred, twenty, three, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, three thousand dollars, and maybe these this is examples of why we're not making are bidding on these kinds of things right right has currently the big for. A case of Eighty six eighty seven basketball cards is one point five five million dollars wow Chris. I mean. If we do the math. Is that workout with Jordan's I? Mean thirty six Jordan's studies, so it's forty six Michael. Jordan rookie card and thirty six. Michael Jordan stickers in the card so. I guess the math works out so comes to nearly one hundred and thirty thousand dollars a box. and. The funny how his profile really gone up just from that one documentary. that. He was going to take a hit on that. He thought people were going to view him differently, and they did. They remembered Oh yeah. He's the man. Yeah I, so yesterday we were talking about it and we had finished up the show waiting with baited breath. What this devastating news was going to be about the team from Washington and Washington. About its ownership and everything and we've got fifteen women that have stepped forward and shared their stories of sexual harassment within the organization. I mean it was rampant throughout the whole place through the whole organization and. Right now as we speak. So we knew the principal owners of the team had talked to Dan Snyder about changing the name and everything. Now you got minority ownership people smaller stakes in the team are trying to figure out how to sell their interest in the team because they don't think that they're basically. They feel that they're going to lose money If there was a ship, this would be a sinking ship. What are the story I just saw the headline, so there's just multiple women that are coming out saying that team. Yeah, fifteen different women say describing women who worked for the Franchise Report says obey cried about the realization dream job working in the NFL came. With what they characterized his relentless sexual abuse and verbal abuse that was ignored, and in some cases, condoned by top team executives in all the reports, the fifty women say they were sexually harassed while working for the team among the employees accused of sexual harassment is Larry Michael the teams radio announcer who two days before this report was, a file was released retired abruptly. Article the. names of the article two employs recently fired for pro personnel. Was Alec Santos and Assistant Director of pro personnel returned man the second team owner. Daniel Santa refused to be interviewed for the report, but won't be able to stay away or they're saying that he won't be able to still stay silent for this long, and in what's really interesting about this is the other owners feel that he is a detriment to the league. Similar to what happened with the NBA with the clippers, he can be forced out. Wow, So not only are we looking at a potential name change for that team from Washington, but we're probably looking at a whole complete ownership change, and all of that as well if If this continues to gain momentum so. Not Snyder's year, no matter. We're. We're GONNA. Hear the with the new name is 'cause. I'm really curious. They're going to If I was Dana Snyder out, probably do it today at all I'd probably do Monday at nine am asked to basically take the legs out from this report one hundred percent. They might be the reason why they decided to go ahead and say yes. You know what I'm saying. Talk about so we'll see you know I mean just knowing how the media works and everything or or you probably do it what you would do it today at six on a Friday. That's the story all week all weekend long and maybe it. Takes momentum into Monday I dunno usually bad stuff on Friday right? Yeah, usually it's bad stuff you drop on a lot of a lot of political stuff gets dropped and Friday afternoon. You know people forget about it over the weekend. Yeah, so you do something that could be a positive on Monday morning Monday. Yeah. all week long to kind of prop yourself up some. Couple of different stories that are going on with the NBA and their life in the bubble on one of the things that's been really funny and rush. You mentioned it earlier today. Dwight Howard. He's been He's one of the guys has been lit up because of the. Hotline to report people that are not really paying attention to the rules that they have for. And what happened was and again this is. This is our competitive These guys are from all accounts. It looks like the guys are telling on each other. So. White posted a bunch of videos without without him. Wearing the masks and everything and people are like. Hey, look, he's not following. The rules are so I. Don't know if there's any there's anything been said that if you don't follow You know the rules inside the bubble. If you're going to miss, games I haven't I I. Don't know that part of yet, but it's a lot of guys kind of messing with each other that way. There's gotta be some strict punishment for these guys breaking the rules I mean it's not just A. Arbitrary, rule where you know, it doesn't hurt anybody. You break these rules. You could literally infect the entire I understand for like leaving the bubble, those kinds of things, but from all accounts I think it was. He was like