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"bob  dylan" Discussed on The Dork Forest

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"bob dylan" Discussed on The Dork Forest

"What are you singing? Just because of is annunciation. But I love the covers when somebody else does a Bob Dylan song. I'm like, listen to those lyrics. So that's interesting. Yeah, so some people have a thing about his voice, but what I was trying to argue earlier is he clearly can sing anything he wants. He's shown it. Like he said, a different voice. With albums, they often put the lyrics in their liner notes. Yeah, they do. And you can see them all every single song he's ever written is on Bob Dylan dot com. You can read them all if you want, and they come across well on the page. For me, as a singer, his approach to phrasing is like nobody else really. It comes from listening to people like Sinatra and the great crooners. I sing a line to my daughter in standing in the doorway all the time, and I'm going to biff it right now, but it's because I think it's one of those things where if I know the whole verse, I can do it. Yeah, but he basically says something like yesterday, everything was moving too fast. Today, it's moving too slow. And he sings the fast part, super fast. And it's just a slow part. Really labored. And so he gives this character to these lines. It's almost meta. He's a very clever singer. Right. When he dials down on a line or two, he really gives him everything he can in the moment. It gives them this rich character, which I appreciate as well. So all this to say, I think, I hope I put sort of the bug in your ear to go. You really did. This has been a fascinating hour of about an artist that I have always enjoyed in passing. And so this sort of deep dive into it is I love it. I love it where it's not and yeah, I got information, but I also got some fun stories and a sort of a new glimpse of the guy himself. So rangers were listening here to kind of. Let's get it right. Beach. And the name of your podcast is creative control. There are two K's because of some lyric because of some song. What is it? That is a song by a band called hot snakes that I coughed the title from the show from and was using their theme music with quasi permission. Okay. But I don't use it very much anymore. I happen to I often just use a little bed track from the artist I'm talking to you, but I don't know if you know that you wouldn't have noticed this. Jackie, but that song by hot snakes creative control was featured on your episode because you didn't have any music I could use. There's no one. And so there's just Mike Rick Berg singing the dark forest theme song that you are. So but it's at vishka, but it's about VI, SH. It gotta spell KH, a edit a, it'll be in the notes. I just did vicious podcasts. You could do a little crossover if you like. Thanks so much for doing the show. Absolutely pleasure, Jackie. Thank you so much for asking me. It really is an honor. Thank you. You're welcome and rangers..

Bob Dylan Sinatra Mike Rick Berg Jackie
"bob  dylan" Discussed on The Dork Forest

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"bob dylan" Discussed on The Dork Forest

"I want to say, the song something by the time the George route, he did the Warren Zevon thing. I saw him, play two shows. Right. In Detroit and I want to say it was like 2006, let's say, could be wrong about nose. Maybe O four. I saw him do two shows. He was doing three shows at a venue in Detroit. And I went the first night and that day, the governor declared it in Michigan. Bob Seger day. So Dylan did a bob chief in the encore and everyone went nuts. Right. Again, I don't think he'd done him and his band had done it before since they just did it that night. And then the next night, my wife happened to be her sales job, roderick to Detroit, so we agreed we would go, we got to meet up and see the second show. And I says to my wife, I says, you know what's going to happen here tonight? I bet that either Jack White of the white stripes or M and M will join Bob Dylan tonight. And I was sort of joking that we were those guys. Yeah, those guys lived there. I'd seen the white stripes due Dillon songs live, I knew a new Jack White loved him. So the second night's rolling along great show on core who steps out onto the stage Jack White. What song do they do of Dylan's none? They do a white stripe song. Oh my gosh, Dylan is singing the song ball and biscuit by the white stripes with Jack White playing guitar. I don't even know if Jack's saying, I don't think he did. So what you're Jack White, you know, you're probably 20 odd years old. Right. Not only are you singing with Bob Dylan, he has chosen to say one of your songs. Yeah. Come on. So they have this like close relationship. Is there bootlegs of some of this stuff? I've looked for some of it and I feel like I encountered some shoddy YouTube recording of sure, a ball and biscuit. I think there is that on the Bob Dylan site that Warren Zevon and George Harrison stuff, I was alluding to, it might still be up. But at the time, the Bob Dylan dot com site would post live cool alive MP3s. Okay. Of such things. So I heard them do something and I heard that. I had that somewhere, probably saved. Yeah, that's super fun. Yeah, so he has done covers. In fact, prior to this album rough and rowdy ways, he did.

Jack White Detroit Dylan Warren Zevon Bob Dylan Bob Seger roderick Michigan Dillon Jack George Harrison YouTube
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"bob dylan" Discussed on The Dork Forest

"Still is. It hasn't gone anywhere. You said was. Yeah, yeah, presidents. We're not doing it. And you're like, I wish I took a shower. And I was like, you look like your dork. You look like that rugged Bob Dylan. Yeah. That's fine. You got that vibe going. It's nice. You have that. That's true. You're right. Thank you. Thank you for the compliment. I was feeling self conscious now I feel good. Now you feel good because you're it's a good-looking Bob Dylan, because that dude absolutely always kind of a goonie looking dude. But I don't know why do you think about Bob Dylan, by the way? Except for that he was was he a Rolling Stone? He was not in the room. He had a song called like a Rolling Stone. That was it. That was it? No, nothing about bob. You know nothing. I know that my brother Phil really likes him. Now, I know some of your brothers seem cool and at least one of them based on our conversation. One of them I might not jive with is Phil a cool brother. Oh, Phil's a cool brother. He's been on the dark forest twice. He has talked about hitchhiking. Which he and Eddie also talked about. Lord of the Rings. Oh. So those were his two organs. One of the rings is basically an epic hitchhiking tail, isn't it? It's really doing. Truly, truly an epic hitch I can tell that he is. He couldn't be more interested. He wants to come back on and talk about fly fishing. My brother Russ has been on talking about the hallmark channel. My sister Darla has been on talking about sort of preparing a quick meals. She enjoys she joins fancy meals done quickly. That's who doesn't. I mean, isn't that what fast food is? I mean, when you think about it, one of the sandwiches is pretty elaborate. It's got three buns, two patties. Properly. Yeah, it would take it would probably take you know 45 minutes and here we live in a society where you get it in three minutes. It's true. It's just out and it's been nuked into a gray color that who doesn't want any part of that. Absolutely. Yes. What do you know about Bob Dylan? Well, you can't see them, but to my to my left. We're on a video chat thing here. I have every single Bob Dylan record and box set. All of them are here. Is there redundancy? No, not no, not in the Bob Dylan realm. Okay. For instance, I have four Beatles box sets of that are ostensibly the same. The mono box set, and then I have the stereo box set. I have them in both CD and vinyl formats. So you're not wrong to ask this is a valid question. It's what you're telling me. But there's duplication in the sense that they'll put out a bootleg series. Bob Dylan will and it'll be kind of an alternate version of an album we've all come to know and love. But I mean, it's really alternate. It's like outtakes and the original album might be 12 songs. The bootleg series will be like 80 songs. So it's not really, it's like a whole other universe. Right, right. So yeah, I have everything. And then again, everything on CD with Dylan. I became I found out about Bob Dylan. When I was a little boy because I would read a lot about The Beatles. Okay..

