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Hour 2: BJ Armstrong

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Hour 2: BJ Armstrong

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Espn and listened to the rap podcast hosted by Jalen and Jacoby immediately following the broadcast presented by State Farm and at and T. available wherever you enjoy your podcast. Bj Armstrong expected to join us here in just a minute. Here's your sportscenter. Update Alex Morgan and Meghan said that they will appeal a California judge's decision to throw out claims that the US women's national team were underpaid compared to the men's Korea Baseball Organization Gabyo the NC Dina's defeated the Samsung Lions four to nothing that game was seen on ESPN and finally man. It felt good score. Who Well and finally net flicks will move forward with the sequel for extraction. Mike loves that attention. Ssi recipients if you did not file a tax return last year and have children under seven team. You must act now to get the five hundred dollar economic impact payment per child. If you do not act today you must wait until next year to get those payments go to irs dot Gov at your permission in the filer tool today. That's IRS DOT G-O-V E. This message produced by social security at US tax payer expense for all the latest headlines and information during the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day we are endeavouring to find bj. Armstrong. But if I had to play some sort of strange game show where they asked me to. God's Mike Ryan's favorite actor. I believe that I would be selecting Nicholas Cage. I believe I would get the right. Answer that Nicholas Cage is Mike Ryan's favourite actor now comes word. That Nicholas Cage is for the first time ever stugatz going to deign to settle to do television. He is going to do a television role. And it's going to be in an adaptation of Tiger King. We will get to Mike Ryan's third on that in a second again. Mike Ryan has a pillow at home. That has a Nicholas Cage is face on it. You're watching on Sunday Nights. Many of you listening to this the Michael Jordan documentary B J Armstrong joins us now on. Espn radio thank you BJ for making the time. Hope hope that you're well. You're on first take before The the documentary started. And you said you were worried about how Michael Jordan would be. Portrayed what do you make of how? He's been portrayed well you know you just knowing. Him and knowing him for many years have just you know the intensity focused that he brought in when you when you see someone from the outside and you see them with this type of focus and energy you just never know how it's you know how it will be portrayed in however look from the outside but Somehow I think the director Jason Air and his staff. They've done a great job thus far and and I think it's been terrific. It's certainly been very enjoyable. And people seem to have a very positive response to the documentary. Thus bar felt bad for anybody. Have you felt bad for Jerry? Krause for Tony Coach for Isaiah Thomas. Is there anyone? You've felt bad for watching the portrayal. It's kind of funny when you're watching other people you know like other peoples lives seem way more interesting than your own. So it's kind of weird to watch yourself and know that know. These are things that we did and I never thought twice about it or thought in my wildest dreams that anyone was ever interested in what was going on so but you know I feel bad. It's just part of public life right and there has to be heros. There has to be billing so you know going up in the sports world some form of entertainment that it is. Of course they're going to be different. Takes on it but I can say this you know especially in Jerry Krause and idea. These people are incredibly accomplished. What they accomplished Isaiah his case he was. You know definitely a world champion be well respected and had a wonderful career. And of course Jerry across what he was able to achieve in his career. I mean six championships in eight years. Speak for himself so I think everyone in the end. You know they're doing okay and You know an Jerry's case. He's no longer with us but for those who knew him. We knew that he was very focused and wanted to win. Just as much as any of the guys that were playing spoken at someone who wasn't smeared and sideswiped by anything that happened in the documentary for example. When you when you hear Horace Grant Saying Hey. It's not true. I'm not the sole source on the Jordan ruled with Sam Smith. You you don't say to yourself. So that's a frustrating position to be an especially as you're saying look that didn't just come from Horace. There were a lot of people talking. Well you know you got to put it in proper context back then You know you gotta remember that everyone especially at the time. Sam Smith these. These guys were in the locker room each and every day right. They were They were beat reporters and they follow the team. So you know when you when you see things like that. My first instinct is to say okay. There's no way that one person could have had this many different viewpoints and certainly thirty years later. It's interesting to see that. No one has said anything in thirty years so all of a sudden. I'M GONNA get all up in arms because someone wrote a book Anything like that Start saying being so But again I think it makes a great theater. I think it makes for you know people speaking out and fancying but without question I think Sam Smith Understood then just like we understand now that you know what he's around the team each and every day people can say things people can put the pieces together and this is what you get some of its right. Some of it's not