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"bob bomb deniro" Discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

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"bob bomb deniro" Discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

"So it's sorta in an all goes all the way back to the purpose of it. Yeah i think well to stay real to be real like to whatever role you're doing real so that you connect with people and whichever roll you're playing within that story that you help them feel you help. Maybe help people see something from a different angle or feel emotions about stuff. Connect like my thing is like when you connect as an actor in your your real and you feel like you're no longer days you can meet somebody and then you could examine them for food and mountain time and then you could make them become him. Serve a little bit. Some a little bit janis here and we did a sherlock holmes together it was sort of comedic take the and that was the first experience. It was just so hard that i was like. Oh some some not for you have to be like the for that specific role that i personally think you have to be english. To play edgy. Favorite actor wartime of all times loved. Peter sellars for comedy. I love marlon brando and james dean for trauma i tend to like robert deniro like the time period of the scorsese films to and i liked the gibson the lot. Yeah men wanted a great great. I this. I'm horrible an audition this this trying to play a role and i was reading this back down and i kept reading this scene. Why is mean to get up. I don't know it was the most embarrassing to mike. Mike horse some of your greatest actors man. You met the world might who do you. Who who are your top three actors of all time. Top five mike. I know you got a variety of a man and two great released. The boxing to you know what i'm saying like i'm i love bub. The narrow al pacino i take bob bomb deniro's my his nicholson tops to. Yeah ten right. Who would who would you who will adjust. Nicholson kuku business in shining shining big mansion. Love the top of the little girl. And there's so many manet's dave lewis is insane was good to citizen kane guy. Play that author well to do the job and that oh hell you. He was insane so some of the all time. great man. what about Two so you have. You have scream five coming out. That's that's the scary movie scary movie. Yeah yeah that was the original title of the first one. I'm not really allowed to talk about it too much. Because there's just their lock down. But i love playing the role. Do so fun. It's about all they're allowed love safer. Yeah yeah we doing. The i mean. It's been amazing. What would you say the best advice that was ever give it to you that You can now kind of realize share a kindness from other people. You know what i mean. When that's the biggest lesson like people mentors of mine who've been kind to me only kind be kind. My wife is true right. Because you have to be. Because i'm sure like everytime mike mag you know mike is. He's a good sport man. But i can tell. Sometimes you know it's hard to because he needs his privacy..

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