just in different parts of the area just, but he was out about without the mask and. He didn't have a mask when I was watching. He was on instagram live, but he was by himself with the pool. He so were. Zion. Williamson. Left the bubble. Family Emergency We don't know what that emergency is. They expect them to be back with the team in the next couple of weeks. But that was the announcement late yesterday the. Family he had to leave, but if he leaves the bubble comes back, and he's got a self quarantine for at least fourteen days right so he wouldn't be able to play I think it's forty eight hours. Since. He's already done the initial thing when he called. I think it's a forty eight hours seventy two hour kind of thing when he comes back so but. Yes Russell. What about seventy, two NFL players tested positive seventy. I. I don't think there's GonNa. Be An NFL season. Guys that sucks bought all my Miami Dolphins. Raga Jerseys I watch hats on Miami Dolphin ready for two and I. Think I'm going to be waiting for another year. I'm curious as I think we all are to see. The NFL pulls us together because. I just just from everything that we've watched and we've seen You think that you would want to go ahead and start isolating these guys now and Q. and pull and pull them out of their environments to get them ready for this but I. don't see how you pull that off right now. At Jj Watt was saying listen. players want to play, but we. We need to know what doing like. No. We don't no one telling us what we're doing. Jj Watt is like you know. We're supposed that. We got people going to training camp. allegedly and a couple of days, and no one's telling us what's going on I. I have a bad feeling about the NFL and I don't I. Don't want to be that way just. Text me all the hate right now I want him to play in some in some fashion in some way, but in in any living good. They don't have great leadership. They really don't the. NBA has great leadership. And and that's what that's what we're learning here. You got a good leader involved whether it's your city or state or whatever you're gonNA. You'RE GONNA? Do a little bit better with this whole thing. Your company, your own company. We got great leadership at our company. They've they've given us a lot of information. Different paths questions you know. And then honest on a little sad note here and I know I. Know like for us. It's going to be a little heartbreaking because we you know. We met one of these people and you know Russ we know rice as a fan, love and he. Russ loves love love. I know that I'm sure your phone blew up when this broke and everything. Talk. Show so Aaron Rodgers and Danika Patrick. Have broken out. After two years dating for two years, who years? The two youngsters just didn't seem that. Could you know make it? heartbreaking. Jake. She didn't have a firm. She came. She came to the interview that we're going to goof on her. And she was ready to kick our shoes army. Kick your ass. Probably because I was I was trying to say something Nice, and she was taking it wrong because i. saw her do her. She's doing her hand Stan and What are the yoga on the beach and I'm like. Really Strong, and she goes goof honor. But yeah, they broke up Dan. Yes, her brother! Her brother was consoling her brother. Do you know very brothers name Dan? Patrick. Patrick Patrick, That's right I can. Patrick Patrick to wrap up. Monster Sports with this I mentioned this earlier, and I just got a phone call from chef, Joe. They're doing a trunk to trunk. Produce giveaway right now. The Orange County Convention Center. They're giving away free. Ten pound boxes of produce a Sorta pre-packaged fruits vessel Salad Mixes Greens and more. All you gotTa do is drive up and they're going to drop it in your trunk. It's no contact super easy. I'd say started at nine am. Until they don't have any left. They've got something like eight hundred boxes left a produce. They started off with fourteen hundred So you can go there again. It's right there at orange. County Convention Center. It's the West concourse lot number four, and this is all courtesy of. The ACF Central Florida tapped. ACF If. You want more information Goto. ACF's into Florida tatters page, but it's a box of produce, and they're giving it away. All you gotta do is drive up. Open up your trunk. Right, you're listening to the the morning. The word this hour's family, right? Was Families The keyword text? The word family to two hundred, two hundred. You could win one thousand dollars and keep listening all day long for that thousand dollars. We give away like seven grand so far in the time all the time giving away money, this race has given away more money than anyone. As far as I in the I heart, cluster like a bunch a bunch, so good luck leprosy, you win welcome back I'm rush rollins along with Carlos and Angel and now sits just two of you. I'm going to you. Battle it out today, and and and the closest one like. Jim Kelch do closest to the pin. The closest one will win, but you can't go over. This is like John. What's it called the? Price is right. You know where you gotta get closest, but you can't go over I. These are celebrity. Birthdays some of these people you may or may not know who they are, so you take a wild guess if you don't know who they