Bob Dylan Phil hallmark channel Darla Eddie bob Russ Dylan
Bob Dylan artwork show opens in Miami, new cinema paintings

AP News Radio

00:39 sec | Last month

Bob Dylan artwork show opens in Miami, new cinema paintings

"Bob Dylan's artwork goes on display on Tuesday in Miami at the Patricia and Phillip frost art museum as art Basel Miami kicks off you know it's views it but do you know his artwork it's the most comprehensive exhibition of Bob Dylan's visual art to be held in the U. S. as frost art museum director Jordana Pomeroy touristic that he's eighty years old and ready to be recognized in this new way into this new land the exhibition includes more than a hundred and eighty acrylics watercolors drawings and ironwork sculptures the show runs through April seventeenth I'm Julie Walker

Phillip Frost Art Museum Bob Dylan Miami Frost Art Museum Jordana Pomeroy Patricia U. Julie Walker
Tour Manager Mick Brigden Dead at 73

Ace and TJ

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Tour Manager Mick Brigden Dead at 73

"And then. The longtime manager for the rolling stones and bob bob dylan died in a freak accident. He was digging a hole for the family. Dog got inside the grave and it collapsed in on him. Ou and talk about a guy who's got stories about the record. The rock and roll world rolling stones. And bob dylan through their height. He was their manager but yeah he's digging a grave for the family dog and it collapsed on him and they said he dies instantly. But how do they know that that i mean. That's a truly dish was he doing. I wanted to know you got down in. It and the dog hadn't even died yet. I think right. I think it was just thick. Yeah

Bob Bob Dylan OU Bob Dylan
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"bob dylan" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

"Greetings friends. This is stephen. Daniel are enough hosted. Creator of bob dylan about man and god and law if your previous listener welcome back. If you're a new listener well pull up an ear and welcome to you too. Yes it's been a while. But i've got a pretty good reason for the gigantic delay between part one and part two of bringing it all back home which is still the last episode of season. One of this podcast. What's take me so long you ask well. I wrote a book. The title is guessed it about men. And god and law the spiritual wisdom of bob dylan look for the book in december. Twenty twenty one and in prenton bookstores and online everywhere. Books are sold from morgan. James publishing in march twenty twenty two early reviews of set some humbling things about the project. Brilliant enchanting soulful and a revelation. Those are wonderful words from some very serious people. And i very grateful also very excited for all of you to read the book too if you wanna get your copy before the rest of the world visit. Www dot man god law dot com sign up for our mailing list will make sure you're the first in line for books giveaways an events and maybe even all of the above. If you like it so please visit man. God law dot com and get booked and now without further ado the conclusion of season one of men and god and law bring it all back home right here. On the pantheon podcast network villain was he was a revolutionary man of the way that the way that elvis freed your body. Bob freed your mind. This is bob dylan about ma'am and god and law..

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Caffeinated Humor: Sarcastic Comedy For The Masses

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"bob dylan" Discussed on Caffeinated Humor: Sarcastic Comedy For The Masses

"Break. Go look at. The girl was just sex on a stick now. The two of them should own at up to solid movie. So why does the movie suck after much. Thought i keep coming back to dillon. The mumbling poet himself dylan is synonymous with the sixties the whole misguided decade and the thoughts behind it. It's always interesting to talk to a true seventies hippie. I mean they'll tell you about how they change the world but if you press them for details they tend to get a little sullen and then they slip out to go get high and of drugs. Expand your mind. What are the people that take them. Always talk about the same exact shit now as part of my extensive research on folk music at about fifteen twenty minutes on youtube. I am currently listening to dylan's times. They are a changeon on youtube. It's a solid song. You can even make out. Most of dylan's words. But that is old. Dylan or rather young dylan. Old dillon. also known as now dylan. Sounds like he's got about a half dozen marbles in his mouth and a sense of timing is just gone. One mumbled line runs into the next without pause and even the piano players having trouble keeping up all right enough with dylan rant. It's almost too easy. Here's a poem. I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness starved hysterical naked dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix angel headed hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly khan connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night. Yeah that's kind of shit the sixties offered. That's how by allen ginsberg widely reputed to be the finest poet of the sixties. Suddenly the sixties. Make sense if that's your finest poet. I'm stunned by how badly ginsburg needed a beating. For this self-indulgent crap that's a quote by the way and i was incidentally thrown out of my college comparative literature class for stating that exact quote. Some hippies specially college professors have no sense of humor. I think my biggest issue with gulf music is the folks that make the music whereas the music itself. There's more than a couple that are bad. Don't tell anyone. I said that though. It's kind of embarrassing. It's like saying like ballroom dancing time for some coffee. Thanks again for listening. Do me a favor. Follow and subscribe to the podcast. Listen the more episodes. Click on the episode name. Look at the show. Notes can have a little quote for me. But also the affiliates you'll be able to get the caffeinated humor book from amazon. Got the new one coming out soon. That'll be book number seven. I appreciate it. Thank you much have a great day..

amazon Dylan youtube allen ginsberg two sixties dylan dillon seventies One mumbled line about a half dozen marbles book number seven about fifteen twenty minutes more than a couple times negro ginsburg
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"bob dylan" Discussed on Rolling Stone Music Now

"Another interesting way to look at bob's influence. Because you know folk rock exists. Because of bob dylan and the mcguigan birds connection to dylan is very strong. Few people interpreted dylan better and it is of course interesting. There's a couple of ways of doing it. You can sound nothing like bob dylan like nina simone and may create versions or in the case of the birds. Mcguigan you can kinda sound like bob dylan. But maybe a little better in some ways and do great versions. I mean they have to in the top. Ten andy what do you think of. The birds is doing interpreters. I mean like anyone. I i heard those when i was like a kid and it was always great. I didn't realize just quite how much dave became known for those songs. And i just love mcgowan's history covering dylan. I think also on our list is the blood on the tracks. Outtake up to me naty covered in the late seventies and it's completely different than the birds but you can really see how much he carried. His influence throughout his career is also worth pointing out that cover versions. Were the ones that made a well known to the masters you know. Early records were not hugely successful. I mean they did okay but it was. You know it was beautiful. Mary's blowing in the wind. The birds tambourine man. A couple of things like that. That really helped make him a sort of a household name. If you can put it that way so they. They played a really important role in getting the word out about him and establishing him as a major presence. Because you know. He didn't sell a ton of records on his first couple of albums and really help them have to have kind of more smooth commercial versions which are totally valid. You know was really important to him. And the birds tambourine. Man is kind of song that ended the folk revival as it was and launched the folk rock era which bob was very quick to pick up on and so that song is just a stork lee hugely hugely important. Yeah it's important to recognize that. Doing himself heard mr tambourine man again. Need to sound more like that sort of you know picked it up from there. Another important connection was the sort of george harrison. Bob dylan nexus which was important. He was the beetle. He really had this relationship with end. George worship bob dylan to an extent that that might be hard for people to understand from a beetle. He was like a bob dylan stand. He was so in. Awe of bob dunne. As as you know all the bills were really loved. Bob don't if you you can watch one of his last interviews that vh one hundred zero. And he's just quoting bob dylan like it's the bible. I mean he and they were. They were pals too. I think george looked at dillon beck. Then and which is yearning to be to be his own person that could put the song on the record that he wanted to be the sole focus to be the icon to not. Just be one of four and always be fighting. He really taken with the whole deal. Methology from a very from an early time. We had that song as number six. It's if not for you. And i do like that version a lot but when i hear this song all it makes me want to do is put on the bootleg one through three cities because it's both of them together. I think it even opens way. Bob saying they do it. It just kind of reminds me of like how close they really were. And that's also. I think it's just a great cover and i don't know i don't know how much i mean. I'll just speculate here. But certainly george was not feeling feeling the love in the beatles at the time the way they were you know passing on. So many of the songs include on beatles records and yet here was bob dylan. Befriending him writing songs with him. You know getting together. With george in the studio in the spring of seventy for these kind of jam sessions. That just came out recently. I mean he was getting all of this. Respect and professional. Loving can from bob dylan and not within his own band. So that must have been very powerful for george at the time to get that kind of acknowledgement in that sense of recognition. From dylan. i would just like you know you can. It's true that the friendship been served musical fellowship. That george had with dylan was very special and unique. But i think you can't also under at the incredible impact that had on the rest of the beatles gaelic. John lennon songwriting. Before nineteen sixty four. When he heard and met bob dylan and afterward a huge transformation in the kinds of subjects. He was reading about it in the way that he wrote about them. The best story. I ever heard one of the best about this was when they were when the traveling wilburs record is being recorded at georgia studio whenever bob would show up George had like security camera thing and they watch. Bob walked up to the front door and buzz to get in and george were so he was so obsessed with this he would ask to watch that tape over and over again. The see just to see bob walking up and pressing buzzing and he just was captivated by this. It's always the wild. It's not quite the same. But it's like when you learn that warns yvonne was like bruce springsteen stan like he was like freak out every time before. We got to hang out with bruce. And there's something charming and a bit weird when you hear. The stories but warns yvonne wasn't in the frigging beatles But number ten is white stripes cup of coffee when you first heard the white stripes the fact that he loved on wasn't necessarily evident until you've got to stuff like that and then you realize that this was someone who really was vying to be a retroactive part of the classic rock cannoning. And could bring together zeppelin dylan. And that's a lot of what. What the white stripes. In with jack white is about. I guess there's some similarities between doing jack not to not to equate them in terms of talent but in terms of their approach to him from of music re contextualising them as their own thing telling their own sort of mythological version of their own backstories and changing their names. And things like that. There are definitely some commonalities there. And isn't it. also that famously. Jack went over to bob's house and he taught him how to weld fences together. They keep doing that these days. It's like their thing. I didn't know the check taught him that. That's amazing that's gets hijacked although they both could be lying who knows but that is a story. Just real quick. The fact that rod stewart cover is on their mommy been on my mind for ninety seventy two just.

