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"bob augusta" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Blank breeze. It's also like kind of revisits my own hatred of like a fan favorite. Which is Peyton Manning. You know how many years have you mean? He was Bob Augusta National member Peyton Manning, who was popping around to ground you don't need him. I'm saying Who invited you? Dudes Green. Stay away. Go way way Don't have making him a member. How about that about that? Forcing everybody remember? I don't know. How What? Why does he get the magic? Because you see, I've got an idea or two. I got a couple ideas. Anyway, You're listening to camp er can be a reference here. Francisco These sports later Murphy back on a Monday morning. Start now. Good morning and welcome to the KNBR morning show. With Brian Murphy and Palma Cap Bridge on KNBR Sports, leaving Life from the KNP, Our studios sponsored by Reno's Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. Here's Murph in back. Well, Polly, There was a time in that game yesterday. I'll stop and I was thinking Oh, yeah. Look, this'll be the opening drive right down the field. Look, this poly 10 nothing lead. Yeah. At the end of the first quarter, first play the second quarter 10. Nothing leave. Yeah. And it's hard to even remember By the end of the game. It was almost impossible to even remember that they let 10 months, you know? Yeah, they went so limp afterwards, Solan. Made so many basic turnover mistakes that It was frustrating, very frustrating. It started so promising thought maybe they could pull this thing off. Why not? Saints? Gonna have a little remember There was a point in the game. Where was thinking yet? Everything we said all week is coming true that the Niners weren't as bad as they looked against the Packers. The Saints weren't as good as they look against the Bucks. And yet it all slipped away. Let's lift away, buddy. What was your frustration level? Pretty high pretty high, especially because what you said, having a 10 point lead on the road against team like that. And then the fact that they really couldn't add to it and started shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers,.

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