are celebrity birthdays on this day. July seventeenth two thousand. Twenty is the birthday of Luke Bryan Country Star Luke Bryan who's got the number. What is it number, two or three songs on the on the charts right now? Carlos Sweeping Luke Bryan how you think he is. Thirty four years old restaurants thirty four. How old you think! Luke Bryan is Angel Thirty Five. Thirty five Angel Wins He's forty four years old. Damn Luke Lucas forty four. Can I recommend an adjustment? So if if you think you know the name like Los, say your name I night. That'd be who goes first because if you do it this way, all we have to do is go over under. Saying okay very good. Sportsmanship I liked it. Okay I won. I won to ring and I like to like. I'm willing to change. That's fine, Okay. Ready I! One Ring in. What are you going to say to ring in Carlos? I'M GONNA say. What are you GonNa? Say to bring in Angel. I'll say my name. Okay? Motorcycle Racer Corey Hart. Yeah. Yeah. Corey Hart is. Forty three years old forty three years old. How old are you think is eight Forty, He's forty five etame. Okay so we had one one for angel, one for Carlos Wear my sunglasses at night. Okay Okay Angel Carlos. Okay That's a different Corey Hart. I think yeah okay oh now I don't think. Now Listen I only want to be going to who to save I interviewed this guy. Left it on the list so you're not gonNA know, but I'll I'll give it a shot. Craig Moore Craig Morgan. Country Music Star Craig Morgan. Feige. Thirty to thirty two, and then ain't. What do you think I'm GonNa go with. Craig Morgan is forty five years old I you win. He's fifty six years old. One for Angel there. He goes to angel one for Carlos Okay. Here we go! You gotTA. You GotTa Ring In. Actor superstar in Germany. Hassle Pool. Carlin. Had to be. Turban. How old is David? Hasselhoff that H-. How do you Russ out? Are You I am a very young and charming. Night writer did you did not watch? Nightrider fan yeah did not watch it. David Hasselhoff is. Sixty three years old OH. Okay, we! Give it away. Like among no emotion, nothing the normal. Old Is David has. A. Sixty five sixty five year winner. He's sixty eight years old. So that's three for angel. About one of those points lows, I know tell. All right here. We go Geezer Butler. That's my fake name. I gave to the police kid who. WHO's Geezer Butler? Ring in Angel Angel Angel. There's one on the planet. Who has the name Geezer and I'm pretty sure he is from. What what's I'll give you? The name of the band black Sabbath Black Sabbath. Geezer is seventy five years old. Okay, and then what do you think Carlos? Geezer is. Seventy four years old Both of you are over. He's only seventy one. He's a very young. Seventy way got you went over. We! Can't go over, there's old. Ridiculous I got point got. Up the role Carmella Parker Bowles. Camera. Car. Says Carmelo Camel Camilla whatever net Louis. She I never know Camilla Royal. Camilla Parker Bowles. The! Baka there your. Shiksha an. Angel? How old is Camilla Parker Bowles Eighty. Eighty you went over. We gotTa Win for Carlos Their. Seven she seventy-three. Okay. Here's the last one Donald Sutherland. Baca. Carlos Donald Sudden One. Looks like. An old, vampire. With country star. Donald I think is eighty years old. Eighty years old is when you think angel. I think. Man! Donald Sutherland. Melted, face. Eighty eighty, three, eighty, three, another win for Angel. He's eighty five years old. Those you're birthdays. Today what? Crush me Oh. Peace in the middle. Word. My head. Is don't fellow. Away from being. On vacation. For the weekend I drink. When are you? GonNa have your first. Right off the screen. Oh know what I have to wait till noon for me. I gotta wait till noon now. mary-ellen is noon yet. You know I'll wait till noon and then I think today we're not not TV. They were just going to hang by the pool. Is is the plan today? No plants period the not one plan, which is weird for me I. Usually have some sort of plan or something, but I've got. I've got no plans, we. got. This is the interesting so a last week in Minnesota, okay police used drones in order to fly over the beaches. The beach the beach soda in Minnesota. They got beaches in Minnesota. By the lakes the lakes. They call them secluded beaches. Whatever will anyway. People were going nude they they were nude, sunbathing and going, and so they use drones to fly over to Ketchum and arrest them going nude. We'll after they did. It made the news. People got really really mad about it so now min- Minneapolis is going to make it legal to go topless, so many people were so upset that women will be able to go topless on the beaches in. In on the beaches in Minnesota, women should be allowed to be topless anywhere that I agree I mean and I say this as a man who loves BOOBS, number I, and then I back it up with my wife breastfeeding right now. Okay, guess what that's the real deal. That's what it's there for okay, and it's an amazing thing to see. My daughter walks, and her boobs are out. It's booze. It's just boobs and don't WanNa. Be The devil's advocate. Though we go to the beach and say you're going to the beach, you're going to beat this weekend and I go to the beach and your wife has topless. You don't want me looking at your wife. BOOBS I. don't care what. The