right but that was the first time for us especially as a group where there were things around that we knew that people were talking about and It was written but if anything that situation brought us closer together we still accomplish what we needed to accomplish because we were tight knit group and we found a way to win regardless what was going on around us. B J Armstrong with us here on. Espn radio BJ. Would Doug Collins had. He remained the head coach of the balls. Would Doug Collins have eventually won a championship with Michael Jordan? While you know you know I never played for Doug. I was actually drafted by Doug and then my first year that was on staff when I was drafted and then that summer My first year coming into the League Phil Jackson's I hear you know it's interesting I I think anyone played against many of ducks teams in the NBA. And Doug was. He was a terrific terrific coach You know he was. He was I would say more probably was more similar to like a Chuck Daly type coach and the way he played in the way his teams were played but he was always very well prepared and I would. I would tend to believe that they would have won a championship with Doug. Doug was very capable He's one of the you know more respected basketball people and every time I've spoken with him and conversations we've had over the years he knows his stuff so I would tend to believe that he would have won. You know to what extent. Hey who knows and you don't know how people will respond in different pressure situation to work with those people but as far as his knowledge of the game and understanding the game without question he is right up there. With any of any of the coaches I've ever play for Smoking with over the years and I tend to think that you say one for sure he would have gotten one yes or no. Bj Armstrong ever went from the one dollar games of gambling with will perdue to the high money stakes of their plane. Yes or no no you never how. `Bout this B J Armstrong when he saw Michael Jordan laughing at the traveling Chicago cocaine circus thought what to himself when he watched that. I didn't think you know thinking is too slow over processes sports so I don't I just go. My favorite word is like whatever you know. Let's move on okay. We will move on were you. Were you around Close by when Steve. Kerr got punched in the face by Michael Jordan. I was not. I was not on the team during that time so I was not around for that skirmish but I've I've seen quite a few skirmishes in my NBA career. So it's part of it and you know the best one. Give me the best one. Give me the the statute of limitations is up on this the best. Jr Seen I seen quite a few. And and here's here's the thing. Here's the thing that's always you. When I hear about fights especially on great teams or teams that are trying to win a championship. It's like there's there's levels so the fighting right if you're in a bad team you have fight right if you're a team. That's not winning. You'll have a fight and you know and people were slow to break it up. If you're in a good team like that like that. Jordan team like the Bulls team. You never have a fight because someone can seriously get hurt right. You can hurt can break a hand you could. Someone could miss two or three months and that's the difference between winning and losing. I was really surprised that when that that fight even took even you know that took place and that was one that was like Oh wow. That's interesting because you know. How do you let your How do you let a player like Michael Jordan? And Steve Kerr. How do they get in a skirmish now? Face needs to apologize to Michael Irvin. Michael Jordan's hand there. Steve Kerr's face. I don't know what happened. And but the thing. I was surprised planning on good teams and being in the Lee is that that would even took place like how could that even take place because everyone that plays on a great team understands right? You WanNa bring the practice to that level of intensity but then you never allow it to cross the line so I was like. It was kind of shocking to me. That could even happen with the team. Much cargo because they were team that was expected to be in the finals and have an opportunity to win and eventually did it but that could have been a moment in time where you know something could have happened right. Either Steve Got hurt or Michael could've gotten hurt or anyone could have got hurt. And but you never especially when you're a team that's focused in trying to win a championship. You know things like that very rarely. Do you let that occur right. Bj Here's the big question Eighty six celtics ninety seven bowls. Who Wins Man? That's a that's a. that's a good one. I think that's a good match up on. You know I played against. Larry I always you know there's certain players that you just have this. You know when I came in the League I was a young player and I. I remember my first game planning this Larry Burr. I just had this. He had this look about him. That you just didn't play around with them. You know and I knew the respect that he had garnered in his career from the older players. And you just knew something about him was just different So I I I will tell you a little outtakes are you taking the Celtics. Pj You won't be the first. Yes taking the Celtics. Yes but I would. I would say it's GonNa be a game seven. I really think that that would be no take a stand. Bj We're not listen. You could take and if you're just like being a fan if you look I. Larry Bird was a that? That guy in eighty six eighty seven. That guy was like playing a game. Seven you a losing game. Well I'm going to say I'm GONNA say this. I think Jordan will win the game. I wouldn't that's one of those games. I definitely