John lennon Jack bruce springsteen nina simone bruce george harrison mcgowan mcguigan late seventies George bob dylan bob both dillon beck george first couple of albums Mcguigan Bob dylan one yvonne
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"bob dylan" Discussed on Rolling Stone Music Now

"Ideas You know and i can understand bob side because what did you get a sense of what lenoir wanted from those from those sessions. Those kind of odd. Did you know. I mean he. He directs some of this stuff. That bob would come in and say you know i wanted more this way. I here at this way. You know. And so i can understand bob and he wrote a song. You wanted a certain way right. It's much more as an earthier record. I mean then. Then maybe then landlo- number he has that sort of those sort of sonic soundscape things that he does really well but and he did he really well on oh mercy but maybe maybe bob didn't want it on this phone or you know he did you. He did a lot of stupid youtube. Yeah yeah so. I think if you have a hit record of big hit record one group you're going to try to use that influence on somebody else right you know. Yeah yeah totally different. Black and white and i right. What would they debate in front of you guys or was that something. They talked about on the corner. You know around for a couple of minutes. I remember sometime. We'd be in the studio recording and baba. Just get up from the guitar walkout. We're just sitting there waiting. What's going on but half our leaders bob. I'd rather buy well. He you know he come back in. I'd say hey what's going on. And he's all. I wanna do it my way. I'm gonna do it this way. You know and i mean he he'd have to be by self to figure out. What are you really wanted. And he did it. Though biking motorcycle we had an actual regular boxer angle bicycles so that was the legendary texas musician. Og myers with david brown. And we're back to talking about bob dylan on his eightieth birthday. Now number two on our list of the greatest don't covers of all time is nina simone. Doing just like tom thumb's blues. Lost is the time and man. Is that great. Like everyone of her. She does just like a woman in another everyone of her doing coverage are just extraordinary and kind of just take them into a new a whole other universe. There's so many people from so many different genres who sang doing songs. And so many people of color sam cooke blown in the wind is a number seven. I think one of the things that people get a little bit confused about with bob dylan is especially now is like i was just some like boring white male boomer and the thing is i think any fair assessment of his impact and his greatness kind of transcends assignment would that be fair. You want kind of dig into that for a second absolutely. I think you can see dylan's influence across so many different genres and it's incredibly reductive view. Someone who just part of one scene or one moment or one genre. Bob dylan was famously. Incredibly influenced by great black artists. Who went before him. Data inspired him to pick up an acoustic guitar and sing and he paid that influence forward on generation after generation of songwriters of all kinds all genres. And that's one of the things that makes his discography last the way that it has. I mean it's obviously very interesting. To see the influence from say data to bob dylan and then sam cooke hearing bullying the wind. And then then. Sam cooke turning around and writing a change is gonna come in part inspired by dylan so he. He is one of those people who helped make american music like a series of tributaries a series of buys of that flow into each other. You know and that's a big part of what he did. going to. number three is The birds mr tambourine man. It's.

bob dylan youtube dylan nina simone david brown one moment one scene one genre Bob dylan eightieth birthday lenoir bob texas one Og myers Sam cooke american sam cooke tom thumb one of the things
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"bob dylan" Discussed on Rolling Stone Music Now

"It is an opportunity to reflect upon all that bob dole has given us and he's he's given us a lot. Maybe we start by taking a look at this list that we at rolling stone released this week to celebrate the birthday and it was the eighty greatest covers of bob dylan songs and let's start with argument ranked very high on. That list is knocking on heaven's door by guns and roses. And certainly when i was in high school i thought that absolutely ruled. I don't know. I don't know if it's great horrible. Bob apparently hated it when he was asked about it. He said something very interesting about guns and roses basically suggested that they were fake. Which i don't agree with him on but he was not a fan of it. which isn't unsurprising. I just don't know if it's good or ridiculous. I i can't decide what we're we're obviously. We institutionally landed on great. Since it's like number seven and list but what do we think beyond. I sort of scratch my head a little bit at that one to being so high up on the list you know. I think it's also a case. Where in bob's original of that. Most of his originals are hard to top. That one secure. Bob's original is so it's so kind of ghostly powerful in high always found two guns and roses Screeching and so yeah. I wish they'd been a little lower on the list myself. I say yeah. If you look at the guns and roses songs where they covered nineteen seventy-three soundtrack classics. It's the worst live on. That dies much much. Better for nineteen seventy-three psych soundtrack. Song by guns and

Bob bob david first neil young last couple of years two guns nineteen seventy-three soundtr helpless three one dylan nineteen seventy brian
Best Covers of Bob Dylan Songs

Rolling Stone Music Now

01:41 min | 8 months ago

Best Covers of Bob Dylan Songs

"It is an opportunity to reflect upon all that bob dole has given us and he's he's given us a lot. Maybe we start by taking a look at this list that we at rolling stone released this week to celebrate the birthday and it was the eighty greatest covers of bob dylan songs and let's start with argument ranked very high on. That list is knocking on heaven's door by guns and roses. And certainly when i was in high school i thought that absolutely ruled. I don't know. I don't know if it's great horrible. Bob apparently hated it when he was asked about it. He said something very interesting about guns and roses basically suggested that they were fake. Which i don't agree with him on but he was not a fan of it. which isn't unsurprising. I just don't know if it's good or ridiculous. I i can't decide what we're we're obviously. We institutionally landed on great. Since it's like number seven and list but what do we think beyond. I sort of scratch my head a little bit at that one to being so high up on the list you know. I think it's also a case. Where in bob's original of that. Most of his originals are hard to top. That one secure. Bob's original is so it's so kind of ghostly powerful in high always found two guns and roses Screeching and so yeah. I wish they'd been a little lower on the list myself. I say yeah. If you look at the guns and roses songs where they covered nineteen seventy-three soundtrack classics. It's the worst live on. That dies much much. Better for nineteen seventy-three psych soundtrack. Song by guns and

