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"bob drewery" Discussed on The Art of Manliness

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"bob drewery" Discussed on The Art of Manliness

"Many many times, but if it hadn't been for von Steuben who by the way wrote the manual the us army war college, and it was in use for fifty years after valley fort if it hadn't been for the likes of on Steuben, teaching these men how to fight like professionals there never would have been that who are these guys moment. And if if you wanna roll into the end, I there's there's just a great story about the end. I don't know where we are. And no here, and I apologize. No, you're fine. As as being like, yeah. Let's roll into the end. So how did this? How had are how did this end? All right. Well, we're talking about you know, here comes the army comes to continental army marching to meet the British near mom courthouse. Town of mom courthouse in quickstep, William turn all von Steuben stewing who are these guys. But Washington had made one mistake that day he had put another general in charge of the attack. On a British and he was bringing up the relief in the rear, the other general who'd been appealed w for the last sixteen months didn't realize that the men he was leading where changed troops. He thought he was still eating the right tag for seventeen seventy six and at the first hint of British opposition. He called a retreat by the time Washington. Guests to the frontline soldiers are retreating in an orderly fashion. Thanks to our job and they're not running for their lives. But they're retreating for the first time ever among his aides among his close associates among his favorite generals. They had never seen the stoic. George, Washington explorer. He explodes on the front frontline Kohl's over the General Charles the put in charge of the attack. What is the meaning of this? You pull true what is the meaning of this get to the back? I just missed you to the back Washington takes over the lead of the attacks. But I he's gotta turn his troops. So he's riding up and down the front lines trying to halt. This orderly retreat. He's on this big white charger. It was a stifling blistering day over one hundred degrees at one point the horse just collapsed beneath him died of eat exhaustion. He takes the reins of another horse. And he's riding up and down trying to turn this retreat into an attack of his own by now, he can say across a Swail mile and a half away a sea of red as approaching ten thousand Redcoats have doffed their tax in they're attacking in a in a in a bayonet short. The British artillery were close enough that the grape shot is wizened by Washington accountable land yards from where he's sitting on his horse splattering human his horse with mud and yet. He's riding up and down. Will you fight with me? Not what you fight for me. Will you fight with me? Sword is extended his right hand. He's pointing towards the sea of red coming closer and closer. Will you fight with me and finally the soldier stopped and they turned and they answered in. In unison. And Brett if you want to know what they answered you're gonna have to read the book. Okay. I love it, Bob. This has been a great conversation where can people go to learn more about the book? You know, I've a website my co author Tom Clayton hasn't website. But it just can never go wrong. If you went to Amazon dot com and typed in Bob Drewery page. It would probably give you everything you need fantastic. Bob dreary. Always a pleasure. Thanks for coming on. Brett. Thank you. I always have fun when I talk with you might guess Bob jury. He's the co author of the book Valley Forge on Amazon dot com and bookstores everywhere you can find out more about his work at our f x Drewery dot com. Or you can check out our show notes at AOL dot IS slash valley. Forge refined links to resources ring delve deeper into this topic..

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