wouldn't want US I. I could see Berlin and I. I could see Michael but I'm GonNa pick Michael just by a hair. Larry Bird Man. He was when that guy was something special and I wouldn't want to play with the game seven for sure Jefferson mouth thank you. Bj We appreciate the time what happens. To God's was it felt like a former Bolger said the eighty-six penny backed off now but then he backed up. It felt like a black guy just picked the eighty six for the first time in the history of this show but then he backed up. Gyco has the insurance industry leading APP. That lets you manage your policy anytime anywhere. Which means that Geico is always there for you if only everyone was always therefore you like animal control when you're cornered in your garage by an angry possum. Megan you guys said you would be here about an hour ago and I think the positive is starting to get angry. I listened. I thought if I said it would go away. But now it is ripping holes in the drywall and making some SORTA nest. Just coming back. Geico always there for you with savings and the industry leading mobile APP. If you missed any of our interviews check about on demand than the Dan Le Batard show podcast brought to you by capital one with capital one. You can open a new checking or save cat with no fees or minimums welcomed the banking reimagined capital one. What's in Wallet Approval Required Capital One and a member? Fdic Dan decipher straight. Talk is brought to you by straight. Talk Wireless. Frank Gore is on his way to canton four point one yards at a time and now very late in life for a running back. He continues his tour of the. Afc East he is now. Stugatz a New York jet. Congratulations you now. Have the one thousand year. Old Mummified remains of Frank Gore in your backfield as the New York jets have a backup to lake on bell. Congratulations Sir thank you very much. He's still has about three thousand yards to go to catch the catch Emmett Smith so we'll see but I I like that. I like having him as a guy can get you exactly three point four yards when you need it to come in for. Levian belt a little better than that I think is his career average but also during the break we learned. The Dana White is trying to set up on fight island a whore. Hey Moskva Vitol Conor McGregor fight at every point along the path. Dana White has has said that Moscow is too much for Conor McGregor too much size for Conor McGregor and he doesn't WanNa make the fight but the pandemic has changed the economics of the Games to Johnson that would be an enormous fight if those who fought and so he can. He can get quite a bit of money. I don't think there's a fight that he could set up off the top of my head. I don't think there's a bigger fight right. Now that he could set up in terms of just popularity and then of course that means it's do God's will be headed out to fight island. He is not cut his hair in many months. He will have his hair braided he will go into the corner. Stugotz that will be the highlight of your career. You have said before that you loved loved being on the stage during the way of the last. Maas Vidal fight. Yeah would you risk your life for the attention and fame and it will come from a headed to the octagon with Moscow during this fight the do you think that the UFC allowed me. Like I cut my hair and a while. Mike wants me to grow on. Could he wants me to grow their hair? He wants core rose. I'm walking Moss Vidal into the Octagon. I'll be in his corner of might do you think I'm going to be allowed to go to this. Ufc Island and participate here. Taxi back and forth with Moskva. Don I said you know I'm ready to go when you're ready to go what he said. We're getting ready to go tanzer question absolutely not which may have to wait to the next. Mas Vidal fight which means a hair is going to have to continue to grow but look if it means putting you on a plane during a deadly pandemic just to get this sight gag going. It's a risk. I'm willing to take. Thanks we've got a song about Chris. Cody we're GONNA play a later in this hour. And also to God's we have to make fun of the wishy-washiness of bj Armstrong. Not since I talked to marlins backup catcher Bob Natal. And he told me Dan off the record. Whitney Houston is overrated. Have Gotten a more tepid response to a question. I've asked then. Bj Armstrong's waffling around the game on the game. Between the eighty six Celtics and the ninety seven bulls he was you want to pick up that Bob NATO name you just grab that is straight talk. And it's brought to you by straight talk wireless no contract no compromise. Your home is important. That's why GEICO helps make it easy to save on Homeowner's insurance because home is more than just a place. Home is where you build a giant pillow fort in your living room and when people ask why you have a pillow fort in your living room. You say it's for your dog. And when they asked what kind you say chocolate lab and we've a web of lies that's almost as intricate as the crown molding in Fort Pillow. The GEICO Insurance Agency can help protect the pillow. Soft Fortress. You Call Home Call. Gyco and see how easy it is to switch and save on Homeowner's insurance ESPN radio presented by progressive at jared today on ESPN daily Korean. Baseball starts today one of the only leagues playing anywhere if you watch the Games on. Espn you might see a player to a bath wit when you least expect it here. Why Bat flips Korea that's ESPN daily presented by marathon? These days we have to travel smart. Maratha can help by improving engine performance with quality top tier gasoline marathon fueling the American spirit. Downloads Scribe Review. Espn daily available. Wherever you go your podcast. Here's your sportscenter. Update