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"bob rob fulmer" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"That doesn't surprise Bob rob Fulmer with Iryna craft brewers guild. We're warned more relevant meeting national trends in exceeding standards of quality and excellent. He says, there's been a lot of growth. The last few years, and local breweries are helping drive that growth. I don't know whether you saw this on gem a terrifying scene at a major league baseball game in Houston, involving up foul ball and a young girl. Cub center fielder Albert more junior up to bat against the Astros at minute maid park and sending a foul ball into the stands sizzling off ESPN announcers detailing what happened. It hit it hit a young child. So I'll bore is really shake it up the young girl, rushed to a hospital L more of says he knew right away that the ball, hit someone would suck the most story. Less many ballparks of added protective netting following other foul balls hitting fans the girl and her family were sitting beyond the netting along the third base dugout Michelle Franson, ABC news after the game. The Astros said the girl was taken to the hospital, but there was no update on her condition. I know as a father of two little girls. That's got to be a worst case nightmare for you taking them to a d backs game or something right? Yeah. And you go to a game. Absolutely great time. Right. And, you know, the popcorn and the cracker jacks, and all that, but it's just man it is to keep your eye on the ball at all times. You do. And Paul Calvi was telling me off the earlier a woman, an older woman died at a dodgers game recently who's hit by of all that. You just don't hear anything about it. KTAR news time six oh. Seven off. All right here is Dani Sullivan and the valley Chevy dealers traffic.

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