Bob Dole BOB Bob Dylan
Sarah Harding on Dharma Journeys of Practice and Translation

The Wisdom Podcast

01:58 min | 8 months ago

Sarah Harding on Dharma Journeys of Practice and Translation

"Sarah i wanted to welcome and thank you for joining us on the wisdom dot chat but i wanted to start with how you first encountered bosom. How did you go down this past Was it through a book or you meet a teacher. How'd you first encounter the buddha dhamma. How far back should i go. Nats let's keep it to these lives. Okay that's fortunate since i don't remember the other ones Yeah i will. I got interested in meditation in eastern phosphine. Everything while i was still in high school actually and then i read some books like autobiography yogi and things like that and i read the life of miller that was one of my first folks which has stuck with me all this time till now even and then i What happened. I met some tibetans in arizona prescott arizona. Actually in dan. I dropped out of college in went traveling and ended up in the east and Kind of tried to forget about the buddha steph for a while but eventually came to nepal yan You know got tired of all the fun stuff in there was colpon happening with lava yes shea of coupon in dan That was it. I kind of you know was stock. In like bob dylan which have gone last taken that last detour in so then i went and met cholera in pay went from the. Someone showed me a picture in that coupon retreat in i headed to find him

Sarah Arizona Yogi Prescott Miller DAN Nepal Bob Dylan Cholera
"bob  dylan" Discussed on Podcast RadioViajera

Podcast RadioViajera

05:18 min | 8 months ago

"bob dylan" Discussed on Podcast RadioViajera

"Everything and she needs an audience. She don't ban she's got everything she needs. She's an artist ship. Don't lou but you can take the dog out of the night time man. Hey the d. time glad you start standing proud steve. Anything see you will start standing out the st the anything in lewanda digging hooky ho down upon. You need wondering.

Minnesota Celebrates Bob Dylan's 80th Birthday

Morning Edition

02:08 min | 8 months ago

Minnesota Celebrates Bob Dylan's 80th Birthday

Bob Dylan Celebrates 80th Birthday

The World and Everything In It

01:32 min | 8 months ago

Bob Dylan Celebrates 80th Birthday

"Robert allen zimmerman was born may twenty fourth. Nineteen one who you might ask in college. Zimmerman adopted a stage. Name bob dylan. He celebrates his eightieth birthday. Today brand is blowing in the way. In addition to musical chops the minnesota dylan became an artist writer producer and nobel prize laureate. He dropped out of college and moved to the big apple where his lyrical skill began to shine. He wrote blowing in the wind in just ten minutes and his song showed a deep complexity that caused the new york folks team to turn its gaze to the up and coming songwriter he told. Cbs is sixty minutes in two thousand and four that his creativity came from a wellspring surprised. Even him tro this there's a magic to that and it's not Siegfried and roy magic. You know it's a different kind of penetrating magic near fatal motorcycle. Accident in nineteen sixty six led to a long recovery the night shift in his music from folk to rock dylan reinvented himself over the years musically and religiously he grew up jewish then profess to conversion to evangelical christianity and nineteen seventy-nine. Then back to judaism again over the course of his sixty year career. He's been named many halls of fame and received many awards including a presidential medal of freedom. Tin grammys a golden globe and an academy award

Robert Allen Zimmerman Dylan Zimmerman Roy Magic Minnesota Siegfried CBS Apple New York Golden Globe Academy Award
"bob  dylan" Discussed on NEWS 88.7

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"bob dylan" Discussed on NEWS 88.7

"The emergence of Bob Dylan our one Thank you. This is the emergence of Bob Dylan, a sampler of key moments from the life and Times of the musician in the early and mid 19 sixties. I'm Paul Ingles. Our principal guides are the producers of a major Dylan exhibit, which we visited at Seattle's Experience Music Project in 2005. Bob Santelli is the artistic director. There. We do have a section of the exhibit Bob Dylan's American Journey here in the MP that relates to the relationship between Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. Joan Baez, Of course, nearly 19 sixties was the biggest folk star in America, perhaps the world She was someone who had taken traditional folk songs and the kind of song she was saying. And really, we're You know, we're back port songs. He's with song sung for generations in some cases, but she made them into something extremely Special and angelic and bright and pure. I love the ground..

Bob Dylan Bob Santelli Paul Ingles Joan Baez 2005 America Dylan mid 19 sixties early Experience Music Project 19 sixties Seattle American
Paul Simon Sells Catalog to Sony Music Publishing

Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand

00:59 sec | 10 months ago

Paul Simon Sells Catalog to Sony Music Publishing

"Simon was selling his song catalog. Yeah, he's joined the ranks of some other music greats. I think you and I talked about Bob Dylan. Not that long ago, but Paul Simon has has done the same. He sold his entire song catalog to Sony Music. And the deal that the terms of that were not disclosed, But you know the same with Bob Dylan when Bob Dylan's sold his. It was estimated to be about three worth about $300 million, so you can kind of guess Paul Simon's probably in that same neighborhood, But Neil Young did this recently. Stevie Nicks has done this, and it's kind of joining these music greats that are selling off their their song catalog. So we'll see what happens there. You know, when Neil Young did it, he was very specific about these cannot be in jingles. Thieves cannot be. He had some rules about what couldn't could not happen to his songs. So we'll see. I think more will emerge about about Paul Simon here. But when you think about, you know the late fifties, when he started with Art Garfunkel, just the body of work since then, that's a lot of music.

Bob Dylan Paul Simon Neil Young Sony Music Simon Stevie Nicks Art Garfunkel
Paul Simon sells song catalog to Sony Music Publishing

AP News Radio

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Paul Simon sells song catalog to Sony Music Publishing

"A popular musician is joining the ranks of artists to sell off their music catalogs financial terms of the deal are not being announced but it's pretty clear that Paul Simon will not be poorer by selling off his musical story he's reached a deal with Sony music publishing selling office six decades of music including some of the biggest hits of all time the music collection dates back from his time with Simon and Garfunkel all the way down to his solo efforts Simon has won sixteen Grammys during his career he's known for hits like the boxer bridge over troubled water and the sound of silence he joins a growing list of artists who have sold all or part of the catalogs including acts like Bob Dylan Shapiro's Stevie Nicks and Neil Young I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

Paul Simon Simon Garfunkel Sony Grammys Bob Dylan Shapiro Stevie Nicks Neil Young Oscar Wells Gabriel
What Is Your Back Catalogue Worth?

You Are The Media

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What Is Your Back Catalogue Worth?