Alex Morgan and Meghan say that they will appeal a California judge's decision to throw out claim to the US women's national team or underpaid compared to the men's team Korean Baseball Organization K B o the NC Dino's defeated the Samsung Lions four to nothing that gave us a seat on ESPN baseball at finally Nicholas Cage is set to start a scripted series. Senator Joe Exotic the subject of the Netflix Docu series tiger king great casting for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on. Espn radio all throughout the day. Ron McGill joins us to talk animals in about a half hour. But Greg Cody of the Miami Herald is in on this Tuesday. He has a new back in my day. I hope to get to it in moments. I'm told Oh no back in my day. Oh of course yes. Greg Cody of the Miami Herald with no back in my day. We're not using them enough though and it seems like sometimes we just keep him around for his back in my day and to cut him off against the hard network so once again he doesn't have a back in my day but because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Greg you should know that yesterday on the show your son in a an amazing fit of incompetence that made me yell at him. You have no future in this business. I asked him about the death of Don. Shula and his microphone didn't work and it was the best commentary he gave because when he started talking after that he just told some cruddy story about going to a dolphin practice. One time with you and being amazed that everyone was fawning over the old guy in the middle of the field. But then as if it wasn't bad enough what happened during the break we go to commercial. I'm just shaking my head sadly at the general incompetence of your son this is what he says to people during the Break Greg. I'm not making any of these words. And he says it to people who don't answer him like this is just him Rattatte tatting. He's talking to Tony and Roy and billy and Stu Gods and me and Mike but Nobody answered him and this is what the diarrhea the trickles from. His Mouth. Solid Bounceback weekend betting the ponies. Boys is what he begins with. Okay betting the pony then he says friend sent me some tips and daddy took him. He refers to himself as Daddy. And then after that Sodano sent me a couple of losers. That guy is what he said. So your son so ashamed of his general awfulness that it made me announce to America from SITA shining. See that he has no future in this business goes to commercial and immediately starts talking about betting the ponies again so this inspired a listener to create this song. So good stu gods tell me that I'm wrong about this okay When you come on the air with a sports radio show thirty years after the Games you're talking about. Shouldn't you give an answer when someone asks you? Who Do you think is GonNa win between the Jordan Bulls and the eighty-six Celtics to me? The sports radio interview because of the degree of caution that people have very often use in order to not offend anyone in a climate where people are more easily offended than they've ever been have more ways of expressing that rage than they've ever had a. I hated that. Bj Armstrong wife waffled and gave us a two minute. Non Answer for that question. I think B. J. Much like myself. He's one of those guys who likes the talk those those questions out local talk it out. It might take two to three minutes to finally arrive at answer I I'm GONNA partially blame. Bj I'M GONNA partially blame you here because I think of you let. Bj continue to go. You wanted answer and we're up against the clock and I understand that but I think. Pj was headed towards the eighty six celtics. And maybe you made him rethink a little. Bit because Jordan's reaction to that would not be a pleasant so I feel like. Bj was headed there. But your larger point is right. It's thirty years removed. Just say what you want to say. What he wanted to say was bird wins at game. Seven fourth quarter. I mean that's felt it felt like it was a while you are totally right and I owe you and the shipping container and America. An apology for this. I may have indeed derailed him but you understand my enthusiasm. Finally hearing a black person. Say That those bulls would not have beaten or get close to. He got close to saying it last week it was was a bill barnwell. Who Was it was a bill? Barnwell around here to take the Bulls instead of the eighty six celtics but he also said I was two years old when the Celtics were playing so I don't remember anything about him. He had the qualifier that allows him to continue to go to the parties with white people but BJ Armstrong was about to get kicked out of the barbecue that was about to happen. That was something that was about to happen. And I you know I made the mistake of not letting it happen. I'm sorry for that you're protecting. Bj Armstrong not intentionally. I did so accidentally I did not. I did not intend to do that. I am going to their. Bj BJ was not on that second. T. So B J was absolutely headed now yes. Pj One of the first three teams is going to pick his team every tied but he was definitely headed towards a place where he was going to take bird over Jordan. Pj Cody. Why don't you have a back in my day? What what is your reasoning for once again like during a pandemic we're all everyone around here is working harder than they ever have. Can you help us with some content or are we just supposed to serve you every Tuesday as you may recall of head back in my days for several weeks in a row? This is the first week of missing awhile and in the past to have been just trashed and be made. Fun of uncalled terrible. On the air and it's sort of singed me above the I've got scars that are still healing. So hopefully