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"bob cousy wbz" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Of one hundred eleven former nfl players brain studied by boston university researchers one hundred ten ninety nine percent showed signs of c t e of degenerative brain disease cte could lead to confusion depression and dementia dr anne mckee it'd u says we need to get on top of this disease what we need to do i think is come together to really understand this disease identified living people stop the player from being exposed to the injuries that are occurring and learn how to treat this disease ninety one percent of college football players brains examined also showed signs of mm ct doug cope wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time five thirty nine and we say good afternoon ammari blake today she's in four rod fritz with market wrap good afternoon and we have solid earnings reports from several big companies helping drive stock index is to more record highs mcdonald's rose four point eight percent caterpillar climbed five point nine percent both reporting results that easily beat analysts forecast calls it a hong cambridgebased biogen the thirdlargest life science company in massachusetts vested it said second quarter expectations with total revenues a three point one billion dollars that is a six percent increase over a year ago the growth attributed to an increase in the company's multiple sclerosis franchise barnes and noble meantime soared sixteen point nine percent after an activist investor announced that he had purchased a stake in the struggling bookseller and urged it to pursue a say air bags posted gains today citigroup rose two point nine percent and japan lee says it sales rose during the second quarter as it worked on recovering from past food scares but noted that recent events show it still has a lot of opportunity to improve its operations to partly shares of drop roughly eight percent since the beginning of the year and that's marketplace wrapped in for rod fratesi mary blake wbz newsradio 1030 thank you mary other news recovering this hour the legislature's transportation committee is considering a bill that would name a portion of causeway street four celtics great bob cousy wbz's lana jones reports of fan pitch the proposal during a hearing in this afternoon on pecan had retired sports writer harvey robins calls it an oversight that couzy has not already been recognized his a great accomplishment since credible career thirteen.

blake mcdonald massachusetts citigroup japan lee celtics bob cousy wbz pecan nfl boston university anne mckee football lana jones writer harvey robins nine percent eight percent one hundred ten ninety nine pe one billion dollars ninety one percent six percent four rod