"What's asiapac. A low worth has an intrinsic value to you as well as the audience. You're creating for go back catalogue is when you create work. This not just focus on what's current but takes account of the longer term. It's content that pertains fairly because there's something universal and perennial about it in this way. Not only is it valuable to others. It also helps manual position in the marketplace. Currently there's a flurry of music. Artists alina back catalogs. The lives of bob dylan new young secure of done it even dolly parton thinking about pissing beat to be head so if you build an audience share content defines. Its home of your audience. Your back catalogue can also become something. That's desirable catholic. A work is your audience can always access. It's worth the grows and evolves alongside your audience. You can become a self replenishing goldman in times of new clients have improved that you'll someone who does the work and potential clients getting comfortable with your approach. A website that shares one or two articles every now and then feta video and if you four-page e books does not come across as high value however one of the back catalogue of regla audio writing and video content posted over a period of time suggests is a place of value to us on a u. at the media online in two thousand and twenty joe pelosi said to everyone but anyone michelle content if it went tomorrow. If not your content you have a problem a back cutler means you invite days that you share today but also track record that shows. You're someone who keeps and has kept on giving me never become irrelevant by choosing to rest for used in the past with touring on home to the ever-growing increase in streaming. We're seeing a trend for music. Artists selling the rights at back. Catalogues artists unrealized by a cashing. In on the value of songs they produce david as uk based rotea fund. Hypnosis is obtaining the rights to artists from blondie to mark ronson in the sky article musical journalist. David sinclair said. If you're talking with the idea if you're a rockstar. If you bob dylan you're thinking to yourself. This might be time. He's getting twenty using comp one year right that in a lump sum in sakir who sold the rights to one hundred. Thirty five songs to hypnosis. I'm humbled that songwriting. And given me the privilege of communicating with others being a part of something bigger than myself autism now handing over the word ridden and shed over the years for fake off certainly does not mean tied in this context. This story of selling bank catholics chimes with how we in the beats a bass bass produce work for an audience. It proves that when you work is relevant to others this more reason to keep going the blog articles you produced back in two thousand nine nineteen. Maybe didn't get many views when they were first published. But that doesn't mean the not value sitting within your overall bank of work similar to music artists. Your job is to keep plane so that you keep developing your audience when people find you they can then join the dots and get a more complete picture of y you share is relevant to them. Those articles that received little traffic into nineteen are important in the context of your overall efforts. A moment in time should not be your only anka booting up a back catalog of which shows in your work over time making it easier for people to make a decision on whether to buy or subscribe. Starting the a space that people can visit but also record of how you've developed in the music industry return longevity. What about you. How will you know wherever you're back catalogue is where something it won't be. The same. ballpark is bob. Dylan's three hundred million pounds. When he sold his six hundred songs universal music for how we find out. If what you share has worth you would. Immediate has been around every week apart from some short breaks since october. Two thousand thirteen almost eight years. Now here's why building a back. Catalog of content provides vani in both the short and long after the first one. Is this over time. People see the value provide be prepared to play. The long game is so important. I wonder where ought be now if i hadn't been producing content every week for you at the median. I reckon it would be somewhere where i am today when people recognize. Your work is something that they can get behind you have a license to develop momentum secondly it can support your wider efforts. Your back catalog makes it easier to introduce for new initiatives. The one thing that has remained constant from me has been my writing. This was the tree. I planted back in twenty thirteen and new branches of grown. It made introducing in person and then online live events easier. Don't think of the word you produce in isolation look at it as a way to connect your intentions and third lake is greater use beyond the immediate space producing a back. Catalog extend your scope by this. I mean what stance a piece of work in one channel can extend into other formats. For instance blogs have become talked topics for other people's podcast. One single article became a webinar in april. Twenty twenty on your first ten email subscribers the next point is that it becomes and it brings people closer or from people. The proof of the work. You've already done helps you by helping them. Make a decision go back catalogue in contrast to say tha that competitors whose output may be more sporadic demonstrates perseverance. Next point is that it contributes to sales while message of this. You the media online. That i'm talking to you now is not around selling your business based on your content. Your work can be indirectly related to revenue for instance. The world you produce can also present a way to sell products and services but in a way that isn't merely emphasizing for instance being a trusted business increases the impact. You can make and this links to one of the aspects of what the month of learning represents a recent podcast looked at the impact of trust. Next is your were becomes a reference and search to your back catalogue can become a place for us to take from an somewhere. Search engines recognize websites. We've over three hundred and eleven index pieces of work c. Two hundred and thirty six percent more traffic than no sign of not too many pages and this is ups ball. What this means. Is that the better. Your ongoing work is indexed. There is more for a search engine to look through and support your search rankings ultimately ultimately want visit us to stick around on your site for that you need to offer work they will enjoy and lastly grow from it. The more you practice delivering something the better you become by learning. How the audio space works. I've become a better speaker by sharing a short video every week for the of the media weekly email. I think become a better presenter by writing every week. I've become a stronger writer. Whilst as an emphasis on creating roughness never forget this contributes to your own personal development. Let's roundup similar to writing and sherry music. You just put all your effort into a once a year christmas. Oh you have to keep introducing new material. That can stand the test of time all comes down to having that ability to keep going is what you're creating talking to be worth. Something is what you're producing contributing to your overall message actions in commercial delivery to give you the freedom to play an experiment. Why if your entire back catalogue disappear tomorrow but people let you know what they show concern. You're back catalogue is your commercial worth directly and indirectly and it's important to keep on playing for the audience as you show up to it

Joe Pelosi Bob Dylan Rotea Fund Sakir Alina Dolly Parton David Sinclair Mark Ronson Goldman Cutler Blondie Michelle Autism Dylan David UK BOB
"bob  dylan" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

WNYC 93.9 FM

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"bob dylan" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Songs of Bob Dylan from all of the years that he has been and continues to be active are so personal, and yet many have lent themselves easily to interpretation. One of the first that would become a hit for somebody else. The turtles specifically, it ain't me, babe from another side of Bob Dylan. Cavalcanti with Ellis singing Gershwin W N Y C a new standard starboard He loves and she loves and they love so why can't you love and I love too Birds love and these love on whisper ring trees love on. That's one way phone should do. Oh, always knew someday you Alone. We'll make two so that just can't go wrong with me loves and she loves and then so won't you? You know me? I love you. Why? Oh, ways knew someday you'd come love way we'll make up to somebody just on go wrong. He loves and she loves and they love So won't you love me as I love you..

Bob Dylan Ellis
Bob Dylan Sells His Entire Catalog of Songs to Universal Music

Business Wars Daily

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Bob Dylan Sells His Entire Catalog of Songs to Universal Music

"Dylan sold his entire back catalogue of music to universal music group earlier. This month price wasn't made public but estimates range from three to four hundred million dollars. The catalog contains about six hundred songs composed over sixty years over the years. Dillon has sold more than one hundred. Twenty five million records and at seventy nine years old. He's still performing globally for the last several decades until the pandemic he performed more than one hundred concerts per year. Not surprisingly the ceo made su nami sized waves the new york times called it a blockbuster deal and said it may be the largest sale. In history of a single songwriters music dylan status is unlike that of any other musician in the twenty first century in two thousand eight. He won a pulitzer prize for quote his profound impact on popular music in american culture marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power in two thousand sixteen. He won the nobel prize in literature for quote having created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition at the time. The nobels permanent secretary. The late sarah donahue's compared dylan to greek poets. Homer and sappho dylan is also the recipient of numerous grammy awards and the presidential medal of freedom. Moreover dylan is seen not just as a cultural icon but also as one who has kept the copyrights to his songs even while allowing many other musicians to cover them. He's also allowed his music to be used for some surprising commercial undertakings like twenty nineteen super bowl budweiser ad in two thousand four. Victoria's secret out. According to the wall street journal copyrights to the compositions themselves are distinct from recording and performing rights among the songs in the catalog at universal acquired or some that have gone down in history indeed changed history like blowing in the wind like a rolling stone and yes the times they are a and