they'll he'll allow me to get back to back in my day. Someday is one of the options making them better or is it just complaining that I keep saying that they're terrible luggage. Haven't considered the option of making them slightly better when you do make come up with the next. Greg Cody Board meeting. Bor Ed did ask all right. Listen to me people. I want you to listen to me. Okay because this is as aggressive as I've been about this so far if you do not order one. Eight hundred flowers. I am going to get within six feet of you. I'm telling you right now what I'm GonNa go to wherever you are and I'm going to stand within six feet of you if you do not get one eight hundred flowers with or without a mask. No mass no mask no gloves. I'M GONNA stand here just a couple of feet from you. Well I'm going to breathe. I'm going to breed vigorously one. Eight hundred flowers ereck is. It is time for the bench club brought to you by marathon. These days we have to travel smart. Marathon can help by improving engine performance with quality top tier gasoline marathon. Fueling the American spirit finished shut up so we are going to. Now tell you what it is that we are binging. All of us are going to tell you we're GONNA go around the zoom call. We're going to begin with Billy Billy. Gill what are you binging? Sir? Beaching sugar rush on Nestle? It's cooking show about desserts. It's great toning. What have you been binge watching Dan? I've been binge-watching gossip Appel or money heist. It's an amazing. Show that if you listen to it in Spanish get the actual version really good. What are you pointing at? Billy what are you you? You're also in on that show edzard through a good show Dan. You should watch that one. The problem with it is is the thing about bitching. I don't know if you've bench Dan but for those of you who binge if. You're bitching a sugar. That's not totally completely done yet. You run into a thing where you catch up to a point where you're all caught up and then you'd have to wait like a year and a half for the show to come back and that's when beachings not good you should shows that are completely done because if not you're just gonNa be sitting around for a while with no resolution so the wires sopranos that kind of thing just things that you already know are done to. God's what is it am. I allowed to submit more than one. If I'm binging multiple things depending on the mood because I I will not just go comedy all the time. Just go drama. It depends on what it is that I want. What do you got? Stugotz benching Beijing. This show called found. It is fantastic. It's on Netflix. And you know I always love when a you know an old cagey detective. You know a bad ass when he retires and he's rope back into business and he is rope back into business. It's about the Israeli Defence Force. It's a fantastic show. And this kind of rogue group of former Israeli soldiers who are trying to help with terrorist. But I love what a guy retires and these rope back in. What is put it on the poll Guillermo Del love when a guy is retired? And then he's roped back in What is the name of the show? Say it again guts. It's called powder I mean you know you're GonNa love the guys working on a vineyard. He put his career in the rear view mirror. He has moved on and then he is rope back in by the Secret Club. That wants to take out all the terrorists. Good found Roy. What about you? What is it that your binging gender Nick Clicks show has sacked black AF is by Kenyan? He's created a blanket is basically a modern family version of his life with a lot. More profanity think of it because I have seen a whole lot of black folks not liking that show a whole lot what. They seem to believe that. He's playing office stereotypes. But if you look at it through like good Chapelle Show Lynn's is basically what white people think about black people making fun of that okay. Well that's being lost a whole lot of people as someone who has not seen the show Like I said I've been watching a variety of different things. bloodline Schnitzer Creek. We're going to call it I finished. Yeah that's Schnitzer. Creek is is unbelievably funny. Well done and I had never seen Eugene Levy Song in anything before and he's just tremendous in it. It is a really funny show. Mike what is it that you're benching these days. I'm actually binging a series of movies. Chris Cody said a couple of weeks ago. That Austin Powers International Man of mystery still holds up so I wanted to test that theory. I'm to films down and not for me. It's not holding up which is a shame because I thought he was right last week when he says it holds up but nope and I'm sort of dreading having to go through Goldmember at this point. Well wait a minute though Roy. Didn't Roy pronounced that. That's the worst movie or one of those movies. The worst movie in the history of movies and so now Mike Ryan is getting dangerously close to Roy side of things on there was certainly of a time at the time. It was hilarious. Just hasn't aged well okay so And is it not hilarious now? Can you separate those two things? Where you're you're sort of like okay. This couldn't be made today age while but there's still a bit of funny might have had like three laughs and then a couple of other jokes were inappropriate. And it's just sad. It's just not as funny all right. So we're all going around Have we gotten everyone? I also know that Chris Cody was also watching what we will call for the purposes of this program Schnitzer Creek. Because we can't say the curse. Greg Cody of the Miami Herald. What are you benching do you binge and why are you benching? All my wife mentioned so. I'm sort of Greg Cody on ESPN radio.

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