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"bob bartolomeo" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"On a big win Hey thanks a lot man really proud for our our our players our coaching staff yes it does very went over in the kind of quality make opponent ma'am well you know what he was so you lose this game was back and forth now and I applaud both these are hanging in there because there were big plays on both sides in this was this was a fun game to be a part yeah absolutely yeah I mean that their kids persevered architect grit both he just got out of there no fortunately you know we we base plays at the end that that the public come out on top so yeah we'll really try to work yes love your quarterback maximus is these the man now but I love your skill guys you got up to scores a nice comfortable lead but give L. C. credit taking back and and had a chance to win the ballgame but you get an interception in the endzone to stop it yeah you know it's two weeks in a row are are you can't just gone up against athletic quarterbacks are Cheney keep in a pocket Mechanix employees you know but but give our defense credit are are the corners got Crockett it's just been super possible skip it you know they may place week one week two to help us win the game who else plays well for you besides your stood quarterback well you know we we only returned one starter on the off line and those guys really just kind of the poster well the last two weeks we've got a senior tailback that was off world vacated marquees no notes that that that that strong hard to really speak yet that I'm a grammar bishop Johnson an army could met Bob today and as Eric Matthews both those get the played well we got a junior new starter for your starter Bob Lambert played really well offense please well so we got we got some weapon here that are you know they they've been eager for their moment to shine in there in a week it was a fun game to wash and I just had to call you to share that with his always hi I love watching that ball game Lafayette Jeff with a close one thirty eight thirty six winners over a very good morning central team this is just the skews me thirty six thirty four when Pat Shanley thanks so much for the call and good luck next time out Hey thanks a lot which you guys shop you're welcome thank you stocks with Robert Khan our man rob counted nine star TV tonight white Linda we're greenfield central forty nine thirty excuse me forty nine to eight rob thanks an emotional win to say the least for the white one warriors tonight yeah absolutely coach it was green field central but before that plant them they held a moment's silence per Ryan later than the fifteen year old linebacker from white when that passed away last week and they had a moment's silence very emotional night and you could tell white Lynn use that that a motion and and point out on the field I mean they came out warning both teams loved one greenfield central they they run the wishbone white lane made their way in the jet sweep almost every single why not a lot of passing broad running it was a very quick game we are out of there less than two hours but white women or other first two possessions quickly went up fourteen nothing dentro de can really get anything going in the first half right it was thirty five nothing at half time where white when had two hundred and seven rushing yards greenfield central had nine total yards of offense in that first half so what the new ideas they rule they had that running clock right hired that could have and white one scored a couple more times greenfield central the they avoided the shot out their quarterback wait the key ran it forty nine yards with just under three minutes left in the game so to avoid the shutout so they got on the board but white one came away with a big win to move to one and one of the few that forty nine eight the final wild over greenfield central rob calling nine store TV on the call rob thanks we'll see you next year in next week right well yeah I'll be in there doing school board update for you tomorrow one last thing coach Mike my color commentator tonight for nine star TV what is the recently retired former you in the head coach Bob Bartolomeo the man it was and that the job any they want me to tell you he said Hey coach bart's is good as it gets see a I'm telling him he's fat yes on had a fun time broadcasting once you you did thanks rob we'll see you tomorrow thank you coming up we're gonna spend more time talking about football also a little slow small screws me minor league baseball for wing ten caps Jimmy Kerr from Indiana sorry in interest rates from cross come communications are not new Pat now Mike modernity ten cups and more high school football scoreboard update with mark docked in this.

two weeks forty nine yards three minutes fifteen year two hours one week ten cups