at the end of the day. What if you're if you're GonNa do that hard as glance over. Do I, mean but like you. Try and have some decorum, but I feel. How's it? How's it look? But but you know I it is. I think that will be gone one day I. The double standard it really is doubles that meant topless. All they want women. Are you can because you know you've got yeah I? Mean I think that will be gone one day. I don't know how long, but it will be. We'll talk about it like yeah. Women used to have to wear a top at the. I would love to entertain. I would love to be live in a world of that happens. I'm trying to figure I'm trying to conceive of trying to think of the mechanisms things that would happen in place for dudes to be cool. That's what you're asking. Your Life Bro because shots this. Can't we can't. We can't help it. It's our. I mean if boobs are out. It doesn't matter how. What they look like we have to look. If you remember Carlos when we went to hedonism after about a half a day, it's no big deal. Yeah, you get used to it. But it is ingrained in our brain once again, having a newborn and seeing how much that the only thing that maybe knows, it's the turn of the side. Start talking I mean that's literally and you see your. Sherman out like we all do when we don't have a movement awhile. He's giving the boob just giving the boom, and so it's ingrained in us. It's literally part of our DNA to to obsess about the boot, women and men I mean how often you see. Women are like me. Just touch like. Wow, there's an it now like women do? So I mean let the boobs free. Let the Nipples free. I WANNA live in. Minnesota in Minnesota now they're able to go the able to go topless In Minneapolis, it is not all of Minnesota in Minneapolis they. They change the rule. Because the the the they they arrested some people I know how he would change guys, and when you have little boys, you know you have kids and they're around it and they see boobs a lot as As they get older. It won't be as big a deal. You know what I'm saying like. It's one thing now to see it because it's you're not, but if you raise kids, and you go to a beach and yeah, some women are topless. Some women are not every woman is going to be like. Let them free. You know and as kids, but it's A. It's a cultural thing. Because if you go to Europe, there's plenty of top optional beaches and I don't think have that same. That same stigmas there there's there's commercials they see like. If you see a lot of it around there, and so they don't have that same hangup that. That we do three year on sale though I'm willing to die on this L. Boublil. Well Bill Boom Hill because let let him free. Why not but you know? If, you ever have been to a nude beach or a new island. Or plen-, like you were talking about going to or whatever a Lotta Times. The people that go topless really wouldn't of them anyway. It's like. It's the world's most beautiful women that are run around naked at the at the nude beach. No, you're right or men's. Big Fat guys will usually the ones that are run around naked, the nude or day Guy Gay guys, but like you don't want the Weiner to be everywhere like that's now. Weiner doesn't have has a separate purpose cover. The waiter yet covered the wieners because nobody really wants to see that. Don't know you know the boobs free wieners. No I'm with okay we could. We could start a great campaign with this and I think it'd be a big cross. Cross the aisle. Shake the hand. We all would agree over the wiener. The Wiener! Free the BOOB. or The people. I agree with you. One hundred percent right we'll come back is the temperature of the week yes? Sir, it is our right. It'll be time for the week at the Pierre. Song kick you off for the weekend. Just right? Hey, remember. Long your chance to win a thousand dollars, so keep listening for that keyword this hour. The word is family. You can text it right now and wait for Iheart to call you and tell you that you went up thousand dollars because I mean. We've given away a bunch of money. We want you to be next and when we come back then we'll do a little bit beer the week. You're going to get on the line because we have a gift certificate. No Angel I think we, we I, think we do let me double check on. Then I to best phone call will will give away some money to circle K. you're listening to the the morning. Talk! Bad. Don't round Dope Brown! Board. A Lot. You're. Go-. Liked. Go. Look. There! Taller. Board right. Laying Walter. has. been. The thin. Good Lord. Anyone. happened. Ball give. Five belly. Way! On work they. Know we've got the. Party and I heard. Go down. And the whole world for? Their Walter I love. Her All. These. Moore. Ball, the. happening. Beer, beer beer beer. The way brought to you by circle. Beer cave. Make sure you go check out circle K.. and. Select your favorite beers there that got ice cold beer in the beer cave, and they're the ones that bring us beer the week today. Today's beer. The week is going to be something pretty cool We got a ceiling on the Line Russ. Are you man. We haven't seen you in a one hundred year ceiling from the News Yoga. Good to hear from. You meant how you been been good. It's it's it's groundhog day as it was for the last couple of months, everything over and over nothing's new. Good time. I