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"bob anson" Discussed on News Radio 810 WGY

"Pelosi is suggesting that President Trump is unstable. I pray for the president of the United States. I wish it his family ministration Steph would have an intervention for the to the country. The President Trump is not taking that lightly crazy. Nancy? I tell you what I've been watching her, and I have I have been watching her for long periods of time. She's not the same person. She's lost at golf below CMS and also accused her of not being. Able to comprehend the North American trade deal. And the also referred to himself as an extremely stable genius president meanwhile, directing intelligence agencies to fully cooperate with a Justice department investigation into the origins of the special counsels, Russia, probe. Trump said giving attorney general William bar full authority to declassify information pertaining to the investigation. Well, nearly eight months after the limo crash scary that claimed twenty lives attorneys representing prestige little operator non Hussein finally got a chance to examine the two thousand one Ford excursion at the center of the case team of forensic. Experts was also on hand. Bob Anson is a relative of one of the victims were working to defend somebody. I'd be looking at the vehicle to, to create a fairytale to defer responsibility to others also whoever repaired, the car of the invoices of repair saying is charged with twenty counts of manslaughter in twenty of criminally negligent. And homicide. Attorney Lee kindling. It's been granted a sixty day extension for pretrial motions Hussein is now set to go on trial in early January. WG Y morning news time, eight thirty three. A second chance for a local school budget. Only fifty seven percent of voters in Lansing Berg said, yes, the district's proposed fifty million dollar package on Tuesday because the tax Levy increase exceeded the state cap. A sixty percent supermajority was needed for passage now, school officials have agreed to present a revised budget on June. Eighteenth, one that stays within the cap superintendents, Cynthia Dominic to get more community support for the budget that we need. We are going down to the tax cap. So that state star rebate check will be reinstated package. We'll carry a point four six percent tax Levy increased Nonoc says ficials will work to make a digital spending cuts over the next few weeks. All these chief auditor is calling attention to what she says is. Major financial mismanagement Susan Rizzo, a democrat running for all the county controller against city treasury. Dr Shanta far says her office has uncovered premature borrowing and investing of taxpayer funds, as well as obstruction of ongoing on its result wants her colleagues to cooperate with audits, instead of voiding. I.

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