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"bob andrew beaton" Discussed on Sports Radio 610

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"bob andrew beaton" Discussed on Sports Radio 610

"Hd two houston download the all new radio dot com to listen to your number one station home of the houston texans anytime anywhere this is he was still sports leader sports radio six ten some stories of too long he didn't read them digit called reading top to bottom left to right good words together the sentence while paul golan has you covered the world well i'm not to leave you alone i want you to get back this is galactic night nightly news presented by golden nugget lake charles only a two hour drive from houston on sports radio six ten all right welcome back in first hour of the program in the books it's time for a little news nightly news the story went down yesterday but you can't get enough of it bob mcnair when we haven't had our chance to really oh pine on it just yet so we'll go ahead and leadoff within get it onto the next one but bob mcnair still the news just can't help himself just can't help himself and i got a theory on why it may not be so bad bob mcnair has gone into total digi af i have a theory on it but bob andrew beaton who's on this morning with mad radio had a lot to say that he had spoken out about publicly he hadn't set the record straight on what he was trying to say and we were interested in speaking with a person who who thought he had more to say he's obviously been incredibly divisive figure throughout this season because of those comments and getting more context on those getting his inside on those when sometimes he said these things but never really spoken depth about them publicly issued statements apologizing he issued two of them but there wasn't a time to sit down interview get his in depth thoughts on things ranging from those comments to the national anthem to other things that have gone on league in last year so that he's been really really prominent part of so i thought it was important to speak to the man who's been this this outside figure in the nfl especially over the last couple of years i'm on board with that i i'm kind of glad that they finally.

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