saw you the other. Day On. On facebook or something like that, you still looking thin so looking good, you keep an keeping in shape. That's awesome. Mostly. On the twenty twenty five, maybe but still. I'm not like three hundred and twenty pounds anymore. So that's good. Do Three Twenty at one point Yeah Wow Russ never saw three hundred never never seen an now to ninety eight. Bit. Bit Been There to ninety eight now and then I just wouldn't get on the scale again until. You never never measure career. I never saw three hundred on the scale. Back. I real quick. This week's up here. The week is brought to you by. EPIC BREWING AT? DENVER COLORADO EPIC Brewing Denver Colorado. This is a copy stout. This is their SOB. Son of a baptist coffee stout with cocoa nibs in it. Made from roasting arsenal artisanal coffee. That's exactly what I'm drinking. Is it really okay? Well, it's close enough I. Eight percent ABC comes in twelve versions each of them with a when you order, they'll use a different small batch of coffee from the Greater Denver area. So this sounds like an. Open a puppy up. This is my little bit reciprocal. Ritz. Tell me said what's up. and. We'll do the today's cheer to how getting your first. House. And hiring the proper movers Yeah, you able to do both of those without injuring yourself. Cheers cheers there you go. Poor restraint home. Man He, just what is a? Ceiling do you understand? Not One to ask for help. If you've ever been that kind of guy where you're, you're. You're afraid to ask for help. Sometimes I get that, but if it's something like moving. First of all I'm not going to be the one that does the token facebook post and says hey. Come. Come help me move. I'll by Beers and pizza I I rather just pay somebody like family, moving and storage. Thank you, sir, after the work for me. Handle right there. They were willing to help him to, and he just didn't want he he was. He was embarrassed to show them that he was living in an AIRBNB. Out of embarrassment I'll just do it. Myself is ridiculous, yeah! I A lot of furniture last time I moved, so it was mostly just a couple of truckloads and I did it myself. You know when you got that amount of stuff. That's heavy like that. Hot As hell as it is right now, yeah, seems like a ridiculous I do. Know. What's coming up on the news today? What do you guys do anything special? Sean kind of hurting right now. It's wrong. He's laying on the couch. Little Hung over his. Tell them, we said hello you. Did you hear that story or have you guys seen that stat the average hours? A Americans are drunk during the day during this pandemic. No, no, no, what is it so on? Average Americans are spending two hours a day. Drunk under the term whatever defines drunk during the day. I'm I'm thinking your guys show pushing. That seems low. Low. Hey! Today is also national donut day. You guys into like sweets and stuff like that. Is anyone going to bring you guys any crispy cream? I haven't been we're. We're all trying to be adults in Diet here the only thing we're trying to do right. During the day thing we're not, we're doing wrong, but the Diet thing I mean I. I haven't had a doughnut in. The I think. The last time I had a donut was when somebody brought some into the station when we all went to work every day. If there was one in your face right now, who's right there? I mean I mean a good, good, crispy cream, nice and hot. Would you eat it? It would have to be. crispy cream is good, but it would have. I'm jelly filled. Really. Liked them. Never, never never did my tone. The Jelly Donut Pont. Chocolate frosting good Boston Cream Kinda man. I. See, are you performing anywhere or doing any probably not right nope I've since. I think Saint Patrick's Day was. When bars I down? I think I've played. Two or three times Max since then. Wow, you play with yourself at home during the pandemic. That is a very personal question. The poor phrasing on my part, but d like to use for just to stay on top of your chops I. Guess is what I saw. The Guitar No actually the couple of times that I have played a Gig my left hand that the frets strings has been killing me afterwards because I lost all. My calluses I've got puss hands now. But I do. When I'm at? I play piano once in a while just to. Do something different. Okay, very good. Hey, please tell Sabrina and. Sean. Sean everyone that we say hello and we miss him and and. Say was up absolutely. Do, one hundred percent APR appreciate Carlos. I have a great time at the beaches weekend. Thanks man. Yeah, we're looking at poor. Whatever beach we go, we'll see. All, right and then tonight it's It's angel with hells. You're listening to from ten til midnight right here on real. Radio One zero four point one right after port, Fritz, right. Yes. Very good all right. Stay tuned for the news junkie right after the Mazar at three. o'clock is the Jim Colbert show back next Monday to do our thing from Angel and Carlos Mencia Lane and Fritz, and later this mess Aman, Russ. He ain't never seen three hundred rounds. Hey. Thank you so much listen. We gotta go gotTa get the hell out of here and. I'm GONNA we get. Just minutes away from a grand in your hand brought to you by mills air on real radio four point one.

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