Dylan Su Nami Universal Music Group Sarah Donahue Dillon Sappho Dylan Pulitzer Prize The New York Times Grammy Awards Homer The Wall Street Journal Victoria
The Dylan catalog, a 60-year rock 'n' roll odyssey, is sold

The Gerry Callahan Podcast

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The Dylan catalog, a 60-year rock 'n' roll odyssey, is sold

"I got a question for you. Are you doing fan. Bob dylan fan. I'm okay with them. But i'm not a hardcore you bet. If you're if you don't like dylan you better get ready. Because you're going to hear a lot more dylan. I'm telling you why. After i tell you about shed concrete this homeowners and builders out there you know what i'm gonna tell you. My brother-in-law greg at the folks that shake crete they have a huge selection of pre cast concrete steps. You got to check this out. There's a tv commercial. Would meet in it and you get to see all the great steps that they have to offer but you can do that on the website you can stop by and see whether you're building a new home where you need to replace an old staircase. Shay has great vibes with designs for any home. They're veiling concrete. You can customize your steps with beautiful stone granite or brick. New staircase can dramatically upgrade the front entrance of your home. Maybe that's tom brady. Inches el ni. They can't seem to unload. There's little bungalow thirty three million dollar home. Maybe they have to upgrade the steps. That's how you do it. Most cases can remove your old stairs and heavy walking a new set of front steps within hours. And just like that. Your host looks better houses worth more and maybe trying to sell it. Maybe it helps you sell it. It's new steps they can. They can really help you move that old home and make it look better and so quicker you can learn more about chase pre cast concrete steps steps at a concrete dot com to stop by one of their four state of the ad for scillies. All over new england. I bob dylan. And i love these stories because this this is what the taylor swift it. Which means that they will wake up and actually have some interest in this topic. Talking about my girl taylor. Swift sold her music catalog to what's his name scooter braun. Oh yeah and then complains. After bob dylan sold his music library for three hundred million dollars. That's right And by the way He sold is popularly. Seventy eight which is another one of those amazing miracles. The bob dylan still around still kicking. Well did you hear what he said about this jerry region. But here's what's going to happen you me. We'll be watching You know football game. We're watching wednesday night football thursday night football tuesday night. Football game mini mini games That around these days and there's gonna be a commercial for flow or he'll be commercial for you name it Gimme gimme some tv for apple apple. Lot of apple commercials. That's a good one apple amazon target. And it'll be Some of my friend is blowing in the wind blowing in the wind or something blue. What's blue some blue jet blue. And they'll be tangled up in blue. You'll go what bob dylan. His stuff is going to be of vera readily available companies to put in tv commercials. Because bob dylan sold out. It's bob dylan's if you don't like it if you think you know that he's Not that kind of guy that he wouldn't ever seventy-nine by the way he sold out. He took the money. God bless him his family's gonna why he needs the money but his family is going to be fabulously wealthy for generations but companies like target nap bullen and whatever flow what is flow sell insurance. Press gress yes i defense. They're going to be able to play. Dylan's pay whatever the going rate is and they could play it and you'll hear it all over the place just like you here. You know the rolling stones in some cases or taylor swift and other artists who was amazing. When i read the story it was about some of the other artists of fleetwood. Mac sold theirs for like. I get the number here here. It is eighty million dollars they sold. It wasn't even the whole catalog eighty million dollars. Fleetwood mac and dillon skate. Like columbine could probably name more wallflower songs and he can bog way. Bob dole i. It's right over my head. I have no idea i look. I'm surprised he got three hundred million. Based on the fact that that ship has sailed a long time ago dylan receives a lump sum between two hundred and four hundred I'm not sure what the what. The stevie nicks sold their publishing catalog for eighty million dollars. The dylan portfolio six hundred songs while other bands who have sold their catalogs sold. You know taking the money. Blondie barry manilow and the estates of john lennon and kurt cobaine. I believe john lennon the beatles. Paul mccartney bought them for like a ridiculous amount of money Like eight hundred million. Paul mccartney owns well. Didn't jackson by michael jackson and then mccray jackson and a falling out story there. But there's only one to look up jerry. Three hundred million eighty million two hundred to four hundred million. What did what did brian. Wilson's father sell the beach boys catalogue for another against the wishes without the kids. Even knowing and i think he sold it for like seventy dollars and a coke or something new never spoke to his father again obviously but if the beach boys is the one you would want because of the catchy jingles. Yeah that's true point and that the father sold it for nothing. He had no idea what he had. And what the value of wasn't a guy goes. Hey i'm gonna dig deep here. I'll give you five hundred dollars. Whereas i sold and brian wilson was never the same after it happened. It's a good point. But i think dylan's got a lot of those you know catch even though they you know might be whatever. The revolutionary songs at times they are a change in blowing in the wind and songs like that which will which will fit nicely in commercials. And we'll be sick of them all with and i'm sure he had control over it and limited the exposure but i guarantee you. He sold the rights to some two songs to some commercials. I assume right Yeah i guess. So i mean i don't blame me if you're gonna die soon and you wanna take care of you. Offspring kids grandkids. You say. What the hell. What do i care if not be capitalizing on all the different changes that are going on in the music industry. I bet it's like a five person team that he has controlling the catalog right. Like it's a he. He owns time. Bob no one said a need the money for anything the the couple couple of years ago. Long before covid were dylan on went on tour and performed at three hundred nights in a year three hundred nights in one year deal and he was like seventy five and i don't know anyone that went to see him. He wasn't playing the big rooms anymore but he's just addicted to performing and singing his songs and i must have just an insane amount of money already. I mean just. But it's like what bob cousy sold all his Collectibles always memorabilia. He said what do i need it for. This is going to pay for my grandkids education. And can you blame him for that. I wouldn't. I'm a big lira. Guy when it comes to rock and roll. If you consider dylan rock and roll and dylan for what i again. He's not my bag particularly. I don't have any bob dylan on my phone. But his his lyrics. If back on my i always think that you know if you get ten best lyrics of all time. You don't need a whether they know which way the wind blows is one of the great lines right and i'm with you. I'm a lear. Emma word man to and i love you know singing along to whatever tangled up in blue and he. He won the nobel prize for whatever writing. Poetry didn't show up for the award. You know. I believe. I believe greta thune. Berg was second so she'd go toward for him but no he won the nobel prize. I think he blew the market and show up to get the thing and these the only singer or songwriter to win to win it

Bob Dylan Dylan Apple Scooter Braun Football Taylor Dillon Skate Shay Tom Brady Blondie Barry Manilow Paul Mccartney John Lennon Kurt Cobaine Mccray Jackson Greg Swift
Bob Dylan sells entire music catalog spanning more than 600 songs over 60 years

NPR News Now

00:20 sec | 1 year ago

Bob Dylan sells entire music catalog spanning more than 600 songs over 60 years

"Music publishing group is buying bob. Dylan's entire music catalog. The deal covers six hundred song. Copyrights dylan isolde. More than one hundred. Twenty five million records around the world over a career spanning six decades in two thousand sixteen. He became the first song writer to receive the nobel prize for

Dylan Isolde Dylan BOB
Bob Dylan sells entire song catalog to Universal Music

AP 24 Hour News

00:40 sec | 1 year ago

Bob Dylan sells entire song catalog to Universal Music

"Bob Dylan sells his tunes to Universal music publishing. But no one is saying for how much AP Music Correspondent margins are Aleta has more. How much did universal music pay for Bob Dylan's entire 60 year collection of songs? Financial terms were not disclosed, but it was a lot. Dylan's catalog includes classic songs like The Times They are a Changin Blowing in the Wind, tangled up in Blue and like a Rolling Stone. For comparison. Michael Jackson's estate sold the last half share of his catalog four years ago for $750 million Dylan has sold more than 125 million records.

Ap Music Bob Dylan Aleta Dylan The Times Michael Jackson
The Dylan catalog, a 60-year rock 'n' roll odyssey, is sold

AP News Radio

00:38 sec | 1 year ago

The Dylan catalog, a 60-year rock 'n' roll odyssey, is sold

"Universal music publishing group has acquired Bob Dylan's entire catalog of songs marches are loaded with the latest how much did universal music pay for Bob Dylan's entire sixty year collection of songs financial terms were not disclosed but it was a lot Dylan's catalog includes classic songs like the times they are A. Changin Blowin in the wind tangled up in blue and like a Rolling Stone for comparison Michael Jackson's estate sold the last half share of his catalog four years ago for seven hundred fifty million dollars Dylan has sold more than one hundred twenty five million records

Universal Music Publishing Gro Bob Dylan Dylan Michael Jackson
Bob Dylan Sells Entire Catalog of Songs to Universal Music Publishing

Mark Simone

00:36 sec | 1 year ago

Bob Dylan Sells Entire Catalog of Songs to Universal Music Publishing

"Dylan has sold his music correspondent Erin Could. Turkey has that story. For a moment The sun was Bob Dylan Song writing won him the Nobel Prize for literature. He is selling his entire catalog now to Universal, the world's largest music label. Universal called it the most significant music publishing agreement this century, but declined to disclose the price. It is likely a record $300 million for one artist catalog, but consider the catalog. Hey, Mr Tambor, Een Man he loved Evan Stone, Aaron Carter. Ski. ABC NEWS New York

Dylan Universal Erin Bob Dylan Turkey Mr Tambor Evan Stone EEN Aaron Carter ABC New York
Tangled Up in Green: Bob Dylan Sells Entire Song Catalog for Estimated $300 Million

Charlie Parker

00:27 sec | 1 year ago

Tangled Up in Green: Bob Dylan Sells Entire Song Catalog for Estimated $300 Million

"All the Universal Music publishing group is buying Bob Dylan's entire song catalog that includes more than 600 songs like Blowing in the Wind and like a Rolling Stone. It's unknown Exactly how much the catalog is worth, but it's estimated to be around 300 million. It is the biggest acquisition ever of a single acts. Publishing rights on major Chicken sandwich chain

Universal Music Publishing Gro Bob Dylan Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan lyrics, letters sell for nearly half a million dollars

San Diego's Morning News with Ted and LaDona

00:31 sec | 1 year ago

Bob Dylan lyrics, letters sell for nearly half a million dollars

"Wind. Yeah. Syriza Booth window. Collection of Bob Dylan memorabilia is selling for nearly half a million dollars. They belong to the estate of Dylan's friend, late musician Tony Glover. They were put up for sale by R R Auction company. Included were letters, unpublished lyrics and hand written lyrics to blowing in the wind. The lyrics, which were dated 2011 fetched the highest price more than 108. $1000

Syriza Booth Tony Glover Bob Dylan Dylan
Dylan papers, including unpublished lyrics, sell in Boston for $495K

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

00:44 sec | 1 year ago

Dylan papers, including unpublished lyrics, sell in Boston for $495K

"A collection of bob dylan songs and other writings have sold at auction and american music. Legend once told a friend in nineteen seventy one that quote. A lot of people are under the impression that jews or just money lenders and merchants end of quote. And that is what prompted robert zimmerman to change his name to bob dylan musings like that. Along with a treasure trove of dylan documents including unpublished song lyrics sold at auction. This past thursday for nearly half a million dollars. Boston-based are auctions handle the sale and says the collection once belonged to the late american blues. Artists robert glover a close friend. And confidante of mr dylan. Most of the key pieces of the collection went to an unidentified bidder in addition to being a member of the rock and roll hall of fame. Bob dylan was awarded the nobel prize for literature in two thousand sixteen

Bob Dylan Robert Zimmerman Robert Glover Mr Dylan Dylan Boston
"bob  dylan" Discussed on WGN Radio

WGN Radio

04:54 min | 1 year ago

"bob dylan" Discussed on WGN Radio

"And she'll be waiting in the meantime the dogs run free by Bob Dylan if you dialed thrown free then why not we get across the swooping plane here's here's symphony of two mules trains and rain the best is always yet to come that's what they explained to me just do your thing the only thing if dogs run free if dogs run free by Bob Dylan Piper I love the way you said king thank you well thank you you know Joe is too bad news because all the words I mean these are very nice additions and it's unfortunate that there's no you know pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because now there's no theatre in Chicago right now nobody's going to pick up the phone and hire her the interests of all the work you know some of these things I'm trying to set up could be could lead to other work now yeah she's she's made with Spielberg tax week attendees will burn close shows feel pretty honest at the auto shop and what type of light to his phone phone message you know you bet that's a thriving business because every phone that I like all personal it may perhaps he's a veterinarian specials every veterinarian I I call has Matt Bisbee during the fall I mean yeah he does he and Wendy Snyder mad when he said if you don't have one of them doing your answering machine you don't know what's happening well we're going to get paper and not let one because you know I don't I don't know if they're if there are I don't know what it pays residuals I was thinking you know each calls is I don't know how it works so earlier of course we were talking about Lenny Bruce is right do we have Mike here Hey Mike how you doing Michael I'm recapping service earlier stuff and I want to play place some by Lenny Bruce or what but I'd like you to be here as part of a the wrist a receptive audience it so we were talking about Lenny Bruce and I was talking about how I used to go to the by my first gig in radio was late at night on the weekends I think we just one night Saturday I think it was and I would go there and the first night I was I mean getting to work on the radio is very exciting and before spring exciting if you've done it before but the first time is like wall and and and it was like a long time ago it was a jazz and blues station the magic bus of Miami beach and you get the feeling you could play anything and I started you know responding to that feeling and I place a weird stuff that I got a call of course I took the call on the air it was someone who I had so offended some I don't even know what I play but I don't remember when I played and but she was right and that you know and I I just I later ran and it went on for minutes minutes minutes and finally she you know she wound down and I apologize I'm so sorry this happened and lord knows I don't you know I I didn't mean to offend you and and good bye and I hang up and I'm in I'm in panic because I've been redeemed there and my first job no no losing okay and I'm having too much fun to lose the good and in in a panic and and back then we were actually playing records vinyl and before you went what before I went on the phone with this woman I cured something up and you know I lost track of it I just know this something is always cute when you're on the phone and so as soon as I got off the phone all right I let out a sigh of relief and quickly because we don't want them there after that don't think about it I hit the button I hit the button welcome to Berkeley's reputation convert the.

Bob Dylan
"bob  dylan" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

90.3 KAZU

01:32 min | 2 years ago

"bob dylan" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

"Bob Dylan so much so that he hatched a plan to move to America to become a folk musician and that first taste of Bob Dylan is where Mary Louise started when she spoke with on Dara earlier this year Hey you he so I mean this must have been quite the turning point for you because you ended up coming to in two thousand thirteen rare settled in Minnesota which you pick because that's where Bob Dylan's from right you know I had all this stories and poems that I was right in from you know from from when I was a kid and I mean you could call them songs but they were the songs to me that just stories the snippets that just words no one really ever told me as a kid you know your voice social pleasing in a way it is still the clue good games I love to write and so when I found Dylan's music or wait so I could perhaps take all this words of in writing and maybe I could put them in the mail at the end I suppose that's a folk song and.

Bob Dylan America Mary Louise Dara Minnesota
"bob  dylan" Discussed on KQED Radio

KQED Radio

02:56 min | 2 years ago

"bob dylan" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Playing. Bob Dylan's simple twist of fame. In the poll. As the things. She's. Team two's. Boom. Us then if. Fool simple, too. Off alone. Little confused. Instead jews. To with India. Then he he. Hidden. With the list. Sex food someplace. She was walking on that he okay? As right to beat up. She he was can she to cool into the. Tweets. When was? He. He told himself he didn't. Emptiness in. Which he just never..

Bob Dylan India
"bob  dylan" Discussed on C-SPAN Radio

C-SPAN Radio

01:54 min | 2 years ago

"bob dylan" Discussed on C-SPAN Radio

"Bob Dylan is leftist, or you know, somehow associated with the hippie movement of the nineteen sixties or something like that. And the voice of the generation the nineteen sixties which was a label that he detested would look at him as perhaps a great leader of the antiwar movement. He never went to an antiwar March. And in fact, Bob Dylan is certainly not partisan. You can't stick him in Democrats or Republicans, and I would also say that you really can't say that he's exactly left or right. There are certain themes that come through throughout Bob Dylan's life about his politics and those subjects are social Justice support for the underdog suspicion of institutions and thority and concern about abuse of power. But those things aren't necessarily the domain of the right or the left. And so I think most people have. Have a misconception about what? Bob Dylan is Bob Dylan grew up in northern Minnesota in a town called hitting. And that is in a Porsche Minnesota known as the iron range, and that's kind of a special place in Minnesota. If a person would have gone to the iron range and the Taylor late night. Eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds it would have been a hotbed of radicalism. You would have run into socialists communists? These are folks working deep underground and iron minds. And so this is part of the labor movement that existed in America at this time. And so Dylan himself at one point said that, you know, more suspicious of bankers growing up than communists, and then of course, Bob Dylan grew up in a Jewish household. And so that made him a minority on the iron range as well. And so obviously that's going to have an impact to on his support for the underdog, and that sort of thing..

Bob Dylan Minnesota Democrats Taylor America
"bob  dylan" Discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show

The Tony Kornheiser Show

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"bob dylan" Discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show

"Pints around remember to listen and subscribe to archived episodes of the Tony Kornheiser show where every listen to podcasts including apple podcasts Spotify and Google play. And if you listen to the show through I tunes, please leave us a review. So he'd only copied like the first two versus of it. And I said, you know, if you go get the song last, I it says you wind up at a keys gotta keyhole on your knees. Look at the killing just really, yeah. It's a song by Bob Dylan. Yeah. Man today brought to you by the polar vortex. Because despite the fact that the heaters in the studio set to eighty two degrees three it's in the fifties. To and from Ryan Restivo. And komax Long Island Suffolk County. I've no skills in the art world. But I have some in Photoshop so I put together this. It's got everything the mural chatter needs trots Hopi the game to save in Lovie. It is the top of the Sistine Chapel where Barry. Oh, yeah. It's just been testing. Eric Hanson, a TV guy into Moines Iowa's, he signs it. Then right sock left sock. Wool right sock left sock. Dress right sock left suck right? Boot left. Boot. We're all the way to twelve below zero this morning all layers into Moines, Iowa, Steve the sycophant, your description of your physical exam reminded me the story about the doctor asking the examinee. Do you want? The good news or bad news first. Let's have the good news fine. A newly discovered fatal disease will be named after you terribly. Oh, sure. Chris almond can whistle out of his mouth. But the body has a number of other orifices. What would you bring on some real from Dennis Ryan and traverse city Michigan? Sorry, Dr Tony, but you've lost touch with the Long Island routes on PTI. You told wilbon the islanders no longer have a following Nassau and Suffolk because they don't play there anymore. Actually, they will the played more more than half their home games at a renovated Nassau Coliseum this season. I didn't know that. Yeah. In Brooklyn, the whole time. Here's the baby. The mother. My own. Tony took me two aisles games at the Nassau Coliseum. Which at that time was located Nassau County. It is in Nassau County in Uniondale. I can still recall how great the New York's pizza was across the street at the rally show in Boise, Idaho. Every woman in America has an ex-boyfriend just like loose. Russet. I am sure that Mike from Burke Virginia us pretty chill. Dude, Kellyanne John job because she's good at her job. I was expecting. She was nice to me once interesting question can somebody be completely despicable and good at a job? Come on set. You work at the four letter leader, and you work for razz. You, you know, the answer from Don hammock in Biloxi, Mississippi and her against positively the people would never would have guessed it's stupid where it's not. It's a non word, Jim Flynn and Cobra Connecticut, I was up for jury duty. Once I was interviewed to be on the jury for a complex way lawsuit with hundreds of potential witnesses as I was questioned by the three lawyers. I tried to be as much of a jerk as possible was afraid. They would still pick me. So Finally, I told them that if I was chosen I would show up every day in a Star Trek uniform was dismissed Mike Freeman to save the Star Trek paraphernalia. Just in case Jake in Manhattan. Dear Gary, clutch, Anthony Perkins reference. Dude nailed it boom goes the dynamite..

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"bob dylan" Discussed on Longform Podcast

"And feed your curiosity with Aspen ideas to go here is Evan back with Malcolm. Glad well. Do you feel you mentioned you've got upcoming episodes that have sort of big big stars? And I think people that are very famous have made appearances in various ways in your work. But you've not been a person who's written about celebrity or sort of gravitated towards that over the years has that felt different you'd trying to conduct those interview. I mean, obviously, wrangling them as one thing, but conducting those interviews or being in the rooms with those people the garden or the difference in sort of trying to get that story out of them as same or different. Well, first of all like, I I am forever. Thirteen year old. So nobody loves slavery me. I mean, I I spent tastic I I have a complicated relationship with this. I'm like, well, you know, I don't go up to celebrities if I see them somewhere. But I like if I was walking down the street and I saw Bob Dylan walking towards me. I well. Make and I would immediately techs. Everyone knows there and saw Bob Dylan. Already one. So that's I get super excited. But does it change? Well, it's you know, they someone who has been in the public spotlight for a long time. It's just a little harder. They've just you know, the most loveliest thing in the world is to interview someone who's never been interviewed before to sort of watch them. So the totally novel experience, particularly when you're in about things that they never thought they might not have thought were worthy of an interview. That's a really lovely experience to kind of. It's like watching a anyone can have to go through something for the first time a kid on a roller coaster for the first whatever the version is. But a celebrity is a very different kind of experience because the bar for them is really quite high. They've been interviewed a million times. So you have to be kind of on your game. And you have to take them somewhere. That's a little unfamiliar because that's maybe that's what will get them to perk up. Otherwise, it's just another. Of a long line of interviews. So it's a lot more demanding. And also a lot of times. They don't need the interview. I don't mean that a nasty way. But there's just we mentioned Bob Dylan before Bob Dylan doesn't need to talk to me. Like nothing. It doesn't make better in any way. Right. He's still saw lots of records. So that's the complication and sometimes with these shows you wanna have a kind of good mix where you mix in some people who who maybe are not as well known. But for whom doing interview is kind of a useful exercise, but a novel and engaging exercise they can sometimes be expected to light full. We were talking about this episode before we started in where you go to Nashville, and you're talking to these songwriters one of whom has been on business history before actually wanna talk about that. Well, yeah, I'm probably Radic. But how do you? I'm interested in..

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